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where President Garfield's remains will b laid to Jtre w as a violent paroxism of grief. .No ex
Til e?racs three hundred acres, on the south)f.?presMon of frenzy to.d of the anguish within.
Wde pf t.uclld avenue, just bevond the east limitH "Is it true?'' she asked, w ith quivering lips.
ui Cleveland, ana live miles from the business?? "Then the Lora neipme, lor If he is dead, what
wmer 01 tne city. On the other side of the ave -Ksna" 1 ao; , , M '
Hue is ade Park, and inclose proximity to tht-S She was rendered w eak and a little nervous
site where the new Western Reserve Universiu kthe announcement, and was obliged once or twice!
mmiuijs are ueing erecvea. Mature seems iot-. Vf . . nunc, imuuiuue.tiifi
have designed this spot for the purpose to whichji1".111 gin to comprehend the awful truth, but?
H has been devoted, and all which art and money Jve waanot contented to remain there, and sooni
COUld do to enhance its natural lantlea has beenMreturned to the sitting-room. About 9:30 o'clock.
done. The grounds are owned by an Incorpor tiMra: &reld was found sitting in her rockliigi.1
atea Association of Cleveland, composed of gen-Wl""r waiting ior new s, i.ne morning paper slur
uemen or wealth and refinement, and inwrpo-i" "i seruess.
uu.im mau uuiwiiiiav james is aeaa, sne mur
nted nniipr a1w n hlrn riniiiwa all eains a
the profits from the sale of lots or otherwise to bfr-inurea. 1 can nut understand it. 1 have no fur
- - FSK-.,.I....t.- ji ... .
appropriated to perpetual advancement ana re t lJtcr. w n to nve ana i can not live if it is so
th ripmiwnf th Presidt nt was received here
with the nrofoundest sorrow, and excites a feel
in er of the deeoest sympathy. The first news was
conveyed to our people last night by the toiling
of raidnieht bells, and at sunrise this morning
tne firing of minute guns aroused the community
(rT. - . I x . 1. I - V V . 1
'o the lull sense oi tne great calamity " v.
befallen the common country. . Flage are at ball
:nat on all public buildings, and the shipping in
1 .1 11 LH. A .,-. n.l V. til l.llllll-
llie IKri. UUU Hit UUUIICIUU uiau -i " ..-.. I'm - r -.
irtgs are being draped in mourning, expressive of ! American people.
lie uuiversal sorrow leu nere. uovernor itoim
In. hau lc.i-iw1 a nrAi1amaflAn that -fiPPTTl
S finer It nmnr to mt all honor
'in th mam-.vv itf TamAU A -1 . t.Art Prtf.i.iir. lf f
fr.he United States, and to manifest the profound! Jwua held at the
Although her general health is eood at nresont.
.many fear her words are prophetic. Mrs. Larabt
'ildpu . . ..-.. 1 . 1 . i , i. I. . . . lj
c uuk uo uiuernifle nerseii. out i ecu lit
aeemy, as sne aoes, ner great annction, never
int H i-. VI... a . . i i . . i . i. t .. . .
lujiicir - bug iiiuicu at a lain, oi imm tu im
brooks and nuiet lakes are tbe conspicuous laud slupreme One that all is not iutended for tht
marks. The Association adopted aJt.
plaii different from any other cemetery, andt j "It Is providential, " she said. "I can firmh
expressed tersely in an original; Jbslieve that Uod knows best, and I must not
pair of the cemetery. The land purchased ten
years ago was laid out by landscape designers
aud engineers, selected for eminence in their pro
fession. Wooded hills, grassy vales, secluded
nooks, winding drives, sinuous walks, running
umnsof news relative to the death of President God, and to the reverence and love for the mem-
uarneid, surrounded wiin a mounting ooraer. a ery and character oi our mie mi wi.. -.-j
crowded meetim; was held at the London Good 3 In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my"
Tpmniara' i j.ran i ni rht Kce&n Paul, the S nA Dn.i tancori the seal of the United states lOi
publisher, presided. Bishop Hx.d (colored) eulo-i be aflixed. Done at the city of Washington the -a
gized the late President. The Mayor of Liverpool $ 221 of September, ia the y-ar of our Lord ISM, vJ
and the French Consul of that city havu written J and of tlie Independence of the L uited htates theJ
letters of syniPiitliv to i tii kard, United States v. one hundred and sixth. By the President. 'm
Consul. The Lj.nd League, at the weekly meet- p, Ohkstek a. autiu-r. y
JA.VÖ U. XSLAirtc, wiwij ji moiv.
Senator Tfaniiiton on the AduilDlKtrauon.-'J
. . ..... r -
on oi LoHisvine tiuxeii. j r,. .....v. s. C. ivvt '2' Senator ILiinntontl
Sent. 21. A meeting of the mera-. thinks President Arthur will follow a conscrva-V
bers of the Board of Trade and citizetis geneiauyive course, not only from his own convictions, vS
Uoard of Trade looms today. ,?sbnt because public opinion will demand this of ?
inft. passed resolutions of sympathy with
if jl American peoj
rfj lorisvn.LE,
the a
L.- . ,
euse of the calamity tbat bas fallen upon
1 1 1 1 1 IIIIJll rai LU WX a,uu lV li 11 J tlb v - ,-.----w..-.-- . . . .
United Ktates be displayed at the Capitol atlinianifeted by those present was evidence oi inewccuntry.
l uo not ee whv ne
business Interests of the
prospectus, iu the following language: "A feel
ing is growing in the public mind that burial.
should be made wOere a quiet repose of the dead
may be assured forever. The human heart clings
to the grave of its departed hopes, and seeks cou
solation in rearing monuments and emblems of
beauty over the remains of its departed loved
Mrs. Mehl table Trowbridge.the remaining sister i
i uenerai darneid. was also imtffif-d of tiisriathl
this morning, and, h-tvlng been sii k for several
trate her, but she hue u- better tlianl
mignc he
thejThere was a cood attendance asni the assemblage-jlnim. siioul.. he dr thi
thnixwns v.tv ti.n oiitrttivfl one. The dep feeiingWwould be any shock to
..t".'nunll.ul.ul V,,t mcnnt u'utl p vl 1 ! lO.& Of thptlVfVüllltrv I Ii H VC t r, 1 i ! V il ,T I M' t hil t. lU'flr V t K II 11- i 1 1 '
naif mast. tht 1W0 nuns be fired on thchign esteem the leta presiaeni receivt-u rum uismove on smouny. m tnis event no nana canri
Capitol grounds at equal intervals of time duriugJU people. A telegram was read from ooverncr ,come to the South. As a member of the Senate J
rBlaekbiirn PTi.r-sintr rtiriei thnt he coma not be,?l;.rotose to treat President Arthur nroHsplv iv
, bli "v r11 v t . ,i t,i..,, . f linn Tmiri' Wilt Oram (Jtrnatul Hr(,ln..t ,.. .1.1 i j .. . j
toi oe nuns wiin mourn iuk urapery: mai tue ex-ttMicscui, i uu iiiouou "u. oiwui vim susmiuing ins au;-
of Hon. Henry Watterson, jStreated President
um vuaii u l'in in ttvi wiauv,v
,nn.ir aii oronniiviinMoani tn ihn co m a '. iiriat rsi 1 11 1 ions l ne committee was reuuv lO
-nt.To will u-par crar for thirty davs and recmTnthe chair aiiDointed i Commutee lo urau appro-r miiiisimtiou in a"j meiisures that meet
....... , j . KJ. ... V , n. r, I ....... (TU J . . .'. .- !.
npndini? all executive omcers to do the same::'Pnaie resolutions me iouiumire 'Liiinjvni.aiiuiipnjMUKuiTOinai no not unt. in-
hat the executive will unite with his follow citi report, when Mr. Watterssn. previous to present- 5no event shall 1 oppose him ia a partisan ort
ens in whatever lurtner ceremonies may mwi"(? me rewiuuous, uiaoe an ui'imipimic a u , lam-uuus muuiiw. s?j
teemed proper, and that the State offices will bejnr-ever." fcaia ce, nave i nau so &; uu n w&j What Senator Ferrv Thinks r
loseddurlnVtheday. rform as at the present moment It has been J S iv P Jt
..,i mi k.Jiuy koou iortuue never io umc umi "''t:i1u L , " r." . ui
wj.x, ... ttlvonnm himiim frlm1 niid now t ist OHO u hil 1:Vi"'"llli;UU. WHO Is IClflnOriirilV lllthfl r-ttv tnl.l oi
a- .vvaawa a vi7 ia a a v. liVJ . u a ' ' w w . . mau .a v . llli n
.ninr to Kö --i,hii ret orrer no innimh, no cn ai lu.j. ,.fi
I 1 1 A V. 1 , .11 UVnu, liiO " . . I - . - --t ' u.'y.u. ovdoivil ' 1 i
mv erief is overwhelmlns ' u;wusicm wuum ug cuieu, tucu action wouia.
losed when the Governor and National author! Jc-J Mr. tVatterson then brietly detailed his ac-5 l-oue apprenenslon oi the
ity agree upon tha day for that purpose. ThcTTauaintance with Mr. (iartield.
J. 7 . f :.vl!il.l I I n I 1 ; Ä . at- . t. . . Vf ) I la
1 1 a..a-a.c. . s-v -k av I i.m Alt liA. . 1. 4 tni lltrill. Ill J I I "-" V - W II1M t r 1 1 1 I I 1 1 Tl aJ 11 fill 1 ,1 1 t QlllU Ul 1
CLij! UUUi, UUb CU3 I'wwi H UiV il .a . T - C a iuo tr w UiU
my ap-
expected. Uoth titters appear! !
1 i . . at .1 . -.ä- I 1 1 "
Ones. This can be fitly done. Not in the tumul i more unnerved than theaced mother herself.
tuousdinof cities, but amid the quiet verdureF lD-e fortitude of the latter can be better appre
under the broad and cheerful light of heaven Kjclated when it is remembered that Wtdnesdav ol
where the harmonious and ever changing 3tQis week is her eightieth birthday, rw about
face of nature reminds us by it! 1 month she was visiting Mrs. I'hijebe Clapp and
Alpha Boynton In Hiram. Atout a week
n dl
resuscitating influence that to die i.-I lMl
Irk Hrü avain With thia canflmAnt ww.r.r...fr A lr
our pians, tne cemetery na. become in beauty an
tasteful adornment the rival of the most cele
bra teil cemeteries of the world, and hjo an air
retired and restful loveliness of an inexpressible
nearness to nature and withdraw! from the
world not found elsewhere. The great object nf
tne Association was to provide a resting piace for
the departed, free from the gloom of the tomb,
ind from which should be banished evcry-
tning suggestive of the awfulncss of death." No?
Drica or stone, no hetiie. wooden trellis.posts t nd
vui:i, or anyimng wraaite an inciosure is per
Head and foot boards are prohibited. Head
stones are not allowed to exceed fourteen inches
in height. Thus the cemetery rather resembles h
vast, well kept park, with stately shafts and mod
t or ornate vaults iu lieu of statuary and struct
President Garfield loved to stroll in this ceme
tery. aud it was his ideal of a final earthly retain
iuvb not
uitAuu, ?epi.iu. nie uovernmem ana cuyvjjnotonly ;my friend, but my
'luces are oeing urapeu in mourning, ana win oezsense of i
(wsmfMA tinea ibvv.
i ti A V 'J I I If
1 H &JSirsz& ft Jrti
Flti;i BAZX,
Dealer io all kinds of
forth Wen a2d Ind. Ave. Meat Mnrket
:) .rtli West p-t.,
lid pi's Peru & Chicago Ry.
Lm, i. . 1 iL. . .
ijusiucAs nouses are lasi assuming tne Homorcncs.-rnim some t
it mournincr. Down town the disnlav nf crane it-iAvi-Mu inrmnl
rs. Alpha Boynton iu Hiram. Attout
ago she returned to Solon, where she exoects t
leuiain wiin .Mr. ana Mrs. Larat.ee until she b
notitied to make some chanire. It wnll be remem
wred that the only brother of the President i
jllving near Grand Kai'ids Mich.
A sit:ce the 14th of
enrred hve deal
"5 Hat tie L. I'm 1 me
fson Rudolph
iiarneia. on tne
old, on the 2
Mondav Thomas
eelebrated their
Randall. Their
the Geueral being
uarneid oeven
iu streets leading to the suburbs evidences of sor-giuto affection
a house, and appear iut?Sfe;
held. He had first metf3!cnuh,K' ad the Senator thought Arthur intend;
Attir.ttheaciuaintanceS,, follow-the line of policy marked out by Gen
as both gentlemen be-4LI v.ameiu. nts oeusves i
mmitte of Wavs aiid.T'o''uze the Senate, aud 1
uaroor. ieans at the same time, tneir inena.snin erew1'"11 ouuy io maKe any cna-mes,
Almost universal. Fifes are at half-mast on ptib-f ii-ume members of the Committe of Ways aud50,!iM,dze the Senate, and Arthur would not. ml
1 . . n .. 1 V. . . J 1 .4 . - . 1 . V. I. L. - . . . ... . . . , ill JM. l..,.i.. I ,
itu aiiu I'll nie uuiiuitiKS. ttiiu. Ill llie
radicfil changes im-f
(-itviouej a t
1uUd,.tlveMare.!tept ln Perfect order, perfect
"t iruiisuiii IOJI iv norma
dWcseg are caused bv dinordnwi
a or Liver. It therefore, tba Kidi avb
row are seen on many
most unexpected places. It is expected that
rh fnnoral 6?-
-a v a V4 ii v a p
and confidence, ine spenter re-.r-i Tim Cabinet Kesiirn.
erred to General Garfield's buoyancy of spirit, t-i wximv. ut o-- tk , .1 .
1 hnv.w 1 --. uu; wu:iei
4 WJ t .1 V. .,1(rl, 0.W,W. ... III , J a i
.... j-jri v. t. I'i 11. .Ln, t U1I1
it . 1 : 1 . 1 ,.niii,,. t. ii,o Vi .-ci ' -v- -"." . IU
ir ;i the 'abt' et
health, will be the result. This trnth nn r.mv
bt-en known a short time, and for var Tn.
jt-pic-BULi'-itii girui Hifony w tnoQi Deingableto
. 1 Pii' , renin, ine aiscovcry or wurner's Bafe
io-oa ,js3tviuney ana Liver uare marts a new era in
v ,ia f.,.j ur uoiiuijui 01 lurse iron Die, ."viaae irom &l
meeuiis i.isinipie tropical leat or rare valn. it cnntainii
He is fnforiii
aud Breaks Down.
WASHAiNoTox.Spt.20. Warden Crocker visile:
uuiteau in his cell this morning, and gives thi
lonowing account of the Interview :
"When I entered the cell after the usual morn
6 ViK greeting, Guiteau's question to me was:
fcj ilow Is the Presidet.tr I replied 'I did not!.
Branch, and Betravas5I,JUOW' J answerea him thus in order to find ouif
na4 eniiicu kUDHlVUlie OI UITUII1.
Nvember last there have oc I 1 -"f aispatcnes announce a total suspension oibnt I could Lenr." said the speaker, "the loss ol a , hT. " t V . 11 3V" 1 ,uc eV" ,eDl eresFary noarlsh and ln-l I mcago at b.w r. m., ; t. w ay u, 1:50 r. m. ;
lis iu the familv. as follows: Mrs I (""Mness ami maniiestaiions ot mourning atiunorMiiinl fäend when 1 think that he has gui "oil 01 inese ereat oreanB. and! 1 .'itifporr, 1: .0 r. . ; south BenJ. G:21 p. m. : To
i..l. - 1 , r. -1 vr.-.,,nv..., k ....,.,.- iä fii.v..,i:?.:i . . a i.i... .. s icri, si u nuten is oi oers.'iii i Tts'n r. 1 mm h.inv.! r iuvinnj i..ii . . m.i .. . ,..
r, ou tue inn 01 iovtMnocr: ncic i'-1"- uhhush-ju mc .umm. 1 uc iuiiniiigKuiK crave loeoeu wiin me uiiiesi uouors. JiuirMiV..,..lt , . , ., ::" rt-i-" ' n-ou at--iiieiu iu oruer. 11 is at-1 J r-
mi lh. 10th nf l-'ohriiarv n h.im !'. HS Hlld itlies HrC CSIieCtallV namCAl: VllkCS-rt,'uh1jl choiil.l lu tnv h.irror Hiirl f.ripf um1 thit nf Si. ' " , ' . ' '".V""1."1 -'.Hl!J tni trie inCDl-WPOU Vli Illllv for Rll tliftdlconvofi tH utl I i.ii ...
' v ""1 v w j -a ' a I- - aaai aia'" - .. t'l.i".'.!. , 1 ,. . . 4 . j. 9 iiiail m M 1 Ml II ICM 1 I II" I II 11 1 ,1 II .1 I II 1 1 I teT B W A a
isthof June; Miss Jordolia Am-L !rre. I'a,; Ihnghampton.N. .: Alexandru. Va.:rL.vcry citizen, i reflect that the deadW;' 'l PD? lower part of the bodr-l 1 Frankfurt. 430 p. m.: ah,h ei -"'r w.-"
1th of June. Just ten months axi 3- xs''J1,K'on. G. : Uenver, uol. ; Detroit, Mich. ;emi j also rav President. the re i ,:: ' X , r" "VV ll.,tt " mj pisi poiui-j,ror roipin i lver -Headaches J aandiceDiz I J;-.sp m.: Toiorfn kia. . "r ..:.; 1:.':
Garfield and the lato PresidontMbalUmore. Md.; Norfolk, a.: Watcrtown. N. . .entHtive .f all that is dear toJt"?., " lC' T . Jormaiity wztnf8-uraver-Fever. Ague Malarial revtri iamraU.7:: a. . : x, Y.,rk n ; 10 V-
birthdays at a joint festivity IiJ 1 hnrlcston, S.O.; Troy, N.Y.; Stounton, Va-ruein my native land It is idle to say that hiCnätL,'- ,T . ? r.1. ne 'fö?'? ' alfflculti of the Kidneys, Liver aroi 1 . . " s ' I ' .
birthdays came on the same day,! "Little rails, N. Y. ; New Brunswick N. Y. : Nash-fcMeath will have no effect. The murderof thefT:;"'V. : i."Y -l..:,? l"iMunnary urgana. I Sr iu8 .uiuum si r. ., trnm m
fo.ty-nine years und ThoinasPi2"iie, Teun.; New Orleans, La.; Ottawa, Ont. ijnumblest is a ca'astrophe What, then, must Ixfct 7. .,: .li. twrnaw it w an excellent end safe remedy for fe-I 1 " J r- ,I1PMJ? :2U4- S
ty-ulne. EJt. 'xnus. mo.; Albany, n. Y.; Bonon, Mass.;t murder of the highest? His long illness, hlsJ4r;H,1ikr ,1 ""!u.",u" U1 ,Po"e vvmaies uuring rregnancy Jt will control Meu-Ij --t'- - a,ia-
. fCj iuflltlo. N. Y.; Trentou.X. Y. : Raleigh, N. C. impatience and forbearance under suffering haveM no. thtHstruation. and 1 Invaluable for IieucorruaaJrart . ? 7-i(,.i.; Graud Uapid.10
THE AsASSIV Icrauton, Pa.; Quebec; Bordentown, N. J. ;tfiUiened the heart of th? Nation. If it shall ex (aSoMl SJl 7 01 hi v",1 grentor lalllne: or th Womb f 4 m. ; i Licago fc:05 a. . ,
iii aam. 1 JUK'kport, N. Y.; Hartford. New HavenJ-inguish the tires of Kvctional hatred in the cowi.-J:,"9 As a Blood Par.flcr it 1 unequaled, for itIJ Traiü Laving Indiai.aii atllo.. p. n. (,i,n) ar-
a nf Iii irAHiiiAnt'a iioniii a "-lruigepon, ionii. : oswego, i. l.; nuiiuKion-iatry lie win not nave aitni in vain, ö'.un exniiii nr..,, i,"7 'V,.k V n i ' ig"",r? i" oiia. ...! at nicn nM,Kim, at a. m.; rort
wjunu me i rtMiieni mau us coiuu Geneva uuoiif. 3 'Uilsreraedr.wlilcb hasdonemch wmutaid Cl'uvnt. ?:(iUi. m T.,l.-.,. m-iih i . . ci...-i i t-on
lie Depart for Lour
Signs of Deep Grief.
New York, Sept. 20. At 10 o'clock the
in tne vicinity oi General Arthurs house had
materially increased. At 10:30 Governor Cornell, E
accompanied by Dwight Lawrence, drove to thw
house and had a long interview with the Presi I
dent Distrier A tf,rnpv R-lHnw oknooiioH n...i3
" - - -. - ".'-- ..... voiicu. aim . - . .
has not yet departed. It s understood President J passion carefully, that the President was dead
g.äUuiteau replied. 'You ought to know. Have yoi:
throngf uot seen the morning papers?'
hnrtl 1 s8-id that 1 had, but could not rely on the vari
ous statements 1h the papers, lie then said be
had felt very anxious about the President the past
few days, and he feared that he was nearing his
enu. i men- iniorme-i mm. writcniiiü nis ex
Arthur will leave for Elberoa at noon in a special jj
train now awaitine him, accompanied by Col l
onel Bliss.
Blaine and Lincoln arrived from the East thisf
morning, and without waiting for breakfast pro I
ceeded at onee to General Arthur's residence ont
Lexington avenue. Nothing of note transpiredt
,1 11 .1 .... . In ..w.-i.x... T V. . x -.xr....J.. ...1 : . 1 :
"""S iuichkh. A ill J ituiaiuill mill Illlllij
auntia me morning, ana win leave with him at
noon for Long Branch. General Arthur's facerbe
trayed the dfeep g:rief from which he is sufferinj:.
as did also the features of Blaine and Liumln I
The two last named pentlemen were delayed four?
Kamm K. an a .-1 s... nn WA X tr .
' u) an muuciu on 1110 t w lliivf 11 roaa I
near Port Chester. A collision of freight trains!
1 1 cu, icfin uj 1 1, WW n oi iu oi iropvrvy mio
DiocKing tne roaa.
NEW YORK Sent 90 President irti
panied bv Colonel Bliss, left at noon for ElberonJ
by special train.
To the Cabinet.
Attorney General MacVeagh has just received
this reply to a dispatch sent by the Cabinet to
General Arthur last night. It Is addressed
to all the members of the Cabinet, and says: I
"I have your message announcing the death off
V. i 1 . - .1 . 1 1 a . l . . t
trresiueiik uamein. reriui. m3 uu renew mrougn
you the expressions of sorrow and sympathy
which I have already telegraphed toAttorne
general aiacveagn. in accoruanee witn your
suggestion l nave tauen tne oath of oince as
President of the United State, before Hon. John
R.Brady. Justice of the Supreme Court of the
State of New York. I will advise you further in
regard to the other suggestion in your telegram.
"C. A. Abthcr."
The other suggestion referred to was that
General Arthur come to Long Branch this morn
ing. Elberox, Sept. 20. 1 :13 p. m. President Arthur
and Secretaries Blaine and Lincoln have just ar
rived. - Arthur' Plans.
Washinotos. Sept. 20. There has not been any
Information sent here to the public officials as to,
when President Arthur will arrive, but private)!
dispatches state he will come here to-night. Hi-
desire is to come qulet'y, therefore what train he
will come on or what time be will reach hereia not
known. There are various rumors about the pur !
poses of the incoming Administration, but high
officials who are close friends of President Arthur
say there will be no change of the Cabinet before
. u . : . i , . ... . .l . . .i. - . t . I
uie liieeuim oi VAHiKress: wat uie present auiueii
will retain their positions until Congress meets J
In regard to the extra session of Congress, it is not J
believed any will be called. Many think even the!
.Senate will not be convened la extra session, a
the time for the regular meeting is to near.
There is an opinion among some prominent Re
publicans that the Senate will be convened at an
early day: that nndef ,the circumstances Presi
dent Arthur will feet, disposed to assemble the
Senate to assist him in starting his Administra
tion. As yet these matters are mere speculation,
as, It is not likely that even president Arthnr has
given any thought to them. A le -ding New York
Republican who has been on intimate terms with
Arthur for years says from his knowledge of the
man he thinks he will convene the Senate, tha
he may have the advice otihe party leaders.
The Feeling" Toward Arthur.
New York. Sept. 20. The Post says to-day:
"President Arthur receives from all parts of the!
country assurances of good will and of sincere-
wishes for his success. Tne.se assurances come
from journals and from men of all political par
ties and shades of opinion, who esteem the wel
fare of the country a higher consideration thani
T s-v l rt -va s-xw I Vl A . a Sill OTI a r O iwl WTa hdVO Y"W .
doubt they are sincerely meant. Every good citi
zen shares the feeling which inspires them, and
will be heartily glad to find In President Arthur's
Administration much to praise and support, and
little to condemn and oppose."
The Graphic predicts that President Arthur will
pursue a wis , prudent, conservative, patriotic
course, and will have the support of the country
waukee. Wis. : Vicksburg. Miss. : Plainfield, N
-pringneid, ill.: Toneka. Kan.; uuincy, ill
;tnem to use their eftorts to tranuuilize th
anl to aid him Iii th lwrformanro
oi at.is I... l.i . - iriiitr'ki 1 ii ti 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 i i i i -
make us more charitable to each other; wiil gives .
inoersTfHMi, r.owcver, that the resignations
toi oeeu lormaiiv oecnnea or :iceonir-l
I'aul. Minn.: Chicaeo. 111.: Des Moines. iowa:f,Su higher oi.iuions of American cPlzpnsliin: iliS'"1,".8 .1 ine iPseut trying circumstances
e coun -ls put up in the LARUK8T WZED BOITLF
v oi niir-'ii any meaicine u
f ; tri i. , .
bruins, hearts
hands for God
sue lustantiy sank down nu his bed and appeared
very much agitated. After remaining in this jk
ition for a few moments he arose anl paeed the
ioor, muttering something to himself, as if prftv
ing. He then inquired at what time lie had died
and al cr being inlormed. said that he whs glad?
me i-resiaeni naa at last ncen rcaeve-i irom nis
Milrerings. as he would not havv committed tht
iced if he had known that he was to snlTW
ds he did. Guiteau did not attear so nervous
and alarmed as I supposed he would, when the
aTVV rw ca-9 viuacil lF U1U1, DHU ä VI J 1 Ub Lll 1 11 H. lit' A
- w,-v. " v v until a iiiivi uttu a.
im. At least he said he did not. He does not
manifest any increased fear this morning, but he
has been in constant dread all along that hej
would be dealt w ith by a mob, and earnestly
prays that we will protect him."
Washington. Sent. 20. District Attorney!
JCorkhillsays there is no foundation for the ruinort
nat Guiteau is to be taken to New Jersev foil
trial, that there is plenty of law here to cover his!
time. and that timraii will rw trlprl in
Can Only be Tried for Assault aud Battery.
Washington. Sept. 20. Attorney General Mac
Veagn this morning telegraphed Soliclter General
L'-illlwr. ....ia 2.1- 1 I a. . . a
i uuiips iu consult witn tne uisinci Attorney lor
the District of Columbia as to whether it would
be necessary that an inquest should be held upon
the body of President Garfield in order to
enable the Grand Jury of the District to bring
au indictment against Guiteau. A consultation
was immediately held between the Solicitor Gen
eral and District Attorney Corkhill. and. as a re
mit, a telegram was sent the Attorney General!
that though it was .iOt necessary such i nun est
-hould be held, it might be well to have it done.
it is the opinion of the Distilct Attorney
ind his assistant that, under the laws
f the District. Guiteau can not be tried for mur-
ler here, but that the greatest punishment that
oau fe given him is such punishment as Is inei
Jilental to asimple case of assault ami battery In
At. it may become a puzzling question as to how
the State of ;se w Jersey can obtain j urisdletion over
tne person oi the assa-ssin. in the opinion oi seme
lawyers he ear only be brought within the Juris 3
lid ion of the !aws of that State by means of ex
laviittvu inns, aiiUf na ux. j c a nt J ivtici i' inci ri
tives from justice, unless some legal technicality!?
ran construe Guiteau under that category, it is ni
lifficult matter to see in what maimer New Jersey!
can obtain jurisdiction.
teun.; Trenton, K. J.; Sau Francisco, tai.: I ouutry s sake.'
!Äf' if,iSnh'ffi .MPÄ Jurisdiction In GulteatP Case.
har leston, 8. C. ; Fredericksburg, Va.: Lowell, H Washington, Sept. 21. The best lawyers hereL
Miikm ninn,ctar Mo. n.rtmnnih v it lYsre still in doubt whether the jurisdiction to trvt'-.
ctne cabinet will simply continue to discharge
iiicir uuues, unui a more suitable time arrives
ixin the market, and I anin
havegjtwttle. Kor Ulant s. Inonlre for WARN RR's
Portsmouth, N. H. ; Atlanta, Ga.; Bangor,
tiunaio; rrovideuce, R. 1.; Halifax, N, S.
iGuiteau lies in the Dis
J.Jersey. Some of the
trict oi Columbia or in
1 1 ecision r,f the question of their retention
iu ueeiining to accent tne resignation of th;
jOabiuet President Arthur did not commit himsel f
H. H. Warner & Co.. Eochestsr. IT. Y.
ablest lawyers say the New
it'rsnv iiurnoriiipfi wpm tmtih'1 v num. 111 LikriL'
KlMtu I,, iiiil 1 1 1 1 .ifitli nf lhr lr(i,liiit lpimllv
n record; that though the shot was hred
lea in irom it must oe proveu. ana 11 a:os
,.i u -i thji ziUuIn AV'iil Ai i ta a U'a tit Itter i ! I F
till, as the Subrcme Court only takes iurisiiictio?
4t f criminal cases on rertiticauon of uitxorenoe i
I luioii ir?u tJie lower
to life a.-!
enter tht j
ourt, and therefore ii,v; io-
Notwithstanding the District Ai
i rt it statements yesterday ttuii
nereis law cuougn nore to tiy tiuiteau. lie ra ; 1
nt his liiiperon mat Ia.v. In maybe nctv:-s;ir
o arraign tiuiteau in New Jersey in order ti'
iiropcrly puni.-h him.
Washington, Sept. 21. Everything at the.bi.ii
(itiiet this morniJ.c. Guiteau is described a
bjing somewhat restless, but alternately
tnl writes. He is thought to be enatrea
ingliis reflections on the shooting and the
lent s denth. It Is geiicra'.ly thought
v ho have examined the statutes tl.at Guit
iot be convicted of murder uncer the Disti ictE ,
aws, ana txilonel
'uin that opinion.
Corkhill is now said to enter
Th President' lreaa aud the Cottiu
services at the Fraueklyn Cottage The
Trip to Washington The Mourners.
kw ioRK,epi.ui. ine i'osi s Long urancnp ,r,j,.r to try cntoiu the Gourt must have ori
-pccial says: "The President is laid out ln tht sji'uisdictio!'..
,nit of ',.. tti.v ivhiph h. vvrvr. mi iiiAilvjurMl iol . S-wt ". "
lay. His left hand is laid across his breast afte:
the maimer he had in life, lhis was done l
order to make his resemblance as near
possible. No person will be allowed to e
ieath chamber, which has been put in order as it J
was when the President was brought to Elberon
The body is so greatly shrunken that artificial
ameans had to be resorted to to give the clothes an
anpearance of fitting. In addition to the natural
hrinkage from his illness the operation connect
:d with the autopsy has left the body in an even
more emaciatea state, a piaster cast was taaeii
f his face yesterday, as well as of his right hand
In takiug the cast of the hand it was somew hat
iiscolored, so that his hand will not be
seen. The enect ot tne on used upon me iacej
prior to taking the east disfigured the features
Ymt otwl fcllffhtlv altered the mlnr so that
rlx n xxaa nsA la v n rtVi lacs n af ii rai firnti a
if öa 0fr flnA-öüih Tha PrHnnt harl u ftbUt beCHUe the CUStOni of
nnasslve head and the large bones show veryjMI
prominently. His cheeks are lallen in, the beardi
io conceal that scar, and such arrangements have
been made about the pillow as still further con
;eal the swelling which sapped away his life.
fhe undertaker says that in his opinion it will
iot be safe to expose the body after It leaves here,
rhe effects or the fluids used in embalm' gr art
to anything definite. He remarked that underfed
uie present distressing circumstances he coul
.i-a oeexpixieu to give nis attention to National K
anairs. excent such asilpiiiuini .nvt.iri-..H.M an.irts
' here fort no thnivht n tr thu cnhiuit ..f .1 ui i r ,
O ' - ' ...v. 1" J J V. . 1 1 . l.ll
Vi 1 .wl IT , ... , If... w... ........ ....... iL.. . 1 . f :
Mnuimis, ins h-ijucm ixin inai, uie presen,
Cabinet continue in the discharge of their duties
leaving the questions of resignations until such
ume as lie t an determine what is best for him t.
458 East North Street.
close ofr"!
issued b
An Kxtra Session.
It may safely le said Uirtt before tlie
?'he next week a proclamation will be
ne i iesiuent caning me senate in execu.ive ses M
-ion. The tfinc lixea will not lo later thati tin M
i-lii oi wruiDtr. it is unoersi(Mi mat tue I resi
teilt was adver.-e to the calling of a session, bu
Has yielded to the wei-ht of ScnaUnial opinion,
'vhirn 1iiu bidti fi-nnlv v .1...-. ...1 ,1,.:.. ..... . n . .
y re. dj j aud to-day.
in writ 14 .
, in writ id
he Presi I
by thoscH
teau cunt 5 I
Dealer iu all kinds of
;jiGKR,oa :ei:r,i J2 s
Country Pr oduce.
of Oflice hiuH
For the Dead President Evinced Through
out the Laad General Suspension of Busi
ness Telegrams of Condolence.
New York. Sept. 20. The streets are compara
tively deserted. The people are walking about in
a listless manner. Business is not thought of.
Attention is devoted entirely to the thick-bor--lered
newspaper sheets, which maybe seen in
everybody's hands. Around tho newspaper of
rites crow us are gaiiiereu wai'iim lor immer ue t
heartfelt feeling for the dead suI-T
vmpatny lortne bereu lamny, mm e
Sijle with the utter terms oi natrea ior tne crutix
jassassin, whose dastardly work is now accom-f
I ollshed. All our city house-keepers are at work!
jdraplng their houses with mourning. In Jie bay I
aud on the river vessels have their colors at halt
mast. The city is buried iu grief. All the StattV
lOourts closed for the dav. A mectine of I
imembers of the I'roduce Exchange was heldji
15 if vtrjuutij o nan
si jttces crowds are 1
t jtails. Words of '.
Iferer, and of svec
I L'le with the litt
uch as to have already hardened the features. A
.umber of journalists who have been so closely
watching the President's case all these weary
.vceks were given the opportunity for the first
view of the body. The sentries stood at either
side of the entrance. The coffin lay ln the hall
way of the lower floor, with a soldier at the head
tnd foot of it. The coffin was black, with s liver
nandles. Black rods ran along the side, and upon
the top was a silver plate with the following in
f to day,
01 ine i ruuuve cAeuuuKe was neiur.j ,..... j
and it was resolved to suspend ttortraiis, couta not nave teen recogmzeu
j Born November 19th, 1831. j
j Died, President of the l'nited States,
I September 19th, 1881. j
"The coffin was lined- with white satin. Across
the top .nd crossing each other were two long
leaves of palm. Only the face and shoulders were
visiDle, and one needed to know that all re
mained of James A. Garfield lay there, to recall
the features so tamiliar during life. The face to
those who knew General Garfield only from hi-
How tne Old Mother Received the News
of the Death of Her Hoy "I Have Kol
Further Wish to Live."
Cleveland, O.. Sept. 20. Mother Garfield 1.
Tiow at Soiou with her daughter, Mrs. Larabee
A Herald special from Solousays: "Until three
davs azo full particulars of the situation were
telegraohed with the greatest regularity to fi lends
at Solon. Since tnat uaie oniy meagre uispatcnes
were sent, and the suspense 01 the household cans
1 V I I 1 t .4 .. J V. . . 1 O ., n ., F
uiiiy 03 imaKineu. okiuiub; uim snu cuuuaj
nignt Mrs. Larabee and the Presidenfjrmothcr
slept together, and the former affirms that Mrs.
Garfield did not sleep at all. Iler anxiety ren
dered sleeo out of the onestion. During the
but week or two her general health has been re
markably good.
On Monday evening the only dispatch received
reached the Solon otlice at 6.30 o'clock, and was
Immediately delivered. It was as follows:
"Elberox, N. J., September 19. ,
Mrs. Eliza Garfield:
"After the noon bulletin of the President's con
dition there has been no aggravation of the symp
toms. Since the noon bulletin was issued he has
aleDt most of the time. couKhing bat little and
with more ease. The snuta continues unchanged
A sufficient amount of nourishment has been
taken and retained. Temperature, 98.1: pulse.
102; respiration, 18.
V "D. W. Buss,
"D. Hayes Aonew,
"Fkank Hamiltoh."
nnrlnir all thMA flaVB of SUSPense slllCe July
9 th mother of the President has remained
hnnofnl shfl ha.1 faith that her noble son would
be spared to serve his country, and to comfort her
declining years. Mrs. Larabee, his sister, on the
contrary, has had a feeling of discouragement
and fear from the first, tven on th day when
h ift Mentor, she av- her mind was filled with
v.nu (lniniiinii'i she could not drive away. As!
Mr. (Jarfield went about his farm giving things at
farewell look, she felt a preaenumeni mat 11 was
tx long good-bye. The effect of this telegram was
reassuriug. however, and Mrs. Garfield retired
with a ieltn of ouiet cheerfulness. During the
a had been constantly busying herself r
about the house. Mrs. Larabee bt sought her not
to do any work.
"Mother," she said, "you will only worry your
self "
Öh. no." replied the old lady, "If 1 am active
I shall be able lo sleep better."
Her exhaustion, occasioned by ner lack: 01 rest
8 on account of the death of the President i g
I The Board 01 Managers was asKeo to appoint s mep
time to take tction on the matter, and a Commit 1
tee was appoiutel to prepare suitable resolutions,!
jto be presented for adoption at the meeting. The?
I Exchange is t be draped in mourning. Dispatches
(were read from bt. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore.
Cincinnati and other Lxchangcs, saying they hau
resolved to close. All Exchanges will close on tne
day of the funeral. ,
Department Closed.
Washington. Seit. 20. In many cases the ela-
txrate work of the decorator's hand is visible. All
the departments are closed, and public offices are)
lecorated. Upon reaching the lreasury Depart
ment this morning. Judge l rer.ch, who Is aetingt
as secretary 01 tne .treasury 111 lueaimence oiri
Secretary mndora, issued the loiiowmg oniers:
It Is ordered, as a mark of respect to the
rnemorv ol President t.arneia, mat me 1 reasury
Ueoartment be closet? during the day."
It is quite probable Departments will remain
cloned to business until after the funeral. This
will, however, be determined by the Cabinet.
Proclamation by the .Mayor,
Philadelphia. Sept. 20. The Mayor issued the
following proclamation to the Selewt aud Com-B
mon Councils: I
Gentlemen The death of the President of thej
United States, caused by assassination, whilst it;
nils the mind of every citizen with horror, calls
upon the authorities of this city to express their
leri indici QiinTi nt thonetnnd dnvlst nniiroriri-
ate measures by which their sense of the National!
loss shall be laithluiiy expressed and Utting
honors rendered to the remains of our beloved
Chief Magistrate, to whom so recently the people
of the United Mates committed in part tbe acti
nica of this Nation. Very respectfully,.
SamtelG. King, Mayor.
The Mayor has also issued a call for a meeting
of the Councils.
Telegrams of Condolence.
Vrur Yonir S.-iit 'X Th F.vpnlnr? Post's sne
cial from Long Branch says this dispatch has been!
received by Mrs. Garfield: - - l
the features were no longer there. There was an
expression about the lower Hps, which those who
knew him best would recognize. The cheeks
were gone. The brow had lost the massive ap-
- . . . . 1 & a a. VWft. M
pearance wnicn cnaracienzea limine, lue in
voluntary whispered remark of all, as they gazed
nnon the loved form with a shudder. was: "1
never should have recognized him. How Ik
must have suffered." His shrunken, earthly
frame, told how much. It was most marvelous
that he lived so long. As the cpwd slowly en-
torfid and left the hall, the bell of the little
chapel in the distance was tolled, but Its touesj
could be only faintly heard above the roar of the
1 ml 1 . .wr.c Inn lmin BltVIn trllf
feci with you. Mav God suDDort and comfort N
- - m 1
as lie alone can.
"Tub Qceen, Balmoral."
"Albany, N. Y Sepk. 70.
Wayne Macv eagb, Long branch:
Universal Expressions of Sorrow and Words
ol Condolence From Throughout the Civ
ilized World.
New Yobk, Sept. 21. The London Stock Ex
change sent the following cable this morning to
a banking firm here:
Please forward the following to the author
"In view o the petition which emanated from
f the American market we, the underslgnad, hav
ing the deepest sympathy with the loss Just sus
tained by the American people' in the death of
the President, and with a desire to show a special
mark of respect, beg that yow, the Committee of
the Londou Stock Exchange, will see fit to close
the house for all business Saturday next, or any
rtav von may think fitting."
This uispatcn was signea oy iwu prominent
members of the London. Slock Exchange. The
New York Stock Exchamie, on receipt of this
r-?cabled the following to Loudon:
H "Resolved, That we appreciate the brotherly
.jHvmpathy thns extended by the members of the
a d . A, .1.. aTvI.. - Li- lllUIIU Mt A liunavi waav ul.i til v a waa.
ine Aioany nurgers uuu yoi pa ituuer um.M..rf ri n o-rf..iiv .rknnwi th.-
m - ai .i ft I m - . t 1 ' J S uiri 1' w wrv viuiv, t
irvicea 10 escort wie reiuains ui 1 lOMuciiuimi.ciu.v, . , - ,u. ,Jriw.
ilironph rhlsStat and to hl latp hom at enbir t't R" -i.v,w()uU.v
. ... t J t f no tha avtirtiac An w ifr ronpaaanta rha utinti
4b OS kllV v A y'l . O-'1' 1 4 TV ätlwll ll.irlIVUU. DV ia fc
"Smpnm of the Ktiirlish toorle to America.
A "Resolved, That iu it we recojrnize another
ITI ll'III'M I I H L I III'! I I V 1 I ' N I- I M I
ti a 1 ja m a a -
mine dv ainureu aneesiry anu oy grem eom-i " .t -.v. ,iw,in,io,i ,,rt
j-. . - . . a . a rti 1111 1.11T3 jm " ' - -
uid for atiy otber duties that may be imposed
upon them.
"J. C. Ccyleb, President
"Mrs. Garfield. Lone Branch
"The citizens of London feel the deepest sympa
Acaiu Takes the Oath
Keada Ilia Ic:iiisur:il
Wasiunuton, Sept. 21.
iasi uignt 11 was uetermineu inai rresiae
Arthur sbouid take the oath at the Capitol to
lay, not that it was deemed absolutely uecessary,
Presidents taking tluj
in t
Senator Dawes called upon President Arthur ut
lay. He strongly advised the callinc of a. 3
executive session. Iu conversation, he pointec;j
out that no political result would be effected bi
an earlv session. The Senate is now 1)
rjn out it is no more so than it will be ln December
mere could be. ln his judgment, no doubt that :
iemiKrtif Senator ivontH lio cAintiA iwMm.i r.
. - . . . , v . iltlllU .1 CIVJ V f I fc V J
the Senate. He thought law and custom require I
fresiaent belore any Senate could be pronerP
mi t. jviit,u vw utui aiuiuot tW tCltail,
U the Cabinet meetings jltlt a secretary would also be necessary to a pro
; er organization 01 tne bony, else no formal re
rd of the election of a President ooul
e lUHue. ine next DUEines wonni r. th. i
idmission of the new Senators from Nev.--Vork
and a successor to Senato:t
hill niciiltf 1 h i f o,1m uui.tn ..-.iilrl nn.-f!.,, . w A
. ..-t, i-h . . r , a . 1. . .1 . ...... ., v
til i .'""u" l,Jc uisnesi privilege, witn nies K
I 1 idded to the Republican side there could not t
X. j 8 jAny change in the Committees, even if the Demo
ein is not at all liktlv. Neither nrtr
peril its reputation witn the country bv In f
to Mate matters vet rsdulelne in another wiam?l Kiibr would i.rofo-M
r n wrong ratucr man 10 precipltat'.w'
dead-lock with the presiding oth er ane'
y. ine uemocrais womu mate no con f -i
est for minor offices, and these would nrobablv M
be conceded to the Republicans
' Ulli Nut Oi-rmir Im Whit. H.n...
0HIOAGO vUduU 'illU in Meeraal
- W KS North i.ii.1 VVt .. vi .. .
------- -ivaij- n t
ort Wnyn-, IIautiiiklun.
;anrport, Wabash.
DSTROTT nd Vibt MicLifcn,th.
Direct conncctiorji made id (Tiicapo with tbe trunk
inegforall uortbwceU rti Burumrr r-noru and prin
cipal pointe In the nnrt.wht and far rrt
WcodralT sleeping a ad Parlor Cuaches mn bei ween
(ndiatiapflia and t'liirt-o, ria Kokorno and Iodiana.
iolind Michigan v'ity.
Traiu l. aviinr IndiauaiKilis at 8:50 A. m. arriTfint
riue Wiues
and Liquors
and Choice
" JeraWh
ve U'S fjudgrat
Uise.fklxnnld 1
yet rslulffingin
I j o sutler
m l jmother do
01 secretary.
is, amidj
ath before the Chief Justic3 of the United State
Supreme ('ourt had become established.
President Arthur intimated to-day that
holds to his present mind, he will not con
he Seuate iu extrj session. He has, of cou
iot given much uioniint to state matters v
tod mlirht possibiv change from this view.
Kx-President Hayes and General Sherma
ailed on PresnL'tr. Arthur at the residence
-senator Jones, this morning, but he was at tin
apitol preparing to take the oath of othce.
The Inauirural.
- 4
Washington. Sept. 'Ii. mMüCnt Artnur liai President Arthur has determinprt nnt to nmnn
iust taken the oath of cube in the Marble Room I tthe VYhttp HilllCP at I, awl fnr tnrnrjl mMitVio an,
it the Capitol. In ice presence of the members oi?3will continue to make Senator joops hoiiHhi.J-
iheCabiuet, the Justice ol the Supreme Court a cf.liome. The Senator's fumily is on the PacirtefJ
i few senators and members nt the House of Ken J -oast. and will not be in Washington until Jan M
resentatives. ah who eoum oe noiintni thi-friary next, and the house has been accepted b'.4
jiorulng ia time wi:ie present: also General Sher r!;he President as his residence until that time ipj
man, General tirant, Rear-Admiral Nichols, Hon Senator Jones remaining as his guest Thtj
llanuibai uanum. uenerai iscaie ana a lew riw hlte House will be thorouchlv overhauled an. i!
ithers. The step was tken after a conference be f,J refitted so far as to make it suitable for the publice
.ncen Luc 1 noiutMi, univioij uiniuc gnu 1 411 j-a iiiiuiD 01 iiiu rrcMueiii, rreMueut Artnur wiii-)
Attorney General. Very few pe.sons knew tin iot again leave Washington, except probably tcJ
tain was to oe nuiumisiereu unui tne ceremony visu isew York .'or a day, until the meeting of tin
was over, the President and memcers ol tlie!3-.enate. There is a ereat nrens -f imrelv rontinfi.
Cabinet had assembled lu the 'arble KKm short "Suusiness awaiting his action. There are beside..r
ly befare 12 o'clock. chief Justice Waiu. important appointments to be made in the Anm ,
..f r,tlw.;i .... ....... 1 l..d-9...1 V
'i'v-t, ituiuiniin;u uiu iavy, especially seven vacancies on tne re-r.
proceeded from the Su-iatired list of the former, and several In the latter?'
preme ioun uoom to tne Marble Koom. 1 nt r-erviee. The vacancy on the Supreme Bench 1
loors were Immediately closed. and without an rl m urgent case for executive action,
rmality President Arthur arose, and bundling. J ,,rtin ti, Pri.i..i
tirM-n rii friae the reritpr tah p i hiof .1 iiKtin ti
"OHO Vl WbUV 1 f WW 'X l lä Jk Lik.KZ- X 1V JT I . " v - p mm .--w ' I
in nis lull robes
issociate Justices.
1 , 1 , . ... . . , . . . . . :,n O a I f . n. I . .. -1 t Hn.i..l...lmn V t.rr I . .
rrcsiut 11 v s manner was cairn ana composeu, aiidrj wiuunuo uuicu ic-soiunoua i icgivi,
ills resDonsd "So help me God" was iu a tinrrM 11 me death ot President artield, ana oi sympa
. . H- a
fone without a tremor. The President then readr2,n.v wlt.n hU my. m lonowing waaais..t.
from manuscript notes, the following address: t uojiteu:
For the fourth Ume in the history of the repub-M "oiveu, iuaiv,uesier a. artuur x cauweu
ÜC, its Chief Magistrate has been removed byfcV0-Jan1 should receive, the unquannea respecT
1 --.-. t t-K All hnnrta .i i I u1 a-1 r vmts anrl In .r r 1 1 S. uivi uuuwi k i v ra vi a.auv u aw -
ri. '
fat the bideouM crime which ha-s aarkened oui
land, and th memory of the murdered President,? .
. . aw j . . . j . r ri
stitntional President of the United states.
r u
Indianapolis, Ind.
m. ; Detroit, l:ü r. M.
BtSuAhU for ticket via I., P. A C. Railway.
Reliable Iuforuiati.u given by
Gf-n l Paw. and T'k't Ac;t,
101 East WasbiDKtoQ Street.
Geu'l Manager.
yJij 3C4Hg
Is the best place
In the city
old clothes
to have
C. C, C. & I. n. W.
Ulis Train Leaves Indianapolis & Follow s:
t f TRAIN arrives Munrie, 6:22 a.m.
X. J ) n. ill. Uuiou, 7:J5 a. m.; Sidney, 8:15 a
u.; Bellfouutaine, 9:8 a. m.; Crentliue, 11:47 a. m.
rrive at Clevelaod at p. m.; Buflalo 7:50 p. m.
N'iagara Fa!l, :öü p. m ; Bing Uamptoo, 4:5 a. m.
itocl.fster, ll: a. in.; Albany 6:10 a. m., arriving at
Sew York City at 1:30 a. in. and Boston at 2:25 p. m.
rn Advance of Other Routes
Thit train has Talaca. Drawing Room and
wping Caacli from Indianapcli to "New Yoik with.
nt chance. Fare alwajg tht same at bv loneer and
slower routes. B(iK;e cLi-cked through to -dwtioa-tion.
li i A D Train "riTea at Crestline 4:10 a.
jU.'tU L . JI tn. ; Titt nburg, 12:15 a. iu.; Clea-
and, 7:10a. m.; BufTlo, 11:10 p. m.; Niagara Falls,
l:50p. tu.; BiaaliauiptoD, ll:"0 p. m.; Koclient'-r. 4:M
,4p. m.; Albany, 12:4i a m.; arrive at Nrw York City
1:45 a. tn. and Boetou 9:20 a. m. Hoots qulcltar than
j.j tu otner lines.
yourH 1 train has elegant Palace Sleeping Coachea from
trlndianapolis to Cleveland, and . from Cleveland to
iJNew York City and Boston withoot change. At Sid-
S I . I p j I r- i 2ew York City and Boston withoot change. At Sid-
Vieanea, , Uvea and nepaired. fney close connecttoua are made for Toledo and Da-
No. 3 Martlndale's Block,
troit and 11 points in Cnli
Fashionable Eootmaker,
.:' ? -J
Columbus Route,
Iitcliiuin Avenue.
F111.KA 1 1 Train arrives at Muncie 2:23 p.
Ejll.ÜU J M' m.; Luiou 3:15 p. m.; Dayton
:öa p. m-; Springfield 7:lo p. tn.; Columbus 9:15 p tn.
4 The only line running through Tarlor Coaches
JCrom Indiansputis to ColunibiiH, ahere direct con
Snectious are nia-le with the Baltimore A Ohio Kail
road. This traiu connec s at Maucie with the Fort
jWayne, Mnncie 1 Cincinnati Uailaay fwr Ft. Wayne
rand Detroit.
"6x that your ticket rvad by
All work warranted. A good fit guaran
teed. Repairing promptly attended t".
Neatly done.
G. T. A.
'levetand. U.
w. Campbell,
Pass. Aot.
Indiaiiai'olis r -
ee Lice.
his protracted mi Soring, his mivlellln fortitude, y
he examp.e ana atnieveinonts of nis lift1, ana tni-,j
Dathos of his death will forever illumine the&5
lages of our history. For the f.iurlh lime the l ;i,-t
ii-pr lePttl bv thu reni,l. anil uriiainwl bv the. .1
;onstitution to fill a vacancy ho created, U calleiir
to assume tne txecutivecnair. The wisdom oi
ur fathers foreKeehiR even the most tliie possiblli-
les made sure that the Government fchouU nevei
r lmieriUed because of uncertainty of humai,
life. Men may die hut the fabricof r ur free insti
tutions remains unshaken. No higher or mon
assuring pn ol could exist of the strei gth and per
manency of popular Government than the iao1
that though " the cbosen of the peo
ple may be stricken down, his constitutional sue
eessoris peacefully installed without 6kockoi
Hain, excent the sorrow which mourns tht
bereavemeiM. All the noble aspirations of myjt
lamented predecessor winch louud expresMon lu
his life, the meKsure devised and suggested dur-
iu)? hia brief Administration to correctable and
ii tore economy, to aavanee jirosptrnty anu pr'j
paving; to Leive the Capital, the Scene!
. . . . . . i . . , .
oi iter ittM-ent miction.
Washington, Sept. 22. Mrs. Garfield spent
mo.vt of the day at the White House packing up,
... . 1 . ..,211 -.. hi.i.aiu nftAnnMi aar Vi
of the President
Controlling the moat prominent bill boards in
tue city, including
Inclosing the State Ilouse Grounds.
Five Hundrei Three-Sheet Eoards in
City and Suturts.
Office, at paily Sentinel Office.
The family will be represented in the
from the Capitol to the depot by jj
h o m o A Y V A
nftAnnMi aar Vi J
uillltl rue Will 1 t Cff W iwuiui ij yi ouciuwu Tiawä
Aiue oouy oi me rrcaiaeiii. one w iu aucuu n
amnerai ceremonies at tne uapnoi uere to-morrow "i
- ;f ic-rnoon
Stanley Brown, C. 0. Rockwell, Colonel Corbin,,t
tils. U . a r t. v . vlvl 1,,U ..-yvl 1 W
Arii.'"iiun, ocpu fc,. ai i o vraiiiciu. nun -ia . '
laughter Mollie and bun Harry, visited the White j j
House this morning to arrance for the removal of
lier personal eflfectM. She exhlbitea sitrns of deei
l.tnmiin iirwm piitariiiu f hj fumiliiir rrwi m q ft ii 3 S
fhpr pvpn wprp ftiiffiiKPcl with tPftfN.whlnh Rhp mn
mote general welfare, to Insure domestic ecurityrailMv1tr,nrtQ tn strain Tho M-n.ian t. dr..,.
and maintain honorable and friendly relational,, over ,n the deepest mourriuK ana is one of theirs
with the Natious or the earth, will be .Karuereiigi.mieKt spectacles iu the city. Policemen areSl
in the hearts ot tne people anu H Will ue myf.t)itiniP.1 nt pi-orv nnrnnrh nrl nn T.nrvnn ia !
. J. ..!.... 1 ..I .1. . X' tat v ... . ..,
anicM pnucayur w prom anu see mat uie HiiuuJi0Wed to enter without a pass from the officers
nan prom oy ms example anu cjm-ntriicB. i ri r-;,.
iMirtty DiesHes our country, uur nscai piicy i!-j
1:45 A M.
ind the Black
-une, arriviiia
fiother line, and
rixed by law. If well-grounded and generally ap-
proved. No threatening issue mars our loreijin in i
tereourse.ana tue wuaom.intergrity ana tnritt oil
nir people may oe trustea to continue un i
turbed the prcstnt assured career oi peace, tran-
julllty and welfare. The gloom aud auxietyi
vhlch has eiibhrouued the country must mki'
rt-nose especially welcome now. No demand for?
speedy lcglslatiou has been heard. No udequaU
iK.-casion is apparent for an unusual session offj
Congress. 1 he couetitulion aenuts tne luncuous ,
in,! uinvmni the executive as cionriv as tnose t
f either of the other depaitments of the Govern
cnninloto lino nf frnfirioM sind
. Ai , v , -
ii.j Provisions at
ment. and he mutt answer for tlie iust exert'
if the discretion it nermits and tlie periorinaiic'&
f the duties It Imposes. Summoned to thescj,
high duties and respoiisibilitleh, aud profoundlyt
conscious oi uieir maguiiuue anu Kraviiy, i a-B
sume the trust imposed by the Constitution,?
- At : 1 1. Ä Ik..,.... nu 1 1 I ,k 1 1 ii.i iiml 1 r
reiyiUK IOT Hl "11 tue imhhc uivhiulc anu in:
virtue, ratriotism and intelligence of the Ameri
After the reading of the address by the Presi
dent. Secretarv Blaine titepped forward and
'rasoed the Preside ut's band, and after him the
ither members of the
shook hands u 1th the
Keimion of tlie Union and Ex-Confederate'
Soldier The Meeting on Cameron)
.Iia 1 KfJ A f it a. A 11 Oir.lC k Ul IHCJ
Army of the Cumberland to-day appointed a Gar
Held Monument Committee. The Committee
will submit plans to the Society at the next regu
lar meeting, and is authorized to collect con
rlbutlona for that purpose. The place for the j
lonument is to be considered hereafter. The?
a 1
otlieers for the ensuing year are: President. Gen-"
oral P. H. Sheridan; Treasurer, Geueral J. S. Ful-i
lerton; Secretary, General II. M. Cist; Recording
Secretary, Major Jobu Stell, an-1 a Vice President
(representing each State the Union. The placcf
ana time oi tne next meeting is Milwaukee, fcp
tember 22 and 23, tieneral Chailes
U. tirosvenor, of Ohio, miu chosen
orator for the next meeting, Colonel J'-ob
Blakesbe. PIttsburK. Ta.. alternate, eneral J. D
Cabinet, and all presen 1 1 ",Cox. of Ohio, was chosen to deliver at the next
President. Ex-Presidentri meeting a memorial address on the lite and ser-
ir., orrli-ii.l nt iho I'uiiitiil noon a I tr t h i nfra.ürl v i ol t he late m.'iri ltr of I h a mtrn-tv l"rf"i.l1ii tf
Jmoiiy ol tawing uieiuin naa tonuuuyu, miu 111 j-iuariiui. vmr. uhihiic uumucjs ivtü trau MvvlvU ,TV,
'.company with General Grant shortly ifierward?Jand the meeting adjourned
- . . . . . . f 1... 11. l.i.
vf.,1,... .in(.ir CU tne vtipuoi. a iucviiiik vi mv vaon
i kiuu, uuv,- , -,. lnlmJ,i,ul.iv afu-r tKeccrem.,iir of a
n.t Biitiu iuiiu-....-j " :.
"Qtto" Silent Gas Engine
Ericsson's M Caloric Pumping Esuiae.
Of every description on exhibition and for sale
at cost at tne orace o me
Lrute ImdiutmpoUt as follows:
Train connects direct for all points
in Iowa, ierafck, California
Hill, i SiJoey aud Chey
one train iu a ivanoof any
BHviiic one tiiirlt'i ride. TLia
It ruin also con(ictt fur Dcatar, Springfield, Jackson
rille, Illinois, Lomsiana and Slexlco, Mo.; and via
Qnincy er Bloomiutou for Kaunas City, Atchison.
St. Joxeph, I'euver, and all poiuti in Kaotu, Color-
4ado and th Southwest, Tia iJaonihal with M. K. A
t J T. Ry., for Moberly, Fort hcott, Parwous, the Neosho
t j Valley and points in Texas, and via Bloomington tor
ME1 Paso, MeudotH, Dubuque, and all points la North
fjern Illinois aud Iowa.
rill FT P I (oon) ast Llns, runs directly
l10 1 Jls through vU Daurilla Jnnition to
J Decatur, primcfirl 1, Jacksouvitle, Ilaunibd, Mober
It. Sit. Joseph, Atchiton tnd Kansas city, arririno;
t at Kin-iti City the uext morning to time to coDBecl
with tralM lurallpoiuH in Kaosts. Colorado and
N'ew Mexico.
11 lf l) 1 Train has reclining cbair sleep
HUI I ills ing car ith tt rooms io Peo
ria, and through coach to Burlington, reaching
Jisalenburo;, Kar lintrUm, Oltumwi, Kock Island and
luavenport in anvauce oi otner iiurs. i nis train also
Jconuects via Burliutcn or flock Island for all point
in Iowa, zteurafcaa and California, aud via Blooming
ton for El Pao, Meudota. Uubaaue, fioux City,
Vankton, and all points in Sorthern Illinois, Iowa
tnd the Black Hill via Yaukton and Port Pierre.
This train also makes direct connections Tia Daa
rill to Decatur, Spriuneld, Jacksonville, Quincy
Kansas City, Atchisou, Kt. Josefh. Leaveu worth
nd all intermediate points. And via Haumbal for
Sedalia, Ft. bcott, ParNons, Dt-nison, Houston, Galves
ton, and all points In Tex a. '
Tiectaf AoIim to Lumd Hmntt ard Emigrant.
If you want a land exploritiz ticket or reliable in
formation about lands in the West, or if you havo
bought a home there and want to move with your
aniily, household goods audstuck. address the Gen-
ral 1'aoseuger Agent named below, and et our rate
and map.
v. . ii. rmjuri,
Acting Geu'l Pass and Ticket Agt
thy with you and America In the sad 10 sus
tained. Loud Mayor, Loi don."
London. Sent. 20.
The Queen baa telegraphed. to Lowell, the
American Minister, a follows;
"With deep grief I and my children lcaru the)
a-MlJ, uut UUt UUCII'CIKM ui'na UI 1UC 1I1UU 1CIU1I
rAf. "mVi. .". iluntil A nroeiaiiiuuou vu rreunrt
1 rurrniv Rounecteu in irienuMuy. wnicu c uuyii r. ....!,! .1 i.... ; u :...a ... .i.t-.. m,i .... . .
nni tole muin i,nUrnVn hut h.ili I MRiica oy me i restucm,, uii.muiiB luo.iu , , uie a.tj vuuiuru., n m, wnere requiem exercises were
ri 1
iet vn'A At 12 o'clock all the bells in thecitv were toPed.'Xl
ilmiuis-iitifi business suspended, by pri.:lrtxna!ion of tlu-faj
tinned i-5 Mayor, ana sen.ral tnousatul joriuer Federal anu.i
d and S'Con federate NoMiers formed in lln and innrrhw'f'i
for two nights previous. Induced the sleep, whiehS nation tbe autTerliiKs of the President, iiis
the members of the family wtv exceeaea iu ichklhj 1 iom is nrei iuii.riuii. nw khi nun
any previous sleep of the old "lady. At 5 o'clock fdeep sorrow that the President hau passed away."
hell tdled. At tu: The Prince of Wales t leuranhs Lowell:
l me i rii;j-'n aiiu uiwii lfv-k juu w
f ißondoien-e to Mrs. uarneia.
r J i.. i . . - . i , i .. r . .. ...... .
luiri Granville. Secretary of State for Foreign
Affairs, telegraphed Ix well:
"I am deetly grieved."
England and Irelaud lrlev'.
Ko f rMiirthened throutrh each succeed inz year,
The I'reaident of tbe Kxchanie was directed to
name the day to bo observed for the funeral cer
For Sympathy and Grief.
London, tiept. 21. Every hour Increases the
pvirionre that the ti resent Is the most remarkable
Horrnmi.tratlnn of uvmriathv ever witnessed lui
ttiiroi e. The bens ot rarin unurooei in nuuti
ä places in tnjjlana Wiuea, wnicn is an uupm-v-t
lueuieu inuiuu toaiorciu ruier. iiiouiuuiuiiiu
! bodies of Leeds. Uartloool. Falmouth and other,
nlaoea panned resolutions of condolence. A
tl . , 0ua kr.latA M Ihn Man.
Iri-hpvtpr Cathedral. ThA nrovinelal nanersl
lliin lnslHIll. UIV unv uu wun-u mo iuitr.it! uic.'ti i .11.
. aw.A Ami i ' A rdn.ip hllLintiuLi utm
guested to retain their respective posil
ithe President's liiauKural address, that there will! which was luniily reKponded to by the
be no session of Congrees uMil the regular hessiou Tne Marshals of the two divisions of i
Tbu revolution lnaagorated on July 4, by
o'clock came the followinR private telegram:
Ki rkrom N. J.. Sent. 19
TnXfra FUTafiarflpld Ii
"James died this evening at 10:35. He calmly
breathed his life away. D. G. Kw aim."
Mr Larabee'a first thoueh was as to her
mother. The latter was sleeeplng calmly, and j
they did not awake ner. isoi unui o ocioca
did the old lady awake, having slept
constantly eince 11 p. m. At that hour Mrs.
t .,hia naaood her door with a heavr heart, and!
. . . . . J J n kA. ... 1 ln,.ta 1, fp.m iriviryo '
founa ner up, aresseu. auu chskwi u u uu " , i i7 kik i.lino,.! i.,hl,.. mnH,,.i
iuuu uiKia it WUa th rtn ah t i,t. t w mn- ml vmnntiv mil versall v felt, which lslueneral Arthurs conauci
lOffl W reiUlU 1U5 - "-"?"'.".,JJ." . 'r . JI...1 . .. V. Via
not to break the news until Mrs. Gartleld bad deepened ny tne courage anu uipny V1' rhTr;
An Immense Ihtzstatf has i-eeii preotod
olace. as a diiy or railing, iiiiuiiiiauuu ai.u irajers,on mc aja-x oi me mil, ana arouna UliS tlie Vet
throuKhouuhe country. o otnr business wtu'-jcrans tunned. As tht ex-Unnfedcrat division
' run nr. ted. Member.! of the Cabinet weie re-lot the i.roiipsl Oil ts4st)irl iYCk rf.uyiti
sltlonu. Itlsof the hill their band ttayed? Ka. 33 If. Iiltaa1 St. . T. MC A. T?1tfl?T
dicated bycMi"DIxle." and then followed cheeiineJ: .7 " " -.--4i.
Federuls.iji1" 110 P"ce 01 corang, casKeis, and mneraif.
tlip nniiwi-a HtTviues wiu u connuafa. ine 10 lowing is.
do rjot co West
Until you Lave applied to
13 1 S ILLINOIS STUCET, Indianapolis-
snrFor Time Tablet' aud the very lowest Freight
"tnd rassfiieT Kates.
1h First Proclamation.
Washington, Sept. 22.-The following pr(K-la-y(ho
mation has iust been issued by President Arthur: vSiatti
r.j.n nanh wrK Ä iTttielit of DrloA. Cut thm. u t f or re feren :
?to tUstatr and a flag draped in mourniiie wasA cr,,ld" roeew-od coffin, box, carrlngo HuCil
Mhoistedto the breeze by MaiirM. (irant. late of V:twdance, 1210.- An adult's ro-ewoo 1 ease,!!
tlate of
By the Tret-Hant of the United States of America:?! bei
Federal Army, and MsJorJ
IT ..Mt.nil,! mef.Ki?etn Washintrton dl-f rival those of London In expression of sympathy.! f wnerea,.n jus inscrutable v
,. rJT.rttnnr thSPProu,v of Statfl u assure The Manchester Guardian says: "To be cut oan pleased i.oo to remove from us
I 11. I VJvnMB v vvt v " S : ' . ... . . . J 1 1 III!-. n it il . I h A iitinn 1 i .-n B .. a
JMrs. Garfield and the Government of the K"ef,llae Lincoln is less trying to ou-iooaers. itis.iivu u in .muw , jnmta a., uartirjn
" ... . . l . . 11 I 1... ..,,ij iminmiiii ml I hMi hnnA. ma momnr hf in-i f,ipni (11 Ulf iiiifn kiaiov Alii
twiin wnicn me rjiniiMi uoveruiueiii iiaa irmEifki."uuj"";i " -o " ..v., t : .
the announcement: P rllameut not sittlnsr. pre-Sjslst ng upon the comp etlon 01 tne tasa ne üo-h h r et wnicn
r,.Fma Avr.PA on rT IHA lUir- ilPrUsTbK. 11 IS HniTlcLIl IHK MJ Ut3 ttUIC VJ BJ winiiXBiivuiu "Mltai ll-VIl Willi -JUl
ana niayiiiK
Y .Mal r M (irant late of li"" 'w4U'"vo fl vv LJl"t- B 10-; woo i case.r
1 m.C 1 m Tr, ni vftihniiie.i lu the best atyle, hearae. onlRee fe
x urn mm . aia au v u s iiiu . - . mm. v 1
the Confederate service. As the ttn w5!?'' J?Zr an. .n? n-V. ."dt
Ana win make sr.
g raised the band played the "Star Pi-aneledt-ca8fcet" in l.no to
ner,-and the crowd, estimated lü txw. lou'dlyw SÜf tv'2 l0 iM-
The Üa was lowered to half mat. the?.11? ?' iurnisning ma'ai caReaarjct cask-UH
. "Nearer ray God to Thee." and -S"
A.Key of 5 i uuu av iaxc eiock ot iuu or.iamen
iiMiom it nns;rRnu tiaiiiK, ic-nn-r iuj mm to inee. mi'rj.J,,;.. . , 1 V I.. f" -o
the Illustrious 2i all present standiiig with uncovered heads. Alter ? ;V w 941 " w"io casaeta. vü.w to ?Sü IK),
. . . . T- " . t . . aTU L nur äfn hon1 am I .a ba.a a, 1 m r t .
i, late rreM-rr-the exercises at me na tan, Major a. a. Key, of 3 v .""?""". 1,1 Tdamen
.,!...,. i. i-ftcii-it-i,,-,. rtui'vr...! ,i.in... .. ti, ., (.Hni oasKetH. and aflne itockot undeiukni-
. ,1 ' 1 V. IO f, I Jinn,i",i ......- .... .-,uv iwi Ul i . y ' , -
fills all hearts the Soel6iy of the ex Confederate soldiers, which jb'ub cnnrges. uur puH are
e accord l,.unl Vwas resnouded tn on th ourt of Ihe H.iriietv ot thr V t neaper lnn any Other SUbll'ihmeiif. Hav-
. 1 . 1 . ... , . -- . 4. ' 1 - . " . V. .. A a 1. . . , . . .
tne iiiroiit ti innnue iirace. ana that w ihnn ir-vn thu Cnm nr ami hv i cnmi rr r f j uo umv u.RrwH na orni)ii im ui ". eiv.
bow before ;he Almishty aud eek from Him that Ohio. Keliious services followed. In the aftxr- t vOU..1 .f86.1 th,? V,1' N0 33 N ILLNQJS ST.,
cousoiauon in our amietion, ana mat sanetinca-v noon joint rienjorlal tcrvico were
tion of our loss, which He is ablo and willing toin the Court lioue Park, and rea l
vouchsafe: now, thereiore, in obedience to this:?, recoirniiue the death of General Garfield and
sscrea auty and in accordance with desire i? of his country and family adopted. The follow-
since the lamented
lie may disappoint
. . . . . . . . m I . 1 V.
... iiMraai fkiiiiv nnnch. the old lad v did Jtbr the su ncrer. "i'" ..,
cku w.v ,. r r.. m .i i ...!,.. r T flnn nriiiiT trie; tears 01 manv oi nis vnemtea. xuo wyciidui
nntliihLst UDOti ncaring tne news unui inen.-j a mreuiis i . -"-".-v: ;r---,r; , (i mtu xf,w,.rt !;..!
Then, taking the faul .telegram, from, the shelf.u. pices of the Amerlcan Jfon wi i oe a-- - 'r t mnstVnm-
.... m sii.iwav tvtii iia k i inn t :r ii . v iu b.i a a nrniutr u rm lu'i'ini'ii lm hi r aii nvi a a viv i - - i a mt - - a -- . ii u
SDewniw'.iuu iuii,u, '5? "-"''Vjr.:".-. American neoule are theViof the neoole. I. Chester A.Arthur. PreldMüt ? inim. soldiers will attend tha funeral at OIev-T
!iidm 4lKu bl urSeii to Ä new w.7 1 . th dice's 1 Euglä, aud I..rword, ot Garfield hlmlf at tbe tlma ol- thetf of the Uuitei batet of Amerloa, do berebyfland; KederalS-a,ngres.man lvttlbone, Colonel fl
said, wouiayou oe surpriseu to ges oaa newstf . i V"1 " "r , . r,nr,. i .nm of l?d.ath of Lincoln! 'The Government atVhinr-!Raniviint Nfoiirtnr nxt. the 2Gth dsv of s.ntAmK.r i m Thnmhiiw ci.tin as. ChsmhPrHi. v
1 1 reia nu uuu iu ia ri j . a nui, v"a-' v- w -.: ...". . . - - r, i , . - ,w. .v. r.. - , - .
iu intimate connection with the imeriCAU fchlp-ston sull lives.'" Tne Ll ver pool rost says: "the Von which day tne remains ot our honored and Jf A. James. txn federates Major j. u. Jonoor,!
,.in ,..;.. ., mi. nf i:hi.r Caihedral were S.'ran aies not in rsin rouna womb aeam tea are? oeiovea aeaa will cuvuuvwjcn tu ujeir 'fWt restine 1 Colonel SI. II. CUlt. KCV. ur. tacnnan. soeeches lrnrvMTT! m m . -r- .
K" ;ukim.., ... j .... w. ,.!. oil 1loc-nlnTia rt nnn f I cnrl frl r rra . w. .U la il,urvn ll.....i 1 t. I...... r ,..- ..7 HI Ii' I I 1 III 1 l'll II till I I 111
Also tnone 01 Souie Ol uie cnurcues in me jjuu.icv. ... uiK..i.. w yya. i.-suiuh, imic on mini, K v.Uvi.iu iiiiuuxuuiii mepwere mau oy vx-i uoiuiasiyr uri:tiai tvuy ana l. 11 -c l : - il IV I I l III I l N
. . ..Hl.k rl a , n HaiiamI 1 vthii n . inkn V.1 , ,v.l., TT I . . o.. - . A 1 1 nf r. limlll., !... . . il',. 1 . f ,1., . . . . i i . i . 7 11 I'llll III r I a I I I 1 . Flfttl
icmilis w ucuciu aiiuui (iiuuauij uujuei iu IJUUCU billies H3 sua; 'J.iuaiion ailU mourn- J lienerai JOC ii"ier, oi A lauaiua. ; uurm nu-,1, u ix ü i i m. j..m.m v ---rv
TS lim, and I earnestly reuommena all people to lard V arner, oi Aiatmraa; itev. i
Telegraph institute.
ni,ht t w? lng 9fllCB icu &d anüti biüiies lerinit
luio:is- -WlL Telephon connections. if department X
ndl.H-i - JAMES P. WEAVER, f 5 on the produce
follow- 3' '." r 1 1 record of ov r
Cleve-i.w- Rrpp . , , o resect, i JSoothorstl
hla mnrninz
vhT. 1 don't know." Bald the old lady,
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Grandma," aid Ellen, "there is bad news."
Is he dead?" asked the old lady tremulously.
He ia"
The quica tear started In the sensitive eyes;
W. F. RUPP & CO.
The eveulng papers publish i
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sympathetic bi jgraphies of the late President.
Profound Sorrow.
Richmond, Va,, Sept. 20. The Intelligence
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of Almighty P sens to-night.
23 East Washington Street,
Practical, Profitable and I'sfful tJucatIon. Xo
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invites an üeiorecntonna; uion a course of study to
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Call for catalotnie and full nartlculara at tha
I College oflice, Bates Plock, oppo. ite the lWt-Ofliiq
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