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Miss Fanri;j Vining', who has
been visiting friends here, re
turned home 'Friday.
Mrs. L. N. Shedd attended the
VV. C T. U. Convention at San
ford list week.
S. 1. Vining of Bushnel! was
i a to wn last week.
Dr. Abshter's now house is
near in; completion.
The school held its closing ex
erci es at the town hall Friday.
A I ire crowd of parents and
friends were present. The exer
cises were splendid. Much credit
is due Miss Miller for the interest
sun takes in training tm children.
Oar town now bxists of a bicy
cle club, of ubieh J. W. Hilton is
prei lent and D. C. Stanley su
pei i atendnt. The track v. ill be
about three miles in length and
extends from the town west to
the cave.
Our poop I i tendered I lev: T.
II. House and wife a surpiise in
honor of tis .seventy-eighth birth
day. Triey have spent thirteen
whiter at Hfliex i r.v and are be
loved by all.
There should be a stop put to
the waste of timber oin on at
present ti.n , or in ten years there
wi'l not be enough left to fe-nca in
a potato hill. There are hun
dreds and thousands of cords of
wood oing to waste where the
cross tie men go through, cut
down a tree, perhaps take one
and perhaps none, t hen leave it to
rot on the ground.
It should bo against the law to
use barb wire for line fences, as
it is dangerous to stock'.
The roads in this vicinity are
in very good condition at present.
According to all reports, Ma
rim county Ins as good farming
laud as can be fouud in the state,
and furthermore, it has good
pure water, and ib has the riht
Kind, of soil .for tobacco, which if
taken care of will yiold a good in
come to the farmer.
Messrs. Tomberiia, lialloway,
Geo. M. Richards, A. L. Fergu
son and Dick Curry, from this
vicinity, were called to Tampa
last week on important business.
Several hunters from the iein
py of Anthony passed through
one day last week from the gulf,
where they had spent a week ia
hauling and lishing, and reported
very poor luck, as the weather
was vcrv bad.
The rains that we are now re
ceiving are very much appreciat
ed by our orange and vegetable
Rev. L. G. Long, president of
the Methodist college located at
Leesburg, spent two days here
recently in the inlerests of this
institution of learning. The citi
Z'jns gave him a warm reception
and in manv wavs expressed
their interest in his work.
Mr. G. R. Sangster of Canada
is now milling phosphate from
his valuable lands in this section
and expects at an eirly day ;o do
his work upon a much larger
scale. Mr. George K. Taylor of
Atlanta is superintending the
work and perhaps a little later
wi 1 bring ii;s family down.
Among the distinguish d par
ties who have recently visited our
rttv was the Hovt favr.iiv, who
came in their private car over the
F. C. cv P. yesterday a ft err:oon.
They are members of tli;' Bishop
Hoy t. co:iipany and (Jraug.' T-iake
Fi'iiit company. While i t Citra
fiev were the n'uest.-. of ?'Ir. and
Mrs. Jessf iiis'ii), vv hose is-spi a
!le hme is one of r.ire culture
and iviin-vm-nt . M'". Bi-hoj; ac
companied th party on their
trip south, but is exn -Ud to
Ieav them iw.d return tiday.
While in (.'itra Dr. vay!'ind
Hoyt h !i er.'l ;i t'lnv S"!-;: :): :it
the Biptist cl'urclj to a .irocj con
gregation. ( 'hr stian oi !i ib -nominations
vvere preseii .uid
Rev. Edw. F. L?y of tho Metho-
(list church conducted the prelim- j here. Eev. . J. C. Sale, the pre -
inary exercises. Mrs. Lydia j si jiar eider, conducted the servi-
Hoyt Farmer, a sister, was onejees of the day. The quarterly
vi i ne company, ana is a writer
of large reputation. j
Eureka !
(,r ,.,n, ;,. t.,nii i i
waa l- Dill III, SUaa'JIaU
health g-ood, no saloons in town
to create disturbances
lights are out of date on account
rvr fh. c-u,r r ,k i
did hear a few days ago that they I
are having trouble at Marshville I
with petty thieves, some houses
broken into, but as thel
guilty ones have not been annre-1
hendedandno one hurt, 1 can't
tell you much about that.
Our young merchant, Charles
Belli rn y, after a month's siege
with the grip, is able to be in his
store again. IT is brother, Walter,
is not yet able to get about.
Dr. Para more and one of hi,
children are confined to the house
u ith the gi id.
war pjio.ij scuooi cio.-eu a
couple of weeks ago with exami-
natijn in all the common
branches. Professor S warts is a
verv successful teacher. As a
number of his pupils wished to
continue their studies, he is now
engaged in teaching a private
Rev. Proctor of Summerheld
preached to a large and attentive
audience at this place last Sunday
A new building is going up near
the hotel. I understand it is to
be used for a millinery store.
Mr. Philps, a Yale College
man, who has been spending the
last few years here, left for Mem
phis, Tenn. He has fallen heir,
through the death of an uncle, to
$5000. AVe hope he may live long
to enjoy his good fortune and not
entirely forget his old friends in
I was rather amus:d at an item
in the letter to the Banner from
its special correspondent at Fort
McCoy last week, in which he
says: "The most interesting fea
ture of the day is the discussion
of moving this old voting" pre
cinct from this old established
place to Eureka.
x uC
idea of
such a move.'' Now the people
of Eureka think it a very good
idea. AVe admit that" Fort Mc
Coy is nearer the center of the
precinct, but Eureka is nearer
the center of population, and not
only population but is the busi
ness center, there being nothing
to constitute a village at Fort
McCoy but a church and a school
house. Eureka with her four good
gencral merchandise stores, one
drug store, a first-class hotel and
goodly numbers of dwelling
houses, forms quite a nice little
town, and is headquarters for all
the pull-boatmen on the river,
besides the turpentine and saw
mill men at Marshville, forming
a good majority of the voters of
the precinct. Of course a few
would have to travel farther, but
as they form the minority, we
think the majority should rule.
The minority have been accom
modated for lo these ma 113' years,
so why not accommodate the ma
jority 110W;
Lillie A. Anderson of
Cleveland. O.. is viitinir her
coodlv possessions at Lcrov and
is so well pleased with her grow
ing- prospects that in future win
tors she will return to mark their
have one of the bijrsrest . imes on
record, SatenU. v, Alirch 5
t n .
AVorthv In'ii Fi'j-vnioul'i viil
hi idle the goat, and Secretary
Veal v. ill crack the wlip.
-r- t -nr . Tl t- .
! ii. Lj. m i run of ir iv.s. was
j here on Saturday and finished
j running a line for a proposed dl
i reet road from Ocali to the Snrn-
county ii The cli vet i ra
at ( ) j:? 1 v lroiirljt liui ex-
i an!y to the depot lie re.
; Last Sunday was quarterly
' meeting at the Methodist church
expandio- She is the guest of ; me pieasm remarks from the ; DR. DAN MORGAN SMIHTj e scr.t our Mobs! cf Everything for the
Editor Chas. T. Miller of the only st and an introduction to j PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON FREE Snfrive
Lrrv News Lruno " thecompmy dispersed j OCALA, bLA. ; 12!T:e cf thc ;0C2 oercisst frc'ni T.hors
"-Hi:.. n 'trnt nr.nni, npri- nr I af ter expsY-sin their joy in hav- ! Office, Merchants Block ; 'f Jf2bV To all otliers, this mzznlfv
.his is a great masonic neck o; ! . 1 : - :cr.t ASsnuar, every ccpy cf vh:ch ccsts us
4, i i ! 4i . : . inir i)V. iteevesrtno. wire a- per- i" '-' k r. t n!, i ' ' i : l0 C4f,
t no woods and the IIout whmr ; 1 iS u ?.-e .n ouriu. .5,u c ..i
, , r-.r f t I anent residents and v.ishinl Tfjc HSUJ Vf0 la ree cn receipt cf 13 ccsts (stamps) to cover
lodire ef J.I i sons ot St. Johns wiii t I IBS SbtlA l3 r-t-?---e. Nothing like this Msnaal has
meet mg- was nem baturday even-
ing and the report showed a good
degree of interest ia all the
churches of the circuit. J. Y,
Micks iYoai Bethel and Mr. Green
the Capulet churches were
to report. On Sunday
I morria- ,ove feast was observed
land baptism was administered to
,s Ljrtha Fairbanks. Rev. J. j
C bxo Prcacbed to a fiied !
house and administered the j
JUb L'Ptu, rectiwng- iwo ;
. uers iaLO Lne CIlurctl on Pro" !
Ul L . iaiU1' j
-ur. oaie uejivereu a very iorcioie
discourse that was deeply felt by j
a!! present.
Deputy Sheriff DM ml wentonUnd One-fouth fare round trip;
Monday to Okahumpk, e and ar- limited to April 1.
4 wl IK v4 !... '
,w,lu -viucic naiuyuii.i v.ai-j
- a e iv -i I
rars'o ior heiunir a mori i-Mireu i
horse without noti:eto the buyer, ;
Will Folks. A preliminary hear-!
in-was had before Justice Dil-,
t lard and now Albert lan
1 "i
uishes j
in j;jii.
Major B. S. Hinning' and fam
iy are nov occupying the While
house here and greatly improving
it by cci big the upper rooms and
building a veranda ail around it.
Miss Salli-t Yancy of Orlando
vi?ited her fi iends here over Sun
day. -Mrs. Dillard, the elhcient post
mist res?, visited at jlv. Malloy's
this week, leaving Miss Fannetta
Mitchell in charge of the post
otlice. Weirsdalc
The Christian Endeavor So
ciety gave an entertainment on
the 23rd, commemorating Wash
ington's birthday. A verv in
teres t program was excellently
carried out as follows :
Song "America," By Society.
Prayer Rev. S. C. Fan is.
Recitation "Washington,"
Mi Vnrvni,. t vtHr.
. . y ,
Ouotations-By several young -
Sonic flR?d, white and blue.
Bv societv.
Recitation ; Wasl.iogtons
Life," by the li:;tle ones.
, L ' :
Bertna Ke-sey. j
Song -"Star Spangled Ban-
ner," by society. j
Recital i m-"Xot George Wah-
ington, Jihs Lizzie ISiiichell.
mil, ii 1 ) -a-j iw-i - in u.iiv.ii 1
Instrumental mu,ic-Mis Ada j
v . j oil n son.
"VvViSh hi gton'ii
Birthday' Miss Gei tio
Song- Z.Iiss Ethel Fotrr. i
At the conclui )ii of 1I10 pro-1
grim io cream and cake were
served to the very larg-o audience. !
Sprin?; Park
and yirs. P. J. Reeves
i o ,.,,,;,, .f i.,,?r, ,,..1 !
av e a lLcption at meir paiatiai :
list Friday afternoon and even-!
inir, the 23th inst. The spacious'
' L .
parlors were lilled to overllowing-!
:ind with iuit". nnn lnnlr nt, nnri
r a.ii t '
lormer pastor ana nis cnarminsr
wife all formahty was laid aside
and the evening- was spirit as in
! times gone hy, with chats with
our friends and neighbors, inter
spersed with both vocal and in
strumental music. ' Mrs. C. E.
French assisted the hostess to
, entertain and dispense the hospi-
tallties of the house which con
sisted of various kinds of cake
and fruits with lemonade. After
them health, hppim ss and pros-
: p-jrit v in tlie vears to c
: 1 "
1 GUI!"1 IS
he"irin-rir to
in.ul'.et li? sUaw!erries and if
the cold vv a v
we will soon
will nass us Vv
feas. inr
i straw hi-rr-" hrlea k: at
Clarence Sraiih h'i-beiii sulftM-
i n a t ? .5(1: f c hills and
is a'i!.- to
a ra in.
e isi-
JTireniher tha
the an-
- of the L. V. I. .
"r-iursd'iy fVt. ii I -1 1.--L-it
!voyhcdy cu:.i"
the;i bisiteis, their
' r.
. t i
)! i-
cousins and their aunts, and we
! will be glad to see our friends j
j from Ocala and Anthony as well, j
j Just a pleasant ride these lovely !
iiioniigrit evenings
Mayor J. C. French attended
church in Ocala Sunday, and
after dinner, in company with
Mr. Abe Drown, visaed the far
j famed Oak Hurst and the pnery
at A. E. Burnett's, v
vhich inter -
cstcd him eatly.
F. C. & T. Special Kates j
Winter Park On account Y. 1
p. s. C. E., tickets will be sold j
Aixrch -.'l to 2 Mod atone and!
one-tourth fare round trip; limited
to March -T.
Sanford On account General!
Lodge 1. O. O. F , tickets will be !
sold M ircli ITth and I8Lh at one
- -
;uram; On account
, l It .vets
n,-,.r. ' v.ivnnhnn
WJi. b sola to members (,f the as -
sociation on surrender of certili-!c.
CJAte March U, T and s, limited to
March m,i b';,s al $J-40 round .j
trip. This rate applies via Jaek-j
sonviiie and pissengers leaving
(Jcala at J:05 a. m. will .arrive at j
liami the evening of same day. j
Correspondingly low rates from j
all F. C. & P. stations. !
Traveling i'ass. Act. Ticket Agent.
JOHN ItOZIKa. Agent.
Oeala, l-'lorida.
A.O. M.;DOXKLL, Oen. I'.i.s-. Agent.
Jacksonville. Florida.
TJircKgh Sleepers.
The F. C. & P. railway has es
tablished a through sleeping car
line between Jacksonville and
Kansas City, ' via Everett and
Southern railway to Birmingham,
Kansas City, Memphis Sc Bir
mingham to lopiphis, and Kan
sas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis to
Kansas City. This car will run
out of Jacksonville on train l'o.
30 at 7:03 p. m. daily, and into
Jacksonville on train No. ',)? at
a. m. daily- Time between
the two cities, 4G hours. Berth
Irate between Jacksonville and
I Kansas Citv, $.b0. Service un-
; .surasscd. '
A. O .TacDoneIaTj,
Gen. Pass. Agent.
Sleeper to New Orleans.
'Pi... 1? m .v- ;i ,1 ,-.
running- a turough sleeper fron-
Jacksonville to New Orleans
leaving Jacksortvillcat 0:15 a. m.,
arriving in New Orleans 7:40 a.
m- ncxt da.v-
-y- y x
JN C WS Utl(l OpilllOIlS
National Importance
- .') A YLAII
daily and sinday. iiy mail.? a yi:ar
TllO Slliul'iy Sllll '
I., Till-; .r:KT!T !NDAV NL'A'SI'A Villi
,v T!K ,V(1,,L,, i
Vi .iv -.o a c :y. Iy mail, a year
Address THE SUN, How York.
Specialist in I)ieas s of the Eye, Ear
Xose and Tiiroat
Room Xo. 12 - - Merchants' IJlock
Oilhe ia Masonic Temple
is the prettiest Musical and Feshica
Joarr.al in America.
V.h Eight rutl and
Complete Pieces of
5amp!c Cofics, - ir cents
Yearly Subscription, ii.oo
NF.W Y0P? 'u S:Ca.L CCliO CO.
4 '.: SRCr.DV.AY, NtV YOf X.
oris n
b.-sides Six large Haa-tene Portraits Kg I 2 2 ! H i 3 l fftl - ,U l"-rMros w ,"ii3 C?'
cfiead:r.,T pretty Actresses, latest f 1'A li rl 1 1 .jl'i TJrTl
Fasnion Plates in Millinery and U KT - f:,Vc '11 Ur 8
Dresses. taide3 pages cf iiiterast- fej ;4f2 "Si; i; i k ' V A t ZT - -
ing St-rUG, Recipes, etc. h V 5 W ' i - 1 ? k rtr- OJlAOO,
" 31l"" mmm
Paints, Oils, Farming implements,
i Pumps. Pipe and Fittings.
and Steel
D. E. WiclvER
Mclver and Mac"
J3 ixilclin2:
i P;i?:itc Oik VomJcti P'nm-!
qLi U ,rnt1 ' 1 V ,
! -"Ps o-niptcd .roa
. .
Etaie, Hair, Cement, blunclcs
'Plaster, Moulding, Wall Paper!. " .
A. Wood Preserver, Gas fix-! 1S ail
! tllrp ortWfM. onfl Fnn p- c jyoiirwr
piq q Pnnlirr.
Our Prices arc Low for
for Cash. Look for the Big
Block, Ocala, Florida.
Havana Tobacco Seeds
Guaranteed Genuine Vuelta Abajos
Fresh from Last Crop.
1454 Main St.
Scliedule in KilVct Jan. 18, 1693 Arrival and Departure of Trains at Ocala
N. 7, '-;iv!ii Ocal.i at 2:1" p. m.. -liil ( in.. vi;i Uaini'svill and Ilih Springs, carries
train, c-mn'ftin!5 fit Vv'ay.-ro.-is with I'-.iIlman j l'ullman sleeper l'rt Tamjia and Ocala to
sleeping e.ir. as fllv : W.iyeross to fjt.Irtais
vih Montgomery ami L. t X. ii. K
Waycross !
to Nashville via Maeon. Atlanta and Chutta- . connecting at Wafhinton with th Old
uoa ; and Waycross to N"v Ytrk via .Vivan- ! Cohmial lixprc.s for lioston witJiout change
nah. J!iar!esto!i, Atlantic Coast Line and ' of car. N;. H2 also connects at Waycross
IVnnsylvanla Railway; at Nashville direct 'j with through slcejKT for Nahville via Mont
connect ion villi the Cliica;jo Limited Vesti- I goirsery without chain. Iirpct connection
bule solid through train v. a the Ewansville j mad at Montgomery for New Orleans; at
Route. Al.-o at Louisville and Ciiicinnati for j llirminghaiii fr Memphis; at St. Louis foi
Train No. leaving Ocala. li'.Vt a.
i Wn 91 2.25 P.M. iMHy f'r LeesLurg,
I 11 Ja C.) t-iierald. 1 rilhy. Lakeiau 1. 1'unta
j Uonlu. iampu aim ail intermediate stations.
! 73 lJJXl
a:i ioints north, east and west.
Connection at iiochelle for Ia!atk:i. Jackson -
ville and interm. diate stations. This train
carries through .U-eoer from Tort Tampa to
M. Louis via. Ocala. l'.ilatka, Jackson vill
ksonviJle and
Hn Q9 1.30 A.M. Iaily for Goines
llUi jm vim-. Lie ak, Unycross, Mont
gociery, .Savannah, Charleston. and
all ioint north, east and wi -t. This train
carrries through sleeker from 1'ort ianipa to
New i ork. vii CuU, Oauusvilie, savannah
and Charleston.
No. 43
No. 45
12. 20 NOON
ana nil Minion
Daily for Juliette;
ana il feiituons north to High
Springs and south to Trilby.
2.45 P.M. Daily except Sundty
lor Crystal and llomosassa. Con-
nee us ai juueiie wiiu last ciau io
Tampa and the south.
A M. . I A A I AT A. II
No. 47
o.OO A.m. uaiiy except aunuay
lor Dunnelion.
For further information, call on or address :
Ticket A.nr, Ocala, Fla. Division Passenger Agent, Tampa, Fla.
I. W. WRKXX, Passenger Traflic Manager, Savannah, Ga.
! ?!L 1:0 ?F z'ziz .rstn
I ..'VIA A4--1U ;K .llj
i 5": v.ho lias bought cur cccds cf their
i cr i-eea seen here or abroad ; it is a book
A 203 pses, contains 5C3 ensravins of
;eed s anu plants, mostly new, and these are
;:jpr!emcntei by 6 full size colcred plates
)f tii e best novelties cf the season, finally,
ii! also Tz ser.t witii out charrre to ai! arpli-
rar.ts sen :?nrc J c?3.icr ti. 2 ;.:.n:ji'V;ic; v. ib
ta:e wiiers they saw th :s riverti-icr.ent
Postal CarJ Ar-f V-tti'i Y.'i;! Kcvie So ".2s:ic.
a T7
ft J
:k a?:i corNSELLoa at
Office In Masonic Temple
' 'n.'r iial!r riti'ircr ithrr t.- r.r TfsrsT "MM
and Carpenters' Tools
George MacKay
XVaS0US Buggs, Carts,
Harness Saddes Leatlier
Wagon Material, Lap Robes.
i 0 . A, , . ,
i.Vwinj Alnplunpc TT t torn
" u a A lUViV.
anything else desired, make
i ,iavc 3'0U want.
we buy in Large Quantities and
Sign. Rooms 1 and 2, Miller
Julio J. Ordetz,
(3-128) Jacksonville, Fla.
n For. All
New Yoik without cliange.
via Richmond,
Washington, liaititnoro and I'iiiladelphia
J Kansas Citj'.
Mn 93 1.55 P.M. Iaily froraGainehvillc,
llUf 4T0 Live Ouk, Waycross, Savannah,
Montgomery and all points north,
t r.nd west; also from Jacksonville and I'a-
cast t
'Hn 7.30 A M. JJally rrom jortlami.a.
, IIU- 'lamj-a, Jjikelaud. I'unta Oorda.
1 liartow, Fitzgerald, Lesburg, and
, all joints south. This train carne through.
! sieej.-r lrom re
ort Tampa to New York vi
1.55 P.M. Iaily from Leesburg,
l-'itKerald, hrooksvillc. Trilby.
Tarinjn Springs, (Jlearwater. St. Ie
X. Lakeland, Tampa and I'ort Tampa.
anl daily except Sunday from Kuatis. I'ma-
j tilla and Astor. and Bartow, I'unta Gorda and
! intermediate stations.
11 A A
11.45 A.M. Dally except Sunday
lrom Homosa&sa and Intermedia
u. tfLf
' - -
: pi An
2.20 P.M. Daily except Sunda
iron. Juliette, Newberry, Archer
and from all point north, east and
f j. f y
west, and from Istachatta, Floral City, Inver-
I ness and all points south.
Mn o.oUrr.
Daily from Dunnelion
lUi "TO
and from all points north.
.-5 Contpr If ott can tha rrct rit
U: cf yur Tf.cAtr.-Aiirx;. t uMLtiK,rJttiie.iJnl
4 Mad in Repeaters
r :-'i':'ii'wat'T like
-:t' A' 1.. .;. ,: -, (Ju'.t M1
.1.! iiM'jut tlip'ii. Up-i'A-Wa'.e liff t-
. r . t . - - - -
!aA i j'--C'r:' 1, vc.o'.-itlc,i.i.t-lritii. Ail W
fl f .Hi - r-i: 4'.: !:v tc X- rur.iir srl
ii - ii.r bcf .r: wivti to tiMM'-.i: lit.
II Prevaitv rr.ust be, chosen 'vJth I
x r .
1 a ii'.r 'c:-.r: 5Vtii to iiMri'iii.JK. ir.

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