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Volume IV., Number 8
Price o Cents
The Star Receives Dispatches from the Union Associated Tress Up to 4 p. in. Kverv Day.
The Paper is Only () Cents a Month
Tim Spanish Were Driven To The
Hnish Uy Tiie Fire Of
Our Ships
sion. Navy and army co-operate
splendidly. The insurants bore
their share in the enterprise hon- intercdiii- Ami Improve LxenNes
orahly and well. Five thousand V1 ,K i ,,voilin" '.
of them are in the mountain fast
nesses. They lay last nitrht on The unveilmjr of 1 he Charles B.
their guns, watching every road Hemminir monument at Jackson- j
and path leading from Santiago, ville last Thursday deserves morel
making the approach of the than a passing notice. The un-
Spaniards impossible, usual things that transpired to
at THE capital make it an epoch m tin; history of
Florida give it a prominence that
can not be disre.ira rded. The his-
Washington, Jun'e A sus
pension of the money order busi-
torv of t he generous donor in con
nection with this monument alone
is worti
tn 4. ,.r . ... ; require stamps to be a Nixed to! ' VI "'
Aftr Wasting Ions Of Amiiiiiiut ion 1 1 ;,..,. m .n,im.;n M"initi is 'is
tnnn.v ,w.a... i finuiui in miming, iumic is as
ness has been averted bv a
Trip PIIR1WC npc UCipiUR unoi v : affrewnfint between olli- mis 0f ,rc,-u"" "
THE CUBANS ARE HcLPING N03lY:the treasul.v and l)0StolUc,f ,.. is w.,m. a t,,.,iet o. emiu.mjr.
! partments that tin; law dos not
Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Par o
A man without :i wiles
A ship without a sail,
lint the oddest thiim in life
Is a shirt witliout a
Proper lenirth
You will find our line of Soft Bosom Shirts to be cor
rect, both as to measurements and style; and last but not
I least, in price. Take a peep at them.
avadsom WanEchop
Merchants' Block
Santiago's (immcrs At Last Kill
An America ii Sailor
agreed that additional charge for
worth v of immort ilitv as the im-
; when he could disclose the ambi-
i .v,.. i.i.. .i... r i ... t .v., I,..
j stumps will bo made by tl. lime ;" of his lif(. ,,,..,,.,, a cll,.,..in
I I 1 I !, A. 11 IM lit ll7 .
in: aw I'KJirri.vf; at
the order is issued.
The government aerent in Moiv
I who batt led for their convict ions I
that revealed a la r:'e-i.d draw-
i I 11 IP f til. .iiittiiiiiiMnf
SArs llAdO . , . . , . : ;t tt n hi ii 1 1 t ?! t hem to 1 he n r I) t - 1 1
. treat reports three lar-e vessels : . which now ador ns Sr,. James
Washington, June 23. Three offered as transports. ; l ament ot war. l he Honor, paH jn tj.,cUson vij!p.
thousand United Slates troops! An armv hospital shin relief j tho,,-il :l ulh' was a j Th:l1. ,VMVi M11, ' m,lhitl ft,PM.
were landed yesterday seventeen now at New York, will leave fori,am l,nirir) mL 1,1 int ,an' SLru
mdes east of Santiago. : Santiago next week. an1 rould "PPciatc the he
The troops were landed from It is reported from Madrid that " 11 " moment that exalted the nature
1 111" i uj.-jc ) ni: i I k i i-
sion. Its iniprtission will ever re
main with the writer. It was
" J -"v J'
V... cA- ,v
-1 I
Ht !
; (ir,. of the Advices from London say that olh,rs' V", ut chcrshins a
ich drove the .German marines have landed at c-et,ambl.1.m thatif hesucceed
led m lite s battles to secure a com-
in Ai' It, ii'f it l 1 j 1 k'twitnmlill lft 1 ' "
U; . . , : l 41.4 4t ,4-' i.'rwi I, , 1 1 " 7Li hi i i iiiriiiwM im
is now said that the rorto j
0. v , , ,! fallen coini'ades and roar to their;
Kico expedition will be deferred . . . ;
1 C1 . ! , , Ill' l 1111lilMIII.IIL H U1V.1I IUI
until oaiiLiao is uisposeu oi. oix
t h(i transports in small boats, the Cadiz lleet has sailed to the
and the landing parties were (Janari's.
protected by tin
American tleet whicl
S(anish artillery and cavalry j ; Manila.
ha k in the woods and kepn them
at least two miles from the land
ing place
There were no casualties while
landing and the American forces
immediately prepared to defend
themselves. Several batteries of
held art.illerv were landed with
the infant i v. Thevvork of land
nx was kept up all day, and will
be continued as rapidly as possi
b'e. The lleet bean a bambard-
li'.Miimin', with
thousand men are readv to sail at :
Port Tampa. Two thousand
went aboard the Vale and Har
vard at Newport News today.
Washington, June 2:i It is
stated on the bst authority tint
Miles will -o to Santiago to su
perintend the attack on the city.
Much anxiety is felt hen? in con-
ment of A u id ores, C banas, sejuence of the larre army of
Si bony, Jurarua and other forti
fied places to the east and west of
Santiago. Tin? forts were corn-
Kingston, June The list
pletely dismantled, but not before j cable between Cuba and Jamaica
all time should proclaim their un-'
dvinr deeds. The same spirit
and indomitable pluck and hih
i resolve that made Charles B. ,
Hemming: a model soidier and a
I nnvace in the ranks of rare ex -
icepence, rave hmi success in the
i walks of civil life and wrested a I
j victor v from the tickle goddess ol
! fortune in cuinmcrcial pursuits by
i leu! jrable and e)mmendable com
jmercial transactions, and enabled
iliim to carry into execution tie
i a rdMit, ;,? i's of his vouth and
! the pit riot ic ani'niuons of his ma-
a shot, from the fort at Cibanas
st ruck t he battleship Tex is and
killed one man. Several men
were wounded but none of them
At the time the lleet was pro
tecting the landing of the Amer
ican army one thousand Cubans
attacked the Spaniards from the
rear. They were completely de
moralized by this assault, and a
lare number were killed by the
Cubans. Over one hundred pris
oners were taken by the Cubans
Fearing- that an attempt will
be made by Admiral C srvera's
ll .et to leave the harbor of Santi
ago, Admiral Samp-.on now has
the entrance completely blocked,
and he will henceforth maintain
a closer watch than ever for the
appearance of the Spanish ves
Santiago, June 2?. Informa
tion brought by Cubans to Gar
cia state that Uervera's ships are
in a circle in the bay, protecting
the entrance. The torpedo boats
were disabled by the bombard
ment. Tiie scouts brought val
uable mips of the harbor and
earth works.
Diaguui, Wednesday after
noon. Six thousand trained
American soldiers are in camp in
the hills. Ten thousand are rest
ing on their arms aboard the
transports ready to land as soon
has been cut by the St. T-uis.
Spam is cut olT from all commu
nication with Cuba. The two
turer y
I noble.
rf ii'V niirnn in lli-it hrill n nil
thousands of! .
consecrated The oceasum.
But connected with this monu
ment, pirt of it, which lends ad
ditional interest to it in the eyes of
Florida and the people of Ocala,
is the fact that in the south panel
of the pedestal is a bust in
! bronze of Genenl J. .J. Dickison,
our venerable, beloved citizen,
over whose head are inscribed
the words, "Tried and True;'' an
i honor, t hoagh wort hily bestowed,
seldom accorded to moitals, to be
immortalized ere lite's fitful fever
is over, and the shining- shores of
immortality are reached.
This hasty and imperfect no
tice of an event that is full to
overtlo Aung" with interest to the
citizens ol our town, must suffice.
. notks
No living- mortal is so dear to
others as to those who gave them
c' - ---i.r !
'1 will take .Manila," Dewfj says,
ulint will you hav?" You liaT a
wiile range of choice al our Hinla watrr
fuinain. VV hnve atl the fruit
llavors from the pure juices of the
fruit, pho-i pliates, 'ho''olnte, oca cola,
j;rape juice ntil letuonade. Our oda
water i away. frcsli. cohl ami
parklin, am! i a tonic h well an a
Ocala, Fla.
ars. His ambition was a
pure and unselfish one,
wertov of .ill acceptation and
lines still working" are both in the
hands of the A mericans.
Madrid, June The compul
sory military service bill will not
be passed at the present session
of the Cortes. It is renorted
that the govornment has sent
agents throughout, the country to
learn the exact state ot public
opinion on war and peace. The
result of their report will form
the basis of SagaSta's declara
tion, following- the proposition of
the Cortes.
Tne government confirms the
statement that the family of
General Augusti are prisoners in
the hands of the Philippine insur
Cadiz, June 2:). A merchant
vessel reports being1 chased by an
American cruiser in the English
r'lri nnol rl1hi nit t f'in c t li rl-
. " , , . , ! loving neart.
TMnee n n iiir. Ti rfnnni ri ri Mcin- i
ish ports.
Havana, via. London, June
The German warship Geir has
entered the harbor.
Newport, June Orders
have been received for the tor
pedo lleet to leave immediately j
for Key West.
San Francisco, June "-j:;. Tin
commendation, and the beautiful
mmiumcnt in St. .lames Park is
a consuming t ion that testifies in
exalted strains to the nobilitv of
Mr. J.Iemm!Mg"s manhood.
his spirit stimulate the hearts of
others in good works t oword t heir
fellows '.
To the writer, another pleasing:
and impressive lesson of the dedi
cation was the hearty meeting;
and cordial commingling' of the
old soUi!; rs of both armies. The
presence in the procession of the
Jacksonville Grand Army Post
and United Stat s volunteers now
in camp at Jacksonville, repre
senting" t he states of Iowa, Wis
consin, lilinois, Virginia and New
Jersey, showed that truly the
day of fraternal union and peace
has settled upon us as a people
like a benediction, and the glori
ous inspiration of a reunited coun
try swells every loyal, liberty-
birth, nurtured and reared them.
w l 1 1 jr
atMl Hie Lau?hty Don deserves his
fate. An hne:-! jiriele in preentin
a respect &lle au? f tsiiot)ahlc appear
fliicf is comtiierrialile in all, ticl the
enlr ay 'o obtain it is to hnve an ar
tistic 'ailor t reie oii a fuit of cloth
ing Mich as we can lit you with frcm
exclusive styles in fairies, and it will
inie yon -eVetal !erees in your self
eMe ill.
Meichants It'ock
v -
5 if
Ocala was deeply interested in
this magrnilicent pageant, which
added luster to the name of a
Then why not accord this remem
brance to tin? credit and bono to
the people of the south for honor
ing' their dead heroes '?
ii r T f 1
May' i ue auu i esses oi i -no i-nior
Francis P. interning. Hon. U. II.
M. Davidson, and Governor W.
D. Bloxh nn, in connection with
the unveiling: of t he ni'Miuuient ,
were gvms of thought. eh'pienly
spoken: while the impromp' u ad- j
dress of (Seneral Lee elect rith'd
his hearers.
The sea of upturned faces in the
park and their patience in endur
ing" the hot sun for three hours
evidenced the interest the audi
ence took in the exercises.
When the curd that was to drop
the drapery that veiUd the statue
of a private soldier, said to reprc-j
sent our own L'n Do.ier, sur-j
mounting the shaft, broke, Chief j
Harney was equal to the occa
sion: for quickly he fire truck
with ladder was beside the monu
ment, and the drapery was re
moved amid the hu.zis of the
The reception tendered the Con
federate Veterans at the armory
on. You
rni 4 ... 4 ......
1 Illllll IIOA L III 1JMMI" II lie IU WUI
country and
While 1 lie war
now find at
The latest
the market.
War Souvenirs on
V 'i :
- - WS
monitor Monad nock and eol'ier
as t he avaitabie boats can carry
them ashore. Time, sea and j Moro will sail for
weather are propitious for inva- afternoon.
Manila thi
Florid ian, because the donor at
one time was an cala school-
h.-nr..! mi the f.ct of that was one of t he most brilliant so-
sph-ndid teacher, our honored cial events ever seen in Jackson
nnvnsman, Hon. W. P. Haisley; j ville. Fair women shone with a
again, because Mr. Hemming's klory all t heir own. in which
name is enrolled as a member of I Oca la and .uarion county ne.u
hhe Ocala camp of Confederate mt place. Among" the fairest
Veterans: nr must it be forgot-I Mowers Mis-es l.'lias AllreU a no
ten that he was m Ocala in De-jMary Reardon of Ocala and Mrs.
cember, 1 -.:,, at the annual meet-1 Green of Citra were beauties that
ing of the Association of Florida I drew attention, while brains, in
Confederal e
Citv Market
Of wliirrh we nev;r jrow tiled. We
are always revly to sit down and eat a
Hood piece of meat. That is just one of
the r"aoiT whv in.-at is so good for us.
Our ineit is always fresh, tender and
juicy. We r.lso have pur creamery
hutt-r and a h ic- line of fresh vegeta
bles. Orders carefully filled, as we try
to retain the good will and patrona' of
our ai-tonier?.
Ocala. Fla
1 1 i EY
Another shipirent of our F. S. Flour
If yott want good Bread and Rolls try this and you will take
no oilier. Remember the brand kiR S.' For sale only
JLt Xlxe
! hi'ii:e
: that Mr. Hem-: the persons ot Miss .b-annette All
from his far-a wa v 1 red and Mis Sa rah Harris, were
'.r.ii'i. svitlc. in the Lor.e ! typical of the nit . Iiectuahty of
St ar state, ant ave to ourps'O-iour youn lady r-presentatives. j
pie. u bile maUin.ir one of the most ; And tier.? were others. j
miere iini: add l'ees ev?r spoken In numbers the Ot-:;ia camp, in i
Captain Hit to, dis-i -r
;i the opera bouse, a surprise charrt
thai ei' ;. Se rl wind of pleasur- ' tanc-d aliother, v. bile the.Son'
a'ie t!notiin through every 1 of Confederate X'eterans, in
lean and coined rra v-bearded : e!iar"e of .1. Maihewe. held
veteran- lo fall on each ot ler's second piace: and in r-nit ribut inr :
iH-'-ks ;md weep for toy. when Mr.: .
1 lemming' said the hour hail come I (.'.,!! ltiled ..n fourth l'it.
: l A A J
I i .
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trives more satisfaction than
anv other make. Also
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