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5 he Only Daily Paper in Ocala
Proprietors and Publishers
Editor and Oailnent Manager.
R. R. Carroll, City Editor
34 Fort King Ave., corner of Osceola St.
Second Floor.
Postage Paid.
One year 5 00
Six months 2 50
Three months I 25
One month So
The Star is delivered by carrier to any part of
the city at above rates.
Is Published Every; Thursday. Subscrip
tion, $1 a Year; 50 Cents for Six
Entered at the Post Office at Ocala as second
class matter.
For the Legislature
M. L. Paynw has requested the
8tar to announce him as a candi
date for the legislature, subject
to the democratic primaries.
We do so with pleasure be
cause we feel confident that, he
will be the choice of the demo
crats of Marion county as soon
as thev learn that he is a candi
Mr. Payne has not sought this
position, but the pressure became
so great that he finally yielded.
He is so well known to our people
that comment seems superfluous.
For sixteen years beheld the im
portant position of superintend
ent of our schools, and it is con
ceded by all disinterested per
sons, thos ? who believe in the
system, that to his zeal, energy
and capacity for the work en
trusted to his care, is largely due
the en viable position that Marion
countv holds today in the field of
educational work among her sis
ter counties, and much that is on
our statute books that has ele
vated and promoted the work in
elliciency and power and given
its beneficent helping hand to the
people of the state is due to Mr.
Payne's t houghtful and practical
ideas. He has capacity, ability,
intelligence and good judgment,
and as he has worked for t he peo
ple of Marion county in the
cause ot education, so will he l;t
bor for t he general material in
terests of the county and state
when sent to Tallahassee, for the
Star feels that he is going there
beyond peradventure. Marion
Pavne for Marion county.
Fleiiiincton Club Proceedings
rJhe democratic club met Sat
urday for reorganization and
election of otlicers: M. L. Payne,
president; J. M. Mathews, vice
president; J. K. Mixson, secre
tary. Messrs. Payne, Cooper
and J. Iv. Mixson were elected
delegates to the countv conven
tion, and F. S. Dupuis, John P.
Fiovd and D P. Pavne, alter
nates. M. L. Payne was re-elected
executive committeeman.
The sense of the resolutions
passed was: ''All voters who
unite with the club and pledge
themselves to abide by the de
cision of the party and support
the nominees be allowed to par
ticipate in the primaries, and all
must, bo legally qualified, and
that, our delegates use their intlu
ence in the convention to have
such qualifications required in the
county primaries.
"We heartily endorse W. R.
Allen for state railroad commissioner-,
believing him to possess
the requisite qualifications, and
wdl do all in our power to secure
him a solid Marion countv dele
gat ion, and heartily recommend
him to our sister counties for
their support. We heartily en
dorse M. L. Payne as worthy of
legislative honors."
The club adjourned to meet
A ( ailed Meeting
The county board of education
will meet Saturday, June 25.
Tax books positively clost July
1. If taxes are not paid, land will
be sold.
Shadow of Herself
Stomach Was Too Weak
to Retain Food
A Complete Cure Effected by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Now Enjoying the Best of Health,
With Digestion Perfect.
' My mother was subject to sick head
aches and indigestion for over a year.
She was unable to htand for any length
of time, and was obliged to stay in a dark
room as she could not bear the light. She
had no appetite whatever and her stomach
was so weak she could not retain what
food she did eat. She also had severe
pains in her head. She suffered so much
that she became but the shadow of her
self. One day I happened to riad a tes
timonial about Hood's Sarsaparilla. It
Sounded So Truthful
I persuaded her to try this medicine.
Before finishing the first bottle there was j
an improvement in her condition. She no
longer threw up her food and her head
ache was not as severe. ;he took in all
four bottles ot Hood's Sarsaparilla and
several boxes of Jlooti's Pills and regained
her weight. She is now enjoying the best
of health. Her di restion is good ami she
can eat almost anything she wishes. She
is 12 years otd arid na vs shy feels as well
as whe.i she was G. I food's Sarsaparilla
made a complete cure in her case."
Miss .Mary Mahcark, Ironton, Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparslfa
Is the be-t --in fact the On" True lilooil Purifier.
J'r.'p tn-'l rnly by C. 1. 1 ,! ( .. !.mi-n. Mass.
DiHc tl
!c the best family cathartic,
ivyj j - easy to operate. iff':.
Populists, Attention !
A convention of the populisms
of the senatorial district, of Flor
ida is called for June 27, to meet
in the court house at Ocala, Fla ,
at noon, for the purpose; of nomi
nating a candidate for the state
senate. Representation, Marion
S, Sumter 0.
K. J. pKMiiKirroN,
I am ;t candidate for re-election to the
otHoe of tax assessor for Marion eounty,
subject to the democratic primaries, and
ask the support of the democratic party.
Respectfuliy, J. ( MaTHRWs.
I announce myself a candidate for the
ofhee of Tax ' lector for Marion coun
ty,, subject to the democratic primaries,
and :isk the support of the democratic
j k r ty . I ies ec t f u 1 1 y ,
E. P. Tu aoakd.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for re-sdection to the otiice of county
treasurer of Marion eo.oity. subject to
the democratic primaries, and solicit
the support of my friends and the voters
of Marion county. Rc-sjiectf uily.
The desire on the part of my friends
to return me to the legislature, induces
me to olTer myself a candidate for re
nomination as a representative, suhject
to the action of the democratic voters
at the coming primary.
I presfiit myself :is a candidate for
county assessor, suhject to the demo
cratic voters of the county at the com
ing primaries. My husiues for years in
real estate has familiarized me with the
work of that ollice. and I feel I am
equipped to perform its duties tticiently
if elected. Very respectfully.
I announce myself a eandidate for re
election to the position of in Mnherof the
School Board from the second district.
With Ihe experience of ihe past as a
guide and stimulus. I shall exert myself
anew in the cause of popular eduea'ion.
M. S. MOsEk.
Buy garden or field seeds before
getting iji.v pr ices. My twenty
one years experience in Kiorida
planting, testing and handling
seeds from every section of coun
try, enables me to procure the
best at lowest prices. Send for
price list. J, H Sutton,
Seed man, Hxpositiori St.,
Ocala, Fla.
For Kent
An eleanf dwelling j
of seven rooms, plenty of store
room. With all modern onoiv'. !
merits. lor-mer iv oeeuoietl hv r
vLensoser. -:ppiy 10 inarles ;
4v 4V . . . 4 1 t
.Mcintosh Cluh
The Mcintosh Democratic Club
met Saturday and was reorgan
ized by electing Mr. Wood presi
dent, Mr. Gist secretary, and
Will Chambers executive commit
teeman. Delegates to the count v conven
tion are Gaitskill, Burgen, A ver
and Will Chambers. The fol
lowing resolutions were passed:
"Resolved: That we bind our -
selves to loyally support the
. 1
nominees 01 tne democratic:
'That our delegates to the
count v convention be and are
berebv instructed to vote as a
unit and work earnestly and
faithfully for a delegation to the.. Prepared only by I)r.
state convention who are known ' -0bV Atlanta, da.
to be true and tried democrats, i "
and who will, first, last and all
4 1... ...o t ..,.. v T." n...
f,.,.vt:,t. fMilrn-irl .-mn .ii..n....
"That our delegates to the;
countv convention make everv ef.
fort to liave the primary election,
if any is ordered, conducted so as
to p!v,;ni. 111,.1 voting Thiscuru Ua"se awful sIK'lls-
action is taken frooi the fact that
17.ri votes were cast in the last
primary and in the regular elec
tion the highest vote for any can
didate was only
"Whereas: Our county execu
tive committee, elected two
years ago, for the work of the
campaign and such mciricnln I
work as mil.1. i...-rv,,, lil, at
- ' '
its meeting of April si.h, last,
assume to order a pr imary elec -
tion, unil to (letermine the 'iali -
flcations of voters in said elec-
t ion, and that their successors on
said execut i ve commit tee should
be chosen by said election instead
of the custom., rv met hod, hv the
countv convention. Therefore be
it resolved:
"That we condemn this action
-and regard it as an unwarranted
and dangerous usurpation of au
thority, vested only in theeounly
convention, which assembles on
the 2a th inst., and we hereby in
struct our delegates to endeavor
to have the counrv convention to
take such action as the party in
terests mav demand."
A C lever Trick
It certainly looks like it, but
there is rea'ly no trick about it.
An v bod v can trv it who has
, . it i louick to Jake Klein,
nnlaria or nervous t roubles. We; '
mean he can cure himself right
away by taking Electric Iidters. j
This medicine tones up the whole!
system, acts as a stimulant toj
liver and kidnevs. is a blood
purifier and nerve tonic. It cures
constipation, headache, fainting
oiitolii: v!ii!iliv:iiwo: 'inil mulii:.
1 '
clio y. It is purely veget able, a
mild !axativer and restores the
sysirrn to its natural vigor-. Try
Electric Hitters and be convinced
that, they are a miracle worker.
Every bottle guarantetd. Onlv
o0 ce'nts a buttle at E. C Al worth
iz. Co's dr ug store.
Testil'yi g to Klliciency
South (feorgia Railway Co.,
(Juitman, Ga., Nov. V.),
Mr G. W. II. Staniev 1 tin
ished your- compltde Hookkeepmg
Course in less than two and a
hah' months, and accept d at once
a position as bookkeeper for my
father. L have been keeping also
for some t ime the books for tin
treasurer of t he Cotton ( Compress
(yompanv ami South ( ieorgia
Ra i 1 wa C m pa ny .
1 had no experience previous to
attending your institution, and
feel oolite sure I could not keep
these books without .our instruc
tion. Stanley's Business College de
serves t he success.
Very trulv vours.
J. B. Tillman.
See ad vcrtis Miient of the col lege
in Dailv and Wceklv Star. Cer-
,(!.,, . ,. . 1 . . .
locate oj S.;tioinrmf) at a oar-
V. I I I ... ..... r. :
ii.i ill. V. .il I 'Ml 111' 'I a I I Ol p II I K-
111 11
Thou-o-a nils of persons have!
lieen eutvd of piles bv using J),-
Wilt 's Witch Hazel Salve. It
h..o1- ,.,.r...,1,. 1
... oi-. t,i ifotpi iv .inil i:uifN nv.eillll
:i ml 1 1 .i; i, ;
immediate relief. Ant i-Mononol v 1
dr ug stoj-e.
A Plea-ant Lemon Drink. Kculater
the Liver, Stomach, 1 Bowel ami
' i
For biliousness, const ipation
and malaria.
For indigestion, sick and ner-
I vous headache.
r or sleeplessness, nervousness
and heart failure. .
1 For fever, chills, debility and.
j ,k,m,.' diseases, take Lemon
t I i v i r
Ladies, for natural and thor
ough organic regulation, take;
j Lemon Llixir.
Fifty cents and 1 per bottle at
i ! '"Joists.
Dr. H. Mozlev Dear
Sir: !
! iCe lisin your LeilUMl Klixif, L
have never had another attack!
! of those fearful sick headache
and l hank God that 1 have
last found a medicine that will
Mns. Etta Junks,
Parkersburg, West Va.
Mozloy's Lemon Klixir
Isuilered wit h indigestion and
USI1UI IOI IUO inilg ( (MIS. I
ho-ii-zl f T .imin rriivi... ,-..1 ;i .
Hill J I 1J1.II1W1I J J I I Al I , 11,
1 4-. 1- ...... 1. ..I
uae laiveu seen oouies, arm am
"-awell man. Hahkv Ai.ams,
N A'- 1 Uv""
ham la
1 '
1 MoIpy s Lemon hlixir
1 toured my liusnand, who was al-
j dieted for vcars with large ulcers
on his leg. He is now as sound
as a dollar, after using two hot-
ties. The Lemon Elixir cured
other eases like his, and cur ed a
friend whom the doctors had
(given up to die, who had sulfered
for year's with indigestion and
nervous prostration.
Mies. K. A. Bkvillk,
Woodstock, Ala.
Mozlej's Lenion Hot Drops
(y'ures ail coughs, colds, hoarse
ness, sore throat, bronchitis,
Immiirrl, Mml-ill 1l,,i,.l n in I
i..ii.iiii...,iiv. taii ui.iwot coiki;
- 11 . i it
llll ; O l.-.4 I 4l .IIH'i kl l!rl II r,
Tverjt -five cents at druggists.
1'reparvd only by Dr. 11. Mo, ey.
For-Sale Cheap A first-class
ladv's bicycle, has never been
used. Price $Jo..0 cash. Apply
1111. JV.L .k-ll- 1. " . VI ..Jill. . .
2.111 CSp
lfi - . i v' t . tli'- Narrow Oaue lioj., one
!ir ooiuli .if Au.IiT.oi.n's lru sim.
' T-T" "..f r rr li'itnniui 1 - f
j rtair V"Ul' IL' nuP00 1 0
Shave, ioc.
All work Mono in llr.-t cla-s tyIo. ;om nl
irl vo nio m ? rinl .
First - Class - White . - Shop
All Classes of Barber Work
Done and Guaranteed.
I'll !Voi;;i li t to .:! I lii;i ! . .i i i .ilid'-ll
j I i n i i ii ii;.i i a n ' I 'i ( u n' i j I i ii' i'! '.
i "" (,''ia' 1 "''' r:;v:iV :,! Til" !,"M:"-. ,,f
..--;: 1 1 i-:m-I i .i: ti III lh- .. !-:i :! oi-i-;i -;. i).- I
' ,,r", ,,! ,,"li'ri:iiiiili ri"" - t ; i i- i
w.ifl-.f ! ! ; i i I y f o m'.i 1.. t!i.- r.-iii.itl.in
1 i U;" i" "e. ;!.!:.i.i o.,;,i
i W.l !'!. I ii"' s.ll'l . -i :.'!! I. .I" , I k ' ( tl;- I'tlVof
:'. -iv.- r..i i..a!i wi....-i m-..i
l". IM -.-III tl..i -::!.! . !.-rti..!l o ,-;,'!. ,1 j. Jor'l..
l.l.il liv tin- :i;;i Vol' ail'i 'i?V illlH'i! if l!i' f'V
I i r 1 .01 -!--- tnr :t i.i-; 1 iii.i ! f:.::i - !
t ) 1 1 ! 1 1 w.ii'ii !!' t ! 'i i.i r- l ti l l: 1 I ;.'
I". II. .it- r::i.n:. r.--::i." 1 : tli.it :;. 1-'.
will !. ii"! l. ;i u 1 tii- .inly -.it ! Mo.-, jr
s;i ;! t !i ; 1 ;i V;ir I. ;i!i'i otily !ioii-ii:- ..f -a.!
W.i 1 l , u.i! iti.-.l . '.t- at a ; ! t-t 1. .n . ; i ! '
p. - r 111 i It I t. .it- !!.! 1 at : 1 . -t i-n u i : b
):!l.-n at t!i. p!ac- : f r - - .1 i I -.11 t'i'- ::"t: .'im:.
A. I . 1 ali'l t T. li- .j.'H- I .n -ail
lay . at t li- pi.u'- a ir a il. a I s a .in .. a 11 I ; ;i ! ;
'Ioi- at '" p.m.
Tli iiani-. f tin- iiij.4-i-i.r- aii.l i l- rW ?
i-i-rt?..!i. a- --t forth ii. t!-- l.-r t;,.-r-f..i
afoifoai'l. ar
Ui:i. :
'. II. i'. M
am! I". I". OailooM. ;iiop.t-.,!
A. l: i.:. r k !
I'!.M U.
T'i" -;--t ' !! vv: ; !. ' 1 ii' i- 1 ti -pro:
oioi.o of r i : - .-i. i-' 1. .11 o . i ; ii.-. r.i-.- o.i;,j t-:ty aji
I-o. .1 .1 Man-, 1. A. .
:;tiaw I.. ln;i;. r;iy n. -k
I . MA ll-ll ,I.'" AI.K
I ! !:i ; a ',l t.v v : r: ; f .0. -'i, :.!! i u i
j i:-:r:-T r..;,n .,: 1 ... I 1 1 ; t i -j,,;,..
:! T .. .'1 .:!!. I 1.
!'T '. I ,o; i.i.i j II ;i i-.
l 11: ; i f .t.4-o p;., ; :,
1 ! ..1 - K ';:. i rry . !-
- ! .. i a . i w.-l .r
:., ,-.,io.. v. !.. i
! !...ili'. I :..iv
-r for : to t.... r :
M. .::!.?. .!.:y I. A. 1 .
vnf i-' , .V7 .Lr -V- :! ''il. u- 'Yl-i':
! I';-.;:!;":?:' ''TtJ.'of "'rm
- i.-.; ; - ..:i.;::. r . t -. i t: ii -v. :!' 1
tt .J. . f M ,r ,
j i..i,!in. ':.:v'--n
: r.ii... v. :.v
ii- I .1 -. .
! -i t i i.i : - ; .
4-;. T . ,' i 'it i ' i '
i Mir..v. ;
.: - . .:....!... -o .: i: ap
! I: ! ! : 4- .1 ..
1'ii r . ;!a -i r :. . i. i .1 ' I r '. .
.1 "i! n K. M -n-.j.
I ri r ! ":.it o Mat-inl f.,i x -..utLcin !:
tl lcl .f I "lot Ma.
CalS on
f va
0 vr
! Visitors always welcome
...1. ,,4 1, 1.....
,"tiuu uic uu ji uui.
Building Materials.
l'r llrn k.
r'-- '. ri.-. .:h ill u-k.
- o v. r 1 j..- ..f all kn.l. 1
U . II (!:rl.n .ii.n
Tin:i i ' '. A I'll 1 .. .! I -1
; ori-ami a:.-! ii -riI.t ::i.:.t
p: i-t- t Par:-. I.ati:
I'ire Clay.
House Paints and Oils.
i-.n rv a J'i.11 l k -f
.Tian!i- W hih !. :.!.
i a 1 !.-! '. U hi:.- I.. a I.
-fnaii ,v Mai tin-''- rair:t
; Putty.
' K:; v :i:kI I : I - 1 I.i n - i 1 ptl.
I '1 III 'N-ll2H.
A 1 - . t'a r ! ! i i. win '..) I'r
! .tini!, 1 . !-.
w r.H iy a .i-i -. U- a: .'i!-i.-
; -.aril, lli.ti-.-. :i 1 j I Haul Oil l':tii-!i. ..1
i i..lai..ui Imm.
Carriage and Wagon Paints.
j W' -nrv a I a rtiu-iM .f 'airiai.--.
! Iluyy aiiI Ua-.ii Caii.to hi a!l ..i-Mo.
j Kalsomine or Alabastine.
j tin. . a!.o,. a -..M Ual.i laiat Whit !i -..ot. ;,
than ..n.- ..urt!i -.1 tf.l I'alieo.
paint and Vp.rnidi Rrnshu
a. , ., ., , ,.,.,
"i I
i.u-'- t. :. ..r
y all Paper.
f .-:'.! k;n.-
j Qfv3S
Ai-. I'lal.- I.I ;-.
lake mmj OV9,jm For All
the I- y? Points
N:l;chde in Ivlfi-ct M ty 11, tJ) Arrival and Departure of Tihins nt Ocala
Un f)0 2.20 P.M. Ih!v for I...ol.,:r-.
i t.nia. 'l a m .a iiii 1 all i I. t.-i ;.t f ' -la i iii. .
1a 79 1 .CO P.M. I'l r. ro.iiii. oviIJ.-.
llJi I O ' . !-' 'ik. i- i.ii. 1
all !.i;its j..it!i. im! aii I n-ot.
("ii t.-ctiiM at i:..-l!-!I' for 1'alatka. .l.ii--i.ii-Vii!-
jhkI ifil rim buff !:ttian-. "I ll t-. :i;rin
-arri.-o tnritu't: .i"i'u-r M..tii i-.il lanij.i i
l. I.uio. via. iif.tia. I'alalka. -Ia k-iivi. i" anl
1 11 Q0 1.30 A.M. I'aiiy f..r emu-.
! u Vi'. ,J. , ".AlvT.: yh'Ul.
.-:i.-i. .a v a ii ;i a i: . i ii.iin-niii, mi :
! all iwtin'.o iioi i 'i. i ;i.-t aii'l -t. i lii 'i;ni
- .
mi rri-'i.r.i'iih .ol.-fj..-r fri.iii I'mt lai:;i..it.
N-v Y.rk. via i-a!oi. iaii.-ov j!!.-, Siv.iatuii
atui .'ha r'-ol..n.
JJft A7 I2.20,N00N f.r .l.i!i.:Tl.-
MUt TJ .iiki a:! o,a:;..!.., .'.rf;i t. Ili;'!i
j)t u;- til -.uta ''i riJl.y
Mri Af 2.45 P.M. I..i!y . x.-. j.t oU,i, v
ItUi Inr l,rj.-';i. .iinl !' :!.- - -:i. ':-
iM.-t.-at i:i!i lt' witli f.io inai' f-.r
1 anij.a aii.l 1 1 x.iith.
ln 7 COO A M Iii! xir-.t Sui.'iay
r.U. T f..i Ininiit-lioti.
N... 7. N-avinj' '-a!.i at ! :'' ji m .
trail:. . nil' fl at Way r-.-o with J 'i. .' I ma n
.olt-i-pin - ao fnii'.w.o; a v c-r..-o t
.'Io;i;--.f.iTy a.:i I. . li. I:..
a -p
' N.i-hviiii- i.i M:i-.-..i.. At!..:it.. ..in. t,i.i.t:i-li-
-i : a i;! ':: -i ; ! N-v. V-.:S .- .t.iii
liah. 1 ha rtt-:.iM . A I :i t "...a-l l.i,- .i"i5
I'-iii;-ylvaiiia liaiiv.!; -it Na-iiv!i;- ii!--l
l-i.:iti-flii.!i Willi 'm- jlii-a,'o I.: in ; 1 W-ti-
-i li.i. .:i train ,a
r.v;! 1 1 - v I i .
liout-. A !- ai lur-vi!!.- ai-l '. lie i nai i r..r
,;hi,aK... iu; n,, vi. : a.., i:.., .
For further inforuiHtion, call on or aM?ri-s:
F .1 IirniCK, . V. L! F.SKV,
Tiett ATt , C-A'a. I:!h. Iivi;:on ,.o..n'i . inil. Tun-ps, Fla.
j Florida East Coast Ry.
EOUTH HOUND !ta l Down i.
To-fp iF i.y
4 lop 10 r.i A r
i 15p if I.
4&3p 11 t "
t3'p 11 .Va Ar
4 lOp V L.
"TfATip i2 Ar
8 2T)o T 0 I.t .
. . . J'-'ron v. : .
.. sv A-iirM'!-.-
. St A : if :-Mris
.Ih .i .'.:;
. . I .i 1 n ' k .
. ..:-an . . .
.. Ea t T'h ka. . .
... . .Oriu .r. 1 .
. .. . . iMTlf.'.n
.....J'ort Ora-i;--.
. . . . I".v .v,rr' r r f;A
Oik If. : .
T-.Vkvi. 4, . . .
Cct C'.:nt .
...... ,.. '
. . . r.4-5f "i"n
... . FH'i ia:.
. . . .y' 1 1. .
' .'i
I...". .
I.r! I'."! .
V. !"n
II'.l.- ::r..l . .
Wr.r J-it.;-r .
. I'u n la';h
I.: nr.,.,
...Fort Iui'Ia:
J Jft , y
e:W ioo :-
661n 1 ll'v
- j .,' ..
1 1 5 M
, 2vif,i
" 3
I j- .
Tio". tl"
3 47p - .
4 Hp " .
4 Virs " .
I 1 op " .
eotp. .
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Tl; e-rrr.Mr City of Ky Woofth F.on Ja r.i' a-i .o-afTi f" rn o i 3-t
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J. P. BECK WITH. Tr5ic Maair. J. U KAHNKS. A. . P. A.
St. Aori:tmf.
Ocala, Fia.
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Saddles and Eridks.
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Robes, Blankets and Cushions.
V.:ij'- .i! W 11 'i: oh ?!!. l.t.x Ma! o.
Wagons in Car Lois.
W -a 1 ry a .-ry la r-j- :i "M ! 1 i:t .f ri.'"!io
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Y-ij;on and Buy Materials.
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W !.a a !: :i - a o. 1 ; M t ..f l5;i-;'u-.
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Sewing Machines.
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K!:i!;i!i;iihr lK!is' to OnlYr.
n OQ
2.00 P.M. b iiiv fi.r:i ;.iIim-.ovOI
l.i- Oak. W a.;-i..o, avntiiia li,
Vi.-iil--..;i4.-rv ani a!J i-.ints fmriii.
a.-t aii.J v-.ot; Ji-.m Ja-kn iJl- ninl I'u-
Mn Q9 1.30 A-M. l"'ly ff..m iM.rnanii.a,
t(U. JL. iai!i.a. I.a k .'a n.l . i'uttt.t (.i.nia,
ji.. ilu.i. T .'--a )! . l-ol,iit. t.l
al1 .irt-o.,u!ii. "lino t;ain -.- n through
r fr.ia l'.rt 'lam ( a in N-ia Y.rk
w. 70 .30 P M noiy fr... iWoi,rK.
RO. O r .',1.1. I : i .- - k - v a i I . Tri.l.y,
1ari..u "v.,.i : n;'-. t !.-a i a u-r. JM . IV.
.-r--l-.llU. I. -...!. ili'i. 'J aliij. a an. I J'ort T ili!j.;t,
anil il: iiv i-iri jit uii lay fi."i: Krs-ii-.l ma
' : : ! l; ars'l A ot i . a ni i:.irli'A. I nula ...! 1 i a i.i
! i. ti i:m-I ia f ota ii.n o.
i AM J 1.45 A.M. U.oly -x.-. ,.t Mm,.IhF
f,,.(:, i.N.i.j-.-.t u a:iI i i; t t iim .1 la.
r.t 111.-.
2.17 P.M. I.i!y .-.-.-i t sun. la
itU, tU I"-". J ... ;!!'. :-v. l-i i , , A ic-l4-r
nl.l flu... ; I! J. i;.;, : . . .1 T. , .1 o ,i ul
v. ai.ii f.u. loiai i: -t'a. 1 i.dai I I'y. Inv-r-iM-o-
aii'i :-.!3 iM.iiit.-; xnisl..
Ma AO 5.30 PM. 1'uly from I in n n-Iloii
itiii i0 a::i fi..:i; all 1 -.:.. I - 1. .Hi.
m ., via in hm-vi i a : .1 1 1 i jn .i.iiii-. (arn.H
i'liinuaii . i-r-.-r I'..;: lai.j.a 4ii.d Oi-aia to
Nv Voi I; Ai:;.. :;t -:ia.,. via !:-. on. 1,
V a-:i::.:-.ii. l: i i t i :.j..r- aii-i iial-l j... in
i. !-' :i:' at .'. a -:, i u'l. ji unii tl;.-
,.i..i.i! j;.;.:i ;
r I'.-. -:,: v. i : j i 1 1 1 ii:uir
f . .. r-. N.i. :;j a!.--
m WiiyiT'u'H
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i- : li ! :..n
w r i" n li - , a
'- I ' 'i i: J i iiiP' ij ! j.j-r f . .r .".a ,
IT-.: IV v!!!ioil! i -i.i :iiZ'-. It,
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i: t ;r .n.i y : .r .
I'.i ri:;iii i:i f..r M.-.it j.;i : -; m .o,t. I,,i..- f.,i
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lA YYA l .MAY u.
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A r T. :j-. j j
Ar f M.
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