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2 A e Only Daily Paper in Ocala
Proprietors and Publishers
Ulter ad BaIe uaer
Entered at the Ocala postoffice AH second clsa
Bradford countys treasury is
empty for the first time in many
The Morriston Hustler says
that town needs a good grist and
rice mill and a shoemaker
The Tampa carnival week will
be pulled off in April In the
meanwhile St Augustine is going
ahead serenely and will have her
hot time in the old town in
The Hart and Lucas lines have
consolidated their interests and
will inaugurate the winter tour
ist season from Palatka to Silver
Springs via the Ocklawaha river
January 15
1 feel as if I should fly to
pieces How often these words
are on a womans lips Ihey ex
press to the uttermost the nerve
racked condition of the body
which makes life a daily martyr
If this condition had cme sud
denly it would have been unbear
able But the transition was
gradual A little more strain
each day on the nerves A little
more drain each day of the vital
ity Anv woman would be glad
to be rid of such a condition
Every woman tries to be rid of it
Thousands of such women have
been cured by Dr Pierces treat
ment with his Favorite Pres
cription when local doctors had
entirely failed to cure
Favorite Prescription con
tains no opium cocaine or other
The supreme court of the state
has decided that the Atlantic
Valdosta Western R R can
enter the Jacksonville terminal
station a privilege which the
state commission granted them
but which Judge Call enjoined
I had dyspepsia fiftyseven
years and never found permanent
relief till I used Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure Now I am well and feel
like a new man writes S J
Fleming Murray Neb It is the
best digestant known Cures all
forms of indigestion Physicians
everywhere prescribe it Anti
Monopoly Drug Store Ocala
The ship Jersoymore is taking
on 2500 tons of phosphate at
Fern an din a for J Carstens for
a northern Europe port She
will clear this week
Round trip tickets to Havana
Cuba via Plant Sysiem and be
ginning November 1st winter
tourist tickets to principal Flor
ida resorts Tickets on sale to
all points in the United States
For full information relative to
schedules resorts rates etc9
call at the city ticket office in the
Ocala House J C Maughs
city ticket agent
Mr Barrett formerly sanitary
inspector of Ocala died about
Christmas at Port Tampa City I
where he was employed as night I
A fresh line of apples bananas
and oranges at W E Councils
Montezuma block
Handsome sterling silver brace
lets and friendship hearts jist re
ceived at the Surprise store
Beautiful rugs all sizes do
signs and prices at Ivor
Mac K1 y s
Fresh fish both mullet and
bottom fish received every day
kept on ice and delivered any
where In the city by William
Bclleview had a Cuban circus
Address delivered on Emancipation Day
by Prof L Wylie Principal of the
Fessenden Industrial School at Mar
tin Fla
Mr President Ladies and Gen
tlemen This day is commemo
rative of the freedom which came
to the negro through a fateful
evolution and which was deeded
to him by the willing pen and im
mortal words of that greatest
American Abraham Lincoln in
his emancipation proclamaticn of
1863 It is suggestive of much
to hegroes but more suggestive
to the white men of the great re
public of the new world It
causes him to see again that uni
versal freedom is the shibboleth
of human happiness and a safe
bedrock upon which may rest a
democratic government And he
rejoices today that slavery is not
tolerated in the United States
The negro should rejoice be
cause there was a declaration of
independence a constitution and
an emancipation proclamation
and honor both Washington and
Lincoln for without all these this
day would not have been possi
Then let its memories cause re
joicings anew to well up in every
soul that is a friend to freedom
and believes in the onward and
upward march of the human
History teaches some wonder
ful things about the advance
ment of the races The Egyp
tians found the Greeks wild and
unclad living in trees subsisting
on roots yet trom such an ances
try sprang a Pericles unrivaled
for his statesmanship a Herodo
tus famed for the grasp with
which he handled historical
facts a Homer the sweetness of
whose songs has been the charm
of every age since a Demos
thenes whose peerless oratory
has had its influence upon all civ
ilized communities
The Britons ancestors of the
British were considered worth
less by Julius Caesar They
drank blood from human skulls
and were cannib ilistic in their ten
dencies yet 1 he descendants of
this people have founded an em
pire upon which the sun does not
set They move world upon
world of thought and have in
herited and produced the richest i I
fruits of the arts and sciences in
spite of great Julius Caesars as
sertion that they were not fit to
The Scotch were once despised
and made fun of by the English
who asserted that you could only
make something of the Scotch
man if caught when he was
young Now Englishmen are
proud to have the steady yeo
manry of Scotland as a part of
their great empire
The strange changes in the
American black mans condition
are even more wonderful In a
condition like the first Greeks he
was brought to the United States
and put through the terrible and
trying ordeal of human bondage
I for 250 years He went into
bondage without a knowledge of
any art or conception of civiliza
tion he caIne out speaking the
language of the proud white
man He became the farmer
mechanic and general workman
of the South He gained some
conceptions of liberty duty
morality and religion though de
nied them for a great while
When the time came for the
bloody drama of the civil war to
be played and all was misunder
stood by man God stood behind
the scenes and thundered the de
cree that slavery must end and
gradually Ms plans have unfolded
in such a nrinner that there
should not be a pessimist in the
whole negro race
Slavery destroyed was his Red
sea crossed and he found him
self in the promised land The
negros patience is worthy of no
tice by tan American people He
was a faithful servant and guard
ed the homes of his masters with
as much fidelity as if he had been
a brother Let it be plainly un
derstood that he is just as faith
II Pride Goeth
Before a Fall
Some proud people think
they have strong constitu
tions and ridicule the idea
of disease Such people
neglect their health let the
blood run down and their
stomach kidneys and liver
become deranged Dont
be foolish about your health Use Hoods
Sarsaparflla and you vjlll prevent the fall
and save your pride
Bladder Troubles Hoods Sar
saparQla has done me so much good for
my stomach and bladder troubles that I
want to recommend H heartih to others
lam in better health than I have been for
the past 2O years Rev E 1 cMonroe
Dublin Virginia
Impure BoodI WAS troubled
with pimples resulting from impure blood
Since taking four bottles of Hoods Sar
saparillaf the pimples have disappeared
and I am well W H SMallins
Steubenville 0
Rheumatism = I had rheumatism
I three or four years Could not dress or
undress Hoods Sarsaparilla did me
good and I am now able to do all my
work n Fannie L Derricofte Athens Ga
Hood Pills cure liver ills the nonirritating and
only cathartic to take with Hoods Sarsaparilla
ful in freedom as he was in bond
age that he expects to stay in
the United States and that he is
loyal to the flag and American
institutions He wont move till
God tells him if he tried to go
he might go to the wrong place
He certainly can find no better
country to live in
The first need then will be to
let it be well understood that the
negro expects to star right here
in the United States
We are here and here to stay
God alone can move us away
Again there is need of race
pride It is best defined as being
that feeling in a negro which will
make him act in such a manner I
t as to reflect credit upon the ne
gro Not only should he study
the conditions and needs of the
race but should encourage negro
enterprises and industries in
his house he should have por
traits of Douglass LOverture
Bruce Langston our bishops
and educators our lawyers and
doctors and other successful
men He should read negro
newspapers books by negro au
thors and have copies of famous
paintings which have been made
by Tanner and others so that
the youth may know what ne I
groes have and are accomplish
Let it be known by the negro
youth that the senate chamber of
the United States has echoed
with the voice of negro senators
that the house of representatives
has held more than a score of ne
gro congressmen that there are
thousands of successful negroes
in the United States Teach
them these things and tell them
that patience and ability will one
day see such again Tell the
young people that the old slaves
with their poor chances have
amassed property to the amount
of three hundred million dollars
that activity is the glory and
idleness the bane of existence
Not only must the young negroes
be proud of what older negroes
have done but they must accom
plish something themselves
As a race the negro needs more
self reliance He must not de
pend upon political changes to
make him rich and happy but he
must steadily work even in the
I c > c >
I cVV E A 40 R
VV trict Oflict > Managers in this tate to rep
resent me in their own and surrou ruling coun
ties Willing to pay yearly sifcjo jiayablo
weekly Desirable employment with unusual
opportunities References exchanged En
close selfaddressed stamped envelope S A
Park 300 Caxton Building Chicago
humble sphere given him and
dignify it so much that he will
prove his worth as an individual
He must not go through now
grumbling about slaverys disad
vantages but should be wide
awake to improve the opportuni
ties of freedom He must turn
disadvantages into advantages
Demosthenes was once a stam
merer Milo was once a weakling
Lincoln was a poor farm boy
Garfield was without a father
Jind drove a canal boat John
son was a tailor Yet all of
these by self reliance wrote their
names indelibly in history
Douglass and LOverture were
slaves yet one helped to sever
the shackles from his people and
the other founded the black re
public of Hayti
We cannot depend on John
Brown he disd for us once We
cant depend on Douglass he is
dead Sumnercan plead no more
in the senate We must reach
out and raise up in spite of rock
and weight and appear for our
selves and now work out our own
With such peculiar conditions
as we have we need friends It
is a poor policy that would dic
tate that we must make enemies
of the men at our elbow because
of institutions and conditions that
they did not inaugurate Instead
let us cultivate the friendship of
our fellow men I do not mean
as puppets but as men and true
men will welcome us as friends
upon such a basis The Bible
says A man who would have
friends must show himself friend
ly and we may adda man
must make friends for himself
Friends of the negro in the last
Florida legislature defeated the
Jim Crow car law They in
Georgia defeated the Hard wick
bill intended to discriminate i
against and disfranchise the ne
groes of Georgia Friends of the
negro will yet remove every dis
criminating law from the statute
books of our country Jim Crow
car laws like Salem witchcraft I
must run a certain course but
when friends of right and reason
think over these matters the
will consider arguments used for
them in the same way as other
hallucinations are hold Then 1
will say above all get friends
We do not hate the Southern
white man We love l imand
especially when he treats us
Concluded Tomorrow
IIAlls Great Discovery for Kidney and
Bladder Troubles
One small bottle of Halls Great Dis
covery cures all kidney and bladder
troubles removes gravel cures diabetes
semInal emissions weak and lame backa
rheumatism and all irregularities of the
kidneys and bladder in both men and
women Regulates bladder trouble in
children If not sold by your druggist
will be sent by mail on receipt of 1
One small bottle is two months treat
ment and will cure any case above
mentioned E W HALL
Sole Manufacturer St Louis Mo for
merly of Waco Texas
Sold by the AntiMonopoly drug store
Ocala Fla
Spgiiin Texas Sept 27 1801 have
taken Halls Great Discovery and it has
cured me completely of Kidnoy and
Bladder Trouble F SlCHART
Treasurer of Guadaloupe County
How Arc Your Kidney f
Dr Hobhs Sparajrus Pills cure all kidney ills Sam
ple free Add Sterling Remedy Co Ciiicnco or N Y
lirahaniville Normal
The normal at Grahamville
for teachers and advanced stu
dents will open on the first Mon
day in March 1000 and continue
up to the June examinations Tu
ition for the term 5 in advance
O L S c Xi 31
Bear the 1 1 KJ ffiJ iT 3 Always Bo igfet
8ignt W
of Z i
The Ocala Music Company has
gotten in some handsome
samples of Sterling 10UU mod
el chamless wheels for both
ladies and gentlemen Take a
look at them
Prepared from the fresh juice of
Lemons combined with other
vegetable liver tonics cathartics
aromatic stimulants Sold by
druggists SOc and 1 bottles
For biliousness and constipa
For indigestion and foul stom
For sick and nervous head
For palpitation and heart fail
ure take Lemon Elixir
For sleeplessness and nervous I
prostration I
For loss of appetite and debility
For fevers malaria and chills
take Lemon Elixir
Ladies for natural and thor
ough organic regulation take
Lemon Elixir
Lemon Elixir will not fail you
in any of the above named dis
eases all of which arise from a
torpid or diseased liver stomach
or kidneys
Fifty cents and 1 bottles at all
Prepared only by Dr H Moz
ley Atlanta Ga
I have just taken the last of
two bottles of Dr Mozleys Lem
on Elixir for nervous headache
indigestion with diseased liver
and kidneys The Elixir cured
me 1 found it the greatest med
icine I ever used
J H MENNICH Attorney
1225 F St Washington D C
VV A James Bell Station
Ala writes I have suffered
greatly from indigestion or dys
pepsia One bottle did me more
good than all the medicine I have
ever taken
Cures all Coughs Colds Hoarse
ness Sore Throat Bronchitis
Hemorrhage and all throat
and lung dseases Elegant re
liable 25 cents at druggists
Prepared only by Dr H Mozley
Atlanta Ga Sold in Ocala at
theAnti Monopoly drugstore
JJrare Men Fill
Victims tcf stomach liver and
kidney troubles as well as wo
men and all feol the results in
loss of appetite poisons in the
blood backache nervousness
headache and tired listless run
down feeling But theres no
need to feel like that Listen to
J W Gardner Idaville Ind
He says Electric Bitters are
I just the thing for a man when he
I is all run down and dont care
I whether he lives or dies It did 4
I more to give me new strength
and good appetite than anything
I could take 1 can now eat any
I thing and have a new lease on H
I life H Only 50 cents at Garrett
Gerigs Drugstore Every
bottle guaranteed
Restaurant and lunch counter
Meals and lunches at all hours
Special rates to weekly boarders
Also city dray furnished when
Ike Tompkins and wife propri
etors 49 South Magnolia street
or postoffice box 862 Ocala Eta
Having sold our business
known as the Yankee Novelty
Works including machinery
lumber mouldings brackets
etc to tho Ocala Lumber Com
pany we solicit for them in tho
future the patronage kindly ex
tended to us in the past All ac
counts due and all accounts ow
ing us may be settled with our
former manager E E Converse
who in the future will be found
with the Ocala Lumber Company
near the Plant System freight
yard Yours respectfully
E A POLLY Proprietor
Ocala Fla this Jan 1 1900
Fresh Oysters
Fresh oysters received every
day at William Tuckers stall
No8 city market
Educate Your Kowela With CuicaretR
Candy Cathartic cure constipation forever
lOc 25c If C C C fail druggists refund money
Wheel flfl
See Samples
R E YONGE JR Agent Ocala Fla
Choice private board in a comfortable and roomy house
Large and nicely appointed rooms and a carefully supplied
table Special terms to parties spending some time at this
3NTo 35 Nor tlx MT ixx Street
Next door north of the Agnew residence
l y JIPI nJIID 00 lVI rlii OUfIDi
< rc aua Thai 6 a g 5
c The Undersigned Are Prepared to Furnish
Anything in that Line at Prices as Low
as the Lowest and Work Second to None
in the State
Works Opposite Catholic Church Magnolia
Street Ocala Fla
The BaileyLebby Company
Machinery Supplies
Iron Pipe Brass Goods Fittings Nails Belting Injectors
Shovels Picks Wheelbarrows and Link Belting
Prices Quoted on All Kinds oj Machinery or Other Supplies
Contracts taken for the erection of plants for putting up
machinery of all kinds or for repairing any kind of machinery en
gines or boilers by 3 competent machinist who will be supplied on
short notice G WAKE WELLS Agent Ocala Fla
OjffiCf inA E Bune1tsfee1rIore
1 f Jl 1
± r

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