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5 r c 1ipr rw < T r Jk r H tjC + r 0 I c r r c to 7 if 7 I 9P r i t iittIT t I
A Most Valuable Agent
x The glycerine employed In Dr Plercei
fl medicines greatly enhances the medicinal
properties whjch it extracts from native
medicinal roots and holds in solution
much better than alcohol would It also
possesses medicinal properties of Its own
being a valuable demulcent nutritive
antiseptic and antiferment It adds
greatly to the efficacy of the Black Cherry
bark Bloodroot Golden Seal root Stont
root and Queens root contained In
Oolden Medical Discovery In subduing
chronic or lingering coughs bronchial
throat and lung affections for all of which
these agents are recommended by stand
ard medical authorities
In all cases where there Is a wasting
away of flesh loss of appetite with weak
stomach as In the early stages of con
sum I n there can be no doubt that gly
cerine acts as a valuable nutritive and
aids fhe Golden Seal root Stone root
Queer s root and Black Cherrybark in
promoting digestion and building up the
flesh an s rength controlling the cough
and brincwig about a healthy condition
of the whAle system Of course it must
not be evdected to work miracles It will
not cure consumption except In its earlier
Stages It will cuiW wrv cgypre nh ftN
11 hangoTl ci coughs bronchial
a TTVBgpal iron > lfs and c ironic sore
t rseness Tin acute coughs
It Ift not so cllective iris in the lingering
hangon coughs or those of long standing
even when accompanied by bleeding from
HI ungs that it has performed its most
marvelous cures
Prof Finlcy Elllncwood M D of Ben
aett Med College Chicago says of gly
In dyspepsia It serves an excellent purpose
Holding a fixed Quantity of tho peroxide of
Eydrogen in solution it is one of the best
manufactured products the present time in
its action upon enfeebled disordered stom
achs especially If there Is ulceration or catarrh
tarrh gastritis catarrhal inflammation of
stomach It Is a most efficient preparation
Glycerine will relieve many cases of pyrosis
heartburn and excessive gastric stomach
acld1Golden Medical Discovery enriches and
purifies the blood curing blotches pimples
eruptions scrofulous swellings and old sor s
or ulcers
Send to Dr R V Pierce of Buffalo N Y
for free booklet telling all about the natire
medicinal roots composing this woaderfnj
sradlclne There Is no alcohol Ik
Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chap
ter 4888 Laws of Florida
Notice is hereby given that A L Col
den purchaser of tax certificate No
384 dated the 6th day of August A
D 1900 has filed said certificate in
my office and has made application
for tax deed to issue in accordance
with law Said certificate embraces
the following described property sit
uated in Marion county Florida to
wit 16 chs e and w by 765 chs n and
s in nw cor of lot 2 sec 26 tp 13s
r 21 e12 acres The said land being
assessed at the date of the issuance of
such certificate in the name of W J
Gooden Unless said certificate shall
be redeemed according to law tax
deed will issue thereon on the 13th day
of April A D 1908
Witness my official signature and
seal this the 10th day of March A
D 1908 S T Sistrunk
Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co Fla
B H B Foy Jr DC
For Infants and Children
The Rind You Hate Always Bought 1
Bears the d
I dYl
SUTnaturs o I
Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chap
ter 4888 Laws of Florida
Notice is hereby given that E G
IJndner purchaser of tax certificate
No 318 dated the first day of June
A D 1903 has filed said certificate in
my office and has made application
for tax deed to issue in accordance
with law Said certificate embraces
the following described property sit
uated In Marion county Florida to
wit Lots 66 and 67 Swains plat An
thony The said land being assessed
at the date of the issuance of such
ertificate in the name of S P Lamb
nless said certificate shall be re
deemed according to law tax deed will
Issue thereon on the Sth day of April
A D 1908
Witness my officiaj signature and
seal this the 5th day of March A D
1908 S T Sistrunk
Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co Fla
By H B Foy Jr D C
Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chap
ter 4888 Laws of Florida
Notice is hereby given that Lindner
and Croclle purchasers of tax certifi
cate No nil crated the 6th day of
June A D 1904 and No 424 dated I
June T 1905 have filed said certifi
cates in my office and have made ap
ication for tax deed to issue in ac
cordance with law Said certificates I
embrace the following described prop
I orty situated in Marion county Flor
i ida towit Lot 25 Swain An
thonys ad to Anthony sec 910 tp 14 i
south r 22 east also bd on east by I
Third street on south by Oakland
street west by Second street north
by section line Brokaws ad to An
thony The said land being assessed
at the date of the issuance of such
certificate in the name of C Hill and
S P Lamb Unless said certificates
shall be redeemed according to law I
tax deed will issue thereon on the
15th day of April A D 1908
Witness my official signature and
seal this the 13th day of March A
D 1908 S Sistrunk
J l Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co Fla
I By H B Foy Jr D C
Lesson XIFirst Quarter For
March 15 1908
Text of the Lesson John ix 112
Memory Verses 10 11Golden Text
John ix 5Commentary Prepared by
Rev D M Stearns
Copyright 1907 by American Press Association
Ve must note a few of the things
mentioned in the two chapters which
we have passed over since last lesson
before taking up the lesson today
Throughout the whole Bible we see
the love and long suffering and
patience of God on the one hand rand
the carnal mind of man enmity
against Godon the other When Jesus
came God manifest in the flesh each
of these was fully manifested In
I these two chapters we have quite a
sample of each for we see the Jews
seeking to kill Him and saying He
has a devil He has never learned At
the close of the day the people went
every man to his own house while He
not having where to lay His head
went to the Mount of Olives He had
to say of Judas Iscariot One of you
Is a devil and because of some things
He said many of His disciples went
back and walked no more with Him
His own brethren did not believe in
Him chapters vi GG 70 vii 1 5 15
20 53 viil 1 Notwithstanding all
this He knowing who He was and
whence He came and whither He was
going that the Father who sent Him
was always with Him doing the
works and telling Him what to say
and that He always pleased the Father
viii 2G29 kept calmly and quietly on
finding it His meet to do the will of
Him that sent Him and leaving all to
God He found His home and rest in
His Father
Jesus was always passing by some
one who needed Him He is always
passing by but the crowd know not
and care not Occasionally some one
who has heard of Him cries out and
receives what he seekshealing or
sight or some blessing Sometimes
as In todays lessonHe is found of
them who seek Him not as He goes
about working the works of Him who
sent Him All physical ailments are
suggestive of some spiritual ailment
and It is true that we are all blind
from our birth by nature children of
wrath dead in trespasses and sins
but God is not willing that any should
perish and is ready to give life to all
Our Lord teaches in this lesson that
any peculiar physical infirmity is not
necessarily the result of any special
sin and yet to this day there are many
who think otherwise and if a child is
born blind or deaf or dumb or weak
minded they begin to inquire into the
past life of the parents that they may
find a cause There are many busy
bodIes minding other peoples affairs
who would do better to get right with
God themselves We are all here that
God may have some clay to fashion as I
He pleases into vessels meet for His
own use In the case of some blind
people He opened their eyes with a i
word others He touched but this
mans eyes He anointed with clay
which He made for the occasion and
sent him to wash it off in the pool of
Siloam The man went and washed
and came seeing verse 7 The clay
was something of earth and something
of God which suggests a person of
earth born of God a believer one I
whose eyes have been op ned He I
uses such to open other Blind eyes
provided they are willing to l > e washed
oin Siloam and lost sight of by
people Siloam suggests Christ for the
word means sent verse 7 and Jesus
delighted to speak of Himself as sent
by the Father verse 4 chapter viii
16 18 26 29 42 He sends us where
He pleases uses us as He sees fit but
we must fall back into Him for no I
flesh shall glory In His presencethe I
Lord alone must be exalted I Cor 1 I
2931 Isa ii 11 17 22 If we were
more willing to be thoroughly emptied
of self and seek only the glory of God
who can tell how greatly the Lord
might use us to open the eyes of the
blind and to manifest Christ to the
Oh to be emptier lowlier mean unnoticed
and unknown
And to God a vessel holier filled with
Christ and Christ alone
The more we attain to a life like I
this the more the adversary will show
his hatred of us The healing of this
man led to a great controversy and
finally to the mans being cast out by j
the Jews because he stood boldly for I
his benefactor though be knew not
who he was but insisted that the man
who could open his eyes must be a
man of God and so he withstood the
Jews who talked against Jesus Jesus i
found him after they him cast him out
and revealed Himself to him and he
became a true believer verses 3438
To this day if a Jew confesses that
Jesus is the Christ the Son of God
he Is liable to be put out of the syna
gogue verse 22 disowned by his par
ents and become an outcast from Jew
ish aoctatx unable to And elnuifymeut
f Y
I Cottolene 0 I R
I Shortens your food
i Lengthens your life I
Cottolene is a cleanly wholesome product Cotiolene is endorsed by the most promi
j It is made from cottonseed oil in a thor nent cooks and household economists of the
I oughly modern and hygienic manner and is country as well as by those of the medical
I just as pure as olive oil It moreover profession who make a special study of pure y
makes palatable digestible healthful food food There is no substitute for Cottolene
4 1
which will agree with the most delicate because there is no shortening so good as
stomach Lard food on the contrary is Cottolene It stands alone as everyone who t
indigestible and will cause trouble if its use has used it according to a
is persisted in directions will verify fii
Cottolene is Guaranteed We hereby authorize your i
grocer to refund your money
in case youre not pleased after having given COTTOIENE a fair test
Never Sold in Bulk COTTOLENE is packed in pails
i with a patent airtight top to
keep it clean fresh and wholesome also to prevent it from ab
sorbing the disagreeable odors of the grocery such as fish oil etc t 1
Cook Book Free We shall be glad to send any house j1
wife for a twocent stamp our new
I u PURE FOOD COOK BOOK U edited and compiled by Mrs Mary 4
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Natures Gift from the Sunny South
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Intellectual Moral and Social Lines Healthy Location Magnificent wimming
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i i
I Cures Backache S
ItIDNEI CURL Correct t era
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w i Jtam mm mtrnf VMB x tLW OKfOf Do not risk baviq
Will cure any case of Kidney or Bladder Disease not Bights Disea
beyond the reach of medicine No medicine
among them I am at present in touch
with several who are suffering In this
way but the glory of His kingdom will
more than recompense for all the suf
fering If we suffer with Him we
shall also reign with Him Happy are
all who can say as this man said One
thing I know that whereas I was
blind now I see verse 25
I have seen the face of Jesus
Tell me not of aught beside
I have heard the voice of Jesus
All my soul is satisfied
Blessed Sun of Righteousness T so love to
gaze on thee
That my eyes are growing blind to the
things once dear to me
Scores of Florida Citizens Have Learn
ed It
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There is only one way to cure it
The perfect way is to cure the kid
A bad back means sick kidnes
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kidneys only
S B Lemons cigarmaker living at
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1 used Doans Kidney Pills and they
cured me of backache and disorder of
the kidneys Two or three times on
account of the pain in my back I was
unable to go to work for several days
The secretions of the kidneys were in
very bad condition dark in color and
if allowed to stand would become oJ
the consistency of jelly I tried various
remedies taking what seemed like gal
lons of medicine and I also put on
plasters but nothing helped me at all
until I got Doans Kidney Pills upon
the advice of a friend of mine and us
ing them according to directions they
cued me in a very short while
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r gfs

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