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TWO f I Y A A r i c 11 1 r
C L Bittinger and R R Carroll
Proprietors and Publishers
Editor and General Manager
City Editor and Business Manager
Great political expectations evi
dently came to grief last night as the
returns came In So much was said
so much predicted that Bryan would
come under the wire a leader in yes
terdays vote that it drew a large
crowd at the Ocala House to receive
the returns H C ° Groves read the
dispatches as they were received and
there was so little In them to arouse
enthusiasm among the Democrats and
every prospect pleasing to the G O
Ps that at ten oclock there was a
solemn assembly relieved here and
there by a bright smile of a Repub
lican or the witty remark of H L
Anderson who soon had the field all
to himself Some Democrats became
so depressed that they were unkind
enough to remark that they believed
Mr Groves as he read the dispatches
doctor d them to suit Tafts election
e but this was only a little gangrene the
result of buoyant hopes dashed to de
spair by the unfavorable returns
Shortly after 11 oclock the crowd dis I
persed satisfied it was Bill Taft The
local vote we deem quite complimen
tary and satisfactorily democratic
There was said to be 1000 qualifitd
voters in the Ocala precinct and 627
votes were recorded The ticket was
a long one and so many were not fa
miliar with names that It took a long
E time to fill out the tickets a number
consuming fifeen minutes and then
marking names on the wrong side
There were ten voters who deemed it
the wiser plan to leave theIr ballots
unmarked and let thenlbe counted for
ti what they were worth Mr W S
Durst said this morning there wes a
handsome reward for the names of
these ten voters
a The < desire was so great to vote in
the afternoon the crowd at the door
became congested and so much time
was consumed In waiting that quite a
number of voters left in disgust We
s presume the question which Bill will
be elected was asked ten thousand
times yesterday
There was some previousness about
closing the polls the contention being
i T5 that the time to close was at sundown
and that sundown was 455 oclock
The result was quite a number of per
sons working In the mills and foundry
i were barred from voting The Inspec
tors and clerks of election did their
Sl duty well and with some forethought
Mn preparation things were so well
managed that by 10 oclock they had
completed their count and made their i
announcements J J
TbprQ wag great Interest displayed
In the vote for legislators as it was
the Impression that the liquor men
c and their friends had it in for W D
Cam the uncompromising disciple of
prohibition There were those who believed
3 lieved he would be beat but the re
turns received last night showed Mr
Cams vote to be two to his opponents
one But It Is all over now so far as
Marlon county Is concerned until two
years from now
1 Cam r 816
I Light > 805
w Robinson < 475
Neville 353
Harter e 14
t k
Hicks 2
The W C T U of Ocala are mak
t ing great preparations for the coming
of the State Convention of the W C
T U in this city for Nov 10 to 13
The recording secretary Is receiving a
list of delegates who expect to he here
and It looks now as though a hundred
would come not including their
friends The evening of Nov 10th will
be devotOT to extending these women
a welcome which will take place in
I the M E church Major Izlar will
speak for Mayor Geo A Nash in be
half of the Brick City Mrs Fannie R
Gary for the W C T U with which
she has been identified from its or
ganization most of the time Its presi
4 dent Will R Gary will speak for the
AntiSaloon League Rev C C Carroll
I for the pulpit and C L Bittinger for
the press Miss Minnie Neal presi
dent of the W C T U will respond
Those In the funeral procession
that followed the remains of Mrs
Fletcher to the Fort McCoy cemetery
here Dr Castel wife and son Dun
nellon Mrs Henry Grantham and
qHildien Holder Miss Lillie Bassett
Holder and Messrs Lee and Albert
Miller of Ocala Rev Cole of Inver i
ness conducted the services at the I
Will Lucius county road overseer
went out o nthe Belleview road this
morning with the steam roller scraper
j and Water wagon and a crew of men
to strengthen and make repairs on the
newly built portion of the Belleview
County Commissioner Fort of Lynne
came In this morning to attend the
meeting of the board He brought
with him a load of very fine oranges
from his grove which he disposed of
to our merchants
State of Ohlo > City of Toledo Lucas
Frank J Cheney makes oath that
n he Is senior partner of the firm of
F J Cheney Co doing business in
+ the City of Toledo County and Stat
aforesaid and that said rirm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of Ca
tarrh that cannot be cured by the use
I of Halls Catarrh Cure
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence this 6th day of De
cember A D 1SS6
SeaL Notary Public
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken Inter
nally and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system
ft Send for testimonials free
° Sold by all Druggists 75c Take
Halls Family Pills for Constipation
1 Nunnallys After Dinner Mints 25
cents the box at the Postofftce Drug
7 store
Send us your prescription business
We are thoroughly prepared to handle
t it Tydings ear Co
The ucala News Co has the larg
fit line of school books in Ocala
But He Made a Noble Fightlabor
Vote Went for Taft
Bryan and Kern May Represent Their
States in the Senate
Special to the Star
New York Nov 4 305 P mThis
mornings returns indicate that Bryan
carried Maryland and West Virginia
by very small pluralities and an of
ficial canvass may be necessary in
each state Giving them to Bryan
cuts Tafts electoral vote to 296 and
swells Bryans to 187 Taft falls 87
below Roosevelts electoral vote The
democrats may carry the Nebraska
legislature which would insure Bry
ans election to the United States sen
ate The margin Is still close Had
ley who Is probably elected governor
of Missouri and Harmon who has
won Ohio were two democrats who
urged the punishment of Paul Morton
but whose judgment in rebate cases
was set aside by President Roosevelt
Bryans downfall was overwhelming
in that he lost where he was suppos
ed to be strongest New York City
gave a plurality of 15645 for Taft
Bryan lost Ohio where the labor vote
was expected to carry him to victory
ChIcago a city that had been abso
lutely promised to Bryan by Roger
Sullivan and other democratic leaders
went for Taft New York upon which
the Bryan campaign managers had
hopeful designs gave Taft the great
est plurality ever accorded a repub
Bean candidate for president The re
sult was a surprise not only to dem
ocrats in charge of the Bryan cam
paign but to the republicans In charge
of the Taft campaign Probably the
only leader who took the result as a
matter of course was President Theo
dore Roosevelt Mr Bryan at his
home In Nebraska figuratively threw
up his hands when he heard the first
reports from New York city He had
banked on a tremendous vote here but
he did not give up hope until he
heard of the republican landslide in
Illinois Tafts victory in Ohio and the
outlook in Indiana Then he went to
bed Out of the ruin of democracy
there still shines a ray oil hope for the
democratic standard bearers Bryan
and Kern Late returns from Nebras
ka indicate that the legislature of that
state will be democratic In that event
Bryan will probably be sent to the
United States senate There is also a
chance that the Indiana legislature
will be democratic and Kern may
join Mr Bryan in the ranks of the
senators For the second time in his
tory New York City went republican
by sixteen thousand Taft carried the
state by one hundred and ninety
eight thousand Hughes was elected
by a majority of seventyfive thou I
sand Taft gets Ohio by sixty thou
sand The labor vote threw Bryan
everywhere Johnson wins Minnesota
by a large majority The republicans
have the next Congress by fiftyfour
The regular meeting of the Civic
League was held in Yonges Hall
Tuesday morning Nov 3rd The
meeting was called to order bp the
president Mrs Hocker
After the reading of the mInutes of
th6 last meeting by the secretary the
reports of the different committees
were read
Mrs Carney and Mrs Moorhead
the committee on drinking reported
that the janitor of the courthouse had
been instructed to thoroughly cleanse
fountains every week which had been
done and It was decided to give the
same a coat of paint and the council
be requested to have the water turn
ed off until they were thoroughly dry
Mrs Mote and Mrs Austin were ap
pointed to roe about having iron
drinking cups made at the foundry to
replace those that were removed the
new cups to be securely fastened by
substantial iron chains The commit
tee on fountains was continued
Mrs Hocker reported that Judge
Bullock had promised to have the
barbed wire removed from the west
side of the walk to the cemetery be
tween Oklawaha avenue and Lovers
Lane Mrs Hocker was empowered
to have weeds removed from walk
Mrs Carney and Mrs Scott were ap
pointed a committee to see the mayor
about the ever present stockatlarge
nuisance The conditions have great
ly improved the past year but there
are times when it is necessary to tel
ephone for an officer and the com
mittee was instructed to ask the
mayor to make it possible to have
some one answer these calls
A letter was received from Dr Ellen
Lowell Stevens enclosing a petition
to be circulated for the passage of
bills before the senate and house for
the suppression of tuberculosis This
work has been taken up by the Fed
erated Clubs of America and meets
with the approval of every right
thinking person
Mrs Hocker reported a petition
from Miss Nellie Stevens urging that
the league give assistance in finish
ing and beautifying the grounds of
the new primary school It was de
cided that as the funds appropriated
for the building of this school were
exhausted that we take up the work
for the coming year and Mrs Hocker
Mrs Maughs and Mrs Smith were ap I
pointed to see the school trustees in
regard to cost of fencing grounds It
was decided to give an entertainment
later with this object in view It
was proposed to select the first Sat
urday in December for an annual
Arbor day on which to plant trees
etc It was proposed to ask Miss
Nellie Stevens and Dr Chace to act
with Mrs Brown the tree warden as
a committee to look after this Mrs
Brown to be chairman
Mrs Mote and Mrs Maughs were
appointed to report to the health of
ficer the unsightly condition of places
near the public square The subject
of benches for the courthouse grounds
was discussed Mrs Hocker reported
that Dr C R Tydings had offered to
head the list of a subscription for this
purpose with 20 A motion was made
that this matter be left to the ad
visory board The president was
asked to find out who could go as
delegates to the Annual Convention
of Womens Clubs to be held at Live
Oak Nov IS 19 20
This concluded the business of the f
morning and upon motion the meet
ing adjourned
Mrs GL Maughs Rec Sec
The merits of the Texas Wonder you
would never suffer from kidney blad
der or rheumatic trouble 1 bottle two
months treatment Sold by druggists
or by mall Send for testimonials Dr
E W Hall 2926 Olive street St
Louis Missouri
The leading newspapers in all the large Ameruanjjcitius erect special
bulletin boards in front of their offices on which the election returns are posted
in giant letters as they arrive by telegraph Great multitudes fill the streets
In front of these bulletins and as long as the result Is unsettled party spirit Is
in the ascendant When the matter is made final the vLtors supply all the
Ocala Fla Nov 3 190S
Editor StarI notice in your paper
a correction made by Mr Ditto rela
tive to a copartnership between him
self and me
Perhaps the rumor got afloat by the
fact that I am going in the real estate
business and some parties knowing
this and seeing me in conversation
with Mr Ditto presumed that he and
I were to go in together
As a special request I would like to
ask that you kindly give me space in
your valuable paper to inform the pub
lic that I have gone into the real es
tate business and my present office is
in the Boston Store However in
January t I will be located in some spe
cial office
My first advertisement appears in to
days paper and if the public will
read the same they will see that I am
very much in the real estate business
Respectfully Asher Frank
Preamble and resolution adopted by
the Fourth Quarterly Conference of
Martel Circuit Gainesville District
Florida Annual Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church South
October 31 1908
Whereas Under the limitations of
our discipline our beloved and highly
esteemed presiding elder Rev Francis
R Bridges will have to be removed
from the district ut the close of this
conference year and
Whereas During the past four years
now drawing to a close he has In the
discharge of his official duties pre
sided over this body with dignity and
ability and in a painstaking manner
exercised a watchful solicitude in pro
tecting the various interests of the
church and has at all times ruled
with firmness and has been courteous
and affable to the official members of
this conference therefore be it
Resolved That our prayers will go
out with him in his new field of labor
that the blessings of God may con
tinue to abide with him and his esti
mable family and that 5n the future
as in the past he may he a blessing
and benediction to those whom he
may serve H W Long Secretary I
No More Greasy Docghnniii
A lady in Greenville S C recently
wrote a friend as follows
For years after preparing doughnuts
with the utmost care I was disappointed
to see them come out greasy and unwhole
some looking However with my first use
of Cottolene for frying them I was de
lighted as they were brown crisp and
For making doughnuts pastry light
bread and flaky biscuits I prefer Cotto
lene to any other shortening on the mar
ket We even carry a pall of It on our
annual camping trips through the moun
Cottolene is a vegetable oil cooking
fat made by The N K Fairbank Com
pany Chicago and is much purer and
more wholesome than lard It is car
ried by all good grocers
Servia Counting on the Assistance of
Russia is Preparing to Attack
Belgrade Servia Nov 4Aroused I
by countless reports that Austrian
troops are about to invade their coun
try the Servian parliament is in sec
ret session today considering a dec
laration of war against Austria That
Servia is not to be ca ajht unawares
is apparent by the concentration of
troops which began last night and
today is progressing rapidly Russias I
I attitude in which sire did not approve
of Austrias annex don of Bosnia and
Herzegovina pjloused Servian offic
ials and they believe it assures to
I them Russias support should Austria
and Servia go tb war
I Austrians May Anticipate the Attack
St Petersburg Russia Nov 4A
message received in official circles to
day from Belgrade says there is every
indication that the Austrian troops are
preparing fctf a sudden invasion of
Servia Ths message warns Russia to
expect new of fighting any moment
Masons meet Thursday evening
Fancy Apples 45 to 60 cents peck
Fancy Oranges 20 cents dozen
115 pert hundred
Fancy Bananas 20 to 25 cents per
concord Grapes 25 cents per basket
Malaga Crape 20 cents pound
We also handle everything to eat
smoke andl chew and all soft drinks
Montezuma Block and next to Baptist
i Church
Phone 27 or stop the
that Peter drives
More people succumb each year to
some form of kidney trouble than an
other cause The slightest form of
kidney derangement often develops
into Brights kidney disease diabetes
or dropsy When either of these dis
eases are suspected the sufferer should
at once seek thebest medical atten
tion possible Consult only a good
firstclass physician
There are many of the lesser symp
toms of kidney trouble which can be
treated at home is stated by a well
known authority For some of these
such as backache pain in the region
of the kidneys weak bladder fre
quency especially at night painful
scalding and other urinary troubles
try the following simple home rem
edy Fluid Extract Dandelion one
half ounce Compound Kargon one
ounce Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla
three ounces These simple ingredi
ents are harmless and can be obtain
ed at any good prescription pharmacy
and anyone can mix them by shaking
well in a bottle The dose for adults
is a teaspoonful after each meal and
again at bedtime
There is no more effective remedy
known to relieve all forms of rheu
matism because it its direct
ly upon the kidneys attjjfcrblood It
Cleases ittu cfiSgged up pores In the
kidneys so theycan filter and Strain
from the blood the poisonous uric acid
and waste matterVhlch if not elimi
nated remains in the blood decom
poses and settles about the joints and
muscular tissues causing the untold
suffering and dejprmity of rheuma
tism 1 1
I Backache Js natures signal notify
ing the sufferer that the kidneys are
not acting properly Take care of I
your kidneys is now the physicians
advice to his patients
Nowhere were the saints and witch
es more cordially welconied that at
the home of Mrs J B Carlisle where
they held high revelry on All Hallow
een night The house was a bower of
loveliness for their reception Yellow I
and black the witches own colors
were used throughout the decorations
and black cats bats and lack o lan I
terns gave a unique touch
The ghosts were met at the gate by
his ghostly majesty and conducted
into the reception hall where bats
were flying and witches hanging
ready to be burned
Off from this in a dark passageway
was a very cleverly gotten up chamb
er of horrors with its ghosts snakes
cold clammy feelings and rustling
leaves In the parlor the lights burn
ed low and the black cats reigned su
The dining room was beautiful in
black and gold marigole and spt
cies of yellow jessamine being used
in rich profusion
The decorations of the table were
admirably displayed a compliment to
the hostess and her able assistants
In a beautiful nook on the piazza
that beggars description a very be
witching witch dispensed from a pic
turesque hanging pot a delightful nec
Little Miss Catherine Livingston
was a great addition to the attractive
ness of the surroundings in a very
appropriate dress of black and yellow
covered with white cats
The entertainment was a pretty
compliment tendered by the young la
dies of the Philathea class to the
young men of the Baraca class and i
other friends and was voted by one I
and all to be a perfect succtss
A Guest
J C Goodwin of Reidsville N C
says Bucklens Arnica Salve Is a I
sureenough knocker for ulcers A
bad one came on my leg last summer
but that wonderful salve knocked it
out in a few rounds Not even a scar
remained Guaranteed for piles
sores burns etc Twentyfive cents
at all drug stores
The rooms in the third floor of the
Star building fitted for Housekeeping
are for rent Apply to Mrs E Van
Hood or the Star office
P J Daly of 124 W Congress St
Chicago tells of a way to become
strong He says My mother who I
is old and was very feeble is deriving
so much benefit from Electric Bitters
that I feel its my duty to tell those I
who need a tonic and strengthening J
medicine about it In my mothers
case a marked gain in ilfsh has re j
suited insomnia has been overcome
and she is steadily growing strong i
er Electric Bitters quickly remedy
stomach liver and kidney complaints i
Sold under guarantee at all drug
stores 50c I
All dog licenses are now due and
must be paid immediately
W C Bull Marshal
1 r
I <
I fI Clothes lori Mcli y J
i J t
The time has arrived for your new suit or pants 0
In buying clothes the first thing to consider is the fit aad t = < +
then the price By dealing with me you have both 11
i <
I On all my visits to New York I have taken factory train > t
i ing in the art of measure taking from men who make the clothes z
Every garment r turn out must be tailored by men and s >
finished by hand
I have a large selection of samples and can suit the most x
i skeptical j >
I For the next few days I will have on display in mYs q1Jilf
window a few samples of the latest creations in mens clothing i
I My prices are really lower than readymade clothing
quality and workmanship considered t
The prices are 335 to t 250for Pants made to order Y 7 C
1200 to 4500 for Suits made to order Jk C
1250 to H00for Overcoats made to order
l fi I
j But for 1750 to 2500 I <
o make you an all wool 2 Ri
j j suit that in style fit workmanship and general appearance J
j wilt excel anything you can get elsewhere for 25 to 3 5 j s
A r
j Smart Clothes I I
j i o es lr jJ
I J Y oO A i tlii tw r
i t
I 4 l Y A J
I Are the kind you get by V v W f
I 1 1 J
placing your order with q i
I d
I the Master Tailors of j
j h U11 I Tt
j America 4ftfIt
i J I
i iiI1 Their offering of styles llit r 1Jl X
i and fabrics IS big enough i A iJ tr > j < t
i 5wi
suit the tastes of all IL7 < < < ito
a i ie i r
whether one be strictly JK r 1
v if r 1C <
conservative or with ultra I r i F
> ji
Iii inclinations t 11V i
1 The prices popular 7 1 1 1 Yj o1
n W e prices are fJt t r
x A o and as varied as the fabrics d ot ui i r
I Ir > tlfj t < L
nes 1 u T i9 < 1
J I t l fPj
T iL LESS of the COST <
I every suit or overcoat is + II ti
T tailored with the
1r same
i I i precision IfO
4 1
f The reputation of Taylor the Tailor assures perfec t x ° l j
I tion in every detail from the quality of the fabric to >
the handmade buttonholes It vL
Polite and prompt service is assured to T every patron j I f P I L i
< <
REMEMBER the advantage in having your clothes made and de 2
signed expressly for you You can have them made any style you w
want Anything thai can be made on to a garment will be put on to f
suit your individual taste You dont have to wear a suit fsst like <
your neighbor Should you desire I will give you the exclusive wearing t I
of your choice and I have only 800 patterns to select from
As for fit I can easily refer you to over 200 satisfied customers that r
I measured last season c =
Now for the shape retaining qualities Have you ever thought off O
how soon a handmedown loses its
My clothes are guaranteed to hold their shape I will also reline
every coat free of charge if the lining wears out within one year
Last but not least remember that are + >
you are not asked to pay me for
a garment till you are perfectly satisfied with it in every respect J µ
No charge for showing samples and quoting prices f +
Yours for better clothes
Y it1
Variety Store Jo I d
During the holding of the State W
C T U convention in Ocala from I
November 10th to 13th there will be
a gold medal contest and all children j
are eligible We would suggest as I
many of our children as possible en
ter the contest so as to make it in i
teresting j
Nunnallys After Dinner Mints 25
cents the box at the Postolfice Drug i
store i
R C Davis 8 Co of Jacksonville I
handle silk typewriter ribbons 75c
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1 t
THOMAS WILSON Proprietor s
F 1
t t

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