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1 c Q
C L Bittinaer and R R Carroll
Editors and Publishers
C L ilTTlNGER Editor
f R CARROLL uiineu Manaper
Tee Evening Star will Issue an
Easter edition Friday or Saturday af
ternoon The edition will be the best
and handsomest we have ever Issued
The covers will be or heavy enameled
book paper the advertisements hand
somely Illustrated and printed In col
ors The front page Is a very hand
some color design appropriate to the
Bfcason The Inside pages either eight
or twelve In number sevencolumn In
size will contain several original ar
ticles by local writers and many pret
ty Illustrations The Star has secur
ed a largo number of handsome right
uptonow cuts for Its advertisers In
this Issue and sterotyped these cuts
from mats on Its new sterotyplng out
fit I the advertising man does not
get to see you and you want space
for spring and summer advertising In
this Issue get your copy In as early
as possible
The daughter G W Bowne of In
diana who came here several days
ago to look for her father returned
home this morning Her father left
his home to come to Leroy Marlon
county to take up a homestead and
since which time he has not been
r heard from The lady understood her
father left a very valuable property
In Marlon county but her Investiga
tion disabused her mind of this
Tho lady who was seeking her
S father Is Mrs JUlia McCracklln of
Pimento Ind Any Information regard
Ing her father Geo W Bowne will be
gratefully received by her I her
father Is living he is 77 years of age
r At the Baptist church yesterday
Pastor Carroll preached one of his
eloquent soulstirring sermons to a
largo and Intensely appreciative au
dience His theme was the earthly
temple of King Solomon a a type of
the spiritual temple taught by the
Apostle Paul In hli discourse ho
gave a minute account of the build
ing of the temple at Jerusalem the
number of men employed and how
they were classified and emphasized
the fact that during the whole seven
yars of Its construction there was
perfect harmony among the army of
workmen and held the same need of
harmony to be a fundamental prin
ciple of good church fellowship The
choir was augmented by several vol
unteer ant rfchflered some very fine
music The baritone solo of Mr Hall
Face to Face was certainly beau
tiful in tone and expression and was
much enjoyed T > y all the large con
gregation present V I
Mr Geo H Chappm and wife of
Boston who have been guests of the
Ocala House for several days left this
afternoon for Gainesville Mr Chap
pin is the editor and proprietor of the
Health Resort a Boston publication
that makes a specialty of promoting
health resorts and the hostelrles of
S the samo He has been coming to
Florida for years became enamored
or the state has a delightful winter
homo at I St Augustine wjiere he
spends a month or two each season
Sunday Mr and Mrs Chappin attend
ed services tthe Baptist and Meth
odist churches and were delighted
with the 51 ermons they heard
Dr J C Boozer has on display at
the Commercial Bank a sack Of lyon
S beans sent him for distribution by the
Gainesville Experimental Station They
are of the white and black varieties I
last named color
Tho were given the
Marion Farms for experimentation
The beans greatly resemble the velvet
bean The doctor also received a lot
of Spanish peanuts each pod con
taining three well developed kernels
Dr Boozer has a freak ear of corn at
the bank sent up by some one at Bel
Icview Onethird of the grains on the
cob arc blood red and the rest Ivory
The veteran Alexander McQuaig
who suffered such agony from cancer
died at Fort McCoy on the 17th of
March He had reached the ripe old
age of 85 During the war he was
a gunsmith In the Confederate ser
vice He was born In North Carolina
moved to Georgia when a young man
served during the civil war from that
state and for the last fifty years has
resided at Fort McCoy
The following are competitors for
Dr J C Boozers corn prizes namely
Herman Owens Emmet Riley Hayden
Owens Elmer Park W W Willough
by Lyon Sanders and Gordon Moor
head all of Ocala Banks Flewellen
McIntosh Charles and Miller Mixson
MIcanopy Stafford Stokes Frank
Jennings arid Wheaton Sarter Fair
field George Dansby Reddick
The Boosters Club of Eustis elect
F ed Its officers last week to carry on
the work ot the club namely to boost
Eustii one of the most delightful vil
lages in the state I is their purpose
to secure 200 members for their club
and are already preparing to make the
2nd of February the greatest day in
the history of the town
The Tampa Tribune of Sunday con
tains the premium list awarded by
the judges of the late State Fair held
In that city The state appropriation
not yet paid is 515000 for the late
fair also 15000 appropriated for the
fair of 1907 also not paid by the state
The awards for premiums Is J1560575 I
The amount over 15000 is assumed
by the fair management and will be
paid by them
Miss Sadie Ench who made a dem
onstration at the Teapot Grocery of
the fine products of the National Bis
cuit Company Friday and Saturday
left for her New York home Sunday
S While here she was the guest of Mrs
Barsc whose husband is one of the
popular representatives of this house
Mr Smmons of Kansas City who
IK interested in the mining of phos
phate at Bay City was in town Sat
urday the guest of Mr B J Potter
Mr Robert March sawyer at the
S McDowell lumber and crate mill at
Oak spent Sunday with his family in
Now that Easter Is near you should
see those suits coats and pants for
men and boys All the latest shapes
and colors H B Masters Co 45
One of the unexpected happenings
at the State Press meeting at St Au
gustine was the conversion of Editor
Willis n Powell late owner of the 1
St Petersburg Independent I all
came about by a beautifully prepared
prayer which the rector of the Epis
copal church read on the evening
when the people of St Augustine gave
an entertainment for the delectation
of the visiting editors The incident
was the more remarkable because the
rector did an unusual thing read his
prayer something along spiritual lines
that Is seldom seen or heard these
das As intimated the prayer was
a very beautiful and touching one the
sentiments were fine and noble and
the diction employed to express the
heartfelt thoughts of Its autnor was
Indeed Addisonian Now Powell has
roamed the world over seen all peo
po of the earth and experienced all
climes and ft remained for him to visit
the oldest city or the American con
tinent and of these United States and
have his heart touched by the simple
but touching and appealing words of
a plain every day Episcopal rector
Now this evidence was equally start
ing to the association for I was al
of Powells telling As no one had
suspected up to that hour that Powell
had experienced a change of heart
but that he had hiS own words are in
evidence by getting up In open session
and requesting that the prayer as read
be made a part of the proceedings of
the meeting of the Press Association
and the same be embodied in the of
ficial published report In making
this modest request Mr Powell said
he had never heard a prayer that so
touched him as that one did He had
always believed in the application of
the sentiments expressed in it name
ly that the power of the press should
never be abused that its primal
thought and purpose was to clothe the
misdeeds of the world with a mantle
of charity to speak ill of or misrep
resent on one if you couldnt say a
gOod word of a person to remain sil
ent but to push and smile that oth
ers might be Induced to do the same
and was free to confess that prayer
had fully converted him and so im
pressed was he with I he asked for
its publication so he could always
have I with him as a memorial of the
last meeting he ever expected to be
present with the state association as
his face would shortly be set toward
the Golden Horn where In a little
while he would again take up the bur
dens and pleasures of journalism and
speed his declining days in the Occi
dent free from the cares and vexations
tions incident to the fact that his for
tune he had made in the newspaper
business at St Petersburg pleasantly
assured him The editor of the Star
noting the state of mind and heart ot
Powell a prime favorite with every
member of the association moved and
it was seconded that the association
have printed in the highest type of i
the art preservative of all arts the I
prayer and the same be sent to Mr
Powell in his Pacific Coast home with
the best wishes of the association The
Incjden was so unique and Impressive
and withal so rare in its happening
that It marks an epoch in the history
of association Among the pleas
ures of the meeting of the association
was the greeting of Mr Edgar the fa
mous Short Talks man of the TU
Jacksonville No one column of the
paper is more eagerly scanned each
day than is that one devoted by Mr
Edgar to Short Talks In which he
invariably has some kindly but point
ed paragraph referring to an Item
round in the state press Mr Edgars
words are not only kindly but his
spirit is of the broad and tolerant
kind without discrimination or bias
and when he dissents from opinions
expressed he does i in a spirit and
tone that leaves the effect of a ben
ediction spoken Mr Edgar was call
ed on for a speech but said his health
had not been of the best and desired
to be excused but the urgency with
which the members insisted he should
talk brought forth remarks along
lines already indicated that were In
deed cheerful and helpful to every
newspaper man present By the way
the Star heard with sincere regret
that Mr Edgar was taken suddenly
ill while in St Augustine and had to
be taken to Jacksonville We trust
for the genial and kindly gentleman a
speedy recovery Another person we
were deeply Interested In but only
knew by reputation was W Livingston
Larnerd the versatile writer on the St
Augustine Record He is equally at
home In prose or poetry and his sev
eral columns a day In that excellent
publication are replete with wit
humor and wisdom and
are a delight
and inspiration to all who peruse
them The amusing part of the Lam
erd personality was his age We had
always imagined him a venerable sear
and philosopher with plentiful streaks
of the youthful spirit which resides in
writers of good appetite and good di
gestion and judge of our surprise
when he was introduced at the editors
banquet as the goungcst man of the
Faber pushers who looked more like
twenty than eighty Ere we sit down
a word about Harry Brown the able
editor and manager of the St Augus
tine Record who certainly did him
Dlf proud In his efforts to make the
meeting a success in ever particular
and what he did for the boys and girls
of the state press was 0 plenty In
seeing that their every want was sup
plied and every hour In their visiting
home moments of ethical and social
delight May he ever be the genial
generous and kindly and knightly Har
ry Brown he has shown himself to be
and his shadow never grow less for
t the memory halls of the editors
present he will truly occupy a niche
of fame and a sweet remembrance
that time will not efface Heres to
Harry Record Brown and the S1 Augustine
I am prepared to take any job of
painting no matter how large or how
small or how fine the work desired
may be I have the material brushes
and knowledge to paint and do It
right Houses painted inside and out
Graining gilding hard oil finishing
varnishing and lettering and sign
painting Taste and skill guaranteed
Write a card care Camp Phosphate
Company or leave word at the Star
office E W Fillyaw Ocala Fla tf
I receive every day from Crystal
River choice oysters both inside and
Gulf oysters salt and fresh water fish
and mullet I can give you the best
In fish any oysters fresh and prompt
ly delivered Phone 219 city market
second stall on the lest 120tf
FOR SALE Wagon and good mule
Will work anywhere Lochble House
Orange Lake Fn D A Harman 12t
j 5 j
Miss Virginia Carter Lost Her Life
When Her Historic Home was
Winchester Va April 5Thss Vir
gInIa Carter the young daughter of
Reese B Carter burned to death in a
fire which destroyed her home Yellow
House at Rest this county one of the
most historic structures in the state
Both Mr and Mrs Carter were badly
burned in a futile effort to save tbeir
daughter They are expected to recover
Yellow House was more than 299
years old and was the scene of many
notable events during revolutionary
and civil war times General George
Washington stopped there while on his
way to Braddocks relief at Fort
Duquesne and during the conflict be
tween the states It was the home of
Miss Rachel Wright whose Information
ton to General Sheridan was of such
value to the Federal army during ht
valley campaign that Congress voted
her a gold medal in appreciation of her
services The origin of the fire which
destroyed the historic pile is un
And Ion Farris Seems Sure to Win the
Tallahassee April 5 William MaC
Williams of St Johns county is ex
pected to retire from the race for the
speakership of the house today leav
ing what is considered a clear field
for I L Farris of Duval I is gener
ally believed here that Farris will be
elected on the first ballot Joseph
Humphries of Manatee and F M Hud
son of St Lucie seem to be tied for
presidency of the senate
In response to a request for tho
nicknames for the various states the
Georgian presents them below
Alabama Cotton State
Arkansas Bear State
California Golden State
Colorado Centennial State
Connecticut Nutmeg State
Delaware Blue Hen State
Florida Peninsular State
Georgia Cracker State and Empire
State of the South
Illinois Sucker State
IndIanaHoosier State
Kansas Sunflower State
Kentucky Blue Grass State
Louisiana Pelican State
MainePIne Tree State
Maryland Old Lime State
Massachusetts Bay State
Michigan Wolverine State
Mississippi Bayou State
Minnesota Gopher State
I MontanaStub Toe State
Nevada Silver State
I New Hampshire Granite State
I New Jersey Jersey Blue state
New YOrkEmpire State
North Carolina Old North State
North Dakota Fllckertaii State
Ohio Buckeye State
OregonBeaver State
Pennsylvania Keystone State
Rhode IslandLittle Rhody
South Carolina Palmetto State
South DakotaSinge Cat State
Tennessee Big Bend State
xasLone Star State
Vermont Green Mountain State
Virginia Old Dominion State
Washington Chinook State
West VirginiaPanhandle State
Wisconsin Badger State
to V A Chisholm of Tredwell N Y
now His reason is well worth read
ing For a long time I suffered from
indigestion torpid liver constipation
nervousness and general debility he
writes I couldnt nleep had no ap
petite nor ambition grew weaker
every day In spite of all medical
treatment Then used Electric Bit
ters Twelve bottles restored all of
my old time health and vigor Now I I
can attend to business every day Its I
a wonderful medicine Infallible for
stomach liver kidneys blood and
nerves SOc at all druggists
Daily Consular and Trade Re
ports for March 15 issued by the
Bureau of Manufacturers Department
of Commerce and Labor gives under
the heading Cuban Orange Grow
ing a report from Consul General
James L Rodgers of Habana in
which as a secondary heading says
misleading reports of promotion
companies are corrected Competition
tion from Cuba is hardly a matter for
apprehension among citrus fruit
growers of Florida for a table
shows the approximate cost of a crate
of oranges from tree to consumer if
sent to New York to be 7 The
average New York price on Cuban or
anges of good variety during the pro
ductive season runs from 150 to 2
the latter figure being for carefully
selected fruit per crate of SO pounds
weight consul General Rodgers
writes This cost of 173 per crate
represents no item of cost for for cul
tivation fertilization labor taxes In
surance living expenses or Interest
upon the investment he says further I
The freight to to New York is given
as 30 cents and the duty as 64 cents
Nearly 40 per cent of the trees in he
citrus groves of Cuba are grapefruit
a small percentage lemons and the I
future for these is said to be some
I what brighter But the whole report
is discouraging to American invest
Union ment In Cuban citrus culture Times
Ten years experience References
any music teacher in Ocala any
music house in Jacksonville Phone
32S A M Lansford city 1Stf
One of the greatest conveniences f
about the house Is one ot those Amer
ican Electric Smoothing Irons Heat
ed In a minute an even temperature
never soiled or smoked Get your wife
mother or sister one of them TWO
sizes and prizes Ask H W Tucker
to show them to you
Free tuitions free room rent re
dued boarding and railroad rates to
teachers and prospective teachers tak
ing review courses at Stetson Normal
School March 31st to June 1st For
particulars address Director A L L
Suhrle DeLand Fa
FOR SALE Orangfi grove at South
Lake Weir now in full bloom Your
choice of a 5 S or 10acre grove at a
bargain for the next few days Come
see me at once W N Wilson South
Lake Weir 3132t
LOAN WANTED Party wishes to
borrow 700 to 1000 on good real estate
tate security Address in writing
Loan care Star office 34
Ointments for Catarrh that Contain
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering I
through the mucous surfaces Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phys
icians as the damage they will do is
tenfold to the good you can possibly
derive from them Halls Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney
Co Toledo Ohio contains no mer
cury and Is taken Internally acting
directly on the blood and mucous sur
face of the system In buying HaLTs
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the gen
uine I is taken internally and made
In Toledo Ohio by F J Cheney
Co Testimonials flee Sold by drug
gists Price The per bottle Take
Halls Family Pills for constipation
Washington April 3Mrs William
I Taft Is learning to run an automo
bile and according to report is mak
ing headway at it Every morning
during the last week a runabout has
been driven up to the front door of
the Vhle House in charge of an ex
l ert chauffeur and Mrs Taft has gone i
out riding for an hour or more I
now transpires that she learning I
I how to run it herself and it is said
th runabout is agif to her from a
I friend More women run their auto
mobiles In Washington than In any
other city in the country
I have opened a store between the
laundry and market where I will buy
and sell all kinds of junk such as
old metal bones hides bagging tal
low barrels rubber etc etc I will
also buy and sell secondband fur
niture and repair furniture stoves
etc An experienced man with all
tools and facilities for doing repair
work will be In charge of the repair
department and satisfaction is guar
anteed See me if you Irave anything
to soil or repair E J Decker I
3166t Phone 241
One of Ocalas best boarding houses
I you want something good to eat and
large well ventilated rooms to sleep I
in bath room both city and well wa
ter For particulars call on or ad J
dress Mrs LoS er No 36 North Main
street 39lntf
We assure our brother of the Pen
sacola Journal that when we said
that it was tremendously cold In
Dakota it was very far from our in
tention to cost a slur at the north
west The soil of Dakota IS fertile
we admit i but Jerusalem It Is tre
mendously cold up there Wheat
doubtless selte there for110 a bush
el we have no dQubt of J but Great
Scott how COLD I Is there We ac
cept the statement of our brother
that farmers ride to market in three
thousanddollar automobiles but even
this fact doesnt refute our state
ment that I is TREMENDOUSLY
COLD there Jasper News
Which being the case it is wise for
the aged and Infirm to stick to Phair
Phlorida with its phountaln of youth
and phosphates phrults and phlowers
galore Now mind this is not a di
rect acquasation that Editor Caldwell
is to be numbered among the centen
arians of the state and empowered
to usurp the throne now occupied by
him of Ocala the acknowledged
Nestor of the press but why the
mischief does he not relieve our sus
pense by saying how old Ann is any
way Pensacola Journal
Have you neglected your kidneys
Have you overworked your nervous
system ana caused trouble with your
kidneys and bladder Have you pains
in loins side back groins and blad
der Hav4 you a flabby appearance
of the face especially under the eyes
Too frequent a desire to pass urine
I so Williams Kidney Pills will cure
you Sold by the Antllunopoly
i I Drugstore I
Sutherland Fa Mar 4 1909
The Florida Fruit and Truck Grower
Gentlemen I wish to say through
the columns of your paper that there
has been a mistaken Idea started this
winter as to the value of Hicks death
dope white fly destroyer by spraying
with a solution too weak as I takes
a solution a third or more stronger to
get any rults in winter than it does
in summer
I do not advocate using death dope
at all during the winter months I
should be used any time from the
fIt of April to the first of Novem
ber and I will guarantee that if the
growers will spray their trees at least
three times during the seven months
that they will put their trees beyond
any possible harm of the ravages of
the white Jly ar keep their fruit
clean Anyone doubting the virtue of
death dope I will refer them to Mr
Mr E A Hoxey and Mr C wi
Springstead of St Petersburg Fla
and will furnish other references
wil furIsh o on I
application p
I am now putting in machinery in
Tampa Fla for the manuTacture and
mixing of death dope and will be glad
to hear from any grower who Is In
terested In saving his grove
The solution should be during sum
mer four quart 4 qts to fifty gal
lons of water
Resp yours C W HICKS
Sutherland Fin
We often wonder how any person
can be persuaded into taking any
thing but Foleys Honey and Tar for
coughs colds and lung trouble Do
lot bo fooled into accepting own
make of other substitute The gen
uine contains no harmful drugs and
is In a yellow package Sold by all
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of South Florida Naval
Stores Company will be held In the of
fices of the company on the morning
of Wednesday April 7th 1909 at 10
ocloclc for the transaction of such
oclocK transcton
business as may come before said
meeting R S Hall President
E E Rpbjnson stanxjSecretary
run today and Wednesday next week
Our pound paper Is the best wa
have ever had New lot just in Come
in and see it The Poatofflce Drug
store S
Woodmen m et next Friday night
I d
> >
Henry S1 Yves Won the International
Marathon DerbyDorando was
Second and Longboat
Dropped Out i
New York April 4Henri St Yves
of France won the international Mara
ton deb for professional runners at
the National League baseball park
here yesterday Dorando Peltrl of Italy
was second John J Hayes of New
York third and Matthew iltloney of
Yonkers X Y fourth
Tom Longboat the Canadian Indian
quit the track in the twentieth mile
and Alfred Shrubb of England gave
up In the twentyfifth mie Both were
completely exhausted in trying to keep
up the terrible pace set by the French
man Shrubb made a game struggle
from the twentieth to the twentyfifth
mile but the pace was too fast and
the distance too fa for him
S t Yves the almost unknown who
figured but little in the forecast of the
racer covered the Manathon distance
26 miles 3S5 yards in 2 hours 40
minutes 50 35 seconds a remarka
ble performance under the conditions
and finishing with a fast spring in
good condition Dorando was four
minutes Ii 35 seconds behind the
Frenchman while Hayes followed the
Italian across the finish line three
minutes and fifty seconds later No
time was taken on Maloney the fourth
St Yves took 5000 of the prize
money Dorando 2500 Hayes 1500
and Maloney 1000 Shrubb and
Longboat go unrewarded for their
brave efforts
There are the net results of the
greatest Marathon race ever run In
America and In all except in point of
numbers of contestants the greatest
ever run anywhere
Nursing Mothers and
Orerburene Worn ci
In all stations of Ufe whose vigor and
vitality may have been undermined and
broken down by overwork exacting
social duties tho too frequent bearing of
children or other causes will find In Dr
PIerce Favorite Prescription the most
potent Invigorating restorative strength
giver ever devised for their special bene I
fit Nursing nothers wTK find especial
ly valuable iKsustalnlng ell strength
and pronotingXn undant nourishment
for the child KxpVctantjnprbfirs too
will find it a pricelessHjQfrsTWpi ej7J ce the
system for babys coming and r Ing
tho ordeal comparatively paInless j
cm I n nn hr jq any state or condition
of the female system
indicate nervous weak women who
suffer from frequent headaches back
ache draggingdown distress low down
In the abdomen or from painful or Irreg
ular distressed
monthly periods gnawing or
tressed pros stomach dizzy or
faint spells see imaginary specks or spots
floating before eyes have disagreeable
S pelvic catarrhal drain prolapsus ante
version or retrdverslon or other displace
ments of womanly organs from weakness
of parts will whether they experience
many or only 8 few of the above symp
toms find relief and a permanent symp
using faithfully and fairly persistently
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription
This worldfamed specific for woman
weaknesses and peculiar ailments is a
pure glyceric extract of the choicest na
tive medicinal roots without a drop of
alcohol in its makeup All its ingredi
ents printed in plain English on its bottle
wrapper and attested under oath Dr
PIerce thus invites the fullest Investigation
tion of his formula knowing that I will
0 found t contain only the best agents
known t tho most advanced medical
science of all the different schools of prac
tice for tho cure of womans peculiar
weaknesses and ailments
I you want to know more about the
composition and professional endorse
ment of the Favorite Prescription send
postal card request t Dr U V Pierce
Buffalo N Y Ihis free booklet treat
Ing of same
You cant afford t accept as a substi
tute for this remedy qfjcnown compoattion
a secret nostrum of unknown competi
tion Dont do if
On account of the above occasion
the Seaboard Air Line Railway will
sell round trip tickets Ocala to Jack
sonville on April 17th and 18th good
to return to and including April 21st
at 42H For full information and
sleeper reservations call on any agent
Seaboard or write to S C Boylston
Assistant General Passenger Agent I
Jacksonville FIn
that outdoor exercise Is needed by
the American people Thats all very
well but how can people with rheu
matism follow that advice The ans
wer Is very simple use Ballards
Snaw Liniment and the rheumatism
will go leaving you as spry a a colt
Gives quick and permanent Tel f
from rheumatism neuralgia lame
back and all pals Sold by the Anti
Monopoly Drug Store
The launch Merry Widow with
canopy top safe swift and comforta
ble Is for hire at Silver Springs
either for a short trip on the run for
a moonlight excursion or picnic to
points on the river or for long trips t
Palatka or Jacksonville A careful
pilot and skilled engineer always in
charge of the boat Orders should be
booked several days ahead to make
sure of an engagement Call on R D
Mathews at the Ocala Steam Laundry
or phone him at No 101 324tf
New York April 3The stork i
alighted on a northbound Ninth aven
ue elevated train yesterday and Mrs
Lena Josephs is the mother of a fine
bab boy When the
baby news spread
through the cars that a wee visitor
was about to arrive an official of the
I interborough Rapid Transit Company
who chanced to be aboard had the
train emptied and shunted to the mid
dle track where I was converted into
a temporary hospital An ambulance
was summoned and mother and baby
were taken away
I would have been a cripple for life
from a terrible cut on my knee cap
writes Frank Disberry Kelliher
Inn without Bucklens Arnica
Salve which soon cured me I falli
ble for wounds cuts and bruises i
soon cures burns scalds old sores
boils skin eruptions 1 rids best I
for pies 25c at all druggists
FOR SALE A good heavy horse
1200 pounds good worker and fiffne
drer strong onehorse wagon near
ly new Will sell cheap for cash Ap
ply to B A Mosher South Lake WeIr
Fla 325tf
FOR SALE Prize winning chufa
seed took prize at Marion County
Fair Price U per bushel G D
Turner Pine Fin 323t
5 L wL1iL 1
C < E
There are many ways in which it serves the i
public but the one now most valuable Jil
ublc te mot p r <
haps is t help with loans We willjneettlife > + c
neecis of conservative borrowers F r t I
S The Munroe Chambliss Batipt l 4 Jf J
TTNuroePns Z C CitaWiss Y Prss L EGrCuk1ti
Remarkable Difference In Appearance
of Packagas S Compare with
Those from California
While in Baltimore recently official
business took Trie through the whole
saling district ot this distributing
center of a large section of the United
States My attention was attracted to
a large shipment of Florida oranges
and grapefruit standing near a like
shipment recently received from California
forum and the remarkable difference
In the of the
i appearance packages
from the two states
I spent nearly two hours among the
commission merchants who deal In
produce and who take a great deal of
the fruits and vegetables of Florida a
well a California fruit This was
during the last week in February and
on that day California oranges were
selling fat In advance of Florida stock
and with a much better demand In
discussing the various reasons for
I this difference In the remarkable
range of prices the commission mer
chants appeared deeply Interested and
I Is evIdent tat most of them had
been making a rultless effort to In
duce more care In packing selecting
and shipping on the part of the Florida
producer I was the general opinion
that the Florida product was in every
way the equal of that of California
wIt the exception of carrying quail
ties and that Florida oranges would
reach the California standard of
prices If the proper care and a higher
standard of business proficiency was
I found that the first objection in a
majority of the character
majoriy cases was charcter
of the package While most ot us
from Florida claim that the Florida
orange package Is In every way an
Improvement on the California crate
like box commission men claim that
the California package Is superior In
many ways a few of which are given
1 The open package permits of a
better view of the fruit
2 I is more pliable and the top
pieces not being nailed to the center
piece permits of a bulging allowing
free circulation and preventing he
bruising of the fruit
3 Tl ere Is a better circulation of
air and a consequent better insurance
against rotting
There was nQtf commission tman
who did not prefer the California
package and some of them were em
phatic In their contention that the
ForId orange box should be remod
eled This they claim could easily
be done by cutting the veneered side
pieces Into three parts and nailing
separately with at least an Inch al
lowance for air I was also contend
ed that the top pieces should not be
nailed to the center But i this were
done some questioned the ability of
a package thus constructed to with
stand the severe handling which Flor
ida produce of all kinds receive
While the California fruit travels a
greater distance to compete with the
Florida fruit in the Eastern markets
it is all shipped carloadlots and is
never rehandlea a Is frequently the
case with the Florida fruit and es
pecially that which Is sent north by
water transportation
Carrying Qualities of Florida Fruit
That the Florida orange Inferior
to the California fruit as to carrying
qualities there is no question This
condition has been brought about
through years of careful study In Cal
IfornIa and applying the needed rem
edies In the growing of the fruit In
California the orange growers study
ever condition referring to cultiva
tion and scientific methods are more
generally applied than in Florida
This has resulted in perfecting the
carrying qualities of the fruit
The Lack ef Organization
Commission merchants tell me that
In California the fruit growers sys
tem of organization ISM perfect and
as general as I is possible to make i
and that their dealing with the California
fornia fruit growers is mainly
through this organization This gives
every grower an equal showing for
the fruit Is graded In California and
Is not subject to the criticism of the
nan in the East A shipment of Flor
ida fruit from the same grove packed
In the same packing house by the
same methods and In every way uni
form may be consigned to two differ
ent commission houses and retums of
their sales may show that the two
commission merchants differ a to
grade and price Not so with Califor
nia fruit where the pool system Is
adhered t and where every grower Is
exactly on the same footing Com
mission men of Baltimore claim that
they see a decided advantage in this
perfect organization for the grower
and themselves favor It But in this
connection the commission men of
Baltimore have seriously neglected
their own interests In precisely the
same way There Is no organization
among tho commission merchants of
Baltimore and no united effort ij be
ing put forth to Improve the trade
from their standpoint or from the
standpoint of the shipper and to the
honest commission merchant the In
terests of the shipper and the com
mission merchant are Identical There
Is a socalled organization but it
i deals only In matters of credit and
I trade protection within the immediate
Methods ef Packing
Commission merchants are loud In
thei condemnation of the loose meth
od employed by the Florida shippers
in the packing of fruit One of the
largest produce merchants said
This matter of packing fruit works
such great evil to the producer that
It is a serious question in disposing of
fruit and frequently places the com
mission man at a disadvantage I <
can show you fruit from ten different
growers in Florida and I will venture
the statement now that every pack
age is faulty as to the pac g and
especially as to sizes ThesFIOrIda
fruit grower will pack fruit of several
sizes in one box and frequently the
box 1 not complete at times at least
five oranges being lacking to mae a
full box The retailer knows this and
l I I Florida oranges he buys he in
sists reduction In the
sIst upon a reducton te major
Ity of cases no matter where the fruit
comes from and how carefully Is
packed the fact that It is from F
Ida Is sufficient to cause the retailer
to seek this allowance Another thins
is careless handling In the pkclclRg
house Some of the fruit when I
reaches here appears to have been
thrown from one end or the packing
house to the other Growers cannot
be too careful In handling the Florida
orange I know of cases and have
seen them with my own eyes where
the sizer used permitted it drop t > r
several feet You cannot expect fruit
thus handled to carry 5 >
This commission merchant opened
five boxes of Florida oranges and with v
the exception of one box shipped by xtV
the Ronnoc grove of New Smyrna all ii
of them were faulty and exceedingly
so The grove mentioned had quite
a large shipment of fruit on the Bal
tlmore market and the fact was noted
that the appearance of the brand
printed on the package was worth
considerable The commission mer >
chant states that the care exercised
by this gore has created a demand j
for that particular brand of fruit and
ha been worth several hundred dol
lars to theown this season r
Shipment of Green Fruit o
Commission men claim that the
shipment of green fruit works a great
injury on the Florida industry I Is 3
claimed however that the FIorhIa
fruit does not color as earlyas
California fruit and than even rtl >
rind be green the Inside is of a rlc 1m
color and mature This haoldentlyh
led a great many to send In their f ruitj
too green and too early and It Is Jnt > > f
teresting to know how only one small r
shipment of this character wilt t ct t >
the Florida fruit for the entire i69
son One commission merchant re i
ferred to a customer who purchased i
Florida fruits from him for years arid I
who has been buying only California
fruit this season because he was bit
by green fruit early In the year One
merchant claimed that three carloads
of green fruit diverted from Balti
more to Pittsburg early in the scao i
practically ruined the prospects for
Florida fruit in that city for theXC
tire season There appears to hiI l
been more green fruit shipped hls
season than ever before s
The fact that one shipper may
seriously cripple an entire Industry by
placing green fruit on theanarket was
the subject for general discussion S
among the commission merchants of
Baltimore They claim that this has
teen done and that the legislature of j
the state should not permit a few
growers of fruit to do their neighbors
so grievous an injury
Other Florida Produce t
On the day I visited Baltimore there
were shipments of lettuce from
Gainesville and Sanford a few Flor
Ida beans and tomatoes < < In referring t
to the packing of these vegetables the
suggestion was made that the square
crate for lettuce was muchbetter r
than the basket and that I was only
a question of time wheh dealer
In the Eastern markets would insist
upon the elimination of the haSket ta
The method or shipping and pack
ing in cars was discussed Commls 5
sion mel claim that the only correct
way to pack oranges In 3 c tlst
stand the boxes on end and that when
this Is not done the difference In Ine
quality of the fruit when It reaches i
the market Is readily noted I Is for 3
this reason that the commission men
are advising all rail shipments a
much as it Is to prevent rehandllng < x
There Is considerable Interest In
this question of organization marii
tested at the marketing center And
the commission men will welcome 3
good and effective organization In
S Florida But to be effective that or r
gonlzatlon must be general and there
are questions which may enter in a c 9
way to justify legislative action
The most striking result of my In
quiries was to impress me with the i 1
fact that there are a great many i
growers In Florida who are fast driv i
ing the Florida orange from the mar S
ket and costing their stae many bun
lun tf
dred thousand dollars annually Per t
haps the only way to reach this class > i
would be by effectively applying the i
principle that a man has no right to j
make use of hIs property In a way c
that I work Injury to his neIghbors
I would appear that this is the only
remedy which will eliminate green <
fruit from the market TimesUniong J
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