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r V I
C L Bittinger and R R Carroll
Editors and Publishers
R R CARROLL Business Manager
Honeys Boys at the armory drew
a full house laRt night and every piece
on the program was appreciated If ap
plausa and 4 comjillmentary remarks
the concert
are worth anything Erp
began Manager Allen Bridges of the
local lyceum course said that the pres
ent attraction completed the seasons
onterUlnment That next season s
course wan all arranged and would be
th boat ever That season tickets
would remain the same Jo which was
at the reasonable rate of 40 cents an
entertainment but hereafter single
seats would cost 75 cents for each en
tertainment That next season no en
tertainments would be given on pray
er mooting nights and so all who de
sired to attend could come promptly
and at the hour set and In the future
the time announced would be thp time
to bugin the performance If there was
no one In the house but the perform
During th > short Intermission In the
program Henry B Roney of Chicago
the manager and who played the ac
companiments on the piano for the
singers gave ashort history of the
concert company which has been In
existence twentyone years He did I
this because thore were so many ques
tions asked him about the boys where
they dime from how he kept them
well and If colds didnt Interfere with
their singing and If the boys were dif I
ferent from the every day boy of hu
man existence He said they were pot
boys from foundling institutions or
phanagps or those of poor people who
could nfot care for their own The five
boys on the stage that night repre
sented live different states namely
Indiana Illinois Iowa Wisconsin and
South Dakota That they came from
excellent families and were bright am
good but as full of play and mischie
88ft was possible to imagine Their
education secular religious and moral
was well taken care True valuable
years of their lives were spent out of i
the sohool room but their journeys
wore Improved In every way for as
they traveled the land over Including
Canada the British possessions and
Mexico wherever they went every op
postunlty to nee and learn by visiting
libraries hospitals mines factories
and all the important Industries of the
land At Washington they had the
distinction being received by Presi
dent Roosevelt who denied himself to
senators representatives diplomats
etc that he might shake hands wIth
the boys talk with them and hear
them sing He was delighted with
them The boys visited the mints the
navy yard and every department at
Washington the fleet In Hampton
Roads were guests of tho flagship
Connecticut and were royally enter
tained by the officers for whom they
sang It Is part of their daily life to
take noTog of all they see and embody
them in letters to their homes and
friends and the schools they attended
Some oC these letters cover 40 to 60
pages The letters are carefully re
vised before being mailed and many
of tho letters have been read before
the schools of Chicago where 3000
pupils were enrolled In their travels
they read and study their Bibles all
under the supervision of their man
ager So you can readily see by the
time their voices change and Bother
boys must be substituted In their con
cert goup they are well informed
youthsready to continue their studies
In school or go out In the world to
make their mark
Jules Levy was a very proficient
player on the trombone Jeno Huly
was a beautiful player on the violin
They appeared In various uniforms
that of the army Jackles of tho navY
clad as choir boys in which they sang
beautifully and touching McKlnleys
favorite hymn Lead Kindly Light
The Deathless Army was the solo
that endeared Master Tom Dyer to the
audience Tho wedding march from
Lohengrin as sang by Master Earl
Eperscardtwas another marked piece
Master Bartow Dowes distinguished
Umself In singing the Trumpeter
The Girls of Seville sang In costume
accompanied by trombone castanets
and triangle was a very pretty vocal
presentation My Old Kentucky
Home was a great favorite Jerusa
lem was sang with great fervor and
Before appearing In Highland cos
tume nritf singing a Scotch song the
manager gave a very interesting and
instructive account of the Highland
ers Lowlanders and their clans and
buds extending back a thousand
years and the costumes they wore He
said the reason the Highlanders did
not clothe the knees and left it naked
was because pants pressed on their
knees and restricted tho motion and
action of the knee in scaling rough
ragged and high hills and mountains
and strange to say the cold In no way
was uncomfortable to them in this
garb He said the clans ranged all
the way from 4 Oto 1000 persons who
took the name of their lands and
fought bled and died for their leaders
The Roney boys were certainly to
the good and all who attended felt they
had got the worth of their money The
closing song was God be with you till
we meet again and sung so that It
touched all hearts and the audience
dispersed feeling better that they had
been there
While attending the Editorial Con
vention at St Augustine we had the
pleasure of meeting that old Infirm
man Col S L Wailes whose many
years service was given this state
and from his own money under his
contract all expenses were paid by
him to secure for this state the enor
mous sum of JlOS9loS66 on which
by his contract made by Governor
Drew under the great seal of this
state he wag to have been paid fir
teen per cent or 516337379 but
which by the manipulation of a cau
cus forty members of the legislature
repudiated the states obligation and
offered him 12500 and Ool Beards
widow his partner the same
amount All honor to him he declin
ed to accept It but today he Is In
poverty Will this state continue in
this unjust course Will not the
coming legislature give him the right
to go into one of our state courts
and prove his contract and let this
great wrong bo righted What we
know of this mans great work for
our state we got personally from one
of the noblest men this state was al
ways so proud of General Robert
Bullock one of Marion countys
greatest men and that all may know
what he said about It we are going
to print what he said of Col Wailes
service In his testimony before our
own state senate judiciary commit
tee with W A Blount Pensacolas
great lawyer as Its chairman
K or P met Monday evening I
J r I
To Our Brother Editors of Florida
Today we print the testimony of
the noblest Roman of them all Gen
eral Robert Bullock of whom our
county was so proud as were all our
states citizens who had the pleasure
of knowing him on what has become
to this state such a famous case that
of Col S I Wailes who has become
Impoverished by our state refusing to
carry out a contract made by Govern
or Drew under seal by which he
Wailes undertook to and did collect
at his own expense a vast amount for
this state No one who knew Gen
eral Bullocks honesty and Integrity
would for a moment ever question his
statement He left behind him an
affidavit showing that Wailes ex
penses had been up to the date of
their conversation In 1892 23000
While no one claims that the state
though she got 108915866 has ever
paid out one dollar In the way of ex
penses to put this vast amount into
gur treasury As an act of justice
we ask our brother editors as far as
they can to reproduce General Bul
locks testimony Compare this treat
ment to Col Wailes who by his own
work brought the state at his own ex
pense more than a million with that
I other case Governor Bloxham made
I a contract with Governor Perry and
he associated with his Judge Ma
lone to collect the back taxes against
what Is now the Seaboard Air Line
Railway and they ere to be paid 15
per cent on the collection When the
railroad was ready to pay nearly
100000 the same official that de
feated Wailes payment promptly on
receipt of the money from the rail
road paid to Governor Perrys heirs
and Judge Malone the 15 per cent
under their contract with Governor
The Wailes claim Yes that Is corn
ing up again and in our opinion It
ought to come until Mr Walles Is paid
more money than the state has offered
him 25000 for the collection of mon
than a million is a niggardly commis
sion especially when Mr Wailes paid
out most of the 25000 In expenses
Leesburjy Commercial
S H Galtsklll the successful far
mer trucker fruit grower and stocl
raiser sends the Ocala Banner a
marked copy of the Winchester Sun
Sentinel Winchester Md where the
banks of that place bid to handle the
county funds The highest bidder
named 2035 as a premium to recelv
the county deposits In a letter Mr
Galtskill says
Think of the difference it would
make to the tax payers of Marion
county to have the Munroe Cham
bliss Bank and the Commercial Ban
bidding for the treasurers office SO
that they could have the benefits of the
deposits instead of having to pay out
several thousand dollars to a treas
urer See the number of miles of good
roads that could be built with the
money saved
Well Is this not a matter for the
county commissioners to act on One
thing Is certain when those officials
need funds to run the county they have
frequently requested the Ocala bank
to let them know the lowest interest
they would accept for a temporary
loan Now If they have the power to
borrow money and see how favorable
the Interest account will be in open
competition we do not see why they
do not have authority to say what
bank will handle the county funds by
giving the most for the use of said
We are satisfied of one thing We
do believe it would add at least a mile
or two a year of real hard roads to
Marion and would not cost the tax
payers a nickel Why not give it a
We know there would be objections
to this proposition namely that If the
county commissioners took this author
ity they would release the treasurers
bondsmen but they could easily get a
guarantee company to take the ac
count at small cost
It Is gratifying to the many friends
of Senator Baker of Orange Home to
know that he was elected president
pro tern of the senate quite an honor
and an unusual one for a holdover
senator It is equally gratifying to his
constituents of Marion and Sumter
to know that the senator stands very
high with his fellow members of the
senate a man that we can feel proud
of and do
We can now supply a limited quan
tity of our Jersey butter The Hia
watha Lake Dairy
A Most Acceptable
Fresh Shipment Today
4 r
goW =
knows a good thing when he sees It
The proof of the pudding is in eat
ing It and our patrons have long
ago tested our stationery and blank
books of all kinds and of the best
grades of paper We have everything
In sock in writing materials and al
ways have the latest thing out In
books of all kinds
Ocala News Co
5 >
The Work of Their Cause in All Di
rections at Tallahassee
Tallahassee April SThat the pro
hibitionists Intend to put up an active
fight during the session of the legisla
ture Is clearly Indicated b the estab I
lishment of headquarters here and the
presence of several statewide prohi
bitionists at the capital
Rev Brooks Laurence of Alabama
arrived here last night and he will be
a prominent figure In the contest He
on a national reputation In the pro
hibition fight in Alabama He is said I
to be an excellent organizer and his
supporters have great confidence In
his ability
The Requisite Number
At present it does not seem as if
threefifths of the members of both
houses are favorable to the proposed
resolution but everyone here concedes
that there will be a law passed regu
lating the saloon business In Florida
What these regulations art to be tne
luture alone can tell Some radical
changes may be made but many rep
resentatives are noncommittal and
their position cannot at present be de
It is known that a majority of both
houses are antisaloon men but this
does not mean statewide prohibition
Women at Work
The AntiSaloon League and the
W C T IL both have delegations
here The first organization has es
tablished headquarters over J D Cays I
harness store while the latter organ
ization has its headquarters at the
Constantine House
I A otatfwMe prohibition bill was In
I troduced In the senate by Senator
Beard and another prohibiting drink
ing on trains He also offered a me
morial to be sent to Congress asking
that the order of the navy department
closing the Pensacola navy yard be
rescinded This was adopted by the I
senate under suspension of the rules
Senator Flournoy of DeFunlak Intro
duced a resolution calling for the in
vestigation of the state insane asylum
at Chattahoochee by a joint commis
sion Senator McMullen introduced a
bill for state guarantee of bank de
Of Ointments for Catarrh that Contain
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering ii
through the mucous surfaces Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phys
icians as the damage they will do Is
tenfold to the good you can possiblY
derive from them Halls Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney
Co Toledo Ohio contains no mer
cury and is taken internally acting
directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system In buylng alls
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the gen
uine It is taken Internally and made
In Toledo Ohio by F J Cheney <
Co Testimonials free Sold by drug
gists Price 75c per bottle Take
Halls Family Pills for constipation
Jack McCully of Berlin in back from
Tallahassee where he went with his
nephew Harry McCully whom he hop
ed to have elected page of the house
but failed which the Star hears with
regret It seems there was a new deal
all around for page
If your child Is backward in his
studiesdoes not like to study or has
symptoms of headache you will prob
ably find that there is somo little eye
There may be no outward signs of
a defect yet the eyes should be ex
amined to make sure there Is no fault
In them
Eyesight Specialist
Ocala Fla
Office Hours 9 to 12 a m and
130 to 430 p m Optical office and
laboratory rooms 2 and i Gary block
Albert Anson Graham the popular
grocer salesman at the H B Masters
Co will sever his connection with that
firm and transfer his services to the
Weklwa Springs Co of which Judge
W S Bullock Is the head Mr Gra
ham will superintend the shipments of
the spring water a growing demand
for the same having been built up In
the past year Ocala is sorry to lose
so desirable a young man as Mr Gra
ham but the Star wishes him success
in his new field
Geo W Cleveland city sanitary in
spector Is celebrating the 25th anni
versary of his coming to Ocala He
reached the Brick City just 25 years
ago from Xewberry S C with three
cents and a 1 cent postage stamp at
3 oclock on that day on what was then
known as the F C P railroad now
a part of the S A L railway Mr
Cleveland was then heart whole and
faiicy free but two years later married
MIs Turner a sister of Messrs Frank
and George Turner and has prosper
ed ever since in a modest way and
proved a very desirable citizen and a
good city official May Mr Cleveland
live to celebrate the 50th anniversary
of his coming to Ocala
Messrs G F Watson and W B
Stokes of Coleman were in town today
and dined at the Montezuma Mr W
Is one of the most successful truckers
In that section while Mr S Is the liv
eryman of the place and was here to
buy some stock They report Cole
man feeling fine with prospects good
for a big tomato crop as many of the
plants have tomatoes on them as big
as hens eggs While they failed to
get in the second primary for the
county seat they are not cast down
The board of count commissioners
designated Messrs Fort and Mathews
of that body to represent Marion coun
ty at the county commissions good
roads association at its annual meet
ing to be held in Palatka April 27th
Fairfield His April S Adjt Gen
Thomas W Scott died yesterday of
heart failure at his home here
Gen Scott In the civil war served
in the Eighth and Ninetyeighth Il
linois Infantry Jefferson Davis was
captured by a detail under Scott
The Stopr Sediclns
Its name Golden Medical piscovery
suggested by one of Its most Import
ant and valuable Ingredients Golden
Seal root
early forty years ago Dr Pierce dte
covered that he could by the use of pure
trlplereSned glycerine aided by a cer
tain degree of constantly maintained
beat and with the aid oT apparatus and
appliances designed for thai purpose ex
tract from our most valuable native me
dicinal roots their curative properties
much better than by the use of alcohol
so generally employed So the now world
famed Golden Medical Discovery for
the cure of weak stomach indigestion 01
dyspepsia torpid liver or biliousness and
kindred derangements was first made as
It ever single has bXsn without a particle
of alcohol in Its mareup
A glanceVaJXth jfuX list of Its Ingredi
ents printed cnwerv bottlewrapper
will show that It Is roaSfi from the most
valuable medicinal rootsMound growing
In our American forest > J AH those in
gredients have reepivcdthe < trgngpstgn
brsenient from tO 11 In il1 >
tt f rY
t t INt who penpiTTgnd t > prn Ie
tlft rme1ies for thf dl5ay fpr whirr I
J oId en jk 1 tqon pn VIeO J
A1 tU C Tx > ok ol these endorsements h a > > I
been compiled by Dr R V Pierce of
Buffalo 2s Y and will be mailod free to
any one asking same bv postal card or
letter addressed to the Doctor as above
From these bqdorseinents copied from
standard medical books of all the differ
Bat schools of practice it will be found
fiat tSf ingredients composing the Gold
> Mioteil Discovery are advised no
r tU cure of the above mentioned 1
f hut aNo for the cure of all ca 1
ihL bronchial and throat affections I
tcrmnnined with catarrhal discharges
noarsonjss roro throat lingering or
bangoncoughs and all those wasting
affections which if not promptly arM
properly Tinted are liable to t
In consumption Take Dr Pierces Dis
covery n time and persevere in Its we
until you give it a fair trial and it is not
likely to disappoint Too much must not
oe expected > f it It will not porfora
mlraclea It will not cure consiimptioi
In its advanced stages No medicine will
It will cure tho affections that lead up tG
consumption if taken in time
The launch Merry Widow wit
panopy t top safe swift and comforts
ble Is for hire at S1er Spring
either for a short trip on the run for
a moonlight excursion or picnic to
points on the river or for Isms trips to
Palatka or Jacksonville A carefu
pilot and skilled engineer always In
charge of the boat Orders should be
booked several days ahead to make
sure of an engagement Call on R D
Ma thews at the Ocala Steam LAundry
or phone him at No 101 324tf
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bough
Bears the
Signature I
I The Orlando Daily RepppterSta
says that city is showing unreplendid
I I y in Its material progress The cotuv
ell has four more blocks of brlcl
pavement Six miles of cement side
J walks and parked out placed Orlan
Jo has the biggest building boom In
I its history During the past year and
I a half hundreds of thousands of dol
ars have been put in suostantial bus
Iness houses residences and the larg
est business block and arcade ever
erected in the city the Charleston
block Is coins up The water works
and electric light manager says no
town of its size in the state or coun
try regulres such extensive maln
electric and gas service as Orlando
It entertained COOO visitors this sea
son and all were delighted with the
town This is a splendid showing and
the Star congratulates the Phenomenal
lal City on Its onward progress tc
rreatness Ocala fiould sit up and
take notice Thin of it GOftO visitors
during the season And what has done
It Publicity and a propel regnrd for
the welfare and comfort of its visi
tors Is it worth strivin for We
should say yes Why dont Ocala take
a hand In business of this kind
Children especially like Kennedys
Laxative Cough Syrup as it tastes
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flammation thereby stopping the
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Life Assnrasce Society
Of The Unie < rSaes
Resident Aguit
Reminiscences of Reconstructio JDays
The Attempt Convict E M c
Gregg of Violating
Election Laws
Jacksonville Metropolis TIlL
5B M Gregg was killed in Wilming
ton N C on Monday by a falling wall
Th deceased about twenty years ago
I SkI d in Marion county Florida and
aerfrwi as registration officer of that
cwntjr He was indicted in Jackson
vilie by the United States grand jury
and tried for violating the ejection
law many years ago In not registerIng
negroes properly He was most vig
orously prosecuted by District Attor
ney SticRney and aided by the carpet
baggers all ov r the state After be
ing out from Friday until Monday
mistrial was entered Juror Adderhold
of Kissimme a Georgia democrat re
fusing to agree to a Verdict of guilty
The trial was a very sensational one
as negroes were the witnesses agaInst
Gregg and attracted much attention
throughout the state The failure to
convict Gregg was followed after
wards by a fire in the courthouse lo
cated at Bay and Market streets an <
al the papers in the case were de
fctfroyed and he was never again tried
Judge Thomas Settle District Attor
ney Stlckney and manyothers of tha
court since the trial have died We
believe Mr Adderhold still sorvlves
now of Tampa After the trial Mi
I Adderhold said he was awfully abused
I in the jury room cursed and other
wiae ill treated but he remained steadfast
that outdoor exertlse Is needed b
the American people Thats all ver
well but how can people with rheu
matism follow that advice The ans
I wer is very simple use Ballards
Snow Liniment and the rheumatism
will go tearing yoU as spry 1S a cot
Gives quick and permanent relict
from rheumatism neuralgia lanv
Back and gU Iratasr Soldbyrtfae lnf =
Monopoly Drug Store i f t 1 J
I i < i r i j i <
The Government is Trying to DissolV
the Immense Vo
luminous Testimony in the
I Case
St Louis April 8 John G Mllburn
I counsel for the Standard OU Company
I is in charge of the argument for l110
I Standard Oil Company Mr Milburi
began his argument at the opening ol
the court yesterday in the govern
ments suit to dissolve the trust
Seftlom If over has such a masS of
evidence been complied in it single
case The record including the ex
hibits already exceed 7000000 words
all taken by one stenographer Th
I United States seeks perpetually to on
join the defendants from doing any
I act looking to the carrying out of tht
alleged combination or con pirac itild
I to dissolve the Standard > Ojj combina1
tion 7
The issfle 1 Is bsb important that
9hateWr may be ln resul tof th
trial before the circulrJcdurt cas
rertjiinly will be Appealed othe Unit
ed States suprenife court
to OV Hi v
Great deeds compel regard The
world crowns its doers Thats why
American people have crowned Dr
Kings New Discovery the King of
Throat and Lung Remedies Every
atom is a health force It kills germs
and colds and la grippe vanishes It
heals cough racked membranes and
coughing stopSj Sore infland bron
hijl tubes and Jungs ai cured and
hemorrhages cease Dr Geo More
Slack Jck N C writes It ured
me of lung trouble pronounced hone
leas by till doctors 50c 1 I Trial
jottles fred tfll druggists
Will Cross a Desert When he Takes a
Railroad Journey Through
that State
Little Rock Ark April SThe
state senate has passed a bill placing
a heavy penalty on persons drinking
Intoxicants on trains or on station
platforms It will probably affect buf
et cars although intended only to
stop rowdyism
People past middle life usually have
some kidney or oladder disorder that
saps the vitality which is naturally
lower in old age Foleys Kidney
Remedy corrects urinary troubles
stimulates the kidneys and restores
strength and vigor It cures uric acid
troubles by strengthening the kidneys
so they will strain out the uric acid
that settles in the musclus and joint
causing Jrheumatism Sold by al1
Tier were services held in the
morning and in the afternoon at the
Methodist church last Sunday Rev
Freer preached in the morning and
Rev Phillips in the afternoon
Mrs Roy Mindaugh and little son
of Woodstock are here visiting rela
tins and friends
Mr Miller Lyvers of Tampa wa
here last Sunday on a short visit t
his mother
Miss Pearl DiUard went to Belle
view last Friday to a picnic She sal
she had the time of her life and tha
t nt BeUeviewr ladies certainly knew
bow to get up a fine dinner as she
never enjoyed a better one
Mrs A D Mitchell and Miss Mar
Davis went to WiWwood last Wed
nesday and returned Thursday
Miss Reba Bryant who has chars
of the poetofllce now spent last Wed
nesday night with Mrs B B Me
I White
I There was quite a sensation In
town last Sunday when Deput
Sheriff Hutsort of Ocala arreste 1
Mr A M Holt and a colored man V
iI Summers charged With selling in
toxicating drinks
Mrs W S ConglKon of Jackson
viNe is in town visiting relatives am
Mrs Nathan Mayo and littlE
daughter went to Belle view Tuesday
Mrs Charles Lyvers went to Ocal
Monday and returned Tuesday
Dr T K Sttffhter of Leon wa
in town Tuesday
Mrs Allen Moody has ben quite ill
for several day Her many friend
wfefc her speedy recovery
Mrs A Blackmaa and son John
who has bean sick for several wetto
were able to be out driving Sunda
Mrs S S Duvai and niece Mis
Haliie Bourne of Levon came her
W take the tram for Live Oak an <
Jacksonville Tuesday afternoon
Mr A D Mitchell went to Oca
IsM Sunday
I Mrs Rick < ton is going to Brando
n rt Sunday to s0 8 her sister Mis
Jenni Wilder who has been very II
i for ti rat mnth with rheumatism
but k IIHJ ron Ii ufl we are glad t
If you have a backache and urtaar
I troubles you should take Foleys Kid
ney Remedy to strengthen and huili
up the kidneys so they will act prop
erly is a serious kidney trouble ma
develop Sold by an druggst
flr < iiL i
There are many ways in which it serves the
public3 bat the one now most valuable perjj
haps is to help with loans We willmeet the
f S V
> M
needs of conservative borrowers IF
Fire Miinroe Chambliss Baq t
TT Monroe Pres Z C CbamliHss Y Pres > A B Gerjl a
= = t 1
I f
0 fl = J 1 i
diZ j L
Everett Piano
I i JSa symbol musical culture T
f < Youan 0 usually estimate with reasonable
f + accuracy the intellectual aspirations in a home J
i ItL i
r ti by the class oribqoks in the library 1
> vyi I
Gj An EVERETT in the musicroom de
notes musical culture throughout the home
Cf The greater sum necessary in the purchase
cf an EVERETT does not constitutea
larger expense account but is an additional
investment in a finer and more valuable prop
erty The greater durability an EVERETT
and the more perfect achievements resulting j
from its use are the dividends you receive on
the added investment
i J
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i t L1Ofl Easij Payments at
i Factory Prices = 0
A flJ tJ D rim l OOMPANY
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c wia 0 a AISER i r
8lNorth Magnolia Street Telephone No297
Best Medium Priced Hotel in tie Cityit
> f
Table is always supplied with the best the market affords C
Skilled cooking careful attention to the wants of the guests
Good rooms and comfortable beds
Q <
Special Rates by Week or Month
PIjIHERE IS NOTHING that strikes terror to the
THERE of parents more than to be awakened in
I the night by the ringing cough which accompaaie I
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hours later the family
nothing but a slight cold and a few
be aroused by the ominous symptoms Every home where
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to fail
Mr Homer Krohn of Lisbon We guarantee every bottle of
Iowa in a letter to the manufac Chamberlains Cough Remedy
turers 01 Chamberlains Cough says W M Parish PalxcerslQK
Remedy praises this medicine for Ontario Out of the many bottles a
what it has done for his children sold last winter not one iras rt
He says UIt has not only saved turned recommend it espe
them once but many a time Only cially for children with croup
Chamberlains Cough Remedy k
two weeks ago my boy had the
croup so bad in the night that bad famous for its prompt cures of
it not been for having a bottle of coughs colds and croup Wbwi
Chamberlains Cough Remedy in given as soon as the child become s
the house he would have choked hoarse an attack of group ray be
before a doctor could have gotten averted This medicine ecbiely
to the house It is a medicine that free from narcotics or injuries m b
no one should be without at any stances of any kind and xsaybe
time It is pleasant to take find given to the little oneil iritM abso
many children like it lute safety
Attacks of croup arc most likely to occur during the mafyf O
vinter mon tns attdetery family with young children sbevU lif af
be prepared for it 1 keep a bottle of CHAMBERLAINS I
COUGH REMEDY in your home It oo1ycoiW a a rMr I 111
Iarge size 50 cents Your druggist dlls it f > II t t Q
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