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noked Sausage in oil
Sliced Breakfast Bacon
Chipped Dried Beef
Minced Ham
jnerican Swiss Cheese
lew York State Cheese
Limburger Cheese (call
it what ycu please.)
Philadelphia Cream
Camembert Cheese
Brick Cheese
hones 16 & 174
ging on to old-time, oldrfogy hand
ed Lead and Oil Paint that will
l chalk off and discolor when you
thoroughly modern, scientific ma-
le-made Paint, that will outlast the
r, and cost you less money. 10
Mil! S :
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Has become the slogan noi
. only on the highways of
travel, but also in all line?
. of industry. There's no
such thing as safety . if
your valuable property is
not covered by
We represent a number of
the most reliable companies
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ities are not surpassed in
(P. w DAVIS, Agency
ia Three Years' Suffering. Sayi
Cardni Made Her Well
rexas City, Tex. In an Interesting
Jement, Mrs. G. H. Schffl, of this town,
s; "For three years I suffered untold
Wy with my head. I was unable to
Jany of my work. "
just wanted to sleep all the time, for
1 was the only ease l couia get, wnen
as asleep. I became a nervous wreck
from the awful suffering with my
d. : ' .
was so nervous that the least noise
1 no energy, and was unable to do
thing. My son, a young boy, had to
all my household duties, .
was not able to do anything until 1
r fA..i 1 1- 41 U.UI.. -If
( VOIUUI. 1 IUUK. UUCC ill tXll,
1 it surely cured me of those awful
"-wa. llldl lldS UCCU UUCC THIS
, and I know the cure is permanent,
I have never had any headache since
InaC'irAt 11
Nothing relieved me until I took Cardui.
lid wonders for me."
ry Cardui for your troubles made
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nedical books as being of benefit in
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Two Songs
I sang a song for all the world to
It rose and fell, and reached no listen
ing ear.
I sang again, for my own heart alone;
The earth resounded with the mighty
tone. Kent Knowlton.
' Social at Kendrick
Under the proficient management
of Mrs. Bradford Webb,the members
of the Epworth League of Kendrick
gave a most enjoyable entertainment
at the hall last Friday evening. The
entire program was well carried- out
and most interesting. It consisted of
an unusually well adapted little play-i
ette, songs, recitations, etc., all of
which succeeded in engaging the at
tention of the large audience for ful
ly two hours. The children of the
Junior League assisted very material
ly in making the entertainment the
success it was. Too' much credit can
not be given Mrs. Webb, who so faith
fully works for the advancement of
the little town in which she lives, for
which labor, she feels weell repaid, in
the love and gratitude of the entire
community. 1
Fish Fry at Orange Lake
At 7 o'clock this evening about
thirty people from Blitchton will en
joy a fish fry on the banks of Orange
Lake. A cordiar invitation by phone
this morning to the reporter to be
present was sorrowfully' declined
after due consideration, nevertheless
we will be there in spirit, and know
that they will be thinking of us when
the elegant repast is served.
Birthday Party '
Mrs. Schlemmer most pleasantly
entertained a few neighborhood chil
dren yesterday afternoon in honor of
her little niece, Anna Wilson, whose
fourth birthday fell on this day. The
happy hours were whiled away with
games on the lawn. Anna added much
to the enjoyment of her ' guests by
singing sweetly several little songs.
Later in the evening Mrs. Schlemmer
served her little guests ice cream and
cake. '
A Correction
The statement made in regard to
the amount of war savings -stamps
sold by the members of Dickison
Chapter, U. D. C, should have been
$1630 instead of $630.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Winston, son
Cornelius and Mrs. Winston's mother,
Mrs. Whitfield, have taken the Carson
cottage at Lake Weir for a month.
They were accompanied to the lake
yesterday by little Miss Sara John
son of Palatka, who has been visiting
her aunt, Mrs. L. W. Ponder for some
time. , ; ''. " , '
: -;
Mrs. D. J. Burnett of Jacksonville
is the guest of Mrs. Jerry Burnett for
a few days.
Mr. Dean ; Ponder of Orlando has
arrived in the city and will be the
guest of his brother, Mr. Lester Pon
der for several days. He will be ac
companied home by his mother and
brother, Mr. Lamar Ponder, who have
also been guests at the Ponder home.
Mr. Eagleton Hammack, who has
been visiting his mother, Mrs. Bessie
Hammack, , left today for Jackson
ville, where he will take examination
to enter the army and expects to go
immediately afterward to Fort Screv
en, Georgia.
Mrs. Rilea and son, Mr. Leon Rilea,
who have been the guests of their son
and brother, Mr. W. W. Rilea and of
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Tompkins, left
Sunday, Mr. Rilea going to New
York, where he will join the navy, and
Mrs. Rilea to her home in Eustis.
Mrs. C. A. Scott and daughter,
Charline of Deerfield, who have been
guests of Mrs. , Scott's sister-in-law,
Mrs. D. W. Tompkins for the past few
days, will leave today for their home.
Miss Maybelle Robbinson, one of
Ocala's most charming young ladies,
is a guest of her cousin, Miss Flossie
Manning of Lynne. ,
Mr. Herbert Cordrey of Lynne, one
of our brave navy boys, who has been
home on leave, left last Saturday for
Boston. Mr. Cordrey's many friends
were glad to see him again.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dampier and
children, who have been guests of
Mrs. Dampier's brother and sister-in-,
law, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Brown, re
turned to their home in Miami yes
terday. They were accompanied by
Misses Carolyn and Babette Peyser.
1 Mr. Robert Hall has accepted a
position in a hotel in Spartanburg, S.
C, and will leave the latter part of
the week to commence his duties. His
polite and gentlemanly bearing are
sure to win lor Kobert deserved en
comiums in his new business under
taking. We all our own well wishes
for a successful business career.
i We had the pleasure yesterday of
being introduced to two of Marion's
i future important personages, Master
i Leon and Miss Leone, the twin son
and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fer
nando Fant of Blitchton. As they
greatly resemble each other, we might
not have been able to decide which
was the prettier of the two, had not
their grandfather with pride pointed
out the especially fine qualities of the
little girl who, we have decided, fav
ors her adoring Uncle Landis Blitch.
She smiled upon us so sweetly that we
at once took her to our heart, while
her twin brother cried lustily. We
are sure it was not because he thought
he was not getting his full share of
attention, but because his dear little
body was probably fatigued by the
long ride from his country home.
At the Temple This Evening
A dramatic triumph will be shown
at the Temple theater this evening,
written by C. Gardner Sullivan and
conceded to be the foremost ' of all
photoplay authors, starring the inim
itable Bessie Barriscale. "Those Whc.
Pay" offers a combination of star,
story and producer that is absolutely
unsurpassable. -
As Dorothy Warner, the pretty
shop girl, forced to solve the problem
of supporting herself and a baby sis
ter, on $10 a week, Bessie Barriscale
takes advantage of the very opening
scenes of the drama to draw her au
dience, heart and soul, into Sullivan's
wonderful story, and make them live
with her the tense, dramatic moments
which follow each other in quick suc
cession through her tragic career.
"Those Who Pay" stands out prom
inently as one of the truly great silent
dramas of screen history.
Mr. and Mrs. McKay and four little
daughters of Morriston have just re
turned from Daytona Beach, where
they went for the benefit of the baby,
Margaret's, health, she having been
quite sick for several weeks. She is
now much improved.
. - - '
Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers are mov
ing today from Mr. F. W. Ditto's res
idence into their own home on Lime
Letters received this morning by
friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Mun
roe, who are summering at Franklin,
N. C, give the information that there
have been heavy frosts and fires and
winter garments are in demand.
Misses Carolyn and Babette Pey
Peyser left Monday morning for Mi
ami, where they will be guests . of
their mother, Mrs. Harry V. Simons.
Mrs. Peyser expects . to go to Miami
next week and will also be the guest
of her son-in-law and daughter.
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into the belief that Lead and Oil hand
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Room 5, Holder Block.
Ocala. Florida
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Mclver & MaeKay
PHONES 47. 104, 305
(Copyright, 131S. by the McClure Newspa
per Syndicate.)
With her mother's distinct disap
proval, Betty Van Ness became en
gaged to a very nice, but very poor
jyoung mai. He was only a sergeant
in the army, which was a bitter blow
to Mrs. Van Ness, whose other daugh
ter was about to many no less a per
son than a colonel a rich mlddle
iaged man old enough to be Althea's
"I'm more disappointed in you than
I can say," exclaimed Mrs. Van Ness,
a few days before Althea's wedding.
"Hee you are, rich, well dressed and
quite as good looking as , your twin
sister, and. yon have neglected your
advantages shamelessly I ; I refuse to
consider your marriage at all, unless
ou choose another man. You haven't
an atom of your, sister's common
sense !
v "I don't care a bit for worldly ad
vantages," flared the girL "Ned has
made his own way, I know, and I'm
proud of him for it !"
"We will not discuss the matter fur
ther now. You had better see if Al
thea's wedding gown has returned
from the dressmaker's there's not too
much time."
Betty went immediately, glad to have
the interview ended.
. When she entered Althea's room,
she found her sister, reading a maga
zine. A large unopened box lay on her
"Althea Van Ness I Do you mean to
!say you haven't looked at your dress 1
What a girl!"
Althea laughed. "Well, you see, the
story was interesting so I didn't both
er. I wish you'd slip it on, dear, and
.see if it fits. We're exactly the same
size and I'm so tired of trying things
on." .
Betty obeyed, and in a moment she
was a vision of snowy white and sil
ver. She looked at herself admiringly
in the glass.
"Oh, -dear," she sighed. Til never
look like this if mother has anything
to say about it, for I simply won't
marry anyone else !"
' The wedding was to be at eight
o'clock In the evening and by eight In
the morning of the great day, the
house began to show signs of. prep
aration, while .they were at the
lunch table, Colonel Gould came in,
greatly excited.
"Something ,very unforeseen has oc
curred," he began hurriedly. 1 have
the most urgent orders to leave this
afternoon and we will have to be mar
ried at once ! I cannot explain very
much, but it Is unavoidable and there
must be no delay. The minister Is in
the drawing room and Sergeant Moore
will act as best man. I met him down
at headquarters as I was leaving, and
brought him along. YouH forgive me,
please, Mrs. Van Ness, but he's a fine
young man, and It was Impossible to
find anyone else at this hour."
"I do not understand the army at
all," Mrs. Van Ness exclaimed indig
nantly. "They must have known it
would be a terrible inconvenience for
us I shall be mortified to death trying
to explain to people 1 Imagine it
hundreds of guests and no wedding!
It's the most impossible thing Fve ever
Mrs. Van Ness was fairly purple
with anger. The idea of making her
self , ridiculous was ' terrible to her
nothing could be worse!
The' ceremony was performed, how
ever, with Betty and Ned Moore as
'the only attendants and the entire
.party in morning dress. Then, with
everybody's help, Althea and the colo
nel made the five o'clock train for
(Washington and Mrs. Van Ness,
in a blind fury of rage and disappoint
;ment, gave way to helpless tear& '
"Only think of the guests," ehe
j stormed. "And no bride and groom 1
ilt's hopeless perfectly hopeless!"
Betty and Ned came back from the
j train, flushed with excitement. Even
Mrs. Van Ness had to admit that
She was a very good-looking young
jman. , -
i'lease, motner a ear, lec us uue
their places and be married to-night;
Please, please, please, mother!" Betty
knelt beside her mother's chair and
looked up at her imploringly. "Althea's
dress just fits me, and everyone will
be so surprised and so pleased and
they'll think you were so clever to
plan It all! Please, mother dear!"
j This was the final straw, and Mrs.
Van Ness had to give in. She: could
j not bear to have , all her plans upset,
jso she made the . concession.
"I've Just had a commission for sec
iond lieutenant, too, so It will sound
i better," added' Ned, and Mrs. Van
iNess actually held out her, hand and
congratulated him. ,
t "What a beautiful wedding!" ex
claimed one of the guests that eve
nlng. "And how charming the groom
jis quite an addition to the family!"
said someone else.
"Mrs. Van Ness always had good
itaste," added another. "This was so
'clever of her !"
; The next day Althea read the an
(nouncement to her husband, the colo
nel, and they laughed together.
: "If mother knew that you didn't
have to go yesterday, wouldn't - she
be wild! Think of It going off so
beautifully, and Betty so happy about
it, too. You're a good colonel, George,
and Tm glad you settled that battle so
well for us all."
And the success of the wedding was
so great that in a short time Mrs.
A "qn Ness was speaking of her son,
Lieutenant Moore,. with the same re
spect as she showed when she spok
of the coloneL
A. U T O S E R V I C E
Passanger and Baygage
long and Short Danling Storage and Packing
How France Has
Been Fed
"Before the war, a distin
guished French Officer, General
' Maitrot, wrote a scries of ar
ticles in the 'Echo de Paris' to
warn France, that in case of
war, the French meat industry
would be unable, to supply the
French army in the field with
fresh meat, c wing especially
to the lack of modern refriger
' ating plants and of refrigerating
transportation, --and too, owing
to the deficiency in the national
herd." --.V
"Since the war began the
French army has never been
short of fresh meat, thanks
mainly to. the prosperous condi
tion of the American meat in
dustry, and too, to the American
live stock breeders." -
The foregoing 'state
ment was made by a
representative of the
Allies now in the United
: Another representative
of the Allies said recently:
"that the American packers
have been of the greatest pos
sible assistance to the Allies
and have, by their efficient co
operation, contributed in the
utmost degree to the successful
prosecution of the war." i
j- ir
1 1,
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
4 tr
r .
V4-rr.rJhrrrrr-?hrr-fP 'tt ft" A- Ts -.X- :z -.X-- -.Z i ! -Zf
Cash Foir . Bags!
We Want several hundred
pounds of clean ragstable and bed lin
ens preferred

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