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Lindner McConn leaves Monday
for Camp Shelby, Miss., to don Uncle
Sam'a livery.
Don't fail to call for Maxwell House
Coffee. Kept at all grocery stores, tf
Mr. B. F. Borden and children left
this afternoon Spr Oxford, where they
will attend the big picnic tomorrow.
That cheerful young soldier, Har
per Akins, after a pleasant visit of
several days to his mother and sis
ter, left this morning for Camp Tra
vis, Texas. Harper expects to strike
the Huns at the waistline.
A. F. Joyner, formerly in charge
of the Postal Telegraph office here, is
president of the Atlanta District
Council of the Commercial Telegraph
ers' Union, which is fomenting a
strike against the Western Union.
At a meeting of the council last
night the resignation of Mr. Geo. A.
Nash, alderman from the fourth
ward, was received and accepted. An
election to fill the vacant office was
ordered to be held Tuesday, Sept. 10.
Gainesville friends of Rev. Dr. W.
H. Dodge, of Jacksonville, who was
operated on a couple of weeks ago
at the Mayo Brothers hospital in
Rochester, Minn., will be glad to
know that he is doing nicely. Dr.
Dodge will leave the sanitarium next
week for South Carolina, where he
will remain with his son, Rev. With
erspoon Dodge, until his health im
proves. Gainesville Sun.
Buy War Savings Stamps. .
Today: Pa the News. Dorothy Dal
ton in "The Kaiser's Shadow."
Saturday: Official War Picture of
the Committee on Public Informa
tion. Franklyn Farnum in "$5000 Re
ward." Monday: Jack Pickford in "The
Spirit of '17."
- Tuesday: Madge Kennedy in "The
Fair Pretender."
Wednesday: Sessue Hayakawa in
"The Honor of His House."
Thursday: Mary Pickford in "The
Little Princess."
06ALA HL llflS
(Continued from Third Page)
The Boy Scouts meet at the armory
at 7 o'clock this evening.
ft Jone
DR. h. J. WEinE
(With Weihe Co., Jewelers J
Phone 25 ,
South Side of Square
PHONES 47. 104. 305
V. 8. Food Administration.
Ol' Br'er Rabbit better make hH
se'f mighty skeerce en not go pro
jickln roun' whar dere'a cookie
soin on. 'cause a rabbit in a pot is
er goln' ter look mighty good to mos
ennybody 'to' long 'count er folks
havln' ter save on meat. 'Sides
folks'll kinder have Ucr save 'do
wheat flour fer comp'ny en eat bread
made outen dis yere "substitute"
flour. Dat wise ol' owl done say dat
to win de war you got ter feed de
sojer boys dafs doin de fightin.
Dat's w'at's takin de wheat en meat.
Phone No. 451 Is the American
Restaurant, Temple & Davis, proprie
tors, the best, in the city, at the union
passenger station. 16-tf
Don't fail to call for Maxwell House
Coffee. Kept at all grocery stores, tf
Being Neighbors.
We are nearer neighbors to our
selves than . whiteness to snow or
weight to stones. Montaigne. .
FOR RENT Bath rooms; Eastlakt,
Bathing Beach, Eastlake, Fla. See
Wesson. . 27-sat
Red Cross Work
The following ladies were at work
at the Red Cross rooms today: Mrs.
E. M. Howard, Mrs. D. C. Stiles, Mrs.
W. Wolff, Miss Minnie Gamsby, Mrs.
M. II. Stovall, Miss Mary Burford,
Mrs. M. G. Chambers, Mrs. Thomas,
Mrs. Schreiber, Misses Carita, Nina
land Nettie Camp, Elizabeth Davis,
bue Moore, Mrs. r . vYT Look, Mrs. W.
W. Clyatt, Mrs. Emily Green, Mrs.
W. W. Harriss, Mrs. W. P. Preer,
Mrs. Sinclair, Misses Theo Wallis,
Nan Brooks, Agnes Crago and Imo
gene Stephens.
Mrs. Ola Potter and children have
returned from a pleasant vacation in
Mr. James Leslie of Panasoffkee is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. B.
Weihe. He will remain until Mon
day. .
Mrs. E. W. Davis of Orlando, who
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Buford
Leitner at Anthony, is spending to
day with Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. B.
Weihe. j
Mr. and Mrs. George Nash left for
Jacksonville this afternoon. It is
likely they will come back to see old
home and friends once in a while at
least, we hope so.
,' ; ...
The Star erred yesterday in saying
that Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Duval and
little daughter had gone to Kentucky
for the remainder of the summer.
Mrs. Duval and little Miss Adelaide
went, but Mr. Duval will not go until
, , -
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Potter and
son, Martin, who have been visiting
Mrs. Potter's mother, Mrs. . R. L.
Martin, at Lake Weir for the past
two weeks, passed through town this
noon on the Coast Line train going
back to their home in Jacksonville.
Mrs. R. L. Marsh left this after
noon, to join Lieut. Marsh, who went
back to Camp Wheeler Saturday.
Lieut. Marsh expects to start for
France any day, and his charming
wife will probably come to Florida to
spend the winter with her new rela
tives and friends.
Don't fail to call for Maxwell House
Coff ee. Kept at all grocery stores, tf :
Under and by virtue of an execution
Issued out of and under the seal of the
circuit court in and for Sumter county,
Florida, dated May 9th. 1918. in a
certain cause wherein Western and
Florida Land Company, a corporation,
is plaintiff and Henning Land and
Improvement Company, a corporation,
is defendant, I have levied upon and
will on
' Monday, September 2md, 1918.
the fame being a legal sales day and
during the legal hours of sale, will
offer for sale, and sell the same to the
highest and "best bidder for -cash the
following: described real estate in
Clarion county, Florida, , to-wit:
Tovrnaalp 11 South, Range 24, Eaat
of sw4 and seV of .Sec. 25.
&hi of s of Sec. 27.
Bi and ehi of w of Sec. 33..
Tovrn.Mp 12 Seat a, Range 22, Eait
Lots 3, 4, 5, 7, of Sec 24.
SwVi of nw4; nw4 of swV4 of Sec
Townahlp 12 South, Raage 23 Eaat
Lot 20 section 7. -
of neVi of Sec. 10.
Lot 19 of Sec. 18.
Shi of se4 of Sec. 33.
Tovrnablp 13 Sooth, Range 23 Eaat
SwVi of. neV4 and seM of sw54 Sec. 9.
Twnshlp 13 Sooth, Range 22 Eaat
Sw!4 of ne14 Sec 1.
Township 13 South, Range 24 East
All of Sec. 1. S of Sec. 2.
N. se4, nei of sw of Sec 3.
SeV4 of neVi Sec. 10.
All of Sec 11.
E of rie; nw of ne and n
of nw of Sec. 13.
Nw4 of nwy4 of Sec 15.
All of Sec 23.
Ne4; eV4 of nw; sw4 and wH of
se of Sec 25.
. W of nw of Sec 25.
Lots 1, 7, 8 and 14 or e of e of
Sec 27.
All of Sec 35.
Townahlp 13 Sooth, Range 25 Eaat
Nw of ne: w; nw of seA and
az ot eeM of Sec It.
Townahlp 15 Sooth, Range 10 Eaat
SeJ4 of ne and se of Sec 35.
W of ne& of Sec 35.
Townahlp 15 South, Range 21 Eaat
WH of bwV of Sec. 22.
N of nwii and swf4 of w of
Sec. 27.
Nw of ne; e of nw4 of Sec 28.
E of ne; sw of ne; w of
se Sec. 28.
Townahlp 15 Sooth, Range 25 Eaat
Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and sw'A of Sec 19.
Townahlp 16 Sooth, Range 21 Eaat
Se of of Sec 9.
& of of Sec 15. .
Sw of sett Sec. 17.
E4 of ne; s of sw; s of
seM; ne of se4 of Sec. 21.
Nw of sw; se of w See 22.
, Swi of se Sec 22.
E of sett Sec. 22.
Swtt of sett Sec 23.
S of swtt of Sec 23.
Nwtt; n of swtt; swtt of swtt of
Sec 26. ,
All of Sec 27.
S of mett: nett of nwtt; wtt of
nwtt; nwtt of swtt. Sec. 33.
Sett of swtt and nett cf sett Sec 33.
Hett of sett of Sec 33.
Vthb of Sec. 34.
Sett of nett: w of nett; nwtt; wVfe
of sett; sett of sett Sec. 35.
Swtt of Sec 35. r
Townahlp 16 Sooth, Range 25 East
Lots 1, 2, 3 and sett and sett of swtt
of Sec 5.
Lots 4 and 5 or (w of swtt, nett of
swtt) Sec. 5. ,
W of Sec 9. .
Nett and H of Sec 21.
Nwtt Sec. 21.
swtt of Sec 23.
E4 of nett and sett of Sec 29.
Sett of -swtt of Sec 29.
Sett of sett Sec 30.
N4 of sett: swtt of sett; and e of
swtt of Sec 31. . ,
E; nwtt; n of. swtt: sett of
Township 17 Sooth, Range 20 Eaat
Lots 1 and"2 of (nwtt and wtt and
nwtt of sett) of Sec 1.
N of nett: ett-of nwtt of Sec 2.
Nett and n of sett Sec 3.
EH of nwtt of Sec 3.
Nwtt of swtt of Sec 11.
Sett of sett, nwtt of sett of Sec. 12.
Ea of nett: nwtt of swtt; sett of
swtt; and sett of sett of Sec. 23. .
Nett of nwtt; swtt of sett; swtt;
e'4 of sett Sec 13. .---
Wii of efe; and -wV, of Sec 25.
Sett of sett of Sec 27.
Nett; nett of nwtt; s of nwtt nd
si .of Sec 35..
Townahlp 17 Sooth, Range 21 Eaat
Swtt of nett T nwtt of nwtt: shi of
nwtt and swtt of swtt of Sec 1.
N: swtt; n of sett; sett of setti
of Sec 2.
Nett of nett of Sec 3.
Ni of nett: sett of nett: nett of
nwtt; s,4 of nwtt; swtt of sett of
Sec. 5.
Nett: ett of nw; nwtt of nwtt:
nett of swtt; s of swtt; nwtt of
6ett; sV of sett Sec 7.
Sett of nwtt and sett of Sec 10.
AH of Sec. 11.
WH of swtt: sett of swtt of Sec 13.
E; n4 of nwtt; sett of nwtt; swtt
of swtt: e of swtt of Sec 15.
E of swtt; wV4 of sett Sec 17.
Nett of Sec 18.
N of nett: sett of nett; n of
nwtt; sett of nwtt; n of swtt of
Sec 19.
Stt of swtt Sec 20.v
Nett: n of nwtt; sett of nwtt;
nett of swtt; s of swtt; e of sett
of Sec 21. .'
Swtt of sett Sec 21.
E: w of nwtt and swtt of 6ec 22.
Sett of nwtt Sec 22.
Nett; wtt; e of eett; swtt of sett
of Sec. 23.
Swtt of nwtt of Sec 24.
Nwtt of nwtt and swtt; ne; nwtt;
ntt- of swtt; sett of swtt; wtt of settf
sett of sett Sec 25.
All of Sec 26.
'All of Sec 27.
Eof e of Sec. 28. -Nwtt
of swtt Sec 28.
Nwtt of ne; 8 of nett; nwtt;
ntt of sw; nM: of sett; sett of sett
of Sec 29.
Swtt of nwtt; w4 of sw; sett of
swtt Sec 31.
Swtt of nett; nwtt; n of sett;
sett, of sett of Sec 33. v
Nett of Sec 34.
Nett: n of nw and swtt of Sec
S-of nwtt of sec 35.
Sett of Sec 35.
Wi of nett; w; wtt of.sett of
Sec. 36.
Townahlp 17 South, Range 22 Eaat
Wtt of swtt of Sec 31.
Nwtt of nett of Sec 32.
Swtt of swtt ' and nwtt of sett Sec
32. -
Township 17 South, Range 24 Eaat
Swtt of sett of Sec 2. -E:
nett of nwtt; e of swtt of
Sec. 11. -
Townahlp 17 South, Range 25 Eaat -
Ntt of nwtt of swtt: e of swtt and
sett of Sec- 5.
Nett of nett oi' Sec 21.
Stt of nett; wtt: ett-6ec. 9.
Townahlp 16 South, Range 24 Eaat
.Nett of nett Sec 9.
Swtt of nett; nwtt of sett of Sec. 27.
Wtt of sett of Sec 29.
Townahlp 14 South, Range 20 Eaat
Nwtt of sett Sec 13.
Townahlp 15 South, Range 10 Eaat
RATES: Six line aulmum, one
time 25c; three times 50a; six times
75c; one month S3. Payable in advance.
FOR SALE Model 10 " Remington
typewriter in good condition. Apply
to B. Goldman, Ocala, Fla. 1-Ct
FOR SALE Household and kitchen
furniture. Apply to F. B. Turner, 112
S Pine SU Ocala, Fla. 29-tf .
Don't matter if broken. I pay $2 to
$25 per set; also cash for old gold,
silver, platinum, dental gold and old
gold jewelery. Will send cash by re
turn mail and will hold goods 10 days
for sender's approval of my price.
Mail to L.Mazer, 2007 S. 5th street,
Philadelphia. Pa. 7-5-lm
seat covers for Maxwell 1917 model
touring car; closing out at less than
cost. Maxwell Service Station. 26-4 1
WANTED Good milch cows in lots
of one or more. Send description,
price and when coming fresh. A. J.
Weaver, St. Petersburg, Fla. 30-6t
FOR SALE Farmer certificates for
use of merchants in selling flour.
Price postage paid: 50, 40c.; 100, 75c.;
250, $1.50. Cash must accompany all
orders. Star Publishing Company,
Ocala. Fla. 22-12t
Sett of nett; wtt of nett; sett;
Sold to satisfy said execution and
all costs. J. P. GALLOWAY,
SheTiff Marion County, Fla
Attorney for Plaintiff. 8-2-fri
In the Circuit Court of the Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of Florida, .In and for
Marion County In Chancery.
Alfred L. Pitts, Complain ant. vs. Ola
Pitts. Defendant Order' for Con
structive Service.
It is ordered that the defendant
herein named, to-wit: Ola Pitts, toe and
she is hereby required to appear to
the bill of complaint filed in this cause
on or (before
Monday, the Sad day of September, 1918
It'is further ordered that a copy of
this ortfer be published once a -week
for four consecutive weeks In the
Ocala Evening Star, a newspaper pub
lished in said county and state.
This 1st day-of 'Aunst, 1918.
(iSeal) . P. H. NUGENT.
Clerk Circuit Court. Marlon County,
Florida. ' By Ruth rvin, D. g.
Complainant's Solicitor. 8-2-frl
Wc of fer lor immediate acceptance, a numbter ot big snaps In Used Cars. Each of these cars is worth more money than is
asked for it. The present high price, with ye other advances to come shortly on new cars of all mahes. naturally malces a
GOOD used car in great demand. We have been too busy selling new cars to give much attention to moving the used cars of late---reposessed
cars and cars taken in on trades. Each car is a special bargain and a safe investment at the price offered. Come in
and look them over or write for terms.
One 1917' Model Maxwell Touring car,
One 1917 Model Maxwell Touring car,
One 1917 Model Maxwell Touring car,
One 1917 Model Maxwell Touring car.
One 1916 Model Maxwell Touring car.
One 1916 Model Maxwell Touring car.
One 1916 Model Maxwell Roadster
Price $450.00
Price $425 00
Price $400.00
Price $375.00
Price $350.00
Price $325.00
Price $325.00
One 1915 Model Reo, five passenger car good lights, starter, tires and etc price 359
One 1915 Model Ford Touring car, good condition, price 250
One 1916 Model Dodge Touring car, good mechanical condition,
new generator and battery and almost new tires, Price . . OUU
One 1917 Model Ford with Smith-Form-a-Truck attachment, cab and body 55 Q
One 1917 Ford, on Smith Form-a-Truck chassis, two-passenger seat, no body, price 5650.
One 1912 Model Buick, good for truck, has no tires, fine motor and gears, price v
New Chalmers Sixes; New Maxwell Five-passenger Cars; New Maxwell All Weather Top, a Five-passenger car; New Maxwell
Panel Delivery Body; New Maxwell Worm Driven Trucks, now in stock for immediate delivery v

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