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Ocala Evening Star
rnblUked Every Dmy eZpt SsnfUiy fcy
'I 'I
pie are as much criminals as those'migbt find worth seeing.- But, oh, the 1
who lead
a riot, and far more cow-
-H. J. Blttlacer, Prealdevt
H. D. UtrtifMi Vle-Presldat
P. V. LevBS-d Seetr-Trer
J. II. Beajamlm, Editr
. Entered at Ocala. Fla.. postolflce a
esond-class matter.
BmIhm Office ........... F1-Om
editorial Depart neat Twt-Serea
Reporter Flire-Oaa
The Associated Press Is exclusively
entitled for the use for republication of
all news dispatches credited to It or not
otherwise credited In this paper and
also the local news published herein.
All rights of republication, of special
dispatches herein are also reserved.
One year, in advance ............ f.00
Three months, in advance 3.00
Three months, in advance 1-50
One month, in advance .60
.Display t Plate 15 cents per Inch for
consecutive Insertions. Alternate inser
tions 25 per cent additional. Composi
tion charges on ads. that run less than
six times 10 cents per inch. Special
Eosltlon 25 per cent additional. Rates
ased on four-inch minimum. Less than
fonr Inches 'Will take a higher rate.
which will be furnished upon application.
Readlasr Xotleest Five cents per line
tor nrst insertion; inree cents per line
for each subsequent: Insertion. One
chan era a week allowed on readers with
out extra composition charges.
Legal advertisements at legal rates.
According to the report of the plant
board, there is no "scaly bark" in
Marion county.
We are receiving from the Brother.
hood of Locomotive Engineers their
"Press Information Service," and are
printing it daily. We have no sympa
thy with the strike, but the railroad
men have the right to have their ar
gument presented. ' "
. Harding will yet live to rue the day
he gave Debs his liberty. No "amount
of reasoning can make an American
citizen out ' of such material. Ucaia
It's a safe bet that Mr. Harding is
eating rue right now.
Fort Lauderdale is going to have a
colony of birds of paradise. These are
wonderfully beautiful little birds, na
tive to Borneo, Papua and adjabent
islands, and if a colony can be kept in
good health at Fort Lauderdale it will
be a distinguishing mark for that en
terprising community.
The authorities of Kansas made a
bad break when they arrested Will
iam Allen White, editor of the Em
poria Gazette, for displaying in his
omee window a placard, expressing
sympathy with the strikers. Editor
White, of course, has a right to ex
press his opinion in his paper, and he
has the same right to express it in a
placard posted on his own premises.
We had not supposed that Governor
Allen would make such an ass of him
self. .. ' - .'v '
modesty of the man. He signs Jus
letters jhb. Just like thak Tampa '
Times. - - :
Every part of Florida is the real
' . . -:-r . : t Florida, friend Times. We have visit- ;
Editor J. H. Benjamin, of the Ocala ed every part of it except the extreme
Star, is touring the east coast and south and southwest. And we have
telling some monstrous tales regard- not written any higher praise for any
ing the present as well as the past, of it than we have written for Tampa.
Last week he recalled how, years ago, j
when he and others were at the ocean!
beach they would ) find a turtle hur-j " '
Tying away from the eggs she had City bonds to the amount of,
deposited, and how "a half-dozen of $80,000, for the . purpose of street j
the men would jump on her back and paving were sold at the special meet-.
be carried into : the waves!" Merely ing of the city council late Saturday ;
a half-dozen, 'don't you know! Merely afternoon. The bonds were purchased
one turtle scurrying over , the sand by Spitzer & Company of Toledo,
with nine hundred pounds on her Ohio, at 100.03, a premium of 3
back! That's all. Nine hundred pounds, mills. This was an excellent price,
And still some folks say that the east proof of a good bond market as well
coast is. so dry they have to sprinkle as the worth of Ocala securities.
the east coast canal to keep down the The - bonds sold are to -. cover the
dust! Poor old Jhb. Amen. Thorn in property owners' i proportion of the
Kissimmee Valley Gazette. - ' I street paving bond issue, voted over
Thales was one of the wise men of two years ago; the city's share, owing
Greece. Thorn is one of the wise men to a slump in securities, having been
of Florida. Thales had ; less compe- sold at discount last year,
tition than has Thorn, for there were . At the same meeting the council
only seven wise men in Greece, whiles took the initial steps toward calling
in Florida' there are ; seventy and an election for another bond issue for
seven ? further" improvements. The sum need-
Herodotus says that Thales went ed is $125,000 for paving and $40,000
out one night to looic at tne stars, ana lor improving tne ngnt and power L
kept his eyes on them so closely that plant. The election may be held on
he didn't notice where his feet were the first Tuesday m October, but it
going, and tumbled into a ditch,! will more likely take place the second
where, being old and fat he would Tuesday m December.
have laid mayhap till morning, if an
xld woman had not come along and
helped , him out and advised him to
keep his head out of the stars so long
as he had his feet on the ground.
Thorn isn't fat and we are. not an
old woman, but all the same we beg
leave to advise' him that before he
sticks his head up among the Star's
statements he had better first look
down close on the printed t page. If
. Austria served, in
miliating - terms, an
the most hu
ultimatum on
(Evening Star July 24.1902)
Mrs. Todd and children left todav
Thorn can find any place in wnicn we 4o spend the remainder of the sum
said we saW a turtle scurrying over nier jn Kentucky.
the sands with nine, hundred poundsj It is conceded by every velvet bean
on her back, we will buy for him, the grower, including Col. Miller, that
first time we meet, one full-sized Banker Chambliss has the finest four
glass of coca-cola with ice in it. This acre tract of beans in Marion countv.
is what we said or wrote: t
, "A night parties would go out to
several miles south of Ocala.
C. ' G. Frazier, our lime man, was
nunt turtle eggs, ana oiten a group in Gainesville todav. While there he
would catch a turtle leaving her riestjwaa the guest of Dr. B..R. Richards,
and half a dozen or more would jump, his predecessor in the Ocala lime
on her broad back and make her carry fworks.
them into the surf, where they would j s. A. Standlev has the contract to
haul a merry-go-round ,to Gary's
fall flp lanmlilMM r V. n
iaii vu., axiu iauuuig ovtauiuic aouuxC
Governor Hardee has appointed W.
S. Cawthorn of DeJTuniak Springs
-state superintendent of public instruc
tion to succeed Mr. Sheats. Mr. Caw
thorn has been serving as state high
school, inspector, a highly unnecessary
office. , J. H. Workman was the best
man in the sate for, the job, but as
he has no political influence he had
no chance. Mr. Cawthorn will serve
only until next 'January, unless he is
elected in the November general elec
tion. There will probably be several
candidates for tne office, for, there be
ing no primary, the race is open to all
who may desire to make it.
The pure lily-white republicans of
Florida have nominated W. C. Law
son of Orlando for the United States
Senate. The executive committee of
the "independents," as they call them
selves, met in Orlando Saturday, and
after nominating Mr. Lawson made
the following statement: "It will be
the purpose of the 'independents', to
confine the issue between the candi
dates to the sole question of whether
the republicans of Florida shall incor
porate into their state platform the
declaration that the party' is 'unalter
ably) opposed to the election or selec
tion of any person to public office or
position of public trust who is not a
white man."
while the, wondering turtle sought the
deep.", ' '
Now, we shouldn't be much surpris
ed if a full-grown turtle could carry
nine hundred pounds on her back. , If
Thorn will consult the encyclopedia,
he will learn from it that turtles at
tain the size of six to seven feet long
and three or four feet across, and the
weight of six or seven hundred
pounds. They are. immensely strong.
When one starts from her nest to the
sea, propelling herself with her pow
erful flippers, she pulls like a Ford
V We have never seen, nor said we
have seen, half a dozen full-grown
men on n. turtle's back. ' We " have
seen that number of boys and girls
and children. We have, of ten ridden
a turtle into the surf with one or two
or three other persons Thirty-five
years ago wet weighed 130 pounds
dressed and the others were about the
same weight or less. In this as in
other things -we and our friends used
discrimination. . Desiring to ride - on
a turtle's back, we didn't crowd her
passenger capacity like she was a
street car. i '
Judging by what we have heard,
turtles along the East Coast are not
as large nor as numerous as they
were thirty-five years ago. At that
time there were only a x few people
along those beaches, and they seldom
killed a turtle. But now, that they
have been hunted for years, they
have been greatly reduced, and of
course the older and bigger ones
have been killed. Turtles live long (if
not killed) and grow slowly, but if
they are persistently hunted and their
eggs dug up, as has been the case for
years along the East Coast, they will
be thinned out and finally become ex
tinct. Most of the turtles killed are fe
males. The males are lighter and
more active, and seldom - go far
enough from the surf to be caught.
Thorn used to live by the sea. At
least, he lived at West Palm Beach.
Sometimes he would raise up his eyes
to the stars that . shone over , Bimini,
but we doubt that he ever -got down
on his marrowbones on the beach to
hunt for, turtle eggs.
That Thorn person is not as frater
nal as he should be. He thought he
had caught us in a lie and tried to
show us up. We have caught, or
though we , caught, him 4 in a great
many lies, but have charitably re
frained from exposing him.
He had better Walk a chalk line.
from now on.
J. H. Benjamin the editor of the
grove this evening. , It comes from
Leesburg. .'. ; .
Col. O. T- Green is home for a "few
days to attend to legal business, after
which he will return to " Seabreeze,
where his family is spending the
heated term. . '
Miss Jennie Hohenberg, who ha3
been visiting her sister, Mrs.- M.
FisheL left yesterday for her home hi
Wetumpka, Ala.
Miss Clara Moore is visiting
sister, Mrs. Christie of Lowell.'
- , , :
Ocala Ten Years Ago :'
(Evening Star July 24, 1312)
Miss Mary Connor left this morn
ing for Tampa to visit friends.
Mrs. E. A. Burr and daughter, Mrs.
A. E.; Burnett left today for Spring
field, Mass., for the summer. Mr.
Burnett expects to : join them in a
short time.
Mrs. Felton and Miss Ervin of
Citra were visitors in Ocala today. -
Mrs. Allen Gibson was registered
at the Ocala House today. m
Mr. and Mrs.' Edwin Spencer have
returned from a short visit to the
lake. - . ' . v
Mr. George Blitch went to the lake
this afternoon and from the size,
shape and number of packages he car
ried, members of the house party at
Stanton must have commissioned him
to raid most of the stores in town.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Staley, who
have just returned from an enjoyable
trip to the north and east, left for
their home at Palmetto yesterday.
Saturday specials at the Teapot
Grocery: Half pound Lowneys cocoa,
15c, half pound C. & S. Diamond 60
tea, . 30c, Kingan's plantation style
bacon clised, per pound 20c.r Teapot
delivery 5 cents. 21-2t '
GIFT SHOP. 21-3t
Won't it be n'fce when we get back
rom Normalcy I--Brooklyn Eagle. '
A one-ton Ford worm drive truck
in first class condition, including body
and cab, practically new, for sale at
$325. Also Overland six roadster, a
real bargain at $250. B. Fl Condon,
phone 129. 21-6t
Some cartoonists are the biggest
liars in ' the. world. - We note on the
front page of a Florida weekly publi
cation a cartoon of ' an emaciated
miner, picking feebly at " his task,
while his wife and child, skinny and
shabby, attend to the household work.
The striking miners quit work , nearly
' four months ago-and from all reports
; are yet husky. The'y were strong
enough to commit the Herrin mas
sacre; they were strong enough to
make a long march over the moun
tains, from one state; to attack non
union men in another state, and killjOcala Star, has been touring the east
the sheriff who was trying to protect coast, and has' written his paper a
I m . x a tt r .
a considerable section of the country ! trust he will sometime extend his ac-J Just received Ballard's Obelisk
in terror for life and property. Men jquaintance with the real Florida, and j Flour. Let us supply your grocery
who draw cartoons intended to in-"make the west coast a visit. We have j needs. Main Street Market. Phone
(crease prejudice and delude the peo- some few localities down here that he 108. S. Main street. 22-tf
BOOK SHOP: 50 of the latest new
books, 600 best titles of popular copy
rights at 75c. at the Book Shop. 3t
When you knock 'T out of drivel,
it becomes drive. Greenville Piedmont.
mew tire Tpiioss
hwcst cost mikagc ever known
Effective July 20th, Goodrich establishes a revised
price list that is a base line of tire value It gives the
motorist the buying advantage of knowing that what
ever size; tire he selects is or the same quality the
Goodrich one-quality standard. It gives him the long
est mileage, the most satisfactory service and the high
est quality his money can buy Results will prove that
it. is impossible to buy tire mileage at lower cost
Think of being able to ;biy
if ;
at such prices as these:
SIZA - . price OlX.14 PRICE
30x31 CL "$1350 34x4 S.E $3085
31x3.85CL 15.95 32x41 S.B. y 37.70
30x3j S.B. 15.95 33x4jS.B. 385
32x31 S.B. 22.95 34x41 S.B. 39.50
31x4 S.B. 26.45 - 35x41 S.B. 4a70
32x4 S.B. 29.15 33x5 S.B. , 46.95
' 33x4-S.B. ; 30.05 35x5 S.B. 4930
Km extrm charge far excite lax. Thit tax h paid by Goodrich ,
New base line prices are also effective
on Qoodrich Fabric Tires 7
SIZE t price . PRICE
, 30x3 "55", ""$9l65 32 x 4 S. B. Safety $21.20
: 30x 31 "55" 10.65 33 x 4 S. B. Safety 2235-
32x31 S:B. Safety 1630 34x4 S.B. Safety 2285
r So extra charge for rxcise tax. Th tax a pl ty Goodrich
This revised price list affords the motorist as
, definite a guide to tire prices as Goodrich
Tires are the definite standard of tire quality.
- .......
Maybe you hear those little
squeaking noises in the running
of your car. If so, you'd bet
ter have us listen to them for
you they may be serious. We
are experts in repairing elec- S
trical . troubles. ,
James Enessr
; Phone 258-Nirft Phone 33
121 Weat Broa4wy
"Say it with flowers," and bay the
flowers from Mrs. J. E. Hyndman, 1
miles oat on the DunneSon road.
Phone 30M. Zinnias, roses, pinks and
pink vine in bloom now. 7-7-fm
m w
Buick 7-oassensrer. Al condition,
Marmon 7-nasseneer. running condi
tion. $1000 takes both of them. The
Splhcer-Pedrick Motor Co. phone 8.
- Albert's Plant Food Is the tbxng for
making' your flower garden and pot
plants bloom. It is odorless and, is
sold in 25c and 50c packages and $2
sacks. At the Court Pharmacy. 18-tf
On hand at all times s larg' stock
of fresh and salt water fish. DaSy
shipments. Will dress and deliver 9
any part of the city on short notice,
phope 7-tf f J. O. JQNE3.
DIP YOU EVER stop to think that
the Unclassified , eolnmns of tif
Star are producers of real results! 2,
6& cured Decpxe Ferer Adr.

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