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Ocala Evening Star
PablUked Every Dar Cxep Saaday by
H. J. Dlttlascr, Prealaeat
H. D. Leaves, Vlee-PreaMcat
P. IrfaeafadaVf SCTetary-TFeaaaTeT
J. H. Beajanla, Editor
Entered at Ocala, Fla.. postofflca aa
aacona-ciata matter.
Baataeaa' Office Flve-Oaa
Bdlaaisal Depart aseat Twa-Seyea
elety Reaarter Flve-Oaa
ond-hand when it was bought by Re
ceiver Cummings, and had not been
in operation very long before it began
to break down and give trouble. Then
it stood in the shop at Rodman until
Mr. Christensen had it overhauled
and tried to run it again. We under
stand that arrangements are being
made to buy a new and better motor
train, as with the present piece of
junk it is not possible to maintain any
- Tha Aaaoclatad Press la exclusively
attldBr,tha use for republication of
ail tttwi dispatches credited to It or not
otherwise credited in this paper and
also the local neva. published herein.
All rights of republication of special
.ajyaicneji nereu are aao reserved.
ona year; in' advance $.00
Three month. ,Jzv 'advance 3.00
Three months, in advance 1.50
One month, in advance 60
r'rtIaIari Plate 15 cents per Inch for
eopsacajive insertions. Alternate lnaer
lions. 25 per cent additional. Composl
ttoAtihar&g on ads. that run less than
.aJxilsaea 10 cents per Inch. Special
'position 25 per cent additional. Rates
'.oeaeiLon four-inch minimum. Less than
.four Inches will take a higher rate.
arnhea- -wm be furnished upon applica-
Readies; Notlceai Five cents per line
Tfflr Drat-. Insertion; three cents per line
,ior eacn subaeauent insertion, one
.enange a week allowed on readers with
jautijaxtra composition charges.
Leal advertisements at legal rates.
, rNtt W. T. Gary has paid us his
democratic dollar. We knew all along
that Will was going -to pay us that
dollar, so we did not remind him of
it, , There are several others who we
or think we know, are going to
pajr us a dollar apiece. This is to re
mind them that Tempus is fugiting.
'Th.e: list now stands:
Suramerfield Chronicle $1.00
, .Ti.J). Lancaster Jr 1.00
Nathan Mayo 5.00
(Star Publishing Company 2.00
W. L. Colbert 1.00
J&V A. Burford 5.00
J. . Chace 1.00
(.Wm.,D. Taylor 1.00
Countess von Schimon 5.00
, ; James P. Taylor 1.00
l W. Hunter 1.00
W. T. Gary 1.00
Now. which one of you guys went
.and -started this? Fort Lauderdale
;.i :Don't know. We finished it.
The recent riot in Montgomery
. where a number of peaceable negroes
. were, ill , treated because of the evi
deeds of two, was a disgrace to that
A receiver having been appointed
for. the Rodman Lumber Company, a
legal contest has commenced over the
.prpperty. In the meantime, the plan
has been shut down.
The. Tampa Tribune made a good
Ki8SQiuri having swapped the donkey
for thft Goddess of Liberty as an em
blem, it is now up to the republicans
to trade off the elephant for a sloth.'
Vicente Blasco Ibanez, author of
the "Pour Horsemen of the Apoc
alypse," says "All I can see is war.
After .thinking up those four horse
mep, we do riot see how he can unless
as a welcome relief he should take to
drjnking moonshine and see snakes.
Mrs. W. H. Pelton of Georgia, the
nation's .first woman senator, says the
woria. is not sunenng irom a iacK oi
law" .today! but for the lack of en
, .f brcement. If Mrs. Felton can act as
weu as sne seems to mintc, sne wu
be, a winner'. Orlando Reporter-Star.
She might ' ' have borrowed the
thought. It has been expressed
great many times by pulpit and press
They walked down b ranklm street,
The, skirt of one stopped at her knees
The other wore a draped confection
.that permitted only the glimpse of an
: ankle. And the one in the short swirt
..was bowiegged. lampa iriDune
staunch, reliable agency, always Shard, and they don't mind the "undu-!
the fire department. We couldn't ex-1 minds a loose feather in his bed.
plain over the phone; we simply told I
IT i - i i
xxaxnp tmunDcn e vere m a aevnoia J(jst we recommended the !
nx, ana wouia ne please send a spry; -.-i fn v.-hit hPrs fmm
member of the department to help us;plying their calling on the streets of fk
nut T TI-o kill o tr.-n- mlmc; V. i . I A
What the Star overlooks is that in
telligent leadership can hardly make
way against a solid and unlawful ma
jority of votes in the legislature or
anywhere else. North Florida, and
in that section may be included Mar
ion county, has a majority of votes in
both houses of the legislature. That
vote is almost invariably cast against
South Florida when the interests of
the two sections of the state seem to
conflict. Miami Herald.
What the Herald overlooks is that
Marion has generally sympathized
with and worked with South Florida,
and the only difference it has with
South Florida now is with that small
proportion of South Florida citizens
who are trying to split the state. We
have known an active minority and
an intelligent leadership to do great
things in Congress, and South Flor
ida might try it, just for once, in the
legislature. If it did, it would prob
ably find the senator and representa
tives from Marion and Sumter coun
ties with it. The editor of the Herald
is a wise boy when it comes to writing
about national and international af
fairs, but when it comes to Florida,
judging by his writings, he doesn't
seem to know anything about anything
ten miles from the Flagler railroad
out. It was but a few minutes be- i
fore the old, reliable Hamp appeared, j
Paul were too polite to even laugh at
Ocala, the Jacksonville Journal ac-'j
cuses us of reading the American j
We made an unsuccessful j V
m mmh.
and with him that active and oblierine
.Magazine, we maae an unaucce&siui
dov. raui AOCKweu. wno went mm; . . , .
. ' . . . . . : . i attempt to read a numoer 01 me
those windows and opened the door injAmerican two or three years ago and
one time and two motions. Hamp and, looked inside of an issue of it
cinro Tt.'s strirtlv his-hbrow and
Our linotype operator, hearing of ! , ' ftr . , . ' onlv
the adventure, advised us to obtain j . . . n nf cf.,-
another key and leave it m the office, ; about mho pirates and detectives,
but we think we had better keep ourJhe th htg embodied in our more
other cants m there when we are not' . cc , -H --iitnrial arP npratPd
wearing them. I. " T,-i tv,-
; excellent exchanges, by looking at
j people and things and exchanging
i conversation with the former. Maybe
It is not safe today to be upon the ! reproducing great thoughts from
streets or roads, either on foot or in! magazines would be a better method,
a vehicle. The danger may not bei we don't know how Seems to us
great in anv single instance, but the!Sat' as Shakespere said, it would be
i line snwng two grams ui cat
of two bushels of chaff.
percentage is a good deal higher than i
it should be and is growing greater
each year. ' """"""
Something will have to be done j There is a happy medium between
about it. The toll we are paying is I the devil and the reformers, if hu
too high to be extracted from a civil- j manity only had the sense to take
ized country. Suppose, for example, j it. Ocala Star.
that we had a neighbor nation which j You never said a truer saying in
annually sacrificed 25,000 persons to j your life, Benjamin, but humanity wlil
seme of its heathen gods, we should j never take the medium course at the
be stunned by the horror of it, and first jump. The devil is an energetic
nobody would rest until we had inter- i worker and some people always rush
vened and shot the fear of God into j after him like a flock of sheep after a
its heart with heavy artillery. bellwether. On the other hand the
But would such a voluntary sacrifice ! reformer is also energetic and often
The Madison Enterprise-Record
seems to have something of "the peo
ple be damned" spirit. Listen to this
relative to the proposed reapportion
ment amendment: "South Florida
papers may fight the amendment if
they wish, they are only cutting off
their nose to spite their face. The
amendment is offered. It is either to
take it or leave it as they wish. The
old system doesn't hurt West Flor
ida." South Florida people can af
ford to let it alone and test out the
question as to whether the people of
Florida or a bunch of north and west
Florida politicians shall rule the state
in coming years. The constitution
provides for a reapportionment that
means something if senators and rep
resentatives will live up to their oath
of office. Winter Haven Chief.
We don't think it shows a "people
be damned" spirit; it rather shows the
spirit that some South Florida papers
have been trying to goad the people
of West Florida into for the last
three months.
Leadership and pledges imposed
upon members of the legislature from
South Florida can accomplish little
against the solid front presented by
those counties, like Marion, which has
two representatives and is coupled
with Sumter in forming a senatorial
district, while Dade county, with more
population and greater wealth, has
only one representative and is coupled
with four other counties in a sena
torial district, which stubbornly re
fuse to follow out the law that was
designed to secure an equitable rep
resentation for all the state. Miami
The Herald doesn't know what it is
talking about. Marion county and the
twentieth district have never opposed
reapportionment; all our senators and
representatives that we can recall
have been in favor of it. It is now
the Herald that is stubbornly fighting
a measure which would give it a sen
ator and two representatives.
We have always considered the
Ocala Fire Department a good friend,
but the other night it was two good
friends. Our luxurious apartments
are right across the hall from our
editorial sanctum, and it is our cus
tom every evening, before starting on
our regular stunt of writing coupla
bo any less savage than our own mer
ciless slaughter of the innocent? We
kill twenty-five thousand a year and
cripple a hundred thousand as an of
fering to our deity of pleasure for it
is not the business car operated in a
business way, as a rule, that kills.
Laws are ineffective. Even if we
had the most stringent laws, enforced
ir. the most stringent manner, a fool
o.- a drunk man at the wheel and lives
would be put in jeopardy. Some me
chanical means of making it impos
sible to speed is required. A device
attached to every motor which would
prevent its operation at a high speed
might meet the case. If that is im
practicable, the highways themselves
could easily be so surfaced as to make
speeding impracticable. Slight undu
lations in the surface, which would
hardly be noticed by a car running
ten miles an hour, would make riding
in one going twenty-five miles an hour
a species of torture which even the
most callous speed hog would refuse
to endure.
Of the two methods, which prob
ably embrace the whole catalogue of
reliable remedies, the latter is to be
preferred, because it can be made ef
fective in a local way without the co
operation of car makers. Every vil
lage in the state of Florida could pro
tect itself from most of the automo
bile peril just by fixing its streets so
they could not be speeded over.
It is about time the public awoke to
the magnitude of this sacrifice and
took steps to put an end to it. Lake
land Advertiser.
We don't know how the Advertiser's
first proposition would work, but we
can assure it that its second won't.
About ten years ago Ocala had laid a
nice, smooth brick street the pioneer
of brick streets in the city. And ev
erybody who had a car chased that
car over it. About two years later,
the street had to be torn up to put in
sewer pipes. In replacing the bricks,
a series of "slight undulations," such
as the Advertiser speaks of only
more so was created. And there isn't
a night passes but what from fifty
to two hundred and fifty cars gallop
over that street at forty miles an
hour or more. Everything from a cut
down Ford to a twelve-cylinder crack
" How do you know the other one columns, more or less, of bunk for
. wasn't Orlando Sentinel. nexf av':
'A''turgeon of our acquaintance says
Hat if women don't walk more and
ride 'less, it will only be a few cen
turipa before thev won't have any
,' . ! I k ! .. ... 1
legs. When that time comes, we Know
several Florida journalists who won't
have anything to write aoout.
Just about as was to be expected,
the Ocala Star, published in Marion
cduhy 'objects to state division. In
recent nuniber of that paper the
, 'gifted editor gives his reasons for be-
' Hevtrig that the state will never be
divided', but in' all ; fairness, it cannot
be said that his objections are based
' "on Very ' sound logic. Miami Herald.
"Isn't it rour lawful right to object
to 'state 'division; and isn't it good
logic that one big state is better for
fi the people who live in it than two
Tittle' ones Of course, our logic is
V'notgbod to the Herald; it has a
' measly little logic of its own.
In --I,.:.--. - its -fVlOf tT-rtllKlpS-
the OkTawnba Vallev railroad has had
to contend' lately with sabotage. Sat
urday nfght; while' its . motor train
was standing on the siding in raiatt-a,
, r unknown parties removed several
nJrtsfrom it, and damaged some of
.the')'otrier Tho mntnT was repaired
undir -nj sent out Monday, but it
--fT proceeded far before the crew
XQund put that more damage had been
nea'th'an had been known at first,
an4? train had to go back to the
. ijkP Receiver Christensen has been
it'tb run this train because a
' Jber of 'critics of the'road have
finding fault with him for not
o. The motor tram was sec-
fanatical and another bunch rush off
after him pell mell. The majority
stand between the two like a big
awkward school boy as indifferent as
an Indian cigar sign. It is only when
the brink of the precipice is reached
that the big majority will act. When
they do they generally take the me
dium course and things come out all
right. It is indifference that accounts
for the lack of sense. Too many of
us are too lazy to think for our
selves. Winter Haven Chief.
Old man Lee is an observer.
To All the Members and Friends of
Grace Church, Greeting:
My dear Friends: I am looking
forward with hope and pleasure to
next Sunday, Oct. 8th, when I expect
to again take up my duties as rector
of the parish.
It is more than three months since
I went .away, and that is longer than
I ever expected to be away from you
while rector. I can assure you that
my vacation was prolonged by neces
sity, not from my own choice; for it
was only a short time after my return
from the north that I found myself a
patient in the hospital, where I stayed
three weeks. And here may I not re
cord my sense of the great worth of
that institution. We may well be
proud of our hospital. With gratitude
I gladly wish "Blessings of Marion
County Hospital." Very long may she
continue her fine, noble work, and
It will be a great joy for me to of
ficiate again .in our beautiful little
parish church. I invite you all to
meet me there next Sunday morning.
I especially request all who desire to
make their communion to attend the
7:30 a. m. celebration.
We will have morning prayer and
sermon at 11 o'clock, so that I can
have assistance at the later service.
I want to see all my boys and girls
and their teachers at Sunday school.
No evening service for the present.
O come, let us sing unto the Lord.
Very affectionately your rector,
John J. Neighbour.
G. D. Pasteur, of Anthony, has been elected
Vice-President and General Manager, suc
ceeding W. P. Preer, whose retirement from
the management of the business was made
necessary by ill health. Under our new
management the stock will be increased to
meet the requirements of improving condi
tions in Marion County. Mr. Pasteur will be
glad to meet his former friends and to make
new ones in his new location. He promises
the best service it is possible to give the public.
Another Nash.
-j-l-li -SMll-ia
We arc equipped to give com
plete renovation and repair
service on your car. We get it
ready for the road in jig time
and at low prices. All expert
Phone 258 Night Phone 533
121 West Broadway
Ocala, Florida,
next day's paper, to enter our said
apartments and refresh our large but
somewhat wearied mind with a brief
nap. Arising irom one of said naps,
the other evening, we thought we
heard some one knocking out in the
hall, and went to the door and peeped
out. No one was present, but as we
stuck our head out we heard, or
thought we heard, the phone bell in
the office ring. Thinking possibly it
was some friend who had called us to
let us know his bootlegger had come
by, we galloped across the hall and
grabbed the instrument, but no an
swer came to our wistful "hello" and
we hung up quick to avoid making ex
tra work for Central. We started to
return to our apartments when there
was a slam, and the door, propelled
by a light gust of wind, shut. Now,
this would not have bothered us any,
but it was a warm evening, and be
fore lying down for a nap we had re
moved our outer clothes, and our
pants and our keys in one of their
pockets, were on the other side of
that door. So there we were, dressed
"very informally," as the society
writers say, and the formal part of
our clothing shut off from us by a
very efficient spring lock. We re
turned to our sanctum, shut the door,
turned off the lights and sat down to
think. There was only two keys to
that door and the other was three
thousand miles away on the Pacific
coast. It is true that we could have
reentered the room by climbing out
of one window and climbing into an
other, but the front of the building
was well lighted' and well, maybe
you hadn't suspected it, but we are
modest. Just then we thought of a
243 and 174
Ocala, Florida
One quart New Honey, CIC
per jar JJ
Jello 12c. package,
three for.
Irish Potatoes
per peck . . .
Palm Olive Soap,
three cakes for. .
Heinz Small Can
Cream of Wheat,
Shredded Wheat
Biscuit package..
Corn Flakes
three for
Quaker Oats, 12c. pkg., OO
three for OOC
Post Toasties,
three tor . . .
Premier Salad
Dressing . . . .
Une edas,
three for
Octagon Soap,
three for
Senate Coffee,
per pound
Pint Jars Orange Marmalade
Purina Scratch Feed, Chicken Chowder, Cow Chow
and other Feeds
Guaranteed 1$ Years
we also specialize in
intelligent Service for pll
nakes of batteries,
tcr.SIulD & Cklawaha
-SJ:-J..i aWU mitt-
We have a service car. Call
on us when out on the road.
Ocala Tire & Vulcanizing Co.
The Friendship Wesley Bible class
will meet tomorrow evening at the
Methodist church at eight o'clock. All
members, old and new, are cordially
invited to attend, this being the first
meeting of the fall season.
5-2t 1 Mrs. Wilson, Teacher.
See our newest novelty effects in
ladies' Red Cross footwear. Guarantee
Clothing & Shoe Company. 5-tf
All those having provisions for con
vention picnic kindly leave at church
between 3 and 4 p. m. Saturday.
Mrs. E. G. Peek,
Chmn Entertainment Committee.
Fertilize your pot plants and lawn
flowers with Albert's Plant Food. Sold
in 25c, 50c. and $2 packages at the
Court Pharmacy. 18-tf
Popular Assortment
at Reasonable Prices
Phillips ; Drug

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