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The Big blue union. [volume] (Marysville, Kan.) 1862-1866, June 28, 1862, Image 3

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t$ Tfc
ur1 - i
Sieit for tot Eoorxb tf July. .
r There will he 'religions Vert-ice bV the
. Bev. MnHgae,'to-niorrow (Sunday) at
-Jfiit usual lieAndplace.
i . h, . .
aui Music iir aHoen. The Stage -horn,
whoss dulcet strains occasionaly greet our
iars. - -. ' J '. r - . i ,
Cleskeuip. Alex. Caiuplell has been
appointed District Clerk for Marshall
county in- the secoud Judicial District,
?ice Sampel? .Rains, resigned. The ap-
pomlment is a 'good one.
1)' "BnwEN's Cavalry is fa&t fiiltnr ud.
w a.
A war meeting wil! be held here on the
4th o$ July! fit jvhich t time, the -company
rill undoubtedly be completed. Washing
ton county furnishes between fifteen and
twenty men.
A New Terse. A Missouri lady, writ
ing to a friend of ours in this plare, de-
nominates a class
of men who have been
troublesome in that
hawkers !"
country, as
' "Barefooted, bareheaded, with gloves
nYilW dtes?:" said: an individual' the'
other day. It was suggested to us that it
was about as cool and airy a dress as that
of the Georgian's, whose only apparel, it
is said, was a standing collar and a pair cf
-'The Nev Paper. The-irst number
-t$f tfier Constitutional Gazetteer," eciited
and published in this place by Jas., S. Ma
gill and P. H. Peters, was issued on Thurs
4ay afternoon last. Its typographical ap
pearance is good. " In politics it is Demo
cratic, but announces its determination to
support the Administration in its prosecu
tion of the war and punishment of the rebels.
Sidpey. Smith, or setae one jelse, once
ttiSfQiJQngrfpf a cooling off process
for not weatner, that he would like to strip
off and sit in his bones. About the near--est
step to the process that we have seen is
Jfche style of the Otoes who have been in
town the past week. Ugh 1 but they arc
badly raised' " kusses."
Cjfi -J
jrh ,'jTI ! ai.i'l
Wo resp:ctFu'ly Invito dealers anfl citizens of Kansas to
call and of amine our stock before buying elsewhere.
v;v .
We heep all hinds o
O R OtTfi'B IBS!
A Very arge Stock ofNAILSt
.IftfolTOWtVFooTsSip, Note) Legal Can pa
pers and Enrelopes, Printer's paper and Cards
which we will sell to printers at SULoois rates
with freight.adiid.
We buy and sell exclnsiTely for CASH, and
flatur ourselves that wetuy ami sell at lowest
Large S$2ancfJSmall Profits t
We innte especial attention to orcfcep
T A' p, q
WaaVo kraaare aaucasfy iMatriac
WMeh MmfljM t 4Kt -Stlom of ike
DealaVt from Rke'afMk, a4 gaU Lakasmsltha Interior
of Xansu will Ond tewr stare alarse aasortBteat of
Willi, XJUULCiOl ''
Then are two LA&01C OKOCKSX HOD3X3 ia ltcbawa
lmias oars, sod we tkiak straajers saatctjrlkHe cWcer
afca8aiiycitTintkkTiciUy. Ulianasee m all, and o-
Hr()aowolwtevjsmat yeorkaft aivaasV'
moLmiA a -v. . wa matmHQ ij(.
-'Wfco)eflika4-Betaii;pt4p,,1 ..
,tfRY,.G06pS, GBO(IE'feOOT
OnBroaSway, opo. th Ameriomh Hotel,
jfaryvuli Aaaaa.
I LaTe just received a lot of fresh Goods con
sisting of Drugs, Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots
and Shoes, &c., which will dc fold cheap for
ready pay. A.B, LOTELL.
Marysville, Jane 14, 1862. r ,
war. Mclennan, '
A 1 TQRNEY AT , &A 7T,
And Solicitor lii r Gliancciy.
OliceonMain street, Nebraska City, N. T. JTill attend to
all business in lib profes sion in the several courts in KebrasWa
uwe,14, IS62. ' x
Established 1857. '
On Third street, below Delaioare,
t J Lehvenk)iKkr,9tis i -
JJLAJIKBOpff. rolea, priste nboandpany; pat.,
tern. For Backers, Merchants, County ofaccrs, c. Ledg
ers, Jonrnals, Records and Dockets, raada out of good paper"
at eastern pi ijJea. Magazines, music Vidfferiodicals, bound
in plain or fancy binding, t , ""p fvJp-Ca
i ' '' . i" " ' i i rr: 7-t sr 3
i .tit-1 j .' r .f "..
j '?
' I would respecsfally annou'neeta ihe Mer
chants of the Interior of Kansas, that I havo a
largeand complete asortmeat Hf GROCERIE3
of eyeydescriptionywhichQffetatfrjrerj low
irafesforasli or ptaductvfaHwhUst ijriides,
Bacon, Lard, &c.,&C t: ,f r i tfa fr
My stock consists in part &3 follows :
1000 backs, jfupeiflnejand extra Flobr,
800 bifslels bf fetieYlTruir,-
zOabarreli and hilfbarrels Wtiisky' .
iuy Mbis. silt, -t tt
ISO boxes of Tobacco,
200kegsof Nal8,sj. j .. mi., ,f
50 sacks of Coffee,
150 bbla Arcwu and refinpd Sugars, i h-vl
Molasses in barrel?, half bbs at:d kegs,
Golden Syrup, kice, Mackerel, Herring,
Srices of all kinds, Cream Tarter," Soda, Oys.
tcrs, Saidines, Condle3, Soap besides 'many oth
er articles too tedious to mention; suffice it to
say my etock is full an J complete, (being" the,
Idrgcst in Atchison, ) and 1 can and will sell as low
asanyilousconthbMibcouri Uiyer. 4 I, t
Arc respectfully invited to callianl examine my stock and
prices; ana they itHI be certain to buy. -All knds,of market"
able .protluco .taken in expeange for Goods at the high
est market rates, , fc ,
. nl3 3w THEO,. ,BAIlTHOLOW.
Boots and Shoes, ClotJiimyamt,
12 Delawar
Cor. Sjiattnee "X-fift street's, ,Leavenwor.th Kan.
Free Omnibmsandbaggage waon to and ,from the tteemii
boat8. ?taes leavo this House Daily. r -r )
Cor. ftth 'nW Commercial Streets, Aiehucn, Kan
Thistto'tel is situated in the'most pleasant part of the city'
and isbeptin all respectp as a first-class tloHse. Quests may
depend upon ring accommodated with weK-furnfehedrooM'
and clean beds and extravagaht charges will not bemde.
We have a good stable, and will keep teams cheaper rkhaa
any one'elic in tjw V0- '
J "VVM. STBATTpN, Proprietor.
.i a f!
,Ko; IlOVBroadway,
tJO .
"' :
i '1 ..'V
CHAS. T..Ct3STEB PnprHor.
r HiLiow;:
e ;iorda'ed the J&jfw:' Alder
men the city of MarymUe:'
&etkra 1 That tk regular aunual dectioa
:or Mavor. Aiaennea aaa tuc r, umcers as
bj laworardinanee are required .tobe elected
by Zhe people shall he had o' the first Monday of
January in eacn year in tne respwu waras
at sucn places as tne mayor may uureow (
jSecI 2 liie mayor shall five tenliayi notice
of the time and place of hqiding', any g sera'Z
eiecuon sou uve ujb kur m v ocu.ai
p.lpfttion. , T .
3 The lection (whether nerpl'or sf ecial)
shall be Held in, each ward by llirce judges of
election to be appointed bywtho aiayor auil al
Bee. 4 If upon opening the pcll3 ia either
ward a vacancy shall exmfln thejiidge3 of ilect
ion, the electors present are hereby' authorized
to fill the vacancy from among those qualified to
V r .. ; ,h , V, t ,; T . . . .'
.Sec 5. The Judees of any elect'on sucll be
fore opening the polls appoint wo suitable per
sons (qualified, voters of the want) io act as
clerks f the election, who, shall take f,nd. sub
scribe au oath faithfully ana impartially to dis
charge, the duties of clerks. , .
Sec. 6. Before receiving any votas the judges
of each election shall severally take an 6ath or
affirmation, that they will support, the constitu-
tionof the United btates, the coi.stitutioh'bf'the
State of Kansas, and will faithfully perform the
duties o their office according to law; said oath
or ifirmatiou shall be in writing and ellSll be
subscribed by the persons'tahing the same aiid
may OO aaminisierea oj any person hu uiunzru
to administer oaths, arid shall be annexed and
treturned with, the poll-books lo the city clerk. t
Sec. 7. ,At Every election Tield undef this
ordinance the olls shall be opened at one and
ec. 8.' The city clerk shall at least two days
beore .the day setor holding any election deliv
er to one or the iudsei in each ward a ballot-box
and blanklpoll books.
" . Eec 9. The, judges ehall recoive ,tho Wllot of eah qnaL
ified ,Totr offering to yoto, and aeposite tne same m we
ballot box which shall not be opened until the polls are
closed and the clerks shall enter in thopdl books in a lair
Tiand thenames of every person voting and that of each
person 'Vrno-isrejecieu auu opputuiu uicreiu, vniruo ami.
of such r,ej cti)n, and the ballot so rcjsctedthali bodepos;
itedina separate box. with the same of thoAoter indsrs
edthereou. , rf
- Sec 10. ihe judges shull have the power to presene or
der at the. pulls and to command the officers in attend
ance to arrest and taho Ixjfore, the mayor any "person who
shall by violent and tuibulcnt conduc cr in any other
manner interfcio yiiii, hinder oi disturb the 'judges or
clerEs in in the discharge of thedr duties, or any voter ex
ercising tho privilege uf voting, and for any'.such offense
the offender shall forfeit and pay a sum aot less than two'
nor more than .thirty dollar.-".', . '.,
Sec 11-At the close cf the election or polls the judges
soall.prooeedjtocairout'iheballotsrarid ascertain the num
berof votes gien for each person voteu ror ana suaucpn
tinue the counting without intermission until all the bal
loU are counted, when thay shall cert'.(y'tho agfre-ttc ntim
berof votes -cast for each person and their t-rtihiCs. -hall
be attested by tho Claris, The rejected ballots hh.i!I tLo- bo
examined and ccrtifiedtointhe same manuer as the others.
Sec 12- The ballots as tbey wo counted shall be strung
by one of the judges on a string or wire and at tLe close
of, the count shall bj replaced in the' ballot box which shall
bo safely loched and not opened by the judges or with their
consent thereafter.. . ", '
. Sec. 13. '.At or before the 'hour of four in tlje afternoon of
ma 'jay lonowiug wiqiot acj eireuuu ujujuugca oju ur
liver, the t;allot-boxes and poll-boohs to the cityclerhal liis
office, and the chrh shall forthwith in the presence of the
mayor and at leastcne tfthe judges of the election In each
ward (iftageneral,'election)ori one Judge of tho election In
which ward the election .fhtldhf special elcctlou)to
co tnt up the nnm,lj
to In each poll-booh
audmahe a
UKththe name of
.te number of votes
certificate shall be
next day .after mah
out and deli ver a ccrtifl-
clty has 'such seat, signed
ktcd, setting forth tho' of.
clerk of election who shall ,com-
Un'd fidlto perform" any of th'dn
bj law tort ordained,' (except for rea
next' succeeding section) shall fon'eit
a sum of not lets than fit a nor more th iii HUj
I dollars. . '
Sec 16. If any judge or clerk of elect'on after enter
ing upon the discharge of his dut es, shall by eickness or
other personal disability, be,' rendered pnable to act, an
notber may be appointed in his place'. .If a judge, by the
qualified voters present, if a cltrk, th'on die judges shull
fill the vacancy; in such case tho per8011 substituted shrll
make oath as herinbefore. required and tLo Cict of each
substitution and th timo it tooh plaj shairbo noted va
the poll boobs.
Sec 17. The jndfles or clerks of electti'ehnll not ex
amiae or suffer any cae els to examine, tao ballot cf r n
voter haadod ia to be di"csited ia the ballot b.u Ufre
placing the samethereia, nor shall tbey Pjmit, any one
hat tho voter handing bathe .aaais or one cf the juacito
handle the ballot star shalL' they low any prenn tlu on
of the judges tothaadie.tLe baUot-bcx under a penalty of
not lees than five nor more than fifty dollars.
Sec 18, It shall be the duty cf the city eierk'to deliver
acopyf thkonUBaace to at leastcueof tbejmdgd or each
ward of tab city at least ono day previous to. any election
Sec 13. TVheatwoer flore persons shall have a equal
Buraber of rates foraaayoc cr any other elective oCTiB
thia city, the judges of UieeleefcO'i shall certify taoaame
totaecttycooaeilwho shall certilvthe amiMtattk. w.
coeacil who abaU he- declared elected ia tha ftahW-ti
rafiasen they sball cacaa twelve separate haltouSal.iM
fit paper to be prepared, equal ia. siaa and
pearaaos with the Bane ef each caadidate wrsttaa W
aa equal umaber, aad aeatly folded, with Uaaaae bwb
the inside; the slips so prepared shall be( pot iato a box
and weU auxed, eleven afsa'd.elipa fthaU ton be ka
eat by the ciry,cl-rb and ctm&ted M votesaod the er
sea BTia: the Uaheat aaaiber orbaltotslhas atawwaat
shall he dclawd elected aad a eertilcate ofeieetioa stall
be iamedejr the clerk tohisa ia the r srrtiilimMiu
Kerided. t
T Sec9a, All frae white aalea over the eaeef tweitr
oae yeaw who shall be dtteessof the UaiteiMaltaerwae
shall Wvacaadtiicic la teartioat heceaM swetx and
who shall have resides, ia this city three BMaahs-aext
treeeeiiag-aay eleetiea, shall as entitled, to Trtstiuit
eakers; aad WKrhjmosi Jl,teia.sWwadiaiiafca
they reside at the taaeefelsetioa.
fecSL J7Feeswwho.hallvwoBWtoTOteaee:
poBcoBvfctioB,betaedBot lesstaaa Jrta. dssWsaer su
taaaaity dellsn. ""
tec 22.. T"TT rrtiiailHil Hln ! isi. -.
iaABce, shillkBowiatiyaad wiUlaH vestsay electks.
lessthaafivencrBoreUiaiaj4glaira. f ' "
Sec 23. lun -i-nVn'Tl Tnteiaaisi lili
erdiBaaceBesllbeeutitledte -1 'irn shi ifslt-I "
soatoToteatMyceIsctiaa. -'"" ,"yw
scat. IsedsairW teeeaeattthesefsoaef
AM 0DIIf All C KE I 4T1JK;
jajBsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiW i
HPcPPhi the
BBNcoaieBH aaainccoaacslsaen ax a flats sax asse at
wakhtheywfllhear aad deteradnc said osetsst.
See. 25. ThepenonanaauafMiel.aetttattaiMn
withia twenty-our hewrs aler. iliag witdi tiM
city couacil a uoticc caeid caatest, arTaftpeft
tafelMnoarwiaee rieetfak W aaWtt rtiavlsar
aefce'ptie grottada 'tf ioiiklrW ttia tltei
bh.1 a.1aA m4 bL!t. il.. mS11 sVaaava
auu i-iio a-, n 11 igp ure CliyeOunCU wui uumt.
ana Meieruum uie same. '
Sec. 26. At the time and place fixed by thl
c;ty council they shall hear aad determine saitt
contest aa in thdrpatatiafellappear just
.rid lawnl and the decisioa readered by the
cuunoiJ tlinllaU be inal and coaclusiTe.
Suj. 27. T.V. juagesaad cletkaoaiectioa ahalf
aca be entitled ;c 9ie dollar or aatk day thty
shdtU 3erre as ei'ch.
'pprdred Augnst-12, 1861. , - , ,
i'P17. Pbtbbh, Clerk. - h - 4P. '
H '1-
XV i etsons. wiehJPg wotk done in" my Jine
h n woll by ' eafbg one dqot feast ,of the
.c can 11 oeV here I Will guarantee' satia-
f:. . jn. - , Bm n , I
Marysyiiie, Marshall Cp., Kansas,
i . Koowall men by these presents),
W that I make Boots and Shoes' of all
H sizes and of every description iraagins-
savhle, for those who may b so kind as Id
give me a civil, at No. 53 Broadway, where
shall always be on hand. My material is thje
hest'that can be purchased for gold bir,Treaqiy
Notes. Come along, and bring your feet, l.can
.fit them; don't care if they are as uneven as a
tomato, or so ugly as to .make their owner Hash.'
' "" Vi'tf,,
" DHJ.'HENRtiiicDOUGTAlli, h
Tenders his professidnaT ssrrice Vo thecitizeas
of Marysville and' surroun'diig country, Of
noitoK Bovmw4T,jon'e doofsafutborAc X.Lor
ell'BStore.' ' ,'1 )
P. S.' Recorders office in the same place. ' rri2 i
. ? i , ' f i .
Tf A W ir 7 Art? '.fi nr A'n. Tt4. r.
ATT088E AtUW.j
Marysville, Maf shall C.i'knsaa.
'- : - .t "" vi ViiH " n
Magill will attend all Cours in tlle-County
ilawkins will positively attend the'Dislrict
Court each term. . t
H. C. HAWKINS. ' " J. Sl'MAGlLL. k
.'attorney .St'law
Notary Public-& GeneraT Col
lecting & Land -Agent, '..
rrompt'attcrition feiVenito the v&rlous kinds
of business that may arise -in the counties, of
Marshall, Pottawattomie nnd the counties there
unto attached. The best of releieuccs ccn be'
March, 18G2. nltft
Marysville, Marsbali Co. Kansas.
' ErKtS--TO &
Messrs. Ilnmphrey, Terry, Co., and Derby!
tay, bt. Louis. Jleudly & tarr; Ijowman 4- Co.?
Grimes & Carter, Atchison, K. T. Baker; &
Cushman; Fowler Zeiger; Noah Walker 4-Go
and Hon. JohnThotapson Alaion, BalHmo-e. 9Jd.
Hon..aml: D.Lecoaipte;;iW. a.'Mathis; Perry
2c Lowe; and Clark, Gruber & Co., Bankers,
Leavenworth, K. T. Lykics $ Boydj Van Lear
& Britton, St. Joseph, Mo.
Rates of FerrisiKe
jfiQMshed ly theoprA vfComtyr tgimmcrs
ofMasliall ttiunij, Kansas, Jprull, l8G2t h
Ordered that the rates of ferriage acrowthe
Big BIup river at the ferry owned by H.D. Wil
lhme&Co., crossing said river near the city of
ftiarysvil'e, be from this date as follows:
'torfuotBianvv "! ..'.. .05
" loose cat tie each ,0t
"man and hotse ;10
" twojhpsee.audwajonjJ. ,50
" opeyokeofcaftleand'wagon".. J,a
" four horses' and wagoa ' ,7n
' '" two yoke of cattle aad wagoa...'. .75
.tfour " " "' " $1.25
H six " l " " ' " $l'.50
'" United States mail coaches, four ,
horses' '' ' ,40
- All persons with oaewagoti free. , f
This certifies th'attheahoveis'a trneandcor-
Tecteopyiia ordered' by the Board of Couaty
Commis8ioner3, April 11th, 1862. ' t
8tu4 JL. B. NEWELLi Vo. Clerk. ,
adlsr usVofl fael
fEansas. .
Joha A. McClellan.
Coanty of Marshall
By virtue ef an order of aale issued oat; of,
th 2d district court in and for Marshall coan
ty, S$ate of Kaasaa, aad trae diraeted, dated
afarak28LhA:lH,1862. waarain Jaha 8ICod-
diar om of-Jobav-llrasiaria Plaintiff and John
A. McClellamis Defeadaat, 1 will on xueetiay,
ikifitku.nru A. D 1862. .batweea the
hoars ef tfoVcloek A. it! and'46'eloek P.Miat
aaid Uw. a.f th eonrt house door in Marysvilk. I
Cocnty of MaraaaU aad State 01 rvansag,
- . . . m -wr - ' 1
f sale to the highest bidder foreaah all fJia
right, title and iatarest of the defeadaat, 'Jaha
A. MeCklUn, of ia and to we iomwiag THal
taae tawlbi Letef (1)' in,THe.t:-ikvi(ll)
withtttaiasproTaaMats thareoa, aa deeigaatad
the rfcaerdad phU af th Uwa af Mdryirffli ia
theeoaatr of Marshall then, Tarritorr. aow
iUa af Kansas, freBtia.;frtyT-tr (44) feci
W "Sraadwav 'and ' raaaiac back 'acrea'tr-twit
swav tz) acoerauajur rswiri Taaeaaaa pi or
Mictawn af Mary svim, Jivtadaaoo ; U satify
aardarof aele AppmiaadatVSh
" " O. B. 8WIASTKG1N. Sheriff.
J. I. Clardy. Pl'ntTa attV. ' J Ci
SkariTiOffiaa, Aprils, 1162. i2
By Tirtae at am alia. fM ad latot etit of tkt
2dDiatristctartin aad ferManliall eoaty.
Kaataa, I will Weiaeaaay the 11th day of
Juae A. D. 1S63, mftaat l tkallarratt Hovaa is
M. aad fwar 'clock P. X. af aaldav. oflv Ut
sale one wagoa, leried ea as the praaertyf
Jarred B. Aauden to satis'y said fse bill.
a D. 8WEARLXGEN, Sherifc
Marysaie, May 15, 1862.
Jeha A. McClellasr
Bj virtue of an execution issued onfc af taw
2ud Drstrict Court in and for Marshall coanty,
Kansas, I ill on Thurpdity, the 3rd day of Ju
ly, A D. 1662, iu front of tie Barrett House ia
Maryayittcbetween the hows of 10 o'clock A.
Si'. ani''4 Vclwk P.'af. or said dy, offer IbPSate
tothe'liL-si' , for rash, one Wtyhbrte,
saddle, b.idla and l!aukct, levied upon aa the
propeny of Jobn A. MeOHUn, to satisfy said
execution. G. D. S ?"EAP.INGEN, Sheriff.
Marrsville. June 19ih. 1862.
John Frazicr, "
vs V
Invin, Jaciiaan i Co. )
Notice ishsreby given to Joreph Irwin, Jackaua,
$r!stuB pafi" unknown. PcUrBymro, Byrnm,chris
iVBiie5ikDfwnrpirtn,8rftr4ilag cnsVrssJliaaewtrni
sfidVtyle'orinfin, isiknhnf-A Oi, nVrestrtts AnTMar.
shall Cmntv, Stttc of Gnnnu. ThtJohn i'rasfer. pleintiJT
in the alnre entitled cause, sued oct. on tho 2nd dav'of
Jnne A. D.lt2, a writ of attachment Wfure William P.
H? i, a Jnst'ce of tne Peace. In and lor !ary3ville 1 own
ship. 5Iarball Co.. taie of Ksnas, and their property is.
attached, and unless they shall appear bctoto the aforesaid
Jiu-ticwthi3oPa'-o Uie city cf Muryii;ein scidTuwn
ship.Conoty And tkte-.in tLeltth i!af a'.y A.D.lft2,at
tbpJjQuroi" tniVc'.ockin the.(oyuoon of said day. Jadjre
mVn twill Jbc'ri!der'd t&TktMia and thefr prertjiiold
to satisfy tiiaciifm ot thepwinlIU, it heing feveBtj'tWO dol
lars and eighty-six cents, ttiiSG. t' V V I
. ,, r n yju.11:; FK&ZIKK.
Notice is hereby given that all taxes remain '
ing unpaid on personal property after the first
day t)f 'June 186-2the -treasurer is required to
issuehis warrant tooths sheriff to levy and col
lect saoli uD'paid'itaxes 1 Chapters. llij.Seo Gl
ac ts of 1860, requires the treasurer to iftue.hia
warrant' te the sheriff' te colletcall unpaid' taxes
en 'personal property, together wi'.h his fees
for collecting tho same. Persons will find, it
to rheoi; jiitprfijitcvpay hprnedjately or before
tne snenu serves iuc wurrunia, as iney are now
in Jis bands.."
A. E. LOVEE21 Trtasurer.
Admlulsirator's IVclicc.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
ttos appointed by S.F. Snyder, Probate Judge ia
and focWnslunglon County, Kansas,adminis
Sratorof the estate of?Jphn A.'HumeB, deceas
ed, d.ited Vpril.23rd, IADrl862. All persons
,indebted"toid estate, 'aje requested to-sake
immediitc scHlempntof tho stne, -indnll hav
iug claims against said estate, are required to
exhibit them' t6 the admiaistratbtf .for allowance
within oneycar-afterthe dateof the letters or
estate, andu such clannare no? exhiDifBuSn th
in thrce'eaVs from the'date of these letters they
willbefbWekjlfjbtfeM. K j "j.r
':. Attiiilitirator'sj STotlce. "
' .Notice js,herebx given thai:' lettera-'of
AdiainisfrauoQ were granted March 4, A.
D. 15G2 for:tliaiestatteofjarri03 White, de-
all persons having claim-3 against Wn ea
tate should ex.ru bit th'eia !tb the adminis
trator for allowance,' Tvilbiu oue'yeafc'tiftor
the 'date of the letter, or they tlPbo pre
eluded from Vny benefit' of Jeaidfof ate;
and if sucejatm beJiot piijhJted'ypfjliin
three yearJj from the., date of .tho lector
they nili be forever debarred.
Di "SAiiltnslLMYBRS,
iHwJ? j'ttirtt-i itAtsii i4daifav.
.irjuarcn iooji j.,
.w. ) "-
. OJ13BK OrlfeSICAT10!f;y
3tate ofMKansa3, Second. Judicial, , Butjict,
iii ) v4 i
ar.in .. .
t Alexander JV. Blake,
Jwis Vouk,-.
.James Parsons,
ThnmnsSmith. .
ir 'I viftv"- ta15
To5"ewloaV4,me8lParalll.'z You ara
,h e rebyxaetificd, Jbat thesabofft;iaaied pbiatiff
aaacotiiirfneea rb cijqd iaH.,ajvv jbbvivu
eonrt sgaiostyoulo recover, a-jtidisaeatf alas t
said dfletilant, Ixmjs.gpok, forntha saat.ef .two
hundred aad; eiglity-ife- dollars, aadJpitrast
thereon ftcm.th? Wh .of -Way, 1859, at tha .-rate
f -five pef,cfit.per m.08,th npojp( jroaiiaory
.note stgql by paid jBnak onrtljcr, J6th pfjMay
1868,pa,yable4oAon)tW..BussclI or order, and
to subject to the ppytnent o 8iji aBwat and
i&OreiMta. folluwirg premises, raorgaged by
said IVopk t'sequte the same, to. wjitCjtfheiorth
eistqimiter of section eight, to.waahip two,
south of range nine, eatriasaid county, to-sell
thesaawaod upplthtiwiaadtbhe payment
of said aaountaod interest and (the costoof thia
action aad , to foreclose allf, of.tbe defen (Uinta
from alright, tilla or 'pq'p'ity'of, wdetai.ttoo ia
aud to said p'reniibea. , Said, not e,and 'security
having been assigaed, t6f'tKe'pIamtiff hysaid
r jId. BiitaH fcSTTxsa JtrLtvEcX mm
,rhto ; 'Aiftftftftat :. - ' ,
Cairyeaifer anal Cabinet Maker,
iUAmiaiiiinii) . ,
Will attead to the erection of W kiioij
iar'ikAaaBi-iiiRnatch. Plana 1
iaeatiaea funished.i I havtfon ihaadav.
r.. .
Anaatity ef.dry walnnt lambar,aa4,apjpre-
I paraa to sake all Jonas 01 jpnutura v.mw.
1 f- r7 : . .. i amr roi libih .
j river vnoaa. imuu w - - t.ti
WRANK ISAxtDlii - .
Heia prepared 0,.laka 9 j$n
of aflkindft, and in8nreatlwtt work will oa
daae iff a Bubtantial and workmhlike-manncr.
Cafinsaiade Co order npoa alert otiee. ijar
aicareaideverjkiad of Cabinet work attead
21 to promptly and at prices satisfactory to au.
KeholdahimilfU readijwaMaUtimej, on
Broadway, oaa door east of thoTJmcm offiee,
MaxysriUfjKaBaaf. 3nfl7
.03 i
t.'JT T . .
Nownnlew yqmv,piead; annrer orf deanr U
said plaintifYpetiliole dn of before the ,15th day
of Augusi ..KjjBrtea'ld'peUtioa'wni be
Ukeaaa'b ajgaeatrendered actt
- -i . ftj

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