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The Big blue union. (Marysville, Kan.) 1862-1866, September 13, 1862, Image 1

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Westward the Star of Empire takes its Way."
'r. t 22C j;-H r.?vani
jg - v aoft jjil.
. SSZS--- -f!y'Q i
. D. 8WEAHl5GEs7T?roprIetOT.
Oae copy one year, cash ia advance, $1.00
One eony, payable during the year, $1.50
Tan .Copies, one year, 10.00
''Ab extra copy to tie getter up of a club of
Oneeqiare, nrst insertion - $1.00
"Each anbsesuent insertion, 50
Yearly advertisement inserted on very liber
Borne with dispatch and in the latest style of the
act. n"f ayment required for all Job Work on
AirCoaunieations, or matters relating to
Ske business of the office, should be addressed to
Editor and Publisher,
Marytville. Kanxa.
SAMUEL RISER, Proprietor,
&KJ3htenec and fifth streets, Leavenworth, Kdn.
free Omuitras and baggage wagon to and from the atcam
Wata. stages loare this Ilouse Daily.
fj t
br. Bth'and Commercial Streets, Atchison, Kan.
This Hotel in situated In the most pleasant part of the city,
ttfl is kept in all respects as a first-class House. Guests maj
depend mpott being accommodated with well famished rooms
kb cleaaWds and extravagant charges will notbemide
W aaTe a cod stable, and will keep teams cheaper than
fmf oaoelMinthe place.
WM. STRATTON, Proprietor.
nd Solicitor in Ghanccry.
flre n Maim street, Nebraska City, N. T. "Will attend to
m? bosiaeie ia his proasicn in the seTeral courts in Nebraska
- Jvi 14, 1862.
i TfiOS. M. BOWEN,
fM. aiw'llle, Mmnball Co
., nuncio.
M arysvlllc, M arball Co., RtnsM.
Marill willaiienJ all Courts in the County.
-.flawkins ,ifl positively attend the Disuict
.-Court each term.
m. c! nlvvrKixs.
Notary Public & General Col
lecting & Land Agent,
T rompt attention given to the Tarious kinds
f feseineee $xi may arise in the counties of
.Marshall, Potlaifatfomie and the counties there
na'te atiachftV Tfea best of xeferenoes can be
March, 3862. nltf
XfufyaVilli, If archail c. Mskmnm.
Mnw tp
Mmn. Kaiplaaxj erry, Co aai Derby f
Day, 8t. Lmn. lleadly & Carr; Bowman $ Co.;
Orimw ft; Carter, Atchken K. T. Baker &
m . JcknToBpsa Maaoa Baltimore, Md.
Mi:tma.''p.iUtumM m. G. Kathis Perry
Lam; mi .Ciatk, JOmber k Co., Bankers,
IaTiwarth, K. T. Lykias Boyd; Van Lear
Jt BrrHei", St. Jeecph, llol
l:iMilSany-lBmstdM8SU ot lUryirtOedH rlctet
y,mfWlii saWJ lwrtslltti fcr too facttaa f
Rrrtat Wwpwre maty yn experience ia aae pne
rf sastpnfcMlisla aa mbt thoaewk-o fcvror hba with
Marfaanaviisilva'thviiliwHTa the taatf thill n
rtteatteE MmaJT,l as let . teaeaeaae a e
-Wtatfti aef aawa. . J. -
.tsitorafiai, tW Ataitwaas
jfgg"4Mff 1
. ?j t rtwrssatm'.
a'lVassaJri ' aTi r i kf afiii sisi'
mmn w.?j"-t-FFii
i ri i -' m - " " ,T r - -"
Die Muehlen OotUs mahltn schrfcin."
Those mills of God ! those tireless mills I
I hear their ceaseless thiobs and thrills;
I see their dreadful stones go round,
And all the realsis beneath them ground;
And lives of men, nd soals of States,
Flung out, like chaff, beyond their gatefc
And we, O, Lord, Trith impious will,
Have made these nbgboes turn Thy mill I
Their human limbs with chains we bound,
And bade them whirl Thy mill-stones round ;
With branded brow and fettered wrist,
We bade them grind this Nation's grist!
And so, like Samson blind and bound
Our Nation's grist this Negro ground ;
And all the strength of Freedom's toil,
And all the fruits of Freedom's sod,
And all her hopes, and all her trust,
From Slavery's gates were lung, like dust!
With servile souls this mill we fed,
That ground the grain for Slavery's bread:
With cringing men, and grovelling deeds,
We dwarfed our land to Slavery's needs;
Till nil the scornful nations hiss'd,
To see us ground with Slavery's grist.
The mill grinds on ! From Slavery's plain,
We reap great crops of blood-red grain;
And still the Negroe's strength we urge,
With Slavery's gyve and Slavery's scourge ;
And still we crave on Freedom's sod
That slaves shall turn the mills of God !
The mill grinds on ! God lets it grind !
We sow the seed the sheave s we bind ;
The mill-stones whirl as wk ordain:
Our chu-pekn's bread shall test the grub !
While Samson still in chains we bind,
The mill grinds on ! God lets it grind !
I wait watching and weary, I wait ;
You wander from the way !
My heart lies open, however late !
However you delay !
I wait watching and weary, I wait;
But day must dawn at last !
Together, beyond the reach of fate,
Love shall redeem my past.
I wait ah! forever I can wait;
Forever ? I am brave ;
Time cannot fathom a love so great
It waits beyond the grave !
Good News fox the Ladt. A lady and
gentleman recently married, in the neigh
borhood of Boston, left home in their own
carnage lor a bridal tour among the
monntains of New Hampshire. In order
to aroid the curiosity attracted by persons
in the honeymoon, the gentlenan gave his
Irish servant the strictest charge not to tell
any oue on the road thry were newly mar
ried, and threatening to dismiss hira in
stantly if he did. Pat promised implicit
obedience ; but on leaving the first ian on
the road, aext morning, the happy eoaple
were much astonished and annoyed to find
the servants all assembled, and, pointing
to the gentleman, mysteriously exclaim
ior: ".That's him; that's the man."
On reaching the aext station, the indig
nant master told Murphy he must imme
diately discharge him, as he had divulged
what he impressed on him. as a secret.
Plaze your honor,' said Pat, " what is
it you eom plain of?"
- " You rascal !' exclaimed the angry
master, " yom told the servants at the inn
last aigb tnatwtwert a Bewlj married
c Oth, then, to tfck and be tkat," Bays
Pal, brightening p jn mtioipated tri
umph. " tbera'a not a irord of truth ia it,
yer hoaor ; sire I told the whole kit of
them, servanda and all, that you wouldn't
bo married for a fortnight jg."
The lady; fainted, but thouaband par
doned Pat, and eonelmdei Jjhat ia fttai
at had bettor toll ik i fciik. """
, MWiJMJMataf-sjf-atroototeday,
wkka fnowi, wher. s observed a poordog,
that: bad kilW, lyi, , thv gfe.,.
Ho-aA,fJjJ tfefcioi ani-al,
PAfcJnBer ship,
a bark -loft WTOfe." l Bb'exmiBaoioB
A Southern View of the Rebellion.
A letter of a prominent Southern gen
tleman to his wife, who is in a distant
country, was recently found on board of a
vessel that was captured by our cruisers.
It is of recent date, and is written in all
the sincerity and unrpservedness of mutual
confidence. The writer tgives his view of
the war he is aiding as follows:
" This accursed attempt of one section
to set up an independent government,
must sooner or later fail, and fail igno.
miniously. 1 am bound in duty to share
in the burdens, and to do what I may to
alleviate the. sufferings which-the attempt
has brought upon those aninn whom
I was born, but.I will take no ce in it;
the highest would be no indue-jnt ; nor
will I share in the terrible responsibility.
No words can depict the horrors which I
witnessed both at Richmond and upon my
journey there and back. The death then
occurring at Richmond were fully equal
to one hundred and fifty a day? More
than .seventeen thousand sick c and wound
ed are now in the Richmond hospitals.
The recent seeming success of our arms
will only serve to accelerate the downfall
of our short-lived Confederacy."
The Anniversary Op the Constitu
tion L.ET It be Commemorated.
Says the Mo. Democrat : On the 17th
dav of September 1787, the Constitution
of the United States was adopted in the
Convention over which George "Washing
ton presided, and of which such patriots
as Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Frank
lin, James Madison and the Pinckneys
were members. Seventy-five years are
about to close since that day, and the na
tion that has lived undor that Constitution
in liberty and peace is waging a mighty
war with Americans in arms against the
glorious work of their fathers.
At such a lime, and in the midst of such
scenes, the Anniversary of ths Constitu
tion should be remembered, honored and
commemorated throughout the loyal
States, and in the armies and navy of the
Union. We have few enough anniversa
ries of patriotism ; let us now add one, to
be observed as long as the Constitution
stands. "What say the people? Shall it
not bo done ?
The following from So!. Miller's wit
and wisdom column " and " answers to
correspondents," hits off the New York
Ledger style exactly :
The sweetest duty of a loyal citizen, is
the duty on sugar.
Time and tide wait for no man ; yet a
horse will always wait when it is tied.
A Iwajs be content with yosir lot par
ticularly if it is a corner lot.
Nunneries are of for greater antiquity
than you suppose. They must have been
instituted shortly after the flood. We
have high authority for saying that Josh
ua was the son of a JVun.
The word fl Convention," is derived
from Convent. A Convent is an institu
tion where females take the veil ; and a
Convention is a place where they draw a
blind over the eves of the people. The
only difference is, in Convents the article
is silk, while in Conventions it is wool.
Mas. Partington on Goot. " As to
being inflicted with gout," said Mrs. Part
ington, looking very wisely as she stirred
her tea, " high living doesn't always bring
it on, depend upon it, though it generally
dees sometimes. It is incoherent in come
families, and is handed down from father
to ton, Mr. Hammer, poor soul, who has
been so long ill with it, inherits it
from hia wife's grandfather."
An old bailor, passing through a grave
yard, saw on oue of tha tombstones; " I
still live." It was ioo much for Jaok, and
ahifiinf hia auid, ha ejaotftted, utWeU,
JL've heard amy that there jttljteaes in which
a man may lie ; but if t WteA 14 ewn
A man may atir up the ire with, ai um
brella, bat he cannot keep the rain off hii'
What is Conscience? Wendell Phil
lips, in his eulogy on Theodore Parker,
said :
The very last page those busy fingers
ever wrote, tells the child's story, than
which, he said, no event in my life has
made so deep and lasting impression on
me. A little boy in petticoats, in my
fourth year, my father sent me from the
field home. A spotted tortois?, in shallow
water at the foot of a rhodora, caught
my wgm, ana j. mtea my stick to strike it,
when a voice within said it was wrong. I
oiuuu wuu ni.ea sncjc, in wonder at the
new emotion, till tortoise and rhodora
vanished from my sight. I hastened home,
and asked my mother what it was that told
me that it was wrong. Wiping a tear
with her apron, and taking m ; i,n
arms, she said, Some men call it con
, , ... ,. tl
science, but I prefer to call it the voice of
God in the soul of man. If you listen to
it and obey it, then it will speak clearer,
and always guide yon right. But if you
turn a deaf ear or disobey it, then it will
fade out little by little, and leave you in
the dark and without a guide." '
Have yon ever watched an icicle as it
formed ? You noticed how it froze one drop
ac a nme, unui ic was a toot long or more.
If the water was clean, the icicle remain
ed clear, and sparkled in the sun ; but if
tne water was but slightly muddy, the
icicle jooked foul, and its beauty was snoil-
ed. Juat so our characters are formin".
One little thought or feeling at a time adds
its influence. If every thought be pure
and right, the soul will bo lovely, and will
sparkle with happiness; but if impure
and wrong, there will always be wretched
ne'ss. We gave our devil a piece of copy to
set up yesterday, with the following re
su't: HoRiJZe MnrJER-v-WeJsaju tPet a
uiurJEe wrc? komijtep r NiGhT Ji joo
ASo iiVtqa FioIyJxA of ywjtei on c
U innoensAeE 0J1 mvnj Kaus knoj sjaA"
?ed, nap jjfirXejtuoio
Here we stopped him and set him to
work picking up pi off the floor. He will,
however, make a good typo when he
Emancipated. Twenty-one negroes,
the former slaves of Willis Horde aid
Thomas Gardiner, wore Thursday morn
ing emancipated by the Provost Marshal
General. The nrgroes had given evi
dence of importance concerning rebel
movements, and were owned by men whose
disloyalty had been fully proved. Under
the recent act of Congress, they accord
ingly became freemen. St. Louis Union.
Wm. A. Philips is rapidly gaining
strength as a candidate for Governor.
Without disparaging the qualifications of
other candidates, we are free to say that
no man in Kansas is possessed of better
executive ability or more earnest convict
ions of duty, and none other would more
fully reflect the political sentiment of the
people. Topeha Record.
A Good Hit. In Dutiy's Tremont news
room, Chicago, is disp'ayed a sign which
might be advantageously posted in the
houses of very many subscribers who pay
for newspapers that others may read them.
It reads as follows, a large sponge being
hung over the space inclosed in brackets:
" Gentlemen are reqnested not to
their Reading."
Men love women for their natures not
their accomplishments, for their warm feel
mgs, strong sympathies, gentle hearts and
fond dispositions not for their mental ac
quirements. More men of genius marry
and are happy, with woman of very common-place
understand ingr and good, strong
sense, than ever venture to take brilliant
wives and enjoy a showy misery.
A female writer says nothing looks
worse on a lady than darned stockings.
Allow us to observe that stockings that
need darning look a great deal worn tknn
darned ones ; daraed if they don't.
' Maa proposes, bat God dUpcW," tail
a pious amnt to her ever-eentdent- nieoe.
" Let a man.nropoae to nte if kt !"
was. the rfspenM, " aid I will limn if
nun according to my ewn Tiewt, at bo evils
OpposiWa frqaenry tHttaeeoilli
and xefwT an yajty- att.nH -
mIm Mlilm ""t'
;.? -t f.
Orncs or- RzcBtriTiifa CouMnmimf i U
- ' lpartMeniiiflCaiaaft- -
Leavenworth City, Aig1; i&5?Jc"
Albert H Horlon : " t 4 "" '
Sir: Tou are hereby W&:$t$
virtue of authority iroa tWt rejQ
War, bearing date JulrifiaVTyW
have been appointed assistant Cfesmtofrsietf;
er n thed??ltiw frtl$m&ffl&i
Brown, Maranall .-Nemaha ofWrninlngfoib5;-'
in the State of Kansas, ccOBeraWriitf
Cyrus Leland and Samuel Hippie, thelU
cruiting Commissioner! now acting in d
those counties.
Upon the receipt of this commeaicatioa,
yon will proceed forthwith to raise and'or
garrize one or more companies of Yolun
teer infantry, to be mustered into "tie .,,
vice of the United Stateefor thrto-mt '
or during the war. Ht '
For this purpose you are a a thorite! W "
establish a camp within the limits of your
District, and provide for the maintenance
of discipline and the supply of troops '
( with the munitions of war.
On your requisition, when approved at T
this office, supplies of arms and accontro
raents, clothing, camp equippage and sub "
sistence, will be furnished by the command
ing General of the Department. Trans-
portation for recruits andrecruiting onV
cera, will be furnished on your requisition", "
when approved, or the actual cost of the
same will be refunded on vouchers in the
usual form, accompanied by your order di
recting the movement. The appointment
of recruiting officers will be subject to ap
proval at this office
The provisions of General Order Nev
75, current series, a copy of which is en--closed,
will be strictly adhered to in the
organization of companies in your District,,
with the exception that all reports will bar
made directly to this office, iasteai of ifc
Adjutant General of the State.
In performing these duties yon are aa
thorlzcd to visit such places within yoar
District as may be necessary, for which:
purpose transportation will be furnished en
your requisition, when approved, or the
cost of same will be reimbursed on the
presentation of the proper vouchers at. .
this office.
You will be expected to report freqment
ly to this office the progress and prospects
of this work and to make any suggestion .
that may occur to you from time to time iai
facilitating its accomplishment.
This appointment may be revoked at
the pleasure of the Commissioner of jtav
cruiting for tho Department of Kaaeas.
By order of Commissioner for Reetait
ing for the Department of Kansas.
J. H. Laws.
Be Hopeful. It is not best to to
alarmed about the temporary scarcity of
specie. We fee that Hallett's commercial
circular for July 30th, expresses the opin
ion that in the natural course of buinesa
the coin will soon be returning to as.
" We have been able," it says, " te keen
foreign exchange largely in our favor, ex
cept when another element has been thrown
in the return of enormous assoaats of
securities formerly held abroad. We are
daily becoming mere and mora self-svs-porticg
and Europe leas so, from the rapid
increase of vopilatioa npon a eiremnseris
eJ area." It seems quite eertaio, moreo
ver, that Europe mast draw very largely
upon the Uaited States for graia and floor.
The anmber of letters delivered ia (4
post oficees in Great Britain, daring I8fl,
was 593,000,000, or abent 22 to every ms
sen. In the same period 72,3Hl0t
newspapers aad 12,300,000 beet wft
tfaUveradsy the post esaee. Money ar
ten ware alto sent iaregs;ttn
agency amounting to abowt tttQOv.
Envy increases in oxaot proportion wfcsi
fame; the man tfcat sjafaea a ehnrnater
makes enemies. A raenea genina sails
forth swarms of peaviah. biting, stinging
insects jest aa the snwhini aamtoaw 4at
world at ties.
m .)$
U tl'X .v liixfJ$q
. $m&&s a&
j- jj'tjf A t
JK r
- iBBUktia ,"
It OS MZ'j !! ;.iW
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