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The Big blue union. (Marysville, Kan.) 1862-1866, November 22, 1862, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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'Westward tlie Star of Empire takes its Wgy."
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L. f
G. D: SWBAKIiVGEIV, Proprietor.
evA ppy oiieyear, cash -in Advance, ,1.00
Due copy, payible during, tiie year, S1.50
XCIl wupicai uuc j wi( - -
An extra copy to incgeiier up i v.uu u
ta.' ' '
- J0nf aquare, first insertion :.... $1-00
JJacli.subseaucnti'iDsertion,-: 50
" Nearly aBvVrtisements inserted -onTry liber-
al terms.
IL' 3 -
. -TrW WmilT
S Dons Trith dispatch and in the latest style of the
art. JGf-1'ayuiem. requncu iUi ui. - - --
. dslirery. " '
f All Communications, or matters relating to
t ttt businesa'qf the office, should be addressed w
t " '. L. A. WOODWARD,
' Editor and Publisher,
"'" Mai-ysville, Kansas,
C. J.LEE, M.D., .
.rtr'if ,'-,
JUfpetfallplDformsUie citizens ot MarysvUle tni Ticmi
C j, tktliJipermanBntlylocatabere for the priictica -o
KATshd upwards of twenty years experience in the prac
J8l?oe of hts"profesion,lie rn assure those who favor him with
&v-k!rptron5e,lhat they -wlll.reeeiTa tho best of shillan
0-tenti Office aadresidtB.ee at th toBhous oi the
&YhUi tiilor tow.
. u wm. Mclennan,
,9ad Solicitor in Glianccry.
, , A ettcB Main Jitreet, Nebraska City, N. T. "Will attend to
atl business ih hia prores6ion in tho several courts in Nebraska
. vvJmc 14,1862.
J "J.1 KINNEY & CO.,
t' ; j TVliolMtlearocert aad DosJw
m aple ft n d, Fancy O r oc'i r I "a
' '''wiNESf'LlQUOFlS, TEAS,
pv'T i Eelx streeU
GvriblKlt&iCoMmartial Streets, Atchupn, Kan
tJS TbislIotarUaituateduithoinostpleaeantpartof thecity
odis kep.tia all respects as a first-class Honse. Questamay
ieyend .upon being accommodated yith well-furnishcii rooms
" ' od clean beds and extravogtuit charges will notbcmide.
We hac"acood-stable, and will keep teams cheaper than
r8rvmy oBetl,einthe place.
?; ' WM. STKATTON, Proprietor.
SAMUEL KISfiR, Proprietor,
or. Skavmee and Fifth streets, Leavenworth, Kan.
Free Omnibus and bageage wagon to and from the steam
1' . . . ,, .. T.l..
ctages ieiTe uiixxu umij.
mr AND
llarysville, Ularsnall Co. Slaiias.
Msssrs. rIumphrejuTerry, - Co., and Derby
Pay, t.u0uisi( Headly & Carr; Bowman & Co.;
jQjmes' & Carter, Atchison, K. T. Baker
Sft Cu'shman; Fowler Zeigerj Noah WaBxer 'Co.;
ana ilon. joanxnompson .uason, Ualtimpre, Aia.
,Hon.Saml. D. Lecompte;'Vm. G. Mathig; Perry
Lowe; and Ciark, Gruber & Co., .Bankers,
LeaTenworth, K. T. LyJjins $ Boyd; VanXear
A a- Britton, St. Joseph, Mo. , m .
,ter-()ak Cooking Stores,
irina r's'SfclK, Holiw warcM
tl.w . Tin,, sheet-iron. and Copper ware :
t? - t i ' oi rr . ,l rr r
o JLreiawar ot. 'XieaTenwonu jvbuibs.
' if i
WkolmdU Dealers in
. T TT3 "X7" "1 S T-x CJ
JJOOU nm .w , v. ui w.ywtwiy ymm,
12 JLielaware Street, .
J)rifting away, r
?i iike mote on te itfeud? '
To day's disappointment "" !
' Testerday's dreak ; u
EvetewlTing 1j w'
Never to"meacf ' F
Such" is our progress ; ' '&,i
Where is the end'?
; m i
Whirling away ; . oi -Like
a leaf in the wind, .-
Points of attachment ., .t4t,i
Left daily behind ; iu. r
Fixed to no principle, - h -Fart
to no friend j . .
Such our fidelity, . '-r-l
Where :s the end ?
s v .,"
. j ii
Floating away, ,
Like cloud on the hill,
Pendulous, tremulous, .
Migrating still : y
Where to repose ourseWes ;
Whither to tend .
' ,' t ;-v nj t',
Such our constancy ;
Where is the end ,
Crystal the parement, ' '
Seen through the stream
Firm'the reality ' -
i i hi
Under the dream. ' "
Wo may not feel it, iC
Still we may mend
' How we have conquored -
Not kno'wn till the encL '
Bright leaves may scalter,
Sport of the wind,
But stands lo the winter
The great tree behind, '
Frosts shall not wither it j - H
Storms eannot bend-r-; k .,
Boots firmly clasping
The rock to the end.
Cairn is'the firmament,
Over the cloud ;
Clear shine the stars through
The rifts of the -shroud
There our repose shall ha,
Thither we tend
Spite of our waverings,
Approved at the end. "
The Pirate g,t Sea.
The story was all feasible enough, and
easy of belief ; End Paul, though' his heart
might smart a little, for he had certainly
fallen "deoply in'love with the pretty Lot-ty-i
a paaflioh Which she', with true coquet
ish instincts encourage and as'there was
a fair field and no favor. Paul s submitted
tof'circumstancesf suspt'eting nothing wrdii
not even after his old friend Mam
hint, for he thought the tough
prejudiced, and meantime Martingill,
was all auspibion, was on tlie watch: afil
more convinced than ever micrhinf w&
mewing wuwuiyuum BOOH DUrSl Upon
them. ' lfu-
One evening the jolly planter, had been
giving on'e of&is most magnificent spreads
and after' th'e viands and mogt substantial
a.jk .i r n ik Smm. ! J 1. 1 . - ( 1
edibles had beon partaken of by tho guests
among wnom were Don Pasco, Paul free
man (Captain Transom Lad that day re
mained on board to hasten the departure
of the vessel) a couple bf officers of the
Royal Kary, an'd' a sprinkling of the
neighboring pjanterawinea'cf tho most
equisite vintages werf-put in profnsion up
on tho' tables, and drinking1 "be 2 n at a raD-
id and menacing ras. Twd'only abstaified
the one being Hon Pasco, who pleaded
non-nsago in convivialities of ihe table,
and taul who had bes im'proooively warn
ed by M!artingill tosimn all Honors on this
and taul who had booti ininrMaivelv warn-
od by Martingill to snun all liquors on this
'i: 1iA"klaATt)JLru!s 1 j
occasion, wyooiiW'hWd-ache and
Indisposition, thrrghh did'not avoid a
lUUUUUSmuu, "JS," 1U UOl aVOlU a
.few glasses ; but naviag to gtf n hoard at
?rtin.h?F $ SRSPi common
he wai so.
It ii i'mpouible, in a mixed company,
whtre there is do stint of erery kind of
wine from the finest claret to the sparkling
ikiunced'tlieadrtolof tneiame, un4 the
tfi's rising passion of thsdisiuUnto ouliai-
uicu iu a giuu 4UW101, um uuwug x
bottles and decanters from one side to the
other between the two most violent, ad-
other between the two most violent, aa-
ding to ths confusion and clamor, untill
they were separated and borne separate!
pun oVkttali
away to sleep, and to cool their passions,
and the tumult terminated, but in the
1 t
midst of which Don Pasco took the oppor
tunity to slip ; neither among tho persons
present was he missed by any but Paul,
who turned around to put a auostion hue
iound him absent. Thinking nothing of
the circumstanoe, but rather 'commending
his seise in quitting so riotous an assem
bly, Paul saunterted forth in the air by
the open French window, and was enjoy
ing the evening breeze coming over the
sea, as he smoked his cigar, and walked
to and fro beneath a long bMcony.
Sir Master Paul !' came in a hoarse
whisper from the farther end of the paved
terrace on which he walked, and which be
ing quite away from that portion of the
dwelling where the open window blazing
with light, pointed out where the guests
were, was also silent retired and dark, ex
cept such light as the moon gave through
asoud of rushing clouds the preourBer of
a sharp breeze about to follow.
'Whatfis itartingill V 'asked Paul, as.
he,walkl up to tne seaman.
I hears there's beou a blessed bit of.
1 1 1
bobbery in doors, bui there's been nigh
half a dozen making sail, and are nigh
hands on the beach, where the boat of the
'Mudian midge is afloat close on shore
and waiting for them.'
'For thcfli for whoin ?' demanded Panl.
'For Don Pasco that's one.'
' What, still paying out the slack of that
i yarn, Martingill V
'And for Miss Lotty's waiting-maid a
creetur I'd as soon trust as a shark
'Humph,' said Paul, I don't think 'much
of this yarn.'
'No, assented the seaman drily ; 'bah
d'ye see, Miss Lotty makes the third party
which changes the point of sailing, eh ?'
'What what do you say V cried Paul,
quivering in every limb. JJJ
'This!' responded the seaman, in the
quick stern tones of a man who has done
with jesting ; 'the Don has persuaded Miss
-T all JftM ..mil 11 m Vitlt wlTl liin. filiA 4a.U
puiao m vum in uiwv wuo uuu t
"knave I do else fw blamed!
ks'itsalark areg'larmt bit of
r When' she gets on board tssWshoon
fer, she'll find ths difference, and
'We must alarm tne bouse call Mr.
Jfaldock-1-get heflp pursne the scoundrel,
broke out Paul. ''' - ' " -
lDon't alarm anobody,' said the old tar
ERssitr his hand on the 7011W man's arm.
. , ., .r ..
" jfaem Within catfflo "bothingand their
bowlin' out will spoil' all. ' YonVe right
about pursuing tho picaroon, f6r if 'she
isn cone rii ne -uwu i Aiooic nere
iust you co quietly, and get the first lieut
enant of the frigate in the harbor tq come
out with you. Tell him all, orlwiJI. He
will lend us an armed bqat's crow ; we'll
board tho schoper 'fore they can say Jack
Robinson as she's short-handed to-night.
Mors than half the crew is at tho drinking
shops of Spanish Town till too early tide,
which I did sot expect expect he'd bo lub-
ber enouck to aUnd : but tho picaroon.
YIJ lb:11 ....1 mmA nM.J v
the naval oftoor in qmesuam ooauaT out to
im&kt'Uidgt md drawing hW aside
parlance to keep himwlf latt.rillt,
i,pr.n6thf qu.net. good and bo .J.nt AwmdMMud stretch. ; we .Wi A.wingsh.wuoatonbScnririLgroai
of.aghu-itu.impo.bk,lr.pe.t.n . nUnylke.rai.,they.re too n.isj,,i Mnt ftePirafto. tigktboai. ind &
mixed coiapany to k.epd..r of dupul.., w.lldo.littlel;u.in.Monourown.econnt Lively Peggy fioukedker totw.13
or areumenis wmcu icau iu utcipuies : inu una suuare ic wun tne Admiral at?r it's .: ' w
nr.aanMo vnitifaTMU Ml nf unin.g an- nv.r
put him in
.ionofthewholeim ifegtar oith.ir homeward voyage and
'Curse his impudence 1
I never
.pected him . moment ; but
. right Now I.f. harry to the
yonr man's right
Within half an hour. & man-of-war's
boatwith an 'additional ere w Paul hay-
mg aaaea nis men to tne xngate a people,
and well armed with' eyery " weapon but
ire arms. wr' 'nntttn aU in u
Ire arms, wers putting out in the
offing, and making for tie schooler whsse
AtitlmA nf n Mn lTt J x v i
ontline was now Ctginnuog to be more and
more visible- With vifforoua arms and
Ii . i o t
a ?fdT Powe' fo boat breasted the sur
ges, and owing to a slack watch the ab
iconco of most of her crew, and the' bustle
censequent on bringing Lotty on ji'oard
the schooner's deck was' thronged with
tho boat's crew, and the merchant" ship's
men in an instant. In another, Paurfol
lowcd by Martingill and the lieutenant of
the frigate, rushed into the cabin,' just as
the shrieks of Lotty reached 'them; and
the sham Den, deteeted and mastered,
witb a face white with hate, baffled pas
sions,fear, and defiance, foand him as
boldly outwitted, as his own dark schemes
had been boldly planed and carried out.
'You are putting a rapid construction
upon a masking frolio, gentlemen?' he
began, when the officer cut him short.
'Bee the lady into the boat Mr. Free
man,' he said, 'and as for you, Don Pasco,
youmay turn out to be a gentleman we
much want ; and this schooner may be the
renowned Black Snake of which we will
know more to-morrow. Fewer words aro
best. We know a little of you, and mean
to know more. Fall back men, into the
boat, and pull for shore! And now good
night to you Ijon Pasco, Jor son Devil 1'
he added, as the boat was "shoved off, and
the rowers dropped their oars in the brine;
'I mean to know a littlp more of you, or
else'it will be no fault f. mine I Now
lads giye way !'
'Good night I' shouted the other ,as the
men prepared to pull ; aud to you fair
lady of my love, a fair good night, and me
better fortune 1 Heave you to a lover
who may appreciate you better ! As for
you my young blood
' TFell sir Don as for me what?' said
Paul, camly, as he stood up in the boat.
'Why we may meet again, that's all I'
repiied tho captain of the schooner ; and
the boat was now pulled shoroward in good
earnest, and Lotty conveyed to her father's
house, where the revellers yet kept it up,
and not till the following day did tho plan
ter know how near he nad been to losing
ins dauguter, nor to whom ho owed her
safety and restitution. The next day
too, when the commander of the frigate be
gaa to look about for the schooner, it is
scarcely necessaryato say, that not a ves
tigeof her was to be seen. On iuauiri
was found that her crew had all bten gatn-
ered out of the dens where they held their
wild revelry, and conveyed on board ; and
nothing was tobe seen of Don
?his soJToonor, the BJack'Snake,
Pasco, or of
which no
pno now doubt of, Ihongh she had
as'a quiet, trader in the port of Kingston,
- and bore a very harmless name, which we
need net say was utterly false. With re-
spec'tto Lotty Buldockand Paul Freeman
there is nothing here to add. How much
pie pretty Creole, might wish to reclaim
her more honorable lover".' Paul had to
mach spiritto put his affection 'to another
ves. ana aa .uc jjtvexy x:cgj was just
ready for her return v&yage.- after reootr.
iag a fare well snpper from the heottahlo I
planter, listening to a pretty little speech
from Lotty, andrecoiving a Ytfry prattr
jB, -r- v,, miu um geoa-
bye ; and tho next morning -tho Lively
Peggy, her eaptainand her crow;, had
ma . T .At. !..... At l. " T " r
il fibsaaj'.
.10 1,
waa, xoxai least two days chased bv a leu"-
oU !, h,in0 jfc ' &2
J BU s.v. , v- ,hJuL W
tikuzd..) , L j jfe
SFAnpTc ''
See where she stands, on the wet sea-samis
T.ar.v; 1 - uau'.
"vu6 itusa iub water ;
H'ild is the niehi. but wilder -tin
The face of the fishsr's daughter ! "
What does she there in the lightnings glare
What does she there I wonder ? "v,t
What dread demo n drags her forth, J
jn the night and wind thunder ? 4
s it the ghsst that haunts Ae coast VM
Tho orugl waves mount higher,
And the beacon pierces tho stormy dark
With its javalin of fire! '
Beyond tho light of the beacon bright
A merehant ship is tacking ; -. f '.
The hoarse winds whistling througtfJthe
shrouds, 3fli
4nd the brittle top-mast cracking; -'
Q! who is she, that stands by the sea.
In the lightning's glarenndaunted ?e
Seems this now like the coast of Hell-t
By one white spirit haunted ! '
The night drags by; and the breakers die
Along the ragged" ledges ; i0
The robin stirs in its drenched nesta 4
Inthe hawthorn on the hedges. -r(r .J
Still she stands on the wet sea sands, .
The morning breaks above her,'
And the corpse of a sailor gleams on- the
What if it were her lover.
Holy I.anol.
Is there a Holy fand no more ' rm
A land unsmitten by the shame
Of Kings and crafts, from shore, to shore
Where manhoed is the sovereign name.
Oh ! thou wild eagle of the crag, ia4j
if such a land, was evei known,
Iter symbol was astarry flag-T
it is our own, it is our own 1
: . W
MatriMOsy. We vfiod. the following
. . . '
which we do not fully endorse, iu'an Ex. :
"Matrimony is a nut for eyery jman'a
digestion ; and when the ksholl ig. fairly
cracked, pop goes the question. Little
Cupid fans the flame, (rankest kind of ar
son) till ft gets a certain height, theti pop;
goes the parson. Scarce a year will run
Its course around Time's corner,-, maybe,
lill out upon this wicked world, pop cornea
a baby. "
c "7 -, :
rTwo unsophistocated countrv lass-
ea visited Niblo's in New York, during the
SLn iMnn. When tho BhnUL:.j
sossamar-clad nvmphg made their ,.
ance on the stage they became Wlets and
"0, Alice 1" exclaimed one) softo voce.
"Well IVTary !" uSfe&
'.'It ain't nice I don't lilce it!" Bv
"Hush I" ' r
I don't care it ain't nice. andI do.
wondor Aunt brought us to'sucH4 a "place."'
"Mary, hush the folks will - laugh at
' ! jT
After ono or two flings and a
lki.,: :a ;a .
- m viuiiuuK uimu saiu . m.
uQlr Alice, let's go. It aivAiice, and
T AnrS fAAT nmfnrfrlfe , tT
Do hush Mary," replied the sister,
whote own face was ecarlot,' though it
were an air of determination.' "fts tho
irst time lever was at the theater-and I
suppose it' will.be the last sol am just
going to stay it out, if they dance- every
rsg off their backs !"
t .
M-' -4
.v&ii x
'wi' - t- - w -- iv Niixg at ot tw j.J4;ijwe aajf
af - w 9
5,&-etj, 'js 1
,..-, .P ' c -, t . i fte .w - i v - t
S Efeiw. "-, ,
- 14
MJ&i m eoi t96 yAdi 1 h & il - & l - tJp&ni 9tU ,-j . "- ffl&ttfft&' ' - 4s&t$2u
"- - j-v - .ri ii i f &i'jt , -j v

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