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Westward the Star of Empire takes its Way.15
o2 .tJtZ aionjiifi-ii
SD. gWBARIWGEST, Proprietor.
0nVcpy one year, cash in advance, $1.00
One copy, payable during the year, $1.50
Ten Copies, ae y ear, 10.00
Ah extra copy to the getter up of club of
One square, first insertion ""5
Each .subsequent 'insertion, " 'V50
Yearly advertisement inserted on very liber
al terms. " ,
Peas with dispatch and in the latest style of the
ftrL jflspynieatTequired.for all Job Work on
All Communications, or matters relating to
Sfca Business of the office, should be iddressed to
JN0. P. CONE, .
Editor and Publisher,
Marysville, Kazuat.
. C. J. LEE, M. D.,
iiH"Tf"r'-r ?-" ot Marysville and Tidal
-ut lii permanently located hero for the practice o
Mafia had upwards of rrent y years experience in the prao
Ufthb prefcaeion, he can aware those ho favor him with
Selrpatroaage,that they will reeeive the best of shill an
KeatUa. Ofliceaadrosideaceat tae fttuaeUouae oa th
till at tfcteaateaaof towm.
4hr,'$th ?nd Cownercial Street, Mcfrizon, han
ThU Hotel is situated in the mostplwattt partflf tbocity
aad ia kept in all respects as a first-lass Hoaaa. Guests may
4pend upon being accommodated w W weU-furniaued rooma
and clean beds and cxtraragant charges will not be made.
Wa hare & good stable, wd will keep teams cheaper tbaa
Mjitaa alM in tf place,
VM. STBATTON, Proprietor.
SAMUEL RISER, Proprietor,
for. Shawnee and Fifth streets, Leavenworth, Kan.
ITm Omnibus and baggage wagon to and from tha staam
Stages leata taia Uouae Daily.
jLTTORNEY at law and notary
XmmAm Osmty, Am. n-wi
Wholesale Dealers in
Meets md Shoes, Clothing end Outfitting Qoois
12 Delaware Street,
llarxiivUle, Marliall Co. Kansas.
Messrs. Humphrey, Terry, $ Co., and Derby J
. T)mv. St Tnin HeaHlv &. Cam Bowman 4" Co,:
Ctiam & Carter, Atchispn, K. T. Baker &
Cushmaa; Fowler Zeigier; Noah Walker Co.;
and Hon. John Thompson Maaoa, Baltimore, Md.
Hen-SamJ: D. Lecompte; V. G. Mathis; Perry
f. Lowe; and Ciark, Gruber & Co., Bankers,
laivenworth, K. T. Lykins f Boyd; Van Iar
fctBrittea, St. Joseph, Mo.
' i , ;,
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it, 5:361 sa ,..
VtMmmlm Dry IHtlwi;
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Bava hMc m T ft toga at kat aatotlai aaa 4f
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tha mast reaaeaafeletara. Marchapta from the Iattrior
anapeoyavMedtocallscxMMtheK-gooda. Ha
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aaawaa a as wyemea w
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Gh'JrterrQala; fiwldng.T Stores,,
r'siHeck, nw war;,,
J&'DelawerijSt Leavenworth Kanaaj, ,
,SAXO!Srr:. .
Ho 1 the glorious proclamation,
Sounding grandly o'er tho land j
Speaking to a joyful nation
Of her jubilee at hand I, . r
Sounding to the nigger-drivers
Like the Judgment tempest's blast,
For our Uncle Abra'm's "dander"
Is completely "ris' at last
How the rebel hordes ske-dad-dle
From our Buraside'a legions brave i
flwift their pirate craft will paddle
Up Salt River's winding wave.
Won't the cloud of wrath grow bigger,
Won't they miss the pork and com,
When theeverlasting nigger
From their wood-pile shall be tora ?
Texas calls to Carolina,
Pale with rage and faint with fear;
Beat the banjo Pomp and Dinah,
Kingdom Come is almost here.
Now, before our growing rigor,
Bloody Treason cowers and quails,
Three limes three and add a " tiger'
For the Bpljlter of the Rails !
Give 'em Jesse, Uncle Abra'm,
Put the rebel scoundrels through 1
Hear the Nation shout the chorus,
u Uncle Abr'am, bully for you bully for you!'
She mourns like the sweet wind grieving in
The pines of an autumn ofght ;
She will fade like the fading evening,
WhenHeaper is blooming bright:
And her song it must take its flight !
So pretty a song
Must die ere -long,
Like a too, too sharp delight !
The Pirate at Sea.
Anal this was the end of the yarn which
JIartingill had been telling his comrades,
arouud the windlass of the Lively Peggy,
as my story opens.
'Have you seen or heard anything of
that 'tarnal craft or het skipper this trip,
ho' V asks one of the listeners, as his pipe
is be ing ended.
'Yes,' replied Jack, in a low earnest
tone, 'I have, and so has Master Paul.
He and I was strolling about Spanish Tows
afore we sailed, and wo came full upon
'Him this Don devil pasco t" asked one
of them.
'Ay, my lad, him 1' replied the mari.
ner, 'but so disguised that no one but ne
would have known him. I did, and I saw
that he knew it, and that same night, you
recollect, young Freeman, was brought
oa board with a flesh wound, that only
wanted nearer te.have closed up hii log
forever, and if our messmate here,' indi
cating the man still peering to leeward un
der the fore-course, 'if he , has seen a
craft, its that infernal Black Snake in full
pursuit, and Don Pasco on board, who
knewi wo have got specie on frieght ; and
so my lads, if wo have to fight -mind you
do it to save your throats from being ilit or
'Sail ho P cried a voice from the look
oat aloft. V
Whereaway?' demanded Paul who had
I charge of the deck.
fOnour weatber-'iuarter, and edging,
down with every .ttitch of .canvass set.'
'And bringing a snorter, too along with
her muttered JackMartingill and there
was an instant move among the men. 'So
look alive my lads ," between the Picaroon
and the gale here it comes ore shall have
'A Io, black tchooie with oh my
eve ! such a clue tocher foresail lr waa the
respfloie UrpoltedbyUit leok-oui aloft
'an'.'bere'sthtgale cenuyjar . . "
" Th iniicafica? of ins coming stonp, ,til
the growth of a moment, spread along the
wWli horitoD, flpteW liit from an inky
,pa'j; with vivid laiheeV lightsing, and
showing ths picirson 'stftiily fpllowisg
i t- t .x ciiojj . : ) "
t -X cissoJj
Tk -m v
intact, as the gale had possibly passed by
her., .ffhe next moment the Lively Peggy
was in Egyptian right. Martiogili was
by this time at the helm; and even his
strength could, not keep the helm up suffi
ciently to prevent a- sea from breaking over
and washing away-,a dozen of the crew,
with the broken bulwarks and the stoven
boats, and depriving the ship the uso 'of
Captain Transom's services, he being cast
against the bulwarks of the quarter-deck
with a broken arm. While some of the
crew carried him below, Paul closed the
companion hatch ; and besides himself
clinging lo the weather-rigging, and Jack
Martingill at the helm, there were now on
ly half a dozen cowering and bronzed sea
men forward to manage the big ship. All
that follows is like a night-mare dream,
and took, place in less time than3 we have
taken to describe it. A tumult of thun
der , a cataract of rain, a blinding chaos of
lightning, added to the sublime horrors of
the scene, -and the mad drivingof the ship
was enough to unsettle a quiet brain. But
the picture, toe, had a sublimity about it
scarcely to be arrived at by mere descrip
tion. Rushing glories and hurrying ter
rors spectrally blended themselves in com
binations sublime and chaotic fierce and
loud. Black yawning, chasms with gleam
ing flakes and feathery cloud of spray, that
died like flashes broke on both sides of the
bounding ship, whose stout thews and ten
dons of tried and proved cordage as yet
gavo not way a moment. If the appalled
youth looked astern, he seemed to be hur
rying from the gloom and fires of Tophet
into other glooms and outer darknesses,
that were tremenduous from a sense of
their vastness and expansion, which made
themselves felt to him. Up and down,
with long descending and corresponding
altitudes of ascent went the vat fabric,
whese ghostly sails in the lightness of ele
ments were yt strangely perceptible.
Looking to windward, he discerned the
shadowy phautom of the. schooner, far
through the driving mist, exageratel in
her proportion by the density of the medi
um through which he viewed her. There
was abeut her so much of the superaaural,
which in fact tinged everything the sky,
the sea, and ship whose deck he trod, as
she careened in the midst of keen lightning
flashes, so that the whole northern and
eastern hemisphere at times was lighted
up. extending whole mountain ranges in
length, and reaching from the very zenith
to the sea, as added an occult and lurid
grandeur whtch was unapproachably aw
ful, as it was a sublimity which the seui
bowed itself before and bent lowly dewn.
There she appeared in the darkness ; aad
the lightnings, when tney flamed forth
again, showed her no more, and this must,
Paul thought, be the sail that had been
seen ere ihe tempest br oke upon them.
While gazing across the sea, through the
roar of wind and rush of the waves, Paul
thought he saw relieved by a bright and
fiery belt of light, the same- craft that at
least an hour ago had gone past him to
the windward an hour ago. Ashe gazed
the factbecaue more decided. The dead
ly foe came stealthily an steadily on. A6
she plunged ever and anon, he saw that
from stem to stern, the decks of the schoon
er were illumined with battle lanterns ;
and there lifce'stataes east in swarthy and
bearded bronze, as if sailiag iato action,
the men .were at their guns, and the cap
tain trimpctin hand, stood in the weather
rigging, his glesmy eyes fixed on the prey
upon which, panther-like he was now leap
ing. Paul dieV, noc hail her could he
even have made his puny voice" heard in1
that infernal crescendo of found in order
to know what it was that thus bore down on
bkn. Upintheair, onthe 'mighty crent
cthrbmnisetert sea, clomb is merchant
man, and frost this mountain height Paul
gaied downipoi thtdtcksof the pirate.
Her brass, ras. polished and .gleaming,
' " - .
her belaying pins, capstanhead, and
quarter-deck railings of the same materi
al ; the decks snowy white, marked . with
black paralell lines, like ebony let 'into
iyory ; the trim tautness of her rig, her ex
quisite mould and form, and the crowds of
armed and motionless men at the guns and
quarters, and ready at a word or sign, to
fly to tack or sheet, all this, illuminated
with lightning.above and the lanterns on
tne deck., formed a picture which in its
sinister harmony, he never after could
forget. So emphatic in itself, and presen
ted to .him in a fashion so despotic, it be
came ins manner engraved upon his mind
so that no time could obliterate it.
In another moment she would have
crossed the bows of the Lively Peggy, but
that a wild and deadly' design came into the
brain' of the young man, as if Satan had
been standing by his side ready to care for
his own, and so suggested the idea to him.
If the merchantman held the same course,
both vessels would pass without touehing ;
though as they stood in their relative posi
tion for a brief immesurable instant, Paul
fancied a plummet from the bowsprit-end
would have touched the decks under his
cutwater. His design was ao seoner form
ed than he sprang aft to put it in to execu
tion ; without knowing how he got there,
he displaced Martingill at the ai ihe
wheel, and not being able to cast off the
lashing byreeson of the strain upon it, he
made one cut, and whiar it spun round as
if propelled by jTitanic machinery. Her
head went of the wind at once, but that was
enough , already he was in the mizzen-rig
ging, simultaneously with the act, watch
ing the result, while old Jack was flung to
the lee side of the poop. The eye of him
who ruled the Black Snake beheld in an
instant what had bee n done, and the doom
that hung over their heads. A terrifnc
cry issued from his brazen trumpet, which
Paul neither heard nor cared for, as gras
ping the stay, he gazed down on the deck
where some three or four scare men stood,
ready to kill burn, and destroy at com
mand. TFith a sense of destruction cir
cling them in its unlncky grasp with a
blasphemy upon their lips at this unexpec
ted result there came also an idea of ven
geance. Paul heard the cry of fire given.
The roar of the broad-side belching in a
cavernous waste, and harmlessly as regar
ded the merchantman, mingled with a wild
and appaling shriek, rose high in the air,
and then there ran through the keel and
every timber of the ship a tremulous vibra
tion, accompanied by a horrid crash and
concussion, that made the youth imagine
the deck he stood upoa was splintering in
to fragments. On either side of the mer
chantman there went pieces of tho wreck,
the smashed and shredded remnants ef
the late matchless craft.
How the merchant ship received help
fromaman-of warsveMet, how Paul got
praise and promotion, with many other
"hows? we here will not state.
LovixY. An interrogatory of silvery
sweetness, an answer of diamond beauty,
are contained in the following method of
"getting te go home with her : "
The moon shines bright,
Can I-go home with you to-nignt ?
Answor :
The stars do too
- I don't care if you do.
1 A LaWym's Toast. Belonging, as he
said to the profession which had the repu
tation of being fond of fees, he offered
Fee simple, and a simple fee,
And all the fees in tail,
Are nothing when compared to thee,
Thou best of fees female.
A secesh lady in Nashville, Tssnessee,
recently applied to Gen. Kegley f for pro
tection for herself and family.' "Hansout
the American-lag,", replied the General,
'that is the beet, protection I know of."
The she traitor, left indisgust, '
d festal AM IJliai, ;v JliJBflqjgilV J
Whoa PpesJdaSsakIaSaoIoager ia thought of;
Wheaanay-contractors are haasedorall boeghtoff;
When watSce red-tape k cat ap for na&ilng:
WhaMWe roiat" Vorgeta faalfits pipclaj 4 eqaaa
Wbta Colonels don't foadyjW Brigadiers creep noi?
Anl Roisorer sensible office leap net J
"When General no longer of Qeaerals get jeaJoa,-- t
Aal tn Tresithnt don't meet all aea a -hail felloni",-f
Then, perliapj, with the aid of five tandrd awre nUUoa
Aad a eingls pulse Iwating throagh Xortlicm cWilLuas, "
We slmll vra'teupix eaesest, and play war aotaore,4'
Aad oar Union Qcxi bless it! 1a six mouths raatorel 1
RtRBARiT. Mr. Joseph Harris, of
.this place, has received a letter from his
son John, who belongs to the Kansas Sec "
ond, and was in ike battle of Newtonia.
He slates that the mest cruel and shocking
utrages were committed by the rebels on
the bodies of the 9th Wisconsin ; that they
were stripped of every article of clothing,-'
and in many instances had their throats'
cut from ear to ear: that some bodies were
left so exposed that the hogs were eating.
- Such actions as these would disgrace
savages, but are the legitimate consequen- c
ces of that feeling which prompts these
men to attempt the destruction of such a'
government as ours. There is not an . '
honest man in thecoun ry who can believe
that such wretches have any " constitution
al rights," or should receive the slightest
sjmpathy. Paola Crusader.
Considerate. Some years age a man
whose- marriage had been published in a
paper with his name wrongly spelled, call-i
ed to have it corrected. He said he was
pne of that class whose name3 never ap
peared in a newspaper but twice in the
course of their lives once when they are
married, and again after their death. As
he could not see to having the name given "'
correctly on the last occasion, he was very
anxious it should be right on the first.
" Papa, can't 1 go to the zoologital roomer1
to see the camomile fight the ry-no-sir-ee
hossl" Sartin, my son, but don't get
your trousers torn. " Strange, my dear, "
what a taste that boy has. for nat'ral his.
tory. No longer ago than yesterday ha
had eight torn cats hanging by the tails to
the clothes line."
)5SThe steward of one of the Europe-
an steamers at Boston,who wanted totako
a box ashore, unobserved said to a cus
tom house officer whom he knew, 'if I was "
to put a half eagle piece upen each of yeur
eyes, could you see ?' The answer was
'No, and if I had another on my mouth
I could not speak.'
Scene, a grocery store Exit customer
with a -jug. Grocery keeper tchis soni"5
"Jonathan, did you charge that liquor ?' ',
"Yes." ' -
"Joseph, did you charge that liquor V'
"Yes, sir-ee." ' ' t
"All right so have I." , .
A debating society in the West recently
discussed the following fishy question : a
lorge pickeral was caught in Wabash Riv
er, and on dressing it, a squirrel was found
in its'stomach. The question debated was
whether the squirrell had taken to the wa- ,
ter when seized by the pickeral, or had ths,
fish climbed a tree to catch its game.
The redoutable X., in payment of s
cigar, -pulled out a little swab of gnmrriy,
greasy, filthy postage stamps. "Caa'fcT
you give me hard money ?" aked the ,ci-.
gar lady. ""Well, madam," responded'
X, " I have seen very little harder-looking
money .than that !"
Soldiers, have the advantage of girls.--.- ,
The latter reach their . teen ' but. once,
while th. soldiers reach' theirs si often as
they choose to their can-teens'.
Maro. Parrott was the wheel-horse of j
the mongrels, in the late canvass. The
people concluded to put the Cart, before
the' horse.-,-If. C. Chief. ' ' ' .
How often- .between the desire of tha
heart and its fulfilment lies only the brief-,
estspaceof time or distanee, and yet re
maihVfqrcver unfulfilled.
Harasrwords are like hailstones,-which',
ifmelted, would fertilise thVtender plants
theybauerdown. , , . .
. Tou can't do that again-" said the pis; I
when theboy cut his tailsff. - , i
' Howell Cobb drinks to excess. ' He is)"
gen erally a corned Cebb. ' ' '

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