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Saturday, May 191b, 1S66.
"Flag of th free heart's hope and home,
By angel hands to valor given ;
Thy stars have lit the velkin dome,
And all thy hues -were born of heaven.
Where breathes, the foe but falls befof e us
"With Freedom's soil beneath our feet,
And Freedom's banner streaming o'er us;
Farewell !
This is the last copy of the Big Blue
Union that will ever-be issued. TJiis place
"will not support two papers. Owing to our
frequent suspension and lack of good ma
terial the Enterprisehas got the start of us.
We are going to start a new paper in Man
hattan if nothing happens to us that we
now know of. Pflanhattan is a thriving
promising place, and the people there have
promised a liberal support to us if we would
come there with a new paper. We shall
try it. Our heart is with Marysville and
its people. We are loth to leave.
Our new paper will be continued to all
our subscribers that have paid us in ad
vance. X)ur accounts will be Jeft with an
agent for collection. Farewell !
Another Outrage on Northern
Kansas ! The Governor' Private
Secretary Appoints an Irrespon
sible Man to the Important Po
sition of Judge of the 2d Judi
cial District
Ever since we Lave been a State the
zTudge of the Second Judicial District has
been located in Atchison. While we have
been satisfied with Judge Horton as a
Judge, yet his location is such thai it is
calculated to be unfavourable to our local
interests. There are five counties in the
Northern Tier that are attached to Atchi
son county in a Judicial District. Upon
Judge Horton's resignation it waswell un
derstood that his successor should come
froia the Northern Tier. In fact Jndgo
'Horton united with the lawyers of this sec-
o, in recommending Mr. C. C. Camp.
uI - 1
of Troy, for the position. Mr. Camp is a
lawyer of acknowledged ability and long
experience. This arrangement was likely
to prove eminently satisfactory to a large
majority of the District. Inasmuch as im
portant local matters, come under the su-.
pervision of the -DistricSrJudge, our people
manifested 'considerable interest in the
.matter. But they were defeated by the
dirty dodges of Atchison lawyers with the
co-operation of the Governor's private Sec
retary. The day tollowing J iracejlgrton's
resignation one Bob. Granm6f.chison
appeared at Topeka with Feg of recom
mendation for the position ; and JJr. Mc
Afee was just tne tool to do their bidding,
he not being actuated by the best feeling
in the world towards Northern Kansas.
The members of the bar of tho various
counties of tho Northern Tier are greatly
incensed at the action of the private Sec
retary and will pass resolutions denoun
cing tho appointment. It is to be hoped
that upon the return of Gov. Crawford ho
will revoke tho commission, and substitute
a private Secretary that will not take such
liberties in his abscence. Mr. McAfee
the private Secretary pretends to be a con
,scionciou3 man, andhas been heard to
say he would alcvays oppose the appoint-J
xhent of an intemperate man to an impor
tant position ; yet this same man whom he
has appointed to the important office of
Judge is understood to be a confirmed
drunkard. We are told that last full in a
fit of delirium tremens ha took poison and
his life was only saved by. the most severe
medical appliances. How long is Northern
Kansas tobe tfie suffering victim" of preju
dice and theTay-thing of venal jpoliticians?
Let this outrage be repudiated along' the
whole line from the Missouri liver to the'
frontier settlements.
for tmie jsoirns.
One DoBdred Thousand 91 ore ! f
Washington County for the
Bonds I
Seventy-Five Thousand More ! !
ROAD ! ! !
Last Tuesday Marshall county voted to
subscribe SlOO,vJO0 to the cajrital stock of
the Northern Tier Railroad. The friends
of the proposition made an active canvass
and victory crowned their efforts. The
largest vote ever polled in the Bounty was
cast at that election. Thepeople will never
regret their favorable action. A desper
ate opposition came from our opponents but
Ihe sensible men of this county outnum
bered them. This encouragement is due
from us to an enterprise that will benefit
us all.
Washington county has done nobly. It
is a young and thinly settled county, but
rich in natural resources. The majority
in favor of issuing bonds in that county
was very light, only 14.
Come on with the railroad now. This
section has a standing offer of S175.000,
and if that is not enough we will double
it rather than fail of a road.
Below we give ,the vote of the various
precincts of this county:
Marysville precinct, "for issuing bonds"
204 votes, "against," none; Blue Rapids
precinct, "for issuing bonds" 22 'against'
28; Irving precinct, none for, and 69
"against;" Barretts precinct, "for issuing
bonds" 1, "agiins-t,'' 99 ; Foster's precinct,
none "for," and 38 ''against'' ; Life's pre
cinct. 18 "for issuing bonds" and none
"against"; Guitlard's precinct,. 18 'for is
suing bonds," and 6 "against" ; Shockley's
precinct, 26 "for ising bonds" and none
"against" ; Oketo precinct, 9 "for" none
"against." Total "for issuing bonds" 25S,
"agaiusi"2-i, majority for, 58.
Meeting of the Lawyers of Mar
shall County,
At a meeting of the members'bf the bar
of this place on the 17th inst., James S
Magill was called to the chair and Jno. W.
Bollinger chosen Secretary, to take into
consideration the appointment of llobt. St
Clair Graham Judge of this District. The
following resolutions were passed:
Whereas, Wc have learned with regret
the appointment of Robt. St. Clair Graham
Judge of the Second Judicial District vice
A. II Horton, resigned. Therefore ba it
Resolved, That we consider the appoint
ment one that sn'ould never have been
made ; that we regd the appointee as un
qualified for the position.
Resolved, That tne appointment of Judge
Graham so soon af'er the resignation of
Judge Horton, and against the wishes of a
large majority of the members of the Bar of
this District meets with our unqualified opposition.
Resolved, That no man should bold the
position of Judge 'against the wishes of a
iarge majoriiy of tt e members of the Ear
and the voters of the District.
J. S. Magill, Chairman.
Jno. W. Bollinger, .Sec'y.
The Jtforilicrn Kaiisas Railroad
i ; Cmpaiy.
The stock-holders.of theiforthern Kao
gas Railroad Company met pursuant to no
tice, at Hiawatha last Saturday to choose
directors and elect officers. The requisite
amount of stock was subscribed and paid
in. The-fullowjng gentlemen were choseti
directors :' F. H. Drenning and T, &.. Os.
born, ofrDoniphan Co.; W. B. Boxnett,
E?N. Morrill and S. Speer of Brown Co. ;
Geo. Graham, J. E. Smith and S. Lappin,
of Nemaha Co.; J. D. Brumbaugh and E.
C. Manning of Marshall Co., and D E,
Ballard of Washington Co. The follow
ing are the offbers chosen: S. Lappin,
President; F. Drenning, Secretary, and
V. B Barrett, Treasurer.
The company have accepted of the lands
granted to the road by the State, and D. E
Ballard was chosen as the commissioner to
represent the Northern Kansa railroad
company in ihe allotment of tho lands.
The directors passed a resolution request
ing the President to proceed to Washing
ton to look after the interests of the road.
Tre President and Treasurer were appoint
ed a committee to consult with ihe St. Jo
seph and Denver city R. R. Company on
the matter of consolidation:. The director
meet in Seneca on the third Monday of
June next.
IScrrrtia for EsicljJtnan County!
1,351 lliajority for tlic 2oads.
400,000 More,
The county of Buchanan in Missouri,
in which St. Joseph is located, vored on
Tue-dyof last, uvek in favor of issuing
8400,000 in bonds to aid in the construe
tion of our Noithern Tier Ilai road. In
s-peaking of the matter the St. Joseph Her
ald s jys :
Our people will neverrrgrot their action
on Tuesday We verily believe it m aure
us the Great Western R-iilroad, and in les
than four months, if the directors of the en
terprise use reasonable energy, tne cars
will bo running to Troy.
"WEtat's ia nSTame."'
There has b-s'n several inmoi serra
ted rcr Kansas, among Mem "J tjh nw:tr
'Stock State." and ' Sprtm ". B-cju-e
of our hi-t ry we would prefer the latter.
but. in faei, we Like neither. We propase
'Free State." Oazje Chronicle.
Wait until ourSiate.is out of its swad
dling clothes before it is christened. It is
a question with us whether the State is
fairly, born yet, at least the prevailing
opinion is that it is not able to rnn.ajonc.
for it always has had forne one to run" it
Wait until after the fall el-ctions and see
if it is able to run itself. It certainly i
not a "free" State until our Consti uiion i-
amended. "Jayhawkinjj" is played out,
'Stock State?' would do. If wc may judge
of the future by present appearances, "dead
duck State" would be quite appropriate;
for in our opinion there is not another
State in the Union containing as many
"dead ducks."
Railroad Notts.
There are some items of interest "in the
following, which we take from the Man
hattan Independent: s
"We learn that contracts are beinjj let
to lay out and garde the Pacific R., R. E.
D. from Ft. Riley up the Smoky Hill val
ley. This settles the question of route for
this division of the road. The Atchison
and Ptkes Peak R. R. now in course of
construction will connect with the Kansas
Valley road at Manhattan. We speak of
of this thus confiqently, having, been so
advised by leading authorities of the last
named railroad."
Messr. Stebbins & Porter, of this City,
recently purchased upwards of twenty-five
thousand acres of Jand near the Atchison
and Pike's Peak Railroad line, situated in
Marshall and Nemaha counties. It is
choice land which had been selected prev
ious to ihe location of the railroad. Free
There is a snake in that woodpile that
we would Love to see exposed. If reports
are true about a part of the transfer made
to the above gentlemen, we doubt if "ev
erything is Lovely and the Goose hangs
high.." The future will tell.
AOistresslnicaserrr "
"en or infamy. r on
Frok the Chicago Times, 4th
that a voun,,, fc. ": "ueai We fact.
rf o ui.auii: i mri .k l . '
Primitive. Tne Times mentions the
ca:e of a m in, "literally sark naked," who
was picked up by a policeman on Fifth
ilreet. near Kiikapoo, on Saturduv morn
inir. Some soldiers, whose resentmpnt he
hud arou?ed, are chared with having turn
ed hun out of doors in a sttno of nudity.
lie was taken to the police office Bulk
lie should have none in to Qldvcrs.
eannfi.l :i .l .
terof a clm.. "."'?" ,u.. gh.
thr0 10ntbs mi eme3tCden'
of infamy on Well, 5tree, vsi,.X
lhesnrl had hn n,;ija
.ebvavill ;."lfflr?
Mder a,U: f ' . I"?"' " '
- i 't -- v .n,a"tJ. a ,o vr-H
Jing was postponed fWm time to time and
in the interim. s,he Snrr,n,nj i. ' ,.nd
Left at .h.hojl.i..
?! e ?33C0Pf"gl .to cntera house of pro !
tumion, and has'since boon CradaillvP" .
tlmg into the confirmed habits of an aban
doned woman. Q
her home by a villain, who
under a prnmise .of mar,
promised the ceremony would take plij '
soon as they reached this city, but the "
On Siturday, a respectable clerrrYman
rived here in search of his lnar .u.
who had left his hnuse about the time the
woreacneil tins city. A gentleman ho
...m iiearu me meiancnoly story of the traa-
o..uu,i Hum uie nps ot the Joans ladv
nerseih suspecting she was the object o"f
the minister's search, acauainted rhn rfic-
A man named Herman, who had lonjr
txhibredaa 'lion-t.i.ner," was proceed
ing with bis p,lrfoim mces a few week
since, at n town in Lower Au:t:ia. II
entered the cjge w tn a t-etnnt on hi
back and, .icrordmjr to custom pi :cjd his
head wi bin the ope i jiv of a lion Ii
was hii last exhibition, for the animal sud
denly re.tumcd !iii n itivi 'eiocity, and, be
fore the head could be witdrawn, it was a
'hapless id !!, ihe lion havim; literally
c-U"h d it. To nreient other mishaps the
.ki ; ol the forest was dtsp itched bv fire-
R'chinl V. .n-,euii, t'u tup iul sgr. o
Urn LuvpI Jl R pi-aia, member ot 0 n
u'C"a trun K uiiicky, w 'i M'.ttd and
held t hail rccamsy for t iuti--) inij a pis
ml in the street ,u,d ihiFsiteiiiin; to kill
"Yankees." lie was finally paeifi d by
an unarmed iudividtiii of the latter class,
who seized hint from behind and by gent
ly pre.i-.mg his wind-pipe persuaded him
to surrender- the dangerous weapon, but
not until he hid snipped it several times
Jeff. Davis is soon to be brought to trial.
--A trsa bill of indictment has been found
igainsl him for treason by thejGrand Jury
ofih'rtFnited States Circuit Court sittiig
ttUorfblk Virginia. t '
Tiie Fenians.
As we supposed, the Fenians are tum
bling to pieces. O'Mahony has been com
pelled to resign the position of Head Cen
ter ; Killian has been removed as Treas
urer. This is done for frauds perpetrated,
money squandered, and futflexpeditions.
Stephens is now preparing to' patch up the
thing preparatory to another swindle. Af
ter O'JMahony's exhibition and exposure
one would think that it would bo hard' to
get Irishmen to advance niok.raoney to
these humbug leaders. vjl J
The Conservative-.. The Bulletin, the
.latest Leavenworth 'paper?we have, safyjl:
thrt Judge Sears has re'ired from the pfr
pition of editor of the Conservative. Judge
Sears is an able writer audan independant
thinker, and we are sorry to part with him.
It ia stated that Ward Burlingame is to
succeed him. Now the vouchers are all
right. This m a gay country.
At Chamber.- The excuse urgd for
the immediate ''appointment of Bob Gra
ham td the position of Judge of the 2d Ju
dicial District was that there wa'S impor
tant business at ChamTbers to he auendedj
to. It would have been a good thins; for
Northern Kansas if the chambers had been
broken over the head of t the private Sec
Went back on it. While the post of
fice appropriation bill was under consid
eration in the Senate a few days ago, Sen
ator Trumbull of HI., offered an amend
ment which was adopted providing for the
witholding of all salaries from post office
appointees of the President until such ap
pointments had been confirmed by the Sen
ate. This was a pretty heavv blow at 'my
policy. We see by a recent telegram from
Washington that the Senate has "gone
'back' on their own proposition by reonsi1-
ering the vote by which the amendment
was adopted, and then refusing to again
adobt it.
Don't know. McAfee, the Governor's
private Secretary, don't know whether he
is Governor of S J. Crawford, but rather
thinks that he is If we an? not mistaken
id.the metul of Governor Crawford, when
he- returns from New York, McAfee
will Talher think that he ain't.
The State Capitol knds. ten (Sections
amount that were advertised for ale
auction by the State Auditor were not sold
on th day desiirnued for want of bidder.
They are now offered a private sale tjr
one doilarand twenryfive cents per acre.
Coraneciical Sun:ior,
The action of ihe Republic in caucus of
the L gisiatury, on W edut-sday nig'it, iv--ulted
in the nomiultion of Geo. Orris S
Ferry, who has beaten Mr. Foster, the
Pie-itlent of ihe Senate and acting Vice
President. Gen. Feny is one of the ablest
men in the State, about forty-five years of
ago. He is a fine oritor, a learned law
yer and . i fair soldier ; nd more than this,
an eaiei, uncompromising Republican.
He represented his district in Cor gross four
year- ago with distinguished ability and fi
detuy. Hii location in the State undoubt
edly contributed much toward his success.
For more thin a quarter of a century the
Senators hU' been elected from Hart
ford, Nw llavn. and the eastern por-icn
of the Site. Gen. Ferry resides in the
western part-.at Norwalk.
tressed father with the facis, as he had heard
aid seen them. and also gave a description
of the house in which she was living.
Accompanied by a friend, on Saturday
evening, the father passed a'ong the filthy
environs or ctts street, with its dens of
infamy stretched on either side, and at last
came to tho very house where his daugh
ter was leading a life of crime. His heart
almost failed with excfl-s'of shame and
crief. bur i n'ering the building at last, ho
found the ohjeot of his search in the em
brace of a licentious piramour. The daiHi
er fainted away at firs?, but recovering,
protested penitence and enef that shook
the fnjma of the gray haired, kind old fath
er, with a sorrow whose effects will follow
hint to the grave. She had been reared
am mil the tenderest and holiest influences
but beins hum in and cursed with the fra
ilty of humanity, she was strongly tempted
and surrendered to the enticement.
Iliiinghnd a pretty thorough convic
tion of the fact that there is no happiness
in .t hie of crime, the girl was glad to re
turn to her once lnppy home with her heart
hr-j'ien fath -r,' who, howewr jjlad he may
hi 'hit his daughter i recovered from sin
ami under t' c sway of his own cui lance
aiiain, cannot but remember, with ever re
furring shune and agony, the irreiricva
ble transgression. Lute on Saturday night
they left the city together for their humble
home, over which, however, hallowed with
the sweet memories of the past, a dark and
flowering -hador.' has fallen, never to bo
LromprcxJ , hnt aiiL Uc '"'-rprost Pimuti-
ment is adequate to such a crime f
From the "Plains From recent arri
vals, we learn that the Indians on the
Smoky Hill route are still disposed to be
troublesome, the rei hkinsare not at all
-.aiisfisd with tie amount of travel by the
Stnofcy J ill, which they think should be
reserved for their use, the frequent pis
sige of the coaches 'tightening away the
hit Halo and other game. AH the leading
tribes insist that the ro'ite shall be aban
doned by the Government, but thev are
willing to give up the Arkansas and Platte;
t uninterrupted travel. A trader connec
ted with the iioe. of Durfefc Co , of tin
eity, was robbed some days nnce below
Fort Zaiah, almost Ins entire stock beii it
taken It is plain that the Smoky IIill
route will not b" ijtogsthcr safe ihis sum
mer Gonsei vaiive.
It 13 generally supposed that a large pro
pnriion of sudden death arise from dicaso
of the heart. The following experiment
to ascertain the real origin ofsu Iden Jeqths
his recently been made in Europe, and re
ported to a scientific congress at Strasburg.
Six'y-six cases of su I den death were mad)
the subject of a thorough posl-morlemj:
amination ; in these cises only two were
found who died from disease of tho heart.
Nmc out of the sixty six had died of apo
plexy, while there were forty-six cises of
congestion of the lungs that is, the lungs
were so full of blood they could not work,
there not being room enough for a suffi
cient qinutlty of air to enter to support
life. The causes that produce congestion
of the lnnis are cold feet, tight clothing,
cotivo bowel, sitting stdl until chilled af
ter being warmed with labor or a rapid
walk, going too suddenly from a close,
heated room into tho cold air, especially al
ter speaking, and sudden depressing news
J operating on t he blood. These causes ot
sudden death being known, an avoidance
of ihem may serve to lengthen many valua
ble lives, wh;ch would otherwise be Io3t
under the verdict of heart complaint.
,nJ A singuliritfcjui-Vrecent'y occurred at
at Te"uc,VtwviiZ'?Jand At the death
of a merjn?fiTtin that city, on the rredit
-ide wlV"" rjjfifU the name uf 'God" was
lod fobe inscribed for considerable
aitui. No i ne kt ew of Mich a cr. dtor, and
on i ie-tiiJti n evideuee wa o!t lined tint
American Colon Ezaiio:a Scliejacln
It is stated that a negotiation of consid
erable magnitude has just been concluded
with the Mexican Miniver at Washington,
which involves irfccession to certain lead
ing American cajSftahsis of nearly the en
tire penmsuia of Lower California for col
ontztiion purposes, and to aectre the de
velopment of.the mineral wealth of that
territory. Tho Mex can Government re
iiinj on tf.torr.ch in the nronped3 of the en
Thejndinn are on theramp-ige in A--izona
Territory'. They recently captured
FT. Goodwin and bunherd the whoHsrir
rison, consistinn of 121 men. Other dis
turbances are reported in that section.
,.He"'ad CpiUt Stephens who escaped froov
the Britis (lovprnment oniH time ao,
has arrivpdrin Ameriea. 11 j mi. a shon
speech in New York and coumHjcd mod- i
aJik. J . ft v. Ht .. w lk h . i n n r i r fc.
J tions there. ' ' '
It is understood hat the snm
advatjeed by the parties who have secure
the grant, is upward of n. million of dollar
which, at this time, will be ol icv
tant service to h IT ".Leral cause. The
. Mal; ".hr. f.'.llntvii.cr acntleinctl ipPf
iS'p-th?- i 'he convey tnce as "holding the property
the J't.-, r J Ti, P. Lease,
A I. and ent rd lo .1 enrh V"ar a share of '" tru-i iur uw --;
- Pn 5- . Tl .1. rb ty, claimed the - M"-
uni'oti tne gri'Ui.n tu-.i wipv r pre-eui - - , ; . " ; yrnrr-ta -nrl Ed-
" I W. I A 1 Wa Ml n.r M I llOltl llllilia UM
deceased, wfto was a'niui of ureal piety
had opened an account to
God upon earth, htle their demand is op
po?d by the a:it$torijie- of ibg canton.
A recently puMi-hed repiirt of dpihsin
S. L. M. Bar iow. Francis
ward S. Sandfurd Times
In the window of a shop in an obscure
. . . ". i .i- . .t t,. n .- e r .wt.. U thia annonncemciik-
of thai citv., x .ib a dirtier -r-fco of -Goods removed, messa-es taken carp
..- ..ll ... ' u&s&l. u...;.. ...' ,- nnf? naetrVfeOoniDOsed on any bud
ruoriain i VSV J ttUJi wmjj .---., - t j
cffylu ihUnited Stel ? .'. MJe..
56 St rj
v ,

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