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The Saline County journal. [volume] (Salina, Kan.) 1871-1893, March 02, 1871, Image 1

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AT LAW, Salloa, KanaM. Win pnmplly
'. Itl barfnro eBtrcatcd to hka U Mist aa4
Ln4 iolichor. Office nr-r Ba4cllC Un't Umti
., (Amrio'atd aUD4).
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To ike Farmers Saline Counfy
H i It iTitiiiitia:.i -r-BiptUoH
that rfSaBtiBiprQTciBont,n our system
of fifmirig'carf m liiade(to increase tkp.
ayerago'yield of the wheat crop in
United SUtcs five bonliels per acre iu
dd'Tearly "tolha'aatioHal, wealthono
Vaadredl ilIoB" of dollar. ' '
I VTen baahels increase per acre oo corn
woald produce like rcsalttuic apon
ojAerllcld crops aa much ornjore iald
Ve TeaCzed. . . 1 .
la stock; eren gnftef rc8BTa bo
byjMicioMfbMiiitr aad proper
b 4a-iawd. atot.
1. Mock,
- n.li -
ia tke item "of fcedia aora afaiaa-ai
. ..Wdi.trI-J, iur aad iciarate
. (. .-. 7 i ' .. i 1 ! BtVUt.
sUTMurMa aB8BBaioav"v ""
)ioiof dollars are aanaallj faotod by
AmtUrmcTT. .ThSgrcatmcatmar
ketaottii.)fOiimrri which4 prit the
8frango.aa-aalyof atoera of equal age
varying " pfifroB forty to two 'uv
drcd 'dollara on the aaaio day, ahow con
cluKively how ach cm be rcalixcd by
improving oar aiock. .In homes, while
poor aad indifferent stock often find no
ale, good horaca are always in-demaad,
aot only at remBBerative prices bat often
at extravagent BBias; varying from one
handrad and acvoBty-fire dollara ap to
thoasands. '
Hechaaics, by their inventions, skill
and, industry, bavo become such invalua
ble aids to the farmer a to be almost' his
right-hand; and by their. production of
improved machinery and . implements
havo relieved him of raost.of the heavy
and wearing toil of producing food for
man aim beast, and ano ennoica nim 10
extend and improve his cultivation m us
to produce, quadruple what he otherwise
Now to this end that wemnv increase
our average of crops, improve our .stock
and foster tfnd eiicounte our mechanics.
are wnat ajiricuuurai socieiics are ior.
Their, history in this country is brief j
but most encouraging, xne nrst agri
cultural exhibition of which Wc have any
record 'was held in tfeorgetown, 1). U.,
in 1810. (nearly sixty-one years ago.) and
was the means of increasing much inter
est among statesmen and larmcrs: mid
it npi'ars, as a matter of history, that
President iladon wore his inaugural
coat made from the merino wool ot the
premium flock of Coi. -Humphrey, and
his waist coat and small clothes from the
wool of another celebrated flock, thereby
nractlcallv shomc his dceo interest amllilaa)!hT a-rricuftural Hn-iptM n.i iw,m
T . ...hh. ... iinii.iiiinafiifci &Ia..
husbandry. Washington early endeav
ored to establish a national society. By
letter and in message to Congress he
urged the importance and utility of such
a society. In his annual speeth to the
Houses ef Congress, as early as 17U0, he
said, "it will not be doubted with refer
ence to either individual or national wel
fare that agriculture is of primary impor
tance." Iu proportion as nations ad
vance in population and other cireum
ces of maturity this truth becomes more
apparent and "renders the cultivation of
the soil more and more an object of pub
lic patronage. Among the means which
have been employed to this end none
have been attended with greater success
than the establishment of boards com
posed of tho proper characters cr wcd
with collecting and diffusing information
end enabled by premiums and small pe
cuniary aids to encourage and assist a
spirit of discovery and improvement.
Experience has shown that they are
very cheap instruments of vast national
Washington 'did not live to see his
idol realized, though the society of
1810, of which I have spoken, secmecd
at the time tho budding of his hopes, but
tho war of 1812 so overshadowed every
other subject that it withered and died
after an existence of three years.
Washington seemed to foresee , that
great difficulties would beset and
much time elapse in consummating his
cherished st-hcme,and his prophetic mind
pointed out just snch societies as ours
the mean by which greater national at
tainments would finally be reached, for
in a letter to a friend he said. It will be
aomo time, I fear, before an agricultaral
society, with congressional aid, will be
established in this country."
Wc must walk before we can run.
Smaller societies must prepare the way
for greater, but, with th lights bctbr-j as,
I hope we shall not be so slow in matur
ing ts older nations have Veon." In 1840J
Soloa Robinson and some other gcntfo-T
men interested in agriculture, called a.
convention which met at Washington
and organized what they called "the
Unttttf States Society," and made stren
uous Vflorts to obtain the mithon dona
tion Uh which to found an agricultaral
tnstituN and farm. but. failinir in this.
noih Vwas done. In the meantime
ts3untyvn.Yoate ..jctie,, h!Ul multiplied
on even hiV and extended the bencfi
?AB '"SSVjmnr directiB.aad in
ww, k ue KulLatHl i I.
rtcaUare, a .cri, .. j mt
I .Jl i af P aajrlaamcu Hi
"c B"T " . ."l delegates,
The I'residcnt, ScVwtary1"?
manv of the mostdiharBia44"
iif Congress wercprecvt aJ iBtrS
uienuK.ivc in inejinrrcvt, aaiaai
fbr-aed tke first rniBy affective
maneat orgMitaWaUoB
caltural society ; Bad the aKcoBapUsJaBteat
ot the argent recoBiBWBiisiHm ef the
great " father of bm 4aMatry,K BUaoa, ia
111, Iftv-three years befcRtkit soeiatT,
la Hs preasaMe, stated that its oejtxts
I were? to improve um agncalturt of the
i to?, by BtlMrtiBcthe sttCattMn. ate-
--aaaaw t - a . - r .. ..-,l
eiictiurageun--iii i i"-...viik ... n..cK,iBKiuiui cultivators or me soil, are cw -
'Jp . , . -
aai ajggggSeggSBgg" , ;-,
-17 . . i - all Stata larill henrcMsrvcdanoMmeiMfSfoarcIioic
. Jl aaavarnlnejM AtBODZ Bll OUie,
connty. and other agricaltural societies.''
.The results "of this organixatiOB have
bccnJiBost happjo Their exhioKious
have been self-sustaining and of the most
taaitBificcntkind. iney nave exu:nu.-u
their inluenco so as to yasUy iiicreasc
the efflciency of Stotc and local societies
and elevate the standard of agncultBral
excellcBce throaghoHt the and. They
u- ,,,wfnlli- held exhibitions in
Kieariyall the pnucipal cities from the
I a'.i--.':.. tn tit.. ViMAisxinni. and hae
cathcred vast assemblages of intelligeiit
people ,irom aii paro " ,.r
Union and Uius successfully and effect
ively .introaucca IBO impro.- ivu.v
iinu '..f one'nurt of oar country t) the
ltbi a
other with the. most bcBeticont results.
'MUl.'Bj nVli
-. i.u,iiwjiiii out
this society will be induced to hold a na-
.. . tJ . ? . a... llf:.l.
uonai exBiDiuou in our om cuhc. (
otjrprescnt and immediately prospective
railroad facilities, Iowa, Nebraska, Mis
souri, the ludian Territory and Texas, as
well aa the territories west and Califor
nia, could be accommodated at .aveii-
Worth as well or better than at any other
point, and I think our .State and local so
cieties should continually hold 'in view
this prebabiljty and strive for that excel
lence which shall win for them a special
reward when this time arrives. A life
membership in this society costs ten dol
lars, and coiintv and State societies can
make one of their own officers, ex-officio
a member upon the payment of this sum
and receive nil the publications of the so
ciety and an.annual distribution of seeds
and cuttings. Our society proposes to
'unite itself with this society and avail it
self of these advantages.
In 18(11 a Department of Agriculture
was created by Congress, with officers
consisting of Commissioner. Superin
tendent of Gardens, Superintendent of
.experimental rami, .hutomologist,
Chemist and Statistician. The vast
amount of good already realized from
una csiaoiisiunciii is ueyonu compula
tion. Millions of packages of seeds and
small fruits have been gratuitously dis
tributed through every part of our land.
The principal diseases to which our stock
are subject have been examined into by
compeleut men and tho causes and rem
edies given to the public. Insects inju
rious to vegetation have been described
and all known remedies given, and im
proved methods of cultivation explained.
The whole world has been made tribu
tary to this department for information,
seeds and plants. All foreign consuls
are required to collect seeds and plants
of known or probable value, and in the
Capital ot our nation thoy arotned, and
if found suited to our soil and climate
arc scattered broad cast -over our land,
Also from everv Dart of our own laml.
I -l-;il.--.l --.it-m .. . JI.
leciea iiiiormation, seeds and plants to be
again uistriouteu to others, lispecially
are all agricultural societies and farment,
clubs deired to communicate with this
department, contribute if possible to its
utility and partake of its benefits. Our
society proposes to 1ms registered in this
department and receive the bound vol
umes of the transactions, which are of
immense value to farmers, ami also seeds
anu liiantM ior uisiriuuuoii. jseariv or
quite all of the extensively advertised
ii or way, Swedish, and suqirise oat and
new and valuable wheats, for which far
mers have paid such extravagant prices
of oats, have come from this department
it is very raroiy that any ot these new
varitiefc have been the exclusive proper
ty of any one man, but enterprising
men forsceing a demand, as rapidly as
posiblo accumulated seed, and then by
skillful advertisciug accumulated for
tunes, after selling to thousands just
such seeds as they themselves had secur
ed from the samo source but failed to
propagate through carelessness or indif
ference, ilut 1 believe, 1 am sure, that
if these seeds aae received by this socie
ty, and then by the officers placed in the
hands ot men who we know will curciul
ly test them, great good will result.
The transaction of oar ewn State soci
ety, and especially of onr Horticulture
society shonld be secured and faithfully-
preserved, in tbe.selection and propaga
tion of fruit trees, too much care cannot
be exercised, and the accumulated expe
rience of oarJost fruit raisers is here
presented, and should be at the command
ot every tarmer.
Haifa lifetime may be spent in care
fully Bartering andgrowiug an orchard,
which will finally prove almost worth
less, when if other varieties, better suit
ed toour soil and climate, hail been sub
stituted, an abundant harvest of lusciou
fruit,. would have rewarded the owner.
To enable the farmer to do this is apart
transactions in which the detailed cxpe-
Iff "tBilw1ii.i.
ncHce oi successiui cxiuoitors is record
ed, how the soil was prepared, what kind
oi seed used and how much and the
method of cultivation; also of experi
ments in feeding and breeding stock.
Too much attention can not be bestowed
uponnhis subject, taf there is very much
to bi learned. For instance, I believe
that the most of farmers, every thing
clso being eqoa, woald breed to the fat
test, fineat-lookiBaT Bullion, which, mm.
yewd in HIcmm, i awnd Md uilcd
aaik(4 otlBIaVat -& al 1T .
. .-. .- . uuutu ami prescnuujie, as
the ideal ot beauty in a horse. Now,
cxpcricBce, iIUtrate4 by numerous cx-
penmenw, ji" nov tna; this is the
most pernicous practic. anJ Knt mw.
might as well breed toaa Mjcrb horse
secBre and place before faraMss the beat
uuormation attainable apaa Uacae iaBor
taat Matters, aad at the earliest prartk
mve mmy aeevre a roeav WMI raVBB trABaV
actfBM of ovaAio Suta,ast eoaatj
"CTfeaa'WtpraisuiitdaBs! keptfor
will be preserved sp4raena of ourthoie
est tirodactions and ia a short time a
SBitable museum of rich and valuable" ag
ricultural treasure may be collected.
Now to accomplish all these things and
many more, which I might mention
creditably 'are active inicKat must be
manifested, men mast becojae zealous in
the work.-fly the liberality of a mem
ber of, our mosfeaterpriaiBf citizoas six
hundred dollars is offered b oar society
ir tli three best caltTvatedTarms in our
county during the yearlit. Thispre-
miam IS wen worm wnviiif nr aim vai
mililn na the monev is. TBStiv more valu-
able will bo tlie.expcriencelaiid knowl
edge gained by the compeltiars fbrthis
f.rvminms for neat'stock'ilii.rBes as
1 .iiH-tnagrp a targe cxniMDon, and no
a"---- j - - a. .i:!--.-,.!.
pains win-oe apnreu to niawe -oar next
annual fair asphmdid iBOtcrtw Ht the
directors alone, nor an imposing list of
premiums, can fill, up the measure of a
successful and useful fair. A general en
thusiasm tc accomplish good results must
prevail tho whole communitv and the
superintendents and judges wut bo com
peteut and effective The apjioiutiiig of
these is a difficult and delicate task and
when done to die very, best of tnc ability
of the directors will not be satisfactory
to all. Yet if a wide-spread desire to ac
complish all Tuwsible iraodis manifested.
much of previous difficulties will bo ob
viated and better results attuned.
Fanners 'of Saline' noantv. with von
rests thcWccess or failure tit the Saline
Count' Agricultural and Mechanical So
ciety, You can make it the pride of our
county and a source of perpetual useful
ness to you and your children, or you
can smother it by indifference, and en
grave its tombstone, Died for lock of en
terprise ! Inch shall it be 7
- BE .aBaBa i -
Christopher .Columbns a sturdy old
salt in his time docs not sleep well.
Historic doubt that peculiar disease of
over done ucuteuess, has attacked even
him. A writer in the February number
oi uarpcrs jioniiny nas examineu wun
this powerful microscope the claims of
Mr. Columbus to the honor of having
discovered the Western Hemisphere, and
of course, finds them unsupported. The
island of Antilia, now Cuba, was known,
says this sapient gentleman, years before
Columbus was bom. To be sure no one
had ever visited it, and then returned to
Europe to give authentic information.
But was "there not a tradition that when
the followers of " God and the prophet"
ravaged Spain in the ciglit century a pi
ous archbishop. and his pious flock, like
another .-Eneas, about to found Borne,
fled from tlontyiaircd.,000 miles,
in what is kfwJiMsiaafnasfeg-out,"
and settled- faBJBMiiaMwliwf Antil-
1 r4i TAirk
r"1. iura;
""rTFb . FMbu.1 BHlj ?m&nR the
scriptural iniuction, were nutful and
and multiplied. Afterwards several
raap-maktin, cvidoutly men with large
imaginations, assigned this'islaud U a
place in the economy of nature. -Exactly
how its inhabitants changed iu seven
centuries Iroin Kurojiean to Indian oar
author does not say. Seeing that the
African, as represented on the Eg-ttan
monuments, has varied very little in at
least sixty centuries, there "is room for
very grave "historic doubts" as to the
soundness of this kind of reasoning. The
well earned reputation of Columbus is
perhaps open to attack, but this loose
talk is hard!- worthy of reputation. It
would gojiurd with the vcre. ereatest of
rami s iiiiiurvn 11, on sueii uriueucc, oo
low even hearsay, their names were to
be erased from the temple of fame.
.!.... i. :i.i ; i. .r.Yi
Tub Lowest Trrr hf Hcinxmr. On
the Island of Borneo there has been found
a certain race of wild creatures, of which
kindred varieties have been discovered in
the Phillippc Islands in, Terra del Fuego
and in feouth America. Thej walk usu
ally, almost erect on two legs, and in that
attitude measure about four fett in height.
They arc dark, wrinkled and lairy.-They
construct no habitations forji "ao fami
lies, scarcely associate together sTeep ia
caves or trees, feed on snaketfor vermis,
on ants' eggs aad on each other. They
are hunted and shot among the trees like
tho great gorilla, of which ;hcy are a
stunted copy. ' When they are captured
alive one finds with surpn'su that their
uncouth jabbering soundVlik articaTatc
language. They turn ap a htmaa face to
gaze at their captors, and fc'nales show
instincts of modesty; and, it fine, these
wretched beings " arc mci. tfanfic
For along time tho l'atagorians it was
understood, were real gianta.) .Then this
was oenic!.
nig medium;
mem ocr oi TUB bjtiiBbi TTwlg'sticBaTS
of some of them is sUndimf six fwt
or seven inches, and "from hfaif to heel
tymmeiry Itself. - 2ior IS i
inusual to
hnd a ifatagoaian weighin,
much as
two uanurod and eighty
With all this splendid nlivai,
fe pounits.
is tics, the race Ts desencrati
tnc use oi iodbcco and liqi
over, with all their bodily
people are aaid to be ezeaaaj
.1 Jlorc-
gth, the
ly. Most of their, wmnn
tfrom behind. llercioiiiM
ffovenl marvcloBslyiwoa froawoBnds
ve re-
uaaviiauinrurgeBeratrOa B pces
is slower. IT ,
waai a man can write
correctly, aad bricay, with.
bovfc or
rcicreace 01 any ciad, that
kaows, waater reLss Iw-aarbe
Maceef. rorknewIedMBaAtfhtls4vrt
.lwUe,fcf y W. -yf
wwanaaaan, aMcnaraBHi j WmT
aorseaaet at alL Aad I
tAersaevwwaaataBaearos caaalrvwawaw
L Mm Irrria
V" W a BaaaWBBBam i
hats, write ia has
think ia laastaj'aa
.MARCfl 2, 1;
L i
, ; '..--..i.iklLuJii gg'-P I
- l "C P? HaK J. . I
An editor thus relaflM a Ish Btory r
we were travciiBriOB groBrra w aaa
no right to travel-over. jThe only ex
cuse was like.tht of rnUkary necessity
it was UHter fisaiag taroBgh the taniis
where the trout had been preserved than
in the open lots where all, could fish:
' Itwaa'eariyiBtrretnoirriiBg. We-had
risen at three, rwMea tea miles; aad
struck .the creek aa the trout were ready
for breakfast. XookiBg CArefulIy for a
sncitereii place lunurawur itvrsv- v
slyly erept on behind 'fences eU, till we
reached the part of theHfcam not gen
erally ashed. A fisrm twase stead, a
quarter of a mile away.., iWo.jsaw, tlie
morning smoke carting lightly from the
stove-iiiDc: saw a maa aad twiJboys
comeonttodo clvdrrt: slrXwo1aBaotiy
aoutii tncttoor, ana a lerociwata p-iit-uia
wandering aboat the yard.) a
If ever wc Ashed close, it. was then.
Not a whisner to disturb the birds r the
owners of the land. We crawled tKnVagh
the grass, and dodged behind clainps ol
elders, lifting large speckled acanties out
or the waer tail oar baskets .were lui.
1 his was the umeto have gone; but
the trout were so large, and bit so readi
ly; that we could ' not withstand the
temptation, so we -derided to string and
hide what we had, aad take another
basketful. So. at it we went. No soon
er would the hook touch the water' than
wo had a trout. Wc forgot 'the house,
tho man, the boys, and the dtg! '
Suddenly there was a rushing through
an oat-licld, as if a mail ball was coming!
We looked toward the, house, and mw
the farmer and his two bovs oil a fence,
the woman in the door, and the bull-diig
bounding towards us. We saw it all
we had been discovered! -The well
trained dog had Ikxii sent to hunt us.out,
and as tho matter apiieared,. it was safe
to bet that he was doing that thing right
To outrun adog was not to bethought
oi. Uiere was no time to lose, ile
cleared a, junci aud came for us just as
we reached a tree, and by great auivily,
iook a in.Mii Beat., on a nino auove ins
reach. '
Here was a precious go! A tvicious
bull-dog under the tree, and. the Jarfuer
and two big lioj-s readv to move down
upon our works. It was fight, foot-race
or tangs I
The farmer yelled f o his dog. " Watch
him, Tige!"
Tigu proposed to do that littlo thing,
and, keeping his eyes upon us, seated
luraselt under the tree.
Then pokc this ngly farmer man
''Just hold on on thar, stranger, till wo
get breakfast; then well come and see
vou ! If vou are iu a hurrv. however.
you can go now ! Watch him, Tige I "
JVe.surinLLljubIe:.aiaiti: much L for
thrice had that bold maa- of ball-dogs
and agriculture elegantly walloped inno
cent tourists for being seen on his subur
ban premises. His reputation as a pc.u-c
mau was not good, and there' itrotc a
large heart towards our throat !
Time is tho essence of contracts, and a
saving ordinance for those iu trouble.
Wejiad a stout line in our pocket, and a
large hook intened for rock bass, if we
failed to take trout. And, as good luck
would have it, we had a nice sandwich
and a piece of boiled corned beef in our
,We called tho dog pet natnos, bnt he
wasn t on it ; then wc tried to move down
when he'd move up ! At last we treb
led our bass Hue, fastened the irreat hook
to 11, baitrd it with the corned beet, tied
the end line to a limb, and angled for do !
Tige was in appetite. He smelt bf the
beef: it was very nice. Ho awallowcd
it, and sat with his eves for more : but
with no friendly look beaming from his
countenance, xiotanyr
Tlien'wepiilled gently on the line it
was fast! Tige yanked and pulled, hot
'twas no ase!
We quickly slid dowa tbc trco almost
bUstenne our buck doinc it seized our
pole, and straightway went thence some
what lively.
Wc found our string of fish, ami reach
ed tho buggy and a commanding spot in
the road, ia timo to sec the sturdy yeo
man move lonu.
We saw him and his cohorts, male and
female, move slowly, as if in no hatc.
We saw them look ap the tree. We saw
the anxioas crowd enraged aboat the
llf . aa
aa.a(av aajavABi S f MtlHIVi 4BXI" SBtllllt
left the bass line 'and hook to the farmer.
tie came quicxiv home, and kindlv
A. Hardshell BaptKt minister, livim?
somewhere on the frontier of Missouri.
was in' the habit of saving to his farmh
and to Ins church. "Friends. vou need not
stj amy uaasBBl caro of yoar lives ; the
..uviii in.your death was writ'Hrc
l af" l.r a. a . .
mc fiunnation oi uicwoiid. and Von can
not alter it. "
His wifcobarrvcil that when he left on
Saturday to meet one of his frontier mis;
aionary engagements, he dressed the
flint of his rifle with unusual cart?, t.ut In
dry powder, fresh tow, and took pains
luiuaiciaremwuie gun would go in
cse he should meet'aa Indian. It
stmt'c her oae dar. aa abe aaw lain in tln
ddl with his rifU oa his ahoaldcr,,
w nw coiwart wRirjviktta h teach-
inga, and abc iuu.1 to.hitn:
."My dear,
hvdo mm taVn flit rtfl
wiia roar If it a- s:kU,m tt.
... j .- .-.. ....
fiinmliitnB ..r.i.. ij .v.. .
LT-iTT; a,lanajJOUWjr'aO----- . & I" J?" OH
bekilWdunagthistriaby aa Iirdi,,thc stAkej., Whea the fArmcr waoIs
iaai nac won tprcveat it : aad if roaarvi
uuttu 00 KllleO, O! coarse IfaSanaaCt.nua Ja.iij.r--- "" ana.
ry, so why take it wsbjsb at V A a afferent way.
"Yea." las rt4td. fst sarr, Aadfoed wHatsAoae ,,
-..... ..-.. ." ' .
that si rery BrsperrHrw; tjatsawlarc,
aal m amleoam, aW Ibad
KjPIi 9f" ,iVt aw
la inafer.
t . i
k member cof' the aricritfic lurtyon
Mount Wasfcinota,,rVitrt as follows;
"Wo have beosj'.ataotig tho White
Mountains tawauner, but were never
impressed with the all glory of moui
tain scenery until wc ascended Mount
Washington 'dsriiflie.frolot winter.
On the road from' the White Mountain
House ihc peak reseraldcs a dome of Ice,
BHU IS constantly OVKiry nnunnni sva-
en mile snow shoe tramp to its base!
. . 1 - t , . Ml r .. tmS-m -M
The first Prt, of the ascent is made
through" woods, aad over ave feet of
pnua. inv uip, naiui ... 0.u-
fctrtooned with moss1, are now "covered
.L . 1 ... At . aa.. -i .1 ... ...
Wlia tec, so iiuti utry euariit uic.rjv a
they sparkle in the light of the sun.
"AS we proceed the treiiJgrow more
iterrBBBjow-leaW sWsrvaaai ths ic
more, aJmndaat until, we leave Urn last
trace-of vegetation Lehiiid, and find oar-,
selves cnvcloitcd In a cloud. Our range
of vision is limited to a few rods'i the
ice1 bciniis to form ' oar dothesiand
hair, and the wind wbhn)cs.Qn v.arwrks ;
oat inv irost wotk is inc. casing in sjiien
dor; it forms on' everything it toadies,
and to a thickness iof fifteen or twentv
iuchtss. Tho trestlc.work of the railroad
would bring to mind $he Interior of a
magnificent cathedral, adorned with cut
glass and crystal. Lizzie Bourne's mon-
amentr is a single dome of-Ks?, saratonnt
eu dv a iTysiai cross. -i.,
" We at last reach, the house, a-largo
mass of snow and ice, through which a
square hole is cut for an entrance, a small
room in .the interior furnishes us with
warmth, food and the'henrty welcome of
friends, and we wait lor the breaking of
another day. uur hopes Tor the morn
ing are fin tilled ; the sun rises in a cloud
less sky; lighting up hundreds of snowy
peaks, which glitter in its rays liko pol
ished silver, contrasting strangely with
the dark valleys below. Faraway in
the cast we see the ocean, under the rays
of the rising sun, and in the west wc
catch a dim outline of Lake Champlnin,
while from the center of Maine Mount
Kathadin rises in sight. . .
"A visit; to the Tip Top and Summit
UoBses reveals only huge masses of frost,
over which one ran wt'k in any direc
tion."' The 'whole mountain' top 'is cov
ered with it, forming on every rock and
building, to be blur n off and collet UsJ
in Tuckcrhamn's ravine, two thousand
feet below. A small amount of exercise
makes one feel wearied, in tho rarified
air of of sixty-three hundred feet eleva
tion, so wc return to the, house to rest
and vnjov the warmth of. stroi.d coal
fire. '1 he wind is blowing at the rate of
fifty miles an hour, making the stove
rattle and shake, bnt the heavy coating
of frusta riVmU Jts intrusion.
OTCr 'tMnaSBTBBt.' aatni aaVfaaTCalT
now dcrcropmentofvfVmtwrHrs'lsj4
-Scape is before oar eyus. -Wo aro shut out
from tho world,, but wc, have tha beau
ties of nature all around us.
" In the observatory we occupy our-
.... n.i.jj;,riuiig anu unending
to the domestic duties of thiscnisoe life,
while in good weather wo obtain our
need or exercise, by sliding, jinowualliiig
or roaming ovur the mountain. Thus
wc pass tho time until a day arrives in
which wc can descend tho mountain, ami
exchange an Artie for a leiiiiMratczonv.'.'
How wsld ydj liko to live where
.ou rouid go nut Ansa pick oysters for
dinner, asyou doajfjle? You heed not
smile ; you eoaid StiwTa d, it if Vou lived
near aii oyster farmf And it "is aboat
these curitmsamis that 1 want to U-li
you. .:
You mut know that wc ate so many
oysters thatfhcy grew scarce in many
places, wid people began 'to tsaartbat afc
'tioma i-xliaut the supply. That would
be a sail calamity to those who are very
fond of oysters, so some enterprising
men set themselves to work to cultivate
oysters as we do potatoes only in a dlf.
icrcni WAy. hea the little oyster is
launched into life to take care of himself,
his first care is to secure a home. His
wants Arc very simply. reo.uirin: mcrclr
a holding on place for holding on is tho
speciality of an oyster. If he cannot
once secure a safe home, he is almost
sure to bo devoured by fUhcs, for fishes
use oysters as well aa men.
As soon as tlii fact about the young
oyster was, discovered by the wiaetnon,
they conceived the idea of providing
homes tor the little creatarc,a men pro
vide homes for poor little children only
as oysters don't caro for cradles and milk,
their nurseries were made this way i
Stronc stakes were driven int the
jmifl ndcr atautr, nftrurso and Iso-
", "'cm aicrc worm iranchcs 01
trees. Thatwasall. HsTingtbnor
rics reavly, the men now brought scrcrsi I
Untt-toAils of old oysters, sad adAtwil
al t ' ana- r
locra on iite sToui.d aroand tbe atakasl.
to start the farm. As tho roans oysters
arrjiAtcbcd, they natanlrOsjrh tl
a" am rrm 4
selves to tlie' branches, and'atrneanW'
once to grow. Each
lay two miJlioa of
There Areotaesf ways af aUajrjr.
n.. One war. mm lo..alr. wfam a!
lake it inroAKi V IT rTtt in
baUd a staaH hni "'"A aad make a
sort offence mwtnJrfS wHfsAtdskassWir.
Ii;. al lj. and tka . ...'
wa " una ay - an i warn ovafrra
oratcra.. nir
r to full . - -,,. lmrf wioaaiwi
IIJ tr tl . d
a rraace tlrrre lslt-
The farms U.
traits. a-d Ur - inwr.t?T
are seatlersd . ti- Z "rwawaji
. ai :r zr -v"
? the oysters, mnpm thm a
t7lS. smil"K
iBtdTaTrV Hnasf 9Lt MP 1 ateaaf aVtaWslatAm
- - ii.
ay erstsrs Bra aa i
'; Thrykavewa
HafBJAr naaaraaa bbmbbbb.
During tlie eruption of Vewviasrlalfll
r"ir .1 dk
i i.
lestruvoil tnc ancien chvmu a-ih
theso wao delayed too wag iafaa
their, twaes fell Ttctiars for-taW
part to the pcniicioas effects, of sahafc
and carbonic acid(gas.scs, aad wef,fafe-
UIIV roverevi OV llll vrl atjrat I
.li... H.n ..,! irltf an laallr
tllnMk ! H.W..I rm anjar-m mm , m . - j,
hardened, tormed penect ateaMsai aav.
unhappy beings who so auserabiy perisa
cd, fniin.whichadiwraWocasUaretBkan
showing their forms, feature, sxprssBV
ions anu atumaai wncn utviuam wj(
death. At the beginBiturofthe cxeaTS
tion little attention Wa"patd to t
natural mounds, only a ivwrVaSBBB'
nartiallv casi and 'iw.tcL"'s"fcfc
remaraanieoi wMen were ibobbibb-b
Uad, wii aJtaflsVaW
time of death, .prossias
nineteen piocvn of gold aad i
pieces of silver 'whica were f
to his ribsr the wife had let fam'tV
linen cover, in which were fotfr&ftHarV
tecu bravlets, fcroldxifurs. ear-nrcs, asst
jewels of lesn importance. It was sly.
however, iu 1863, that Mr. Fiorili fc4
tho happy idea of'tilling tltoso rMataral
mouhU with a peuuliar aolatkrn of plasty
. . .. ...va. ...w.tf pii urn , . m ow .
1... ltt .v.. ?- --
produced in their integrity.
Tti.t firsit niiin rotinmluraal'
". " rf" I- r-f- tc iBJIP . , ,"U I
poacu oi h man, a woman, aamBaKinayj
wao aad remained indoors
when theyiattmppd s
window or. torratv, thevf
asphyxiated and. coverod ,
which faithfully preserved
at lllta lairtntt.
in &A, a body thus prorurMN
that of a maa who had fallcn'taredvi
ward, whose despair and sofiVrinir,
clenched teeth and tlcnchcd hands ea
a a a. -a a a a a, a I
pressed the agony bo had endured. eii
in interest is tnc lorm oi a wourayi
bad fallen on her back, whose
hand leans upon the earth, the left i
ed as if trying to ward off danger. To j
aid her flight, she has raised Bur Tt
menu, iter form is iaiirant eisg
her admirably arched fcsHclad ia atr
. .. .... .
sandals, txiiag a larenta aMeet MTata
to artists. On one of her tUjafrs .
single mirror and an aatbarcol
uc representing Cupid. 11 Cf iraTr
front forms three rows tf ringleta, i
fulls plaiteil orarhor back kr the maas
of the Vojiaire per roquet.
A remaricabie greap oi iarv perai
has been admirably cast, whiah is in
highest degree iiitcrcsung.
A man of high aiAtara and tjo wer.fall
built, with strong, taaraUBj ftareavl
pnimiucni cocoa awnves, aeavry .onaaru i
and inuntaciic, is lao principal Vn. apa
held in his hand tho ear-ritiaM JrfaBB twol
youug girls who followed: bub, Asai aterl
of the fulling dust' aUid;Knik-rs,Ta ex.J
prcsniotl OB,aiAt:ad UlAt'lsf hh
ffon. 'niaSaTfaTaa
the M,cd.-uW'aW(
lowed their lather,' sb tka"taws)las.ata-
tudc, as iney ii-u, supaorttag ark othcrj
breathing the sama poison. And dvimJ
:...i.i : ..i. ...t. ' f. .51
ciianuiv-u vaa.il umtt arms. IMItlt
tho figures are of beautiful form and 41
- - V
tions, says a flno writer, have id
am wo now feci, and their lives wera
Active aa our owa. They Basstsi like
por. while UAlure wore tlioaaMe bad
of beauty as when her Creator eemni
led her to be. Tho hcavrnft alia! I be
Mimmmm latsa-aa;
" aaaaaj"aTaaBBjlBBBjBJBBtBjfBf danaaBBj' BalaTaBrHffl
a little while and all will havo happvi
1110 inronoing ucans win ie atils
and all will be at rest Our fan
will wind its- war : and hearers will: bal
il, And then wo shall uo left sIim is
silence and darxneas for the worms. Aim
it may be for a short time wc lia!J
spoken or, but the things or lib at
creep in J and oiir names will n i
forgotten. Days will contintui to more
on. and langhtor and some will m I
in the rpotB which wo departel thk li(
ana tnc eyes inax monrncu oar aiMvtri
will WdncJ, and gliatnacam with :
aad even 'mr children will rys to thinliJ
'fas, aad will aot rvmember to lisp j
" '
The followlng'ia atatSaffl
piiloh ol O'
' - -- .4 ""
Trihmnt. Th'
aad tlie TsJae oTj
as high aa ,
'. HiaHalr, fi
latr. f jrrT C
ad r. '.' -
t Iformrrl
1 . . 'r
mr. urmuer.
TBTB lAJiOrVa; Mr. Itwla-aJ
a abb -w 9 " 3
""li naiLBlat.tr H II lt:.x
.Mtevn,. .. . ..mi
JSSSOB aVJlrtftaoa. . v. tft,
aa- I.'.. ' '.
ZT,)-lXr. WUrurkr, j
.- .r -:- '
vr. Kanaia raM.i.j ..
fm.iii '' --- frr;...
. r t-nwararj u
,,-- m "w a.r.w,
'sanjatiaa- A -- Wki.
aad Uforc a larltA ai
legcrddSaaw D,
aae, ne xk m
threw it isio tha) mid
ttU u.i ,
V rlfl ).
fr-J-A. I
BBCTSSja BBtaaaBaaaaaalK V
II JltfilaaaaBl 1.

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