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The Saline County journal. [volume] (Salina, Kan.) 1871-1893, March 02, 1871, Image 3

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Wcrty UVcs Uie best kiwi in flic coujitr.
KcprescuteitlvcSuead Iim returned from To-
A loct vag cut Ik: found at DHile Davis' liar-
eji tjioju I F , - ,,
MnnytliauU to JoknVBriea fcr plate of
fiuebutfrsr. . . r u
Tlm.-tuWic school of hl cityl. closed for
ntwo wtvU" vacation,
The city hasttaaljrwnduael, tasla-e "
Hirir fciice po-t7 Goad !
Senator Prcwsott has n-tunu-d from his fcgi-
. lative labors, atTopeVa.
a a i
W. D. .Ttiinw0u is dolus a Rood hu-inW at
lii bainlin iioitjc at the depot.
Tiiefraiiu-ofU. R. Unilerwooii'is fliie n.'i-
Oonce iup ami looks solid aiid wwil.
aw -a
Fleck lias n-ccivca a large quant itr of fine
jewelry. I le say lie is not a" trump. -
Wcsaw the other iLiv a bunch of "Veil wheat
inches liili. How tliat for liMi ?
Nat. Ciixlfch, li'in iiianykno in this city,
iscounty commissioner of S-ds'ick county
m a
Mr. J. II. Gib-on. ofthe KVPH. fl, culled
bn as this week; alo Hon B. IXMobley, of Ot
tawa onnty.
- We are under lasting obligation to "Senator
Prescott andi't'prc-entativc ""cul for Import
unt public documents.
A large colony from the East have bought ten
sections of land near KILswcrtb. The advance
guard has already arrived.
Judge Devereaux,Jndfommiwoiier of the
Kansas Pacific Railroad, was in town this Meek
and enlivened oursancttnn.
TIieElkhoni Saloon h the linet billianl hall
in western Kansas. Tlie flirniturc and tables
nre elegant. Tills saloon is a credit to the
Mr. Elis Curtis performed his part, as "tstge
rnan:tger ofthe wblejtix and miwieal peifonn-
hnce, thcoUnTiiight.wtlibecominggraee and
Tlieable ndrtrcs- to the fanners of Saline
county, on our lir-l p ige. was penned by Hon.
JI. L. .low. the p-c-ident of the agricultural
M)eietv of this coHntv.
An auction Dooming " on Santa Fe. The
nitctioueers are yelling " sold again."' bile tin1
"giillel" walkaway better and wUcr. Pat
ronize home institution.
IV. X. Walker, formerly proprietor of tlip
Planters House in this city, is now tjlleriff of
KedgMick county and Deputy U. S, Marshal
of that regiaa of country.
1 i a
We are informed by C. A. Hiller, Esq., who
has been out wist attending court, tliat Hay
City Is unuVr martial law, by reason of the ri-
oting and lloprvtlntions of the rowdies of that
E. 1J. FMi & Co., are i-elling their stock of
agricultural iinpleuieiitsand wagons at fifteen
piT cent, low t.r than ordinary rate. They w ill
nit be. und'f-old. Call at once and look at
tb.-ir Prij
Thceard of Xortou & Conrad, c.i)iitr:i:tor
and buildcn. appear-in tliispaper. They hae
li.ul the brjivt building contnu-ts in tliii coun
try since tliifucwd iirtbU city, and hate built
Mime, ofourliueat lOnitturw.
Pndrie flre hatj brightened the horizon,
cxerydjy tltis week. Theyre beautiful tolH--hold
1ititan'detnictie in tlieir course. Judge
Jl.'imilliiii Hill z'ii n an article next week
about prait.e lircs and tlieir cll'ecta upon the
One of tie din i tor- of the agricultural -ocie-ly
asks toij-fetooiir nvderi-, that the proceed
ings a auiiiiiiiesl in the lost i-ttic. are wrong
in one irlft. Jacob Dewitt. the secretary
was not pn-cnt, but T. J. Going was elected
secret jry pro tern.
m m m i
How U it that the county attorney of Salin.i
county gi't a salary of $1,000. ihen S.dini
county and ImkoIh and McPhcrton countio
atUched tbrreto for judicial puro-e iiuiiiImt
altogether only fi.3o2? its population of 7,000
oulil only i ntitle him to S 1,000 salary.
r-. ..
Messrs. Cluipin.iu & McSpndden have just put
tip our new -ign. It looks well, in our olrtn
iou. TheCaTegood workmen and iWne a
liltcral iatronagc They are prejureil to do all
kinds of inluting on reasoiuble tenns. They
nre good lulows too. G'nc them your work.
i i
Sheldou' Urns, bating recently purrliaMil
thcmilU a" Miirvity known ns the S.ilinc Mill-,
are puttingt!eni in llrst ila order. They al
so luve a nuuber one miller, anditrr prepared
to do work ic tbeir line, in the Iiest shape. It
ill be to thcjdvantagr of qll to patronize them.
We notice Jiat many of our towns-people are
repairing thf r fences and building new one.
whirl i is tli Mine " tint gladden; our h art.
Unlike all u toHns S.ilin.i4u-. rjMn to le
proud of lnV well-orden-d femes. Every
building iindpwy improvement about tliecity
isjie.it aiid cyy.
'"sA Co. liavoi7biie more thn
building and adding Improvc-
l. Tlieir apiul is large and it
ir to our people to hare nude
.bis place. Tlieir hanking
tell and their buines i-
pmmunity have
1 several tine
We have
Ursi'S on tin
ted ii-h that
litis each.
ugh the
the true
Phis pa-
ive laid
d afleo
raat e Jocko, and
vWrwilltake from them
D"aaf arUdeir that can be made
avalUhtefci Utafltf rilowfay the market value.
WeliaH Jjice, na obuie la the way of any
a ho a wiill can Ifrfll becoaM ubscri
jheys and yat.t fof-Hw; papn W.nNt-'iftoni
hundred Mibscribers and wearegoingtd hare
them. ,
TIi itanln felks hid a fiance, the other! flight.
ioxt to BeeWe & DuriuatU rcalestaicibiHcM
The "judge " became so alarmed at the " dlu
ami -oiifu-toHT' that was pre i ailing tlicre. tliat
berburrtellyjOBght, "in the wee im' hour-","
for' the cltyffslirt! iWiinmVoseil
that he was'fcll y posted aliout the way and
luibiu of these people -Judge uMifr-4iae Iot
j. .. .,... A,.ti -, r --. ty
ins noil ' on lue nnra."- -
If there was no better evidence tlril snrinz
wa iu'rcality.iipon tisl the plowing up of many
irarden would lie'full proof of It. The wx-ath-
cr is iuo-t delightful and has ls-en for the nst
tlin-c weeks, itli only one... or twojcold snapsJ
Tlie fanners arc bu-ying themselves preuring
for coming tinning operations. The season
commi inWauiaouslvlbr crot?'.friQnikrratli
and pni-iwrity gciM-rally, Our iieople are ac
tive and buoyant with holies and cxjsxUtions.
J.W.ltiH.sell A Co. are coit-tautly engaged
in their liameas bu-ines. They have, ntmiljer-
Iesscatoinersandllii.1 thatkwill.be nessa-
ry to enlarge, soon, to meet the iIuiuaniK of
their growing trade. Jim Iluscll Is ever ready
to receive ocders In taeirliucWbuslDeiiirWIiile
Dick Woodward will " make up to order.' Wc
hope tliat each and all of the- manyr.iriruds of
theM geiitlt men will still stick to this popular
ill-Citation, and that new' ones will, be IdedU
mcain-auy icngiiieneu n-i.
. !
In an article of thefirt nuWVer,cntlllel "tlie
&diiu Agricultural Sx-iety," we overlooked
the name of Capt.-G.'GrLqwcas-oae of tlie
fat Iters of that society.'" ft wsW not Tbrgotton
intentionally, for we sliall always endeavor to
gie credit where credit L due,. Capt.rLowe
spent a great part of his Mine, Woney and serv
icis. gratituoiisly, to forwanl this movement
and will ever be remembered for his good
work- In building np this successful organiza
tion. At the news of tlnMlefeat of the Thirteenth
judicial distrktiUil, jenb3-en, rajsed vten
liauds and bru-heil away ten tears, as they saw
their ten commissions, on ten dlHerent pieces
of parchment, fadeaway; and 'ten Impairing
groan- mine from thi-e oor disconsolate ten
men. a- they saw all tlieir loud hope and am
bitions dashed to earth. Ten prayers fur ten
men! Let us in;r ofthe ten little Indians. If
we hid the pow er, wti would make a district for
i-a h of the valiant ten.' '
We have this to say toonr cptemijorarie, if
they wi-h an exchange with ThkJoi-uxai., we
arewillingand anxious to redproeatd, but wc
have node-Ire, nor will we. forwanl them our
paper without receiving theirs In return. We
bear of notices here and there complimentary of
the starting nf Tiik Joliixal. but onlv in few-
instances have been favored with an exclunge.
Its exchange or" not exchange wfth.ruf And
more than thi.wtt do not propose to send our
piMTfor stale telegraphic dUiutclies culled
from a dallv Into a weekly.
It Is said a ivpreeutatieof thcTopckaCom
monweaith was in the city thi woek, but wc
were ini lined to doubt the stateiueiit until we
-jwin that paperan ''editorial corre.-iMndence"'
from S.i,!ii. It could not have liecn the good
natured Pronty or he certainly would have
called iiH)n us, in eon-ideratiou of old times,
if nothing ele. VIiocer lie wa, 'if lie had
given iwtheopportunlty to talk with him a
lew minnte- we might have added to his store
of good things said ofSalinaaudSalinc county.
We were regaled by a few minntes conversa
tion, Tuesday, with Mr. K. F. Goodwin, of
Liramic Co.. Colorado, and Mr. Chas. Terry,
of Laramie Co., Wyoming Territory, the I t-t a
brotherorc.ipt. J. C.Terry .one of county commissioner-.
They arc stot k-raiers in their re-spcctive-sftiniisar.dlcll
by Wtilne-Liy night's
train for Teva to bring with tliem nlwut thn-o
thous:ind head of cattle. The Captain accompa
nicd them. The twocoiiuti join each other in
the west. Mr. G. is an old newspaper man Of
llllcen je:ir experience.
m m i
Ninth street of Salina is chuck full" ofiine
n'-itlences and tine buildings. There is one
buililing. the railro-id hotel, tlit co-l about
twenty thousand dollars. Tlie court hou-e
buildings cost about twei..y-(ivc thousand dollar-
and the Pacific Hou-e cot in the ncighhor
hood of seven thousand dollar!. Seven reside-in
ix-.s on this street cot not less than thirty-live
hundred dollars and tiw residences cost uot
le-s than tlttecii liumlred 'dollar. Put? - out
shade tnvs.gentleiucii, aud you will have a
magnlliecnt street.
A lazy man. lazier than'thc lazy blactc-fi'l'th.
bnMisht up to our office, the other day.a " I.iv
mill's plow.'' It is manufadtured by A". H.
liiflingaine, orSparta, Illiuoi-. A lazy farm
er, like .rim Muir, who showeil us the plow, lan
ride all day, while tlie virgin soil," or theold
soil. Js torn to pieces, w ithout any phvvic:il ef
fort from the ploughman. It is a Hue triumph of
Invention over the old style. A harrow can lie"
attached in the same waj-, while the " conduct
or" simply drives. Call on Mr. Muir and he
will show you how it works.
ii i
Cupt D. W. Henderson, journal clerk of the
Hou-e of l'cpresentativics of KaiLsas, spent sev
eral d.n.siii tliecity, this wi-ck. Ueliasinaiiea
good clerk and is very higldy "respected in' To-'
I-k.i. His duties luve been laborious, but he
liai ierforaied them well. Saline county ha
becn pretty well represented in clcrk-lilp.- this
w inter.! u the Legj-Ialurc. CipU Henderson lias
been journal clerk ofthe IIoiijc- and G. Clarke
Prcsott, u brollicr of tlie t?eiiator. assistant
secn-tary of the Senate? S:dine Importance Is
at l-l U-itig f It iu the legisLitive lulls.
i i
Our obliging railroad agent at thlsrilace,'Mr.
Curti, tells u- tliat lie hu been iiifonn,tl by a
reliable railnud ollicLti that about lour hundred
Swede Immigrants will univeat SailnaiuabouV
two weeks. He says, also, tlut tlierc is some
prospect of tlie arrival, soon, of a German colo
ny, three hundred in number, from Ckingo ;
also, colonies are being funned in Pennsylvania
lor the settlement of this section of cVAuitry.
Verily, we are progres-iiig! Times will be
easy soon and the merry humof wagort tires
will soou tilfour strecis. Three tiuVslhrec for'
" Uie good time coming I"'
We earnestly ask that all farmer, mechanic
and professional man will bring us items and
accwuits of Incidents and drcomstanoes trans
piring in their respective neighborhood. We
are aiming tftmakelHft"JocXU. a complete
reflex of our city, county and Western Kansas.
Let none be fearful that the Item is too trivial;
I what we want U that it shall be new and Inter-
cstlartoourreaiicrs. Who would wish oaecrf
the small squibs Among our local absent from
paper? Faraner.tivxjos tbeyWdof your
wheat, oats, otatocs,dU-n even irtbey do
pt more thati a (aauier of an acre. To
oar wishes concisely, wc want every bit
ioowt win btioetae rich nets and
tulitic of our own county and section
incnee ire poMkanon. Brirtg n the (
? I MHV MOCrSHv ,pttOS
1 I .' "J n-t
Om-Gcrmaa njghlwnbai a liwiit, tke
other day, before a certainjnstice ofthe peace,
whteauwas rich,raro andTaey The qaestion
involved was "wiiethor'a married man was le
gally bound to support his wife(?)' These
arc all the facts we have learned. It was such
aw-cigbtypoiut of Jaw that the justice has tak
en tbMe.Aaytt ddride- HBoa.the paiaL. We
hope the qncstiou will de decided negatively,
as we hare considerable at stake under that
liead. Itiirni'rlifcioiBetoljeltlWlietid nf
a family.
Vhnewej,wc?e)iTondering owrhe sHdn
tlon, " Fridiy evening, and " thinking of long
forgotten lore," there came beautiful mude-
inuic at jour frojia door Ailiu.i"sw4irass Jtand
serenpdedn.-ill their best Syitfwith paftotic
and other airs, to such an extent tliat the "jun
ior" forgot his piece. Wliat he said was ju-t
this and iwUTingVnorc: -Feller citiz-ns, liii-)
'inu-ic hath charm- we've nothing til
drink. Come again.' We tliank the " band-i-ts'
for their charming mu-i:and wi-h tliem
abundantsitco'ss.. Theyhive' orgau'tzcil one
lcst (Kinds in theSt.iteandS.ilina trail boast of
it- " Boy. haiim-lie thy dreams!
;j. - . :
We call attention, this week, to the new aiP
vertiscuieut of Jacob Dewitt. Mr. Dewitt
Licks no Enterprise in inukhig his large hard
ware store meet the demands of tins ieople.
Througli Oiekir.dne-sof hi-salesman, Mr. BIli
op, wereM-showii his large stock of agcultu
ral auidemenis stored in md about his large
warehouses. We notlired Shelby's corn p'anter
particularly;. The dnjjier is very unique ami
the seed is dropped uniformly without any at
tention from the driv er. We al-o noticed a new
.style of plow, manufactured by Parlim & Orin-tMrft'(i'-fitoii.IllInoIswhichis
as to prevent the soil frombeenmming clogged
in Uie plow sliare. Mr. Dew itt I us from sev eii
to ten thousand dollars bivtted in ilew agri
cultural implcnient. beetles slielf ware in the
store. Call on him
you want.
Volt can tiud anything
A large eoiieotir-o or people assembled dt the
Presbyterian church, Thursday evening, to
witness iUwmiisiixtl:uid tableaux performance
announced m' our la-tissue. A purty of ' small
boys " that were about us nnde so much inu-e
that our equanimity vvas di-turbed to a consid
crablcexteiittyetw wereenableillo remember
mat ofthe exercises. The histntmental mu
fic was good and well performed. The tals
leaux, onf .reiirest-ii"iug "the battle field"' of
Btieua l-ta. the other, the ." arti-fa studio,"
were very tine. The brimstone pcrfonii.tui'
vvas not a complete, success, yet it brought for
cibly to the minds of many In the audience the
realities of the future-tate. About this time the
brother Jonathan m in hung sii-pcndcd lie
tween heaven and earth in his frantic attempts
toooiiqtier theob-tiuaey of a truant window;
Hispcrtoniiauce w:ts greeted with rounds of
applause and was one ofthe many successes of
the evening. Wc were well pleased with the
duet by Air. and Mrs. Clnrk-nu ; al-o, the solo
by Mm. Alexander and the duet by Mr. Dur
ham and Mrs. Alexander. The voices of Mr.
Durham aud Mr. Fred Wihlnun arc par excel
lenee. TJie double quartette was good. The
finale, 'the old folk,'' was perfectly splendid.
The no-c w iping of the old times, as illu-tratcd
oy Jirs. rniiierx. in me lis uiiii neaniiy ami
pleased us somiiehthat we luve been wiping
'ourn" iu the same way, ever since. We
thought thCjVotcts of Mrs. Wijillcy iiikI 3Irs.
Martin sounded well. It was a uecc-1ul cu-
tertain'itrnt ; we ask for more ofthe -ante sort.
Much credit lielongs to31r. Clarkfon. the origi-
natoroftIiuentertaiiiiueut.forhereirorLs. The
receipt. $Si, arc for the benefit of the Presby
terian church
Farnis and town lots, cheali as dirt, at Bee
be & Durham's.
Clover swd forsale at Jacob De Witt's.
All safUbu-lues men should insure. Bcebc
& Durham rcprcseut none but reliable conipj-
Lt othtr pocu tlnf the pntlM
Of wmrriur'a deed in bj rnc diijp,
Anil luu.lly voutitl on ltt trump of fame
An jC'riimlcr or a Cxstr'a name.
The une the wbol earth orer run.
Then wrpl becaote lift work aa done ;
Wuile CaiMt'a tiao-e his deatn mrrirea
For har'nie denrojrr J two RithoQ llret.
Snci deetla aa tbeai I acorn to aae
To piini a lunrikl or fai.Ira nijr muie ;
The teaceful waja of icacrfal men ' . ,
More arorlHy fi- chs rKHta pen.
O' liiese I'll atng, tben. rtbt or rtang , ,
I'lowa are mj tlieme, let tieurflcs be my aonf
When after eeatnrio dee er pail,
Anil Janna donri were cloacil at laa.
And Italia, land nf ennr; and atorjr,
w aa one wide watte, red and trorj.
Then came Auirnwuf, neata whoae fntle 9f
The arte and acleneea woke to liarait of day ;
Swvrda were oenrerted Into pnfnlnir buikf ,
Men unnoleeted Indalrd lit iMmlra,- .
Froin evcrj hill lite ahrj-hrrri'e rent waa heard.
From cverj tree wat heard the werHlna; bird.
All nature ainilcd upon the peaeefat scene.
And touched Hurcr with her colore greeai
White eanh, fresh bleeillnj; from tnarfla! tj1!.
Now yield her Ireaanrea to the tiand that toil.
Posterity, then, will AarwatnVjname protonf
W Mle lire the tHrn- in-pirin( Vlrrir m.
When 1'ruttU'a kln( had akealhed kU twenf,
The wan now orer and ace rettred,
lie laid for tua country lite faundaUon
Of future EreMnrra h edaealion ;"
Ited -wie. it tight tSat all abuold know
The tource fnan wheiiire all CAOaea 0t ;
r'cr why the wearer Mfta the huttle,
Tlie menial why he heara the pcutlle.
The btacaMnUh why 11.4 bar anneal.
Why metal i Iron nr why llt reel.
And seen the plow boy whe lorn
Tbe turf, a'. tho hi bread he earn.
Should know by rnletof edacalloa
The ph loenphy f feralaa: on.
Ance then hare 'laptea one hundred years
Thronfa bloody UUIa. donbt and f-art.
And now the naliooa of earth can are
That Frua.la jcoanaa aoid'ery
Ilaee placed tbelr nation on a stand.
WWi the fotrmon of he laisl ;
Frofpcreuln 1'cace, and H War' det-Ily dtare
Itwarcalta banner orer r'-itlraU France.
When ettler firtt carae to the broad Western pUlaa,
To build trp their homes, twa. at err fnat pains
They eten racceeiled in wixkisg the soil.
Or raiatssacrop, without Tery great toiL
The reaaoa la plain, wltbgul reach palka-ukint:,
Twas becauae t)e had sn a plow t.t fjr break fair.
Ti a faei which wilt llr. Huvcgts.ul llw eUrnal,
The nut nual be cracked so cet at the kernel.
tto In the drat place Ue awd muit be tcrned
Ere at famSona rood liretitwod can be earned.
Ttue fact coaTiaeed. the next 1 to and
Tbe pUw best auited f.r work of UJe kind ,
There laone 1 hare aeen. atade by Joan Deere,
Wrka. farmer concede la without rlrat or peer;
1 bare etea heard it,aa d that the plow was bewitched.
That when It turns tne turf, the Mil is enriched ,
" When handled by men who the UKk undtratanj,
Tv!j caaae gwod ctp ta crow on the mwat barren land.
Sew the evnjury pan I da n-t aaasnlaln
Call and are Mr. foot ha wiu UaatUln
In Illinois State, town of ileline.
The plew are put up, thence ahlpped to SaUne ;
Mr. fuat 1 the laaa aba keep theat for sale.
Call and Mhlaaakeoce. Thaa eadevh say tale.
enproat an hare read of the ane-h orae aa ,
Unlit by a Deacon on a certain day.
When aa earthquake aback fair baaaa I cam
And rattled ha chsrche and hewara Own.
Tela shay was built with such wonderful art.
And a Jscically made is erery part.
That the haks all tall aNet the tewaj
That It m'f fct wear oat, Ian coulaal heeak dowa.
It ran far one ejele by ISe twn elek
Then Jwt at the hear f Uar ewnhajaake aback
It want to pieeea with a crash,
one-iavrt broken, hat atla aacaal-:
Aad looted aa the plrcra Uy art Weed artoad
Uie the ah.y had Weata a Bill and fra-tni,
1 hart heard h aald : laca the Deaeaa'aaTny
Va eaaa'haa heiM awca a wwnaVrfal ahay
That It cant ha dKM,thoua-h aaaay hare trlrd
Far the art era , wVa the Dwacww dd.
Bat lately ttdaataveawat hats weeet deaxd
Or rn If toat tl at straarl j aa rested
That the Deacaa's an baa been naajirctad
rar wwowe are an hare, aa iihlMiaaa.
Whfch far tisahrr and talah. har all in till
rate, a- aa araeuta. aa
, laaaada rr-aatawhaatat
TWanwatataartrarklaaaaa.be a
ta Hat atau at Wlniaata. haara ad taeaa
la tact aewry auut at atasiafaeiaraal "laaa aa
Aad Sated u ether hy K. n. rtah Ca.
Aad whea Brapwtty al as will ( Hat ararld rcaaW
Aad thaafh they wear eat aria aarm tnu dwarcv
Kaar tfaaty etaa ttaatka the atwaraaraan laat
Ma had heat aaU at aaaw aa. Mr. C. raaa,
. B. FISH 4.C0.;
C. &. iTrrssin's Criumn.
- "
..lUalrMkc: d..
t. -'if 'A-jtirf '.'
nit&ii viv'
: "t jfHKV'i
' S (TKiXMl! JJ
3 O -CtoS(?aWT3NATO
' ' ? k '
' - ' "
s "ll'jh i 1 .- i ,
c. w.
Bourht th"s Column Ml he la aaable la all II thai tretk
account of great ruah of h aalseaa.
A 'v & , ,
:-m; -.
.- jn i-JiW r4a3rlS t
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t,,-ettit li aWi4i w. ,.n .
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Imnense Stoefc of Bwiware
A aaV
i ja
successor to vA.n?oiiv Sc lxvferEiir.
After tea yewra ; taeelaute aa taa) BtWCTKT TaUPK. 1 aaa e ifwtled ta tnaerledrr Malt all the ir In a.
tmGoodaaMacawaMantata4aateaatcw I hare tattrcly
I Abandoned the Old Fogy Credit System,
And artll ahare the heweS't artth aJt eath-paylac eaatnaten that aria fa rar (at wtatt a raB. Tbey trig bit taat they 4
not hatr to pay the ritra ar cet4ae chara by ail hKe ttUiaajfaadaoa tlsae. te carer loaaaa by deadhaaaa, I
ahall aluaja irewlba very
Aad arm tad rarer ta aaajaaajat Bat rruaiteajM at lee4ar the
Largest Assortment of Sugars and Coffees at the smallest prices.
CeaahXkZKtScX "afaTlwaB ZaVd V9CotAtolaaaaa taeatalftT.
A full asaurtaient at XJjrXwMjT a,XtLaJ.tesl altrara aa haaat.
UfactrrrxlllkrBtatariTCLAJOtOChV AD I'aUllMlua aTUKh. .eawp -j .
Crockery and Glassware
fcattdltrctof OMPwrteTi.twa artaa W tar eawaaaarrr the rajeattr trhtcathaar hajylaaito aataJI laaaalllsr tM aa
abakaaletuerctawt, Caah aald ear
Of tlwg atUaaf tatrtl 111 C aPCwaaTaaaTMat $0f OlWaaa.
Thanklal far past farora. aad hteUaf aaAdled that I aaa better prepared laaa errr to) tre rarara aattafhrtlaa, I
allcll the cnatinaancr W the aatrnnarej the peo4eof ihlaadadjoli''(catara. . T. WAtfOX.
Feb '4, ts;i. MlkraarArena.aaIlaa.Kaaaa,
5 f . a
Cor. Santa re and Iron Avenues,
llUttr AND SllOfr,
, i
Hats ar.d Caps,
ltfOa. wabOe tSrOa
i . i 2 '. , .
-All Kincin of
.' , - i- jr -...
Produce Taken iii Exchange
1 - -
TERMS, cash.
Another Direct Route East!
Hurrah for the Competing lone !
". 73 "aata Fe Arraaa, atfaata, Ka
at m let Mart af g. am.
ISO Lf.tCCru" U im eJata wllh th. falteM aa. aatat
oeir4rte tbKt .fTyara, rtataa.aU.. Ate.. er ahtalaew
h H rater- Kaaaaa. lie aira hita aa r?awrt far a wset
tcau . osse wh la fully eaaaBewat s the taah tatlag ptt
tarra la aay r-ras. aaaaatter hear al&cett. lirfiaraateet
Berfrct aatutactbaj
Thru 3 ye aailaa tt wrarf btat?,
Ileaa rianjahtr tahaar aa BaaM.
That wWr.'eraarwalBaaaw.
AlaaraariaTillaia htaaaahyaaa.
y raaaa I aleaeaat. aay aarteea raaaa.
Hy yaetaraa taaat aa4 aay aaaaa a a. a I sir ;
Ta ataaa faeea aeauyta was I aarw
A ecruy aaaaa aaaa Uh MaaU
A fa3 rtM at War-e rarraa. !. tHaa. Iaweat. taa
ran.. Far UCer. rrraa,aeac
AH the rarat Gawa
Magtadaleff aid tkforb&M
Miillt eat haaal, ajol lahaatajrln' rVMrWhar aay
aai llnl ill! Ill ta I I all . atthaaaAaafat arwaaY
Daily and Weekly Keinqpaperi.
rsaata h aura trata.
Thomas CIMi'toy,
tvrr nntc mcizU8.
w. Kntn.
Real Estate nnd Insurance
Wild Lands, Improved Farms,
tSt0Uc. XTaaOarta1,
! " trtn "1 ,w c,;, '""w i-i1""
oesi r ire, iire ana Acciaenx
ixscsuscf coMrAsatv
IFoMit, X. Y., Asurw over 94,000,000.
Skcuritv,X.Y u ',000,000.
Andes, Cash Capitai, 1,000,000.
N. V. JaiFK, Atwrr9 oM-nt l:,000,000.
L V. V.stsniR, Cash Cl. 500,000.
J. W. Russell & Co.,
Harness, Saddles,
Etc., Etc., Etc.. Etc
Watches, Clocks lind Jcwel,
Alt. WtlK WABIIAflTfltla.
Watahea, Clockt aa4 JtwtUf ctrtfuny CTaaae4 '!
Thr lalmoafe of thachlteni of tafna aat rttlaNy tt
reapteifally wHtHrw.
Thr aahacrlhrr hating hoarht eat hi lata aartaer, artll
continue the 4,' ''arkat at aVr44 aaana, Jasl
aauth of HaWku's llariwaja, Ftwe, whara fca wl.lar
Han4 all Vla4s of
Fresh Meats, Beef, Mutton, Fork,
Fay Cash for Hides and Furs.
Tli-n. fa, fr itfttt fcrert, W tpittHttj IHcHj
tlatwrK of th- tBtrftl MtifMif krrnW -.
OrTonnr tiii lutLroAD, kaat um op utror.
tioHm rfaaraaatajaa ABB aatrtrlw
At rtaavaaM. raua. raetarea f aasal itrt-ta U rallra4
aaeit aa4 Uhrra at lere thaa rrrafar raaaa. traraaaatet.
tlrtwh.wahu furalah their awa frral. la aaaaia taa
with the heuM there la a
IMir aJIsS iiTns ).
There lirtai. Caere. rVa. OaafKtlautsry. 0 aaa4 rerua,
Otattra. Ae . eaa he hau at an tlaaea. Ala.CUare.na.
Taaeea.. XetHKat aaa faaey Orawrtaw. aaeaaa. , A t.l
eheaa fcr aaaa ar la rtrUare ' Kaatar. LarA. Mahal I
rmiaVaM. Alee TO a UJTaa. aaa aruaeV Fther
r'Terty. Alaaria-claaa 'aaaaateal raeat.r laaaeraa.
iu Miaa Ut4. tail aaa aM. ea.9..uuaarKa.
faltaa. Iu.. feh. t. 1CI.
Millinery and Drew Making;
Datrr.uaea.eareU the taaa efLanat.Ut ehr taa
- aa haa aa4 laaetMa t lera a fall e4 aaaayleae ataefc
Others tar faaa Makhw. Trtwualia; Bala. aVataet at .
yeaeawtl jlli arts ht.
.., ft JIT A lK Itnri, -AUA. KASaAf. .
Grand Prairie House.
TntOBOLD Wmet, PacrEitro-u
If raw eraat a aaware aaaal a rktaaat. Bat . km.
at aJla-aaf Uwy, aaUcaT.ttaery.fU.la, aaatrre
Arraa. aias
8r flatly aeataa a a. I.
J. E Woodward,
Tta mkriv rvgratfaEr aaaianti ta th aittaaaa
ialaaaa clail.vhaheUarrae4 saaV rf erf r
rWy aaraahlalaataaJy a4 aaaa. Atailtl
eatawriywwyeaeaj laa hha la arylaal that ha sla.s
alaaaat th) hajaVaaat. mA eaato. aaaa ta aataafu auaaaaf
tu la reerr aaarWwSar. fun
taahwa.ft.a. tMruaaaj.tBaeata Vtaar tl araaa la
ataai. traa. ataia ahaaiaat at tl ahaa atat
yeahMJea4aWeaae.hr. CaU aaa) aaa heeaau)
aVaa a4Mna tfctha a fcaatTa. wef aaa I
9 "t v
ot?.& H" Column;
t r ( '
The best Farms and Wild Laids
Heal estate
s "i
Of iiii Description B.mniU.
GTVYS. ITtsi a. OVT.T-.
-. i
r l)
-, (l m i
' 'I '.. .
' . ! tai (! i
" tl'F,K5I:as
i .i -ti'
1st Door North Eagle Drug Store
saMta fe avenue,
Salixa, KA-f9A9.
" - a"
aaaaa. atah areaaty aerra af aU taat: aaaat jb
r : iwa aallat treat taaaa. IW Uraar aafAr taaaM 1
Manufacturers and Dealers im
... r
i. m t
' i r .a ' ' C
t .
faWatrAaTaTatV M MAS.
t ,
- . - r'
1, aejtfutT.'v
i -
t). eaaJW, -:?
i '-e.
. a
one aud U.
,3orncr oh 4-AsIi.
riiaanHiirr n iiri ii i -irniiii";
at aaat araasa aa aaaw aaaaf pr taat
-- WT
-L -el.VtfeeuW.

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