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The Saline County journal. [volume] (Salina, Kan.) 1871-1893, August 10, 1871, Image 1

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Volume 1.
Number 26.
7-r' Jsc-r--r--
OFFICE. Xo. 00 Santa Fe Avenue, nrarlj orpoeite
.the Beat Estate otter of MaJ. Jotw W. Bkbks'-
neCy, one year "J"?
OneCopy, nix mnninf r
OneCopy, three, month, J
. 1 Wrta. IMostu. 1MW.OIW. !"
1 square (loo MOO $S 00 I'M "
2 squares,... 200 iui 700 low 15 ou
1 Squares,... 3 l) 6 10 MO IS 0 S" "
quarts,... I 7 tt) 14 o W J
column,... onu 10 in so eo soo -J J
t column,... li 01.1 oi 33 oo sow .sow
1 column,... 20 0 35 00 30 00 WW
Vin1l.''Ai.. -.ex....... ....;i - rnti.tlttiiteas'iuarc.
Itoulil- column ami all ailvrrtUeinent out of '" u,ual
shape will he rharcnl fiftrrn i-r wl. alMrtc rates.
Uills for regular adrrrtUlnp will be eollectr.1 quar
terly. Where f..r a 1ms pt-rlral titan thie monttn pay
intiit in advance will In- reqniml. .
l(Tulacalirrti-f-iiit nt ill 1-entitled to 1-rhaiiRiil
uncr in three months w ji limit a.Hitioiuil rn-t.
Itular ailrertkM-r will Im- ch-irgr1- IIUm n cents -r
line fur loral liotic.-s awl all others tarnly cents per
AiMrc all rommunicul ions lo
Salina, hansai,
iSusinrss Divcctorg.
ATTOKXKV AT,AW, Salina, Kana.
ATTOKXIIVs AT LAW, .-jlina, Kana.-'.
ATTOUNKYS AT I.W. flire, Xo. WNrjeutliM.,
aliua, Kdii-a-.
ATTMIIXKV AT LAW oflli ou Iron Are., ea-.t of
'lie lHAlolUre, allaa, lwna.
A'noUXKY AT I.AH', .-alina, Kana-!. Partirular
-rti-iilmn ce!i to land rimlerta and any lni-iwsi in IT.
?v Iuid oiuce.
ATTUKXKYS AT LAW., Xo. ! Santa FcArr., Sa
tiiia. KanpaA.
..I..UV. C. A. IHUJM.
A11UKXEY AT 1.AH', .-jlina. Kaua4. Will allfinl
I irtuiiiti In all Irpal Uiriwsa mlrtu-tol to liiiu in aline
mid tlie aiUomin rounlir.
iiiriit Uaim aii'dljn.1 Solieiliir. (flire orrr Ita.lcli0r
linn.' lunlwareatore (Amrinr'siiMaOnil).
Colinlv r.ili'iliiiK. MiniH-a.lK. Kanna. Hill pram
iu t'c..ll!llirtorliLilH!.n.aline, ottawaawHloiMl.
XTAIIYI'UIII.Ii;. Office at the Central Kanxai I Jl
(I.ATKSrKtSKOXIt Mo. Vol.. CAV.) OlDr.-,
Kt Kigtit M.. Nallna, Haifa.
lir'X". 0 AJi M., ilina, Kana.4.
- .J. W. DAILY, M. 0.,
SM.IXA. Kana. Iu )nt reeeireila cMiiplrle .
.r iHntal .i:rji!r2l IiiMniiut-ilt-anl U prt pui-d Iti f
lr.ii t all Liu'Ia of U-rlh.
or. rTeTnickles,
1)KN1IT. oairrX... !;anu IV Arrnne, (nptait).
nWKKIi". Erliaiis,-mMnallprilieli.drilHrilie
tTnilt-.! Male-iujul Knn.ie. i ..llfflioiH intde. liilinM
lill,.liloiMl.-iu. l:jnl.iii- Inxi-fiiii Ifij Attnue.
.W.MIK. J. W. hlIB.
i. n. it :'. nr.iji.
; .1. LAY, rnin:iMR. 1urp-inUnite. lonur
orula Fraud lniiAimis.
J. W TIIOM, I'lwr.llTor. :iNl(ljilraildplJr
conuuotUl ions. Ali.iiKjMii, OiUurjcoiuiiy, Kjiiuj.
K. A. KINNER, I'ro-istTon. t'oni-r X-v Ilaiup-
i-lirenil fiurkiiey irtii. j.iwn'iti",-, han.
15I.ACKMITI1IM!. Mn.p "il Fiflli Mrrel.
vakpexii:!:. nrii.Khi: AMicoxiuAcioi:. $up
4,tlMU Miiiuiui oiuiiimi jdm.
1VAIWV MAKISU AMI l.'Kl'AIIMM; dniie in firsl-
tla'.t. inpin rcaro: rnuz'a lirusMottT
.COXTKACTOffAXIMtlTlt.llKKS. Xo. li:. :i-hth
St-.Nlili- I-Iine, forliiMinsi'iinM-5i, fonule.
J. X. oltTil. J. II. 31. 1lcitl.
nl tl KMITII. M.iii. KrarfX. 1IU aiita l-v A
cniie. a1illa. Kauris., Hi rv thriruld rntnd-i uiKtpat
" n" " ''"'' P""' nwtrrlal. ekilUai wucUam ahd 1-w
iirw-s- All lind of i:riainns ei-eitet prmaiilly awl
'laiirj!:on;uarantt'l. The IhM Fort aeull oial al-
wab irti laiMi.and lorIe at a Hiiall a.haure.
AAKXV BOlIAX, 1'RorucTos. Billiards ami Li
quors. BrooUville. Knn.
' O. TBrBY A .. I'rurKiKToB. X,-w KillUnl Ta.
tjlra al eleRant lUrnHure. auu Fe Avenue, alina,
is. oneeBsarare, rHriaiuiu, Etc, Xo. W Janta Fe
Obapman & Gibson,
llaWnr and Paprr-hanein done with nratnraa and dU
ch. Onr. Iron Aeenne and Screnth Street, SaUXA.
Tlie Pacillc House
benmplete, ueid(5eMtireiy newand well furnished wim
eood rooms. It u located nearly opposite the county
Cuildinps, where pood board ran be nbtained at all UsarS
with or Without rooms. atis taction cuarantred.
IBi-rKiKs PTWAT. rraawfetAfa. I
xw mm nx w iinr."
Itis sudor Use late Joan Qataey Adaaat that.he ner
rrwttobrtwiUiJtottoIitttejer. the
nTtatbiaikr lacIaMtsn- whose sanory was so
SwtDUatoOK last, noc are two little potM,
deaoMT if a enlM aaTlatT this prMrerl list are
auniwtrndenatlnoBTlaacaase. W combine la
fcjr the best of both!
Ooideo bead, aojotrly Bendiax,
JJttle feet ao white sad bare,
Dewr eye, hairahat, half opened,
uplng oat her even! prayer.
"Xnwl lay" repeat it, darling
"Lay ni'yiyped the May lip
Of my .laughter, koeelhtr. bending
U'er thefolded nnger tip.
' ' Down to deep, ""To deep, ' ' she murmured
And the enrty bead bent low:
4 'I pray the lord' 'I rently added,
Vua canny it all, I know."
"Pray the loid " The aoond came faintly.
Fainter stffl " my aool to keii"
Then the tired head fairly nodded.
And the child wa fait asleep.
But the dewy ryes half opened
And the dear voice softly whupen
"Mamma, Sod knows all tbe r
n ncn l ciaspeuncrui hit oicasi.
O, the rapture, sweet, nnbroken.
Of the Koul who wrote that prayer !
Children's myrvi voices noaieu
Up to Ilearen, record it there.
ir, or all that has been written,
1 could choose what might be mine.
It should lie that child's petition,
IUUing to the throne divine.
They, truly, afforded a striking con
trast as they stood, side by side, equipped
for their morning tour. Cousin Hannah's
tall, square frame, clad in a substantial
checked gown of her own weaving and
makui": up, with no superfluity in tlie
skirts, and innocent of the faintest ap-
proacn iu iriiiimiiig, tier neuvy jiiaiu
shawl drawn well up around her throat,
:md pinned squarely across her chest, lor
iearot another " spell ol the rlicumatiz,
as she explained.
Over her gray hairs, smoothly comhetl
straight back from her thin law, were
laid tirst, a muslin cap ot home manu
facture with a full plaited frill; and then
a eomtoriaiiie niacK-saiin iidimi, mane
as she told the elegant Miss Jloc, who
was contemplating the old lady Irom a
piece Mrs. Lcnnex put In the nig hag.
.She hesitated some time about hamper
ing her hands with any covering, but
finally decided, as the wind blew quite
sharply, that she would -draw on her
brown cotton gloves, "they were more
genteel she 'sposcd, than her blue yarn
mittens. Jennie, or Jane, as Cousin
Hannah always called her, (being optios-
ed to neto tangled tcaif,) looked the jier
fection of neatness in her gray suit, with
a knot ol blue ribbon ai the throat, anil
another holding back the brown curls
from the radiant faw.
. All her appointments were in trood
tate, and yet with an eye to the require
ments ol Dame rashion ; the boots, the
gloves, the perfumed handkerchief, all
were in keeping.
A charm was there, but it lay not al
together in the beautiful bloom ot the
Miiooth, round check, or the brightness
of the clear liar.el 030; not 111 the son
clustering ringlets, or in the poise of the
graceful head; but in the loving soul
which iookcii ionn in every glance, ever
j - , 1 . ., ? - .-
ready to slieil its brightness in ministra
tions of kindness to all.
Cousin Hannah had for some minutes
lieen directing anxious glances toward
tlie clouds, which were gathering rather
ominously in the west, ana finally ex-
ciaiumg, " 1 woman t get these morocco
shoes wet through for a power 61 money.
Why, Nathan ox, down on the plains,
made 'em for mc nigh on to six years ago,
and I feel desperit careful of Vm," left
the room in search of her leather dojs and
"blito nmbcril."
Hardly had the door closed upon her,
when llosc Mcrwin turned a face of the
most intense disgust toward her sister,
pettishly bursting forth with: "You
are a great fool to be been on the street
with her in such style. Supposing you
should meet any of our friends the
Lawtons or Mortimers horrors! Thank
fortune she insists upon going out so ear
ly; but then goodness knows how long
she will keep you with her innumerable
'arrants' and her interminable gossip.
Let her go alone. Give her directions;
she can hnu tho way well enough.
"Xo, Eose," replied Jennie, quietly
clasping her portcmonnaie as she spoke,
Cousin Hannah has been too kind to mc,
that I should grudge her a little of my
time and attention."
"It is not the time; you have enough
ol that to spare, I should hoiie ; but to go
out with such a figure; she looks like.
one ol her own scare crows, and she will
be sure to tell everybody that she is stopping-
down to Cousin Polly Mcrwin's.
At every store you will be mortified by
hcr awkward ways and questions, ldo
wish that you would give up some of
your (quixotic notions ot doing good to
suck people.
" Don't feel so badly, Rose ; " and Jen
nte laughed merrily: "I shall Bot be dis
graced by shopping with poor Cousin
Hannah, if she is not dressed in the mode,
and has an oI4-ihionod fancy for calling
things by their right names. She is thor
oughly good and kind-hearted. . I shall
not be mortified by what you call her
country ways. I would not It-are her to
find her war about 'bur bustling streets
alone. Remember she is nearly seven
ty years old; and surely you can not
have forgotten how skilfully andtcnticrlv
the nursed me through the scarlet fever,
when I was taken ilfat her house years
ago." '
"Xo, I have not forgotten; bat that
was no more than her manifest duty; be
sides, mamma made her presents, which
amply repaid her for any exertion that
she made in vour behallV'
O Sister Rose ! don't talk so, it is un
worthy of you; somo services can, never
be repaid with money or anything which
money can buy. . Poor Hannah envies
mamma her two girls note than maht
else, and we sorely can spare a little lov
ing kindness to brighten bcrloae. child
less life."
" Well. Jcnmie, as yo by. onhr don't
preach, or expect me to tall ta with year
ideas of right and wrong. I shall never
consider myself called upoa. to sacrifice
my respectability to wait spoa awkward
"Hush! she is in the front parlor,"
whispered Jennie, reprovingly, with a
grieved look. ' ';
"That matters nothing; she has the
blessing of deafness added to her other
charms, so that you can have the pleasure
of shooting out your interpretations all
through yoar . tour ; " and with a vexed
laugh, Miss Rose flounced out of the
room just as Cousin Hannah entered by
another door, at last ready even if it
did rain, she announced. "She was nei
ther sugar or salt, and had no liner to
As thej set forth she gave her determ
ination to use no streetcars; she want
ed to visit more than one place, and she
should not pay extra fare every time she
took a car on the same route; 'there was
no sort of accommodation in them ; so on
her feet she should keep to the end.
Thcj- climbed the stairs to a newspa-
Eeromcc lor me uiirouucuoii to uieir 1a
ors, so as to have "that off her mind :"
where she informed I lie amused editor,
as she paid her 3-ear's subscription in ad
vance, that she should "recommend his
paper to all on the mountain, (standing
very erect as she gave her place of abode)
provided he sent it regularly, and prin
ted all the news from Littleton, where
she lived all her days until she wont on
to tho mountain to live with Deacon Jones'
family the first folks in the village."
He assured her of his wish to do his best
to please all subscribers; and she left the
sanctum rejoicing over the amount of
"proper comlort 'she should tauc read
ing that paper during the winter.
The next call w:ts at a jeweler's where
she wished to change her glasses. Here
she convulsed every one within earshot,
Ity the qnaintne-ss of her remarks con
cerning the pomps and vanities which 011
all Hides met her eyc-j. Alter trying sev
eral pairs of specs, she. settled ujion one
Adjust the article. A lady customer hav
ing laid down a new magazine uH)ii the
counter, she took it up and tested hcr
new glasses by reading, iu an extremely
audilje voicej a bit of poetry which at
tracted her attention. As she read she
criticized, ami ended by wishing that she
was going to stay at "Cousin Polly's"
long enough to borrow the book for a
thorough lierusal. 1 laving arranged these
matters to her satisfaction, the main bus
iness of the day yet remained unentered
"Xow, Jane, I want you to take mc
to thu6cf store in town, for I must match
that black, silk of mine, and it is an
amazin' good piece. Silks used to have
some hell to 'em when I bought that.
Why let me see: that wits the winter
before brother Aaron was married ; and
their oldest boy Oscar Heniati will be
fitteen come next April. Only one new
pair of sleeves in all tliat time. What
do you think of that for economy, Miss
Jane ? " and she gave a triumphant shrug
backward, which elevated her shoulders
anil her decided head a few inches more.
"Since I have gone on to the moun
tains to live, lim soBrfody,tud I am in
vited out to quiltius and ton-driiikiiis
with the young folks; the deacons all
come, and even the minister; and we
walk out to the tea-table loekin'arm.s, in
high style, same as you do in the city, 1
Viosc. So you see I want to fix up a
smart as any of 'em. 1 have got that
pretty muslin cap with the border you
worked for mo, and I keep it lor these
kinder sociables likcand 111 eeliug-., where
I can take off my hood."
By this time the store was reached, and
alter a critical survey of the windows
from the outside, Cousin Hannah stepped
in. She told tlie gentlemanly clerk
who appeared to learn her wishes that
she should keep him sometime busy; for
if he did well by her, "she calculated to
trade a big bill. 1 have come more'u
two hundred miles from the mountain
where they are digging that great tunnel.
I reckon you have read ot that iu the
He smilingly assented, and confessed
to a knowledge of the tunnel and its
whereabouts, and hoped that he should
be able to please her taste in the matter
of dry goods, inquiring what style she
"Well, first, I want some good strong
calico 110 delaines or any of the thin
stuffs city folks like. When I want a
woolen dress, I go to the loom; sec"
and she extended her sleeve for the
young man's inspection "that is home
made, and sets old winter at defiance.
We have wild blasts on our hills, and
need to be independent of stores and
factories. But now 1 want some dresses
lor next summer; and I think that light
buff would answer for one. Come, Jane,
pick me out two more, and that will set
me up." ,
Then followed chintz lb curtains, and
next a demand for some bright flowered
calico for a double gown. "I am pretty
tough, but getting old, and I ought to
get ready for sick days. It is the fashion
up our way to have gayt colored silk
gowns like, and I made up my mind to
get one the next time I went to the
This was soon accomplished with Jen-
ntc s neip, in wnose taste ant? piacca im
plicit faith. Then ehc demanded to be
shown the best black silk. She was di
rected to the silk counter, but was un-
wi!!ng to exchange her salesman, bhc
nt1 litm he was a nroncr mannered
young man, and she felt kinder ac
nnainted with him. M she would thank
him to go down and help her through
with this, too."
Finally, he displayed the silks for her
selection, when, lo and behold : inc
prices went far above her ken, and she
was at a greatloa.
"Why. JarjtVsho exclaimed, as she
Dashed back her hood from her few) to
St a clearer view, " it will cost more to
: up4U rtktfcu sU my aScpes;
chintz, "doable gown" and all. 2ever
mud, I'm going to weave about fifty
yards of roc this winter for Miss So
phrony Bradley, aad I goess I will afford
11 tor oace. ioi me two yarns, ana boiu
it easy oa the edce.. "Xow." she added.
as the deitr iiilskhj LiotIy4jiawileVSer
orders, f foot op ih bill, aa4 mebbe, as
I pay cash instead of dicker, you can
throw in a spool or two ot thread, or
some such little matter.
" I reckon yoo don't sell over ten dol
lars at a time every day, vcmng man 1 "
she said, as she banded each piece of
money to vtmniu wworu giving 11 10 mc
clerk, "just to make sore that she didn't
pay out any more fifcy-ccnt shinplastcrs
for five cents, as she did once."
Being told that her bundle would be
sent to her residence on the next round
of tho errand boy's, she assured them
that alio had carried "a bigger heft than
that many a time through the north
Woods, when she took her butter and
eggs down to tho store to trade for no
tions," and therefore insisted upon car
rying it herself. Her residence was alto
gether too ir for them to reach. So,
taking the package cosily under one
arm, she sallied forth, uttering many
thanks to the shopman lor his "good
manners," and sclf-gratulatious upon the
extent of her purchases.
"Xow, Jennie, I must stop at Dr.
Morton's, if you will pilot mc to the
place; I've almost forgot its where
abouts : but I promised them a call if
ever I came back to stay a day again. I
used to piece coverlids and make butter
for his wife, and it raly would seem like
old times to take a look at them. Ou
second thoughts, I don't know but I'll
stop over to dinner, as they said, if you
will tail bimo by. You will never be
sorry you was kind to an old woman,
Jennie, if 1 am a lot of trouble now."
With a cheery smile, the young girl
escorted "Cousin Hannah" and her
bundle to one of tho handsomest man
sions in tho city, where she was wel
comed with hospitable warmth.
Before the shades of evening had
fairly closed in, they were on their
homeward way, Hannah exclaiming with
delight : " I knew Miss Morton and doc
tor would be glad to sec mc ; they treated
mc as if I was first cousin to the queen.
Xothing stuck up there. They are not
afraid if thev notice a poor old country
body like me that they shall lose their
respectability. 1 allers notice that those
are most afraid who have the least to lose.
I had a mighty good dinner all but the
cider, that was pale and weak, though it
fizzed and foamed when they poured it
out; but it set my head alll in a buzz;
and I let it alone after that. City cider
don t agree with me.
Ou reaching home, after she had dis
played her purchases, she proceeded to
measure wilh outstretched arm, from the
tip of her nose, what she tailed a good
old-fashioned yard, from her gay double
She cut it off, and, presenting it to
Jennie, said, with a side glance at Rose :
"There, that will make you a stylish
apron for afternoon, pockets and all ;
and who knows what it may do I 1 had
one with the same colors in it when my
Reubeu was koepin' company with mc,
and ho allers siud that the asroa attracted
him first. Itold vou'lhatyou wouldn't
oe sorry lor waning on an uiu woman
Jennie expressed her thanks for the
gilt with a kind ami gentle manner, pcr-
lectly oblivious ot the scoriilitl curve ot
Rose's mouth.
The visit ended, Cousin Hannah re-
turned to her mountain home, ami came
to the city no more. Occasionally the
family heard of her welfare, and always
with a message of thanks to Jennie lor
her kindness 111 their shoppiug expe
dition added thereto. But one day Mr.
Merwin came in from his library with
an open letter in his hand, and called for
his daughter.
" Here is-u letter from the good Dea
con Jones your rustic friend Ilannah, of
the memorable down-town trip, used to
speak of. It seems that she, poor lonely
soul, is gathered to her fathers at last,
and has selected you as her heiress. I
always supposed her to lie quito poor, as
she was so closely economical, and toiled
at spinning and weaving so incessantly;
but it seems she owned quite a substan
tial farm, which this deacon managed for
her, and also sundry shares iu railroad
stock up there, which arc constantly in
creasing in value. Accompanying this
is a message in her own handwriting,
which shelircctcd lo be delivered to
you and Rose."
"To my companion of the shopping
tour, five years ago. 1 give my little
projicrty, feeling that her kind heart will
appreciate the gift. Perhaps in tin- eyes
ol .Hiss jiOc 11 ma- comjieiisaic 111 some
degree for her sister 'making a great
fool of herself ajqicaring on tho street
with Cousin Hannah 111 svclt stm. ami
playing interpreter throughout her
walk.' For Rose's sake, it was rather
a pity that deafness was not added to her
old cousin s other charms
" I do not understand the drift of the
message exactly, but knowing the dif
ference in the tcmncrsmeHts of ,mv two
daughters, I think I can ptr it with
tolerable accuracy."
Rose colored under her father's mean
ing glance, but preserved a dicrect si
lence then and always alter.
. 31V moral needs no second Tsight to
penetrate it.
lo Jennie the gilt was opportune, tor
a little "bird in the air whrsiKTs of a
... ... .. -. ...
troHSxeat in preparation, of a lover and
a new home away from the parent nc-t.
Albeit, 1 cannot, a a faithfnl chronicler,
say that tho "styliah aprvn " bore any
part in winning said lover, bnt imagine
it rather to have fecft the nelfih, meek
loving kindness of a pure heart.
1 s
Someone wrote in a hot! visitor's book
his initials, "A. S." A wag wrote un
derneatB, "wo-tfeirLi of the troth."
Why Is the first chicken of a brood like
ttwmaiamastof ! 7 Beaanseitis
a'little forward of the aBnra-1-ntch ?
Why an birds melancholy in tbe morn
ing f Becansw their little bills are all
overdewf .. ..
ITaw h.s
eat in theGi
;nof Eden?
Eve 8 aad
Adam 2.
Abent a Salbta Han.
The following letter has been publish
ed in tho Topeka Record, and contains
some very interesting history concern
ing one of the old residents of Salina,
known to many of the earlier settlers)!'
this country. The individual referred
to is named Costa, the owner or the op
era house at Topeka:
While making a geological tour with
Professor Mudge through the western
part of our State, a few weeks ago, we,
by invitation, were the guests of Col. W.
A. Phillips, of Salina. Among other inter
esting reminiscences of our early history,
he related to u one concerning a fumily
in your city. The parties are entire
strangers to me; so, without betrayal of
confidence, 1 think a recital ot the inci
dents as told us would interest your
It was as long ago as 1857 or ';VJ that
a family of Italians came to Salina to
The man, not finding employment as
readily as lie desired, made his way to
the Colonel and told him his situation.
Ho said he had, iu the old country, been
used to making casts, or busts, of planter
ot ran,anil selling them in the market.
Tho Colonel then encouraged him to
follow his profession in Salinar-by assur
ing him there was plenty of th"e crude
material in that vicinity. He al-t put
himself out somewhat by showing him
the method of boiling it until it ceased
to effervesce, when it was calcined and
fit for u-e.
The Italian tried the gypsum accord
ing to directions, and found it was ot
superior quality and whiteness for his
But not finding ready sale for hi
wares, he became discouraged, abandon
ed his trade, went a few miles out of Sa
una and took a claim, I think on I'luin
1 reek. Here he obtained a yoke of oxen
ami a wagot. with some oung stock,
both he ami his wile being very nidus
triotis hard workers.
About this time a gang of unprliici
pled ineji, said to be horsi thieves,
gained po:c.;sioti ot the olhees ol aluie
county, and disticnscd justice according
f to their own wishes and notions.
During the year a sum of money was
lost or said to lie stolen near where the
hero of our story lived ou Plum creek,
The sheriff and his posse entered into a
I dan lo extort a confession from our
talian settler. Accordingly they pro
ceeded to his house, and putting a rope
around his neck, drew him up till lie
would confess to the stealing of the
money. This process was repeated
without success till his wife lieeatnc
Iran 1 10 and with an axe rushed at them
with the fury of a madman, and com
pelled them to desist from their purpose
and leave tho place.
The next morning the Colonel said as
he was leaving Salina for the purpose of
taking charge of his command in the In
dian country south of us, this Italian
came to him pale and trembling with a
largo red welt around his neck, ami
told him his story, desiring his advice,
telling him as by did so, that ho was the
only man that had seemed to take any
interest in his welfare. The Colonel told
him that ho was on the point of leaving
Salina for the present, but would volun
teer this advice, " if you are guilty of
the robbery you hail better leave "this
part of tho country during this very
night, but if you arc not guilty, stand
your ground and make these men suffer
for the outrage they have committed
upon von." Then leaving S.ilina tor
several years ho thought no more of this
occurrence, except tha the heard that the
ringleaders were put into the peniten
tiary for this bold act agnint an inno
cent man.
Previous to the Senatorial contest last
winter, Col. I'hillips and myself often
met iu Washington, and I hei-amc more
personally acquainted with him than at
any previous time; and the day he left
W. tor Topeka, lo press his own claims
for the olliic, I left W. alo for a short
visit to my X. K. homo. We parted
with my wishing dim mui-oss m hi
journey and in the accomplishment of
his wishes to lie our Senator. Since that
f imo I had not seen him till our present
meeting at his home in Salina. He said
that during tho forenoon of tho second
il.ty after his arrival iu Tojek:t a stran
ger, well mossed, came up to him and
ptvjsvd an invitation tition him to dine
at his house, that day. IIo went home
with his host and found elegant apart
ments, and a very cordial greeting from
the gentleman's wife. They proved to
lie his old Italian friends thai he had
not seen for nearly ten years, and whom
he hal almost forgotten ; and from
whom ho obtained the further particu
lars that finish up this story. He told
the Colonel tliat after the dry year, 1800,
he determined to abandon liis" laim and
seek his fortnnc in some other locality,
that ho arrived in Tocka with a! .out
six dollars in his Kcket, hi oxen and
wagon, and I lcicvc one cow.
It was alxiut mid-forenoon that he and
his wife first encamped near the river in
Tnticka and sot aliout getting some break
fast to allay their hunger. He told his
wife that he would take his gun and try
and promro a rabbit or quail whilu hc
made ome cake from their scanty sup
ply of flour or meal.
Xcar by, 1 loc under a lence, he shot
s rabbit and considered it a godsend for
a hungry man. Bat isst at that time
the owner of the field came up to him
and said that it was again t tlie law to
shoot game at that season of the year,
and nad him arrested lor so doing, lie
said that now he felt as thoagh the fates
were againt him, but determined to
make a brave a fight as possible. Be
ing a stranger he came by chance opon
a lawyer, 1 think by tbe name of Mar
tin, formerly of Tecnmaeb. To him h
paid tbe fire dollars be bad in hi pocket,
aad told him that be woald pay bim
more wnen tie coaM earn it- JMrtin
became interested in bis caae and won
it, besides patting bis opponent to cost
and trouble for his severity to a poor
nger. It was alter tins incident that
he tirst resolved to make his bomb in
Tojieka and go no further in search of
one. lie immediately wont about doing
jobs with his oxen, and living a while
under Ins wagon cover, till hit could rent
a small house. In the fall he fattened
his oxen and oitcncd a small moat shop
during the winter. At the same time his
wife Was earning all in her iwwer bv
doing washing ami other work.
From this time on he prospered and
enlarged bis business, until now lie is one
of the wealthiest men in Topeka, being
worth 5150,000 and sole owner of the
new ojtera house now situated on the
east side of Kansas avenue. The plea
sure of this unexpected meeting, around
this dinner table, needs no further de
scription, but cm bettor be imagined by
the reader. J.Savaue.
Lawrence, August 1st, 1S71.
SUoshtrr of lac UboctbI.
From tlie ltwrttteejouruil.
Wo have received the following com-inuiiit-atioii
from, a professional gentle
man of our city, of the highest social ami
religious standi ng. Tho subject discussed
is a delicate one, difficult to lie treated of
at all ina publiejouriial, vet of ihcdeeii-
et importance to the well being of so
ciety. fcl. JOUKXAI.J.
ltiding, not long since, with a physician
ot omittance in an r.astcrn State, we wore
told by him that he had frciiiicut appli
cations made to him for the employment
ot his skill to avert I ho processes ot ma
ternity, and these, too, from persons un
der no temptation to such a -urso of a
criminal sort. lie. said ho was constantly
surprised to discover tho apathy of con.
science, or its ierversioti, in those appli
cants. They were persons who had 110
dishonor to conceal, to whom the pro
wssosof nature were less dangerous ami
distressing than the artificial relief which
they sought ; jhtsoiis to whom mother
hood would bo a grace and a joy.
Since then we have lieen iutorined by
other medical men that their own profes
sional experience was similar, We have
heard them speak of it in different local
ities and towns, until wc are convinced
that a crime without a name has secretly
become widely prevalent in the country.
It is not confined to great Kastern cities,
but it is also committed iu Kansas. Xor
is Leavenworth, or Topeka, or Sedgwick
City the only place we have iu mind
where this abomination is done.
So, again, the crime is not proportioned
to the ignorance or the poverty of those
who commit it. I: i not the colored
school house, the forms of which are thus
tliseateueil with vacancy, nor is it those
who talk with a brogue who seek to cut
off their own names from the earth, and
go to their detestable and selfish graves
with no children to mourn over them.
I Jute the contrary; this aute-uatal infant
icide, as an eminent man has recent lv
called it iu a published denunciation no
less timely than chaste ami courngous,
is not practiced by loreiguers but by
Americans; not by tho jnior but by per
sons nf refined circumstances; not by the
victims of ciiperstitutiou but by jiersons
trained 111 Christianity ami nattering
themselves with their resjM'ctaliility.
1 1 w a matter of lut little moment" what
reasons an: alleged for this outrage iijhhi
one's own person and character. There
is never an adequate exeiic for an unnat
ural crime, hven wore one trying to
conceal the evidences of dishonor, that
hitter temptation would he 110 justifica
tion, it would not save her lrom impris
oumeui wncre me oiieucc siiotiiu iv
brought to the cognizance of the law
Hut we are not shaking of such case.
Our arrow is aimed at more utililciiii-hed
Wc are at a bis to conceive of the mo
tive whh h can be strong enough to leat
a woman to imjicril her fife doubly lo
yond that which the normal ncration
ol nature do, to undermine hojiclessly
her health, to degrade herself by throw
ing away all that gives grace and be.iutv
to her conjugal relations, and bei-oming
the mere minister to pas-ion. miietase
were a critical one, and life must be te
rifitcd, then no honorable physician
would hesitate lo save tho mother from
the grave. I'm we arc not denouncing
tho legitimate use of medical skill, but
the resort to it for criminal purpocs,
bscau.se unnecessary.
We scarcely know where the deeet
moral jiorvcraioii lies in sinh ir.staucc-,
whether with husband jr wife, for we
cannot well imagine that one should
contemplate this deed without the know
ledge and assent of the other. If the
motive of tho wife is to ingratiate her
relfwith her husband, cither by saving
him nu additional n.joiiMhility or by
complying with his wishes, th'ii wc
have no words fit to denounce tho sell
ishncss, cruelty and degradation of urh
a man. If there ever is a time when
tho preternatural sensibilities, the weak
ness and apprehension of a woman com
mend her to the tenderest care and
the mist cheering ministration, it f
when she has entered nron the holy
fanction of motherhood. Hie man who
would add one straw's weight to her
burden, or make her regret for a mo
ment the fart for which he i responsible,
is a mean, oulIco dog. If we knew
him, wc would not trust him oat ofiight
with a ixprn. Jlia inseasuUIity to
the degradation to which bo wouW re
duce her whom he hast promised to
csicnan, i prooi 01 ni corruption aj
Onr ohjort in writing is brieav this:
to awaken a just apprehension of iu in
iquity in the mind of those who have
tried to jrsaadc themselves that the
destruction of ante-natal life it no crime.
It is murder, acarcely leaa atrociona, and
far morerainons in it maeqeKa U
society, than the Chinese custom of kill
ing sapcriaoas In fan U ontrigfcl afW
they are horn. We mean to calf tbe
thing try iu right nan. This deed ta
agaiiMt'the law of tbe State, and in pan
ubaiie with heavy penalties. Oalr the
diScaltr of detxtioa hinders tbe execu
tion of those fwaallie. It U a degnxla-
ion of womanhood, a cruel and roinooa
thing to the health, and to the vigor of
children who may Iks born afterwards
a crime against one's self, one's family,
against society anil against God.
J low any one ran trust herself in the
hands of u iierson who is willing to la
cilitato this violation of nature is a mys
tery of folly. The very Tact that a phy
sician will consent to employ his skill 111
this way is evidence that he is unsrupa
lous. Xo high-minded man will be par
ticeps crimini; for any inducement, iu
any species of crime." Patients of this
class fall into the hands of scamps, and
charlatans, and low quacks.
o i.tney we prevalence ol this crime
might lv imjicded by an act of the legis
lature requiring physicians to make
sworn monthly nituro of the casot
arising iu their obstetrical practice, to
some authorized board, with a statement
of the circumstances and result Thoagh
some might still evade the law, yet oth
ers would be deterred from doing that
which they Would do could they enjoy
soctvsy and impunity. At all events,
society would express its judgment on
the sactvdiicss of human life at any
stage, and this would educate many in
to a truer sense of moral right.
Wo have plainly saH what wo believe
to Ik? necessary. Our only :iology for
venturing 011 u h a subject is our per
suasion of the necessity of plain wools,
and our hoe that in some quarters
concicntvs now strangely wrong and
ituail may lie aroused lo call things tiy
tlieir right names.
llcxandrr M. SlrasrmTrrssasI tsearanrr
aad Noreooainjr.
The apioarance ot Alexander II.
Stephens in politics gives interest to the
following sketch of tho man and his
home at Crawfordvillc, (icorgia, taken
from the correspondence of the Xcw
York Tril-une. The writer says:
"On the outskirts of tho ill.ige,
across tho railroad track, is Liberty Hall
(the residence of Alexander II. Stephens)
so named, not with any reference lo lh
mansion of tho hospitable old fellow in
(oddsmith's comedy, but to indicate the
interest of owners it in the cause of hu
man liliorty. Liberty Hall is a plain
white farm house, with a largo sloping
lawn iu front shaded by locust tree.-, and
numerous negro houses ami other out
buildings at tho side and in the tear, all
freshly painted. A sprightly mulatto
gill took my card, and returned ,tt onto
lo the porch to escort me through 11 nar
row hall, past n little, plainly-furnished
parlor, through is largo room walled
around 1110 from floor to ceiling with
books, nnd into a room til the back ot the
house. Here I found a little, withered
wrinkled old man, wilh nonderiul
bright brown eyes, white hair, and a
emaciated that it seemed to bo literally
skin and hones. IIo wore n home-spun
suit of butternut collor, and had an old
felt hat upon his head. This jktsoii was
Mr. Stephens. Ho half nne as I enter
ed, and extended .1 lisml so gaunt and
fleh less that it did not seem to be the
hand of u litng man, ami imiiieciately
attorwards ho .ttik bat k into his easy
chair. Al his right baud stood a round
table, pilled up with a confused heap of
books, letters, newspaper-., manuscripts
and writing materials , pair of crtili li
es leaned against the wall on the other
side ol the chair, and he n-thi feet
ou the rounds of another 1 hair in uhiib
lay an ugly fat, briiidle dog, thai lbs
llies would not allow (o sleep. There
wen- two Ix-d-i iu the room, ,t huic.iu,
(overed with liottlc of rwrt sir.e and
shape, contiauiug medicines and liquor,
and a grate, iu u liii h a coal tire was bum
iug ulthojgh it was a a warm June daw
A siugle picture, represent iiig Faith
standing bv tin cm, hulig abow tin
mantle wh!h rivaled the bureau h its
array of bottles. Then .'ere jiib-s of
books upon the floor and Jul iclc of 1 loth
ing were Mattered al-oiit lln room. Near
lv nil of our two hour' talk was hjhi
politi-al topics. IIo Iris been an invalid
tor th past two year, nod lit obliged to
iit irulclies in walking; b nrer 'X
e t that his health will p-Tiuit hnu to
again take any part in public life In
spit' ot his iiillrmitie-, however, In
makes his inrtutii's-s widely loll by liic.111
of (iiuvrrsatioM with men whocoinc from
all iart"f the South lo see him, Srrrie
ly a day pas-scs tliat he does not rrj,civt;
visitor" from a distauir. In this way ho
keeps ni hi aiquainlntiis; with puMi'
men of the S-nlb, and ( "till potent in
controlling the nation of ihe llcMiorrnfif
party in tlitr State, ami, to .-oioccitenl.
in afl the Southern Stale. I'roblblyno
nun in itcorgia wield the infltw'ti'T-(hat
bo wield. The K-oib; of the tillage en
tcrtain a great rrvctetir-j for him and
m-ciii to rely npoii him lor adriceand
Matatitt-. lit f hartty aifl kindness of
heart are proverbial in all tls country
round, and he is lore! alike ,y while
men and ncgn-e. who, when in trouble
come long distance to get hiscottiiMfl.
By no weans the h-at fl and inter.
eating ix-rtions of a lire newspaper arts
found in U10 (TMamaa tuir.i iy llc ttir
lie, that ito any, tlses!rertJwiJJ depart'
pent. Xo matter how well the (idst'CiaLa
may fx written, or bow ffraj-hleaWl Ibtt
i.ews may tm lrvefltrJ. oX 4 UstfcSsX-
folly eUlrated orjdKW-tvtdnd..
columns "owe home lo Uiwux and aW
sob " of some readers naot amVttsesy
than new adTeriits-HienU do; to .
When a-lverliaemeau, new, may and to
tho point, tneet the read-V cjnr, be fmU ,
that the world mrre,naj i-aswt
to move '
ulwiLs-&Ma!a!Sitna- Thcl
t-d Wat in basis, and ktnra, nn wilh
tstins-nrw - -Wo JP
the advrtSrnttSS dilHt4l.
a,. '.;.- --- - rsbsst tssv
charwinjt, rT near."-- tnJ.,!!.
c....naM wmio trssowrh 1
.sniu'.wm- - -- r. Tj
l.. i .tws et Sann Bfi ? 4hm
savsunni , - - -, - '
carry auvai.4 a ISsbtniag- rod V aHrn-'
trouble, t

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