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II -
Volume 1.
mSXFl?-rSa- M s"n, "e Avenue, nearly opposite
She. Seal Estate omcc of MaJ. J oil W. BrJutV.
" Copr . one year.
- .. - a " .v a? ' m n'.aaaauaoa,a)oaaapaaaaw a
JC " six months
OiwCopy, Ureemuntiu
Si 00
, u 1 Wn. lMuxnt. 3Uoi. Ko. ITeak.
itqixie,.... i to tsee )n t;w awon
Squares,... 3WI itg 70J lw0 15 W
-s squares,... j uu but lo uu 15 oo sow
i squares,... 4 uu 700 12 00 Ml -SCO
column.... sua lo oo tt uo a. uu suoo
COjunm,... Ij 00 MOV -BOO MOO 8000
1 comma,... xo oo JS tw sjuo bjuj UOM
Si ium liars co- kM of Nonpareil type eoiisotutea square.
trouble column mod all adveruacnirau oat of the usual
""K "lA1 "! chart-cd HArea per cent, above rates.
ilUiur ri-g-Jlw adverusuur will be CoUrCted quar
terly. When- fur L.j twr.l than I hraa. mnnllM ar.
oent in i advance wdl be required.
AegaUrBdveitueBMBU will be entitled to bechanced
once m three, months without additional cost.
itegulnr advertisers wiU becliarxed tutern cents per
une lor local notice and all others .wear cents per
Address all communications to
SaUts. Kamas.
Busfnp.s Dirmorg.
ATTOItXEY AT LAW, Salina, Kansas.
ATTOavUYS AT LAW Office, -So. 3S Seventh St.
Banna, Kansas.
ATTOBVEY AT L VW Oflicc on Iron Ave., ent or
the po4ttaice, Sslinu, Kansas
ATTOKNEY AT IAW, Sal iia, Kstn.a. particular
attention jrirn to lanj cvutot ami anj business m V.
8. Laul oilier.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW., So. M SsuM Fc Ate., a
it., t '
..us, tvsii-.:...
6 A. Ill LICK
ATTORNEY AT L W, Salina. Kansxt. Will attend
prone.tly to all Icfwl bn.iness tru:cd to him lu Salmi
aud tit r.l;oinin;- rojutit s
rnent Claim an J Laud Solicitor. OTlicc over ltadcliltr
Bros ' hardware stre (AinrniL's old eland) .
County KuiMini;, Mmniaiioli'f, Ksn-.i''. Will lirsetlre
la the couutiejol OicLinoon. valine. ottawaanu Cloud.
VOTARY i'L'RLIC. Oflicc at the Central Kaa-as Loud
heal estate agent.
Welt m. di rham,
8i Eiht M., ahna, Kaita-.
CceX-" dlAn -r , alma, Kinvi
8ALIXV. Kans. has jut reciela contlic cj-m
bf Dratal irur.cjl In.iruniviil'k Mti is prtiurrd f j rx.
trait all LmUa c itrrth
OiuceN'o Wsnuta ir Avtuue. (up-tair)
lt INKERS. Eichsusr -old on all principal citir s ofthe
LQHril "Uin auu l.llliil.-. VUllfCtlOllf JUAUe. IHIPIT,!
.tlUjWrJonlri-.H. Hulking hou on IrouAo-nur.
o. w. rois. j. W. KI1U4.
V B. IOWLn. J. LlliBLl.'.
' amerIcaTThouse.
O J. LAY, rror-iiTon, Charges moderate,
of Santa he and Irn.i Avrnties.
J. W. TTIOM. I'mri ietou. Good stable and coot ac
commoJaiions. 'aii'ai'nlls, Ottawa county, Kan.j,.
E. A. SKINNER, rrontiETnit. Comer Netr Ilamp
hire and t'uKkury irrn, Ijwrerc-, Kan-a.
Vl'p''"1 a,miiwii4i 'luiuint aai
Ike XtMe Wtxtmgt.
The coffin tviia a plaiu one a poor,
miserable pine coffin. No flowers or
U1C top : no iliiiiur ui wuiui skiuu iur iuc
Dale brow; no smooth ribbons about the
coarse shroud. The brown hair was laid
dceontly back, but there was no crimplcd
cap with neat tie beneath the ctWrV. The
sufferer from cruel poverty smiled in her
sleep; she had lounu bread, rest and
"I want to sec ray mother,"-sobbed a
poor little child, as the undertaker
screwed down the top.
" You cannot, get out of the way, boy
why don't somebody take the brat?
"Only let me see her one minute!"
cried the helpless orphan, clutchinsr the
side of the charity box, and as he gazed
npon tno rongh box; agonized tears
streamed down the cheeks on which no
childish bloom ever lingered. Oh, it was
painful to hear him cry the words:
"Only once, let mo see mother, only
once f"
Quickly and brutally tho heartless
monster struck'thc boy away, so that he
reeled with the blow. For a moment the
boy stood panting with grief and rage
his blue eyes distended, his lips sprang!
- . . . -. -
apart, ore guttering through his eyes as
nv raiscu nis nine arm wiui a most un
childish laugh and screamed, " When I
am a man I'll kill! you for that! "
There was a coffiin and a heap of
earth between the mother and tho poor
forsaken child a monument much
stronger than granite built in the bov's
heart to the memory of the heartless
The court house was crowded to suffo
catioin "Does anyone appear as this man's
counsel ? " asked the judge.
There was a siience when ho finished,
until, with lips tightly pressed together,
a look of strange inti'lliirence. blended
with a haughty reserve upon, liis hand
some feature a Voilnir man stODDcd for-
j ward with a linn tread and kindly eye,
to plead lor tnc erring tricndlcss. ile
was a htranger, but at the first sentence
there was a silence. The p!cndor of his
genius entranced convinced.
The man who could not find a friend
was acquitted.
"May God" bless you, sir, I cannot,"
he said.
" I want no thanks," replied the
"1 I I believe you arc unknown
to me."
"Man, I will refresh vour memorv.
Twenty years ago this day, you struck
a broken-hearted little bov away from
his tlear mother a coffins I was that
The man turned livid.
" Have you rescued me; then, to take
my lite?"
"So. I have a sweeter revenue. I
have saved the life of"a man whose bru
tal conduct has rankled in my breast for
the last twenty years. Oo, then, and
remember tho teat's df a friendless child."
The man bowed his head in shame
and went from tho presence of mag
naniniity as grand to him as incomprehensible.
Number 27.
riM ni aruutir.
Iusicol Couimr, Kans.,
. Aug. 1st, 1871.
To the editors or the taalrne Cuuty Journal
Perhaps you would like to htiir frn'irl
our country. The people are rejoicine
u ic uiaiivniiK (jrvswcu oi me future,
aiid they feel Uiai all the world should
know it, that they may come and enjoy
with us our prosperity. Wheat crops
were splendid and there never was a bet
ter prospect for a large corn crop. Tho
beautiful country and gentlv rolling
prairies are so inviting that I wonder that
any persons can conteut themselves in
the eastern state. They can secure a
nomesieaa nero out ot the bound nf th
railroad lauds on one hundred and sixty
acres. The country h so ranidlv settling
that persons wanting choice locations
had better conic soon. Lincoln h one
of the best counties in western Kansas,
and when the little petty jealousies and
feuds that now (ividc the people, are
settled it will have a good town.
ai tnc present time, there is one of
the most terrible and bitter strife-among
the people in relation to tho removal of
the county scat. Tliis strife, we are triad
to sec, is rapidl v subsidini; and thu solu-r.
sensible people arc asking ihcm-,clvcs
nnax gocxi u it to us to remove the coun
WAGON IAKlM, AMI Rl.r.VIRINO d.n- in 0ft
Slass .Je i.'ifi in rsror-.tfliz's Uruj; torr
C0STR VCIOR- AMI nClLDKR No. lij. tlAtli
6t. , Salmi, l.iiur, lor ImiU.u; ikih. s. for sale.
1. 1. sontov., j. M toxcJJP-
, W. B. SCHOLL, '
BLACKSMIllI !!. HearofXo. 1(13 Santa Fe r.
cnue. ilina. hn'ja ll-re hi old rri. nd, and iut
rous ill HU'l Pl milrnil. -aiilful wurkmrn ahd low
prices. All kui.lt o! Rrairiu:earriitednnni)itlrand
aatisfaction guarantied. Thebet Fort Scott cjil al
ways on hand and tot fate at a small adranre.
liARNT BOH.VN. rRorstcios Billiards and Li
quors. Bronktille, hanti.
O. TBL'UY t;.;o. Nrtr Billiard Ta
bles and elegant furniure. SiulaFr Ai.dik, alma
in, yueensware, lTotuions, tic. No. Santa le
At cnue.
I. . ciurxis.
j. u. cmsos.
Ohapman & Gibson.
Glaoinacd Paprr-biDptn done with nctnt aad di
Tlie Pacific House
ta complete, behlcrnlirely new and well fttnaishedwia
ma. ii is locaieu neany opuosit tar eoasttv
r"r"" ii'"-rrrilnr1itilltiais
cood roa
Salts taction a-oarantred .
wait, ruptimn. J Lord deliver M.
Thonss Jcfcrsaili 0plalsai of Earepcaa
In a letter to John Jav, Jefferson thus
describes the Prince of Wales, afterwards
Ircorge I : s
He has not a singld clement of mathe
matics, of natural or moral philosophy,
or of any other science on earth, nor bits
the society he has kept been such as to
supply the void of education. It lias
been that of tho lowest, the most illiter
ate and profligate person in the" kingdom,
without choice of rank or mind, and
with whom tho subject" of conversation
arc only horses, drinking matches,
bawdy-houses, and in terms the most
vulgar. The young nobility who begin
associating with him soon leave .him,
disgusted by the insupportable! profligacy
of his society; and Mr. Fox, who has
been supposed his favorite, and not
over-nice in the choice of ediripanv,
would never keep his company habitu
ally. In fact, he never associated with
a man of sense. Ho has not a single idea
ot justice, morality, religion, or of the
rigms oi men, or any anxiety for the
opinion oi me woriu. Jio carries that
indifference for fame so far that he
probably would not bo hurt if he were
to lose his throne, provided ho could lie
assured of having always meat, horses
and women.
Many years later he thus gives his im
pressions ot the character ot tho reign'
tnsr sovereigns of Kurone :
While in Europe, I often amused my
self in contemplating the then reigning
sovereigns of Europe. Louis XVI. was
a fool, of my own knowledge, and de
spite oi the answers made for him at his
trial. The king of Spain was a fool;
and of Xaples the same. They passed
their lives in hunting, and dispatched
two couriers a thousand miles to let each
know what game thcr had hilled the
preceding days: The "King of Sardinia
was a fool. "All these were Bourbons.
The Queen of Portunal. a BniAtnr:i. was
an idiot by nature: atid so was thd King
oi ircninarK. neir sonsi as feirentii.
exercised the nower of mirii,nmnt.
The King of Prussia, successor" to the
great Frederick, was a mere hog in body
wen as in mind, bustavus of Sweden
and Joseph of Austria were really crazy :
and George of England, vou know was
- -....,,. waisicoat. mere remains,
then, none but old Catharine, who had
been too lately picked up to have lost
her common sense. In tl.la s,t u.
pane lounu turope; and it was this
state of its rulers which lost it with
scarce a struggle. These aaiBiabj had
become without mind and power low
and so will every hereditary monarch be
after a few generations. Alexander the
grandson of Catherine, is yet an excep
tion, lie is able to bold his own. Bat
be is only the third generation. His
race is not yet worn out. And so eadetfe
the book of kings, from all of what the
ty teat to Geo. Green totcn, only a mile
or two T It this repttation .to good that ice
can maUjhis count j UK-upon itself the
enormous expense of a new election and
removal, for the sole and only purpose of
making h tin rich ? " Xo I for we nl read v
begin to see that there is more selfish
ness, more fraud and corruption in this
removal of the county seat than we had
at first suspected, and living up hero
among tho jieoplc who were nt lir,t in
favor of the removal, I have a chance to
kuow the feelin- a-id I am frank to con
fess that I have chamred mv ni-n.l :m.l
would not vote fjr tho removal, and I
know quite a number who h.ire rlianmt.i
hko myself. We do not now think it
would benefit the cnu-ity in the least to
move the town to Lincoln Center. It
would only encourage a s.n of bid men
mp gi:i control oi me tmairs ot our coun
ty, and for years after we would regret
having aided in giving thenl influence
and power to control the Cddtity. We
are thankful that we had oar t'yes open
ed before they had succeeded fit tlccom
plishingtheir infamous designs.
In justice to Mr. Potter I' will sav that
Ire is not really a designedly bad' man,
and am sorry to .-('cs" much said ;Hiust
him; but siich was the case with " Poor
Tray," who was so much abused for keep-'
s u.m cviiipaay. roller lias been dup
ed into this trouble by thos who are far
more t6 blamo that fie.
Before closing I would like to say that
we will support none but good mJn for
office in the election tliis rail. There are
quito a number who live in this remote
part of the county who arc fully resoly
ed upon this, for we know the import
ance ot having none but god officers,
who will do what is right, and by so do
ing it will greatly encourage goo.l, law
abiding citizens to come and locale among
us; then we shall have many social cn-
joj menus win peacaoic ami prosperous
times wnicu we can not have it lawless
ness prevails. With such a class of peo
ple settled with ns, and in control of the
offices and influential places in our coun
ty, we shall not feel tineasvaliotit our hors
es when w; are akep at nigiit. Ve shall
not tear any person violating the laws
or creating disturbances that destroy the
quiet and harmony ff any cu film unit v.
Every day this fee'linir to 'let the countu
seat alone is growing among the people of
uie county, anu wnen it k permanently
settled, you will see one of the nicest and
best towns growing up in Western Kan
sas ; and already we begin to reel that we
are to be brothers, not enemies. For one,
T ..anil ?!-. ..! .. '
s biioii rvjoiuv wnen uns is tno case.
A Weaker ta ftemrr-Beeef m r a wosua I
ftataaaj avaiuw an awca scaica M,
Last June, a Mrs. Dieguan; living at
194 Carroll street,' Chicago, was assault
ed by her divorced Uusbind with a. claw
hammer. With one blow he felled her,
and then, with a fiendishness almost in
conceivable, ho struck her again and
again on the head with the hammer, the
blood and brains spattering tho floor at i
even- blow. Tired at lenzth of t hi- h.. I
threw aside the hammer, and with a itiik-
of heavy wood broke the left arm ot the
unconscious woman, and then strode
away, convinced that his venircaiifm .-.
glutted, and that he had killed her.
Examination showed that the skull
was fractured in two places. Tho first
was on the left side and near the crown of
tho head, where tho hammer had crushed i
through, cutting the meningeal artery,
scattering the brains o the floor, and
leaving an ugly-shaped fissure, through
which exuded the brain suUt.iue.. 4 1
about six inces below this uoints itist
forward of tho UDDcr iolcofthe Ii-iY or-
the hammer shatterim tin- t.tn....,-,i
bone, had imbedded itvlf to the handlo
in the brain, while littwecn the two
wounds an irregular crock, tho result of
tine or two blows, extended, ft, .- tIit t sit
to these ghastly lracturs; tilt- - ad had
been struck in four places by the ham
mer, which, in each instance, 'penetrated
the'tissues of tile scalp and laid ban fl...
skull. Such were the injuries, together
with a broken arm, and an ugly flesh
wound on the neck, which had leen in
flicted upon a slight delicate female
whose chances for ever opening her eves
again in this world airaiti. seemed, in tli
judgment of the various physicians who
3aw the patient, tn be thu r-.itlv of about
one in ten thousand. All that humanity
could suggest was done for the woman
in thu way of dressing her frightful
wounds, but it was on the score of hu
manity that the attending physician fore-
oorc 10 sci inc uroe-en arm t-ira dav or
two, She could not live he argmd,and
it was needless to subject her to tin op
eration. But she did life from hour to
hour, from day to day, and, a her sv
teni begau to show signs of rail;, iiig, lier
medical attendant at once set about as
sisting nature in the effort to recover
from the shock. In onler to do this the
rough edgm and angles of the skull were
trimmed off, and the large pices of de
tached bone which were imbedded in the
brain were "fished out" with the forceps.
In performing these operations the beat
en track of sur-'erv was ab onioned to
the extent of administering ether, it le-
ing generally supposed that nmcsthosia
cannot be safely or" judiciously produccl
in ease of injury to the brain or skull.
The plan proved to be eminently suc
cessful, and by tho aid or aiucsthetie
dressing with t-arbolicacid, the condition
of Mrs. Dic'gan improved rapidly. She
was attended 13 Dr. U. J. l.euis, who
exerted himself to the utmost to assist
her as soon as she showed signs of con
valescing. She has so far improved that
her medical attendant thinks she will in
tune recover. There is a partial paraly
sis, and an inability to use the vocal or
gans, both of which troiilik's it is thought
win bo cured in time, or greatly dimin
ished. 'I he openings still remain in the
skull, and are to be tilled with silver.
The case is one of the mot remarkable
on record.
fMX tlW. Ttle TftlF la rm.
Pxau, Oato, Aug. 7, 1871. Five years ago the American ship
TrU,r"rieSf!toeC,,tm,3rJouJ- General Sherman went ashore on the
anu, unua me in vnio, wnere ldid not yorean coast. Thu crew were captured
expect to bo at this time. When i last nJ horribly treated and tortured, some
wrote T thought to be in Kansas ere being P"t in cages and carried around
this, lno warm weather has visited this 'ar,d exhibited to the natives. One of j
clime again, after n period rif three or I tnc men escaped, and, reaching an
The For or Imagination.
Blockland, the distinguished geologist,
oncdaygavo a dinner, after dessccting
a Mississippi aliirator. h.ivin.r nsLo.l n
good many of the most distinguished of
nis ciass to dine with him. Hu house
and all his establishment were nil in
good stylo and taste. His guest congrc-
fated. The dinner table looked splcn
idly with glass and china, and the meal
commerced with excellent soup.
"How do you like the soup?" asked
the doctor," after havinc finished his own
plate, addressing a famous gourmand of
tnc uay.
"erygood indeed, answered the
other; turtle, is it not? I only ask lie-
cause 1 uo not nnd an- green fat. The
doctor shook his head.
"I think it has somewht of a muskv
taste,"says another; not unpleasant, but
"All aliiga'tors have," replied Buck
land, "the cayman peculiarly so. The
iciiow 1 deserted this morning, and
which you have just eaten "
There was a general route of guests;
every one turned pale. Half a dozen
started from the table; two or three tan
out of the room, and only those who had
stout stomachs remained to tho close of
an excellent entertainment.
" See what imagination is," said Buck
band. If I had told them it was turtle.
or" tarrapin, or the gutten of a fish from
the maw of a sea bird, they would have
pronounced it excellent, and their diges
tion would have been none the worse.
Stlch is prejudice."
" But was it really, an alligator?" ask
ed A lndy
" As good a calfs head as erer wore a
coronet," answered Buckland.
Mr. Greeley, n his farm, keeps a run
nine account of his hens, double entry.
When a hen lays an egg she runs around k
tae base, and when she strikes the some
base, where the book keener 'allocated.
she sings out, 'tally one, or 'tally two
as the case nay bebecause-some of them
are repeaters, aad the book keeper grres
hereredit, aad charges her tor her steals.
im waway uataes east ten wfeat
s siMriag, aad aerer lafirtg
A Uicii Man Bl-rieu as a Palter. The
Ohio Statesman has an account of the
proceedings before the Probate court of
Frankliil county, on an application to
adiuitt to probate thu will of Joseph
Caldwell, an eccentric Irtelielor. who
owned a large amilunt of 11a! estate in
Franklin and Belmont countie;, hi.-si.tes
other, properly; the 'whole value at SI.iO,
000, or more.' Ho was one of four broth
ers. Two years ago he received a sun
stroke, which effected his mind, and ap
plications was made to the court to ap
point a guardian for him, but the physi
cians refused to make the neeeeary
certMcatv. He afterward went toMisouii
011 business, and thence wandered to
New Orleans, where ItiJ was without
means. It apcars that while ill New
Orleans he made efforts to procure funds
from Columbus with which to return
home, but from some unaccountable rea
son failed. He was arrested in New
Orleans as a vagrant on the 26th ot Oc;
tober, 1870, and taken before Recorder:
Houghton, who ordered him to bo sent
to a hospital. The hospital authorities
refuted to receive him beciusehc was de
ranged, and he was removed to an in-
sano asylum, where ho died on the 2d of
Uceembcr following. On the 3d ot De
cember he was buried at the expense of
ure city ui .tew unsanni
One of the most curious wills ever
made was by an Etulishman, at Mon
golian, in 1622, thus quoted in once a
Week : " It is my will that any one of
ray relations who shall presume to shod
tears at my funeral shall be disinherited.
He, on the other hand, who ladgh the
most heartily shall be sole heir. I or
der that neither the chur.. h nor my hearse
shall be hung with bias k doth, "but that
on the day of my bdrial, the he4rc and
the church shall be decorated with flow
ers and green boughs. Instead of the
tollingof bells, t will have drums, fiddles,
and fifes. All musicians of Montgaillard ,
anu its environs snail auemi me tuncrai.
Fifty of them shall open the prosession
with hunting tunc, walUes and min
utes." A little scene at Bunker Hill " You
will please pay roc nencpence apiece.
gentlemen," said the old man who held
the door at the monnawnt on Banker
Hill, to a couple of gentlemen who wish
ed to ascend the same?
"Par?" said the eldest- "Why, do
Vera know who we arc ? We are' British
"Oh! ah! ye are British esters, hey?
Well, walk ap gentlemen. Walk right
p.- God knows Towea tij ssuddsar
enough forlltpSMBasMSit ssrylssOhs
four weeks of autumn more like. There
were two litr.it frosts 22d and 23il nh
mo corn has been kept back by the cold
weather, and the late planting will be
caught if. there are early frosts, to kill.
Harvesting and haying are at an end,
and the farmers are now enjoying the
benefits of a bountiful harvest in vari
ous ways. Some have gone to a dis
tant state, to visit some friend that per
haps many years have clansed aims? thv
last met, while others participate in so
cial ' hops," j:itj-rl?psj at. "Juggle's Grove
on tho beach of Lake Erie, and excur
sions to Put-m-bay Island, a distance of
thirty miles from .Sandusky city a very
pioassnt ride on a very 'fine 'day, but
quite to tho contrary in "a gale;
Kansas has not been alone as to high
winds this season. Huron touuty has
been visited with a stramrer .1 tnrnrwlo
that has not frequented this vicinity for
twenty-five years. I was over the ground
where the scene of dis-tster was most se
vere, where fruit and forest trees were
uprooted, branches torn from the main
trunks ami scattered nromiscnnnlv
Houses and barns were demolished,
fences were thrown down, even the
grass in the roads was lying as flat as
tlidugh it had been pressed and was but
uv oi iia ineiies 111 neigni. And yet
another instance, where the shingles on
one side or a house, were literally mm
from tho roof boards. O110 cannot
imagine the wholesale havoc that would
have occurred had the storm continued
for thirty minutes at the same velocity
that it blew at that time, which did not
exceed two minutes, every obstruction
would have been leveled to the ground.
I am pleased to learn that there will
lu a tri-weeklv slairo line established
between Sali.ia and Wichita (as stated in
a letter published in The Journal of the
27th ult.,) via Lake View, a new town in
the southern part of McPherson county.
Kinu City will have a rival town. There
h-is bujn a number of Kim; City hare's
taken here, and tho demand is in
creasing, It U tod true that McPherson county
has received little or no attention from
the press, and why is it thus? Is it a
drawback that the county did not have a
large portion qf.railro-id lands or state
school lahds within its limits, as coun
ties norili of the Kansas Pacific have
been favored with (if favor it is?) As a
natural consequence those having lands
for sale in those counties north of Salina
would necessarily avert the attention of
Hransrers trom any other direction than
from that in which they were personally
interested. An article published in The
Journal not long since, gavo Saline
county credit for more tillable land than
McPherson, which I beg leave to con
tradict by a statement that the better
critics will not deny. Perhaps the
author of the articlo above mentioned
was not personally acquainted with
McPherson county, but will pardon me
when I jog his memory with the follow
ing figures, as they nay figures won't lie:
McPhersrtn cdunty geographically is thir
ty by thirty-six miles, which is co.ua! to
one thousmd and eighty square miles,
or ix hundred and nim-ty-onc thousmd
two hundred acres, trhi'le on tho other
hand Saline is twcntv-fotir bv thirtv
miles, which is equal to seven 'hundred
and twenty sqifare mi!e., or four hun
dred and sitxy thousand eight hundred
acres, which will leave a balance in favor
of tho former county of three hundred
and sixty square mile, or two hundred
and thirty thousand four hundred acres.
And further, I will venture that McPher
son county has three hundred thousand
acres more of tilhblc laud than Saline
county has within its Jiniits. McPherson
has no Smoky Hill Buttcs, no Iron
Mound, no Soldier Cop, nor has it
within its limits a North Pole Mouid,
though such is the nature of some of the
uplands of Saline county. Tho broken
and mo-t uneven land in McPherson
county is lying on the so-ith side of the
Smoky, near and extending into .Ells
worth county. The fertility of its soil
is surpassed by none in the State. There
is an abundance of lime and sand stone
found; also -ome good specimens of
coalj which have been pr.monnccd by
good critics to Ui of a good quality.
streams 01 tnc nnesi living water in the
State are tound in 3IcPheron county.
Besides thee the Smoky Hill and the
Litlc Arkansas have their winding course
through the northern and southern limits
of the county, The Atchison, Topcka
and Santa Fe Railroad, now under con
struction, and daily irains running with
in a few miles of the eastern line of the'
county. And Ie than one j-ear' from
this time the road will be completed to
Fort Zarah, which is undoubtedly a fact.
Tliis road, having duly ten niles'of land
American man-of-war detailed tho.
atrocities. Admiral Bell, then in com
mand ot the Asiatic squadron, sent tho
United States steamer Shenan.l.h t..
the Corean coast to inquire into the mat
ter and demand redress. On approach
ing the Corean coast the Shermandoah
was tired on by shore batteries manned
by large numbers of'Coreans, but as her
commander had no onler lo rwtnri, il...
tire, he left and rejtortcd the matter to
.Aunurai uen. Here the matter ended,
until Admiral Rowan, of the li.-1-.ir,.,-..
took command. Hc-lett this mniin-
with orders to settle up both the Fore
niosai and Corean difficulties. When
he got on the station he found that the
roremosan matter had been settled, ami
before proceeding against the Coreaus
the department sent wopl for him to a
wait further orders. . further were
given him, andwhen Admiral John Rod
gers sailed in tho Colorado it was under
stood he had full authority to demand
redress fnim tho (.'nrcan'govcrnrill'iit,
and, if it was refused, to chastise them to
the extent of his ability. With this inten
tion ho carried in the'hole nftli..i ..!,. r-..
do a battery of field pieces: a battery of
Gatling guns and other means ot fi'ght-
...s .,., ,,,u, uaving lull power in the
111 niter.
vs uie initial step'taken by Admiral
Rodgcrs bus uxi-itd ..n-idcillo inc
est throughout the country, and as there
will probably lie other and greater diffi
culties encountered before the question
is finally settled, it may Hot be" arrliss to
state something about the country which
our navy has undertaken to chastise.
Con-a is. a kingdom on the eastern
coast of Asia, northeast of China, com
prising an area ot about 510,000 square
miles and a population numbering ten
or twelve millions. It comprises a pen
insula 400 nliles long 150 broad, tin ad.
jacent islands and part of the nci.-lil.or-
. .a. - - . n
ing continent. The total length of the
country from north to south is sonic
what less than 00 mile-, between lati-
tune .JL'o Z and 4-lo north. The coast is
rugged barren, and the northern portion
cold and mountainous, but in tho wet
ean part the climate is more genial and
the soil more fertile.
Tho government is despotic, and.
though tributary to China and Japan.
!. uvuumui us. -tenons is uncontrolled.
The armyofCorea is estimate,! .it M.
000 men ami the navy .100 vessels (war
junks), carrying f rom'ten to tw entv guns
each (old twenty nnd thirty pounders),
the political organization "is similar to
tha( of China.
The archipel.ijUdf (Mrea' Is a group of
small aelt...!. ?.. .1 Ii
........ I1.1IUU3 m me i enow sea. on the
a west coast or the peninsula Of Corca.
Tho islands.arc ciefly grantic, and some
of them raise to il f'eight of 2,000 feet
above the sea. Tho n.-u igation in Core
an waters is both difficult and dangerous
and comparatively little i, known ol the
It is the opinion of coiniietem naval
officers tthnt the combined forces of all
the European governments on that sta
tion is not sufficient to meet and punish
the aggressitu spirit exhibited by the
V sspm tf Ummlm (YMfy
II KtW Jfd iaftwViasa.-Uv arias a a- a
voti m a east! pstbllaaed TLTtam JoCKsaTofl ttsTu or
character, either private or oSVrial. thruon She ZSSi
private or oSVrial. aroJk ate pnkiw
w awi rrsperi. n. wu m raUkf.rBWsasa
7 "I"!." wUhra me v e ubi my self la Uas
fthe Alsssm party. asHtna,- ma. at ttteaafsis
"jMJjPrt.PA-iljari, woiitl elect m-ttp.
p at tbe ensalaa- tall (l.clloj ts . t.. .
PWe aOUIatit
?' ! S.''" " ' ' rrtl of uj Wj.
atLii 7 WJ"J"T" "" "f fn w-tk I.
aurnnt'i, wnica utsU mv bao iJ annti.M j e
asatw. anu here nv afi ,k, M-t a .fti,.. .
pstobed to the wall, and actually sissUw JauVtWaJ
ZfZ&' ' Sl5? trv to any imc fcr'Sf
a aid or arrtflr aIm.. .
Mr Po-dtttle has dai..iMt.l .- Hl,. t .-..
rciderati.M awl tMperi. o. but m ralsatvrtaj.asaa
- - . . " M. MT .
inirrrsfa OI me All
time. IT IwrooMdds
reaenlativeat tbeensalaa; rallal.ctk4
f X. B. W. Bnsrnl
. artioavrr
Stan or Kassas, I
Uscols Conrrr
Oa UlU mis SMh day of Jalr. A U ISJI iiiimmHi
aparrd Ws me i rlrrk "Vtilp etimrv oSrtaTA
fir LUKt.lnr.juty kaaM.. B. W llr.Wa. J. r . wh
brwflivnnt dale aworn arordlaaw Uw.. dra
drpe and ,jy Out be ., In -trtac. at raali!
of tbe court, held at thr ciwrt turn U Abram to aakl
1. i i .31 "sf1. ,u! H c"aat c.smU.i.rrs at m
table lu the nvni ead t.r the e .art n.u. Iranaactiast
butint a. etMtnty rWrk. ...I tnt A E Ipmilitil.
p.lntr.1 1.. I.ttrr and n-mrktsl oViutenl thst lAaea
waa.(4.-aHltrir(ttr rauri waaraaTr
The Aor. or Ciiivalrv. Ono of tin.
most chivalrous gentlemen of tho old
Frank r7W, Count do Chatcauvillard,
died recently. Tho following anecdote
is related of him. One night, iinin re
tiring from a grand lull, the count m-t
tho countess ot Ijaidicres, who was dc
scending the staircase, and very mu h
eiflbarrassed with the haugingla'ce trim
mings of her dress, which Mime awk
ward individual had stepped on and torn
"Countess, will you allow me to offer
you a pin :, "Oh willingly, but I do
not suppose you carry a pin ru-liton
about in your'pocket."" Xo, but 1 have
a pni aiyour service. And saying these
words, the" count unfa.ite.ned a diamond
brestpin from his uccktic. and presented
it to the lady. "A common pin I would
take," said the countes, " bat tins,. tie
lean not accept." "What? is it Ihe
diamond which prevents your accepting
it? There, then, ' and the count de chat
cauvillard, breaking off the head of the
Jim, ami niruwing i ne aiaraono an ay,
presented the pin alone to the countess,
and begged her to allow him to fasten
up the torn lace.
turkl.. ll.ni. . ik. r.i. .-. LT.'i 7T ' "V
Itooimte, and In a cnnvcrstl.m lasaeen lui4iiile aad
I'oUer IS-.llttlr xi.1 lu INsterif he w.wl.1 Jrdr his
pu.nl rtrlntirrly la tbe Abram tfty but larry
Wuuldrlrcthira Kr)4s-wUtl(e at ItM-ensuinCUraleo-tt.MI
lVttrr refused l.t rtMnmlt hlnulfl..lh-
r the Abram pan;, aad rnwu llii. lime .mi It auprar
tint IK-jlittlc and Volter .lu.rr. ltd. tsdlUeall,. tsI
p.m-tlt atM rurth.T slatrs UMI k4Ute KIUI4:
si! hlmlf . tue uM nton.la t Ux tttbdsy ol May,
that m- PM4.I uSrrr.1 lo procure a.m- .a an to mt.
tli.nt I. ert Ul Im-I 1 .A nnlMHl ... .,- ..h .I...... .
of the county rat t.r n. . p w BKOWX.
sworn In aad nuM-ribrd he f .re n this 3Kh dir of
July A ti Irtl a s nirr,K, CoualyCWti
1 rrfur. In OMn:.lr wilt. Mr 1b.,.1iiUa ..u . ..
o.iumli m.M'irto Uh- Isirmts r abram for aevrtal
"J""', l.t lUlirrt-lilr l---1""-1 rltia itUhumst
iMUKM.. sm n-iH-Teuu aora.ii pint t j baa c-ic-l
Psctr l I will iw.t 4nlsi mv eautv aomew
praais.oi t.. aa o? . .- m m a,
but Shta I am elrdrd Ui any uSce I rudder my dttlv
oacially ascTratl.uae.)ril.rmv nna.lnl.au as
to another, an-ltulav, while I would not wuiitohava
any ihiiut t j aar or d.i with A K lioollttia aa a aaUh
b r or tiiend, becauM. I UlUte l.'m towli l!aJa rkaSJ
at Ihrre is in kanutt, I aould treat buu uOU tally .ut
allllwnainny aud rra-rl that I woukl tt W Urjata
L . (.ir auy other luso.l wh I, 1 brlwve U utM of Uta
Ur-tt .i turn in this or auy uUwr stata. Mr. Iiw
ItlUr prut Worllo mi UUt It WdildSJo down and lak
din ier Wllh him lluU 1 tlwull hate tba AmI ti. 1 its
j.-dM,A, n.t ... . .1. . ... .... ... kl. I .. t -
-s , ,1 , " ,T,P ... ..w. . ritrr was in lat
-. ... uw iiioimt, ... lie was tlo
I. .....II.. h.1.
.ii... v .it. .... . . ... ..... . . .. .. .. i .... . rt
..-, wi-wuiiuwiHiiiuiniui laimaoi poauoal
IraUiaaddotruetUitilil.m) Tluls, but, ala.1 the bul
let lust wat aimed at me has issiuued t. uleras Uw
hrart of him Mho ten! It, and ! a-xt discrimiaailas;
IHlblic luive tU.irrr.l,,wniluntlwbeall.f)r Ulv
llllle's UtUt rlM I!U 1-saia.s - cifa.HU.
A senienl bit the slander, r;
And what fnlljwwl t-llw ..rN ut dxd!
If I knew that Mr lt.llttle'a Irttrr had sat been
rrndbj any perwait rx,vA h-t marf aoiualjiad
with u b-th. I .rnnil.l nrver hsta t -(-! t. rri.lv lu
tucl.tllean.tdjanUeiuanly tlais; butr.irtlHp UoerU
f Hrangs-r. ! are uaaei.ali.M-d with eiibertif na
I mntt answer, or tlnuall, eknuolruas, ibe anicts
hi. l eoutaint tittle rle thau m )14 mss mf IUU
In- tnie I bate alas eltdrav.ttv.1 Ii. treat J4r Dj".
little with o much rr.rt a I cnld bul a man I
J.J ay lu a prvvkiut Irtlrr, thai Imp hal ..bulked nataoa
to a miamttra ie aa-sin.t -tlt o i f citUeua of Un
eoln euunly, a. kins' f " " rl-vlkiu lo re-bicats tasT
r.uutf teat, tbruuen U aa-t (r,irn,(llet. 1
n pvpott that rliaras, and .ff,r roof to show that
tv o.-t mlyMaitp-ttikaii- In thriitauaer aforesaid hot
that he aciuall) y-wa naines ltuut vt i aar tr.
St T or Kassas, I
LiacoLv tocaTr m
tin thl. m .is ..f Jnly. It TI. pertvinally as.
pean-l brfort m; arirra of th'tiAlnt, lAart la aad
torssrl rtiuty an.1 state. An-lrnt KjwitUMaa, a aa-'
live .if Ipetjmark. u.wa rrtUlratu. s,J!Im..m . .k
Ltnodt Cuulr, Ka-i, wuu beiaa- by ma duly sworn
aecomina; t . law, dura drM aud sr That m.
alpuut the Drtl ,, May lat), hdnttir aud four oUM
sssulenvn (all llutrtl Wrte In r.-rt'idnr Lik-.
hUrlaim, awl thai a K H mllttl-cnv ti Uwmaad
cbUlrrd tlhere tlV) wUSje.! OW ewuly seat t be U
...a lt Mi ... I..
htm l;n our nana-s' t a psnt he hid. whkjh ha sakl
Mted, aad uvpnnenl re,.IU-. at Uaenla Oases
'-uiiii.F aai., aa wat wrrraina; to ret irto fHUItva-j
.......I ... , I.....I. . ..... .a .. . ... . . .....
......... ... buw.1. M.r,( aif. um rtsoteu OS Ul I
tp ret Ihe eounlr seat m.ve.1 t. tha, .J& ar
su.irctt. tH-aat tr;ltur tnileeelts nt, aad tbrrrtus-
Id bliii wea.uiM 11,4 .1(4 tb par unlit we saw
Mr I'.l'rf. and we atVvward, Nartd that t r anu
Mr t -Jrt.I un u tb tia.l. m a rtm nl.lraiiat.
oyo.tW m-itlne tb oainlr ttwl to Uarola cVatM
. . . N'H.W K'.MLSS.N r
sworn an-1 pnbacribe.1 b?f rr me t,a il.lt anu. .w u
July. AH Ki A l-oriMI, i-ouatr I'rerfc
t' 'ft I
stAir. r Kit.it, t
Ijso.is iw n J
tU Ills sat. rayr Jtly, A r IKI, p rtonaJr aa.
peaial lr.rr m a J utiles M ut .ve - m IMa aa-t tsV
Ok ft-llMlt ami UI. at.rtral. I.vrti CUiltteaaeai St
i.e.u ,sw
not, a itaioVat m. sp llmaa CYttat,-
e iisir awari
taaasit r ,stn mj , I
Utirjl I (AMla'I. K
ayurdlnf U law, .b.l.t.w aad j lhal ateptat trAi
BrM dty or ltiy lut A I. k,,iiui. rtwitUist.
wito twina- iur dair awarar
aruraLrWcHtt.raaU.a ataed bluf rnt-tv pa bad ra
s wraiioo lor a v.wa iuivi h hwi i..luu
balinal waaaal IV sJ-oe aslpiissf
' Ib-ticki be t,oeM taar a rltlsa up brs as Uat
i, uu was ria- w.r. to maka Uaaola
.as iir).ai fartbrrtuata. that
a Mm u tla-n Hmg atp-epa arAaiaspy.
Tlssrs's mrj-n
er why
dn cither ide gives u the settler an ad
vantage of one dollar and a quarter land
within eleven or twelve miles of the
road. While McPherson county has yet
A few thousand acres of land that are
snbiect to the nrc-e-.nntion su-t that is
without the limits of cither road. Thoe
wishing to avail themselves of the pro
sent opportunity now open and situated
between two great competing lines of
east and ttest rcfad; Would do well to
secure a homraftrad or pre-emption at
once, Tbe thirst increasing in Ohio
for some of the rich ralttabio lands of
Ksnasa - ,,il inaf trtta- al!l psruntinao In ! prcDCe I
thirst, until thev'come aad partidpate;T'80'WIeTBe i I oepi ..
with the 400,000 inhabitaaU of Kansas.
a block
Shcreerired it oa tha fcrthtwiil, aad was
so ovrtosM ay frraajtspse that ssWfaattwJ
away. The ssjerota hasbaad has also
prwn fJBw to a jierica. Jastiee.
asp-at-tawt- !
WiH SMHgfTtS ttMnlwfM
few weeks ago a girl 15 years of age
camo to her death in a most singular
and painful manner at Can ad ice, S. V.
She was ill about ix week before her
decease. At first she complained of pain
in the chest and stomach, and hanl lumps
began to show themselves from the in
side, feeling verj- much like protruding
bonesi She becatric' weaker day by day,
suffering great agony, and for some day
prior to her final dissolution she could
rest in no other poaturc than by placing
herself upon Iter band and knees upon
the floor. A wC mortetn examination
disclose! a frightful state ot affairs, for
there were several large t amors taken
from her, some of them weighing oTer a
pound apiece, and her liter was enlarged
so as to weigh four and a half pounds.:
Tbe physicians are completely pouted
ovtr tbe affair, aa they hare irrver be
fore witnessed or heard of scl a state
of dits-aac, and cannot account for their
pre-ence in one w voting. The Majors
Whoever will, let hiss partake of the land
freely; for whoever lavesteth freely in
the Lands of McPherson cosaty will aot
perish, hat have cv?risftia cotm aavtiw.
Ktipsrtfally, J.K.T.
Gfwaly tlmika th sjsawtsr of the
Iktswoaa m whits, thssaa sots is whoHr
oasMosuetf yaadrifat 'Co MmC
York for cxasaiitatioa-
CAkssSS smstaj saawwata hi Wttst with
tbrr tV oa Uy a-aot uald I- baated. astd K- rrssbt-t
at Liucus CVatrr, at as wear the evatrr of 11 csalr
sa a rl loraiiott tut a t-.wa ronkl lp bwl Ismliuu
reiiuea utat i
I.ial a. l
CVH'rr lb l.r i
lamllnl .IH . a- ,
aifl he WW a-l .la-aaslji, ttul UU a.a ant llpwillU
SrU. ner.4tet(it-api,inl fM.lillr watrfrcalatuc
a r.rif mtra jee .(' hs, la- Ut cutialy aral ht l e7
w Line! rj.v.trr att t f tt be hd t rnni.i
MUrnttvlitti. IM,U Nnherttsltl, UtUUvo-
mil It a oi.Wrtl to m of iraib tr h.i'pr j ts
psit f the e-o,t;, atl alto thai a IV.I.r a
vfei, jka-iatwIWeaa-f e-,avr e ettls
kvi.v t,it:iixsrx
Stnnttt and siIm11msI lrf rt titr -a LlM-ds, aa-f
year firtt abuse a rttlnt II M RHtlW.N.
Mr llt.ltleaMttlalbUitalwtUabut4Mara'
f1 s-aeitta-a, aaia1,tr al auua as,i.kru.l.
to -rak Ihe Irtrn as all I Jilt U It btltrtt.! Itt Ut.
t.l tM HI W ISll-r uu u-l 1'ie.J. i.r r..., a4
Ui rule biaprer tla tbe lit d.J nf ttrbla-r be mail
maAea ti4uaaI arlltUUa S I Ibelactl, tiur par.
ly. awl aa be hat fra! a- aaaa-a dp lbl. It a ahtls.
sale raaatrt-r, W rta.lt. l c,Rmtte ttyS-rbsaib-lly,
atxl ly btlb- aft lllier. atfl maS(rl, ta rt sj
ttrlte aavl tt-.rl ap4 tttmsy brswt iteib(,rfaal
frWatlt. aa-t lltt as atP. if Ue etwt atf a attttta
ta-ib-4, W faa It lata a Was. aaf llt-t M l, .mttrpliAa
a prairie are ottr tbe IMtaaa s .aar parry a rsraa
w a It t lw al ---, at I saart I , tatb I HAW UtrAs.
atrl ttwrlSVtr bts awarSj-otti aad frb-tt. tt ( ttal h aaa.r
I atubPUMaU, watt I hiyi-l it uvttk tx Is I,
kli-irl bea-trrbvl a,, wHalpat4 Uta m
urb K (lie bsrUwtrrik libit tpr uc'xt an I alW
Utry b-al -.1 It ap pretrat hit btU t-r lua s ta , aw
eewli pera-alM,
ei aut lat-ta petiinsiasry rtMataa i seew rrtara ta sas
ltt Mr IStoOftUtSaSeatJi'it I rapa!, IM-a eaa.
ly aboatt u Satw t,f Jaae. I7. utirh tt Ui to start
m.ttc- wtATs t bate a-a atlea tt m t. ai-w t 4. l. -raise
d-itllely ta what day I arrltM U sr U( -.' , a
SHt-SsrtallMlttsallatOttr.lCt Ibateant
t-a v, fieiBt-w wbi atpt ia -ss apnea j art! ebpp
k-kl la tbe State rwite-SS (V-at u, oiti tvtr awS
rrsitt atl aarlata tm Witts dty I arnpt, teat I bs
r--.id aaaaktwtti aad or frk tU m Itay-a. a
ar-Tiaa; saw t reply tt. t.ma as ) as p ...iLl a.
Ut urn lag ta ta- afts I It. A -I ate- lai-J -t lav sanar
Itfsattriis4lli. IthM Wtwl ta ti-Us ai a taaf.
fttataataatf rsptlltaa. aayl ! arvvallay a f
OpweaaaepaUsWrtb aPtdwaattptt obeat-aT aatSk
Tbea I ra Ut Mr stmea-iS'. a( taa-a. aa4
that psOaaa UftTBa as- tbat I asrre-ti at has awwst
ab w.arCabUy afajay, attni leaws ayawalaaaaaal
ltrlaaflbalaaasaa pVt tbaf I attt haer baa
M rlat Psatrasstt alb laf May
2,1 Mr l--aaWae.tlW..ttMas-ealiaf-afcifJ(--sa
SMS last I a at aas rbasi I kaet a-4 tstass as raw
us tJs tstiataa at rw baae t as, ettaOsii. waarts at
al p tatte. atrl I itta ' m asas teatai sat-tjatt-a
1 I -at eaaer-l tta puk, . raryastf a aba
AVa-aaa staff lt saU Ut bs tw.. Mt as aataaf aat-l
tkfKif-s. lbTetetMaaaatsaayai4aaw
I 1 arnt ta sm lr Abpapw, mM Sb-sw ss a asaa
sbtniWnrfiattartl t P.
It a aaw staav war! X tnaa la skis s
teabPaaa hatt Itl, prsa atwt.
tJir tarre lata s a Ifm eiwnin.
taMtaVi aswe oat ti-irs-aaaf a issaa as aw i
a sasva has etj Itii. n Uw aay atAp st awa mf San
as ta-ra bat lattsa a. itaarS aatd ill at alas awrap. I tV
jrlt any pssaataa Ir vauax fcv
farm aar SXaasaa, I
t-tft.it. .will f I
Qw sa Sua Say ssf Jwly. A U Jigl. ) n aatirap- l
tSaTstaaaa, Mflaja, mmmk. A . rsaaar. aas ' I
tpMawafstaasVastaaM aaaaatawaj twpaw.sttswsBmaa
atSakV rw BAaaw
aai.l. IsUa
I AaatVaii,
aaaas, stassl
atat awalr aaraSasaawatsaaaaota, lasawaasars.
arra-aaaaara aaayaasaa7aata awavSsswa
asas c amj m aaatV tssaspSaw aba a asy asas a
aaaanata-.aal aaaataam ttawaai
Isasl pasas fjaat tSSf aaaaj ass any aaajasy attts tsasj was
!. wtpsv w""m,7
saps. Stain b rspwaaka a AwatSsaaaaa Saawt tw-
a... -. wt. tatttt, tsaaaSt Sa iB btt paaa
i Sara Staaa aasi atat wraa. wwswts m. wvsm
as est wan mar. saatsnnw wamOtSaast aasbaaajr
Sts-sjaawsasitwr masassm

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