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WHelal Organ af ttiaClty af 8allna.
tg-Eitracepirt oj TllK JOUKXAL nay be Kmd
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Prescott crow Bat
The leaves are turning.
The night groff longer.
The moonlight ban faded.
Two months the election.
The trains are Mill irregular.
F. Robb has returned to Saliua.
Greenbacks and John Davis to-morrow.
Quite a heavy thunder htonii Iatt
Rain enough to suit the moat "fas
Wonder if the Rat has heard from
Ellsworth !
The roof of the new school building
is being put on.
H.CRash was secretary of the Ju
dicial Convention.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. WoMelt'er le
turneil this morning.
Messrs. Mooreheail & lilair are buy
ing wheat at Assariu.
Senatorial Convention, oue week
from next Wednestlay.
John Vaiiu has theroutract of build
ing Dr. Daily's new -block. .
The summer of 1880 is a thing of the
past. A very pleasant one, too.
The "oyster month" is here and the
bivalves will soon be curved.
Miss Sadie Downer has returned to
her father's home in Phiiadelphie.
-T.J. Williams, formerly of Saliua,
but'now of Denver, is in the city.
Mr; Sam Jones looks as smiling as
ran be, aud all on account of that boy.
Attention! Observe the Rat gulp
down CROW on the Judicial nomina
tion. A nephew of John C. Rreckeiiiidge
is Helling agricultural implements in
Saliua. '
A large numbir of fanners in town
last Monday. It looked like a busy
Sat unlay.
Tlc weather lias been much cooler
since the rain. Tuesday was really
quite "raw."
The trains are about as regular as
the sunshine and that it very irregu
lar just now.
Mr. and Ira. Ober have gone to
Chicago. The first named will buy
goods while absent.
The "barber woman" is about to
remove to Xiudsborg, for the purHf
of opening a shop there.
Dr. I.E. Lay ton has decided to locate
in our city. His ofllce is in tliesecoud
story of A. F. Shute's building.
The "contract" for closing up busi
ness houses at "precisely eight" in
the evening, expired yeMcrday.
The steamboat has a new name. 1 1
is no longer the " Belle of Salina."
The new name is " Stem-Winder."
Hon. John Davis, the Cireeiibnck
candidate for Congress in tlm Di.-tri.-t,
speaks at an ojk-ii air meeting to-morrow.
Republics are ungrateful. Tom
Cavaiiaugh's tool didn't "get logo"
toTopeka. He had to stand aside foi
his uuutcr.
Hon. John Fosh-r, of thh city, re -resents
the 14th Judicial District as a
member of the Democratic State Cen
tral Committee.
An icecream social will be held in
the M. K- Church Thursday evening,
September !)th. A cordial invitation
is extended to all.
The jury in the cae of Trosjs-r .
City retired for deliberation last even
ing. They have not as yet agreed
upon their verdict.
John Anderson and l'eter Nelson
each lost an infant child at luitlshoiv.
lastSunday, from die etlectsof wlioop
ing cough and teething.
Mr. Ed. Lot is putting up a telt
phofie Hue between his coal oltice ami
BriggH St (iebhardt's store, here coal
order books will also is- kept.
The question at issue now is wheth
er to call a man a "scliwein-huud" is
assault aud battery or not. The learn
ed are hunting up tiie authorities.
Mayor Berg and J. O. Hanford are
the new members of the Republican
Central Committee ef the Fourteenth
Judicial Distrist, from this county.
R. T. Watson started for Chicago
last Monday morning. He will rejoin
his family at Norwalk, Ohio, and re
turn with them in about two weeks.
B. W. Collins, of Solomon township,
reports that he had 110 acres of wheal
which yielded 28 bushels to the acre
He'harvested in all about 8,000 bushels
Thp steamboat had a hole knocked
ill hr bow as she attempted to make
the Iron avenue lauding lost Sunday.
She has been repaired and is all right
A full Democratic county ticket will
be run this fall. A Isilting ticket,
therefore, will not have much of a
show. The Regular ticket will s ecp
the field.
Miss Ada Campeli has gone ts Den
ver to rejoin her parents, who now re
side there. This accomplished young
lady will be greatly missed iu social
HJr. F. E. Jerome having received
aft offer of employment (n the Russell
ffreard, started for that place last
Friday. We wish him success. He's
Xo.l fellow.
An uncle of Emanuel aud Sam
Rothschild recently died in Cincin
nati. Sam, obeying a summons,
went on Sunday night. His brother
is already there.
8. J. Temple, who hashceu employed
In A. Muirs blackmith shop for the
last three years, leaves this week for
Independence, Kans., w here he will
open up a shop.
The young people had a social hop
last evening, in the Ciermanica Hall
Twenty-two couples were out, and all
speak of having had a good time. It
was a success.
The names of the delegates to the
Senatorial, Judicial and State conven
tions are published on the second page
of this paper, in the proceedings of
the Republican county convention.
A fellow said the other day tliat to
teli au old maid or St. Stacey a secret
was like itublbhlng it to the world at
once. The Saint violates all confi
dence, and is therefore w orthy of none
The aged mother of Judge O. P.
HaaiiUoa -died last Sunday, at the
.Jmnm the SaHae river. She will be
aaahaaiaaed by her old neighbors and
Meads who esteemed her very highly.
AI. Kline's saloon was closed last
Monday by order of Mayor Berg. He
was chaigcd with selling liquor on
Sunday. He forfeits his privileges as
a liquor seller and his establishment
will be closed permanently.
It becomes more apparent each year
that we sliall have to provide our
streets soon with good sewerage. Af
ter each rain the standing water forms
in MXls which become prolific of dis
ease, and the smells thereof are by no
means agreeable.
B. F. Eggleston has returned 'from
Eureka Sp-ings improved in Health.
Geo. W. White has gained 14 pounds,
and Scott Martin is improving. They
pronounce the mineral water of those
springs good for all the ills the flesh is
heir to.
Dr. J.k'U-oii is nlmut to have Salina
for his old liiiiue in Ohio, where he
will continue in the practice of medi
cine. The Doctor lias made an agree
able impression while here. We are
sorry that lie cannot see it to his
interest to remain here.
James Murphy, oue of the leading
Irish citizens of Saline comity, and a
lift- long Ileinoer.it, ha-come out for
C-.rlielil and will give him bis hearty
ti;urt. fflUuitrtti Jtfjutrlcr.
As we understand it Mr. .Murphy
has been voting the Republican ticket!
for several year.
An effort was made last Saturday to
bring Mr. Robert Muir out as a candi
date for State Senator. He positively
refused the honor, and expressed a
wish that his friends should siqqsirt
Captain Banks.
The following constitutes the" lob
by "from Saline county at the Slate
Convention: R. H. Bishop, F. M.
Hamilton, H. D. Baker, 1). R. Wag
stair, C. Holmqvist, Lewis Hanback,
C. A. Wenngreii.
The farmers will msmi lie busy at
wheat sowing. Most of the wheat
will undoubtedly lie put in very early,
as the soil has been well prepared for
this season. Xo complaint of " too
dry for plowing" this time.
The Jfrnitd of last week announced
that it was ready to suport candidates
for county olllce at the rate of &;(K
each. The fellow is helling at a higher
price than we Mipjiosed, We have
always rated him at jii.'MI forcach can
didate. It was supis)-cd thai the heavy
mills would priHlucerlomls, and people
thought without a doubt we should
have them. But the Smoky Hill has
not been more than ordinarily high ;
the Saline river has been pretty well
up, as well as some creeks. The soil
has had use for all the moi-tiire which
has been stowed away.
1. L. Gebhart lias purchased two
lots, lnoxi'iO feet.opisisile Win. Weil's
place, Santa Fe avenue, with the in
tention of building a residence there
next year. C. C. Culp has also pur
chased the two lots south of his broth
er's propel ly, with the intention of
A. II. Hine lias bad good success
working up a torch-light club. He has
already secured the necessary funds
with which to purchase the torches
and uniforms, which have Iweu sent
for. He will have no tumble in mak
ing up a CRiiiuiuy of at least -jO young
"LAnd ColiihiNsIiuier (SiliiinrcTbf the
Kansas Division of the lriiiuu Pacific,
having rcqucsUil Mr. John Biichi to
preiiare and superintend a vegetable
ami Moral ilis). lay for that company at
the llisiuarcl; Fair, desires that all
who have gisiil samples of vegetables,
fruits, etc., should leave them with
him by the loth of next mouth, as he
will go to Bismarck almut that time.
About the time the St. John enthu
siasm was at its highest iMirut in last
Saturday's convention, the fellow
across the alley arose to his full height
from a conspicuous front seat, made
an about face aud proudly strode
through the throng to (he door his
cars napping complacently iu his tri
umphal tour, as he seemed to say,.
"Me and St. John are the lions to
day." .
Saliua was honored with a repre
sentative on theSiate ticket at the late
Democratic State Convention, in the
Krsou of Mr. II. J. G. Xeumiller, of
this city, who was nominated for State
Auditor. He is an excellent, well-informed
gentleman iu fact too good a
man and citizen to be beaten by about
30.000 majority. He will undoubtedly
run ahead of Ills ticket in this county.
Through all of Saliua's ups and
downs it lias been her aim to keep her
sidewalks in good condition. No city
iu Kansas of the size of this place is
betler provided with sidewalks, and
keeps them in better condition. Once
in a w bile they get a little out of order
but the city authorities immediately
put them in trim. Strangers makeup
their estimate a good deal as to wheth
er a town is live or dead by the condi
tion of the sidewalks. Let us always
keep them iu order.
It has been several years since this
country has been visited at tliisseusbn
of the year with such heavy rains as
we have hail within the last week or
ten days. Friday aud Saturday the
rain fell steadily for several hours. It
came in torrents, but without wind.
It wxs a sight much enjoyed. The
streets were very muddy for several
days following, and the roads almost
impassable. The wheat land never had
a better "seiui-olf" so early in'tlie
Rev. A. M. I.aVcau, pastor of the
Swedish Lutheran church of this city,
was married to Miss Ellen Iirson, of
Chicago, last Friday evening. The
ceremony occurred at the chuich, and
was conducted by Revs. Seleeii, of
Fremont, audSwciisoii, of Llndsborg.
There were quite a number of persn
from Llndsborg and Salemsborg pres
ent. The church was well-tilled, not
withstanding the inclement weather.
We extend to the very worthy groom
and his excellent bride the Ivst wish
es and congratulations of a host of
admiring frlcmU.
The Republican Convention of Sa
line county assembled at the Court
House last Saturday and elected dele
gates to the State, Judicial and Sena
torial conventions. There was nearly
a full representation, notwithstanding
the high water and the heavy roads.
There was some quarreling aud some
liad blood, but upon the whole, the
Convention was quite respectable.
The principal fight was over the Sen
atorial delegates those favorable to
Captain Banks being chose. There
was " fun alive " for the spectators'
over the sparring of delegates Mooter,
Perrell, Cavanaugh, Baker, BJoadea,
and others.
A potato, weighing one pound and
seven ounces, is shown at W. R. Gels'
real estate office. It was one of the
many large ones recently sold to 41. T.
Watson by Mr. Arnold, of the Saline
Whitehead St Seaman are agents at
this place for the American Book Ex
change publishers of the cheajiest
books in this country. They have al
ready sold many books. Observe the
advertisement of this Publishing Com
pany to be found on the fourth page
of this paper.
The commissioners to appraise Fort
Harker are at work. Col. Wm. W.
Cowling, of Washington, D. ft, G. A.
Atwood, of Leaven worth, aud August
Boudi, of Salina, constitute the com
mission. As all are eood men we may
expect a fair and impartial report from
them, and one that will be for the best
interest of Uncle Sam. As they are
not "tricksters" we feel safe in saying
that there will be no "set up jobs."
They will appraise the land in 40 acre
lots. Section SB goes to the State for
school purposes. The buildings will
lie appraised by the commissioners.
The time given to purchasers of this
laud lias not yet lieen announced and
will not be until after the report of
the commissioners lias been tiled in
olllce of the Secretary of the Interior.
E'hirorth JtrpuMicaii.
Tice's weather predictions for Sep
tember are as follows; 1-t to 4th,
clouding, threatening weather, with
heavy rains; ."th to nth, clear or fair;
Tth to 10th, clouding, threatening
we;il her, with heavy storms iu places;
10th to llth, clear or fain 12th to l"th,
clouding and threatening weather,
and heavy storms in places. A tro
ical hurricane may appear on the Gulf
or South Atlantic coast the 14th; iu
that case, fair or cool weather from the
Ohio valley northwestward, until the
hurricane has past northeastward
along the coast. Kith anil 17th, clear
or fair; ISth to 21st, clouding and
threatening weather, and heavy rains
iu places; 21st to Sd, clear or fair;
21th to 27th. clouding, threatening
weather, and heavy rains; 27tii to
20th, clear or fair; SOth, clouding,
with local rains. The waruier days
will occurabout the 3d,8t!i,;14tli, 20th,
2tUh and .'hltli. The cooler sjs-lls will
be alsmt the r.tb, 10th.' 16th, 22d and
The body of a man was found at the
river, on William Sullivan's farm a
few miles south of Saliua. last Satur
day. He was middle-aged and of
Swedish extraction. Coroner Groger
went out to hold an inquest over the
ImmIv last Sunday. The jury returns
the following verdict :
At au inquest holden ls-fore me J.
It. Groger, Coroner of Saline county,
Kansas, on the llh day of August,
1SS0, iu East Smolan township. Saline
county, on tlie IhmIj- or a man wnose
uaiue'is unknown, and who formerly
worked for John Olson, Smoky View
township, Saline county, we, the un
dersigned jurors, after being duly
sworn, find that said man came to lifs
death by accidental drowning in the
Smoky "Hill river, the 2t!th day of
August, 1880.
Signed, Signed,
Win. A. Maxwell, Franks Quails,
D. J. Crossan, Win. Maltby,
J. Sullivan, G. C. Kothe.
Suliserilied to before me, in East
Smolan township, Suliue county,
Kansas, this 2!Uli day of August, 1880.
John it. (iitiHiKit,
Coroner Saline county, Kansas.
Latch. From Mr. James Smith we
Uarn furtiier particulars concerning
the uiifortmiateallair. Theman's name
was Charley Peterson. He started
from Mr. Olson's farm last 'Thursday,
with a team and wagon, and a horse
hitched behind, for the purpose of
plowing in a field across the river,
lie attempted to cross at Ward's ford.
Mr. Olson cautioned him about
crossing the river, which was raising,
advi-ing him to go by the bridge.
Mr. Olson became alarmed thai even
ing, that Peterson had not returned,
and started out next morning in search
of him. The body was found, as
stated at Mr. Sullivan's. Tliehorsts
hitched to the wagon with the for
ward wheels, were found at Robin
sou'.s fonl on Friday, the horses hav
ing hecu drowned. The third horse
was found on Sain Peterson's farm,
nearly famished, having fed only up
on the bark of trees ami bushes there
about. Mr. Peterson was buried at
Asaria last Tuesday.
Real Estate Transfers.
The follow iug is a list of Real Estate
Transfers tiled in the officii of Ed.
Wittuiau, Register of Deeds, for the
,two weeks ending Sept. 1st, and fur
nished by Wight A Carroll, abstract
ors: August 18th.
United States to John Havener, sw
qrS:U, T13, Rl west.
August l'Jth.
W M Stahl and wife to Wm H Sum
mcrs, ehf uwqrS 5, T Hi, It I west
August titd.
C C Culp to J A Reser, ehf neiir S
14, T15, R2 west-4100.
August 24th.
A J Hartsock and wife to Harry
Ford, lots 39 and 41, 5th street, Salina
Albert Marter t Joseph 8 John, shf
seqr S 3, 15, R 3 west 4)1000.
K F Drake and wife to A O Blair,
part of lobs 1 abd 2, block B, Bavaria
E F Drake and wife to A O Blair,
lot Xo. 5, block B Bavaria-m-August
John Geis Sc, Co to H O Ball. lot 6H
aud nhf TO. 5th street, Salina (200.
Nellie V Skelton and husliand to
Minnie L Brown, part of lot 3, block
49, Brookville $325.
C A Brown and wife to Joseph
Skelton, w 50 feet block 27, Brookville
August 2tMh.
United Strtes to C G Buley, neqr
2, T 13, R 2 west.
August 27th.
United States to Peter A Brown, ehf
lieqr S 32, T 15, R 3 west
Union Pacific R W E D to O G
Mos. wqr S 25. T 10, R 2 west H44.
Union Pacific R W E D to Adeibert
Frazier, seqr S 15, T 13, R 2 west
August 28th.
Mary Cullen to Terence Culleu, nhf
neqr S 24, T 14, R4 nest $250 per
month during natural life of Mary
United Slates to John E Woodward,
uwqr swqr S3, and neqr neqr S 7, T
14, It 2 west.
August 30th.
Helen Dodds to Ellen Fergus, part
neqr ucqrS 14, T 14, It 3 wot 50x150
feet $375.
CarietiM feerrli
Dr.S.T. Dndd, pastor, will preach
at 11 A.M. on Lord's day, September
5th. Subject: "Church Ordinance;"
aLso, at 7:45 P. M. Subject: "The
Judgment." Sunday School at 930
A.M. The public are invited.
Craia Mermsi.
Messrs. F. Good now it Co. report
the following prices for grain : Wheat
Xo. 2, 63c; Xo. 3, 60 (5 63c; Xo. 4, 55
58 c; rej., 45c; 50c; Cora, 1 . 25c
shelled corn,22 S. 25c; Oats, 22 1 25c;
Rye. Soft 69c
This k the way the Rat
of the Herald aaeeared
before WaastaaTs Doe cot
after falsa, aad this U the
way he looked alter that
catastrophe had occarred.
During SUeey's six days' partner
ship with Jerome one day he got into
a confidential mood and said he
wished he could do something in Sa
line county politics where he would be
successful; be had tailed iu everything
solar. Auwceiui been suocessrui
he lias carried Saline county for St.
John, all bv himself, and we trust all
will do him full honor in the premis
es; but the people would not deter ev
erything to his dictation, for they
would have Captain Batiks and Judge
Prcscott notwithstanding it might be
the deatli of him ! It is a shame to
wreck his ardent desires, when one
small boon would have caused so much
happiness in his breast. Sulina Xetr.
Greenback RaNy!
The people of Salina. without re
gard to politics, color or sex, should
turn out and hear Hon. John Davis,
Greenback candidate for congress,
September 3, at three o'clock P. M.
Let your business rest and come out
and hear this champion of the people's
right. Remember the time, Friday,
September 3. P.
To the memeiulters of Odd Fellows
Funeral Aid Association. There is an
assessment due from class A, aud three
from members of class B, which must
be paid on or before Sept, 14th, 1SS0.
This assessment is the last one in the
present fiscal year, which closes Sept.
30th. In the full class (A) of 1,500
members, we have hail 13 deaths du
ring the year, and iu the 11 class,
which has now over 1,200 members in
good standing, there lias lieen 12
deaths. L. M. Tuttlb,
Local Ag't.
Unwillingly is the fretful Pork-unine
of 'the lleruld led up to devour the
Preseott swill, but go he must.
Organization of Garfield and Arthur Club
In Pleatant Valley Townthip.
Pi.kasaxt Vai.i.kv ToWNSIIII',
August 23d, 1880. j
The Republican voters of this town
ship met together at their usual voting
precinct Elieneer school bouse to
hold a primary meeting. After the
business of the primary was over, it
was decided to organize aGarfieldaud
Arthur club. The organization tiegan
by enrolling, thirty members, after.
which A. A. Downer was elected
President, A. R. Head, Vice-President,
Geo. Ecker, Secretary, and Charles
Carnes, Treasurer. Following the
electionof these officers came short
enthusiastic spcechesoii the campaign
by tlie members, which w.ere received
with applau.sc. By a motion, I. R.
Grimm, I. P. Xorris, and Geo. Ecker,
were appointed as a committee on
music, for the club: also a motion was
made and carried instructing the sec
retary to have the minutes of the or
ganization of the club published in the
Sai.ink Coiixtv Jouk.vai.. Another
motion passed unanimously, stating
that the next meeting of the club
should lie at the Twin Mounds school
house, on Saturday evening, Septem
ber -Ith, at which time and place there
will Ik au address by some prominent
campaign sfieaker. On motion club
adjourned to meet again at time and
place alxive mentioned.
Gw. Ei'KKK, Secretary,
Brookville Items.
Pleasant weather nowadays.
The family of yard master Clark
moved Into the city last week.
Conductor It. B. Gird, who went to
Colorado last winter, is back running
a train on the Smoky Hill again.
Mrs. E. X. Wood has oened a mil
linery store in the room lately occu
pied by Lums' ,tore. Those wishing
anything in the line, will find Mrs.
F. a very agreeable lady to trade with.
School begins on Monday.
Business U picking up on the rail
road again, ami the boys arc all doing
The train men reort more travel
cast than.west. (letting scared out iu
Sup't Biggs, of Lincoln county, wa
in the city on Monday.
Daniel McClaflerty is still doing
The Brookville City Mills have been
making flour the last week for our
graiudealers for shipment west.
The seats and tables for the City
Hall were received last week.
Palmer street, lietween Anderson
and 2nd streets, is being graded aud
will l open for travel in a short time.
Dr. Gill retfrts several cases of
typhoid fever over on the Smoky.
The events of the past week worthy
of mention have lieen scarce, conse
quently our corespoudence is not very
immense this week.
The little child of Mrs. Dooley died
on Tuesday last Gau.
ridge Hems.
It is getting too wet as it was too
dry the past summer.
C. A. Kingman's sorghum mill is al
work on the cane, whenever he tan
get a dry day.
Mrs. Bogardus and daughter Lucy
are visiting their sou aud brother,
Charles Kingman; they are from Illi
nois. Plowed fields look green from the
volunteer wheat that is coming up.
and in some fields it will make a good
stand of wheat.
Mr. Garver failed to make his a
pearance at the Bridge school house
as advertised.
Several bridges between this place
and Salina have been washed out dur
ing the late rains, changing our uual
route to the county scat.
Jack knives are getting prominent
as a fighting weapon in these parts,
several having been drawn to defend
the honor of their owners, recently.
Xo damage done as yet,
Tlie people on Gypsum have decided
to have a temperance picnic .on or
about the middle of OctoU-r next. A r
nuigenieiits are tieing made to make
it a succes, as all entertainments of
this kind are among Gvpsum people.
All are invited. M.
New Cambria Item.
The heavy rains of last week were
welcomed bv all.
Saving fodder is the order of the day
with the fanners, as the hay is very
People in this county are preparing
to sow an unuually large amount of
wheat this fall.
Mr. Charles Dickinson, of Hamil
ton, Illinois, is here visiting the fam
ily of her brother. Frank II. Dickin
son. Mr. T. X. Beckey, of Lawrence,
Kansas, ban been engaged to teach our
school again this year.
Dr. B. F. Coon has a class of twenty
pupils which he will take through a
oDure of twelve Icmhis. Mr. Coon U
a good penman aud thorough teacher.
Mrs. Jacob S. Eah and children
took their leave Tuesday morning for
a Tisit to Meade ia Indiana.
The butcher shop of Messrs. Tungel
A Ready is now in running order. Mr.
Ready is chief butcher and waiter, aad
you will always fad Mr. Beady ready
to serve those ready to purchase. They
also keep a supply of cigars and tobae
eo far the ameaaaodaUoa of their, fti
- f.i... i. '
UCVtwn HCS4ae
Go aad see the" terjtrislafty cheap
books sold by Whitehead
New goods coming in for the Palace
Wanted. A nurse girl. Apply to
Mrs. T. L. Bond, East Salina.
A whole library of books at White
head Si Seaman's for a few dollars.
Clothing at cost, at Markland,
Dodge 4 Moore's.
Farmers, go to Lay's foryour lunch
es. All the lioys buy their nobby bats
at OberA Hageman's.
Xew prints at the Palace Store.
. Go to Woodward's for your Tobacco
and Cigars 2 doors south of Ober's.
Clothing at cost, at Markland,
Dodge & Moore's.
Goto Campbell A- TuthllPs for your
Dry Goods aud Groceries.
For the best of goods go to the Palaae
Buy your Tobacco and Cigars of
Wooi' ward.
All sizes Stetson hats now in stock,
at Markland, Dodge fc Moore's.
Tausil's Punch cigar the best 5
cent cigar iu the market at R. T.
Go to Lay's for Icecream. It is the
Ladies' hafs to be closed out cheap.
Llrowieii & Wooiaikkkkk.
Highest cash price iKiid for hogs at
Bartlett and Jenkins,
Choice Tobacco aud Cigars at Wood
The best shoes for ladies, misses and
children in the city for the price.
' Makkunii, ihidok & Mookk.
Xew ginghams just received, at
Markland, Drdge & Moore's.
Tausil's Punch cigar the be-t 5
cent cigar in the market at R. T
Watson's. Seasonable fruit always found at the
City Bakery.
At Woodward's is the place to buy
good Cigars.
Xew fall prints just received, at
Markland, Dodge & Moorc's-
Tansil's Punch cigar the liest 5
cent cigar iu the market at R. T.
Clothing! Clothing ! ! Clothing!!!
now is the time to buy cheap, cheaper.
cheapest, at Ober & Hageman's.
To reduce clothing we will sell for
the next 30 days al cost. ,
Makkunii, DoikikJc Mookk.
Tausil's Punch cigar the best 5
cent cigar in tlie market at R. T.
Cheap books from the American
Book Exchange, at Whitehead it Sea
man's. Highest cash price paid for hogs at
Bartlett & Jenkins,
Ice cream delicious as the nectar of
the gods at G. J. Lay 's.
Cheap aud nobby are those Croqut t
sets at Whitehead & Seaman's.
Great bargains in Groceries at Ober
St Hageman's.
Highest cash price iid for hogs at
Bartlett & Jenkins,
Highest cash price paid for Farmers
produce, chickens, eggs butter, etc.,,
by Jesse Frost at Shute's Meat Mar
ket 3l-4t
Buy your Croquet setsat Whitehead
& Seaman's.
The nobbiest, best and cheuest
stock of Boots aud Shoe iu tlie city.
Come and see at Ober St llagemali's.
Folt Rkst The front room iu the
second story of Whitehead k Seaman's
store. 21-tf
Xice Axle Grease, the liest in"the
world, at Ober St Hageiiiau's.
Call and examine our ladies, misses
and children's shoes, for every day and
substantial wear.
Makkunii, Doikik St Mookk.
Highest cash price iaid for Farmers'
produce, chickens, eggs, butter, etc.,
by Jesse Frost at Shute's Meat Mar
ket. 31-lt
Fans and Parasols at cost. Come
and see at Ober St Hageman's.
Croquet at Whithcad St Seaman's.
Ladies desiring Dress Reform Arti
cles or Patterns, will find Mrs. II. F.
Woolley at home on Thursday of each
week. Residence, corner Asli and !Hb
streets. 3l-3t
You can save money by buying
your clothing of Ober St llagemaii.
We would call the attention of our
citizens to the new laundry opened on
North Santa Fe, by Mrs. A. C. Gol
all, ami assure those who will patron
ize her of first-class work and satisfac
tion. 20-tf
Hats for the million, good, nobby
and cheap, at Ober St Hageman's.
Highest cash price paid for Farmers
produce, chickens, eggs, butter, etc.,
by Jesse Frost at Shute's Meat Mar
ket. 31-4t
You can save from $1 to " on asuit,
by buying of Ober St Hageman.
All Summer Goods at greatly reduc
ed prices for the next 30 days at Ober
A Hageman's.
Parties desirous of borrowing mon
ey upon real estate security will do
well to call upon Faulkner St WiUlman
for terms, as they have now completed
special arrangements with eastern
parties for seven and eight per cent
money, which can be loaned at a rea
sonable rate of commission. 29-tf
Tlie finest, nicest, cheapest and best
stock of boots and shoes in Kansas, for
sale at Ober A Hageman's.
Remember you can get more goods
for $10 of Ober St Hageman tbau of
any other firm in Kansas, be-ides you
get a free ticket in the grand gift en
terprise. Go and see them anJ you
will be convinced.
Organs for $M.ta,110, $125;alo.
Pianos for 250, fVWJO and upward, by
C. Melbert, Salina.
Piques, Percales, Bunting. Grriia
dine. Ac, at cost at Ober A Hsge
man's. Still the trade continues to roll in at
Campbell A Tu mill's. They mean
IfUinevs, and cheap is the word.
Gaverich's 'Bus runs to and from
all trains. Leave orders at Engstroiu's
Drug Store, or at Gaverich's Stable.
O. A. Soibrrg has received some
new patterns. Call and eaaadnetheui
First door south of Opera House. Sev
enth Street.
A Urge line of warranted gents'
Boots and ladies' Shoes soon to be in
at Campbell A Tuthill's. It will be
to your interest to see these Boots and
Peaihms, Increased Pension, Vet
eran Bounty, Veteran Muster, Land
Claims, Jfoaaties, CoaajButaUoa of
Rations, Quartermaster's Claims,
CJafcaa fcr Arreass af Pay, c. A.
Resereaac-all Mm ofeeeea of the la
terior Departmeat
20-tf D. X. KcYJteu.
Try the Rocky MouBtate Betters.
They give tone to the staenaeh, stimu
late the liver to healthy actios, relieve
the overstrained kidneys, aad purify
the blood. Tfofasaily should be with
out it Price 91. Sold by August Eag
stroea. Druggist. Saate Fe Avenue,
sole agent for Sal -ly.
Be was katieae. aad get a bottle of
Dr. Marshall's Arabaaa Oil, which al
ways earea craaaps aad aaias ia the
steaaa,aaarrkva,etc. SoU by Oscar
-Go to Litowich A Wolsieffer's for
cheap and good goods. You will be
cordially received and promptly sup
plied with anything you need at the
lowest prices.
Fred Johnson is in receipt of a fine
new stock' of Goods, and invites all to
call and examine. He guarantees sat
We are always pleased to recom
mend a good article. Dr. Marshall's
Bromoiine is surely a wonderful med
icine for liver complaint, constipation
and general debility. Sold by Oscar
Seitz, Druggist.
F. A V. Eberhardt have received
some new parlor suits, which overstep
anything ever before received here.
Go and examine.
ForSalk. One hundred ami slxty
acres or first class bottom laud, being
the northeast quarter of section 28,
township 13, range 3, about four miles
from Salina. Terms, fifteen dollars
per acre; goOO cash, balance iu four
annual payments at 8 jier cent inter
est. A good bargain. Address or a
ply to Patisick Siiaxaha.v,
30-R Salina. Kansas,
nave you seen tlie line new par
lor furuiture at F. A V. Eberhardt's.
If not, go and see it. It will jiay you.
At the Palace Store the crowd con
gregates, aud verily they do well, for.
no store in town lias a lietter stoek of
goods. You will surely lie well satis-
fled if you buy your goods there.
We can vouch for it that Hall's Hair
Renewer restores gray hair to its
youthful color, prevents baldness,
makes the hair soft aud glossy, does
not stain the skin, and Is altogether
the liest known remedy for all hair
and scalp diseases. We therefore take
great pleasure in recommending Hall's
Hair Renewer to our readers.
The crowd always stops at Litow ieli
A WolsietTer's, for it is there that you
can get the most goods for the least
money. Everything warranted to lie
as represented.
"Sweet Curing Seeds" Was the
translation of the name given to
Ayer's Pills by a high mandarin of
China, in his letter of acknowledg
ment and thanks to Dr. Aver for hav
ing introduced them Into the Celestial
Empire a very appropriate name!
They are sweet, they cure, mid are,
therefore, the most profitable "seeds"
a sick man can invest iu.
We have a speedy and Mxitive Cure
for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker
mouth, and Head Ache, in Sbllob's
Catarrh Remedy. A nasal Injector
free with each bottle. Use it if you
desire health aud sweet breath. Price
50 els. Sold by H. M. Sale, Druggist.
A Card.
Laiiiks op Sai.i.va :
I should like to call your attention
to some sieclineiis of Point Lace,
which I have left at J. ('. Ruh A
Son's for examination. Any one de
siring to learn to make Hi at Jmul
tmilr Point Lure, or desiring any in
formation about the same, will receive
prompt attention by addressing
Etta Ciiamukks,
P. O. Box, 22. Salina.
Kanaaa Central Foundry.
Iron aud brass castings, stone fronts,
columns, machine repairs, horse pow
er and cane mills, engine repairs, Ac.
Thirty Daya to Ten Yean.
Cash to loan, iu any amount, on any
time, on Personal Security, Chattels,
Real Estate or Railroad Contracts; and
payable when ou please.
John W. Bkkk.s,
30-tf Banker and Broker, Saliua, K
A Good Chance.
For sale oi rent a gissl business
house and lot, centrally located on
Main Street, Lindslsirg, Kansas.
House 20x30; a good store glass
front, four giMMi dwelling room
I up
stairs; cellar, out bouse, Ac, Ac.
in giMsl rejiair. hor information en
quire of John GAI.I.AUIIKK,
2-tf LiudslMirg, Kansas.
Dental Notice.
Kolirr I. hrrfl.jflirn thit Ilr. IL K. NHIc.U
Mtronljr Lirrne fur Ibr uvuf KnMxr a a ue
furirUarUI ionium lasjlina, Kiw. All r
oDt an lrrly raulluurj again! NirrhaIuf Kut
lr Itntal llal-f any pattir nut lirrnsrtl Lf
thUrotnpanjr, atjro dulii; thry rrujvr tbriw
plrisjualljr tiaW la riMMulltsi far lufrlngr
mrrit. A rrwarJ will Is K1 fur lofcinuatluu ILal
ill Ira I to the runvlrtliHt uf auf artlr of unlaw
fill u of any of our j,! nl.
Bu.lou.SriJ. lull T9.
K. KAkNiT CAfififC.
Trpai.(SuJjrar Iirntat VultanllrCw.
With much pleasure we pnsluecthe
follow ing certificate of our w ell-known
chemists, Messrs. Barnes A Sims, In
favor of the vinegar produced by Mr.
R. H. Henler. of the Topeka Vinegar
Works. Mr. Henler is the only man
ufacturer of this article in Topeka. and
the testimonial of these well-known
chemists is but justice to bis excellent
article, and his effort to supply our
people with something pure aud er
feet. Toi'CKA, Kans., Feb. 2, liso.
This Is to certify that we have ex
amined several samples of vinegars
obtained from the factory of It. H.
Henler, proprietor of the Tiqieka Vin
egar Works, and also samples from
dealers In his brand of goods, and find
them to contain no adulteration of
any kind. Xor did we find any adul
terating material on bis premises. We
pronounce the vinegar a pure whole
some article. Hak.nks A Simh,
A'anana State Journnt.
For Sale wholeale ami retail by
T. M. Ludes, dealer in Groceries, Pro
visions, etc, Pennsylvania Store. Sali
na, Kansas. 23-3m.
Five Henarsd Taeuaaad Stress.
In the past few months there has
lieen more than 500.000 Imtlu- of
Sbllob's Cure Sold. Out of the vast
numlierof people who bare u-.l it,
more than 2,U00 rase of Consumption
have been rurnl. All Cough. Croup,
Asthma, aad Bronchitis, yield at once,
hence it is that every Is-sly speaks in
its praise. To those who have not
used it, let us say. If you haveaCourh.
or your child the Crmip.and yu value
life don't fail to try it. ror I-aim-Back.
side or Chest, use Shlloh's Por
ous Plaster. Sdd by II. M. Sale.
Do you know that there are strange
people in our community, we ssy
strange because they serm to prefer
to suffer thaa pa their days misera
bly. Made so by DUpepsia, and Liver
Coaiptaint, Indirection. Constipatioo.
aad General Debility, when ShUoh'a
Vitaliier is guaranteed to cure. Suid
by H. M. Sale. Drnprist.
lrtMCstiews, Slfe.
In fix. DutriH 0mrt ofSulime Clssay,
State of A'aani.
rWrtasO A. Maura. PtaUU.)
isss a. Mittiirtrfrs4t
mroCsn WrsVy sUVsl last, la it
M aan-'T "" " ""
riant fa A. M Hliars siataufl'. ss4 p.
isMllssn.li ailnSiii TWC s tasl W
fHMi-m scats rsi l nfc sf . A.
X. tSSB. saw ass sssssv rssi ssismssssii si si in
ts tr aaai assasMi Sf Ma f OrssfcrC A.
B. MS. J Tn " W rrsVf4 aalas( ..
JOBS O.S1a-T.a asn.
Our wbolr atlruliou
AnJ m hn tros J lb aurktt villi turn at lawrr prion tkan rnr.
' Ofoar vrU-knosnaisl iilkfitij patlrnu la t srrUk4sov.
Tb attention .f It Farmr f thi aotkm i tUM la mj- IKON I'UtWH, vkkk kit as
thoruugblj- acHl, atvl gneti vulirr Itlaltsn
All Plows Warranted in Every Particular.
I au lu Matttsfifturrrtsf
Scott's Iron Harrow, Steel Teeth, Two and Three Hon.
J-hrtori ut irnernf run .iivmtr mill ffth Sitrrrt.
Moudings, Sash,
Office and Yard Corner Iron
(U fa taaaMft Ma Ml ft., stlattatrtt,
tavW. yajat? a fUa(. aatvaef
aai tm 9myt9mwmUfrfiiw nnwm a. N af ataaaaaBBaBi i
Uh ac a a niitte. ,wj ast iaw T !. aaa , Tfjam a as 4m
ail, a Ua av (a vriM la ksst Najniaai la aaaswM feaaK BaaaaVM aa ttmt
ail mm k raf aa asaatstl
Br Klas's Sratsss; aad Itted wita CssaataaMaa
! nl . Fadlan et taesa.
Tee aaU saily y
Watches, ('larks uuJ Je itflrjCarelallr (Iraard aad Keaalrrd.
Tr. & Ml. D. BEK&
ICis-p lhrl.1 llssur
!kmwmVf3cscZ3f&n$Z ' .t2M&mVZLmmmmm
JsSAVajajBSBssBjSjs . s 9j r ilawaVaVaBaBarSaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaS
First Class Furniture Store.
Tk Urr
West of Khhm City.
The Great Wood anil hirer '
A fc a. ! !
ssrs ISS- Ur Vjfrymt. IWtfl. U
r-rlJ. HnivW, tHutsts,
1SC JtsyW.JTT. "
sum i. r TisB
is aw t
A t
TW tsjsliti s Tsr t isBf nssl
frrsk sjs!Ki..s Um, imfi lif. t r
tvsias SWra. TrtiUf k Sf. Irss) s-4 AU
tmmiitn, stss aaosis. sksrfc s-JJ mmss sM
litrtsx srsstitisi last ar r-sl4 IMS w
nocr a&aa n virtue fix nm
XaamtsrUus aslrlf M Iks LsUnttrf IXtsr
mcaicAL MAStTAcrcwso tar.?r,
Lasrsss. Kaasas.
MITX. fa
.aVaBaBssBaysmTirfasBaV. i
aBBVsVaVr?1 '
VJ HJ2slaWsBBsW JsasS i
herrtfWr vlll t iltTttnl to
Saata Fe Areaae,
klu.li of
Doors & Blinds.
Avenue and Seventh Street
fcMa- T laal I .
jmmt aja, as4 wfaai aaast assaav fjsaw
a SaBsBaBssssU WM W
fFsf.VaVlll ill tasfai
Every Slyta It Prict,
Alwaita RetiabWe
" Ji !.'
. -.. x --- -
,a-"-B -wT

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