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Tbe General Secretary ef tke order
femes eat Sq Rarely la Support
fIIarrisH aitd Merlon.
He Declares that the Interests of the
Laberiwr Man are Safe I'Htler pro
teetinn. Two i ;(eia5 CtrasteL
The Di-streHS Keralts Mklth Hnt
PhUhit if We Adept a System
of Free Trade.
Va8iu.s-oto.v, D. C, August 30.
Senator Quay, clihlriuau f the re
mbtioaa national eotsralttee, fur
ralahea the following letter for publi
cation: Pirn.ADBi.piii, Pa., AHgHst 27.
Hob. M. ri. Quay, ettalrtuati of the
National RepH hi lean Committee,
Ererett bouse. New York: Dear
rfir: My connection with the labor
movement for the fourteen years has
made it necessary for me to be a I
remain silent. My position as gen
eral secretary of the Knigbuof
Labor lias given we an Intimate
knowledge or the various phases ol
the labor question, and from the
knowledge thus gained I do not
hesitate to say that the triumph of
the democratic party dominated by
the intolerance in the south and the
British free trade sentiment in the
north, would be the most serious
blow to organized labor It could
possibly receive. I eanuot remain
inactive in such a conflict.
Therefore, to you and your asso
ciates on the national republicau
committee as the representatives or
of the republican nartv. I oiler mv
services in any position or capacity
where they may be desired or be
thought most useful to aid In secu ring
the success of Harrison and Morton,
the representatives in this campaign
of the American idea or protection
to American labor. I hare the
honor to teinaln yours to command,
noon Feu kkflbctkix.
The Cincinnati Commercial On
telle, judging from the following,
understands the political situation
in this country perfectly :
The tarlfr questions are exceeding
ly complex, aud there is no store of
information that may not be useful
in solving them. Hut there are cer
tain general facts and principles
that, applied to the controversy in
should clear
close alHdettt or the eauses of labor I in the United btates,
ucpreiuioH, ana oi me neeas or lliose I up Uie situation.
wuftifiii. wHiieasiuoay. a labor I uur Ilrst objuration Is to take earn
organization may refraiu from active
pattielpation iu politics, no much of
what organized labor demauds
must be obtained through legislation
that the individual members of the
labor organization mustaet politi
cally as in his judgement will best
aid the aims and objects expressed
lathe prinelples the organization
reprwKSHU, and whose success he
desires. In the gigantic olitlcal
straggle now begun, Hide issues
count as nothing, except to aid or
hluderoueof the principle combat
ants in the tralitieal arena How
ever sincere may lie the advocates
of the measures, to secure which
the separate iolit leal organizations
are formed, and whatever their
strengttt involved may be shown at
the itel Is, the raet remains that the
candidate of either the republicau
or democratic party will be the next
president of the United Btates.
Therefore to him, who has the
good of his country and the welfare
nf her ieepte at heart, the necessity
exists to chose to which of these two
old parties shall be given aid, either
eirrctly or iHiilreclly by voice or
vote. While it may be that neither
party orient all that labor organiza
tions desire, 1 believe that the re
publican oarty In adopting and
advocating the American system of
encouragement aud protection to
the labor and wages of our laud, is
ueanr the deelarations and desires
otorgoaizatloHs of labor than its
free trade opponeut, the democratic
party. The conflict is between the
American system, as represented by
the republican party, which would
foster and encourage the labor of our
own people, aud relaiu for them the
marcel ana wages or our own coun
try ; aud the British system as rep
remnted by the democratic party,
which would break down the bar
riers of protection and -throw open
our home market to the productions
ef fereicrn factories aud foreign
labor, thus makiug idle our own
toilers and reducing to a lower level
the standard of American wages.
When the Knights of Labor and
kindred organizations shall have
obtained iu foreign lauds, the same
commanding position and influence
enjoyed in the I'uited States, the
Inequality iu wages will disappear,
ael by levelling our wages down,
but by levelling their wages up. It
is rar better to level up than to level
down, as the larger the income the
larger the power to consume. Until
this equalization can be accomplish
ed and until the wages of labor
abroad shall equal those at home,
there must be a proper reconstruction
ef immigration, ao that our land may
the degraded labor of the bal
ance ef the world. This reconstruc
tion supplemented by a continuation
ef thorough, systematic organization
ef the labor already here iu conjunc
tion witti the Americau idea of pro
tection to American labor, cannot
fail to secure for our people the best
results of their toii, aud by our
example, lift the labor of the whole
world to a higher aud better plane
of existence.
Which ever iarty wins, something
must be done to regulate more
strictly this importation of foreign
labor under contract aud the immi
gration of pauier dependents. If
aethiug should be done, then demo
cratic success would mean not only
free trade is goods made by pauper
labor, but the importation of both
the labor and the goods; while
under free trade and goods there
may be certaiu lines of labor made
idle. These Hues must turn to
ether means of employment aud
thHs by competition coniel a lower
rate or wages to those already em
ployed therein. The Miwer of a
werklngmau to consume depends
upon what he receives fur his labor.
Unemployed, his power to consume
depends on charity or cease. I pre
fer that Arn-rica should be a land of
workers rather thau a land of thieves
and paupers.
What is true of the individual is
equally true of the nation. The
primary elements of national wealth
and national prosperity are, produc
tion, distribution and consumption.
What ever affects the power of labor
to consume, affects Uie entire Inter
ests of the nation. Whatever lowers
the wages of labor, affects Its power
te consume. Aa "average reduc
tion" ef 7 per cent on the cost of
goods Imported will not compensate
American labor for the loss of 100
per cent In wages in the lines affect
ed, and from 1U0 to 50 per centum In
wages la the lines of employment
by the substitution of the free trade,
Tor the protective system. I hold
It te be tar wiser statesmanship to
build up and retain our home
market by system that protects
America, than te commend a
market la foreign lands secured by
the wholesale degradation and pau
perization of our own people.
Every dollar ef labor value Im
ported, is by so mueh a reduction of
borne laborer' wage. This axiom
la set offset, bv the declaration that
there are mere roods la the Imported
dollar's worth. The position of the
protectionist is rather strengthened
by such a specious presentation of
the matter, because the question is
then Incidentally forced upon eyery
intelligent man. How can the
Am er tea a laborer earn dollars
ir the Industry la which be
la experienced Is transferred
te foreign laads? the theory
et protection advocated by the re
pablleaa party is the same as the
underlying principle upon which all
labor eraalaatieas are founded. A
friend te organized labor that be
lieves ia organization as a means to
enhance and Bialataln wages, caunot
consistently oppose a party that ap
plies to all labor the same principle
or protection from aafalr competi
tion that the individual trade
organizations do to aid la advancing
wages la their respective trades and
the protective system demanded by
the republican party will secure for
all the toilers la the land a similar
fostering care. That this Is clearly
aanemooa oy most ei me tuinaiog
leaders et organized labor is proved
by the declaration recently made in
favor ef the American system and a
heme market by the presiding
Seers ef the organization repre
senting the Iron and the glass in
dustries ef the Uailed Btates.
There is ao better organization of
aay one trade than the Amalgamat
ed Association of Iron and 8 1 eel
Workers. There ia bo trade more
thoroughly organized or better disci
plined than that of the window glass
workers or one ia which higher
wages are paid. The warnings of the
Seers representing those trades
against free trade are very signifi
cant and shoHld be heeded. Careful
eeaddentlloB ef all these facta con
risees me that the present la a grave
crisis ia the geUUe&l afklra of our
eott&lrjiutfl 1t bo right to
of ourselves to adjust the custom
duties with reference to our pro
ducts, industries and taxes, so as to
do the greatest good for our own
The changed conditions of the
world within the last twenty years
have been in favor of protection.
That is the practical evolution ol
enlightened selfishness. The great
statesmen of Germany and France,
Bismarck aud Thiers, round it so
arter the Franco-Ueruiau war.
The changes especially nll'ect the
labor question, and among them are
these: Capital is now cheap iu this
country, because industry has been
prosperous and the public credit
maintained, aud it can be trans
ferred about the world by telegraph.
It Is interested iu protection, nut
not so profoundly as labor is. Cap
ital has many chances of taking cure
of itself. It is iu the hands of ex
perts, who can flash the evidence of
it across the ocean, and change the
golden eggs from nest to uest bj
Labor has not celerity or facility
for this. It moves with difliculty,
while the products of labor are waft
ed about the world iu a wonderful
way. The cargoes of the modem
steamers are treasured by the thou
sand tons, and the Atlantic is p.-tsed
in less than a week. This applies
the protection there is iu duties
especially to labor, aud makes It
The pretense of the Democratic
party that it is the friend of labor is
abomniably false and contradicted
by the whole history of the party.
Slavery was the uegredatlnu of
labor. The defranchiseiueut of a
million workiugmen iu the Solid
South for the benefit of the Demo
cratic party Is another degredatlon.
Thiuk of the capacity for Impudence
Inmen who do this, and yet go gab
bling about the Chinese.
The Cleveland campaign, marked
nut iu his December message, was
clearly, In the first place, to destroy
the duties that are protective. That
was the purpose of the plan. It was
for that the whisky tax and tobacco
lax and sugar tax aud the tuxes on
miscellanies and luxuries were to be
retained. The duties for protection
were to go to carryofrthe,,nurplus;"
and now that the surplus Is goue,the
Cleveland crowd still want to de
stroy protection. That is their ob
jective. Cleveland is a dull Copperhead
from the large town in Ke York,
furthest from the city of New York,
and his opinion possesses no value
Mr. Carlisle, elected Speaker by the
votes of Democratic Representa
tives from Republican districts, is
capable of Intelligent opinions. The
Committee of Ways aud Means dis
plays his views. His platform is
found best expressed In the Confed
erate constitution. Thecompositlnn
of the committee shows that the
programme is to adopt the Con
federate constitutional prohibitory
policy. It was that policy that gave
the Confederacy the sympathy of
the British. It wns a proposition on
the part of the Confederate Htatcn to
go back commercially to the posi
tion of British colonies. This is not
the course we prefer.
3tn roiruEKLrs good advice.
A recent number of the Journal of
United Labor contained an article
from the pen of Grand MaBter
Workmau Powderly, whlcn has the
saving grace of common sense. He
distinctly recognizes the tariff question-as
the oue to be settled at this
election. He insists that the prin
ciple of protection extends much
farther thau that, aud be Is right
about it. Xo oue claims for protec
tion, from the ruinous competition
of European cheap labor, that it is a
panacea for all the ills to which
Americau industry is liable. Its
benefits are far-reaching and many
sided, hut not universal. The point
Is that the present campaign is the
culminating point, the final contest
between tue two iioiicies, a tartu lor
protection aud a tariff for revenue,
and no other phase of protection cau
be settled, however much agitated,
at this oint Taking this central
fact of the political sttuatiou as hit
base of calculation. Powderly gives
the following wholesome advice:
"The main iBsue before the eople
this campaign is 'larilf or revenue
reform.' Every speaker for either
of the two great parties will discuss
that issue whether he knows any
thing about it or not. My advice to
workiugmen is to hear both sides,
then judge, aud at the November
election vole as conscience dictates,
and iu accordance with opinions
formed through being convinced
that the Issue for which you vote Is
The Republican party asks for no
blind following. If tlio foregoing
advice to make a careful study of
the subject is observed iu good faith
there can be no doubt of the result.
It is not a question of au abstract or
abstruce nature. On tho contrary
it comes right home to every man's
door especially if he be a wage
worker. The farmer is quite as
much benelited by a protective tariff
as any oilier class, but his benefits
are indirect aud consequently not so
easily discerned. The men address
ed by Mr. Powderly have only to
And out the wages paid in England
and on the continent to workiugmen
iu their line, and the cost there aud
here of such Maples as flour and
meat, and then tlgure on the co-it ol
transportation across the ocean, to
see just how free trade would a fleet
them. It is nut necessary to go into
the general subject. Each class of
iudustry can investigate the subject
from its own standpoint.
Iu this good work of canvasssing
the political question of the day
employers can render their men
valuable service without any inter
ference with their freedom of
suffrage. There would be no de
fense for employers who threaten
their men with discharge it they did
not vote a particular ticket, but It is
certainly commendable in them to
explain the conditions and the
probable results. For example, a
manufacturer of steel rails would do
well to make out a plain statement
snowing the inevitable ellect upon
that line of business of the Mills bill
if it were enacted. He could ea-dly
show them what reduction It would
be necessary to make in wages at
that particular mill to euable it to
be run at ail. No employer can be
expected to keep his plant iu opera
tion at a loss. Such a statement,
intelligently and honestly made,
could not fail to be useful. The op
position would assail it, aud if there
were error In the figures or flaw In
the logic point it out, but if it could
stand the test of adverse criticism
he more it was assailed the better.
Mr. Powderly does not commit him
self, and perhaps in his position it
would be iuexpedieut for him to do
so. He is, however, too well ac
quainted with the subject not to
know that all the roads or honest
Inquiry touching the relatious of
domestic labor to a protective tariff
lead to ttie Home or itepuullcanism.
It is simply impossible for It to be
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Paul Jordan
Indianapolis, Ind., Kept. 4. At
Kort Wayne, on his way from
Toledo, General Harrison w'as given
an enthusiastic reception. He spoke
on tho tariir question and in the
course of his address said:
"Ask any ot those who assail our
protective system whether they do
not believe that, if their iollcy is
adopted, a large amount of foreign
made goods will come into this
country. It is their purpose to in
crease Importation iu order to
cheapen prices. I think I may safe
ly ask you to consider the question
whether tho cheapening ol prices,
which they seem to regard as the
highest attainment of statesman
ship, Is consistent with the rate of
wages that our people enjoy uow;
whether it will not Involve, If we
are to have foreign competition
without favoring duties, a reduction
of American wages to the standard
of the wages paid abroad. Ap
plause 'Do you believe for one moment
that two factories, making the same
product, can be maintained where
one pays 33 per cent, more to its
workiugmen than the other? Is it
not certain that wages must be
equalized in those competing estab
lishments, or the one paying the
higher wages must shutdown? Ap
plause, and cries ot "that's too
"Here In this city of Fort Wayne,
so Important and so prosperous, we
have a flno Illustration of the accru
ing advantages of a large factory aud
shop population. It has made your
city prosperous as well as populous,
and It has made these outlaying
Allen county farms vastly more
valuable than they otherwise would
have been. These interests har
monize. But I only waul to ask
you to think upon these questions;
settle them in your own minds, for
it is agreed by sll that as they shall
be settled one way or the other.your
luteresta and those of your friends
and of the community, and of every
like community In the country, are
to be affected favorably or unfavor
ably. I now appeal to you to review
these questions, to throw off the
shackles of preconceived notions
and of party and prejudices aud
consider them anew In the light of
all the information that is accessa
ble to you. If you shall do that I do
not doubt the working people of
this country will, this November,
forever settle the question tffat
American duties shall, ljy Intention,
by forethought, have regard to the
wages of our working people Ap
plause." Sheridan was a man of perfect
truthfulness. He onee said to
Charles A. Dana, then Assistant Sec
retary oi war: "tne man wno says
he Isn't afraid under fire Is a liar. I
amd arraid, and if I follow my
own Impulse I should turn and get
out. It is a qnestion of the power of
the mind over the body." Ex.
The original alary of "Mary had a
IJ ttie Lamb" is Mrs. Mary E.Ty
ler, living at SomervIUe, Mass., aged
S2. The scene of the incident was
in a school house In Sterling, a quiet
fdaee not far from Worcester. The
amb was a foundling, and Is said to
have figured in the little serlo-coniio
drama as alleged In the poem. It
hid tinder Mary's seat, bat, coming
oat, suffered expulsion, an act
recorded in these moving words,
"And so the teacher turned It out."
The poem's author was John Boul
atone. Two verses to the original
three of the poem were added by a
Fahminoton, Me., Sept. !. The
Hon James G. Blaine addressed en
audience here to-day, shaking prin
cipally upon the tariff. Alluding to
the prohibition question lie said:
"Maine ior the last thirty-seven
years has been under a prohibitory
law. I think the State has derived
great advantage from it; I think the
State is far richer and far better.
Hut we have a party now coming in
and telling us In effect that Maine
hod better not pay any attention .to
prohibition until we cau orgauize a
National party, and we cau suspend
temperance in Maine practically till
wo convert Texas and Alabama.
That is precisely what this National
Prohibition party meaus, for those
who talk fraukly avow that they
intend to defeat the Republican
party and bring the Democratic
party iu power as a temperance
movement. Lauehter. Going to
to take the Democratic party iu
Maine to promote temperance.
I Laughter. And this Prohibition
party, outside of prohibition, is en
tering into partuersip with the
Democratic party to defeat the Re
publican, if that were iiossible, iu
Maine: to elect that saintly embodi
ment of prohibition and temperance.
uaviu is. nui, uoveruor of rew
lork, aud all over the country
stau tne itepuuucau party .
back and in the dark, in order,
say, that the Democratic party
be bronght into power. Then there
will be a reaction against the Demo
crats, and by some political process,
of which the working is not yet ap
parent, the National Prohibitionists
will come into power. Fellow cltl
izens, the Iteupblicaus of Maine
have worked many years in and for
temperance reform, and will not
turn back from the good cause. But
the immediate work this year is to
defend the system of protection and
insure good wages to labor.
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Salina, Kansas.
And Superintendent. Itooms in Walton
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Impure and Impoverished Blood,
Boils and Carbuncles,
Scrofulous Swelling and Ulcers,
Consumption of tho Lungs,
Catarrh of the Lungs,
Bronchitis and Chronic Cough,
Liver Complaint,
Chrpnic Diarrhoea,
Delicate and Scrofulous Chililrcn,
Nervousness and
Nervous Prostration,
Nervous Headache and
Sick Headache,
Female Weakness,
All Diseases of Women,
Nervous Chills,
Nervous Paroxysms awl
Nervous Choking
Hot Flashes,
Palpitation of the Heart, '
Mental Desjwudeucy,
St. Vitus's Dance,
Nervousness of Females,
Nervousness of Old Age,
Pains iu tho Heart,
rams m tho Back,
FailitiK Health. Summer Coninlaint of Infants.
All these and many other complaints cured by tins wonderful Nervine Tonic,
As a cure for every class of Nervous Diseases, no remedy has been ablo
to coiuKire with the Nervine Tonic, which is very pleasant and harmless in
all iU elfccts uikiii the vounge-t child or tho oldest aud meet delicate individ
ual. JMne-tentlis ot nil the ailments to which the human Family is heir, aro
dependent on nervous cshaa-tioii and imKtired digestion. When there is an
insufficient Mipply of nerve final in tho blood, n eeucral slate of debilitv of
the brain, tpuial marrow and nerves is tho result. Starved nerves, like
starved muscles, lieeume strong when the right kiud of food is supplied, ami
a thousand weakncHuiul ailments disappear as tho nerves recover. As the
nervous r-ystcm niut supply all the jxiwcr by which tho vital forces of the
liody are carried on, it is tlo fiit to suffer for waut of perfect nutrition.
Ordinary food lics not contain a sufficient quantity of the kind of nutriment
necessary to rcjmir the wear our procnt mode ot living and labor imposes
upon the nerves. For thw reason it liecnmea necessary tliat u nerve food bo
-tipplied. This recent production of tho South American Continent lias lieeu
found, byanrdvins, to contain tlie essential elements out of which nerve tLsue
is formed. This accounts for its magic power to euro all forms of nervous
Money at
Low Rates
On choice security
Rear of Crippen, Law
rence & Co.
CKJtWFOMttVlUX, IsPl, Aug. 30, f6.
Th ffe ftnot SomU, Amerirtm JMidw Oi .
Ukir (lEMT: I dcKire to My to yon Ibat I
bare Mineral foraanr rears with a rcrr wri
ousdiMtweot the Momu-li and nerrem. I tried
ererr moueine I could bear of hut nothing
done me nur apprrriabli- itinxl until I whs wi
Tiwltotrr TOttroreal South Amerhau Nervine
Ionic and Stoma h and l.irrr turr. and dure
twin sereral Ivttlronf It I niiint n that 1 am
turrnriMl at ita wonderful wrn In enre the
tloBtacli and general urn .r-Uni. II ererjr
one Lnew the value of llifs n rued) a I do. you
nouM nut be able U) mpply Ute d uund
J. lltRUU,
Kx Trean. Mut).-im.rr Co.
Mr. eVttemrm Bond, a member of the Pnefclr
of FrieDfKof Darliuaton. Ind.mjr I bare
used twelve tartUea of TbetireatNxrih Aweri
ean N'erTlBeTonle aud Stomach and Llrerfure.
ami I consider that every buttle did for me one
hundred dollan worth of nl. because I hare
not bail .a good ubtht a leei fur tuenly yean
on account of irritation, pain, horrible dream,
aud general nervous pnMratioti, nbirh baa
been canned by ehrnnfc indhtettioB anil '1'
ila ot the atomach ami by a broken don
roaillthHiofniynerrouaayiiten. Ilntnuwlean
lie dowu aud ileepall night a tneetly ao a baby,
and I feel like a aouml mau. I do not think
there baa ever been a medicine lntnxlueed into
thit country whiefa will at all com pa re with
lutm .icfiiue louic as a cure lor loe HHUIMU II
Ciuvrronniiviux Im . Mnv 19. !fA.
My daughter twelre '. -ara old, had been af
flicted for leveral month with borea or K.
YltiM'a pance. She u rrdnil to n akelrton,
could not walk, could not talk, muld not swal
low anythiUK but milk. I hail to handle her
like an infant. Doctor and nelanltora gave Iter
up. I roramemvd giving; hertheSoutn Ameri
can Nervine Tonic: the effect were very inr
prlsltHT. In three days hc waa rid of the ner
voutnei. and rapidly improved I'n'ir buttk-4
cared bcr completely I think the South
American Nervine t'i grandest r tnedy ever
discovered, and tronld rreomioend It to every
one. Mb. Y. 8. EsaMINUEK.
Sale of Iiultma, .
JfMl&imfry Gtwtlf, m
Sulvcribnl and yworn to before tne thin May
19, 1SS7. tius. M. Tea m. Notary Public.
CRAwroBMTiU-r, Itm, June 22, 18S7.
My daughter, eleven yean old, was seven ly
afflicted with St. Vita' Dance or Chorea. Vie
gave bcr three and one-half bottle of Foutkt
American Nervine ai.d the it completely re
rtored. I believe It will core every case of St
Vltru's Pasce. I bare kept It In ray family for
two yean, and ara ure it h the grnteH rem
edy In the world for IndieeMhHi ami lri-p-ia.
all forma of Nervous ltitorders and railing
lltalth from, whatever cause.
JoH.t T. Mwh.
IhmlgmnfTy Omny. "
Sntocrlbed and aworn to before me this June
2, 1887. I HAS. W. EHJHT,
Notary l-ntHc.
The Great South American Nervine Tonic
"Which we now ofler you, is the only alisolutcly unfailing remedy ever discov
ered for the cure of Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and tho vast train of symptoms
and horrors which are the result of disease and debility of the human stom
ach. No person can aflord lo pass by thfe jewel of incalculable value wlio is
afTectetl by disea-e of the Stomach, because tho experience and testimony of
thousands co to prove that this is the one and only onb great cure in tho
world for this universal destroyer. There- is no case of unnialiguant disease
of the stomach which can resist the wonderful curative wwers of the South
American Nervine Tonic.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve In lUe world for
Cuts, Braises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chap,
ped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and
all Skin Eruptions, and. positively
cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents per box. ForsalebyHuches
&Oo. tf.
XiaaoCBt FACtriC
Paaaentrr, mall, arrives from west UNium
Paaaeneer, mall, " ea.t .. K20p.m
Accommodation " eait... 4.16 p. m
Accommodation west lL20a.ni
rjsiow PACiric
MaU-expreas, going eaat, arrives ...18.49a.m.
Night mailtapreaa" " . ..lLp.a.
Accommodation " "... 8.13 a.m.
H!!"??pree,,mlr't1ve .. ta p. m.
Uall-Exprrtx. going west " .. tJUium.
Accommodation, going west, arrives t0 p. m.
nerasMOM bbaxch (tr.r.)
Passenger, leave Halloa 4.15 p.m.
Passenger, arrives at Salln ULa.m.
Mixedleaves Salina J8a,m
Klxed, arrives at SaUna Uop.m
Passenger, leaves L45p.m.
Passenger, arrives lfl.15a.in.
MLaod, leave Halloa 11 JO a. m.
tuxea, arrives atuauna (40p.m.
.. ircaisosr, TorcKA A saxta tz.
Matl-Expresa, going east, leaves .. 8J0p.m.
Accommodation " " ..7J0 awm.
Mail-Expresa.golngwest.arrtves .1IJB ajn.
Accommodation " 3J0p.m-
Through Passenger trains East.
Depart 18J0 a. m. arrive at Kansas City S.M
p. ex, BtJoe7.ru p. m.
- iXp, m. tor Wichita, Wellington,
Caldwell, and all points south and
' Tnroagh Passenger and Express west.
Arrtve-JU p. m., from Topeka, Kansas
City. St. Joe and east.
" Mop. ra-, from Wichita, Welling
ton and sooth and soatBweJL
Local Accommodation.
Arrives HjOO a. m. vest.
Departs J-30 p. m., going east.
Free reclining ehalr can on all passenger
trains. They are tne most comfort assuring
vehicles or their cits In America.
"or rates and general Intbnnatlon con
cerning toe great Bock Island Itonte call on
or add ma,
O.r.iT.A. local Ajesl.
AiericaH. Freucb ait Eniljsii Mm
Garment Made, (Ml and rilled t
Unlet tram loe
Harriet E. Hall, of Varnctown. Ind.. savs:
"I owe my life to The Great Ninth American
Nervine I bad been In bed for Ave montha
from the cfleets of aa exhausted Stuavarc. In
digestion, Nervous lintralinn and a general
shattered condition of my whole fr strut Hail
given up all bopeaof getting will 111 tried
three doctors with no relief. Tle first bottle of
the Nervine Tonic Improved tni- so mttrh that I
was able to walk about, and a ! w bottles cured
rae entirely. I believe It the W-n medicine In
the world. I can not recommend it too highly.
Mrs. U. nusseH. Sugar Creek Valley. lad.,
writes: "I have used tevend bottles of The
South American Nervine Tonic, and will say I
consider it the best medicine in tne world. I
believe it saved the live" of twoof myphlldren.
Tbey were down Etui nothing appnred to do
them any good nnlil I pnoin-d ihU remedy
It was very surprising how rapidly tbey bulb
Improved on lu use I recommend the medi
cine to all my neighbors.
Mrs. Dk A. Bratton. of New Rosa, Indiana,
savs - "I can not express how much I owe to the
Nervine Tonic. My system was completely
shattered, appetite gone, was eoaahiac: and
r iittlng up blood; am sure I was fa the first
stages of consumption, an inheritance banded
down through several generations. I besots
taking the Nervine Tonic and continued its
ne for about six months, and ara entirely
cured, it la the grandest remedy for nerves,
stomach and lungs I nave ever seen.
El. J. Brown. Druggist, of Etllos, Ms , writes:
"My health bad been very poor for years, was
roughing severely. I only weighed 1 w pounds
when I commenced using South American
Nervine. I nave used two bottle ami now
weigh 130 pounds, awl am much stronger and
better than have been for Sre years. Am sure
would not have lived through the Winter bad
I not secured this remedy. My customers see
what It baa done for me and buy it eagerly.
It gives great satisfaction."
Good "Wex3c ray iotto.
Tth street South of Opera House. 1-ly
Braul Bros. & Cravins
O trice over Pos to trice.
Brareseat the laest Imsrenee Coaraates la
raasss. Aifast and pay ear awn soars, lisre
aaa mere experience imn any etsrr axrney la the
Job Printing.
Magazine work a Srecktltr. Good
work and moderate priees is onr
ninlto. fi. K. KIltTLASD.
Pacific House
TeOl'les & Fostleffalt, Props.
Oj posits ths Coart Uonis,Ssllns, Eia.
Free Bub to and fromTrainB.
BUU. HsrrtaaaeaslHs let CITT PBorESTT at th VardS, COfll
aodFAHKJJIeraaJ el say Seal EstaUArmJy I .Ijilit, -Mi.
taaty. witmaataatiss. ' I &na iJOttxui streets.
The Salin'a Stone Yards,
UMcii Bros. Prop's.
Are now open, and ire
are ready to do all kinds
of cut stone work, and can
furnish, good footings and
For information enquire!
at the yards, corner
The Original Wins.
C F. Simmons. Sc. Lows, Fvofr
M A.StociocsLiTttMnllciDe.Et'i
1S40, la tie V. S. Loort DiruiTS .
ll.Zia, Prop'r A.Q.Sieisieas Liv
er Regal ator. Esc' J Vy Zriha iSML
U.A.S.L. M has for 47 year
cared Issicestiw Biuovsitzss,
irrjnrjxvicx iuabacusost
Arraina- Sova Stomach. Etc
Rct. T B.Rearss, PxHor M. K.
Charch, Adams, Trsak, writes: "1
tmaa a saovu asve oeea oeaa evr
tor year GeswiAe si. A. sta
peas L:vtr Mttncine. I have
aoraebcrs had to sabatstatr
M2eilifl'B stafT KsrTavr Medl
ICsmril Uct bat it deat aaswtr th
fsjuu 'I purpose."
iTSftll Dr-J R. GrxreijEaster 71.
jmfiitg, jstbs&is, s con. aajs
' received a cartage of vow Live
Medicine, and have ased half ot it.
Itwortsbkea charm. IvrsatsK-
better Laver Renlster sad cer
1 Uialy so mors of ZctTaa's ratsaare.
Wwithoot SoHeSi
jea-aL 1
saso, m
aa paRs at CM trees. C
u.r. Fii-ott?
,11 -- tgisjiianaa- TTaia
J!jiixi 1 zzra-i .anz:
I fiaTSatalasnMa
anil bti a 'Tit Vlf TTfat
(.. DmhUttmd Ttai tmrnu
Msbbbl a(-taaf WttttltmttnSHm
-Tloiftlil lfjaaa1 VfcfS A
stMttUfBwm, 9ntvifj33
Direct line to
Kansas City, Atemson,
St. Joe, Omaha
And the North
Sedalia, Hannibal, St Louis
And all Points Mast
Dallas. Ft. Worth,
San Antonio, Houston
And all principal cities in Tex
as and the South.
And the West
Kansas City, Pueblo, Denver.
Train lmllr S, Khiish t'll t t. Uul.
Uetieral IaseBKe mi J Ticket Aicviil. SI
Urn Is, Mo.
"PfTiT 'X'-bJJ-a
Ti M'llrlt orIf fir tlif rtllalIt Nm-ry
MiKk. CImm1 ualrv nirtl exp vm ir iin-
tei-0. MrtfMHt Htrr, MUstluc wev.
tXKLlett HoWI.AMt, NHIwnilH-n.
W .'?
aa jisix
k9 A lmna
The Short and DirectEoute
The Popular and Prefeited Roule
Memphis & New Orleans, La.
Splendid KiuiftineHt!
llHjrHlHcliHt Ciwrkiw!
1'HllriHtH ItaBVt Slw pers!
Trains A lvusnH 'liine!
Throngli t'ulinmn Hufict Skcpers
Kansas City to Now Orleans
Memphis to New Orlean;
isnl shsp Htxnaar vt rar
AHd ttatt at New rleaa lu ilayllht.
Kwaaal trtastlekets-we M sale at all Im
portant sMint, nasllai. t i VrmutaU, Traa
SMlHelltlHs( in mil: 1:
He saw ititi j 11. kit- rvasJ asver tlte
IHlBHitolVntrHl It. It. tin I 11.11. DTlirr Ms
besisil of Ihtovaxti lretMr.
r"ir Oirllt-r lnhrm.iti.i, rt.mititinteata)
wllli in irrvi milnmit c-Mt,ur
tteli'l . " k ill. 'tl, r ..
I'hirasii, III Mnirlil.TeaB.
rams mum ml list iuls.
Bti ..lurh hj. .p. rajMrsanxt. Csa
I believo Plo'a Cttro
Tor (oiiNiiinrthn vavexl
nivllfe. A. 11. lliiWKLL,
r.-1ilor Huoairer FUlon-
ton, N. t., April SB, 1S87.
Ott 1l. AMI tKlT t .1 IM
tlasa-f rITrtlsa IVrftH-t lisl lal -
K, lwar In-tniitli' riifrw r
a ri4 ti r sitj tr oom4 t i I
1 ifnrr llviin.rl I mi itt S I
Life Renewer
I .-. CHAIN 2ELTith
arctn. 9arpcKavary, v-r
Uttesjasl th l0rflt
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l(rttfT lit Uw World U(-ra
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' Klv-tinuitUm. Vt & of HhuI
faltstrss, 1 kiiitnu Uktf trjSnt h No X
i.Mn,IJJlmrTI!riIV1Ttl mmiii
The bbkt f'niiKh MH-
iliip N l"H.is ( t m HR
C"i-fMiTntx. t In Mr I'll
take It Wltlwuil or-re. tftl.
I5y all tlrujrKttls. z
Cams ttniRi 111 ntf ins.
M Cestl'tvli s.n p. T. ., .i Oso I
10 Um. ht ut t
IL-SLOJ W j?l. nif mm t i -m
jswt ('.. a Ho
.,! H If tosay Mor Ntrk.
Hes twe iiiw ol ti sri?.
A -ft. i 1 tt it- i
Vtfm.r 1 J lri.
The only line running solid trains between
Denver and Kansas City
Through Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars and
modern day coaches from Salina, making direct
Family Sleepers free on all through xrains.
Through tickets, and baggage checked througA
to any point in tne united states or uanaaa.
For further information regarding the territory
traversed, rates, descriptive pamphlets, &c. apply to
d. S TEBBETS, W. S. BARR, Ag't.
&! tfLsdHssasHL
VAL17ABUS JjnroajtATlOB j rfjrx AJU TO jlSCtirr KXTjUMti
waaa iw w.irt Birtir sisiijL gr'jm. ABnfor or ZJUS
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S JziitZ? 1 !ii -.t'ivi Ir'a"2s rvT -r-l Jar '
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1 , $?ZC' I -Rife' !"i ssmaTk9&iE3fZ i&C
riiT ..aiiti r-i i" 'i-riti nPTrtm n O "tini iiii vt r'7,1,i
'gUfhXs. ja,-.li?S.as--a,lKiigg;Jf, Jrat -AV . lOP". t -i
9 com W oheasfrrtiBTtiuptng of central Hues affonSa t&a rmtcfteat. isaAusr.
Warr-3MtoCBlltte in Kansas. MebrwkaT cSSr! NewSr
saaMAl91jsaaiTSa8.,UJ'3 tbo lodlan Territory lmsmMttoriolaM
aaKT.1 M WLal PRPffl-tunU eectiona of ti&aiwMB'SS
BmM&mJMWVMUvrtioe0 cereal, Tosre4eblei and fruit prcacta. aaS
borsea, cattle, socep ami erxtue challonfre. the admiratioii of ths trorM. asmSS
tho tmndreda or Sounabios dUea andtS was oc lSTrcato a braSobabwS?ff
WchHa, Kansas CKy, Sallsa, . SLXateph, Pawnee CKy. Alva.
wemtfin, mil, awtwosi city, wefsaa, Btnc9, WMfeCMy.
Maouio, Tteka, Htfrroa, KfristtM.
PWtiJwterB, Harroa Jc.. Cky Cuter. PmbbV. .
Nwlas. Salwtlia, Haatlaa. FarrbarV.
VVWfG Ulljf
HsleUtaaD, Abttwe,
lajxnwKataofwtoTrtt&eBii6-ota any uanlKOTtelrSSS5,l!
af4SMn aajaaa4B aaf I1. aavat aai arisH J sa ?.-. i .
B&IUSA. BOOTK ibr Spirit aV?J B 1 3 fl g uiio iSue? &S?
conamioaa Bnea rutmlnK Sotub and 8octhwee to f i?aclncoBC
ana iaxory ot its accoan. odatlona. Besant Say badte. rearrul BrrfinrrTrr
ClaaJra (seat FUSS) and bertns at .eduSil tamwntaSsit Psesba
cScUrTcSeuS CnkHl DePt " " tWBjlMl POtotaTiSi btsrar
AMJOOarb tho Chicago. EAN3A3 & NEBBA8KA ST to of araodart)
if ia or aodjfra emsi-
etmcaon. tho eoadlty of Its permanent ttuy, iron and 1
rrtosobrtdye3.srteeltrriefc.enid the rerteetlon of its roiansr I
ctodc. aro cnaractertaOca which ideniliv it vtih etu. sarMrtr I
IRIiANO as a qortuy coraponenc port of tne Dnrrot ey
UTSl. A& " " H2M. nsersiHi nv- 1 IMI or UtT nr ?a. .
0KT?too?iarSSB7deS,r0d iatormM W to jrSSSSeat
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