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Highest of all in Lcavenmg Power.
The Journal.
. It KlltTI-AMI.
Kriitorand Propiletor.
Tiichsiiav. Marcli 9, 1693.
This a f peculalve age In which
we live. Husiness methods govern
men, rather than sentiment. Real
izing that Salina lias too many
newspapers, anil not wishing to add
more to the investments, I have al
ready made here in the printing
bu-inei-s, I choe rattier to Hell than
liuy. With tliin issue the Bai.INK
Ciiintv JouitNAi. property, together
with all books and subscription ac
count' to date, becomes the property
of J. I., HrMow, who will consoli
date thf JotitNAi. and JlrpuMirnn,
thus making for Salina the very best
newspaper property ever established
in the city. It will concentrate un
der one head the buslneB and polit
ical ititercstsof thiHCommunity from
a republican standpoint, which will
no doubt lie fully appreciated by the
public generally.
I etill have much to occupy my
attention in Halloa, and do not con
template a removal, but will hence
forth dn.p the newspaper feature.
Thnukii't; the many friend of the
Jot tt.NAl. for their evidences of ap
pinvil of my ellorti in the past two
year-, and bespeaking for Mr. Hris
ttt the brilliant and successful fu-
tuie In Salina his untiring eirortsde--crvc,
I lay aide tlie pen for active
duties in other line".
('. It. KlKTI.ANll.
Ci.i.vt i. ami's I'm still bother him.
Tii Hen Martin, et al: "We told
3ll Ml "
Antl.KNK w:in ts straight republi--:uii-iii
from councilman up.
Ta-ica ica i:oom-iik-av was not
written x pressiy to remind a Kau
h.in of the boom.
In spile of Simpson' opposition
tin- Cherokee Strip will be opened
for settlement this spring.
Tin: anti-option bill was killed by
a vote nf 17i to 121, Jerry Simpson
voted agnin( it and Kuustou for it.
A.mitiiki: "billioii dollar" Con-gre-s.
The report that this is a bil
lion dollar country seems to be gain
ing giound.
Tin: governor's Home Utile piliey
should lie outlined to Gladstone it
tnii.'li! give tlie "grand old man"
pome ideas.
I-"ai 11 Kit ISkaiii , Vicar General of
tiie Catholic arch-diocese of St.
I .Hi-, died at his residence in that
i-itv Moudav morning.
Tin: Fifty -eeond Congress, which
expired lj cou-tilutional limitation
at I- o'clock noon last Saturday,
ph-cd wo liill-, whicli became laws.
Tin-: fusion democrats read Cleve-lainl-
inaugural address with a great
deal of apprehension. As they pro
! "I, their apprehension did not
Ci.i:mi:ns will review the Supreme
Court's decision for publication only
in popiili-l papers. Some strong re
build testimony from a No. 12 would
do Clemen's n great deal of good.
A 1 t: -ucli lights as John Heatou
made against the Creenlee bill In the
house last week, will entitle the in
individual, if not tlie party he be
longs to, to be classed as a corpora
tion tool.
No wonder the pop leaders figured
with the lottery shops of Kansas
City in the appointment of police
commi--ioners. They were so ac-cu-toined
to fusing, they could not
be cxMCted logo it alone.
Till: pen that Onv. Levelling used
in piguing the joint resolution sub
mitting ihesuU'rage amendment was
afterwards given to the Slate His
torical Society. Th" pen Jim Legate
signed that $3,000 draft with should
aNii be preserved.
Tin: clement that favors the elec
tion of Tnited States Senators by
direct vote of tlie people, are receiv
ing valuable aid from the lessons
given tlie public by the long legisla
tive lights, and the failure to elect,
as was the case in Wyoming and
Tit k reception teudered Benjamin
Harrison at Inilianapolie on his re
turn home last Monday, speaks
louder than any gathering that has
ever been given in his honor. No
offices to give away or favors to grant,
yet thousands of his old friends and
neighbor, of all parties, welcomed
hint home.
TllK opening of the Cherokee ou t
let to settlement will probably occur
sometime soon after April lt. This
is right, as hundreds and thousands
of jktsoiis desirous of securing
homes in that beautiful garden of
I '.den are in an unsettled condition,
ami will remain so until permission
comes to euter.
It- the mistakes a man makes were
thrown into one heap and his sins
into another, one would reach about
as high as the other. A7 Joe Artti.
What In the world is the matter
with J. M. Davis. The above Item
is an editorial note taken from Mr.
Davis.' paper, and would indicate
that he was pondering over his past
when he wrote it.
Wiikn Swan of Topeka, said that
he protested against the passage of
the CJreeulee bill in behatf of 30,000
railway employees of the state, It
might have been well for some friend
of the hill to have answered him in
behalf of 1,000,000 employees of the
farm, work shop, and factory who
have been robbed for years past by
exorbitant freight ratCB.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
For the first time in the history of
this country an ex-president as
sumed the active duties of president,
last Saturday. The inaugural cere
monies were the most brilliant ever
given an in-coming administration,
and thousands of poople from all
over the country were congregated
in Washington to do honor to Grover
Cleveland. President Harrison en
tertained Mr. Cleveland and family
at dinner Friday evening, and to
gether for the second time they rode
in the procession. What an illustra
tion of American citizenship.
Mr. Cleveland's inaugural address
was short, but replete with good
common sense, and while not giving
the public a very definite idea of bis
exact views on questions that are
before the people, yet in a general
way out lined the policy that will
likely be followed. It treated of
eight sudjects, but twice he alluded
to the tariff, showing that this ques
tion is etill his hobby. The money
question, bounties or subsides, pen
sions, the civil service, trusts, the
right of BUllrage, and the civilization
of the Indians were briefly touched
in Mr. Cleveland's own way of gener
alizing, but no plan of procedure was
indicated by him, or any intimation
of how far these reforms should be
carried. His address, taken as a
whole, is an Americau document
worthy the man who penned it,
and the greatest of confidence
is felt in Mr. Cleveland's good
judgment by republicans as well
as democrats. Grover Cleveland
is a stronger man today than he
was eight years ago when be for the
first time took the oath of office as
President of the United States, and
the entire sentiment of his inaugural
indicates that he is the people's pres
ident instead of a partizau tool. His
closing paragraph stamped him as a
man to be trusted, and was a fitting
sentiment to breath as he reverently
stooped to kiss the book of books:
"Above all, I know there is a Su
preme Helng who rules the affairs of
men and whose goodness and mercy
have always followed the American
people; and I know he will not turn
from us now if we humbly and
reverently seek His powerful aid."
A iikikk review of the work
of the Fifty-second cougresss nows
that an automatic car coupler bill
was enacted into law as was also a
National quarantine bill, increasing
the powers of the marine hospital
service to meet tlie threatened dan
gers from cholera, and an Immigra
tion law imposing additional re
strictions ou immigration, but not
suspending it entirely. The Senate
averted the bill over the Behriug
Sea seal fisheries by ratifying a
treaty of arbitration. It also ratified
extradition treaties with Itussia and
other countries, but still has before
It a treaty of-anuexatiou cf the Haw
aiian Islands. The opening of the
Cherokee outlet was provided for in
the Indian bill under a clause appro
priating f7,2,000 for its purchase
from the Indians, 2!io,000 to be paid
in cash and $8, 000,000 in five equal
annual installments. Approximate
ly, -12.1 House and 233 Senate bills
and joint resolutions became laws,
making Otto nuts put on the statute
books as the result of the work of
the Congress. A majority of these
measures were of interest only to
individuals or localities, being for
tlie relief of citizens, for the bridging
of streams, for the district of Colum
bia, for rights of way, etc. An un
usual proportion of the claims bills
were for the relief of Southern men.
Oi.it Jim Legate Is getting bis new
found friends, the populists, into a
peck of trouble. Both he and bis
daughter have failed thus far to se
cure positions uuder the new admin
istration, and he is hot. He is tell
ing tales out of school, and the re
sult is the Capital charges Lewel
ling, Close, and a few others with re
ceiving boodle "for legislative pur
poses," but In reality for influence
in the appointment of police com
missioners for Kansas City. The
Capital' charges are very serious,
ami If untrue, the populists will
have an excellent libel suit an hand
against Major Hudson. What the
out come will be Is doubtful, but a
party that will take such men as
legate iuto confidence and hold
them up as leaders, deserve to be
brought to time. If the Capital's
charges are true, it will be rather
warm for some of the reformers In
high places.
Geo. Maktin soliloquizes as fol
lows In Monday's Oazcllr.: "The
democrats will not find much in the
record of the c ingress that has just
ended to go before the people with in
1SJU. With a majority seldom
equaled in the history of a legisla
tive body, tlie democracy has been
wholly unable to accomplish any
thing. With a programme deter
mined for it beforehand by the cam
paign arguments that it lias urged
with such fervor against the enemy,
it has disclosed its utter impotence
to perform a single one of Its promi
ses. Aud this, with the sole excep
tion of laws relating to the tarill, is
not chargeable to a hostile majority
in the senate. Fer the house Itself
has not done anything that will
bear high praise or serve as a party
record. The democratic party is a
fraud and a cheat."
John Maktin was one of the very
first to present his credentials for a
seat in the Senate after the new ad
ministration assumed charge last
Saturday. Mr. Hoar said that the
credentials just read seemed to be
in due form and to eutitie Martin
prima facie to be admitted to a seat
lu the senate. If there was to be a
question as to bis title upon the mer
its, the senate could pass upon that
afterwards. He moved that the oath
of office be administered to Mr.
Martin. "
The freight rate question cannot
be considered a party measure In
Kansas, as the fight in the bouse
last week over the Greenlee bill
plalnjy illustrated. It is more of a
sectional measure. Trie Missouri
river against tbe state of Kansas,
and Kansas won bands down.
Between the pops and the interior
jobbers Kansas railroads may have
a rocky road for the next few years.
Kantai City Gazette.
Is it not time for our eastern
friends to recognize the fact that Kan
sas Is200miles wldeand 400 miles long
and that the people of central and
western Kansas have a right to live
and build cities of their own which
will create markets within the
boundaries of tbe State equal to
those that line bcr borders? If you
baye made up your minds not to see
It, and to forever contest our right to
do business on equal footing with
Missouri river points, it then be
comes our duty to make you play
fair, which we will do by the aid of
the populist party or any other
power that is willing to right the
wrong. You ought by this time to
realize that a cyclone has swept over
this state, and In summing ! tbe ( aware of it. If the wicked corpora
damage done since tbe smoke has , tious have reallywreted tbe control
cleared away, we find tbe greatett
loss has been sustained within the
republican party's columns. What
caused this dreadful political whirl
wind? We might truthfully tell
you that it has been forming fur
years, livery time an industry has
been crushed out In central Kansas j
by reason of unjuit discrimination. I
a small whirl of dust would rise .
heaven word. When efferts have I
been made to the proper authorities
for reflef, aud failed aa they always j
have, an electric Hash woutu Illum
inate the surrouudlugs, until from
the very nature of things, tbe dread
ed cyclone was formed, and tbe de
struction came. It bit the republi
can parly the severest blow, not be
cause as a party they favored such
a state of things, but because they
were not active enough in correcting
the evils, and because they allowed
men to occupy high places within
their rauks who openly fought every
eiTort for relief. Take the fight Re
presentative Seatoti made in the
house last week against the Greenlee
bill. His course has cost the repub
lican party votes in this county
alone. Men who have in the past
aicjed us materially, openly avow
they will never vote the republican
ticket again. And why? Not be
cause they believe less in the funda
mental principles of tbe grand old
party, but because men who claimed
to be republicans stood up and fought
every sectiou of a bill that is only
just and fair to the citizens of Kan
sas as a whole, while every populist
member voted for the measure. It
is not politics with us. It is busi
ness, ami the man or party that will
not remedy evils that are known to
exist when they are in control of
State affairs, will as surely be tramp
led under foot, a that they Hw
Stop those miserable little flings at
measures that deserve careful con
sideration, recognize the right of
all Kansas to prosper, ami all will
be well But if you do tintquickly do
so, you will feel the effects of an
other political cyclone, far worse
than the one already felt, the eddies
of which are already forming.
Slediie-Hammek Douglass is a
great mau now ami wbeu lie is railed
to dwell with tbe angels the cor
porations will erect to his memory a
monument a few feet higher than
the Elflel tower. Western I'op.i
Why not be more direct, dear
friend, aud state what corporation
will erect a monument to Mr. Doug
las' menory. Is it the corporation
that is inti rested in the passage of
the Greeulee freight bill that Mr.
Douglas so gallantly fought for, or Is
it the corporation thai was interested
in having no legislation, and suc
ceeded in getting a rump house or
ganized to prevent it. Speak right
nut lu meeting. Don't be afraid of
hurting auy one's feelings, but ttll
us all about there wicked corpora
tions that Mr. Douglas is working
Senator Baliiwin has scared tlie
varmints cut of the woods, and
those that have enough ltido left ou
them to hold them together are tak
ing to their boles ani pulling tlie
holes lu after them. Run Tom, run.
Ottawa Index.
The people of the 31st senatorial
district are under many obligations
to the Index for calling attention
once more to "Senator" Baldwin.
Most of them hail really forgotten
who was representing this district
in tbe Senate this session but it must
be Baldwin, as the name sounds
familiar. By the way, bow did the
Senator scare tbe "varmints out of
tbe woods." Did lie get Colorado
Ariz to call out the militia, or did
Gov. Lewelliug Issue aruiuifesto for
tbe purpose.
On Monday afternoon the gover
nor signed the joint rcsoluliou pro
viding for a vote of the people on
the subject of Woman SuiTrage In
1691. A large delegation of women
were present when he signed the
bill, aud there was much rejoicing.
Tbe governor immediately preieut
ed the pen with which he signed the
act to Mrs. Laura M. Johns, president
of the Kansas Equal Suffrage Asso
ciation, and Mrs Johns presented
tbe pen to the sttte historical society.
A ciii'NK of wisdom from the
Chetopa Democrat: "All in the
same breath tlie pops say "the su
preme court is a partisau court, but
tbe Dunsmore house would have
been sustained If we had another
judge on tlie bench." Another pop
on tbe bench would not make tbe
court partisan, un matter if be bad
decided with Allen. Fur consistency
the pop outfit take tbe palm."
The disgraced Col. Hughes, who
refused to obey Gov. Lewelliug' or
ders, will protiably be nominated for
sheriiflliis fall by the Ropubllcins
of Shawnee county Manhattan
ll'op i R-pHllic.
Col. Hughes would no doubt make
a splendid sheriff of Shawnee or any
other county, but what is-the matter
with Sheriff Wllkersou? Would
you ignore him entirely?
CiiAiti.ii: Kihtlanu or tlie Salina
JofKNAL is a mighty good newspa
per man. He is doing tlie work him
self now aud it bea-s tbe imprint of
a master baud. Sallua ieople ought
to be very proud of tbe Jouknal.
Lawrence World.
Many thanks Brady, but for far
ther information we refer you to tlie
notice lu another column of this
week's Journal
The racttbat Mr. Whitney did
not attend the inaugural ceremonies
last Saturday, is not proot positive
that he Is offended. The weather
was chilly, and some men do not
like crowds.
Argentine Eagle: "I'he law be
damu" policy of governor Lewelliug
has received its death knell.
Several farms for sale with 1
tjown at J. Duncan's.
It Is doubtful if an extra session of
tbe Kansas legislature would result
in any benefit. The corporations
have now control of the lower house
and as in the last session they will
block all beneficial legislation that
the people demand, but will cun
ningly substitute ineffective meas
ures. and thus try to deceive the reo
p!e as to their intentions. Next
ele-tioti will find the people so well
organized that fraud will be Impos
sible woe to tbe one who attempts
it Union.
Does Mr. Cobb refer to frauds com
mitted in Saline county at last fall's
election? If so, it might be well
even at this late date to go over the
returns, and see exactly who partici
pated in the various townships. As
a reminder we will remark that the
greatest increase was in strong Al
liance townships, so that if, as Mr.
Cobb Intimates, fraud was commit
ted, tbe people should be made
or tbe lower house from Clemens,
Legate. Wllllta t ! it la In.ll
J . , - .., w- -, . (- ,MV,.U
areauiui, anu 31 r. Greenlee aud bis
freight bill should be squelched
forthwith. Such a beneficent meas-
I Mit ouhuiij u ue iniBeu, wuell 11
emiuates from a republican source,
'It Is aboul ,,me look "l ?"
H1"HS tackle." remarks the Chetopa
'"ii, wnoseeuuor is an earnest
follower of Grover. Even the Item
seems as rest to the weary. After
the exciting scenes of tbe winter it
is refreshing even to think of shaded
brooks aud "bobbing corks."
The very latest news from Wash
iugtou is that Jerry Simpson will
visit Europe this summer. This is
proof positive that Simpson has
made up bis mind never to be a can
didate for re-election again.
Co.NHKESSMAN Davis' paper asks
in display type "Where are we at."
From expressions overheard on every
hand we believe your parly U in com
pany with the mythical McGluty, at
the bottom of the sea.
Gkoveh is pleased with one feat
ure of the situation at least. He
complained of the dangerous sur
plus eight years ago, so the present
condition of the treasury should be
but ideal.
Ox '-'Aturday the only living ex
prpsiti:ut became tbe president, and
the president became tbe only living
ex president. And it was all done
gooti-uaturedly too.
JoilUDSo.v is the way the Ottawa
county Index refers to Major Hud
son. It is hardly necessary to add
that the Index is a populist paper.
Slam at central Kausas from tbe
Topeka Capital: "Kanapoils is a
gooil place for a pop state capltol. It
is a fiat town."
Woulii it not be strange if HarrN
sou should succeed Clevelaud four
yeais from now.
Ol'EN letters to Gov. Lewelliug
ami double leaded editorials are all
the rage.
wauls a jelly fac
It is now Senator Martin in fact.
The Holsington
years old.
Dispatch is five
They still advertise the shows at
Liu.lshorg to take place ill "Ober
Great Bend indulged in a cake
walk last wee); which nested $S(i to
IheX ofV.
Iu tbe first issue of tlie La Crosse
Clarion atler Mr. Baxter took charge
a fir-t class mad dog scare appeared.
A Mcl'hersou bicycle dealer ad
vertises to sell cheaper than his
competitors, and to teach his lady
customers to ride.
Hon. John p. Milliken ol Mc
l'hersou, lectured on "criminality,"
at Lawrence last week for the in
struction of the law department of
the State University.
The "Minute Mau" aud "National
Guard" are having a spirited con
versation through the columns of the
Mauhattan Ji'uttonalM. At last re
ports the "Guard" was on top.
The celebrated prohibitionist. Rev.
I). C. M liner, of Manhattan, has
moved to Topeka. It Is hoped he
will meet tbe equally celebrated
Rev. Todd, of revolutionary fame.
J. Wayne Amos, commenting on
the death or Mrs. Pettis, is reminded
that society lu the Gypsum Valley is
rapidly changlug from what it was a
score or more years ago, and says:
"Then there were but tew elderly
personi. Gray heads aud beards
were the exception, but now there
are many blossoming for the tomb.
This part of tbe county al that time
was new, wild aud weird, now It has
the sober phase of older and popu
lous communities."
Tom Cordry has gone to writing
poetry. This is his first effort:
llu)utml, dear bu-1iinil, come home to me
From the state tioue on Capltol hill:
TIs time ou had Mopped fell this foolln'
Or the f.x! killer will catch vou and kill.
The voice of your wifey U calling you dear;
It Is nearlnc the time to burn crass.
And the people down here lire all saying.
My lote.you arvlessofa Malemnn than ais.
Hul ml, dear hutband, come home to me
I'd like to observe what your at.
What came of your scheme to make us all
TMd you ElTe the old soldiers that slap?
In m afraid your not doing much good, oS up
Tlie papers don't mention your name.
Why dont you break loose and shoot off your
laws all be dammed--that' the game.
Hu'baml, dear huband, come home to me
Or your flve-dollar Instruineul will rut
You're staid lone enough In the capltol there.
Come home or your party will bust.
The old mule Is pawlnc lb stable like mad,
1 lie colt's In a terrible stw;
The old brtmlle heifer has gt a steer calf and
It looks exactly like ou.
TemptraDre Rally.
The Good Templars have arranged
for a grand temperaucs rally, to be
held in the Lutheran Church next
Friday eve. Revs. Baker, Black and
See will address the meeting. Good
music has beeu provided, and you
cannot afford to miss it. All inter
ested in temperance work are Invited
to attend. We have a message for
you. Good Templars are requested
to be present in regalia. All old
Templars whose heatts are still in
the work are especially invited to
take seats with the lodge.
Jos N. See, Chief Templar.
What the Hou. G. Vest says in re
gard to tbe superiority of theHirsch
berg's dismoud and non-changeable
spectacles: "I am using glasses
which I purchased from Prof. Hirsch
berg and tbey are tbe best I ever
tried. It affords me great plersure
to recommend Prof. Hlrsehberg as
an excelleutTjptlclon, and bis glasses
are simplv unequalled in my experi
ence. G. G. Vest."
These classes are for sale bv Fred
eT Itillli acrpnt for Salina eTana.
- ---, o - --- -,
A Parody, Uellrrred llrfi.re tbe 1'hllhar
inunlc Literal, of th K. V. V.
Publlshd by Permission.
Years ago when 1 first heard Dial
there was, some where In the bleak
regions of the wen, n stream of wa
ter known as tltc Smoky Hill river,
I became satistleil tliat the building
uf a great college in that barren re
gion was essential to tbe happiness
and prosperity or the Americau peo
ple, if not absolutely indispensable
to tlie perpetuity or republican in
stitutions mi this continent. I felt
instinctively that the boundless re
sources of that prolific region, of
and and wild cactus, and the pro
digious intellectual powers of the
natives, would never be fully devel
oped without a large and extensive
university, and perhaps not then I
had an abiding presentiment that,
some day or other, the people of this
whole country, irrespective of party
affiliations, regardless of sectional
differences, and without distinction
or race, color, or previous condition
or servitude, would rise in their ma
jesty and demand a great university
in those vast aud fertile saud bar
rens, drained by the surging waters
of the turbid Smoky Hill. But
where should such an iitstutitiou be
Salina! Tlie word fell upon lin
ear with peculiar ami indescribable
charm; like the gentle murmur of a
low fouutaln, stealing forth in tbe
midst of roses; or tlie soft, sweet ac
cents of au augel's whisper in the
bright, joyous dream ol sleeping In
nocence. Salina! 'Twas the name
for whicli my soul had panted for
years as the hart pauteth for the
But where was Salina? Never, iu
all my limited reailimr, had my vis
ion beeu gladdened by seeing the
cellestial word iu print. Ami I felt
a profound humiliation in my ignor
ance, that Its dulcet syllables had
never before ravished my delighted
ear. I asked my rriends about it,
but they knew nothing or it, I rushed
to the library and examined all the
maps I could hud; but nowhere
could I fitid Salina. Nevertheless, I
was confident that it existed some
where, and that its discovery would
constitute the crowning glory of the
present century, if not all modern
times. I knew it was hound to ex
ist in the very nature of things; that
the symmetry ami perfection of tlie
planetary system would be incom
plete without it; that the elemeuts
ot material nature would since have
resolved themselves back into origi
nal chaos, had there been such a
hiatus in creation as would have re
sulted from leaving out Salina. In
fact, ladies aud gentlemen, I was
over-whelmed by tbe conviction
that Salina not only existed some
where but that, wherever it was, it
was a great and glorious place. I
was convinced that tin greatest cala
mity that ever befell the benighted
nations of the ancient world, was iu
their linvinir passed away without a
knowledge of the actual existence
of Salina; that their fabled Atlantis
which was never seen save in the
hallowed vision of tin inspired poesy,
was another mime for Salina; that
the golden Orchard or Hesperldes
was but a poetical syuoiiym for the
paper-mill at Sallua. I was certain
that Herodtus hat died a miserable
death, because in all his travel, he
hail never heard of Salina. I knew
that if tlie immortal spirit of Homer
could lock down from another heav
en than that created by bis own
celestial genius, upon tlie long lines
of pilgrims from every nation of the
earth, to the gushing fountain of
poesy opened by the touch of Ills
magic wand if he could be permit
ted to behold the vast assemblage 1 1
grand aud glorious productions ot
Great Clearing Sale!
Wraps, Underwear.
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Furnishing Goods, etc.
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Salina, Kans., Jan. 2, 1893,
the lyrlo art, called into being by his
own inspired stratus, he would weep
tears of bitter anguish that, lu
stead of lavishing all the stores ot
his mighty genius" upon the rail or
Illon, it had not been hie blessed
lot to crystallize in deathless fong
the rising glories of Sallua.
Yet, ladies aud gentlemen, had it
not been for this map, kiudty furn
ished me by Mr. Kirtlaud, I might
have gone down to my obscure aud
humble grave In an agony of desp&ir
because I could nowhere tltnl Salica.
Had such beeu my melancholy fate,
I have no doubt that, with the Isst
feeble pulsation of my breaking
heart, with the last faint exhalatinu
of my fleeting breath, I should have
whispered, "Where Is Salina?"
But, thauks to the beneficence of
that band or ministering anisela who
have their bright abodes iu the real
estate offices of Saliua, just as the
aeony of my anxiety was about to
culminate in the frenzy or despair,
this blessed map was placed in my
hands; and as I unfolded it, a re
splendent scene of iiiellablu glory
opened before me, such as I imagine
burst sjpon the enraptured vision ot
the wandering peri through the
opening gates ot Paradise. There,
there, for the first time, my enchant
ed eye rested upon the ravishing
word, "Salina."
U people will examine, they will
find Saliua not only lu the center of
the map, but represented iu the cen
ter or a series or concentric circles,
many miles apart aud embracing
alike, iu their tremendous sweep,
the fragrant savannas of the sunlit
south, aud the eternal solitudes of
snow that mantle the ice-bound
north. How these circles were pro
duced Is perhaps one or those pri
mogenial mysteries that the most
skillful paleolagist will never be
able to explain. But the fact :.
ladles and gentlemem, Saliua is pre
eminently a central place, for I am
told ty men versed in the leariiiui;
aud mysteries of the outer world,
and in tbe topography of tlie barren
regions through which flows the rag
ing of the mighty Smoky Hill, that
Saliua is so exactly iu the center or
the visible universe, that the sky
comes down at precisely the same
distance all around.
Oh. beautiful Salina! The Eden
of the Plains! Thrice blessed art
thou. This great iustitutioti, which
is to civilize this wild and wolly
est, ami ironi which are to go
forth Influences whicli shall tell
throughout the laud and be felt
through all coming time and etemi
ty; an institution which has a cur
riculuru second to none of Its in
ferlora, and a football team which N
the pride of western Kansas; this
great university has beeu built lu
thy sacred precincts. Truly, thy
cup or joy Is full.
I have been placed on this pro
gramme to describe the perse
verance aud untiring energy of
one of the promoters of this col
lege, in finding a suitable location
for such ait institution. And shall
I betray that trust? Never! Rather
perish Salina! Perish the paragon
of cities Rather, let the freezing
cyclones of the bleak northwest bury
it forever beneath the eddying suuds
or the ragiug Smoky Hill !
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ami lungs, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
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thkstati: pittas.
Hiawatha World: A Granada
farmer sold -50 shoats fur JTIHI He
thinks this year has been anything
but a Calamity sea-on.
Alton Kinpirt : The 'Atchison
Champion desires to know if Welch
rhymes with npi.leh. Whether it
does or not it will be uell to squelch
Lawrence Journal: At. Arizona
man shot hiui-elf live times through
the head and did not touch bis brain.
Governor Leuellim; ought to hire
him for privatesecretary.
Abilene Dijlivtor: While the
State is voting on equal suffrage
there ought to be a separate ballot
box for tlie women ami let them givi
au expression as to whether they
want tlie right of fraitchi-e or not.
Herriimton Tiim: A level-headed
German populit up at Wamego of
fered to enlist in a home company
"to go," as be said, "and put that
man Blewelliug out of office and put
somebody iu what knows somediug.
Leavenworth Tint': Morton, the
coming Secretary of agriculture who
parts his name iu the middle, is op
posed to wildcat money but in favor
cf the repeal or tbe IU per cent tax
on it That is just the way bis party
stood In tli last campaign. They
were in raor or opening tlie flood
gates but ppn-ed to the flood.
Lawrence J-riml: The ote on
the amemliiie:it to the cou-titutioti
to decide whether or not the women
or Kansas shall herciftcr be entitled
to vote will not be decided this year,
as many seem to suppose. The prop
osition will be voted upon at tlie
cctierat election in lsiii. In the
meantime if the women de-ire to
demonstrate that tbey want the elec
tive franchise, tbey should vote nt
every municipal and school election
Newton HrpuMican: Alexander
Russel Webb appointed by Presi
dent Cleveland in lv'i to l.c consul
at Manilla h:isj. returned to this
country as a missionary of the Mo
hammedan fuilh. lie UM'd to be a
newspaper w ritt -. at St. Lotii-, M.
Mr. Webb has he i, commissioned to
will tile ti.'i.tXjO.IHrl ,ie iplc of the 1'ni
ted States over to his new faith and
lias been given j.'ni.IK it to ln',;in with.
It is thought that he u til build a
mosque at Chica:j aui will work
among the conn ts at the great fair
from the system,
the standard
blood-purifier and
tonic. It
Cures Others
will cure you.
Tlie hirire uml Itext lnv..iill.. ttiir.
mil is Our youth, on!v2." cents ier
vear. Clemens I'ul,. Co.. !t.,v rr-si
San Franciso, Cal.
SeVcrnl ctmlofnera f.ir elft nrnti.
erty. Call and list it. J. IJi'.mwn.
1 lead ou Farm Loans.
J. Duncan.
i 1 fc
huiToirs attkntion.
rlh-tntrat Khii.h. tentorial Asaorla
llioi Meeting.
There wilt be a business meeting
of tbe North-t cnlral Kansas Editor
ial association in Sallua Friday,
Marcli 21, Is'.U, at .".o'clock p. nt., for
the ptirpo-cof electing officers, de
ciding upon a place aud time for a
social session later in the season aud
transacting such other busluess ot
importance to the association as may
be suggested.
The territory covered by this asso
ciation is the Fitth congressional
district ai.d the three eastern tiers of
counties iu the sMxIh congressional
district Membership is limited to
bona tide newspapermen living in,
this territory, ami also to such other
bona tide editors ami pi Mishers liv
ing in tlie Sixth dlitrict as may have
heretofore belonged to this associa
tion and who desire to retain their
membership. All such are urgently
requested to attend the Saliua meet
ing on tlie 21th.
This will be purely a business
meeting, and every newspaper mau
in the territory Is urged to be present.
II. A. Vw.K.vnXK, President.
J. I.. Ilitisrow, Secretary.
i.o. O.T.
The Hood Templars will meet In
their new quarters, over Sam Price's
grocery, to-night. There will be an
impromptu jubilee on the occasion.
The final arrangements for our first
public meeting will be completed at
this time. All Templars In good
standing, in their respective lodges,
arc cordially invited to attend.
Jos. N. Skk, Chief Templar.
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we:iknes-es audderaugemeuis), $1 0Q
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Dr. Pierces Pleasant Pellets (tho
original mid lot little Liver Pills),
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Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, .10
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ach, stimulate tlie liver, restore
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uaus, and thus allord speedy and per-
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iiiniugii uiiuoui ueiay. J.DUNC.J.
Children Cry for
ditcher's Castorla
v a
. )A
Jc - l

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