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The Leavenworth weekly times. [volume] (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1870-1880, July 07, 1870, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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S jfi L'EJ'EN WOBWf WlfiJEity -IMBSr- :
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-..-' L? . j J. j" ' i i-,'"k the cwential nu1nm. Enlthat wcon-
OWHal ruiWf ir Ihe Citf ad jCWMFtiqwfBl, rtllerilA that h pnbtionary, pain
. juts imipinncpna ciuiiiLiu mot nix caciii-
i?i.i 4..-y,i:4IUten throughout. the whole nrrfcni of n.v
our .py .nc rr -" '"
On" a.tiy rit month
Chic aiwir thraf; month
ow ir mie ntonlli
nnen.ltlivrrtil hj
fi vc amis jit w.vt.
wiicntMivrrliivihrGirri-riiiiiirnty, iwcn-(
. . . .- ? '
'lHHm $-
' MlAthIeIaciIontoiiiil
.III.(ir'!i''iMln'a'Mri-ol to f
i-ravcimortli, Kiiit
OKK1CIJ J.""-. 13 A. M SlIAWM-E "TBKKT '
to our pre--, gelling out of repair !
no HippktiKiit will q i-si.ied tiwlrfy.
are under no .Micafivi J.i our Hilcrilen
c ' .- "I
i-Mic a Mijijilinniilj lut elimc done to
iiMnr i.Nrtitl., ami -1WH continue to do
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until Tin: Timfh U enlarged. v
H-c were .giiing W wjr flliyllung aKitlt
llse I-jJItth of Jnfv tint iWr wt f-huuhl re
tinrk lh tlii i the fir-t Fourth f Julv ilc
have cer had, ai.U thatfthe adpih ofthe I forever, and Fit, as In tVerljMir wW, be-r-A
.it 1 .1 1 -. t?.".. I fide the wnA of blackness; that tile
Fifteenth Amcndnicnt has made ft ",' Lfn.hctic1 ,rill which is mo Chriian,
that act took place 111 Mreh last; and weLmort Chrir-t-likeon'earth, the thrill of com-
tuti-t defer our remarks till that day comes, t
ti... .ji....- r..nl. ..r.tlllv..fit...n il.n .lii-l
t. t: 1.. : 1 .t "i.- :....:.... t '.'
"T IIII.Tlll 1MII I. IV fllll.lllVII1!!
,- Pro... "nc Tee' ,,,!U " ,K1,R "
,,' . , "liipun dewv flowers bv a
"" 'Ja,,aratlist millions of
Lunation.. Still our T:itW
ii'iralily m Inilept-ndeiicc day
aiid through
'he leavon we
ill ..I tvilliu inritiin. Aiit; htk-.ii vc
.ire all eiich gs'"'' ihildrcn i- lecauo wc, haL
hicIi pwiscw'irlliy fat hen. TI11-. i" our
Oration, .md it is lontr enough.
OS th" lir-t of July three imHirtant
al cineiiti"n' wcul inti cfletl, 'viz.
: Thc'l
mw is.d treaty wi'h the. North. Gertnin J
I'liton, niluciiig letter rate of ii,ugc from J
' " l . i '- i
ten to M?cnceiiH, by direct n.i te, and fnim j "' y i- ..' ..-.-Kftccn
totrn mntrCi.i 1!iig1atil, lo all the m
Stal'js-aiDljxniiig the 'North (krin.iu )l.ij A YEAR Of PKMPEaUTT.
jurisiliction, in hiding AiMri.i, LtixemlKirg, S It i cstimalarihat Ohio, Indiana, Illi-
AlcH), the iH.iv jiopul comcntKMiK wth
the Itaw.tiLiii Kinuildiii .ind North Hriti-li
t.Viluiiibia re-pctitelj-, rising thu prepaid
I'c-t-c i!il lellti-. lo ca'iM'f tlilKe coililU-lfcs
at i-iv tint- 1K.T single rale, l'oiir hundred
. . . l
nc iii'iii'-y-ordcr offices will lie pu( in oncr-
tioii during tin- pitx-iit iiionth. Tlitmt;
tlilivrrvMMem will nl-o be exteudtil.
Ar .1
1I tlHW
Bstok hjs fifteen free loth
he arc dcvotiil to women. During the first
year (IbW) lfiHO persin attended the
Koston biths. With six' additional hornex
for the second ear ( 1 bt7') over 807,000 at
l.udvl; in 1S05?, Hl,W nttondeil hd in
lW.1 the numl-r of bathers wa 1,021,074.
Of these Kithers, Isns, oftvurse, prejioiider
ate, being four times as many as the men
(malo, over 18. ) Hut the niimlier of women
anil. girl lathers has rfeadily increased, so
that. iiltlioiiL-li thev have fcwer atcommoda-'!
tions than thciuale.-, tiny uumliereil over
l.V,(KHI lastrar. tJ
Xi,v Yoiik has jut Ihtii iircs'-ntctl with
vn'iicwCity Directory"zifor ,ihc'Mvif 'ending
May 1, 1S70. The whole iiiiimVr of names
n.iil.iim-il in it is 0l,il7. la jear's li-(
m fury contained ISO, US names. The in-,
trcasc Is 15,171, against an increa-e during
llm previous year of :i,(H'2. lint whether
tlux figures iiidite an ineretisc i)f jiopuU
lion or mtxlerateil activity on tlic urt f .the
iMmtory canvassers -a le lieltercertaine!
niter thcn'-ult of the I"nitl St-ilc
een-iis I
made known. There are 153 1
t l.. :..
iiiiirviiiTt in
IK answer to scleral iniiiine we pumiMi
Klow the County Kepublicsui Cniimittce,a
gisn in our tile- of V.Io1xt last : , .
Kir-l Ward, Thomas Parting; Seofcid
Ward, John M. Halicrlin; Third 'Vj.rtt,'
JI.im- Allen; I'ourtli Want,' r:lolui
Scholt; KkI:iis . ' Hi It-' Morc;
High Prairie, Sv S. Nichols Al'ixajidria,
K. J. .letrries; Stranger, Henry Keail; Fair
mount, T. S. Town; r-iston, A. !. (.'base;
Shirman, .1. .Icwett; Tonganoxie, J.
Knight; lleim, K. C. Taylor; Delaware, II.
C. Fields.
'.' Us
Mk. Stm:lr in a recent numlier of Iim
Liteiiuivrhrf MoitlJ-nirht, made the liUral
bflerof SSVO for ihe lcst "liWorical skctih of
lb" iiitpll"ctu,i vigor and pnigresS of the
Ijeiiiiau opiilatiuu in North'Awericn, more
particularly exhibiting, (hq inlltiuice of tbci
ttcriiMii-Amciicaii pre. in the ilcelopjiient
of Aimrii'iin iiisiitution, to otxiipy fifty
page-., of that journal, and to lie sent in by
-,May U, 1KK 'I hHaliH -
The I'nitcd States Circuit Court, in hes
frion at Maili-on, Wi-coiisin, Justice Miller'
prciding, while
trjing the ea-e of Charles
t'laiw-afiain-t tl
Jarthweteni ParketAom
fi rAfii
jr-N"r-r re?
lo .1 Miilileii alo-e hv a telegram Inim
W.isliinrtiiii. amciiineiuc th it the old DiV
triit toiut v,i! no more. ThcJudgi
itnecK are iiir.lel as to ibeir alnlar'in the
pif hums. .' "i
1t is s.ii.1 that ihe "protracted inve-ttgalioai
of the iIiji-jcs, made bv Fcnwndo AVood
igaiiisi Oincr-al allaiw,inl are nearly .ready to
rrjsirt. Tlurewill lie twairvpawts onctvin-
pktclv xinalicaiing him, signed bv seveir
Inembcrs aif the committee: ano'lier, of art
... .... ,. .itt
opiTr-iic inaraiiir ov 111c iwo ivmejcraiic
' . I -111". U tlJ3 1 - '
tnemiiers of Ihe ix-mmittax-.
ClXciNJf.lTI ilaims to be, Uie fourth jiuiiu-
fartiirins citv in the Unheal Statas., amly
... ' -i ', ,'t-:
'Xpw York. riiil.HliInln.n and Postoli ilS-
... . '." '. i - ,!-: 3d
sx-iiing n. 1 xst ear 1 11c Tola 1 inanuiacTuna
tire city was$ll!,H0 89, emploVirijj 59-;
Ivil niffsi-linail.s.. nnl M
A L'VM'iiBi.'KfJ man, arresteal asa vagrant,
ptatatxl thsl he had a regular trade, anal
tint was smoking glass for total celiscs wf
thcsiin. He remarked that as tliee"iix'iir
s relilom it was not ta 1
he fsxnicd out of employment a good deal.
I'vsnttsKMAi tells of Greeley, atlxwg
KraiKb, "sitting sadly olvrrving the swindr
ling waa whidi came all he way, from
Europe and didn't i.ivatxnt of tax when
thev landed."
is asserted tint the SpaiuanU cxploreaU- ( - Jt irill 'therefore be lawful lo
Mexico as Iongaga as loo,, and thatf . .. ,,, . ,, ... . , .w
much of the gold and
silver whirjh thev
--tirBt-lrHeiMaDafgnyas RlrfcltlMfaliBaff n-
5on, came'from tirat region. Yet the miner
al resources l ew aicxico nave nex-er neen
dewloped tai any great extent, even since it
was acquired bv the United States. Gobi,
silver, iron, leail, copper, 1 coal, inc ami, salt
have been found in oiiantities'xielding profit
able returns, and eminent geologists predict
tlt. ultimatelv. New. Mexioas-or Lincoln
must become one of .the xiebest minimr
States in "the L'niam. At present the"greatj
slnwhacks to tlM'-developaieKtrrjf tlic nrmes
are the sparscness aif the white jsipulation.
and the presence of hostile Indians. The,
Xavajocs, Apache, Cheycnnes and Conian-
. dies iniest the IVrrlforyJ and continually
ravage ami destrov the property of miners. 4
Until thev can herTcMIn elieckT'it'is'almost,
hopeless to expectany great material aleveloi
ment v 'OT
Thf hum. wtrol vJaKod !fHir'""rr1o
the largest In the -world, "built" at ' Chatham,
England, for the Turkish aw, is said to
Tift TtttftWatnat Mrllcopal "CBiiferenoe in
New Jersey has ruled that nominicteriajlie
conftrence shall marry any divorced iierson.
aayw mmri Um r
Laaaaklaa; Bryi
"Pcicr Bavnc, the eminent British essayist,
L 1 c)0!!4 an article on future punishment in the
LomIob dtriflian Worid in.tlwsc words:
"It b the eternal continuance of evil that
ttirre: anl dre HUt DhlJ1 wtttlMtiMe with, lmt
sj'vJ'S; jilraArativc of, the IRviifc j-errHntm: It
z. ii aitixirbenthe aconr' leads to no amendnieiil:
hen the jntion never hreaku into the psalm.
when mffcrins onlr plunges the rout deeper.
w" o-ill ctemitr, into nm, that the difficnlty be-
comcn ' temhle. We are not Having
"that itFw a difficultv ilwt cannot he over-
coMe, We are not wring that, if this in the
frcrmlctl law of Ood'i unirew. man ix not
i iiirreefit-lfr Pttthrorid nncntton. no anal-
ort tending toreinofcMlK Wflirtiltr of be
lieving this can be dicorcret fliniH the
whole universe 35 known to man. So far a
J"" 1!Se l Pi,erced 'P'0 ,he -
UikI of !iitlrtHs!. w far as the tptamtie haw
e opened to the eye gf man the infinitude of
?lnrtw m the cliamhew of il pataee ot
immenity who. dn n rtarn, the universe
fa one of progrc. An eternity of pause, of
." lin. "f -tnation and
putrefaction, and rsylew despair, and living
death to thii the realm of nature ha abso
lutely no analogue
no anaKKMie. inat trie trmtMiem 01
Divine wrath will roll forcrer over human
liad withwit tlicre lieing vouchsafed them
mtn iKihi nf llirht. one hone of renentance:
that tr!E Atttl of fct "' foW lnc'r 'B8
paivion for the tanner, however dark hi nn,
the Ihnll -wlnrh wouki maKe many
'ne feel
that to task in the softest sunshine
stream of Eden, while
fellow-treatnrcs were
I fciflcriKg eicriiPfjJjirto jRVtij '""t'i ' Sn5,cr
r anguish than t be besilc tnEh'i; arjlfgth"ir
' tnars ana owling their ionguer win
' . . . '. - ..'..4
and owdinir their
heaven he sin; this it is which to bclie
lie w.rrs not. Wherr's AlaniT tin anlmi
Kratiickrnthal xid?
LnVinccl u. the King orihe gardeii.
The Image of !.
TIi.j .1M tlw .Trains! .if iitiptn-tirs male
Iicifcr .boast over.the Must High; and if Ihc
lioasl, after all tliat Christ has done, is to lie
. li 1.. .1 :.. .i:ain : l-i:,-
nojP Kcntuckv and Tcnnwec will this year
prnduce four hundred milliuns of Uishels of
corn, ftad that the money value, above- the
cost-.lif irwUictiuli, Of fLll ihfe Crops Miserl In
tha-cStatcs tiis5ear wiU itefiiitecH Jllilidred
million of dollars. The- are "loud" stiilis
tie, lmt they come from the veteran E. P.
U Mansfield, who jarelyerrs in tliese matters.
-1. , J'ic South never was mi really prosperous
... ;1,r .:,:- ,,. Tho mtlnn
fit Il V WIU.. " V ..V". -. -fc.,..w.
crop, if no calamity occurs, will reach this
vcar near 3,000,000 kilc, and of this two
thirds will 'lie exported. The wheat crop
will have a-largc r.urplus, and the corn crop
still a Inrper one. The last will make the
pork, 1.1M1, ctk, filr cSttortntioir, then there
arc lutttcr, cheese, 'jictroleuni, ami -many
other articles to l exported. Our exports
ofjeotton will reacli $200,000,000; of petro
leum, Imtter, cheese and minor articles, $75
000,000. Tlierc will lw little demand for
gold, iHftf the necessary result will be that
that artieleiwill he lower than'it is-aow. In
one word.wc shall drift rletidili Uitmrdi tptcic
mtuiciil. , yiicn that comes the whole bus
iness of the country will settle down on a
solid; permanent basis. Then and not till
then; can any legitimate s-peculation be safely
ircMiuied. i
, The iircfent pnibabilitien of financial move;
incuts in this country arc to rkatjxn tuonttf,
'produce rprcic iywioi, and when theccome,
to mise"thc price of (Tovernment bonds.
.Unless the Secretary of the Treasury i ca
oTered toioje.Ac'wWic ecui!lies.al a lovrr
mle of irttcre! ; Unless that hapiiens the Ixmds
will rise rhtiidlv, slid Wc thall have o pay a
much higher rate of interest than we need.
Next to laying the debt, the best thing is to
lower the Interest. At any rate, however,
shall. aot-liave-lwtr-wioney very long.
I "'
The crcat money reservoirs of the world are
.full, of gold. Ilie capital of this country is
1 ranidlv
increasing, anuEAiroiw is iuu 01 mc
1 .:, i T,,. future is bnclitcr than me
Rv a curious coincidemx. five names on
,', oncpage (fourctnieeiitively) iii Hie "Norwich,
' : ConiM-eticnt Citv Pircctofy for 1870, read
Slak Thomas, Slow George, Sly John,
Small Nathan and Smart Mary.
Chas. Keade"s new novel has a frontis
piece representing a young man seated venr
tlose to a ery pretty girl, and wlien wc look
at thr. picture, and arc told by the title-page
to "Put Yourself in His Place,'" wc feel
ini-l deueedly like taking the -ndvice. !
'urlHc Journal.
A double team race at the' Fashion course,
New York, on Friday, forapursc of $2,000,
nine near, rcsn uirec in ma., m'wii
Jes.-e Wale, and Itarkne In three straight
heats beating lionet Allen and Belle
three in hvc. was won y
StriiklanrandTGrkwoTsland Meiloc. .Tune
$:325,-i:oTr andlj: ' '
In Paris .1 gamd btory, is told of.a perfumer
iiameil Gucrlain. He had agreeil to lay for
- .l..l.r-..ir. i.iiH'in one of the leadinsc jour
nals'., The writer called him the demigod of
imrfnnirrs- Guerlatn visited him, and rc-
V fciw-irvitinn conaluctor in Iiris has licen
iiiakinat havoc amtaig tlK female hearts in
tlie rreaeh metropolis. He is in the namt
pf leiKkring to the prettiest occupants of hit.
en triage -when he Innds them their change, a
MVrf nWji ctmtaiiiing the thrilling wonts:
iQkladanic:' Under the humble garb of an
onmilus..txnKhictor, I hide the heart 'of a,
'wianof.'spirit, and I aalorc yam."
"The last ciileitic seizure of the Papc, says
th'p K7him liim-aiionalent of the Pali 3fi
'fio-tttr; wa more serious than was upioseil.
It was folhrwcd bv a xiolcnt attack of
ilwrrhaea', which lasted twenty-four hours,
and' Which left'thc Holy I-atlier ma very
fcapblecaindition.'' His health, however, has
srnec im'pnVa'etl, tlunigh it is' not in a state to
bear the strain to' which it is cxiaoscd.
The! Riitiniorc Chunk .Idowifehasthisto
. l..si . - tit. a J
iri alelelice ol woman: -juisanoiu
quid lipn women that they.cannot keep se
crets, but tlie fait is thev are Ihe only part of
"humanflv who can. . A wife keeps her bus-
'hand'ssecrcls much better than be does hers.
We calcitlatc, that' there, is, one drunken wife
'lo four hundtcd anal ninetyrnine, drunken
husbands.: In gambling, licentuaisnctw, ly
ing, 1 In limn, upoiiiiij' aailiiii nr - jhrrr
is pixHtv.Biuch WMiiMfiTBraartion. Yet, of
tlie-four handred and niaety-nine wives four
hundred cunccal, cover up, silently endure
the terrible -secret;, while the one hundred
....... 1 ... kA ..lt. nf kie viCn ia tlip
lusoi 10 jayjor me iiuiiik, .m., ir.
he; k von, leave it o be supposed that there is
a JiVl of' perfumers. lVrhaiv yoa mcsin
i .t .1 IILm.ii,. " al
wondereal at tliarl.. -f niiU,r..and to the ear -of his
ncnt,aajia nminpiy nminww " "
court ol uw.. is inename neiweeii anwi-"
aqd cuter. -,Thc secrets a woman talks about
arc of the .kind that are unimportant, and
1-mostly agreeable 10 near, .duum sanu.
MXTetshe ii asreucent as 111c grave.
- .Thi: .Governor of Massachusetts has
LirTMl.tK hill.inwmlinelthe nrohibitorv law
'Ji.tiueraie, jener, sarong mxi ....-,
heert,The;hill provides that cities and towns
-shail -eecb. vrar vote whether 'the sale' of
f sitting' drirdto'shallbe niade.'withiii their re-
pcciive ruunicipanuass.' , -,
Of the fortvtM awpupecs for caaletships
at West.. Point who. were rejected this 'week
tarVtrJeboeird of 'exaMnners at least oae-naJf
IfKrri,'riaiss'.'mvMl in Washiacton to aee
flic uicaabers w;ho. appointed them.-.A aoa
jojptyf those. jrejeeted were fjroa the SoHth
1 T 1 1. aL aaaVaano il 11 I 1 1 1 a ialirin
ana inaiiue ai uiiw nnunn nmniivis.
'Thb oncsuon: was unarics lnckens a
.im. . ' . . . .
ChhstianT' has been varied thus: "WJio is
competent to decide?" See if hat ia aid
about casting the first stone, Ac; iaad when
found maker.""" ""
The diiKiiwion w tlie Muakipaliiy of Mi
Ian Tularive to the grant for. the St Gotbard
Ranwwa.sextreiuely long and -animated,
having lasted three sittings. The subventiaio
.6na,rmTllioii and a half was nltimately
sanctioned, as already stated; ly thirty-five
to five
rmXEME fiAtMft;
One side of the Chinee hbor .lueJ.c hs,,
Ijeen exhaustively treated In-Mr. John Swin-
ton, inthccir lork Ittbnnt. Tlt.it netl-
known tmblicist is utterly oposed to th'6
x,ninaman wun wages at . . !
,-. ... ... . f- 1 .
and rats and ncc for rations. Mr. fewmton
i a printer, and was once the r orcman ol ,
an office in this Territory; he can look at j dav of last week a man named W m. Clarke,
fhi rttfestion from the "standpoint of the Irving two miles north of Paob, was bittca
- j.-JL, tt t. i-.. .r .1.0 ,i.i I bv a rattlesnake while binding wheat. -The
workiugman: He J aIo one of the ablest j homb . mwing imbed.
editorial writers ui this ciflimty, nwl is able , eJ ,1 jj, m rtecply that the snake had
to examine all public questions frorii a broad to 1 pulled loose. Clarke was immediately
ami statesmanlike view of all their relations. I wit tmder the influence of liquor, and.kei
, . . ...ii- 11 . 1 i:,:. 3 in that conVlitrflW for some time, ami ,t last
Iflus cyHnnhli-Jinliu all the ed.t.ons . j
of the T, Unuc U w ill go far towards creat- , Dkj Corx j g Barbie, "jvfc, Hvrmj
ing in this country a sentiment adverse to i miles east of Dc Soto, in , thc.KaW titer
the Chinese immigration. Wc give below a ' bottom, in Johnson county, Kansas, on the
ffTlefrflllncnfMr. Swinton's statement: J 28th of Jane 1870, cut down a couple of
Tarn opposed to- thhalimit(d influx of amksofgreen wro.out of his fieldjof 23
ri :.L: .- acres, which measure 0 feet ami 8 indies in
Chinese imnugonu aviiiwi.i,h'rfl- r- B- Ulink theW stalks lmt
I am opposed to American uorkmgftyei! , .. f .. .l.,, ,i. .., .r .i, ,.:-.
"iamopiMed toanv such "clieap labor" Anw ,jCtfer- , , . ...
as we should obtain from the Chinese. Tlic nromiy; of grapes in Ihc vineyards
I am opposed to the movement which lias .about Watlicna is excellent, ami Uifrc will
bven begun at North Adams and which be double the amount raised in W-hiffetcrt
threatens to increase till the whole countrvl township of anv previous year, if the
and all its interests and prospects arc pro-j half-grown crop has no back set., We are
foundl v affecUxl by it. - I glad to see tills, for many of our grae grow-
I aiii opixl to it 011 gnjuudsof 1, Race; ers have been pioneers of vineyards in Kan
2, Industrv: 3, Polities; 4, Morality, inis, and diligently labored and freely ex-
tu .iJ. .iu.:.i:n 1;.,.. i..n u.n endel their means when many were croalr-
The .leepe-t dividing line between ", I Ubilm,, , ,; ...rfruking; Uii
d's-ir Mian jmIiIi.si vr religion, Ls rarc. Ihc w, JA ,j)p now Iir,inw,UICC to 1 ruercssdil.
Oermank', Ctltifi .-! I atiri rales haW j
grown t.ide by side for thotkrfrMs Mr&trt, all , u learn from prriie wlni'fiiivcrccenth
(evek.Miiga"progres..icciviliMtion. These j Wted the Republican valley that Jewell
.tmilH'ne.1 ratx-, are tl.e stn.ngi-4 ami m 1-1 ""' U - lrr
f . ruiunng inler ift time to send one of tlicre-
eM, the most pn.gre.ssne an 1 aggressive in ( km,, f tlie cwnty to the next Legislature,
the world. The Chimvc or Mongidi.iti blissl Jewell, which six mwAlis ago, hat! Hit four
h depraved ami a Insc bloml. or five white men liviag Uithin its hounds r-;
Tile Chiimnuti works for onetcnlh of the I s ?vc ,"lm,rc,, )t49Tl.!'r5?'
,.... 1., .1 t i- -ifall.i Parties who have gone from this viCm-
wages dculaiMcd I'r life AtiKriom working-1 ;v ,() jwcl mmiy ere,, hoiiscxou
man. , their ilaims, and breaking up the prairicj
I doubt, on luaiivaiToiints, if the Afiferknil iUIhI arc all much pleased with their new lo-
woukl Mieteed as' a comiictitor with IW ' ea1itrl. Jfo dangcV lis now apprehended
Chinaman on any terms. But he would . fnm the IrMirffH. M-mhvtaH &amlttrd.
certainly have iio'iliantv wlntever on any A Ccbiostt. itr: tktittadv, residing in
other terniS'tlriiriiy llie. abolition of the.'East Fort Scott, has" a ttttet "menhir ami
liodsehold. 'and bv dcnviiig himself thet curious siieeimen of the genus fhrcken. -It
appliances of personal civilization. S that, i
to Use a ruuc nlu-tnitioii, wc may look on '
the industrial contest between llio , American
and Chinese nice! .is a contest of the fctwil
against the bed the otf nd again-t the
loot btrf the "bnMili'lotb of a gentleman"
against the nankeen breeches of a Osdk
theciijovmentsofindiislrv against its hard
ships the better side of life against its I
baser. 1
What Is the advantage i-f "cheap labor' '
to a ctftliltrr? 1 it that it enable capitalists
to pile iii uiorc (.Tpitalj inilliiaMirM to
double their million-, or iiiamifaetiin.Ts to
enlarge their pmtits?
I take it that the only real licnelit of "cheap
labor" is in its elevating the condition of
the masses 'of the jieopk csiecially tlie
working, and pnidiieing iiia-ses increasing
their comforts, promoting their well-lieing,
and furnishing them tlic opiiortuiiity, of
progrevs arid development. It would be an
casv thing for America to obtain Midi
"cijiaplr'brft" as Would result in national
demoralization ami tieira'lalloh: t
The phrase "cheap lalwr" may- iii itself IjP
quite meaningless. That lalsir only is
cheap, in the long run, to a iwople, whiih
gives to the workingman nich returns as
.will enable him to lic a free and manly
life. All labor ehcaer than this-Ls .iulner-
si ve of its own existence
fhir IK'mocratic-lJepubbean system ol
government is hased iipon ojuiar imeiu-(
cenoeand conscience, uoon personal mde-
iciidcncc in judgment ami action. If it be
the most broadly lsrl and in nianyresiiects
tlic .strongest system of government in exist
ence, it has at" the same linlc its weak or del
icate features its (icrils, many and great.
If, for example, the mam of voters .were des
titute of iulitical traditions and ignorant of
"the eiinditions of freedom If they were
vicious, immoral or lieatln nih if they were
negligent, careless, or unconcerned about
their rights and liliertics-f-if, accustomed to
political inertia, Jhey weni deficient of what
may lie called olitical vitality what would
lie the inishot of American Penioerao-?
Even iimler existing cireunistanc'-, our
Kepublican system is severely t rival. We
lue tainted nonh, va-t and dense, in our
great cities. We b.ie four millions of ne
groes, the pnidiict of slivery. Wc have,
iriest-riaMeii, biile-liound massfs f nnc sort
or another. We have a fiarful amount of
oirruption and alein igoguisiii. With
these eluuciit.. all of- which are among the
.WiV elements here there h.is for some limu .
lK3en rcasouoi appreneu-ion. ixTimn kmk
have felt that tlierc was ground of anxiety
aliiait tlic fMolititsil future; and if tliey hac
never allow 1 themselves to "despair of the
Republic," llicy never have fejtthc necessity
of guarding- against the imnwioirof further
elements of alanger.
In iIiim view of the a-f. c-i 11 wc annul to
admit tlic iinlimileai wnoe 1 mix
Iildl the axilllliry is inrcaicm-ai. h -a.
aflbru to add this danger taithc other dangers
wnirli iiMsivire our libertier.? When the ele-
- -. . , ,,., ..r
ntej- trf rtpei J"T li
l. areMl. nw.r,-v '"'iT,."':..".
Isaleiv and
irv an; at
resent, is it wise or pnidcnt M (icrmii an
iinneeessarv ailalilion f fon.es to the wrong
side? It is thmugli inti-lligeiKt; anal virtue
that wc arc able to kasp thestmngyet aleli
cate machinery aif rcihibliran ptvcmiuent in
existence and order; but if the 'brute mass"
become unmanageable liecai-c of ils volume,
all will be thrown into confusion. I make
but a suggestion on this jsiint; which is well
worthy of-deep omsideratioti.
There is a vat amount of sit-isl or sexual
- . ... ..
vice in civilized countries, but Kunijieiin mi-
nioralitv in this rcsiiect is virtue Itself when
.-.mum red wiih Chinese immorality. In
their indecent ami adi-cinc, foul ami morti-
anal ada-ciltc. fold
fying viav, they have gatne to alcptus
which the modem white nice is happily ig'
norant. A a a-oiisequeme the piest loath
Home and alc-lnnlirc diseasen arc terribly
prevalent nmawg tbcm prevalent to such
n orlnil thrat flip bllWsl mill IlllVsll-ll iir-'an-
': .... .ot.1I -.4 al... aiioi-il nml mrntril un.ili -
.:'V .i. -i.:..m,h. .irr. n,fonn.llv:.r-
V. . .... '.r... '? '1.- . ......
fecteal bv them. This is a siinjcct uion
which nothing more iban a hint is ncccssary
for plivsi.-ians anal philosopher-, and niton
whieh'l will say nothing more in this place.
But it is lievond alonbt tint in this rcspcit,
ninmanvthcrs, the beat Inn Immorality
of the Chinese- race. i beyond alcscniatimi,
Ailc ami disgn'sting to any people that lascs.s
thelielter traits of manbaaoal or ihc senti
ments of pride, horror anal aleccney. Ifwc
mar quarantine shij. which bring cholera
infected emigrants to mirjiliorcs, should wc
not iiuaraminc mr ai; ui.iviiihiv "-- -vessel
which woiild bring eniigrants who-c
blond is iioisoneal with a malignant virus,
and whose nhjsical organiration is as mean
and debased as their mental ami moral life'
The Californians bac leen tn ing for yc-aiv
to prevent the tranwrration into that State
of shiji-loads of Icwal Cliincsc women, winch
.r.W litilo morse, in apublicpaiintaif view.
than thesshili-bMds of incctiianb anl Sa.slom
itc Cliincsc men.
On thegronnd of morality, therefore, -ol-cmn
and overshaalowing as well as am the
grounds of race, indu-try, and politics I
object to the Chinese infiiix to America.
tr; Iw said that the Chinese American
treat v which Mr. Burlingamc negotiated at
Washington three years ago, provfdes for
the admission of dunefe to America on
.,..,! ipisaxrrifrrllnerkans to China, it is
enonch to sav in reply that the in'cntion of
this treaty wis, not to allow any such thing as
a wholesale immigration of the Chinese pop
ulation to this country. . Since the treaty
had no such intent a this, it cannot be
brought forward in hs Justification. There
is a popular feeling in this country
againatt afescriruinatioiis between human
beings on the sround of race. It is an
honorable and noble feeling. and I
sy-mpathisxitbJt riff ply and hoi ly. But
it u saere trifling with one' reason t say
that this principle would compel us to open
oar .continental galea to die myriads of de
based Chinese uasaA who are ready to
warm into our towns Evcu the glittering
idea of "All KigUts tor All Men" is con
stantly subjected , to nwdification, in its
theoretical term; as well as in its practical
1 liave no animositv against the Chinese
raie. As human Ujngarand children of
God, I entertain the most amiable feelings
toward them. I would defend them against
anv wrong, under all circumstances. My
indignation has been aroused bv the outrages
nemetrated noon them in California. We
must, in no case. Dcrmit anvthing of the
kind toward the Cfum.se immigrants in tliere
orthem States.
The crop of trufflaa is said to be daxlining
in Fiance.
4 ,7. lf 'in'Fort Scott. Tl.e
i, nr fc nearly comideted, awl wc
team that the poiWUtkm'orthat want will
neaDom 2,000, indicating a population in
the cityf between five and six. tlmtboad.
;... -. - ... ..
line envoi t
The tUtion of Fort Scott will tiot fall
fih, f hn, we !,. chimed. Jforfffo.-.
The Muma RrpWiern learns that on Fri-i
WotKn'i fitpo'iter. ,
something over a month old, rather larger
than thickens nuallr arc at that
has fourwcll devlopeI winr--. The addi
tional -'flyers")on: attached tothelegsof the
chiiii-n, ind are not quite as large as the
wings proper. Th fowl is healthy mid lively
and twrforms extraordinarv feats in the fly
ing line, lieing able to entirely 'outstrip all
crKrts of the ordinary two-winged binUofi
the'siiccie. Mr. S. "takes great interest in
his extraordinary bin!, and
could not lie 111-
dueed to part with it short of a
lilcral eon-
siderntion.' Furi Scntt MenU'v:
Tlic Catholic Clmrcli at St. Mary's Potta
watomie, country i trcttiiig two large build
ings, ousting, in tlic itggrtgnte, the sum of
$3QP,000." A great number of hands are at
work iqon these stnicturcs. One of these,
is dcftigneil for a school and the other for
the "pi-vters." Ofhcr, buildings are in pn
ccss of erection in that t'Liee,: anil if we are
not disappointed,'St. Mary's will eventually
be a city of somci considerable importance,
having one of the finest locations on the line
of the Kansas Pacific railway. Her citizens
are enterprising, and many branches of in
dustry arc MiMC.fUlhr csrried on. "Tiki
Independent. . 1 '
In 1857 the spring opened with tine rains,'
which' continued till near about this, time,
when tliev ceased entirelv. and no more raih
fell until the 28tb of July, .At the time the
ram ceased, aim was nearly w-aisi nigu, ami
all other f rot' looked 'erFiially wcll;lut be
fore the rains came again the grass liecauic -o
ilry that it woiild lairn anywhere, and 'so ilis-,
coaraged were many' fanners 'that they ne
glected their cnijw entirely. A fler the rains
commenced again, vegetation rcvivcal, and
the best crops of corn, rsaatocs, melons, &c,
were produced of any season since 'the' State
was settled. The rains lasted that year until
late in the fall. Si' our farmers have no
reason ta be discouraged now even though it
is a little dry at present. H'deVtaaa Jnwrf.
Linn eountv can Uust of the best stocks
of swine in the State. Charley Campbell has
lately bmught into this county from Illinois
a pair of pure Poland pigs, whirh are really
worth looking at. Mr. Camplx.ll has. for
the iKi-t two ye-ars, raised the simc stock of
liogs, ami the demand lieing so great, he
lias lieeii comjs'Hel lo purcha-c more him
self from the East. Fair the last twocan
much pnjudkx: ha existed ag;iinst the black
In-', but" it is lasitmiiiK apparent tij many
that the black hog L- healthier, aial less li
able to take on the scurf, tlwit hi greatly re
tanls the growth of the white breeals.
Wc erv much admire th Chester While,
UicSufTolIf and the China, but wc aie fully
convinced that the Poland will fat on as liitle
iced, and with a little rare, as any oher
liogsthat are raiscaU, 1'
Wc hae in this locality sexcral, difterent
brwls. all of whiih wdl recommend them-
.',. v , ,,1VP llr , ,, .,nrt
.. -, . '., 'rir ,,;, .P.,i,I,l i.k-
the Poland. Mr. Campbell inform us that
lie has pigs for sale mirst oflhc lime, and
we would sav to thosewlaiiwih to try their
luck withthc "snoilteal" anim il to call on
him and 'gefa Poland. JuVW ltj S.,,1!-
The 'liliitai l.nksir afiajaMitlon.
John Stnart Mill has written a letter to
Henry freorge, Esq., of Ss.11 Francisco, on
leming the, Chinese labor question, from
which we mike the following extract:
That the f .'lunese immigration, if' it attain
great alimenioiis, nnK be economically in
jurious faith" mass aif the present population:
that it must diminiJi'thcir wages, anil reduce
them to a lower state aSf physical comfort
.md wrll-lieinir. I IiSve iw manner'of doulK.
IXoihmseaii le moic fallacious than the at-
lemits lii make out that thin to lower wages,
is tlic way lo raii; tliein, t that there is any
comiaensatlon, in any economiral oiiit o!
icw, to those whose IaW is displaceal, or
who are olrlicedto work for a creatly reduced
1 remuneration
." . I.-. .1... ...
Cm 'general prinapiesini
state of things, were it sure to crntinue,
jiM n..titV tin. pvidnstrin of the lmmi
grantson thegnmnd that, with their habits
in rrxi-cct to iinil.ttion. amly a temporary
gaMcl is alone to I lie Chim-ac" ia""j;Ie ny aal
mittifig ah of Ibeif siirpliis nnmliers, while
a laemiinent hnrmis done in a rmjre' civil-
r izclaral impmvcal siriioii if mniikiml..
But thirc i.mtuii al-a to ic iki on 1110
other s'rale. Is it iiistifiable to assume that
the. character and 'habits of the Chinese arc
unsiisoeidiblc af impnivcment ? Tlie' insti-
tutioiis of the United Stttcs are the roost i-
.... . -:..r e ,1-
tent mcinstnat, nave yei exrsicai an sj.iya..
ingthc miastiniportant element of civiliza
tion down to the poorest ami iwM ignorant of
ihc laboring me. If cerj Chine-e
child were compulorily broucbt unaler your
school system, or tirolcr a still more effective
one. if possible, and kcit under it for a suf-
ficient mmiber of years, Would the Chinese
populatiim 1 in tmie' raied to the level of
the American? I believe, indeed, that
hitherto the nnnihcr f Chinec, bnm in
America has riot been very great, lmt' so
long a this fa the case, so leaig (that is) a
theChinese da not come in families and set
tlebut thaise who come arc niostlv men, mid
retnm' to tlieir native country, the evil can
iiNnllv 'reach so great a rwgiiiattde as to
rcqnire that it should lw imt a stop "to by
One kind of restrictive measure seems lo
me ni( only dcsiraWc, laut a'j-olrtdy'cilled
for the most' stringent laws against mtro
ducing CTjinese immigrants as itiolies, i. e.,
under contracL. Mnding then to the service
ofjartioilar person. All such obligations
are a fomruf cuuipuLawi.i labor, lhat i-, sla
vcrv: and thuugh 1 know that the Itrgal m
,validitvof, such contracts doe, not prevent
tbcniiroui being' made, I caimut but think
thatlf, pains were taken to make it known to
the immigrants tat such engagements are
notlegallv binding, and especially' if it were
made a penal offence to enter into them, that
majde, at least, of immigration would receive
a substantial ihitk, awl "it ' docs nart seem
tliat anv other mode, among no poor a popu
lation asdic Chinese, can attain such dimen
sions as to compete with American lalior.
Short of that point, , thc-OPiyrtiinity given to
numerous Clnnec of becoming familiar with
the better and more civilized habits of life,
is one of the best chances that can hejopened
nn for the improvement of the Chinese in
their own country, and one which it; does
not seem to me that it would be right to
withold from them. I-wnra-kar sir, yours
very sineerelyj JS.-Miix.
Deep-sea tVhlng for' ling and cud 1 prov
ing" much more atwndant ami profitable this
seaWTn than for niaay seasons lckj and, gen-
eralIvsing,NorthumberIand fishing
trade is very piosperous at present.
fHthwHttanrtoa Rests.) I
Amour tht many fimqnlitinnelongiiig'to f
IJnncoontrj there fa one which we hear lew
of than mest others, and yet it is one of great
,....... ...w ..-, r -- ....T.,
importanee, and caleahrted to Mil as much to
a., material wealth and nrasiieritv of the
court rr as almost anv other,! We refer to
h peculiar radantabilitv to wool growing.
AH tlic poeuBaritieK of soil and climate com
bine to mak' linn county ansurpassable in
this respcetr The short wintrr, the exemp
tion from aeferff Affirm m the spring, the
early grass, which thetwMneraup ana extenri ve
timbered bottoms prodnee in Mmmhnee, the
complete freedom from those pectllfctritie of
soil which give rise to the foot 'rot, and' the
general heaMhftilne.s of the eountv; unite in
making this wction a perfect 'EI Dorado for
wool growers. rNiitable winter fodder H
abundant and cheap, in fart the
bottoms f
fornMi grass' during a great part of the cold
season. ' j
Mr. McFadden, who has alksit two thous
and sheep in this cCTinty, and several thous
and inl other jiarh of Kansas, in Missouri
and IrlbioLsj'and who is also Terv thorough
ly posted in all that jiertains o the "btciiiiess,
estimates tlie ixist of feeding! at sixty, cents
ier head for the year. Mr. McFadden has
Ijecn engaged in the liine for years, b4h
on the Atlantic and Pacific " ijope-, and his
derfded prciaencc is for thLs rjortion of.Kan
sas as n wool-growing country abtive all
others he hi ever seen.
There are at this time in Linn county some
ten thousand sheep. The shearing ii now
nearly completed, showing f hns for a yield
of about fiiciiotinds per liend, and which,
at 26c,' the present average price, is worth
mt KMai ewmmw.
in neasantln thirteen thousand uoiiars. 'Vo,, ,rtf Kt.rethfy hpiicald hare opened the
Wrlh a certain 'market for it,- here, most iff '.lr . L .. ....
notn thisiprodnct w'6nl.l ;comherc andl 'taniv 'I'llt'il.l'
add to the uatcrial wealth, of the (own.
Some one oraorc parlies here ought to be
prepared to wry every pound of wool in the
county; and "if none of our merchants arc
jirerti'rcd to di so, wc hope buyers will come
in from abra!, and thtis secure to our hank,
aur warchoflies in'rl other lia-ine-s, houses
the benefit of-Ft'idt traitsncti'ws.
WwHiriwcldbe:rictti?rfar m to have
onr citkerf keep this IsrsiTnes? in their own
hands, but W this be" the market", and 'ft
matters less Who lur the win,! a iVirtPon of
the money will remain here with our mer
chants in eitacr event". ' ,
-. r'ow, if tlerc is this amount of wool In
sljc 'county already seeking a market, with
a certainty of increasinc largely with evcry
year'faira rjBsiilerable(imct come, what is
"the "phiii rartical lesson to be drawn from
there facts? j'Wha: taught Plcastntoii asa
wiale-awake Hsiiiess town to alo in thciiiVt
teriii seiiirc'thc highest good! to itself and io
the -connty.1 Sec to it thai not another
shearing rcr-on gaics by without a No. 1
woollen factory at this plaa-e. '
We'havc noilonlatthat with a proper effort
parties can lw ihtiaccd to raime here and
erett a 'mill which shall lie in keeping with
lawmiicriaitloai r KaarlMk Aurlewl
tarhttn. jln'tn Oiiroi'ii'Ienlre o tlwNt' York fleniM.,
r At ,bnsth; anal not lcfore tiiiK, sonic of
the noblemen and gentlemen of England
who 0W11 targe estates are getting frightened
at tlic tide of immigration toward America,
which lias for this year set in stronger tlian
ever. Purinjr the monthof May, of which
twentv-six alavs are now over, no fewer than
fourtacn tlrwisjiiH-'Eiiglisli agricultural la
Isirers havp left Liverpool fair the united
States. This does not include the exodus
from Irehnal. Farmers throughout the
south of England are in rlaSjiair as to how
their cnuis will be eot in this year. It is tnic
.that the harvest is still far off, lmt whole vil
lages are IwBg emptied of their ix.pulation.
It is .something quite new for agricultural
laborers to immigrate in anything like mim
liers. I5nt thev have cot" it into their
hen.l--. anal not" without reason, .th.it the
lifiius- in vour eonntrv for them
Ispverii erealerand better than for artis.111,
ii.ni-Tnii l-'nrrlUh minifies the farm 1
laborer'neviT sees meat more than perhaps 1
onccamontn. and then he can only afford;
a aw rMaii
How can lie atlonl to cat any-
ihln likr luilrlier's iiieat when licef is eiirht
iKoecand mutton ten jiencea tound, and he
has but eleven shillings a week iages, and
hasx aerhaps, seven Jir eight children to feed?
Uu you sav, '-what flias all this to do with
fashionable life? f reply, wry much. The
great mass of our nobility and gentry derive
their inconi's from their landed estates, and
if this emigration continues, which it seems
verv likelvto do, wage mii-l rise and rents
fall" on all" the estites in England. And this,
of course, will create still greater ixmiara
live wealth for those who make, or who hive
inadi-, thiir money by traalr
Trr"'nlltleitl Rash.'
EuxtmvK Mansion-,,
)V-iun,tos, I). Cr June 27, IS79, l
Sin: In reply to your Ipttcr of ttxLxy, I
am pleased to inrorni you that General B.ib-
iwk did n t exixntl my w iin or m v vcrlwl
rii.tnmioiis to him in connection with the
C011tide11ti.il Basis. General Balnxick wa.a
stilt ta San Domingo to ascertain, as far a
he cotiM, the wishes vf the Dominican ieo
ple and government with raiect to annexa
tion to the United .Sl.ites. )( he found them
iavonible, be was directed to anx-rtain the
terms 011 which they alesireal annexation.
He hnjught .tlw Confidential I5asi,
whiih wa: not binding, or intend
isl to K" liinilfng,"'" npon either
government, miles., each sw fit to continue
the negotiations; tlt contains a clause mak
ing it null 'and void tinlf-ss acccpfeil and
carried info enccr. I also jlirea-teal the Sec
retarvof the Navy to semi; by ("eneral Kib-.
eoek'suih irHtrtretmns to ; the, commanding
.jfneerof the Unitol States 'dcamer Scmincle
as would direct him to seize the Tclegrafo,'
iffoundamthc high-seas, and tend her to
Baltimore for adjudiitiin, s-he having inter
fered with our merchant shipping. In
transmitting these instrnefiains to the com-
... 11. ..a ..r at.A Tnf-tnir?! tenanll
manning aiiiRi .w ..-- j -
t.t 1 .i:.i .. m..m ihnn Iris dutr. ticncraf
Babetk,'s miidiKt lliroi:h.tit meeti my
entireapproval. j
Yeairstnilv. I . S f.r.i!rT.
To Hon. Jaw,v . X r,,L. X K-nate.
r.nn AxntsxpBKX.
.r.n: onowEBs'1 maxims.
PillMrcaIipsgUulu-u-t"t' '" l,',H,t'n
i'riiig. . .,. .,;i
tif manure, old
ind well alceomposcal" for fresh manure ex-
J. liivcinc vine imchi;
citei gniwtb, but it does m iiiainrc it.
:?. Luxuriant graiwth akies not alwaxs in
sure fruit. ,,
1. I'ig aleep, lut plant shallow.
5. Young vines pnadntle bcautifiil fruit,
but add tncs produce the richest.
ti. Prune in autumn to Insure growtli; but
in the spring to promote ftuitfiilncss.-
7. riant Muir vines lcHrp you jt trcl-
R" j
8. Vines, like soldier?, fchouW Ji.ixc
arm-.- i a
al rninr. simrs 10 one i!rveloled laid, fair
the nearer the.ohi wansl the higlwr naxoreal 1
the fruit. j . .
10. TI10.-C who pnincj long must nsm
climb. ' .
1 1 . Vine leaves' love tlrp sun, the nnt the
shaale, 1 . . , ,
12. E cry leaf has a lhal at it laasc, and
citbcr.a laitich of frnit or 'a tenalril on-a-ite
' . i . , - , .
13. A tenalril is an alaortive fruit bunch
a Isimii aif fruit a productive tendril.
1 J V liiiiM-b of zrapesl.witbout a Jiralthy
lcafopiusita3, Mike a ship at. sea without a
rudder it can't come to port. -i r ;
15. Literals are like politicians; if not
thcckcal they are the worst of thieve-.
Ii5. GtRMgraies are likcgoM no one. has
enough. , '....' '1 '
17. The earlic4 grape ;vill keep the Ivng
. f..r tli.it which i, lull v matured is easily
preserved. .
18. Grape caters are long Iirer.
1!. Hvbrkls are not always high bred.
20 lie who buys the new and Tirrrried
-arietv sboubl remembrr that "the seller's
maxim is lit the brtver look ia for kanavself.,
A. S. Fatffr. ' i - -'!
The 2Cew York Slanthtd tapir 'Theirrgris
r .k .;, -.11 noint to tWneeeasitT'of Gen.
Grant's renomination. The next President
must le either (ren. trrant or a IteBoerat.
There is no Democrat except Mr. Cteae-who
would carrj-more than ven States lntajhe
next r.lectorai x.oiege ku. ., ..
anv one else is elected we do not see how Uw
party in it condition ot - di-organiiaticiB can
tr: ..ni wo iuiv f ;en. Grant. All tnes
"issues" as tiies- are call3 Spain, the Ab-1
..- .." . -rr An -ra as. TV.
bama question, lanu, "".""'v-rr- '.
mingo negoeiations, amLTenian reIxioiis-s.
wiU merge into awe general, abiclateaad
.r,U;rBo.' nmMiv of Dayrmt the deK
an.1 getting air finances in iMxier xan
work Gen. Grant ban begun, and be mil
' end it. ; ;
. ..? . A..ww an nrni
-. , '
T . K. -IkVTBtOF.'
rp-nOmrsthmnenVrrihawt for
Mr craniox -rth fraw Mn bath Irfl a roar
"Thirh 11011a- IsU 1 aji alL Oiir ncMd placa
is rx-int until I nmir.. Father from thre
' Whin 1 .Tra-n-lH. YTtc t nin nir rata?,
A jid l-ft H ihr rc"rw1l hcari.
. J lu ftllasJ 1 aiU. mt; m kryc an.
la. LW:h a i ru-'ol wnrtcbi alarniao I thr rase.
iTVnath "varn, a as i.tj lb j-'changrlew hl t-
lnsuswp, a
Thy iukk. lon "t lo uwart 10 y vlow-wurg-d
fprr.T, .
Ihy arnrlaN ? Iwrd aVmr ;
In roaltkw snup. tMinloa amt I wrre Ihetr,
.nd thou cinliraaxsl wai afitli a lior as wild
As the arimtij: niotkcr Jsnr tywanls her tint hoca
rliil.l. . 1 OMavtXtr.
raE by rnikkum -!.
A COf 1
vrc-?naintfLbe; Datty Sort of london.
lia n.'iJ
anv- aM that ohwTnilj 1 an H Annnal Hilaxl by
t-ncl tnarlSinnartaz-Tenis. hr Uniun IncI
117 jtiw-ipawi in isu inejr are ensiim -n.
Vonl in.sas,n," audi trlu ibejr are aatiBK-ty
now, wlien uiinlstcni itii vting whether Iiajken
waaialsltan, aim-f- Verne years ago:
Thry have 3 snpcrtitiAn'(i tharKasI,
Tliat A!iah. writfen rta nieear af iper.
blvtta-r nnctiun than tinenmert print.
ItsMinc that any wrap Vhich hraislhat nanus
In anv a hjiactera IK'fKait lnisca.iil am.
shall help Itm finikr UtRSKk the pijuag flame.
And (ine hi lioiteiKfet a place to test on.
.Vrroplin,,! (hey iak!-.. uigjrtr tut,
IVtlheterr wrrtrhea! ijac t .-iml Aeree oialion,
And hfanl ihr loTe W tkey are awl lake u.s.
A highly ciTilired and thinkinp nation:
And alway Muin in he miry ways
To l.k Car suiter of thua earthly kaen.
They stldsm.in their dnst-ezplniiii); alajs
Hare any Irhare ti Ioek up In Heart.
b. have I teen a cfmntyioit the earth.
yrhrc i1ka7ss sat Apm the hrins walcnr.
And hrnla! innramivaitd tnil and dearth
urivrUiic incense. andairiuditaxLtaaei;:
uerc the hard portltwi Mils mns aim alaiigntcrs;
8niuhlIeal dr words ulm'i the altar flfior,
And rent The Jlwak fn -triipslan farllm binding.
Th'-'pefilla" man aniourfjlhev plons Turks
' Hod's IrrioK imscti mtSle-tlr defare-t;
The best faisb cbiiichiaub, with on aailh 1 1 works,
f'lartin Ilic.Viftrc- in lli; marki't-pl-e.;
The flu Wain rriah, ' wjmtn lith seels turte
JTfcrynirsoBtlothcwenaitd enre eaeh attheri,
all thronahthe wollds. no wery mnchthe womb,
)-, nil the Viaii, and lutes his hruther.
rii.i.t XAXxtxui arii;rjmii.i.A.
Mteirw r
a HiAIn Waleh-1 Bekel
tit H 'r.maxmaiwlasai FawrtV
flam. ',
.rmm tlic j irjtiniuU Times, j
An amusing incM'iit occurred the Hher
evening at WanslV Iflieatre, letween Hilly
Manniiag anil the guerrilla from the 'Mark
and bloody ground.',' It may be rcmem
laereil by sjiiiic ofour readers that in 1863,
:d Elktisi, ,Ky., ilillyi who was en route Air
this city, jt.is" caught w sonic guerrillas and
niblwl'of all the, wraith he then had on his
iiersain, including a fine watch which had
been presented to him as a testimonial by
friends iu Iniisvillv- The leader of the
jMrty, who was a tall; strapping, fierce-looking
"fellaiw, liad thef pleasure of relieving
"15illy""of the saisl watch, ami so deeply
inircs-ed was the lal.entol minstrel with the
guerrilla's rfctrc-alcvil; look that he has never
forgotten it.
thi the eeuing qiistion, we believe it
was last Saturday, ih iingainly-laioking free
IxMitcr, who was ilrcseeil fjuite genteelly, pre
sented lumself at the box office at Worjd's
anal Hircbaseal an admission ticket. Billy,
who was standing in he vestibule of the the
ntn ni thp tinul at atHcc rccnznized him anal
appnKiching rxtenHing his land which was.
lieamiy griisjia.'aa o &ivjna:ti.urt wi. .. vik(.
rememljercd Mannifig'.s faceA-and a rather
lively shaking of haids ttmimcneed as if two
hnilhers hail "met aftfcr the sahitatioas were
over: 1 .
" Yon then remember me."
(tuerrilla " T hate never forgotten lh!c
or thy testimonial." :
Manning "1 haic anxioUsK- w.Jeheal for
j your apearanec here."
liiiemiia .nan mc lime nas ai tasi
come." t
Mnninnz " I hare longed for the hour
f when wc should again meet, that I might ex
press more inuyioyou my iceungs lor ine
manner in
wniciu xon reneveii me so
promply." J
, f .ticrnll.i "IVwi ,; mention it, or I shall
uei-in mis nimme. ;
And thus tbclwa conversed for a n lule.
and then the minstjel, with all the courtesy
of a Chesterfield, aToinpanied bis guerrilla
friend to the lobby if tlic dress-circle, and,
i-dling the usher, rcamesfcal Iihii to have a
rrtri-ful care for thai oimfort of "my friaTiid,
and w fi'fC and give.him afrtwtcat". Anal
then Billy once more grasssl the banal that
liaal so kindly (?) relieved him, ami lugging
tai lie exiiiscd 'in i-oiiseaiuciicc of having to
rlress for tha entertainment, deiwrieal l)eliiml
the sccries, but with j a merry twinkle in his
cje lint firelislcl iiiuch mirth that evening.
"The guerrilla was! duly seated and pmvi-ala-d
xi(h a progna'mme, anal, after taking
bis hat off anil putting his ,caiie lo one side,
spread hiiiHclf for t!tc anticiisited fun.
Pnmipllv at thiaPiwiiitI hour the cur
taiti rose. ilisch-ins flic inrrrv men in black.
The introdua-torv wss played with the usual
effect ixencs::, anal ibcn the opeiiing thorns
was -iveii. Thi whs followed by some talk
lactweeti the "aiid niaii" and the "interroga
tor," when linally'Billy living down his
"Imncs.'' said
"Yin ili-remcnunT the
time when I was
hist of iiiv watch the 'T.ouisville lioy.s testi
moniealloiue?" !
Interrognt'ir:-tMyes jesj but wc alon't
want' to hear that oJal rtory again alrout the
gucrrilla'H rtealin- the testimonial watch
given vott by your louisville friends."
Manning "Thaj'B what I "say; but alon't
you know thatl net this evening the very
fellow that laresasnted hiuvself with my
watch?" sri i '
Interrogator "Von surprise me. Where
dial you nee him?" .
Manning- "Bight in this house."
Interrogator "What?. Here? He cer
tainly wouldn't hire the audacity to' present
hoii-aclf here after foWiing your"!
: MamiingsO-'-'VuC' he aloes, though."1
Interrogaori---,'I)ial he reroimiwyaHi?"
Manning "You lie!." '
Intemagatt- Wa he not an-nfir-ed when
he ts.iw.-Voir '
Mantling Diahf t fii-e a bit."
Interrogator "Slow did he art"
Manning "Shr-ok my isiws."
Interroprtor "What alial va-u aloth'iiT''
Manning "Shook his."
. IntemKnaior ".Whv. voil Pslainish inc.
Shake hamfa with -a man after be had robUtl j
vott on the highwav, anal of a testimonial !
. .!., "
Manning "Ex s-n , i (n ..rcrthan
that." J
', Intenxjcator "Well, wl .111 jm alo
iwwr-e than' that ?!'
- Manaing--s''GaYc him a fir,.it svat in the
Ircss circle'
Hero Manning brought bis iik- lo ltar
I ujaon the guerrilla, w ho by this time was so
E I 1 rm nia'anaT'-aTBr'Sai .. a.im ml
COIIlllsOnilHl llll.aainnn.il 111 triune ..irn-
ence was 51 law centered fdllyrparrililm;.;
Inteiroyater 'hocking; front seat in
dress rirde:4xintJiim out to me.''
At this juncture Manning' rasc up and
going to the footlights, followed by the 'In-
terrigator,r' polntll the mtiex nnger in nm
right hahd. in a tlireet line for tlie gtlernlla,
which so 1 added to his confusion and einbar-
rassment that there was no niistaknr" him.
The audience was now growing aleetdr inter
estl in the turn lift-airs' were taking. They
were lieing treated to something not am the
hills, ami cnjoya.u .it aixortiingiy.
Manning "Yii see that man by lire iron
(Mist in the centre ea! "'
Interrogataii; VYes."
Manning "Tlic one thai foolclike a mfs-
Internagator MMisiciiary.' He disik;
like a cut-throat Ij" .
1 Manning "That's what I mean; kmal of
a colportamr, or ajSumlay mbool teacher."
Interrogator 'shawl that man;" and
here the interlocutor iwintedat him, ''Why,
lie's got the look of a sa-oumlrel written on
every line of his faw." r
This la-t shot -a too much for the guer
rilla, and taking up his bat and clntchmg
his irane,
matte: lus exit tike an enragea
a As Billy saw bim dearting he screamed
after hiiu: t' Ym can keep that watch, I've
got my .pay firf it" -Tlie audience went
wild over the sivne, ami the tnmnlt was ao
heart v and iimlih"ed tliat it was some time
jbefere aufhciei't 1 quiet could be restored to
enaoie me jiermrniancc 10 again xxirawinr.
Moral XcvOr rob a minstrel of a testi
monial ami tbeji insult him by your pres
ence. ;
A STOUU.-.-OtUwa county, or at least
part of it, lias ja;en visitcal with a plentiful
m;n. T)r. J'" K. Oslmrne. who was in
town yc-stenlay, i5ay that ou Thursday after
noon Feveral "hobscs were destroyed in Min
n.A..r.1.j snioiiolwhieb were the larse budd-
:.. on Ail meA a ("Vmrt House, and
Thorn's Hutull ' At lamkiry thrrf inches of
rain fell, Praceeding ilown the botomon
vallev, the. Morio alividcal about ten aulea
nortli of town, lort uoing cat and part to
I tlic we-tward of Jialina. Rid.
A ataartkutlterladleteaai.
New Yokk, Jnhr 2. Joshua F. Bailev
has bee iwdicteaV fortlws'emheiilement of
United States bonds exceedjr 00,00a
Duriae the eveaing session of the Seante,
the Tax Bill beiaa; under cMtsideratica, the
vote by which the income tax was stricken
out. was reconsidered 00 motion of Mr. Ed
munds, and after some diactiajifm tarried, 2r
to 2o, the agreeaavent being that there ' mmrt
be an income tax or tax mpem receipts to j
make up the reamired rcvepoe.,
Mr. AVilson renewcil the amendment con
tiiiiaigthr inrnnir tiT atil thr mil nfl7"
at the rate of 2 instead -a 5 per cent. After
a lengthy diacumioa the amendment was
agreed to, yeas, 27J aaaTSj 20. . r
The ijnestion then lieing on striking out
the sectioBs imposing income tax as an
ameedment, the Senate reftawd to 'strike
them out, thus jaevcrsing its, former action;
yeas: Bavant,. Casserly, Cbrhett, Fentun,
(rilbert, Hamilton, Harris, Jormson, Kel
laaig, Lewis, . McCreerv, McDonald
( tsborn, Iiaeroy, - Kajcertsow, Scott,
Stewart, Stockton, Sumucr,ThiirmaB, Tnim
bnll and Viciatrs,
Nays : Abbott, Anthony, ChamQer, Cro
Kin, Drake.) Edmunds, 'Hamlin, Harlan,
Howe, Howd, Morrill, of Maine, Morrill,
of Vermont, Patterson, Pool, Pratt, Bamsay,
Ki, Rosa, Schnrz, Sherman, Spencer, Tip
ton, Warner. Wilfcy, Williams and Wilson.
General 8Lerman has received a report
from tteneral Sheridan giving an acronnt of
his trip tlirwgh the lnalian country. -He
states that the nulitary ppsts arc very weak
and poorly garrisoned, not being sufficiently
stnng to anell an Indian war.
iKed Cloud and band had not reached Fort
Laramie when the last ivportiwamaile from
that station, lmt was expected daily.
No information that cottlal lie dceracal au
thoritative ha been received at the Depart
ment ctmceming his action, but reports have
been received stating that he was preparing
to go on the war path. Ia the present do
fenselespsjstate'of the frontiers thesejreports
are ocrasieaaing some nneasincss.
It is tawposed to till up the regiments
serving on the plains, anal a iletacliment of
two hundred troops have been ordered from
the recrniring office in New Yairk tuSt. Paul,
Minn., for assignment to the Kill Infantrv,
anal other mil soon follow.
Tfcr FrenlafeaU ia C'amelleail Mia ktte-
rrpUnm, c.
HARTFaiKP. Cosx.. .Fulv 2. Tlie Pre-i-
ilentinl arty arrivtrd here at 3 o'clock ya
tenlay, ami were received with enthusiastic
clu-crs by a Lirgo atmcourse of. jieoplc. Pre
iilent Grant left thctraiii leaning on the arm
tf ex-frovernor.Ii'well, analon reacJiing tlic
latters carnage Mr. Jajwcll mtniafuceai him
to the peufde as follows:
l.aaia arm xrenuemen: nave inu naiiior
to introalucc to von the President of the
United States. 1 propose fair him three
cheers. He is vour President. Cheers were
heartily giveri anal the carriaji drove away
to Jewell's residence, many alfaionstnUroiis
of welcome lieing made by people, along tlie
rorite. After alining the President was es
corted by the Governor's Guanl and Hartford
City Giianl, to the Allyn Hoaac, where
tlierc was a public reception. Thi evening
there will lc a private reception, for w hich
a Lirge number of invitations have been is
sued. Tlic President and family will lie
guests of Gov. a Jewell wr SuiaUy,
and leave on special train Monday morning
for AVoodstock. -
Sasita Fb. Julv 2. A Mter to the Daily
Post from Grant county, says the new silver
mines arc 5,000 feet above the level of the
sea. There is a population at Ralston, the
new village, of 200. It is abou't 25 miles
from the "nearest river. 1 wo hundred anal
eighty-five lcdga have lieeu dinxiwred and
iver "fifty mil?saf claims are loeatoL Many
f the claims not lacing made in conformity
with Territorial laws, are lieing thniwn out.
lmt arc relocated about nsTast as open.
A municiiKil government has lieen formeal
ami a reixirder elected. There i no aloubt
of the immciisc wealth af a great inany
of the claims.
A California Company, with a capital of
one million dollars has lieen formeal to take
the ore to the mills at the river, and to carry
wntor in eniinls in lha mines.
The miners arc in the heart aifthc Ajnchc
Inalian ciHintry, and the setttlenient will be
a great security to pioneer settlers a'ml travel
New anal verv rich silver mines Have lieeu
di-covcrwl eight miles f.om Fort Bayanl.
Indlan OatnitM ' Wen Trtnrrsl l
'tfvnti-Staek Mtale.
Chkyknxe, July 2. A letter from South
Pass &a-s tliat on June 25th tlie Indians stole
from, that x-icinity 98 head of horsua anal
mules. The citizens piirsiwtl them, but all
licir horsea living gone eonld not overtake
f lie KttxJc
Tlie Iwdies aif Messrs. JJond, Harvey, Mair
gan and Mason were found, they having lcn
tairtured to daratkbyUia Indians. Mr. Mair
gan was scaljuxl anal had tlie king-bolt aif a
wagon driven through his head and his ten
aloiis taken out for bow-strings. The Inalians
who did thest! ilepmlations arc Arajahoes
and JSiouv. mmmmmm
MIIiwmI Aeeiaieait-BestraietlTcrire (
Chic w, July 2. A railroad acdalcnt
anxurn'al on the "Koik Island & Pacific Bail
road wstenlay near Homestead, Iowa, liy
breaking an axle, by which Wm. Telfonl, of
Marengo, waHinsfanTlV,kiTleal ami. scleral
artUrs injured. ,,.,.
The distillery ami .warehou ) of K. Mam
A Cat., at xtiawka, JIlfiKiis, was struck by
Pghmingam Thursday ami the buiMing
ai.d 21 1 bhls of higtiwines were aiestrrrycal.
Livnnrooi., Julv 2. Bw the stati-liis.
niiblislical this A. M. it i thown that JHO0O
emigrants left this port ilcring the month of
June lor American pons, .iiie-ieii'iis i
to New York.
Vienna. Julv 2. A sharp shocfcaif an
parthaiuake w.m cxpcxiencoi , throughout
Greece vestcnlay. The town tf Saratarasa is a
neap ofroins. An island in that neighbor-
hood snalaleniy airsaipeareai ai irrc uw n ai.ar
sliaxk. NojjwUiernwtnalars?
TerrtalSlaarnaa ibiaainCairtafet !
avt Biear aaaanare aaaaare.
OuiNaY, Jnly 2. A terrific rain and wind
rtorm prevaileal along tne x.nicago, wininy
ami nprooting trees, as well as doing very
ifinsialerable damage to the crarps. The
court hoim at Manxiaah waaa- partially un-
Cincinnati, O., July 2. The Inery
stable a.f James Donnelly and the stables, of
William Sumner & Co., raanufacttirers of
Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines, were
burned at 1 o'clock thi morning. They
were both-oantd "T "Aafniider KincawL
The hairses wexeaUbaTed,ilt many prix-ate
carriages in the sUbte were destroyed. Loss,
S150,000. A fireman named HenderiJ was
caoght bv falling rubbkk and had hia left
leg broken, besides austaining bruie. Jas.
McGrew, anoAerfirjmaawaaalso hurt.
RlcHMONP, July 'i The scene of the
execntiou of Lewis Kennedy, .negro, who
ravished and murdered Mr. Stewart, and
afterward, killed John Baker,, her farm
manager, at Xew Kent Ct-irt-hooae, Vtr
rinia, yestenlay, was a horrible one. The
rope broke twice and the miacreant died only
after a prolaingeiljarmnrie
riras lai Caw
Elmiba, 3f. Y.t July 4th.-At Coming,
vestcrdav, the flouring paste mills of Broogh
t D-'tr i entirelv destroyed by ire.
t . :.,-tr vrentv thousand tlollars. In
surance forty thousaiiaL
PARia. July 4. The Bishop are leaving
Rome, especially those from ithe Bttghbor
hood of Danube. It is thought thedebateon
iruallibilitv will clcwc before the 10th.
ton ax yuincy nauroau suomr s.
oMoik xestcrday, between this city and
KalMliur?. levelhnz fences, nnnxiting hwises
nunc niTCAjtaoK.
&Tcial Desiitch to the Leavenworth Time.
Krr CxKsos. July 5, 1870.
The Wm. W. MePhersrn''Barty, from St.
Jxaiis, fifteen or twenty in number, reached
hercliy a sccial train. Sunalay afternoon at
i:Yi p. 111. After viewing tlie eights of aur
'City they procewlexl still farther westwaral,
leaving here at 6 a. in. On the Fourth tl.ey
went to the far end of the track, fifty miles
out, reaching thereat 10:50a. 111., where a
troop of the Seventh Cavalry was awaiting,
kindly furnished by BrevaH Maj. Gen. Chis.
B. Woods, to escort jthenr-lo Lake Station,
Col. All the wonderful sights in that vicin
ityaeen, the larty returneal, reaching here
the same evening anal starting east about mid
night for Fort Hays, where they will visit a
short time to-day and return to their Eastern
homes highly pleased with their Western
The Fourth was duly celebrated here. The
firing of cannon during tW day and a fine
display of fireworks at night made the day
pass very pleasantly.
Washim.t-, July 5. A bill granting
laudato the State of Minnesota, to aid in the
Improvement cfthe narber ofDnluth, wa,
Mr. Sherman reporteal back the fuii'h'ng
bill and inoxeal that the Samate dis,igree in
the JIou.se auiindments, sml appoint a Com
mitfa?e aif Conference; motion agreed to.
ruiu XTEnx: as.L.
Mr. Fcnton intnduixxl :. bill tu corjioratr
the Tehnanteec Railroad anal Ship Ciinil
Company, with a capital iff thirty-fiie mill
ion dollars; referrcl. ,
the tax r.n.i..
The Tax Bill was pnxxvaleal with, the
apiestion lacing on Mr. Tuimbul!;. ame'id
ma?nt, authoriring Ihe tmninirtatii ef
gomls in Umtl from jnirts of entry to ort . yf
ilelivery, in cities of not less than i5O,iV0t
inhabitant-. Ky general ixniscnt, M.-s-r.
Chandler aif Mia.hig.111 and Morrill of Vcr
mont, whai wcrcsccially INs.tile to tlie ! ill,
were given h ilf an hamr wit to adalress ih
Senate. Mr. Bainl siiokc agaiiist Mr
TnimltilPs ameiialuia'iit, anil Spitt sjsike tn
fivor. The amendment by Mr. Chandler
was adopletl. The alisciission was continueil
by Mr. Trumbull, whoalca-lan-al his ameuil
ment hail been alefeated by Ihe inrliunec of
niirihantsof thcinteriair, ajl was replied to
by Mr. Ealmunds, who s.iid the hill was ,.
premium on alihonest". The iltbite wa .
continueal without action till recess-.
iintflt ok w ax.
The ixinfiTi"c rvort oh the bill crantini;
the right uf way oxer public lands in Cili-
fairma,to Pitch anal tana I owners, agrcval to
Mr. Washlmrne, of Wi".. fnim Sclcat Com
mittee on Postal Telegraph, "maale a r jiorl
in favor of tlie vroiiOsed Government sv-tem.
anal delivered a siieech in advocacy of the
bill. The bill was onlereal printeal furcon
sialeratinn next DecemliT.
Mr. Palmer prescntcal a Ihimirity res)rt, ae
oimsiuiul by a bill to establish a Postal
Telegraph system, and to incorporate a Pa -tai
Telegraph' Company.
The cx-e af Bam against Adams w.isdi
nisseal for three hours, ami the siMt wa,
awarded to Mr. AiLinis, sitting iiM'mher,
withaiut a alivisiim. Five thousand aloll ir
were voted for the expenses of the conta-t tut.
A Mil to ay arrears of pin-ions to.siiii
huudrci! ersons nameal therein who I1.11I not
maale applirations within the lime rtiuircl
by law.
The Virginia rtintesteal elcition matti-r
Tucker against Basiker, was di-cu-s-H i.v
hours anal talileal 99 to 21.
The Ton r nf the HVar'iMeiif.
WoopsTOCiC, Conn., July 1. The Pra.-i
alential irirty left Hartfonl at 7: 15 A. 11.
large rowal assembled at the aleMjt anal I
Jewell intrislucixl (irant to them and a-alhsl
for cheers, which were given entluisiau-illy.
The Pris.iila.nt Uiwcal thanks and thy a-ars
soon left for Wooabtork. Pleasant recaption
were given the Presialent at all thc-laiion.
along the mail. A ixmimittea' from W'mxI
stock nut him at Plainm-ld and tisik charge
af the istrty, Mr. t'cveland reading an ail
dress and resolutioiis of the citizens of Wind
ham county. The Pn-ident was intnsluaxil
to the ieoph anal nx eivail with ryuml alta r
rniuiil of .cheer-, (. whia h be briilly rttunasl
his tharnVs. At 9: 50 the inrty readied Put
nam, where carriages wen- ready to axmvty
them tai Wissl-ti k, fasir miles distant. The
peoplehere too were enthusiastic. A proces
sion hraded by two posts of Grand Army
of the Republic, and group, of citien .
gathereal along the nsul anal a hecred the
Ircsidcnt as be iased. Presiaknt Grant
nade the whole alistance 11mxivcn.fl. Mail
too. of welujmc met the ij e along the road.
Eaih Iioim-, was dworataxl anal festoajiiril,
and archil cxtewleal airosta the roadi pt in
tcrvals-. At Woodstoa k the scene was ani
inatafl. ThousaniLs had asscmbleal, and
vehicles af all dascriitions stasjal by the way
side ground.; Iwautifully aiajcoralal with
lianircrs bearing the names of the Ieliiig
gawerals of the Union arm vpand of the Statasi
anal territories. Shortly after one o cloak
the thousands around the village gathered
togither in wlnrgetentonthe common. Tha-Pix-siilcniLd
rty tisikheatsonthe platform.
Sen iior BuiKinzliam ocrupieal tha; chair
On his right sat President Grant. The Sui
ator IwieHy introaluced E. Cr. AVaxjalforil, aif
New York, whoalelivered the oration vf the
alav. The Rev. Hxnrj' Ward Becihcr al-a
delivered an Jtaldrers also Gen- Butler.
Baron Citalazy, Rus-ian Minister, wad ia
axrived with iheers for the lni)eriial govern
ma nt of Russia, and loweai thank u
Th- fcare Hea tha aJnt'he.-li;t-M
Tl eaxtanrJitw If th fiaalwippl.
St. Louis, July 5. The excitement in
reganl to the great sleanili.it race Is.twein
the Rajlurt E. Lee anal the Natchez, whia It
has been at fever heat -imv Thuralay but,
culminalca! xi-teralav by tha- arrival aif the
Lee at 11-25, making the mn thnaiigb.
according to the boat's log, in 3 alav-, IS
hours and II minutes, the crowd on tlie
levee was immense, aa-..l the river bank w.n
lined with sitectalom from the bridgs piirs
to Carpnalolet six miles all eager Ho Mf
the contestants unaler way. Whan the Is
hove in sight around tjic.l:nal below-1 1ia4iu
Llaml, a salute was fliTed, an'l ai sin- teis-.-.!
by her landing under a full head of stKim,
forty tlnmand throats opened, and suih
cheering has been seldom heanl. After
ninning up to the bridge to show the si-rc
tators her sjieed slie alropiffl down to tin
f,-.r ..f Walnut iraft. ami in two minute
was, perfectly oxernin with ihaiiisands a.f
wildlv extiti-1 isjople. The Lee's
run " Uats the Tate fa t run
the Natchez thra-c hour. anal iorly
four minuter: and islhe. fastest time on reconl,
not aanlv t St. Louh, but littwecn any two
point, ooTrnTTwntcr"Thc Nate heamvf I at
9 r. 3t., having belli aaught in a dense fog
at Devil's Wand and detained six hour
She alai broke a pump on.thc trip by hjeh
she lost -iS minutes, ami haal considerable
troajble with head-water. It i ilaimen that
the actual ninning time of the Natchez 1-1
nihuites faster than that of the Lee . It i
aL-o'chimid that all bets on the Lee. after
"he rta-eivid wooal from the steamer Fran
Pargsil, below Helena; areotTas the Pargavsl
being virv fost, applied her power to the
Lee for a "number of miles and tlie rate ceal
to Is- a test lutween the Lee ami the Natii-z.
but laccamc ame between the ! and Pat
good anal the Natchez. It is said tret this
point i- well taken anal money willnot U
given "p. The pricis.-time ait the Na'' li
is not yet m.ule up.
ratnrth f Jnly In raria-
P.RI, July 4. At the meeting aif niiri
carw to-dtv atthc grounds of Dr. Thomas W.
Evans, to celebrate the Fourth, ex-Gan.
Washtmnie, of 3fcis.-., pn-idtal. Sreeche
were uiaale bv Consul ticueral Mad, Cok
Huflmaii anl Miwre. a.f the United States
Lcation, Murat 1ta!-tad, of The Cinomnati
Cbaieir, Dr. Exaiisand rthers. Minister
Washlmrne was unihle to lie presvtit. tin
assemblage wis very large-.
The AmerimiiClub held recvi-turns dnrii
the alay and illiiniiiiateal thiir l.iiifihmrs at
: I
! 1

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