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lfUKMg mm I Hilimi i Wfcn M &M Eft ' " " " I Pi ' If WW ftyM"1 aTJKftwtffif'' ' "",
- cvrwvmmLAWL
With No. ljrf Yoluae XX1L Jhkpifrer
appears in a new drew, and with Tarious
improvements whidi will be viable and. we
tnrt-aterptablcto the largcTeading public
lependent uiion The Times for its freshed
A larger cylinder pre and a new
will be ready for ori'M 'nrif
the first of September, when the paper will
be greatly enlarged.
The Times. L. the oldest jpcr in the
State, was the first Republican viper tssned
in this county, jnd the first Daily published
in Kan-cC-i It began with a public senti
ment in opjxition to it tolitical views in
the City, County, State, and Nation, and it
lias lived to sec them all in harmony with it
Republican principle. It leg.in as a
Weekly, with a single editor and a fcw.prin
ters. There arc now twenty-seven persons
daily employed on the pJjtr, and its labor
and material expcn.-es alone, during the last
year, have amounted to fifty-six thousand
dollar-. We do not make these statements
in a box-ting rpirit, but liecau- those who
have so long been the friends, readers and
patron of The Times will bo glad to liear
of in prosperity. It has been our constant
aim to ptibllh a larger amount of newn and
reading matter than any other paper in the
State, and for this purpose we have Issued
many Daily Supplements and a Weekly
.Supplement more than a year, giving oar
patrons more reading jnatter than any other
journal in Kansas. Thin polity will be con
tinue' until our new prow arrives,
when the Supplements will be super
seded by the. enlargement of all our editions.
Wc trust that we may also be pardon
ed for alluding to the character of the matter
which i furnished to our readers'. We hold
thc-misoion of the journalist to be high and
exalted, and wc have endeavored to make
this paper one which could lie read with
pleasure and profit in every home; which
hould show ice its own feature, and not a
gilded and f-winating counterfeit; which
should aid all good causes and men, while it
exposed the. short coming and liad practices
of friend a well as foes, and which should
rigidly exclude from its columns any senti
ment which, "though it make the unskilful
laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve."
We should be asluuned to say that it had cost
I auy effort to publL-h such a paper. In the
midtof Ruftlanlm and War wc had no temp
tation in the direction of indecent journalism,
and w e trust tliat those w ho look merely to tem
porary iicw2i may soon see the folly of such
a iolicy. A newspaper, like a man, is
known by Ihc company it keeps, and we
arc proud of the diameter of our readers" in
this city and in every hamlet in Kansas.
Our terms for advcrtiing wc believe are
fifty per cent, higher than those of any other
paier in the Stale, and wc do not demand
any higher prices than our circulation justi
fies. Fewer ad vertlemcnts and still higher
prices w ill be for the advantage of both reader
ami advertiser.
Our lmok and job department has always
lieen large and well appointed, and our work
lias taken the first premium at two State Fairs.
Wc have just made huge additions of new
type and material, and havebought, in addi
tion to our other presses, Taylor's, Chicago
make, .uer royal job press tlie best , made
pres for fine work to be had in the country.
Every printer knows tliat the great secret
which underlies the production of good print
ing, lies mainly in the quality of the press
work ; hence the necessity of perfect presses
for the accomplishment of this most impor
tant feature of the "art preservative of all
arts." -
Our new dress is from the Franklin
Foundry of Allison, Smith & Johnson, Cin
cinnati. The type in which this article
appears is brevier. It is smaller than the
tyjic wc have been accustomed to uc in this
part of the japer, giving a larger amount
of reading matter in the same space, but it
is a clean-cut and handsome letter, and w ill
l found legible and pleasant to, the eye.
We cannot conclude this chat with the
reader without expressing our thanks and
gratitude to our friends, old and new, in
every part of the commonwealth. AVc have
t liked together many year, and through
thousands of column. Wc have endeavored
to give you a live, true and sound newspa
cr, and you have given us a support and
encouragement which has ever increased.
Let us hope tliat in the future, as in the
past, our relations may be of mutual advan
tage, and that the prosperity and success of
reader and paper may lie limited only by the
growth and grandeur of the great State, wc
have bcljted to found.
a wimp at.tmk
"-rni)eeciBpef7l85y there was still in the
minds of the earnest, Free State men of our
tnty, BomfHowm 4$ tthe tea.sib.liry of Pin-
JMning a paper feroted to the inteafps of
their pnny. lnapniy one that bad Jcreto-
foce !-est abuMtd was mobbed-and the
material upon which it had been printed,
thrown into the Missouri river. Those. who
countenanced and perhvps abetted that
proceeding, unhesitatingly exprewed the
opinion, that the then state of feeling here
vwMYMCrflBn ft muiiu 4ttclupi in that
diractfeau AfewwfAeWtlgtiard," how
ever, m turn Mm iteretmantnew well the
composition of the 000101110117, thought
otherwise- and upon consoltation, called a
meeutne7' faithful " at Dixon's store,
on Cherokee street, for the evening of Decem
ber 13th, to oonsok about the matter. At the
appointed time and place about seventy gen
tlemen assembled, including M. J. Parrott,
Henry J. Adams,-B. 8. Bonis, Nelson Mc
Crackcn, J. W. Mom., Uncle Geo. Keller,
Dr. Davis, Dr. Norton, II. P. Joluison, '
Adam Fisher, William Kempf, Cyru Cnr
rier, Jonas Woolraan, &.c Ac.
At that meeting a propo-ition was made
by Mr. Robert Crozier to establish an organ
of the party, provided those- present, and
such others as might be induced to join
them, would share the risk of the under
taking. After miu.li discussion and many
prediction of disaster, tlie consent and as
sistance of enough or those present was ob
tained to warrant the attempt, Mr. Croricr
agreeing to furnish half of the funds neces
sary for the enterprise,and to liecome the edi
tor and manager of the paper.
A sufficient amount wa at oiice bubcribcd
by those present, to justify the attempt, and
acoordmgly, on the 7th day of tlie succeeding
March, the first number of TheTTimes was
issued from the third story of McCrackcn's
stone building, which then occupied the site
of Smith &Bro'i store on Delaware street.
No effort, on the part of the tubliher, was
made to secure subscribers or advertisers
before the paper made its appearance, yet
tne first edition, consisting of seven thou
sand copies, was not only well filled with
advertisements, but wis taken up a they
came reeking from the press, by tlie hun
dreds who thronged the office on the day of
publication. There probably never wa a
paper issued anywhere which commanded
such universal approbation. Its friends
approved its orthodoxy and spirit, and its
supposed enemies admired its ability and
fairness. It was a decided success, and prob
ably did more than any other agency in
calming the bitter feud that had raged from
the commencement of the settlement of the
Territory. Its course wa dignified, impar
tial and firm -"and soon commanded such an
overshadowing influence as to attract the at
tention and win the patronage of the intelli
gent and irecing of the party opposed to
its political doctrines all over the Territory.
On two or three occasions some apfirchen-
sioas were felt as to the safety of the office,
owing to some threats made bv the debris of
the old Border Ruffian clement, but a rc
connoissance of the premises satisfied tlie
enemy that an attack would be cxtremely
hazardous to the assailants, the only ap
proach to the office being through a narrow
stairway, which could lie successfully de
fended by the employees, with theiniplc
ments'with which they were at all times pro
Tided. Mr. Crozier conducted the paper until
October 1, 1857, when it was purchased by
Champion Vauglian, who was succeeded
by Vauglian & Bartlett, in 1858, under
whose management The Times became the
leading Reimblican paper of the State, the
proprietors being of. opinion that there was
no longer any question about Kanas being,
when admitted into the Union, a free State.
It maintained this po-ition until its influence
was weakened by divided counsels, and the
opening thus presented was siecdily filled by
the establishment of The Conservative.
Of the history of the lat named paper, and
of the consolidation of the two journal, mast
of our readers arc sufficiently well informed.
In New York on Tuesday the mercury
marked 9J- and ia PWIadelphia, ojht M
HMtt a '
reachji iiere,
The right of colored people to testify in
the courts, secured by the law of Congrass
enforcing .the fourteenth amendment, was
duly admitted by Justice Gcvin, in case be
fore him at Frankfort, Kentucky. The
Judge delivered an opinion on the law.
Much interest wa manifested by the Liw
vcr in the cac and its adjuncts. It li un
derstood that a similar policy will be -observed
by the civil officers of that county.
The, injustice of the Kentucky Legislature i,
therefore, prevented by the justice of Con
gress in the interests of humanity.
The Ashtabula, Ohio, Sentinel says the
monument to Mr. (lidding has been re
ucived, mid will be lut in place as soon as
roier arrangements can lie made. The
great weight of the granite blocks will re
quire tlieprcjtarafion of machinery for lining
them into place, which will occasion sonic
delay. It has been proposed that public
ceremonies attend the' rmlng up of this
Is the lately published life of Bi-ni.irck
there is an interesting anecdote of Humboldt.
It may have already gone the rounds of the
pre.--, though we do not remember to liavc
seen it. At any rate, it bears repetition,
both a illutrative of the iharacter of the
great philo-ophcr, and of the effect of educa
tion upon the people: s
"During the democratic or revolutionary
movement in Berlin, in March 1843, when
barricades were the order of the day, .1 mob
came rushing into Oranienburger Street,
where Humboldt I twdtd.Ma'eria Is for a bar
ricade were required, and every door was be
Mciged for the purpose. One of these opened,
and a venerable looking man' pre-entcu him
self and begged the excited mas. not to dis
turb him. Such a request wa not to be
borne try the sovereign people, and he was
asked menacingly who he was that he should
use such language. 'I am Alexander Von
HnmboMt,' was the piict reply. In a mo
ment every hat,was off, and with revirent
greetings' the multitude swept forward and
left the scholar and philosopher at ieace."
saaifday, k std
hig point tktm has
dfve havWdierehmg;fceeB 'thjAtgh
the 'week. yThe St." Louis Armorrarof ed
nesday says:
The hot, dry weather continues. For ten
days this city has endured an extreme range
ofthemerouTwith m alkviatingcircuai
dii7 Aiiviv i7uccii wununu Hum
era all around us,
sprinkled Ihe citr." A good cooling, aoakanr
i rain woald he. very acaeptable now, even to
harvesters, we presume, ihe river w stead
ily 'declining, and that this will be a low
water year there seems every reason expect
The Cincinnati OtronicU makes an equally
inflammatory statement :
"We sit in our hot sanctum and are haunted
by visions of grettl neMs and shady orchards,
of pebbly shore, oil which break forever the
waves of the restless sea, and of Alpine pas
ses, cooled by the shadows of their snow
capped mmmits. We try to grasp the phan
toms, but they flit past us, and we wake from
our dreamings to find ourselves hotter than
before. Wrc attempt, as a cooling process, a
pge or two of Hall's "Arctic Expedition,"
but throw it ade in disgust, for it all tounds
Ukea-steryof Baron Munchausen, and not
even the reliable testimony of our travelled
fcllow-citieen can make u believe in the pos
sibility of a fro-en sea. If such a thing real
ly exists, move ft into the neighborhood of
our thermometer and it will soon find itself
metamorphosed into warm and salt water.
Since our last issue more than one unfortu
nate lias been struck dead by the heat, and
the number who have fallen in the streets
and partially recovered,' swell the list of
casualities from this cause to an unprecedent
ed length for the month of June.
The New York Wmld comes very near re
lating those profane words so frequently
attributed to Mr. Beecher:
In pursuance of an old-time ituty, we
venture to call the attention of the indiffer
ent public to the fact that it is "allfircd hot."
Yolerdav it was stated to lie, bv those who
were most exposed to it, the hottest day of
the season. The itaul corroborative inci
dents of coup At mleil and mad dogs will be
found elsewhere. It will lie observed tliat
we are a month earlier .than uual with our
hot weather this year. The dog-days, the
mnddest of all the glad new year, have come
on irresiective of the dog star, and, as a
consequence, all the summer specialities arc
ahead of time. The camp meetings, which
usually hold off till the latter part of July,
are already loudlr warning us of the wrath
to come, and inviting us to escape the wrath
that had arrived by hiring a tent in the
woods. The watering-places are filling up,
and the exodus of trunks by the North river
and Sound steamers is said to be something
mtparalleled. New York, it mti-t be con
fessed, never lieforc gave such warrant for
premature desertion. Its amusements have
all literally "simmered out," and its lions
have gone abroad seeking whom they may
devour. Those, however, who prate o
much about the about the arbitrarv reign of
fa-dtion, will please take notice how eaily
the autocrat is turned about by a little flurry
of heat in June, and all her votaries routed
thirty days before their discomfiture is due,
merely by a rise in the mercury.
We deeply sympathize with our unfortu
nate frieqds in the East, and invite them to
make a summer tour to Kansas, where the
cold of winter and the heat of summer is
ever of a gracious and tolerable nature;
where we do not freeze in winter, and hence,
liavc no occasion for thawing in summer.
Tlie Brief mrasranh inr fifiliiln inmit
ef mrasranh
that Allen, the East Oranbr burelar.
in corananv Irith one Sosers. cscaned from
Jail w thH.aty nearly a rear and a half
ago, bad been convicted of bank robberv in
QovriandfOhio, and amtencod to-six ymw
contmnunt in" the DenitentiarVL The 'stbrV
butthey-havr, , haxajj, 1 qQW.bpm otlhe mo. priaoaMi . faaauUha
I eood cooKnc. soakntef Hartford jail and of the strenuous efforts
made by Sheriff RnsseU and Colonel Fenn
for their recapture ha never befen made
public, and has been known to ecarcelv anV
one save the parties directlv interested, ft
b nriely as follows :
One day in February, 1669, there came to
the .jail three prominent and well-known
criminal lawyers of the Hartford county bar,
who had been retained by the prisoners as
their counsel. They ask' of Colonel Fenn,
the jailer the privilege of an interview with
the prisoners in the jail office. Colonel Fenn
at first declined to srant the reuncst. savin?
he did not care to trust such men outside of
the prison bars, but finahV. on the lawvers
ageeing to be responsible for the safe keeping
of the prisoners, thev were allowed to come
into the office, Colonel twin keeping guard
at outer door. At tke close of the inter
view the men returned to their cells, but con
siderably richer titan they were before. The
sum of two thousand dollars had been placed
in the hands of the lawyers as bond money
on a former complaint, and this sum (less six
hundred dollars, which they kept for fees)
the lawyers gave back to the prisoners during
the interview, without informing Colonel
Fenn of the fact, and entirely Unknown to
him, it being strictly against the rules of the
jail for any of the prisoners to have money
about their persons. The prisoners secreted
this money, but Colonel Fenn, not supposing
of course, tliat any honorable man would take
advantage of a private interview to furnL-h
means of escape to cciivicts. neelected to
search tlieni. That night tliat money bought
liberty for those prisoners. The hall tender,
a man supposed to be reliable, was given
$300 to unscrew the nuts tliat held the cell
bolts, he Using a wrcucli tliat a confederate
outside (whom some one else had advicd of
the projected escape)iast- in through the
window. Once outside, their cells the pris
oners, took the wrench and opened the hall
door, passing into the ofice and thence to the
street, taking the midnight train south to New
So much for the cscqe. As to the pursuit,
it lias not been lax. as manv sUotoosjd. hut
has been vigorously prosecuted. Sheriff
Kussell and Colonel rein, (besides onenng a
reward of $500 for thi-arrot of the prisoners)
liave siiared no travel or. exiiense to effect, if
possible, their recapture. Lach has been to
New York several time and Colonel Fenn
went to Ohio after his man. The servico of
the most skilful detective have lecn employ
ed, and the chase has at tinus be.-n very
warm. Indeed Allen himself told Colonel
Fenn at Cleveland recently, that lie hid liccn
arrested several times by New York police
men but had bought them off, paying, in all,
nearly a thousand dollars, to escape falling
into the hands of the Connecticut authorities.
Two rcqtiiition.i have Ieen taken to New
York for him, and one i now in Ohio, in
the hands of the proper officers ; so that
when Allen serves nut his time there, unless
he dies orescapes, he will be brought hack
to Connecticut. Roger, it Is supposed, is in
the far West. Allen, who in Cleveland
goes by the name of Hardie, is by far the
bigger tcanip of the two, and the mot slip-
lery. hen sentenced in Cleveland he told
the .lodge that 'he would get away anyhow,'
and Colonel Fenn thinks he will 'stand a
a good sight to.' Ills wife, an exceedingly
sharp, keen, and withal elegant and lady
like looking woman, i with him at Cleve
land, and will help him if she can. It is
t supposed that she is one of those who aided
' him in escaping from here. JTartfonl PwJ.
Whore th vlndns i oft s therovsthey twine.
Ami all, "are the rpirit of man, imlirits.
And the last verse alludes principally to
the politici.ms whom we shall drive from
public office this year.
Texan PnrUte KaJlr!.
The Texas Pacific railroad bill as passed i
bv the Senate is in twentv-ninc sections. The i
effort of Mr. Howard to keep Mr. Fremont Gathered and fluted ruffles on pipie are
out of it was defeated by a great majoritv, no longer stylish. Iniorted suits of pique
and Fremont and Rosecrans arc among tne t from $60 to $100, but are copied by
incorporators, which includes the names of niodltcs for half the sum.
known in , railroad land iwlitical affur. ttllcnevk lo ni.ltch thc , I(art pf
The line chartered is from Marshall, , ,, , h ,. . ,
StTons S5frZgSZ thfrnSl 2 U -h is not .
of Texas gives lands; in California the gov- '
crnment grant is twenty sections per mile, 1 With the exception of a few Chambcry
and in New Mexico and Arizona it is forty ( gauzes and grenadines for evening dresses,
sections r mile. There i a connection of 1 and China ctjjws for grand toilettes thc sim
this end with Fulton, Ark., to Dallas, Tex., j plcst mulins arc the choice of tlui season,
winch branch gets a land grant. White toiletU-s will 1 grcatlv worn this
There .sals,, a connection from Marshall I m mrr arol . preIMS, ,r-,hc'mo,lites
by way of Shrcveimt, Alexandria and Baton 1 ,' 1 '.. ' Ti. -.....
Tj!lr Whkh brmCh Ifcrrcl for them "arc 'French naiook, 'soft
.V; . .. r '- 1 1 s,n" fine, such as is sold for srventv-five
iieiv .. - iviuiniivii iroiii iiKs..rg , ... , . . -,-.
- " ----- -------- ----- .---... --- . .
tuna lawn; feuivt iiiuhn, cinonmlcrctl
wj1r.11 mrrmi " " '"!
(spwrxjMSX- W,!g
.1111 Td
the BtflfrCnlte nomrk like a zhmt.
Ana uniim iae cummers on to me.
Now lies the Earth all Daaae to the stars
And all thy heart lies open nnto me.
Nov slides the silent meteor on, and learn
Aalfrow,-thvhc:,fct2-0 ff
Xow inlds the UUt all her sweelnea on,
A JI .1. A a "a .m. k.a
. .. . r rr-i .- .-a-
nto wr WMBtaW lost In me.
Ltai'k uw ur AtEsr coixtt.
A Maicm
fcjr rificem.
Krum the Lawrence Jotmul, June 3"th.
A gentleman who came from Iol.t yester
day morning, gave us the particulars of a
moct atrocious murder that was committed
by a farmer living near Humboldt, and the
kiimmary hanging of the murderer by citi
zens of the locality. Thc- particulars, as
they were narrated to us, are about thec:
There was a farmer named jDosen who had
for several years been living with his ftmilr
on A farln hwir llnmbokh. He tM a WW
some twelve or fourNKn yean, ok) living with
him, that had been bound to him for a term
of year. It seems that he had been in the
habit of cruelly whipping ihL, boy, awl thc
lad had bectt. often beam by neighbor to crv
murder, when being punished, but took
no special notice of it, as they thought
thebov yelled to make. DWn cense whip
ping him. About two months ago, this
monster again whlped the boy most unmer
cifully. Throwing the lad down, he put his
foot mon his Oetk, beating )iim all the time.
Sfion after this the bov diapiearcd, anl the
brute told the icopfc in the neighborhood
that since the last Whipping !C h.nl rttn away.
Not thinking of such a thing as that a mur
der had been committed, tlie neighbors gave
it not much attention, midrr flic iniprwinn
tliat thc boy would return apiin. The ly
did not return, however, and DW11 after a
while commenced to fill up ihc well that wa
in his yard. A murmttr of jsiu-pit km began
to run through the neighlxirlMxxl, and the-e
suspicion were di-oussed. Two month
Kiscd away; the boy did not return; the well
in thc meantime luid been filled up, and thi
monster of cruelty no dortbt breathed freer,
and he fancied tint he luid destroyed all
traces of hi crime. He wasouestioncd by the
citizens, and gave some paltry exci-t; for
filling the Well, persisting that the Uy had
absconded. This did not atify them.
There is something that always seen is to
sieak silently to a people, and tells tlieni
what a great crime h.i been mmmitted in
their midst, and this same silent something
would not irniit thc people of that lor-.ilitv
to rest eay until (hey had learned nil. This
done, tlie mystery was soon solved. At the
bottom of the well was the mutilated liody of
the murdered bov, the marks of the lah
yet visible ujwn his lifeless form. Dosen
was immediately taken into custody. He
finally confessed'his guilt, from which it a
pears that this monster in human form, this
fiend bo wore thc guise of humanity, had
been hi the habit -of eniellv beating the poor
and friendless bov, who had been bound to
him, and to whom he had pledged
hiaisclf to be 11 pnrfector. The
last time he flogged him, thc hoy
was thrown to the ground, and tlie wretch
held him to the earth with his. It heel
while he whiped h:m to death,
after which the body was thrown into un
well. Doseu was taken to I0I.1 and lslgel
in Liil. Before davlMit MomLiv moriiiii"
or rather at some time between midnight and
daylight, thcjiilor was aron-ed by a lrty
who satil thev had a horc thief whom they
wllied to deliver to the jailor. Tliat officer
went to the door, when a crowd rushed upon
him, and commenced to ask and search for
Dosen. He was found and hurried off from
the jail to Elm creek, some four or five
miles irom tola. Here the uii-cmhlc cul
prit was hung, and his bodv left sw innii" in
T. . . "
tne air. uurintormantHt.it; that it was
hanging there Tucday morning. Lynch
law is to be deprecated w here thc crime
committed is the nust aggravated and
atrociou; but it iloes seem if ever there wa-
a case where Judge Lynch w;cs jutifiable in
dealing .summarily with a murderer, thi i
one. '
Mi tWrTtWllii-ilavfc,W
(Hfalthe mtillmWi X
coihera,' IliTiii ilnm iTBi
Uill of ammositv toward bovs. Now-a-davs
a boy cannot follow out a single natural in
stinct without tumbling over some of these
everlasting aphorisms and hearing from
Franklin on tlie ii. If he buvs two cents'
r worth of ''imuinU. hi father tavs: " Rp-
memtwr wiiat r nuiMJin has mUL mw.son.'a,
irrbMrAfKfs A VBfflf Asear?'andtnc
t-ontwet to all gone jtt D thoe peanut If
he wants to spin pis top when he is done
work, his father unite, " Procrastination is
tbc thief of time. ;If he does a virtuous ac
tion he never gets (anything for it. because
" Virtue Is its own j-eward." And that boy
is hounded to death diid robbed of his natural
rest, because Franklin -aid once, in one of1
his inspired flights el malignity:
E.irly to 11 aiwlVarty to rlo
Make a man hahhrsntl wealthy anl tri..
As if it were any subject to a boy to le
healthy and wealthy and wle moii snch
term. The -orro-.r I1.1t that maxim has cost
me through my parents cxpcrimcmftui rm
me with it, tungtlc tnhtiot tdL The legiti
mate rtftilt b my present state of general de
bility, indigence, irl mclit.il aberration. My
irents ncd tojh.ixe me up Iiefore nine
o'clock in the n'-irning sometimes, when I
was a boy. If they had let me take Itiy na
tural rest, where would 1 have been now- ?
Keeping store, 110 ilnut, aud nspecteil by all.
And whnt an adroit old adventurer the
subject of this iiicnroir vas ! In order to get
a chance to fly his kite on Sunday, he used
to hang a key on th string, antl let oil to be
fishing for lightnin. Arid n guileless pinV
lic would gi home chirping aboiilrt the "wi
dom" and the "geiitis" of thc hoary Sal,
lath hrtttker. If ntivhody taught him play,
ing "nitimhle-Frg'' ;lir himself, after thc age
'f sixty, he would ijnmciliiUely :tp)car to be
sphering sit how the grapes grew
, it it was any of his Isisi
ncs. My grandfather new him Well, and he
says Franklin waS always fixed always
ready. Ifnnyliody.jdiiriiig his old age, hap
ened on him uiH.vectedly when he wa
catching tlie, or auaking nithl pies, or
sliding on a ccllir jloor, he would imiiiedi-ctelv-
look wim-. :ii)d', rip otlt a maxim, and
walk off with hi ini-e m the nir and his cap
I'iriieJ wnmg side Jietorc, trying to appear
n'iit-mindetl and. cieeiitric. He wra a
Ij.inl lot.
; He inventcl n tove that wolild" intke
,or hiwl oil" in :f;ur hour by thc elttrk.
tfne cda ee the :ili;'iost lcVilili .iti-fhetioii
Itc took in it, by giving it his name.
He- 'asalw.iy. pVoiid of telling how he
cjitertil I'hil.idi'lpTiii, for tht-firt time, with
'otliing in the world but two hilling in his
lioc-ket ami four rc.lU of bread under Tii arm.
Itllt r. .11." H Lull fri.i. iiimn In AVn.iti. it
critically," it w.ts nithinr. Aiivlmiv could . """ '" " u.nnccxry nujority
I I - -. -r 1 r.. -. . .. ..'.
nave none H. Mart, ltrttm in me Vnht ry.
The well:iiiford Wi
ibnderit -f the G
c prbowe chaWs
ndtsavmwiis tbbic ii
- m k. ...
deatof quiet conversational
Thpn is srarrelv a doubt that tie
of new men in Forty-second Congreas will
greater than in any since the one which wit
nessed the installation of the Republican
nartv. following the openins of the War
L Thc cattsc tit work to thts end lire verf afc !
Su.&r.dk- tlle-ujUtricts Have been
from, the argument of rotation acainst
who nave held so long is being applied
more 'rigorously than ever. There are now
more -represertJuTs ofNorthun States en
thc floor who have hed three, four or five
J term than at any time within thirty j ears.
The North has been doing tlaroagh tne
, war what the South always did, Ana made
j itself strum; in Congress thereby naselv,
to constantly return those k found canabfe.
until by long familiarity with pabaic sJaits
and the uiachinery of CongreM. their power
and influence were very ruatenaHy iuunns
cd. Since the war the questions connected
with Its MUletmtit have been tockedy al
lied to the btrttggle itbdf as to ntaksi k seem
bcot to the North to repeatedly return those
who carried the war legislation through, in
order that tiiey might finish the work whkh
seemed to ItJuhg anptopriately to them. At
the election for the present Congress those
who had been so long waiting for ptaceTWtre'
able to make considerable headwav in their
attempt, to break the force of the argument
the people seemed to be acting upon.
liw the cry of rotation Colon tip to
mot of the members in louder tunes than
ever, ami the indications are not to be ruis
tikt.11 that many of the districts now repre
sented by nicll 'uf rM-oitiicd standing are
yielding to the iinirttinitics of tkltc wr)n
Jiave It'll" desiretl to supersede the present
These candidates for the stktession say,
with sonic effect now, that at last the war "is
not only over, but the issues of it are sett led ;
all has been done for these long seated gen
tlemen that either they or the interests of
the country ran demand ; others, workers
for the irty, should now lie. rewarded. But
inert :tre two new reasons which weaken the
force of these arguments. It i looked upon
:l certain bv Ju'imbliuin tlieniselres that
I there will be manv addition. from the North
10 cue i.:uiocraiii; suie lor ino next von-gres.-,
ullile Hie change will lie a sweeping
one among the large number of olijeclioeiaHe
1 members trom the South. The result of
thce thing will lie first to give to theForty
sconid Coie:res a much larger element than
' uual of new and unpraclied members;
and of this new force a strong element will
belong to the present minority. Many ear
nest Kc-imblicans are lookinc tit a moderate
Krw Yoaa, August IMJJ.JSST.
AHoa- iw to Ua four aMeation to mj- ntEFA-
Tha cumpoaeat Baits are BUCHU, Loo lour.
t"Tfnl ht tactlo: "Juniper emr7 br (iistillatmn
to form a tne fin. Cubetw eslrstltsl t.r dtupLtfe'
meat br liquor oMalnnl fnnn Jtinlr Brtrir-, fn
taf Itftijt tery little- mgar. a unistl portion'of-pint.
arttl (Hot f.sflabl- than anr nuc In ur. Thr ar
tiTe pruferties ate hr thte ! ettaclcl.
BuefeW, a pffpaM hf Drut!: K-ierallv. ''f
adarkeolor. It Is s ptaat thai citlll II rarane;
the artiun uf a Bame dfHmra this its attire princi
ple, krariag a dark aad xliitinoa ileiMttkm. Mine
is the tolas of marulWat. Th Hachtt in in) prrp
aralion swdwinales; the smatle! tnnlitr.. hr
other injnsHetil- an? s-M-J; t prrrenl ftrinifila
lion; upnn inpsiiotj. ii wilt lv n,i,ni n..tl.l-
aTintturr, as made in Iharm m uu, nr 1. its
syrup and Ihen-iure t n he ud la tar wlin,
irteriirinlammstiincxit. Inthl ton hjvr tli-anv!r-!e
uf thr inrtllrnt3il thr nnK of 'tt m-rjlion.
Smie two months-ngo the Fort Scott V,
a Democratic paer, was purch:iscd by the
the frientlsof S. Clarhe, ami it name and char
acter somewhat hanged, w hilc its unfortu
nate tyiiographiuil 'appearance wa jiermit
tetl to remain the ciine. The new born or
gan, the Tflfijnun, isittending with conaider-
The following telegram appeirsin thc
Denver Air tn of thcJJTth ult. :
Ht. Louix, June 25, '70.
D. Tom Smith: In a letter yesterday I
congratulated GovrEvans'on the completion
of hi ro.id.OI noweiangratulatc the citizen
of J)cver. Lwill advice you in due time,
not later tlian suiae time in Augut, when
the last spike will be needed for thc Kansa
(Signed) John I). Pkrky,
to Shrceiort, without anv new grant.
There are connections on the other tnd
with existing roads in California, on grants
of twenty sections per mile.
American iron or steel is to be ued, ex
cept on i-eet ions for which foreign purcliae
Ilivc already been nude. The company is
authorized to isiie construction bond at
$40,000 per mile, on all it pmpcrty and
right of property.
Tlie Hue inu.t be finihcd in ten cars. In
three years thereafter all the lands are to lie
sold at 2 50 per acre. The gauge i fixed
at five foet, to corresjiond with the luajority
of roads in the South, so that through trains
may be run.
Mr. Ca.neron lub entered a motion to
reconsider the vote on he pa-vigc of the bill
otenibly liecaae it jierniit. tlie Use of for
eign iron or steel already purch.iscd, though
Southern Seiutor i-iy it Is because thc
gauge does not corrtsimnd to that of the
Pemisvlviuiia Central and it connections.
A sf.Rious stabbing affray occurred on
last Sunday night, atTVcstport, Mo., inwliich
Thomas Powers, Thomas Hauncshan and
James Tobin, three well known citiretn of
tluit place, were infolvqd. Power seriously,
and it is fearetl Citallv wounded Hanncshan
in. inumcot, which nwy probably take place, I wit'' a Vbt knife, and tpiite -cvercly cut
;mdofwluYh dux: notice will be givvn. j-lames lobin. Powers 1 under arrest To-
nm H the town a-or of Wcsport. The
city was highly excited over tlie tK-current?.
ArvsTAj Maine, fnmihes a new illn-tr.-ttion
of die unfailing benefits of adver
tising. A lady who lost a valuable ring ad
vertised it in thc Jownal. Her sister read
the adverti-ement, and it was so impressed
upon her mind that she dreamed about 'it,
and in her dream the place where the mus
ing ring could be found was plainly revealed.
The next day tlie ring was fount! in thc
nou.se of the owner, carefully laid away.
Tin: Viceroy of India recently visited die
ancient jilt mines of PinlDadmi-jKhan, !in
the Punjatih, 110 miles northwet of Lahore.
These mines arc interesting as dating from
the days of Alexander, the Ureat,, and as be
worked by the actual descendants of the or
iginal miners. One of the mines nine in
all) contain a circular hall ninety feet across
ami thirty foet high. Thc supply of lt
stems inexhaustible.
Most of the counties in Kansas have in
dications of brine, and salt springs are found
in the valleys of. Fall Kiver, Verdigris and
Neosho. The largest and most important
deposits of salt are in the big bend of the
Arkansas, being found, there, according to
PnifessoriMndge, State geologist, "in place
two feet thick, and so solid it must lie 'cut
with an axe."
Of Disraeli's powerh of tcircnsm in Parlia
ment, a Ijondon correspondent of thc New
York Wurld writes :
"One of his device was to draw an ini
inacinarv portrait of some wretch too base
I to live, ami while tloing this, to look at the
ieaker ami jkiiih with hl nnger, as it un-cun-cious,
to the person whom he intended
to describe. Tim, on one night, wlien Mr.
Glad-tone was sitting in his aewtstomed
place on the. opposite side of the table, and
Disraeli, was sieaking, he began to sketch
the character of some iniaginarv person
whom he invested with attributes which were
recognised as a ierfect but ludicrous travesty
ttf some of Mr. Gladstone's peculiarities.
j Then, suddenly turning around so that he
j tood with his face to the Speaker and his
siiriu siue luniiiu .nr. umu-hmxk, rc iisvu
his hand and pointed it at Gladstone's dice,
while he kept his even fixed on the Sjieaker.
'And do you mean to tell me, he exclaim
ed, 'that thi man, so lost to all sense of jus
tice; thin solemn charlatan who parades pre
tence for piety; thi wretch -who barbarously
bctrays his trust,' Ac. with every thi
shaking hi finger at ioor Gladstone, as if in
accident, but pointing his denunciations so
that every shaft went home and rankled in
his breat. These encounters, however, liave
left no Kid blood behind them; and behind
the scenes, and even before the scenes, every
where save in the House of Commons, the
Premier and the ex-Premier arc excellent
plain, of thc chores! white tint, rather than
that shading toward blue; traii-p-miit French
organdy; ami a fine quality ol pirpic thickly
mpHsl, yet much lighter than lh.it Mild la't
cmoii. (Joat's hair, alp-ic-a, and other white
woolen stuff', arc but little u-td.
.Evening tire;, of Swi., muslin hic
trained skirt, and a low corsage with
ba-jpics .Tha cortage i made without
lining, open?; in front, has two dart and side
bodies. It i cut Hpure in the neck both
Kick and front, is very high oiitliflioulder,
and trimmed with pleated frills anil Valen
ciennes. The sleeve, are plain to the elbow
and edged with lace. The tunic is ojien
straight down the front, i caught tip in
pleats on the bills, and liang in a jioiiit lie
hind alniu-t to the end of the train. When
worn in the afternoon a a "carriage dress, the
tunic gives plae to a long Iki -que elaborate
wnn irimmiug. sue necK 1 jHiinlcu, ana
the slctes arc wide and ojen to thc arm
hole. China crajie sahs arc w'orn whh
mcli dresso--.
Tnenfv-One Yean Nlleut.
There is a woman in the town of H.ir
Xiiony, Chautaiiqu.1 county, who has not
spoken to her husband for twenty-one ear.
In the year 184U licr husband contradicted
her lurshly in the presence of coniwny, and
she threatened tliut if he didn't behave bet
ter toward her she would never sjieak to him
again. He retorted that he wlhed hc
wouldn't; and slic lia not sincx spoken to
him. They have continued to live together
iieacefully, and during the king silence liave
had several children. Everything goes on
in their house asjisiud with farmers. The
husband is attentive, and does his convers
ing with his wife through one of the chil
dren. For instance, he will a.k a child at
the tible, "Will your mother lune some
more meat.,'" Or, at another time, "Is
your iuothcr.ojng to.townwithmcto-day?"
The family is wealthy, and belong to" the
better class " of Chautauqua farmer and
respectable citizen. JuuiafoKvi (N. Y.)
Fanaowa Josiniatlsta.
James (iordoii llennett and I lorace Greeley,
two of the oldest of our New York editors
and proprietors, two who luve done very
much to infuse interest, instruction, force
ami corrcspondim; exiene into tlieironii
and the jourualsof the osinlry, are, we regret
to say, quite ill, tliough neither of them, we
arc hapjiy to add, arc in any immediate dan
ger. Mr. Ilt-miett, Sr., of the Jkrnht, is thc
greatest sufferer, and for months ha not
been free from severe pain, which few Hung
er in years (Mr. Ileimctt, wc beliive, is 75)
would bear with o much resignation. Mr.
Bennett's illness has not taken from him any
of that natural shrcwdne.ss.-ind Inowlc-lgeof
men and ctents wbbh have, m ide him the
wealthit-st jounnlist in tin- toiuitn. Mr.
(ircclcy, wc are sorry to s.iy, re cicd n-) I" 11
efit from his journey to the Kill mix--, and he
1 still itrlile, mid ilenit-l wtrk or in ing 111
tnidcd iiii, even by Iiij fib i.d-. I.ifr l"iig
hanl wtirk and itinunierabl conflicts with
jien and totigin for ivcr forty -.t- have
taxetl gre.it lv a g'xi'I rtni-tit'ition, and ac
cordingfti tlie life iii-urantr tahki-, Mr.
Greeley's c.xamiii ition rc-iibl in evidence
of. 1 long life and a constitution ol iron; but
even an inin rontitiition i. worn away
by the constant friction of Ihtsight and b ird
work. A year Mnce, in thi month tif June,
Mr. Raymond, of ihc 77i'.-., diel without a
moment's warning, and no lii'm ha any :'v-
nrance of certain jcars or tl.n . Thc light
ning may strike, or periL ecme by flood or
field, on land or km, and all hum in ii-li-tutions
then become as mi ubi.tnii.-l as -a
tlrcam. Xor York Erjuts.
as .1 tiotent means of ilttroviiic the evifs
which attemba long lease of unlimited power.
They are inclining strongly lo thc opinitHi
that a f.iir working majority is all tb.it-tbe
l.--t iiitervt of the cisintry and the party
now demand.
A omstant reading ttf Crtigres.ion.il n
port, tf Ctiiigrvssional tpiarrels and Con
greiniial swindle ha convintnl many pru
dent :md jKitriotic iii-ii of the fad that wc
have too m.mv men in W.thinjton who are
able zeal to the is-litical a-jiirations of the f f.,,ii;.,r w;,, ,le machinery of Ctingres."
aforesaid Clarke. We copy thc following t ;s a f-mdliaritv which has i,rvd contempt.
fwm its CoIumUis, Craw ford County, Neu-, ml the Fortv-Fir-t Congre ha- ign.illv
tailed to " fini-h the work which helongtd
tti it." It ha f-uletl in its financial ami rev
enue measure and ha failed in rec-uiistnic-tion
the ct chenie it wa elected to "ap
propriately finish." A new Iwdy of men,
Irish from the (icoplc anil iost-s.ed of ct mi
nion sen- and common bom ty will in.-pire
more repcct and do better work.
The tone and temper of the people i for
reform and progress; flir new nicn and new
measure. There can le no mistake about
thc disj-o-ition of r!ie voting mats' ami the
result to lie atbiexetl. Mr. Itffin rctrntly
oppcrsiilfilie t'ivil Serviivbillol Mr. Jt-nckes
liec:iiie he s.ud it would make a hand of t
hcrctlitarv oflicc-hnlder. in thi countrv. It
w.is a frivolt'ii and clujrtrap objection to a
w i-e incisure, Isit the present tendency ttf
our jtolitRs. J, to keep Ctingnv-snien and Sen- I
ators in office ami make them what Iogan I
calls "hercilitarv." Tlie lutrtinage which '
belongs to the President and the teoplc i
wielded for the inglepnqtt--cofperctuaUnf
lloptns that jim will fimr il -ith a trUt. .iul
fhal ufn In-ixttion il will m tt ilh rnur rpru-
Willi a fr--lifu, .! M-nnlaK',
I am vrry rrprt.lftill-r,,
P II. T. HKI.MWil.L'
Chi mi.l athl llraslst f lo jat t-rinitu
rhllail.lplih, tnd tKivr tajtl at lit llttiit ttvl
Clirtiilial W'jrt lion.-, .Vil Imii.lway, ;,-,- i.iL
Thk Helena (Montana) Htmhl, nqiorting
.1 recent interview lietween Slieridan and a
Piegan delegation, says thc warriors looked
upon tbc .General with as much disdain a
did the ancient Scythians once- upon Alex
ander the Great, on account of his small
stature, ant! thatfflyUy they would lie as j observed, thc mileage of n
much mistaken in a fight. ,. il-ly small. He km
- rs- aHamsisaaaHMM '" T jisacnficing nature of the Si
rauarhimell tlsulfeal
Mr. Morrill introdnced a Inll to increase
the mileage of members. Notoriously, he
members was scan-
knew that the sclf-
ificing nature of the Senators would de
light to pay this tribute to tlie fsdelitv of
themselves, and the equally deserving public
servants of other hoiws. Passed with ac
A resolution wa introduced to appropri
ate a lew millions toward the diroverv of
Builders arc btily engaged in all jurts
of the city of Galveston, - Texas, ami nw
cdifiers present themeh-es on almost every
stpiarc, What was the bum,! district is now
dotted t over with building-, -- f --" the North Pole.
Fuperiur to those destroyed. i Mr. Saulsbury -slid AVhaiyonsc.
' ' ' Mr. Sumner explained that it wonhl lie a
The pimwnn-saf tlw Funwicr bifl bv thc , &? ,,n.n? for j; ,
i- t . " . .-j- r .1 " f Mr. Cole explained that it would be an
Texas Legisl-auTe: lte for the organ..- cnornion, lning,fcr tthamen.
lion of -about twelve hundred men in twenty j Mr. Yates explained that it would be a
ranger companies, thc captains to le appoint- vat thing for "cobblers."
ed by the Stale. JExenttive, the subordinate I $ ??uW.'rT - -Ji h'gthing on ice.
otic toheeiected. - , JftS! St? ? "
' , j 'Jlr. lates moved
... ..'
a goon siorv is lora concerning a
A Thler ah Kept His Book-..
The valet of .1 rich proprietor in Paris ha
jut l-een detected in a"long H-rioof thefts
and embezzlement from bi mast t-r, all of
which he entered, with the most commerti.il
reguhiritv, in .1 private account liook. Hi
master hatl noticed the disipi-esinino: of
some large sinus, and .iccoidingly laid ".1 trap f
lor tne iiuui, oy lliarKlll; siiiuiiy pir-T- tti
money in hi casli-box. The ne.xt morning
a large deficit was apptireut, and siimmoning
the valet he ordered him to empty his totk
ct. Finding him.clf detected, thera.cul bail
tbc effrontery or the candor not only to rc
st ore. the fcioney, but al.-o to prtslucea ery
ncatly bound account-book, admirably kc4,
in wfiicli all his peculation IuhI been 1 li
teral from day to tl.y, under the head of
"Receipts by roblicries." "Monsieur will
not find a cent missing," added the impudent
i-rouiidrcl, "and he may lie sure tli.it I have
no wish to deceive him." In spite or this in
tra 1 Land, corrcstnuidcnce
The Hugh Cameron and Amos San ford
Democratic I-ilior Reform, show s signs of
the "last ditch" in ibis county. The Rene
gade Republicans w ho head that van here,
were etenlay vcry:carnet and determined
in their efforts, will! two leading Democrats
from Baxter Springs, in trying to make a
" fusion" w ith therDj.funct Democracy. We
understand they denounced Sindey Clarke,
and dtflatvd they would not longer endorse
him. Wc are not surprised at Little Anus,
ar he long since ccui-ed to be a true Repub-
hean, nor do we mourn the losa of the others.
Perhas by cfTectinglthe fiLion sought, tln.-y
may lie able to make a pass or two thi com
ing campaign, but wje can s.iy to the gentle
men it won't work, and if they are iu doubt,
they had lust count hoses. More on this in
the future.
It is well known that Clarke has Iot hl
infhtencc with the settlers on the Neutral
Land--, and for the simple reason that he ba
llot redeemed his pn-fu.se promises to them.
They were told by him that Joy's title to the
land was void, ami that it belonged to the
settlers. But the settlers have waited manv
weary months, and are still unable to get
titles to their homo- except through Mr. Joy.
Clarke has done nothing for them, and it i
now believed by Many that Clarke i Joy'
tool, pud that he , would not htlp the
Leagut rs if he could." j ,T ?s .. ,-,, ,. ,0 .. Wiit,. Stockings," of
The Cameron and S.mford above alluded i t hit-ago, recently prt-iitttl Mi-" Ida Iwi,
to probiblv arc IK-moy-rats, as the Trhqmm the famous New port Heroine, a ns4lv iair
1 . . 1. ' . J . ..r .. i.:. ...a :.... r. .: 1 :.-. 1.' f.
a.ert..lntlhrvh.ivr.!iecnthviut4ubsiii;-l"' "", ""'.' "-'' '""' '"""'- "'""
,', . .", .... .11. a ran-l.ir, wi'li tli- ciiililcin of I h great
out ofIarkeslacs hitherto. And tlui it V,,,.,;,-,," game el.d-.raMy worketl over
turns out that Uafke cannot carry the thun. The s 11 king , whi h were iniNirted
counties for which be ha", s,, long pl.iyt-il the ' '" cxeiis.' of .-VH in gtjld, were .icetim-
dein i-o-iic. i.inil with an arti.tii. illy cnuror-cd certifi-
0 p . 1 - - m 1. itc of li"i'i-rarv ii.iuls r-liiii in thc Club,
A SKAT t-Winulc 1 tllll tle-J rilHIl ly .1
Hurotean aper. A gentleman i-tepel into
the store of a merchant, followed by : -.,----vant.
The gentleman, who wore his right '
arm in a sling, was taken for a military jien-'
sinner, and the men bant gladly placed lie- '
fore him such artM-y.as he ...ketl for. Whn
he came to settle tlie account, however, be
touiid be bid not Mifticitnt money, so he'
asked the merchant to write a no'e Vnmi lii-
tlictation to his wife, vhieh he would send to
bin hotel by lib servant. Thc mcrchimt un
suspiciously wrote at. he was desired, and on
a slieet bearing the name of the firm, tliee
wonl : "Semi mc iiiiKtlistely, by the K-ar-er,
two liuiKlrrd thill-is, Your, Kobert."
He, smiling, iloxtMip thc not-, with the ex
I rum tli-1 ,rs-t
Mm.ifH Inline Ch-niisls
lit Hi.
"I am aiiuintrl villi Mr II. I. Hi Iml-.l-l , I;.-H.upie-
thr lriii:Mirei.silir r--si.I, n-.-. ami
was usrrf.il In t'-isliiitin tin-lui-mr- ,!-.
lhrr ha I nf Itrrn isjujllr . .-i..r. Mm. I !i i.
heen tir.iriMr iniprrsi-l .itli In tlnrattr sn-i
firnii.f I'iis-m .1 Vr-ililmi. M-nufufirTi
themisl.. Ninth .irt-l Hn.wn .to-. K. riiil-t-Mphia.
HlBkeM's Fhitl Extract Buchtt,
Congrtsssint n in their office. But we think
the people at la.st untl. rstind these facts ami ' by "' ",inr ""'" '.vmpt... a.-..
that they will, at the next election, reform
altirgt Iher tin- present "berctlitary" (on
i;rcsiinal iliT.
r-stsmMmMmmammmma. I
iii-l llii-se verse-..
Il ll-- rr stir km., iujt Ihv ri;:ltt.
I'riTii irr llij f--l si.tiir.
ri 'II lilu-li l-i'titi'l tin iiwli. Ii-.
.inl ttiiii Ktd .sAttiny Ihtrt.
Bill if lliy t'r-j li" they spr.
A l.islhrtn tli-.il lun.-. iltsn.
Willi tm lli'T will K-sc ttninhi
'I b''r "'orl in;- iitik- a Jill
Tin -dune line. .11" a rithtr good panidy
011 thc old York, and Lnie.tr.ter Jim begin
ning If tin I up nt otftnl lli uli,
l"I i-tsl in thv loxmi lure.
Tirilt M-i-h tit Sml itstlf It- whitf
A ml tmn l.nn-atnan tliere.
pression, "Ah, then vje arc ii:inic.iki-s. Thc
serv.iin iikik tne noir .11111 soon reiurnen wnn
Wrr-klt Rrslrsr r tke SHU.Intta lire
nitwit .ursrsirt.
The 111 trs'-t .ill rotuiil, for the week end-
.. . A-.-..I - .. kAh.. 1ba la-lk isii
.. 1 . .. . - . . IFIIT tr-'U'T'-I ir BIlIT inn liiii"- iriiiiirriiit
nemiuinuMim. 1.1. gemiennn ,ni.i lor in uim" , , - ., ocnt f -a.flicient
wares, gatellieni t.i . Ii - scryan to tnrrr ami , m. , ,;J;llgII;.1 ;, r DU-C if ,ifTer fn.m
went aw-iy. S,m,-r.o1.rsa Iter the wifeof the , - ,,;,. im. wk inratl,eit ,,-,,
nienbant tste,l him- nirf uftrr talking of, ,, ,i:,np. frolll lhe week -i.
s.u dry thing-, suddei.lv as-fcctl hn why I,. , - . . ae,.n,M ; theruns of Texas
1...1 ...(......... .1 . in --
... s,,. ,r ,. ,,,,,, umo. . .1 ....... , , w w ,,,..,. h,,ve jn
"ti iiri- .' it.i !,. "- nnn ri,ri'iiiii.ii.
gcnuoti j tirade of honesty, thn conscientious
prig was landed over to the jHiliee. l'ttit
Mi-s Kellogg will spend Ihc summer en
gaged in the study of oratorio.
John Morri-ey had hi iocket-book stolen
at Washington on Friday.
Church, the New York artist is danger
ously ill in that city.
Red Cloud is an able and scholarly poker
player. Prof. Mafher, of Amhcr-t, recently made
a sleepy congregation stand up in the middle
of a sermon and sing two vcre of a hymn.
Theatrical rumors rixrt Maretzck en
routt to Enrope. to engage Schneider for
Fisk's 0era Ilou-e, with Ofllnluch to lead
the orchetra.
Enrepr rr 9IM1 Isi fnrrency.
Ralph Kccler tells u in the Atlantic
July how much of Euroite he saw for
above sum :
He walked from Toledo, Ohio, to New
... .Ill .......... .K.a !.. i.-L.. ff.. !... ..v-l..
, , ..., .a, I'tini iiiwii-'i-Mi..- mil i.a.r.s, ii'in. . ..-
n nen ne mwwimi ? inci n.1.1 ik.,, ptiyoi f ,,;, m.k fc f whit I. have
III.M In.... Thc swrt I. after the shari-cr has - w fcn ., ,mly imtiimjMr of pd
.mIl. 1 nnles. Ritt. Iiac continued nnchanged-
tiI. v ni.i;....i.i: k i:.. tht-c-e of Tevans ranging from S2 to M for
..r,.:.. ,i. f..n :...'.' .'. 1.. I common to nch as were in butchers' tiual-
tious adopted : I i ' ' i,v' .'" !" ?" I""'1" 1.. "IW,W
JUI, Tliat thr.i-sioi. of the Kepubli- V"- arrival-o nogs uu on oonsitier-c-aiiiurtvlsnoteiidAl
but 1l1.1t the grc-at J uMy fn.ni llu-se of the week previous, lilt
work tli'tu Cir .irrie. i'-n it will continue. It ' -he demand was gtssl till the close when
will enlunce the in.fiidiul libertv awln-,wI,n? ,1i,Ik, ,M wta,,,cJ' ,U,e an
foreeobedici.ee to lai.i It will reduce the. fc" '? -1 J,tUr"' V'ty . , , !'
burden of taxation iii.i-o-cd uis-m the iioplc -rc still in the market, but. as few of their
bv their enemies, while it will aU. continue "T ol1 ,h.e I,l:rkrt ln,av L
..". .1:,.. ;..;.!. .i. .s,.i.i,..!.i. 1 1 ....1.1:.. .. clt-c rather dull awl weaker. AU ottenngs,
t IV tiiiiiini.ii atv irititv.tU.ut s.st- -iaivsi, vV I. . . 1 .1
. i.iliturcs. It will admini-ter ll.c Gt.vern-. "ever, have occn aontrouu, aiw me pea-
fir nkn- iri-ma fnt.11 nsli. rtln-n Hi. r-hlil'lc-l
-nrrr.f Nslnre whhli stn iiitn'jiiu.l
whirl, -III
he rHin-1, lnilisittM1 1 l.tr-rtHKI, lt-i i.f Mnifl . .
Wik--fiilnr. Il.irn.r .if In.i-. ., I',,i.l.
lintfif l.ril. .11 fitt, n-mrrsil Iis.itulr, pr-stra-
ti-marsl i-nlillilr ..iili-r nit It-.- riij.i.uirnKl
The I (-n-tit-itHin, m e .I.l--J ilh li.pin.r
M't-afcn--s, r--inn.s t'loiilrf t-ilitin'-ln -lrnn;li-enanJinrwsrratrlhe.jjtn-,,
whlth III.LMB'll.li.
EXrUAtr BL't HIT in. srialilr !-. If n Irsil
mMtt Is sii'iti.itlr-l t- t iTrsii.t!.iri r In-jnilv i-,i-
Hrmrii tii'-il 1 vn. Lit pait fin fi-. lit -IT. it.. tr
peiulur fctTt-mst-"-, ! ii-iTiit'l-l tiy -t-13- i.h.-r
prrpsnliiin, us in ' leri-i. ! Krl Mihei. i-imf-il-na,
or hnpprtHin tif (-nsl".iirj- h.xunli'Hi..
CIrratt-J.,rN:hirfMMst-if Ihr Vt-Tif. rsl all
rf-.tiptalaraimiiiV.it t-t the t, wh. tlt-r arl.iiti:
ftntn haltit nf rlslptim, tmprtslrntff- in. or the
incut mill rfcid economy.
It.! .lls IKIII'III -, , . , , nd
ami at the name wcrc tlciretl out from tlay to day. lnei
time keep
.. .
ail -inrere
lork at a cot of S3, and rxiMlSosfori-Ls:i--. scrupulous tidelitv to
to London: visited Paris. Stra-iburtr. Jleitlel- , whkh it demand fripi
berg, when, having $80 tin iohl, lit; ma-land' people
Iriailatetl; boarded for Iburtocn cents ier
diem; found what the students slid not do
study; what they did carout-e and iga
Iwntlizc At Christmas he Wa nnnile-.s
until evening, when he receivjil i.!- ! from
home, for oirresondence. This sustained
him uiispecitietl months hi.iger, during
which he received another remittance of $50.
keep the puoiit. Mini imioutc. it "";-. T.v-"..:,. : ", '"
.vmiwthic, a- it .ilwjvs lias .lone, with ' l,.v l-tillcrs m IIIujol, but
."itre -tmgKlc for h'bcrlv among for-1 IL0"0' V ,,,c ,,lark"t1t. '
nations, while it :ilo observes them.tft Ra"s.1,.wxc n,,t, 'lWitaW
..1 .. ...... i!... .' :... t .... nrevailni" are for metlitit.
j( J liaxc been wime recent iiMpiirie-s for stockers
i uwre imic ni
meet the ortleT',
to extend them to Chi-
Th. great addition to the wealth of the
Western States wbicli has taken place sinoe
March last may be evtimated witbou much
trouble from the statement of the dimple fact
that wbeeat sold in Milwaukee and Chicago,
in March, for 72 to 75 cents per bushel, and
" is now tiuoted therefrom $1 15 to $1 17.
Is the Episcopal Diocesan Council for
W'iscon-un, a day or two ago, thc following
.tjanon was adopted: "Every communicant of
'.'the Church marrying outside of our commu
inion, or married by any other tlian a clergy
'nian of tlie Qiurch, shall staud jp-y fctfq ex-
The New York Herald calls Ben. Butler
-an-''undisciplined bushwhacker."
viit Mr.
niaue several year? ago t-y a partv 01
prominent Rqiriblicaus of Delaware to xVe-i-dent
Lincoln. Our Delaware friend., w-feh a'
proper appodation. of jtlwrJjwshion as re
presentative gentlemen of the part v. informed
the President tbaf taey were all influential
citkens, and anjong the ncavy men of the
upper patt of Delaware. "Soyou all belong
totnepperentl of the State?"' reffeeted
Mr. Lsncoln,- with a roguish twinkb in his
eye, and then with a look of earnest wlici-
Morton moved to extend ihon. in
Mr. Chandler wildly shrieked Detroit.
Mr. Sumner faintly mummed Boston.
Ax old lady on a steamboat observed two
men pumping-up water to -wash the deck
and the captain being near by, she accosted
man as hisiows
. . . sv. . 4 . a
I lie men uu uie uimersiiy, v-aieu various
eiliasn nntl nirt fl. A. Tmrn-sPiid in Paris. Ii-
ti.. r-n..-.. ,.r it..:. : ,;.i ...i.n.-o. . ' . ..... ,.., ',.-'.
.s. -u..1.-..wi . .!--....- ..a.. .-' s.-'s. 1 nuom lie was nvpiiui, wuen; ne nati 11111
changvtL anI as
a. - - ? . I 1-
: -.: 1 1 ' nrcvaiini": are lor metiiiim 10 eix, irora
other govenimtnts7''0,,"!:'0.!" & " .fi,r ,ra; SheeP
11. 1. U l..ll til .llllls: Ilia. -S.ls ... .IBs. avv-bas.
nrcvioiH. and owins largelv as men 10 tne
common tinalities recivetL Arri-als fell off
somewhat, Isit rates have continued without
change, .is follows; for common to fair, $1
to $2 ."jO; for gtmd, $." to S4. Rryublirait.
made overtures to Baron llaus-.11.an to make . ,wo ,l0jLirs, to write for the London iuag:i- mart. of cities in III1110L, in Oregon, on
m. r-cien.ii.irg as a nne c-.iy a ...e .......- z,nt jC reccjv an UBswciiietJ lortune in tlie J'acihc Railroad, on thc Panama stcam
ahtiscd Baron .ucxvetled in making Par.-. j reply, while delting whhef iwfen w.,s Phir:nitc. When l.:t heanl of it w.t, on
SSaUtrj l-, "I U.U ,..,.., .- a. -.,.. 11M a. j- .........-,, "",,- frnr,. f;np,nh,t; V..- flelo,.
Iff... . I If.raff,fsi tl.a a-Mfiiaf. a.1la..al la. ... jla- ! . - . -.-... .- .-v.-. saav......
includiue wine for five cents, jfnd wintered
there. lie tried the London tbagazines un-
Cllinsville, 1 successfully, when his luntl gac out again:
. ,,f -, Mtkfl 1 readied Leghorn with less thai a dime, and
' l . 1 ... 1 1 .1 . :. .j .
A ri'N iijxm .-islsiig plir.t-H.-, peretratetl
in material form i- travelling ansmd tlie
country. It is simply a dilapidated hoe,
fn-ti nisil lw-trren tw-t 'old lanoV .hpi-s!. nn
wlurl, is pat,d a picture of .1 proiiuncnt , Fn,in ,hcf.,,nBKfnf Mila... pM,ra.
iul.!ie man Iriingofl flies with a broom, j j, u annouwretl thai our good friend I).
Thi curious missive ir.ivels from potoffiec j W. Wilder, familiarly styletl "Web," is to
to rHi.-tofiiiv. Tr in u.iTiiiwsil vTfh ilio wt. I nnhlih a hfctorv of Kansas, where he hah
name of the tilitarv voter for female suffrage
in the recent Vermont Constitutional Convcn
'"Wm. Lie-eDi-chneider. of
Lt., wa relieved, a lew iiavs mce,
worm thirtv feet
1 Eurojie.
tadc, inquired " Is there no dirnger of thc
State tilting while von am- awav?" Thc
party had jajrgood laugh oyer this "joke at
their cxnen-eTbtit neycrthelcss resolved that
it should not'besxilR-fcrl'toIca'k out at home.
It was too good to be kept, however, and the
surest way, even now, to rile one of these
neavy men" is to ask him, wlien ahont de
parting 'from home, if he is not afraid thc
State will tilt.
liil. as long as his I S"- " uy the generosity of in American
1 Mlila,n.uisU. Att-Liv v fiunu jiu tiin iur
. -.aa-st t.,.ln In ! -vail .saaif 4afe laa Et .
r, . . -,. -1 1 I ft I s"" dlllUl. UC llU avsssi. mi JUL"--!!
jjppnia 1ickcv, uie iasi surviving cui... . , an,i M Ktornod to fTole!.. after
.najor venenii ours, 01 ivevoiiuio.i.u-y i.unv, . - g
uito in ncauuig, .m.ls., taieiy, ageti iijinam 1
oftWvears. i
.- 1. . . .. 1 ..
T-a- n. ; .1. . it. ii.. A i.irrrr.R intm llvMleilien' ---iv. , that
It'll, luvi savs inai ue ieis evirsviucu " -- - . 1
.ii: li i-r. t: ::....: ..r- I wlien oerman tiwem-- set unniK. inev arei
Ul'IIIU dUaHnUOII s-KtsJIi: A JliJSts,.--,,,.,.. .ai a- 1 --.. 3 .. "I... I -.".a;-
cuUuial ociety, tlut he i preparuig his io- entirelr sattetl if they can succettt in gating,, tainlf in.lelieatt iu .so,ted Tail
luita memoii,. and tlut he is writing j eraimurrimm.. "ii "Us.ii in.. --"";-is --. .niies-jouni'U
. ' iflUHmnk llwav ifwts nimti rlttntYtnt nut I ;
. i- , . ., . -...... J the whole beef houe, ami seeing the otab-
hl mK-V"1 f 1., "lIMiBMit pnirlv elose.1 up 'before they
ofbce-holder in North Carolina. She lia , j i i . i
btn appointettrfawuiiiu of School in New , , ..,,
Hanover county. , x. ,,, r---,.-, trtn-. "iw rrrin-:. ! ontifijknt of a favorabfi i-wie. He s:iys hl-
I lived the most of the time since graduating
at Harvard, in 18o-. He is editor or the
lacavenworth Tiwfs .T Cosskrvativi
is a re.idy and vivacitius writer, and know
a much "asanvliodr living of the hitory of
Eici recipient, .iftlr .tudjing out ihc h" a,"P,e,, " "';',, p' ''.w?
.1 ... . . ' . . 1 of osirse, an aeenunt of John Imwn s two
iig:-ua,i-rstsittoa,nfew st.lotlf anj mi-1 r ,,TO rar, flf;iiwlir!iie ,n.st roman-
lonpii the wandering '0. the "shoe-fly." t,c art of its thoroughly romantic hi-tory.
A-i.ii-rt.s-l -ir L. ..t7-.: r...... iSucJi u liook, written thus early, lforc the
W..-I.iut...t t I.!.. .s-,,dr..h7r ;n il.?, :,.. I anwlntts and tradition of border warfare
.. . -. ( -. -. ..aw. Mm MIHT '
K '
J-IiTK-or chani f l!l
HelmboM's Fhrid Extract Bnehn
Improrad Rosa Wash
will rs-lkallr rxtrrmin its front lh- p.rtn tit... .
aritsinKfrota haMtofii..ipit:iri, it I1I1I. i-"ii-,
little or mi taurine in .lit 1, iv ii"niitrMii-ii. a.r.t-
po-urr; romplta-lr .i.pr-a-alinK lha.. iinpl.-j.itit
ilanap-nitv ivninllr., r.afuirj .iml Mrn-irr, in jll
t'sr. llELwiurtjj-ia It.io Ktiai Jin in-in all
iisuaiof thiiat nigaas, .htlhei ril.tini- in male
orfeaaa., frmn vhat.rrrtjiisa- miicinatlriic, aivl
Blatter of hiWam utanilin. It i il-rsnt int-tr-irsl
olor, "inimnluli:" in -t-Un, an4 ni"n
Iresatheniaajs than any of the po-furjti'trif RVrk
or Inn.
Ihtnf -Jiflaiins from lirokt n-.un or tif n
rontitutins pnure th remrialr rt om e.
i..a- a s. ..
say. ".Ma took me lo the I'rcsitlem s Ut see
Stioted Tail. 1 dotY? like Spotted Tail.
He ii a n.t-tv, tb'rty ul.ii. In the middle of
the tevee, when Geni Grant was Ulkiiur to I
, nun iiiti all the laihc-t were looking at hiiii,
j he Uiibuttoned his paijtiloon. and fanned his
siomjieu wnn in shlru ' nut wa. cer-
Mxiki. McKaklsd has retumetl tt
New York fromChicslg'). He says the pro
ceedmgH he has initiatW there for undoing
liw wile s tlivorce wifi fie presetl. and he 1
Mclvin Foster TriHerl'-a'Tnad dog with his
billiard cue, at hi- saloon, irfNorwirt, Conn.,
on lnesuav. ' - t
-. t ' '
tnis nasty river water, cspeciallv in dog
''Well, captain, got a well aboard, eh?"
1 4 MnOaM lwU a 9 1
rn-ar ffm "- dBlil - 1IH' -TEIII r Wm IMTlsLI lUiri illl IHJlll .' .
tliecanuin. ' ' ' Richard Greener, the negro student .at, mowlmTOt OVct Colonel feWs grave, which
t.cii. inais ctever. i alwavs disliked -"r"n """":. 'J"" --'"". M totallv unmarked. ,y.....-.-. ........ ..-v. ..s-v v...,.
. .T . . . i . ..a. - a.n ...j. iiLnn 1 .saaaan.fain . - . a r ., ..aiaiaas.fTaa. ti I ia.fiaa inn vaa-asa.r ma Maai.
IISaS JH arUjeimSOII, HilSJU. sv.a a a.. uu... . sssassssass,......----............., , p f " a. a. a as. a -a..--a aaaMa(a--a anv j-ia-.ua lia. aim
priw for otav writing. . T ', .. , :. 'content him-elf with ,one of the litcraiy
Dr. Koicker, of Phibdelphia, got into , The Iter. Dr. O-bonie, of Nashv.lfc. j weeklies. !
aJ Ja i i. Lw ... t. his oronertv Tcnn., while iectiuing on temperance, : and '
nvat?tUv.rw!';ife.CTt wKew j-Wia.f of the Tenner A-S for ine- Hlnvr.s-r.-Th,; whit is m , ,t fa
refiisestodecd back the propertv, and ha.ij"JeS a- thattanoosa got drunk, and, thw cVamtv. Oats harvct will liegin the
applied for a divorce. lias been Ucpiwed. J latterj part of next . 'cck. Bfjth of thie
Italian ioumaU reiort a discourse alleged ' ""MM""T . I . crons'arc almut avcract.
to have been deliverol bv Mgr. Dusmct, . It is reported that Carlyk.wiIJ 1 IJs-rch- j '
A Mrs. Hassah Josts jiiouslv raised a
tablet to the'memonr of the departed Joaes,
l?l "!cnahoHicr' the ncription on
which, alter recording his manv virtues,
wtwnd up in the following couplet':
lie lf hlsj, hnsp, hl Hannah and his lore.
To jw mad sing bnwnnah la the reala almre.
' Itris unifcrstnod that Cfcaria Leircr U b
Iwwtionefof "Lothalr" in Bbchd
have faded out or gniwn into suspicious
mths-, will h.ica very high value, for the
great civil war sprung as much from tlie suc
cussful amtta-t waged by the North against
sl.erv in Kan....--, as from anything else;
ami in'siith a luiok as Mr. Wilder will write,
thi contest can be historically. traced.
Tlie .rajverniBent anticijote more trouble
from the Comanche Indians on the border
of Texas, who arc combined with several
hostile tribes of tl.e Indian Territory for
raiding upon white settler-. They have
already gone upon the war path and reports
of outrages and murder by them are not of
Tinfiripirnt wsiiiTMwr Thrn is a wide
difference between army officers and Quaker
111111111 rraIlf, Tlaa. ia.ao.nas.ts nn -salaStnen
- ..qs.ms. ua. aa-aa.as,. v. s - -w
that we have, bv the recent fee-dins of Bed ;
Cloil and his jwople, by no means averted
a general Indian war.
nsMslH.ii of Catania, in which tliat nre- crls cuot while in thts country. The tbi-i-
late quotes a letter from the Virgin Marv to J memo! Adccrtim- thinks thaf "a clever s'rat
the inhabitants of Messina upholding 'the agem of Cariyle's to ward off any iKisJhu
dtigmaofin&llibHitv. mons attacks upon his. Chn-tLinity.
A MisVsLsirrr tuiVr announrrs tint
Oeore IHckens, Ihc well known author of
"B,i." and UieMvsrrv oT-Dnildism," i
deatl.: -' I ' -
Ajioxf; atlia Utwt ssltn ds upon the
Pacific liailroad is the transportation of
European mails to Australia, the steamship
'Gfy- of Paris, having brought another im
mense Aiitraliau mail to be focarde.l by
way of San Francr-co.
Tit rrjlti ntwl Is- atjrs th2t, lw--r, -hiir-:
may he the alt--k of thii!na-e .liw-aaw,.' t l . . z
Uln lit effa-t lh-llily Vhharnl iif-nfjl "ir-.
) if
All Ihn almi- li---t rnjmra- iha- ,i I of a lliu-
r-tic. .
ithjrjt DiuntK. ;
T II t J Pf innfal ererjlicr' I'tv- -I.25 f'jr
bottle, ore bottles art, V. iKli-tis-d tnanrai- '
dnss. DrjtribesTtwpt'itii. in all s-ommimhaHun-..
cal Wat-ebouse, 5W, Braajwar, Nor York.
Hi us amt t'hemf-
to sttH-n0Bnl wraarr. with Ise-tawllle of
mj Cheaslcal Warefcoa-e, an-t isntt
jnl;l.dstw7 .
- -y
' I

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