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The Leavenworth weekly times. (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1870-1880, July 07, 1870, Image 3

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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aams mmumu&T
Partial Rrports fr Half tlie Districts
t r
i nnrt on Schediilc I. which compn-cs
Ij.'c.filrnto- cf irrhabitafft immbcr of farm..,
mmi immberflf litns Airing the pa'arf
-tilrt beam to lie reeafoad-at the Umted
begun to tic reew
Slato MaivlialV ofiBce, in. pursuance of in-rtraction-i
for lOfie W report prtgis,u
aid veim: indebted to that eccrt Cl-
W?.Ho-ton, for the follajrjpgj fng-cc-r-return.
They arc not so ," to gire a
very correct ilea of what Ika1 complete re
turns wi be, ret contain uAjUi Biforatio
of intcre to people actjnainted in the va
rious localities ait ioned. Jfeariyjjall the
census takers entered upon tfcljr work about
the first of June, and as tl returns r
prfecnfed give what lias been done up to
date and aho the probable time-nt which
ihclr work will be completed, some idea mar
be formed of what the result will lc in each
ImgtllariU'csofthe jnails arc interfering I Snl lathering anticipated as the mcct-K-riWlv
with the progress of the work iM j '"f mt,nne. Kc-idcnt, of the town evince
- i.1.i;,! K..r irf,n. (V.I. IbnieU. ! dwl' ,ntcrert '" U,c ITOCclmp Iry attend-
in. awuisia's. ' -' .-.sw y
ttf Crawford county, report that' he did not
receive his iiortfolio and blanks till the 20th
of June. Thej- w,-rc mailid here r.i tl
L'Oth of May, and should have gone through
In three day-. Wanks m tit to Wyandotte
failed orT two 'or " 'throe IcwcasioTi? to
f. '
alM lroali
ircaoi Uieir destinatirti at ail;
(ttlier Jioint- come rejKjrts of the most inex
cusable delavs. of from otic week to a month
' ' " r u
ir more.
The ntiiulier of farms is much larger than
ivas .cupposcd, and it will be ncciiary to
-iid to SVashington for more blanks, the
tJepartiiMiit having greatly itnderrateil the
ij?rictilt!inil impniveniclllH in Kansas.
The tonus nearly all fall Mow previous
e;tiiuatcs, while the couiitrj- "ans out" frr
riiir than was expected. This is good
enough, and much lietter than it would
the ophite way.
We will now pnicced to give a few fig
nres from various census districts, of which
there are 80 in the State.
. , . . . . .1 - 1
Twentieth .District, comprising one-third
if Atchison county Henry Prily, iX-puty:
WO names, HO farms, 10 deaths during the
Thirteenth District, (tnipriing the whole
nfClav.wnntv: !I80 names, 110 farms, and
three establishments of productive industry.
,. l . . . . ,
ill have the work completed by Angrrt
Third District, comprising one-fourth of
lAttipban county J. Ehrliart, Deputy.
1,0 JO names, cl 19 farms, and 24 deaths, dur
ing the vcar. Cannot complete returns with
Hit aid before Jan. 10th.
Sixtieth District, comprising one-half of
Franklin ctmnty W. II. Clark, IK-jmty;
2,l."io names, 414 farms, 2a deaths" during
ihet-ir. Will get through by middle 01
Fortyixth Iist'ri-t,-coiBprji; the-whole
of Morris itmnty; l,17t5 names, 150 farm?,
1 1 d-aths during the v.r. ill lie through
bv 10th of August.
Fifty Sixtli Dl4rkt, comprising inc-half
of Johtistni rountyl I through with the
township of Olathc and commenced on
Vubiry; 3,220 naanes, 200 farms, 15 deaths
during timye.tr.
Seventieth Distrirt, -;mprising one-half
tf Allen omnty; !M3 names, 116 tnns, 2
deaths during the vcar. Will have returns
.smmlcled bv 2hh Julv. , ',ler "'"W1 "'. " '
J ,..... " ,- ,'uie transaction of othcrlnisii-iejwdetailsncow-
Fifty-foiirth District, comprising one-third lrIly ;n f,nlcr (h(, As-.K;iation was favored
of Miami county; (. II. tiillen,CDeput-: ,v the reading of a jiaper by Prof. H. D.
I,08l:ninie.s, 165 faims, 8 deaths during tlie MiCarty, of Iivenworth; subject: The
vAr. Cannot ...mplctc retnnii 'fore Aug. AdyanUge. ofthe tJr.i.ksl Svstem
" Paper by Prof. Snow, tif Manhattan; sub-
'(b. kV: A IVfect in Our (Vimmon Schtsil Sys-
Sixiv-thinl District, fompn-ing one-hall
of Anderson count J. . iKimni, iJeimty
-. . .. .. .
7'.2 names, HO farm.-, 10 deaths duriii
t-; '.. . . ...
vwr. A ill he tlirotigli hy August.
Eighty-first District, mntMKing the
whole ot Crawlonl ojunty l.ol. I'. A Lintels,
. ... . mw m w-k a
iMmtv. SOW imiiiw Jiid IW 'iktmwk. Did
I '
not rveic likjibnks till Jiin 20th, owing ,
to .slow- mails. l'.m complete it-turns by I
August HHh. '
Sixtv-fourth District, loniprwns the South
half of Luui county Aimer Hadley, Deputy:
Not mudi done yet. Will rcpiirc two or
Tenth District, comprising Kcpubltc
cotinty . 11. Tuttoti, Deputy: 240 nsmes,
75 farm . Did not get hL blanks till 18th
..fd June.
Sixth District, icniprising the wliole of
Xiniaha county I- HeitscI, Dopury: 8:
name-. IVaths during the year will,n
:venigc one in a hiindrol. muf
Twelfth District, Cloud county R. II.
McKckcn, IVputy: Been, at work two weeks;
will rcpiirc siv morn to finish.
t , Sixty -cigluh Dietritl, comjwising theTVtt
third of Bonrlmn county D. Coffin, Deputy:
Marmaton fownship has 001 inhabitants 1(55
farms, and there
have Wvn 9 deaths during
the year.
Dickinson comity A. S. Davidson
IVputy: Two townships completed; four
more to enroll, which a'i lie done in three
weeks more. Estimates population of county
at :?,:.
Cowley county 1. Cloyston, Dcpnty:
Oath of office just rwcivetl. Nothing done
VI t. 3.
Thirty-thinI Di-trict, comprising the north
half of Jeflcr-on county J. Ik Gilchrist,
IVputv: 2.SSS names, 43 farme, 46 deathnj
luring the vrar. Will have complete re-
. . .. . .
turns l.v .11giL-t lUtlt. llutiKs jencrson,,,, . . , , ... - '
cuiiniy has 7,t00 inhabitants.
Xinth District, Washington county S.
Wil-siii, Deputy: 1.810, name", 150 farm-.
Wrll have full rvtnm in tVnir weeks.
5 Fifty-reoond District C. II. Lingston,
Deuty. Tliis compri-es Waukiuusa and
. tirant townships: 774 names, 120 farm, 20
deaths during the year. Will have full rc-
;iun byrAugu )--- a.---
: Seventy-second District, comprising Wood:
son cotinty J. X. Dow, Deputy: 2,231
names, 10S Hirins, 47 deaths during the year.
., Will have full returns by July loth; has
, lccn much delayed by rains. - ,
-iFortirtli District, compriang Saline
eounty M. D. Samiwon, Depot-: 1,3H6
names, S4S farms, 18 deaths during the year.
Will have complete returns Iry the middle
d" July. .
Fifty-fourth District of Douglas umntv
W. B. Disbrow, Deputy: 918 names, 202
farnif, 12 deathstluring the year. Complete
returns by August i"s.
Thirh--cighth District, comprising all that
part of Shawnee county south of tlie Kaw
river, .outride .of' Topeka township: 1,804
I names, 212 farms. Will finish in three
week-. K. M.cFamsworth, Deputy.
K. W. Wright, Deputy in Labette county,
My.othatromrty wilH'p-i utO.OOt
1 The above are about half tlie districts, and
only faiiml returns as to number of inhabi
tants, &c, of those mere reports of pro
gress. It is the determination to liavc the work
completed by August 10th, if posibIa
To Remove Fkuit Staijt. TIion: who
have occasion to handle such small fruits as
cherrieiarc apt toatain their hands and
clothing very badly. These stains may be
- immediately removed hy holding the hands
S or stained clothing in the smoke of bumed
I wulphnr. Burning a single match will at
' once remove every ataia, no nutter how bad
it may be. It is well to wet or moisten the
' hands or clothing before applying the vajior.
' S..
jfpecu! Correspondent of the Leaven werthTfei
Tuesday Evening, June 28. .
The Teachers' Association of Kansas met
at Wyandotte on Tuesday, evening. The
attendance embraced the leading educators
anVf edt'cafiUHal ofldal of the State: Mc.
.Vicker, State Strptrintcfldefftj Frasier, Ot
the State University; McCarty,- Stfperintcn
flent of Leavenworth county; Prof.' Irfudge,
aad various others whose names have been
heretofore familiar with such gathering;'.
lAfrining's llall is used for the meetings,
ifd we may congratulate the good people of
yamfottt ilpoi' th K4eitrft of a public
audience room of aackT convenience and
It is well ventilated, well lighted,
-j i !i.; . i i
prondeil with scats, and may l
and well provided with scats, and may be
adapted to all the toes of an audience room,
whether they Iks religious rv!ccs, political
air beating, muMcal conrts .r theatric.il
.-,:. .. . v- ,. i.. ..i.i i. .
entertainntents. fcverrtown cliouii lie pro-
..... . ,, ; , ., . ' . .
vided with a hall of the jtt if it would
keep pace with the m progression, civilization
iind public spirit of tbc times, though it is'
tobcregretU-lthatonlv Mir nt consider-
" -
able places can boast of any accoiiimi-l.itions
of the kind.
Tparlirn frcim mrititis ir.nl nT llio Ktnln
were iiroscnt, thoj from the ca-tern counties
i. '
I being more generally on hand. A more
ing tlie meetings and Iry giving hearty wel
come and entertainment to the teachers.
Last evening's exercises opened with re
ligious services by licv. Mr. Trampton, of
the Wyandotte M. K. Church. I5y way of
critktsm, we would suggest that the rever -
end gentlemen who arc called upon to offici
. , . . , . . . ...
ilie iuhict Mien cirmin-isinw-., .10 1101 i.ik
nn.i..r siirii firriiniianiYss. iiii nin irii:,.
advantage of the ri-a,i(rtt to "irjwn otit" on ' McVicar, the present indtiuibcnt, w;Js tmani-thut-e
who arc not so fortunate as to lielung ' mouslv Hdolited.
to the same church or to subscribe to the
s:.nw .rr.,1 :., ll.ev do. Mr. Tramntmi did
not represent the Association by denouncing
the Church of ltomc in the course of his
j address to the Throne of Grace ! It is not
the wih of teachers that their institutes
should be made the occasion of provoking
sectarian animosities. Mtlcli ado is Wing
tnmle in certain otlartcrs dlxrtlt the lle of llip
1 Bible in the schools, lsit if there are any
is-ues regarding this thing that need settle
ment, let the same tic done 111 open, manly
' I disctL-vion. Let no attacks be made 111 ion
I either lrty under circumstances incompat-
1 iblc with" such di.-cussion. The iwblic
! schooU Ijelong to the lieoplc, not to one sect
of anot,lcr or ; fart to any religious sect.
It is not for Mr. Trampton or any other
1 ovex-iealous divine to assume that they must
I lie mn in the intereat of one or any of the
various denomination-. Ixrive these things
I to the people.
1 After Mr. Trampton, the Mayor of the
,dty, Mr. J. S. Stockton extended tlie wcl-
come of the citv to the officers and members
I f ,, rn4:,ute.
Mr. I. B. Taylor, a-sisted by two young
ladies entertained the Association with a
piece of music. Mr. Taylor's splcnded bass
will not soon lie forgotten by those who have
taken jwrt in the-e meetings.
The ojiening address by I. J. Bannister,
of Paola, presented in a clear light the neces-
.si.. ,.t" nlnt'nlttiif ! ttiilin1 at crmi ltl'tt Iriti
in-the of r ,n"imon school teachers.
' Some of the difficulties in this direction were
pointed out, and various practical sugges
tions touching this feature of reform were
considered Had the sjieaker's, elocution been
more spirited and forcible, his matter would
have been much lietter appreciated. A large
audience and a sultry teniieraturc will not
brook too much dulncss from the platform. .
The -exercises closed with relect readings
iiv rni. vf. ai. i-cuH.-n., 01 .iciiuisuii in ,
ikijaimi-i sVnH I1.1M.I.W from Ilinwnth'i
and Darius Green's famous flying cxticri-
ment, were rendered in verv handsome stvlc
and left the audience in the liest spirits at
The Association met at 9 o'clock.
Praver bv Rev. Mr. (J.tle, of Manhattan.
Cho'riH led hy R. U. Taylor.
i tent and its Aiiproiinate Keinedv. The dc'
r . I." -.1... ,
feet compiine.1 o! was the memorizing pro-
thct,V:"' 1" l,c"g. hoi. oiiow nuuiuna.v
iHMfilinc none in imn;ii,iuuii i-auiitos
T,lls M ,.lt -, spirited ritaiMon
upon several ikiiiiIs, though the disciiMion
I 1 ......! ....... ...t.Flil. IKltsii
I mmeo ni;oiu ujnm mc .iTnn; ... """-
l"cing litany in stlMH.is.
Oih rntliiisia.stic n.irtls.m ol Nitanv nitivct
a uv,,it;n that teachers lie required to piss
an examination in Botany a.; an evidence of
'itialification for a certificate. This motion
.!:.! .... ..m.."!:! iiijI llio aiiifs-titin u:i tin.illv
' '"" '"n I lV,.V,-..: o .. . 1... j
disjiostd of by Mr. McVickar, State Stirin
tendent, who projioseri mat we asic tne intro
duction of Ilotanv into, the couimim hoid
; system, when State and tmntx&tt. - intcnd -
I . - m -m r
cnts Mian nave. piauneu uieinsenc ior e.x-
amination in that branch.
aitkknoo.v .s-Rvsios.
The Ass. station was called to older at -
o'clock by the President.
Mr. Dilwortli. of Deavenworth. oflcrtdhis
' I views on the subject of teaching ( Scography. - Alumt half iast seven n cjoek yesterday af
t Mis-TRrcwer. of P.uda. followed with an i tenioon, : young married woman by the
i -.'.... : ..
essjiv Mv IiWal School. The css.iv w.ts
well received.
I A discussion upon the conit.iratic merits
of the word and phonic system of elementary
I instruction w..s carried on by Mr. Donovan,
of (Leavenworth, Mr. Ralicock, of MLssouri,
Mr. Putnam and others.
An intermission of twenty minutes was
I enjoyed by the members, when the exerci
were n-nmcd.
i- t ij-rt-i-rt"
A ijuartclte bv the Edw.utMillc (ilec
Cl nb followed
A discussion ujion this Uotion, "How
shall teachers be edncaU"d?" tKxiipied con
siderable time and attention. In this di
cussion, Sutierintciidcut McVickar advanced
some very valuable idc:ts as to the purpose
and management of Teacher.-' Institutes.
On motion of Superintendent McVickar
the .Legislature is memorialized by the
Aiwnaation tn.aiuimiiriate
:,WiU per annum
fr the eaiplovment of teachers and profes-
hre to -" "' conducting 111-111111. .
- t-n. Kr-isii-r ol the Lawrence I nivei
" '
his cliaraetcristirally happy manner.
The proceedings of the afternoon closed
with a rltscussion 01 inc miesuoii as io wiicre
and when tlic Association shall next acni -
ble. thi motion of Mr. McVickar the
, .picstion was laid on the table. "
wedsiav nvESixt..
Music: America; Sung bv the Aocia-. !in,e P3 w ,,ef. . !-,",,a"-, ""
tiou. - - ' . 'PI' P1""1 wf htcrallv soasted, and as
A Telegram was announced stating that' hc "' wnmg W hand m Icr
Prof. Parker who was to have' furnished the apmy, the flesh was rtnpptj ff 'intil the
address of the evenfa,:, would not l ,went j were nsilde. Uhcr. the " Jj
onaonuutofiikkBe s , M. !. extinguished lhc was carne.
Gen Fr.r, at the call of terous o ho5, and everything that skilll
ambors took die platform, and gave his ' ft"" ron,.d "58 TJT JZ
views ef tfcBduStional InstituSoiH of 1A.?r,he PP ,,,0.n "f "l" "X
v .- ...i.- ..r ti. t.. ' with linseed oil to all trtsc.f her body, she
Song 1 Harp of tbe-Wfld-Wiuds
Bv Miss
Bella Armstrong, ot Wyandotte.
Prof. Fctliers next entcrtainerl the assem
blage with readings from Poc and other au
thors. Thursday, June 30th.
Thc As-ociation met at 9 o'clock.
Opened with Devotional exercises by the t
Rev. Mr. Dcnnion, of Manhattan. 1
Silking: K. B. Taylor, Esq., leading. 1
Reading Minute.
Discussion: How mar Vocal Music be
taught in our schools ? Bv R. R. Tavlor.
A dLscwion with regard to the State!
Board of Examiners and State Diplomats J
was next on tlie l'rograimue, not rrof.
Chapman, who was appointed to lead the
discussion, not lwing present, on motion, it
was resolved that the exerci be postponed
to the next meeting of the Association.
Report of the State Agricultural College,
by Prof. Denison. The report compre-'
bended a history of the Institution; an account ,
of the manner and sources of its endow
ment; the present financial re
sources of the Institution; and its future
tironiises. He rcnortcd a venr favorable
state of things in all those respects. Among
the students more than twenty counties arc
representeil, as well as several of the States
and territories. The premises immediately
connected with tlie institution have been
greatly improved during the year and fur
ther improvments arc still in contemplation.
The numlicr of students in attendance from
January lt, 18(59, to January lt, 1870, wan
one hundred and seventy-three.
Recess of twenty minutes.
M-ic by Edwardsvillc Quartette Club.
. Bedtatior In- rcqneat br Profc O. H.
Ftthas. . . a. 's y
.Song: 'The sweet bjraib." ,
1 On motion of Mr.' Bradford it wasrrwrjIWB
that members in taking part in the Mfe
sions be limited to two hearings of nre min
utes each. '
On motion of Mr. Banficld, of Topeka, it
was resolved that superintendent He Vicar
Kp appointed a delegate to the next National
Teachers' Convention. The following addi
tional delegates were added : Mea-rs. Hei
Ier;vSrCarty, Files and TUfew Watson.
On motion it was resolved" that the execu
tive committee Ijc recommended to appoint
the next annual meeting of the Association
during the Christina holidafp;
A paper entitled "The Bible in Schools,"
was presented bv Suiierintendent McVicar.
US groun.1! of the liberal, and
advamcu tmKRen cri this iinestion, ami oii
,,. ,. ... , ...... 1 .win ,',,;,
,Inction of Bible render? or other Higioos
rmn in the public mIiooIs contrdrr W the
wMu-s of any class of religionists. "intliU
I -it!cn 3lr. McVcar :donUle chows the
- . .' i
.views of a great niajontv of foremost educa-
(tors of the dar. "
rix'b-o ok tks minuti.
" ""tion of Judgf Brewer it was re-
i".,!vt',!I,,,at !? -Waajwn procx-ed U, con-
'snler the nomination of a eixiitobe rouom-
mended a-, the choice of this As.ociation for
the office of Sujierinteinlent of Public In-
I 4rnctlon.
The following resolution was presented by
-i. .. uiacKinan, oi ljeavenwonn, anil upon
motion unaniniou-lv adoiited;
JlaoMrrdt ihat the teachers As-oeiation
of the State of Kan.ii recommend to the
nominating conventions of the several polit
ical parties of this State, the name of if. 1).
McCarty, of Ijcavenworth county, for the
office of Htate SujieriBtcndent of Public
(hi motion of Mr. (ioodnow it wai
nxilvcd that the Chairiiian appoint a com'
mittecof three members! of the Association
1 to present the name of If. I). McCarthy to
",c several jwliticil iarties at their next
noniinatintr conventions.
. . .
. . ,-,., ,. ,. ..
. A t motion which, in eflcct, negatived the t
I""""" " "perzmeii.ivn. .uu, rar as 10
religiolLs services in the Schools, was intro
duced by Mr. Dilwortli, of I iCa veil worth.
Those favoring the motion sncivedcl in
forcing its adoption without discussion.
On motion a copy of Superintendent Mc
Vicar's adilrts was requested for jtiMira
tio:i. The resolutions reKirtcd by the Committee
and adoirted by the Association expressed
thanks for the kindness and hospitality of
the jieoplc of Wyandotte; commended for
support and encouragement the State Nor
mal SchooU; favored the introduction, as
far as practicable, of iiuwc and drawing into
the Public Schools; declared it to be the
duty of our Lcgislaturejand Congressional
delegation to secure, if Visible, equivalents
for the public lands out ofwliich the schools
have been cheated by the transfer of Indian
reservation, amounting to 300,000 acres; cx
iiressed thanks for the kindness of railroads
111 reducing their fares to :mcmhcrs attending
the Association; recommended the introduc
jion in the form of general exercises, or
otherwise, of Botany ami other natural sci
ences as a means of developing the observing
faculties; tendering thanks to Prof. O. II.
Feathers, of Jefferson cointy, Mo., for the
elocutionary cntertainmcjits given by him
during this session; expressing gratitude to
Snjierintendent Heisler arjd I'rof. Palmer for
their arduous and succesfiil labors as a com
mittee of arrangements. ;
The following sentiment offered by Prof.
Neely, of St. Joseph, was favorably accepted:
Kansas anil Missouri once estranged,
now united. Miy they ecr he rivals, but
may their only rivalry be.'-which shall be the
Banner State of the West in the Cause of
Popular Education, Morality and Progress.
The following officers wi-rc chosen for the
next year:
For President. J. Evarts, of Manhattan.
ice Presidents. County Supcnntendeats
Kec, Secretary ML-.S E. M. Dickenson, of
Q'nndaro. .-.
i Cor. Secrctaiy U. J. J-.vans, or loielai.
I Treasurer Miss. Matilda J. Upton, of
Executive Committee D. Donovan, of
, Leavenworth; Suite Siiierintendcnt, Topeka;
i M. I. (wai, Junction Citv; Frank BL
Snow, Lawrence; A. D. Clumbers, Hart
ford. ,
Little business, was done in the evening,
the substantial business of the Association,
having lieen fiuisheilat the afternoon session.
Moreover, the weather was so uncomfortably
warm and stiltrv as to rentier effort, cither of
I mind or body, to.sav tlie Ie:ix dccidally ob-
iis:-tiriii:ililf. AIfiiilifsi. tliorpffire. ilrvntficl
tilc ll)r.t f ,)ic cVening to M-ial etnoynient,
k.ping thcinsclvis ciiol liy the aid of ice
' f-num mid IpniniLiilr. mnsitlel-itflv univiiliil
; ,,v a raImT f ,, twn. Mii-h;' .,cal and
, ir,.truniental, also lent its inspiring influence.
. . , mm- '
.nl witlial t iov
the Association bv the follow ing delegation
Messrs. D. Donovan, R. !V. Putnam, I).
.1. Rrewer, 11. D. McCarlv, K. Ik Dilwortli,
(iC:,vcnTVort,1. j y Rlafkiii.in, Fairmottnt ;
p. A. Willock. A. Ib'adshaw, Win, How,
lAivciiworth; Mi-tst I'sjlle (Jinl, Mattie
Watiph, S. A. Putnam,! M. Ulatitmer.
1 Iflrenort,.
-- -
Another Vl"tlmrfej OH A W(ims
Birnrl Io nth.
i ;. . - . r .
name of Mary Rigfonl, occupying the stttnid
floor of a hoti-c on the norlli side of Rtch-
J iinind street, a few doors wist of Mound, on
starting a tire in her stove, to prepare her
husband's stipier, thought to hasten the
growth of the flame by mring coal oil upn
the kindling. She h;ul bsSrcIy commenced
.muring when the stream csttight fire, and
prodnccl an explosion of the can that held
the oil, nattering the ihmhdl over her per -
son,andsetingher clothe-.!..!! fire iinmcdi-
atclv. Envcloiied in flames, and ecreaming
jat the top of her voiw, she ran down stairs
I and into the yard, imploring the familv liv-
ing beneath to do .something for her. The
lieoplc to whom she railed -ere so scared by
her appeirancc, and so fearful that she would
set tire tolicm if they approached her, that
thev ran into the house aml-closctl the doors
against her, shouting to thne who failed to
. " . e. .I...' It i .. . e I
guv 111, 10 nm tor uicir ino aiie Hxir lran
tic creature, refused sueajr from within,
rushed to the sidewalk, witB the flames from
her Imrning garments flariijg far above her
head. At the curls-tones in front of the
house she sank uiwn her "knees trying to
reach the water in the gutte, and still shriek
I r I r. . I I
1 ; f ,i ir.r T.-,,Jidisw!i l-irm.
I crowd of men and boys to trje spot, who beat
the names witn tneir nats, sanu inrcw wnai
( waier
they could get tfcr her. But
:thev werei nnfortnnatelv loo late. Before
j their efforts to suppress tfic flames began
j to tell, she had lieen fatajlr bumed, and
no human iower could savehcr life. Every
particle of ctothing w:w tnirncd off her,
retcd easy, regained corLsciifasness, and was
able to converre with those jabout her. At
0 o'clock, however, tlie inevitable effects of
her injuriea began to manifest themselves,
and at a qanrter to ten o'clock she died,
lstssin? awav as 2entlv as though he were
! sinking into slumber. Cin. Gmtmavial.
y jMSiSSSdTliavins OC-
cured dnring the decoration ceremonies. A
little girl entered the cemetery carrying
wreaths of beautiful flowers, and hastened
to the Hie where the confederate dead lay,
and proceeded to lay the wreath on each
grave. A friend of bent aiproacbed her,
saying: " But Susie, those are the rebels'
graves.'. She replied, " Yw, I know it but
y pa was a soldier and died in Iibbr pris-
, on, anu is ouneu uown oomn. 1 so mucn
jbopc aoBK little girl t!re will strew lowers
on his grave. 1 thought 1 woald bring those
and put them on the rebels' graves. May
be some of them have little girls at home von
know." Faytfe farf.) Dirpntekc
-i mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:
The Comptroller of the Currency fur
nishes the following cash items of the
National banks of Western cities, on the 29th
instant: Chicago Specie, $120,067; legal
tender notes, $3,927,506. Lonisville
1 Specie, $0,700; legal tenders, $219,607. St.
IiorjisSpccie, $00,605; legal tenders,
Sl,071,600. Cincinnati Specie, $217,640;
legal tenders, $707,477.
A.EW, hack. is to be put on the route be
tween this, city and Oskaloosa,. by the mail
contractors, Messrs. Fai rholm & Bloomer,,
and a buggy is to be run between Perry and
llarvcv, wlm was present seasons .?
, bv invitation, W.ts called' llp.HI and enter- I mmmmmmtmmmmwmmm
1 .":...!. i. t.t ...:.). -..... i. .......... . Ttir Rrnnhllenn 'nmtinicn
ItllllV! l.nj ..s.s,-jJ,i.,i-.- nn., ,i ,1... (Il.l, tKT I -
marks. m4iic action was.taKen a, to t .itrttraw, -iiniiiwi't l"' Appi-oprLition. recommended concti:
finance of the Ayocutiun,! awl the .Vocia- f fnwswiial (.oiuiujtteo hate ? rg:.ii- f,,,;,,,,'!,.-,. .,nv rJI.tcti,. frutn Indufa
li.m Ti.i;..nriir.t nf:i lain li.uir. rircil for the fall ciiniLMlL'li. bv clectiiu (.on- ... .... .?.... ..e .1 !..:
.. .. t. -... . . T .sift FI t .1.1: .. I '
...... ...j -"m , . , .. " ,v. - -. . i Hies on acumitii tu .iciirciiaiions; uiuein
livcnwort i count v was rcnre.scntc. in crcxi-man riati, oi irgini.i, .-secretary. . ... . ,ij.i, .j,.,
y . 1 1 . i I W.U - J"
Xaal wm-rif-mmntme C . r
UiKKiur Wi. t v-Ai HZn.
mm, while laving brick ort the thfrd sforr 6T
the'RosenSeld block, on Maduoa street, "mb
suddenly prostrated br swstroke and feU to
oke and tell to
hU skull and
tne aecona storr, crnnnurg an ouii aim
causing bis maant deau. i
Haas & Palmers' large dKtillery,at Lyons
soroe Herenteen miles from this cky, took
4n JwdM iwww trWip 4n1 irid rkniiif1r
destroyetf,-together wftfa the contents, inchi-
llfiff fWi hamk of hkrhwitvs. worth
$130,000. Loss, Si73,000, The fire was
..l-l.l.ll.A..lr ..r - inAHl4)y ttm lUm
pviinJUUI 11IC " vfi in.Miuwia'f til'
disuucrr nan
been cIosl fincc last Satnr-
dav. This L
the second time it has been
The United States Circuit Court, in session
at Madron, Wisconsin, Justice Miller-nre-ciding,
while ttf the rase of Carlo Carir
azainst Northwestern racket wmnany, in
-k"".."---' vi?" "a''. "
which the damages arc i.ua at pw,wwj was
brought to a close Unlay by a telegram from
Wasluagtoa aBHounciivr that tlie old District
Court was no more. "The 'Judge and officers
are baffled as to their duty in the premises.
fjecltotiafebje Keue
x Mil.
Wasiiikgton. June SO. On coins into
executive sen-ion this afternoon, the Senate
? !.. a1? . - al. !... A
resumed the consideration of the ban Domin
go Treaty. Mr. Morrill concluded his
speech against ratification when the Senate
proceeded to Tote on the amendments pro
posed bv the President, home of which were
adorted. Tlie vote was then taken on the rat
ification of the treaty and resulted in 28 Yeas
against 28 Nays. A two-thirds vote Mng
required, the treaty was rejected. A number
of Menators were paired and others were ab
sent. Tlie opponents of the measure says
they could have rejected it without the aid "of
the Democrats.
Keveamr KccHfrta.
WASHixoTojr, July 1. The total rcceiirts
from internal rerenne for the fiscal year end
ing yesterday, are within a fraction of $100,
000,000. The total receipts from customs
arc estimated at $110,000,000, and from pub
lic lands and other sources abimt 30,000,
000. Tlie sinking fnnd up to yestcrdav in
clusive shows $37,003,101. Tlie special
sinking fund shows $86,537,710 or a total of
$124,202,868 to be deducted from the na
tional debt. The reduction of the del for
the lost month will reach nearly fifteen
millions of 'dollars.
The following is the vic by which tli
San Domingo treaty was rejected;
Yeas Messrs. Ablmtt, Brownlow, Cam
eron, Cittcl, Cliandler, Cole, Conkly. Cor
bett. Drake, Fenton, Hamlin, Ibtrlan,
Howard, Howell, McDonald, Morton, Xye, J
Osborne, Kam-sty, KeveN, Kitv, Spencer, i
Sprague, Stewanl, J haver. Uarncr. wil-
LliamM and Wil-on 20.
ays Messrs. liorenun, tasscrly,Cragin,
DivLs, Edmunds, Ferry, Fowler, Hamilton,
of Md., Harris, Johnston, McCreerv, Mor
rill, of Maine, Morrill, of Vt., Poo'le, Pat
terson, Pratt, Robertson, Ros, Sanlsbury,
Sawyer, Schttrr, Scott, Stockton, Skinner,
Tipton, Thurman, Vickcrs and Willcy
Absent, jiaired and not voting Ames,
Ravard, Buckingham, Carpenter, Flanagan,
Gilbert, Hamilton, Kellogg, Norton, Pom
erov, Sherman, Trumbull and Yate 13.
Intelligence of the defeat of the S-in Do
mingo treaty was soon communicated to the
President, who said that he had been unite
confident of a different result, and was there
fore disapiointed. It is thought that nicas
ures will at once lie taken to negotiate a new
and more accetitahle treatviv
Iioxuox, .Thik 30. DespalcAic from
Rome, tlated 29th, announce that tfc report
of an immediate Vote on the InlUlibility
Dogma is untrue. It w npeatcd'that the
Pope ordcreil the Cardinals "to opjnsc any
uronositioa to set aside the disemsjlon. A
Committee of Bishops of aft nation, inchi
ora mcltl-
ding the Archbishops of San Ffctictfenqan iitstriictlon to the Committee of sConfei
Mexico, lialtimore, ifuito ana ntner j.men
uans, addressed a request to the faif iful for
subneriptions for the Catholic Chnrdl'-at Con
stantinople, which sHfTcnTl wi terribly in tlie
recent conflagration. " H
FieneicinwH MnmuiH. $
Lawkkxci Kas., June SO. Rentirts-.ol
drouth and grasshopjwrs in the State of
Kansas this season arc untrue. Tlitre has
been plenty of rain and no grassfcbplers.
The crops "throughout lire State are sflendid,
and the wheat cnip is generally Ivafvcstcd,
and is a (till average, and its inmHiv tytraeds
that of any prcvitms yir. The niagaificent
grazing ranges south of Smoky Hill pver in
die ncighliorliood of Abih-ue and ir1ina are
covered with over 5t.0lW heaiTof Texas
cittle, - tliat have :rrTivvdntoaKl-Tex.is this
I Xearly SlO.OdOJiavp ItcwMUttfihod already
t.i i, . . ... hi., i.iiiif- .itj .:..
1BQ i.oniniiiiee'iaivc ucinpifni im niaie
0ijitMitioB.to CwllB inili(iwMj5'sM','f 'I1''
feattlrea of their" policy. IJisim have x
taken in the Ctpitol bv the Committee. '
Rnllrond .awar4r-iHrlil lor .Inn-
1 St. Louis, JifiellfThe exatninalion ol
. w... rvl... J.w..,--..r .1... f.;..i,i i;.,
I that caused the terrible collision at Eureka,
I Mav 'isth, tenninttleoVlii day, and Ihe court
held the atui-sgrr'ffflrhc charge of man-
.slaughter In tie dtn'nejjrec. Ills imiI was
hxed at frlAJPO.
Moxtrkai., June SO. There '' :'1t inHiliitc DnnlM a pon of delivers-,
large fire last night nt St. P.uil. It ran- J ,,rd. :' '
-tiniMl Motint Royal Mills, owmtl by Mr. ' ' cajtai. niM'.. r -
Parkeyn. The Mills Vcre the,inot cxten- v. s,il.titutc to tlie bill for Mk, fuy.rovr-.-ive
in Ixjwcr Canada, and were v.iltietl at .,..., f w.ltcr onomunieutiBBWwtw' Like
I f?' .an" ,nM,r"' " ,'f "XhMih 5
' Ws ',n Rrain Ao' one n,ll,,on' IMrU-'b
- ru. . i i r c.r. iwwi t...
r uu
ttefortnrit .Wrtwow Anuwwlww
Omaha. June 29. A nhmlier of
mons who have renounced imligamy, arrived
Sunday evrnlng, id;niany more are cx -
c. .
nected ' to-morrow. Thev arc in search
iioaics among thctientilcs.1 r s'
E. M. Hofcrook, ex-Member of Congrcs?,
was assassinated June 18th, at Idalw City.
1-r-i.y ,.rl. r-lc.
Brn-ALo, June 21). The first preliminary
meeting for the consolidation of the Old ami
Xew Sdiool Pnvbytery of Wotefn Xew
York, was held List night. A permincnt
sTSSr rJ
ofWtcmXework, will be eflwle.1 to -
da. . s
iMabetta'n AMilratlaii.
London. .Tunc IW. The Madrid corre-'
snondent oftheGlolw writes that Isabella's
alidicition is regarded important, as render
ing the candidacy of the Prince of Asturias
possible, and thetcJioice of a Regent as open
for question.
Boston, June 30.
At a meetin" of riti-a
wns ana woncmen m Iremont Temple
yesterday evening, speeches were made and
ivsoltrtiorw parted agaitl the introduction of
Chinee labor into this cotmrnr. - -1
Y t-e 1 e I atett.
Tkkre HAtTE, Ind., Jrme" 30. Mr.
Daniel -W. Voorbee ,wasrnoniBMled for
Coagreas " withoai ppkioivHby The Sixtli
Democratic Congressional Convention, in
this city to-tUy. ..
f i C v, :',sMrir4l . i vh .
Denver, Ca, June 30. J. C. David-
son last evening made his third attempt to
commit suicide and failed.
PHIt)ulU..9ar-The Xew
Orleans firemen arrived here this evening.
and were escorted through the streets bv 40
, aiHa
so badly burned by the explosion of a kero
seae lamp tk o -ug that U died hi a
few hours. - - re-
Mall l
Denvek," vCai-, "June. 30. A terrible
slora, accompanied by wind and lights ur,
paed over this place thia .afternooiv,. Had
stones as, large as Walnuts fell for an hour.
It is reported bv inrties from the Lower
Padre tfiatiba'euan u dtarore.1 bWt.TT
fiVcF cmmjmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmm-rst te
laaanri, HnOH.:! as Kallraa-.
FjT. Scott, -Jnly 1. .Vrrangokienukive
been'perfecf ed between the citv of Tort'Scott
and the Mwi.T Jas;Teicts Railway.
for the completion of that road from Sedalia
to this place in ajaety day. The machine
shops of the road are al-p secured to -Ft.
SoaMo tOiwi ihiawaiBajnroejaarfork
ottthe Wdd, ftlicrHfiirce K cOwMittlf in
creasing. - -- -
The weather is warm, with occasional
vm bbuuho AmMAtA ! t
WAsHUKmnr, Jvne 30. Tha House:
amendnttnts to the Senate bill to .Wvrnttkr.
OTfAPfninatwiM tm IMP hMnMv aMittM
., h Alaafca,vwne mJiial m. :.
. ExnoRiKo exrEDrno!!.' i
' . Mr7ttenner, from the Conimitttteon For-
eign Kriatieiw, reported .a jointl folutran
uuw a rewtouon fit ii
wUwrking a resolution fyr the oration
"-j w mo i.i. ....vj- -.,
iieuei: at .:oirauua.,
for the ship canal between thv Atlantic
snd Pacific oceans. ',!
KJitA Cia tliA liaii mMuI '- -
Mr. Thaver introduced a bill fci.ajrnend the
homestead" act It allows j
and marines who served one
soldier, sjiikirs;
-ear.in me war:
rof the rebellion, to receive patent. home -
StRuLl (Ml tWO VTStu' rsidrfMf !
.A .. w ,i xaZ. ,
riMimrr mrii "V ...v vri4iax
railroad coifsoUDATtoA
Mr. Pomeroy introduced a bilrj taiithor- before us, rqilici to the r.6HeverysIiarilr
irfrttlw AlrfmaM&OMttanoogs ;, railroad alMf kctnIv ujtjfail. to take anv, rides,
the icksl0rg & Meridian raiu.Mui, and;-.. .. , .'.,'. . . ,
Norths Iaishuia& Ttxa- railroad, to coa 1 Mcantime t,,c Vhiinaiuan " at "".A
splidatelortlR porfhw forminjf -a iunc;;T1,c Icclaratior; of Independence and the
- .", -"i rz. zzrzznziZLirr
lion wiin ine lcxas i-acinr nnroat at .nar-
- , k""- " -inj i-rviuTt
f land per mile.
The Senate proceeded with the fax bill,
the iuestion being on the amendments to the
,s...um, .c..s ,v xwv.c.Uv. r.., ".."
f reduce the duty on steel railway ixifs halt a
.cent, perpounil, and alo tOHtrikeiout the
' entire paragraph.
I Mr. Edmunds was in favor of gijring the
intimj miSnpni nmnniiai i siim'iflitf. b nn
I. . a ar 1
xs io compete wmi iinii-iii manuixcurers. "" ,rc -- s" . "
Mr. Cameron opposed i the rcdrttion, re- nlmittcd to its commonwealth. Ana
marking tliat so far onlv one dollar had been " I lVe family, and it has the
realised on steel manufactured in tlis con. ' right to say wither Grangers shall lie al
trv. : fjlowcd to bcranie members. Furthermore,
'Mr. Sih In mrmiinn f th iit..n.,..ii :'tlie rfsht to frb?l immigration is distinctly
said that the least mvaltr tuid fori i?ic man-
ufacrure of Bessemer steel rails SisSd;i,j
gold iier ton. He statetl un thei.-inhority
of -Mr. .Morretl, one of tin: tnMee-t-of
(intents, that since February Lift rovylty h.id
been reduced to $1 50 er ton.
Mr. Davis favored the reiluctioirif duty.
Mr- Pomen
amendment to iMloee the
dutv on steel
nays, 22.
Mr. WiLson
cents, which
navs, 21.
agreed to-i.v,cs, 28;
..fiwl ! tiilfrt tni!j1tiii- lit
i..l. ... ....nx. Ilik.'KH. .
was agreed
Tlie rate on all railway lurs made! lit jiart I , -of
steel was then rednced from 1ih1 cent; I ""
per ioiind.
BooiOi ASD wokkv'' !
.Mr-Sumner moreil. to place : oirflie tree
list, I looks in foreign or tlead langUJICCS of
which no editions are printwl in tfW United
States. Also bonh with Uhistifrlim re-
lating to science and'arts. Rrjcctvu.!
Uqcctiv. i
Mr. Schurz oflcretl an Hmendnrtmt that
"'--- ." ... .
iKiintiiurs and works of art. 'the iirniiertv of
. " '. . 1. . -
n; . .liiierieail iinisis, nun iirui mr niiitriii in
I ......; .- .: .. ... .. i.i r.. ...... ..ri
dutv in any custom house, sba 1 1 lie given up. t are inloriijeil that a monster anti
without dutv on proof ol" property ly owner. Ioilie or auti-Chiicse meeting is to lie held
Adoited. Kecess. ,
The House resumed consideration of the
Senate amendment to the Italian appropria
tion bill. The report of the Comnjittee on
Appropriations recommending coipirrence
in the same ami iion-conliirreiicc) ,in the
othr was agreed to as .- wholei exivpt
where special rates wire called for. !
Mrl Ferry asketl fitr a sejurate I'ote on
the aniemlinent, ou which. the Committee
reennimeniktl non-concurreiice. Tlie appro
priation wjs $:Vi,7o3 lor payment to the
Indians in Michigan for the diflert-nre be
tween coin and currency pjid to hem in
lSfi." and 't4, itislcr treaty stipulatic-ns, with
iiierceiit added thereto, tile anrtit-d is I
favor of the amendment. ; '.
Mr. Sargent opposed the a)nicndnint pscs
tauliiiliing a most dangerous and cnnlty prtir
tlcnt, which mar applv to all soldiers, sail- , . . -.'-ors
and pensioners and other crctlito-t of lb ' !." JJ
government. On count there Were but:21 yen. I"-1 ,n "':
So fnrther eritmt asked for epnrate vote on
the amendment on which thqi Comnjiltee on
Appropriation recommended non-coicurrciic
in making large appropriations utilcr In
dian trcatKv of 18b7 ami 1888, which trea
ties Congress had refused to ratify. Jfe said
there were fifteen or twenty of these:amcnd
ments atsrreiriitiBirone million five hundred
thousand dollars ($1,500,000; and ltd wished
, ... ,nv tlie v.ae nf the IIiium! ou .them, a
ii, as
ence, to whkll tlicy will be referred.; Tliesr.
aiiiiroiirlitiorts would run thirtv ytyra and
1 cost, tliogovcniiucnt .TO or titiniiiiions).
tf' l Puttin linmul fli.. t.reitlinif.tiltiiin llf
lite Cnmmillec on Appropriations Would lie
adhered to, and expressed liis disapfTovjl of
Uw "satire system of India, treatirs. t Tho
jTiijeTiTiiiiiil' all non-concurred jn.
Mr. Astell asked a separate vote" on, the
amendment incre-.tsing the; appropriation
for incidental ciiienscs of
Indian . .service in Colorado, from
$750.(100 to $1,000,000. It" oisx-d
anicltdnitlit as intended for the removal of.
ueacefuL iudustriom and civilintt uiisNion
Indiawfwho are citizens' and rtcrs jif a res
ervation in S.in Diego count v. He' rcpre-
, -cnte.1 the nioemcni as a secuiaiivc one, io
; sccun! lanm and missions of the Indians. ,
The Senate amendment was uou-concui red in.
Mr. iVgncr asked a ciicr.ite vote on the i
itiiicndiiient, in wlmii
tlie Couimhtw tMi.jA.iiehwr'ibl
lment I
w.is ordered on disagreeing votes.
whip CVX.U...ACHOS.S cAru con.
The Hottsc, a Imdncss of i the m-jriiing. t
(rtntieded to the tutisikratldr1 ttf jreNtrts '
from the Committee on Commerce. '
Mr. Dixon n.irted a bill recitmg the
projeit of Aiiii(Ioii, ship ran.il acrtv C.tie
t i', at the ex,Hir-c of .-even million-,' plcdg-.
.:.....V-r.:.i... i.i... j: j. 1L...jT..
.uitable break-water ami luubbr of rerngc at
the ctstern entrance, exiieiiMt not to wxiwd
. twomillioit: Olijectioii being Wide by Mr.
p,ij:imin that tlie bill made .ippnrtnmmcnt,
' it wa-s referred. - .
' "i,V-.... ... ll ',-,,
Afr. S:iw-v.-r ri'iKirtnl Iriek the Senate bill
MVmllln.i .1.. . v.Hi.niMiii ... s.'
-A'lll"5?' be. "imi- wa:
"'-jofllnd. The suhslitntc was agreed t, and
i -- . . ...a..
the lull was JK,. - .
I AifcaauKiii ubuk.i..
.ur. monger rejsine.1 a inn io anicno mei
tact authorizin:
the construction of a -bridge
j, ,he ju, river
I -...j-, at Fort 1mvvi
on the military
Mr. Finkclnbun; offend an anicndment
reijiiiring the exisuision of the draw, (if it lie
a dra- bridge) to be not less than 200 feet in
the cIkit on each side tf the 'tvntr.il .piviif.
The amendment was agreed to anil the bill
I ne anienoniem was ;.gn". ... ami me .....
, ,KI .',,. ... ,.r,. .- .r-r..v- J '"' IP'.OOO mile- in circtimfcrenrv. The j
' .. K fTJ-'?') V? 3JP7. "'XfZ , Kb. CTrrl' "AM in, ,,,Is ,l,rk mtVT' vcmM k
Mr. Butler ronuhcC. SliW.ihn-k.taMkHta.
" . 1 .. . . . divnL.
thc Govcrnor , nmtA of 4 TIncv;
1 .. . - i. .1 ... . . ..ii.i
1 . -- - .
t inaL dir. eiirier. i.ie. vuiiicsHani. r H.n.-u .
I the expense of the contest
Mr. Burr liroscnted the views of the
minoritv, declaring that Kice w5 ju-tly cnti- A Savannah man to save his life, had re
lied to his fceat. Resolutions will lie Jailed cvntly to knock his a-wiiLtnt into the river.
up on Fridayidnextweek.
T"":"!;: ,i ,
tt Race, t
Xi'Okleans. June 30. -This Iia lecn
a great field dav among steandioatmen. Tlie
amtemplatea race between the ee ant
Xatcltei was the general theme of convena
tion, and bets run high on the Lee at large
odds, though no difficulty was. found in get-
t inc them taken, r rom one to two hundred
thousand dollars depend on the result.
least two thousand excursionist started, early
on uie sieamrrs -111. o. rir,. ai im,
Mavflower and the towboat Mary Alice, to
.. ': .1.. ,; f ii,. rl,lm.,;,m .nu.ei
.1 . "- u let ; IT T.....
ThousaiK- congregated on the levee at vari-'
.- ti f..e twfnlv ruilc and man v
thousands witnessed the departure from the
landinc here. Governor wamwth, who
Iiad returned ten minutes before from the
B. f T,iars-itv rmmsopnii.nt. at Ttat.in
ks: ....... - ' ".s.. - -t - -
T.... Inl in the tonu-nt arwl. t,,k
tossage on the Lee, to leave her at Xarchez.'
The Lee oacneii oire ai lour minuio si,
five, and the Xatchez four minutes later.'
Opposite Markat'Mreet. a aiks afcrwejie'
canal, the Leci-'was eaactlv' fomies
ahead. OjirlteUrralWi tiwXiaMd
gained slightly. The1 speed was very even,
the first twrentv miles, and when they pa-eed
the steamer Marv Alice the Lee v four"
andaiJaalfitminalei.Tahcad,- thri the'
Xatchez gained eizht mx-oikIs. 011 the Lre be
tween two tioints of observation from the
t ir T-i . 1 .t---ir.l ..-J
.Alice inn gain iBCnt.-uea. unin. iv-
newed confidence in her, and the odds were
in her favor on the Mary Alke. Five auks
above the last point a pairing steamer cal
culated about four minntcs diflerence between
the Lee and Xatchez. Both steamers were
stripped for the race and carried all the fuel
thfr coaid stow.- .t , "
C H. W. RailrMMl.
AVe see by our Gallatin exchanges that at
tha ciactnaia Dairlss coanty, on' Tnesdav,
the 21st nist.," the projo-ition to subscribe
$60,000 tnlhe Chicago Snntliwesiern Rail
way, was .carried .by, a liandsmue majority.
This La a hrVhould be.
cjfcafi WlniM.adf.itac r.gineeis have
been.at work for some davs locating the line
between Plattsburgh and this place and will
be through to Cameron this week, Gimv
on ObjcrKr.
" y.ino :i. mi
All Wlnaju CasjT, My Tmwtg, Km Im,
? My, 9- I
Tlic above wnrds are intended torapreseni
the names of (iitizcns of Japan and China.
nana a
tarrying at ouii levee only lon- enough to
pick his clothes, was O. I. C Het wad a
snoenwer, anu-no unspui, awi was fing to
-icn vrricstw; unrrne tea. n c wipiose laey
stroiKKe ther
w;n jlavc a riot about him when he and his
,....,; t- . .
.. S f'- 'v. -.g..i . i
: nest war to be a Coolie wax, aad we are in
favor of it: lull wc. arc a little shakraboot
.,!,;,,. t;.i ri.u Vw Yri- 7".-.7-, ; nni
; ..
na aireauy uiKcn ooiu skicm. atw it na?
a w. i. . i i . :i t .i i ..
! "one ii in one anicie. An umo paper, now
; iciiigc 01 inc cii(resi 01 x.very- uind
. : l
: nite ln K,vUli
. "i .'i.:. :.. " xf i
1AI nun III. .'tell nnu
id it want
t won;
at starvation prices
J 'T "Keep hin out." The Ohio; paper
to which we liave alluded .says the. China
. man can be kq'4 out, and kept out contitu-
,.., !
fc "J" -: . ,
But, in (Niintaif fact, the government has
lowcr to prohibit any immigration.' Tlie
only ouestion iioncof ixdicy.
Everr na-
l L aaBl ! tn muL dtll
'rei-ognueil in Jhe Conitution, i the
- ",? rnplbrfcratic M 6ifetttHn of
Mckj &"'"! f Jh fjnnr exim4"
.aaKsnaii in)riuiminn mail not nc
'rohi!ntl by thijlongrc-j. prior
to the vear i
:??. mis casiiKK lie uisHiiseu
of bv sav-
ng that it nuantitlie imiHirtation of African '
-'laves, ihe eseiition in lavor ot Atncnn
jl?w nigniSHie general iwwcr to
'linn iuiiii:ruiiov
Itiit tit. tHinr ; flnisx unt ur vhtbnr tli.. '
I. ..... p.p.1 .- .-v.- .- .-.-- "....h. ....
L'hrnesc wight io Ik kept out. Perhaps'
hev ought. Th.'i famous Constitution of
may not be tfbic to stand the strain of
i uhnitting hinu at where shall
the dis-
Jinct on be niale Where shall
wc draw-
,h j. ., c c f R ; ,
I . i . . . .
I N'na nut not .mi Japan .' Ihe exatel
. tfate of the tliernumater prevents as from!
. L..!..;.,,, -t tin. iiMtn.m Tho Knpkl-i.r.
II-.'"" ..K .". ...... ....-. .... .- -.. -
: . - z
I ''
S. 1., Aposss lufs views of the following
i-T ... T. -
i j 7 --
cinii. in n i: .
;jt lonuikins Njtulrc, iew
" n l . v si. , . t.
.;i H-..M....s .sjj.i, .,c XVIK., Wllllk
itov. Ilottman is" expected
ectwl to atteml and
Itis cle-ir ennurh to
ills near cn'JUgn io
.,..-..s -.-... ......r. .. .- s.v... ;...... ...
sHHIrcss the meeting.
, "!al ,uf nmye,ii..ni is in me inieresi.oiji
(ne class of foreigners against another clasw. j
'Hie partv which V-day represents American !
itleas ami eontainsthc largest pnijKirtion ofl
American bom citlrcns, entertains the bet '
tif luulinna t.ivrtwl 41. t ulrintvfffs. 4iv.nt tin.
(if feelings towards ihe strangers from
Celestial Emiiire. : Possessing as the Chi-
1 !? do, great intejlicnce and adaptiveness, I
I'jing hanuless in jli'eir tixsitmcnt of others,
ajid aiiiottg the iiK'.t' industrious of the hit
I iaan family, we d.j r.ot regard their suiier
sritidns and practiiW as lieing near as (Ln-
gensis io us as iikj ,oigoiry, me ignorance
and the insolence vhich are imported into
tis oaaitry fmi j aiotlier direct ian. It
iotild rwturaHr Kt thought that the riotiais
phu-Iivities of 5Cei York city were strong
enough) without bfii-g intentionally stimti-t.-ded
bv inonte anti-Chinese meetings.
noted which arty it is that leads
tins crusade nani-1 foreuniers. It
luanv of that iKirtvlutd been treated as thev
niw promise to trcKt others, the Democracy
of the last decade would have lieen too in
significant for part'san existence.
Nkri lrverr.
! Every fox praisis his own tail.
(io alter two wo
ves and vou will not even
edeh one
f A good licginning i half the work,
?-- ...-..
j njir.
i !V
irtw in l tod, ' u' do not siumiiic yi,ur-
I .
God, evci across the ea; without J
Itiin. not even to the; threshold
" Without eliciting, no trading.
'The deeper you hide anything the soonir
ytrti find it. ! -
" ' A deU is adorned hy iaynient.
Roguery is the lAst of trades.
Never take a crocked jKith while you in
sec? straight one. J
'Fear not the thrraf of thegreat, hut rather
j tle tears of the "f.
' 'Ask a pig to dir
x i , .,, , .
inner and lie will put Ins
lei on ine lame, j
.Di-easC itimis injbv hiindr.il weights and
gilcs out by ouii.isij
'Every litlb"fn.g-i.; great in histiwnlg.
(An old friind is yiorth two new ones.
ne praised ii-t fi'i our anctMoiv. bid
y(,tir virtu.sj. I
'When fish iitc m
Ii.lc i.i. :,
even a crao is .lisii
iA-.-.inaot ibo drowned ill
T, ' .-
i wuter nor clsUlll',
i - . i. ; ri
;t.s:K.ij : itkvs.
;nith Carnliiu isiraising figs.
rVn old l.tdv ill Indian i has 70 le.-t fit.-.
AViscoji-in still olnt.tiiis 9,811 Indians.
. Cllil
re. ate -?.
jiivoriejraled cjl leges in
nitr-d Stan--.
..j)" l!", ;'v;l ,'Vl
' silW-Mca kettle on ir tnpo..
.rl. 1 V'tNl
. atdnirg Hies ;Church, on Sunday, i
striciiy lori'ioucii .uji.imn, . .
Midii.'Stn ice-rrcain Kiltmns refill twgrocs.
T-ain K
ilni nvil right to
nn tlm fm.ii il.iiitv I
Ull IIIL ii.imii .lain..
iiib wkdini.1. 1 : ,
.:.., ,....1 .j.;.,. ..f ;,, i-.i...,..;....t..
. wi , i
' Hct ires and ulacdlsof virtu,
Dickens, will Im xJd at auction the !hh of
5 . f..v - ...... u...-,y. ..a..., ........'f, -- .
i Jujv. t
A niin in Portland wanted to gain admi
sio'li (o a pinoraniait half price on the i
' griuni that he had l-irt one eye.
.jtl AllKiny youth emptied the family re- 1
frijcnilor, during the recent hail storm, on j
the-hcjtd- of the ki-,ter-'. Some astonishingly j
I.trsfe MOIH-. were found. ,
AIUmv. (jeurMa.t&si nl.-trtm'ndvikeallliv
thap rfieV ire dwrirMng the' prVVpriity and
rea-nbilitv of cuttin:
the cenietery up into J
building lots.
l)r. Hitz has jr.ine Io Washington. II
died solne six years ago in Montana, lint be
caliie sflch a beautiful Jictrifactionaftcr burial
thii the Smitlisonian would have him.
. 0Iwn;niJ), abscrvc,I in the
A C.lifomia miner who laid him-clf down
r,va ,"T,i,,c m
feltjsonuthin;, wriggling under las neck just
ns ll. w-n.4 oi-ttin? dozv. and onlv raised him-
I self! in time to avoid the bite of a rattle-
- - -.-. . o- c- ..... -. . .
snake tnat nan mvn consining up 10 mm.
' Hethenjumjicrl in and re-cutd him.
I re-admissamn tickets to nlaivs of amu.sc-
ment in the Phillilrinc Islands. When a na-
tive, wi-hes to leave the apartment with the
intention of returning, he lias his naked
forearm, near the wri-t, stamped as hegoes
sit, with a black die, which secures his rc
admission. and. at the same time, obviates
....' I.-..- 1 l.L- ..
1, 'all.lnxictvas to'hi- using his ticket. On
All i;. i. .1 1. :. :i.. .:...l
ins (vwni, inc mara. is e..-ii wis.i ....i.
Jnii Vonnty .
.... , , .1 .
Iii I(K..kin" over Olathc, we notice that
. dayi ' Some rbrfv' otlr
ttlf file unKt 01 the ,
I new buildings are in
nrocess ot erection nuw, wiut ai least one
5 . .
hundred more in contemplation, and we
may reasonably supine lrom present ai
licarancw that" neat two hundred dwelling
. ,,.. .. 4lt 1 , ...
ami ,UW.inel nouses 111 i: 0.1111 nils sillii-
aterl X-i city in the.Sutc is going forward
ai mic 11 rapiu inuert ey jhuhVj anu urc i-ui-
rounding countrv keens far enough ahead. .
Johnson county hits the soil, climate, water
anu iae (m-up 10 ouuanp eery ianrr umiin
in the State, and he; Will do it. You may
travel throughout Kansas, and nowhere save
in JohiL-on county, will you find the country
in advance of the towrn." This is one of the
beet evidence that Olathe will continue to
grow and prosper. Fryni all sections of the
State we hear the remark from citizen-, as
well as strangers, that the towns arc toq big
for the improvements outside in the
country. Bat here in Johnson the complaint
is the other way. Olathc has doubled her
population within the Ixst nine months, aad
is still growing rapidly both in business ajvl
pope tion. The only thing necessary to in
sure a cky to compete- with Leavenworth or
Kansas City ' to build the Pleasant Hill
and Leavenworth railroaiL.2'l.ure nas
done ibKiwCrrOT-ls MuHilf ?
It is estimated that It costs 13 cents toprr
duceaponedof eaMrjt against 16 cent's just
after the jrai Thsti,-," s''" a profit of
$31 08 ? We o'f 450 it-,' or $90,000,000 on
a crop of 3,000,000 bate... This is exclusive
of tran-jiortation to !h- seaboard and the
charges of tnlddlcuicn. '
1 A.
HATmcs oirnr
A -aaafcM, rnai iwMh.wllun ur vtbri
nas ikco dooawa to HKr rrom msrasr. m
a icaarfrler disease ticca BCDTMed. Onr
TmHcTiaboaadwUkrootaaad berks.
mtieeaDr Bcccaml and ra-anoaiMM. wi
Dcelth sad -is-rto theisiTiilid. To flnt uch m
muedy.vciJtuuk: -eck one lkl has stow! the test
.. . - -. ... .... .
MMT fJWretsMljlVJflaBiplllltll
Hare Cre fcr Pywptpnlai.
Ihire Care for DcMIHy.
Mare Care for Jaaa4iiee.
Sare'Care for Mai
i f';
Allt! .-ill affis.lii.ru jriun;; firm rjklifs.-or want
3liti in lh Ijvrr or Oiotirc Or3ii$. Tlie
great rvmaljr tr
Anil all disease aritis frii
it. The srrat re- I
lti.an iini.i.-sil.ililr f any vne t. hav-Korr
$plOO 10 jlOO
Will l.iTwi I'liranri-ast-ol'iliisilisrase thalitiirs
. lu any uiw-that iist-s'tlMr Knti-n ur Tunic as a n
Trnl itr.
Those 1hi hair the Krrrr an-1 Auuc will liml af-
, Uuf th-Uitlers ur l.wie. ihat'llie di-rase .ill
! ut rUnra.
I trr the thills hair sltvil. that hr usintfaft'lr lS-
These mu-ilitj will rvlntik! tlwir Cotrstitutiuns
ThertiuSie7 wlrT T,E,i,i !. the i.ul.li,-
; thirty yean ago, with all the rinlicr of s1led
.1.1. .... .! .. ...- .......
I - nairni iiieiiM-in" itiM-raiiiii aiejinsx n
-. ."
inctn, mil
mluaUy their linnet became known, and now t-
.lay, they Und l.t Ihe head uf all prrr-n f- .f
their rlav-. with the imk.rsenier.1 .eminent jmlge.
iawyer, iwnryiiKn anu iiayMcians.
...... H..n.w..t ..H.,..., ..... .. . ...U ....
MmmA lite. CJL.wi.itf .WMit.t....w Mn.l iCw.tfi rin.l l!
win jmiu.iu, ami u you una teat
i Tiiur i.TeiB uiBMim or but im iim-bi. tiki ntar
" . .i . ' i-. .1 l
.1 by any r them, you inav
rase na ruminrncru il attat k
.tu ! rc iwuKuacnj..... u..
V" ,bcm";t inil-'rlant orpin,r y.mr U.ty. an.1 iiii-
'" "! '" t,'l":V,., by ,,"?.u"Vr ".,wer,,,1rrl,,1'',"r.
a a uiUrrable lite, s.vu tt-nuitutun; in death, will
a mucnu.le me, s.n it-nuiiuiun; in ueatn, win
- emcr. - uit.
Constitution, Mil ulentv. Insanl 1'ilt-. KollnexH of
Mood tu the Head, AtHHy jf the stonut li
Naustj, lleartliuni, His)-iisi tor
KimI, Kulluess or Weight in
the Momaih, N.iir
KruitatiiMis. MuVine or
Kliilt.nni; at the Ml of Ihe Mimi-
ih, Miiilutimij of Ihu Iteail, Hurried or
Kirt.nilt Hrralhiiis-, Klutterins at the Heart lliok-
ni or snlKicatinc Seiisathms when in a I.y-
inj ltn-, Wium-s.1 of Viiti,
Iloli or tVela heCire the
Msht, PuH Pain in
the Head, nrBeielirynnVr-
piratiisi, Yellowness of the kin
and Kjes, I'ain in the tiide. Hack, Chest,
l.inil-, ete., Smlden Miuhcsof Ileal Kurninicin the
Heli, Constant Inisiniusof Kiil, and tire.it lv-
presivnofririt9 atlinsicale diseueof the Liitr
rill;;.slve.r:ius loiubiutd with impure lihiod.
Hoofland's German Bitters
. .uveiiuir.j t
Arc entirely irrtat!e, and ion tain Dolkjiior. It is
a omipounJ of r luw Lxlracls. Ibe liwuu Herbs
, and Barks frum which these extracts are male. are
Kalhere.1 in (Semiany ; all the aieilitiual virtue, are
extracted fnnii them by a scicBtihc chemi-rt. Thrse
extracts are then turwardud to thb country tv
I ustd expressly for the inauufactiin. vf this Hitters.
ioiiimdins the liittert; hence it is free from all I
TIits. i iMt li-olutli.T Kullawfl of mr kir.1 umI hi I
ine oi.jixiioiu luiium. io inc Uoe 01 a ifjuur .ivu
ration. ;
Hoofland's German Tonic '
is a iiHi!inii.iiio!i i rili in iiiihiii.-iil. o iim i.iiit-is
wit, pure santa Cru Itum, ilnnse, Av. Hisiie.l
lor tlie same iisv,rses xs me inner?, lu a-e Ik-iu
-"ine piirealiilioli-Mimiilii'isrr'iuiTed.
I.ik- Ihe f.llowin-; was nervr l;forc otf-ud in l.
lull of any rSHietnal wrparatinn:
Hii.l Jiistiee.if Ihe Sureine Court of 1'euiHjliaiii.i
i rnii.u.Ktriin. Manlilfi, ISfiT.
"I titiil lf'fl.init's:erni?n ltitlirijaK"ioiltotiit-,
iK-tiil iiiiIl--J--s of Ihu dljc'litc ..rniis, and ol
' sr
Sn.it Nnrtil iin...sr del-ility, ainl wjnt of ncr-
mi a ti"ti in tli.- -tfiii. l ours trtile.
(.!.(. V. Wt"tWAKU."
of lh !-iijrViIie Conrt of IVnnsj Irania.
rniUiKi.riiiA, April -", !--.
'I .oiisider 'H.Hand'stieniiaii Hitter.' a v.iln-
aide ni.dH.inr iatiof attatMof liiiliRi.ti.ni r
..:.. .,.; ew. ...(-..(..
'otit. lours, with respect,
i jamk TimMiv-wy.
''.lli;i.l...M is...... i.tnin'iu ...j . (--..
Ju-li.e.f ilieStipifnie Curt f IViin-yUwiit.
I'linann piiia, Junt, ISfis.
I h.ie fiiind l-y ts:ri.n... that "HwiHand'
,i'r.p .ti. -ympt
i a T.ry pt tiii, itli. in
tonis.tli.iost ilin-ttlr.
JKO. .-5I.IWWt"I.
MTrof thetilr of MalTaln, N. Y. I
Mal.iB'silrrf. Bcn-ato, June , 13.)
I lue us.d "II...fljmri tirrman Bitters and
Toniein mv Ciniilr.liirlns tlie a".t v.-ar, and ran
n-snintiel them a. an eAcllent tonir, imjjitiii
lone and i-r to the syteni. Their Us- has len
titimlmttreot iIihImIIt U-ni-rilial eflixts.
' WM. V. IMKiF.liS.
Kx -Major vf M'iIIiani..rt, IVnnrl.ini.
I take great leanre in rn.nnmciHlini; "If'sif-
latel's i;ennan Tonlt" to any one hi may 1 af-
tlicl.-l with .ly.pepsia. 1 hwl the dy-ia s.i
badly it imisisiMe to ke.p any (jodonuiy
stomal li. and I ljim-s. k a- not to If alile to ,
walk half a mile. T N.lths of Tonic eBeeted a
lrfixt cure. JAMES M. WOOD.
i. I
j IVrtnen.f Judt Maynanl, WiltUnisrurt, I'a.
This t lo.rtirr Ihat r liave u-e.1
'ieriiian Hittern for ysi-fsia,
and fmnd an iuval-
"'- remedy.
Hoofland's t.erm.in i:.iIie are .siiit.r(.l.-.I.
w that th 'Unalure.dt;. M. Jiasrl(inllii;
wra"!-r of ej h l"ttl. All th'rai' ("untfrftit.
innrtitil (llfiii and nianu-forr at the fierman
MedKineMnre, N. t Arth street, rhiiJr!iij)
CHAM. 31. KVASN,Prprictr.
Kornierly C. M. JACKaiJN A CO.
Cenuan Bitter", Ir little
.lnrf!!! - per half ii
d7 ' Tonic, rt up in quart bot-
ties, it JO per foottl-, or half dozen for 87 30.
-rnntrrtWexarnt aeH U.e ar title you
bur, In nnter to Ket the genuine.
Fr Male by all DrHjodMtis
i And dealers in Medicine L"trybcre.
r causrs
also Ims
Mcti. if vi
lli nstorv
iive ship hs Tin.
o u
. aAtthi seastin of Ihe fcr whta CibJ -n-t
' tVHs re tronWromir. fvetj- fjrallv hou tf harr m
, aft' ami rrrtain rriunlr at hanl. ir. RANDOM'S
IIIVESYRUr.XDTOLli'ith!T--r IhjRic. It
istrrplea.antS.rehiMwti takr. awl U'a ir-
I tjin rnr- t.r CT.OtTf. WllotlPISC CUClill.
' e..l.l l. Tt....!. i:.. -r. .. . . ....
S.M lij- Priissists . Itio
.- ;ms lrr HIC.
Greatest Discovert of the A re '
lor tin lure f liifljiniiialrcr IKisnises I9'hrrii
l"ni, Klieiiiuati.ni, Nraralija, Sninal IrfiUtion.
i Hum?, Kru-t Bites. OiiIMx'li. -ll( lit.lr- on
, the tire. Sail I'.brun. Itth. UUl Sti-s lbM l.l.
and(.4ic. lu fact tbo bn ontwanl ap l-i-nti.-n
. that ran Is- tisnl C.r man an3 Um.i. :
: i
Tl:.VKS OINTMEXT j N-cn sXti;Mt,lv
asrsi t.r the sit fTi year nuh'icreat sivitv dr
the frpTrnlion. trlicf ami Iciitv of that litta-llul
snMinsr. Ilptheri. anI is:no ilouM, ir.c I--!
kmwn miinl.T. lor tin's l-cas it sliouMWi
tir.l frrrlT tnthrThnmt ansl ITirst. aihl tourist
nitha hot flannrt.: ;
fs.lj lir all Iirnists. Iiijc 23 an-l ." t fill L
Prof; H. AatjkrnMMa'N
Is a Liniment f..r Kxternal ,iiuatiuii
koi: -MAX OK Dsr.
i '. '
A valiitMenwttltiivtirtn Iirin,l lr a ir!fl'.ttrt
CI i im M ! i
It- frtfn'Iiratiiiw ti ilillaiMf! Mrrs atnl stulur
'ii ltli Man athl JU-v-.t, in a irr .litrt ljri-r ir-lite-
the I ii in ami srciir", am! tli hot atinrtil
o.ntinii.-da.Wi.-ati.'.ni..attfnlioii the sirt,i
' restored to health. '
tv arLMe UwniiT nal. him4 aivl natunil, JitI h
i inn. .iiitierMa c iwnuaioe ivuj iti laifitiMiu
I jn n f(lP imrM, Ylii f i t f s9iowii lr miaptV-riMi
k . -- .. l . -. .?!.. .
L.fa.K. ..... ll ..-.V. ..f W..w.mm- ' l.l-
nt, a,fH..w,: :
I -..We hlTe ,n rl5,..r;Imiitl.w with ..ur rtWn...
.i..,..., h.v a.i. ,.i.t..,.i ., . ,.r ...
I . ... .-... .. ..... ...... ,...,-.. ..
, ,. I. L,.,.rltkl- flk 111.
i trllltl. i. M11
ihe fjmeii-
. . :;. . . .. i ... mi. .
, ,,- mr lrr lin
., ,i., iu .
loran. oiorr iiniiiieiu we err iir4-i in oiir:i..,r
4jri H-as, m-I. Hi two il.U'sJ,
' ...n-ss, r.'u. .. i
Y.irt r.-.tr.ill..
; v.r.siiS..M
lira tiotBe-
, v.irsiiV, imri:
. wJXV,w, i,,.M,
, Jr. j; II. HillorH
Universal Magnetic Balm!
Cucnajil b.;.Mji Jit Iiiltuixe. NeuralsUaii-t all
lln, an.1 Is lliereKirr 'nvrly. t:rnieil ".MaPeti"
I H.ilm." Iris I'liretV a eeqeia)' prrparafioq. ll
t h.i.nieiiulasa reiiK-dy Hrl'tofvra, ClioleralMoi
' Imm. I'iaritM. Iijsenterf, Colirjaf,"! all Koweli.-iii-l
i.laints. lt tiu'wly tisn will julv OiM". 0 U-.
iHptlierlj. (iiirisy al'.l all Tlir.bt;jtri lion., j .
. When iimperlvVsed KeTeraii.1 lAcue, and Hji'
1 .siilaintsiiKift-iit fiour Westell and ssjti'hrii
I rliaiatesarp easily nnken up.
t lt-;tiise the system, then Ih time fi.ra .lull
drawaon, o.er warmly in l-l and taLea ii.r.ij .l
hot water, with one or two tt:i--4aitifti!iof th Mi
netic Balm sweetened with hrownvuaur, also l.ath--lak
and itomai Ii wi'h the Rilm Slid reiiuin .iiii.l
Itrpeal if n.sre"sary . i ' f
JfAllof Ihealiote inr.liciiMH li&vihtfl.r f'ru--
sts everywhere.
i co.. ivicf
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Me ta-te ,. -urally f.unl 111 t iir witt". i,
taken in tiiii.; th'y are a sure i.tnli- "f dtsea. -.
arUinj from a .Ur.er.s St.Miiarli or Mrtr, nth ;
p.ss,', Jamelire, IJr 0niplint, Keer !.rs
Astv, On.llrene. and Iiis of the .Wii. or
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1'or.v.r- In l-avrn"rortli hy H.
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n-e,KenIon A C". ; f"'hranv, KutuMnn A layir..
J.Ashton A Co. ; s-'mitli A Hr.., and all th' iriiwi
pal UrnSsMs. jiilrS..K.J
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From -C- t 1MIA'.VNI:E .TltKKT, s-tn
luiirthaud Firtli, n.-rlh si,lt,ruirrlT 'eupi"illy
Wnnb. Cnasprl b51 will N- iJea-wd to wait ,
onhlsi.ldtutocie and the piiMi.-cenrrally. ,
I A full lineof Nith Ij.H-" and liriits' ready uii'Ie (
work kept tnstanll-on nan.i. .
Maki-i a iiU!tr of rii.tom w...k articiilarly I
hrst-tU.1. s,Pl .wlf.Ti.-tiillfintli. sjilislK.- .
tiuu guarantied. - UI1
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