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The Leavenworth weekly times. [volume] (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1870-1880, December 08, 1870, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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NO. 49.
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Taper of the City and County.
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(in -s.y lbre months. -.
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T4.1lnll'yt!.-l'fTlrllHlM'3lr. I.OIIJ-
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THE TIKES .linigui to a -lrifi mhi ami me euuo-1 the nterprww of that kind, made ax.iMo Cany, .., .Murray, ; .K-iiai jihkv, i jrmnuvr .Mr. i .1. r nmige, 01 ui-
t..Vib. K- ,re..flli..lhel'.i.iun:tiary..f the Stale . f r,.j!iut;(M, l- ,I,C ,,np-iil of .-ir ,:"; " " '-'"eJr"!'V" """"' -. w . ,..x
11 i.i.i v. 1. 1 n..i.Miitim ... I . . . . ,., , iclt, U.I, JJkcfellr, 2il, JNnun, 9; l.e- EVJ-MMi sllov
i(H.W.iuii.. . r. - ' "f ; cituetn -Inr their Iilwral ami readily graiiteil ,iriTmathe Ninelh-th District. Vanmetter, , After the u5ual complement of excellent
Tlial U ibe tr.ige.ly, and the htlh ail j a;,i. i.tatioiu of the pn.ple imrt in- Rl, JoLn-.u, Hi 1 uuuihy tfaeilioir, omipwl of iiiruiheraiif
lKili:.T aT" Hl.ti". iliereof. Tin-nadetx of thi-. iai'r kmiw it I ,,..i i.,, i. ,... I,, fulf.ll.,1. Tl ffi.-;.l i..iM..f Wnlli, n.oi.ie 5 n t ilillen'nt ihurche-. IVot. M. I Wanl, of
Annual Me ge the lVr.id-.il of t .- llHW ,,, ,,. Uej4lw . lJIie wx, di.r- j lireuj I,lwme.,f,rtlr n., i,!, a .i.IiUr-
rmtoiM.!. ui.d..niiiti-twiiiiins,li4l;f,jt,B.!.rjIrilJ,a,tori,llllirOT,railte aniI CTerlr lillMloI Hrw. , ail.
nad will, icnliar i.ii.r.w at tl.., iiuw wUn .,frra,lcr i,,,., lKljnrj, f..reery an 1 en- j t,t.:r ; ,-,.., ,,,re at the pub
he Brt i:a;...,.i ol Ihe. an!. '' MKle.nent and ll.e f.....ily..f crimes imw, at , ic cx,Knarj u;i,w, a ,!,,.!,, ,,f
in tumult ..f wai I angry i im.LV,il 3I1.I ,.Xp,,!, an 1 hwii lo , ;,. anvtl.ii.g Uvoiid pmuMinglh.- public
di-cssi.H.. We l.a.ej.M emerged from the ,. 1,UH;j,l J1H.KMa Im.MlSuto.rVii- ( intCnt, ' c at "the .ue lime addro.
terr.ble actual.tK ol Mnfe .i..d blwly con- I , ... i!ria,lJw General l the wme i ,wlf ;rf . frj.,11. n,-.,.
lliet ourhelve The kurt. ire by no means I
jet liealv.1. ri we late Iron. mci. a tianu
I10i.1t an unu-ual intrt in the coiifiiils of ,
foreign iiition. Advamtiltotbei-wtioiilhat
we now occupy Miaong tlie naiion 01 loe
earth a. a iiofter in a military M.ue and in
the iHuceful H.11-"' "f a indutrial,
lf-helptng, eeornMiiw I'e-'l'le, we can
not help giving our liel attention to
clout transpiring iu oilier countries
which mut largely fleet the ftatm
of ipI-. With nferentv lo Kunan
nations onr relati..n hare l-e.i " gnaily
changol within the pl live year, that we
watih with a degree of equanimity their ler
ritic ami awful conlliti for rupniuacr, dom
iuatiou ami territorial aggrandiie.neiit.
The 1'rci.ki.l i.u.nif4lhcK.mc wie inter- 1
...... e .1 1.. ,.fi
o4 in the larger omcern if the jiei.ple if
bis own country. lie d.f in yield his
judg.uintab.iut the need of piwe:ng the
Ifl.m.l of Sail Il.nni.igo. We like the rea
son the I'rcident gives for hi iniintaiiianee
of the projeit. They !mw the I'rc-idcnt has
clear idea aViut iHi-iue-.. He know alniut
the lirn laws of imlitical economy, and
puln-s lirartlr towanl their U t riliiation.
Wc cannot now uy iur l-t wonl aliut this
iueagc We liae jt glanced it over, and
of cour-- have no time to prcsuit it main
point. The FM.ing 2iK-4.ion which ha
entertained our fi-hennen who go for the
i-lKiil of the diep ea along tbe Stores of the
liritidi Pnivinrt-s on our ideof the Atlantic
Oivau i largely and o.n.Iu-ively tin:d-en-d.
The Cnluu ipietion i dis
ct.il exhaii-lively. Si far a our
domestic jioliey i co.ux'nieil the
n.e-.ige K-ille all iution a to the
prclonJed iuytery almut it. lie i out
poken and perfectly frank. Tlurci not a
M-ntcnce iu the whole me-sage that will iu
lie vanilr undeitoiKl by the dulle-t of (tur
new-pjpir naders. We tiimmend thi
rtale jujvr a a brave, fair, will-writtin
l.Ki.uient, andareiiuiteprcpired to -ta. id by
11 fon-hadowing ilicie.
We publidi iu auudier coluiiiu the tirt of
two kttcrs, ii.!i the tarilf, written by the
llev. Win. Slianiuu, "f Iiwrtutv. Our
Fnm Trade rradit will lind -niKihi.ig in
lhec uier, whu-' le.n aie inetlltaU-I
In.inan Engli-h taml"iint, that will lune
Itt their digcssinn.
Mr. Sinniwn i .1 llioiuiighly ctluaiu.!
Englishman, ami a nn.i whir N11I of mind
ha bil him uilurallv atid .Kivi".iriry into
all the luovi'liiiuU l.Kikiug toward nfinti
and growth in England mimv be ba
Iiein cimiMxteil rub ibe public mind.
It i fjuite iinin'iarv f-r .1 lo ailnrtif! hi
accomplidiinent. He dcii th.it 11.111I1 M-
r tlut. ut'an, .11 the w.itiug of his i.ns
iim Ihi glial, alxorbiiigiiieli.iuof "rrn-ie-tioii
toAiio'iiean Imb.nry." We may add
that Mr. S. it pre?nt the pa!urt ihe
I'niiariau Chun h .1. that city. He projres
to lecture to the ieoplc of Kaua.s ibis uiu
lir, and wc wih to say to Mich Nn-ieties a
are organired for the iirp.ie of i-upplying
the oulrcacliiug, hungry American mind
with that kind of pubuluiu, that 'ihey may
travel err lar and not come liack wiih
argosicfl mi richly laden.
Mr. S ha a lecture in preparation en-
titleil "A QcAurnu of a CiarrcKV or Esa-
Ll-II HlSrollY AXll IT Ltt0!." whiill he
1 writing ...r Kaii'i. an lii nei.. Xo nclicr
,eal the kind nlllU-alPirdol the leclure
going jieopieo. our c:ly. We hojie he laay
viit u, a.idflMik to .1 his piece.
11 tnii iit'i'Ticii:.
Mr. . II. Hjnl iSpcir'sbni:her-in-law.
He was a dtputy under Smr. He wa al
a Xotary l'ublic. Ilcofconne wa a wit-m-s
liefore the grand jury, when lie swore
1h.1t hi notarial s-il wa always kcptpacnsl,
and that he i.ecrcciiiiiedlo a jurat fairly.
AKnit a dozen wimo coiifroiitisl him ami
itifiil that thiir tuiuus wen' attached to
ertifica'ti without their know bilge, and that
I he Jateuuiits certified to were utterly fal-e.
Haul tlieniim pencil hi eye, and with
Min.lry emphatic stalcmnit, that would lw
coiurucil a oath if iillcnil by onlinari
n.ortal, swore that Sin-rcfc.. wcix- ' d
ra-cil, rnd had l.ilen hi muI, and forgcil
hi name to divers ami midry docuiuents.
I1 of which cio U pnive that Hani is
more honet tlut the ret of the crew.
What I)idMis Dusiusotos So;: llar-i-r'
Monthly for iHxvmlvr cimtai.w a story
strange and weired. "What Hid Mis
Darrington See" is it title. To perxm
w huhavca tendaucy of mind toward an in
piiry into SpiritualKmjt willailonl a hilf
lumrs interesting reading, and perhai a days
deep study. It cannot safely be determined
Ironi the statements of the story whether its
main inspiration wa? that of rrai facia of a
Kuperseiwiou character, aking for explana
tion. There is enough, however, in it to
make it a inattet of moment on the icrt of
the author of "Foot Falls etc," lo en
courage inquiries a to the author, and
whether be (or she) is writing from a bai
ol fact or fiction. We lravo little doubt tliat
there is actual faith in ll.e-e occurrences
stimubting the nlilii.n of that story.
We only notice the piiier becau-c, in thc-
diys, lAor vmrmtccs, wbidi jioiiit luwanl a
ptssible commerce Ivtwccu the Intelligenres
of this, and the souls of the next exi-1ence,
cir Jiirlci, towanl which we are all iueritahly
(Iril'ling, arc vatly nitilliplying, ami claim-in-
large attention by the IsjJ. minds of this
TlIE Srienlifie .Imcrtoia is publishing il
lustrated article", nuking the iiml ..f the
outgivings of the curious idra .if M-If-motion,
r ncnsetual motion. There i something
most ingular in the ..cr-evering attc-mpu of
3&er'ue well organired minds, tlmmpli all
W tke historr of our later and IsL-tfer civiliza-
Ihb, to realize this mechanical result. A re-Sirrr-.,
and ufid effect, without a primary
t Tl... vimnle sUlcmcnt, as crudely
akapedas have cornel it, it wouta tvm
. .!. -itmiion at tincc of a mind
- . .
I ..L. .,' n.isimin- !.t alL The tngli of
-I.!. ..f ..nimr -.t alh The tngh of
J theCViiiservaiioii ami aTeUuon of Fore-,
was the inevitable conclusion ot inc piii.o-
sophic mind. But why, as wc grow wi-cr
I better culuvated, we snou.ci revu. . .
I 1 philosophical absurdity, is the query to u.
A Wfcen we can realize the jatt that a ressil.
I en be reached without a cause, we can begin
to work with some practical encourast-meui.
upon the problem ot perpeinai rom.on
"JiY dear fellow," said an Englishman , t;oa mldf 1K)t mere,r lw,wwn.hcob
Ifco believed in ghosts, arguing with another jescts, but also between the materials of which
ijinl who didn't "my dear fellow, . they areoMupoM-l As those repre-sentiug
j,,, ... .-..i
tt should you do if yon went into the par-
lor and saw the figure of your deceased
glilmitliii playing tlie pianoT' "I
should write to the Ti'wo," was die' reply.
Tem years i a lonj period for the life of a
JnhnSvr; tint hi iiiniuilute urtiuTit
triumphant swiikiic. ino-e no waicn n ."- "'"-i -"-i"-"-., r , the Jlissoiiri, Kansas
l T ...1 . l?.tr mnllu. .UoT- ilJjtJ-JIIlrt flia-.rftt 1ltimtnV
course isiaci..lr or silcntlv mar often t!lipi !. '"" gone to Fort Gibson,
...:. ?-.,.. I. ' I .1. l " .,t 'hetulsetareincbs-ed between two layer, of Jj ,,,., ,,;,..,
T"" -".-".--"....,-....- - gltol ,o cio this mey uegin uy placing .... . -,- -.,. , ., .,
ti.:, :. j iL. l:.j :u. j,,a:. t.. -,,, .. r. .1. -.1. . .. .,. .1:1. -I.:.... ....,,,,.. tl... uriuge wi.. .ii. ouiu .1
.,,., .,...,,:.,.,... ...... ..uu.... -.. BtuNutui uc -. -... ,V7" . , wi 1 bcnodelavwhcn
trait ami U-U.MS disqui-iton, out the pre- tunes, a leyeroi cry-iai, '""'".""- point. Fort Scvlt M-xtior.
limSrrl.,K.ljl-l.lchl-VUplr .TJVZ UZ The Manhattan & says that GeV-
internee! even-ciuz-i, of kan-a dtiruig the ..uns placed on the ipi-ite fide. The 1 David-on, who Ins li-cn on duty a mili-
lat decade. ' oljert bell's pLuv! in the center between Ury profe.r in the State Agrioillural Col-
-. 1 111 ii-ii 11L.111,, l.r. m..r la ilm. -oldi-ml to- lege, ha Itccn onlcml ov dencral Niennan
The ri.law.it lu. already Ui-ii ...Mi. bed be'vr , riwll WI ' "M-rt for active duty" at the end of .his
llrtr..ii.lirt,ul.l.elWn-in.lJ.in '"V. "."itl I T. .' .. Z. ....mil.. He will probably he .-us-unicd to
.... . . . 1 . . f .-1 ... 1 --I. .1 ..,1 niiiw.-ipiurw ""
crime Iiave Imi indicted; tlul the invli- nl'B KtlLKOtUV
gation ill IwiiMitiuunl; tlut the wlmlc of Our railroad aflUir,a.4 ne Iuie iiiciilioinil
tint n-uen ring will ivlmngkt to judgment; I U-frc, jrv in a decideil .mii.lJIe. Williotit
lluit it is niit.it all imprjiuble lliat idniy a,,y purj,.!,, criticixethe iidiicl of pvr
(larke, n. a iik-iiiIkt uf CViign-s sikI ,,, ., aye Jnlere.ij,l theiu-chix in the
S.iimikI C r.imen.y, tvm a IJmt.il State j coiMnirtii.n of the railway njniiing Kit of,
Sefuiiir, ill jIp lw indieul and nt from all.j ,;,. ;llt1( r jj Wl. ,it;rt i, mjic
a ;invr ..f .rnip'.io and prollig-r at j ; lllo, .,),;,,;,.,,,,. ,,,, ; n,, a f
.Lsr, ,llru..j1.ingt.,tl.eenl. I l.ry
He lril t-, .wirp the w.r ..f two
J.rternors f Kaixb, !ov. Uobin-on and
1 (Jot. Carner lie cive Siieer In s.'iionit-
meJjl an(j as .nt ; ,;4 crituoi a
sharer in thin, if not ttt corrupt cau-e of
them. All of cer'H t.ol. wtrc ,4K.ne
men." Sidney CIirL", who, mikk I.-ine'
death, Imi kin the a trying to wear the
lionV fkin, 1. 1. alwi Urn a guilty lartnrr in
thi-i KTio of roblrries and crimen. Old
Hani, at Ijnrenoi", one of Sieer' lemlifvt
Kiya be gave Clarke too thousand .1. libra.
Hie man wlmoviieil the UnUcltn in tliii city
at.th.it time, .iy Clirke g-t fn.m Sjieer the
three thouvtud dulbrt wbieli (,'brke put
into tlut p..p.T when it Uvams hii organ.
Clarke lian bt'iuon Sneer's Imn.l. andSintrV
, a. ,,. ln,, Tribune, hx ln
Clarke's apologi-l and defender thniiigh all
of 14 shame lews earevr.
And this thing has la-led leu year. It
ha controlled the jsilities of K.na; ha
made all of the apimu itme.it to IVleral of
fices, aud ha, to a very great extent, die
tateil the SUie and Ixi-btiveotlicer here.
There i only one thing in the whole earth
that i Wronger than dishonesty, and that i
honoty. The fajtcment may -ecu. frivolou,
but the eam-r of -ueii,tiil oiilieal crimi
nal in Kansa lsiu o bright and hiniug
that, at time-', it ha stupitieil, liewildeml
and e--emi.igly demoralizeil lhewhoIeisiple.
That i the iIi4jI which we owe, primarily, to
Jim. I j or. It was the legacv he lelt n.
The crime which bire so heavily on bis own
soul that the houet instinct of humanity wa
comi.-lleil l.i a crt and vindicnle its?lf in
' Tlie CTll that uicu ilei lire afler .Una ' '
The isiipleof Kanaanf tisi manly and
geneniu to ciieri-h any vindictive feelings
towanl the-e psir creature- who are now
marching to their d.sim. I'eveiige ha no
abiding place iu an honct heart, l.ut the
people of Kana do and will iii-i-l tliat
crime hall Is. nganleil a crime4, tlut a
thief shall U1 .oini-lie-l a a thief, ami that a
Collector, a Congressman, a eiiator, a (iur-fcniiasU-r,
a Chaplain, or any otiievr whal-o-cver
who iseal uione'y --lull ml lie s'riuilleil
logo mire-bilked with hi ill-gotten gains.
This lieginuiug lus ls.11. made by the
sovitcigu pisiole. III.. Ivginniiig which
ha to be made iu every mlieii eiimniiinily.
It will have In Is.-made in Xew York lily,
ami Francv will never Ik ri-ge neratisl,
llioiigii hergovernmeiit .iuy l-ecntilleil lle
publii'aii, nr Hiviuc, until her own people
in rsilier ami miIciiiii anics.t ris' up and nuke
v iiv i ieiou, infamy iiiCiimsis.
. lis i a n'vt.lutio.i, ami the s.ple are
. .evolution. We l-elii ve in tbe maxim
mi nvolulioiis neveT go luikwanl. The
i".it of the change in thi State may lie
known when it is statist lint not le. than
..n, huislresl Ftslir.il nHieirs have Ism in
li-ii(iu iu 1I1U Mile tin. year and have
itd their position In Clarke and lVinemy
The liniteil Suu-. M irh..I was their frinul
and appointee. It wa in hi, iocr to 11111
.110.1 jul uch juries a he saw lit, to investi-u-ite
the crimes of hi Miierior. lie sum
moned them. The loreiuan, Cox, we are
ledd, ii-eil to Ik one ..I Speer's deputies, but
(he o ideiict; Jgain-t tln-e men was so stnmg
hat no jury could reJu-e to indict then.
.ml they have Isc. indicieil in the 1110-t fnv
and fienuent war, indictments Uing tiled
.vcn devpon Ihe man who h.tr. done ni'-i J
U.e work ol Lane and Clarke. The-: 111
jicuin lit-o.ii;l.t 10 haveU-en loiiud at the
s-ion ol the Court l.eld six iin.uths ao,
Isit tau.itrii.g prevented it. They are found
now. a .Why are not ihe n.gucs put
up.ui (heir trial? Tlut is another
act in thi- tragedy. The tlial
hasUin pesstpimisl al the mmestol Ouu-luix-ioner
iKmgb , of the Hcveiiue Ilcjiart
niHil, at Washington, ai..l he mide the rc
pie t on the application of Sidney Clarke and
James M. Harvey, (Jovirtiorof Kansas, and,
we are told, other pniiuiiicnt men hen-. We
have lakni uiea-un-t to oUaiu a copy of the
u-picst m nt (li IVsiglaws, and shall publL-1.
it. When the Cnitol States (iiivenimeiit
li-frie ml thieve the icople ought to know
jiL-t how and why it idone.
Tlie trial will not take pbee until April.
It i.uy not take place at all. It may be
coMipniniised, covensj up, s.iutllcil away,
ended. ISut, whateverthetemiiiiatioii may lie
ol the matter, one thing is certain. Tbe-e
thieve are not to lie iu ofiice any more.
They will not contn.l Kansa. Not one of
them can ever again reveive the i-uflragc of
our si.ple. The dyna-ly i eudeil It ha
a terribie hiton' and one which no intelli
gent citizen and no candidate fur office can
ever forget.
Tin: pnsiit Hou-e contain 244 nuuiUr
If the new apjiortionmeut diH- not iiitrea-e
the niimlierof memln-r, the New York Hun
ruakts. a 4atenieiit showing the number each
Mate will have. The Xew England State
will l.s-e six. Xew York, Pennsylvania,
Xew Jer-ey am! Ohio will lo-e live. The
sixteen bve State will gain four. Indiana
am! Xebra-ka h.dcl their own. The other
Xorthwe-tern State gain nine. Xcvada,
Califnmu and Oregon would remain a now,
with live member. AH iU de-cnd, of I
course, 011 the new law, but, if the whole
numlier should not Is; increased, they would
stand thu:
.- (M .Vesr '
Maine. l;
. MiWiiTi-.
llatursltln. z
3 Ttnnrp - - ?
3 Kentoibr -. 3
lit U"ot VirpnU-. 3l
lUit. lv-Lm.I- 1,
Nrw Vwk -
Nfw J?tt?j' -'
rtili 1tuu -Tt.
iVUe. jrr .
UrUivl V
Vlixinia j S
North t'arol.ca. 71
iNHilh Orr.l.na 5j
f oiria - ,. i-
FttMtJa 1 1
.Uis--ra-. ..-,...
lanuiMina. . . -,
Teiu M
Arlanf-w . . 3
MtvtHin --Il
4 ..hi..-. ...IT
SX In-iluna -.. ..II
llG.Ut.inii a
'm-i -
1 1 Tttl
r-mwi "nn Bt -
... ., . 1 1
I. . . .! I -C
i iijire atwut the mylenc-i oi ima-; neaujiui
I chrrstal nroductions. - In ourownwarwe
have attempted an explanation of the lueth-
have attempted an explanation of theuieth-
' etd of their rtructara. Wc arc clad to puis-
iej, a cJe.. - cxplanalioii 91 uie pns-c 01
their' creauu below tnim
Even-one knows those paper weights of
solid, colorless glass, ina hemi-phencal
shape-, in tbe center 01 which are bouquetls,
portrait, and even watches and barometen-,
etc., bat few person know how or by wuat
means i-iie-e eijme are .iiestevei-ueii m i.c
I ..n......r tl . .... TI.H. Id (V,vv.t ,ltctin
: rtowent ami oou ii.cls in cues ints-c irom
'?,?, name isderivd-tare the most an
cient and the. best known, we will begin
with them.
The first thing to be done ii to not and
- al
arran:re a certain .luantitv uf -mall glss
tubesufdifierent colon in the caviliesofa
U-,,;U. ... .,;,. ,!lt. .rM.iL. dmelle 0.1..
in ollr cominmiin ' wIh. kvn. de-
tcrtuined not iv re or uudtrKtand tlie
octiof theactuil Mtuitiuit, and the p.ra-
mount iieceily fur pri.miit.ul united acti.Mi
to Min.ro the oljccts at titrf aimed at, iu the
,..- . .
contn.ct.on of p-.W.c .u.rovemn.., both
for Kansas and the City of laawriuorth.
Thi inceout ami pnititliwNpubbliiigottr
things that cannot becun-d, i illtiimil, and
n i- . . . . 1
w.ll pn.ve d.a-lro.u lo our glials and
most lu.iiiieiituoiu iiitere-t in ihe eon-true
tion of railways if it lie not -.jiccsliiy con.
cludcsl. We e-an clleet is.thing for tie
advancement of our common interests, with
out unilv of action, it strikes u-, it i a
v cry simple ipje-tioii to nt tie w hat w e ought
to do, what ought Co It dene, not only to
compise all this wrangling al-aut -elfl-li ysr-
intcre-t iu railnead, but al-i lo siiire
shall build de-Jiol, and eiliau-t
ourK'Ive in -eeking connection tliat are
valiile almost, uule-s we first make it cer
tain that weare the chis-cu tcnuinu-, or an
-. . . . i . .1 ,.
important .inter along a great thoroughfare
of trade ami travel leaehiug to the Pacilic, ,
l-eople who are vti-cr in rival citie-, os i.f
IL- Mole whej i-.wer over the isi'cn' inlln-
. ' . V ",tt.CV "" I"-1"' 'aTt ,
ences 111 their Ululf, does not minpare with '
that of our fellow citizen.-, are pu-lung thc-it
air line-we-twanl. Arc, indenl, purri.iiig
the one iVoa of making themselves the "Mi
souri river teriiiiuus of the great through
linn built and building across
the eorlii.eiit to lh Pacific uvm.
... .
eeltli . in'onJii-niu! ,...L-I..r., ..f i.,.;n . i
ir 1 ." ,. , ..,,.,
effort and vcnlure which m-r-t vividly ,1-
iu-trales that onene-s of thought ami their
conclu-ion, of the tremendoii iicvs-iiic of
the ca-e. We should have lud the Kan-a I
P...:i;.. ir.;i.,.i i...n, .1,. 1. ... ..... .....::.. '
ow . insici .riftifft lllltni.ll H lill. 4 oAi-lllV
nilii 1 lornilnu-. al Iiaiu..iirili, j Kn
m t'iiv, I.1113 ""efinr thif. That f-tl :u-injli-tiiil,
ilierv .ui...JIiao Icfii ihhIuiuv
fiir tlu-M ptililie Ii-ii'erifii.e aUut tliv IHn
tttni a Htt, ir of tKmt-. Nor iitltii
wihiM thetx ItacUvtiam iiml ort't mtiti
ouivliis iu Hvkinoii-nni oiiiMtins. A
ihroult linofrittii .ui P.tttt lA.ttunotlh
.rotiM -eti m.ikc it jonrtiit tt tin Kurii j
luii-xlhat it wouM U' wtll li mi. te here.
TM-s wouM :iI-m rvttle the ttirt4i)ti .iKnit the
ch.ir.uttr ot the UttemN uhkh minutl with
l!ii lin. . ItwttiiM .il- t!vMc the anuniiit
ofiittent the N( Yttrk Matean-I tVmiI
atut K.iiln.iy aii)N.i:i'l ortor.ttioii, iroiili
ctmti It Uikt iu our r,iiluy iimIhta .tinl
our It-i-sli!tuii. It ! a Min-iV lhin to :u
O'liiplilt -ihe iilt roiuphlioii of the
ICati-a- P.inli' Kailw.iV lliri.uIi to the l'a-Liti--.
The iiiintrv hiirctIaA it c!ioh-ii
liiH- tt rieh in ariculluml ivK'Urcitt
atiI !ahti!oti-lv h in miiieral !e
jiiit. Tht re are- n iriyt oltJc!ts to it-
O'lirstrmliiiii. It i n.hw the miow line. It
hrirn the Mt-Hriiri r thu Miint on the i
M i-sMHiri nmiv iniliT. nearer the laeihc
Ocvnn tlcui do, the Cnioii I'.ieitic It can
and wi.l lcxrLiiiiIv and ii uglily Imllt with
reai-.'iMMe IjikI o-uloiduv.
S we ivJnl the proi-oMtiou .nude hy
Jmlct IVIht to tlie Intend ot ("-i.uuiv Gni-
iniioiun. w.irihr the mrni-M -iI Vanlul
' c 1 " t w , 1
..l..nti..ti id lli.l ft ... ft . I. s 1 !. t lia.M
.. liHts'lt .'I 1HI I-'I'IV. tV .lIFft nieue.
that they will Ik? ni..wt L jkit we
do knuMr lh.it if our county iiilicef u i-i
cure. hv rc.iMHiahli arnii'umnt with thi
e. 11 1 1 1 1 t 1 .
Com iuii rt all Jude I Ikt ha proMni it
' " .
iHtheshorte-tand .-;! oil to our proj-er re-
in-utcmema-.! piounnent railroad rnttr.
The fulfillment of tho-c propoiti..n.
hrinp imvitahly ecnlhin we hae inti-
iiwteil iu thi- article.
oil Mltl.nft lcei.oiEIIA A liKiHtutr
fH'nirjl k'iu lrtl f-r tliprf-plf, n.i-fl
r.!ill.m. iv-fit? f 170. i-ith mjim. iUi-. sih!
siiiiviti-. ii. ie- .-sji.jesr.. ... ..i.i.j !...-, ...
1iiiui:is.!-iii1i ftwio ion, nilu.!iii4 mai
...."... . .. .... !. ... ..... ..i
." ... , ..- t .J.L.- ..
A re-i-ue of Cliamls-i-'s Kmycloinslia,
csjutainiiig such revision ami correftion a
..-....-.--.-. , j - .-
the U uf time mmco the luhlicatioa o( the
earl.er,urtol the uix .it....... ..a- '-
reference; t.cther will, -ucl. improvements
in, he nieehaniealexemtiona, he growing
taste in the art ..fbook-nuVinsdemaiKl.
Thi re..t work embra ge-ncral tre-atic--
of Se-ieniv, Literature and Art, arrange.! ...
con-i-Ung of aK.utf.sir thousand engraving
ind fortv- inai-- t,et!icr with a -eric- of
. -. i,,i .,.
from eighty to one hundred elegantly "' -
.... 1 ..!.... ;ilt..lnni.. ..f ..... siil.Tref of
.d...t ,..... ........... ... .....
Natural Hi-tory-now for (l.e lir-t time al -
(scaring iu the work. ty
To those who arcacquainlcel with the pre
cut edition
or uniiiati mw hae oca-iott lo 'cak or
thinV. .-ilu-iit. At the same time, ecry cffrt
U made that the i-tatiiuetiW -h.iII lteiici-i
aiitl iscicntifioillv a-ccurato.
IU, lie:...-.-.... lu.. ." , .- - ........ .......
in ' ,
uoic the cmiitiVtmii if mk-U railroi.l vutvr i '', -i, Tiwin .I.-i;..- ,.p n -tesfurall the acn.ivt m.nlc. The same
pri-e-s as ,,1 settle the epilation a ,0 ,., , .'i' Ob he' S .'la" writlnTn . r u. - J
a. , 1 . 1 it- 1 1 1 . the IaiMir. httort ii wint we want; onra-
future cii-cipin.cv.if. s.r own, and tliat of city and cm. ly. We are alwavs plea-esl to There i-a i-mer in organiied
the citit.-s iu the Kan-is Valley. While ' , (J-. 'I advise moreof ourali-. fi. . V(Hr ,,; ,,, .
- - - U.m.lli. over aVT." n,l utl'oM
the-e minor .p..-ti..u, when- neds la,,.r.,f, he Slate. He g.s- from here.... .J&'Vm a,.L .a ""
alpUati1.calnler. .n.l .lie v..r...u- sunjetis ' - , ; )f ,l,e ,,-ment of the princiial that Col. Northway'sinrty ofhftccn rns the moment it is known ina. me yni.co.
in I.iiln-ophv, Chemi-try, Botany. Cnlogy, ,-,,.,. (W f;elieral Grant i laving off runninga survey from l'reston to Austin, I States has entirely alomloncil the project of
Natural lli-torv, Am .y, Meclianic, tiuf prinei-a! at the rate of a i-l(M,000,000 rw Dallas an.1 Waco, Iiave ccmipleted their acceding a a -art of its territory the i.Lina
Arehitcir.Hydrau,icst:iikaudI,.n,,, && ifSE?" tirSf t?ns" L S.
Antiquities Mytholiv-, Brngraphy and W oxtlrT.j" t" th" exicilt tS K0,000,000 Trinilv River, at or in the vicinity of Dalla. . and a Iarcecomn.ercialc.ty will spring
Siilpturerareillustratfl with niai and 1111-ra,rar Still to mi-el current expe-n-e anu , From Junction City, Kanas, coming up, to which we will he a Iributory
n.eroii- wwI engraving. , the del some S300,(XH,000 iuu-t ! raieel outh, the nod will touch Ft. (iih-on and without receiving ce.rre..nding be nefib. : the
The pre-cut i-ue will Is.- cvuipri-cd in for the trea-ury. At'prc-cn. the sum of IVrryville, in the Indian Territory; l" 1" weak
. '' . .',,. ... $lN),tWO,IX'0, in round numliers, i rai-td ' to f'reston, Dallas, Waco, Auun, and , illy -ought tin aiiiiexalion. It I la weaL
eighty parts averaging 101 page each, to be .' ;'7jm lrt. aI1j ai;o.oo5,000 from through to Kio Grande City, em Ihe extreme i power immuring priJobly le- tlian I ),000
l-VUtll 111 Idl'KI 1-llV--ll-ll, I tie. lllll-llJII'"!
o, cuamivrss rav-ycioiuiua, ,i .i.i r.., ,,. ,.;... .n, -.
n.hing neeil he said in evidence of il ex- , hiut.sl at bvihe Iaraguc, we shall have wry o. ,... ierr.o., .ncitr,. rauns tney- JraUet otw of it geograp ucai ip....oo.
cvllcnrc Its -,-nen.I eliaracler i in.Hcatc.l , pKn'.v of li.ne-s.v- twentv-five or thirtv ! 'e-. ,The In.n Moiintain and 1'acil.e lad- ,!, entrancv to the t-irril.n Sea
iillcnee. its gemrai uanniri imi lea ic.i ! fnT-'irade .li-cnssion and f.i-' nxid I to start fn.m thi ..inl nd eoiinect an,I I-lhmiistmn-it of commerce. It p..-,.
by ..- ,l - '?y .t"-- 'be Helena, Big Horn .UCheyenne 1.0, soil, ..-land ?., harl.ir
horMiKJ..rlUIW1y;" while in the ex- l, ,l,a, e can do meantime i to lighten a. 1 JJ 'hv 'H,rthcrn. '"'"'-rJ- f Wyoming. Mu,ri.is climate and the- most valuable
lent and variety of lite information given, it f,rJ. p,ihle, I.. .king to the gradual re-'"- f' -,.' i"!?.e-"T CT,- " prrsluctsof the mine and soil, of any of the
i sstugh, ,o cmbracv all point of ll.e ,-v- dc.npii!,,. or funding of ,he na.ioiial del fS1 "(nmittfrou, J'" fJT rs"'"bu U,l
eral M.Kcits which cicry intelligent nun ."len U.m the masse of lhe people '. .. . ,.... , f u ' ? - f
I A ie.MPAXY with SI6t,000 capital luo In bietr.on, ,,fuxation, it wa.sconsidcr.il the '"'"' .wMed-.W r.r il.r t'u
2, gun the manufacture, at New: Haven of a ht." It Iuu&tdwii now Ig"" of ..ro- ( SaFYouKtIteem7nmbMaummAr
. , new boot-making sewing; maclu.s-, which is I -J HT". l'" ' Cable Guntanic-, double their priccof press
Mhl to te a rrmarkable tiling in its wav
All Wltrk Lt lAJiit?.! lkfr.m ivnifif inui II l!it
, Usu are ..bed ;nto ,,,,,:,,,. and ; CM!
... . . ... . .
......me .ne.no.e, wen am. upj-er leather arc
. svn. . -
fewe.nogeu.rr. i he onter sole is then put
on. the operation repeated and the Itonnniin'r
prucest done. For turned work only oive
process done. For turned work only one
operation i required.
the Sdatliit a"E i"01- are not -1" ""si J- -,ni-Bard,
editor of the Atlanta True Geoniaa,
heretofoie devoted to the Kipport of Gram's
administration, comes ont declaiming that the
mission of the Kepublican party is ended,and
j M he hcld of ju ra the name of
Hoffmln for Pnrident in 1S71.
, . - :n;.i.", I .r. ;.;
V.-ryfntercsting inquiry lias le-en nr-ti-
tutcil to find out tLe "maiden name"
... -.nn
.re. a...
Cn.Tr wa it John K. Sis?er l-efore he left
his "native hnd" tocome to Kansas? Anv
,,.,., ..
Iterson ire-ed of the information necessary
to decide this query, will oblige by addre
sing Tux Tniis.
Major O. B. Bcjs, Chief Engineer of
&. lexas iUilwav, bag
Cherokee Nation, for
the ituint at which a
Ids winter, ko that lliere
tlietrack is Iaidtotliat
duty at one of the frontier , being a rav-
alry ouiceroi exwnciirc
TllK offiiial 11te of Kciblic Onintr U a
illonx: For Congrei, Ixmre. SVf, Porter,
3; fur tiimini.r, llanev, SIC, Sliaqi, 'J;
Litultnant (iov.rnor, Kl.fcr, 317, Allen, 9;
Strntary of State, Sniallwwl, 31t. Duncan,
Vu.litor, 1 human, .110, .McMauon, V;
TnwMinr.iIarcM.niti. (lephart, 9: AtUir-
ney tSeneral, Willbnn, 316, Kucker, 9;
Siirinten.lint of Itihlic Iivtniction, 5lc-
foll.nv: For Oi.igns laiwe, 33; Titter,
Vn. For (iovcnnr Harvey, 31; Sharp,
97. I.iemt.iai.t (Joven.or Elder, 32; AI
Ini, i)0. SciTetary of hate Sraallwood,
3.1; Diinetn, 99. Audilor Thoman, 33;
MrMihon. 90. Tnii-iin-r IIye, 33;
Oiphari, 97 Ationiey Utneral Williams
33; Kucicr, 97. Sii.-rinteiiJnt of Public
In-lruciion McCarty, 33; Murphy, 67.
A-ociaie.Iulice iSrcnef, 84; liuggles, 'XL
Slate Sniilor I'rocolt. HTi. ICeprexnta
tiie Higilay, 115; Wi-e, 6". Topeht
Kcad thead.trtiseuaiit, 111 another place,
of Ihe Oiilv and Weiklr Timis. The en-
terpri-ing proprietors of tlat j.muii.I are fat
i.i-.LJi" it out- of ihe 1 luirn. in the
"lVrf" 'lr. '
The b!n-am of inimigrant piuriug into
Kauaat thiseaon of the vear i remarka-
blc. .igrant train pi- thn.ugh thi city
evervilav. ami llicvaiiK-ar to bea virr mb-1
" ". " "' ", l'. "J ", "T ".
-H.....U. .... ... ,...... ,.... . ....... ..
a found on tlw prairie, without food or .
sheller, other than that provi.lnl by nature. 1
r. .. .. ..!-.. t. ii 11 .
Willi a little aMenlion lias Mock wouKIieW I
a !tana-nie !n.:it. Lavrrnrt toutJanl
Ix lit t 1 . e I
....... .. . -- .- , - -,
Hie laavenwortii, i-awrence 0. c.aivesiou
. -i 1 . ir. 1 11. :.. 1... . ..
Iu. road to II.n..l..l.lt, ... a ihv or two.-
(i'"''"" , ,.
. ., . .. , . .
.v ieiusi.sieni.uo ... i.e- .......... ........
7Tiirs give a glowing des-cnption of the new
...- k's - -." r. - . . . 1
,untv- of Sumner, r.. j t-t organized. He !
give it a very high character, ami call- it
"ll' cunlry." Thi land U rich ami
r',I.!njf :""I1,lr"llllw -"V hmnbug. W inter
i almo-t 11 Inoaii, an. cattle, iinfeel, ci.nie
uu fat in the spring ami ready for market.1
Actiul -s.-ttleT may cbtain oiiarter section I
l. IT. .:.. .... 1,... . e tii...itli. hidl nil tferik I
IM IIVHV; Oil I...... -. ue.u...-, ...u...j, .....
n.ce---iry iiupruTvmeiit-, ami S1.1) an acre,
M. Hislge, hearing tliat Prof. 11. S. Elliott,
Imhi-trial Agertol the Kaiijsw Pacific Kail
nud, had purelia-c-l a large .tl.intily of wal-
nuts for iilautiiig along the line of the road
we-tof Knsikville, wnte to the Professor
fra MI,lllIr f.,r Abilene. Mr. Elliott culd
Pare lsit tfiree barrel-. They can lie had by
the farmer of DieLin-on County at 50 cent
- sck-iic'. ty-l-by calling at the lunlware
'" "' .- ""'-w -" '" Alulene.
We know of rHeral walnut mvt in thi-
iein.iy, whith are making a er- raphl
growth. The walnut r-eetii-- lol-eat home in
the ri li t-oil of our hutiful prairies. 1'rnf.
rUi.'tl furni'-hi the foIloHin; tahle, which
he kiu i- ntinpihil m iinlv- trotu KrMguian)
fttmfrwt' A viViij, "howin'i the ii.iu.Ikt of
wahiutt n.piirt1 ti plant an acre:
1 i.-t aj-ait ..- - ti ""
; f.tait4i. --. - 1".'-
3 f.1,1 a.uil - I.M'
f.ttsi-ait. LT - I.7K
fiMl iMit...,. ...-. 1,21"
7 1" fftrt - . . .
M t.ct apart . -
12 1vaiuil ..-.. .
1 r--t art
1 (i I Jtft.lll. -
? f.-tt J'Ult
V hoH' our fjaiiirr will take lioM
tiee I'lautinz Irti-ino with a "
t.i-;ri,H..f ll.i k!l.4U Count I' ttlizllt to U
tlutu-d n'l over titli thritty orchard and
nviil lorftit trees, and hed friia.
Atntruc CSruHiW-f.
S? pnt'i'ectu-w vf the ItaiiwortIi
TlMt. ltiftoneof thetot ujers in the
wide, wide worM. tnie, fcarU. and 1111
cviuiproiiiMii aaiti-l th tir-iiih-n cf the
(.Mtvcnim.-nt, State or Naliimal. Srtaicika
Tli fnTrnilr lxtial ! lit I'rrf
. r-oo- LeN.'!!-I'Iftily illime.
l'put ili Nw Yrk lltrM.3
The I'nv Urade League had a iuoiiuiuIv'
iIiMKnintiilt tloltaiatiiUa) at IVIniun-1,-oV
in Monday eMriiiu-; Ial, -itwhicli
imwirlii. nee trade iNvrl.M were made Ly
i 1-iJ- ri Ik Minium, rnUm; William
Cubes ISrvjM. Mahh.n fcand. David .
VMIKII ! i"."! - J
, .j -
W...L W. M. Or-cnor. of the M. lmi
iftmvrmt, Honuv While, of the Uncagu
Tntnr, Kilward Atkinndi, S. S. Cox, CIu.-.
II. Mar-hall, James, IJrotk -funeral Urinl-
' eriiull. ll e,auio,auiioii.t'rr. nt iuiu ";
" t .,r?-ti,.
tIitfiioniutul theprotcctnuLitut y-teni
. ji, F phes were verv inttrotiin;; hut in
dtfmin" thepr gramme of the Vnc Trade
jAy10 ,1,- woro doudrand ind.llnite. A-
j uvstPw Wl. Van pvlat it, ihe I-apie propoH
to reach fnv trade, not in a Miile jump,
Inn l. gradual cppruache. losiiiiiin the
ar i'iikhi SnicuM? alt, IViinIvanu pii;
inn. :i.hI Ohhi wind. The Xtw Kii"laud,
c,,,,. ..1:, i:.M.r,Mi -i.i.l Vl-ilti-iin i-i.I-
l , " ." , - - -C F
. - , i I e tt f
ton null are to l"e attackcil alter llic autre
p . ... ..? .. :..
11111 iMii.ei.si ... .'.....-....... ..........
Knv irade-, the grand ultiuiatuiu eif the'
j 1 a .Klineel at a fnv trade dinner of
Georje Sander, at th Irving Iloii-e in
1S.V' nr therealmits. wlneli .vir. l.rvani will
. ..n.iH h r romi'tin..-. iiiiiiil iiii aimiiiioii 01
. ' , .i -I...I.? r
t i;.'. . r- t i :i r.
I ' .l,,; iqs.n foreign gis.l, which .-arries
3,J ,lt. uMitulion of a direct tax n,ton the
V !"w .ii-iderin tliat wc have a naticnal
, ;,,,,', mmu. .ooo.tW.OiKJ to Im.k after,
, Wte'lMl
iiir internal or elnvc-l taxes.
I onl-r to Iiave free trade, therefore,
while luciliiig the interest on the del and
' j.'irdireit taxes we iim-t have them in-
" ,. .. .ciiniAiulA.
e-resa-cu io inc ea.ciu oi ci.io,oev-''.,j.Ii
. which will M.m.Iy K- robbing lVtcr lo pay
Paul. Tlu:nh,h.vt ruttoft.elnnlr.infnn,
iiA..ri c.rft.Ti.udif;m.;hnt athiK-t-
. . - .. '..'., , ,'.. . ..
at 1 rvs IT II 1(1111 I IlflH 1 HK 111 VI Iirr
;, ;.,
?.. " i r...i: . i .ir .
ani inicniai. or iiwinvi aiu tun- utji,
Down to the late war all our national rcre.
nucs exeeffa few millions from the isiblic
land, wvre raiseil from the custom or null-
s,sst kerw -.ml nfirtlr lirt?3iies. a an invi-i-
not "have-W trade short' of tbc"Wrlemp-
.: ... ... f..n.i;n,. or the n-noiiea.;....
.. .. ..! ,.- !.. ...:..... t 1
, ,u-onaI ,lebc
1 . .
IsMiiid for thcMiuthem portiou of the State. . tuat lave i.cn ovenume mice me nri at
The prorpnl S.r a large aiveMon to our ioi- tem was made to organize Sablath Schools
ubtii.ii the .i.ming .seaon i nattering. A in thi country all hould take new courage,
large pniportioii of t!ic- new tilers will In Illim.i the "Ibnner" Sunday School
engage in stmk rai-ing. Many thousand I State, therewercatonetui.eovertivehundml
head of cattle are now mUd-ting 011 the grass thousand children enjoying the lienetits of
-.-- .. m . . 1 j t . in 11.X111AAZ .it-s.-' sw . ' -.-..
WHICH UM'V imi iiatrm w-r in (tu (CAiriikii , , ..,-., -. - t
,. ;, ... on ,, ,,h,.-,, .- , ,,,.:,.
tAaT . all s 111
, . , . , y i. . . .
. .e p-v" aro!'.'0f'?!' or.',';
.'SlJS rTZ?
inclusive, were:
Total FreizhL.
i zc.rZ0.rn
, Tr
First C3as
417 1K
U.S. Mails
Total faaeeagCT -Total
$ S0.KT.92
-$ ST.;
Th. editor of lhe LawretKe JcmiJ. who
rww-'l.v intervicwe.1 he large hcartee!, enter-
.. - , wte Vtvil3xtA of tbe k. j. j,
." .... - .. . .
faT. mat .Mr. ferry wa 111 excellent spirits,
aii.1 reioiivd that his e-timate in hi last re-
, I"', of p..Ccarnmgsforhl.roadtbis
vear, will be largely iticreaed over his eiu-
mat( jjj wh ,hink jrr. PerrT a ga
j talker, and something of an enthusiast, would
'do well to note that he always fulfils his
promises, and that result are always larger
than his estimate.
Next summer the company will c-oniiuei.ee
work on their great tnroagu line, rui .iew
Mexico and Arizona. They will build to
.La I J .. tL..m.. jn il.ti. di.tn..
control of tlie trade of Xew Mexioi
uac .u...m. .,,v 1. ....... y., ... ...
l"inl and Itreviul Inj"- "M-lo.
Krmil ihelHIawaJuurnal.
Tlw Kansas Sutc Sunday ScIiimiI Conven-
' tion liegun itn fifth annual -i"il at the M.
K. Cliurcli, in UlUwa, on liieMiay.
Tlie afteniwin wai taken up in the 1 lre-
ti fnfiicern fnrtlieeiiMiingyi-ar, and INt-
eiiinsloan aiklnM on Sun.bv Sch'iol )r-
' pinization, by 5(eplnii I'jxoii, of St. I.u!-,
. the oldot and nn-t notiil SuinUy S-lmol
aihi'Jleiu the world. Following are the
ricikia ltev. J. LewUof HiiinKildl.
l7er-Vcr(oi I!ev. II. Ilo.ac, of Ia-j-
enworth. ami Hcv. Mr. (Si, of (,Ian.
j Svnlary llev. A. Ik While, of Ottawa;
.itant-S'crrtary, C 1. (Jray, of tritawa.
Ottawa UnherMly, dclienil theaddnx of
welcome. He was followed bv I'rof. McN.itt,
of Ikildwiu Citr. who dwelt at ome Ungth
on the advantages of Sunday School cxiieri-
lrofeor I ales, of 0;tawa, wa the next
.ieaker who entertained the C.mvention:
and whin aesir the I'n.fuMir su-lainnl hi
reputation a a pjieakcr and that his lip
ibyeil the Mine liaruioiiinu tune hi hi.
iaj.ho often exeenteil i the l.ighet ivmpli
luenl we can iiay.
Ilrotiier l'axoii Jie-nl tl.ef.rst day. Ialirs
with a thirty minute' ni.li, in which he
, i .. .... . . ..
I detailed the hi-toty ami pngies ot miihuv
N- '. tin country M"ee the nn-t oije
was orgaui.il, in riiilailelphia, 111 Ii9l.
' ThcSun.by Sch.s.l and tbecl.unh are one
the mI.ooI is the workdiop of the ihureh;
and be who umh-rtake to wparate them
commits mockery. The Sunday School is
simply the church at work. When werce
the obstrurtion. the dn.e-eate.1 urauilicc
. , . . . -
the Sunday school;
there were more
than seven thoa-aml emjity scliool I,
XT.. twtr X. tiring tin. trill inil triiiiltii
one know Hie irwU ami troublcH en.
Ire- 5 wy ln.lay-H:lMKl wrker in the
! .....,.- : ... -..s.I wn t low nullli as-slltn-
IJMllllVl .lliL . illlll . 1 lV H SS1 tuiillMI
. . , - , . ,. ..;.
would not allow luni to n-aii tlie lnule or
n w dmre,,fi, lIlc nm la, ,.ax.
tonwaaSundar--hoolii.an, n-ganl.c-s of
.denominations, i lie speaker, 111 cnclii-iou,
,.., .,.: to an elisincnt peroration lo
cave expression 10 an eimineiii in
f.., s.In I,r-ch.s.l mi.-i..n.
jv-low is furni-hcil a complete li-t of the
M ; atten.bnce, a funiishtil by the
Con?mittee on Credential:
JMmKn 11. Make-anv, Mr. US.
er j. v,.,,,,-. (;,. Hrde. U A. I
IJu,! j-rauk 1- l.llis All JO-IC tui-
' ft4 a -. wel. ft t w
y-j Aicn William, It. S. Ilarionl, W.
C. Harris, Mr. M. A. I.slge, K. Cunllcy
and lady. J. K. Morgan and lady.
tort &irfl John Cas-cl, J. Deiiuuerall.
Oarnrtl llev. J. W. Smith, vV. V. Kirk
latrick, Jaine- (iaily. I. IS. Shotwell.
Lcannnntli U. M. lJeanl, Join, llis-ic's,
Mr. M. lliiwdinv, J-ti-an Ilicl.eu'..., Col.
W. C. Colliii, C. J. Jlowell, W. H. lln-arly,
I lev. V. 11. Ilninn, ttni. S. V.lwanl, J.
K. Weir, W. S. Kimade, lil. Ku-ell, M.
Il.lilridge, 1". D.Siiiierliy.
iiAi'ili-W. K. ..ineaiid lady, II.
M. t!ray, I.ev. Ja-. la-wi-, Jlrs. ti. V.
Willianat, A. I- iNirnls-rg.
i'evirirt I), llrinkerhotr, .I.T. June.
IIVsnVe Mi- M. K. lire Iway.
Sjirluj Hill O. li. (liven.
l.tpuh. K. 11. lli.nick, J.J. Liw.
TinytMtjie V. IS. Co.isL.nl.
ir5iwiWe Je-ie ( iisiis r.
Aiiii'i Win. Friendly.
l.Jn Win. I -avis, M. M. I.cwis, II. W.
JloJc Onc John II. iKiuimv
. . 1. 1 s' ....r.. i. .......... I ..... l
CHIIVT .sieii1!.17 ll........", a....M ..
IMIcric -II. W.Saiiglcr.
Ottimt Mr. Jiiil-...!. I". M. IU11I, J. S.
lmrnhaiii,J. Kills, II. V. IIjcoii.A. (I. ISar
netliC. (!. ratlen-on, ltev. K. C. Coorr, 1
Kmhrv, T. F. llis.ts, C. I!. Cray, M. J.
HoiitS A. A. Tefl. ll.C. Mcihcni, M. I
Ward, I'. File. C II. Tiiung, C 1
Crawionl, A. W. Ilirkcr, Kev. A. li. While.
7rrwf M. M. Ilalili.
W'illlautJxtrj W. II. Scholiild and lady,
I r. Aiken. O. Fogle.
lttilJirin Cy J. F llrvan, II. McXult,
Mr. D.lia anil daughter, V. M. King, Dr.
W. Ikivi.
Ccntrp.mJh II. K. Muth, J. lav.
Walnut CncLJ. T. Tierce.
.lMt-ewi Misses Klla Auld and Sarah
0!ithrS. A. Renkiu.
hiurffikl J. X. Ilaukin.
Quentmo J. S. Siicrrill, W
and ladv, Mr. W. II. Car-ou.
, ,
Ik. iMOueli
The Neer crs Ih lte
I . f. irriiil
,. .. -T- i.wri i
(t ro... lb- T.-JS L. l.cr.L J
TheOrandJurv came in and nvrc-nll
.our inilii-tincut "a follows:
our II mull mill . .a I I ow
cniun .i.oei sis..ie.uu.-(. i. ...............
fur embezzlement t.fSH,(J0 while L'nit.sl
Stall- Collector nf Kansas.
I. mini Mates vs. same. Indictment lor..., ..i.i..'.r tL.nf.h.,riinnii .his o.ntin.ut
Iieriurv coiiimilleil liefore one John Van
!.,. notary -lUic, May 10th !. in
making an atfcdavit foralalcmc.it of certain - uiiis
of u.onev, charged again.-l him at
.. "'
I Vitr. Sale vs. John Si. ;. John Van
Horn, William Barneklow and T.J. Stern-
I-erg. Indictment lor conspiring to defraud!
a.-lll.lgloii. ....
the Unites! State out of S'kS.10I.'.iO.
United Slates vs. John Steer and John
Van Horn. Indictment for attempting to
. .,.... . snj.h.
ThcC.rand Jury rctirc-1 and at .. ..clock
rciorted the following hillt:
. iihu. .-iar- ... --.. -
llf.r.. -ml illintti ILirriekl.iw.
' -. --". 7. ..C
.v. ...... ...... .-- --
for attempting to defraud the United State.
1 1 Uniteil States vs. John Van Horn. In-
.hctnient for ,urt.ci,t.ng vvitb John S.icer
' Indictment for paniciinting with John Specr
' in the embezzlement of SKHl.lKW.
, TI , 1IenM f tie ,,, ,. -,.
, soui.iwe-sieu. in.nuvr m . .-.!- an., ....
. Uniteil Slates The road is already built
some titty i. I miles into the territory, lo-
wanl H. Gib-on, and is running dally trains
I to Chetopa, on the southern bonier of Kan -
c-t -
I ,. . ..,.' ... ,,.
r?iViii r.i:
,. ... ,. ,. ...
Cheenxe. .T Dec. 0. Articles
Ciieenne, W. T Dec G. Article of
I . T - -
I incorjsiralion lias ln-cii tiled with the Secre-
. . .11 - , 1 ' . 1
' planting odoni,-.,! the line of nod ami
I''"-l -"e."-3' craI f-"",llt, "'" l,,c"c
, ""' "" 'I"""-
- .TheNeworkAs-oe-ia.ed Pre alone
, 1 has laid the cable companies tolls in coll.
. bese. their toll on all Enror-anjlegrapl.
1 line within ax lno.it h about S230.000.
' . -- - - - ...-... -. -.-.-.e... . .
" the employ of tire Spanish Gov ernnien
, lhat the fanio.1 steamer Horric-L i cow !v
' ! '"& off 5? Jf P7, ,,'0.re " a point l-etween
. Jer-ey City and lloboken, and will depart
.! within tweniy-four hour to give aid to the
' Cuban revolutionists. It is further said that
I"! T-rL-7T "'. M '"". la"l
1 0.-.1U, wiuKieu. ... uiee:. uu .alio, ol al .ease
2,000 men.
t..lslthwalt. Elreti-tt f. tkss nnnle
frwm Alnltituaal.
j MOSTOOMEBT, Dec.. In joint eonven-
i -. "r-i Jij.w.it- TVnuvmt s;ri
ff votes;Vsmer, Repihlican. 50, and Har-
, r'U; ' ,,' ...,,. '- . '?'
-tt 1- - - . ....
reveivtil one majoritv of ofs) vc
majonlv of oO) votes cast was
declared electeTl for a term of six vears from
Maeh next. Goldthwaile lias been Judge of
circuii anu supreme coun, anu is an aole
lawyer, lie lias lm?n a citizen of Mont-
omery over forty years, and lhe people
really rejoiced at his election.
i-ivii wiiii iii' a (Hive namei! inutfrs in nirani
a iui or run un GEXESaL ra-oerxarrr to
ha. naste.! since the last aafsabliacor Oongrrm.
W. Ka. thmmrk kiml PniTUBCe.
- --. ----- -- ; -:-- , - MwmJt f
cuniJkalion awl r with t.rrlm nukns. la our
mkl J mmMnlirr humour lun LetD rctMeu. lt
. U la t rrgrrttrd, hoT. that a tax ntniM of
lbclMlitefriniliU!hw,by violence an.t InUmlda-
iL lrfsnn.lnid.1 tiritlnni. in rrttional CsUra,
in vrml of the Main tatWr in rebellion, arl the
irr4ktrthrPi4rliMlhrfvbr ln-rn rrrti.
TlitnTATtHor ia.IlU, MlSM-WrPI AD TEX
haw luta rn-torr-il t a iirwf nutioa inourAa
thmal OKinnb. li-ruixu, lh? onlj Mat nw ""--wit
rt-prrsrnutiun, iiiytsm6dFniIylrpi?cU-tI t
i take Ikt pi- thtre also at Ihe tiiininfi th
new year, aJ ihtii. Iri ui Imft. wilt bttuitil
the- wrk f irron! ruction. U'ub an a-iulrrrirr
,ki the art uf the whul plt to tbe
lTl()!.lLlILll.tno Tl.PlT THE ri'BUC HEBT.
niralrd a tle rIfeof ur toIi, the i-nnitnif
oidia!4,eii jiM-Tani oaiior, inrir wowanu
inuluu-t. aft in tttr rhani- l the OmMitull-wi.
vnirh tia.e va n le ii?rireKiry ly theprit rr
Mtluo. ilwrr i ih ivx-nhi hy we bouM ift lraiice
iaiulLuiuI oieriiy ajmI hjpineeaila.i2nj oth-rr
paniuu tlul artel I'mtrartrel ainl deTaMallng a
-II arTKK IHE LT1STIM. 1K tiKoKF. ilT 11
tbe i-fU-ctieMMfi:MUnittMat(-M Mini-ItT, in Ia
nraiDtcktlinCifitrtif theNrih(feriiMn,tImiii
riI"1(tiKiviMhlefTitjrr. I.(ruttinw4T' iimwM to
LTiih lh trittnliiii. "Thi. hit lrrn flktwel tT
aacxtrni"sti of AiurivaB ii-nli-rl4Hi niliz-nif
9etxur. Iln-eeati-i ajieOtTj:thef C-JnmljU.
tVrtusal, NHi,3iy, the !i.iiif...i IUnllir of
tVisL-vl'-r, On II, l'irj;iuy an 1 Vrnxeula.
I PAtl
tlitrchsOVc stuiQutHnnu vnt trUinii; owUnt
an-t ieTrrelatra wt-U a tbeexcrrbxr-of palieturr,
IHm-Iem-e aihl g-m-t jt.etnM'Ot. It ha liwn wr
luriul lo tht entire atL-.rrlin of ibU (tOTrrn-
lutrui, au-1 xi I am iftcuUy inf.mo-l riuUr to the
iatiCittitfurth Uenniny. A'Mwnaal iarncl
a 1U-hiUIc La.! Un r-iliim--e al Iristainl tbat
tlte iFpIe of France hl ar)uiviTe in thrhanRt
tlieMinLttrrif ih t'nne-luit was limtil, by
U-Iepi-b. 1 ri-oi.ize it aol tinier iuy cAnftratu
IiUoa, aiwt tin f lle n-.4- v( the Lnitol
Tlir IrAELL"1IML!T If h KASCt. or A STftTUI IT
dtt-tiiitAU-ii wiib tbe-ityaasuc tradiu-unf EunKM
MTDi-nl la !e a nipcr whjf-ct fr Ibe tH
lkiUUVini'fAnuriranauihosul'l threent try
gferrault Iu allachint; the hearts of the Fit-neb to
our srai-kr form of rfpreeeiiiatiTe picrniaentf it
will heauhjriof astill furtbT aatisCirtioa tuour
lotI. While we mat ih eOert to ita;oe our In
liiuiiiiet um the iabahiuntsof othrr OMintiies,
anl while e adhere tu
InciTilinitTeHtelwhviT, weraniv he iihlinr
ent tJth- fi-reidof AuM-ncan iIiUral Idea in a
rtt and highly chih-wl country like France.
V wen akl by tbo nw guTerniunt to ute our
fnmX offievts jointly with thne of knroiteau i-jwen,
in tbe Intemt of iuace. Aower wai nude lhat the
etatilbheJ ptIify an I tbe trueinteretof the Cui-tr-1
bUtc f rtle thru to interlWre in Euroi-ean
question jointly with F.ur.ran overs. 1 axer
tained. tutVrutaIly anl ' unofficially,
that the (iovernnu-nt of Kartb Itfrmany
w not then 4li-j(vd to listen to ?u h nreaenta
tin fmiii any power, although earujtly wiihlnj
to tee the Uvsiiif of i-eaie retorel to tbe ttelltger
eut, with alt of whon the Cnited State are on
teruu of wire. I derhnil, n tb I-art of the io
ernwent, to take a tep which could only
without adTancinsthe ot'jtTl tor wbkbour inter
vention wa taTolrd. luuM tbe time come when
the action of the Cmie-I Mates can hapten the re
turn of i-at.-e by a inle hour, action will he ht-art-llr
taken. X drenie't it prudent, by the nutulw-r of
rrmof (Icruianan-I French origin llrinfinthe
nited Mates, tui-ue, i-j.ii after the otfirial notice
ofaidateof war hal ortn rvccivcl, from both tN
aihloblitiontof iKrxiiw residing within thtlr ter
ritory to bM-netke lawi an! the laws of nation.
TbU inK-laiuatii'n vu tJloweeJ hr others a tir-crmunc-
M-rcied to tall lor. The it)ip.e thus
atiuaintnl tu adrjtMT, of their duties and obhm
tluns hire B.iitl in re-venting a TijUtin of the
icutrality of the United Mates.
It U not under..! thai th
has luaterially cliacj-I since lite ! of tb Ixt
iH-Un of Coiisiess. Ilarly lu lite ontrt tbe
author! tk-s of -iain inaugurate. i a Ttem of arbl-tra-7'amtHi,
t-ltlmie confinement, of military trial
and execution of pervns u5pected of comi-lkity
with the inturfrrut, ul summary embargo of their
pniertit-H and riuUIliou of their rerenues by exec
utWt warrant. mb proeedinff, wi far as they
aKevcted the ippsonsor property of citizens of the
United Mates ncrelu vlolatiouof proTinuns of the
treaty of 1793 Utween tbe United Males a&l
reultlng to v-rerjl p rwn claim ui to U- cltlu-ns of
tike UnticI Mates 15 reason of 'lull lubtion were
male to the pauiIl CoTcrnoicut, from April l1??
loJuuelan. The miiU!i MmiMerat Wahlngion
hal lfniMlwl will a limited icrloaid in re-dn-wns
su li wnnip. That -wer wxs (.Hind to 1j
wiibdraMniii iew, as tt wannaid, of the rarorable
situation iu which the ibnl f fuba tlicn was
which,. however, did not bal to the revtu-ation of
I)k uiiiiiFii if ihe
eienlteell'T the txetnlire tr In Cuba, and we
tn?obht tomaL.eurobilAiut at MatlnI. In
theiwv't la t hius tlinioiiiii-d and Ktill (eniUnir, tlie
FniiedMatV'-oiiIv dinticlthat in tbe future the
nsliK mi ure-t to l heir citleii by treaty shouM l-e
irMTftttl liinilu. and that as to the past
Oi..tiM l-.ul.h.'i,-.Uii the t'niliMjlc-..ilh full
I iiiri-liction over all immIi claims. ICe&re uch an
important lnltnal roc li claimant woukl lirciuirel
f to prove his car. hi th other lai-lt lMln wouH
l if at hU'rtv titraei.' every material fet, and
thueoniplete-tiity wnull Wdn. A ca-e vbirh
at one time threatenel nrhuIy 1
IarrixT the kixtiiob wawm lin. i.MTrO
oriTM AM -rAtN
lias alriMdv Iteeti di-iio-.! ol In ilm way, Tli-
cIui.ii-fC-4. U.od, fthe A'i'inwall, lor lliellleizal
m. ituro -aift.1 alr-ifntiiFti if that vr-tel. was relefTr! to
-avUxaitt'U.ii-jutualcnv'nt, ail has roulted in
theawanl tlli- 1 nitel mi ir intiwiwri oir
same f irliF.Teii.V in pH. Another aud en,j
i-ihlin Uiiu ofahkeiMlure. tlwtof tbe wlwle-F-hip
Oiuda, hxsber'ndbr'-ed f by arbitralion
durinj; the past vear. It s n t rml, by the joint
n'todition.-flbazil and thr Inite-t Mates !' Ihe
drcwn of Mr lMlwjr.1 Tlmrnlun, Her Uritauic
3Iajity, Minister at Vahicton, whokin-Hy nn
drrtn-'t the UInrioti tak of examining the votum
inrusmar.ofcirrirtrleiMeaiiel Ulim-tir Milniill
tl hr th"to(Jvernmeiits awarde-l lo the
I'n lie-1 Matei tsi17'-l ""J in pId, whhh In iiH
leii IMidbv the Imperial ;otrnnif nt, Tlie'n
tent examples ! thai lb Ith-Ie by whiththe
I niU-el Ule nae nr4ii io.-wih i"i
j tiurTitoi ME lMrfcni CLAIMS
1 iJul and fea-MtJe, anl that it may t-easrwtl toby
1 either atl..!i with-Mil illdfnor. It is bj-I thai
this moderate deiuauwl maj it arceeje.i io oy
M-ain with-tit further delay, old the pendin,;
uepitlations unfft.rtunauly an-l iinexicte.ily l-e
without reult, it will then betmemy duly toomi
iiuuieate that (m t to t'mu'n u I lnvit-their ac
tion in tbeMibject
tiieln i.iri-cRinrfJCi'.ixisrk.RWCz.
Itetween ain an I tbe allied Ninth American lle-im.'.Ik-,
has l-e a Iiuuguraieil in Vabinjftn nmler
!t.-......u Artit'ni..t kuim. irtirNiuutlolhree-
. riiniciHlalK.ii oi.Uine-1 in tbe resolution of tbe
House f Hprr-tntativesof theI7lhoflivcmter,
1 ij.-. ihetj.eiutive IVartueut of tbe tlovern-
I ment oU red it fiien-lly otbees for the. promotion of
ttfacaiid harnwiuy Wtweeii iain and Ihe alliel
rurnsl t.. the acti-tance of tbe o3er.
j Ultimattly, leTi,r, a conference was
i arranie-l nI was oiene.i m tm tu; u
i arr- , umhK ,, , ,,,!,, Ih, -.
rsury i.f Male ! iIIc. It "li'n.lisl t-r "
' Ministers. .-lain. IVpi, Chill n.l liua.lr. in
m-ww ..l Ihe .l-en.s-..r a reprcsonlat te fnm.
ifcjitu ll.!- ei'iiu rrwe was ajjoumesi emu. loeai-
tcn.lanef e.f a ..irtni-.tentUiy fn.ni Hat n-isiuue
. ... .......r... nr ...n.r rvjiuin n.u.u . a..'...'
..-.. - . . . ,..-, .
I ... f.t-rai.lfmiia.ssnc Iteoliiert. Th. jlHel isl
m, see in Ciet, a nrw t.r.fif i.ui sim-eis. inrrt
J, ,,r,r,iDi ibelr re-sititelniiirUl inuir -
rnj- an lot ur tinrerr .sh t rxtrivl ..ur om
.;. I .1.1 .l..l..n. will. Il..m Tl.
r..iinurriai ...m t--... .....-.. .-. -",
.. . .....i..i.im..t r.r.ll.t.nt .hu in.lieiiatunl
r..ninuTrtal an
a.muoi-iii will
Our iwlic
i event Hie Kurosaa eimnisrtiii . ith Ihis
isiiiev isiiisiiii ne snaisei. ... view ot
thi- iimlolulity, h a. to ally toe commercial
intcrc-ts of the Sianih-Aniericaii Sjates
niorc closely to our own, and thu give the
Unit.il Suite all the pre-eminence and all
the advantage which
when tliiy proto-l to join in the -ame cun
gress at l'anaiua.
During tlie last --s.o.i oi vongrcss, a
treaty for the n.iexattn . "' P"b ,"(
S 'n
,ho Senate. I was thoroughly convinced,
I ,ltn, that the ls.t intere-l of thecojinlry,
?., v!ew. I now firmly Wieve that
siui-,w.;..r---. -- -
I'sIitiw under the iiiiauico,,upj
f ing a iiiuiauc-ii . .,v,w . ,, ...
, the inorLE of AN isjmisgo Af.L .sot tA-
n.m ,. ftp 1 , 1 NTAINIXl. THE5L-ELVES
,........" .; . , til-
in their present con.ht.on, ""'"''" ''"k
out-ule forl-upisirL inc.. year., .or ...e ,.et-
.lection .dour tree institutions' an. iaw, our
iif. -. ....I .:.-;!;.. i;., Sliall we refuse
? I in r' I 1- .11 lit e. ft --- --
,iem (,e atspii-ition if San Domingo i
e, Iiecau-c of it geograpiiicai p.uo
immeife nugnil.idc which will pi far to
wanl n-s-toring to the Uniteil Slate .sir Idest
nierclantmarin.'. It will give to u those
article which wc consiiler greatly aisl do
not pnslucc. Ihu
UQL'ALIZlNc.orREXn.irrSANll imports..
Iu ct-c f foreign war it will give u com
mend ..fall Iheidand-! rcJerreil lo, ami thus
prevent an enemy from again pussev-ing hiwi-
ttl 01 a renueatiM.s mi-... ..... . ...
.., ...ir nrist trade between the States
il.l..-..,. i!,e Atlantic and tlmse Isinler-
. . tp r .(.: .a Ia llu. ft.l..
IV mJ.jillheAntill.A Twice .
." 1 were, pa-through S'-'" ""
'- bv from Gn'igia to the h.v f".
m lhe , till. OI ..it:...' - '- " ""-
1 wiee we 111111, 3 11
oniric lo get
stof Flonda.
San Domingo, with a "aoie govern
mmt iinilrr width her ituul."-e resource
can 1 devclotI, will give ivn'uerative
wage In ll,00o lalsirers m now upon the
Island. Thislalur will lake aiiranu'ge of
every available means of transportation .'
abandon the adjacent Ulands and seek ttv.e
blessings of it freedom and its sequence, and :
each inhabitant will receive the reward of
his own labor.
a. a measure of self preservation to restore
their lalwrcr. San Domingo, will li-comea
large consumer of the product of Northern
arms and manufactories'. The cheap rate at
which the province- can be furnished with
food, toots machinerjr, Ac.will niake it iteccs
sary that contiguous i-lancbt should have the
same advactages in order to compete with
theprodnction of sugar, co&ee, tobacco, trop-
ical fruits, etc. Tom will open to t a wider
market for our HodaeB The Brodnetion
of oar supply of the aitickB will cot off
more than $100,000,000 of our annual
imports, bandea large.' im Keying our ex
ports. With such a pKtare it m easf to
see how
to bb ExrntonsaEi),
but with a balance of trade against as, in
cluding the interest of bond held by for
eigners, and money shiproents to our citi
xens travelling in foreign lands, equal to
the entire yield of --iotw mauls,
in this country, it is not so easy tu ee how
this result is to be otherwise accomplished.
TheaciruUitionof San Domingo is an
It is a measure of national protection. It
is asserting oar just daim to a contrrllling
;nfliiier nrer the neat toBiiwicial traffic
soon to flow from West to East by way of
the Isthmus of Danen. It w lo wnht up
our merchant marine. It K furtlter, a new
market for the product of our farms,
shops and riuiiulactorie. It is to nuke
iii Cula and l'orto Rico at once, ami ulli
uialelr s in Brazil. It is tu settle tbe un
happy condition of Cuba, and end an in
terminable conflict. It is to provide an
honest means of paying onr honet dd.,
without over-taxing the people. It is lu
fuml-h onr citizens with the necessaries of
every day Hie at cheaper rates than ever
before; and it is, in fine, a rapid stride to
ward that greatness which the intel
ligence, industry and enterprise of the citi
zens of the United State entitles
this country to assume among nation. In
view of the importance of this cruestion, I
earnestly urge upon Congreaa early action
expressive uf its views a to the
My opinion is, that by joint resolution of
the two Houses of Congress, the executive be
authorized to appoint a commissioner to ne
gotiate for a treaty with the authorities of
San Domingo for tbe acquisition of that
island, and that an appropriation be made to
ilefrav the expenses) of such commission.
The question may then be determined by the
attionof.be two Hciuw of (greiuiwn a
resolution of annexation, as in case of the ac
quisition of Texas. So convinced am I of all
the advantages to flow from the acquisition
of San Domingo, and of the great disad
vantages, 1 mignt almost say eauanuuen, to
rt.iw lmm the non-acuuisition. that I believe
the subject has only to be investigated to be
It is to tie regretted tnai our rcLnewui-
tions in regard to tbe injurious enecis, espec
ially upon the revenue of the United States
in exempting from import duties
a large tract of its territory on our bor
ders have not only been fruitless but that it
Is even proposed in that country to extend
the limits within which tbe privilege ad
verted to has hitherto been enjoyed. The
expediency of looking into and giving your
serious consideration as to the proper means
for countervailing the policy referred to, will
it is presumed, engage your earnest alien-
'on- . r
It is the obvious interest wpecially of
neighboring nations to guard against injury
to those who may have
within on their borders and who may have
refuge abroad for this purpose. Extradition
treaties have been concluded with several of
the Central American Republics and others
are in progress. The sense of Congress is
desired as early as may be convenient upon
the proceedings of the'Commission on claims
against Venezuela, as communicated in the
mc-sage of March 4th, 1869, March 1st
1870, March 3lst, 1870. It has not been
deemed advisable to distribute any of the
money which lias been received from that
Government until Congress shall have acted
uisin the subject.
of French and Russian resident at Tien
Tieii, under circumstances of great harhar
itv, were suppMnl by some to have been
premeditated and to indicate some pur--e
among the ltopulace to exterminate
foreigners! in the Chinese Empire. Theevi
lencc fails to establish such a sup-sition,
but shows a complicity by the Chinese au
thorities and the mob. The government at
l'ekin, however, seems to have been Uisjioseil
to fulfill iu treaty obligations so far as it was
able to do so. Unfortunately the news of
the war Itetween the (ierman States ami
France reached China rswn after the massa
cre. It would appear that the Ipu- mind
became (sissessed with tbe idea that this con
test, extending to Chinese waters, would neu
tralize the Christian influence and power,
and I hal the time was coming when this
Ml-rn-titiou mass might eiisel all foreigners
and restore Mandarin influence. Antici
inting tremble from thi cause, I invited
France and North Cicrmany to make an au
thorizes! sl-SrEN-loS or IKSSTILITIK IS THE EAT,
where they were temirarily suspended by
act of theVoninnslorrs tu act pige-thcr for the
future protection in China of the lives and
property of Americans and European.
Since" the adjournment of Congress, the
ratification of the
for adoption of Ihe mixed courts for the
suppression of the slave trade has been rec
ognized, it is believed that Ihe slave trade,
is now confined lo the eastern ciststof Africa
where the slaves are taken to Arabian mar
between Great Britain and the United States
have aI- lieen exchanged during the recess,
and thus a long standing dis-ute between the
two government has been settled in accord
ance with the principle always contended
for hy the United States.
In April last, while engaged in locating a
inilitarr roervation near 1'embina, a con-"
of engineers di-covered that the commonly
, , , I . .,. ITnttn.1
rexvivcil .toumiary t.ue net. tern .ut ......
State and the British Tosse-won at that
place is about 5,700 feet south of the true
position, and that the line when run on
what i now supposed lo be the true position
of the inrallel. would leave the fortoMIud
son's Bav Companr, at Pembina, within the
tcrritory'of the United States. This infor
mation "iteing communicated to the British
Government, I was requested to consent,
ami I did consent that British occupation of
the Fort of the Hudson Bay
Pomieinv should continue for
thcpreeiiL I deem it important, bowevar,
tliat tht .art of the boundary should, be
.lisfiniiclv hxed bra ioint commision of the
governments, anil I submit herewith esti
mate of the expenses of such a mission on
the part of the United States, and recom
mend an appropriation for that purpose.
The land boundary is already fixed and
marked from the summit of the Kocky
Mountain to the Georgian Bav. It should
now Is; in like manner marked from the
Lake of the Wood to tlie summit of the
llocky Mountains.
I regret to say that no conclusion lias been
reached for
growing out of the course adopted by tliat
government during the relstUuin. The Cslt
inrt of London, so far as it view has been
expressed, doe not appear to be willing to
concede tliat Her Magisty'a Government was
piiltv of negligence, or did, or permitted,
any act during the war, by which the United
Stales lias just cause of complaint, but her
firm and unalterable conviction are directly
the reverse; and, therefore, recommend to
Congress to authorize the appointment of a
Commission to take proof of the amount and
il... ownershin of their claims, on
notice to the rejiresenuuve 01 iier
Majesty at Washington, and that au
thority be given for the commecement of
these claim by the United States, so tlut the
government shall have the ownership of the
private claim as well a the responsible con
trol of all the claims against Great Britain.
It cannot be iiecessary to add that whenever
Her Majesty's Government shall entertain a
desire for a full and friendly adjustment of
these claHfla, the United States will enter
upi their consideration with an earnest de
sire for a conclusion (-omistent with the
honor and dignity of both nations.
towanl the fishermen of the United State
during lhe past year has not been marked by
a friendlv feeling. By tbe first article of ll.e
Convention of 1818, between Great Britain
ami the Unite,! States, it wa agreed that the
inhabitant of lhe United Stale should have
forever in eommon with British subjects
the right of taking fish in certain water, than
is defined in Ihe waters not included in, the
limits named in the Convention, within
three miles of port of the British coast, ami
it ha been Ihe custom for many yearstogive
in.ru.lim; fishermen of the United States a
reasonable warning of lhe violation of tlie
technical right of Great Britain. The Im
iierial Government i umlerstissl to have
dclecatcd the whole of a share of it jurisdic
tion or control of these inrshore fishing
ground to the Colonial authority known as
the Dominion of C-tsada and this serai-inde
pendent but iliespuntible agent has exercised
its delegated powers is an unfriendly way.
in vioaw-oo o-f --- aaetotn previously pre
vaiah' kJ to' Ofc
wiin a view oi pvtiwvw r a ,,..
wiuta etew m F""-" - --r . . .. roccesstullv ouiii nere. kkiku... -... ....... -"---xn forisablic r?rrcu
ernmencTheUtuteclhtlw)inmwnoi raJMwatiES!xmi.rBoremai jlplaces. The elevation ami irxf- ' , h , I . . --a.
.. ill hrnauliw said more untena-l ?rr "aT'.- .1 . r .i..l'l:.:i:,.i-,t,f:ov.r.,.. y"i-l'"n : ' '.CT niuviiy
iLdame. a -ill bro-tutd.nore.untew-
bU jurisdiction over the resselt ol wej
. . . . . . .... .e
to Drug vessels novenng wun.n utiw u-
line miles of anv of the roasts, bavs or creeks
orharhormof flensd- !n(o nort to search I
their eanm ami to '.Tsmiiw. ihe master on
osth touching tbe cargo and voyage and to
. .-
motel upon turn heavy pecuniary penalty
tnflu-l nnnn hln. Knrr irsinlst-r tvn.l.tr
if a true answer is not" given it. "if such a
Tessel is found prenarirur to fish within three I
.. . use answer is noi given tu i.suciia
,J i. t.i . .-:". c i. :.i:.. .. .
marine miles of any such coasts, bay, creek.
or harbor wilhouta license, or '
-. : :i T . . i
alter the exinration of the period
to it,
named in ine ixi iieen-v panteil
they provide that the vessel with her
v, Ac., shall I forfeiteil. It is not
that any conclem nations have U-cn niade
under this sUtute. Slusild the authorities of
CanaiUattenn.tienforev it, it will lueiiii,.
mv dutv lo take -.ich s-,.ie as nmlemn-
sary content. ine-I-e jf theaciident of a lire. It the work on the same tern., as a missiiiiury
TO PROTIXT THE Rli.HTs OF THE chizen- deMnaiio.. wisild involve the l.i-sof the mil work. The issue'tie-i -el.itcil are allowcil !
if THEfNlTKIt status. eiitaimii;; the original ae-t and re-tiliilicn of name their own agents ulyect lo the a
II has been claimed hy her Majesty's olli Congress of proval of the Iliecutive. anJ are
cerstlut the ll-hing ve--el of ihe I'lii..! Hl-ToRtc Kiai)uieirTiiui!.voLCTIivN' eipiitesl to watch over and ai.Uhe-m as mis
state have no right in cnlc-r theoieii lrt and of the ciifesle'rati.-n, of the whole roll i.inarie. to ( )hri-tbiiize; to civilize the Iu
of the British p.--sioii in North Amer-ollheilipIom.itii-..ileu-uUrarehivu)i;nec duns and to train them in the art of peacr.
ica, except for the piirts- of sheller and llieatIosti.n of thc-Coii-citution.andofuiany , Thetloverninent watehe-joteTtheolliei.l act
repairing damages, of purchasing vv'issl and oilier valuable niinlaml luper left wiih , . t tbe-eagei..., ami reipiinvof them a strict
olttaining water. Tliat they have no right that derluieut when it wa- the principal aeii.iinta'iility a il they were- apiintcd in
to enter at British cutiii Insi-e or to ile(-iloryof(ioveriinienlarthive. I reeinii- any other mi liner. I tilerlai.illM'ie.'.udent
tnule exreitfiirthcHircli.i.-eof wis.landoli- uieislan appropriati.if..rtheiin-true-ti.aii.f hope thu tliei-'li.v mi pnrak! will, in j
taining water, and tint they nui-i de tirt wiUi .1 Iniilding lor the IVrtme.ilofSt.ite. I n1- lew Veci., I.ring all the Indian u.i re
in twenty-four hisirs after notiev to leave, omnium! In your rectinsideralioii the pns- ervilion a where they will
It I nii known that any seizures of ti-h- priety of transferring to the I Vpartuieiil of ' UV 1N neir, hvvk schools -VSIt
ing veees-el carrying thellig of the Uniteil the Interior, to which ihey -eviu more ap- , cittrrcHLs -
Nate-sralseennia.leu.sl.rt.acla...i. M.lar
as the claim iliHimIei!onallegeiIeoii-truillon
of the Convention oflMS it cannot lv aeipn
esceil in bv the Unite! Stalee. It is hois-I
that il will not lie insisted on by Her Majvs-
tv' Government. During Ihe eimfere mv
wI.m4i rmsjeL-l the n-1ilt.ltr..eiir the Ci.ll-
venUonof 1818, Ibe British Cimmissiimers
venuonol lolt. Hie iiriusn c.iiiintssiimers
proitosei! toexprcs.lv exclude the fi-hcrnicu .
if the Unite-l State' from the privilege f
carrving on traile with anv of hi l.ritauic
l.iij.".M.M-ar.Minff within ibe limit
assigned lor their '-c, anil abet that it sIhh.M
not he
necessarv lor the in
to ami from said fishing ground: ami anv
vessel of the United States which shall con-
L. . :.. .... 1. .:.. 11 -:.j...t
(lit; ltJU.llIU'l. Wi e-miUMllUMH IV-JI-eVltwi
.i ; :.. 1 .1.
UJ IUC . UleTV Willi e.VUIUII.'si'ivii-ri, tvlstii lll-tr
resoluUon was abandone.1 hv the British
lawful for the ve-U of the I nilcsl the current one, lit ei.eiit tlie appn.pna- "" "" .", ' . , -,, .m-," . "
engage.! in sea! fisherr lo have on ti.-n. lor the pre-ent ye-ar for the same item me remainoer sasssairo...;......-... "-.
any goods wareortuerth.in.liewhal- -Vs,07l',l-.,7to. In lhL-.-stiui.ite. however, ,v: V. , . . A.- . 1 "' Vr"
except such as luav Is.- is includeil SSs-.,--'--'" K-r lb!ic works auia.iic. ... Bm ... .-...-. . . -.
ro-tnuionoi lueirvovJiTC iicrvitHwrr ir-iiii iumtr vr(iuri-Huiai in- ,
IhL turulalion masr ... m..I ...it. iirinlinn ..ir the -.mil wort l.ir .lie lire-senl I 1.1.1...,....
and cunfccatex1. with Iir vann-u lial -rar vwSll.iUISjW. Tlieavcraw L l?""1 ta .",e fu"
Iiropoitiun. which U iiUnlival with the value f pM a- cvniaml with iialiuiul shw aiipltcawe t me imr
ar.Br tnitt lllvt.l.rhlincnt.r-u ref c1lrniin- l.vi- 1 1. -sv n .. .-.rtl... v .-. f t KsIH IHV IU Ullll HI UUlfcU 1l
Plenipolentiariesi, and article one, as it -land gratifv ing. but the fae t cannot K- denied thst land miIj t to ale at priyalc entry, .vn.v nn
in the convenUon. wxssuhstilutnl: if. how- the instability oflhe valueof our currency ' appn.prut.sl -urvevc.l puUic bml may, to a
ever.it be said that thiclm-ei foumloii H prejuilicial lo our pro-iw nlr ami tenet to ""e.. ..........., .,..... .-
the Provincial or Colonial statutes, and not keep up prices to the detriment of trade. . nurkiw U the .my eiitill.il lo ent.r mi.
upon the convention, .hi Government. T.Bm,.,rA,..--u,,,
rawl in contravention ofthespiril, if nol the are w, cr.,.t that now when the premiun, "Stvsn .reiiHlciu"
letter of the treaty, for the faithful execution ; ,.,,1.1 has fallen -o much it w.sikl miu. " '-' ' "J 1
of which the Imperial Government i alone ., .,, , ,;., , ,v bU. a!llI I "'. "" "JnV" il" ' ""uau " ,. ,'
resiKinsible. Anticiling that an attenq-t 1,nuont U-gMatinn Cngrc-s should l.-k to , " ,,,'S"r;','r'"Cfli,7,tTrj - f ..Liorr
may possibly 1 made by the Canadian au- i ,.,,-" whMl w"old pbee our ' -cr limit, an.. it, i.e rie- eifh utory
thorities in the coming season to repeal their ,' . ,.1r ;,., ' -,.M u. , was ci.nferreil only by si.-caal sUtu.U th.y
unneucnoor.r acv lowan. iiur ..sue-riiic-n,
,L ! ... . I. : I
I recommend you to confer u.ton the Execti-
uve me power 10
sir..en u. niisi.uiiiiu.1
the oisenetion of the law authorizing
the transit of good, ware and
merchandise in bond aero- the territory of
United States to Canada; ami further, should
to suspend the operation of anv law where-
bv the vessel of the Dominion of Ca.uula
are irn.itteil to enter the water of the
United Slates. A like unfriendly di.t-i-
tion has been manifested on the jnrt of Can-
aiLi in the maintcnancv of a claim upright
to exclude the citizen of the United
States from the navigation of the St. I.cv
renev. I hi. river eoii-litute a ititiir:.! ..in-
let tu the ocvan for eijht Stit,-, with an ag
gregateiiopulat;..nif 1T,(X,(X iiiluliitant.
and with an aggregate of tonnage of (j.il,:ji7
tons niton the waters which di. barge into it.
Tlie foreign commerce of their port on thc-e
waters is open to British cotu:t.tiou. ami
the major l-art of it i done in llriti-h Is.1
tom. If the American seamen are exrliideil
fnmi this natural avenua to the ocean the
monopolv of the direst commerce of lhe
I jke ls.rts with the Atlantic would U- it.
;... refute it iitstitv. Dunn:; the n.lliiuii '
tration of John ( uiitcy Adam, Mr. CI iv,
umiuestionablv demon-trateil the
- 1
right of tbe citizens of the Uniteil Stale to
Ihe navigation of thi river, claiming the
act of the ciH.gro- of Vienna in opening ibe
Khine ami other river to all .union shoni-l
.hejmlgnicnt of Ennqs-an juri-t and sUUt
ment lhat Ihe inhaliitanl of a evuiitry
through which a navigable river jui-.-c
Iiave a natural right to enjoy the iu.vig.tiou
ofthat river to ami into the sea ev.ii
though a-ingv through the ter
ritory of another iwer. Thi
rli-hl i!.-i not exclude the tete-lltll riuht
..f.es..r.nir-nl.r-es.intheterrilorVlhrolml. '
fmgnl.amls,ine.rveion.n.n-.v.u...oe )I(.frava, 1Krn, f ,. p.yeTnme.nt and
voyage, having an acve-s to our like port 1 , , .m,;.,,, , ,,. pMiv lW
which would I elenui! ... Ameriean ,e-l - I, , M Jn. ,
on similar voyage. To slate such a prop.-i"... ' , . , . . , .,, r , .' ,..
which the river dt In siclu- into the -.., lo Un iLit of atarilffor revenue L nenss-sry.
make such reguLition rthlive In the .iliey Mu-ha t.ril!, snfira it act. aaiieneeirage
ofthereivigaliiHias ntiv l-en-a-.iu.hly mi-s- ( ment lithome pril:iet, alli.rils employmnet
sary; Isit th.s-i- reguLt.o.n shisild ! framol ' ,,, lalsir al living wage in cntrasl
in a lilie-ral spirit of tmnity, and shoidil i ot ,, ihe- uix blir of the
impos-e iHiitlcss Ismleus up.... the iuii.enis t,I world and abo it. .he develiq...... of
which lu the right .f transit. It lia Isu. Ih.ii.i- re-ourcc. I'mler lhe act of Con
found in practicv, re adv-antagisius toar- j rre f il- l.'itli ilay July, t7. the aimy
range these ngutitioiw by mutual agn-e- lius Ise-u gradually reduces! stt tbit on the
menL The Uniteil Stated are ready to I .t of January, 1S7I, tlie mimii-r
MAKEANYRE.VSONABLr.ARItVM.I-MI.M ..lT..lillili-lolHl otli.-er and iiie-n will m
a lo the practical u-e of the St. l-iwn i..v I eiil tl- niiniUr ciuileinpljlisl by law.
-i.:.i.,.Uo,m..i..n,r i;Mi liriiain. . 'lhe War Umrtiiient Isiilding an obi
If the claim made bv Mr. Clav wa iu.-t
when the lisilation of the Stale- N.nleriug
it now derives, greater fonr and I-niilv from
the increased poisdation wealth, pnb-
tionsandtoningeoftheStitesonlhe (ana-
.; ..:. t:.. t. !.. ..I.-..-....I 1,1.
areument ink-half of .sir rigl.t, ll.e primi-
. . .... tit e
iiuentlv, and bv variou luitions, reoiriiir.l
bv law" or by treaty, ami Isu. extend.il n,
several other great river. -
pie for wlneli nc imiieiHiin nx- itii in-
1 . tt . . - ... : 1
Rvihp irtr if.nrhuhil at Mavoiice tu
1831, lhe Kliincwa.itecureiiirci- irom uie
? . 1 . Z Z . ... T..M.l.f .. ...Intl.. LS-a-s Tit
. . .. . " 1 j- ? . 1
mint where it is nav igable into the se-a. Bv
the convention lietween Spain and Portugal,
concluded in lSXi, the navigation of the
Douru. throiitthout it whole extent, wa
made free forthe sula.its of Imtli Crowns
u;.i.s..c..l.:.... l...... .1....
in IJSI.Illli:i.l.lK...eis.i"ii, '; ...a.;,..... -
oiieu fn-e navigation of the l.miiu and
Urucuav to the merchant ve-s-el of all u .-
t, .
In ISofi the I rimc-an
hiel.prnvi.hsl forthe frt-eiuivigaUoi. of the
, iu'-.u it-.trr I... I....I.. .l..l.r..l it
reanled the river Amazon and I.-i Platte
in sminlance with the hxeel irinciiiliss ot
natural law, as highways or clanmlsoisnesl
hr nature for.lhe commerce of all lulion.
"In 1850 Taraguav wa made free hr
trcatv and in ISMS, the Emperor of Branl
in an 'imperial ilei-nv. elechml the Alia-
ZfHl (i
o be open lo all the ironiicr ol i.razii
the merchant shiiis ..f all nation..
. . . r .. r li -
anil tt. the merchant shll
while aseatinl"aUae"riglt of the Br,,-
ish claim says it seem diMicult to deny that
Great Britain may ground her refusal nism
strict law. But it i equally difficult loili-ny,
first, that in su doing she exerciH- har-hly,
an extreme ami lianl law; second, that her
conduct with re-pect to the navigation of the
St. Ijwrtncc, is a glaring, discreditable in
eoniency. With her conduct with respect
to the navigation of the Mississippi, on tlo
eround that she isaesscil a small loniain in
which' the Mississippi took it ri-e; he in
sisted on the right to navigate the eastern
volume of its water, on the ground
that she 'cittii bitl. banks of t!i
St. lawrence where it ili-euilsslic it--lf iut
the sea. She denies to the Uniteil S'tili
the right of navigation, tbiHli at. sit one
half of the waters of the lake of Ontario,
Erie. Huron, Suiierior and the whole .f
lake Michigan, through which lhe riv. r
flows are tbe pro.ieri.y of the Uniteil State.
from the agricultural State of thu Wot
the Atlantic Reaboan! to the citizen of thi--c
States. It secure a greater return for tht ir
labor lo the inhabitant of the ssi.l.anl. It
oflers cheaiier food to the nation, and a., tti-
crease in the annual surplus of wealth.
It i hoped that the (ioveriiinc.it of linat
Britain will see the ju-ticeof abandoning
the narrow am! inconi-lent claim to wlm h
Iter Canadian province have urged her ad
herence. Ill-i: Pr.Fltt-ol.lt CUMMER) I
isasiibject to which I called v.,r ,.a! I .hr;r rr-i.stiri- ,b artiH.nt. t .reBi , .-rly titenl I .-an... eetmmen.1 to y.sir
attention at the la-t scion. '! rUo.! j ,i1,.r.Hiiii.i-;..n', where ap..i..iiu.nl are rarefnl .n.Ierati..n t.. highly, the reieirt
that we w.ihl in the future have to lck I ni.M,. are i-i"l " 'he " '!etrse.l. .J the Comimssioncrs of lalueatnm and A
mote. io the csintri.- Msith of i am! t t Tl,.. L,w in all the deioitwi ot the Jf'" ' rtrnhiire, m.r urge tt.t strongly such lilsrral
China ami Japan for it revival,
Our representative lo all lh - - . -
governments have exerted .heir intlu. mv M
ciXDUrage trade litwein the l"iiitel Stab-
-n.1 r.or..tnirti- to which ihcv are aci-nb-
led but tlie fact exi-. Ilia, ll-e .-ami...' i
dW alm4 entirelv in forei.-.. L.t.....r- .....I
wo ihi -tate of iuair. cxiis e canm
"' 1 . i ....... ....v tsftt.r
ntrol our due share of the ev....... rce cf the
ntrol .sir uue ..i. , ; ---- -
world. That betwein ine lac-UK-.-suih-s-iisi
China and Jaian is ai"jii an me t-arreiBE
iraile now c-onductcd in Ameriean ve-s-.l-'.
w...ld recomineral a
AMFaslUA sitaHU.-,
tance from the government they cannot .Iw
successfully built here.
in the course of Ihe
"Z. lemiaB poking to a remedy of U.K
present -, . . -
. .. . ... an., ir. ..A ..... 3W1 . .11. I..- .....v.. ....-.... .......... .. . .- --..... ... .. ... ..-..
.... .. :.. . - .... . m- ... ..i.rurr.. r.m.. i. .-. j... in.,.!. ... t ..... ....., '
one ina. ..-- - . - - -- .- , .-111.. ' , -, -V'-tir itiig7ti..ii uue lo tje t .nieii
CT-awd n-efnlnes. Tlie co-t of 1-j.hling dertments "sZ riybriiT in the treitnie..' of the
i, so much greater in the United State than le-s Ubor im,.;! on Serators ami Kepub'! ,':nB.nn,I1Url ,' -,,!,, .here every
:.fi.rrl.-iv countries that without some a-is- cam as that ol U-uUiis places for e-oiU.x,. HJJt "niramnw .
ti ::. .. ii i . . ...i.-i
ciiitim .. i-iu-uki ocaisoraccu.. en uie
national treasury, ami hope such enouragc- !
ment will be given as will secure American .
shippinir on the sea and American shin
building at nouic. i
pepartment or statu ,
calls for the early action of Congress. The ,
...... .... ... .-..-.. c ..
it., c. it.. rl. -.-.;.... .,r rv,. ti. tn
i...;t.i: ...i i..a.. .i ? .
building now rented for that degartnic nt, ia
frailstnicttireataniiiconvvnientdL - taneeifrom '
the exeitltive mansion ami from the other
department. Il is ill adapted tit the sir-
t-e lor wluit it i1ied, lues not the capacily
tiiacujiniuisbtetheareliievesanil L notfire-
presif. It remote itiulien, its Iender
ci.ii.lnuiinii and al-ence of a suptdr of
water in the neighborhood, leave lilt filtle ,
li.ii-i.f saf.lv for eiiherthe Isiildin--o? its
j.ropria.e.y .. iiong a,, p,,w.ran.i . u ..- j
in reiaii.ui in uie trrruonc wun wnieiiuie ,
IVpartiiient of f-late is now charg.il by law ,
or usage, ami from lhe Interior Depart- .
ment to the War IVpartiiient the IVnsiein j
Burcaii n far a il rehles to the
I would further reinnimeml that the pay-
i wou.u .un.ier reiiininieim inai nx pay- .
ment of naval ei.!ciilc transferred t.ione :
"flhe Ism-ait of the .Vavy Dopartuient.
the tim vti ii.u.TiiunxrKX-i uf thu !
for the !ise-al y e.
vi - iou, and for which onlv-ei iiiiich i x-keil
as Congress way chte to give-. The appro-'
. ., -I.., i -...i r... . i .. .... ........ i. ..c i
fta.'ftAtUlAt, l.n, tllKl (Ul llVUIl IM'Mliii" ej 1
leT.. i .... .1 .:. .. .t.. . t 1 !...
vri, it- rsiiuv ivhuui, iixt ia--t ine-ii -ite. i
115. Tlie approach to a sinie Uii L verv
,; , - . ,
.U-unt .by. TI.e tax ...l-
eil Iron, the is-ople ha lie-n rnX
re than -s-l,fiO.Kl ,,rannui... l.yst.-a.li- ,
m our pr.-nnt osin-, there . no rea-on I
ne i
whv, in a few short year, the national tax-!
gatherer may not ili-apicar from the il.sir
uf Uie citizen almit-t entirely. With the reve
nue -lamp dissTsed by s-sliiiaster in every
community, a tax upon liquors of all siirts,
and lolueiii in aM it. forms ami by a wi-e
adjii-tiiicnt of the tari.l, wlii.Ii will put a
iliur i.n th.is artleh'S which we
cihi'M di-icivu with, kmrnn a
luxnri.-s and on iho-e which we use more of
tnn Wtf uve pnsluee.l, rev.nne enough
niavbe rai-esl, alleraler. rin of s-nv ami
,,,., niluction ot indelste-Ine-, to
,,; a OIIr iJ.Iis-uioiL. further nilue-
,jn f . VIlH- , addition to a reduction
f tl.eii.tcre-tactitr.nl, nnrit? relit! on lot
. .
... .1 .. .i.t. ...:,-.l.l.. v ...v....... n.rnn
""" 1 ." J " ": :
. .ii. . , ......
irare$lS,-.li,:!lUU Ics for 9s?I.acre-eret.k.-.iumIertl..ll.o...K.te-:i.l
' . '. . I... ..... li.l IC.1 ..si .pn-- S..T.1 f..r l-lsTl
if it mean II.., ha my ,-any Mipiiri. n .,rrt,,1)(, .Htuantnt f,ttIre of
.. implie-.a.s..l cclioiiot all lhe-revenue for 1 iir ,.,.,. i,,..I fUiil. r.spiin-c us I
thesi.pi.rtofthe...ver.....ent, for lhe flll,iu, , , xi-iing grant.. The
raVMi-ssT or THK riUNclfAt. M INTIR- j Jiute-lu.nor.sl and UiufuMit Iiiy of ;
lXTiil-TIIEriui.li- .t..r, n. s-ii.e-, .1..,
by direi-tly tamig lhe pcupie, llicn I am!
agai.'-t th'e r,veni.e reform, ami .i.nfnleiitly j
Ivlieve the isnple are with me. If it iiie-.i.t
la.Iure lo iirovnle lin" i.ei--arv me-an in
ntriii ha.- imf Uvn ihtimtl It any F iu
1. ... . ... 1 I .1 " 1-..S .....
atlitU'lll- IU hlM'""l.i, " 'M'-.iW
' 111 lV atTI l.li iV HIUM Illlll Wlllll.
L- t miiiiIt viirr 1111111
w.iiiU .it!i-mt any ii-t t cllort
mi .n-.jMit. A Iriit-it -?! rrfwrm (rann.t
! iiiuh 111.1 Liy. Uit mit-t U thf vtutU f
.1 rt-ititiin.il lt;i'-l.tMi.'i ami i)f tin'. V.- mn-ii
a- 1 her ri'nii- v.m lo iIi'-i'tiMil with, all
tlntK'H-'htJiMlvrciiMiifl iiiietlUv, aihlntht r
tr.i, .irtit.ltitifitni(ir.il um?im4 jnitnltiutl h
rtirH.hiy.TlKMii-v.ityfthe-tiintry omiiihI
iu tiimllevcl revtnee fnun ittir iiiiji-rrt. n
.triiiv f .i.-4-i-:t,r aiul mt'torH
1- -N'T A fl I1VANT.-K.1IT 1.1 nl 1. . 1 IltfMU
I sinicture. m lire pn..t, am! entirely niHlr
qiale in dim. 11-ions t ir pre.-!., wairis.
; Manv tliiv-.iii.l of ilolbrs are now annually
paid" for the n-rt of private Is.il.l1n2 lo
..ii.mn..-l.te the variisis Isiniui of the
Deiuilnunt. I riie.iiimeml an apj.ropria-
inn. for a new War iKimrtmeiit Isul.ling
. -uitcl to the pn--ent and growing want of j
..!.. ..-T.... 'I I... -vu-trt s.f ths V. -.- irv nil
'-""" ......, -...-..---
I UpvI..vh-si n riMw,,.ii-tiirr rrtliit tinii in
i War shows a very s:.tis.e1ory re
tIieexpin-.-of ih.-army i..r the
"ear. For detail v.si are ref.
" t . t . . ? .i
iol u-t-ui
mil to Iii
Hwiniairtinff ni-rt.
1 tiic t v te.t-V.at: J
thi: i strrNi.s or Tin: navy.
Uir the whole of the la-t ye-ar from Iv-
unils-r, lSo'J, the elite of lhe la-t report are
le lluin Sr,.W,ssi, or almlSI,("JV""'.
less thm they were the previmi
vear. TIm expen-sof the Navy IVpart-
in. ni in this li-c-al vear since Jul. I...
"- --- --;- - -
''"' " "v'- uiinth, a ilei-ren-e ol over
S- ll",0 Iron. Ilm ol the o,rr-iIing
......I.. ..Tl.., v.... 'CI... ..1..I..I.U C tl.
mi. mil- ..I i.t-s ,r. .... .-......- ..
eurre nt year wen-;
:?.: --i.t7(l
..- . ....I .- .1
for thi-
next y.'ar, S3JiJ,Ss6tl7l, will. y.,".H'.issi
ad.lit.o.u.1 lor ti .inirary and permanent ....-
nnivement. The-e
are maile
closely, for the nn.nlainan-e-nt lava! e-tals-
it now
in the
nature of
criiuiiu nt im-
provemeiit. Hie approprutn.ii mail.- (or
the last eight currenl years were evidently
iuteiideil by Congn to l.-iitlicieut only le.
keep the navy on its pr.-ent f.srting, and for
.. .....sii.l 1-a.litt tits ..its- a. 1. 1 a.1. 1 ti I liia
i.i-...... -.... s. ............ ...-
i.ilicy niti-t, of cisire, gradually lt surely
,,, j, j, - ;,f j,, f, ,;,),;CI? fr
'. - r !!l "J-".1 Il" .'"
more nqiair on -hips and navy yanl ls
Ill -IIV If tt mint '! .1..W ..s.e .s..-...-.. ..- .....
nunc more inirative and more cr-lly, and ' v th ierlect acmraey iu irrana-ing ml Li
tir current exptn-.-. are actiully im rrased .. V1, . il,.. rcturits. We hall lb -. at r-
ibr the mere reisiirotsl.iitf, many ol whH-I. lU-tant ibv, be furiii-i.nl with an iitl.ri.-n
must soon lie uii-taworthy ami u-e less. j.o.rd of ir ciuidilHUi ' rc
I hope during lh prc-ei.t reiou of ( on- .iirt.-. It will, ! .ifcl ml. ...est
gres to lie able to submit a plan by wliton the growing I ns-peri. "I tlw- .mil
naval veel ran Isr lsiilt and repair ni.i.le, I irj jlihougb iluring tlie hs-t.le which
withgrcat saving UJ.m pre-ent tit. It can ' u. ju-tcl.wl, it wa . - v. rely tn.s hy
hanlly Isv?wiss- statesmanship in a govern- t rl war wagctl .' ii.ai.iuiu its inti-g-ment
which represent a country with ovr r,tv and to -eenre ami I r.lu.ile "u frt
.i,y milt- of e-tast line on both wvau, ex- ! in."titiition I hiring the li-t,!.-! yar the
clusiveof Alaska, am! coutaiuiug Sosi.'SJH ' rtmi pai.1 1. stirvivor, ns-lmlimx the !. of
of progre-wive isiiph.-. with reLition of al- ( ihslsiri-enKiit wa- -77.7-11,111 anJ l,.-s
nmnt every nature with ahui-st every foreign biMinty hi'rl warrant- w.re assticd At it
tesintrv, to rest wi.h such inadeiiuate mean. ci.-e l'J,st; naux- w r . titlieisn.ii rolls
to forcing anv foreign I:cv, cither ' Tl kthi.rso. tit- !' n"i bare Isvn
.if i.r.ai1u.ii or risln-u. S..nnrntiel bv tlie
uvan from thenatioiisof the Vvestern onili
nent, ot.r luivy i our only means of dirt-ct
pn.ttitioi. to our iitizrns abroad, or for the
enforcement of any foreign poliry.
Tin: invir.SYiMs Rtimrr or tiik n--r
show a iin.t saltsiutory working iba'
ilquttminl. With the adosli..n i lhe re
iiiniuciiiLilton inntainid ihtrtiu. i-irtM"
larlv legislating bi a reform in lhe franking
privilege, and the aikiption -I rrs..i--'
i. ...ic.. ..:..... i.rJal sv-M.i
e.iee- runts sen o-o..,..., -
7 ... . r .....I .t n..
Illav Iw si.ielliy httt.CH Hir, a.-. - -
.i: .".... .i--.- f....ir r..!.,.ii..iiol the rale".
i,.,.aeu.'evl-atu:m.l I nee.mw.n.1 lhe
.-.uthorirati.'... by I "- to the -r
Ic.neralaml Attorwv inntitl t" - '"
I ..'.,..i.,LioiM ... .alicial- aiiHitt..l llesb
e-rnincnt a.l.pl tho-e"f the .-l.-.e,aml m
iU-tMl. anilWnZr .., Ot I -is: -
vivvvy FvvoiiiN.. trvi nc vl REroitw-,
I "r.-Iilfully call i air tarnlMi to ...
aUise of ImigMamling, -I.i. i wis,,., use
,M( re....ilic.lby IhH C..gr.. Il is -.
,,(, in the. iv.l trve: ol tlie conmrv. I
. i.i ..l.-i... ii ii.sr.1 U-vomlthe nitre hain?
. Htrt,. alvU- it b. -p. uryoml the mere hung
- -.. - -- ",- .- , , . . . .
vi twinmiviH huci. ...js-ri.r....-
( re wmnio m requite ine anti.e ... u-
i h .mi.". I-. , - ... ...... .....
' ... . . i. .1 . -.
i Knt ol the .-snatc u. mine uieir appoint-
ment cmuiplete. I wotuu uave ii govern
not li tenure, lit the manner of making all i
ai'iirointments. Ihe-rei mi ehitv which hi
The present -vstem does not 'ev;
U-sl men ami often not even Ct wX ,.,
... .svr. e.se,.V
U......-s......r... , -
with approval by'the
"Ifate ptorde. The
r...... :.. ii... si.n.mmMt oflnclian Anairs
-.".... ... .. ".,,, ,: r ,i,,.i
ha received the specul attention oi lac? au-
ministration from us iirauguM.
the pre-ent day. The experuuent
missionary agency,
denomination of
- ivell to the
Friend lia been found to worKmaeivan-
II ... ...s- ,
........ - -s.. -- r . -
- . - sji.lr All the atrencies anet supenn
-'."i :'. ... -. .Wjt-.I of wereciven to
teiule ncie- n
otlieers eif tl;
ic armv. The act cu w0.isiys
resl icing the armv render army omccri ln-
eligible for civillpitsitions. India!
Iving civil office I eletermintil to
Inetian .gencie
as had hetctofore established iuionarit.
among the I"
mlian. ami perhaps to some
iHher de noniiiutions who would nnelertake
j,, u. .,. ,w.Mvralul self .u-tainin;
,. ..-, . .L.rUinl
t, uMll ,lIu. ,-,, w;lh lhe .
- .. .,,..,.- . Mil!,.-rivilixal whin-
a VO'ir,i
speiial alteiitiun to the
RU - oCT of the coMXiwiuNUior tM'UV
- --
. A',"V'":? ,.
"ill iiifornuli. on iIiwmiI".
'he U-t ti-t-al rari,w ,i;ay'
yeit. During
;re ef is.hlio
laml weredesI.t-,ilof. lllth,s.liuntily,.a.,
htimtKc-.ul Uw-iliirinstlicbjit T,-ari-uv.rc.l
k-Hil,!, acw more tlun tu,s;' tlurtntjihc
irurrcy iiavc wni mu
extent of the
uri-e. inc iiua-
iiiyir aiumxr me
ivn. - v.rt
iK nianil. Tlie claim of the
-- - . 1 ,
--tflr uri.It-r tlit honie(i'at or tn(
.. . 1I
pr. - s.mpt,,,,, laws .ur... however, hmiteil t.f
nerv.iiaeie - i iii.i.i ii... ... .....v . ..........
KaHlhtll rin?ir,K,l an unauthoriz.il
;lllnl,;)m athinJlel(,IIUin. Th..- opinion
, .,.,. ,lmU tmiu,i, u. ,',,,.,
' , - ,, Ilu;lltaI.
a a seiurev ot revenue is no longer maintain.
I eel: rapid settlement and succc-sful cultiva
, tion of them is now ju-lly cniiidcr.il uf
more importance to our well-lsinir
than is the fund which the sale i
the ii would produce. The reiitarkable
growth and pr.ssp.rity of isir iww Suites and
o.uiilriesatte-t the wisdom of Lega latum,
h h invite- lhe tiller of the soil to secure
a v no j hint houie on term within th j reach
ot ill. The pioneer who inenre , infers
am. privationsof a frontier lifeami t! .aiil
... .vim; the foundation of new ,. in.on
w.lihs render a -.glial service to hi. ce un-
trv. amt n rl.lltlesl lo l slsiia. u.ur
:iiii i.niiiT ii.ii,
1 ..nitei-tiou. nn
laws -ecuie
,. . , , . ,..,.,,. ,!,.. ,-,!
i'sev -" ". i - ."-,
we fire. TheV slioiilii. there-lore-.
,; , ,, ,- nrtai,, ,,, ti..,is ..I the .Slt.i.i
I iihI. tor educational ..uriMt-e-t II. 111-w tlti-s.
should l continued, where ample provis
ions slull have U111 ma.le for such ol jeets.
1 suliuit, at a utie-stioi. worthy of serioit
.-..iisi.Ii ration, whether lhe rrsiditenf Mir na
tional domain should not Iw wholly dispone!
d tiii.1. r ll.e provision of lhe hoim-u-.!
ami pre-iiiip.ii.ii law.
In addition ! the swamp and ovirl!o..sl
land granlesl to the Suite- in which they are
ittKitil,,lhf kind takeiiiinderthe Agriniln.
ral (.Uce.c act-, and Iiir i11l1tn.1I improve
inviit piirp.s-e under the a.tuf S.pt.u!r
IS II. and Hie a.ts sllppleinenl.il lion. o.
There had I.e.. o..veveil up t.ithecli- ol
the la-t liteal ye-ar hy patent or other fpyva
lent ev ult mi- of tille t. State ami corpora
ii...w mS7,'iMtmi'i 13-lt acne, f..r nil way,
mu.ls and wagon n-nl. It i t-liiintnl
lluit .111 ad.litio.Lil iMiantity of 171.73-Vi'.-.:.
lire i till slat.- .nun r grant for like u-
TI.e polie-y ol thus aiding the Mati-s 111
Isi.tding works ol internal iiiiprovenieiitt
wa inaiigurat.e! ..wire tluu fi.rty ymrs since
in grants h lmlbn.1 ...1 Illinois, ... aid
those Sun, iu oisiiingcanal lo connect .In
waters of .he ..ll.ll with thi.e of I.lk
Krie, and lhe waters of lliinoi with thus'
of Like Michig.n. It was followed wiih
some tii.liSc..lious in lhe grant to lliinoi
of alternate -ec-lii 11- of public kind within
irrt.iiu limits ol the IltiiHii. Central
lUilroud. lourteeii St.U and sun
dry cori.iration hive tee-eivesl
similar -nlssnlicw inconini-tii.il with railwav
iHMpIcteel or in pn-eewt of ceiiiiple-tioii, a llo-rt-crvil
-ctio.i ire ralel at double mini
' ,,.11111. Tl- .h- of iheni at the .nh.nnil
, ,,ri,. !u.ilnt,i many instaim-s ir.il.mni
Ik! lite Trea-ury for the granteil land
' Th. construction of H.meof these thorough
t &,.- lu undoubtedly given a vigon.it in.
, i.iib. 111 lhe- development of our r-ourcc,
ami the se-ltlenie nt ot the more .lislai.t .r-
tt..-a ..fil.A tsai.tt rv 1 1 tit 1 V Iiialtt t r. It' WI II
,.,,. .... ..j. .,... ;-...
i in.t.(.il ll.t. utiit li uttttir It"LeLltlll 11 tllinrt
1 i t . . 1 1... ;...! .-.:.. .r ...
i ini,riaiiiiciuirai-t'rit-i i'yiiiiii',"
J anil itrofu-c liU-rality. Thi I'liiu-d i?tat-
i tvlmtihl uot loan thurinilit in ant ! anv tm-
i. ti.rM. iiuilertaktu Iiv Mate nrei.ri.raiioii.
m-gran. land in any instance iiiib the
pnijeite! woifc is of ackni.wleilge.il national
nirtJ.i I am strongly imbued to the
onioi.that H is inexidii-ntahduiin.iiMianr
to U-stow -uljei.Ii.-s of either dee riubm.
, Is.t sboulil (.iirressilt-termiiie otherwise, I
, . . . - . t i .
,.jrm-tlv re-iiuime-ml Hut theright of-.ttl.r
ami of th. jsiWie l more tUtctrn ly scninet
a.... ....J...ul I..i.ir.ip.ila1...l.li..l,
i ..ii, , ,.,.. ... .....-,...',.. .. ..- . ......
I .. .. . f . L' . ...!. I.
Inning the vuir ending Se.pl. 30th. Is7
there were libil in the Talent (JtHie; IV, 111
application for patents, 3,:!7 1 t-avcats, and
1M applications for the extension of patent
VOf'fSl patent including re-i-sue and ih.igiu
werciesueil. llciexuml.il, ami l,"'.) allowed
hut not i-ssiHaW'y reaui. of them.n-iaymeiil
b( Una! lee-. rhereceioniie.,theeiturnv
tl,,.. ti-.-.ili ,r were Sls;,n.ll. in eice
j f jI4 tijmlitures.
. the vvoitK oftiilcln-is bcki.vi
I. . . I -. ... .!! -. .nasulul I hu t.ri
iu.hmiu...; 1.,,..... ...- , .-
t limiiury reirt, containing much uiM.rma-
tion ! sjn-iai value ami iniertis, win -nuly
lor de-livery during lhe proent -n."
oi Congrtiss. The remaining volume will
I. cei.utlitel wiih all ib.patcl. ruiusfttn'
.!.. ...I at. lite terr nH.I.V ol Hi
i.!nille.I fv..r -f l flalusl, and lit Ho-
.Ibsovirv a mtltHrl cfcil.u whh lr.vr
l.ii herik'orealli.wtil.
ot-sl'XIVl. A..LNT
I..I- tli iiiv.-st.gatii... iif frauds lias I. en jud.
.j.si-U i.-i'l. ami tlie result of it havtl-
i iimiuei-i.oi.abIe Is-ntfit bt the servne
1 1., .fg.i. f slucation and agriculture arc
tri zrrt irttrei-t to tlieructe-s of .sir lli-pul..
h.-.in irriitulii.its,,lia(ip;i.rss ami gramleiir a
a natsi In the interest of one a lirt..i
.Ii-lt",. - i. .
1. . ..... . - it..!.,...! .n ilm ln.ur.--tr IU......
v- ... -..- ., ...
m.i lite laireau of hducatM.n . ami n.
,:. ...Irrest of the .ilh.J-. a separate
M.rtient, that of Airrieulinre.
I ! heve a grest deakofKsI w to How fnmi
, ii.e ..prrativn 4 l.ih th.- Isireati if prop.
lntiIatiii asb. secure their etticicncy.
...,-.-. ,. ...... -v. . r ..iu. tei,i T
t.. I' a tlHjnKigh enforcement of everv
a iailhful Collreti.n of the tax provide" "i
economy in llieili-lireuientof the '
prompt payment of lhe .,?"",
the nat., a, roluction "'
i tiTrsa. raiuiltr a tt. ....; n-
uxe as raj.'idly a tlie mpr
" I . ,.." " .rc.nr.it4 of hr
.isiuiryiwiu auinit. i
.itctioli of taxation
ami larni io ie so arrar
ju ...I., ii, ie-Nt arrar . ,v , ,
.... . y..el . r.. It. r.1 t...
greatest relief bj the
greatest relict bj the . .. .
-.! i;.. rir -tbuci nnsin-r. ii..nv
-.. ... ...d..... . . . ,, ,
the em I that '
ill. all other tii.' to
niav Is:
ar with all it u.H.i,erre!.-
but without 8urrt-ih nng
,,. r.. " 1. i-;. .itl.i.t frar ..r
j ,.- . 0hU m.Iiu'cal faith.
a I r-f 7 S-U. S S -"
i-sir-seill y-.3- JR-t-s.-T.
EitQHive Mansie..., Dec oth, a370.
I I..I rt. ...... set lMt.swrs.itt i PSe. f llrlill TT 1 ri. IliTT.
. ... x

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