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The Leavenworth weekly times. [volume] (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1870-1880, December 08, 1870, Image 3

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Ym- i too and Ute Harper. Tie loruier recei . cd
r b1 severe gaU, one M-venugliw under
A WkaM J"- tmwrmrr ,; , ,..,; f,m bw exayt "mall
Btestr-wesl. portion of the skin on ooeHde. IlarisTwas
From the UwrenceDeniocrUciwfa,l lndle cut, reoeirinR several Knott
of Lc. 1. we lean, the hXt
LvaoT a disastrous fire in ortli Lawrence , kniT"uj were Terr laiy, hravT weanon.
onyeiterfiy morning: The to men who crWd " thij desiale
At about two o'clock this i..n.ing hrej akirare addicled t. .Wing tlniih an.l are
broVe oTin , old LVHer ..ore, on Wt ' intc.x.eatc.1 ..lough at
rtreet, oppct. the Ivamas !-"-'
.! t, Mn,.L.f ;n the rear of the buildin:
andowing to the scarcity of water, and the
inflamable material of the building, the fire
unread with fearful rapidity, communicating
to the building on either side, destroying
the entire square. .
On the east aide of the Decker store, the
rerfaurant kept by Simeoa Jon", .! "" "
loon of Andy Snyder were ewe! aw y On
the west side, Mr. Wolfe's Kr.T-ry. -lore,
Mr. Koflman's meat market aisi nwlnm-,
n --. . l..,n fV.lmaiiV litris-r -lloli.
"JIJT:. ..' it I . .,...
and Mrs. Kelsey s ooaroinK ....- -
tally destroyed.
Owing to the rapid pn.gres- i the tire,
and the verr unseasonable time at hih it i
occurred, a great deal of furniture in the
buildings was lost, and the greater irtion of
what was saved is badly damaged. The i
railroad men and citizens did all in tlreir 1
iower to arrest the spread of the flainei', but '
they were powerless, to do anything for want j
of water. I
The old Decker store was vacant, except-
ing a small room in me w eiMi,uuanrii -
an office by Dr. Barber. It was owneil by
Mr. Ilradlord.
Mr. Wolfe owned the building in which
he lias his grocery, and the meat maiket of
... . j --.
.Mr. K oilman was uwueu oy ntni
Thehuildiiurin whidi Mrs. Kelsey kei I
bosnling hisLie was owned by Andrew The niti-t distincthe feature of our Junk
Snvder. , iojh Is a batUrwl harm-. That i moiigh
Tlie saloon occupied by llerry Ealon wa , to lgio ,mikm with. Ten cents iine-til
owneil by Mr.UuUingluuu. We were unable ; a Inulioii of an old bridle given the ciirli
to leani the namesof theoners4if thcother . sionpuuriliaiita "nlant." Thin he atlds
buililiiiirs destroreiL Out of the whole
wpiare of buildings there is not a votigc
left of them, and nothing but tlie a-hes are
lift to mark the sjt wherethey stmsl yes
terday. Tlie confusion and exiiutuent during the
connairraiioii liafllwt descrintion. Woiniu
were riy ing with their children, in wild con-
fusion, while furniture and stores were emp
tied into the strtit in a promircuoiis heap.
Tlie buildings dlni)ed were all fnine, Isjt
of a verv siils-Untial character, and ipiile
valuable.' The total hss by the disaslnsls
fire, it is thought, will not fall short of
As this was the priuiilial sipiare of build
ings on Iiocusl street, theilisasttrleavi'saiht
olategapiu tliat part of North I-iunmv,
andthehns will tail heal ilv uism the own
ers of the pnirtv destroyol, as we learn ( ,
that the insurance i iximiaratiitly light,
- Tut: lall riien by the I'muli ladio of
TE3&?g5: VHElinworth,onthcdof.WmUr la,.
forllielwi.eCt of the victims of the war m
I'rsrtsl wmk-nmr B t'rtltil- ., ,iM ti,... l-.,i:. ; tl.
rallr IsfJred. , rrance, m-ttisl 1JI. IIiom; lauio, in Hie
We copy the following lrom the Warrens-' desire to uller tlieir wannest thanks and con
irg IMo") Journal: I sidiration to thecitirens of ciery nationality,
We are called
railroad disaster.
I upon to chronicle another '
-. which happened on the I'a- '
. . d-.it i !
eific road yesterday morning at 8:15, about
four and a half miles east of this place. It
seems that the extra freight train Jfo. 25,
which was due here some time before day
light yesterday morning, from the east, was
from 'various causes delayed several hours.
Tlie construction hands on the section of the
road on which the disaster occurred, not
knowing tint the train had been delayed,
failed to put out any nag on Ilieir east. I ney
had on
n the track what is known as a stb
car, or
hand car, loaded with railroad
iron, iuc treiglil train was running at
from fifteen to twenty miles an hour, and,
cosine round a sharp curve in the road,
was within fifty to one hundred yards of the j
car betore tlie engineer saw iu i ne locomo
tive struck tlie car with a terrible crash,
the far end of the railroad iron on the car
dipjied down into the ground, while the
other end crashed through the boiler, lifting
the locomotive in the air, and hurling it
down a ten foot embankment, a total wreck.
Three cars were'at the same time precijulalvd
down the embankment on the ojijssite side
the south almost torn into fragments. It
seems that the engineer, Mr. Dan Donavan,
bravelr stood at his post and doubtless at the
-rifi(v of bis life. It was at least a half .
an hour before be could be rescuad from the j
ruins of the locomotive, and then, O. what a I
fearful sight! The lever by which the en- , ()n SiavlIlre nj Isnetn Sevinth and
gineer controls the engine, known as the Unadnav, and when he returned there some
throttle lever, a rod of iron about three feet t-me a(u;T ,jle all;uul wa, gone. A soldier
long and an inch by an inch and a half in IMIm,J Veaga.who wasfiiml $l."i vi-sterday for
sire, had struck him on the lower trt of hu a ;, iwicrall ueajsms, is'su-jicctcd of
right temi.Ic, and been driven through un- I Lll,)W; Ilg nnuttldng alsmt the affair,
demeath his nose, coming out on the I m
t.pjswte side, at least one lialf its I',.,to.sAU Hon. W. C Kill!, lUj.rc-
irt ft -T t,r ,.r ,:! .. toj,
ate man was transfixed to the . Jitferson .unty, arrnul in the city last
locomotive. The lever was unscrewed and j evining. Mr. Hulls lives al Urasshoj.icr
detached from the engine, and tho engineer Kails, and is one of the nn-t cnterjiri-ing
carried to tlie house with this irouls.lt still . cititt lis of that go-ahead town. He is a
through his head, and in this condition he j IVinocrat, and this is the fourth time he has
remained for two hours and a half, until Dr. ' .n returned from a Di-trirt largely Itcpuls
Cnil.r was sent for at this nlace. who. uism lirsu. Tlmre must be Mimegissl reason for
his arrival removwl it, gave the man the
j.rojter surgical attendance, and careil for
linn as rot lie count, .vir. isnwnn was
hniu;;ht tn this place yestenlay eveninK and
j.roiidisl comforuhlc tjuarters at Ming's ho
tel. Ills eyes were almost forced out of
their mskets; his rilis on his riqht side are
Iradlvcruslietl; hut stranRe to say, at this
writinp, he is still alive, lliouli little lwii is
cntertaine.lofhisn'cnier;-. He is a inr;le
nan, 35 years of age, and has lieen on the
road alsmt two years.
No other s-rson received serious injury.
The fireman was thrown oil on the os-ite
side from the locomotive.
Pressed Ins wire not coiuins in so tret ly
sitenlay, llie inireasii.g mildnis of llie tK'lt city i lieoon.inj; as smoky as ruts
weather causing a tlecrcase in llie killing. ' Isirli, and at sundown, the liiw-t.f the
Tricm tre linn al .V.i-lc. cross, and "( , i,,,iw. from the hills on O-e wtid is almost
"Jc. iirtL
The Iii.liausiilis Juiuvd of S.iluiiliy
ss: "All tlie sirs, acking esiaiiii-iimiun
w.nv in t.iH-ration icslenlav. Hit- niling 1
.juotatioiis at all w'as ife, and the markit I
closed eliM.lv at that figure. Tlie supply at
that price is psl, and liie hog are coming
iu readily. It serins settled among nrk
dealers generally, in this icinity, that llitre
will lie noadraiice l-ioiid the alsive tpioia-
tioiis. Tlie stocK 111 liens is umisuany large,
and the aicrage wnght greater than lor
raanr preceding years.
The Chillieothc iiejicT, of the same .laic,
eavr, one firm in that .lace commenced kill
ing hugs bsl Monday, and. arc wring $0
gnus, hut are not anxious to invest heavy at
that figure. There seems to he a decided
unsetlleduow about the market- l'aikcrs
are extremely uervous about making ir
chases, and" owners are disiosed lo wait
awhile longer, taking the risk of further lo
in hopes of a rise.
The Lafayette Courier, Friday cemng,
savs one firm commencvtl killing that day,
slid another will commence iu a lew dais.
The ruling price to-day wxs $5.40 gross.
The tackers are watchiug the markets of
Cincinnati and Chicago, both of which arc
down to-day, and but few hogs arc com
ing in. Our packers do not exiiect much
will be done while the weather remains so
pleasant." ,
The St. Louis KepuUinin of ..cdniday,
savs: Arrivals hy river and rail, 1,01'J;
Sales, 1,516; shipments none. A. large fal
ling off will be observed from previous days,
due somewhat, undoubtedly, to the warm
weather which has prevailed. Holders were
4Ulte stiff in their demands, and their being
but two or three packing houses in the
market business was limited. The extreme
rsnee of prices wa from $5 37i for light
weights of good butchering animals, to $4i.50
for two lots of really fancy, averaging 306
and 369 lbs. the latter to a lacker. The
range aidbytiacierswasfromsA15fs.5uf
with the bulk Tat $6.20ft S6A5-by olhers,
TT..S. I.uiisKn.nWmaofTl.ursA.rsa.s::
"Thus far the packing at the West has lal
len short of that for correspomling date t.f
". : ; .. ..t.ii. .IT.....
last rear, and notwitbstanuing uic w10wing,
official and otherwise, of an increased nuni-
af 1.. !aa l& JWJH..M. i Varil ltf.
Uw tlA tilMnmU were made un if bcffltW
." l"v,. Jflhere wonld be a fJlimrotl ill
,i,i .Inter slaughter, and as we enter mum
1 il. j.l... .1 M-,, Ik
the present month with a smaller stock of
meats at all uie lanuuig jinms uuu n,r sc.
eral yeap .".-
--- . -.-.. 1,
10 aii .- --. . . ' .. ,
ces do not go up .1 rU. tnat tne trae
. ... . -
""-. .. t-..il 110.000: at LouisTille
66 0W; at MUwaukee 30,000; at St. Lousil
nniSr makinc n aggregate ofs
ji son asinsx wi.io --s
the r is. nrpmnru on
wm-" . r
Keiiorts from all t.uarteri! indicate tliat have tratelled in one dace for fifteen miles
racking has been backward so far this year, along the Itciibliran, where the l,tom
from the fact that h raisers are conndem were, on an average, four miles wide, and
ofanearlv advance, for which they are hold- for fertility uns.irpa-svd. mmigration is
01 a., rat.. ' ) ,,,..,,. into this valley at a rapid rate,
I ,lakTeterd-wereS&25Ssj.Sa,.,lontlw
S l0hioriTert.S5J0,nd
ST ko06.50. Al the close yotenlay llie
a nurkelwa. atronger and Uic gensjral ind.
? li.ius faTorable. The weather withoot being
i a -.. ...! . mnnrv is nlentT and the gen
eral demand from consumers fair. As as
to hare been expected from the urgent de
mand from consumers, packer lave lulhcral
to the rrduuu-f cuts, xnd haTe in some in
stances foroeii ofl JrmtL00f,;
thua appearing in the market before the.
were reaaVind of necessUT ginngwnic eje
casion for Ihe complaint of sourness in &HitIi-
,n.el.-rtt which will disappear as the
season advances, and the packers have an op-H
iKirtunitT to do tnemseives jusuec ". r -ent
there are no forward sellers lackers can
inttfcum higb, and are af.aid to accept low
prices hence the market mores elowlj and
under legitimate intltienrra.
f A ooKaumroxDEXT ol tne Auauaon uh-
picm, writing lrom Doniphan County, sayi
that a catdng-aAwy-oeearred on Monday
last, at Cedar Creek school house, in that
tJt whita a singing school waa being
a wmatj w Ww l.siiii, tlamp-
""7 - " .Ti ," lu, ratn
are very severely, thought it is not thtwht
heaijrt town abound in Junk blioi or
rtorc strange old places whtre cables, an
chors, tar, iron, cordage everything in
piectx can be found. Sometimes they hate
a ouiia-. for - igii, and sometimes a
wooden uiiilsliiiitiiaii. Tliey are place that
ti.r.l f.,ll ..f.l.,.1 ,n,l r,,l.l,;.l,
mmii.iuic, - ....--- , . . , '
ainl remind one f Cat. Cuttle, and, at the
rtme time, of a broktn down and broken
Up hardware and stotestiire.
There are twenty or thirty establi.huieiits,
, dissimilar to the salt water sIiok, in our
cily. They afiVct Cherokee and Cliuct-w
,trecti, are" taking very kindly to Fifth street,
and they seem to have an inclination to
crouch liown on -He, wj.ut t,r. vacant
lot", and Meal in nhereter there is a sjacc
,iS tiHMigh to holil the owner and a broken
table. They display their good on the ude
walk and can do liu-inc- on the smallest
ssible ln.-eof ojieration.. A big wooden
client would he ample and spacious cno..;:h
to hold the goods of one of llicse op-rator- if
you would only gie him a cliaiav to display
.;, Han-siiii the sidewalk,
a bniken niuhcr. a iliair with one Its and
the sr.iid ljnd blue tivemul of a private
soIJkt. Apjilu aisl radihi-i thin
come in naturally. l'.ut the true
lKHetiwortliJiink man nicr forgiH-s that
iM leatluris hisstnmg aiini, ami In- hangs
in ilecnvcil KiiiiiicK. amniiie nailers aim
reins all over the veiling of his shop an 1 the
awiiiu? of his sidewalk. Ifywi want a set
of iriKkerj-, of nmiK! In can supply you.
Ileianal-iM-II yisi floiii ami tea-titles,
nuttri-x's, and anything in the liin of old
wagons and hliisl Indian ponies.
If any of our readir are Mrangers to llii-
R4ablihuieiitswelss.that they will viit a
few. Iiwil sais tlit only the dirty is the
picture-pie, and he illu-trales it by the
t.pialor .iinl attractiniKs of the Iimnjan
luasantry their Unss, tints ami lasiuoiis.
r Junks are ai-o piiiurexpje.
1 name ot me i rincn niuiiiis m mis un,
,or ",c -""'""5r- i.;,!.,,,
. ,. ., ,M,'t""tU-' ' "'U""
Mia. IloL'IssiX Jsecretari.
Tin: following iuinirt.iut ihjntcli, re
ceived vestcrday by ilr. C. It. Morchcad, Jr.,
will be read with satisfaction by ourlL.im-
Lavvklm-k, Dec 1st, l-7'.
To C 11 Mvrtkal, Jr:
Slit: Satisfactory freight ami u--iiger
arrangements are concluded with the Kansas
I'acific, in reganl to Ixavtnworlh. They
pro-rate, via I.iwreniv. C Ik I'll K,
Ceneral Freight Agint, I, I A (J. IL 1J.
aiity ri-.v,il the higlu- vote !
... i , - I
: candidate ml the late election.
Cou JIcCa
of anv Sute
Jn.lfe llrewer's vote is al-o very large. And
Mr. Foster, on the Democratic li kit, IsraU
his culleaguui. All these gentlemen are
lieavenworth meiu It is perfect non-sen-etosay
that the wile of Kansas di-likc
Lcavenwintli. The fi-eling towanls us N of
the liest kind, but there is a ihance for great
... -. . , it I answer e miaul .iin.i.t.v ..
l.refereiuv in the nun toward- whom it nran Insurance Coiiijnny in :
extended. I umln. ( our ilaims again-t tli
Mn. i:ti:os of Salt Creek Valley l.-t a
hor - e in
mvsterious manner on Tuesday i
evening. Hiding into town he hitched him
this, and we must cnilil il to thefait tliat he I
atteisls faithfully to the mati rial iftere-ts oil
ins tun-titurnts.
WBtliiilhefidlowiiiR, wilh the cilhi-lie
ai'is-al lo the res attaihed, froin an exchange-
The undersigned offeis for sale, at Mry
low fipini-, the printini; materbl of the
.'tI.i."ow- jTTw, uunprisins a complete news
ua.T and joli office. I'or lurtiinilars ad
tlns, C Mainaki, tila-st.w, Mo.
ruMishirs of niwsH.rs will omfir a
faior ii.i e of the fr.itin.ity who j-
Im-leil ' hy pin the alsive apli in
their roliiniiis Kcsitfully mliniittisl, I.
Ma lunnl.
..l-tir.,! I.v n hlatk tall which Langs our
Us. Thcre'is scarcity a chimney in the ity
J thald.ss iu4 carry nil smoke from tins sj.lt 11-
,i;.l not laattuwi.rlli usil. UUlicr mini.
we ran sta...l it. however. Tin re are whole
r.,lnilit u.iand down the river that wisild
n4 olgect to hsikin like I'llL-burgh.
Clyde, Clokh Co., Kan.
liirrennilenee Leavenworth Times
1 have Uin alucnt from lour cily some
four wesks on a rcconnnilcriug lour along
the Republican Valley, and embrace this
opportunity to drop you a few lines The
utather has lieen remarkably line.for a Kan
sas Xoi enilier in this section, Iving almtr.t
like spring. At Clyde I mil Ihiikingliaui,
uftheusnirr. He lias not issued a juir
for a couple of weeks, for want of n suitable
room for winter printing, whiih he finds im
mseihle to olitain iu this .lace, ami in con
sequence he is moving to IVncordii winch
is the muntv seat of Cloud Co. The I-tnd
office is al-o hated here and will ls;osiie.l
Concordia now has but three families li
inginil. and eciui or light hou-n- lurlly
finished; but with pmsr lilnrality it can I
madcagisxl town. It is the custom of all
these fronlicr towns to donate a choice lot to
any one who will build 011 it. The Concor
dia Town Company proiui-ed lodo the same,
but when the time" came for doing so, some
of them want to draw lack on their own
projHisition, which is likely to be a great in
jury lo Ihe place. They imagine llie town
will grow- into uietroiwlitan promrtion
without anv inducement lor investment. The
most ofthe cnniiane are inclined to lie lils
eral, but the .resilient, Mr. lSun.es, and
olherswill find that with lAciriK.licythey will
drive men of enterprise away, as tliey naie
J already done. .... ....
I lave ofteu ihought the Raw alley was
'the'uiost macn.f.cent in the world, but I
wliicli is a telling ..!. til tlie "Pl'iwia-
lion of the coiintn-, and pn.H-riiy is visible
on CTery hand. lottr, .lOKE.o.
Thr Xsirlsirrri Wnirti"w rHrni
V..r. SI) The ortliweslcrn
i' ,aa ft ?.Tnn l- allllllTIFIIlkl
onicn sounra-Asssauv,...-,-. ... ,
after hxinglieau.juancwi.racuc.ma. v....
capu. To-night a rtoiution was axlopttil for
tatliiii; a newfjuper iv jantuiy isu .
I ; Vwins Kttamrr 11 aiulJ'J, nnd
Atitlnmv announce! a .auunai wnnui'
....1 11. 01 tntiirs i ikiireaii tti itciiiiaii .
-",, . ma;Ilta;n(,, thm.
sation here, Isit lias U-cn a digniticil and sen-
sitile gathering.
(bier Justin- Cbaw Rrrotrrisic.
Xe.v Yohk, Xor. 30 Mr. Tar-on, Iar
shal tif the inijiremo Court of the Unite.1
Sales hn has recently mtirneil fmm a i-it
to Cliitf Justice Clia-eJ report" the Chief Jus
tice i-low.lv but Mtrely rcwvcringhisstu-ti?th.
t,KT."l,i ni in anv manner effertol hi"
niiiid," and he i- al.lc io alk and ride a-.
......I I. .t ; uitTerinir fnn.i a crcat li "f
atrength. His pliysieian has f.irliiddet; any
attemj lo re-ume his dnlu- tm the Unicl.
f.ir the present an.l pre-crils-sl total roiraiiil
and relaxation from all bliors.
Cor Yaktonai.
Svs Fbascisco, Dec 1. The Orejt Kc
imblic for Vokohoma fslay, carried ofi-
jneiigers, all but 10 were Chmtte going
home to spend the winter; alo, -"O.IXJO in
treasure. Tlie cargo was only valued at
$.".,000 including l.SOO barrels of flour.
Abbott, 43.
. ii.-wni.rVi--" A. locifii sola-
tion of the Black qoesuon was aui-J
( to-dav.
El41.irisr wauscc Elertea I. Itie
l s.lse stssiir- iwei.-w.
K-U....... J-.. C-, Xov.29.-At 12 o'efcefc ' SSr.snui DenveSI to 582; S
m.tby, inajmntnieeun,- of theUegisa-1 - j. Ini!;anan.lK S-- to
, ex-oovemor -t .-- -.". ..... , - - rn(i0 raUs, uncliann.it.
-- Y's-s. s-.- . I -.. I I lilt (Sal W.-.II ------.
Senator. The vote mooj, ance.;
Jolin Speer Before the Grand Jury.
Indictments Found
Topf.KA, Dec 1, IsTO.
;-!Hal I h-paicU to Th Tiuim.
The civil ca-s agaimt John Hpcr, x you
. .1-r. sinrs.. are isitoier
- T
till next summer. The (irand Jury are still
at work getting te-timony in regard to the
criminal pro-ectuioii. The bimhiiof tluir
Iatsirs seem to ! to di-cover the ai.thor of
the Mulis Ittter which appeared in Tin:
TlMI mipic time since It is the general
impreion h re that there will be no trial of
, , i .i . .t i . ..
any of the ra-cs, and that the h.e matter
will lie debinl until the wiliie-is ate all
dead or othcrwi-e di-irsil or. No other
busing of importance ha. et been trail-
1 i. -, ,-
',c1t'', . TlBBs.
Latjk. '
l-dallw-iath).i ihr Tunes.
Tori-K, IK-c 1 The grind jurr hale
Mind feven indiitmu.t, again-t Ss.r, five
. , , .. - , -.
again-t Ilarriclow, and le agani-t an
llom. One of Sinir's indiitments i fir
Alsmt forty lawyirs. including Judge.
Dillioii ami Dilaliay, wire js.ij.iHil last
flight by eating game at the holil-.
A il-sM-rnlt SliuolH n , ri.
Kva.-vii.i.k, Imi, Nov. "M. A de
vrado, uamisi IVlliaui, a-saultnl n inof-Im-iie
iitaii at IainLr. t'mon Towu-hip,
in this coiiiiti. alsiut duk l.i-t night, and
. , - ,- . t i ,
wantollll shot hll.1 111 the luik.lt UMIJ'-
,,,! utally. i-.ilm.i Ihu. tnnKiland
n.ij.jcil his leioher at Mr. t mens the
iriirieo.r of the store whire the shisiting
istiirml, whin CniMiis tisik . niohir out
of his ilok ami shot rtlh.nu through the
l.rea-t. -iMln r nsigh, luiniii lalem, who
drew a knife, ieivhc.1 a shot through tin-
fhouldtr from Crawns'., niulnr. Oattui
tin n icail. IVlliaui i-tajijauntli dying.
l'tlham ami Ojtem Is long loag.oig ialli.1
the "Shawm-etown Iloys," from Miawnec- i
town and Covi-in-lloik, III., who h rte ls-cn j
:i it rror to that ueighls.ihissl. t
. ,.
x- ", .- r'
f.lllCA.ii, Nov. o.). in. I ...win, ioe of
theoldts-l and m.-t worthy .iimnsof Knox-
ville. 111., hung himself in toe tuurt hoii
- .- . .. , .
w,m ,:-' - ' '";-""" "'7JV
crul until this moniing. Hie cnu-e of his
suicide is Mippns.l to l grief caUHsl by the
arrtl of his son, who is jmstiiiaster at KnoX'
ville, for emiiuli tuent.
Tlie lrirn r.xjii-tlllloii 1'nbllr !rtl
Xh YoltIC, IKc 1. The new Darieu
Surveying Kxjietlilii.iisailnl from the ISnsjL-
lyn Naiy Yard, this morning, on the ship,
litiard. iirovi-ionn! for twelve months.
Thomas O. Selfridge communis the exjieili- ,
.? .. i .. ...ii , ..r ...... ,n.... :
lion, no. a .... i...,-. .. s.....w.-, -, "" -
mersam! scinitin.
ntlemeii acroiiiiaiir me :
. ... . '
jarly. The Saginaw ami Xijsieare
..tncI'a.iJicto cMiwrate with theCuanl. IVmlmg a di-ctission ol that t,uiio n jav
The i.uhlicdel,t stateinint shows a rcduc- ment to railroads for siiiii service will 1 de-
tion of 7(KW"0) laynl at the Treasury.
. ?; 'i ..!...".i.: .: nu.i A fleneral Onler from the War Itepart-
.v till I' ,. i.iv; ii.t- .
I""? - . '"'e !'
tug '-" dealers in glx
j.. iV. y, $jo,00l;
.1 IHV OSJK l.UITT litis IIH.I....., Ml .-
. . .. . I
llie looMTs are: . u. imii-
uss, Sat,000; Augii-t
buililiiig lUmagiil,
$8,t 0t. Insured in city comjanie
Rrvertll Jolin-on nti t llie .Inlininn
Youi:, IKv. '1 A notable letter,
w rutin liy Hon. licviniy Joiuison, ijt
Miuisur lu the Coi-rt of I treat I'.ritain, in
answer to certain inijuiries by llie President '
regirn tn tne
tenure of our ilaims again-t tneiiriii-u itnv-
tnimtnt, on account of the ilt-prctutioiis ot .
... .', vijoam, js ..u'disheil.
JIw.n istimati-s thi-e ilaims at thirteen
uiillions and advis-s seekirs after indemnity
to withdraw their tlemaisls from the L mted
Stales liovirninent an.l ajijeai to me t.ov-,
e . i..:..:.. !... :...!. ..,;..-
iriiuiemo. ,.rra. .-
Keiintntini; Inlrrnnl ItrifMiieS'lninsis
Ni:vv Yoiik. lVs:. 2. Tin re i- a regular
bu-iness rarritil on in this city by liiijirni- Slate on the jilatromi oi.jk1 to the isiiilnl
eiole.1 inrtics of oltainina. wa-Iiing or nn- crate administration. His ojusinenls claim,
orating and jmtting ui.ii the mirket In- however, tliat the-c facts will have little in-tirnallu-vei'iie-tamj.s
that have Ui-u u-c.1 , lluemv on Congress, since they al-o remetii
and cancclleti. The stiiiijw are so neatly lsr that a-Governor of North Carolina he
and inginioii-Iy nnuvatetl or wahl, that was as bitter a rehtl as any man in the
ihev aniBirasVcllas new. None but ex- Smth.
.ins can tell the difleniice-
Wall street
Urn lhssleil with them.
.r.l.erl.1r..r.s.i...Kro,.c.. ni-
II. u:t CosriST, IKsiL-A steamer
-!.1. ' . , . r '. .i.t ....:... : i:
will ie tioiniiiiiii mini iiiis isoit. ............
m lie o. Jrch of the steamer li.U rt l.wc,
,i..ir . ni"il in n tiairiii the l-ihle-. Tl
latter steamer was sent out lo it pair tlie came
of lSoil, and the steamer ninth is to follow
will carry infonuatioii ih.-i the .-..hie of 155
has su.l.ft nly ii-a-iil working, ami .ixvruiii
if the interruption was not t-iii-nl hv the
liwc's grappliltg tin wrong cahle.
T:ir Ir.tii It fnlile.
NiwYiiki: IM- 1. -Ihe I"ii is-h ial.se
still work- finili ilw.ii.l, Is.l up lo this
hour ..olhin- h'xs Issn riiTiwil o.nliniiiiig
.1... .,-.rt,.l .nniiiilatioii of Paris: 11 is un-
doiil.ttillvwilln.iit foiinihlioii.
--s-l .-- '.-. ...
V lreic nlile IlioStrii.
lyoMsiN, l)is. 1 The (iihralur and Jl.il
S.iiahlfishnikiiiss.iiiewhinkJtwii Li-Ism
and tSih.-aller. Meiwages for India ...id ihe
Ilistareiiowforwartleilirterlainl l..lhiMid
iierraiRtan tisi-t ami from the nee r table to
Malta, to I'-jypt and down llie ltcd S-a, and
across the Indiiu lkw.11.
sfle4ii.e-s It, i:nrtir.
Xfu Yobk, IVv. U The following tles
tiatih isHibli-hcsI hy aulhority: . The Kihlic
is n iiilitil that, although ihere will.lwiuu-id-eraliletl.ljv,
we can md slowly lo Kurojie,
throiighthe rnneh c;.lilc Tlterelore message
will l nveitisl and iranniitll as early as
i-silile, and in ll.c exact ordir of their rc-
ceptii'ii. ... ,,
(Signed. CMtt-s.lln.n.
fcnprrmr- -Mrl Ilrs-i.it.ii-Sal J-cci-tlenl-1
nan Shut tenil itlillf ileal
IMS his Y He.
Ciik-ai-k, Is', !- In the Nipreiiie Osirt
of this Slatr.ithasjtM lie 11 tlriidisl tliat there
U no powir to confine .1 child in a reform
mIiuoI, unli-s it has Urn iimvictetl of crime.
This deci-i.si will relea-ea large ntunherof
children from our re fonu schools.
At Monmouth, III', this morning, while
the omnibus wasstaiidii.gatthedii, which
tuntained three young lailii-, an euiplojiu
of the train, whiih arrivetl a few moments
In-fore, out of pure tRn ilment, bltw the loco
motive whistle; tin? hones started on a run
and the loting ladies jtiml fnmi the omui
lsis, hufone in doirg so, was fatally injured.
The iroplc in Monmisilh are Uglily indig
nant at the conduit of the man, and there
are threat-of lynching him. He lias U-eii
guilt v of like o'tfm-cs. U fore.
At I'ekin, Ills, un Tuesday, while I'at.
Iloile was lasting hi- wile he was shot dead
hv'MrCti-tler, aneighlsir. The allair las
rail-.il mmliVxritement in Ilkin among the
Trouble un ine Jlorriw la JM
Krle Ka-TrrUflw IM-lnlnesl-Thr
llwl Riser Briflcr rlrrsi.
New Yoiik, IVs-... Trains.... the Mr-
' C. U" ....! 1 "-.:.. 1itlrr.ii1 M.'r.s.lft-llllPtl
se'veral hours ,hi.'wins-l !.e .-t nsl.of
llergen Itlll.icl, owin It. reiientii ihih..v-
betw ecu those coiiijanic-. 1 lie orknien nil
the Morris.. Essex atteniiitttl to Jit down a
double frog for the jiurjsise of ninnin; nar
rewguage cars through the tunntl. The
Eric jilaced a locomotive on tlie track where
the connection was making to prevent work.
Several hour" later a ciiinprimii-e was
effected, and the accumulated Erie trains
tasssil tlinuisli tne inline., oui as i ..kmiis
i Essex trains xerc about moving, the traik
wxs again obstrui-tctl by a freight train.
Thus the matter remains at pru-nt, and
there is no hope t.f a settleiucni.
Gov. Kandoljili has Ixvn telegrajihe.1 to
and is cxjiectetl to inlcrefire. I-irge lsslies
of workmen of lolh nods were pre-cnt, Isit
a large force of silioc prctntslLstDrbancc.
Jim Fi-V; left for the rsstl of war a- 'J t,Vli-
A fire broke esit in one of the diambcn.
of aca-sinnof the East lli.er bridge, wlikh
ticeasionetl consiilcralile alarm, Isit was as
suj.jsxsl linally extinguislusl Ly st.ute la
Ixircrs t.n duly at 8 t.r tl o'clock this iiuirn
ing. It was'afterwanls found tluit the lire
still j.rogresin. Titc entire Fire IV
iartnie.it were called out and tngaysj n
ll.si.lin the cassitHb It will caue cvr-id-iralile
delay in the jimgress of the fonirda-
lion of the Imilge.
Keslnetlon oflnrlir.
Vi-ie Yor.ir. Doc. i The New York
Central, Hud-oil Ui.cr, Erie ami I'ensyl
vanU Central lines have ju-t adopted a new
li-t .f jiri- for lirlet- tn several iuiisittan:
Weslem noinl. ili3erii:g somewhat from the
! tariff mrTced ution a few days since. To ft.
. .. :. lj.. 1 fm -SJt.iC-
ri -cress of Ike Explorerm.
Ha .". Dec Te Crued Mates
IIavasa, Dec i Tae Crued
( exploring expeditioa has arriv.d at Teli-an-
the leavenworth: weekly
i Tkr rivillaisur tlla
T the
('In ssrstartowat
Wjuiusctos. Xot. 29 The estimates for
the next fiscal year, as furnished to the Chair
man of the Committee on Appropriation, it
appears, will show a very considerable redoc
. Hon over those of last year. The War De
partment shows the greatest reduction. The
Against Xavy Dejartment remains the same, $20,
000,000. The total deficiency bill will amount to
$l,000,OuO a decrease.
The report of the Commissioner of Educa-
tion It a voluminous document, seventy -eight
iogesin length, and.with accomnanyingdoca-
f"". "'."?" a """eo. uw i-sw
lia I jiiiiiniBiinfUir dnidlS flu. .Vtim
.. vU.uwnv..v. j...-. -- -J
l'rus-ia a Hijenor to our ow n.
Of the American State retwrts on schools
that of Illinois Is said tn be the most com
plete. Several Western States cemphin of
a diiersion and waste of school funds. The
condition of the educational work in the
tSxithi treated of at length, and the progress
in each State noted. The upshot is, that
nianv of the States Iiave good systems, but
i(. -, hv or .. xKn to btse
,-ja, mikes them inilicient. Tlie provis-
' ion It tlie Government, of a system of free
schools in the Territori U urged and a
sihime of CongrtaMonal action is sulimilteU.
Isrgehpaceigien to the consideration of
the islucation of the Indians. Siiue general
legHalion in aid of an Indian school sytem,
U a.-ked, which system ought to be. in a
great ,art indu-tm!. IWcssor Day
f ew Haiin, funa-hed an intere-ling
,n .,.,, ,,,,. nltaIW .ary for the luca-
,; anj Auuricaniiing of Chinese emi
grants. There n much atiu me reuiiom
of education and lalsjr, anil statistics of com
parativeillittracy of males and females in
the New Kngland States, which, the Com
missioner sajs i apalliiig and shows the
necessity of "a more tliorougli iilueation of
womeiia-i a sure means of ppunoting tlie
gimral intelligence. Among othirtopic
trt'alt.l of are a projsss.il Nati.nal Uuiier
silv at tli.-i-Jpiul, teailn rs' assixiatioits, col
lege -tatities, agrii-uhural ami seimtific
t i. r.......i.. 1..-.I. ii.klitiilij.ns fur
miiisii", ixii'iiii-iwi r.--.. , ...-..- --
j,,;,,,, .j,,,,,) ilIilJlc .! lnr, and
..-,. j.U.U wbenver i-ibli-.
g,.,,,,,,-,. ta, n. All.nilli- le ilti
ullj" In Inuusllils: les.intrli-.
k Youk, Suv.'VI -The steamer Uoh-
rt" y,BCMit,i fmm Heart's Cuntint on Sa!-
Ilr,JaV la-l to noir tlii'ihleof lfjO, which
,, IiijurnI alssit ixti-lie milis from llu
(it. "e haie just' received informatioii
tiat the rable of l'-tVi IiaH al-i cea-iil work,
a1 ,j13l ,io fait isalsit the same di-tance
fQm jin',, CoutinL It is therefore j.mla-
,jat ,,e siimr lias graijilnl the wrong
cable. As the steamer is on the sisit it is
h-ls-il both cables will -sin be rejaired. Al-
,, h ,lt. j.nTCl cMc u aMc , ,,,;,
trf;aril with about its iwial f.iilily, it is
,... ...... .-.,,. .,,. ,1.1.. t.. ir:ir.
iiuill rouiv: iiiian""ii v.tn-. .....-..i .-- ..-
. ;-,"lrrt,r ;v, n
i meat tlillicultvaii'l
that for the i.rcs-
lit messages lannol Is'reirivetl for any nrt
of Kun.js--. The public will Ise informttl at
the carlic-t jwssibie moment that messages
ran Is.- rectivtil for Kuroj.
feigned. CvilLs W. KlKI.li.
n nlrrrsllncitesllott lIr I-lilnl
-!MmrlthliiK ibnt llilrrcsts Miltllrr-..
WAsiiivmis, IKf. I. A ijuisJioii
uhetlnrthe Treasiirv IVjartnieiit ran re
serve for intere-t due from railroads to w hich
fiil-idiesof land have Ui n granted for the
entire amount mvanie
for mails and traiis-
..,:.... ,. L,.l: l.o.lS., relarv
i-....-m.,- .. ........... .... -
. e .1... T...i.. .. ,1... llliApni.t' l.i.t.rsl
"' ""- i"s: ". .
. . . .. , ,, , 1
.. j l.n l.nr.iro. ItCtv l.tllim will 1m.
'""" - ... .' -- -
cliargeti agamsi ever; eiiuwi uu. i ...... ...
" '? -sj .'" i",. " ." ;-
loading musket ot Miarp s or neiiiiiiuiginii s
Mir.rlse al the Urrliau or Kxiat
ernor tssff.
Wa-hiv.ton-. Dec. 1 Considerable sur-
j.ri-ssl is e pressed here at the election of
ex-dovenior Vance to the United States
Senate, by the l.cgislattirc ofoortli Caro
lina, to succeed Senator Abl)tt. His jKiliti
ral di'abilitii-s, for jiartiiijiatirg in the re-
Kllion, never have K-n removed, and it is
the genital opinion u.ai ujngrr-. mu .
fu-etu relieve him now, and his admission
to the Senate is therefore regarded as very
uhtful. Itissiii.tsil thelriendsorthecx
-" - --
C.i. nior will uriretliat he oi.ii-ed secession
.j tieS(aL. fXllrtll Ca,iilla wet out
of the Union, and that during the war he
was tlcclcd Governor by the s-oilc of that
AiiliexHlloii r MinBrprK tt" I'ol
1,1 Malei The I'oslinaslerUeuer.l n
WAsiiiM.Toy, Nov. 30 There arc ijiutc
. 1.1101I. r i.f ('medians at nrc-eut in this
tin. ulio will o.ierat.c with O'lonough in
',,'-1 i,.-Wl rli.. for annexing Winnc-
1-eg t the l'nill Stales. Scleral j.n.1.11-
mnt Northwestern i.li!iiiaiis. are claimtsl
------ - . - :-!
to I ii.tenMeil in the scheme. wh.e arrival
hen- is auaitnl in-forean interview is had with
the I'rvsiduit or any action takin.
The I'taitniaster Oenenil's reiirt shows the
ordinary mvenuesof this IK-kirliiienl for the
lial ie;ir ending June :"0lh, 1870, wcreSU',
772,0.5."). and the cxiamdiliircs of all
kinds S2l,'JiH,h:57.fi.T. For the year cndul
June :Jhh, lMW, the ordinary rcienues
wercSI8.:HI,"7.72, and the vxnditiins
I S2i5.fiW,ir.l..sl. llie increase l revciniei
for the tear I7d m.r the itar liM.'J, was
SI,I37,70:ii.iiid tlieiniTea-tilexiiHliluri-s
.yKI,:s;.i:i. Showing a net increase in the
1 rci 1e-isi't sJI T1..T.. uin- Hi
ictiii'.i --. .,.-. ...... a..... ---
the nr.iiv of (he lKurt.utnt on
i the .anli of June. Ib7, 7,'Jt'J
Lnirjitors for Hie Ir.iii-isirlaiiou o.
llie mail-. Of mail n.utis in oieratiou Ihire
wire sl, jggri-galing in lcnth tlll.-t'J
mills in aiintul tran-iN.rlalion OTjOilJlsi
milt, and in annual cud, $18-i,810.o.'t; ad
tlin' ihe t.iiieiisatio of railways, ii-t-..Ihi-e
1 lerks, route agints, l.s-al agents, nnil
iiii-i net n. nnil route nieveiiscrs and log-
gage ma-tirs in charge ot n-gi-terctl iacK
ages, amounting to SI I7,5?U, the aggre
gate ann.nl cost was $12,:V,.rl:5. The
n.iu.Ur of losses hy mail during the year
was .".,071, of whiih" 1,571 were registired
lettirs, iniolving lows amotii.tiiii' to Sl,
:K).;,7liS a tii-iderahlc sirtion ol whiih
haie Wen rectitireil. The nimiU-r of an
re-ts for the vioblion of the pis-tal laws was
1 lo, and the nunils-r of nmvictions of those
who were hnmghttntri-ilwasril. Theremain
tlcr U-ing relea-ol, atipiitleil, or held for
trial. The tlciarH'ieiil is coi.slantly availing
itsilf of all lire means within its reach
tugitr nrfeil stsiirily to the mails, jnd to
l.ri.ig lo ju-titv any" t.f its emplojcs who
liildlo Ihe kiii(ilatioii to violate the tni-t
reie.l in them. The lWmastcr (Setwral
relers lo irregtiljtion and had sen ice by some
railroad iiimionic-, and has reacl.c.1 the
iii.H'li.sioii iliat Ihe ivnivnsation of railroads
for in.il -en ice is inadciptatc and recom
minds a rcadiii-tmint of their ay.
ttlille lebl Malrmrsl.
Va-iiim:toX, Iec. 1 The following is
Ihe recapitulation of the public 1I1U state
mint: Is-M learin. intcnt iu tisu .,. $ I,i4af7."2,lW)
111 Intern.! W.OH.MI
ls-11 Warin? Ibterest lit lawful
ny'iK-v ,
IteM on whiili inten-t ha 4ea.cI
3,511, tie7
si 1,4X7, 31
IKtM Israrim: n liileret. .
Tittal am.Hint .tutttaD'UDg.
Total intere-t- -.-..
Total -liM, irinciji an 1 Interest
t -late, imlu
ins i Mr ret Uue an
Amotint In the Treat ur .
Peht, lev aniocut in Treasury
IecreaeorilieW.t timing the part
IVs-rea-eirf.leM inee Marth 1, 170.
uiivds is-iEli TiiTllKracinc CAILROlll rOWPA'
Amount outstarsiic,
let-'i5", I
I' Ii'i'.-
I uteret aceniej aisl ist yet lat.1 .
Inlere-t 4i.l l.etlie Lnlletl tattt
Intere-t n-lil lwt l.y trali-l-ina-
i,sl-l". f
6,3.7,S.'il W)
llunt.I ltMniau.
j l"-", -rJ Jf
. t-u.twius nseir..s insuine i:in 10
the ISlhof Jtoeenilr,nelusiTe, at
New Yorfc .
2, 0.57,113 (!
3l'.,9.ll (-
s,r. la)
11S.5S1 00
sn Framiirti
Xallasutir-wsveilwrisielail.Bi Leae.
WasIIISi.tos, Dec. 1. Tlie annual e
sion of the Cirand Xalicnal Council of the
I'nion lyeogue of America, will be held on
Pec 14th, at the room of the Jfatinnal
Union Club, Chestnut Street, Philadeljihia.
Gov. Geary will preside, and delegations
from all sections of the country arecxcted
to 1 . .reent.
EU-al "Sid
eateial Ke-
Washisotox, Dec . Tlie annual esti
mates so far fnmilieil to lhe t..iln.ui t.f
the Committee on Applanations are: For
the War IVjiartnient. ?-,Sw,-08; avy
IViartmeut, .0,-S,S17; Pension OfSce
$il,-VKWf l'rovi''el cirtatn unexcted
balances ran beu-sil; other i-e $:,0W,"00
will lie nipiiml; Lc--isl-the, Executive arsl
Jiitlitiary IVrtments, ,,l-,--l. The-e
.-nm-ii.-I inrhiile no additional sums xs lave
fin.ierlv Us... onertil under the head of
"lubiMTS available" or .inexpcnileU lol
anees." Tlie total estimates for th next
fis.Ivcarwil!Uaijisit$SO,000,OUO, inclu
sive of all baliK5es of former appropriatioi-i,
these having reverted to the general treasury
under tlie art of Jnly 1, 1870.
Tlie increase of the laval force and the
completion of the nine friirates of war, rww
on the docks in a half finished condition,
will be pressed by ihe .'resident jnd Secre
isr. of i!.e Xavr. and it is believed that
about 3,000,000 will be appropriitetl f-r
this purpose.
Tlie reiiort of the Controller of the Cur
rei.cv will show that on 1st of October the
number of Xational Banks that liad ln-en
organi-edwas 1,715, of which eightv-eigl.t
had been placed in liquidation, leaving
1 C27 in operation, with a paid in capital of
$436,-78,311. The -mount of United
States bonds deposited for security for the
Sayment of the circulation, was $342,833,
50, and the notes issued amounted to $331,
718,901, of which $39,729,879 was in actu
al circulation. There are over 200 additional
applications for new banks, assuming to have
in all some 26,000,000 of capital, but it is'
believed that half of them, if not more,
merelr existed on paper, and can never be
NtateamM MB tallest KIH Tresw
Wamiixgtos, Dec. 1 The statement pre
Iared by the United States Treasurer for
tirirate 'information, .hows that tlie Govern
ment has iaid of the bonded debt alone from .
March 11, 1869 to Nov. 11, 1870, in princi- j
Ial, interest and premiums, $182,912,787,
equal to $333,837 per day. Tlie total pre-1
mium joid lias been t"21,317,594, ami inter
est, $2,035,.16, on the jiurchase of $159,- (
eo. "'t t ttl Cot. t.tuld uTm.. tllA lift.
03Jtl'Kt Ol Sj.llltl cwilswin.T.u.v .w .....
of March, 18V., on which day the Secretary
of the Trcasurv made his tir-t jiurchase for
the sinking funiL The total of the estimate
for the year ending June 30, 1871, $293,
516,732; the amount approjiriated for the
year, $272,:Xss,3:t7; totalestimate for the year
ending June 30th, 1872, as prepared by Scc
retarv Uoutwell, to lie subnntteil to Congress,
are $2J;0,272,3SC. Tlii- riumates are ex
elusive of the unexiiended balances, which
amounted on llie S0:l of June la-t to $86,-
000,000, ami which arc rendered unavailable
by the fclh section of the act of July 12th,
1870. Had the-c balances remained avail-
.. :... i.l ,.ll.l.
auie, ine jifT-eiii .snuu.n ,ou .ju.w
Iiave Iieen Iietwirn forty and fifty millions ciiecnBl. t detdopnient ef the l-ljr. Ginsunii
liclow the i.re-ent figures. Tlie Treasury
I Vjamnent1 now prints 4.1W n..i of the u- b ulke-I of, sisl .U,,- the ,ou.l. i. reu.uI (
jiithlic debt statement in German, and 2,000 fmm Kk,j ,! t into t.e countrr. ThU is une
in Knsl'li. All prominent liankcrs and , ..,,, i
!..! ". l ...1 ,l....l ,n.r.n.lsrIe.Olthe ..rt nioTeiuents. ltu.isl fruia urjinary
supplied with cojiies of the till stateinint.
The s.n.itwiH'-r Mapsisl mal
nt.ru lie trtiiiiiiv in .ih.mbm.
WisiilM.TtiX- Del'. 1. Gill. Slhelul,
Chairman of the Committee on Ways and
Menus, has armed, and with AUyiunl,
Nihbck, Alliju and one or two ther mem
l.rs..r iheComiuittee. m lure, iiroiis-otu
go to work ami rt tare the legislation for the
......:... biti.n lien. Schenik. with a 1IL1-
t :... " .1 ..To..... I,. I,m. I..n hi-inl .
lorn in ii. ..!.....- " .. -
from on the Mibjeit, are opiusvit to an in- 1
irvi...rfllstlX on
un13s.11. niiurts .1 s j
no dotii.1, howeiir.tiut a sln.ni; etlorl will is;
made hv the Westtrn whiskey rim;,tohaie
llie t.ix'intn-1-iil, Isiit he due not think thai
ihev will lute anv cflect ujioii the Misi-e.
With refiriuiv In the minors that lave Uvii
afloat for some time al.sit Schenik
heins otleml the mis'Ioii to Kngland,
while he is tcry ritii-int ahout
it, lie neither thnics nor contirms the
retort. The UliiT is penenil amoii); the
Westem iimnUrs and Sinators tliat
Silicuik is tiled iii.ii hy the Tre-idim.
The InsihlesUtun 11 the State ollicials at
Moiitp.mery, Alahun.i, has led, to the !- 1
lief that the" l'rvsidint would direct I!elknai j
toiveonlers lo the Gtneral commandijiK 1
that Uartiuiiit, to interfere, hut on immiry I
the deiartiuis fails In ohtain aiiylhins jul- I
ifvinc such nrt. The trts.jrt ikiw at!
Montgomery have li 11 therefor isime time
ileiartmrnt eoiiiinandt r, (5eii. Terry, who is
tcnilrurarilr on dutr in Washington. As
soon as ( Sen. Terry heard of the reiiu.sition ,
fortroohe lelvprai.hl diUemit in-lruc- .
lions, hut the cuard nail his.'n funiished Is.- I
'. . . . s t ?. 1 .. I '
fore tlie instructions not 10 lunn-il 11 reaeun.
their de-li.uilion.
Lotlrr) l'roresstK-nletj shoal llie"
-ros-Mtr 1'rl.nnersi Altempl 10
v sViMisii IW. tL The net nro-
iwls t.f the Mercantile Uhrary U.ttery ,
amounts to S310,0!.
a- il.nfsiiiivMrini has eoiumincisl sreat
anxiety alsmt'tlie cnii of the comin;,' sea-on (
is uisnelieu llirouS.ioui uic ,c.
Theiinsonersoftlicevada Slate I'rison
made a de-lierate attemiit to e-caiie vesterdav.
livcROt out of llie main toor ami aitackeii
ti. mnnl trli.i .lint one tlejil and morlallv
l,ordemllhireforthe.ns-i.t. The guard "TIJ.-.o wsV Tltr.Vll1 ' l.yl-.-tffi.T Money rnl, r..r "asierrl JfeW HaVeil Temple OTgailS
mvlltlrf.in.isl.isH5ov.Smill.washyalorallJCTWr.MU JlUCllUl I '"", Adlress.ll.,rJsn.nle..n.iuun.e...ous.o r
.ra.,.,'nd..rand without the sanction of the -" www -w vmJJAMS & Co.. Jewelers, , A" .I""1K",.,."S-.1;
1 :. ... .... .ii. ..jii.i tost nior i.ii.m ins.iH
wounded two. He thin shotar.otl.er through rary Miflinioii and IsMofMgbt, WantofAlten
Ihe the-t and cadiinI ihe fifth after a ilc- () n linM MuM,ltJ.f iinei., with Horror of
lHirate strnjsle. '
society. Nothing fa more desiralde to such patlenls
nTv"Zv"!"ll'-lX sU-e, and .,....i.S...ey ...ore dread, for
relunis of the manufacturim; intcrc-ts of this
citr show the caiiital invcstnl in suih hu
ineslheSll,71 0,0.iS. umls?rol males im
luted ovir al years of age, "JS.'JTi; numher
of "females imployisl, -J,sSG; nunilur of
(hihlren and youths employed, i,0U.'5;
amount of wages '(aid, S15,lK)li,'j:il; value of
material u-sl, sisj,.ni,ur; value 01 pro
duction, SlO-VJllW- .
The OBIelal Caninu..
Fp.ni theT..;skM Oimmonweallh.
Two Counties have not been officially re
sirtcil Uepiihlic and Wallace. They would
slightlr ii.crea.-c the IU(iublican 111-ijority.
Aciiinling to these figures the majoritit-t
are as follows: Ctmgre-s, II. I'. Iaiwc, 10,
176; (Soiernor, James M. Harvey, 0,167;
Lieut. Cotenior. I. I. Klder, 2I.0S3; S-retan-ofLnte,
V. II. t-.uaIlwo.sl, 21,137;
Auditor, A. Thmnan, 21,316; Treasurer, J.
K. Haves. 20.25S ; Attorney General, A. L.
William-, 20,M"i; Suiierintcmlent of INihlic
Iiisitiiction, 11. I). MtOrty, 2:5,612; As
ii..le J.Miec Stiprinie Court, Irivi.l J. llrew
cr, 22.02S.
Tl,..ii.et. a Ta.ria-il ItkT.tnla. iliilllttlt. fllO
1VJ Mites .a-t for (.o.irnor in W.ssN.n
County wire reliinml forjudge lame. If
.n.s-flv reti.rntil, ibis Onuily would in-
crease I'iov. H.irvej's m ijorily 2..0.
Thelot.ll ote cut for (Sovenior, incllld-
ing "st-.iltering, was i.o,l..i.
Ik the real design ofthe !x-.iiiuorth GiW
U- to damage fiov. CirmyV luww for the
senatorshiii, it i. mrtiing the wrong ci.ur-e
to siih-erve lhal ihsign. Whither the tioiern
or he or lv not a candidate, grf-s .nonal as
saults, iii-piml by ...otivis of nialiiw or d.ii
jpisiintuient, arc'nd likely to prejudice him
wilh the his-ts of gisslai dlnie men through
out the Stale who are proud lo he t-.illtd his
frimds. Thomas Carmy as a i-n-ihle enn
didate for the S. 11 itc, is one thing; Tlu; mas
Carney as a man, a gii.tlen.au and a c.litin
is alsne the i.ilcer lliugs of anoiiyiiious
is?nny-a-lin rs. jTyIa 0smiomsx.ii.
Ti.ofiu.i; I'Kt.nicrni i.v iiiimu
Xi.tf Yoiik, Nov. :i0 Atltiirs from
Home represent a growing hostility lo the
I'ope and prh-ts on the iart of the ci.ple,
and priilict that a hhssly collision m.t-t take
plan-, aml.th.it Tio-Niiio will not Is: s-rmit- ,
tnl to mini., there long in any cap-icily.
f P P
f f f $
IT Kll.t. rilKVESTSr CVF.E VOXll'MfTlOX.
That Cough, which you axe neglecting, may
result in fatal Couumptlon. If some
prompt Bemedy Is not used. Why
t.acrtce your life when your Dis
ease can be cured so quick,
and at so small a cost I
Whutuli- 'u!ueo Monty WifntomjjaitJlo
AUvii'n JLiiiig BalNAiii,
Is warrauteil t rik uitlie n-t tntuMeouie
OriDEh in ui incrM.Wy uort,time. . TlwreNno
rrmedy that ran hi-r more eTiJence o
oi real nit n.
than thi It.IM, f.tr eurin; t"o.MSir-Tt'c,
t-.rOH, MLVt, .STIIMj., ITBrttr, AC.
ft li tf.swl . lHta h -.. -- ..-. f-s t.l-ati ..
tnt "anril '" ,h r-Uie; an.l In this r-hort time it
1 nM '"issue knuwn arsl apirerial-l in Dearly eeerr
town an.l TtllagY t hrouichuut the United futes ani
the Is.ruinionufCana.l. Ilun.lre.ts of lhouin.li
of lsitlles are annually sol.I. an.1 tb..uianjstf wit-
nesss ttsttifr t ita unequallnl tower In bealin; the
di-.es that it is rees.niien.le.l IVir. .
It U Sold by Medicine Dealers Generallya
Call foe "AI.I.r.'S L-XIS HtI-AM," aisl
hun llie uie of any oilier Balsam, -sutt(.nnei4e.
men mar tleeeiee you wilh their own worthless
J. N. HAEEIS & CO., Proprietor-,
roc saL ar
iki. ... I im V.
n.ll K A 1IM,
OI1.I.IN1 nut-.
rCUJrK. I INCH A l-Ul.Ltl-tsll.l..wl
-u J.kii.
J St. Nhiis.
c-.ot.in5 In e.err nuruber -'tie
ttui'lte ix Ue t4sry ralue.1 at Hi. Forty --" (
f4ber matter, vrariy SI. r-M iy ?eie--r-ai
IQrentirrt-ry. lseJul IYeniiun,. jr--. ca-.b
to be arjLlel f-T irije elnf-. T.nien ejT
lire. .VMir-t-h. .-. Vnj. tHir:b, N. Y.
ill liir hor with .titer ur nrpr Ify, -rbkh
willnwive tl-el-ayertlie imoeof new ralr oJf .bn.
Cowisaml with ncced tncs audi dirty rtnrtine.
IQf T are rwauilliu. - -j tu. - -irni, iij ii.
Cant- ift-leon lbs quiet, !- parties who are uti to
rult witUmt IntertVrinir with ther Isisinr-a.
ArMms. eun-.lent.--T. JAKES K00D CO.,
(31 Broa-way, H- T ot- --Swi:i
A fTf S rR week or allowalar-ee. !.:
fion to sell our new InTentioas. AJ Ires.
J. W. FBDJK 4 Ctt, Manhall, Mreh.
times : Thursday, December 8,
in arfrBi -sroTTjja-a-
.iron;, tsit Id m few ?rsr how often tLe ulsl hue,
th, iitHu.irr rje and emaciated Sna, aisi the i
... . , . .
uniWuv of a.j.hratlon lo luenut cflori. .!.-
iu tuneful influence. It on;itne eTilent to
ike ..Wrier tliat soui dcnrwlni inaueare U
di,er.,,of lhecer-t Inuring srenes t.f ll.stllj,
t!iciewrtt.e l.tly, l.s. niutlientitildl topte
zrtlo the healthful aisl mral eiertlss, thutihu
arc lunitst iuvaidi uj.ii Ihtui.. lies.
If llie iiilieiit is; a teuute, liic afftuaihi the
wensrs is Ht! fr will, auiielr, aslhe first .yi.i
Hsu ill wl.Wi Xslurr lsl..h.iw Imtsj.ii i.ct in
,IldaM11 tlte-c irrnlatl. jislil.lthil.els.k will.
the I.IM.i oTLrallh. Alas! Inrrt-a- of aj-isrlile j
has Rruwii l.y hal it f-i ti; Ihe mercies of ths
syslnii an-.nr.tralt.l, and llie wln.le ts-iioiny i j
deraugeit. Thelsuliful an I wonderful ril in I
wblili l"ly aisl uuul urvlergoso tiinalliu a
flunks frotu child I., w.simii, i.l.Lis sir iu lain:
Tlieuniitihsjrt Wet.U in aimety, aisl Cinties
ttierrraielsit wrfiliusf'irllsiictliu
11. t. 11 Ki.niMM.irs
,., WMVnrw,Ilwfn-arltr,.H-,jly mln.
.. .11 i.i. .1 ru..n.. 1 ' 111.
crellon, aiieisjt.i sun i..v-.b-j , (
dL.-ition lo Kertin, ! i.f Tower, I of
Miiuory, Ilillicully of lirrathlde, Ceneral Weak- J
ness, Ilorrurofl)iie , Weak SerTes, Treml.Iiug, ,
. Iir.-a.lful Horror of Death, SUht .sweats Od.1
Feet, Wakifulue", IMiuncss of bl.m, lanjuur, ,
UniersaIIasiiudeof tliemuseidir : system, tinea
Eourniou, .pitite with :ii.irtIe?yI,,,u'N l,M
Hands Hudiln of the B.ly, Iiryaeisof thestln, ,
Countenance a.sl Eruptions on the Face,
IVin in the Hack, IleaTinen of Eyelids Irrouenily
.., E wi.liTe.urn-
Fear of Theui-clies; no I-j-rs- of Manner, lit
tjiniestness, n..siulali..nf l.ul a hurrie.1 Trans
ition from one iuciti.n to another.
TlM-esrnipliiiusifaHowi-l lo is. on wlnth this
Medicine iiiTariaMy remoees s..n H.II..W livtid
rMwer.Fslinty, and Epileptic Kit., in one t.f which 1
Ihe patient i.uy i4re.
I.ur.njtlie stiis-nntcn'leiiis.i.j l.r. W1I-.11 at the
IU.mnin.ale AstIiim, lhNa. n-siilt tssurn-l to
Iwopt.iciiti; rea.n ha I f.rstiiiic lert llim, and.
Imlli.liedorcpilcl'.y. They
and at.Hit tsenty years of ase.
wtre of Isstla sexes,
Who can say tliat lliese eaises are not
f rr-
.iii.lly fotUwr-l r tli-iM ilinful lwx-- lu4uilj
an-l ('.m'Utitin? Tlicr'fnlt'ftliolisiiK'.wjr'
I lun.San.l the nML.uih.dy death, by OimamHion,
j Lir ample witness to the truth oltiics- atsertiu..
. '"""" -3"""J "" """ "'''""IJ' u"-
(, 31-af. The touoteuanec is actually nxMen
Bit-l iimic "Icsiilui iiritlir MutU or -ruf rrr
Lit it. MwhM a KHin 1 of ll. oins wrur, it U
nreljr ailicuUtc.
WllIi WMtHsTfuI lll-33Urc 4lll lH-Mll
w Mill-n uifUtlfirgiuf Wguilfl.
Ulnl-t ixn-l lit rW.mrf lltcjilif- -li-t-a
air.i t-jm loin. wi-airi-rT-i'Ji-ol Ututtrr an i-
fjltljl.ts j;f of f llfltlltrj i'tX tl9 MIHIIl''l lllJ
' t-UIMrUrlH ( Js,
There is nu tsnic IiLe it. It is an author of kore
l llie .urjeun an.1 tutient, ana this b a tntluion j
of all wh. haee usl or l-reserilssl it.
Sold bv lriisxiH dealer
t Mr Bottle. Of SlX Bottles
- "- - v-i' :-
for $6.50
IHsenlr.ui.t..uisiu all 1-iuuiunuali.jni.
Ilr hk fc CbdMirMl WarelieiiMC,
..! IIKO -II.V.-Y. X. Y.
.MJ.NK AIX (.LNUINK nnlsss .l.s up in ,1.-1
engraii-l wnfrer, "ith fac nrailst-mr f --tuieal
Wareb-use, an.1 sign II. T. HKI-HJUJi.
A pn -ate intrtirt.r Cr laafTTie'l peron - r tbc
alsmit to Ie rutTir-I, Usth m-Jc aivl fetiae. In every
tbinc f cnreniim tbe rhy-c4Ky and irlati-n of-rur
KenuIiTfitem. ul tbe nroiluction anJ preTeotlou
ftf-.ff-I'ni-S. iDcluslin all tbe new dbcoTeiH. neTer
lT-.r.- ti.r-i- m 1-I-- ji.ta-s t.u.u-,s-. j ..-..
terftinic wwk. It is written In plain lacc-ia-re f,r
the rj-n.nl nader. and I illiutnted rithnmr.fr
Auensninc. All ycuoxn-LTielieAt'-e, ortbe
eon teni latins; nuiTiace. and haTinc the ka.t Iin-prtlimr-nt
tumarricil life, sboctlil rrnl -hislmr.k. It
dl-rVe--- Prcn-t that every otehoaM be artiiuinted
witb;ttii tt il rnrK tuai mam. lorKea apana
tut lie abbQt the boo v. It viU be ent tn ldt ad-dre-
fan reeeipt of 50 tU. Addrrw Vm. VM.
YOUNt-, No. 41SpricS-rwta.Te Fourth, Pbll
adelpbia. or2-rl37
liEOS. OtEee No. 9, Foote'i BuiUinp, rifth
itreet, tor. of Cherokee. BfiMtaee Al door wen
of Flnt 31. E. Cbartta. J jltw
Mjai-r.ACTiE.uu or
i manufawJ:Ut.es. mk
nil the UcMTlplioiiH now
Ilu-s-sj., I.a.elstu ...auu0.lunsl aisl iu us-
T0..U1 Js wade, areu-sl eltluiiirly tsi ll Pseitc
wr. s.u.k at our.
Sit Lake sueet.
Culcaso, IU.
m ..r.svx.
116 and lis Vise street.
St- Loots, no.
C XJVntiaxl $3TWAtch!
Eureka Alnminum Gold Watcli Co.
nis. .rrt.istLi
I 361 Broadway, New York,
' . -.-.-,-. ml. TIIC H. MI1IAE
i tin r. ah ru a a s io .-.-. --- -
tauth.iznl them to sell Iheirsreat hun-ti Aiu
minuni (Ml Watches M inns- "-. "
warrant each and eif ry isie l tP rorrect meJ .
....- ... Th. watcn we cuaraii.tir ... .-- -.
',,i!r.,0rt.ls-?,ln7l).um. el.-iaii.ly ldshs.1, and .has II..
1.1 ".lV:-nii.l2r. andarej-aulifjllythail. ,
Therasei are .uadenflhe mCTU now .. widely
k,i!nlTEu"HwV.AIuiuinniui;..M. It has I h-
Sisifrf'il .hith t o.v rrli; il will
stand the test of the stn....-r. M id.; no ow ear. Ml
..nefuunhlishter.Thewurtiareal nia.lel.ymaehi-
n-ry. IliesanieastheweIII:n..wnA..incanwauh.
".-'. .. ... i .. . ....11 I.. nl wn.1
n-ry, iiMfsanisai tuts.-.. -. - , . .
We lack Ihe watch aMy In a small l-.l an I sen.1
it l.r mail l.i anv iorl f the Uuiusl Males on re
ip..f SJ.W; nnTejnl-J,r ,Mn. isxe
561 Broadway, New York.
I ..EllH.l.twIJS
100,000 ,as.OXsLES
KAXK.l!. I..1XU FOB S.M.E. j
I and are an.ng the Is.l In the Mate. Ther lie
In twenty dlflVrenl counties, seienteenof which 1
hate. I
H. A. I Xa -El. O -sX X 53 . 1
nvx,, ,.r within .N-nle- I
menti. Con.iJerini! the quality arsl Iretion, they
I are the
I Cheapest Lands for Sale ia the State. '
raicE-Fnmi Five to Ten Dollars per stir.
Inrtaniculars. ad-tress 1. 11. o.ifsr...
1 mary-lAwKS
T..fs.ka Kansas.
r. J. KIUIAEI.S, nx itisovta.
Rubber and Leather Belting.
Fence "Wire.
li.lJtCT II. R
Itclmuut VlitflitiB -'uiK
JohnDeere's Moline Plows,
i Buckeye Reaper, and Mower, Monrce 1
urui unii,
CANTON, O., Sweepstakes
U"c liare tlie Isit ais.irli.ie.il of
Iu ll.r sute. All Warehousr, II ij an-i M.k
sI.H by us will Is-ml up without
extra ihar,:e. Our l'k of
Tin-allsnlosi ..f Merthanlsis ralit-I to ioirM.sk
and rices. Or.lers -..litileii aisl .ruHi(.tly Slssl.
Corner Third and Delaware Streets.
ion SILK.
c.KK.vr baiu-aix:
I2K Sl.i:iN noX COUNTV, NHi: K5I
1 l-i'KIA, 160 arr- exrrllrnt laifl, iinorifVe.1
Molie InMi-e, 12 n-rttl-i lt Inrtle ill frtith
eni Kan ftaMnu t Urt Ihipi-s t-ne rvrrall,
lars uiiailin? inn f'.rtiick, K-rl will, a raW
IesiraMe hrmie, eTrrythinc riiml t- lml (-T
livlns muiliftalilr. ami makiiii money. All ll.r
the Miull Mire of S-V"" "3.f. "' lew than half
what the iiiimvi meriU ct. Apply t- A. ..
!II(t!NlHlTIIAM.tlU4l liUleAsi-n., .. Irl
awareFtrret, I-8Teuwirth. .tJi-Ww
Willcox cto C5-il3T3
s i: w i x a n a v n i x k
. ."or-il La-lies try tlietii.
Office 103 1-2 Delaware-st., LeaLTenwortii.
-rener.. .Rt Kan-a.
Ktr,Vtrw-nt--. Va..l-M..n
no 2-1 1 w
A. U. L.EK,
Cujs an.1 -ells .-!ruiut Uhi, l tl-s-a 5n-
eral lUnkiu lseiiusvt
XotiC- lO ToHflltTH.
rpili: I-V'.T E-CAMINATIUN' l Tlltlll.l-s
L -if Hie -eh.Js of ls-enwurth l-sinty, -r tho
year 1:70, will It hell at the
Western Iliisinf ".llcvt-,
nB-rt.fni.hanl Chen.ee atrre... on t-ATtK-DAV,
IlKCE-III-B L 18.". -.Miinientlnj at 10
M. 1 1. in. r.eonlsrof ,.,,.,.
iH,-Uwt.i the i-i:u.
IliTAnUIIIEIi IS 1 l". I
u t:ixii v QBiFFrrns-
&i -
t S.'IAslf ji -s4
,'rt "fi'Iih-tii ii irTiiri.-
Axes, 1U, t -eei. - -.-.---o.
and KUchlriery.
... .. ... .. i . . &
if) t.el III- Er-T, liiey win j.tuiw .i-3" --,-r- --
Irires rtsluee.1.
SfTsl Cr I-rire It snl Orenlani.
WhCII X UKIr Hill-.
l-p-toti. Ma,4r lVtroit.-lKfi
a ttorzioy . Ijvt
Special attention given to latent Law.
amesjcaw Asnrosuow riTKwTH o.uerrai
arollU-- f-i! Visshiii;t i -
ClllCti.O. ILUNUXs.
IU L. 31.SS15
s- CANKER.-, 1.EAV-
VT I"-
IE IVix KO. Wa.siimr.on, l. C , eol
letts all cUihi-. oTlus'. etainis aoin.it, lh- ImtetJ
t v - UinillZ IOP . Client .lujure ..lut.iuri.i, um..
cWiT'T ,"hfHr,f-mrt f 'jSZZr1 ' ioCBLEItSH. HOPKINS A lixSCU. ATTflE
" from the t.e.t- noT,"' J) stys AT LAW. C IXUware rtreet, lien-
"laie-. s9',nnijetl- iai.e --r-i,. -e--.v. --
"1T F OUIsWOI.I., Dmlls- OJHtr.
W . IteUware-sU, I.eiTenwont', Kinsu.
Hied in Ifcc I'aitca Stole.
alntirlM. Tl-y arr warranted Ilieir n-erte.l
(ta'i and a I-rofe.! ly mill men shent.rkn-.sn.
TS Carondclet itreet.
New Orleans, La.
arir llaoitln the marfcrt. It wawarJI lh
1'KtoMiUM OVEK Mriiiway,' Cbkkrnnf;.'
anl otlirrt at a ELitpn.LU iual at Fair nf Ai.wri -caii
Inwiiibt in rw Y.wt. ol! art J5 IVtavr
ant wamntoi Hra Ufrtim?.
Ute imnn.Teni. nti. This llano Is il.-cid.il by
.leather, lo be the ls.t w me pnee m.e. .....nry
I in.e-tM in the i:e.u is Is-tnr than ai ,r.i-nt.
interest. H-arranlet fur lite yean,
flTI- KcsVftsrr CftttaSTG
XHt3 JUtrt3V VWIalstfg3
si.l. ill.. KnM s.well. trnnn lvllows. lUnI lbant,
1 JuLllante ami Vox Humana Trem..l all war
ranted. Churches Teachers arsl Clrnryruen IIIi
I ally .lealt with. Aeeiiis wanud. Call or sen.1 f.r
circulars. ITices S."s to Sl. A p.-l organ, -stwls
5T3 : a fine onran wilh 6 st.s ?12. -A.
J. Vlfcl.E. Itenera! Aiem.
IIS North iath Mrtet, M. louu, Mo.
sale lN-aler in
I School ItoakHaua SUIIoucry,
CutoI's A Mitchell's VI.1 Mai", liujof, Jeo-
Icrai.h in. I.l..ls. MS...1 an.l OrSis- turnuure,
UIe1, TahleU, thlrt-s l1tiluM..liieal .taratusot
all kin-Is.
!s,'(). 31 DLL.VWAKK STREET,
I.oai en worth Cily, Kiihowh.
rrTlisonlr exeluiise xhwl Furnlhinjr. II.hi in
the stte."' febl3.1.awAw
YE.VST ruifiiKi:.
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II. U. ami the hest art lets prenared formaline llrll.
whokMHUS arsl drlirioas U1M I IIS HULLS
I1KI ID, (.lllliilLt: arsl other I' this, ic, Ac.
It is latiliilik-. arsl alwlia ready f..r i-smsllas
sis. Thelwst trtsT limlirUf.irnisanhieiM-l
mni.i.N io im riKT or tiik i.h.m-
It ij e-mieni-at sad eeonoraleal. l WtsTE
OKtimlirlltrilllKWITII IT. .saMe.erjwbrre
I l.l:iK l"s, MIII-.tHtMU I LS act M tLt U.
DOOI.EV Zc liUOTIIEn. Ilannfacturers.
wnotrs itc ptroT,
Q'J Xliir STREET. .. MT, -7
Al!l .L'I.i: -.KAIitr.YTK Oi Ml- HiriSh -
Inpl-mtaat-iAiv will Ihw, b lern lzr
ensasr! in tbe treatment f Vriirreal eal an-I
Itivat. dbe. tlian any Uher i nyc- in r.
-yr-btliS (MsDorrhes. OI-t. Mrittur-. --xrliit.',
Ilr-rt.ia -.n.1 l:iitittire.r all lTinarr Ilraes and
i vi.tiilitic t-r Jlrrrunal atVrtinni f tb- Thnat
tlll or Hone are treateI with uniaral-elr-l n-re-.
.iirruiatorrhea, -exuai i-t-Miiir aiM iwi-nrrrj,
a tlie rtrxult of wrlf-abu-e In youth, "eiual exres
in ina'urer year or-therrau."e, ami which .r
dure ntiiie i.f the .-.. win; cffeet, a. D'tnriial
etnioii-sn. !.t.-t-be-, dtl.Iity. diizirw-w ..f uht,
r-.nrb.ion ..f Hex-, evil f.rlenlinc". avenin t tbe
-iorietyfIrniale. bvof uieniry an-1 exualr-iwer,
and rrtfleriDS nurTiage Improper, are iruiaiH-ntly
The fsuctrtr'-opport unities Enhn-pltal anl pit- il
prauitk-e are unui7Kted In M. Ixmiworanr t'r
rity. Hack file of M. Iui i-niMTt pirirellu Ur
h.1 . lieen I'-tatwl there l..nr by year thi nj
otheri-alTfrtMnx. The etabli-bn-nt, Iibi-uy,
Iai.r-itnry anlappinttnentare unei(tia.l-.I In liie
I ttri, unniri-fw'Mr-l anywhere. je, with e-i-ri-
enre, ran bw n-liol uin, anl the Iim tr ran rr&r
to many ibyKiani tnnMi;lWut the riMtnlry In
po.t -uT--and pnent p-ition hetanU wit -it
Ia i-nmti-nr.
The Writinz-of a I'hyilrian wIm-m- rrj-ntat i
CnIon-wIdehouM be worth rralinz.
Ir. WhiHierpublUlie.aMe.lM3ll,aiapb---t -t-Injr
I T-nreaI Iii-qLe- and tbe di--tnsit !
varie-l f-n-einence ..f -If abne, that will !- eiit
to anr a.Mr in a esb-d iTel.e lt.r tw Uii.
It rutit-ttn- fall ymptoni IM. that will ciwe
tlrfeallKll t ilfl nnlne tbe nature if tbe!rnui-
l-Liint.aii'I jrfre a written atatement of tbrlr ra--i
that will anwr almost a. well 6r thepnrv.-eo
treatment aair-nal luUrview, but wlietr it ii
ei.n.t-nu-fit tbeliuctor tbimH t-e .nulte. -r..n-'
ft Ilf evident that a b voir tan wIk. r-nSnei
hliiKeirexrl-miv-ly t tbe tihly of a rertaln 1l- ol
i .lit.-f-. ar-tl treat. llrtsO-Olnl . of ls- eTrrT day.
must acquire greater kill in that .i-K-faltj tan.-e
In ceneral prattiee. JIany hrlun nfni.in
tbi-C-et. Inl n-ltwei'-ii lei.t. to I iieu.ii iraiwn-ei-1
In;r bin tatiipl-Irt. Coniiiiuniratlon. -nfi-Initial.
1 A friendly talk wH!e.-t . iwdMoff. OfEtert-n-I
tral. vet retlml V.i. CI? .M. lharletre--t. "t.
! Lsii-iii'Mo- Miin. M. t 7 l. 31. ui.Ijr
I etreplr-l.
j isizht not to niarry. Kxis-.ne sexual eaeii-
nn-nt ITS CAl'sl.s, wilh wsslful a.llee. All
that Is worth -rs.wina; alsmt MlfcVfcSTIOS AN,
why i-i many .f hoth sries hate l'IMl'l.l- on the
l fjre. Ac.; an.1 citing sulfieient reasons whTtrtit
I hair or the s-uial-i. In thli la.sl or ours are I.'.lv-
! M.T-1.1.1.Y in. ii. ir wr .""fsr?''?0' "!,
t.llowr.1 l.y all, lt.n l.y i".i--J" ti-.-i ---..i
.leerea-- one-hair In a sin.le Kener-thsi. )
rather orsttniilr ean a0r! t l without thsin
r.rnistion. --. ytsini. luan l.ut isuht torea.1
I -!an!".I. r- e.Kin a.iy out .;.
rtsel Volanl-"l.' "fl'Trt.l.Min. -rirately
arsl -nt nreioM. hy tuail. MXl'ItK H-OJI 'll-.sLItVATI-l-.,
al l-eenls th, or lsh logel-iT
f.ir cents.
' CLARK WHITT-----, M. D.,
' G17 St. Charles street, St. Louis,
I ..-.. !. -irsn a. li-Ionf Piscrial attention t the
trratm-Tit f all rae n-Uuus I tlie al-ive. retuir
i Inz luM-cal interfw-renre, an-1 ha Uen lfiNiKi.
ItlKJA It i 1 ."i- ." -"
Iii-eai-e l'bjuleian. iVfi nu ,
yourlvep. 06c Ilaar a.
-.-. io 7 i. ni.
In .t wl.h to lnfi-m too. roler. that I
1l...!rfil ..r in, tlr tun. has ffi s.terf.1
J , r-nssly lliatet.restii-uiu.tli, wh-nlbolnzsare
bjit e.i-ime.l, in short, will eure all -.
.lil.rofiin.l.lslT or estate. ra-e in ll
. (4-ver, an.1 h-ie-eam o.
' n, i, j,tzI,i , niate
i ... ... i. ii ... .....i
olaT ir wantfsf wfiil.
.Mir-.nMo.narT t herei i
l.ll -ful IL.rvli-e. Iftwbieh IIrarn itwir ahaii l-e I
l-it a i le rhov. Yei hae heard enou;i rf lha.
kiinl i.f hutulurr. Uut when I tell you lh;
Ir. -ai Catarrh l-eme-Iy will iweitUrly eure tne
wuftraMS of (Jtlarrh In lb Ilea!, I only t
that wblrb tbHi-aiels ean te-tify to. 1 w.U l-
r0 warl for a ra that I rann.it rure. A ran
pbletKiin;Ttnpt4fuand other lannatlsn tvnt
ire-t-anyaii.lre-. ThU niuer)y is
hili bv most M:rfir is all rAirr
Inte5 cent. ient hy mail, pt pail. n r
eeipt of i-iaty rent, r f'ur packa? lor t.tiM-
I larv. IsV-wareof fcTKKrm and worthte-simi
tatKa. e- that my private Mimp, which ia
jof-fir jwctrti Ue if ymntmmns, I npa tbeo-itfule
wratr. Kmeul-'r thatthi private uu1p, 1-
I net by the Cniteil fcUt-iitoTfrnnirnt exprely
Pretanipln;my ciMicine. ba my portrait, name
and addren, and tbe word 4Il s. Certifiraieof
f.enuinene.. rnsraTe! upon it. and ne-d not be
untlkML. Don't be swindled bT traTriien atI
others representing themlTes as Ir. -; I atu
the nnlr man now litinetbat ha the kowledz-"
ailriett tomanatactcre the Onulne In-. Sae
Catarrh lv-4j, irul I never travel to 1I tbi
- . --nrf.,.
J ,,,,,144.
il . iir-iw,r-, ji. iv.
61 133 ?neca-t., BuSalo, N. V.
worth, arsl tola, AUea county, Kansas. Titles to
lroer1y In Leaeenwortn City and Countr exam-
ineu, ana auiuuw uu.c w.. ,.m
f'-TrTT" '"-71 X LEIML .NOTICE.
Jl ;li;IM';'.'i---li Lj
II TT' tjI.,I7tH-M .-..Tin-
lrs. iHAliftiiI
I aa--------.
Vi - ,
I ST. LsWnjy?P""P'TS. MEMCAL. )
BveniM: Star,
LENi;i: and EVENIM, STAlt Mum in
crown sooriidlytf late that we have not eihsl tr-
.Ur..,n.s.ril as dndrahle: but haTtnf ubins
f rursl the a.ustanre of aaetber Move Foundry, we
1 hjll herrrtrr eooone nearly the rnlire tare tr our
I own esublishment to tbo nnddrtioii of the Movra
j al.ve tuuntsl and tvopo to All all orders without
We would rail the atleauoa of those ahonl pur
chasin:. I Ihe'SroCEKtud POPCLARITT of all
tTlll.sK .sTOVES. No brtter eildets-e.f Iheir
intriric nient can be oaVrfd tkaa a sta lenient of
Ihe Cms; after IS yeanostaast batag subject toas
ter? t-sls in all all Mnda of axalitiea, and to the
m.t Utter and determined onaasithsa that rmild
I inrennsl, that Ihey an to-day, taw Jfuerr PI)P
VL.MC .STOVES In the BaarsxL toad, bare rlt.n
such onitrrsal salUarU-M THITVC DEMAND
is ;ke.vtu: thas bvek.
COIL, buy the ClIALLEStiE. -.
ir tu win! THE XEAT!
ft the
9ULO T 0.
Excelsior ManvbrtMriMgCo.
13 A !'.
ST. tori
f.fforuuij lir
- -- r
eence tf a new
r j jainlirbegtintofvcl
Leavruwortb..tIie winter ruitlic!
pgtUwioe the Io.r were
SELF-XEASlUiat eaiv will U
BUToSSSlI ! WllfeB. CiVklL.
fjtsit it it should not,
. te shall see. The
j"v.s.'ially the liixuri
rt 'uallv finds its sus-
leatl'y lniH.fittnl he
vl Jressnul
TTCKHdR at CO.. the CslS
Of St. Louis. MO., aursmnte lh
Jan t.f
t.. .bl.li thv nil Ya.it Mnxias. sJ.Trsnrrto-1.
They If n-itiesiisi win aeisi you uaaur taassoicu siui
ati-unte IU ir.s t.r LUr-M.CAaintainT, an.1 a
full hue .f iaiups-1 ttom the.rlanuiM slwkof
(I...I... laimeres, Onnajs. Ac. Ac., Urns -aMinxinrlirsinanyi-artor
Ihe eosnlry to onler
tro-ir t L.thinit direet front tVm, wltw Ike eortainly
of reeehliK cinunts of tli ery Latest Mttle
arsl m.t 1-rKrri-r tiTsilainaUe.
t;...ls..nlerr.l oill 1 wnt hy eTpms. lo Is rsti.l
Crontltliierr, .niUlmrlriaiir iWy r 310T rtr,
ther tan I' rrlurnxl St Tuna EIrKSSK. f
Lis well known Ihroush tbw South itsJ Uet
they lu.r t.r i'.iinir.i years ExciLftoinall
iriurlments of their lnin-t. whkh Is 1 guarantee
a. lotheiharartnl of Hie liooOa they wutilj srisl
1:11c. n.c srir-MEitraiiaiT, smules of
tits-Is, llln-lratr.1 OrenL an.1 rries Ii.1 sent Kara,
l a).l.l.ra.H.ll TIQDMS CO..
Maniifaettiren arsl Isralen Ul Mens aisl hoy-
L.thin arsl I'urnUbinjt Soads, mher IUIy
Male or Mle to Unler. Q! arsl t N.
I'.Hiilh-l., st IhiU. M.
! s l-urcham sratuitously nu.1 of AU,
Kim f.ranrwf t.ur fnen.1, that nuy Jeire ar-Ikle-
l-.-ii;M Ux tbeiu in the city. ort-wi;7
He, Tiik Stir Illouas' 1e..ei.ss,"
11 A KIT TIV.IIS." An .stair t.Juuiei.ftlVl
... -m -...I -sii UKtittifdl eniailiiisi. tsir aisst.l.
are cltjrini fnsn fllHotlV t-r ns.nll. -ellin.;
Ihul .k. Al .sir "WBLE IIISTI.UV " l.yj.
I sn..lsns. f isl a.r frfruUrs, am! sn- MMr lrn.li
arsl extra premium to agents.
A.I Ires. K. A. IllTtailSstlK A 111., .! .V.oth
Mxllt ilreet. M. Ixjijlo J'":",L'
trlst.rai.il Itowi. .-iili.m. .-..,...
MILIUMS Has tho uu-1-r-f..-l. mate
I Ihe l.sk stueh" (alike ls.Ui el-i.)
arsl ii fully lieensr.!. The l-il aisl cnss
e-l fjiuilys.wli.cMj.hlni io ll. ru.uLrf.
Adlre-s JUllNstlV. llll:KAO , U
lm. Ma-
la-. Iltt-harch. fa.. ChHi.. I" . N
U-iTi. M.s irr.llwl.-r
..(.li-imTrim timu-s.
e. J ....-ELL, 11- . . ms...
Leavenworth Plow Works.
I3m.i.y- tlio Bent Plow.
TTIIEI.-T KAli:tK Tl!I- -'NT. V
!KTY the Hr-t ITriiiiiitti- In I1.w were
Slrn tthui-lrnUnl. who are miu-tv-luring
and hae i-r Ie, fterman an-1 rut t-l
I1..w lle.nsutLly harlri.nl, an-I invite theatten
tin of r -inurf-ami other t their ..
t herotfei-ear -ev. tith-nt., Iea.tn worth.
I t20w 1 1 1
.Misoxir imi'Ki:.
The Frei'iii-oii lor IH71.
riUIK LAi:i;iT JIlMiMr 3MIMI1--1
J thewrl.i. ,. ttt
i -ntain- tviin irvni inrii-ii in an i"--- .-r
It'-' . .
It It itrietle nii-.Iltan an-1 i the ry&n uf the
Craft evrrrwlMTe. an-1 mrt confined to anyone Mate
or -.-fality.
I Jf h niiiulsrr --lilIete in ll-eir
-ampler'pieiient free.
t.rry Mailer 3la-n In .-! Mao-lliu aullHilel
tu art a a-nt Iu -sriliii: miIm rlpi'n. A di-
i.Hint itiai-e t lub at-ut-- if delml, aiel iu all
t-atr-a a tf "eiit fr-e ... our., agents If n-iliBe-l
t1ul-...r i-n I-- Iwentr l .f"
tlul-of twenty ... fiOy I -"
CluM of fifty -r ti-.tre--. I 21
-llt-Ie .iicriIer-. - -"
Name mar he added at ai.v tu.M m tbyeart
tlnH rale. ItwL immWr. u-plied. Addrr--,
i..i. t Kltk (tot t. T,
t. I-Hit-, M.
IM--r lr prnul--i.ii t Juhu II lirown. h-!
..ra--l Ua-ter ""
taciM' nuu
(lii.TH or I In -South !
MIIN. .. .ni Meal. H fieat H-Kiritt; inl
-t.-t Iretl r.ltin .Hra1.. mutter. ...ni
lirllT. I1ar ltikrr-ai-.l Mill Urk .iewrally.
Tlie-- Mill were urt in-hte
t. --a-s ly ll-- wai.t of the
Ptantrnt aul M.-ik rowers!
tlte.-NMith. iMit tleir tiitie la--tnvl
t every.ii.irter t.f tlie
ictttse. atl tliey are ivw m-M
al u-e.1 iu I .?, A la, ,-f
fia an I futh .tn-ri--i f
upply l!.e inerraMnie l-iiarit
re hare en Lir-1 mir Miiitl
1m tory aivl --fc-l'l 1 v-.Iu-.lde im
i rMTenu-iit t tlie 3UII.
A- Wrelofirf--. i .r 3I.lt- w.ll t-tniilt -f -I-ijrr
HUwl. lry-t4-tat tln-( tar r .-.( Yratre
-i-l t.r I-ijirfifel'aitipb-etr..ntainii-T--iti
on Milling. -i-t by mail fn--. . Mr,
I- .r lltt l-U
t.r 1 Hint and Juan !-. . iinrinnali, .
i i:-ui.ii.i--i
( 1 . I -17.
llm-kojc Bell FeHnilry.
I hurth, Aealeuiy, Faetory. lannl .rs-AUtu.,
!-!.- mlo or 11 b Hkxj. Metal. J'-'t'ir an.
Tiit.l warrant-! in ilalily, -sie, .lunthilily, Ac
arsl iiesintil wilh our 1 -tent IwrKuTrr. l-.Tail -
llanriiix.lllltrat. lalaI.-iM-i -nl fr -
VAMil l- A II.IT,
I0 aisl 101 l-L-t --ii I irr.
fm Clrin-a-, "-ss
llralor-H Sale
MuhMrilaer. AdtuinUtrator Ults mm, ef tln
i f-at .f J. It. ltckennz. derea.--!. will -I1 at
-i" iealeat tbed-r f tlW O-Irt llou. In th
w iity i iav-nworiii ?. rv- in ineaiier's.a
'Vj ..futurUy, the 17th day of Iieretulerv A I. IvM,
ll I tlt- tJ iwi'nz Je-arril! Ileal LeUteFittute in Iseav-
enworthCmnty. Kan, U wit Tbe twxitl. half
of themrtbwrt quarter if etim eleven, liu-
hl ten, ran.; iwtniywrte. 1 1 im- h. y i iue n, w.
4f-er- II, town. l', rany-21.)
Tun Ca-b in ban I
W. I'. UYI-LI., AdminUtratn-tor
,h 1m e-, ftbe Utateof J.pL IVierin; decM.
i. tm half Irmke ofl, left ear plit, her rul.r
1'ro-su. Hiirivi iT-iivw iii uiy-.4, ujn Diie
9tln her t-'rebeAil 4ie fo rrne at -Kit nix weeks.
A h)eral reward will be paid (,r tle return of the
ritwtoiae, or any lnfinuatUn lea.Iini- t herre
r.Trry. JOHN IlIKlM.Kl
(an.rtiltht c-.nitr ofistbaad hawnee-..
s.LE 13 ACRES) 1--.1I:II
E !
Iniiiroitil. A sw ruil-s from lairmoont ta.
Iloa, LeTenworth I oonty. 7l.tos.eash .t..wra.
Fainnonnl. Kansas. aiCI.Liw
31 till
I aV
kinji hiriises I
MlushVHMTen I !
Wassatt rssMira
IO., Iitlai.,or:
L, Louis. ... wtlt'l
U!Jnot.TFalnoaecMttarai tbc tcit worst
cssts of Bund, Itchlsc or Blesdlnt; rum. Tbaso
wbaaraaauriciIslMaU iauxttiatslr call on their
dracrJst and ret Viuxfl nil Kzautor. It U
rxpnsslyfjrtbs Puts, and U not ltptauata&td to
rare any other dissase. It ass earetTBuay cases ot
over thirty rears standiac Price One Dollar. For
ale by dnsjaista emrwhere.
PARED expnsslr br OTSBtptJes and those ssnVr
ina; with hsbllaal CosU 1 1 titm. ItlaaUIriiUysUin
uLtfiaittonlcandasplrBdil spfsllser; U strenirta
rns the stomach and n.lutu the cagastlTo orpma lo
their bealthr Maw. Weak, atrroos and drsprrtie
pmoaa sboold aat Wiun'i Drsrxr To.tic.
For sale hydnnwrlsta. Price One Dollar.
WAICEIM COl'till B-LSAM Is heaUnsj. assV
eninandnpectontlaC Tho extraordinary power
It possesses In immediately reUeTUMJ, an.1 wnta
allr runn the nl ohstinate rases of OouaWS
t-..f.l sn.Thm.1. Kmnchiti. Inrloeiua. Catarrh.
llusnrnts A'thma and Consumptloa Is almost ln
crrdiMe. pr.viuptb Ihe relief and certain la st
reets in al! the ahoie, cases, or any anVeuoo of Ihe
thn.it and luns. that thousands of physieiaos are
ilaily pmrrihTrK it. and one and all say that It U
the m.t bnihnK and expectonlinc medicine
known. One dose always aflords reUeC and In
most eases one hurtle enVcts s core. Sold by drai
EUts, in largw bottles. Price Un Dollar. II u
your own fault if you .till cough sad suffer. The
Balsam will cure.
The ureal Blind Purifier and Peueious rMnk.
UI'E. Is free from anv pofaoooua drugs, or Impa
riues, Mn prrranil ir those who rciulre a stlm
uUnt. It a snlendkl apprtiaer and Ionic, and the
finest thin in the world t.r purtrylmt the hlosd. II
is the mt pleaioat and delicwus article erer otJeml
to the public, far superior 10 brandy, whiskey,
wine, wives or anr other article. It I moce
healthy, arsl cheaper. Both male and female;
young or old. can take the Wine of life. It is in
tset. a life presener. Thisie who wish to enjoy
eoot health and a fire flow of lively spirits, .ill do
.ell to take the W Ine of Life. III. different from
anything ever befiire In u-. It Is sold bydnig-
Kti; als at all Tf.iisrtaMe saloons rrux On
liar. In quart bottles.
etetaownUieurelhelihilcs, It will cure In eierc
s-'t in wmca tnis mpK
not nXt. -iietncrs in is l. 11.
Mesoinir 1
wk.m. it 11 rs. . 4 9UIT. riue .
IrreiruUriUes nd mar be deijyl 0pm
cxe wnere tne nwoiuiy ""- . uv r
tbnstch coll or diase. sId by druciis.
INlltar. 1 if seni oy mau un receipt ot n
I . nuarter.
Smith's Electric Oil.
rcunxs MCK iieadaciib in twknt
ktinatf, PfafuMin, alt Rhumv Rhtmnuli
Burns. Cut. 1c. Twroly drop. tlt
rttitstt-. No atruhol. Cawlcun. Camphor, ;
rfa tu
tl'mm tlss Ircit Inii? lIittM In RiMtf1 1
t?ljjieM aUrxr quantity of 1R- -MlTIl '
K-H-trir !. which ipokra of with uikju-.n-fied
nrji'. Joil rrirt4 fnnii rT U.ttl.
1 UKKKS A IirmE.
WlWla!e I-Tmrttt. HI Wjhinn-t. Its.t
Ttiou.auU f I ..liar are l.-.t iu time bj txiuu
tvt lftt!im-s nifQ, hfn a tVw Iltun r(en.lrl h
lhnp-Trrmlt tl inht time. wonU ..
mtiiI all i-nii. anl tr-mMe. Vain U but a friri.
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.f.O. A. EDDY,
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Paints, Oils, Window Olass. r-f
Medicines, M-xraTact-rer .-
Proprietor of
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31 l-s-l.-ir m.
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Send for Prices and Samples.
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