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Consenra'ivs. rttailshss be I
Ar.thcPf ar.u2ry 1861 j
SlwlUn minus
THURSDAY. MARCH, 20. 1879.
Min nillRTMYIT
F. C Harriott writes a note to the New
York IlmM to say that tfae story that Clara
Morn, Iij? wife, dnrirg fin slterc-tion
wi'h a miiu at Omaha, said "Hit twice
Freddie," is not true He s track the man,
bat claims that his wife cTe him no en
A I'lAOF X rV"
An article from the Dubuque (Iowa)
Tim's; which we copy elaehere, shown up
acoupl-of scalswsgs in their true light.
The; are fair samples of the cattle who
have made tLe noise about Senator Irgalls,
and ltd the Cfr.t-pirj.cy against him during
the past sion f the- Legislature.
Mr. Smal'ey, who has been traveling rx
tenivelvin the South writes to the New
Y rk Tribute that nin tenths of the S nth
em Deioeicrats prefer Reyard Tr President,
hut they want a m n who c,n carry New
York It is the judgment of many of the
most astot- and ardent Dsmncrats in New
lork thai b-nator lietard is the one man
who is certain to carry that State, if nomi
nated. iiitti: Tints.
Chicago sen1 out the same sort of
messate that comes from New York and
Roston. Co'ler-iions are good, and the be-
lef in an fc'iv spring hu-"insis strong.
The Chicgi Trih-ve f dy lefre ye-ter-day
contained reports from a number of
the j Mer und whnJe-.-!e men of that city,
arid ilh Iwo eirtptior.stliey be'ievid that
trade this firing was to he more lively and
l.eal by than it has been for a number of
conn "vifi.rii itoxiinoi.n us.
An -rtic'e whirh we ciiy elehere from
the Clietoia Aiiritr, gives the holders of
niunici.a' h m1- a Imle advic, whirb the.
b ndholder' of Leavenworth as well a
Cnetopa aid o!br ton. will find it to
their ititn.--! to hed A bintrnpt cum
iimnity is pii unlike a bnbriipt individ
UsI, and if ilecreoilor is wife le will
se'lle a soon a- 0-"ib'e, for the hanres
sre th-t ih longer he waits the lss be
will re.diie
1. IM'IA"I
Gfreral Pherieaii's pledge to Mr R--e-ber
bat, if the Irdi ,ns should le pUcul under
the care f ihe Army, all religious ilerom-inatinn-sbi'U'd
have an iqnal (lance iu
tesclurg ai d ivil"zipg the tribes, enmes
rom a m-n who is cot in the habit cf s-y-rp
thirg" he il (t ot mean The question
of the transr4Tf f the Iidian Itiiresu can
nnt be reci d il, in anv rsjact as a Jiersnn
alone lw this rcuii-e mav reas-nre some
who fear that military control will mean
aa ei.d of rel'r'oii" ! flm w.
tim si M tvt: , i nt'1".
Thecrr siKin''entof the Cincinnati Gaz'ltr
at Wr-sbing'on Iclegrapbs his piper tha'
theieisevidercethai sMiieof the Demrcra's
fire preparing to advocate the retention of
Supervisors in theeUctinn law JCews 'rom
Ibis iiirc is apt to be trustworthy, but it
i hard to !-Itpve that the movement will
amount to mu h The Drinocracy of the
conn'ry has talen, through it- papers and
speaker-, too strong a lxnition on this mat
ter to warrint the xpectation that a few
Drmorratv in Confrei-s can ibange the party
j rogramme
AJI r.V if fit l" IS i'CKWi.
Judge llivis, f the United States Cir
cuit Cou-t, Virginia, gr nted a petiiim f"r
the remov-I of the cas of two colored men,
riamd Reynold, charged wi'h munln
from the State court t his own. on the
(.round that rone of the jurors in the Sta'e
court were f the pri-onen-' race, ard that
tbev did not iber fore hive an impartial
trial The Slate court seks to regain juris
diction in i !.t He cases, and appeal to the
Supreme Court of ihe Unhid States in the
ovi r i;i:i'Timi ,s.m nn. i s.
That jsople have as much faiiji in the
polencv of ligislslion for the ills of the
body polit'C a- th-y have in the virtue of
medicine for ilie pains of the human body,
is fully ehosii by tie numWr of bills and
petiiions inln-ilund in Congress during the
sesiin jus- cloud Six thousand, eigh
Jiundred and twentv eight were thru-t upon
the Hiili-e, aril 1,013 upon the Senale
Instekd -f coroivit g of ihe possibility of
too much Ugislati n. they seem inspired
with the thought that if a little legislation
is good, more rnii-t h lietler.
rlt rti ii'iim: .tlEf:E.
It is anticipated that the IVeMiIertV
Messge to the Forty-six h C ingress will be
confined to a recital of the rausa which
Tenilertd an extra se-ion necessary, rnd to
a ntouimenj .tion that the nqnired appro
prittions h- promptly psel A second
lei-sgc will probably 1 sent in regard to
the failure of the last Congress to provide
the means i.f parirg the arrears of ten
sions accruing m dtr ncent legi-lation, anl
the ic-cmtaeiuUtion will be made that such
means tie provided without driwing upon
the present resources of the Treasury.
i eu'Ai. it it; ll tj.
The California Ccnvenlion hascompletrd
their Constitution, wh'ch will be submitted
to the people of the State on the 7th of May
next. On the Chinese question, it speaks
with no uncertain sound; ard, it is aeid,
meets the he-arty approval of Dennis Kenr
ney who proposes to stump the State in its
behalf. Article II provides Xo native of
China ahall ever exercise the privileges of
an elector in tie State." How does the
State cf California propose to carry into
effect such a provision as this, under the
constitution of the United Statee? The
national ontitution decltres that no State
ahall mik any lsw in conflict with its pro
Tisions, and it provide that no di-cimina
tion against any citizsn of the United
States, on recount of race, color orprevious
exraditionsshall be made. Thenaturalizition
laws of the country arc national, and the
States, in their individual capacities, have
nothing to do with them. Uider these laws
a Chinaman has just the game right that anv
other fore;gner has to declare hia allegiance
to the cons'itution of this country, and be
come a citizen of the United States, and
having done so, where doea the State of
California derive its right or power to dis
franchise him on account of his "race, color
or previous condition," and declare that he
ehall not be permitted to have the same
rights that are er jiyed by other citizens ?
A Pair f M. iala UMrv Holders.
rrimes-Njurnal, 13.
It ha been developed that the collector
is making from between SCO 000 to S70.(00
per anuuni by hia . ffice, and that the sheriff
isueriTing quauy excessive pre tits Irom
his office; lb-comrniiti e will repart these
facta, aubdUntiaied by the sworn testimony
of experts. The Leislature will then be
expected to take immediate action in the
matter, and it is highly probaVe that the
larmermajjritT of the General Aasrmhlr
will c ip the wiegs of these two dapper offi
cials very clo-e. This will be in accord
ance with justice, decency, public wiah, and
the eternal fitness, of things generally.
Considering that the law relating to so-
p.rvi.orsof election, applies with equal
; , , .... , ,
lore jo Dom parties, is is strange mat tne Clsrk-, while a member of Corgre rs, bl ck
Democrat should imagine that the people mailed the Kane- Pacific Railroad Com
do not t unect the motives of iheir nnm;. i pany to the extent of over ten tbousard
i r
a TnnitfiT;i:iinmiEi nui.r..
In a report on the Penitentiary a mem
ber of the Illinois Legislature says: "We
think that the de-ire of the people of Illi
nois is if a man is guilty cf murder, 'hang
him;' if not, the n send him to the Peni'en-
,:. r . . t ...
ttary for a term cf vears-never for l.le."
U-AV iiiiiiii, ilir.iTitratK.
The R-v. Dr. Edward Eggleston has
dramatized the second part of Runyan's
Pilgrim's Progress The plav will be pre
sented in the Sunday school room of his
church, the Christian Endeavor, Rrook
lyn, which is fitted with conveniences for
dramatic representa ions.
I'liO'llll TKi-.
Tt is clairstd that -Jkiih 10000 voters of
Indiann belong to the Prohibition 'esgue,
an organization that looks to the absolute
suppres-ion of the l'qnor traffic as its ulti
mate purpose. The ("cretary of the league
baa called a tate convention to meet at In
dianapolis May 21, 1ST9, to nominate a full
ticket for state ofii-er- for lSSt.
The Philadelphia "Sa'.ba h Alliance'' is
engaged in the effort to have an old Sunday
law of Pennsylvania, passed in 1701 put
in execution. It provides that every Sib
bith breaker shall b fined twenty five
elollars lor each otlense and sutler impris.
I onment for thirty days. The Philadelphia
pspers are fiahtiug the measure, and fill
probably lill it. Since the centennial,
Phildelphia haa been a little "ofl" on the
Sunday ejue-iinn.
ee it Tietvirr.
It is stated, ndgeierally believed, that
Jeff D i vis will le eloe'edtothe United
cta!c SenVe from Mi-si-sippi, to siiereeel
Senator Rfiice AVe are in f jvor of that
Il is a step in the direction of the eternal
fi nes of things. V are also in favor of Mr
UNckb'irn for ' teller. We lielieve that
whenever you undertake to eio anvthing
yon should elu it 'bore uglily. Sirce we are
to have a D nicer ticG'tgress, for the next
four year, let it lie no half way affiir a t
it 1h tnmpiMd eif thorombbreils. With oM
-It IT in ihe Senate, and IJUcKlmn in ihe
er's chair, uiilk-and water Repnbli-
cins will probebly begin to rcaliij that
Dcmt-cracy means something.
nt.i; w tm.mco
The vigor wi h which tie Mexican Gov
eminent is prepiriig for the International
Exhibition whirb it has re-olveel to orcn
nxt Jinuary, givee a-urance that the dis
pity of native produrta will b' large and
intere-ting. As the Government ot ens ihe
Eihibition to all nation", the foreign dis
play may also be exlen-ive, ev-cially a"
Mexici ha- entered on a teriod of material
development, which will make her a large
con'iimer of importeel manufactures. It is
the interest of American manufacture is to
uiase a gram! eli-plsy tin this occasion, and
thus convince the Mexican people that they
cn buy and sell on better terms in this
country than in any European market.
1- A MJIVIII i.l.
Gen Gaifit-liI sums up the Democratic
attitude in Corgress tersely and accurately
Talking with a correspondent rf the Cleve
land Isndts shout the cau-es of the extra
sesion, he says:
The elemsnel which the Democrats make
is this: 'If you eloii't let lis take awy
every bsrrier against fraud at tie Presi
dential election, in -hurt, if you elon't allow
free frsiiel in 'he choiie of a IV-jident and
memliers of Cong e-j, we will stop the gov
e'nnient ! We will control or slop it!'
That is lb- i-"iie in a n isbell. Ii all turns
on New York eily. Without an election
law a majirity fur 'reform" ean be rolled
np o any siz here; with an election law
only an honest vo e can lie cast, and an
h"ie-t vot- means a Re nb ican victory in
X-w York State and a R publican l resi
dent. CiM-KHTr.n.
Senator Bayard, who characterized the
placirj of the repeal of tl e Supervisors law
on the appropriation bills as revolutionary,
has now come out strongly for the repeal of
all laws in-i-!eel upon by the Iat IIoue.
He is rot very elear as to whe her he will
favor ibem if attached to the appropriation
bills, but be takes most decided grounds in
favor of sweepirg away all the laws ur.de r
consideration which gurd ihe purity of the
ballot box. He says Le believes ihe Demo
crats are. to a man, firmly nniteel in respect
to the righteousness and nece-sity of repeal
ing ibese laws. In regard to the qu stion of
the President vetoing a repeal he says:
I ennnot believe that he would feel war
ranteel in suih ectiein. There can lie no
ceirceivable constitutional scruple- alleged
for refu-irg his asfent ttceto, ami ll ere is
an abundant and plain con-lilutinnal rea
son why 1 c should j tin in living etlrct to
mea-ures which both heiu-cs ef ongrers,
truly are! coofesMelly representing aumjor
ilf e'f the American people, have delilier
ately pte-ented to him, as es-ential to the
p-ace anil welfare of the whole copniry.
There would certainly lie a very heavy
re-ponsibiliiy titon him aril bis ron-cienre
involving oirsquenccs which I do not caie
In conumplale. should he set his individ
ual opinion and prly lrclinalinrs against
ihe earnest conviction and deliberate ex
pression eif the House of Representative".
freh from the people, and a Sena'e charged
with upholding the rights ot the several
-weeping nl lbs CN.nrrrnticn.
The Oinfcrv-itives in office in trarce
are l-eirg swept out as fast as the tew
radical broom can reach them.
Dailtanit Cltmidler, from aKnnlhern
Angu-ta Clin aide, li J
Zech Chandler was very Ixild and pot
valiant, in the ahsenre of tbe man wh
once stood second lo rone in the SenaU
when Mr. Chandltr constituted the fag end
of mediocrity.
Tbe Pollt cb I ?ililenieim Is not jet
Cincinnati Time , 13.1
If anybody thinks there is to be a politi
cal'millenium in the course of two years, we
advise him togive his careful attention io
Washington. There is muic in the air
It will presently be seen by everybody that
it does not proceed from an .Eulian harp,
It WfllTak lnl Two to go Itnnnd.
It is siid that a man in Toka will give
a chromo and a certificate lo every citizen
of Kansas who regrets the adjjurnment
tmedieoi tbe Legislature. He expects that
two chromos will fill all requirements no
der the offer one to Sid. Clarke and one to
Hall, of 'eoebo
A Clerical Kleptomaniac
INew York Tribune, 13.1
The Baptist clergyman who took a vase
from a shop window in Rochester, last
week, and was about to carry it to his home
in llolley when suddenly arrested, was not
committing hia first offense of this kind.
His bouse has sir.ee been thoroughly exam
ined, and a variety of articles, amounting
in value to a total of about 5-200, have been
found lhere. Among; them are many pieces
of table service and a number of new books
Some of the articles have been identified as
belonging to certain firms in Rochester;
others are supported to have been taken
from shops in Albany and Philadelphia
The only excuse the minister gives fur his
conduct is said to be that he was "prepar
ing for the future." Failing to procure
bail, he has been taken to the County Jail,
at Albion.
liuigc ltci.-lee Unnnittcid
AtrlilFon Champion, 14 J
- Vi.it ""'larged.in Mfpra
in the Hnn-e a f-w days ago, that Sid.
i j. II . . ..- t . ,; j
to by Clarke.
Two V Important I lute Word
(Boston Traveller, 11
There are two little word- that are going
to play an impnrtai t part in Amercan Kli
tics in the next few months. Thee are both
I " -npod r'f the s.me frur letters. Th-
H ues will vo'e and vole and vote, and ihe
,,., , w; to tn,, Tt,0 Rrd v'et0- Jn
the erd v-e-t-o will get the best of tLe
Tbere is One Trick Tnet Hain't Tiled
Phlladelplila Press, 12.
The Chicago Trii'iie preterms to think
bat hereafter J-il Davis will be regarded
asanaafiil example. "He rebelled, anc
now I e eaen't have any Mxicin i-nsiim "
I-t u not be too sang'iire, however His
friends hav not yt tried tacking him on
to an appropriation lull
TVtiff'ii illfruia KeMredea
ISan Franel-co P.N-t J
The new dollar note, to lie i-saed by the
empire of Cilifomia, will h-eve in lb
centre a picture ed Euieror Denis I. Orer
ibis pictute will hi it e in-cripiinn: "P.d
yeiir issues" Ber-eaih it will Is- the word:
"The l hints inu-t g'i" Ar-iiind iheenlges
of ihe bill will be a row f wash tub-", wilh
Melican women presiding and a swarm of
dead Chinamen at ibeir feet.
Fat Jin II fr."i 1 1 t.nel
St. Lnnls Uepuhllcan, 13
Arrangements have been made by the
pest office department for a svslem of fs-t-m
ell serviev between St. Louis and X-w
Orleans Tlie par'isin whom ibecontrsct
is awarled are said to le entirely rejoni-bli-,
and steamers siiecial'y adapteel I ihe
pnrjiose in view will be put upon the line
at oice.
?Ir. T Imite eeeid III. Trial.
NV Yirk Trilme, li.)
Mr Talinag-'s trial icset down fur aneir
elay, though not for eo ner a day a- he
deiuaieled Iu thi'", however, Ihe Presby
tery could nen gratif him, and it is not
clear whst fciasl nd wi- rvei by a-Vin
for a trill tee le tin ye-teidev afierniHiti,
when it was plainly impoib'e to (.MM
nch reepie-t Mr Ttlm ite ehows a dis
revitinn to mnVe a very Iie'y tlefetidint,
ai el hi prei-erutors will nut tii.d thtir po-i
lions stLercureS
Tlioj Talt II line k, i.llil e.lip Illm n.
f linece tie He isn.
Some weeks ego the Se.-coiei Bipti-t
Churtli at Dubuque, Iowa, pisel h ro
lllatioo seve-ring ih- rel-tio" e-f the Rev.
A'lan Curr as pietor. Oi Tue-dy even
mg th ehifeh, by uniiiiii"iiis vote, tx
purg-d and reeclnded ihe' prevte us scln n,
e i.ni-ndeil Mr lurras 'a devoled woik-r
in the Master's vmevard," aid arceptnl
his resignation The Dubuque Tiuut in
lerprels the procecelin as a voluntary
ennfe sion on the part if ihechuitb th it
he sciion iu Ftbiuary was hasy ai.d ill
advised I.eii. miller l -oill icilouiiig liirt.'ol-
t ruiir
New York 1 imes, i; j
Gen Bjller is dill skiriui-hiag in Mis-
chu-etts. Having retired from the Huue
of Representatives, where his exploits of
late have len o,uite below his former
standaid of audacity, and where, in fact,
he has for senile time I eli rather in the
bickgrounel, he is now devoting his time to
what he rgards as Ins life work getlirg
elee'ed Governor of Miss chu-etts. We
hear of his having ju-t 'e-nptiireil"' the
Town Government if UVstfi-ld, bis foices
having bien marshaled uielT ih- conven
ient banner of "Independ-nt R-furm"
Tlie I eiee-t off lieeeieer.
fjvew Yeerk Wort i.
President Grevy, when he was elf c ed
was one of ihe tew men in France who el id
not elo-g lo tbe L-gion ot Hon r, and as
it would have b-eii anomalous for ihe
President as Grand Ma-Urof the Older to
lie ur.elecoraled, the G'Uucil and Chancellor
met anil inve-ted him wi.h ihe grand
cio-3. This was not strictly h gal. but it
was in pursuance of the precedent in the
rase of il. Thiers. When, in lb72, tbe re-cin-lituted
army wa reviewed at Long
rbamp, tbe cibitiet leudvetl lint the
I'r-siiient cillid not f ly hold the review
v. .tliout the grsnd rihbm, ard accordingly
b-siowed it upon him M. Thiers buttoned
his overcoit ov. r the decoration and held
tbe review in ace.
A llii.Ii OM slum
IWlcllI- tingle, IJ
The lat hoursof tliese-siou e f the Iloti-e
of the Kat'-ss Legislature were in Tied
with lively irocediiigs if lie di-"ptcli re
jKirt correctly Themin rily not ls-ing sst-i-fiee
with their failure to damn Ingall-
brew in a revolution reflecting on eeveral
meml)eis unnamed Ibis brought to their
feet a d 7.n old Kirsas, )Kititic:en', who
knowing too much of each other's pist
political hi-lorv had kept still all wmt r
but the elynauiite so uuexpecledly s-t fire
-,ot beyond control Criminal! n and re
ciiminatiotl lotlowetl fast ami faster and
boiler and hotte-t until theda'. wnnded
snel dying were I'ileel ten feet deep all over
the fljor Sid Claike got a d(e ihet went
thirugh him like elecirified epiicksilver,
with Legeate at ihe lottery For a fac'.
ihe leaders, ignoring all thirga tire, told
too much truth for c-oiiifort.
Aeitbmir I In- ll ii lie. loped.
ITioy Chief, 13 J
The great Seoao-ial iuve'tigation, in
which so much lime and iui-nev have Le n
wastel, and the L-gi-Iature nas rnide such
a fool cf it-elf, has l-cen completed, acd the
committee have reoriid in feet, ha-e
made three difTerent repoiH but all of
them are lo the efiVct, that a ter all ihe
fu-t, nothing has been elevelojel sufficient
o prove the charge of brib-ry agairst any
candidate for Senator or any member of
ih- Legislature. A majority e.f the Re
publican Legislature of Kansas have per
uii ,ed themselves to be bullyragged by a
blackmailirg correspondent of a Driuo
cratic pper in Miuotiri, into f.llicg into
his scheme, and wasting time that should
have been devoted to needed legislation,
and nothing conies of it but another item
added to the shame of the State.
Deairt ! ttin . J..liie Welt a.
Illoclic-Mer D'lnocrat, II.
The R-v. John Weiss, one of the mrst
radical thinkers in the countiy died at
lulon,Sjndey. He was born in lie-ton iu
ISIS, wasjradnlleel at Harvard Colbge in
1CU7 and tlhe Cambridge Dmnity school
in 1S13 He preeched fur a few years, aid
afterwards devoted himself to literature
and philosophical di-cussion". Among hi
o'her publicatii ns were ".K'lhttic Pres-e,"
"Life and Correspondence of Theodore
Parker," and "Ameiiran Religion" lis
wroie and delivered courses of lectures on
Greek religious ideas, humor iu Snak s
peare, s-hakespeare's Women, etci, and was
(he author of numerous articles in riodi
cals and newspapers. He was, of late, a
constant contributor to the Jnd- He was
a leadirg light of the free religious school,
and was a most vigorous and ircistve
writer, and was a man of vast and varitd
A IHabT.nexl SUlii.g Allrar
New York Tribune.
Atlanta has had a higb-toned shooting
affray after the old aristrcratic manner
There was a Colonel on one side and a Cap
tain on the other, and the only circum
stance which detracted from ihe dignity if
the affair was J he fact that there was not
so much as a single General engaged either
in the capacity of friend or spectator. The
Colonel, it seem, closed a certain business)
transaction in a way not agreeable to tne
Captain, who therefore gave notice that
unless the contract an entirely poper
one was not cancelled before sundown, he
would, in his aristocratic aud extra judi
cial manner, proceed to kill the Colonel
He was as good as his word, and
the Colonel is dead, with a bullet hoi
through his brain. If the murderer has
been arrested, that fact is not reported.
Til Canjoactiow. of tbe Plaaeta la
San Francisco Bulletin. 7.J
At tbe Teachers' Institute at Sacramento
Thursday night, Professor Norton, of the
Bute Normal School, delivered s lecture
"'TrP - Mt -
before c large audience, many Veing unable J of Mr. Ingalls and some of his friends was
to get into the church, on tie cotj'ir.etion
of theplaneis in lssl and the woeful proph
e-ies which hive been made cf death, deso
lation, plagu. fanline, violence by the ele
meat, elc He showed that whil the con
j it c. ion will take place which has n"t oc
curred for thouands of yers, and will not
again for many ihouard years more, that
science gives no reason to exiiect any un
usual disturbances as a result. He scouted
the superstitious ideas that the Mother
'bipton prophets have any ecientific bi-ds
fur the terrible forecasts. Xeverthele-s. he
said the appearance of the plague had
given the-e prophets some buckin; The
large atterdjr.ee and deep iote'est showed
that the sutj ct has a considerable hold on
the public micd.
A Ittj-SinI f Mt.iie-a.
('or Cincinnati lomnie cia'.l
Iu the French Brosd in T nre-tee is an
i-Ui d containing about COO ki re-. Darirg
the fir-l SlocA of 1C75 the fell tiom als.ut
ten acres from its upper end ra entire!
washed away. In cuiiivatii'g theiib-soi'
hfterwaids the soil went through beils ef
esrlhenware, so that now the surface i- lit
erally cove td wilh the-e fr gtuems i.f an
cent potte.y. Oj a fair es uuile en ugh
of these reuiiiu en every squ re re J 'o
make a jot el ordinary s-z-. In nearly
every intarre where eliiches have been dug
along the benks or where the hih water
has taken away the soil hmmn ho es hsve
len e-xhun eil, and in maiy jdsces entire
g'tvey etds have l?en uncoternl. In a cer
tain loceliiy on Pigeon riwer, a braccu of
the Tennessee, it i-impossible loelig a (Kisl
liole w thout co.ning upon human remain'
It is true that the banks of the Trni.esee
river, from its s urce to il- mouth, are a
cintinU' us sepulchre, in mary j lates liter
ally picked with human loi.es. Sureh
tnos tnat welx toe e-.etm are b'lt a
handfil to the tribed that nluaiber iu its
Tlie Sltieeeliie Iti :riiee.
PiilUd Iplilal'ie-v l
Tl ere stems lo le an irre-i-iirle tec-d-icy
tie impracticable extremes in France.
X.i mat'er what p'-ly i in po er, tlie .)!
cy is ll.e seme. I! jrbotd-ui end- ioacler-ical-re
1 ele-ixitism ih-et lc me-'a intol
rrable as he military ab-o'uti'ioor'iinpe- J
ri 1 1 - iu it-putillL-siii-ni ilritt- loa rail c.l
i'iu iii'-ompa'ihle with a wi-e adiiiinistra
ti m of ih- G veruuie' t and an iro'aiitv f
ri.'hts The liret thought of ill.- uom-n-li:
petty in Fraice is to puui-b i s o ip-iue:i e
and ave-iij.e it- on wrongs lief, re needeel
ref irms cin he tltidertal-n. viie'ieiive jus
si' -ih must first be salieS-d. M sler. tion
obpvion ol pat aiuuiosnin", mg-
oaniuioiis genero-ity, and lh i.-ej sett? . 1
reeMnti.istion are not taken int cun-iti-ra
lion. In couseepi-rce eif this nsr-ow
minded action thre is no s.alle g-iv.r
m 1 1 in France When a lerge minority is
pr istrib d at d peistcu eil it is not -urpri
ing lb et it rhutild le ready to .' rm any :el
liinceto overhr.iv it-implsra'de et--iny
Nihere i the stri:e b-iween pariies-o
hittras in Frsnce, aid nowhere is part;
pint so ir.j'irious to the nd neil-i-itigof
th- C'lnuiuiuti. Keiiewirg ihe
M-ton of Fr me einc- lie (imiiMi e.f
L ui- XVI, it ieeojs s if Iretiui m-u wen
incapabl- i f a regular system id c-'Vern
lite lit Ktrg stiiuels to Kit g, iiiiui-trT to
mi d-try, ai i polity :o oli- . K. voiuii. u
i alwaes imtuioeiit, and ihe ilid-rein clss
es of ih eif ly become mi re ai ) n ore; ei: erg
ent fiotu and ho-lile tueaeli either.
I Lit lit: I. el lil vie.- S e llotc'op.
.?ItllliciMl IIlles.
. iie-loa Advani', 16
Plessrni Hill, Mo, is m'el lo owe a e?ebt
of 301 7U7 on a valu ui. u of z2;0 WO She
ell rs to set" le at ten cents on the dollar,
and 1 er creditors had b tier t ike i'. .' .
lt'ssee. Pless.-ent Hill's a-sessed valu
ation is abt nt tw-ti iids e l" its bnndeel !fln
and she oulv oCcrs ten cilk oi the dollar,
and hr lmr.il hotdeis are aiivied to take
it C hetopaV boLiled eiebt is o.cr Sl'M,
000, aid h-r total a-ses-nl valiKtiijn is I
iliau tCO.tOO, I-ss than one half of her in
eltbu in ss, ai.d yel she baa bsen cfiVriog
mi re ihau ten cents on the dollar lo hei
Isn d holder.". Hon. Geo. S C Dow. an at
torney for a ntimb-r of the bind holders,
wl.eu he was out here ls.st year inve-ti
giting matters, said that (.betopi ws
Hie plucKiest little town ii.
ihe Sate, and was eil'-riug her
noril holders better figures e.u a comprc m
ise than any town he hsd f si'ed. In f ct
he tin light we weie e ffrrirg, il anyibi g.
more than we were really aide to p y. Yei
on- or two i f our houdliolelers are still
holding out or a little m r, when ib
ought lo knowifiheyarem-nof any iti'eili
gence whatever, lint the ionjrer ihey pos:
(ne the dv of comprouii-e ihe ltr tlie
will get Ltshteen mooths ago v.- could
pey ten percent, morelh n we could lo elav
If the one ur two b mdho el-ra wit are still
waiurg for a little better b.d, will act wiib
some re3son ai.d common sense they will
lake wh t they can get, a d ju-t as soon as
ihey can get it, aid in th- most tsngibl.
form they can get, 1 his all w- have to
say until the n-xt lime.
Rrnrral firmit miel '! (ildrs
f Inter Ocean, It.
While the wi-et and greate-t men of the
old woild are vieiog -iih eacti other to d"
h nor lo General Gnn', there nalaif
malcontents and bu.ybjdies at home who
have united iheir voi.oe to slinder and
nhu-e luui. For mon'hs the Iudqeideni
press (?) and the Pcmocraiic ij-id hav
had nothing but sneers f.r (i-neral irni.
and in all manuernf ways have songht to
c unect bis nime wilh cormpiion while in
olfii-e;. The charges are always vague, with
out speiScatiiin, and, as the authors we 1,
-.now, without a panicle of truth, yet
they serve the pure:se of these char
acter defantrs w. II Tritir oljct is
Dit to slate fects, anv uvne than
the ordinarv gns.ips and slanderers. Ii i
jii't what the do not want Two or thiee
new-pepsrs of this chsr-cier, when pinned
down tu facts, milder ''iels.np" ai d iU'
cue It " and "shepherd," and then hu k wi-e.
General lielknap's cese is too veil known
todeceiveanv otc He was a virMni io
woman' ambition, aid p--iblv hi- own
avarice" but that Gen. Grant was in ihe
lesst i plictted hy his f ii no man cogoi
zint of Ihe f cts will affirm. The case oi
Gen Hihcock didV-tent. II- was trinl
by a jury, compo-ed largely f men who
were his p dincal enemies, and a Verdict ot
eqiiittal was rendered The public lus
not been made aware of new and impor
tant testimony in the cr?, nor is (ieutr.il
ISebcock a convicted felon. Shepherd we
accu-eel id mismanagement tf the atjiirs
the District of Columbia, This whole
management, or mi'iuansgement, under
went a ssarching inve-ligaiion bv a com
mit tee of which Senator Tluirmati wa
m-inber, ard the re(irt ed that committee
exonerated Mr. Sheberd in cve-ry part" tl
lr which in any m inner involved bis
integrity. While the cniumiilee med
charges of eitravsgint exis-rditiire. Jel
the city of Wishingtun, and not Mr She
herd, reaped all the here fits. We specify
these three in-tances, Items- they are on
tinually referretl to in "lurring Gereral
Grent. The criticism has neitner lieen
hnr.est cr just, and the American j-wple
will convince the world of their low esti
mate of the charges whenever the occa-i jn
A Peelr of Knate.
Cor. Daboque, Iowa, Time.
There is great rejoicing in is-liticil cir
cle over the return cf some e f the v ry
best men in Congress. The reception and
welcome Under d to Senilor Ingalls was
one of the mast notable of these Senator
Ingalls is ODe of the most popular of the
members ofthst popular body. Elegant in
manner, quiet in ail of his listes, ardently
devoted t his friends, yet shriuking from
any public demonsTition, a brilliant, cl-ar,
forcible writer an almost perfect converter
among inlim te friend, an excellent listen
er and an accomplished social diplomat,
Mr. Ingalls is well calculated to b-, as he
is, the center of an admiring circle cf
interested and appreciative friends. R
markablef or social qualities he is no
less noticable for the characteristics
which do ' so much to adorn a statesman.
A few political enemies have taken espe
cial pains to annoy Mr. logalis of late,
and the "true inwardness" of the case may
not prove uninteresting to his Iowa frierds.
Some time since, sever .1 tears ago I think,
there was a man in one of the local offi es
of Kansas who yearned for more of Urc'e
Sim's possessions than the law allowed,
and so, says rumor, approprieteel to his own
uses some public money. Mr IngalN wro
was unwilling t believe the man a vlllian,
tried to shield him from the ojsequenc
of his crime, and it is said, succe-d-d for a
time. But tardy justice overtook the offend
er at last, and only through the exertions
tha man fcnt from learnir
a trade at the expense of
the State. Later he turned
up in Washington, and now occupies a por
tion of his very valuable time in slander
ing the man who, without doubt, saved him
frm the well deserved con-equences of hia
dishonesty. The goseips tell us that there
is aIo a snarling cur of the human species
prowling about tbe areas and alleys of le
specuMlity who is engiged ,in t'iie seme
interests? business. This fellow makes
some attempt at literary work and writes
incisional let'er to tne Kansas Lily Timu
His name is Ayres and his record unlra
grant. He was a rank rebel and served
without distinction in
A Virginian by birthhe early imbiltfd the
aristocratic tastes of the sons'of that noble
Mate, and sat around corner g-rrerie, on
leoxea wilh tbe other "while trash" of hi
locality Atthecloe of the war be weni
to Kansas and detinuuihed himtelf hv
squandering the little means he possessed,
an tben rtttiirel to his native State and
ook up his residence in Richmond, drifting
round to Washington a'ler awhile and
c'aimirg Senator Ingalls' intluenie to get a
losiiien in some of the departments Tbe
Senator was not particularly charmed with
mm. ana not navirg a vtry pressing sense
of his mpoteibiliiies, m urged by a
aould be consl'tuent vho"e residence
in this State wss .ry brief, he
lidn' 'enlbiie" very tnurli, but e!id ob
tain for the woman whxwas so unfortunate
as to be the wife such a rson a position
iu the Pension Offiie, w-l-e-re -he has pup
fsirted herself and ibis apperdage for fev
eral eer-. The fellow bi--s r oppnrtu-
uiejr ion nuer .ur. insii riotti hy Ins ven
omous tongue and leelle p-n, bjt'lhe shots
are too badly aimed end ion weak to do
more than annoy the N-nitor, whi is not
winmg to nave th- woman removed 1-
liouh constantly iinsrluned to do so, not
"" iiie-iineii io visii ner nu-'eanils weak
nes and follies upon her head. To this
ors.ee ul lsutie- may be traced the slan
d rs which have been so cctjriouly
ciiculattd by the Demo rats.
tiii: vt'.ir.Ki its.
Itrcuril nt ttic Tien Wbo Arte Walk
mi; Tills Uee'c Tor Oio World'
I New York World.
The third and p'-s.eibly the last cf the
c.ntes for the belt given by Sir John Ast
I y in mark the ''long di-tance jx-destrian
o'lanipionshipof the world" was opened at
1 uVIeck Monday morning, and at hat
h us four c nlestants tojk the word at Gil
mi re's Garelen.
i 'L-iry, the pre-ent champion and holder
f .he belt, is an Iii-hmau from counij
C.jrk, a d was bom June 0, 1S!G. He
"giiiesrr.ing money t a pn fes-i "isl -dtrian
at Chic?go, XoveinUr IJ, 1S74
undertaking to wlk fifty mi'es m ei-ln
t.otiss and forty five minutes. H- his hen
twitv to Kiglaii.lsr.il ha stiflereil elefeat
there as well as erj .jel viriury. He went
tilo lie walk fur h t belt wi'th barely
undiul of friends abutt hitn, and h'a vio
orv was a surprise souiewht to h m-elf,
iiit m -l of all to hi- R-igli-h opKnenls.'
ill-last ublic ls?rf.jrmance-s in 'this citv
eie wab John lliiiLe-" the
1-pier,' from Seotembr Oib i..
O tober 3, last, and during the holiday
seek with Peter XspoIeuiiCanipana. Rolb
.1 the-e walks were wrerched aflaus, though
he one with Hif-hes was for the belt and
gaVeO'L-ary a lien upon iu Athi'd vie
ioiy will make tie lxit his pergonal prop
erty. Charles Roweli is from Cbelerlon, Cam
ferulae-hire, Kogland. where he was born in
1531, He is nbout 3 feet 6 inches in height
ml weighs 1 '0 pounds in running diess
He was hrutigbt up lo a boatman's life as a
coach for the tiuiversily crews practising
e'amu, and fooling it Jiip the tiverbmk
.isveiojsu ins runnim-uiioyrexs. tie came
ut as a le-sdcslrian in 1SG3" in a n.ilere;
h is made 91 miles in an hour and 19 miles
in 1 h, 3Giu. at the Lilly I!ridi:e track. In
Ojw.b-r 5, ls-t. i e ran 32 miles in 4 hours
In ilaicb, ISi.i, at Agricultural H-ll. Lon-
don ajfan.st Weston, he covered 17G mile
ii 73 hours; fcnd in Ojlober, 1S78 in ihe
ur-i c ii.ttsiji.r ihe Rnglish champion belt,
ii lished thiid, 470 miles and one lap In
his iace he beat Funis nd was beaten b?
O.r-ey and "Bloaer" Brown. Rowcll
Links, and his trainers p'lare his opinion,
thai ho wi.l cover 120 milts in the fir.it HI
Ii 'Urs,
John Knnis is from Richmond Harbor,
C unlv I-ongf .rd I-elat d, where he was
turn Jure 4 JSI2; h- is 5 feet S icches tall
nil weighs 13(J pou m's. In IsiJS he won
so--e minor e-ontest, andiuU-loler 1C,
73, sppearetl again-t O'Lesry at Chicago
II- ire given a lead of ten miles in the 100
f r a S1.O03 stfce but at 07 miles gave up
On January 29, 1S7C. at Chicago, he cov
- -a vi nines iu io i.ijm. .-.-is lie is an
expert skater. In November 1S77, he had
lumber boul with 0"I.earv, but broke down
i.b Ihe evilic. In ItufT.lo in Julv last be
c .v. red 100 mile in Oh,20iu.'J.Ss, and walk-d
!!' mites wnnotit res: in J-Jh, 12-n, 10
Li ihe lir-t A- 1 y Ilelt match. Oitob-r 23
to Nt Vctnb r 2 I t he w a Cf hat tac cloje
iiivn g made 410 miles and fi.'e laps
Charles A llsrriman is the onlv man of
the q laitetle who has no six-day record,
lie look his firs: public walk in his native
own of Haverhill, Mt-s., on February 19,
17S, when he staged to beat Heniy
Vaughn's time oi 100 miles in ISh 31m.
io. The scorer-' blank said the distance
wss done in lsh. 3Sni. 40. At the Music
Hall in Rn-ton in the Ap'il followicg Har
riman coveril the same di-ian eiu lS!i
'm 40. Mey 10 and 11 lat be won the
thirty six hour champion t rofe.-sional belt,
itiverirg 1G0J miles in 3Ih. 20ti. Inlhis
walk b- re-ted but seventeen'mintile", and
ihefirt 100 miles he covered ia 19b.Go. 52'.
This was his lust record H- has given ex
hibition w Iks since. In a priva e trial at
Mysiii- l'srk, Ho-ton, he is said to have
covered 4 miles in six days out of doors
iu very vAfV prac ice.
A f foisMmt.
IClilcago Tiroes, H
It is hinted in Washington dispatches
thai 'Renelall is mom amused than con
earned at Use I burn's candidscy," which
pn.bibly came a near ihe exact truth of
the situ e ion as anything that could lie
sa;d Randall is altogether too valuable
trvaniof the interests which control
both parties in Gmgress to be spared.
tnulticr I'lace lie e 'ticre l ICooni
lr Ifeieeiiu.
fet. LouU It-pnbllran, 11 j
Cirgressmen Rislsre, of Florida, who was
tfs-aled at ih-last session has little to cocn
idain f after all. He was alluwed S-t,00O
for npr.. of the con'e-t, which, with
?4 000 mile-ge and two years' salary, Eive
htm the handsome sum of $18 000 'for two
vears of very inefficient service. In ihe
miller of coite-sted elections at Washing
ton there is evidently room for reform.
Vt tilt fire Tner fpnleifr t eli Abnt III
Io mo-t. if not ail, of the stales there i- a
constitutional provision prohibiting the ad
journnient '"without day" of one huu-e of
ih-legislature without the concurrence ol
th- oilier. OSviou-!y such prohibition,
w h ut iD-ris to enforce it, can't be of
n cli value That a 'pears to be the opin
ion of ihe Arkansas hou-eof represeniatives,
Hrli votel to adjourn, ard did adjiurn,
without notify ire the governor, or saying
15 1 your leave!" to tie senate. And now
it is h qu stion what the senate or anybody
else can doab-.ut it
lli-alrlcnl Burn,
Letter to the Graphic
Your illustration of the theatrical bores
is excellent. I wish it could be struck off
and put up in twenty plac a in th- theatres
and ojiera houses in this ciiy, for whatever
complaint you may have in X-w York is
doubly concentrated here, and late coming
con lant talking the rule rather than the
exception, and fiats, like loids of hays, are
a revocation of much profanity. When tbe
grand Maple-son company wer- here I had
the misfortune to sit directly befoie a party
of young lads and misses gentlemen and
ladies I suppose they styled themselves
who spent ihe entire evenirg in discussing
how tbey could give "Pinafore" at a draw
irg room, and 1 was the sufferer by the
total loss cf "Crmn." omuletelv mnr
dertd hv their "Pinafore" gabble. Wby
can't children be kept at home until tbev
i . . . - . J
icuuoniuuiu appreciate music ana act
ing, and wh7 can't ladies be required to
take off iheir wide-spreading hats, and whv
cin't all nnisacces be Abated.
Philadelphia, March 10.
Abilene is to hare a foundry.'
Congressman Anderson left for Wash
ington last Thursday.
Mr. W. M. Gardiner, one of the oldest
citizens of Jefferson county, died on the
12th inst, of ty ho malarial fever.
Pleasanton Observer, 11
Be watchful against incursions of prairie
(Hills County Star, 15)
Report savs that a detachment of the
4th Cavalry, are coming to the post .soon.
Boxes for packing butter eta, J. W
Roger, S domon; Citv c mibim d barrowjand
coru planter, M. McSi't, Fanover.
Empire CllyEcho,!
"In Memorium" "Dide." is the way the
Olathe Prcorcsi heads an obituary notice.
Fort Scott Herald, 13.1
There is talk of making paint again at
the Marmaton. This limert is to be f jrmed
from rocks, chalk and coal dust.
Osage County Chronicle, 13
II. D. Shepard, Ion from $75 to $100
h.oii'a thj f tilu.-dof a disintch reaching
rlanias City, and the price of corn going
Olatbo Mirror, 13
Why don't emigrants come to Johnson
county where they can boy well improved
farms at less than the cost of the improve
Correspondence Topeka Commonwealth, II 1
The Congregational Church was dedi
ca'ed, the closing services being held last
ight. Rev. P. McVicar, of Topeka, was in
ISeneca Courier, 14.
Tbe next semi annual convention of the
Nemaha County Sunday School Association
will lie held in Sahelht, on Tuesday and
Wednesday, April 1 and 2.
Ncoloaha Free Pitas, II.
Now, b-cau-e we are going to get a rail
rosd don't let our citiz-ns put a big price on
heir city lots, and thus kep away persons
desirous of engaging in business.
Emporia I edger. It.
A United Presbyterian Church is to be
elected in this city, on the corner of Mer
chant street and Sixth Avenue. Rev. Mr
INric't has purchased the ground at a cost
of $1,100.
Not tn TopekM Times, ll.J
Tne most of ihe Ku-uar.s who a couple
of years ago lived in North Topeka have
gone out on the frontier and purch2-td
land of tbe K. P. railway conipauy.
(North Topeka Times, 11)
Every passenger train on the Kansas
Pacific and Santa Fe roads is crowded, and
from present appearance our immigration
this year will foot up a quarter of million
lEllls County btar, 13,)
Cox of the KIlis House, has been ' bilked"
lately hy a Sewing Machine m-n, to the tune
of seven dollars less the value of 20 lbs of
boulder coal, founel in his valire, which he
had given in security for bis bill. Thai's
what we'd call "heavy" dexo,s.
Olatlie -Mirror, 13.
We understand that every man who
don't chime in with the so called temper
ance clique is classed with the elrunkirds
It is frigbiml to confmpl.ite the number
of drunkards Olathe posesses.
We a e in receipt of the report of th
State Department of Public Instruction for
Mhe school years, ending July 31, 1S77 and
Isio. Jt is replete with valuable statistics
and clear in iis detail of ichool manage
lOewego Independent I
Oswego is growing active and heallhv.
Oo every hand can be seen signs of im
provemeul and prosperity. Houses are
being erected in dilT-rent parts of the city,
and the indications are that she will mane
rapid strides forward the coming year.
(Alclilso i Champion, IJ)
A brace of young gentlemen from Wis
consin took their first lesson in kansas ves-
teiday afternoon. Ibey weie deprived of
i"20 and a pistol on the Leidville scheme
Moral: If you do not want to get nipMl
place no confidence in the fine haired youth
who talks about Leadvillc.
(Elllseouuty-Jtar, 13,)f
By the new passenger train, you cin
leive Hays Cily at C:'5 p. m. anel aruve
in Kansa-City, the fd lowing morning at
9.25, and leave Kansas Cily, at 103 iu tbe
evening aud arrive at II ys, 2:15 i. m.
No passengers will hereafter be carried on
freight trains except one goirg Fart at
C:3-j a. m.
Winchester Argus, 13J
About 2 o'clock on last Friday morning,
the house of Mr. Terry Critcbfield,
one mile northeast of O-kaloosa, was con
sumed wilh all its contents except one
stove. Mr. Lytton and family were the
occupants, and this leaves him in a desti
tute condition. Xo insurarte.
Celolt Democrat. U.J
Last Siturdsy evening Sheriff Hobert ar
rested John Doran, who was living about
twenty miles southwest from Beloit with
his father. Daran is char-d with assault
with intent to rape a young lady of that
neighborhood. His examination will occur
to-day at lOo'clock before Justice Tourney.
Topeka Commonwealth, 15.1
The total number of bills passed at the
late session of the Legislature, was 193.
Of these ibeGi'Veiror vetoed one, relating
to the creation of a bridge fund, so that the
number of new laws is 192. In 1877 there
were passed 217, of which three were vetoel
and four retained and not signed, so that
ihe number of laws enacted at the session of
1877, was 210.
Pratt county Press J
W. W (Shunk Bill) Saiub. is in trouh!e
again Last spring be was released from tbe
Leavenworth nilentiiy, where he served
a sentence for steal ing shunk skins,in II ul c--ison.
He took a claim southeast of Iuka,
uud-rtook to steal lumber in Hutchison lo
buijd shanty; was caught anel fined. Now
beisinjeil at Kingman for pressing a
yoke of cattle.
Empire City Echo, 13.
Col. Anthony, of ihe Le even worth Timm.
has engaged extensively in selling printer's
ink. We have noticed several favorable
mentions from our brethren of the press
who have used the ariicl- sold by him, and
tbey all agree that his IS cent ink is equal
to that sold by other parties at 25 cents per
pound. At any rate, tbe Kansa press
should patronize home institutions.
Oiwego Independent. 13.1
Hiegins. the Hibernian, caught a catSsh
Ipt Wednesday nigh t,tht weighed between
sixty and seventy pounds. In iu mouth
was ano'btr fish, of the same species, weigh
ing two or three pounds, that it had at
tempted to swallow, but not quite man
aging its head, it having stuck when he
reached the gills, the fins preventing its
farther progress.
IBelolt Democrat, 14.1
We delayed going to press this morning
to ascertain, if possible, the truth of wild
rumors that Cawker City has been visited
by a devastating conflagration. It is ru
mored by persons who arrived in this city
last night that a destructive fire was rag
ing in the heart of the town. Brison's lum
ber yard, it is stated, ia entirely consumed,
and that the btuinesa blocks contiguous
lurrouading destroyed.
Stockton News, 12 J
"The United Brethren have just cloed a
protracted peeling at the Big Medicine
ynnrcn. wnicn resulted in a glorious re
vival of religion. Many sinners were awak
ened and converted, and twenty-three were
sdded to the church. More will follow.
The church now has a permanent organiza
tion, and the fiist deeded church prop-rly
in tuta-i county.' Abus writes the Rev. J.
II Bloyd, pastor.
Atchison Champion, II J
An extensive prairie fire raged on Mon
day south i f Whiting, destroying a large
amount of protny. Sid. Martin, a ron-in-law
of G. R. White, E-q., of this city, lost
three horses, pigs, poultry, all his corn, and
about half a mile of hedge fence. In fact,
everything but his house and familv were
destroyed. This is a loss that Mr. Martin
caa scarcely withstand, and he has the con
dolence of all.
Ulrard P.ess, IS
OnMbnday evening, Leslie, a son of J.
W. Womacfcjfditorof the IfttvM, sged two
and a half years, was badly scalded. Mrs
W. was selling tea. and had tbe c- flee pot
selling on the stove hearth, awaiting her
husband's arrivtl from the ei2ice While
she was in another room, the little boy
gotcejr the stove and accidentally emptied
tbe contents over himself, scalding his hip-
ami legs, the injuries n (beted are very
p linlul, and it is feared that the child will
bs a cripple for life.
Km pot la News, 13 1
Au effort was made by the reformer, Zrm
Wood, ami others, to secure the reletre oi
the bigamist, Ferrell on a writ of lub-e-
corpus. The effort failed, however, and em
Friday he was taken charge of by the
Sheriff of Joe Davis county, Illinois, who
started east with him the same evening on
a freight train. It is claimed that Mr. F
has four wives living, which, if true, should
condemn him lo solitary confinement in a
prison cell during the remainder of his
worthless life.
Topekt Commonwealtn, 14
At Ihe annual meeting of the Library
sociaiion, helel on Wednesday evening.
tbe following ladies ard gentlemen were
-leci-el directors: E Wilder. Hon N C.
McFarland. Rev 0. Mori au. Jno R Mill
vsne, John Msrtin. J-hn Guthrie, Dr I'.
W. Stormont, Mrs. C F Morse, Mrs. . J.
Hiintoon, Mrs S E. Sheldon, Mrs S S
I awr-nce, Mrs S. M Sncer, anil G. O
Manchester. The orgeniz ilion of the bosrd
end election of officers will be held nex'
Wedne-day evening.
lEmrorla Ledger 1
Francis Murphy is about to establish a
'enqerance colony in this State This
world wid- apostle i f temp-rano has al
ready selected a large tract of land in Gov
county. on the line of ihe Kansas Parifi
railway, as the site of his new enternri-e
The idei is to establish a temperarce com
mnnily for th- ben-fit of refmnieel inehri
etes. Mr. Murphy will also mske bi
future home in this Slate Men of wealth
have promised Mr. Murphv to buy firms
in his rew colony and rent them to such a
be may recommend.
Atchison Champion, le.)
This morning we are called Uon to re
cord tbe sudden death of one of Atchison's
oldest settlers, Gustav Holthaus, proprietor
of a bakery between Seventh and Etghdi
sire-i-.. Il aprear that yesterday morning
he arose to build a fire in his room before
daylight, as a candle founel at his side
nould indicate, and while in the act of ig
riling the kindlings, fell forward, to the
de of the stove, deael. Passers by noticed
that his store was not opened as usual, but
it wai not until about ten o'clock that the
suspicions or curiosity lLcIineil look any ac
ion in tbe premised Iben the store was
broken into, and the body found as above.
Atchison Champion, 14
The next annual session of the Execu
'ive Hoard of the Women's Mission S,cieiy
will lie held at Atchison, commecciig on
the 10'h and concluding on the 13 h cf
April, prox. There will be two sersinns a
day, which will be held in the Kau-as Av
enue M E Church. Abiut seventy five
delegates from Minnesota, fowa, Nebraska,
Kansas and Mi-sou ri, are expected to be
present. This will be th- first meeting of
' he board ever held west of the .Missouri
river. Mrs. A. F Newman, of Lincoln,
Neb , Secretary of the Rjrd, is in the cily
making the necessary arrangements for tbe
Oakalooso Sickle, 11.
Curtis Conwel I, aged abmt 21 vears. son
of L. IS. Conwell, living abiut four miles
from Ozkaloosa, on the Leavenworth road,
aiieminea suiciue last ouuruay oy taging
-Irychnine. He took an overdose, became
sick, and bis mother bnding out what he
had done, administer, d a lot of lard oil.
Intelligence of the siT.ir reached Mr. Row
ling, on the opposi e side of the road,
when a big doe of mustard was procured
and given to the young man, and a phi si
cian sent for. Curtis has now recovered
Some say his mind has been affstted for
some ti" e from over religious excitement,
while others say there is a "woman at the
boltom of it."
ball nu Democrat, 11.
A most distressing and fatal accident oc-
cuired at Mr T. H. Cavanaugh's re-idenc-,
II ghland Farm. Wednesday, wherebr his
son Willie, a bright, intelligent bov 12
years old, lost his life. Willie had "been
out hunting, and upon his return, there
being a charge m the gun, he attempted to
withdraw it. The hammer must have been
at full cock, with a cap on the nipple, rod
while in the act of pulling out the load the
gun by some means b-cauie di-cbareed: th-
contei.ts, slug and all, entering tbe boy's
aisaumeu. ur. rowiey was at once snin
montd and done all (xessible for the relief
ot the suflVicr. but d-.e h claimed him as
his own at G o'clock Thursday mornin-'.
Abilene Gazette, It
A smooth fellow Irom Salomon City,
uauicu i. m. vampoeii, swindled J. b.
Kelley, the Jeweler, out of $200 one day
last week. Itoccuiied in this wise: Camp
bell elrew a check far S200, and represented
to Mr. Kelley that he had a car load of
cattle on tbe road to Kansas City and
wanted Mr Kelley to endorse it. Uiion
this repr.seniation Mr. Kelley affixed bis
signature to tbe check, and itwascasheel
It was soon discovered that Cimpbell was a
fraud, and he was finally captured at El-
linwood. Marshal Hoisiigton wentdoon
Friday last to bring hi'u to Abilene, but
sihsn he arrived there found thalCamn'-eli
had been released on bail and skipped the
Oswego Independent, H.i
We learn that a man by the name of
uuuu a-iuiej, a liveryman, ol Oolumbus
was shot acd killed in Dick S.epp's saloon,
at Galena, by Joe Ivery. the bar-keeier,
last Thursday evening, about five o'chjek.
Il seems that Finley had taken some com
mercial men to Galena, and while there
got lo drinking quite freely. He went to
the saloon and eiig-ged in a game of poker,
and lo-t all the mor.ey l.e had He accu-ed
the bouse of robbiDg him and dem-nded
his money batk, and is said to have made
threats ed shooting Ivery, if it was not re
turned. He made motions as if reaching
for his pistol, when Ivery picked up a re
volver that was lying und-r the bar. and
shot him through the upper pirt of the
throat, killing him instantly. We know
nothing farther than was, related to us by a
man who was there at the time, and onlv
give his version of the affair.
Lawrence Journal, 13.
Dr. Waugh, of Clinton, informs ui that a
painful accident occurred on Wa-hiogton
Creek, near that place, recently. A fire had
been set on the place belonging to Mr. E.
H. Djwell, for the purpo-e of burning off
the ground preparatory to making a gar
den. The fire was burning slowly against
th wind and Hss. Djwell was standing
nar it, when it was di-covertd that the
whole of the back part of her clothing was
on fire. IIer husband rushed up and al
temptd to extinguish the Hemes wiihbU
bnds. In this he ws siccesslul, but not
unul hu hands were very badly burned
and his wife was also considerablv iniured. .
I& ' TA.:.t. ",.
r-P..sl:Ti --"-"" I
Terymuchandwm probably be unabls'
IN j to work foraT-long time. Aa accident frem
line same Cits-ej came ery near occirnrg' tons ot nav and some fence- Beu. Riwlin-
I .i. ..i-.kl r : .1 . a e r
ou iuit'tiK.u.juf in); iaiie iie uay u-iore,
are nemg st wntcn cane verv sear con
suinmg tbe house and barn.
lO-age County ChronJcV, 13
Carlr" P. E-tlice, a voting man agd 19
years arid nativei of the state e Indians,
w killetf in a coal baik on tbe Rirland
farai ab-tt four tuilcs south east of this
place last Thnrsdar. Mir. V 6 Olin George
was in the drift with twe eb.ccas,il -nd e
csped with hisif as it we.o by a mere
hair's breadth- "iertirg Goo."ge pot lome
miners from .he Konhs farm to help get
Bettice out, but life was estirct, the heavy I
tni-e eif soap stone havicj- cru-fied the lif
i ut of him almost instantly It km the
uranimous opinion of -oncers whottamia
eel the place of th-accident that ihe un
fortunate voung man lost his life by negli
gence in not propping up tiffi-i ntly It
seems that most of th accidents in the
coal mines in this vicinity h..ve resulted
from the sjmecaue, lack of preps.
The deceased. Laving no relative) or
friends, was buried by S K. Freeman,
trustee of Dragoon township, at tLe ex
pense of the county.
Columbus star. H.)
A Michigan farmer paid s Targe walnut
tree for which be recewed !tt7G Walnut
trees grow in Kaosas with rerairkaUe
vigor and thrift. The soil anel climate of
Kansas seem to Im especially favorable to
this variety of timber. There are ndmer
..us groves of walnut in this Su.d planted
ouly ten years ao, that are almo-t large
enough for commercial uses. Walnut is
very valuable. It commands at all times
the best prices, becatie is more generally
utilized in the manufacfure of furniture
and building purposes. Kansas f.rmsrs
ought to give attention to iu culture. A
few bu-hels of walnu:?. planted ami prop
e ly attended to for a few years, will pro
duce a valuable grove of walnut trees,
adding largely to the value of a farm.
Cor AtcbKon Champion, l?.l
McPherson county is bounded on the
north by Silin, on the ea-t by Marion, on
ihe south by Harvey and Furd, ar.il on the
siest by i.tcv nod Ellsworth. The oounlv
contains 570 000 acres e.f land, of hicb
ihere were 2.1 IUt taxable, and 170.0711 un.
der cultivtnou in 1376 -un increase of
nearly 17 OCO arris over the year li77
That the year 1S71 will witness an increase
of mum than one-third tf the number of
acres of land under cultivation over Us1
ear, there can lie no doubt, as there have
been more lhan double ihe raw prairie
broken in this county list fall and ibis
spiing thau any year since ihe coiintv was
organtz d. In other words, I am inform. d
by per-on- wtm are in p-iib n tu know
that from 50000 lo CO,0t)0 acres of raw
yreirie was broke last tall, and this amount
ill be more than dotibl.il this year.
-Mcl'hersoe county a-orgeiuzeit ilb70,
with s poptiliiiou e'f 7SS l. lb75 titled
increased lo 0 203. audiluee eim later in
ihe fall f 1S7M, here Were 1 1 291 e, le iu
the county. Rringocee f tl e rieh-st sgri
e-lilturalcuunties in ihn fclat-, if It is no!
ihe ruhest, ai.d alreai'y bailing mana of
iheoldersellled ceiumies if ihe Stat- inber
agrie-ultiirsl Health and s.puUtiun, ihe
cleese of 1S79 will e 130U0 aial luo-e
pie iu ihe county. There Is scarcely an
acie of land in the whole county thai can
not be cultivated, and lo whe'eareyou ont
of si,;ht of farm houses. Having traveled
over a considerable portion of
this county and Kansas recently, I speak
from observation, when I say that I know
of no other county that is so thickly set
tled as in McPherson. The Mennonite
population of the county is estimated at
from 2,500 to 3.000.
Mo e attention is being paid torai-ing
winter wheat, and thiscouuly,it isclaimcd, la
b--lter adapted for raising winter wheel than
any other kiul of cereal. The number of
acres sown last year was S."!,729, the yield
beius: over 2 0CSJ.00O bushels. A. re-, ot
-oring wheat sown, 4,235, vulding over 72,
000 bushels.
S.ilmo Valley-Kejtster,'.
Oa Saturday morning Isrtwcen 2 and 3
o'clock, man. of our cii'Zcs were aroused
from their inviting slumbers by tie noise of
debris which was throuh ageinst building-,
oreasirgopen iioors and v-indons by one
of tic most terrible ir.d storms that has
ever visited our cily.
Up in looking ou' tbe heavens were
seu to be livid with an eltctric light,
whiih was at firBt supposed to be a prairie
Gre or building burning, whil- near tbe
earth all furies seemed to cry destruction to
everything in its path. At ll.e time noth
ing could be told e.f ihe damage done, but
as morning dawned many were visiting the
The BiptistChurih which was inst ready
for pla-teriug was entirely dcinoli-hce! ihe
mot perfect wrick there could have been
made of it
1 he n-w hou-e of Mr Rraden's nearly
complete, was carried e ff ibe foundation
and so badly rac ed that it wilt probably
have to be rebuilt.
Ira W. Russetl's new block was shoved
off ihe foundation tbout r.x icchea. and
ulherwisu n jured.
The front of A R Allison's new restau
rant was somewhat damaged.
Oilier buildiogs Were somewhat damaged
Klepper'n old black-iniih. uriop was demol
ished, but a Iii tie eijin-e will make the
d image goad, while out hoiHts ano
straw and hay a aiks were s'renn iu every
direction. The storm came from a foatli
wesierly direction, but no damsge a knon
to have been done nntil this plate wa
reachtd, and from hire onward through
ihie county everything avail-tie in it
path was wreck td.
coal miners' weirc in os ioe county
lO-vag.j Ceunly Chromcl-
TLe strike among the coal minirs in this
county is as-uming an unpleasant and seri
ous character The original entire of lbs
trouble was the proposed reductiou by pro
prietors, as follows: Scranton, from seven
cents per bu-hel to six; Osage City, from
eight to seven, and Kan-as Coal Company
from six to fi-e. The men would not con
sent, and left the mines. Afterward they
wanted to compromise on 5 C and 7$
I'his was lefu-td. Nowthe'meu propese
10 accept the original redoc .on, provided
the rates are miintain-d for iu months.
This has been refused hy tbe proprietors.
Last week, on Friday, tbe Kan-as Coal
Compeny agreed to tl.e compromise, giv
ing in men ol ce ts, wilh the guarantee of
doing so for six months, and the men went
to work Parties of miners from shifts
of theCirbin Coal and Mining Company,
however, did not like it. acd succeeded by
threats and arguments in lcdming the men
to quit work, though I eiu i paid alt they
asked. Mr. T. Heyson, ihe Superintend
ent, asked the Carbon miners what ihey
wauted: "Will six cents sati-fy. awl it'i
my men work ?" Th- response was ''No "
fhi- a-tioo if the mil ers outsid-of tbes-e
interests d is a serious mat'er, and if tbe
miners of the Kan-as Cal Ct.aysor are
sali-fied anel want to nort-, they i";l be
p-ruiitt.d todosi. MobUwis not para
u-oint iu Oeage county, it is by euch
follythat the sy.npalhy of the luiikin
public is alienated.
At Scranuin, there is a dead-lock. From
conversations with the m-n ai d the em
ployers we are emvino-d that there is lit
tle ground for ccuiproinite 'Ihe former
complain that they can not live and sup
port their families on such small pey, ai-d
with an average cf little more than half
lime allowed, while the proprietors say
that, with close comietuibu, it is impossi
ble forthem to pay more. In regard to
short time, the proprietors say it is owing
to the fluctuation of the orders. Tbatthey
would like the men to work all the
time if they hd trdeii 'o- the oI teken
out. Oa the other hand, the m-n claim
this is cot tru, UJ "note adveriisratnt3
for m-n in Fasten? papers to prove it
Large numbers of miners are leaving for
the East ar-d Wes. acd nronrieJors an- nr.
dtrirg out tiols preparatory to closing the
shafts. In the meantime, strippers are
doing a lively business to supply the local
About five huadred miners are en-a:'d
in the strike.
Iloltonllecord, is.
Last Fridav some conlemntible fellows
ret out fire on Straight creek, which owing
to the fiercenese of the wind, did coa-ider-able
damage. E. E. Rifttr lost by this
uic n u riauiea, cnos, etc , also hu orch
ard and eighty rods of fence, while Albert ,
V - tn - i-k ."V,.. . ...i te- r . t.' i...
l"nS !. ?. " .corn,
"y, oais, ana an nu larra machinery. I
Mr K.'s loss is about $M0. Jack Smiti1
NUMBER 2,559,
j lost eighty roc's of fence; J. an Marshall CO
. WA-.I..H... . .. -- - .
it i aw ruees oi ieee; jas. uawiins, itij rests cl
- 1
fence and cone:ilerab!e hav, also a youg
orchird; Mr E.njs lost hay and fete
Dive 1-sn, hav; all the feBee on the old
McKeogh plaee was butxeil, while o'her,
ruoiigiHMl- were nn.re or le-a dameged bs
the lire fcvnif. Tbe name of tho-e who set
ihe tiff out a-e not known.but whi vr did
it should sntr-r ihe severest penalty which
the law inflicts.
Oa Rucfeey e Ridg?, north of RcV, on
the simeday, a bre was started, wot. h
burned fences, bsrns, horses, ciitle, or
chare's and groves to the value of thousarVs
ot dollars, fne sea andrel whar-et ont tr-
fire was arrested, tkB le. Haveresville and
itxkeil up in a room to await tri-I. lie
however, escaped, aeel rsfMhiag k - U-n
lieard or seen of (iin suxv.
lirutcblmso interior.
Reno coonty was orgamzed in 17 J. s
coutains 1,250 square miles and has a pj
illation at present of 12000 About two
thirds of the peop-e are natives of tee
United Smtes, anl tre balance from vr u.
foreign countries. The population is in
crea-lng v-ry rapidly, anel a fair eiiin -
would be an increse ol about thirty-lhie-e
pe r cent, for every twelve mon'-ire
The general apjearance of the land is
rolling, or gently undulatirg. For farm
ing purimsss it presents attractions fur
every be holdir. Lljj,geutleswells,bruai..
lev. I Is.ttotns, roaniBg streams which at-r
a large portion of the county, pure spicf,
bursiiog frejiH Bteadow and hiiirieie are tl.e
altracUoDs'whicti presessv ttwoieelve , ar.il
ilee verob-t if ibe euiirant is, when 1-- t-e
holds theexceeeling riennessof ihe soil ib i
no country in the world can be bei'cr
ad pled to the waists of tbe husbandman
S ime of the best lasds in the Sit ar
stilt to be secured in thia county. 1 i ere .s
no great quantity of vrcmt land io ir
one locality, unless it be in the s u-hwev
ern pirt, but interspersed among ihe t '
vstid ferms are larels which can be bouKi
at very low pri. es and on long time.
ICeEo county lies on both ide of the Vr
kansas river and the e3t line cf the cout.
ty is one hur.die-d anel sixty miles by ra
s.uthwest of Tnpeks. the capitol of th
Aate, but as the crow flies, it is not more
ban one hundred and iiiiy miles to ihe
capitol. The mam line of the Atih.soi.
i jieka a-d anta Fe railway pas-w-ihioogb
the county fre m et to west, ar i
affords the very best of railway facilities.
Topeka Cosatttoaweallb, 15.
The terrific wind storm of Thur-dos
night bss dose a great ileal of dam .e i
iriqwr y all over law State, both by tire in.
by original blow. Stiver Lake, New
aid Whhila have all i.nvrsei more r l.s
tail ne.ue if tnt-ai so severely as A hi I, r.
huh thai ntgblesme Very neatly heiu
net m re. IDrough the ea.nbiueel elemen s
wind aLd brr which were burieel ag' c
ii with all tne t rce . f nature. The tarn,
era have beu c'oartug their fields fir a
rek pust and bve been Aumiig the re I u
-Iraw and ejur a atall.it SicJt a fir- w .
progress near Abilene night btforu ,
hen tbe wind rai-eel;ad as tl.- b. .
blew fiercer ard m..ie luriott tbe tir- i.
created in eiisnnnins until it ceared tb
to ii.
The a' arm was at once given, and ''
cit zens in rned ont tamoe tu aires' i
cuiir-e if ihe tl ernes, wh.cb threatei.d i
--allow up their borne
As soon as a spate wag retched with
the limits hich was bare of grasx, the t
r-os e btained an advaniate wiicli was I '
lowed up closely, anel tbe fire was subdii '
before it leached the boainesa poruuu
tbe town.
The fcene is elescribeel a simply r -r -We,
b7 one wbo teas present. Mn,"wi i . i
and children running ia every eliree t . n
all expecting to lose all they had in t.
world, and not knowing where or bow ;.
we.e to save tbemeelves.
The losa teas not near so great as migh'
have been expected under tbe ur. urn
stances, bat still it was very heavy, Mr I
II Ltbold, the banker, being the hes.v r
l.er. HU loss consists) oi about 7 eji
bushels of corn ami 10 000 bushels cf wIki,,
toge-thtr with the buildings in which 'h
trail was stored, and a large quantity . .
Two handsonie reaidcoera in the on
skirts of ihe town were also destroyed, a
a number of smaller residences an 1
building were more or less it jured.
Topesa Commonwealth, "..!
The train from the nest on Wtdcesd-iy
Iai week brought to this cily a young n. .i.
bv ibe name of U liter t II. RracLeir, h..
was in bad hellli, teing a confirmed e .n
sumplive, and who had come Hest m se rrt
of he a I Hi and a business location. He nao
benhre once before, in INovtmler I s
and had gone to Neston; but not likir
the coumry, lie returned to thia my , ,
await the coming of bis brother, when ti r
two were to go into some kind ejf bti-ine
V. hen in this city before, he stepped
Mr. Oirertons. and be went there .ijrt r
came back. Ha was very weak acd u
he was not as well aa when he had I es i
there before, bat as he had said very U '
no one paid much attention to film. 1
kept his room quite closely, but no o.
thought him seriously ill until all waaote
when he was found cVad in btel yta.ti -morning.
The discovery crea'ed no little oocsten.
tion in the hou e, aod Mr. Palmer, the n ..
d-ruker, was immediatriy sent for, and re
moved tlte body tu hia rooms, where it s .
reniains, undergniaj a preservtivB pruce .
preptralory to lis ahiptneu; east.
Jlr. Brackett was, to all appear- i .
about twent two or twenty three y e us
age and seesed to have bteii in -a-v c
cumstancts. Aa examinati .n of bis 'i r
ah. wed that be came from WaktSeld, .Mas
nschusetts, anel that he h a moth-r livr
there now. The last entry iu his bock ve
make the night he died, acd leael-. 'I
walked a Ik-it blocks ekwn town
but was too weak to go far, pae.
a wiek's hoard thk evening, ai i
wrote a Ieitr to mother.-' 1 here u et..
the word m.tl.er bviug tbe last be e
wrot-. Hu diary shows that he bsd wrt
len to her e7ery two or three days for .
eral weeks, but none of hte letters ,.s
found among Lis tflects.
An act to amend section one "seadred ani
twenty-two, of chapter number twen
three of the general statutes of eighteen
hundred and sixty-eigb emitlei an ait
cuueerning private corporaUooa.
Bt it emitted h-j tKc Lcjuh.ltut tf ilttin w.
Srr-rr.s 1. That seclioa namber r
hunrlred and tweniy-three of aa at-, t
ilteisin act cot,cj-rni j; private c-rp- r-.
tioos,'' be amHsieel so as to reset f ,i;v
SiCUon oee handrret aad twerBty tso ai
reiiii. us scie y. raililary eir lire Ouo.pt
li'erary, chsntabie or benevolent a-s.
lioe, oilier than e eilege-, universities, ac
eiuK or semtniries, or any grand or su s
ordmate Lodge ot rieeeand Accepteil M -s
n-, or the 1. depeinleot Oidar of Odd hei
lows, Knights e.f Pv'hi-a Knights er II o
or, Aneicni Orelerejf C .ittil Workmen I
depneejent Order cf Mutual Anl, le.it i
iemplars, cr any other secret benevjfo
asscciaticn or eirgabizatieeD, mj hy ii.e
enn-ent of a m j sritjr of iu tn.en!r- b,
oaiebolies, rorpurate under Ibis w, la
fi log the charter required br this ct
e'ecung directors e r trustee and peifi.rui
ina the things as are dirtcteel ia the rate .it
jther corsj.-atijiv; ami when so organ. id
shall have alt tbe prewere and privileges
and b- suhj-ct to ail th- restrictioss ia tn s
act, eootaintd fur the cbj cea named in ti.
charter, reel shall have tne nae poer i
make by-laws for the regulation of t. eir
aflairs as other corporations, and shall ha .
power to adopt a by law to reduce a cumber
of iis director- or trustees) to no"
less than three, awl to inet rporate wun
that number and to prescnb-i
tLeir trrm of office, and to do anel to sr
form all other acts in accordance with the
obj-cta of the said lodges respectively; such
diiectors or tru-tees shall ne t usurp' or ex
erci-e ihe functions of the oflicera in charge
of the spiritual affairs of anv societv.
Sec 2. That section 122 of the'act en
tilled "An act concernirg private corpora
tions' J, hereby repealed.
Szc 3. Tbu act to take effect from and
after its publication in the Weekly Com
mmxcccllh. Approved March 10, 1S7).
I, James Smith, Secretary of the State c'
Kanns, do hereby enify that the forego
ing is a true and correct copy of the origin
al enrolled bill on fi'e in my office. In tr. -timony
whereof I have hereunto subscribe.!
tor nime and affixed the great seal of ih-
dav of March, A. D. 1S79
ate. L'gne at loprga. Kansas, this 1 It
Secretary of State.

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