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The Leavenworth weekly times. (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1870-1880, January 01, 1880, Image 2

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-fehed la Kbmk Toe rcg-lar sasasrlpUon
Miss MUX ftrmu, mini la advEc:
& wM os.tlvtf- be Mopped when
tki om expires. Each, reader esa aid
Materially la laarealaK oar list by ladadac
Msaelgaborto ss-sr.be.
Wttto ims
Wchave received Eyaae' Advenisi-,
Hud Book for 1880. It is a very neat and
arcdiuMa publication, and we think it
wary reliable mad correct. Mr.T.C.Evans,
ef Bootoa,is kaowa aioae of the best agents
, CTfTr. HEWS.
" Oar. co-respondent, "J. A. R," whose
l iavorsear readers always enjoy and -ppre-
elate, Bead tu this morning an interesting
Gadget of eoanty news.
--.?Jr.B.:D XI L.s-IO!-B A TEAK
"The Philadelphia SuflrimahowB by the
Scares that this country can sare a hun
dred millions of dollars a year by cultiva
tiag the sugar beet and manufacturing our
-r.u.ca KiarisTsv.
The aew Freach Ministry formed by
DrFreyciaet includes De Freycinrt as
JVssidsatof the Council and Minuter of
Foreign Affairs, Magnaaia as Minister of
Fiaaane, Geaeral Farre as Minister of
yrr, aad Jales Ferry as Minister of Pub
lic IastrnctioB. It remains to be derel
oped whether this Cabinet caa command a
sajarity in etch of the two houses.
A New York special ssys the laboratory
ofEdisoaatMealo Park was brilliantly
illuminated last Saturday night with the
e electric light, the occasion being; a
visit of a number of the inventor, personal
Iriaad. Forty lamps in all were burning
--mr-iwsa six o'clock until ten. The effect of
-.mm fTBinmoa was to. convince those pres-
sat, who before were skeptical, that Mr.
-Cdlsoa had in reality produced the electric
ljght for household illumination. No day
is Tet set for a geaeral public exhibition,
. hat it is probable that inside of a week
4 srVrythiag will be in readiness to be seen
. y all who desire to visit Menlo Park. Gas
stocks are still depressed, with a downward
'The Grand Inspired American National
Aathem, composed for the glory of this
eaatryby Mr. Patrick 8. Gilmore, and
-aspired by the Goddess of Liberty, has
been given to the musical world, and does
' set create the furore which its enthusiastic
e.atorj confidently anticipated. One
isstinguuhed mutical cnticsayshe thought
km found in it reminiscences of "Rule
Brlttania" and "Marseilles." If this pala
tal suggestion is bated upon fact we shall
eiorced to one of two conclusions : Either
he Goddess of Liberty did not borer over
rf-Mr. Gilmore and cram him with celestial
Vikvairat;.ob, as he declares she did, or else
aaat divinity played him a scandalous trick
-hf aalauag off on him some second-hand
iasairetion in a manner which will compel
4 TBrhoaest American to feel ashamed of
aa V- i:t. : j; !
-- - --. uua,un, m cuuiag mi immor-
tsl work, endured nearly the same agon
ising throes which convulsed the soul of
f 'Kaoget de- Lule when he wrote the Mar
aciUes Hymn; but Rouget, somehow or
other, appears to hare been less exhausted,
intellectually, during the struggle.
The article ia yesterday's Trjoaia re
gard to the bilk of Couaty Attoraey Taylor
aad Cosaauasoaer Pickeaa was maaifestly
on just ia regard to the latter aajaedpersoa.
Mr. Tayler is paid aa annual aalary by
the couaty, ia the mat of $2,000, which is
supposed to be in full for his serrices, and
is a sum far ia excess of what his serrices
laa aa attoraer are worth. IT fcu
earned that amount ia anr one Tear, out
side of his oakaal position, since he has
bees practicing law ia this city. It the
duties of the couaty attorney require his
presence outside of the county he is clearly
entitled to his personal traveling ezpeases
while on such duty and no more. His last
claim, for $950, for extra profeetfonal ser
vices is, to state it mildly, an impudent,
cxtortioaate demand for worthies, scrviep.
which have, for the greater part, been of
no practical benefit to the county, aad
eeesa to have been rendered maialv for
the purpose of giving excase for the making
of the claim. The bill onrht to be reoudi-
So far as Mr. Pickens, the Chairman of the
County Board, Mr. Squires and Mr. Rich
ards are concerned, they are clearly entitled
to the amount expended by them for grav
eling expenses, board and a reasonable per
diem for the time so occupied. They are
not paid an annual salary and as a matter
of course should be paid in full for all ser
vices rendered by them.
The above u in accord with the position
taken by Thi Tnaa last June. The gen
eral opinion prevails that the County Com
missioners have acted wisely and fairly in
their efforts to settle our bonded indebted
deas, and have succeeded as well as could
be expected under the circumstances.
From Ellis County Star.
Fred Kroft-er desires In behalf of tha l.rfiM
of the Lutneran church to return thanks to
Messrs. McClannahan ana McCurdy, and
Kingston lor liberal donations of nn's can
dies and nick sacks lor the Christmas tree.
The above gentlemen are tonrintn of hih
standing and their nrms enjoy not only tbe
eonnaenee or onr merchants.
sw It Mas fJeea Ksiaase aad Flaas
Ur the Fatarslfce Assent el Beais
aessi Dae The Peatsaaster-Sea
eral'a Black I4st, Etc.
tives. It will. I believe, aaaate tha da.
wreluad the satire
Mr. Spronl, one of the Fusionists elected
to the Maine Legislature, has written an
indignant letter declaring that he will not
he a party to the fraud. His testimony as
to the fact that the errors in the returns
arere due to defective blanks furnished far
the State authorities, in order to have the
mistakes made on which the returns have
s beet) excluded, is very clear. Here is what
-rnoagh I was elected on an oDnoiltlon
at..jai.a . .. .
a box or books selected with a view to plesse
tbe little folks. Tbe Colonel, heart is gen
erally in tbe right place, and we cat think or
nothing more appropriate for tbe children
than Col. Anthony's donation. The above
contributions were unsolicited and tbe ladles
and onr cltlaens will ever remember the do
nors kindly.
Belolt Gasette. j
Elsewhere In this lssne we give a foil de
scription of The LxAYxxwoBTn Turnb'
printing boose and other Information i.hont
the paper which should be and will be read
Dy every one. THx Tikes now fills a space
heretofore unoccupied In the annuls nf Rmt
Journalism, and supplies a want long felt.
Most appropriately and aptly has The Times
been designated the Ureat State Dally, for It
Is acknowledged the leading paper of Kan
sas ; no Kansas man can take any taue of
the paper and not And something; ol Interest
w him In It, for it covers the entire State In
Its columns every day ; editorially it la sound
and represents the opinions of ihnirrontm...
Jorlty-a mirror In fact, reflecting for tha
gass or tbe rest of the country Kansas as she
Is, politically, practically and In reality. It
Is a paper for the farmer, mechanic the'bnsl.
nesf and professional man.and cosmopolitan
In every sense or the word ; independent, ag
gresslve and fearless. The restless energy
and tireless purpose which has characterised
the career of Colonel Anthonv has been in.
inaeamioTnn TIXKS, and through lta eol-
uuiuo ui. reaaers get the benefit of It; In
many respects he Is the most remarkable fig.
nre In the history of the Bute, and Is In re
ality, tbe only man In the Bute who haa a
history of hU own ; he has contended agalast
odds which would have crushed weaker men
and has Lcome onj victorious ;' he has
been hated, feared 'and respected with a
greater decree of Intensity than any man
whoever made his residence in Kansas- it
S'S,,?11' ,of Mm wnt n n bTsala- or
V -. ?".'" "pi possioir Jul xr
b x :
etn. tnt.li. v.TT. -rrirrj;""-Y'-is? w""?.u
2? teBoranee or the perpetrators; when
ESvf2TJaaU4?!l.w.lro taken or defective
Maaka sent ont for tola very purpose by tbe
22itnt?LBtbortUe'- tht returns were
2SJLSL?i.tbl" Ter7 "": whenaome
5HTSF SD,y enforced and others on
iLBS.'nl'Jt? we nnlllfled, by which
tfytal errors could have been readily
ssweeseji ; when five or our largest cities,
containing one asa-enth or onr Inhabitants
Sl?!i2nrtn or onr. we"h. were dlilran.
22Sr'fB'lmany 0B1r towns treated even
worse, ny being compelled to be represented
JBLISS whoa they had once repudiated at
see poiia, thenoe no longer can a man, with
T52 K?.-I5evo,5Uon,ry bIood ln veins,
?i5,I?Dmn nluc.n ,eM nls influence!
. .uvuviicuiiuD Tiiiiinjr."
"" inasine nisiory of Kansas can not fw.
wruien wiinont including him In 7 1. inr
or pnyte"n.slnore.SSdT.byKd o?
h.m. even tbonh ttut time Saf be ffte? the
tomb has elaimZd n n-lT7-f? V1.6
fled numbered with tbe voiceless dead.
and Ire-
Brooklyn, N
with the hearty
. Loughlia explained
i I .
1 f
iuasioaa Hoaldin nf Tii;nn:.
k r e, . a.muvu.
iaad.c: Minnesota, whitei
x, a law days ago, an
of Bishor-
! the Catb-.Vi. . ; . "nIin P1MJ
j-j ,T oinia diocese gathered m
J71, "Tnurch, at the invitation of
?"' Posters, the object of the Catholic
2?t!on project; It is to disperse the
rVoportiocate masses of Irish Catholics
- liviag ia citiei and manufacturing towns,
ad aattie them in agricultural colonies at
the West. Sucli colonies have been al
ready eatabliared in Kansas, Nebraska,
1 Iewa aad Minnesota; la the latter State
1,400 fsmilies have been placed during the
teat font yearf, Bishop Spalding praised
she Irish as the most moral of any race in
.tsteir native land, but as sadly losing their
Bsaa character ia the United States.
"We know," he said, by study
a; tha criminal statistics that, a very
Iswfa portioa of the criminals of the
Halted States are to be found among the
a aWshCttaolies. The "frightful falling off
BMW thflania morality" ia this conmrr
- Bs attribated to their unfortunate moral
Hiraaiiagiia America, aa they become
MMdja cities sad manufacturing towns
alwe ia tenement houses, shut out from
The bishop drew a sharp contrassJ
life at aaaaeialre-
their life here,-Se -gave aa ac-
siiL-'- auossiiM coiotuxa-
"-mmmtltij ia Chicago by several arch-
-maaeaa,haaops, priests and layaaea aaa
ateak cVisaaaav with inn nan ..;. i . l
'BAsarifcd by Irish Csthotics. With this
leads are to he bought at the cheap-
a prices, the bonds secured h .
'asBBslaBds,wakhareto be sold on
FApftima to poor Catholics who will m
Jef tswatfraat the proceeds of their crone.
. swixetua-
TMPat4auater.GBerai, having drivea
Iteketery aealers into a pretty close cor-
;riBB bow tareiag his atteatioa to aaother
-Baofawiadlerawhohavebeea growiag
.ZsaaaaTthaemdBlirvnf ik...i. w...
'pt-- aaari maed veatardaT he Cnrk;ta k a
ktters'to certaia firms ia New
Task whieh have heea adratislag extea-
rtae coaatryas sreats for
iaatocksoathe "cosahLatin.
aad lead their dopes to believe that
throaeh them will
rttere are seat to thesa bv
(iaall aortieaaof the
5 mvatyal
I l
t 4 . -O-
1 TtBwawauavai
r . mmaalsessM
l BV .s
rW 'awrfltUM iarvied
v j-sa- BbbbbVJbBB bWbBbbbbbbbB
V-&9 ULlfftlpBBll
';fMZ"m'mmS '' tort which
.: Hi si IiiT .M.I.J
BBml :BsTsPPssTBTflasilfaTOesr waiUaaite
LVSSR miliimiii taaroMhst thease ml
ml ViS-JBwadk'sk "t is --- i .- 'a
mi asaat w -. u. "T- " eBssiwb s. -- -
BsaamSKS , fciaaaxBiaa -BiBfctlBBtaiaBaaBiF
bBbbbbb BbbKbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. a.fc.T-L-iL' rt BsssssaL 7 ml. BBmaaj,
BBaaBBEitJL2t3i:--Sv. v m 1k
Washtjiotos, D. O, Dec. 30. The Post-master-General
issued aa order directing
the postmaster at New York to refuse tie
pavueat of postal orders oa the delivery of
registered letters addressed to the so-called
bankers and broken firms of Lawrence A
Co., purporting to do business oa a stock
combination sjstem, at 19 Broad street:
Adams. Brown & Cn- OR nmA ..
Allen, Jordan & Co, 54 Wall street; and'
ur, uwwu a jo , xiob. oo r.zcnance
x imuo kuu xx xnau soeet, ano else where in
New York city. The operations of the
persons conducting these concerns have
been enormously profitable.
It appears from the erideace, aa set
forth in the report of the Departmeat'a
special ageai, wai one iteejamia Buckwal
ter is the originator and principal proprie
tor of the business conducted under the
above mentioned firm names, nader which
he obtained control by recording nader the
laws of the Stale of New York fictitious
articles of copartnership, etc, but that some
ums g j ur cuecwa aa arrangement with
W. D. Duff and H. Laasiac, accordiar to
which they have for a number of mn"hT
oeen attending to.tbe practical mansgemeat
upon terms which, in connection with the
transcripts of their books, show eaormoas
profits. This agreemeat was to pay Buck
waiter $12,600 per month, or W60,000 per
year for the net profit of the business for
kve years, under the single firm name of
lAwrenceauo., and an equal amount for
the privilege of doing business under two
of the other firm names. Buck waiter's in
tercets were guarded by his having confi
dential agents to be present at the opening
of the letters containing iwaaittann. i.:..v.
have poured in at suh a rate aa to make
me prouia oi xjawresce a uo. alone from
$18 000 to 123 000 nap nmtl. f IT v
1st to December 1st, 1879, after paying all
expenses, inclusive cf very extensive ad
vertising and salaries of $ 100 per week fto
both Duff and Laming.
The resDonaea to thIp mAmt:.-t-
-. . I !!?. T ... . . "
. uu, unBuuB, oai m luxe Boiiciiing remiuancea ior lnvestmaat nnon
aharaof their nitmnum Tn f-i t d a- I ti u...... i?- .. ,-"
. - - . u. ou .u- ojobiu ui buiuuuuug capital or pool-
thony, editor and proprietor of Thx Lsu.v-iBg orders for stocks into one vast amre-
. - n uuo jut BK uniuuun ouiiBiens oi exoerience.
etc." have come irom all parts of the coun
try. They were encouraged at the outset
here and thereby small but actual returns
were made to some of the parties investing,
but in nearly every.inetaace the sender of a
remittance has been informed that owing to
unexpected fluctuation in the prices of
stocks and the unusual stringency in the
money market the firm haa been obliged to
close at a loss the venture in which he was
interested. These notifications were al
wava accomnanied. kna.,., ;ii. :
duction that the loea may 'be made !!
retrieved by investing in a new combina
tion about to be formml ! . ...
lshin? numhor of caapa the ....
haye sent forward additional remittances.
Washbjqioh, Dec. 30,-Sraator Morrill
makes public the following 'letter from the
Secretary of the Treasury concerning f una
ingm. TaEASTjftY Department, ")
Office of the T&eascbt !
Wsshington, D. C. J
Hos. Jcsrrnt 8. Mobbxll, Committee on
Finance TJ. 8. Senat Rir Tn i. .
your verbal inquiry have the honor to sub-
tnillhn fnll: i .
. .u luuunuig uwrxTBiions respecting
the refunding of tbe national debt :
In addition to $18,415,000 six per cant,
bonds absolutely payable December 31st,
1880, and $945 000 psyable July 1st, 1881,
tne following bonds nf tha TTnit s.
win oecome redeemable within the next
y0w and a half, viz: May 1st, 1881, five
percent, $408,440,350; June 30tfa, 1881,
wxPcr cent, $264,321,330; making a total
of $772,761,700, the annual interest charge
which is $41,381,293.50. About one
half of these are coupon bonds, having
coupons running only to the dates, of the
redeemability and if they are not refunded
or paid off the holders will have to
be supplied with additional
coupon sneetfi at the aiwin nf ) ....-
ment and at a cost probably nearly as great
as would pay for the original issue of the
loan. It is manifest that these bonds can
not be paid off in 1881 aad I therefore felt
it my duty to recommend in my annual
report that authority be granted to refund
them into four per cent bonds, thus elect
ing a saving in the annual interest charge
of about ten and nn.hlf .m- t.
present time, I believe, will be aost adva-
tageous for such refunding prob'niT
much more favorably for the oner ation
than any fnture time; and we oveat
haD,dlntt5x Cent consols, a-bond al
ready well knon j extremely popular.
JaZZS?' imding 0i "Portion
tkJ T ,jlic debt mt? tne,e bor-ds anring
& P rcir was mainlr ilna k. ...
Lyuuuaiif xavuiiio ovfc ui OUT loreign
ana name uaae ana me resumption of
specie payments, and it is the firm belief
that our wisest course is to fund the re
mainder of bonds bearing a high rate of
While this state of affairs continues the
bill introduced in the House of Represen
tatives on the 3d instant by Fernando
Wond. chairman nf K mmmlllu
-- , -'-"" - -. .w VU
Ways and Means, and which has been sent
io sbc, proviaes as iouows :
That so much of the authority conferred
upon the Secretary of the Treasury by the
ana oi Jiuy 14, iou ana January 2V, to
refund the public debt to the extent
of fifteen hundred million dollars as
has not yet been exhausted and
executed be and the same is hereby' modi
fied so as to limit the rate of interest
upon the bonds yet to be issued, as author
ised by these acts, to a rate of interest not
to exceed .three and one-half per centum
per annum.
This bill, if enscted into a law. would
perhaps be construed as prohibiting the
Sale nf bonn! fnp WitimntiAn mi, mi., a
greater rate of interest than three and one-
nan per cent., aitnough such is not proba
bly the intent of the bill. A.irU !.....
from its possible bearing upon the ability
u. .uo uuurait m "-"M-in resumption,
I believe its passage would be fatal to
refunding, although I should, of course, be
happy to refund the debt into three and
one-half per cent, if it were practicable to
do so. That a three and one-half per
cent bond would not now sell for par I am
fully satisfied aad I tea no reason to expect
that such a bead will be more favorably
looked apoa as an investment ia 1881 than
it would be now. Ca the contrary, with
me revival oi laauatry aaa toe great ac
tivity ia manufactories, the aim nf wk;i.
are already to be seen ia all parte of the
conatry aaa the const sat aad increasing
demand for money arising therefrom, it
teems tome to be not at all rartaia that we
shall then be able to borrow freely at even
four percent per annum: aad of the cor
rectness of these views I have reeeived the
most positive assurances during my recent
visit to New York. 7 "ces
Oar four per' cent consuls,
bow having twenty-eight yean to ran,
were worth, during the first half ef this
month, 102 J net, at which price they yield
to the investor to carry to maturity 3.855
per cent per annum. A thirty-year three
wu a uui er mil uuau u ywiu iae same
income, would have to be purchased at
)S.iV. Again, a four percent bond, to
yield bat three and a half per cent per aa-
ansa. Would have tn he mrrJieaMf at IAS 88
and taerelore a three aad a half per cent
ooaa caaaoi sen ior par until lour per eeat
bonds are worth 10888. With the small
supply ia the market, the great bulk of
them having been absorbed as permaaeat
inveatmeata. four per cent bonds are bow
11im for aarl-r ike tiaat ttrirm t.
taiaed for them;bat it is sot proba
ble that their price caa be
fully maiataiaed against tha additional
israe of aay large amount, sad I woald re
mind you that daring the last refaading
operatkae the sales of these beads had to
fee aaspendeU more thaa oace, owing to the
dereagemeatia the BKmey market aad the
aafavorable state of exchanges; then caaa
ingtheboads to fall beW par-at ease
time to 98 per eeat Fortaaatalv the
sjiate were bet temporary aad after
to tha maiarity of the boada; bat if it
ahoald aot reaalt ia speedily refandiag the
nattian annli.lIx V. n -f .L. .-x
of July Uth, 1870. etc, will aaahk thai
oewartmeat to call each five per ceatl
aad SIX ner ml. hnmnV afta
they ahall have matured aad to redeem
them with the proceeds of the sale of four
per eeat bonds so authorised; aad such
proceeds would include, of course, what-
siu ..xkjixk inn uhiii. Hm zhom
fc ,
WhileUkaot thought safe to aatame
that BOOB leanaain tha fnniliaa- an.
tioaa with a nmanart nf mm ZTtLm
per cents-about equal ia amount to the
pres tat iesoe the bonds will remain at a
mice much, if ut. ahnva nu if la fkxn-lt
that nader the operation of the proposed
bill the parties may be induced to sarrea
der the bonds bow held by them apoa the
payment of aa amount aot to exceed the
diereisrthe interest between the beads
received aad those issued.
Very respectfully,
Geaeral 'Wwmr mA l... - t
oogreasare receiving thoueinds of letters
from all sections of the conatry enclosing
petitions from soldiers of the late war ask
ing for the psessge of the bill to pay them
the difference between gold and greenbacks
of various sums diahnraafl to them daring
the war.
It u learned from a correspondence nab
Iished to-day that in August last the Preei
deat tendered some diplomatic apnoiat-
irUlUll in linw Ft aTrV.-..1. I x .1 1-..
- -- w. v. muwuKi, mil in leuer
declined on account of hnsinms iatereata
deaaanding his aUention.
LoHDOir, December 30. The offi
cial report of the North British
railway in regard to the terrible calamity
Sunday from the break in the Tay bridge
The fallinr otrAmra .. . .1
break. From the nortinn atandimr aimnai
the only signs of a smash are the ends of
the rails on which the trains ran, which
are torn asunder. The rails remaining are
wrenched ont nf thir liina
The severe gales Sunday extended to
Bcscaatie, Edinburg, Stranraer, Greenock,
Yarmouth, Liverpool and Plymouth, and
ranch damage done on land and to ship
ping, including the loss of French barque
xiu cigui men.
NEwYoBK,De. 30. A dispatch from
London saya that three more bodiei have
been washed aahnm iuh iUa . i .1..
Tay bridge disaster. All the mails have
been recovered.
The Bewsoanem an rnitnimAn. I A.
mending that a serjching inquiry be made
into the causes of the accident
LoiOON. Dec. 30 Afar .1 ,.
W - a-asv anwaeava UAUUlf-
cessful attempte a diver has discovered a
nm-cisss carriage of the wrecked train,
but as there were in firaf.Maan -.
no bodies were discovered. The opera
Uons will ba continued to-day.
estuaries of Scotland. The river by which
it IS supplied is farmed h ha ;.; of
two streams, one flowing from Loch Tay
and the other from near the borders of
Anrvle. From tha ; - .l... .
streams the river Tay pursues a tortuous
course east and south past Aberfeldy, Dun
keld and Perth, draining the county of
Perth and Forfarshire. At Perth the river
becomes a frith, or estuary, widening to the
extent of three miles before it joins the
Frith Of Forth, nn tlix Vnrlh -. t :.
- J m-w X..V..U KM Xb X
supposed to discharge more water than any
- .... in uwiuuiu, auu 11s nuio nu
been estimated to eanmiK fmm 9 Ann n
V50 square miles. It winds through a
wmuirj OI piciuresque beauty. Dundee
and Errald are on the north side and New
burgh is on the south ride of the estuary.
Utile Trtvate .Letter Dress late Wreag
Baaas KrssMeat Bares' Views
The Arms Ksaaevee freaa the
eager Arsenal.
ZHxpoarxTOBs cabbed by rosea.
PoaaxASx), Dee. 30. A special to the
Press fraaa Oxfnrrl taat a 1l(afaw
Btmtm Tihraviam Rt r rn.i.
- aaaaaa bb,b SkSISBBWW V aBUBEB ayBVSMVV
ItepresaaUtiveect, was ahowa by Chesley
tea Bepahlicaa by mistake. The let
ter reqaests him to appear at the capitol at
aa early day with tea good mea who will
ataad by him ia case there is opposition by
the Foeioniets takingtheir seats. The let
ter fnrtharaava. "The ain.a.i. will ha
paid. Showthieto aoae but true Green-
Dacxers." Xhe above ia Touched for as a
OOrreCt Trim lltiull nf tha anhataaa r
the letter.
good znmsTcs or tbattd.
statement by Couasellor Brown, ia his re-
mtmnmm m irsuunu, UUIl J aTIBlB( IOB WSS
thrown ont hecaaae tha ninniiH.nii
sealed up iaaa opea town meeting, two
selectmen ol this town, both Greenbackers,
flhathiivt haa a U.. -11 i
xiTiT'. T "" " ""i wuimaae
affidavit ! anhatamn that tha in. ....
ade aad sealed ia an'onentowameet-
"e;dibe presence of the town clerk
and a roll hoanl nf aalata,a . .k.. ...i.
signed his own name to the returns and in
the presence of the rest of the board, after
the returns had been made nn- that the
returns were thea aUested bv the town
clerk aad sealed up ia open town meeting
ia the presence of a full board that the
eelrk of the town will mala affidavit i
confirmation of tha same.
WSillliail'NIW. Tla. 90 Rniul.li.
Williams, of Wisconsin, had an interesting
interview with the President this morning,
dorisr which the Praaiilant k..
views regarding the state of affairs in
The President had been describing a
scene ia the Ohio Legislature of 1849,
where the Hon. B. Randall a nnimi .
n...., Muuax aw
quaintance, had, amid the bowlings of the
mob, declared Gov. Ford duly elected.
nepreaentauve Williams them remarked
that it was not pleasant to to think of one
knndnd and thirtv.atsht alal .
in the South, where popular elections are
viriuaiiy ignored, and he asked the Preei-
llatltif ha Hill nnt faal that !.. .IL-
becoming so common, of Democrats in one
Legislature grabbing the electoral votes of
thxia Riafa mvtA .1. D..-L1! 3
"" aa mo ucpuuucana aoing
the same in another State, ia franuht and
The President replied quickly and with
emphasis : "But they are not going to grab
them. This Maine business is not going to
succeed." He added that if be were one of
the Bepublicaa members of the Legislature
of Maine he would sit there until Septem
ber. By every device known to oarlia-
mentary law for the protection of minori-
tiaa all th liii.Tn,.. -t.MnU 1 m.-..!...!
-w, wurcx Mwuwa BUUUUi i BU5UCUUCU
until the wrong should be righted. He
woomi aoi resort io lorce, nut ne would en-
deaTnr tt hrina tn hr nmn thnaa oan.la-
mea such a weight of public opinion that
il.M t.1.l M. k..... ;x . rf
" vuuiix uw cksjiv or resist iu 11
counted in by technicalities, by technicali
ties thT ahnnlrl ha thwartaH in hai an.
-w -J ww.- w wH.nwM.ww. M. W..W.W .w.w'
lutionary purposes until the7 were made to
f l L. .u :n t .1 " ?. . .
The Frith of Tay 1. one of the principal JirSIJ ??rPfi i,r mad to
tuariesof Scotland. The river tr-hfeh feel thf.wrf. o the mJty, when
nronerlv and leirallv ernmuM). mnat fnn.
trol. The President expressed the opinion
that good people of all aarties will, as the
facts become known, emphatically condemn
the outrage.
Representative Williams asked leave to
make public the opinions expressed by the
Pmiidant. and he w nta tham ilnan ink.
mitting them to the President'for revision.
It is navigable from the aea to Newburgh!
fifteen miles, for vessels of five hundred
urns uuruen. ana nnmetimaa tn irth, r
vessels drawing nine feet of water.
Marine Itesas.
B. E. Hammond, lately of tLis place,
who was reported killed by the Utea in
Colorado, has been heard from. He was
not killed, as reported. The circumstan
ces which gave rise to the report were de
tailed by him in a letter lately received by
uib anoiner in nardstown, Kr.
It appears that Mr. Hammond wtr
with a party of miners prospectic . J ?nt
White River country. Oaldn' m ""
suddenly attacked bv a larsa J!eT wexe
dians. The miners scatta- -?na OI.ln-direction-.
Mr. Hacir -a iou
heels up a frot.:hil! Tond took to his
. -yl,'uIt When aawa-al ahM.
This.neaae vt it,
pHTL.nI.PirrA. D. 30.- ' "ha Rannhli.
'oan State Central Committt haa decided
to call the State Convention at Harrisburg
February 4th.
IaalBaa Bepahlleaae.
Ikdiahapolk, Ind., Dec. 30. The Re
publican State Central Committee met in
this city to-night and decided to hold their
a. .".. .. . tj: i -.
aww vuuicuuuu a. xuuianapgiiB, June 1,
werefire .v;-.
- a Bttf lisiis
ano -
p when several shots
r. .it a .i .
. - xxs xcii ia inn 0mnni
..vant nnt nf tt.. . ... -
j . v : Vai Bngst the rocks
andbusbes. -xll his comrades escaped and
found their way to Oro City. As some of
wem aW jar. uammond fall, and as he
did not rejoin the company before they re
turned to the mining camps, the impres
sion that he was killed was accepted aa a
fact and so reported. After Mr. Hammond
had laid in concealment several hours, an
Indian came passing near with a pony.
He shot the Indian, secured the ponyfand
after a hard ride of over ISO miles through
a mountainous wilderness succeeded in
reaching Silver Qiff, where he was stay
ing at the time his letter was written.
Yesterday Milton Michaels, residing on
the Cullison place, sear this station brought
down a lordly gray eagle with his shotgun.
Its wings, when spread, measured six feet
six inches fram tin tn tin a-. : t
lacked a few ounces of weighing ten
pounds. It lived some time after its cap
ture, but when a bystander held up be
fore its "sun-gssing eye" a silver dollar
of the new coinage, the result seemed to be
oraatav than it mnU a.. f .
,v j" ----- ---, suhi is soon
gave the dying flap.
Hugh Shannoa has just moved into his
sew house i at Leaape, As it is a cosy com
modious building, it u aa ornament to
Lenape.andajoy doubtless to Mr. Shan
non and his worthy lady. Mr. Shannoa
With his nartner. Hnrana Jawitt a- J:
a brisk trade in the general merchaadiaf
ana biock ana erain una at --.
Mr. A. P. Waters, of Loring, while lately
out oa a book-canvassing tour, saw a
curious formation at the house of a farmer
near White church, Wyandotte coaaty. It
wsa a section of a trunk of a tree which by
ome myeterioas chemistry of nature had
beta converted into solid stone. When
am aiseovered, it was lying buried two or
three feet deep ia the earth. The petrifica
tioa was perfect, but the grain fibre and
birk of the tree were as clearly defined as
It seems to me it would be a good thing
if scientists would direct their efforts to the
end of stealing this secret from nature the
conversion of wondr fibre ietn an- t :.
reported.that a Scotch chemist has dis
covered a process by which diamonds can
be produced by artlfidalmeaaavSuppoeehe
hse. Will the world be aay the better for
it? Mea cannot eat diaaaoada or wear
them except for vain ostentation. They
are sot accessary ia the predactioa of any
thing that contnbntea substaatiafly to the
welfare of the humaarace. Butthecoa
vertioBofwood into jtoae, could such a
-W?'T rTPp.0 ob, woald
oe hkhlv tw-fifill IB a.u.l. .-
WhatahelpUwoBldbe tofaraiihe
.taamck m9 -at..-.
Yesterdrr I received from Mr. Wirt
Walton of Topeka, who simply, wanted to
kaowmy first nad aeauud choice fbrPreat
ttviW tfc-PoUtkaliy
caadidatea mem nt-miaea.lv di-ma-rJ i.
Beaaalics-i ciicJea Blaiae, Oraat aad
Blaiae, Kaasas de-lto
eeat aad six
jervearecoruboaforher atalwart Bepub-
vZXZr-- ...agau. tor
BatU the aeoale ia their saaie-t mm
im lias u ia revolt surala-e all
aartv reaaa-E. aad! with a ilii.i-.7iii
throw aat tha shackles whehl-a-.
JatdaadatoakjVMiaff rags
srerivetissr aaoa thasa.
Baoa aav atma-r -
with a Btatiana assariag aad
t A r ? S ! -er au,
"waaa saaaatt the BawaaaeB. wiak ell t - s? -
U1 tha ml ta-i
Tateceaapaay Whose CeafldeaceBe
Baa ausd wks rauraUskBlaa Wltk
New York Times, 3S.1
Mr. Edison's inventions and discoveries.
in the way of electric illumination, what
ever they may be, are the property of the
Edison Electric Light Company, a corpora
tion which supplies him with the money
for conducting his experiments. Mr. Cal
vin Goddard, the secretary of the company,
told a Times reporter yesterday that the
company had no doubt of Mr. Edison's
having perfected his lisht to such an ex
tent that it can be supplied equal to gas,
be uneasily managed as gas, and be fur
nished at a cost not greater than that of
gas. Ihe company, he said, was not yet
quite ready, mechanically, to show the
nnhlio tha fnll mnA Mmnl.fa vh-mIiIm .
ww.w.W Mw .1 . . wWM,f.vw UwwtAXUvXT
and the manner of preparing the light, and
the statemen. that a dav had alreadv been
set apart to exhibit the completed light
waa inmrrw Tha first na-f-t ilnt..
-WWW.-WWW. W.-.W WWV HV..WW. W.w.U
stration of the success of the invention will
be made at Menlo Park, but just when this
will be do cannot yet ba told. Time is
needed to complete certain necessary fix-
tni-m. A arms' nthara m Iimninml..l
lamps are atill to be made.
The company does aot wish to invito the
nnhlitf. tn ifumaal tha lioht nntil Mintkin.
w .-w w I . WWWW BW.W .Q..V H Wl wlwNUllg
can be shown, and it is intended to exhibit
the full capacity of the 80 horse-power
engine to supply electricity to about 700
lamps. The objection which has been
raised to the effect that one great difficulty
in the wav of the sneotaa nf the lioht waa
in we large amoun. oi copper nece assay to
Carrv the electric! tr. hail bean entiralv
avoided by Mr. EJisoa, according to Mr.
uoooara. ne oojecuon was raised in
Berlin, be said, in the experiments with
the Jablochkcff candle, where the cost of
the copper wsa very great But this diffi
culty had been overcome, and tbe company
had no feara on that amra Wha-i tha h
is introduced it is intended to generate the
eieciriciiy oy engines oi comparatively
Eaall hnnw.nnwa tUmtr ihnfa .nviluMt.
Etch engine will supply the lights for aa
area oi quarter to a nan mile around it,
the diatanna nf the anoraaa fanan ...k !.
denendirr nnoa the nnaaber nf 1i-hta auh
haa to supply. This arrangement will be
a-aoe ooua ior tne aaae oi convenience and
WynBT Tn'ha Hilt, f a aa .-...-....-
as an accident to the generator, duplicate'
-sguza. win oe Baacea at each ot tbe sta
tiuaa T a HwUmImuI .! 4wA T?f..A..
AVOU8TA, Me., Dac 30. The Commit
tee on Pnhli- Rafatv nf thta -If- .1UJ nn.
w -w ww. Ww ....I. w.y Www.wlX ULF-
on Gov. Garcelon this forenoon and had a
lencrthv intarviaw tha mnmiii-i .
w rf .-ww .-ww. w.w IIWMwIlwB WUI-
listed of Gen. Henry Boynton, James Nye,
ex.Gov. Conner. Joseph Homan. Mai. E.
D. Music and Amos Wooley. They in
formed the Governor that they represented
the people of the town and would cordially
join with the Mayor in his recommenda
tions and suggestion. Thev trusted that no
arrangement would be made to bring the
military here aad that the augmented po
lice force would be amply able to quell all
the disturbances.
The Governor replied that he had al
readv eivea orders tn f5n Whita nf R.-.
gor,and Major Folsom, of Oldtown, to
take a hundred stand of arms and ammu
nition from the State arsenal at Bangor
and shin them bv unrra tn Anon-i. H
did this to
test the sracEBrrr
of the citisens of Bangor as to whether
thev would obey the civil authorities. He
had never order anr trnnna tn Annn.f. -rf
shonld not nnlaa there waa an nih--l-
The various rumors and stories whice are
rife, are, he said, made of whole cloth. He
waa nrffed nnt tn talce tha imi tmm T-n.
gor, but he steadily ssterted that he would,
--w -V -ww- M.O wXUww.7 W U IUJIlB.
Oae of the committee suggested that a
nortinn nf the axtra nnlina nrn.iilul hw il..
city could ba detailed for duty under the
JiBaJlllA-l aX Alw-a, rLkWaaaaaai T - f. .
uxicw-um ui iud viuiciuur. xue -uovemor
renlied." emDhaticallv : "I hava fn--
enough now."
He also informed the committee that
they might be aware of the fact that he had
fnlf nnwar in rail tha laoialaffn-a -,1wwww.-
he pleased and upon the slightest disturb
ance he should
from Augusta. The conversation then
tnrninv nn the anaatinn nf anhmitiini --
-w- w, w w www. ww. w. Kwww...w ww&
Lmin uunuin. lt, iiir n inrvmn nrw Tna
Governor said he should go to Portland
and obtain farther legal advice belore de
ciding to submit the question. He left on
the 2 p. ic train.
BAX-OB,-Dec. 30. The arsenal was
opened to-day under the order of Adjutant
General Leavitt, who called on Mayor
Brown to notifv him of the orders fmm
the Government for the removal of the
arms. The Mayor suggested that the re
moval he -Bade in the nniataat miniu, -?
believed that there would be no interfer
ence and with those acting under proper
authoritv. This afternoon -evaral tnmi
laden with arms and ammunition, without
aay military or other guard, passed through
the streets to the Maine Central depo
without molestation, the people standing
on the aide walks in large numbers. The
ammunition will go to Augusta by express
oa the night train.
PoBTZJuro, Ma, Dec. 30. An immense
mnniaau i aaaa-anian - ik. i.mM..hc
mssa meeting to-niaht a nnmher nf 1-diaS
being present Coerressman Lad-I spoke,
and endorsed Garcelon and the Council,
condemning the B-publiean party. Con
gressman March also spoke ia the same
-The Last Talk Has Beta Held aat-t-e
aavaaes Have .Ere -kts DaUrsalaed
What They are Galas; te
De Aheat It,
ream er Aaetaer Maaearre -Jfet-t-a-esur-l
raaa Use raasaals-ilsa
D-3VEB,CoLtDec.30. Up to this time
nothing haa beea heard from the Commis
sion. Commonicatioa between Lake City
and Los Place has aot yet beea broken, but
there has beea no news, official or uaof-ciaL
since Fridsy night Hatch was to have
leit ior iiteea raache. thirtv miles fro:
Aa Immeaae Strike.
LO-rnO-T. Dee. 30. Ten thousand Biiaera
-LoaPmo-,yeet-Uymirai-;batwhette " MoB" Strict, Bel-
he laft nr mtmwmA ia mni h-nn-rn. Tha .-. I Kal-U
iety u intease aad there are fears of aaother
Loa Pores, Dec. 28, via Lake Cut,
Col-, Dec. 30. The Co-Dau-sioa adjourned
yesterday, to meet on the 29th inst, at
Cline's tanche, oa the Cimmaroa river,
twenty-five miles southeast of the agency,
there to await the arrival of the prisoa
ers. Gen. Hatch aad escort left this morning
at four o'clock in a drizzling rain.
The five day's extension expires on the
29 thin, and if all the Iadiaas demanded
by the Commission are not surrendered by
that date the peace negotiations will
"all ob hose"
were the parting words of Gen. Hatch to
Garayaa he left the Comminioa rooms
yesterday for his ranche to hold the final
Indian council, which era this haa decided
the fate of the Ute nation.
Ouray fully realizes the situation and
knows that the ultimatum of the Comau-
aion is the demand of the nation aad if not
complied with the Utea must go.
The surrender of the prisoners is very
dnnhifnl. fhief dnmrn aa rn-ul in Him.
being a medicine man has a large follow-
aiai -ajawl Xa -a. Ba aaxa J -aaa, -a - - ---. A a-. . -. I 1 &L -
xug uiu u .a uuow xuure maai au ouae-a
to hinder the Comotission from accomplish
ing its work. He is
and at the time of the White Hirer
troubles wanted to massacre .the people
living on the guunison and was only re
strained by Ouray.
If the war department take charge of
the Utes and the troops are ordered in they
must come quickly or Los Pinos agency
m have a sa-nnA Whita Din. aff-ia
When Ouray leaves for Washington there
wui oe no one ieu to I
and Guero is so hostile to the whites that
he is liable to cut loose at any moment
General Hatch haa been verv natient
and if successful will be the first to have
effected the peaceable surrender of the In
dian pris-oners and he certainly deserves
antne rannoTiitinn frntn tha T-M-ilx-it anl
Congress for his services as president of the
wfIB ww-w-U-BBlww.
Washington, Dec. 30. At a cabinet
meeting this afternoon' there was quite a
dlRcnmnn nf the TTtn an-iva fi--aa,-.
Schuri submitted several dispatches which
na received night belore last They con
tained no farther detailn than have alraaitv
been given. The information in the poses-
sioni.ne government however, is of a
somewhat different character than that
received by the press. There is nothing in
this offlcial information to show that the
Ute commission has been a failure and
nnthinc to indirafa that n.n.1 TT-k
and his party are in any danger from the
x-iu-w-t!. oiepa save, nowever, oeen taken
to nrotect the nartv in n- thaaa h-nU
be any attack upon them. It was sgreed
that the iriendiy southern Ute chiefs,abont
whom General Hatch haa telegraphed,
should b. brought onto Washington.
Beea-.drelnor.le Deepest Dye.
(Special Dispatch to the Denver Tribune.;
Los PtNOfl, Col., Dec: 23, via Lake Cut,
Dec 2G Jack, the redoubtable, arrived
at Oaray's house yesterday evening with
his retinue, having determined to turn his
back on his friends, the Sioux, and throw
himself upon the tender mercies of the
Word waa sent Tenter day to Gen. Hatch
by Oaray that
that Sowawick was bringing up the rear
with the rent nf the Indian- whn tn
go East, and that the whole party would
by Christmas day for Alamoss.
This seems encouraging, and General
Hatch is much elated at the sacoan of the
Commission, the rant hino- at Dnr,,',
houBe already. This full list of th e names
ot the twelve Utes who are to ba tried at
Fort Aeavenworth, It has been impossible
to obtain from the commissioners hereto
fore and it haa been equally Impassible to
are to be tried, for the testimony of the
Meekere, as given to the press, convicts only
a few of them of crime.
This list is frequently referred to by the
commissioners and attaches in conaection
with certain Indians and always as
What this list is I cannot say positively
bnt from hinta fYmnrwl hw mml-w -.
Commission and stray remarks made bv
me-a waen tney imagined the reporters
Were not alert. I am mnfin-nt tha at-a l.'.t
contains the names of thoie Indians who
worse than murder or arson a crime which
is spoken of only with bated breath, andr
which haa not as yet been even hinted at by
me newspapers, it is wen known that
as -riven ta the nnhlir anil thai- t-i:.-,-,
under oath, differ widely, aad the crimes of f
wnica iney sccuie tne Indians la their
sworn testimony would suffice
of whatever color without the formality ef
a trial in the twinkling of an eye. That
this list contains the names of those Ia
dions who are accused of this nsmshas
crime toward
IS not a Sudden ooarln-inn hnt nu -.hta,-
haB been arrived at alter careful coasidera-
Imuu, u wnica win oe miry supported
when the trial of the miscreants takes
nliia Tlnn 1- a .I T)-
r.-v-. wa,ia sou -rcnuoc axe a-aotra
to be two of tbe names contained ia the
list, but the other names can only be ob
tained at the time of the trial.
la m riaaaialf-a aS ISAH aaa est l-ivi a-aa, x. .... .x- a. x-xZl
-.-...--.--... .aw-a-va-rai -me, m Cw-SS-bbbmhi sn-B sse r-BBBBB-ase,
Xadorse- by the Medlcsl Profession, and reeoaraae-aed by tassa toe rrriaeyaw, Ge-eral Oeft-Uty, T.
www x-w-n-w-, n ui ui v llaU.f-Bwa SSa
-sTa-aaftnlaiesl sy -he Br. Barter Beaietae Ca-, He. . jr. Bs-ba asawa., as. aVaaf
T-efoUowlagUoneof tbeTcry--nytesU-.olaweaierecelTi-e')BBys
arm-SegS. S?g--ff.?gI-iL1!aJ?-l "-f " lUam-i'aTaojr Ttenc, apoa the a
orsaanr nienwho knewiu Tlrtnea. I was safferinx from acnenvl dj-Utr to sach aa eztset Ur t
i oi a raonia ohi not !" sae maco reuer, but oa
-dalnkIajtelU! Ansia-t-aebeeB--e useoC.
naitlata aTw. - - - - SBB---. a-B - --r
buib. Aire otu ragnrr
tnm afBTtna nv 111i-bbb
- "."tt -r-T rrr- bT v
Ctaawrer-wa-.e-J07ed. If the Tovichas not done the wort-Taiow no what IsUeUthe
w-tUIfc, KwetcrateftUlrToars.
xOT,O..J'n.-,lrs. J.P.WATsox,RwrC-1stUnCwnrc,TroT,0,,
le tar r-SBlsts faeaersa wesaere Kverrwherew
Madetd, Dee. 30. Great floods occurred
IB the Pimr TalaniTa n tkw OOiV. :.
j , ..!-- , -w -vux -am.
rJouses and crops were destroyed.
a The Certes.
MADBm. Th SI) Tha -raaant aaaainn nf
the Cortes will close when the bill for the
abolition ot alavenr ia f!nh ia i-rw--l of
The aew session will bet-ia ia March.
Great Bteraas la Eaclaad.
Tvnrnn-r. Tlan 3A - A haaww r..1 mi-nix
, WW.WW. w W 1. gwt w U
with hail and snow, accompaned by thun-
. B-n iignoung, passed over i-onaon yes
terday afternoon.
Terrific ealaa an TnnrtoA fmn all navta
of Great Britain and Ireland, causing much
ua-Bage io property.
The Traable Abeat the Priest Settled.
London, Dec. SO. Dispatches from Con
stantinople report the difference of the
British Ambassador and the Porte, regard
ing the arrest aad sentence to death of the
priest who had been convicted of being the
anther of e tract hnatila tn tha rali-inn nf
Ialam, will be satisfactorily arranged.
Asltavuai Asaaaalas Serleaa Shane.
CoNsTANTiNorLE, D-C. 30. Telegrsms
from Novi.Baz-r announce that the agita
tion in Bosnia and Herzegovinia is aesum
ina serious proportions, owinsr to the
tyranny of the Austrian officers. Four
thousand Albanians are ready to resist the
cession of Goeinje and Blayao to Montene
gro. Armed Mukhtax Pasha's troops are
mutinous. ney nave not Deen paid ano
are ia rags.
Attempt ta Assassinate Klnc Alfoase.
MADR1D, Dec. 30. As the King and
Queen of Spain were drivine throueh a
gate of the royal palace this evening, a
young man, dressed as a workman, fired a
shot from a revolver at the royal carriage,
but hia aim waa bad and no one waa hnrt.
The ball haa since been found and weiehs
one ounce. It passed close to the head of
one of the royal footman. King Alfonso
waa driving at the time.
The would-be assassin was immediatelv
arrested and has confessed his crime. Hie
name is Gonzales and his age is 19 yean,
He is a waiter by occupation and a native
of Galica.
The A-sha-a Bevolt.
London, Dec 30. A dispatch dated
Cabul, 27 tb, says: "General Bailer has
gone to l-ohisian with a force consisting of
x,.u .-uan-ry, a regiment oi cavalry and
four suns, tosunish the insurgents there.
"Mohammed Jan has taken Musa Khan
with him to Wardak.
"The country about Cabul is rapidly be
coming quiet"
London, Dec 30. The viceroy of India
leirgrapns mat oi. Piorman has been at
tacked at Gaudamuk by a Sumeullah Kahn,
With 2.000 follower". The nwmr wera
driven off. The British Io-s was one officer
and one man killed. Col. Norman will
advance at once and occupy Latabank.
Saata Afrlcaa Treable-.
CARTOWN. Dec 29. A moat ins- nf Rava
took place on the 10th inst., from which
trouble was anticipated in some quarters,
bnt it dianaraan1 nniatlv affoa anntm. -
,-- ww .w.w.., I.- wwwf.t,w a
resolution to maintain the demand for the
indenaniianrot nf Trinn.,1 ,! -. .l..t .
Yolkeraad. Paul Eruger was chosen to the
leaderahin and waa in.trnntPfl In n,-.n
w- i www ww. ww. ww. w Cwt UU
the Volksraad. The meeting was earnest.
quiet and orderly. Another meeting, to
take DISCS on the 6th of Anril. waa nmii.
ded for.
Sir Garnalt 'WnlalA innnai tnitilavw
- - .....w.wj, t.yivaw h.... x,
and civil commnnder, in Natal and Trans
vaal, at a enhhe dinner in Pretanfa -Tf!
that hencefoward Transvaal would be
regai ded as a crown colony.
Ck Max-tat. .
iSmlmmlm.minSttm """"flX' '
ud lesdeis MMtM.5; waBiStWwtwl-r t
teen asTsatsa- Ootorado h-f. breed steers r
H-Sewtiwar""'? " 4
owa.r--ij.uiB-IO. SB TwSSw 08 Ber.h -fax. '-
-UrkU by Ttltgrapli
it-cw Ttaaie-ET-Ul
aw le-ur. xec. 3.
-- --. wwus AT7S. aauauBla Waa m
pereent diem; ctoalna at 7 per eeat a
-ff.yTS s-APaa-7per cent.
..gjj-T .ww. a ax. -.
uoTos 1881, i 07-; new -"a net!-: new.
fs impjaeredi o3.?r MKcoZjZStt w
uapnnt n-rlB -... e----av a oe.. .ei. -!.?
pooa i eiJMJi o.:"" "' " T
uovKM-rrw-Trong and higher: espee
eially for new fours. --a---. ;--
t.. iv. iwsw-rairiv active.
State 8cuin3-.DuU.
STocss-Tns market opened atrone, being
inflnenced b- trarltno-.t k. VlV-i .t"
ev-nlng, and prices of Erie and Van-
derbllt spectalilea were advanoed tn
the early trade, but at the call the mark,
fell and was heavy for the remainder or the
day. The decline rarged from H toT per
cent., and waa most marked in the Sil
"bares, 8t PanI, North we-tern. Elttt
vanaerDiit stocks and Honth western lejark-
ties. The closing quotations were geaerauy
the lowest of the day. rr
a -V
K.0 :PHUCC-(llAKKEr.
-r-aJ-lASjC-TT.lfO.. Dec. . e
The Commercial "Indicator" reports : "
Wnil-wRa-liil. lom-i .
-,8JS.ba: la store. 70-,re: market wiVr-,
?oatir5,'b5? 2 $l M: N 3' ,l " wd-
CORN-Recelpts 34 223 on; shlpments'll.tlT:
Ja,19,'-?2ma,et loWer; No 2 raixea
-Sa29Jc:: No . white mixed 30 bldT
Oats No 2. 35a asked.
KvwVn 1 Tw. -.vw
Eoos Market slow at ISo per dor.
lSo "M-a "-fpw - aiow sale ; choice
- WW WW WW w.
K. Ca IxITE -rroc-a. nABKCT.
-Cw-fSAS CUTT, Mo,, Dec. 30.
The "Commercial Indicator" reports:
Cattuc Receipts, $3 head: no ahlpmenU:
market steady but snpply very light; native
Uooa--toelpta Mlhead; no shipments:
market opened steady but closed weak. sale, u
ranalng at M 001 4J; bulk atW lOal so. j
HHttP w-.R-aBil nta .-.- -w.-w .
1 , ---ea aav-wis-, ,BuipieiiiB noiier
a? ! Wrfor:medliimto.good natives at
-r-a vflvv av
.Br. I-outs. Dec. o.
Fiocb Uochaoged.
iWT.TLower aDd unsettled ;No. 2 red
l ayA Ffcbruary: No ado II ,i-l Wi.
n.C-7iS."?r: 3-SJ-h: 35Jia Jan
nary; 3Sc February: 3J4-JKo Miiy.
arv:38Jo tebroary.
Rye Dull: 81c bid.
Baki.ky UnebanKed.
WuiSKY-Qulet: II C7.
Ueup iipplyli,ut; nominally flrm; coia
i? loSO-d undressed l 25al 40; dressed
11 501 tt)
1,-AD-Qulet ;and steady; S3 00, sort Mis
BCTTER Dull; cholca yellow dairy packed
T?Sj.;aJe?n."?aBo: oremery31(g33.;roll
isa.i); enotco io fancy.
tGG-Dull; 18al9e strictly fresh.
Fokk Lower; 113 25.
Jw Nominallly lower at 17 85.
Day Halt Mkats Lower and alow at U 10
31 Jo6.S0a6 636 633(1 73. 'W
liAOox Nominally lower; no sales.
ri-BaeaAXi foimts.
tiosu-. Tl ia n ---vl that tha Fl--t.:-
J-laht Co-anaa-' Anrm nnt iata-1 tn t-V-a
charge of the placing of the light, but will
if-y lux-Be ou-en io ao so.
At BaUaa, Texaa l.ssa .(
Nsrw Oat.um T- 9I Tha A-..
i, w. w.. w iw wpaa
house at Shermaa Texas, aad an adjoining
-uuai-s; are ournea. j-ces, -U.wut
aace, $20,000.
the sales.
Aahefere stated, I think the
lavorable time time for re
ua sst-sSed that tha ive asr
-Sr -B a-B-d-l an aa-aa -
heeosaeredees-ahls caaaot ba sa safely ass
ao proitaaly provide, for ia sayewhsr
The Ml laaa-t -auSlat la.
riortoJlyd;i881, aeariy $800,000,000,
- wbb-bb-ht a a-xam at taa
ia aar aaa vaar b-bh-i b
BB-abUwlMlsBM W iBBimlf is lli
1 - - .: -" ;'.
A C-u-stnaas oraekarr oaUIar.
(Time: Chr-stmas era) "Shay, part-
aer. do tmi traan nlhia-ta fhul n-t1
Tes, sir; what woald you like T" "Gsaa
iae 'ato-ucatia' cap." "Youhad better go
oa air: yoa an drunk." "Beser aard'a
fhicl: -saa-a aha Bowis-r bowU ale .-
"Da yoa see that doer, aLrT" "Have yoa
tot the geaaiae cap 'at sheers hat doa't
t wX Ml If . - -a '
jvm-e a -bscw.-- .jwBBa jooa l sue J a
-U-h pots of Egip, and 1 go away.'
thaa iats-fsrsd.
Iaalaat Htadeata.
Fo-rxs'o-r-toE,VA, Dec. 30 Six-
ea Indian atodeata ftsim tha VanVtnn
Agency elevea girls aad five boys be-
taut a-aa n 17 aaii tn .:w -
-----O w- x. -w aw, -llllOU l-
day aad will eater the Hampton Normal
C 1 i .1 w
-tnria-r ! -i "-
bar 17th, 1879: faiaisaed by Wa. Vaa-
ieral Oimat.
FntrmrairB-B min V T- nn n
Great passed through here this evening on
his Sout-era trip. Oa being informed
that the people had gathered to see him
this forsaooB, ha expressed regret at thus
-aanooIa-tB-r these. TT waa Iaki.
che-red as the traia moved o.
ATWAawT-rQTCjr. .
WAflimaToar. Dee. ni " n..t
received callers this -aorainc nntil 10 aad
afterward wall ed about the city with Gsa.
Beall till halfwt eat twn. TT ln-.h-4 ..
QeauBeall'armdeace. AU-hemembersof
the Oraat family were present with the
jtteacatheO-B-ral'a married dang
ler Nellie. At 3 p.m. Osasral Oraat aad
party left for Richmond, ia Cbloael Scott's
privawscar. The party coasiated of General
aad lira. GraaL G-a-sral aa-l Vre. Rh-ri.
daa, Gewoael aad Mrs. Graat, Miss
Kitty Fait, of Galena, aad Byron
Andrews, of the Chicago Inter
OaaaaL T-rr araarl Ia he ia f!arla-
teaNsw Yefcr'a -aoniag. Fraaa Charles
tsa -hey aa to Farasadins Flerida. bv wav
af WsTsaash. -astsad of Cedar Keva. aa
waBsrigiasny iatssdsd. At Fsrasadiss
tasy'w-U easaark for Havaaa oa the
ty c AJs-nadrla, oi the Hew
m -xavaaa lias, which left New
wui aat -a at reraaB-
Ifeyes' Aaaeyaaee Kaded.
St. Johhsbubo, O, Dec. 29. Goorge
Noyes. aged 21, died to-day from the tffects
of chloroform administered by a d enlist
before extractia g a tooth.
Blewa ta -Pieces.
Little Rcck, Ark., Dec. 30. ()a the
23 J inst., at Calf Creek, 8earcy coon ty, the
boiler of Berry J. Taylor's saw mill explo
ded, killing instantly his son-in-law,. Wade
Camnbell. aaul Wasla n-iffin mmA V --Jw
. F ' ..W.W V-.W W 1 WW WW . wlwww t
and Burt Woodarda. Campbell waa blown
about thirty feet through the top of an
apple tree aad the wall of a lint room oa
the cotton mill. One of his haw la was
found seventy-wive yards distant. GriSa
WBB Hterallv tnrm tn niaaaa Tha nth-. -
- - - -..WW X. w WIIITI wWVJ
were not so badly maagkd. Thesoppoeedl
cause of the accident k the l-wxperieace of I
-ampoeii, wno was temporarily acnag sal
enrineer. . I
Diseases which are produced by Loss of Nerv
ous Power, and consequent Muscular
Relaxation viz :
. ACTION of the HEART,
Diseases produce-! by
Overtaxlne the Mind, by Urtef or Anxiety,
by rapid Growth, by Cblld.beartns-, by In
sufficient Nourishment, by Residence
la Hnt Climate, or Uu healthy Lo
calities, by Exctssert or by any
Irregularities of Life.
An endless ebaln ot good;eflcct Is formed
by Fellows' Compound HyruD of.Hy pophos-
Mkl x. m.t a. mrtk so fa In ta.lnir frntn a tnrytr
experience In medicine. Its virtues are not
possessed by any other combination. NOTE
ne suspicions of persona wno recommend
any other article aa "Jan as good." tfcoagri
DearinK a similar name, ana
those Who offer the cheaper p
mc.iLovim a-iwa. mtock stAKKxr. f
ST. LOtTZB, Dec -I)
CATTl,a-.SuppIy light and valnea very drm;
demand exceeds receipts; choice to fancy
HU-era 51 kvJ io: fancy to prime Si (OalTJ;
fetd-jrs S3 SCo3 73; cows and hellers 'S- 60.1,3 "J
corn fed Texans S2 73a3 75; r.celpu TOO: anip-T
menta 1C0. .
Hogs Slow and lower: light sblpplna S4 20 -
4-4 30? naj.lria x lx, nr ww.nn-l-, a u,-. T
-T-- --. wwww.ww .. W191 ww, Tmx.wmjp Si.-.1- -
465; receipts HAW. sblDmenta . ---'-i
urp-8crce and flrm; fair to good
muttons S3 3s 7S:;choice to fancy t- sSas ur
receipts 100; shipments none.
F-OCK-Qn'et and steady.
Wusat Kair demand bnt heavy and
lower; No.. rl winter, 130j: No 2 spring,
f 1 30. CHati: SI 31 Janaarv- St .1IW pjhr-.
ry; No 3 spring ti IB; rejected StfcoWa.
COKN-Uull, weak, and lower; 3-TiSlOc
cash anil .fannarir. .- --nw.:n.w. j.t
aKcMayTrectesTc. " - - .
niTwTlnil a-r-M-wP .- 1a.x e .-.
"" e'-eae, -i.--s.aa, saAlU lUWCIi Ml O.C C-Mijr
Mc January; S6s. February iOc May.
a.i r. a-u uAiiLKiHwieiay ana uacnanffed..
PnRIf HftAVV and ufl.u Kr-e .Adw -e
InT--r? J1S as-rcl tamf -.n.t T-.nn-a..se - -
gl3 5 fenrnary; S13 6-Xal3 65 March.
LAKD-IIeavy and active Dut weak and
lower; 7 10 cssb: S7 a7 7K January; 7 57JC
7 CO February; i7 70SH 724 March.
KTTT.it MWXTH VhIAP wKnnl.Vr.w. M -a.
short rib, S6 70; short clear rib So 80.
WuiBKT-Uteady at 1 1 lu. .
' P
OrrnAnn. tm i
The Drovcr'&ournal reports: "
Hoos Receipts 26.C00; shipments 3.S30.
Strike matters rem. in unaltered. Maratst
exceedingly dull and ten cenu lower; mixed
packlnKU&X-U ill; light, s4 50a I 70; chole
heavy H 6041 83, '
Cattuc RecelpU 5.000; ahlpmentt 1,46.:
shipping cattle plenty aad 10 cents lower,
except for tbe beet -xports, wltn aales at
13 40525; butcnora'flrm aDd In good demand:
mm SI Miaa?-. hmi. mt m-- nn. -7----'
12 &i93 50; feeders and stoakera fairly active
--a stead' at 11 -03 10; market dosed tame.
anu ail nut are w common to medium thin-,
pine were sold.
HRCEP-.TtMH.lnfa 1 inn. wM-.Wn, .. -ww
n'- . a wwv, -.wD mm t IS Sil Saejej BwvAUJT TT t M
demand fair at S3 Kit S7.
NawToBK. Dac SO.
a itnla Kw PT la nnlv ttia tnH.ran
dent, wellpo-td, ana nnseinsn pnysicians
whoeanaSord to prescribe this remedy. Ex
cellence haa proved this. Tne hlgbestclusof
medical men In every large city, wbtre It Is
known, recommend It.
Hold by all DruzgUt. S1.50 per Pint Bottle.
Parlor Organ Instruction Book.
(Bl 59.) At N. JOHNSON. This very
easy, thorough and practical book teaches
both light and sacred music; tbst Is Songs,
-far-bee, Wa!t-ee,Rondos,3unday School,
Bcnooland Church Music; In fart every
thing that can be played on areed organ.
It Includes fllty tunes for one hand, 150
lor fingerln.. 80 graded pieces lor leaeons,
and about 141 Hymns, Tones and Glees,
ii with mil and plain directions.
Johnson's New Method For
THOROUGH BABE, is for Chord. Glee
and Hacred music, and Is published for
Temperance Jewels; mmmZmm&SS.
mends itself to clergymen by the religions
eharacter of Its contents and to all Tem
peranoe people by tbe excellence of lta
powtry aad music Send for fsceines ev,
FTxITTV .TTafiVw nnain.aafwn - . -.-tx.
ZfllfAX A? -rimmnn m wwff U iry-nc. wv
"-w -., www.w.ww .w wwwwl aWSUfXVw., KUW
tocholce W 40ai 10-, white woeat extra tSSO ,
O uu, ni xxiuia o J3 OU.
wtiwAT-opring, rair aecanu ana nrm;
winter and heavy;No 1 Ired -vlnter SI 5;nn
3add rel winter f 1 2Xai M: No do Si mC
! MS; white nngraded SI--; No 1 do SI 54
01 55.
Cos- Inactive and moderate demand: ua-
iU-5 ""'-" -'-------.----. J-
graded 616tJia: No3 81a61Cc;round
mixed western .faUXe;.'
Oats Kt ranr
whit. An r.itmr.ff
ajcorrax-Dnlt and vnchan.ed.
Uwuan -im-wHQ UTBi.
MoiwLSSKs Fairly active.
Rica-Doll and unchanged.
K.GGS Firm; western ISuwSs.
Poaar-MesB ifes sijjols 73.
ISxsr- Unchanged;
CTrrMKATH-.rtnll.l--. -. ...
short cleaTmlddiwi'sVar. '"eD"a"e"
neV. :pma-teMtt,775oW:785
Butt.- Western 'lfr.se.
CHrrsa-Flrm; weuern 8ISc.
WH-WT-Oflered at i 15; nrfblds.
Handav i
Sena for
York aaa
Qsa.Qrssatssitia-Jlyfisilil to sU for
j-aw isffc .aaa has asaa iusi aawith
xi.-MjirTw- ' .
Ti. - m - -i - - ws-BBWMi aassww mmm Hfc V9I& I aOIMIUI BBIWwwB HiB A1UK s-swniawHsr
t-hM-h-s - T -r-a-.-a-s - rt: ' T .? -1. I T ": . ...---- TT" "-"-.-aw
ww www. ww , . wwa. ..1.. aja . .aa i ia aia w j ia . vbk wa . . x x x a a . .
a BBfsasaBBaaasr:' aasaa.'lB-ra I -! few a --. s - - . a - - - . - - i - u.-. 'f vesSMea. mt-
-,J '""Wa." -". r" ?" " -a mmwf.ummj aMavsr " fff sw WSH SBfBMKI A-MUHPi
hat ta a asau-B-Baa-istle JFlt.
Bestow, Dec. 30. Mrs. Hs!ea JosphIa
Ward, livint at 11 Haatiltoa place with
her daoaktar, aged 19, was shot last night
whikaaIwpb-aridJsdthM-aora-Bc. From
what the dac-rite- It haliawanl L.
while in a -tale of wnialmll-i Ax -V-
her aaother, who occapisd ths saateroo-a
aaa oca.
Latzb Miss Ward has hssa ansstsd,
the police believisf the criae was pressed
itated. There an -"-'ftinr ilslimisls
attribated to Ward ; oas that aha saw
-a oojec. asoviaa bob. tas rooaa aad and
aAiLaapppa-BcUtoUabarglar; thatahs
""-' -1 "rrr anilhii shfls is In I
heaide her, nader ths imprasBusi that then
a D-rxlar ia taa rooaa. --l thai the
WhHe nODFSi rapidly, ptovldlng
It ts appreciated aa "tbe sweetest Hpi
School Bong nook ever made." Sm
mpteunen eepf.
rjJBBBENTYOUR3EI.FwIth a New Year 's
I Babeerlptton to " Mtuical Recard," (S3,)
aad receive tea times that amount in
nood m-slc, all tbe news, and valuable
-Batxaetive articles.
IJv-a-roOLjiDtB. 30.
BR-xwrTjirs-SfarUet steady.
FfcotTB10.Sl13. ""-"ay-
SdwilHsM!WlateP - 7d; iprlng 10.
CoBr-6id. atSSS'd.
BXKT 32s.
cleaVwST018 W-la. ,; short
CH.IiMaACs. J.-BMsoaCs.,
S-sAroadway, N. X. U2S Cheatnnt BU, PhJia
.Why do you suffer
vrltn T -Ina In vnn-
Ra T. Ixit na n .,,
Ynnr Wlflnawa a. a
diseased Do not de
lay dui try at one
DX. AU Diseases
of the Kidneys
Blander. Liver aad Urinary Organs. Dropsy.
Gravel, Diabetes. Brlght's filsea-eof tJ-efi-l
neys, and lnconUneaee and Retention of
Unne, are cured byHirirr KaJfaav
ItM preparsd Zxhugnx toTtheaf Dtt-
ft0H! MY
was acddeatalrj
itoi tha
ia the
Blood work is
la the
Lw-wsaataaaa B-arth.
A ttia !. xafltaat liiitl,. I A I -f .
-Kweeaaeddlsabilitiea may bereahrred.
The aapaelaaee of JB years' atudy, obeerva-
i sranwui pnuoE, auuwiau. -pe
that will inaare restored manhood,
amfeda wf tealla -ae-al umiwI nii1Hlnia
-ww a--aai-vBBBaMB riauiayu sRta-a tuuuiuvaa
Wbealth. that have been Impaired by over-
awa ww. a mlmt !. . t
lax xa aiwunwi w. UI aa HI
aad of the means by which they
By -aall, ate- currency or
Address Bee'r Miisssa
H 1 B-gaaUgr
CmMnprrm rv... ranr-at nuw...
V-H- fmWfmmA TttrnVW SBABW 13 IT VT Q f -. E B-.- a
raised he dead. It raised ms from tbe dead
lorsnre.aa the dootora bad Riven me upto-
.w .u uxw xx ' w x, xau au a-, mil uis people
UyfrlendseailedlntbeprKer to prepare me
fotjdeatb, and he also said I was doomed.
They all nad me dead, but HfJNrs REJaX.
DY saved me. aad I aa alive .vo-day. soond
and eared of dropsy. r. w. TBUJjE.
oFr?SSTEcr 'lor' D Pa-tor First
Baptist Chore h.
PaovrDB-fcm, R. L . Jan. 8. 187.
I can testify to tha -true of HTJNT'S REr.
KDY In Kldaey Diseases tro aetaal trial.
havLng beaa greatly beaeatted by lu use.
llBr BSHV.
BSVr iiaa n..n .4
by Faaally Fhyat-
w-aaawr ao years. ..
It has never beaa
known ta !- it
la a sere, sare aad
speedy sare. It Is
WhU -.(---, gSI II I II-,
r. staiiilw
.- (
" -IZz.f'JsfZ
J . .
.- aLJ. x-Tti-i.fcA'. S?
L ! hw --j t " . .9 a i ia . - " nah - - -.r- . - -
1 MmmmmmU
ti.iaf-iw -C
- - --S-g-TlM mmmmVStZmfm
II. .1 --' ,. 'i(u
"- " -
- in, -,ti' -
T" r-" T .r'B. -'----
A o-
.1 T 1 -

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