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The Leavenworth weekly times. (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1870-1880, January 01, 1880, Image 6

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vV .T-T"
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-jp -i'
Htthr Body to Werttti-i lnL
in- BBsoirot
PureMood nate toud -iS 5SS
and a clear " fV-nd without rir
A Grateful Recogi;.tion.
Tto cure chroailc ! ''jindlng aieM
U truly a victory to ' paling art; that
reasoning power that clear y discern defect
and aopplles a remedy; .m restores Hep by
step bydegrees-tfhop'jdy vrblch has been
slowly attacked iv4'wesienea by an insid
ious (Laease not co.y commands our respect
butdeserveBOurgTittttude. l)r Badway has
furnished mankind with that wonderful
eniedy, BadxaVo 8absaparhj.ia3 Kx
vjlvist, which accomplishes this result,
and suffering; humanity, who dag oat an
existence ot pain and disease, through .crag
days and long nights, ewe him their erau
ysda," Kwltrrif Meutngtr
c False and True.
WeeatraetfrosaDr.Eadwayls "Treatise on
Disease and its Cure," as follows:
Chronic Biln Disease, Carlfls of the Bone,
Humors In the Blcod, Scrofulous Diseases,
Bad or Unnatural Habit of Body, Syphilis
and Veneral, Fever Bores, Chronic or Old
Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Rickets WhltA Swell
ing, Scald Head, Uterine Affections, Cankers,
Glandular Swellings, Nodes, Wasting and
Decay of tlie body. Pimples and Elorcbes,
Tumors, Dyspepsia, Kidney and Bladder
Diseases, Chronic Rheumatism and Gout,
xjnsumption. Gravel and Calculous bepue
lts, and varieties of tbo above complaints to
which sometimes are given specious names.
Weassert that there Isno known remedy that
possesses tbe curtlv rower over these dls-
asesthat Kmwat - REWLVrsT furnishes.
It cures step by step, surely, from the foun
dation, end restore the Injured puts to their
sound coadltlon Tbe wastes of the body are
'stopped and heslthy blood is supplied to the
BV8U jo, from which new material Is formed.
This Is the first corrective power of Bad
wayIs Resolvent.
t in nuuM xrhnrM the s-vstem has been saliva-
(Ml. md merenrv. anlcksllver. corrosive sub
limate have accumulated and become de
posited In tho bones joints, eta, causing
carles of the bones, rickets, spinal curva
tures, contortions, white swellings, varicose
veins, eta, ine harsapakilltax will resolve
a war those deposits and exterminate tbe
virus of tbe disease from the sysUzz
if thnw vhn a rw tatrinsr these medicines
em- f Via mm nl chronic Scrofulous or BVDhll-
ltlc dlwases, however slow mar be the- cure,
"feel better," and find their general neaiw
Imnmvlmr. their flehh and weight increasing.
or even keeping its own, is a eure sign that
the cure Is progressing. In these fllsnsnrw
Minna-lent either Kets better or worse the
virus of the disease Is not Inactive; If not
arrested and 0 riven from the blood it will
sp.-jat and continue lo undermine the con-
t sUt-ttlon. As soon as. tbe Babsapakilxian
makes the patient "feel better," every hour
you wiu grow oeiier ana increase w ntauui,
itrengja and flash.
The removal ox tneso tumors try Rawwat
ResolvejitIs now so certainly eLb;lKned
that what was once considered almae'.mlrac
olous is now a common recognized ct by
all parties. Witness the cases or Hannah P
Knapp, Mrs C Krapf, Mrs. J. H. Jolly snd
Mrs. P. P. Hendrix, published in our Alma
nac for 1879; aleothat of Mrs C. S. Blbbins,
In the n-esent edition of our "falsa and
Space f -bids our making particular refer
ence to U.o various cases or chronic diseased
reached v our Sabsapariixiak Resol
vent. Invalids and tbelr friends most con
sult our rltlngs If they wish to obtain an
l-'ea of the promise and potency of IL It. It.
One Dollar Per Bottle.
Only -equlres minutes, not hours, to re
lieve pain and cure acute disease.
Miaj's Mj Belief.
In from one to trrenty minutes, never falls
torrUevepaln with one tnorough applica
tion. Ha matter how iloicnt or excruciating
the pain the rheumatic, bed-ridden. Infirm,
srlpplfxl, nervous, neuralgic, or prostrated
with dlxease may snETer, RADWAT'd
READY RELIEF wlU afford Instant ease.
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation
ortbe Bladder. Inflamatlon of the Bowels.
ComesMon of thf Lungs, Bore Throat,
Difficult Brestbtnt;, t alpltnlion or the Heart
Hysterics. Ctoud. Diphtheria, Caturrb, In
fluenza, Headache Toothache, Nenralgla,
Rheumatism, ColdCallis, Ague Chills, Cnli
blslns. Frost Ultcs, Bruises, Bammtf Com
plaints, choughs. Colds. Sprains, Pains in
the Chest, Bade or Limbs, are Instantly
Poverand Agrie
FEVER AND AGUE cured for fifty cents,
lucre Is nota remedial agent in this world
that will cure Feverand Ague, and all other
Malarious Bllllous, Scarlet Typhoid, Yellow
and other Fever, aided by raDWAVk
rfcTil il TiT.
It will In a few moments, when taken ac-
jMrdlns to directions, cure Cramp. Krw-rus,
bout Btomach, Heartburn, Kick Headache,
Dlarrhosa, Dysentery, Colic, Wind In the
Bowels, and alt Internal pains.
Travelers sbonld alwarR carry a bottle ot
Badway'a Ready ItflW-1 with them. A lew
drops In water will prevent sickness or pains
from change ot water. It is outer than
Frencn brandy or blitersaHR Ftltnu'ant.
ways be provided with IL
A!l-remedlalsenU capable of destroying
Hie by an overdose should be avoided. Mor
phine, opium, strychnine, arsenic, hyoscl
amus, and other powerful remedies, does at
certain times. In very small doses, relieve
the patient during their action In the system.
Put perhaps tbe second dose, if repeated,
may aggravate and Increase the suffering,
ana another do"o cause death. There Is no
necessity for using these uncertain agents
when a positive remedy nae Radway'S
Ready Relief ill stop the most excruciating
rain quicker, without entailing the least
HfUculty in either lnlant or adult.
Raswat's Rfabt Rtukt is the orly
remedial agent In vogue that will lnstanti)
top pain.
IVUty Cents Per mottle
Perfect Purgatives, Soothing Aperient, Ac:
Without Pln, Always Reliable and N&t-
nralin Their Operation
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with
wee gum purge, regulate, purify, cleanse
and strengthen. Radway'S Pillsfor tbe
rrreof all disorders ol ti:? tnmacn. Uv.r,
bowels, Kidneys, Blaoaef, Nei vous Diseases,
Headache, Constipation, Costlveness, Lndi.
nation. Dyspepsia, BllUousneea, Fever, In
' nammatlon of the bowels. Pile and all de
ranctrment of the Internal Viscera, War
mated to effect a perfect cure. Purely vegeta-
re. containing no mercury, minerals or de
letstlOMtracs. "Observa the fblloTrtng ysaptoaia're
althig froaiDlaeases of the Digestive Or-
vMHnnmnjAmfraruqsriiMuiigi uie
Blood In the Head, Acidity or the Btomach,
Nausea. Heartburn. Dlatmsf of Food. Full
bens or Weight In the Stomach, Sour Eruc
tations, Sinking or Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Suffering 8ensaUons when In. a
Lying Pustnre, Dimness of Vision. Dots or
tfeba before Bight, Fever and Dull pli in
th Head, DeucUncy of PerspiraUon, Yeuow
pjs of the Bkln nd Eyes, Pain m the Side
Cboet, Limbs and 8uddea Flushes of heat
aornlBC In the Flesh.
Afew dosesor RamrATlB Ytlsa will tree
the ayatem from all the above-named dlaor-
rn & Hm. Ilti'ji M,
R. R.
Attor IMtc ITiwm 3vtftJ Yim.
. Ha-wTosx.Jaa.4,1877.
TJSAX Bra rHavliig for several yerrs mnd
your medicines, doubtlnjtly at Brat, bat
after expetleitelnc their eatcaev with fall
eeetMenee, It to no lam & iWsesere thaa a
laty to thankfully aakwowleilge theadvaa
taaat we bav derived from tbem. Themua
sre resorted to as often is nnwnwnw reanlrea.
and always with the desired eflasu lae
Bwadr Belief eannot be rjeuecsesorUaedtaaa
.t le by same. We apply the UaloMatfre.
leantly sad freely, almost Invariably mad
attgermaneatUefc Tralyyonra,
Da buw&t.
xteksaadnaaen on tbe sohjeetof
aad taesr eure, among wuosi m
ratae aaa Trae."
Bsivsv m iiilaele t7i
RMd.MFalM andTmt.
m&1$MV?2n Sff-SJK
laaMaanaaTlliBaiTaaaaaali mtil la
, JANUAKY 1, 1880.
teslay a .art Valley Bridge Company jee-terbvU-'
lpped ten car-loads of bridge. ms
Kuar to Onega and Havenavllle, over the
w -a Central.
r .ana are thirty-five prisoners la the
oounty Jail. Three of these are women.
Twelve of the inmates are Insane and lour
aw United States prisoners.
Coutsty BCKaiHTgwnrsT Moobi reports
twenty-eight Inmates in the poorhouHe at
present, which he says Is the smallest num
ber he ever had Bizteenof thenumoerare
males. Health good.
SCKD4T oftemoon at 2 o'clock tbe tber
memeter in the signal station Indicated a
temperature of 82 above zero. Yesterdav
morning at 6 o'clock it had dropped to 12.
Quite a 6Udden change.
The. Peer FsstL
County Commissioner Klchards yesterday
furnlihed means wherewith to bury another
destitute person, fie says that he is eon
at&ntly besieged with applications ror help,
and that he has to turn many away because
of scarcity of funds, and that he can only
disburse foods where he Is positive that they
are actually needed.
Fears Herephekia.
There Is a man in tbe olty Jail who thinks
he Is in danger of hydrophobia. He gives
his name as Dunn. He says he was, during
tbe summer severely bitten In the leg by a
vicious dog in Kansas city, and mat only
recently tne wound has become painful.
The limb is much swollen and very painful.
Tne wound was examined by Dr. ew yet
terday, and the proper remedies applied.
Real (Estate Trusters.
The following transten were, recorded
Register Crowder yesterday:
C. Cockrlll and wife to Chas. Aefcenhsusen,
lot 3. block 16, Clark A Ree' addition;
f 00.
M. B. Lyon and wife to Catherine Penrod,
the est ualf oi the nortbwes quarter ol the
outbesst qusrter of section twelve, township
li, rangf-22; 1200.
John Wilson and wife to Gilbert N. Piper,
the north half oftaeweat half of thesouth
eatt fracUonalquaxter of section 3, township
10, range 23; fitu.
B. Lyon and wife to Dsmian Rohner, the
nor beasi quarter of the soutbeata quarter ot
section 12. township 14, muse 22, except two
aeres for acuool purpottrs; (603.
Cenaty Attorney Tayler. t-lsvhea
With His MBceeMla a la Last Halt
for Maeey, Files Aaether Clalsz
AgsUast tbe Caaaty.
.Ooauty Attorney Taylor mart deem Mrs
self a most fortunate man. Not long ago he
filed a claim aalnfct the county for a large
sum of money which he claimed was due
him from tne people, and finding some op
position trough t suit for tbe amount and got
a verdict in his favor. Emboldened by thiei
be yeMerday filed another claim with the
Auditor, which Till doubtless take the same
course bo fsr as the suit Is concerned, but as
there is no dependence to be put In Juries be-
before hand, it is hardly within the lurisdle
tion even ol tbe plaintiff to say the verdict
will be ilka its predeceiacr. The claim Is
a follow:
J.W Taylor, lor professional Bervlc
in U. 3. Court, January term, 1878 COO CO
w. javior.ior proiessionat servi-
celn U.
court, uctotier term,
150 00
J. W.Taylor, for proleaMioualserveoes
in tbe U.b. Churtand cxpenses.No
vember term, i87..
J. W TayJor, forservloen reudered in"
case of Washington Improvement
Company vs. K. P. Ry. and cash
expanses- . .- ...
J. V. Taylor, for cash expense on t x
tenslon to St. Louis, ew York and
Wasnlnglon, expense and Interest,
J.W. Taylor, tor profsslnnsl services
in U. S. Court, June term, 1879 .
105 00
200 CO
16S 89
.$1,121 69
The following Is a complete list of the
school district clerk's elected at the annual
meeetlng, August H, 1ST9, to nerve for three
years; their postofflce address:
District No. 1, W G Bolman, Leavenworth ;
2.Geo. DeBanno.Loaven worth ; 3, Jas Whit
lock. Leaven wortu; 1, H C Squires, Pleasant
Kldse; 5, Geo O Sharp, Klckaiioo ; 6, Chas U
Potter, Millwood; 7, Mr Sailings, High rral
rle; 8, V W Sowers, Leavenworth: 9, Jas
Hutchinson, High prairie; 10, J B Atkinson,
laveu worth; 11. H B Gale, Millwood; 12,
U L Larimer, Leavenaorih ; 13, J a Klnneir,
Mt. Olivet; 11, Wm Feverly, Sprlngdle;
15, Uuilth Bsten. Lansing ; 16, T L Terwilllger,
Lansing: 17, J M Hull, Lansing 18, J L
Spears, Leavenworth: 19, John Vaugban,
liliih Prulrle: 20, B KMcCrnm, Leavenworth;
21, Matthew ForJ, Hoge; 32. K Adamon.
Eiston ; 23; UN McClure, E is ton ; 21, Jft.se
nearick.npnneaaie ; za, xaian lw, jar
balo:26, E B Keck, longanoxle, ; 27, Wm
Mitchell, Summit; 2S, J Knight, Tongunoxle;
2V,J B Sanders, Hoge; SO, S Jensnp, oprlng
dale ; 31; D H r-prong, Piessant Ridge ; 32, R
H Budd. Fainrjonut; 33, P H Harlln. Tongu
noxle; 31, P McEvoy, Ktckapoo. 35, E J
Hnmphiles; Falrmouut: 36, R B Stafford,
ralrmount ; 37, M H Berry, Beno ; 33, A
Oray, Hoge : 9, E W Lucus. Fairmount ; ,
JMHund, Hund Slatlon;4l, WCMcBriae.
Mount Pleabant; 4;wC Phenlcle, Reno;
13, Dan'J Farmer, efanwood; 11, T J Har
baugb, Lin wood; 45, J C Alexander, SUr
wood ; 46, David McCune. Tonganoxle; 17,
O W Dub .urdlne.Lenape; IS, Jsson E Brown:
Tonganoxle; 19, Simeon Sluolalr. Spring
dale; 0, J M Carver. Tonganoxle: 51. Geo w
Fost-r, Leavenworth; 5, T J Tabor, Fall I
, a, ix viKicueii, opnuguNie; a, o A.
Thomaa, North Lawrence : 25. W A Bishop,
Fort Leavenworth; 5C, Stanton Pesrson,
Tonganoxle ; 57, C Jag gird, Tlblow; 58, C C
Spencer. Lin wood, 49, John Aire. Tl bow; 6J,
J N Cole, Millwood ; 61, Jas Duncsnson,
SUnwood ; 62, Asran Suddleston. 8prlnguale;
6t, Cyrns Limb, Tonganoxle; 61, T. J Carter,
Reno; 65, H. F. Volght, Landing; P6 Henry
Bare, Lenspe; 67, Eugene Bulllvau, Maria;
68, David Baker, Tonsanoxle; 6, Harry Cox,
Tonganoxie; 70, M. Swalm, Sprmsdale; 71. E.
H Cox, Tonganoxle: i, S. W. Sancskv,
Kaston; 73, Enos Doughton. Lenape:71 S.J.
McNaugbton. Fall Leaf; (75, C. C. Lamon,
Lansing; 86, A. B.:Keller, 8prlncdale;77, J, K.
Harr-mond, Leavenworth; 78, Joseph Bleak
ley, North Lawrence.
The surveying party of the Fort ScoH ex
tension ol the Chisago & Alton' railway ar
rived In the city yesterday.-rort ScM Monitor.
a incw orriciB.
The Smith Center Free Press says that the
Central Branch Is fortunate In havlnc so able
and efficient an officer to replace Msi. Downs
aa Mr. M L. Sargent.
Th Kansas Pacific Is doing such a red hot
bu&laeas that they have all their extra hands
employed In getting np lee, to Keep things
cool next summer. Lawrence Tribune.
All the railroads running through Law
rence granted students round-trip tickets to
all points within tbe State atone and one
fourth fare. This has enabled most or tbe
yonng ladles and gentlemen of the Univer
sity to spend the holidays at home. w
rtnee Standard.
Mr. Nettleton, General Manager.orthe Kan
sas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs road;
returned on Sunday Iroai the East and gives
a most emphatic denial to the reported sale
of me Blnfts road to the Cn'cjgo, Burlington
and Quincy interest.
W left Neodessa Tuesday morning at 8
o clock, got Into Fredonls fcerore 9, left Fre
donla at 10:3, and got back to Ntodesha at
llM5s.nL, saw all or the sights of Fiedonla,
cltende d to our business, and was only gone
from home three hours. Howls that for ibe
advantages of a railroad. - Xtodaha Free
On the fourth day ot July last tbe Ballna A
Southeastern branch of the Kansas Pacific
road was rumple ed to Lindsburr, and isst
nlgbt McPherson Centre, In McPuersun
county was reached by the graders, -ibe
ties and Iron to complete the line to that
point are on the ground and within two
weks cars will run between Leavenworth
and McPherton Centre.
The Kansas City Timet says: John Utt.
Westerr Agent of tbe Chicago, Rock Island
it Psciflj toad, stated that all arrangements
were completed for the opening of business
over his line lo Chicago on January t. The
company bad not yet beea able to secure
suitable quarters for an np town ticket office,
but had one or two locaM ties m view and ex
pected to onen their offlco before the new
year. Toe officials of tne Rock Island road
expected here some time tbi week.
nvx xoads oonsoutDATxn.
The dispatch announcing tbe consolidation
of tbe extension of the Central Branch, as
published In all the papers says that two
roads were eonaoUdeled. The actual number
of road, branches or corporations, aa you
cbocseto call thorn, consolidated under the
name of the Atchison, Colorado and Pacific
was Jive, and included everything beyond
Watat villa, except the Jewell county branch,
legally knovn as tbe Atchison, Jeell "3bun
ty & western, ArcaiMs.CJ sV
Commissioner Fink has Just issued the fol
lowing circular In retard to the restoration
of rates oa cheese, batter, earn, and wool :
"The Joint Executive Committee decided
at the Chicago meeting-. Dee. 18, to establish
the following classification and rates, to take
effect Jan. 1, tSS). on tbe following articles:
Cheese, la boxes or casks, la refrigerator
cars, 10 cents per ICO less than third -;
ebeese, not in refrhterator ears, cent per
10a pounds leas than third-class; butter,
third-class ; earn, aetaal weight. O. Rtatrd'
ces; wool, second class"
the aoLoaox BOAS.
We are farmed that a special meeting of
the County maera was called on
Thursday, or this wetk. to take action oa tbe
lssur; jr of tbe Hi an eoeaty bonds to tbe 8ol
?2a. wklcatrt tasadiS.
SLqcmaaaywereberetoelalm.sa tbe salt
S35-ofMlB'eo eopel
UieOomMtoaera to re-eoant tbe vote has
P wltsmrawn. Amotion was earrled to
postpone nnalaenon antu tne first Monday
iaJaaaary. After wnieaOoL Warniacsaaoe
sJ .to to, and that ? Board
'rr,,a r5T8.
S??-9 - rorSoJai ?.
Mm-rotiaa aaalnn. prafsrlng to postpoae
1 aettea maul the meetiac in Jsry.
This renmal ot tbe BcsudssVe Om TtanS .
Jre.tTOW W ! WK eoorkf
t XX riFK JaJla I.
rAfter Mrs. Browning.
We are eoateot, my pipe and I.
The alrstak with storm, to-night,
The clouds have hid tbe stars from sight.
And the wrad Is sighing mouraful;y ;
But, In the arellght'sgenall glow.
We kiss and bid all sorrows go
We are content, my pi pe and I.
We are content, my pipe and L
Out In the stormy world, we Know
Here Is a friend, and there Is a foe,
While cold lndifferenoe toes by ;
Bat In the warmth tbe firelight lends.
We kiss and know that we are friends,
And ate content, my pipe and I.
We are content, my pipe and I.
Let those who will seek after fame.
And sear their souls for a sounding name
That soon enough shall sink and die;
We will not with ambition soar,
But kiss and love each other more
And be content, my pipe and I.
We sre content, my pipe and I.
Free from friendship, false aa fair,
Hid from envy, hate and care.
To-night we build our castles high ;
And In the firellgats genial glow,
We kiss and bid all sorrow go.
And are content, my pipe and I.
The number of civil cases commenced in
tho District Court during the year 1873 was
3S0. The number uf criminal cases com
menced was 23.
The total number of prisoners convicted
and sentenced during the year was 29 ; only
one of whom was sentenced for muraer. This
i-the only murderer sentenced in three years.
There have been five murder trials and one
raps Casts daring tbe year.
Marriage llcenes were Usaed yesterday to
the following parlies :
John W.Frsxier and Mary Rxlman; Adolph
Sachs and Fanny Sunlch.
Tbe tout number of marriage llcenes Is
sued by Judge Dlefendorff during the year
Is 452, which is not a bsd showing for Leav
enworth county. Tbe tntal number ltsaed
since the books of the Probate Court were
opened Is t.288
C. B. OoinU'BIONXKS couet.
Only one one of a public nature was tried
iu thi conrt. bcrore Commissioner Clough,
yesterday. The accused ws a colored man
named John Klrehqrfleld. who Is ennrged
with stealing government goods from ihe
reservation Tbe examination was con
duclet by U. H. Attorney Hal.owell, and
h. T.Green HppMtred lor tbe difrnse Tbe
evidence was safllcleat to bold Hie pribouer,
and Ills ball was Axod at (300.
nnooiixu fok a child.
A if Iroreea Husband Attempts to Kill
His raikerui.Law.
About a year ago a man who sails about un
der the name of William Henry Brown, who
then lived In this city .became seperated from
his wlte, and leaving bis child, a boy. In her
care, went to Doniphan county, where ha
emalned until Christmas. He finally con
cluded to have his child or a fight, and on
Christmas evening he landed at the house of
bis father-in-law In the city, where his wile
and child were, and proceeded to execute his
determination. Tbe father-in-law or course
objected, and hot words lollowed. William
Henry drew a revolver and fired twice at tbe
old man, but fortunately mined blm. Tbe
neighborhood was aroused, and within
a snort time Wm. Henry was sate and ton tid
within tne classic walls or the clabocie.
Yesterday morning tbe child whlcn he had
taken was returned to Its mother, and Wil
liams esse continued until to-day.
Brown's BBoiiCniAi. Tbicuis, when al
low d to dissolve In tne mouth, have a direct
Influence onhe Inflamed parts, allaying
Pulmonary Irritation and giving roller in
couithi, coIdH and tbe various throat troubles
to wLlch U. gers and public speakers are lis
ble. tuesthurs&w
Mr wife suffered with prolapsus uteri, fluor
albnouR,compllcated with other female troub
les. Her life was miserable. Rav. GnyS.
Frazey, of the Methodist church, advised me
to try Giles Liniment Iodide Ammonia, he
telllne me of tbe wonders it bad performed
on nis wife, who was a martyr to such
troubles, and Is now well. I obtained tbe lin
iment and my wire is now wen.
Chasms B. Joves,
iSdltor ObtentT,
Write to Dr. Giles. 120 West Broadway, N.
Y.. who wi'leure without charge.
Giles' Pills cures gout Sold by Arnold ft
Hunt. Trial bottle 2) cents. eo.lv.
A word to the wise Is sufficient. When
you are in pain, you want prompt relief
Have vou ever tried Dr. Thomas' Eeiectric
OI? If not, it is time yon did. It is com
posed of six of the best oils known, and
never falls to cure In esses of diphtheria,
burns, bruises, rheumatism, etc ,dtw
A Htrmnce People.
Do you know that there are strange people
In our community? We say strange because
they seem to prefer to suffer and pa 3 their
days miserably, made so by Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint, Indigestion, Constipation
and General Debility, when 8HILOH'SVI
TALIZER Is guaranUd to cure- them. Bold
by Arnold A Hunt.
- A Blether's tirier
The pride of a mother, the Me and Joy ora
home, are her children, hence her a lei when
sickness enters and takes them away. Take
warning then, that you are running a terri
ble risk. If they have a Cough, Croup or
Whooping Cough, which lead to Consump
tion, If you do not Mtend to It at once. HH1
to cure thorn. Price 10 cents, GO cents, and
SI For lame Back, Side or Chest, use 8hl-
Ion Porous Plaste.-. Price 25 cents. Bold py
Arnold & Hunt. weq&w
Dr. Price's Bpeclal Flavoring Extract ol
Orange is obtained from the finest l-ulu To
flavor cakes, puddl ngs or creams, it Is found
one of the must delicious flavors, and In all
respects equal to Dr. Price's Lemon ana
Vanilla Extractr, which have become so
The Remedy.
To escape the worthless abomination offer
ed under the title or Baking Powders, rests
wholly with the consumers; they are the
ones that have to suffer. Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder Is decided by chemists to be
tbe moit perfect and wholesome powder
made. 2tdiw
The Karrew enase.
IClay County Dispatch. J
Col. Jenkins, ot tbe narrow gauge railroad
was In the olty over night last Thursday,
with h'F corps of engineers, en route to Min
neapolis He says the narrow gauge la going
through Clay county next spring, and noth
ing can stop It. The present terminus is Gar
rison, a new Kansas Central creation on the
Blue, about lx miles south of Randolph.
Garrison la bol ding np rapidly, and Is des
tined for the end ot the first dl Islon. This
bring tbe narrow gauge wlthcn twenty-two
miles or Clay enter, and the question win
soon be forced upon uses to wheuier we will
allow it to paw to tbe north or south of us or
pay something for a depot at Clay Center.
Cot. Jenkins Informs us that President Smith
will be along the line in the course of three
or four weeks aad make us a proposition.
In a conversation with Mr. Jenkins, we
learn that the Gould Interest In the Kans
Central Is not a eontrollngone, and that tne
reins of government are still In the bands ot
Leavenworth man. It has always been the
prtoe ot ijcaveaworta , this lithe narrow
gauge road, and tbe Interests of that cu. as
connected wltn tbe road, are guarded with a
Jealous eye. Altbougn Gould has failed to
in a oontroltng interest, he consents to the
extension of tue'road, so that no fiht
against It from tbe K. P. company may be
expee ted Gould has purchased tbt Missouri
narrow gauge, leading Irom Kansas City to
the coal mine near xingio.j, ine oeeiana
thickest vein of coal in the west, and al
though he is a reticent man, a hint has been
dropped that he will lay a third rail on the
M Paclflo road from Leavenworth to Kansas
Cilv. thus elvtna the Kansas Osntral a con
nection with KansasClty and the coal mines.
The recent ri fsmine suggests the lrapor-
tancs oi tnis connection, witnoui an argu
ment. Tne lesson Irsrned by the scarcity of cars
last week is so aa Important one. The
(allure of the railway authorities to furnish
cars to our shippers for two or three days
resulted in overcrowded bins, tbe locking np
of all the working capital of Ibe shippers.
and the consequent flattening out of tbe
market, entailing losses on bom shippers and
producers. The question staring ns in the
face on an occasion like this is not what It
costs to get produce to market, but bow shall
we get It there? And If the productions of
Kai.su Increase in the next live years as
they hare in the past, there are not enough
east and west railroads in Central '.Kansas to
market Its Droduce. At Kansas citv thev
nave half a dossn or more roads, to say noth-
icgoi ine nver, over wnien to transport the
ptoduce that duds 1Ji way there principally
over two licet.
It Is a little too early a date to discuss a
bondtpioposlUon. We nave no Ideawbst
aniouitk of bonds will be wasted by the nar
row stage people, bat Mr. Jenkins seems to
tblna. itxej wlU be iaUsfled with a reasonable
subscription In township bonds. We ecr
tain lysboeid not faver a large amount. Tbe
time has passed wnea oar community could
afford to baud a ral.way for anybody, nor do
we thlnkmny company would expect such a
thing from a people wbo already nave one
road, it woaid be wall for our people to talk
the matter np and Be ready to give Mr.Smim
either eeeoaragemeat or dJecoorsgement
when he arrives.
t. Jee Walsky.
Atchison GlobeJ.
rat. Joe whisky ;hath fury la It. Alex.
Green aad H. M. Kimey reeently draakoin
to exeem, and then attempted to take supper
atBntita vOpara House Dining HalL Here
they smed themselves by flipping crackers
air", ptaklea at las lady boarders, "and la other
parueulan acted sooul!hly that Mr.
Smith ordered em eat. Mr JBmttb la a
erlpple. so they not only refuses to go, bat
koeksdnlmdowaafow times. Tbey also
sraekhlsuer.aaetd man. of sixty, sad
aMmaeoat la rash a manner as to
break one of hlalasn. Jam --"- hul
whipped 8mltbawln,whleb tbey smacked
their M to demosrsMetraeUltr to do.
they were got eet by aienen, Wears glad
taespnaBtbseeinveao regard r"s
flriH mk vbi m. pBT1Ms pOvOsQsKJr
Aa kmadant Crap.
I Hartford Kuierprlse.
Tbe lee men .are happy. The harvest
great and tbe reapers ate plenty, and
chunks etf coolness are being sto Jed away lor
use when there will be more of a demand for
tbe ngidneas ot the
present sute uf the
Civil Damage.
Anthony Journal, j
A suit for damaged was filed on Siturdsy
before Justice Blackburn, by Mrs. H E. Had
ley against A.N. Kepuart, ror selling whisky
to her husband niter notification in accord
ance with the law.
Bro. Mltcae! tpnet.
sterling Bulletin.
Rev. D. P. Mitchell and Mr. James
Tbylor wulle leturnlnt! from MediclneLodge ,
met wun wuhi nilgai nav oun af rioui ac
didnnt. They ciove loo near the margin of
a bsgu bank, the bnao' utsct sua rolled over
damaging it and icjoring the borseo.
Augusta Oaz-tt.!
The fle-fiend vUlted iniass again on
last Saturday, consuming Justice Mitchell's
office and barber shop, and lrjurlng Charlie
Scott', store butldinK, seriously threatening I
its destruction. well as that or v i: uiooa-s
large general store. A defective stove pipe
is said to have been tbe cauo of the fire.
M. Tenpersnre coLumanliy.
Eureka Herald.
We are infoimed that a row occurred at
Bevery last Sunday. A nil formerly em
ployed on the ralirond construction com
macd selling whisky, and the citisns of
tne oommunliygatneied together and gently
intimated that he would be summarily
forced to test the siren jtn of a string of hemp
If he did not leave Instanter. He luff.
Nbelled Corn
ICUIton Review
The corn sheller's hum can be heard almost'
any time In Clliton. People are beginning
to realize tnat cobs snake too good fuel to bo
shipped out of Kansas lor nothing. Last
Monday morning we noticed the rattle of tbe
bneller ai Mr. Berry cribs where It Will nave
lo stay lor sooio time before it makes a clear
sweep of all that corn.
The Osu Takers.
Tbe Kansas delegation of Coucrtsi have
united in recomrat!"diU the appointment
of Hon. r. DwlgntTiiScber as supervisor of
i he census for tuehejooddl-rtrlct.atid D. J.
Kvans, Kq . of Ureut Bend, tor tbe third
No selection baa yeiboen nuule lor tbe first
dlhtrlct. The correspondent of tbe Atchison
Champion ays: "It Is lmosr. ceitain that
Hppoiulineuts will follow these recommen
utions, they being naiuimoiu, and the par
tits reuummended eutlrrl above crttlcisot "
(Belleville Telescope.
A daughter ot Mr. J. lemmon. living Jost
ovr tuu State line in Nebraska, near Marks'
mills, aged about tulrteeii yean, was killed
by being thrown irom a wagon one day last
week. It appear that she had accompanied
her father to the field where he had gone for
tbe purposed picking corn, and as hejomp
ed fiom the wsjjon tbe mules become irlgbt
entd anu run away, throwing tbe little girl
oat on tbe rrozan ground, killing her ln
btnntly. yialtb 1 Cattle.
Eldorado Times
Nearly every day we notice lirmers driv
ing cattle out to their firms, and that many
of them are going Into stock raUln as heav
ily aaluelr m-HL will allow Ihem to do
Tnls is as it should be. S:ock-ralMing is the
most profitable avocation tnat our famr
can engage In, and we are giad to see so
uany or tbem taking it up. Tbe prlncU
pal wealth of TesUrn Khusss for many
years will be In cattle, sneep and bogs, as
this country Is better adapted to their props
gntlonand growth than any other tract on
the continent.
Burned Oat.
I Lawrence Tribune
The residence of Isaac Varney. one mile
Wcstof town, was entirely destroyed by fire
about nine o'clock yesterday morning. AH
tbe property in tbe basement and cellar and
also everything In the upper story was Jost
This consisted of most of the clothing and
bedding, kitchen furniture and a years sup
ply oi Irult and vegetables. In short a 1 trg
f-mlly was suddenly made homeless and leit
almost without nlotblng on the coldest morn
ing of the seuon. Stephen Woodward ad
lady from Hesper who were visiting Mr. V's
at the time lost a trunk of va.uable clothing.
Theboue was a good frame structure wonb,
perhaps, flvo humlted dollars. The fire orig
inated in the second story. Mr. V. and the
Ismily have the sympalhey or a large circle
of friends.
Simmon's L-ver Regulator
or Med-cine.
Is eminently a Family Medicine; and by
being kept ready for immediate resort will
save many an hour of suffcriug and many a
dollar In time and doctor's bills
Alter over lorty years trial It Is still re
ceiving tho most uuquallfledJestlinonlals to
Its virtues from persons of tbe blgbest char
acter and responsibility. Eminent phytl
cisns commend It for sll diseases: of the
Simmons' Liver Regulator is certainly a
specific for that class ol complaints Which It
claims to cure. Il any ol our fellow beings
are suffering from hepatic disorders and
have doubts In relation to the efficacy of this
popular preparation, we can only oft pr them
tbo simple and candid amnmntof Pnillp to
Nathaniel, 'Come and see." Try the pro
posed remedy and then jou can Jude ror
yourselves. Kav. David Wills, Pastor of
Presbyterl.n Church, Macon, Ga.
Xako Simmons' lver Boga.
la tor.
The Stkftosis ot liver complaint are un
easiness and pain In tbe side. Sometimes
the paints In the shoulder, and is mlsta'ken
for. rheumatism. The stomach is affected
withjoss of appetite and sickness, bowels in
General costive, sometimes altering with lax,
'he head Is troubled with pain, and dull
heavy sensation, considerable lo or mem
ory accompanied with painful sensation of
having left undone something which ought
to have been done. Often complaining of
weakness, debility and low spirits. Some
times many of the above symptoms attend
tae i disease, and at other times very few
them, but tbe liver Is generally tbe organ
meet involved. Tbe cheapest, purest and
beet family medicine In tbe world. For Dys
pepsia, Coustlpation, Jaundice, Bilious
attacks. Sick Headacne, Colic, Depression o
dplrlia Sour Stomach Heart Barn etc
PrlceflJW. Sold by all Druggists.
45 Tears Before the Public
are not recommended as a remedy "(brail the
ills that flesh is heir to," but in affections of
the Liver; and in all Bilious Complaints, Dys
pepsia, and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used prepara
tory to, or after taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they are unequaled.
The genuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the lid with
the impression; McLAXE'S LIVER PILL.
Ecch wrapper bears the signatures of
Insist upon having the Pennine Dr.
C McLAXE'S LIVER PILLS, prepared by
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa
the market being full of imitations of the
name 3fcZtne, spelled differently but
came pronunciation.
r TREATS npon HEALTH, HTGIEJfE, o4 ritil
c&l Cnltare, and f cemtjete nrTcloriiV of
taform&tion for InTalnis &ad tDo wbo" eunVr from
.S'erroci, Exhausting and Punfcl Vimili. ErtrT
afcjci that bears npoo b:h xai hnnua htppurw,
rcites nientioa in it. p5r: 1 ihr-mioy jc
Uoos uttd bj affrlne intihd,. who b. dupurl
of scare, &re an,wred, and Taltubl information i
Tolnnlred to all wbo are in need of medical adric.
Tbe .abject of Electric Bella itmi Medicine, and
tbe boadred mad one qoeiooa of nul imrortaace
to nSVruig hemxanj, are dalj eouiderwl sad ex
plained. YOUNG MEN
And otsn wbo .cner from Kerrocs and Phralcal Doi
bilitj. Lom of Mioly Vigor. Premuare EkhMitioa
and tbe manj gloomy conseqnence. of .arlj indiacre
tioo, etc., are especially benested by couolung 1U
Tb ELECTRIC REVIEW erpows tit cnoitigaJed
frauds practiced tyjoacksand medical impostor, who
profeM to "practice mediane," and ixnt oat lbs
ooly nU. simp:c. and 2cut. road to nealtb, Vixcc
and Bodily EnerCT. ,
Send yoar addren on ptisl card for a copy, and
IntormUion worta thoaaaad. will 1 nt you.
AAirem. the poblabcra,
tiHty: mf7l jam. UTTil
wJtterTkMeaVt .MBsfl ssssWwlssV Asflbsfs
-smi aucnKM.-
Til eiTC IU 0 Bntlfal Colored Picture.
U.-Vtlt lea, Aa Vmst laenuoos. notxeeuta
asaastassylDcgstasgs. awa caagT,s.alil,T.
Cough Syrup
'The only exlttinG; remedy for eTery P&
del of Acnte or Chronic IHaeaa o
the Organs of Respiration,
and ai. absolute
THIS all-powerful vegetable prepara
tion expels from the I nncs and air pa.
sage, the mncu and maco-pus produced
by pulmonary inflammation, heals the
Irritated membrane., and renovates
every organ which utlllxea the breath of
Lite. It contains do stupefying poison,
and la In all respecta a healthful medi
cine. The rapidity and certainty with
which it
!a astonishing. Ita effects go deeper thaa
the mere symptoms of pulmonary dis
ease and discharges the cause f roti the
system. Tree and painless expectora
tion is the mode by which it relieves the
lungs, chest and throat from Uie bnrdens
which oppress them; thns arresting Con
umption and Bronchitis in the germ be
fore they roach the more dangerous)
stages. The emaciated sufferer
with the most terrible scourge of out ell.
mate will find Fritsch's Prussian Cough
Syrup a potent ally, and will assuredly
win the right by ailherii-i strictly to tbia
great medicine. The
in which it has been administered with
entire success ns a remedy for every va
riety of umlaily which affects the Re
spiratory Functions, amount, to more
at the present date, and yet the prepara
tion is only in Uie infancy of its nsef ul
nes. The great defect of tUl Cough
Remedies hitherto Introduced is that
they are simply expnlsory. Hence they
are useless; for anless the causes of the
acrid secretions which are coughed up
are remoed,and the ruptured, Inflamed
or maturated surfaces healed and re
stored to their natural tone, a cure is
Impossible. Fritsch's Prussian Cougli
Syrup accomplishes these objects. Tho
mucus and muco-pus which are the con
sequence of Lung Disease, are thrown off
by it. while at the same time it soothes
and invigorates the weakened tisane. .
Tor coughs, colds, Influenxa.bronchlal
difficulties tlghtne.Mof thechet,lio;trse-
ness, sore throat, trnchitis, inflamma
tion of the lungs, difficulty of breathing,
pleurisy and all disorders ofapolmouary
nature, it has never been equaled.
Sole assents in America, RICHARDSON CO.
Cured Free of Cost !
Bpavlns. Splints and Ringbones, cared
without blemish. Send far pnamplet con
taining fnll information to Dr. Wm. M.
Olles, 12) West Broadway, N. Y Use only
or horses the Liniment in yellow wrappers,
-kildby all grngglin. In quarts at J2.C0, In
which there la a great saving. Irlal bottle
a cents. Hold by
LkAvktwobth, K ansa f.
When a medicine lias Infallibly done
ita work in millions of cases for more
than a tlilrd of n cvntury; when it has.
reached e"cry part of thu world; ivhen
numberless families cvemvlicre con
sider it tlio only wife rullaiicein cast) of
pain or accident, it is pretty suie u can
;jucU a medlcino
This is tho case with tho Mexican
Mustang Llulrarut. Kvery mull
brimrs intelligence of u lalnalilr horse
saved, tho apuny of un aivful scald or
Darn saoauru, ine Horrors or rheu
matism overcome, nnii of a thousand
ai.d-one other blessings and niTclea
performed by tho old rIiab!o Mex
ican jaustaiia; X-laiment.
All forms ofoulwunl dlsoase are
speeuiiy cured by the
Mnstane Liniment.
It penetrates muscle, membrane and
tissue, to the very bone, bonisliinp p In
and curing disease with a power that
never falls. It is a medlcino needed hy
e very body, from the rancAero, who ride
over the solitary plains, to the merchant
Eriucc, and the woodcutter who spills
is fout with the nxe.
It cures Kheumutlsm when all other
applications tall.
This wonderful
speedily en res such ailments of the
Rhcamatlim, flvrrllln-rs, HtlflT
Jeiats, Coatractrd Mascles, Barns
SB-i Scalds, Cats, Hrali-i aaad
pratlns, Poisonous Bites and
Stings. Stiffness, .Laaaeness, Old
Sorea, tTIeera, Frostbites. Chilblains.
Sere Hippies, Caked Breast, and
Indeed every form at external dis
ease. It Is the greatest remedy for the dis
orders and accidents to which the
IlBtrrK Ckeatiox nro subject that has
ever been known. It cures
Boralns. Swlanr. Stltr Jnlnl,.
Fonnder, ITarness Sores. Hoof Dial
eases. Foot Mot, Screw Worm. Scab.
Hollow Hon, Scratches, Wiad-
Salls. Spavin, Farcy. Rlnabone,
Id Sores. Poll Evil. Filaa nnon
the Hlcht and every other aliment
to wnicn tne oceapants or the
table and Stock Yard are liable.
A twentv-flvo cent bottle of Mexican
-tiusiang lunimeni; nas onen saveil a
valuable horse, a life on cratches, or
years of tortnre.
It heals without a cr. It froes to
the very root of the matter, penetrating
even uie uone.
It cures everybody, and dlsannolnts
no one. It has been in steady ue for
more man twentv.nve vears. ana is
neSTB-EaTs WAiirEB
SS) trmt Selling artlrlea in the world
jne lAmplefrte. Addeaa Jay Bron-
aoa, DeUoluKlch- sepUIwly
a .a TY a li i I A ,..-.aw an., IVin
Allll U. O. nv.ujftaiiKJ .... - vmm
nitnrat ut 26 Grant Place. Washington. l.
C. HaTlnc been rhlrd Auditor of the United
Btatae Trwsnry lor six years. I am thorouga.
ly fasnllllsr with the coarse of basin ess before
tbe Government Departments Hpeclalat
tsmttoai given to tbe aetiiements ofaecounu
OX all Government CSoers Postmasters,
Marshals, Mall Contractors aad others, will
praetlce before the Sepreme Court of tbe U.
BOaort efClalma, Patent' Office, Gfnral
LABdOmee.A., te. Refers in Bon. Samuel
F. Phimaa, Bolleitor Geaerai TJ. 8 , Hon Jas.
atlflwvn, Treaearer of the U.S., Hon. J. M
KeQre.", Sixth AndttorU. &Xteaenry,
. fjyMwUJ -
Kearly Half a Mile sf a Bridge Gives Way
la a Gale, With a Train Thereea-
Oat of Haadreds ef People the
Train, There Are ! Left.
Lohdos, Dec. 29. A portion of the
bridge across the Firth-of-Fay to blown
down while the train from Edinburgh to
Dundee tu crossirg, at 7:14 o'clock last
night The gale waa so strong that steam
boats were unable to reach the scene of the
disaster, bat MTeral mail bags have been
washed aehore, tonr miles from the bridge,
acd there is no doubt that the train is in
the water. The passengers, who are cer
taiDi all drowned, are variously estimated
at from 150 to 200 in number.
The toiMing Dundee train was seen
croaaing the bridge, then suddenly
became visible. The railway officials, in
spite of the gale, walked along the bridge
for Dundee until they found a large gap.
cauie by the fall of two or three of the
largest spans.
Iiu a. m: ine manager ot the JNorth
British Railway, telegraphing from Leu
char at 4 this morning save:
"several large girders, uong with the
last train from Edinburgh, were precipi
tated into the river last night. There were
besides the companj 'a servants, all of whom
are believed to have perixhei"
A dispatch from Edinburgh, dated 4.-02
this morning, ssjrr:
Ths portion of the bridge which fell con
sisted of several large superincumbent
girders. At the central and navigable
portion of the river, which averages from
forty to forty-fire feet in depth, tbe train
before reaching the water. Some time
elapsed before tbe nature of the disaster
was ascertained. The damage to the wires
on the bridge and the badness of the
weather interfered with the transmission of
news, and it is unknown whether the gird
ers were blown down before the train en
tered the bridge or were carried away with
it, and it wttl probably never be ascer
tained, as
The bridge waa only opened for traffic in
May, 1S78 It ws considered a triumph of
engineering ekill. It was about two mil
long and had eighty-five spans, the widest
of which was two hundred and forty-five
feet. At the highest point it wa? one
hundred and thirty feet above high water.
The train It ft Edinburg at 4:15 in the
afternoon. It consisted ol four third class
cars, one first cla&s and one second-class
and a brakesman vsn. At the last station
before entering the bridge the tickets were
taken and the train was then crowded.
Vast quantiues of wreckage, such as
the doors and roofs of the carrages, pieces
of the bridge and articles of wearing ap
parel, are coming ashore.
The entire thirteen girders of the long
central spans of the bridge are gone.
The eight waa one of bright moonlight
but the wiod was blowing a hurricane.
1 p. m. The provost ot Daadee and a
parly of citizeaa who accompanied htm in
a steamer to the ecene of the disaster, have
returned. Search was made about the
bridge in a small boat, but
of any of the survivon could be found.
The gap in the bridge is about half a
mile long, comprising eleven of the longest
Hptns, each two hundred and forty-five feet
in length, and one span one hundred and
forty.five feet in length.
New iork, Dec. 23. A special from
Dundee Bays :
"The appalling catastrophe, of last even
ing has thrown the city into a state of fran
tic excitement and the neighborhood of the
fatal bridge is thronged with horror-stricken
who was on the ill-fated train. The gal
lantry of James Roberts, locomotive auuer
intendent of the North British railroad, of
Dundee, and Station Masier Smith, ventur
ing out on the biidee. is hizhlv com
mended. In spite of thtrfury of the gale,
which rendered the attempt doubly peril
ous, alter tremendous exertions
by clingiDg to rails for dear life, they
reached the edge of the fatal gap. Here
they discover that thirteen girders, each
245 feet wide and weighing 250 ton, all
firming a kind of a tunnel in the middle
of the bridge, had been washed away.
Nothing remained. About one-third of
ihe whole structure had vanished. Thir
teen brick work stumps were to be seen in
the niidat of the waves.
SfesBber or
tbe Lerlslatare
LmM Eock, Dec. 29 N. D. Sadler,
late Representative in the Legislature
from Franklin county, was assassinated at
bis homevesterdav, bj unknown parties.
jj-wehlBg; la Liealslaaa.
A lite, La., Dec. 29. Four negroes
charged with murder, were taken from jail
last night by a mob of fifty men and shot to
death. Two other prisoners are reported
is a never-falling specific. When every other
remedy has failed, when physicians nave
pronounced a cure Impossible. It has by its
powerlul alterative and resolvent properties
acting through the blood, and by Its healing,
balsamic properties acting npon thedlseaied
nasal surface, lifted the afflicted, as it were,
from Ihe very grave. No other remedy has
done this, for no other remedy possesses In a
lorm so pure and simple, yet so powerfully
effective, the real essences, aa It were, of tbe
barks and shrubs from which It is prepared
Reference front Well-Kaowa Phynl
riant. Oraeiclsts and Cltixeaa.
Instantly Annihilate Pain.
Strenathen the Weak.
support the Weary
by instantly affecting the Nervous system,
their influence la at once felt at the farthest
extremities. Hence Pain, which arises from
a disturbance of the Nerve Forces, la cured In
every Instance as If by magic Palpitation of
tbe Heart, Inflammation oi the Longs, Liver,
and Kidneys, Irritation of the rKomach and
Bowels, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Bllirns Colic,
Cramps, and Pain arising from the same
cause, are speedily relieved. The medicinal
forces present In these Plasters find their way
Into the system In a manner at once mysteri
ous and. powerful. They accomplish m hat no
remedy ever before has doaervlr, the resto
ration of vita! electricity, whence comss
Instant and grateful relief from Pain ahd
Weakness, and freedom from disease.
Be careful that you are not deceived Into
buying some worthless plaster said to be equal
to Cozxixd Voltaic PutsrrKa, a union of
Electricity and Healing Balsama ai seen In
above cot. Bold by all Druggists toeajrld
Geo. W. Houghton. Esq , Waltbam. Mas.
enred after twelve years of Buffeting. Dr.
Chas. Mala, Boston, writes: "I consider It
superior to any preparation laid down in
any text-book with which I am familiar. "
wm. Bowen, Esq., ot VeSatton, Grant
Bowes, 23S Pine street, St. Louis, writes la
tbe warmest terms ot It to bis frtDd,A. A.
Melller, wholesale druggist, urging thu some
more rapid me3M of introducing It to the
people of his city be taken. S D. Ball win
A Co., druggists, Washington, Ind .say tbey
never aolda remedy giving such universal
satisfaction. Samuel Spinney, Meadow Vale,
N. 8 saya it operated oa his system in a way
Uitt nothing ever given him by physldaas
bad done. Geo. F. Dlnsmote; a Boston drug
gist, says that the cure eSected In bis esse
was so remarkable that it seemed t msny
that it could not be true. He therefore made
oath to It before Beth J. Thomas, Esq., Jus
tice of tbe Peace.
"Clrara the Head and Throat so thoroughly,
that, taken in tbe morning on rising, there
are no unpleasant secretions, ana no disa
greeable hawking doting the entire day, but
an unprecedented clearness of Voice and
I Respiratory Organs." Price, wlU Improved
I Inhaler and Treatise, SL Bold by all Drug
Wa toeatWAw
lie fin BeW 6w Creaif Tartar.
Kecammcnded by the TJrootlyn fN Y.I Board of Health, and by tho first
chemists in the United States.
We eiU pay $1000.00 for any -4XU3T or other
adulteration found in this JPowder.
Thkcun will deal with the events of the
year IKSUlu its own fashion, now pretty well
understood by everybody. From January 1
to December 31 It will be conducted a a
newspaper, written In the English language,
anil printed for the people
as a newspaper, 1 UK Sck believes In get
ting all the news of the wond promptly, nd
presenting it in the most Intelligible shape
the shape that will enable lti readers to keep
well abreast cl the age wlth.the least unpro
ductive expenditure ot time. The greatest
Interest tu the greatest number thai la the
law controlling Its dUiy make-rip. It no
has a circulation vtry much larger than that
of any other American newpttixir. and en
joys an Income which it Is at all times pre
pared to inend liberally for tte Dentfll oi Its
readers. People of all conditions of life and
all ways oi thinking bay and read IThkun;
ani they all derive oatlxfactlon ul some tort
irom. Ita columns, for they Keep on buying
end reading It.
In Its comments on men and affairs. Thk
Bvtt believe" that tbe only guide ot policy
shon-d becommonisente,lMiirtdbygt-nulne
American principles and bacKt-d by boneaty
of purpose. For this reasou It Is, and will
continue to be. ub.-olutely independent, of
,..1 nl.u nllnn. npjnnlv.tlnn tnt a.
party, class, ollqne, organization orlnU rest.
It Is for all, but ul none. It will contluiiMio
pralce what Is g vl nnd reprohUt, what U
evil, taking care that Its litnguhge Is to the
point and plain, beond the po-slhUlly of
being misunderstood. It Is nnlufini-nced by
motives that do not &pi,ear on the snrf.ice: It
hasnooolnlons to sell, have tuos. wtilch
may be had by any purcba-ter for two cents.
It hates Injustice and rascality even
more than It hatts nnnecesary words. It
abhors frands.pl lies fools, and deplores nln
oomponps of every speetcH. It. will continue
throughout tbn year ISsO to cbaftUse the Ontt
class. Instruct the second, and dlscoontenance
tbe third. All honest men, with honest con
vlctlons, whether sonnd or mistaken, nro its
friend. Aad TheMj.v makeci no bones of
telling tbii truth to It- friends and sbont ita
friends whenever occa-lon arlhcs for pliln
These are tbe principles upon which The
Bus will be conducted during the year tu
The yetr 1S80 will be one In which
oo patriotic American can nrTord to
o.ose his eyes to public affairs. It
I. W. ENGLAND, Publisher
Dr. I'lerec's (.oMi'ii Meilical Di-cmcry cure in iliiiiioro. t- m tlie uimi "M-rofula to n
rnmmnn Itlnli b. I'JmpIe. or luitiu. r.oiicla. alt-rliruiit. InrrNiro, en: ar
Rongh Hkin, in -liort. all ili-cn-cs ctUM-'t Kn.i i-im.i. an c'liKjiicrcti by ilna powerful,
purlf vnp. ami invisra!inir mcliciiie.
Especially lias it maiufcteil i: imienci in curing Teller, ito-c Ita.li. IhilN. Carhun
clrs. hore Kyrs. x-ruftilnn. ?xirc and smcIIiiiv, lllnlr s,r!lliix. Goitre or Thick
.Neck, and '.nlarrd Uinnds.
If vou feel liill, drovr. Ipliilitateil, liae a.nlor color of fcn. nr vcllnwihlirnwn spots
on face or IhxIi, frijiionl heaiuclie or diizmeis. lmd la le in ni-iilh. init-in.il liit r cliillt
alternalcil with Lot llu-.lie. irregular npiictile. ind tiwi-rne M.ii"il. .ii are MtflVrinc fnm
Torpid Liter, or Bllioiunevi. A- a rcincih Jor all ii-h ca- Dr. I'icrce's (iolilen
Meilical licoer" lias no epial, h- it circt-. erfect nnd milicil cure-.
In Hie cure ol llronrhlllo, cvrr Cooshs. Veal. Iun. ami carlv tncM of Coa
snmplion. it lias a.siomliol the meilical f.uulU. and enuncni i-Iivicians pnnioiiiice It tho
greatest iiic-lical iliscnier" ot tlie ajre. sild U drugs'-!
Xoucnf tnkinirt!iel.irKire,mNiie. t i i.ills. Tlice
t rrllcl tl.itlle 1'ilUi aiu sc.irrrl hicvr t.i.ui mutlard
vce s T'i?- , , ....
0 ttS V. wlnle Usui"
WV&ltVX'VO nxsicm. -lift,
r Ca i oiisiiiuiiii.
T&c "Little Olant" Catasrtlc
c vHSw
aboul toiusch, Itush or ItliMial lo :!nil. late Itr. I'li-lri-'s I'lrawinl I'lircalite 1'ellets.
.il In ilnu-suts. WOUMfN IHsl'iAstllV Sl.DH'AI. ASSIlfl !(), Prop'rs, Buffslo. 5. t.
Pain cannot stay wnere It is u"t. lttstne cheapest mllclneverm-ide. flT1J0p
cover surface as lareo as the ha-id. Ouo dose enrwe omroori Sore 1 hroat . One bottle baa
cured Bronchitis Fifty cent worth bus cured an Old Standing tough. It positively enrea
Catarrh, Anthm and Croup. F Jty cents worth has cured trlcK In the Thtct. and the MUM
qr-.ntlty Lame Back of eight years' standing. It enres Swelled Neck.aud all other Tumors
ftueamatlsmVNeuralKla, Contraction of the Mnscl-s, HtlH Joints. Spinal Difficulties, and
Pains and soreness In any part, no matter where It may be. nor from what canw It may
arle. It always do von good. Twenty-five cents it orlh has enred bad caw ol thronle and
Bloody Dybtntery. On faxnoonful curerf ollcln atteeu minutes. If will euro any caae
of Piles that is possible to cur-. Six or eight spplicallona are warranted lo curt any case
?.r v,oriti Nloolesorln finned Breast. For Uralses. If applied oltennd.bound up. there
Is never tbe slightest dlscoi atlop of the skin. It stops the pain or a Hnnmioon aa
appUrf jSd I- a positive cur? for Chilblains Frosted Fjet Blis. Wo, w Coi-. and -onndsof
evervdescrlptlonon man or beast. Price 50 cent- and 11 tw. rOixEK, MlLBURN k CO
Sole Prop'rs, Buffalo, New lork.
Sold in Leavenworth by Theodoie Egersdorff.
rsn tr, vonr Dmmilst for Mrs. Freeman's Watloaal Cye. For brlghta sad dnrablllty of
.h.7 sr.nnnnil JolT t to ! lbs
Benson 's Capcim
Porous Plaster.
The Only Iaprcvement trer mad oo the ccaiawn b JPlwfc
2000 Drugging bare signed a paper stating; that BLN60N 5
OAPOINE POUOUa PJUAxtLKa are snponor w
all otne-Plutera.
TUE-1DAY, JANUARV ti, lSSO-lietk
JnatEU Oravwius;.
IblslustUutlor was regularly incorpora
ted by tne Leglslatdre of the State for Ed oca
tloual and Charitable purposes In 1868, few
tbe Term ol Twenty Fire Testra, to
which contract the Inviolable faith of the
State Is plKlged, which pledge has been re
newed by an overwhelming popular vote,
securing -is irsLchlee in tne new
consittnt.un adopted December 2nd. A.
I 1870. th a capital of I1.1MJ.0OC
to which :i hac since added areserve funi ot
taS0,0uu. I. tiravad Hlagle Hamlxr
UlMtrlbatlon will take place monthly on
thesecoud ra-day.
It never tcale , poitpotie Look at the fol
lowing Dutrlbution:
CAPITAL PRIZfc, $30,000.
100,000 Tickete at Two Dol.'ars Each.
Half Jicketa One Dollar.
LIS OF y&lZz :
I Capital Prize ot.
1 Capital Prise
1 Capital PrlZ4
2 Prizes ot I2J000.
5 Prizes of 1.UX1.
20 Prizes of
100 Prlzoe of
00 Prlziaiot
S0 Pnzts of
, 10.UW
. 1U.MW
9 Approximation Prizes of ISOO: 12,700
9 -j(j0.- lfxo
9 " " IIM Vaj
17 Prizes amoontlng to 1 110 40)
Responsible corresponding agents wante
at all points, to whom Uberai compensation
will be paid.
Write, clearly stating full address, for fur-
tner Information, or send orders by exprets or
mall addieaed only to
X. A. Uat'PHIS.
.New Orleans, La
or game Person at
Xe.319 KrssAwsy, Slew York.
All our Grand Extraordinary Lrw.ngs are
under tbe supervi-lnn and management of
a. EARY. wed sat Aw
$1425 .meoE. $100
In Erie R. R, October 18.
Proportional returns every week: on stock
options of
sim, sseo.
Official reports and circulars fre. Address
PuiTaa Wioht A Co. Bankers, 33 Wall street,
New York. aprUOdAw ly
Wall lUai . la. bread.
ua for furt. rnvrw
mnttiM T It, w CasMalSKUM
USSKka, FaU.aflMSBM JKflll
saiiii.assssis.si i uaufc
FOT xsso.
Is impossible to exaggerate the importance
of ihe rollt:cl wenta which It Has la store,
or tne necessity of resolrte vigilance on the
part of every citizen wbo leslre to preserve
theGovernratrnt that tlit: founders gave us.
The de'Mteo and acts of Congress, the ntter
aucea of the prea, the exciting contests ol Uw
Repnblicau and Democratic parties, now
ueHN eqnal in treugth throughout the
country, tne varying drift of public aeaU
meut, will all bear directly and effeeiively
upon the tweuty.tourth residential election,
to be held lnovemuer. Fouryearsatfonext
November, the will of the nation, aa x
pressei at the polls, was awarted by an
abominable coatplrsy, thb promoters and
benencl..rie of whlcn still hold the officea
thry stole. Will ihe ci me of 1876 be repeated
In l&SO? The past decide ot veara opened
with a corrupt, exirnvscant and immi.ni .,-
mlnlsirailon lntrncned.u Vashtnkton.TH,
HC' did somethtn. toward dial on in ra itim
guug ami DreaKiux up its power The same
men are IntrUnlug to rw to re their ieoderand
tueimelveit to places fro::i whlcn tney were
driven by the Indignation of thepeuple. Will
they bucceed Tha coming j ear- will brlna
uc-y.noi.nuox. uiuuicuiuus quMUOuft.
i THKSuN wlll.beon band to.chronlctth r.i
a ,i.uv j ..vl..., . .a .n .. ..
clenriy and fearlessiy in their relations t ex
pediency and rignt.
Thus, with a habit of philosophical good
humor iu looking into minor aff!tlr of life
aDd in treat things a Meadrmi purpoee to
maintain the rigbU of the people ana the
principles or th Constitution against all
agsreMrs. The 8c Is pjepimi to write a
truthful. Instructive, and at the aama time
entHttatulng hl-tiory ot 18).
Oar rales of sutacrtpi ion remain unchang
ed. For the Da ilt -un, a four-page sheet of
lwentoelght ro umns, the price by mall,
post paid. Is 55 cents a monin, or t)tt SO a
year; :or, including thu Suud.iy pirt an
eUht-p-" sbeet of CftywUc columns, the
price Is 0.T cents a month, or 87 79 year
poalaga pJd .
The Sunday edition of The Sun is also
furnt&ned sepanuely at ttl 'iOivetr, postage
Tbe prtc of the WrwtT bns, elsht pages
firty-six co'umu. is l yesr, postage paid.
For clubs ol ten oendiug S1U we will send an
extra copy free.
AdwreHw declSwlt
of The Snn," New Yoik Oitj.
ilicni. l(ic onerale unliou. u-tirl.ince lo Hie
or orri.ilion. tor .l.iiiiidlre. Ilrad.irhe.
iitiinrr liimio. i-ain in uie uouiurrs.
Tihlliass uf lirst. liliis, iur l.rnctalimis front
olomnih. i:ail 'Insir in loiilli, IWIImis atluilis. I'n In In
rrtfioii of Knl.icvs. Iiilrrnul Inrr. Klo.iltil rrrllnc
Prle - n cent" """"' ' w
Porous Plaster. Over
JOHXDOX, Phrmceatlcal Chesalata.
D. I. C.
Is an abolnte ial irreslstable core for
ennww. Tntmncrncc snif th n of OoInm.TH
Uacco, Narcoll-k. snd fcUn.-Jant. rtrmuTtog si j
uite, ccilressauMtoru.lnKscyortnem.ren
vlflns snd dlsistlnir rArinir errr oce perfect
sna lnSiltULle era! rcl oltu Mtirlet or tnem
selrcs or their friend.
Itnrrent thit atmolr'e nnrTeai sna morw
roiratlo.-i that f ollu tl.e louden Lresklag oO
'urn using tUAnlants nrcaret!e.
ruiuze. nrrrald. to cere I to S persons. !, or
st vonr dmslits. J1.7S uer bottle.
Tempersncc societies sdonM reeoniraend It.
It Is perfectly narmlcu sna neter ii.iics.
Hep Bitters Mlg. Co.. Rochester. N. Y. Shj flge:4
TffM, fMiifli r?nr.drtror. sll sain, icfwca
tne cbcsn.qaieis Vie nerrci. pruuuees .i -u
nerer f slU tu cure.
The HorPnd for Stomach. J.n 'rand n.K.nTs
Issnperinrtoall other- cn.i bj sLorjuon
It Is perfect-alc druKits.
ThWf:timnrz.r-,i&'l - - r-
ltM-.n... alk. Lb B.r.. y ."lt .
kj.,f-r.UtAltrwt.4'. lL.rftf lvl JfWf C
mmArt mMAlfic nn c, tLa all Ki.mit.1!.
The Most Wonderful Health Restore.
Known to Medical Science.
Are worn externally. Tnem5!1nsre taken
nphy the pores of theslcln, then ny reaching the
teitcf he disease at once. arreVIns Its progress
more enVctnally than any niertlcines taken In
rnally everrtld or can !. We make three dif
ferent kind! of I.uts-'a-1. 2. and X.
St. 1-Jor thills A ei-. Psinswla.
Indigestion. Biliousness, ftlrk ss
ervons Hra--laehe. and all other dtsesaes
anlrgrrfmiTorpllI.Ir. Tbe most elfecU
tial ltiow Psritler extant: gives strength te
the weak and deMiltaled. Pritv aXOO.
X. 3-Kor eesautle Wesksn ssa Ir
regularities. Falllnc Womb. Lenmrrho?a
(vulleii.and the many other Ills to which re.
males are utjiect; enrlciies the blood, purifies
the wcrftions.'and strengthens weakly and
del Irate t'emnlr. lrl SXIH).
.Sto. 3-For KlSne.,. a..lne. aa WM
er aafretlowa. BrlghL's Dlaeaae. attay.
bete. Uiae or Weak Bark. Tones up
vitality and reitorrs lost energy. Frier SSLeef.
IfrourdruKgKt does not keep SUHrBEsJtj
CXRATIVa; MUS," and will not get ens
for you. do not let him palm off other worthless
Imitations bnt send the price to as In alettsr,
sad we will mall tnem to you. Address, u
E. F. SNYDER CO.. -143
W.'dthSL. CindnnHSQk
, 1

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