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51i$ jpiljj fflmiiW.
ATJO. 21, 1877
Local Intelligence.
Iuipsi tnnt Nollce.
Ihoso desiring fnll files 0 The Daily
knkr can olitaiu tlieni if orilcrert now
eiHtion will soou be exhauttetl. Tbls
blicallon cantalns, full, vetbatim reports
Ialltheproceedincs, speccbes, poems, eto.
the crnteuuinl cetobrations of August 15th
d 101b, 1877, and of the Sunday eerviccs 111
cchuicbes of Bennington, inclmling tbe
Irvlceof praisoat the old First cburcb, of
pe Sabbath previous. It is tbe only lournal
butnlning these ropotts lu full, nud has be-
Ides a lnrire nmouut of hlstorical uiattcr
rtaluiug to tbe battlo of Bennington. No
arentcan placo lu tbe bands of bls chll
ren, nor family be possesscd of eo complete
u account of tbo battle und its first ccntcn
lal nniilversarj-, tia by tbe jiosscssion of a
fconipleto lile of TiieDailv Ba.nnf.ii. Jlailcd.
ostago pald, ou receipt of SO cents.
Wanthd, A fow copics of tbo Daily Bax-
IxEitof August 16th, 1877, nt tbls offlce, for
fahlch a llbernl price will be pald.
Tas Simil.iy Sahool lu tm "Dawniilistriot"
is lo toM a.pionlo nl Uirbgra' Pond Ftid.ij
lof tlils week. C19 lliptiit HCbool -MrUt
llige ,bs bacu invilnl ln jiln wlib iTT
I Ktionld Ibo ilay pn va litvomble 1111 eiijoynble
ti us will nudoubledly Im bud.
Mn. W. 8. Bn)OK, nl Brattleboro, baasenl
lluv. R.M. LnlbirH rillahil', ntlgbln uearlj
oue ouuce. dug up Irum Ibe alle ol old F-r
Damiuer. Tuu ball lu evklontly ono ol Ibos
firod ciutiiiK V 0 bonltir w.nlnro iu Mlie old
Freucb Wur." it baa lidd embcddtd in ll e
fcoil until It bxs l.i'in coiittd nilli a ftb ti 01
idu ol Imd, but atill beuri tbu raarka ol tbt
creasta ol tbe tifla liooi wblcb it was Stcd.
Auono Iboio to wbotn mlsfortuuo came cen
IoudI.iI urebk, wm Mn. 11. O. Sjklin, Abox
conlalniDg neveril .irllcUi lor ine duriog ibn
timo was sent by some Irlends (rom Manches
ter, aud catn to North DsuniORtoii all ngbl.
It was mlaSed wbcn wauled bere, but was al
terward lound lu tbe freigbt depol In Ibis vil.
laue, btokon opeu, and twenty twosohd silr
teaspoous und tbreetable spoons of llke valui
wero uiissiug. Ai tbcse utilolei were old, ana
bad ueeu 11 loug lioie iu tbe fnmlly , Ibeir
ffleodi wbo wete s kind to lo.m tlietn, tbt
loni in a piculixtly ugrHv.nhig nod ii rciar.t
ble ooe.
Mb. F. 0. Wuite took posscssio j, Inst Fti
d&y, ol tbe abaudoned llak ol tbu Hdtlem Ez
oo1od railroad, loicutrly kuowu ns tbeLeba
oou tjptiuKD railroad, lor JI. H, Bloodgood,
und olbers, ol tbe boodbolderi ot tbat cor.
poutloo, It t uot kuowu wbeu tbo liue will
be open to Iravel. It novr trausplrts tbat tht
town uutbontk's ulouy tbe roule are not cod
teut wlth coutesting tbe payuioDt of tbelr
bondi, giveu ln ald ol bullding Ibis loid, bat
bare put Ibe road-bed lalo tbeir lax I als at an
ezorbllant raliHtlou. Frob.ibly t'jo itiabilil)
oluuy ujituugcuieiit lu ron 1bo road uudei
tbeae adterne couditiouK, prmclpall' impoaed
by thoae mott Inleresttd, will (urcibly rttnlnd
tbem ol tbeir eiror.
A Plcasuiit rarly.
Editor Puillips of Fairfield, II 133., baa u
pleasaDt word t) ay ubaut a "caiupiug out"
party, at Ibo ceutenulal colobrulion, iu bla
paper, tbe Suu :
"Tbo F.llaBeld pjrly campiog out ut Beu
jslogtou, were uinuy ol taoai ol out llrot busi
cesa mau, nud wtrj luo.Ued ou n beaatilal
eininence orerloukiug lue aiiliiury cump noa
.OdlbbMlton Kroun a, wilb a large iu utuuut
ed ut tbeir U04 iquaitirn, lttlerod ' Borkablro
Couuty, ila.s." Ffjoi nojull uuuibra, Ibt
Dirtjgrew tuBomulluicabHltaUuudriidalrouii,
nlgbt, xhtrv wa.a uuouU t) At; auil tliul tl
Igautly prepaied by Pelc Futtcr, wbo 1II3
Uatalued ttU biub reuututiuu aa cook aud ea-
terer, wnile lue baru room ol tbtir bnst, 1 1 1 -
jraru Blugbiuj. Eaq , direlo9d itaelt aa
abnudaut lor all weary beaiU t i.tl eougbt Ibat
liospttible cooipany. lliuubaiu uiet us
Beuntugton, hu old bc lujiouuotj ol 28 eara
ago, wbeu we liimdlml lixbluiun iu Ibat lowu
witb Aloiaa loatruueuta, auj luiorincu u-1 'ul
b baj a party ol Fitlanold uieu op ou
farm. wboui be bad falleu n IoTj w,ti, aud
tb.il iu laot it wa a comlort lo bave bucb a
cooil loto! Qelghbors ou bin preuiiaea ln xucli
tryiug uniea. Tueu utir l'liullblcl brrtbreu,
. not lo be uulduue, luloim 01 tb.it Veroioui
never iew u boapilable and wbole benrled a
mau aa Hirau lliugbuui, aud tbat Iba wuy be
took caru ol Ibeui, ualered n Ibilr couiloit iu
all t'liugi, aud uavc tbem lull bberty lo do
Wltb bla uroner'.y a. Iber would by Ibeir own,
wa a ule.iaam uud aatiininbiuent Ibot uuver
will bo lorijotlen. Ili Binjbau, ju.t trip 11
dou uero aouitlime wueu luo Weat iuilia
Iradaia dnll, aucl tbcrell be 0 pralse mectiDii,
Brieii Liudlord IIjiIj ot Ibe l'utunui Hoase,
for tbersa sima ale&iiy uoIul' cenllimi'n
dowo bcre tb.il bo'.d bim, loo, in metnory
Tiikrk ia an imprcsslon prcvalling among
bax flsbcruien tbat tbe rigbt to anglo in uny
etrcama not "postcd" contlnucs tbiongb tbe
soasou. Tbtaisamlatake. The gcncral Inw
irhicb probiblta trout flsblog aftcr tho 31st
day of August is etill in forcc, aud any trout
caughtonor aftcr tholstday of Soplcinbcr
willbonn illegal capturc, and its poascsaor
llablo to tbo penalties of tbo statato in eucb
caso mado andprovldcd. Tbe law veryproiv-
crly and qulto eewrely probiblta tho catcb
ing of trout during thcir spawnlng season.
Mucn credlt for tbo eood order maintalned
ubout our depot, aud tbe facilities -wlth
wbtch people were f urnlahed for leavlng and
taklng the cars wltb tbelr baggage, is duo to
the epccinl polico force omployed by tha Cen'
tral Vermont railroad company, The gen
tleinen coruposing tbo force were unwoaried
in tbelr attcntlons, rcndering valnable nsals
tanco. AVo bavo beon unablo to obtnln all
tbelr nanics, but will mentlon tbose whom
we know. Slicriffa, Tiipp of Addison couuty,
Drowof Chittenden county and Stlmson of
Windsor couuty ; ofllccrs Samucl Brooks and
C. N. Dickcnson of Jliddlobury ; ofllcera OU'
vcr Lauiara, L. Bliss and Ilenry Halo of Bur
liugton. Tlicso offlclals and othera were on
duty Tuesday, Wednesday, Tbursday and
Frlday of last Wfck.
Fontlie llrst tlmo in nbalf scoro of years
the old " Safl'ord pond," now the property of
Mossrs. Bcnton and Sons, is " drawn ol)'," for
tbe purpose of repatriug andralslng tho dam.
A scoro or two of years ago, wben this old
pond, tbe first tbat was evcr llowcd in Ver
mont, was emptlod of Its water, but littlo of
It reuialncd except many acrea of nnQUed
iaco. Now theve nro buudreds of thousands
culloctcd fiilt, Redinient nud Eoil,
hUtongbtto ha carted mt tlio fnrms aud
lamU lu thla.vlcinity, rathcr than be nllowed
tdilll tbls uiiich necdcd roscrvoir, Those of
oureitizenswho years neo took Intorost in
Ibe anfiual occaBion of lotting ott tbo water
in tbo Sall'orifpond," would hardly rocognlze
tbo old pond to-day, Tho raialug of tho dam
two foct will, howevcr, give a largo rescr-
volr of water to tbo old privllego.
Oko. W, RoniNSOK informs us tbat he' will
cn.leavor to bo at the obsiTvatory in psrson,
evcry day until tho 20th of Soptombcr, where
bo will bo baunr to noiut out the Benning
ton battlo ground, tbe placo of the sur
rcnder of Burgo.vne, tho routo
of tho eneray uuder Baume
and Breyman, f rom Saratoga to Bennlugton,
thofroutlerof tbo diffcrcnt roglmenta, the
Amcrican encampment, the identical epot
whero Oeneral Stark stood when bo address-
cd bls soldlers wlth the words, " We cou
iiucr, etc." The spot where Keddlng was ei
ccnted, the resldence of Gtban Allen, the
Catamout tarern, the Continental storc-
house, tho whippiug post, tbe piuory, the
old meetlng house, tbe hospltol, the placo of
the " Beacb Beal " Couucll of Safety, and
overy ohject connectcd wltb the battle and
the early sottlemcnt of Bennington," and the
moat beautlfnl landscape on tho contlnent of
iVmerica. ' '
Tiik Burlington Freo Fress, in nu apology
to its rcadcrs, takos occasloa to say'aycry
graceful tblng about tbe Uterary portlon of
tbo latc centennlal celebration, as follows :
' We surrendor, to-day, tbo greater portion
of onr space to tbo Bennington centennial ;
andoiu? reports will bo foundwcll worth
perusal and preservation. l'rcmlcnt Bart,
lett's oratlon is a most ahle, scholarly and
loqucnt one, worthy of tho day, tbo occasion
and tho placo. Mr. Fhelps's welcoming
pccch wos ncat and happy. Mr. Ruhcrt's
oratlon was an admirablo ono cxcellent in
inauner aud matter, aud vcry fcllcitonsly ex
prcssed. Mr. Kobcrts is a mastcr of tho Eu
glish language, nud tho present addrcssls
one of tbo bcst cfl'orts of lils llfe. Mrs. Dorr's
pocm, too, was graceful and beautlfnl. Al
togcther, tbo litcrary oxercises fully answcr-
cd the demands of the occasion ; and tho full
reports wbicb no lay beforo onr rcadcrs aro
uot only of present iutorest but of permauent
alue." ,
Br tho cnurtesy of Lrakln ollead, wbo is
nowAnierica'sleadingsculnfor, and, llke bls
rcuownou preuecessor, x oweru, u uuuvo v e r-
uionter, wo onloycd, ft.few day'a since, an
Iiour's jcUenrsa; of old Jlrniy of the I'oto-
An Explunntlon.
Tbo Boston Globo rlses to explaln wby
there was giveii uny cxcuso for snme por
tion of tbo press to complaln of tbo trcat
ment uf tbe Massachusetts Legislatnre on
tho 10th iust. As intimatcd by us in com
lncnting upnn tbe Lowell Cnurier'a critlclsm,
there was no occasion to magnify this occnr
renceto anything liko its present propor
tlons. Tho Olobe says: "Tbe lack of at
tcntlou whlr.h tho members of tho Legisla
lature expcricnced at Bennington is at last
oxplained. It scems tbat, at the requcst of
tho chicf Marshal of the procession on the
10th, col, Kingsbury made arrangements for
tho receptiun of tho Legtslativo party upon
the sunDoaition tbat tbev would arriva on
magunintsceo. 3iread, i n tbose anny ftlias and Im BdtL.st ti.iMHutlffa.
Washington O. Sthaiins of Syracuso, N.
Y., formcily of Bennington, drovo I111 own
carriage froni his homo to Benniugton to at
Jend tbe celebration.
Wis regret to annouuco tbo death of tbe
Jionored fatber of T. J. Tlllany, Esqr, of this
lovn, who died at bls home in l'ittsford, ou
Ibe 20th ins U, at tbe advanced nge of Berenty
llye years.
G. W. Cuiiuchasripeiigson a 'ilg-trce"
which Is OTcr twenty-six years old, and has
boruo fruit cach year since thesecoud. This
.trea is kept in tho open air during hot
weatber, and in an ordlnary warm room
during tbe cold season. It can now(!be, sceu
tat its height of f ruitf ulneas, and is a our'tosity
.for this climatc.
TllK "Triumphal Arch" is dismantled, aud
tthe frame work will soou be taken down.
lLhia structuro, wblcb was the cruwulng foa
tureof tbe decoratlous of centennial week,
wos built by Olney i'ullcr, Esn., of tbls vil
lage,and rellects great credlt upon blaability
asa bulldcr. Tbe proportlons wero nearly
perfect, and no better nrcb, iu tbls particu
lor, has groced a centennial occasion.
The followlng aro tbo olllccra of tbe Ben
nlngton and Rutland rallway company, re-
cently oreanlzed : Hon. A. B. Uardner,
urealdent, ilon. Oeorge W. llaruian.
clerk, Hon. Cbarles E. Hough.on, treasurcr.
Frank C. White, superinteudent. Tho Rut
land Globe editorially says : "This om
pletes the organlzation of the cdrporation re
prescnting the DiTucre and bondholderii from
ISutlaud to Chatham, N, V."
Tjie outlook for manufactnriiig lu Beii'
nlngton was neyer better, apparently, tban
at tbe present, since the lioid tiines com
jnenced. Ono firui Informs us tbat tbey are
rnumng on full tiuio upon orders, and tbat
tbe orders are two inonths ahcad ot thel
prodaction, The Bennington W'oolon Mills
are abont eularglng tbelr present facilities,
alreody very cxtensivc, nud altogether there
secms to be a season of prosperity in storo for
onr manuiacturing lntcrcsts.
11. IL GpBXD, of Worcester, Mnss, exhlb-
ited tbe followlng rcllcs of tbe Stark fami
ly: An nnsbeathcd sword, probably tbe
identical one carried by tbe old bero, and an
account book, bcaring unmlstakable evi
denco ,pf belonglng to binj wben bo was
jnade'captaln In JlSjor Rogen' rangors. Jn
the French and Indian War, 1759. Theo
relics came into tho posseslou of Mrs. Col. W
8. B. Ilopkins, lato of SprlngUcld, througb
the Whlpplo family, uf Dunbarton, N. II.
TiiKsbort-baud reporting for tbe Banxer
of tbeVirmonS and addrcsscs ccntenolalSun-
day, and ibe npecchcs on tho 15th nndlCth,
was tbe work of J. W. Bault, Esq., pf Mont
pelier. During tbo two great days bo was as
sisted by J. II. Mims of at. Albans. Tbco
geutlemcn alsu pcrformcd tho phoooirraphic
.reporting for tho Associated Fress, and tbe
acceptable inauner in wlilch tbey rcprodnced
wbat was said, won fur tbem many compll
xaents. Wo can lecommond tlieso gcotlemcn
totboeewho mny nced lbis kind pf work
dane. Mr. t-aultbaa beou for some yearscon
nccted wlth tbe Watchnym and fitate ,Ionr
jial, and holds a rcspontlblo positloii upon
To Tiin Editor of the Bannkb :
A critlclsm on tho work of tbe " Litcrary
Committeo" of tho Bennington Battlo Monu.
ment Aasoclation appears ln the Bamnek of
last week which calls for a word of explano
tlon. The Banner ossumes tbat Mrs. Ma
son's centonnlal hymn forit is this hvmn
which tho Banneii ciiticises was nccepted
by the "Litcrary Committce.'' This wasnot
tho caso. Mrs. Moson's hymn was aa a wbole
declineuT by tho commlttee, not, howover, for
want of merit, but on account ofitslengtb,
aud ilre verees of It were fcletted to be snng
on tho 10th. Theso fivo vcrses were prlntcd
ln tho Daily Banneu of the 11th inst., and it
will be observed tbat the Terse which the
Banneu conslders so obnoxious is not among
tbem. ln regard to tbat partlcular verso crit
lcs may and do dlffer, but be thatos it may,
tho " Literary Committeo'' has uevcr expnss
edai.y oplnlon in regard to it and has neyer
been called npon to.
In our criticisms of onoonother's workof
this kind it is well for ns all to obserre a can
tlon of Montaigne'srunnlngin this wlse,"It
is easier to wrlte an iudlfloreut poem than to
understand a good oue." C. M. n.
Bennington, Aug..23.
Woodstock, Vl., Aug. 23, 1877,
Jlf Eiilor:
Iu your psper of Aognst 181b yea say, "Tbe
carriage (uruiahed for Fresldeut Hayes to rlde
in duriui! bls atay lu Beuulngton was not tbat
olllno. Frederlck Uillings, butol Represenla.
Ilre French of Woodstock, and we are glad lo
make the corrcc'ion."
Now we would llke lo put Ibe bonor on tha
persnn lo wbom it beloogs. The teatu and
wbole turnmit bolonged lo Qeorgo E. Frcuch,
wuer of a nrai-clasa llrery stable In Wood
'toek, wbereain alwaya bo louud firsl-class
leains iu Hiugle or double bamtsa, frooi one
'lorae ti hlx, ullas sl)irab ns aDy to be fonnd
111 Ibe'inaikit .. . Tbotii,
Aii Old lfitb or August I'oem.
Ilon. Normon Millington, of Sbaftsbnry,
bands us tho followlng poem, or stanzas,
which were composed for and sung at a Ben
nington battlo celebration, ln Shaftsbury,
nbout 1828, by Johu Ilastings, a rtsldent of
tbat town.
His daugliter, Mary A. Ilastings, a profes
sor in the Chambersburg, 1'enn., college, has
prcserved tho origlnal, which we copy :
htark's atjdhe6s 11efohe. the i1attle of
' bennikoton. 4
"SUDdl'tbo prouaJ'a joar owa mj brtt;"
tttad, nor cower to forelgn slares t
SUnd, or fall, ln bonor's Krsres;
Vreemaa, Hto ordle.
Soldlers, Ireemtat now'stbe hoor,
Yonder foe li ta yoai power,
Uka oor monaUlQ tempC8t,)owcr,
Slrlite for Ilberty. '
Mark yonr leiders-hear tnelr call,
llerrlck, Waroer, Walbrldse, all,
. Tbey, trlomphmUy may fall, .'
Iti,"? ?ni 'llu nTer Bee.
Let yoarderdatbe foe Mnroand.
Brenl to breut. mtlnUla jonr
Erery taotlon deal a woaad,
Death at erery blow.
Ilonor.coniitry, all that's doar,
Wltea and chlldrea call nt herei
"Let nt door dla I"
By the power that rolea tbe eklea,
Yonder foo betore na fllea,
Or, Mo'ly Stark a widow llea
Soldlers. lollow ine.
ildys, nscd bla pouU'mnT4tian tUenculptor'a
cblael, whicb bas since Justly earncd for ulm
a proud fame. natlonal anl world wide. He'
is still at work comploting tbo Lincoln mOn-
ument, that etands by tbo gr'avo of tbo mor-
tyr l'residont, at Springllcld, JU., and will
soon return to Ilaly, to flniolrMbo massivo
work. Many of tbe nnest sketches of acttual
anny eseries wero drawn by tbo tben young
artlst Mead, and published in Ilarpers' aud
otber magarlnes. IIIs heroic statno of Ethan
Allen, which adorns tho tbe portlco of Ver
mont' capitol, as well as the work which
graccs tho natlon'amonument at Springueld,
and his many otber works of choico art, bavo
given to our Vermont sculptor, who is uow
in the full primo of llfe, a f0rcm-.1t positlon
nmong tbo aitists of tho world.
11F.NNINOTON, Au. 11, 1877.
Friend IIauey : Thero secms to bo a con
siderable dlsputo as to tjio spelllng of Colonel
Baum's namo. Allow mo to tcX Yu tbat It
isBau.m; or. translatcd into literal Engllsh,
frco." There is no sucli a namo aa Baum-E
ln tbo German tongne. Agaln: Thero is 110
such a tblng iu' the German tnnguo as Mad
ame Rieiieskl. It sbould bo IlEiDF.sr.Li or,
trauslatt-d: Mule or asa, fitor good to rlde.
I will stakoinxJ3ennan enducation that I
am rfgSTn tTnland I will leavo it to any
seliolnr edncatcd in Gerniany.
Youra truly,
R. QoLDSMirn,
Thero Is no doubt that irlend Goldsmltb
is nUogethcr rigbt in his explanntion or elu
cidntion of tbls mlxed spelling of tbo invad-
fngColonel'sname. Tberetsno doubt that
ofllcers 011 tho-stafl' of Colonel Baum, and
probably even the Colonel himself, nhlle in
America, spolled his namo Baume. Namea
cbango -tholr tVDograDblcal .constraclion.
aomewhat in crosalng tho Atlantlc. Tbo Ger-
man.KoNio Wiliiulm, would hardly recog-
niza his Amciican appcllation as King Wll-
liam. Neigbbor Ralph alsodrops a lettcr or
two from his patrouimlo iu lucnllzlng it to
tbc Amerlcan style of orthograpby; which
is nll rigbt, qulto convenlcnt, and most Yan
kecs would porhaps thlnk tbe best way to
spell tbe namc. 80 do we. Colonel Baum
may bavo had an idea tbat it would improvo
tdo spelliug of bls name to add the supernu
ous "e." IIo wos roving throngh tbls sectlon
of the couutry for tho pnrposa of sclzlng
somethlng or anything that dld not belong to
him, aud, from hlstorio eyidcnce furulshed
by tiovernor Ilall, and olhcrs, there is no
doubt tbat be occaslorially ailded an "0" to
his namo wblcb dld not bclong there. If he
had not attemptcd to mako any worso or
moro important attempt than to mako an
alpbaboticalAdditlou to bis name we.reckon
Bennington neyer would bave quarrelcd wi tb'
blm as serioualy as tbey dld. Names are ar-
bitrary, mea may spell them as tbey please
bnt it mattered little to poor Baum, after his
attack on Bennington, bow futuro wrlters
should spell his name.
The delay ln tbft.arrlYalaLibA trAla.And lt
bcing sent dlrectly to tbe camp-ground;
cnused all tho tronblo. Not only Col. Klngs
bury, but three or four offlclal representa
tives of the Green Mountain State, did all in
thcir power to preveut tho accldent, and lt
soems rather moro a combinatlon of clrcum
stances than tbo fault of any one person that
the representatlves of this State were not re
cclved wlth due courtosy. The long march
to falliuto tbo lino of parade was cuused by
tbismisnnderstanding also. The reason of
the diniculty has been tbe subject of offlclal
correspondence, and Col. Kingsbury yester
day addrcsscd a letter to ilarsbal Valentine
at Bennington exulalnlug tho cause, and any
unpleasant fcelings iu regard to the matter
will thus bo nvoided."
List of letters remainlng iu tbe post offlce
at Bennington, Bennington county, Vt. Aug,
18, 1877
Kitty Austln Arlbnr Andrews
Goorgu Allen A lSishop
Mrs, Klisha Bacou A Boste
Dr. W. 11. Beacb D. II. Cltrlc
Mrs. Mary J. Cbase James Crawford
V. E. Caso W. A. Colllns, Jr.
Uot. iv. pi. ivwocuraa Annav;auaiiy
K. H Uanm
Ti Cashman
F. F Dcarborn
G. V. Elwell
W.fl. iassett
jjick uayis
J. Durant
Warren Ellls.
Mrs. Knnice Flairir
Mts. T. 6. Foot Mrs.Martba,latbaway
Mrs.riam'1 Ilnrlburt Tbo. Ilenry
Mrs.Amanda Ilarwood
Ansou tlawajns
Cbas. P. ilaakius
Mrs. Chas. Roblosou
V. U.Locko
Mrs. Ludlow
Uilas If. Moore
James McCabe
Wood Mafg Co.
T. 8. Macomber
W. H.'Nuinnn '
0eo, il. Pcck
Tboinos i'aweni
A. R. l'lumley H
Jobn Fendcr
Jubu Koblnsou
Ilenry Quiucy
ilussin K. Scrivens
Irv. Annls li. Scott
V. II. viin Burau
James K. Weltou
li.A Willlams
Miss KlizauctbWceks
J . J. TlFFANY, F, M,
Cnra Houstou
Mrs. Dr. Hawks
Mrs. E. M. Uosklus
Mrs. EA Jennlngs
8.K Janklus
Capl. D. W. Lewis
Ueorge McCue
Ilarry Mayquard
A. D, MorrU
Mis. Kate Matteson
Mrs. LutberMgbts
Harab Ponso
W. B.O.Poarson
T. J.llobblns
Mts. lYlce
K. U.Uuberts
Mrs. Harab rjmttb
WilUam West
JohuT Wnrdo
W. J,Wood
5 W
Centemiial Anmversary
AVOVST 10th, ffiT- ,
Formation of the Procession
CIECUIiAR W. 5. ;'.'',-.
The formatlonot the procession will he asiollT11!
A. B. VALENTINE. Cfitef Marshal. . ;
...... v.-.tinmn.i,ir Col.IMI, Klngabury of Massachasetts.
Gen. J. N. Patterson of liew Hampsbire.
JlsJ. B. U. urown,
5sTantAdiatint qcneral.
ttPJSVT. im V; Lssistaut Adjaiant ueneral.
Hob J. L. Martln, Cbiel WZZ"-
Mr.Chaa. E. Dewey,
Mr. Borber Chase,
Hon. J. K. Batchelder,
Mr. M. B. Morgan,
Col. II. B. Clapp,
Col. A.G. Watson.
Mr.GoorgeA. Smitb,
Mr.Edward Klley,
Mr.O. II. Day,
Hon. J. Ai. aianin, v i t n.i irtcrmaster
Hon.'H. G. Root, Assistant Q.urtcrmajter.
tr nlln Scott, . ... air. m. uraaroru.
Mr. James II. WJK
vl n, u. S blcy.,
1 ' MrII. B. Kcnt,
U" Mr FarkValcntmf.
Mr.C.R. Sanfonl.
Mr. V. ii loruco,-. - .
Ransom Guard BaraV
Col. T. S. Feck, Com.nlUlumK
Mr. W. A. Root.
Mr.J.W. Beebe,
Mr.8.B.Hall, .
Mr.W. ILWillard,
Mr. Gilman Warren,
Mr. A.J.Tucker,
Mr.Dcxler Waito,
Mr. S.D.Cnrtls.
Will, tiin rimnon ca'
1777, in chorge pf a detal
.utnred from tho llrltisb In toJhttleoJf Bennington, Aug. 10th
itl from FuUer's Battory, N. O. ol Veimont.
Park Guard iiaua.
Hih Exckixknoy. IIOIIACE FAIHDANKS", Govcraor.nd Commander-ln-Chlef, and SUff.
llriir. Ilenernl Joei 11. ,
n wl Rnrceon GeneraL
"""" cl John A. Sheldon, CUef of Staff.
u .
nnl. J. J. Estev. vl. .
CoUAlbertC. Hubbell,
CoL A. W. Ilastings,
r'nl. nnswell Famham.
Hon. A. E. Rankin, Secrctary Civil and Milltary AOalrs.
helns. Chairman Vermont Centennial CiffiShiMlon nndTros Idcnt of
fr of vitSin Koldlers, detalleil froa'tho Reunion Organlzation 1
Col. W. G. Vcany,
Col. Wm. Wells, ,
Col. E. A. Chlttwden,
Col. A. B. Jewett,
Col. W. P. Dillingham.
Col. Fred E. Smitb,
tv r 11
ouijittuy Ul ,u ,.
the Day'
Hon. Wm. M. Evorts. 8ecretary of State.
Hon. Chas, Deyens. Attorney General.
Hon. Geo. W. McCrary, Seoretary e f War.
Hon.David M. Key, I'ost-Mastcr General.
A ClicciTiiI Loitcr From t'niit Ful'cr.
Ono of the most memorablo incidents con
nectcd wlth onr centennial days, was tbo
march of Capt. FuUer's battcry of four
guns, caissons and full ontfit of nien and
overy appurtonauco nccessary for his splen
did battcry orartillery company, acrosa the
Green raountalns from the valley of tbo con
necticut to the valley of the Walloomsae.
Ou tbelr llrst ilav'fl.mnmhithAV rnmn Ai
mlles, which is abduttwico tho dlstanco tbat
anny batteries ln servlco nre requlred to
march. On the succeeding lnorning, 8atnr
day, Aug, 11th, thcy came down along'lhe
mountain road from Woodford clty to oui
villago, and wcnt into catnp for eight days'
service on tho centennial flelds.
Ofthelr duty here and the splendid man-
ner in which it was performed, uo words 'of
cncomium are needod. . w
From sunrlso tlll snnset, atall appropriate
hours and occnrrences. the echoes ot theFab
Jer guns reverberated along our vnlley and
hiUsidcs wltb soul-stirrlng yivldness. Qui
ctly the captain's company came and wen t
into tbeir plejsant encampment. Every day
while bcre they flred salutes of honnr to onr
state, our natlou and our dlstlngiiisbcd, clvlc
and milltary, who vislted the grounds. Fri
day tbey llmbered tbelr guns, mountcd tbelr
horse.and rodo away for tbelr homo over
tbe mountain as quletly os tbey cauio tbe
week beforo. Tbey lef t beblnd them, bow
ever. a pleasant momory of their vlslt which
will ncver be forgotton.
The followlng letter, receivcd frem capt,
Fuller, closes the record of 'their vlslt ,here
auu.tueir return uome agaiu : - .
. BiUTn.EBORO, Abg. 18th. 1877.
EniTon Bennington Bannrk. "
Dear'Sir: Jly command arrived safely
Itnntn nl.nf 11 nMu.1 B.I...I... ....... I 11,1
had a hard storm of three hours duration
this side of tbe mountain.
Our march to and from Bennington, llke
our encampment at Bennington in some re
spects wos Iaborions, but nevertbeless very
pleasant and enjoyablo, and we all carry
wltb us ploaxant memuries of scenes ana
cvents cunncctea witn tne mnster auil annl
vcrsarics. Younvery tmlyj '
L. K. Fuller.
Tho Hlionlngcr Organ,
FrcdN. Sqnlre, agent for Bennington and
vleiulty, says of tho organs of the Shonlnger
"They excel all othera ln "elastlclty of
toucb : the most rapld lnusic can be played
wlth perfect easo.
"Tbey respondat onco to tbe tonchi an
easy actlon would avail nothing wlthout
qulcknes ot articulitlon.
" The quallty of the tono ts smootb, full aud
ricb-.i)Qt,liarsb aud oar-picrclng, asHs fre-
quentlr coinplainc4 of in reed nstrume':ts,
Tbls is accompllsbed by our method of volo
ing, which reuders thetoiio pafe and'flixl-
"Ouriustriiments aie uot llble tobeaffect-
edby elimato or positlon."
Speaklng of tbe exbibltlon of these inatru
ments at tbe Pblladelpliia eentennial, wbere
they were awardod tbe blgheso honori, Mr.
''Tbe exhlblt was from our frannral afiv.tr
no ell'ort to make au nrtlcle for exblbltlou
tnat we wui noc snnpiy to onr customers."
SripiTDAUffr' CdNVENTiON. Tbe Vermont
Btate spintnaiist Assoctallon will nold t
Ouarterly Couvention nt Nortblleld on Ktl
(lay, Katurduy and Sunday, tho 7tb, 8tb and
9th ot Septembcr. Good sneakcrs will bo in
attcndauce. Iloard at tbe llotel, $1 per day,
The C'entral Vt. Railroad grant frce return
ccrtlRcates to all who otteud tbe Cuuventiou
and liuv full fara oue wav over tbelr l!ni'.
Otber roads are expected to extend the samo
Col. W. G. Veazey, Marstil Commanding.
MaJ. E. J. Ormsbee. Col. M. S. Colhurn, Capt. E. A. Morso. CoL K. Haskins;
Capt.E. H.Armstrong, MaJ. R. B. Ames.
Brandon Coruetlland.
Putnam Phalanx Fife aii Drum Corps.
Maj. F. M. Brown, commanllng, cscortlng
TheOratorof tho Day. PresidentBartlett of Darmouth College.
Reader of Poem by Wllllam Culleu Bryant, rrd. J. W. ChurcblU of Andover, Slass.
The Vice-Fkesident of tie Unitkd States.
Chlef Justlco M. R. Waitc, Unl M Statcs Supremo t'ourt.
nis Excellency UORACE FdRBANKS, I'rcsldenf.
fjcecotive comittee:
Hon. A. B. Gardner. Maj. A. B. Valcutlne, Mr.t P. Child.-, Mr. Cbarles E. Dewey.
Mr. Olin b&tt.
' - -' X2Ua.XUiUlU.ELU.ll, 1 '14B l l-i'.1 1'1 1 1 I " '
EXKctmvEdouMirrEK :
Hon. Uenry G. Root, Cbalnnan ; Hon. M. C. EiiUug, Mnj.A.B. Valan tlne.UonO jo. A. Mer
riU, Hon.C.S.l'agi'.
Mr. Cbarles M. U1W, ! ecrctary.
Unlted States Scnators. Repres mtatlves in Congresi.
Vice Admlral 8. C. Kof m, U. 8. Navy.
His Excellency, SHELDON C0J NOR, Governorof Maiue.
Brig. Gen. J. P- Cilley, Aitj.iU it General.
Bng. Gen. C. W. Tilden. lnsj :toriieueral.
Col. II. II. Burhank, Asst. Judae Advocato General.
Lt. CoL J. B. I'take, Asst. Ci.inmi33ary GeneraL
Lt. Col. F. C. Heath, ,,vylll-,J.Bla.u'SUK'
Lt. Col. I'hilo Hersey, .. , 1"" w"
His Excellency, CHARLE8C. VAN ZAJiDr, Gjvernorof Rbodo Island.
Brlg. Gen. H, C. Favour, Adjolant General.
rv.1 -p n m.r, Col. Cbarles 1'oiier, uci. v. j. uozzens.
Col. J. P. Hanborn. Col. Uoo. r. irencu,
Col. A. Prescott Baker.
Hon. John Addeman, eretary of State.
His Excellency ueorge g "
Excellency 8. M. Collum, Govnjior of niinpls, .
Excel encv H. M. Malthews, GoVernor of West Virgliua.
E? eScv H L. Ludlngton, Gijyernor of Wiscousfii.
Col. George W. Hooker, Ma -shol commanding.
Col. D.'D. WheelerChlef ol Staff.
Gen. W. W. Lynde, Asslstanl Adjntaut-Gcneral.
Mal. Ilenry R. Cbase. Assistmt Adlutant-General.
Maj. II, R. Lawrcnce, Assistant Adjutant-General.
Mr.Rarnav Cameron,
Mr.C.M. ltuaaell,
Mr.ILF. Brooks,
Xfnl. TI. M. Gonld.
Mr.C. F.Eatabrook.
Mr.O. E. Helleck.
Dr. Walte r Mea Jelson,
Mr. II. K.Tarlor.
Ker.Uorace Bnrchard, D.D.. Mr.a Wrlght Bowkcr,
Mr. A. Starkey. Mr. B. W. Iinft j-,
Mr. J. O. Tayfor, Mr. 11. M. Cunl Br,
Mr..C. W. Stewort, Mr. A. M. McD nald,
Mr.D. 8. Prlwt, Mr. R. M. HHik. .
Mr.C.H. Norton. Mr.H.G.Portc .
Mal.B.R. Jenne.
.Mr. C. L. Piper.
Dr. Ilenry liicker,
Col. Preston C. F. Wost,
Mr.J. O. Martln,
Mr.N. I.Hawley,
Mr. F. E. Itar.
Mr.ll. M. Wilder,
Mr.J. U.Cntler,
Vei $?otwio
i -
Col, J, II. WALnninaE, commamiii i, and Staff,
Bherman Band.
lst Brtgade Col. A. F. Walker, comm indlng, ind Stafi.
2d Ilrlgade Col. F. Q. Bntterfleld, coi imandlng, and Staff.
M Brigade-Col. A. 8. Tracy, commanding, and Staff.
1th Brigade CoL F. V, Raudall, comn auding. and Btafl.
Gueslsof IbeReoblon.
Hls Honor, Redfield Proctor. Liculenant Goveruor.
Hon. George Nirhols, Secretary ot State. I Hon. John A. Page, Treasurcr.
Hon. Jed P. LaddVAndi tor.
Hon. Johu Plorpoint. Chisf Jiib!icc.
Hon. James Barrett, Hon. Homer E. Royce, non.Tim.ithy P. Redfleld, Hon. Jonuthan
Hoss. Hon.lt. Henry Paners, Hcn. Waltcr C. Dunton, Justjces,
Tho Senabj of Yermont, Hon. W Groaf t I'rcsldcut pro tem,
Ion. F. W. Baldwlo, Secrctary,
The House of Representatlves, Hon-'hu W. Stowart, Spjakcr,
. c . . Mr. George B.Cbapman, Clerk,
Ex-Govcniori of Vermont.
- ve ,P'Jl.erelTloandmllltaryorgialiatIonsof.Vennoiit.
' ". ' . ' . . JknulpW'reD,n"tmeii' '
Gen. W. W. HenrT, ilan1 Cimmandlng.
MaJ. E P Fr,CIiW Slnir.
Mr,JmeiP.Bcnlly.A.A.G. Mr. George "" M'" A-Austin, Mr. Bnel J. D.rby
Mauchest" Ciircjt lUi.d.
Amoekeag Vetcrans,of Manchester, N. fl- C alIaco. Commanding, cscortlng
Hw Excellency B. F. PBESCOIT, Ouvernor ol Naw Hampshire.
Col. Si.lon A. Cartcr. Chicf cf S'aff.
Col. A. W. Q llnr. Col. tworirs 1 1 M'flwail.
. llavnes.
Col. B. W. Huyt,
I'al. J.ibu B.ircowrl'.
Col, Guorga L: Ordway, C . Clinrl's A. GiUIs, Col.Osian liay.
-ii Uol. J. i
fW. Charlea n, Oreonleaf,
.i. xr. a.
E. Pccker.
Hjii J. B. Smitb, IIou. Jobn M. l'.irk;r, Ilon. Edw.ird Spauldlag, Hjn.Francb A.Cusli
uiaii, II n. Jcrcmlah B!odKCtt.
Stati: OFFICER".
H. A. B. Tbompaou, Secrctary of State. Hon. Mason W.Tapp.in, Attorney General
Hon. Solon A. Cartcr, Treosurer. Geu. Ira Cross, Adjntant General.
Tfov. Natbanlel Bouton, Stato Ilhtorian. Dr. Granville P, Conn, lt. R. Commlssloner
Hon. Ollver Pillsbury, lusurauce C'lmmls'r, Rev. C. A. Downs, Supt. of Pnb. Inst'n.
Prcshlent of tho Senate, non. Natt Head.
Spcaker of the IIouso, Hon. A. A. WooLson.
Lcglslataro of NowHampshlre,
CoL Chus. C. Danforth Clerk of House. ,
A. W. Baker, Asst,
Manchester War Vtcranu of N nv H impshlreMllllla, Capt, Geo. U, Dodgc, escortiug
Clty Ujvarauient of Manchester, N, II,
Hun. Ira Cross, Mayor.
Nathan P. Klddcr, Clty Clerk. non. H. R. Chamberliiln, City Treasurcr"
ilon. Jobu M. StantftD, Presldent of Commou Councll,
Aldermeu und Members of Commou Conncil.
Bruwn's Band.
Batt.illnn of Now Hampsbire Militia, Col. D. M. White.commandlng.
Portsmoulh Hcayy Artilici y, Co. K lst Reg't, Capt, D. J. Vaugban, commandiug.
Gov. Cheuey (Juurdf , l'eterboro, Co. U lst Reg't, Capt. J. F. Moore, commaudluc.
Stall'uid Unards, Dover, Co. A 2d Reg't, Capt. J. 8. Abbott, commauaiug.
Hinadale Uuards, Co. U 2d Reg't, Capt. Ilorace llosford, commandiug.
State Capital Guards, Concord, Co. K2d Reg't, Capt, George M.Fett, commujdiug.
Commlssioned Olllcers New Hampshire State Militia. . ! .
Col. John E. Prvtt, Marshal CammaudlDg.
Mr Fl u llinnl k l n
Mr. Andrcw Keycr. Mr. Fred. Frutr. ' '.' '
Bostou Cadct Baud, 20 picces J. C, Mullaly, Band Jlj.iter.
Capr. E. C. Hought" u. Chicf uf Stntf,
air. j.y, uupi.
Firjt C.irp3 of C id jU L. CjL Tuumn 1'. E.lm ind', cjauu in ling, oscortlug
His Excellency, ALEXASD JR li. RICE. Uoyjruir ot Mossachnjetts, "
ici, Ac'Julani Gcntrul.
Cul. E. G. Slnvon', A't Inrpictur O ju.
Lt. Cul. A. II. Beiry.Af.'t luso'rGcn.
Lt. Col. F. .Maso'i. .V3a't Insp'r Gen.
, staff;
MiJ. Gen. Jcmcc A. Cunnlnghnm, Afijulanl Gcntrul.
Col. I. F. Ktngsbaiy, Aa.'t A'lj't Gen.
Col. Fruul: C. Luther, As'c A j't Gen.
uol. Jjun ll. iticr. A5 t imi t w:a. i.i. tjai. i-. .vasivi Ai't lnnn
Brin. U:n. O. O. Aiwood, I ispoctor Oon. CoL Hsnry U. Parker, Ass't Q. M. Gon
Brlg. Gen. Wnlmar W. Blackmar. Judgc Arivccate General.
Brie. Geu. Wllllam J. Dale, Surgeou General.
Col. Jobn B. Troadwcll, Ass't Snrgcon General.
Col. Wm. V. Hutcblngs, Aid-do-Cnmp. Col. Wm. A. Forier, Ald-le-Camp.
Col. Artbnr T Lymau, Aid-Uc-Camp. Col. William P. Aloxander, Aid-de-Camp.
Col. George II. Campbell, Milltary Secrotnry.
His Honor, Hokatio G. Knioiit, Licntensnt Goveruor.
Hon. GoorgoiWbitnoy. Hon. Hatrlson Twced, Hon. Wm. C. Pluukott,
Hon. JosephK. Baker. Ilon. J. A. Ilarwood. . IIou, Hugh Polanil.
Hou. William Cogswell, Hon. Francis'Cbilds.
Hon. Honry B. Plcrco, Becrelnry of State.
Hon. Cbarles Endicott, Treasurcr and Roceiver General.
,Hon. Jullus L. Claik, Audltor of Accounts.
' Ssrgeant-at-Arms, 0. F, Mitchell.
Tbo Leclslature of Massachusetls. f
Presidcnt of the Scnate, Hon. J. B. D. Cogswell.
. wierK oi me ocnaie, a. Uiilord.
Speaker of the House, Hon. John D. Long,
Clerk of the Houso, George A.-Jlardon.
fo inllttpiUon nt I IIZ'J.TJgns B7rt tie
Co T )H aronit nar'tu Ihi c m'o i nfeniila' crf
hrtlliM. rs97pfiftiVl a'l liluii'tiiM tlotkof njr
tooit and t:i vjiilliinj to opja datly ca ( lloia of
EUck Alptr.u and Dlack Cuhmcrs.
Inw rucM Nnw. Hiylci Trintj, nieached Dd-rn-b'eAcb-ft
C'tti)u New TuvreU nnd TowcIIdji,
1 ' . 0
A full llno or Liihn'. tlenta'aad Cblldroa'a, In t'lla
snd Faiicy Dnliras.
NEW IiIIlBON8 lo all tho dealrnblo rbd. .
I.Hl.E TH IIKM) UWIEI tir I Ul'lfl SfWfcl.
KI'Ktvl. luitilxlSOnlUalkerefcrtii ,
, N,.tt' ili isbis. itzt tbapre. ..
I'AhASlOiJJul ba!f ilee: "rT; '
Swles Mnjllns,' Victorls Lrwna, Piqam, 11urcd Nalu
hs nnbllc bavd oar .asaarinej tbitall thn alnv.,
joodaandminyotbcra wlllbonffsral uuuheard of
iow pricaa. irar laoy rrienaa wiu nnd 1t to tbelr ad
vantnge lo glve ca cn early call.
Col. L. K. Fuller, Marshal Commanding.
MiJ. n. R. Chase. Cbttf of Stafl. Capt. 8. H. Kelley, A. A. G.
Capt. R. B. Arms, Mr. O.S.Dowloy, Re v. R. M. Lntber. Mr. G. C.Noblo
J. G. Martln, A. C. MitcheU, A., r. Dnnklce.
Doring's Band, of Troy, N. Y.
Tihbotts' Corpe. N. G. 8. N. Y Col. Joseph Egolf, commanding.
Tibbetts' Cadets. 7lli Cn. N. Q. 8. N. Y Capt. J. H. Patten, commanding.
Fnllcr Battcry. N. G. of Vt., Capt. Lovi K. Fuller, commanding.
TlioDivIsionswlUfoim nttbofcot of County Btrct. ncar tho Railroad Station, at
0 A. M.. tho Headqnarters of tho Chlef Marshal being establishcd at tbo corncr of Conntv
and North Streets, whcra Marshals comminding dlvisions will rrportwhcii tbeir com-
"a ItoirrKOFM'AltCli. Tho coliimn will movo nt 0:30 n'clock. paselng througli Nort,
Stret tu Pli-ns int, up Pleasant lo Maln, and under tbe Grand Arch to Dewey Streot an ,1
t'ie Centennial Grounds. whero tho procession will pass iu review beforo tbe Prrsident
Tbe parade will bo dismissed nf tcr the review, and the Presidcnt and party will he cs
coitrd to tho O -atiin Pavilion, whero the oxcrcisea of the day will tako placc.
DivisionCjmmandcrswill ncquaintthoinselvcs wlth tho ground to bo marched over"
nnd tho stopplue nlaces of the g iosts nssigued to their divisions, and will. with tho assis
tanca of Ihalr statls, coni'.nct th"n to their placrs in the line. .
Aiv no:ldintor dcLiy alf ctiag the march of tho column will bo rcporled ot onco to
tha Chlef Marshal. nnd tben;iuiitondeayormust be nsod to preserve tho proper dis
tancislnmirchiug, to keop clusjd up. aud to preyenttho line from being obstructcd nt
tbo Intersectiim ot crrss streetc. tlio loading divi'lon leavlng nids f orVlbat purpose, who
w Jl bn rellovjrt by thoso o ' tno Rtall ncxt in rcnr, as tbey arrivo.
All orciiiiz-itiiiiis In tho proco?slon, except milltary bodins, will frm and march ln
lnirl rank nf f mr 111 os eacu. uarriages wuiiorm iu singlo llie. andke. .Ml rln,l
fn'l leport or iuo oiKimiiJi' .it....iVi,utu pviwjuh ucmiuiypreiieiit wuh
tbelr respcctlve oommands.
By ordcr of Jf
Cihef Marshal.
J. II. 0CLD10,
Aiuotant General.
"On, My Back'I" How ofton vo bear
these words. Palu lu the back nrlses fioui
Kidncy Discaso. HUNT'8 REMEDY curcs
all Diseases of the Kidncys, Bladder nnd
Urinary ' Organs. Family Physicians uso
Clarke's Toothacho Drops cure instantlv.
AcclDCSla will bappru iu Ibe best ri'gnlaltd
'ituiilie. lusure HKnlual accnlefild lor a daj,
crrk, monib or jear, at Ibe loWfbt raltf,
'urouub Ibo ageucy ot A. P. Cbildanl lUu-
uiuutop, Vl. 3.1
Lyun's ICatuaiuon nreventa Ibe lluir Ircm
ulluijt out ir UhiiIuk eray, reuewe lla growlb,
ud ulTiaslreujlU auilvioor. II lnclellgllllill-
ly pcrlil.ueil, aud UMkea spleudid dri'wiufi.
II i tbe oueapei.1 uuu uim iienri.ino t -ui
Touin ever produced. Uacd by tbo e..ic.
1'riou only 5U oouls. lyi.i.
It ii A coMroaT lo Ibo viailants of (asblona-
bl suuuier resorls lo know llmt in Glinni.
SoLrnpn Soap tbey possess u ompleieaun
dote to mosqulto bllts, Irriirllous ol tbe ukiu,
couiplrxiooal blemlabca cuused by Ibe snn
and wind, and Ibat it is n most wboleaome
oatlQer. Sold by all drosnists. IHLLS UAin
and Wuiskeu Die, black or lirowu, CO cenli.
na. suilouV BrSTEU vitauzeb.
Wp aie aulh'orized to nuaraulio tbls remedy
lor thn cure ol disDenaia. iuaclive llver. aour
slomacb, coKalipalioo, laas ol appctile, com
Ing np ol loot, jellow hkio, and general lau-
tuor auil iiet'iiiiy. lon musi acxuowieugp
Ibat Ibis would bo rniuous nu)em we bad pos
ilive tvldtnco Ibntit will cnre. Yu wbo arr
-ntl-rliK Itom tliMn compliu ti, tbcse words
are luldiened aud will you rm.tinne to tntlci
wucn joi c.n b crrrJon Kiicutermxf lt i.
lor yon U il-ii-rmlDf. Simple bct le. 10 cla ;
tegular size 73 cent i. Sold by J. T. S'.unUff,
a nEnn.T of oniTBUoreD dio&tion.
Anioni: llie 'liurllul durciru-iictra ct ol-
alruvted digutloa, Is Ibo loipovtriiibment ol
tbe blooil, aud hiuce a dctcrialive couditi n ol
t ia ntal fluld not only prodnetH daugerons
ortnulc vaikneap", bnt. acuord'ii,! to tbe best
oicdical uulhorilies, hometlmes car.ses aaphyx
ia, II isappareul Ibat to liuprove llie qnnlilj
ol Iha bloud by proraotii.g' dirftntion ucd as.
4liDlUtinp( l wise prfeantii.ii. HotteltrV
.jioiuaob Bllfira Is praciaely. Ibn remedy lor
this nnrnoir. sinrs it-Miuiulafca tbe gastno
juicci, couquir-i those blllious a' d eacutlo
inejnurillia wuicu I iTioro wiui ius uigrai
ira proceasss, prcni'.tis asimilation ol tbe
tuod by Ibe blood. and pnrilie-i us well aa io
ricbts II, Tiie'kUua ol IniproTcmeut In b'alib
in cpuacquence ot uilug tbe BHtirs aro spetd
ly sp0iei t ln all scccaalous ol vigor, n paiu
n liodi'y hnlitmce. aud n recu'.nr nnd jctlre
utrlormance ol tvtry pbyaicsl lunction.
Msuy wbo aretnll ilug from tbe eflecta ol
Ibe wirm weatber aud are ilebilit ite.l sre ad-
viai-a liy pujsicians to lake moq luio smounis
nl wbl.ky two or tbrce ttmes dunu Ibo day.
lu a ht lo wblli t toao wbo adopt Ibis adriae
r.qnent'y Injieuao the t.umbrr nl "drinks,"
iml lu rue beoome corflrmed iutliriates. A
li rerage wblo'j will uol errate Itdr.tlor inlci-
icatm i qnors, anu wnicu is luitnnea espe
lully lor tbo bemCt of deblliutfd persouv,
whttber at bome or ubroad, is Dr Hobt-cck
4 a Wctil Toole. Contaloing Ibe Jnlow ol
inanj mediciiial berbs, Ibla ptrpantion does
ot create au appetlle lor tbe lut"xiojting cup.
Tbe r.ontUl.log aud lllt.snpporliiig inopertles
of nnuy raluabla ualural pioduci iins con
talued iu It and fll knoon ln medlcsl m'eu
bsraa mot s rU) t 'euiDg ull.ioco.1. A sin
.lebitleol Ibe Tonla will ileiunirrlrute Its
floil.le qtnl.tl.'s. Fordabltily r.rlslng Irom
ickneas, uver t'xertion or Itom iit canie
wbat6Trr, a wlue idastfall olH j Wd Tonlo
Ukeo otler lueah will alre'igtbeu lh stomscb
aud cr ate au appellle lor wboleaome lood.
Tiiatl wbo areaboul ImtIur IhrlrLomrs, we
desire to say ibat tbe txoelleut eHtcta ol Dr.
Hchenck's seaeonahle reiatdlea, e. Wed
Tonis and ManJrale l'llla, are particnlsily
erldent wben taken by tboaa wbo are Injarl
oasly afleiled by lb obauErs ol water snd
dist. No pencn ahorld leaV bome withoct
laklDg snppiy ol ibcse sairguarus along.
For 'als by all drupcUts.
60.000 die aDnnalU by uegUctlnc a coujh,
coldorcronp, olten Isadlug ld conauuipllou
and ine aravo. Wby will yun negircttoim
p r1" t i in iil r whm yrn mu gi at i nr
j ,mro BilL"ita C"N ruFTf s Coiv witli t i
! ..anruMO M r eiirt y F'r H'in.i.a ui'ni
I ii i ' si . t Ijn s nr i ine l.i k or 8 S'm
um'sPormi' 1'lv tei nlves piooipl tclli. -'Soldbv
J. T. Bbunnff
ESTrS-NILE3.-ln Pownal. Ang. Hlb,
by Rov. J. L. Cook, O is L. Estes nnd Hnn-
nah Vf. E. Nilo?, bolh of Pownql.
rROUDE-TIJRNi:it.-Af. North Pownal.
August 9th, 1877, liy Rov. J. L. Cook, Jobn
K. Proitdi. of Pownal, und Rboda .V. l urner,
of Shaftsbury.
TIimr.miT nri'nti-rrw i
danta nt 4h 1 . .1 ..7.. . . 1 . . I. . t . T T . I .
uuvu uo UiluUB UIIIICI, UtllU I I1IKII-
lunils, Mass.. Amrust 15tb, 1877, by Rev. 0.
H. Babcock, D. 1),, Haimnu ll.irl'uir, of Cil
tugo, UL, nnd Elizabcth IIonghto:i, No
T.FSTTWF TIATnPI T vi-.f..l .
1 5t ln' T?Ar II 11 i.-nnA TT i V
nndJli3 AnnaK. Uarber, both of Stamford.
Found. AVhllo tho undersigned was take
lug tho cars to return home, near the'close
ol tbo centennial, be found in a car, a small
bagcontaluingmoney. ne will lw alaa t.
return tho samo to tho owncr, npon procf of
the samo, all means tai;n thus far biiag hl-
L. 8. Ejmsy.
Hoynlton, Vt.
T1FFANY Tn Plttsfnr.1. Vt.. nn m !!OI1i
inst., A. J. TiU'nny. Esq., ngcd 75 years.
JUDD-In North Adams. Autr. 11th 1877.
Rnssell B. Judd, aged 04 years. Formerly of
this towu.
MERR1LL Aiimnt. I.lth. 1R77 RnnhlA
Hurlbut, infant daaabter of J. Edward nud
H.iphie L. Merrill. C irrected.
DALRYMPLE. At Honlli lffl.nl.bom VI..
Aug. 17, Jobn 8. Dalrymplc, aged 70 years.
EsUite of John S. Dalryinple.
STATS OP VGRMUNT, In Probito ConrU held
Olatrlctbf llfinntli'TUla.fll at fithatM f IITIrn.wllh.
In and tor ssld Dletrlet, ou tbo 11st day ol Angmt,
A.D., 1877.
I'reaant. Ilon. Tarrantblbley, Jndge.
An InalrnmenL Dnriwrtlnir to bo tha latt wm
and Tei'tment of Jobn H. DalrvmoiA. ft
of lleadaboro, In sald dletrlet, deceard. be
ing preaeulea by J. , Carpenter, attorney lor
tha KXAcntDr therctn nampa. r.ir pr.h.ia l I-
ordered by (ald (fcurt, tbit all pe" concerncd
laerein oe noLiDeqin appar a ft eesaiou IDcreor, lo
be held at the Probata otB:eln Ucanlngton. In aald
dlalrlct. on tbe 8th dar of Hrntfmher. A. ll. larr. mr 9
oVlock Ia the aiternoon, and ahow canae, If anj Ihey
b ' ,'iwioi niu ttiiij lor wnicn
pnrpoae ll Ia farlber ordered. ihai thia order be pnb
llabed Ibreowoeka ancera;lrely In ibe bennington
Henner. a pabllc newapaper pilnted at Usnntngion,
tn tbls Slate, prcrlona 'o aald tine of hearlng.
uj uis .uuib, n. iruc rrcoru.
Atljjt,E, I. 6HILEY.ncgl.ler.
A trne eopy of record.
M Attcal. C I. BIDI.EV, ncgliter.
can be curcd by ercry man gettlng for hiniselt
The best opportunitieg aro now ofTcred by
uaii. m iwuiroaa oi nenraska to seeui
luX. The fiftU
Will leave Troy, September 11th at 2 o'clock
r. u. ine sixtn, uctobor Viitn.
Fare one way, $j6.jo
Hound Trip, 40.40
For informatton and TicktU apply to
Rooia 8, Ilall Bullding, Troy, Jf. Y.
Flne Tobaco Frce!
try itj
If aoy pcr o:-Uo nc ait a ri.; c.i jr-,u
tu IUS li (.ikVI UBi.(a LC rcU HT (EU
S. B. & D. McEOWEN'S,
PAHK LOCK, UcnuIn;(oii.
Broad Cunl.lup Dlnlng.
l.'etallln); at Who'c.iilc I'rlcea.
Ladlea' Dlnlng.
Kclalllng ot U'holeaile vtlcca.
Doaglaaa' Arm Utacc. (wood & cme us
itetatlln al Whotuiwite 1'rieca.
Flte t'plndle, Cbcatnat Seat, Llala.-.
" llaaawood " "
Foar '
Itctalltns nt Wboleaala Prlcea.
Grcclan Chatre, Camp StooU SLd all
klnda of CblldrcnV Uhatrr.
Retallii.g al Wbol. ta'c I'rleea.
Call Before Purc'nasing.
.. AT ' . -
S. B. & D. McEOWEN'S,
r.VItli DI.OCK, Bciiulnslon,
J 'A'Ui
Patont SplinedJointsHAs.
Iho eet 01 .ciiAiiiB.
Materia, Workmaii-gj:
shin nnrl CHAinS-
saip, ana 0lum;-
, rr. ,OHAIRS-
All Goods WavrantedoHAiu
UCNS. Plsmm. rtEV(iI.V!:rw aud Ammunatlon ot
au Klnu. O in I Msim (ninaa, Ilrcuncra and
of taiall Wniea.
Musical Instruments.
'Jinjos, Tamborinee, Trianelea, Iloner, 4c
moksi: Dlock.
Iioaitfl LiTcry Stable.
ffl lfl SEEI TUEU?
Xcver OlTcred at as Loir priccs as
Ccaulilul Deslns and Coloriuys,
COLOUEI) CAUMEIt K 1 1 Kf i.tjUe
ll;lil Miadcs.
HiMi. lJAflt I .n' Ivll u .o ..onrANr,
!",s ' ' u.oid tutt, Hoatou it.
DulMaas, Saoqtif?, Shawls and Snils.
Call, Kxamiiif an f omparc.
W. C. WINNE & CO.,
3)3, 3JUtiv.'r, aiU22 Faloa.St.

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