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." - Extra. Copies
Extra Copies of The News can be obtained at
F. L. Jennings Lakeville
Post-Offloe . Salisbury.
: H C. Crandall'a Store .Falls Village
Haaiphrey's Drug Store .'..Canaan
' Tost-Office 1 West Cornwall
Johnson's Drag Store Norfolk
Alex. Levy's News Room New Milford
D. L. Pratt Southfleld and Mill River
Morgan's News Room,v Great Barrington
Canaan Mails,
ails arrive ana close at the Canaan Post
Office as follows:
-iorih. ... 9 40 a. M. I East 9.00 A. M
2 33 p. m
, I " 5.22 P.
joatb 9 40 A. M.
" 7 21 F. K
1. 1 West .40 A.
1. 1 " 4.15 p.
Sorth..... 9.10 A. m. I East ,
6.51 p. x. I '
South .... 9.10 a. M. I West
3.03 p. M. I "
9.10 A. X.
3.45 p. x.
8.3;) a. x.
4.52 p. x.
Arrive trcm Southfleld, Mill River and Clay
ton at 9.10 a. at. Close at 1 p. x.
J. B. Habsexbesoh, P. M,
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 6, 1889.
It is with pleasure that we announce
to our many patrons that we have made
arrangements with that wide-awake,
illustrated farm magazine, the American
Farmer, published at Fort Wayne,Ind.,
and read by nearly 200,000 farmers, by
which that great publication will be
mailed direct, FREE, to the address of
any of our subscribers who will come in
and pay up all arrearages on subscrip
tion and one year in advance from date,
and to any new subscriber who will pay
one year in advance. This ia a grand
opportunity to obtain a first-class farm
journal free. The American Farmer is a
large 16-page journal, of national circu
lation, which ranks among the leading
agricultural papers. It treats the ques
tion of economy in agriculture, and the
rights and privileges of that vast body
of citizens American Farmers whose
industry is the basis of all material and
national prosperity. Its highest purpose
is the elevation and ennobling of Agri
culture through the higher and broader
education of men and women engaged
in its pursuits. The regular subscription
price of the American Farmer is 81.00
From any one number ideas can be ob
tained that will be worth thrice the sub
scription price to you or members of
your household, yet tou get it free.
Call and see sample copy.
J&"N. B. This is a special offer, and
ia entirely independent of our clubbing
arrangements with C. H. Pease's sub
scription agency. Tou can obtain The
News at club rates, as heretoore, through
said agency, but this special offer is made
to those only who remit direct to The
Connecticut 'Western News.
Local News.
Landlord Warner has improved the
sidewalk and street in front '. of his
W. M. Deming's portable photo
graphic gallery has been treated to a
.fresh coat of paint.
The sleeping car trains on the
Housatonic road have been discontinu
ed for the season.
Mr Ii." W. ; Beckley visited her
brother at Housatonic, Mass., from
Saturday until Monday. ' ,
" S. W. Barnes returned last Friday
from a weeks visit at Pownal, Yt., and
North Adams, Mass. ;
Mrs E. D. Strong, of Gt Barring
Ion, is visiting relatives here. Mr
'Strong was here over Sunday. ;
. David Walter has purchased a
building lot adjoining and northeast of
the rectory, on Prospect street.
Last Thursday evening, Miss S. W.
Adam gave a very pleasant HailowE'en
party to a number of intimate friends. ;
, About 50 persona attended the
Pilgrim sociable . at Dr " Adam's last
Friday evening and enjoyed the occa
sion. President Harrison has issued a
proclamation setting apart Thursday,
Not. 28th, as a day of national Thanks
giving. ' Charles Collins has been quite ill
but is improving.- George Shove drives
the meat cart while "Charlie" is taking
an enforced rest.
Rev L. H. Eeid, of ITartf ord, made
a flying business and pleasure trip to
Canaan last Monday afternoon. He
reports himself and family - in good
Bev Lyman Warner, of Lakeville,
supplied the Pilgrim church pulpit last
Sunday morning. In the evening,
young people's meeting was held at the
ilftthodist and Pilgrim churches, but
the only preaching service in this vill
age was held at Christ church.
All the passenger trains on the
Central New England & Western rail
road are now heated by steam, the
Martin system being used. Thursday
the last engine was fitted up with the
steam-heating apparatus. Hereafter all
engines and coaches made for this road
will have these improvements added.
When the old Connecticut Western
railroad was built iron rails were laid
and they cost $90 a ton. To-day steel
rails can be bought for 830 to 832 a ton
The iron rail lasts but a little time ; the
steel rail is almost imperishable and it
costs but one-third what the iron one
used to cost. Let us proceed to anathe
matize the tariff under whose iniquitous
"burden this reduction has come about.
Hartford Courant
All subscribers to The News who
are entitled to the American Farmer
will receive that premium in due time.
We cannot undertake to remit separate
ly to the American Farmer for each new
subscriber. It is but little more 'work
to remit for a list of 500 names than for
one name. We shall soon withdraw the
premium offer and forward list of names
with our remittance, therefore, hurry up
your subscription in order that yaur
name may be added to the premium
list before the books are closed.
While Mamie, the three-year-old
daughter of James Shuckerow, of Hart
ford, was playing about a bonfire on
"Thursday of last week her clothes
.caught fire and she was so badly burned
4hat she died from her injuries the next
.day. Her remains were brought to this
-Tillage on Saturday, and interred in the
Boman Catholic cemetery. Mr Shucke
row is a conductor on the Consolidated
road, and this is the second child he
Jhub lost within a short time.
Geo. S. Dunning moved into his
new house at East Canaan last Thurs
day. ' ' - ; - - "'
. R. D. Perrce A Co. are now placing
their new turbine water-wheel in posi
tion. . .
F. A. Peet rides around town in a
bran new dog cart which W. G. Cargill
presented him last Monday.
Mrs A. K. Reed, of Broad Brook,
visited at Principal Adams' over Sun
day and is now visiting at H. N. Adams',
Acel Rood, clerk at Fuller & Peet's
store, has been quite ill for a week o?
more and hod considerable fever but he
is now improving.
The Norwalk Hour says: "Bicycles
are taxable property and many are own
ed in Norwalk. How many of them
have been returned to the Assessors? "
Samuel Drumm, a brakeman on
Conductor Morrissey's train on the C.
N. E. & W. railroad, had his left hand
badly injured while coupling cars at
this station on Tuesday of last week.
Mrs Harriet A. Monson, whose
death is mentioned by our Cornwall
correspondent war the widow of Henry
Monson, who was a native of Canaan
and brother of Kneeland J. Monson, of
Millerton, N. Y.
About 70 residents of the town of
Salisbnry joined the Salisbury Teachers'
excursion to Poughkeepsie last Satur
day. . More would have gone but the
weather was very unfavorable.
Invitations have bee! issued for
the golden wedding of Mt and Mrs L
P. Stevens, Monday evening, Nov. 11,
from 7 to il o'cloat22 Howard Ave.
Bridgeport,' Conn. ilrNnd Mrs Stevens
were former Residents of Canaan, . and
recently moved from New British to
Bridgeport. . X"
The Village Improvement Associa
tion has commenced- building a new
sidewalk from Prospect St. to the post
office. This association is doing much
to improve this village. May its efforts
be substantialy supported and its treas
ury never be empty.
Geo. Blake cut his throat one day
last week, or more strictly speaking he
sawed his throat. He did not attempt
suicide but he met with a remarkable
accident whioh came near proving fatal.
While, walking with a saw in his hand
he slipped and felL The end of the saw
struck the ground,, doubled up like a
half circle, slipped out of Mr Blake's
hand and then rebounded striking him
in the throat and cutting or sawing a
deep gash. .... .
The Poughkeepsie Evening Star of
Saturday Nov. 2 incurred the righteous
indignation of the Salisbury Teachers
by its false and seemingly malicious
report of the Teachers conduct while in
Poughkeepsie that day. The report
Jacks even the redeeming quality of
being funny, though perhaps the re
porter attempted to display his wit. To
say the least, it would seem a short
sighted policy for the business men of
Poughkeepsie to countenance or permit
a newspaper to ridicule excursionists
who come there to trade.-..'
J --The Canaan Choral Union did not
meet on Monday evening because Prof
Harvey was unable' to be present," but
they will meet on Friday evening at
Miss S. W. Adams'. About the middle
of December they will present .the
Oratorio of Esther." Miss Anna
Rudge has been selected to impersonate
Queen Esther.'. This seems to be a wise
and agreeable selection as Anna's voice
is adapted to that part and she can
readily personate Queen Esther, or any
other queen. Thorn is a similarity in
the names Anna and Annie, and the
name " Queen Annie" sounds so natural
that during , the rehearsals some of
Anna's intimate friends ' undoubtedly
will affectionately address her as Queen
Anna instead of Queen Esther.
The News has received an anony
mous report of the Bissell Landon
wedding at Lakeville. We would gladly
have published it had the author reveal
ed his or her name, but we cannot
publish articles signed "A Friend." No
well-regulated newspaper will publish
anonymous communications. - We do
not require the author's name for publi
cation . but simply as an . evidence of
good faith. It is strange that in this
age of the world people will persist in
sending anonymous communications to
newspapers notwithstanding they are
daily and weekly notified that such
communications are consigned . to the
waste basket.
Read Wm Palmer's notice.
Read Ford Brothers' notice of disso
lution of copartnership.
Whenever you visit Poughkeepsie
don t fail to call and examine the goods
which Edward VanKleeck's advertise
ment mentions. - ' '
Satterlee & Card, the merchant tailors
of Poughkeepsie, can suit you on qua!
ity, style and price. Read and heed
their new advertisement.
Reed & Reed mean what they say and
say what they mean. Just read their
cordial invitation and frank statement
found in another column.
De Lamater & Son havo a business
card in another column. In the manu
facture of carriages and sleighs they
are the pioneers of Poughkeepsie.
F. A. Farley makes a change in his
adv. this week, having added several
new books to his list, some of'which are
specially designed for the Holiday
trade. He also offers good live agents
wort that will pay them big money,
Read it over carefully.
F. P. Barnum of Falls Village, has an
announcement in another column which
everybody should read. Having moved
into larger and more convenient quar
ters he is now prepared to serve not
only his old patrons, but also a host of
new ones, with anything in his line
neatly, quickly and cheaply. Call and
see him.
Luckey, Piatt & Co- of Poughkeep
sie, are an enterprising firm. They are
reliable but they never say the same
thin ir twice, at least not in the same
newspaper, therefore, if you want to
keep posted in regard to bargains you
must remember that every issue of The
News will contain a different advertise
ment of said firm's business.
An exchange says what a terrible
punishment it would be for some dead
men to come to life again and be
obliged to live up their obituary notices
The time of mails between New York
and San Francisco is to- be quickened
next month to 108 hours. It has been
118 hours.
. Rev and Mrs
from, their trip,
Kirk have returned'
and' settled down to
matrimonial life.
Mr Hiram Stone has given up house
keeping, has rented his place and will
henceforth reside with his brother, near
Cornwall Bridge.
Miss Edith Wadhams, of Cornwall
Bridge, visited friends here last week.
G. R. Bull & Co. are displaying
goods and spreading out merchandise
in their bran new store.
Rev B. M. Wright has furnished
rooms in the parsonage, and is now
fairly settled. J. Berry and family will
give up the house they now occupy,
and will this week, move into the
parsonage with Mr Wright for the
Work on J. W. Lane's new house by
the river-side goes on rapidly. It is
now nearly ready for the mason work.
Chas. Edwards is also putting up a
house close to that of his father-in-law.
James Gregory, of Meriden, is in
town visiting his cousin, Miss A. W.
Another new fence on Lane avenue,
still more improves the looks . of the
The Macedonian ghost that has
recently so frightened the dwellers of
that place is discovered to be a half
crazed Indian, wandering about. Just
as the town authorities made an attempt
to.arrest the intruder, his friends found
and took him in charge, much to the
relief of the Macedonians.
Meriden is so sure that her popula
tion is not decreasing that a recount is
to be made.
D. Gillett, arrested for fraud in the
Washington postoffice, was fined 850,
with costs of 8100.
Diptheria is epidemic at Fair Haven .
There were four deaths Monday and
several are ill with the disease.
A fire at the lumber yard of T. Soule
in New Milford, Thursday, damaged
82,000 worth of property.
John Burns, of Ansonia, shot a silver
fox near Seymour. The animal when
killed had taken refuge in the branches
of a tree.
George Blackman, aged 90 years, for
thirty-six years' secretary and treasurer
of tne Shelton Co., Birmingham, re
signed Thursday.
Orloff Huriander, of New Britain,
fell down stairs Thursday and broke his
neck. He .was born in Sweden fiftv-
three years ago. He leaves a wife and
Cards are out for the wedding of Dr
Pratt of Winsted and Miss Mary Gay,
daughter of . the Hon Henry Gay, the
banker. They are to be married Nov.
7,-and sail for Europe on the Eutruria
soon after. - ;, h
Judge Fenn has given the disputed
legacy of 85,000 to the Middlesex coun
ty home for orphans, to the institution
at Middletown, An orphan asylum at
Haddam bore the same name and the
egacy was claimed by them.
The county commissioners of Hart
ford county voted on Friday to refuse
licenses to all fruit and grocery stores
where liquor is sold and to women.
This action is due to a petition signed
by leading citizens, and it is estimated
that this will cut off nearly .100 places
in Hartford alone where liquor is now
Divorce cases, of which there are 20
will be taken up to-day (Wednesday) by
the Superior court.
John F. Hemmingway, a prominent
business man of Pittsfield, was last
Wednesday declared insane by Drs Pad
dock and Adams. . He was taken to the.
institution at Northamton on Thursday.
The physicians say that if he has rest
and quiet for a time he may recover.
The Hudson iron company of West
Stockbridge, owning one of the best
ore mines in the vicinity, closed up the
mine Saturday night. The miners,
about 100, were notified Thursday
evening that their services would not
be required after last week. This will
prove a bad blow for the town, which
lives principally on the iron interest.
The formal opening of the electric
street railway at North Adams took
place Thursday morning. An accident
happened that came very near being a
fatal one to the inmates of the electric
car. The car started for Adams, well
filled with leading citizens, who had
been invited to ride. About four miles
below North Adams is a sharp curve,
and just as the electric car went around
the curve it collided with the regular
horse car, completely smashing the
electric car, though none of the passen
gers were injured,
What is Dae the Postmasters.
Efforts at economy on the part of the
Government are usually to be commen
ded, but there is one branch of the
public service where a more liberal
expenditure would be 'approved by the
people in general The postmasters are
not adequately paid for their services.
We would be very sorry to have the
postmasters of America go out on strike,
but it is interesting to consider how
many lives would be affected if the
postmasters of Canada and the United
States failed to do their duty even for
one day. Not only would the whole
business of the country be brought to a
standstill, bnt social and domestic
arrangements would be completely dis
organized. So much often depends
upon a letter. A letter gone astray, a
letter delayed may alter the course of
more than one life. To the postmasters
we entrust the inmost secrete of our
hearts and the particulars of our most
important business enterprises, enclosed
in paper envelopes, We do it without
any anxiety, for we well know that they
will faithfully perform their duties and
safely place the precious little packages
in the hands for which they are intended
There is no other branch of the public
service on which the people in genera
are so dependent. There is no other
class of officials to whose honesty and
efficiency the people owe so much.
Indeed, the integrity of the postmasters
of both Canada and the United "States
has become proverbiable, and when the
advocates of any scheme' for Govern
ment ownership of telegraph lines and
railways wish to bring forward an unan
swerable argument, they say : " Look at
the postal service ;. note how honestly
and how efficiently the postmasters per
form their duties." Men who so care
fully and so conscientiously do their
work should be well paid for it even if
it adds a considerable sum to the pnblio
expenditure Both the United States
and Canada now boast of an annual sur
plus. That of the United States is
enormous and Canada's surplus has
already attained respectable dimensions.
Now a large surplus in the public
treasury is very much better than a big
deficit, but the people at large will not
complain if it is somewhat reduced in
order to properly pay the postmasters
who serve them so faithfully. Montre
al Family Herald and Weekly Star.
A distillery firm near Boston has a
contract to supply 3000 gallons of rum
daily to Africa for the next seven years,
so says Temperance Work. It will take
more than one missionary to counteract
such evil work.
A female organist of . a Utica church,
has eloped and married a 14-year-old
boy who pumped the organ. The affair
has taken the wind out of the choir.
Citizen. ,
It is stated that the latest fad among
women is a "dress album, it taaes
the form of a book, upon the leaves of
which samples of the dresses worn by,
the owner are gummed.
The street'railroad company of Pitts-
field have decided to run their cars by
eectricity provided the financial plans
c me directors are carriea out. xne
CqB. of running the cars will . be about
half of what it is at present-
News About Town,
It is the current report about town that
Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs is
making some remarkable euros with people
who are troubled with Coughs, Sore Throats,
Asthma, Bronohitis and Consumption. Any
druggist will give you a trial bottle free of
cost. It is guaranteed to relieve and cure.
The Large Bottles are 50o and $1.00. '
Tiebney At East Canaan, Oct. 30, a son to
James Tierney.
Connell In this village, Oct. 30th, a son
(Richard) to Daniel Connell.
Cady At Falls Village, Nov. 2, Mrs Lewis
Cady, aged 67 years. '
Wolfe At Falls Village, Nov. 2, Henry D.
Wolfe, aged 83 years,
Monson At Plainfleld, N. J., Oct. 29th, Mrs
Harriet A. Monson, of Cornwall, Conn.,
aged 58 years. .
Oeb At South Lee, Mass., Oct. 26th, of ty
phoid fever, James Orr, Jr., aged 21 years.
The deceased was travelling salesman for
Bennett, Sloane & Co., of New York.. He
was a brother of Robert J. Orr, who is still
a travelling salesman for said firm.
Hakes At Huntsville, Oct. 31st, Mrs Emma
Hakes, aged 38 years. t
Pean At Huntsville, Nov. 2d, Capt Harry
Dean, aged 89 years. .
Wetheeell At South Canaan, Nov. 3d,
Seymour B. Wetherell, aged 53 years.
Ives At Manning, Iowa, Nov. 3d, Alice M.,
only child of Joseph L. and Julia A, Ives,
aged 5 years and 5 months.
mural SircctorNmljaImer
IforfoiJc, Conn.
Telephone call, "Norfolk Drug Store."
THE partnership heretofore existing be
tween Charles E. Ford and Edward S.
Ford, under the firm name of Ford Brothers,
is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Falls ViUage, Conn., Nov. 1.1889.
ALL persons are hereby forbidden harbor
ing or trusting my wife, Cora Palmer, on
my account, as she has left my bed and board
without just cause or provocation, and I shall
pay no Dins contracted dv ner arcer tnis uaie.
Ellsworth, Conn., Oct. 81, 1889.
A Second-hand PIANO, roaewood case, 6
octave. Price $45,00, Bacon & Raven
make. Enquire of
1 DR. ORTON, Lakeville, Ct.
De Lamater & Son,
Light Carriages and Sleighs,
417 and 423 - - Main Street,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Edward VanKleeck,
Mats Caps,
t For Gentlemen, Youths & Children.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Furs.
259 Main St., Po'keepsie, N. Y.
Hew Departure !
Having purchased the
stock of goods of FORD
BROTHERS and leased the
store formerly occupied by
them, I am now prepared
to furnish my c u s tomer s
with anything in the line
' at the LOWEST prices
Thanking my patrons for
their liberal patronage in
the past and hoping by
good goods and square dal
ing to merit a continuance
of the same, I am
Respectfully Yours, '
(FORD BRO'S. Old Stand)
Falls Village, Ct.
To the readers of The flews :
You are respectfully invi
ted to Poughkeepsie.
After you reach Poughkeep
sie, come and see us. We are
the youngest Dry-Goods firm
in the City, and we are endea
voring to sell at bottom cash
prices. We are located on the
Main Street, a short distance
above Washington Street, which
leads to the Depot.
We carry a clean and fresh
stock of all kinds of DRY
Remember the number.
274 Main Street,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Great Barrington, Mass
This HIT eels,
Ten dollar Suit and Overcoat
Sale. Men' s All Wool Suits in
Blue and Black Worsted, fancy
Uheviot and Uassimere suit
ings at
OVERCOATS Double breas
ted Blue and Black Beavers,
Black Diagonal and fancy
mixed Cassimere, at
These garments are EXTRA
goods, well made and trimmed.
and at the price ($10) cannot be.
t5f If in need of a suit or
Overcoat I can SURELY inter
est you.
Hall, Hornbeck
& Uo.,
Falls Village, Conn.
We have been comDlimented on all sides.
since the arrival of our fall goods, for having
the finest display of
Efrress Goods,
Trimming Silks and Velvets.
ever offered to our trade, but we sell as here
tofore, at our ramoua xajw jfuuj.
The greatest bargain of the day is our
All Wool Henrietta!
18 inches wide, in all the popular shades,
very fine and silkey, at 78cts. worth $1.25.
A SPECIAL SALE of a very attractive
lot of Jet Trimmings and Ornaments, worth
from 25 to 76c. but we are selling them at the
extremely low price 01 lacts.. waist nets
and Skirt Pannets, worth from $3 to $6, for
50c. and $1.50 per set.
Ladies Jackets Newmarkets &
Plush Goods.
in much larger variety and a finer class of
goods than usual. We have some beautiful
things. A fit guaranteed.
We have also just received a very large and
desirable assortment of Ladies, Misses and
from the cheapest to the finest qualities, 20
per cent lower than last year.
We call particular attention to our
department. We sell all kinds of reliable
Boots and Shoes, Slippers, Rubbers and
Overshoes, for Ladies, Misses, Children, Men
Boys and Youths, for LESS MONEY than
sold by any other dealers.
Would it not be a wonderful thing if you
could buy a Wilton Carpet Patent Rocker for
$3.75 ? We have it in our furniture depart
ment for that price, and a number of other
big bargains. Won't you ask when you are
at the store to be shown through our furni
ture and carpet department ?
Our other departments not mentioned are
kept well stocked and attractive by weekly
arrivals of novelties and staple goods
We have just completed a large
Wagon Depository
in the rear of our store. We have it well
stocked now with vehicles both for Farm and
Road use Pleasure Wagons, Sleighs, Etc.
It is for your interest as well as ours to
call on us before buying elsewhere. Thank
ing you for the past, we remain
Yours Truly,
Hall, Hornbeck & Co.,
Falls Village, Ct.
Wapn Maker ani Repairer,
Buggies, Carriages, Wagons,
etc., repaired in the best man
ner and at
Post Office address,
box 104. Canaan Conn.
Shingles For Sale-
Western Pine, Spruce & Cedar.
. Enquire of -
H. B. BUNNELL, Clayton, Mass
Richmond Ranges,
you can write and get our prices on the
different styles of these celebrated
Save You Money I
All Ranges or Heating Stoves purchased
of us will be delivered and set up without
Gurney Hot Water Heater,
Richmond's ''Victor" Steam
Richmond Hot Air Furnaces.
Pinning, Steam & Gas Fitting
290 and 294 Main Street,
Wins ted, Conn,
Telephone connection. '
Cloak Department.
Plush Sacques, 38 in. long,
Plush Sacques, 40 in, long,
Extra quality Sacques,
$35, 38 & 4:0.
Plush Jackets,
$14:50 & 17:50.
29 Jersey Jackets at
(Worth $3:75.)
We have received a few more
of the striped Newmarkets at
Every garment in this lot
is worth $7.00.
Special drive at
- -
Blue, Green and Black, extra
heavy Newmarkets.
15 odd garments, short and
medium length Jackets,
to close at
These garments have been sold
for $5, $6 and $7.
Gt Barrington, Mass.
You will find a nice assortment of Silver
ware, both solid and plated, Also
a first-class line of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Spectacles, Etc.,
JO" Repairing of all kinds done in the best
possible manner.
kinds, and OIL constantly on hand.
Canaan, Conn., April 1, 1889.
Until further notice I will furnish first-class
work at the following low rates :
Artificial Teeth drilled and filled with
Gold, $ 1 00
Teeth filled with Gold, 1 00
" " Silver, 60 and 75c
" " " Bone and Pencil, 60 and 75c
Extracting, 25o
Gas and extracting, 50c
Corrugated Gold-lined Plates, a new
thing, $12 00
Celluloid and Black and Red Rubber
Plate, $8 and $10 00
Children's first teeth filled before 9
o'clock in the morning, Free
I have a first-class Gas Apparatus, and my
material is as good as the best manufacturers
can furnish.
Opposite Town Hall, Main Street,
" Gbsat Babbikotok, Mam,
I wish to inform my customers and friends that I am prepared fo Rhow one of
the best selected stocks of Fall and Winter-
Men's Youths & Children's OVERCOATS,
41 " SUITS, m a styles and qualities.
Furnishing Goods, Wrappers & Drawers, "s&rBioc"
The latest Fall styles in HATS & CAPS for Meu and Boys.
The largest and most attractive lrae of
Neckwear, Rubber Coats, Umbrellas, Trunks, Bags, Etc.,
remember the place.jQj Clothing Emporium
The old and Reliable Q. BamngtOn, MaSS.
1889. FALL. 1889.
New and Complete Stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens,
Cassimeres, Cloths, Overcoatings, Fancy Vestings, Etc., in all the
desirable styles and designs.
218 MainSt. Kirchner Building, Potiglikeepsie
v Columbia Light Roadster Safety.
chain is quiet, strong and every link is
and its lines and finish admirable in every detail. Wo nave put more money into lta con
struction than any other bicycle ever built.
Juet the machine for business and professional men. A sound, safe, easy roadster.
It costs less than a good horse and eatn no oats. Catalogue sent free upon application
C. D. KNOX, Agent, Lime Rock, Conn. :
My terms for selling on monthly installments Till interest you. It is easy to get a wheel
without stretohing your pocket book oat of shape if you only know how. I ean and will grr
yovtlM information for the asking.
rfUBPrrAXT Drrr
Also MAUFA1 Switch Plates, - OQS, CHAINS
And aU other descriptions of Castings for
All work from this ERtahKflViTnant.
mvmw. MJimAJO
Is Respectfully called to the Fact that we have recently built a
O S "3? 3 SET B S -
' of every kind, and
To order, can now be furnished on the shortest notice and best style of work
confidently guaranteed ; while the utmost promptitude in all departments shall
be placed beyond question.
In addition to our increased facilities for the most important branches oJ
the trade, special care shall be taken to give complete satisfaction in
Machine Jobbing. Forging & Repairing.
EsPEoiAii Attention is called
tvbebs of the celebrated
Including main lines, branches and extensions East end West of the
Missouri Elver. The Direct Boute to t-d from Chicago, Jollet, Ottawa,
Peoria, La Salle, Moline, Book; Island, in ILLINOIS Davenport, Musoatine.
Cttumwa, Oskaloosa, Des Moines, Winterset, Audubon. Hai-lan, and Council
Bluffs, in IOWAMinneapolis and St. Paul, in MINNESOTA Watertown
and Sioux Falls, in DAKOTA Cameron, St. Joseph, and Kansas City, la
.MISSOURI Omaha, Fairbury, and Nelson, in NEBRASKA Horton, Topelcav
Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville, Abilene, Caldwell, in KANSAS Pond
Creek, Kingfisher, Fort Beno, in the INDIAN TERRITOBY and Colorado
Spring's, Denver, Pueblo, in COLORADO. FREE Reclining: Chair Cars to
and from Chicago, Caldwell, Hutchinson, and Dodge City, o-vd Palace Sleep
ing Cars between Chicago, Wichita, and Hutchinson. Traverses new and
vast areas of rich farming and grazing lands, affording the best facilities
of intercommunication to all towns and cities east and west, northwest
and southwest of Chicago, and Pacific and transoceanic Seaports.
Leading all competitors in splendor of equipment, cool, veil ventilated, and
free from dust. Through Coaches, Pullman Sleeper FREE Beclinlng
Chair Cars, and (east of Missouri Biver) Dining Cars Daily between Chicago,
Des Moines, Council Bluffs, and Omaha, with Free Reclining Choir Car to
North Platte, Neb., and between Chicago and Colorado Springs, Denver,
and Pueblo, via St. Joseph, or Kansas City and Topeka. Splendid Dining1
Hotels (furnishing meals at seasonable nours) west or Missouri River.
California Excursions dally, with CHOICE OF ROUTES to and from Salt
Lake, Ogden, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Tho DIRECT
LINE to and from Pike's Peak, Manitou, Garden of the Gods, the Sanitari
ums, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. v
Solid Express Trains daily between Chicago and Minneapolis and Si Pud.-'
with THROUGH Beclining Chair Cars (FBEE) to and from those points and ,
Kansas City. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria Spirt tLake,
and Sioux Falls, via Rock Island. The Favorite Line to Pipestone, Water
town, Sioux Falls, and the Summer Resorts and Hunting and Fishing
Grounds of the Northwest. . ... : 1
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and. Council Bluns, BC
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. fwi ,
For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired information, apply to any Tick
Office in the United States or Canada, or address
General Xanager.
If You Want
SHINGLES, Domestic Lumber and Build
ing Timber, furnished at mill or delivered
write or come and see me. I also have
pasturage for 100 head of cattle. If you don't
think so then oome and see the grass.
F. G. HOLT. .
t North Norfolk, Oo&n.
Tangent 8poko9, Cold-Drawm
Boamlosa-Stool Hollow Felloe.
Columbia Tubular steel Vrami
with antl-vibratingSprlng Fork
Ball-Baarlngs all around, BU
Bearing Sookot Steering-Head,
Ono-rieeo Hollow Handle-Bar,
Improved Ewart Chain. .
Readily adjustable In very
essential particular, to meetth
requirements of any rider, with
in reosonnblo limits.
The antl vibrating fork affords
amplo elasticity of frame urita
out qfteclivg (he positive steering,
in xohidi respect this machine hii
no equal; the Improved Xwan
detachable ; its equipment is unsurpauei,
MANUFAOTlllikHS r,lr 9
. -n ttt v An rrpt
Railroad Superstructure and Equipment.
(mm Saiiahnrv iron, and Warranted.
1VM mm iww 9
to the fact that we are the MantjfaO"
Oen'l Ticket ft Fsa. Agent
. Calves For Sale. .
South Canaan, Conn., Oct. 29, "89.
Siteitii for tke "lIEflr

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