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.Mm Great Purifies: of the Blood!
v,. \ol a Particle of .Heronry Iu it.
JjBt th^afflicted
kSAD and ponder.
.11 i . '.V Remedy for Scrofula, Kind's Kvi!, Klicu fttti.sci,.
Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, I'iinplea or
^ Jstrt' .'Kcu the Rice, Blotches, Boils, Ague 'and-Fe
fitV, o Sere Eye-% King Worm or Tetter,-Seal'd
HriiO,- lirjuiftrgement and I'uin of t4ic~]k>iie3 and
. Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, cuin ag.',
Spia.il Complaints, and nil Discuses-nrteing
S .'injudicious use ot Mercury, imprudence in
or impurity of tlic blood.
- , 4 "* ui ;reat ^Iteratire medicine and Purifier o
* > ..u now used by thousands.of grateful jm.H:
, > t all parts of the Uuited.Statf-e, who testily
this remarkable quresperformed by the greatir;v.
it I lUCUlCiutro^ " vai ivi kjjFuiaasMu
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula. Etup
oirthe'Skin, Liver .Diseases, Fevers, Ulcers,
t ea, Affections of the Kidneys, Diseases of-.the
.t, Female Complaints. Pains uud Aohjnglof the
Vam! Joints, are spccaily.put to flight by using
Vent ifbd inestimable remedy. ' .
* 7 roll disease* of ihc.Bh>eil, nothing'has yet been
. ,i j to compare with it. It cleanses the system ?f
. iuipnriti?s, acta gently and efficiently on the
..Ivc.;and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives
to the Stomach,makes the akin clear and healthy,
1 i r stores the Constitution, enfeebled by disease,
V' - ikcn.dowh by the. excesses of youth, to its pris'
vigor.and strength.
ifyr the Ladies, it is incomparably letter than all
osmetics ever used. A few doses ot Cutter's
* uisb Mixture'will remove all snllowues of comion.
bring the rosea pinntling to the cheek, give
ieity to tlie step, pud improve the general health
remarkable degree, beyond all the medicines
Voir heard of. ' ' T
the large number of. certificates which 'we ljave
ccived from persons from all parts of the United
it.-.* is the best evidence that there is 110 humbug
i u. The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physf,
ul public men, weli known to the community,.
' 1 their testimony to the wonderful effects of
all on the Agent and get a Circular nrul Almanac,
i read the wonderful euros this truly greatcst-of
uedicines has performed.
.'one grnuine uulesssigucd BENNETT <t BEERS,
prietore, Noi 3 Pearl-street, Richmond Ya.; to
m alb orders for supplies and agencies must be
.eased. " '
id for'sale by WM. S. BEERS it Co.,Proprietors,
?nd, ViL , ,
-i i ! <fe THOMPSON. Sumtervillc.
:iuATWRlGUT it BARKL'LOO, Columbia. r "
Z. J. DeHAY and T.J. WORKMAN, Couid?n.
March 20.
(German Bitters,
ntrxkm st
n. C. X. JACKSON, PMlad'a., Fa.',
witt arrecTUALLr CCRJC
Chronic or Wervoui Debility, Diteatei of the
Sidney, and all dieeaiei arising from a die*
ordered Liter or Stomach.
ns Consti.atlon,
Inward Tiles,
Fwllmree, or Blood to the
Ifeud, Acidity irf the Stemach,
Jfauaca, ilcartbariv Disgust for Food,
Fuluess or weight iu tlie Stomach, Sour
t.tnotions, Sinking or Fluttering wt the Tit of i
the Stomach, Swimming of the ilead, Hurried, i
a'.uI.-uH BrcaUHMg,FluUoringatthelleart,Chok-log
or Suffocating Scraatk>us,V7livu i? a lying Posture,
H.innea^ of Visiou, Dirts or Webs before the Siglit,
Fever and (lull i'aln in the Head, Deficiency
. J Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin aud
Lyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest,
y -Li bs, etc., Sudden Flushes of
Ilea* Burning in the Flesh,
Constant.. Imaginings of
Evil,- and great
? ? Impression of '
' Spirits.
. !c attributing such valuable Medical properties to
remedj, no rash or unwarrantable assertion is
but is simply stated a fact; proven undenia
iy r.rid conclusively by tire extraordinary cures, and
wiia derived from it; use, under the direction of
illustrious origiuator, Diy Jloofhtud, among nil
'asses of European society itnd from the immense
ins* of testimony, from all porta of the Americau connca't,'accumulated
during the Inst ten ycare.'in tke
tmtanf the nresenf proprietor. The prevalence of
isceses to which the German Bitters arc adapted, it
with sorrow we my ifcaa almost universal, indeed
iere is scarcely a family throughout the whole exnt
of our country in which there cannot be fouud
nong its members tliat peculiar sallow and languid
...peartuice, denoting a diseased Liver, or an emaciav,
J and autferiug Dyspeptic. 1
Then of what ifhmehse importance to this class of
invalids, that a 'ecrtaiu and reliable remedy should be
placed within their roach ; one in which no baucful
>r injurious drug enters into itscomposition ; a remedy
on which the patient can rely with the utmost
confidence aud certainty and be assured from actual
and tangible proofs, that the article he ia usiug,really
..osseaspa the virtues attributed to it. Such a remedy
m " UooJlaruTs German Bitters." Thousands of dollars
luve been rxbendedih its manufacture "and diffusion
throughout all parts of this continent, and the proprietor
feels the greatest satisfaction in stating, thai
there is no State, County or even Village where the
Idediciue ltaa been introduced, that there cannot be
lonnd numbers willing, to testify to its virtues.
ft is used constantly in the practice of a large
, i i.L?:rof the most prominent physicians in the
country, who have also added their written testimony,
in evidence of its great "virtues. In conclusion,
i-l II.. - .1- .11 <1 _ai: .,.j
mlcil, w6 wouiu reajreguuiy iu? hi uii must; ttutu'iCU
with fttt.v of the above diseases, to give the Bitters a
oy;i. j?iu rest assured it will never, be.regretted, in
the statement* auoveroadeMuHare invited to
i i .ftten'.ively, the " Memorabilia/" or "practical .
,>?? < pt Bsok, for Farmers and Families,. containing
h .jreat uumber of useful re eipts, iu addition to the
testimony, in favor of t!>e Bitters, from themoatprom
taut and well-known individuals, iu all" parte ofthe
.Jnion All agents for the Bitters are authorized to '
r'lbute the "Receipt Book"gratuitously.
* meipal office .and Manufactory, 12U ArchSt,
For Pits wholesale by Druggists in all tlic.princi-?
.-la^ aod lit retail by apothecaries and store;ee'.?rsio
evert" town in the United States and Cuna*T
.1 WORKMAN. A CO.. CaYnden.
AB?irror, Sumterville; Uoatwmoiit ? Babuj
o? Caiumbia. .. vi ' - March 20.
- V i . ? " ; : * CtiroUda^UcrsIiaw
IX EQUify."
A J BBLtfES >nd fclC, vs. A. G. BASK IN. '<
: to account, Ac. *-*?* ? ; . ,
"f r appearing- to my sntiafiiction that 'Wtd. C. Moore, J
1 one of the defendants to aBovo atatad bill, resides '
without the limits of this Stale, it is draered that lio J
Ji appear, answer, plead, or deriittr to the same-with
in three months irorn1 the Jate of publication hereof,
nr an order to tako the auroe pro. confesso, will-be en- ']
Wsgeiast^r^ ^ ^op>K1IANf C' E.. K. D.
.-T -f[. BjrlM
British Periodicals;
Early Copies Secured^.
LEONARD-SCOTT & CO., .New York, continue
to republish the following British periodicals:
1. Tbc London Quarterly Revi$w/-(Coiiservative.)
2. The Edinburgh Pu:view-,(\Vl?gi)
" **-?i r>i?l mX.*. Pt.r,n,Cl, \
0. l lie a\oi in imusii xtvvurn, ,
4. The Westminster Review, (liberal.)
5. Jjlitckwood's Edinburgh Magazine, (Tory )
The present criti. al stafe of. European alfaira will
render there publications unusually interesting during
the I'.iKljCouihlg Veaif. Tfie\* wrlT oectipv a giiddle
ground hd?lfeeii:|l(f5"h(is^ily ^riitinliewfi items, crude
spec ul tiiiiMtid (lying rutiny-s of the daily .journal,and
the jKinderous tome of the future historian, written
after tlie living interest and excitement of the great
political events of the tiinc shall h?ve passed '
It is to these periodicals- that- readers mustjook fbf
the oillv really-intelligible and reliable history 6f current
events, and as such, in ^addition tBf.4hefr-.wfcR established
literary, scientific, ahd theological character,
?... ili? /?,n^id/>i-iitiiin of the readin'/
nc urjjc uiviu "|?w? %..v v. ?- . T i7
public. *
Arrangements are now permanently made for the receipt
of early sheets from the liritUh publishers, by
which we arc enabled to place all our reprints in the
hands of subscribers about as eoonastliey cnu be furnished
with the forcigh copies. Although this involves
a very large outlay ou .our part, we eluxll continue to
furnish the.periodicals at the same low rates as heretofore,
viz.: - - Per ttunurfl.
For any one of the fourT^viewsjrvy .*3.00
For any two of the four reviews. 5 00
For any three of tlie four reviews ,... 7.00
For nil four of life Reviews.?.?..... ,.t-8.00
For Black wfmil'i Magazine'. .. 8.00
For Blackwood ijiHi three reviews v.vu
For Blackwood unci the four reviews .10.00
Payments to be made in all cases in advance. Mo
ney eurrcut in the State where issued will be received
at par.
Clubbing.?A discount of twenty-five per cent, from
the above firices will be allowed to clubs ordering
four or more copies of any one or more of the above
works. Thus: 1'our copies of Blackwood, or of one
review will be sent to one address for $9; four
copies of the four reviews and Blackwood for ?30;
and so on. '? .
\ ,v- .
PosUige.?In-allihe principal cities and towns, these
works will be delivered through agents, free of post
age. When sent by mail, the postage to any part of
the United States will .be but- twenty-four cents a
UL,.l..,.nAj n,?l lmt fnnrlfBn ptnhfl vftar
for each of the review*.
Remittances ami commmiieatioiis should always he
addressed, post-paid, to the publishers.
- ; 54 Gold street; K. Y.
N.)). L. S- &' Co. li.ive recently published, and
hare now for salc;thc "Farmer's Guide," by Henry
Stephens of Edinburgh, and the late Professor Norton
dfYale College, New llaven, complete in two volumes,
royal octavo, containing 1C0O pages. Fourteen
steel a'nJ six hundred wood engravings. Price in
muslin bindings. ?G.
This work is not the old " Rook of the Farm,"
lately rxsisciT.vrtn and thrown upon the market.
? L i' l i_ _ rt ill
Consumption can oe uureu :;
lms rescued its multitudes from the
grave. I)o you n*k for the evidence ? .THEN CALL
UN* T11H AGENT, and fjet n plyunplefr1; a Aptvspaper
is too small to coutaiu it. Iu the I'uinphlet you
will find tvell authenticated cases of individuals who
were, in very deed, rescued from the grave, for they
were upon tlie very verge of it. and givey up to die by
our best Physicians and most skillful Medical Professors,
when the Liverwort and Tar came to their rescue, and
delivered them back to their friends. Although many
of the cures seem almost incredible, Jet they are not
obscure ; we have given their real names, and their
exact place of reeidencc, so that they, may be seen,
and the facts heard from their own mouths. These
cures are fully corroborated by Physicians and- Professors
of Medicine, who are well known and are of the
highest Standing u; our land, who have been compelled
to yield to these stubborn facts : no one can
dispute seen evidence.
2W?We Challenge the Whole World!
To produce ipore^rcal bona fide evidence, iu any
coure ofjustioe, than we have in favor'af this medicine!!!
? if V .
We defy the Physicians of every school, and. all
the Medicines that have ever been invented, to produce
evidence of such remarkable cures as have been
made by Dr. ROGER'S LIVER W OUT, TAR aud
(IVot to Purchase our Medicine^)
But to examine our Pamphlet, aud see for themselves,
wlwther the evidence is as convincing as we
say it is ; if so, it may prove u GREAT BLESSING
It Costs "but little to give it a
Fair Trial.
Compared to what a Physician charges?but little
whencor&pared to what you value your health!!
What is the -Talue of mouev without health ?
Recollect that coughs and eolds are the forerunners
of Consumption! DR.ROGER'S LIVERWORT,
'#AR and CANCHALAGUA will break up the most
distressing cough or cold in a few hours' time. lu
many cases of years' standing, a radical cure has
been effected in a very short time by strictly followiug
the directum*. Wc doubt not but there are now
Who would have been in their graves if they had not
used this medicine, arresting the disease before it be
came too late!
lP7to art those who have certified to the great
value of this medicine ? You will find the names of
such men us Hon. JUDGE WM. BURKE, late Post
master of Cincinnati for more than twenty years ;
C. W. STARBUCK, Esq., Proprietor of the Cincinnati
Daily Times; Kon. JOHN A. COLLINS, late
Agent and Lecturer of the Grand Division of the
Sons of Temperance of Ohio ; Rev. HENRY WISEMAN,
and the attending Physician, I)r. II. IL WILSON,
of Patriot, Galiica Co, Ohio ; II. E. DRAKE,
Esq, Druggist of high standing, of Xenia, 0.; J, G.
II it RON FM US. and his attending Physician, W. W.
FliENCO, of Hollundsburgh, Dwrke Count}-, Ohio;
E. B. TAYLOR, Esq. Editor of the Greenville Patriot
Esq, Deacons of the Vine-street Congregutional
Church, Cincinnati,: Ohio.
^ ^ 5} 3 5 3
Kisperuook, N. v., Sept. 20th, 1853.
M n. A. E.,Soovix,L-*-T)c#r Sir : Hating occasion to
use an Expectorant and Cough, ltc)ii(dy \tut winter, I
was recommended by the Rev. Mr: Tiffany, of Ibis
place, to try the Liverworf, Taf and Chanckalagua, I
did so, and think 1 was greatly benefitted by it, and
Cough Remedy. L..VAX BUREN..
Kimpewook. N. V,"Sept. 20, 1S53.
" I fully concur iu the above ptnfeinent.
' ,->a rl>- Rector of the Episcopal Ckjureli.
for such'ineii of so high standing. to.be induced to nccziyu
ffiepdor coiminiptfre! *-r\ '
?^~Be sure and askfor^Dr; Rogers' Liverwort,
Tnr - H'nil and l/>t nn nflip'r hn nalmpd I
-r" . O ' -- 1 upon
you.. ... ; /
For sale by -"
' - SCQVIL <fc MEAD,
III Chartrcs st, between Conti and St. .Louix, N.O.,
Sole Agents for tbe Southern States, to whom a'l
orders and applications for agencies must be oddressed.
. "V " ' *
Sold also by Z. J.Dr-UaJ nndJF.i. Woukman ?fc Co.,
Camden ; Magiu & Ifeatu,Lancaster;WiNcairsTjn&
S*iW- iCfntirn^ N. C.: F Laura A TI zisirun, Columbia.
jeli. 20?3 iuo. ' r . j
y Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers.
.. - r
? Just rpeei v?daod for stle by -'
South Carolina?Kershaw District.
"Ex' Parte TTiley J. McKain and Anna Adella, bis
wife,- vs. "W. G. Kcunedy, ot al Petition to exchange
and substitute negroes.
F appearing to my satisfaction that William E Ervin
and Sarah, bis wife,( defendants to the above
atateu reiuion^resiue wwioui anu ueyoDU me mniia
of lliis State. It is ordered on motion of Shannon,
Solicitor, for Petitioners,' that they do appear, plead. ]
answer or demur to the above Petition within three
months from the date of publication diorcof, or an
order to take the same pro. confesso, will -be entered
against them. - v v
* TV. II. R. WORKMAN, f. K. K. T).
March G?tf.
& " FM~SALE.
fTPIIAT valuable plantation on Wateree River, late
i JL the property of Zack Oantey and wife and former!/
belonging to the Estate of Adarason, containing
some thirteen hundred acres, bounded North by Dr.
Salmond's plantation and tho estate of John Chcsnut,
soutli by Edward E. Adnmson's plantation, east by
Springdale, and west by Wateree River. On the place
are all the necessary buildings, two mills; gin-house,
screw, etc., a large body of lands cleared k under fence,
in a good state for cultivation, and a large body of
well timbered uplands contiguous to tho settlement
? or wnns uppiy- to uunci ui i.jv unucicogucu.
Exr'sof Jno. Cnntey, Sen?
Jan 9, 2 If.
THE Subscriber earnestly calls upon all indebted to
the Estate of K. S. MOFFAT, either by note or
open account, to innko payment; long indulgence
cannot be given. A. M. KENNEDY, Adm'r.
March 6?tf.
Notice. r
ALL persons indebted to the Estate of the late B.
W. GIBBONS, will make payment to W.
Thurlow Caston, Esq., as the papers of tho Estate are
in his hnmls. And all persons who have demands '
against the Estate will give him notice of the same.
Feb'27 B. F. EDWARDS, Adm'r.
cA f H_r'? mi inn.M.Knrtihaw District.
Win. B. Fletcher, vs. Jas. Suraraervillo. Bill for
sale of Heal Estate.
TT appearing to raj satisfaction that Henry Sehroekr
X Joseph Schrock, Mary, wife of ? Burns, Phillip
Schrock and his wife Nancy ; Antliarics Pcrvines and
his wife Elizabeth, James e. Sumracrville, George W.
Sumraerville, David Sumraorvilie, Samuel Hood and
his wife Eliza, Robert Cunningham and his wife Mary.
Archibald Hood-aud Israel Hood, Robert G. Howard
and wifo Ann, are absent frCm and resido beyond the
limits of iliis State. It is therefore ordered that they
do appear, answer, plead and demur, to the said Bill
within threo months from tho dato of publication ot
this notice, or an order to take said Bill pro. coufesso,'
will be entered against them.
W. H. It. WORKMAN, C. E. K. D. 1
March C?tf. ? 1
Sotiill Carolina?Kershaw District.
liS- ittjUlTX.
Alexander McDonald, vs. Daniel llearon, et al. Bill
for Specific Performance of Agreement..
IT appearing to my satisfaction that Vincent Dclk
and his wife Polly; Isaac llearon, Joshua llesrou
Emanncl llearon, William Skinutftfffnines Skin*
neraiid John Skinner, defendants to tn^bove stated
bill, reside without thcrlimits of this State. On motion
of Caston, complainant's solicitor, it is ordered
that they do appear, answer, plead or demur to the
same within throe months from IhedatO-oi* publication
hereof, or an order to take the same pro. confesso, ,
will be enterod agaiust them.
W. fcL R. WORKMAN, C. E. K. D.
March 6?tf.
JIail and Passenger Truinsi j
ijS W rtaa^ rtjtsa orffl
Leave Charleston T n. in.
Arrive at Ivingsvillc 2 p. in; Columbia 3.45 p.
. m.; Camden 5 p. rn.
Leave Charleston 7 p. in.
Arrive at Kmgsvillc 4.30 a. m.; Columbia 6.30 a.
in. '
Leave Charleston 8 a. m. and 4.45 p. in. i
Arrive at Augusta 4 p. tu. and 4.30 a. m. i
Leave Columbia 7 a. m. and 4 p. in.
Arrive nt Charleston 3 p. m. and 4 a. ro. (
Arrive at Augusta 4 p. in. aud 4.30 a. ni.
Leave Columbia 12 a. m.
Arrive at Kingsville 1.30 p. tn. and Camden 5 ]
p. m. i
Leave Augusta 6.80 a. ni. aud 0 p. m. <
Arrive at Charleston 2.30 p. m. and 6.50 a, m.
' Arrive at Kimrsville 2 n. m. and 4.30 a. m.
Arrive at Columbia 3.45 p. m. and 6.30 a. in.
Arrive at Camden 5 p. iu.
Leave Camden 6 a. iu.
Arrive at Charleston 8 p. in.; Columbia J0.50 a.
ni.; Augusta 4 p.m. HENKY T. PEAKK,
Jan. 23?tf. Geul. Sup't.
rpnE undersigned will continue to sell goods at the
A " Old Corner" on tlio most favorable terms for
cash, or on a credit of one year. Tho above terms will
be strictly complied with, and no goodssold fora longer
time. Persons who have been indebted for 24 of
36 months are earnestly requested to pay up by the [
middlcof February. Those who disregard this notic
will most certaiuly find their notes and accounts in th
bands of an attorney for collection, if not arranged be
fore return day. K. W. BONNEY.
Jan. 2, 1855. 1 tf.
Hair Brushes.
''pDE undersigned has now on hand an elegant as
A sortmcnt of French, English and American Hair
Brushes, to which he invites the attention of his nu
roerous friends and customers.
August 9-32 tf " Z. J. DkIIAY.
New Velvet Ti-im 111 iugs.
JUST received a full assortment of black and color
ed Velvet Trimmings of all widths at
Dee. 5.?lm. C. MATHKSON'S.
Patent Door and Gate Springs.
EOBERT W.INMAN, from SliefBold, England
Manufacturer of "JNMAN'S PATENT DOOR
AND GATE SPRINGS," to which was Awarded the
first premium at tbo World's Pair, in London, 1851,
announces that he has constituted Messrs. A. M. k R.
Kcnuody and W. D. McDowall, Merchants, his sole
Agents for the District of Kershaw, State" of South
Curolins. For neatness, simplicity, full performance
of all it is intended to do, its oxcecding usefuluoss, its
durability, aud its cheapness, it certainly takes its position
in the front rank of modern inventions, Wo do
not inteod to puiT, a single oxuminalion will convince
thojudgmopt of its utility.
March 20?3w.
Shoes, Shoes. #
A FULL supply of Ladies BOOTS and SHOES, of
^ \ ... . nAATO
JTX. all styles end qualities Misses quuuujj
nd SHOES, Youth'saadBov's Shoes. Just received
T*HE highest price will be given for good hides
- ' \v Awnirnsnv.
Aug. 23 . 34 tf.
. Just Received.
AN assortment of Fisk's METALIC BURIAL CA
SKS. There havo boon late improvements in
this article. Can be seen at tbe subscriber's WareRoom.
? ? ??? ^?. .
notice. ?~
ALL persons indebted to tbc estate of Samnel
Bensoti sre requested to call and pay, as longer <
indulgeoeftertnnot be g?fcn.
J?"-- *0. J. DUKLAPr Adm'r.
I HE subscriber continues to act as agent iu both o
the Banks of Camden. E. W. BONNET.
July 11, 28 11
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Crockery &e.
I^IlEsubscribercontlnuosto kcop on hand a.com.
plcto assortment of Domestic Dry Goods, Groceries,
Crockery, Ac., which ho will soli very low for cask
ins siockoi uroccncs consists, mpart, ot
Snjar, Coffee, Salt, Cheese, &c. &c.
Purchasers would do well to give liim a call.
GABDEN Hand Ploughs, Borrows, Hoes, Rake
aud Trowels, just received at the "old corner,"
by E. W. BONNKY.
Feb. 14, 1854. 1 tf.
/"^ORN-SllELLERS, self-sharpening Feed Cutters,
\J (n new article,) also, Patent Cylinder and Thermouifcter..Churn9
lleat Cutters aud Suusage Stuffers.
Also, Hand Plows and Harrows for garden use. For
sale at the "Old Corner" by E. W.BON KEY.
TIIE subscriber will act as A gent for persons drawing
money from either of tho Banks in Camden.
Aug 14.?tf. . J. DUNLAP.
Wool, Wool.
WILL be purchased either in the Burr or clean,
Aug. 23 34 ' tf.
Rev. Dr. Cmnmiiig*' Works.
LECTURES on the Miracles; Lectures on the Parables;
on the Apocalypse, 1st and 2d scries; Lectures
on Roniahism; Lectures on Daniel; Scripture
Readings on Genesis and Exodus; Voices of the Day
aud Night; Voices of the Dead; Benedictions or the
Blessed Life; The Tent and the altar; The Great Sacrifice;
Christ our Passover; Kitto's Daily Bible Illustrations,
in 8 vol. 12-mo.; Coleridges Works, 6 vol. 12ino;
Chambers' Miscellanies, iu vol. izmo.; tinamoers rapers
for tlio People, 6 vol. 12mo.; DeSaulcy's Narntive
of a Journey round thc^Dcad Sea and in the Bible
Lands, in 1850 and 1851, including an account of the
discovery of the Sites of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Also a variety ol Miscellaneous Works, School Books,
4c. > ^ A. YOUNG.
Nov. 20. 4G
Keep Warm.
ENTLEMEN'S Overcoats, some very large size.
IT Also. Boys' Overcoats, just opened and for sale
at the "Old Corner" by E. W. BONNKV.
CtAltPET Bags, Floor Cloths, Crumb Cloths, 4c.
/ just received at " the Old Corner."
Sept 19?tf. E. W. BONNEY. '
A. HI. & R. Kennedy
HAVE received and offer for sale a full assortment
of Ready Made Clothing, consisting of Coats,
Vests, Pants,
Coals and Vests, Under Shirts, Drawers, J ITose, Ties,
Cravats, Ac, '
Dress Shirts, of superior quality, made to order aud
warranted to fit. Oct 24
LADIES' Brown and Drab cloths for Talmas and
Cloaks, jijst opened at the "Old Corner" by
Oct. 31?tf. K. W. BONN BY. j
. ? 1
COOPER'S ISING-GLASS, Almonds, Yeast Tow |
dcrs. Extracts, Candlos, Soaps, Ac., lor salo at th
"Old Corner," at the lowett prices. Oct.
10 E. W. BONNET."
* Notice. 1
TIIE Notes and Accounts of W. SI. Watson are
in uiy hands (as Assiguee) for collection. Those indebted
ure requested to make immediate payment,
and by so doing save costs.
Jan. 30. J- DUNLAP, Assignee. 1
??77 . ^ ,?PT. ?7
AM. X, K. KftjN a i'.UI k5 OlOCK 01 l/resa uuuua,
for Ladies' wear, Embroideries, liosiry, Gloves,
Sc., ia now very full, a-id offered on the most reasonable
SUMMER Clothing and Hats in a great variety of
stylos. Also, Fancy Linens ic. for Gentlemen's
wear, just opening at the '.'Old Corner'' by
March 13,?tf. E. W. 130NNEY.
rpilE subscribers having determined to discontinue
X this part ol their business, will dispose of the remainder
of their stock of Hats und Caps at cost for
cojA, or at a very small advance on timo.
An examination of their stock and prices will at
once convince any one desirous of purchasing, that it
?mi ?a liio Jnloruol 1a Kiiv nf
Will UU UWiucm; I,\j i*to liitwtvw. vw w.
Goods of like quality have never been oflered at such
low prices Among them may be found fine and fashionable
Nov. 21?if WORKMAN k CO.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
OFFER for sale, for cash, or on approved credit a
lowest mahket PRicfe, a large and well-selec
ted assortment of East India, Mediterrantan and
French, English, and American CHEMICALS, ok
all kinds,
Pateut Medicines, Tliompsonian Medicines,Shaker's
Herbs sud Roots, Saratflga Water, Wines and Brandies,
Surgical Instruments, Trusses, Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Paint Brushes, Dye-stuffs, Lamps, Lamp Oils,
Burning Fluid and Camphene, Druggists' and Physicians'
Glass-ware and Labels, Window Glass, Putty,
Hair, Tooth, Nail a?d Flesh Brushes, Bronzes, Teas,
Spices, and flavoring Extracts, Perfumery, Fancy
Soaps, Fancy Articles, Genuine Cod Liver Oil, together
with overy article comprising the stock of a Druggist
or Physician. Our stock is of the best quality, and
the best selected assortment ever offered to the public.
Physicians, Country Merchants, Planters and all
others can depend on their orders meeting prompt and
oorofi]! Attention, and uDon accommodating terras.?
No^xtra charge for packing or ttansportatlon to the
Railroad Depot or any part of the town.
Physicians' Prcsriptions carefully compounded
April 20. 17 ' tf
New Business Establishment
THE subscribers wish to inform the public generally,
that they have opened a CARRIAGEdHOP
on the Robinson Road, 16| miles above Camden, and
aro now prepared to attend to all orders in their line.
They will not be excelled in the quality of their work
or reasonableness of their charges, by any other establishment.
J. Ware, Wood-workman, and W. Cochran, Painter
and Trimmer, will give their undivided attention to
their departments, and all Blacksmith's work will be
dono to ordor by competent workmen.
Popt 12. 37 ly.
Domestic Goods.
BLEACHED and Brown Shirtings arffl Sheetings,
Plaids and Stripes, for servants, Cotton Caasimeres,
Denims and Checks, Bed Tick, Ac. For sale
by T: A. M. A. R. KENNDDY. '
"\TEW Raisins, Almonds, Citron, Extracts, Cheese,
' ** ~ -"r " n j j o /i
sugar tiouae syrup, .rowuereu ougai, vouum,
Pickles, Isinglass, Cayenne, and Jenny Liud gold twist
Tobacco, a superior article, just received at the "Old
Corner" by E. W. BONNEY.
RED and white Flannels, Linseys, Ticks, Sheetings,
all widths, Bed and Crib Blankets, Long Cloths,
brown and bleached Shirtings, &e. For sale low, by^
Sent 27. ~ A. M. & R. KENNEDY.
IEATHER and Shoe-Findings.?A
large assortment of Leather and Shoe-Findings.
For sale low by WORKMAN A CO.
Lamps!?Lamps f!
JUST received an elegant assortoignt of Burning
Fluid and OilLampa. Purchasers are invited,to.
call and examine onr Stock previous to buying else,
where. T. J. WORKMAN & CO.
March ?=tt ~ j
-i. I ^
Ti now open for the accommodation of the Trao
9 ; eling Public.
IT is an excellent and commodious building, new and
well fitted up, and lately put in a state o!' com pic to
repair. The Rooms are large, open and airy; fiao family
parlors well furnished. The Table will be supplied
with every thing which an excellent country market
Will afford, and atienaea oy uie uesiwrvama
The Bar will be supplied with the choicest "Winct
and Liquors. * ; *
Are well fitted up, attended by careful And experienced
Ostlers, and well supplied with Provender. ,
Lots prepared for the accommodation of Brprcrs, witliexcellent
water Conveniences. C,
There will ut ull tiffies be an Omnibus in attendance
to convey passengers to and from the Depot.
Camden, May 30, 1864. 22
r>/vu ** i n/twrr. nifiKA'SRti.
JT VII f*ML4MJ t? ju? -
Also, admirably adapted to many disensos of Females,
most" especially to painful tienstruation.
TVic Virtues of Jacob's Cordial are too well kimdn to require
1st. It cures the worst cases of Diarrhoea. 2d. It
cures the worst forms of Dysentery. 8d. It cures
California or Mexican Diarihoeo. 4th. It relievos the
severest Colic. 5th. It cures Cholera Morbus. 6th.
It cures Cholera Infantum. 7th. It cures Painful
Menstruation. 8th. It relieves Pain in Back and
Loins. 9th. It counteracts Nervousness and Despondency.
10th. Ifr restores Irregularities. 11th.
It dispels'gloomy and hysterical Feelings. 12th. It's
an admirable Tonic.
A few short Extracts-from Letters, Testimonials, etc.
"ilmvA nam! Jnooli's Cordial in mv family, and
luve found it a most efficient, and in my judgment, &
valuable remedy." .Hon. Hirau Warner,
Judge of Supreme Court, 6a.
"it gives me pleasure iu being able to recommend
Jacob's Cordial?my own personal experience, and
trhe experience of my neighbors and friends around
me, is a sufficient guarantee for me to believe it to be
all that it purports to be, viz. a sovereign remkdt."
Wm. H. Underwood,
Formerly Judge of Supreme Court, Cherokee Ct.
"I trike great pleasure in recommending this invaluable
medicine to all afflicted withbowefdiseasea,
for which I believe it to be a sovereign remedy?de
cidedly superior to any thing else ever tried by me."
A. A. Gaulding, Deputy G. M., of
the Grand Lodge of Georgia.
" I have used ' Jacob's Cordial' in my family, and
this, with all I hear about it as a remedy by those
who lmvc tried it, induces me to believe that it stands
it the head of every preparation of the kind, and I
1 J *fr? lion in tVia /lionoaA fnr vliinh it is
WOU1U rCCUUIUit'liU no uo? ill Uiv ???..vM .v w
compounded." Milks G. Dobbins, Cashier of
the Bank of the State of Georgia, Griffin.
" If there is is any credibility in human testimony
'Jacob's Cordial' must stand pre-eminent above all
other preparations for the cure of Bowel Diseases.?
From the mass of testimony in its favor from coming
in from all quarters, it must be very far in advance'
is a curative agent, of most if not all other ' patent,
preparations." A. Flkmino, Cashier Marine &
Fire Insurance Bank, Griffin.
"This efficient remedy is travelling into celebrity
as fast n? Bonaparte pushed his columns into Russia,
find gaining commendation wherever used."
Georgia Jeffersonian, May 1 Oth, 1853.
For sale by T. J. Workman <k Co, Camden; J. F
Kennedy ?fc Co., Rijjgewuy; T. A. Dargan, Darling
Lou; W* T. Dargan <fc Co., Sumterville; P. H. Mc
rtni-cnn Columbia.
Principal Depots. L
Havilaxd, IIarral <fc JIislt. New York.
IIavilanp, IIarual it Co., Charleston.
J. Weight it Co., New Orleans.
WM. w. BLISS & CO., Proprietors,
Sayannau, Ga.
Aug. 15, 33 ly.
THE Subscriber still continues to net as Agent for
parlies doing business in either of the Banks in
Camden, and hopes by strict attention to the same to
merit a continuance of the patronage heretofore en?
trusted to mm. \j, iuai
Aug. 20, 1S54. 35?ly
GENTLEMKN'.>flue Black Cloth Frock Coats, black
Cassimero and white Marseilles Vests, opened
last week and for salcrat the "Old Corner" by
Oct. 31-tf. ' E. W. BONNEY.
FUST received from the house of David Landreth,
PiiilndplnhtA. a lanre and well-selected assortment
of GARDENrSEEDS. consisting, in part, of tho following
varieties, viz.:
Large globe artichoke, Early refugee "
Long blood beet, Long green cucumber,
Swamp 41 Early frame cucumber,
White sugar 44 G reen cluster 44
Red 44 44 Gherkin "
Extra early turnip beet, Largo purple egg plant,
Early York cabbage, Nutmeg melon,
44 May 44 Turk's cap citron melon,
44 Dutch 44 Silver skin onion,
44 drumhead44 Boll pepper,
44 sugar-loaf'4 . Sweet mountain pepper,
44 Savoy 44 Cayenne 44
Large York 44 Brown Dutch lettuce,
Lat^drumhead 44 Green Cos a
41 Dutch* 44 Early cabbago 44
Curled Savoy 44 Large 44 44
Green Glazed 44 Ice bead 44
Red Tutch ' "for pick- Sugar parsnip,
[ling Long Salmond radial),
T^irnr flnllflrda. 44 SCarlet 41
Long orange carrot, Red turnip 44
Early horn " "White44 "
White solid celery, Black Spanish "
Cauliflower, Round spinach
Salsify,or vegetable oyster Early Washington peas,
Early bush squash, *4, Charlton 44
Crook-necked marrow44 Prince Albert . 41
Large red tomatoes, Extra early 44
Small 41 44 Large marrowfat 41
Large pear shap'd" Black-eyed 44 44
Early Dutch spring turnip, Dwarf blue imperial 44
ItGQ COp iwjai unon
Adams' early com, ' Knight's tall 44
Curled parsley, . Si* weeks bush beans,
Large Lima beans, China red-aye "
Small " or Show " Early Mohawk " Rod
valentine ' *" ' Rachael "
T. J. WORKMAN & Co. January
4th, 1855. 2tf
Keep Yonr Feet Warm and Dry.
LADIES and Gentlemen who are oxposed either to
the wet or cold winter-weather, would do well to |
provide themselves with Cork Soles and Winter Overshoes,
which may be had of superior quality and on
reasonable terms of ' ' WORKMAN & CO.
Nov. 21, 47 tf.
LADIES' Dress Goods in Black and colors, and
every grade of style and quality. Just oponed
at the "Old Corner" by E. W. BONNEY.
March 13, 11 if.
CONGRESS WATER for sale by the case at the
" Old Corner." E. W, BONNET.
March 20, 12 . V It
HOUSE-KEEPING articles in a great variety/alao
fiathinor Tubs. Rockimr and Sitting Chairs, just
received at the " Old Corner3' by '
Oct31?1? E. W. BONNET. .
rPHB subscriber respectfully informs his friends and
JL patrons that be continues bis BUSINESS IN
ALL ITS BRANCHES at W. J". Gayer's old stand,
southeast comer Meeting and "Wentworth streets,
where may be seen a large stock of good VEHICLES,
composed of light and heavy work. Splendid Fall
Stock arriving every week, among which are some new
endrery-tasty models of Family Carriages.
Manufacturing and Repairing will be done from this
U> with usual "dispatch.
" "** ' J *" ?rrrwr i tit. riff 1 OTV
CMrlwton, ri 07 a?. l
iji . ?
/. * ' *
" r3ir^ ' # t iff".- v "* * . j
These -FUU are entirety VegetaM?? Ml are 4
mo it superior Medicine in the eere of ell BOimtCka
plaints, Chuls and Fever, Dyspepsia, Cbstirenest, Liver CbapMa
Jaundice, Sick Headache, Scrofula, &dt Meats. Fevsrspf m
Tj** ?/ At^.111. SV,*r~*~i /,?/? Mn'n/u? ifj-mttrujrHrm /Iwt * Sim.
pertap dif.mtM.
As * Female Medicine they art like a charm, tad when takes
according to the direction*, they never till to cnr? the went
case* of Files* nttcrnD other remedies fail. * . ...
They purify the blood, equalise the ebreelei
tlon, restore thel/twer,KWneyi, and etbar M?
eretory Organs, to a healthy tons and aitlani
and as an Any-BlIlous Family Medians they base no eqwa1.
Prigs 25 cents per hoi.
A rt*edyfbr tough, Qids, Catarrh, BrondatU, Crtmf, Whrngi.
Cough, Asthma, Connmption, Nervous Ditto**, DrntnUS^a '
Keenest, Erysipelas,Ditto* qf the Start, Infiammatitm unitM
in the Chest, Back and Side, and afl diseases arising frmuA
ranged state of the Stomach, and to rsUete the distress nssiha
fating from eating too hearty food, in weak assd dyspeptic heH
These PlUi act u an tapectorant, Tonic, and Aperlen t Oie
36 e*ht box powici three time* mora pawut to.caw, dhias.f
thill a one dollar bottle ol any of the Byrapt, Bilsesnc Of farm
parities, that were ever made: and a simple trial otaaj one W
will prore this important troth.
Thejr promote Expectoration, LMMtM ?
Phle(m, and Clear the Lnnci and outer4 tut'
tory Organ#, of aril morbid matter: aid. th era f
not another remedy in the whole Materia Meafes rape'lie t
Imparting inch healing properties to the Lungs sad Tital C
gene at these Pills. Thejr Core Costlreaea*, neiu
a food, regular Appetite, and ItnifUWrtlH
Price 26 cents per box, containing 26 doees of MedkfcUb
Call on the Agents who sell the Pills, and get the ntnier't
Almanac gratis, firing (till particulars and cintlihet? ef cam.
' Both kinds or the above-named Pills are tut sals in
Erery Town aad Village in North ud loath
Id Camden by T. J. Workman A (Jo., whonlso
keep a supply of Dr. SPENCKR'SVEQETABLE
-ww w n . j n_ tittttio /loy t9y>t> a pfhptv t?tt t c
flijijO, &DQ ur. nuxiua vchjcujiwijoi; j. uu?f
which stop tho Chills and Fever the first day.<J * '.
July 26. 30 ' . ly
Patent Medicines, Ac.
AFRESH SUPPLY, just received, among them {
are: . - ...
Holloway's Ointment Cherry Pectoral ,
HoIIowaj's Pills Hasting's Syrup Naptha
Hobensack's Worm Syrup Rodger's Syrup of Liver*
Mextican Mustang Lini- wort and Tar and Can*
ment _ chalagua |
Pain Killer Daily's Magical Pain Ex* I
Seltzer Aperient tractor "
Barry's Tricopherous Christie's Galvanic Belts?
Jayne's Medicines ^ Necklaces, Bracelets and
Radway's Ready Relief Fluid
Oxygenated Bitters Brow's Ess. Jamaica Ginger
Georgia Sarsaparilla Murray's Fluid Magnesia
Cnn/lo' QftvoonoiMllo T.itrop nil
uauuo tjuicopaiuiu vv? imivi vw
Townsend'sSarsaparilla Indian Hair Dye
Dead Shot fr Bachelor's Hair Dye
Fahnestoek's Vermifuge Depilatory Power
Wistar's Balaam Wild Cher-Magnetic Plaater
. - ' / H.T
For sale by F. 1. ZEMP.
Flavoring Extracts
FOR Ices, Custards, Puddings, and allkindsof Con*
foctionary, Pastry, <?c. Ac. Among them are Vanilla,
Lemon, Peach, Nutmeg, Bitter Almond, Banana,
Pine Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Rose, Ginggr^.Cinnamon,
&c. Ac., all very superior and for sale by
F." H ZEMP.,
Constantly on Hand, *"
CEMENT, Calcined Plaster of Paris, for building
Durnoses: Gvnsum or Land Plaster, for ajmcnl*
tural purpose s, and Stoneliime, all of good quality and
in quantities to suit purchasers. ^
A very superior articleof White Lime forwhitewaah
March 9. 20 ,tf. 1
Administrator's Notice. ' '
ALL persons having demands against the estate of ^
Joseph Wienges, dee'd., will band them in properly
attested to A. G. Baskin, and those indebted to
said estato will make payment to him.
Oct. 3i. 4i ' tf,
'T'HE undersigned continueshis business at the old
JL stand, returns his thanks for pastfavora and hope
or a continuance of patronage. All work in Ills line
will be done with punctuality, and where the cash is
paid, at the time of delivery, a discount of ten per cent
will be made.
Jan 6, lylJ2- F. J. OAKS.
To Painters. rr\T\
IT. QnVteoriVinr liou nAnr An hon/4 n lorrwt flnrl 0^1a/>l
lliJ yuwjvnwvi iiaa uuu vu nuuu m ihi gv u uu uvtvv*
JL stock of Pure White Lead, Zinc White, Linsee
Oil, Spts. Turpentine (a Home production) Chrome
Green, 4c. 4?.
A fioe lot of American and French Window Glass,
n sizes from 8 M 10 to 18 M 24; Potty in bladders,
Glaziers' Knives, Paint Brushes, and Sash Tools, which
will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms.
Z. J. DiHAY.
Aug. 29. . 35
For sale by A. M 4 R. Kennedy?via:
Dress, Frock, and Business Coats; Vests and Pantaloons;
Dress and Under Shirts; Drawers; half Hose;
Fancy Cravats; Washington Ties, 4c.
Boy's Clothing?Coats and Vests. Fashionable Hats,
Caps,'4c. Sept.27.
. ~ (
Jacob's Cordial*
WWAAWT 1 n _ _ Ti Oa^Miak
Ml II IP I,K r* ll .-I iwririHn ^nn.ijin.j- B|?imn
Mixture; Bull's, Townsend'sand Sand's Sarsapa*
rilla; Rad way's Ready Relief Ready Resolvent, Ready
Regulators; Circassian Balm for the bair
Roger's Liverwort and Tar, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Wistar's Balsam WiljlCherry, Hatchings' Dyspepsia
Bitters;. Oxygenated Bitters
Moffat's Bitters; Tarrants' Seltzer Aperient
Upbam's vegetable Electuary; Rowand's Tonic
Rowaud's Compound Syrup of Blackberry Boot
Henry's Magnesia; Murray's Fluid Magnesia Citrate
Ellis' Magnesia; Christie's Galvanic Curatives
Mustang Liniment; Jaynes' Medicines
Rose's Family Medicines; Strong's Pills; Moffat's do.
Lerov'8, Peters' and Holloway'a Pills
Jew David's Hebrew Plaster; Peeiy'a Dead Shot
McLane's Vermifuge and pills; Fabnestock'sVermiftige,
with a great many other Patent Medicines to be found
at T.J. WORKMAN &CO's. Drug 8tora,
ARE respectfully informed that they will find at
the old stand of Workman A Boone, a lane
and well assorted stock of BOOTS and SHOES, HAI9,
CAPS, Trunks, Valices and Carpet Bags, which we
will sell as low as oen be bought in this market.
April 25. WORKMAN A CO. j
Faucy China Ware S J
JUST received at Workman's "Drag Store, an ele- I
gant assortmentof China Ware, ooneistfng in part of I
Fine Gilt China cups and saucers, with and witboet
mottoes I
Rich Gilt Card receivers and Jewelry stand*
Phina Tnirntands. Jewelrvboxee fl
Flower Vases, elegant Toilet bottles, Ac, 4a
A flail supply of American and English Tooth an
Hair Brushes; Clothes, Haft and Shoe do.
Buffalo dressing Combs, pocket and fins tooth Comb
Also a large lot of fineandcommon Shaving brashes
Two Dollars if paid in advance; Two Dollars -and
Fifty Cents if payment be delayed three months, tad
Three Dollars if not paid till the expiration of the year
ADVERTISEMENTS win be inserted at the fol?
lowing rates: For one Square, (fourteen lines or lea,)
Bovenly-flve cents lor the first, and thirty-seven an9^l
halfoenU for each subsequent insertion. 8ingle io
sertions, one dollar per square; semi-monthly, month
ly and quarterly advertisements charged the same at
for a single insertion, v. . ; I
Mf* The number of Ibsertions desired must be noted- fl
? !t. ~r .11 _ *1..? -ill v. fl
on UiO uioigiu vj cma auvvuiocmuuifi- ui vucj t?im ww h
published until ordered discontinued and chuged ar
' I
-- ? T

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