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IfiiBrtllnirttas P.im.
Hon. Mr. Boycc.
The correspondent of the Gharlestoh Evening
News thus freaks of obr Rcpresentn
"Mr. Boyce, of your State, sustained in n
speech, on yesterday, his well earned repuiation,
as one of the best posted gentlemen on
* thet;uiff"in the House. His aecunilaiion of
facts ntid arguments Rguinsl a tariff for pro*
< tectum, made a deep impression upon the body.
His speech tVill Ite published and circulated
in your StAte. I forbear detailed comment
upon it. Your readers will all no doubt read
it, and'(hi its character that justice which it so
| x well merits."
The same correspondent says:
^"Governor Cobb, of Georgia, his, it is said,
^^ been settled upon as the Premier. Some |>ersons
doubt his ability to fill the place. This
nriui frnm the f?rt that the Governor's talent
is of that character thai it never exerts itself
beyond the emergency demanding its exercise.
He never shows himself to be anything more
than is necessary for the occasion. As Secretary
ofState he would be a safe man and would
f prove that he possesses the ability to fill the
Executed.?Samuel S. Tindall, who had
f been tried and convicted of the murder of his
^ wife, suffered the extreme penalty of the law,
for that offence, On Friday last, between the
hours of twelve and tw6 o'clock,
It never has been our melancholy duty to
witness" ohe who braved the terrors of death
with more fortitutde or resignation. lie pro
fessed faith in the efficacy of the redemption,
and said that he "believed that Jesus was his
friend." The Rev. Mr. Mahoney, by request
the prisoner," offered a feeling prayer, in
which lie powerfully beseiged the throne of
Divine Urace in his l>ehan, at the conclusion 01
which rising from his knees, and warmly grasping
the reverend gentleman's hand, he bade
him meet him in hea\en. He ascended tiie
gallows, betraying but little trepidation or unus
ual alarm, and with calmness said, "Farewell,
my dear friends?prepare to meet me in hea
ven." The rope was then adjusted and the cap
placed over his face. Being then asked by the
Deputy if he was ready, he replied, "yes," in a
- -v distinct and audible tone, and in a brief space
of time thereafter was in the presence of his
Maker- He died without scarcely a struggle.
Every respect and atteLtion had been paid the
prisoner by his kind hearted and worthy friends
and relatives, and ^bis remains were decently
intarnul Slitrntpr Wntrhman lfi/A inxt.
Judge O'Xeall's Lecture.?The South
Carolinian furnishes the following report:
"A large audience on Wednesday evening
enjoyed the address of our esteemed Judge on
his 'Reminiscences of Columbia.1 He treated
the subject in his usual felicitous and effective
manner, interspersing his local facts and details
with interesting anecdotes. His recollection of
the old State House, with the early history of
many of the conspicuous legislators of his earl)'
day ?of the College and other public institutions
?of the B<?rtch and Bar, and of citizens
who adorned their professions and trades in our
former village, weie replete with pleasing inci
dents and "memorable circumstances.
' "He embraced in his remarks the hislory of
our banks and rail-roads, and dwelt with much
forceon the enhanced value given to our property
by these important enterprises. His allusion
to the true intention of banks, being for the
interest oi the people; ana not to accumulate
tnoney in the pockets of their stockholders,
might be*impressed with good results on the
boards of directors of these important institutions.
"We hope the Judge will favor us with another
lecture, on the 'Bench and Bar,' on which
theme he.can give much valuable and useful
btatorr "
Destructive Fire.
rThe large Barn of Hon. 'R W. Pickens,
two miles from this place on the Newberry
road, was consmned by fire on Friday evening
last, involving a very cousideiable loss to the
owner. The building was 90 feet in length
I oy to in oreaain, iwo siones nign, wun uraf
.. nary, Corn shellers, Thrasher, Fan, Si raw
cutters, &c., <k<r., complete. In the basement
were some 25 or 30 mules and several blooded
mares. Two of the mares and five of Ihe
mules were burnt to death. Twenty one of;
the mules were saved with comparatively little i
injury. About 2700 bushels of corjj, besides j
a very large quantity "of fodder, oats, wheat!
and peas, were lost. . Out of a bulk of about
3000 bushels of corn in the shuck, some seven !
hundred bushels were saved by haulfng water
and throwing it upon the burning mass. A
long and commodious Cowhouse adjoining
was also burnt, and also a shuck barn. The |
total loss is estimated at $5,000, and may
perhaps prove to have been even more. Col. i
P. states to us that he has no doubt it was the
work of an incendiary. He has grounds for
the belief; and it would be well for every ono
. to keep on the look out against a like misfortune.
It is hoped the perpetrator may yet be exposed
and punished as he deserves.
.Edgefield Advertiser, 16th iiist,
? ?
Fatal Di'iel.? The Savannah Ccnrgiun says:
"Much excitement was evident in this city yesterday,
when it was known that a duel had
.">een fought, with a fatal termination to. one of
the parties,between Dan'l Stewart Elliott, .Esq.
and Thos. R. Daniell. Esq , both tfell known
gentlemen, residents of Savannah.
The Weapons chosen were rides, the distanco
tWentvfive paces, the time Monday at noon,
and the place, Scriven's Ferrv, 8. C., about
three miles below this city,
On first fire, Mr. Daniell fell mortally wounded,
and Mr. Elliott received no hurt.
We enter into none of the details or causes
of this affair of honor, as street reports are not
all to be depended on for correctness,.
JDrbtiPTios, Read ! TberT)xyg?ria!ed fritters
Kved more eoccessfol tlwa nl! other te
known, in caeea of Dyspepsia and
DebiHty. Those who doubt this smte
y A RtOrt MAN.~Many suppose Perry Davis
t to be Very Wealthy from the immense sales of
the Pain Killer, but his beuevojento equals Ins
rincome. He is acquirihg a reputation more
valtnVe than gold. (10.)
V ... ?v. . ^
tl)e Cnmbrn tUffklij Jfonriai.
Tuesday, February 24, 1857.
THO. J. WARREN, Editor.
Our Cotton Market.
The Market for the past week lias been quite active.
About .700 bales sold, at prices ranging from 11 to
13} cents.
The quotations of tie Charleston ^Market on Satur
day ranged from 12J to 13i cents.
New Paper.
> The Lexington Flag has recontly mado its appearance
under the conduct of Messrs. Di-eher and Leppard,
and preseuts a very neat and creditable appearance.
We welcome our young friends into the editor
rial arena.
Our Rail Road ReceiptsLast
week we made a considerable mistake in the
statement of the business on our branch.
The figures were all perfictly correct, but the concluding
paragraph should read: This includes passage
money down and freight up, with the Conductor's
returns. We had the freight reversed in our statement
of the l"th inst., inserting tho word down instead
of up.
Col. A. Sinikins declines the nomination as a Candidate
for Congress, in place of the late Hon. P S.
Major B. F. Perry, who was recently nominated by
a writer in the Spartanburg Express, for Congress, as
the successor of Hon. J. L. Orr, declines tho nomination,
and expresses his preference for, and determine,
tioa to support Col. Patvkina, should he be a candidate.
A Good Remedy.
We take pleasure in calling attention to the Advertisement
of an excellent medicine for the relief
of Dyspepsia, which is said to be?by gentlemen
in Sumter District, and elsew here, of the highest
standing and integrity?-almost excellent and valuable
remedy. *
This is no patent nostrum attempted to be pu^
upon the people for the sole purpose of gain and
humbug, but a true southern remedy, and one
which in time, from all accounts, is destined to be
regarded as an invaluable panacea for many of
the ills of life, See Advertisement.
The Cincinnatua
We are indebted to our esteemed and excellent
friend, Gen. Cary, for the February number of an excellent
Agricultural monthly, published at Farmer's
College, College Ilill, Ohio.
The work, in its typographical appearance, and
reading matter, as far as a hasty examination enables
us to judge, is most excellent, and, no doubt will do
much towards improving and elevating the standard
of scientific Agriculture.
F. G Cary, Fsq., brother of Gen. C., is President of
the Farmer's College, to whom all communications
should be addressed.
The Home Circle.
We aro indebted to ltpv. W. A. Gamcwell, for the
February number of this interesting and excellent
monthly, published at Nashville, Tenn., by Messrs
Stevenson ft Owen, of the Southern Methodist
Publishing House in that City. The work' contains
many interesting matters nod well deserves its name,
as a suitable aud monthly visitor to the Home Circle
and fireside. Xo parent need feel the lea-t hesitancy
in its being introduced into the family, for nothing of
doubtful propriety, we are satisfied, will ever be
found to pollute its unexceptionable pages.
Price $2 per annum. Sub?cription*may be left with
Rev. W. A. Gamewell, or with the Editor of the
Washington's Birth Day
Was celebrated* on Saturday, last, the 22d falling
on Sunday, by the Camden Light Infantry, under
command of Lt Kershaw. This being their
anniversary, the usual target exercises took place
resulting in the distribution of the following prizes;
First Comp'y. I'rize, Gold Medal, D. C .Tryon.
Second do. Plume, Belt, &c, J. Hinson.
Third do. 'Silver Cup, S. C. Clybum.
Fourth do. do. ' N. Bradshaw.
The Officers prize, a Silver Cup presented by
the Company, was won by Lt. S, D. Shannon.
In the evening the Company sat dpwn to a supper
prepared in good style by Mr. R. B. Curtis,
after doing ample'justice to which, a number of
sentiments, short'speeches, &.c, were given by
Col. Kershaw, Major Shannon, and others.
The whole occasion passed "off harmoniously.
. Speech of Hon. W. W Boyce.
We publish to-day a part of the very admirable
speech of lion. W. W. Boyce, on the Tariff question,
which shows at once the material and depth of tho
Mr. Boyce talks like a statesman, reasons as a sound
practical man, and announces his views in language
clear, comprehensive and easily to be understood by
all. There is a Calhoun style about bis reasoning
| which is strikingly illustrated in this speech?a com'
ing right to the paint, and a forcible illustration-of his
subject by anj?ppeal to practical experience. Tit ore
, is a solidity in his argument, and an earnest truthful.
I ness about his style that* we Hke very much, and we
I are safe in saying that, for his years, we doubt if there
I is an abler, safer, or more reliable man in Congress.?
' Indeed, wo must6ay here what we liavo often thought)
| (and it is no small compliment these cays,) Mr. Boyce
j mprores as he goes along, and his constituency may
, well be proud of a representative, who, although com!
paratively yonug' in years, has already made his mark
i high among the statesmen of the day.
A compliment to Mr. Bojrce is no rare thing now a!
days, but we must say that the fellowiug, from such a
source as the Charleston Jfercwy, deserves to be
copied and acknowledged by his friends:?
"Wo surrender much of our space to-day to the
recent speech of tho Hon. W. Boyce, on our Rev
enue system. It .is strikingly marked bv. strong common
sense, careful iW#roh, and iftd'epeudenco of
thought. *Jt is, in fact, one" of .the most searching examinations
which this subject lias ever undergone, nnd
made a grsal*impre3sion on tlis House, nnd lias received
generally very higff commendation. '
- Godey's Ladys' Book
& promptly at hand for March, and continues,
3R usual, to be quite popular among those for
whose especial benefit it is designed,
i %Vkt/!CB's Magazine is also at hand for March
; jrfid we extend to our favorite the same warmj
hearted welcome that we did " when first wo
I were acquaint.".
1 "The editor* speak to the intellect and tha
heart, as Well Hs to the fancy of tho reader, and
are striving to give their country women a work of
superior literary merit, softened by the adornments
of genial art, and warm with the soul's best impulses.
Let it find*its way into every household!''
ii Tjil' -| i T" i ii ^
RuBsell'g Magazine.
We are much pleased to 3ee from the Charleston
Courier that arrangements are definitely made to
commence the publication in March, and" the work
is likely to be commenced under the most favorable
circumstances. Having from the first expressed
our approbation of this enterprise, nod hoping it may
receive the most abundant success, we shall take
great pleasure in forwarding the wishes of the Pro.
prictors, and will cheerfully ect as Agent for Camden
and its vicinity. We shtill hereafter, at an early day,
refer to the subject again, antl publish terms, &c.
T& Courier says:?
" A distinguished contributor from Virginia, of established
repute, whose pen lias been engaged for this
Magazine, in a late letter, remarks:?
" I (ind. from a pnraeraph in a newspaper, that you
wiir cail the work Russell's. Magazine' The name
strikes m? as a very excellent one, end if Mr. R. is as
worthy and high toned a gentleman, as I am informed
ho is, I congratulate you upon, securing so pleasant a
" With the first number?to be issued early in March
?there will be commenced, as we learn, a serial ofhigh
order and excellence which has l>een warmly commended
by critical judges to whom the manuscript has been
submitted. It will be entitled" IJsteourt ortheMemoir*
of a Virginia Gentlemanand will be extended
through the first half year at lea?t. A considerable
portion of the manuscript has already been submitted
and approved
"Among the other features of the first number, will
be a poetical contributiouspecially furnished byoaeof
the jirst poets of the country."
Later from lYicaragua.
Nkw Orleans, I V>. 18.?The Texas brings
interesting accounts to the 10th* instant, front
Grey town.
The Tennessee arrived safely, and Col. Titusjoined
Col. Lockridge in an attack on the camp
of 800 Costa Ricans at the mouth of the
Serepaqua. The Costa Ricans were defeated
with great loss, while their assailants suffered
Tho Tennessee was compelled to return to
Punta Arenas for repairs of machinery, which
being done she proceeded again to the place of
action, and it was expected tliat in one week,
by her aid, the Nicaraguans would obtain full
possessions of the river.
Accounts from Walker's main camp are to
the 3d instant, by the Orizaba, from Panama.
The enerny, under Canos, had appeared near
Rivas, but had been repelled. Col. Hummingsen,
with 400 men, 011 the 28th January,
attacked 1,500 of the allies at St. George,
and drove them from their position, when he
returned to Rivas.
Walker's whole force at Rivas 1,300, leaving
1,100 fit for duty, and in fine health and
condition, with ammunition for activeoperations
for some months.
This intelligence is confirmed hv a despatch
from our correspondent at Greytown. under
date of the 10th inst.
Washington, Feb. 14th.?The Senate have
paiscd the Minnesota land bill, and the Pacific
' on vt.:
wagop roan Dili, isunilii" I input unit iu me
House, The report from the Special Cummit
tee corruption ease, will be presented on Tuesday
or Wednesday.
Washington, Feb. 10.? In the Senate, in
executive sc?sion,taction was postponed on the
Central American treaty untiTt ie 5th ofMarch.
The Belmont treaty was ratified.
Mr. Gwinu qualified and took his seat.?
Fessenden's credentials were then presented.
A resolution nsking the PoslMaster General
if any legislation was necessary to insure the
delivery of public documents, was passed.
The bill to refund to Massachusetts for the
outlay of upwards of 8200,000, disbursements
in 1812, was referred.
The Committee, on the whole discussed the
Tariff bill.
The Houtc, under suspension of the rules,
referred to the Committee of the Whole on the
state of the Union about fifty Senate, river and
harhor bills.
The bill tosetlle the claims ??f South Carolina
for services in the war of 1812, was discussed,
tfnd postponed till Monday.
Washington, Feb. 19.?The Senate has
passed the bill confirming the titles to the Slates
to swamp lands, has passed the bill introduced
to secure an equal distribution of the public
lands to the Stales, and to increase the pay of
the army officers.
In the House the bill to repeal the laws of
Kansas, ordering a new election of the legislature
has been passed by 20 majority. The
submarine bill has been recommitted to the
Cuinmittce of Ways and Means'for amendment.
Washington, Feb. 20.?The Senate has
passed the bill dividing Texas into two judicial
districts. The House has passed the Sub Marine
telegraph bill by 22 majority.
The fallowing, it is generally conceded, will
compose Mr. Buchanan's Cabinet Cass,
Secretary of State; Floyd, of Vs., War; Brown
(ol lenn.) iNavy; L-obb, of Oeorgia, I reasury;
J. Glancy Jones (of Penu.) Post Office; Jacob
Thompson. of Miss., Interior; Touoey (of Conn.)
Attorney General.
In the House, Davis from the Investigating
Committee, made'a special report on the case
of Gilbert, accompanied by a resolution for his j
expulsion. There was excitement and a warm
debate in the Mouse.
The tariff Bill passed the House this day by
a majority of'26 votes.
The House Committee lias reported in favor
I of the expulsion of Ed wards, Welch, Matteson,
and of Simonton, as reporter, the consideration
of-which is fixed for Wednesday.
Enoch Train, of Boston, has failed, having
heavy liabilities in England. 1
The friends of Senator Cass, report to-daj*
with all confidence that he has received the oiler j
of the State Department.
J. Glaticy Jones, M. C., of Penri., declines a
place in the new Cabinet.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 21.?The Senate j
have passed the bill, authorising a State G??v? I
eminent for Minnesota, with an amendment.I
restricting suffrage to citizens of the United |
States. '
The House passed the Post Qlfiee appropriation
bill, and laid on the table n resolution
vacating the seat occupied by Whilfcld, Territo
rial delegate from Kudsar.
Washington", Feb. 22.?/The foreign Sound '
Dues Treaty binds the parties signing it lo pay
Denmark the ttutn ol 30,000,000 Rix dollars.
The North Eastern Rail Road has been open,
ed to a station beyond and north of the Santee,
which has been vroithilv culled "Gvurdin't."
v ,
3X Read the following letter from Caleb Par:
ker.,_ Esq., of Concord, N. H, a man honored
ana esteemed by all who know himf
disposition to make my name conspicuous, I take
the opportunity to state to the afflicted the benefit
I have derived fro.m the use of Dr. GREEN'S
OXYGENATED BITTERS, and to recommend
'them to others. For two years I have been troubled
with indigestion and its attendant evils, such
as flatulency, constipation, severe attacks of diarrahcea,
accompanied with water-brash at the
6tomach, which reduced *meln; Be6h, strength,
and sbirits, so low that f Wad nearly unfitted for
1 T Wrt TTA Wff I ? * C- fl? 'Vrrt
OUSlllfSSi X iu to?*i?| |iiiipiviauci iiviii
whorri t obtained only temporary relief, and finding
in a short time my disease returning upon me
in all its malignity, I concluded, w^th the advice
of friends, but without the least faith tn their efficacy,
to try the OX YG^JATflD .'BITTERS,
from the use cff which I foiind immediate relief,
having no return of water-brash after taking the
first portion. T. continued to use ft icoqrding to
the directions, until I had taken eight or tpn bottles
which have entirely cured me. My weight
has increased some thirty-five pounds, and my
health is perfect. I can tiuly say that I consider
the OXYGENATED BITTDRS the best tonic extant.
lhave recommended them to several, who
have invariably found great benefit from their
use. Yours respectfully, ?
138 Washington Street, Boston,'Proprietors.
Said by their age^tajeyei^.flffiere.
I was attacked with dyseriteiy.And itAsbon be-,
came very distressing ; I used this medicine accordinp;
to the directions, and was cured in three
days. My wite was also atfacked with . pain in
the stoma ch, in consequence of eating too soon
aftpra fit of sickness; "die was relieved in a few
minutes after taking this medicine. To use her
own words, she said she felt thp pain remove after
she had taken it, as quick as you could see
a lump of sugar dissolve in cold water. My son
was burnt so badly the skin wasoff; J applied the
medicine immediately, and it took the fire out and
healed the wound in less time than I ever saw
one healed before. One of my children fell over
a chair and bruised its head very bad, bht the
bruise was soon dispersed by bathjng in this medicine.
I will mention one case mdre of its' wonderful
effect in'cnring a wound intiictpdby my son's
falling out of doors and cuttingliinoself badly ;
the pain was soon relieved, and the wound healed
l.. 4i.;?. i? i* ih? htest family me
UJ Uiir lilicuiuiiiCt an IMV? r Tdicine
1 evei used for the cure, ef colds, coughs,
and a number of other complaints incident to the
human family.
PERRY M. PECKHAl^,'Pall."River.
The Augusta Constitutionalist, baa the cor
respondent* between Mr. Caldwell,/-:President
of the South Carolina Railroad, and the Mayor
.of Augusta, in reference to the connection of the
tracks of the Georgia'and South Carolina Railroads.
Mr. Caldwell proposed, subject to the
approval of his Board ol Directors, that the
South Carolina Railrrad >hould pay 86,U0()
annually to the City of Augusta forihe privilege
of union. But the Mayor and Council demand
The union can, for this reason, only he accomplished
by- the people of Augusta, who may
elecC a Council next April favorable to the
proposition of Mr. Caldwell.
Abbeville Banner.
:mia.:R:EU::E:D- '
On Thursday evening'last, by Rev. K. Mendenhall,
Mr. James T. Commander, of Darlington, lo
Miss Sarah Amelia, daughter of T. W, Pegues, Esq,
of this place. ' - <; r Editors
fee received in fuU. . :?
On Wednesday evening, 11th inst., by Rev/If.
Talley, Rev. John T. Wightmax. of the 8. C. Conference,
to Miss Amelia, daughter of the Rev. H.
Spain, of Sumter district, S. C.
VFULL SUPPLY, for sale at
I. 0. 0. F.
A REGULAR Meeting will bo held on Friday
Evening next, at 7 o'clock.
W. D. ANDERSON, Sect'y
THE regular meeting ofthisDivision will be held on
Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock
By order of the W, P.
" . Z. J. DeHAY R. S.
isr'J' he undersigned respectfully begs leave
to inform bis friends and the Voters of Kershaw
District, that he will he a Cttpdidate for
the Oifiee of Tax Collector at-thc ensuing eleotio'a.
- Ordinary's Notice,
WIIEREAS. sundry creditors of B. W. Gibbons,
deed., have filed a petition in ray office, showing
that B. P. Edwards, the Administrator of th6
Estate has departed this State, failing to account for
his Administration. It i* therefore ordered that the
said B. F. Edwards, Administrator, ainTW. U. Dunlap,
and Jonathan N. McElwec, Jr., of this State,
Sureties upon hi* Administration Bond, do, and are
hereby summoned to appear nt the Ordinary's Office,
for Herslinw District, S.-C., on Monday, 12 o'clock,
26'h day of May next, to show cause, if any, why
Decree should not be sriven against them for amount
due ns balance of said Administration.
Given uudet* mv hand and sral this'23d February,
18i1, * JOHN R. JOY, O. K. D.
Feb. 24?Sm.
Tl j"R. JOHN WORKsMAN, is my agent during
Iwi 1 tl.a
J.TJL my temporary tiuacut;v i;vtu ti^o uiwbw.
Tob. '24,?It. M. BAUM.
BY ? Servant,?nn old Portuguese Gold Coin,
which the owner c?n Ijavc bv proving property,
paying for thia ft'dvertisemettt, and rewarding the
finder. Apply at this office. Feb. 21?!t.
Male of Soafh^Cnroliiin. .
ISAAC B0ATWR10HT. who is in the custody of
the SherifT of Kershaw District, by Virtue of a
writ of Trespass vi et armis. fromthe Court of Common
Pleas for Kershaw District, atlhe swit of John
English, having, in order that he may obtain his dis"
J -A ola /\f 11i ^ Hon.
charge fVom confinement unon ?ic ?v?
eral Assembly, ceminonlv called the Prison Hounds
Act, rendered on oath a Schedule of his whole Es
tate and Effects, or of so much thereof as will p?y
and satisfy the sum really due on the action on which |
he is confined. Public notice is hereby given that,
unlet# satisfactory cause to the contrary be shown j
Jbeforo W. Clybtirn, Clerk of the Coijyt of Common i
Pleas, and Commissioner of Special Hail for the Pis- !
trict aforesaid, in the'Court House of this District on I
Saturday, 28tit inst., at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
the property mentioned in the Schedule aforesaid. |
will be assigned to the said John English, and the i
said Isaac Boatwright. liberated according to the j
Actsnforcsnid. IV, CLYBURN, Cl'k A Com j
Clerk's OtBce, Feb. '8, IBPT. Special Bail. I
Swan & Co's Lotteries!
OWING to the favor wicli which our Single
Number Lotlerie? have beeti received by, tho !
public, and the l*r'<? demand for Ticket.?, tlie Mann-1
gera, S. SWAN & CO., will have a drawing eac 1 |
Saturday throughout tlie year. The following Scheme
will be drawn in each ot their Lotteries for March, !
. CLASS 26. '
To bo drawn in -the City of Atlanta, Georgia, in
public, on Saturday, March 7th, 1857.
CLASS 27, '
To be drawn in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, in
public, on Saturday, Much 14th, 1357.
CLAS? 28.
To be drawn in the City of Atiaula, Georgia, in
public, on Saturday, March 21st, 1857.
' i
To be drawn i?i tlie City of Atlanta, Georgia, in
public, on Satuid'av, March 28ili, 1857,
30,000 TICKETS?3,260 PRIZESMore
than one Prize to every leu j
. Tickets.
1 Prize of $50,000 1 Prize $5,000
1 " 20 000 1 " 4,000
i " 10.01)0 1 44 3-000
1 " 9,000 1 " 2,000
1 " 8,000 1 ' 1,000
1 ' 7,000 100 " ...... 100
1 44 .... 6,000 100 A' 50
of $250 approximating to $50,000 prize are 1000
4 " 200 " 20.000 " ?. 800
4 44 100 " 10,000 "" 44 400
4 " 80 44 9,000 " 44 320 j
4 44 65 ' 8,000 44 V " 260 1
4 " 60 " 7,000 ' ? 240
4 " 55 44 - 6000 " 44 220
4 44 50 " 6.000 " u 200 |
4 " 45 ' 4,000 " " 180 j
4 4 40 44 3.0O0 " 44 160 J
4 " 30 " 2.UCU " " 120 !
4 " 25 " 1,000 " ." 100
3,000 20 *io GO.OoO
3,200 prizes amounting to $204,000
Whole Tickets. $10; Halves, $5; Quart'rs$2jj
Tho Numbers from 1 to 30.000 corresponding with
those Numbeis on tiie Tickets printed on separate 1
slips of paper, are encircled with small tin lubes uud
placed in one Wheel.
The first 212 Prizes, similarly printed aud encircled,
are placed in another wheel.
The wheels are then revolved, and a number is
drawn from the wheel of Numbers, aud at the same
time a Prize is drawn from the other wheel. The
Number and pri^e drawn out are opened and exhibited
to the audience, and registered by the Commission
ers; the Prize bei ng placed against the Number drawn
This operation is repeated until all the Prizes are draw n
^ APPROXl M ATfON PRIZES.?The two preceding
and the two succeeding Numbers to those drawiugthe
first 12 Prizes will be entitled to the 43 Approximation
Prizes, according to the scheme.
The 3,000 Prizes of $20 will bo determined by the last
figure or tho number that draws the $30.U0o Prize
For example, if the Number drawing the $50;00ti
Prize ends with No. 1, then all tlie Tickets where the
number ends in I, will be entitled to $20. If the nam
ber endsNvith Nc. 3, then all the Tickets where lire
Number cuds in 2 wik be entitled lc ;>20, etui go on
1? <' f . . ..
Certificates Packages will be sola at the following,
rate.?, which i* the risK.
Certiiicate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets. $80
' " lo Half " -40
" " '10 Quarter " 20
In Ordering Ticliol# or'Cer:iJ'ica!e?,
Enclose the tn uiey to our "a ldress for the Tickets
ordered, on receipt of which they w.ll bj forwarded
by first mail.
Purchasers can have ticke's? cnJiu' in any figure
tbev nmy designate.
Tlio Li?t of Drawn Nu-nhers airi Pfitu will be
sent to purchasers iin'nedintoly. after t iediawing.
X3T Purchasers w?ll plo??e write their signatures
plain, and give I heir Post Office. County and Siale.
Remember that every' Pri^e is d'awu, and par
able in full without deduction.
J3?~AII Prizes of $1,000 and under, paid - iminedi
ately after the drawing?other Prison at the uscal
time of thirty days. ,
All communications strictly confidential. *
Prize Ticketa casheu or renewed m other-Tickets af"
either office.
Address orders lor Tickets, or Certificates of Pack
ages of Tickets, either to
S. SWAN A CO., Atlanta, Go. "
or S. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala.
etTT/oTennmrn nrvtLrrtnTT
ju x ?r jut iiv_n,xioiLBiif x.
THE BALSAM OF LIFE has been in use for full
one hundred years, in Europeand the Weat In
dia:l8laqd?, and .'or a shorter period of time in these
United States, with the most satisfactory results. No
medicine was ewer compounded which ha* a more
universal application than this.' For the' permanent
cure ol all diseases arising from disordered Liver,
Stomach, or Intestines, such as l.iver Complaint, Jaundice,
Dyspepsia. Acidity of Stomach,, Nausea, loss of
Appetite, Flatulency,.Constipation, Ac. Ac., this remedy
has never been excelled. For disease* of the
Nervous System, it is also a most excellent remedy t
Sick Headache, Neivous Debility, Neuralgia. Oppression
KfV*r.eat'iig. Rostlesnt?es?ot night, Ac, Ac., having
all yielded to its curative poweta. For Cutaneous
diseases, this is a celebrated remedy; Bums, Scalds,!
Bruises, Erysipelas and other cutaneous affection?,
having been cured by it; and any one suffering with ;
Corns will derive vn<-t if not permanent benefit from
the use of it. In the numerous affections peculiar to j
Females this is a perfect balm. In Croup. Colds and -j
Coughs, Chill and Fever, Ac., Ac., this medicine has i
some celebrity. '
PRICE?One Dollar per Bottle, or S)X Bottles for
*5. For sale at the Post Office in Camden, or whole
sale by C? DkLORME, Sumter, S. C., to whem orders
may bo addressed ~ j
Read the following Certificate,
Which is only ono of numerous testimonials from
gentlemen of the highest character, which, will be j
published from time to lime:?
? t .. ?___ r ...?1 !
Mil. 0. DeLORME.?fear nir: ijmsi .-puns i mu. ,
two small bottles of your Balsam of Life, ami expe i
rienced much benefit. I took it two or three times
daily, a teaspooiiful at a dose in a tv ne glass of water.
It acted on my liver, and imparted a healtly tone to "J
all the digestive organs, relieving tne of "distivs-ing
headache, and many other disagreeable dyspepfe
symptoms. (Signed) H. Sl'Al.N,
Sumter, S. C., Jon. 13, 1853.
jar For full particulars get a Circular at the
Feb. 24. POST 0F;ICE.
Attention Rifle - Guards"\rOU
are eotnmandad to brand appear at you1t
1 usual rendezvous, on tlio SECOND SATU ItOAY
in March next, at 10 o'cIock A. M., unilbrmcd and
equippod for drill. By order of
Feb. 24,?tf. CAPT. P'ARKRR.
N. B.?All the Riflea belonging to the Company tiro
wanted, and it is particularly desired that thoso' persons
not members of the Company, having such arms
in their possession, will return them immediately to ,
Et. llughson, in Camden.
m?* .* ]
" - ' ' * ' !
, ?* f
SOU^tsxe: Ri?r
[By Authority of the State of Gtorjia.)
ravASft w. - .
DRAWS MARCH, 16th. 1867,
UNDER the sworn Suponn tendance of .Major W.
P. BO WEN and W. R.SYMONS, Esq. Satnr- ^
day Schemes wiil be drawn every Saturday at Macon,
Ga. Monthly Larpe Sche.nas will be drawn at Sav* '
annah, abom the 15th of every month. ; 'j
Nearly one Prize to everjr Nine/ ~ j
Tickets ! .: J
15,000 Tickets! 1,712 Friz??! I
Prizes Payable without Deduction ! I
This Lottery has only Fifleen Thousand Numbers? ; I
less than anv Lottery in the World ! fM
1 Prize of. $15.000 15 Prizes ....'. 500
1 6,000 I 80 ' 100
i 2,00011,500"
* Prizes of : 1,000 | ' ""f'-SsjjF' ^
20 Approximations of $100 are - - $2,00<^ .* 1
50 " 50 are . -* . 2^500 -I
50 " 20 ara - *A, - - l,00<f? !
1,712 Prizes, amounting tgt.
Whole Tickets, $10] Halves, $5j Quarters, -$2,50 f
Purchase Ten Ticaets enc^ag
Numbers, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7^13, ^ Opafcl
draw back four-tenths of fbevamoC&>..paid jafAbfi M
Tickets, besides the chances^f^bhjaiidng CagSj^-^. 'fl
Patrons will find it to their intetWti^-kay Certificates [: -E
of Ten Tickets, ending conaecuti^eJ*:#fth J, 2, 3,
4. 5. 6, 7, 8. 9. 0. But tbis .plan^fegl forfeit tbi
Prize ending with the same Natnbet ^yri|^JO Cupitsdp B
and get (our more chances ih every tento gaia the^CERTIFICATES
ETS, arc sold at the followingot^jKgjBich a the \
10 Whole Tickets,...HE. . .$60 00
10 Half Tickets, . 30 00
10 Quarters 15 00
?5?" Bank Notes of sound Banks taken at pat?
Checks on New York remitted for Prizes. '/ J <*
ry Address Orders for Tiokols of 'Certificates j ^B|
Df Packages of Tickets to i ^|^B
?.\ TILS F. WINTER fl|
Macon or Savannah, Georgia. B H
A Horse4
T.ARflE BRACK?Boeev nndPloaf Jdo^HMfill
iV li- culd at auction at tlie Court ffionasl -oaifrlhofirst
Monday in March next. . Vijtb.'S&s^f. ^
Elias Einstein. & Co* h
rUST RECEIVED. 500 Bundles Cbu^ Jiictorj ~Jj|
Yarn. 3 4 4.4 Osnaburgs,. wiftefi" wiif be sold a
*"1^1111 Suhaciiber offer for a$^s|W^)Bj?M|DCe at
1 Kirkwood. adjoiuing Mr."JoMSMBBjWB. and <9
upon tlie Factoiy Pojd. P t rsonjfvmQj^tnwtjrchaao Q
are requested to visit the premises:' : 9
Term* accommodating, and possession fffflftltngifti _oH
di'ately if desired ] ; D'VARDM.
House and Sign ttiiftftagj 9
r""MIK undersigned offers his sertdtM-Wrorcnnzeas^H3HH
1 of the town and vicinity, asti Painfj?. He in- ^^^^9
vites an inspection of his tvork on Mr. B. Latta'a jj
Dwelling House. W. W. CLARK. >! fl
Keh. 17. 7 '. * IL ' 9
. n g
6CA T>rnr ADA
qi/v ivi i i? oiw< u
RAN A WAY from tho subscriber about the 2d Ju'y |9
Inst n Negro Man. about 20 yean of ago, rather jH
light black, about five leet 6 or 7 inches in height, 9
named WILLIAM. The above reward will be paid
on hit> delivery in Charleston Jail, or in any Jail ip aj
the Stale, where I can get him. lie was bought loot V
February cf the Estate of Thomas Starlcfiptn 9
originally from. Kershaw. H
Execntor's Sale Contixai^d^Bfe' . fl
THE. Sale of the personal effects of Mra.- JH9
Davis, deed , will be resumed on the first JflSntSpf
iittMarch next, at the Yaughan Llousfj^jjJ# .'99
A. M. and will l>o continued from djQf
everything shall-be disposed off 99
Terms as heretofore published. 99
INSURANCE on the Liv,Ps of White
be effected with the N. C. Mutcal LifeSMMWB^K DM
Company, by application to the underaaD^jWfaMjv^jB
Company grant* and renews Policies upon'
orft half in ca-b and the other half by nofegFWk i?
twelve months. It was never more sound
perous. Last year a diridsnd of 10 pen eeifcW#fk4*\ H
clared and placed to the credit of each Ktufbef '.. H
tied to it, and was allowed either upon the note or. BH
deducted from the next cash payment P" *
Feb, 17?3m. W: THURLftW (7ASTON, Agt. .
?w. ?r . H
Spent; Oil
OF Ft Quality. So'ar Oil, Burning FliM, "Lamp ^Hj
Wicks. A full supply constantly o* ,b*wL and
for sale at WORKMAN'S DRGG 8EGR&.
Notice. . D
ALL notes and accounts due me ofl<?eata^d6ML flH
if not settled before RKTURN Qjli. .yjlfW" '
placed in the hands of an Attorney for eojjtotiopv ~ 5 9MB
Feb 17, td. ' - 0 KOt*At&SNi v M
~ Sfieriff^Sales. 9
1">V virtue of sundry .Writaof Fj. Fa. to ore di 99j
1 ) rectcd, I will sell on the .first Monday in March HH
next, before tho Court Hou?e door in Camden, botwetw ?D
tbe leu'tl hours of sale, the following properly, to- H
wit an
2 ilegroes. levied on ami to be eo'd ns the property ,^H|
at tbo?uit: of
Churl- s I' I'elh.un. nini other-vs. .Lime* .1. LoyOand- VH
John Love, Sr. K B.rRNKS, 8? E/D.4 ^ITKllIOR
Country Lard for sale nt^the u Old* Jfl
"V^OTIC!*' is hereby given that I have opened Books* * . ^H9
1 r at the Store of \Vni. Clyburn, in -Cfmdsn, for
collecting the Taxes for 1 b56. and will ittbnd at the S
following places on the following days lor the yak
On Monday. March 2d, at Liberty Hd7 o&
the Hdof March at Flat UockV on
4th of Match at Buffalo;, on
March at Lizenby's: on Friday the
Soli rock'? Mill; on S&curdav 7ih of March at tjnrf4^g^.i WH
Alter the abovo named times. I will
den until tho first day of May next, at which lime the E3^E
Cooks will positively bo closed, and all defaulters dou
Tnx-vnveft arc required to return to me tr.e nuruber
of. marriages in their respective .families, and also HI
ntfmbbr of births and deaths of whites and blacks, JUM
with the dittos or births, causes of deaths, Ac.
Clergymen. Physicians and Magistrates me required
to makdtho same .returns to mo of non-tux-payers j,,
their respective neighborhoods. M|
Fob 10-lf. ' HKNRY rATE, T. C. X. D. H

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