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W $tf QEamfeeii 3?Mlp Jaoriifll.
Letters for OoL Kershaw's Regiment, on service in
' wilT-be'directed 'to", the person addressed,
Kershaw's Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, Rich?K^/
for Kershaw.
has been appointed Coroner
Kcrsbuw District^anJ may be found at the storu
k Boswsix, when required to act in that
~ district Mfttlup. __
HaH| Tffe citizens of (Kershaw District are earnestly reBE^sIh
' clytRlc^ t0 meeffit Town TTall in Camden on Saturday
BflBfHf May 4th, to cor wider and offoct the ways and moans [
?? BhQ necessary fbrassTsting the immediate families of those
. who hare-&5Iunteercd and are already in tbo service of
." Sureijr'ttw-y.citizen,'\vilh the instinct of patriotism.
"""' *- - -it *_ *i.:? o-t-ntoful anil indinnpnsihlw
I- aBU VTIIL JS51SI IU WiJO^iuvvfvuuwv.
p? Kershaw Troop of Cavalry, Capt. E. B. Cxntey, one
f of the oldest in the State, having tendered their aeri"
vices tortlie Governor, cither, as Caraliy or Infantry,
I bare been accepted, and are to be attached to Col.
KEBS2ti)v's Regiment.'
.maK* jhtthVompanies icsf'^luateeis-iin the
picdd 'frp^Sershaw- Ilistrict, out of a votiDg population
ofjlOOCPjiuen. Beat it who can? Capt.'Cantex's
^company, will likely, leave by the List of the week.
\ 1 ;
y Zouave Exercises.
Mora.' C. Metzixh .Vax Eekelkx has recently visitBg&iteVtown
and engaged in instnicting a class ofCaRbtsSfeloriging
to Mr. Peck's School, in the new and
F very efficient Zouave Brill.
h^Sfiie Cadets are improving rapidly, and are dostined
their already admirable attainments this
IpRjBrnilitnry improvement
p^&ons. Van E. has also instructed one or two classes
BgSjgp broad sword exercises, He is an accomh
fVsd teacher., %_
[ ;~e.roro much gre tided is? grasp theliands of sever\r,i
fc.'j??rv>vnlimtoer?. on d' brief furlourfj visjt to tlwir |
i :. W. Z. LEixxiir.?the C harleston Meicury had
WS&j -Lsitneh, ought to correct it?and Lieut. AY".
SS; also several fliers, among whom we are
privates t T. Davis, J. il. Riddle,
ATT3,;all in..'excc3ent health. and spirits,
* .'jo Lave left for tlic scat.pf war.
IfZo e I ii tec
The TlnVRock Gnurds,- of this District, under com- i
- ianebpf Capt. C. C. Hatle, and^Lancaster Invinciblcs, j
. int. A. McMaxcs.' having nobly and promptly re!;
Amdedto the call of Col. Kershaw, arrived in town
<yli-Sunday afternoon, er? route for Virginia.
S- They were met at llobkirk-liill .by" Col L'jfanrw.
^'ttend^by Capt J. I. ViLLilriGl-^ of his
v -At Laurens square theyVbcarfQttt by a large numBcrr
.vif and tlie hosuitalities of thoTf>wr?s^jj^c
^SISSjR'- teadgd-by the iftcndaor, Tno.
Sna&WpnB "W^CTnwftDiB8'..were
'''Z' iPPv .^-'fe 21! '-" ^ i
MH ?**?? Sw$^i>eti rank, and nlok
H fpi, v?i_r'r> ' i' ,-, \. _ JaW" ; RMS!
KB Uiet.atRouk buarusaro officered by *.JB9ttiraSlIfiEa
gm C C. Bsii^i C'Bpt?.iii, > ^PBhr'''' "f
M 1 X J" tt-OT.'latLifcutenant,- ^jS' J.'K'r
gf T. ll.CASTE^^I^enant,
? ^ Yi^MJp^diientenant, W
T^iese are-tjv.e wide companies, with Tory few ox
. ceptiousjflK ^u:^ and active.m^n, eager for a place in
R -v.tho'pictnrc, and ready to strike effectively, for tbo doI
1$s$?sg^* 4^.
I coudoci, v>ith B>e morning cars for Wilmington. They
I uere ^eompanicd by CpLKzasiuir and a portion of
I his Staff?Capt J.v.s. L rffctn-JOCT* Commissary, Rev.
X--Z-iteWTAEmR Chdnloiix Cant ^WrVr.nrv
, ^^nt.ComjnL^n-/.flnd;S2?u^i'ids, JJessts. Toby
end Hardy. .
A large number or citizens accompanied thero to tjio
Pepot, and a raid the load ringing h.nzztis of tlieir friends
flic'oti* of anion'.. ' ' P ^,'j
Our: Volniiteers,
Ve luve never hod greater cause pride and grot- ^
ifleaticn tbau at present, at the,course which ourgal-' jj jyj
'lant volunteers. have purswdgm obeying, -with unpar- ;j;
"alleled"promptness, the OJ?B*;^aU oftbo State for j
I The Camden Tolraten^'^^EsKSBDT, on duty. VV.' 3
at HorrisIslaDd, ?ben tl?e-request was made for IVel- f. F.
.. .nrnteers to go to Virginia, came' noble ibng^^Kttft- ^ jj
adurintiioii from all. ^ jr
ThoPcKalb Rtfio Guards.' Capt T: L."BOYKLY,'had patHc
^rohriitcered their, renricax. 'and- held tbJfcselves in J. T. !
readiness to march at any .call, bad* the opportunity on p.- J. ;
.Monday evening last of wc Writing their gallantly and Georg;
nqblo devotion to their State snd country. .Summoned J. R. J
on Monday evening, - they assembled '.their Company J. H.-j
and left on Tuesday night,^ftger for a place in'the. E. T.
"mcttire. Thyitizens gave'^fot-'a capital sopper be- R, L.
fore they left, at tfco DeKal^House, land they were li. B..
- ?aq_ who bade them rtmemtor^ D- Gra
rights and liberties, wooM prove wot^^thar noble I
' r'heritage; nut!. before tlieir banner would bo-allowed to ^
etaiwr^ and eveipr ^ ^Rxca
ccmplinient which bud^gn paid th^^toireturned ^on^cn
"**Sjtheir-gratefal appreciation ofyje conrtesira^ndhospi-: 1S
taiitle^witendcd by. their feU^-<ati2en8,-^Bjni<iiug' T'ell anc
that- tiicy would-die rather than^wWnJcJrom tbejSS^ jfigiignec
lbrmance ol any duty,.bo that duty whatht-xnay. vyicA
largo number of Qtireilusns ucconip'antedSbem to
' the Depot, and"at J o'clock thev left, amid U1<^. ^
- hnzzas find cheering oi the citizens. v'v?f
On "^"ednesday at noon another dlbsehnien^ under tllte-Api':
command of Lieut. Wv. Clydcus and Sergt. U. P. cm Con
possEY, left, wUKthe ''old flag'' borne in Hexi6tr-?oat- jt ;s s
ing pro^/n the breeze. . X ft|f the r
. Asotherf-detnchmentleft on Saturday, in charge of. . . .
IJenta.'Leitser and DePass, of the Camden "Void#- - rnunc
toers, which will join their comrades at Richmond. .
A. complete list of the officers and men will be pub-.
liglied as soon as it can "be obtained.?
-Hop. A. II. Eovkis accompanied the Guards'to Omah
' . r - *
Honor to It'hum Houor is Due.
Our town and district are under great obligations to 1
Mr. J. X. wttherspoox, ?r bis unwearied attenUou, 1
by night and by day, to the Telegraph office?thereby j
enabling us to get the news at the earliest moment.
His courtesy mid patience in answering the thousand
questions which are hourly pressed upon him, demand
at least our thanks and hearty appreciation.
One "Who cax Appreciate a Favor:
Mr. Editor:?Old Kershaw has manfully done her
_cluty, already. The Bight Infantry, the DeKalb Guards,
and the Flat Rock Guards, are upon the soil of the
"Old Dominion," and before the close of the week the J
Kersliaw Cavalry (after in vaiu trying to ride into service,
all winter, and now having dismounted from their j
loved steeds) will march as Iufantiy to the bristling
Four Companies from one little Regiment?Dearly
one-half of the effective men oftho District?have volunteered
for Virginia. "We regret it not "Wo rejoice in
the enlarged patriotism which so promptly tenders aid 1
to our new but greatly valued sister; and we rcjoico in (
-theintelligence which perceives that a How struck for
Virginia is a blow for our own homes. Kershaw District
has responded nobly. But all is not yet done; '
.the mili'dh/ men of the District have mostly gone, but
.wehave as good material left, which may be needed i
-'at home or abroad before this war is over, but it needs ,
organization and military education. Lot mo urge,
then, the citizens of- eacli precinct in the District to
form militaiy companies, mostly of minute men, and
rto persist in thorough preparation ibr service, combining
with their duties a rigid police.
The companies will not only be of use at home now,
but will furnish tlio material for other volunteer companies,
if the county needs them. Wlrile with iboso.
! fccmpauies organized and systematized, our District
| couldjet, if needs be, spare other companies with per- 1
| feet safety to its interests. CAMDEN.
Home Gunrda.
Mb. Editor :?In common with in any of the citizens ^
of Cntcden, I highly* pprfciato the laudable effort
which is being made to organize ^and drill a Home
Many of our jottng men arc now In active service,
and most of the others ore daily expecting to be called j
away?so that we are,or soon will be, without any
military organization i art he town.
Now, I nrn not one who thinks there is the least '
danger or insecurity at home; yet, there are those 1
who do feel an uneasiness, and who are entitled to our 1
consideration and protection. I refer to our wives and
daughters?many of whom, like the mothers of the olden
time," have said to their sons, "Go fight the battiest^ A
your country, and return not till victoriousS-. . ^
Fellow-citizens, can we who remain neglect any pre.u?.
c,.!:.', ?r 1
caution or provision wnicn can uuu w iuuv ikhub w? j
security and safety which is 60 necessary to the.liappiuess
of those depending upon us ? I trust not The' j
mere fact of such a company being in existence, ready- ]
to assemble at a moment's warning, will have a great
influenca on all classes. The admirable police system
which we have adopted, supported aud backed by sucf?
a military o^gtmizatiori'ns this, will, in niy opinion, af- i
ford a better protection and a stronger-feeling of so- y
curity .than, perhaps, is secured in*atTy dtlfertown in ?
the .State. 'Can, there not be found one hundred men
in* tD ? t o wxyD^xiani den, who nre'willing to do vote -one -j
7?5ia$& ' the' evening, once or twice a monljifW this
purpose^Stlnless'iy* have greatl^^uistaken the selfFacrifictng'anci.upble
disposition of our townsmen, this
movement wilkoteet with-encourajjep^ilf ^iid support ifipm-on
* - >*., frj&g&tinimL "
in i i ii ji id i
^^ Keellaneous.
^a^._;/.,- - rxBT ' *""'-* ' ',%> 1011 uf&cvry qaen
* W. L. DePASS, Third Lieutenant. Navy
E. NILES, First Sergeant. . t A
J. J. McKAIN, Second-Sergeant. (Was
J. D. DUN LAP, Third Sergeant pressi
J. L. IIAJLE, Fourth Sergeant. " .ouViOl
J. J. PRAKEFORD, Fifth Serjeant.;
A. NILES, First Corporai.
U. G. McELAGEN, Second-Corporal. A
B. HONNET, Third Corporal. Mo
W.C.DUTTON,'Fourth Corporal. " rc!i^>
J. P. BOS WELL, Fifth Corporal. or Ba<
J. A. PERRY, Sixth Corporal. took, o
privates. citizen
VAHen; M. L. LeiDmond, f?rtsv.
Allen, James Mcititosh,
.'Arrants, _ Joel McMillan,?a
i t. w v,
^irauvb, vv. r. xucAagen,*Barnc?,
S. B. Meares, 't?
. Bear, J.P.Mickle, . '
Beaver, D. J. Middleton.: *Ion n"
Brasnjgton, C. P." Miles, were s
Brown, M. W. Morrison, reply l
3owcn, Gebrgo Nelson, Six i
Boykin, Hiram Nettles, a\t1
.'Bnliock. ' ' Jesse Nettles,
impbell, | William Barker, soou tc
Crump, J C.J. Pegues,' Inde
& Cusick, I R. U. Pegneg, . cd on t
Davis, 1 J. li. PicVett, .
n 'n? T w TX.I1. ?: b<? -twc
.g,?.-?*< ** ?? tknt St
i Evans, ' T. W.- Pope,
Ferrel, R- "W. Proctor,
Franqis, J.M. Riddle,
Gardner, R. F. Small, . Tjie
Gerald, John Smith, lowing
Gibson, W. "W*. Stokes, ment ol
i. Glenn, B. R. Stmwbndge, :i,nrVFt
ham, Jam'cs|tuart, Iraliam,
John loam,
W-... mmm ,:is
55' SST" <& >
icGraud, " W. II. Wright.. cornmim
. ' tempted,
News from Virginia.. menfgo
imond, Aprii 25.?Propositions of-poaco, an<' ar"
crstood, are coming fromXincoln and his -blown "
? through third parties to the Virginia' ?itj
tiori. macliijic
believed that Judges Taney, Camp- ',u'r3' Wi
I . Wayne, of the Supreme Bench, have 11P Ht 1 j.
President Stephens. leaves to-morrow martial h
; for Montgomery. ; position i
Pbumiissioners have been appointed bv t'Je Dcx'
Liuia.0%ention1 to-day, to the South- ^ (
tated here, on^Veiinble authority, that *'Ut
>ubiic b'.hidings in Washington are un- a"t'CCIS r
d, readyteLbc blown up. o c oc " c
^(^harlesioii Mercury. ^n' r^
from Nebraska. oi tl
f. X. T., April 20.-fce .Nebraskaitea, cit>\ 'ncl
to-day, the stcamer^Shwa/f?,'' and PU^'IC ,r)C
that boat ahould not remove the l'0n was.
om Fort Randall.-.- A difficulty ensued, W0^
four,were killed and a nomber wound-"
^cat-returned; to Fort Randatt?^ . _
Mtrcury. Henry ii
Tht \iiar^r^^W^gt. f ^!1Pta^, 1
a r ri v c d' h ersJusf J'cs^(j a-vr
From llie Seat of War.
Alexandria, April 29.?It was rumored in
Baltimore yesterday that the U. S. Govern
nent had 6ent workmen across the Susquemnna
River, under the protection of infantry,
;o reconstruct the destroyed bridges over Gunpowder
and Bush Rivers. The repairs are
.aid to be for the forwarding of the mails 011y
The military route via Perrysville and Annapolis
is deemed sufficient for the troops.
It is believed that the Legislature of Marvand
will not have a quorum to-day at Frediri
Fortress Monroe is said to contain 2000 ar.illery
A. large schooner from New York, laden
with military stores, was brought to and seized
py Fortress Monroe.
The force of Federal troops now conccn:rated
at Annapolis, at last accounts was 10,100.
A large number of Northern troops are on
lie Pennsylvania line, nearly ready to move.
Alexandria, April 'iv.?11 is reported mat
Scneral Harney was "captured at Harper's Ferry,
and' sent to Richmond.
General Hutler's Regiment from Massachusetts
lias arrived at Washington.
Several Soutliarners have been arrested at
Washington. They will he released on promise
to quit the city.
f -^e greatest excitement and consternation
prevails among the citizens of'Washington,
many of whom are leaving for the South.
The Deigbts at Georgetown! have been
jarrisoiied by Federal troops.
More troops are expected at Annapolis from
:he North.
Tbp tone of the Northern Press is more do
fiant and insulting to the South than ever,
Alexandria, Ya., April 24.?The secession
eeling is strong at this point.
The state of public affairs engrosses all attention,
and'business is almost entirely suspend:d.
Provisions arc scarce, and floiy; bas advanced."?
Charleston Mercury. . ?
mttEBm:. .
From Washington.
^Alexandria, Va., April 28.?Four vessels?
;w\o'war steamers and two. transports?passed
u]) the Potomac this morning, with northern
"' Governor Hicks, of Maryland, has issued a
proclamation recommending that State to ocJnpy
a neutral position.
- [Gov. Hicks ought to he lmng.?Ed. Jour.]
The steamer Adelaide, of the Norfolk line
was fired at by the Harriet Lane, on Friday
night, oft" Rappahannock, in Chesapeake Bay.
The Adelaide was hoarded, and then allowed
.-Citizens who are suspected of sympathizing
with the South are still being compelled to leave
Washington. J
A large quantny-of shell has bqen landed
at Fort Washington hy the Lincoln government.
? * * '
Jfco persons have been arreted and are
tlj {baked npen v it. >. 1sf . ?<v mi-SI
strntfon.' pas;
ie 71.-t New York regiment, quartered at suj(,
'ucatipn Ha!i revolted on account cf their Q
juartcrs, and had to be "removed to the troq
mam named Boyd was shot on the Island F
ftmgton) by two men on account of ex- is in
lig Southern .sentiments, fie was ended and
f his beef at niidnighVnnd shot. pnrs<
\ Southern Guardian ; will'
be Lincoln StealingXegroe.*. qiie
xTGOUKavy Ajn il 28.?Itis reported ..on pr,,v
e authorityYhat thc.governiucnt steam'lie
touched 'bust week at ,Tottngas, and It
ft twenty-two. negroes belonging to the Just.ii
iin Florida. The ncgros worked about hay&
Nothing of interest from PersacolaV* the w
Southern G-uardian. ' const
: ' Xh
The Fcnlius; in Missouri. [iann(
iNGTox, Mo^'-Apfil 23.?At the Scccseetingheld
here on Saturday, resolutions
idopted, tluutking the-Governor for his j^II(]t>
President Lincoln. '
Military companies havo been formed.
nion flag was hoisted tir-day, but it was'
irn down. Dint
. tlio 61 ^
;pendence, Mo., April2.4? It is report- jjjin^
he Upper Missouri that there will soon ofjtevc
mtv thpusnnd troops ready to defend .W;^Vf.',
ate against invasion. in wind
Charleston Mercury, gg
- ? " 'made a!
E-AR'peii's Fer*y AieXir.?Tlie'fol- Miaous.
A : . tber. a
is communicated to us-asa^orrcct stiite- ]astin(. i
' the taking of the Federal post ip liar- ilo,e
? 1 -A Chr -c. (
'rry:- Church,
.'Cramp,, special aid ot tho Governor, Her pin
iff ^
there'lie ordered, .the Jefferson Regi'.-SCC>-Ttxicn,
and Gapt. Ashby's troops of '""Thou
"to surround'the town aiid cut off.nll i!<
ication, and if a.reinforcement was at- "When
, to burn thc bridgA r 'Wben the retri- pl
t to the edge of tlic-Iown, the arsenal
lory, containing 14,000 gun.", were -p-|,er,
p, and the carpenter shop set on fire. di
Zens, saved 4000 improved arms; tlje
shops did not take fire, and the niacli- SP
is saved. The Virginia flag wns run . .
!. o'clock at night. Col. Crump surtlie
town with picket guards, declared
uv in the place, and remained in that G3TT1
liiti) the rear guard arrived, about dnv , . .
? ' * the Gin o
? April 2
Jol. Gregg's Rkoimext.?We learn
1st Regiment of South Carolina Yol encbcd
Wilmingtih''at half-past ten Th
_ 1 ? . m, monthly})
m Tuesday morning. I lie citizens , jt ISwere
out en masse to receive them. be
ikfasted at the Railroad Hotel, sev- jn thet-or}
le'raost prominent gentlemen of the unless 'he
uding Judges, Solicitor and other shall be s?
n, waiting on the table. The rcccp ?[color w
his or nor
of the mpst extravagant kind. All ,n ^e m- j
and in gooiLspirits.-- C
Charleston Mercury. IT IS I
?' . Ordiiiance
.L'NTEER FR01I FORT SUMTER. Mr. within the
onle,-'o? IJaltimore, wio.-was clerk to nijdit," will
foster,"of the' United*States Army, wilUie allc
siege of Fort Sumter^ arrived' home
andjinmedintel^m'ollct] himself in
Alexanduja, J^nrwcr^Mb}; vrg on FriMarylnnd
convened at'F^^Wggiri ^8 niosday.
On Saturday Gov. jEjMfcgjj^^festly
entertain the ecmvictionTuW^M f position
Maryland lies, in preserving n^g lid of the
between our brethren of the S' M
Tli/ message was lecei^P ^ jfaryland,
adopted an address to the po<i^ an ;IC^
stating that .the Legislature vvi^ people deof
secession, but it they boliev^ ,,'ufyy 0f (]e_
sire it, they will give them iiiLTa J^tin}*.
clarii'g for themselves the#' foil. a pr0It
is reported that 5 blockade
cinmalion to-morrow, extending bniinodore 11
to Virginia and North Carojiii/, y'0ct;Kliug I
SlrinrrliHin will command tt .
squadron. % h s ^i.ai the
The Brazilian^*Mi?fetcr ^^ftde,
three montli"-'' nbfofc.Qf.ri^nli; given |j0_
required hv the law otVnpT|p
fore the blockade go in WashingSeveral
workmen are ^t^v'^Rthesecession
ton for suspected counecti? 1
movements. ^nited States
Alexandria, Apii^^jsj^yn jn-great
troops arc pouring into*^?^"
numbers without hindraiMB yf jMarv]atid,
It is reported that Goy^^fc^
has resigned. JRhHll and must;
Old Frank Blair, says jier j-_
be a free State, if every wli^H
tiers has to Ik; destroyed.^?; drilling, and
The troops here ar$^K_preparing
for any <*mer^0fcTng t]|e C;|pi.
The Northern troo^um^ alu| greastol
very ranch, n:ntiintiigvM|cr(.d in fivc of
ing the walls.. They J^tpitol.
the Committee KooinFjK^ VCfiter(]ayj
A gentleman from ?Bt},ere; ti,at thc
says there are.l5,OOO^Bj]jjg,.nt|j, fortifi.
Georgetown Hraj^Jt^B^B^|(jjng3 arc nn.
pd. and that all.... ...
dcrmmed. is,members of the
The families o\ arc all to he
Cabinet Iiave all
closed. _ Pig between here
The steamers are still rig r'v-ll0
and Washington, but tlicjj jj^DEXTraOM
oca o\\ n cofo .lialncv was ar.
Ricumond, April 28-Virginia army,
rested by Gen. Oiiyn^Mrrv> ?jjc was on
now.cdinmandingTi^^^rdcrg JJe Cllinc
Lis way to \Y ashingtoi) { ;r I(|| es(.01.^ COniwillingly
to Richmond, of tll0 Virginia
posed of the following" cl 3>a'tl011j Captains
army ; Major^Tl^jgj i^l.all-the latKennedv,
Jlflwday, Staff, comter
gentleman, of Majorf/I*.
mife^teC5CO,t' /#?y.C!ov. Letcher
(^MOBriva! and by the
and. his^^mcil held uk^Fnud Commander !
advice of Gun. KoW^- 0f war.
ilaiiry, rclea&l the^jBs Southern sentiGeneral
llarney^lH^jngtyn to-morrow
ments. lie jl(. wj|l imniediand
is firmly
ately resign. are stj]| |,er? ,aH
3. lie South |<!:morrow but
bom baitimo^pj"5 ci|y of baltimore ^
a comiti(jn one-liunclivri ihoiisof
I iffii-'litV'gMCTf'ATics. Gov. IlicJkS in
Jesiji^^ic f^k -
iilire ..comiuniiitjh j"*
authority tlir.t CJj.icf: ?
iVr Stiprcmo Judges.! ^
UiMisli anaddress tp j Q
"coin's policy as mi- j N
olonmc mid Kappa- ^
ycd. ii
Tcinrv Cameron lias
i. mission of some
2^- ' j
near Canrdon. S. C., in ?
JlAitv R, wife of Dr.
iifljor-WfllU .TVbitnkor. I -*
flowed by Tier Creator j
er tn adorn the sphere ^
.Modest and domesund
which her affecillness,
and which she * j\
rtues Sl^o was a ju- \
il and afleetionato mo- ]
stress, a sincere and
. - . 3
ho professed -fkifh in "V
rith the Presbyterian -J-*
c-h she lived mid. died. .?
Irnsivo. She felt the ?
ripi simple Until upon
-hrifit for pardon nud r
istrcssing illness with *
boufcn groan, without "
p in. Jesus. Sul
7 desires to.imfnlcre pur
upon record an hum- fr,-e
lays down his pen. yj
but 'twere wrong- to ?
thy gu-i rdian and
and soon will restore '^?
ve nice, .atra^v-,
oe, >
deatbUiaa^^*'*!'11?. 8'uce tl'? 'Saviour has
. '.''l'.^^P ' ?
ECidt: yOTIGES. %
Bniik:*'f Csiimlci'i, S. C., i
,r*| 221) April, ]sgi. J J
ic Annual "Mj^P'ttH,fropll,t' Stockholders of this
1 be iieliVat/jj^P0 Biinkiojr IIouso on J/ OS DA Y /~
1 May V ?'clocI< a. :n. V^.
3?td. A Cashier.
i,iau?L notice. j t
c legislating*-,,nvinP Pro>??bilt-d the giving of i f(')r
'ositf tosljf^^**- &*' ' tun
UEiiEBTpKM^r-KFI'. Tlint the ;?:o must lore
observe^tl,nt 1,0 Pe,mit t0 If with- \
VrHttt.Jirg"u.7i?R|1,10 Town will be recognized, "'
Vmi'andf'r^Bfr"r "'h'cl' porm'sxion is given
ed; anfl no "!nve ?r person
ill w'tl,or without n permit from A
ot an uni'etuonabU knur ^ j
it unlosttajH. bo u CiS0 of" ''"porative neeessi- ' "j.
'URTUEf! 0 it I) ERFI) by Council, Tluit the
firi"'5' ?rK"n'"']li<!t0,s- ,tc | Pj^.
cofpdroje^^^K1 lb' oft',e Town, especially .-it: 'J"j
be RIGI^Bt' YhNF0RCED' and no tiring j tjf?,
)wq<1 c.^dP1' ''T I'10 s])ecijil pei mission of tho give
1 Kvo,T citizen is interested-in lar)
that all wi.'i interest them- p-'n
elnc' tlwt is st' icl!- ?he>Jc(l- f?
Spring and Sninmer
V T of our iricDds und tlie public generally to our
stock of
Vi'hicli is con pieto in VcfiOTi^"nc1ios.
Flour, Fa con, Lard & HamsI^OR
1 April 30. .VicCURKY a. EAMM b'USLOGGIL
Corn and Kay.
IX quantities to suit purchasers, at
Notice. \
PERSONS In,villi.' professional business with the
firm of Kershaw ,fc Davis, will call on Win. M.
Shannon, who will uike pleasure in attending, in their
behalf, to their engagements. April 30.
LEAF LARD.-A choice article just received
and for sale low for cos/i, by
april 30 GAYLE k YOUNG.
Groceries, Provisions,
\ B., and Stewart's C., New Orleans do., in Illid.s.
-Tjl and Barrels, for sale low lor caxh, by
npril 30 GAYLE ,t YOUNG.
" not?cFs~
CtOL. WARREN is my authorized Agent during
/ my absence from the Stato.
april 30. E. J. MEYXAKDIE.
I HEREBY constitute anil appoint Pol. Thomas J.
Warren as my legal attorney and Agent to transact
all my financial, or other business, and to sign
my name when necessary,, cither in Bank or otherwise.
durimr tnv nbsence from the State.
Mr. Johnson, nn cxpertynced Druggist, will superintend
llie business at the store,
iiprii 30. JOHN J. McKAIN.
Third Notice.
SOMK Imve told nie bad I notified them, liioy could
have paid me The Journal will prove nearly all
this year tliej' have been notified: but probably they
lliink I paid Col. Warren just C>r the fun of it. Now,
those who owe nic for last ye>r will please pay when
they see this third notice, especially those who have
quit trading with me. Tito amounts due mo uro small,
and could he paid almost any.nionth.
I oD'er for sale for cash on delivery,
Fiour and Bacon, Lard ant)Hams, Sugar and Codec.
. 1 also Seep
Tobacco and Cigars, Srtmkihg Tobacco and Pipes,
Candy in great variety, Nir.s. Lemons, kc., Ac.
''oinmoti Shoes and.Dry Goods; Rice and Molasses;
Tin, Jug and Jar Wure; I'pwdcr and Shot.
Also, quite a variety of ifcriuetically Sealed Fruits.
Fish and I1 reserves; andimnjt articles-found m a fancy
1 l./i-e anJ bot^iiid legs white. The owner can
tve him by paying Cor this a.ivertisfcineiu.
April 30. ' /, | ' JUIIN 'CIIKSNUT.
Wanted to Hire, * '>
>Y the year or month, a man, 113 Ooariiman andJ
Wagotior CTdo-d wages, to lie paid punctually'.
Kirlcwood," Aprii?.*!0, 1SG1. 17-tf.
... -
X yhole and hair BbIs;also??n Kits, for sale low _
. for cash, by g . . " GAYI.E A YOUNG. C
... - -?r?'~r-.? v ''J.'., k,
X^iverpooi Salt I
Jf dtmhlc-tvviiksfe.e.'miless Sacks, low for csh\ bv .
njiril 50 ' * | GAYLTJ A Y 0 l?X G. ,
t;AXr. H. COLL&S' Superior Axes, for sale low for ,J.
) caslf.hr GA YLIi A YOUXG.^ ' ?
1 FADES and SHOYKLS, for sale low for cash by te
5 opriL 30 GAYLK A .YOUNG. el
IOUNT VErSoX, Colorado. Maduro, Oscuro, A
Rio Hondo and Plantation Cigars, for sale lowcash,
by: *" ? G A YLE A YOUNG.
~ ~~ '^iEA.-ST. . ; *" I
7GRTH HI YKGrahd Eastern flay. for sale low for at
S cash. by ( G.vYLK'A YOUNG.
"^"'Icoen; , '
>UB1IELS ??^just received and for sale low for
J cash, by . ? G. YLE A YOUXG. '
|MoIasses. ' i
7ETT ORLEANS MOLASSES, in whole and l.alf 1
^ Barrels, for stiio low for cash, by Cm
ipril 30 ' J GAYLK k YOUNG. lej
i Notice."
1R. -J: S. DKPiss will net as my Agent during 'J11
my absence Ironi the State. " Fipril
30 5 VT. L. DePASS. ed
JJotiice. Es
IR. S. C. CLY^UHN will act as my Agent during
my absence from the State,
ipril 30 i ' T. J. CLYBURN. tin
i __i Df
^z7~A meeting bf the citizens of Grannis Quarter
it No. -4. wiU.be. held at their IIuster Ground on
urdny Afternoon. May 12th. at 3 o'clock, for the
pose of fomiingjn Company of Home Guards All jnL
ndly to the can* are earnestly and respectfully in- ley
stl to attend. | April 23?2t. at
~ ~ Notice. (ICRSOXS
indebted tome for Professional Services.
will find thcirtjotes and accounts iu tlio hands ot
sepli W. Doby, Esq., at the Brunch Bank.
Vpril 1G. i . T. W. SALMONI), M. D. citi
I. ? , .
[T53E Bond's die me. as Administrator of John ?v<
llv, deed., have -|en placed in the Bands of Win. M. t'ic
union for collection. Arrangements for the installing
past due muse be made at an early uny. 1101
'ersons having (jjims on the estates, or on me as
ininistrator. will Resent them to Mr. Shannon.
Vpril 13?tf J. ROSS L?YE, Admr. ?
<0L THOMAS WARREN is authorized to act -L
1 as my oQicful Ate lit during my nlisencc. cry
iprll 10 * E K. SILL, S. K. D. daj
. t Fei
LL Guardians. Tiiistees, Ac., who arc. 1>j* law, re- ovj
l quired to tu-eo&it annually to tlie Court of Equity to|,
Kershaw Disi ric^ S. C.. will please lile their re- CU|.
is with the Coiit-iissinner of said Court, on or bei
tie first day of Mt.y next. _!
lonitnissioucr's oflie. April 12th, A. D. 1861.
|ini lit.? id |\M. I'.. TAYLPII, C. E. K D ;
Cologne "Water. ^
t to i'-.tj tiling ?;l ll,e kind in this market, and
I very cheap in pint ur quart bottles. 9lal
'or sale o> ! '. I,. ZKMP.
Instruction. --ps^nr,
^fPimio-i^ .'.a'Af r.piii;', will by happy to - J
it J are. vivo Pupils iVing I he Summer vnea.
Si.e undertakes the eil .fvation ofthe Voice, and !
instruetion in Vocal Xluihl (both seered and seen- j 1111
in the Italian, French, iUruiau dud Huffish Lan j '"-,r
ge.s. | S
Terms porlWuarter. p
fxtiiN'i I ...$25J^|
iavc-Fohtk. j
their NEW STOCK of
syyi ? am
Black and Colored Silk?, Bareges, Bomb}
limits, and Calicoes, Curtain Goods a
description. Mantelets, Lace Point
Flats, and Parasols, of tlie latest*
Boots and Shot
_-G&. Hl_
Groceries, Hardware, (]
Kltirgj Window Shi
The above. GOODS have been selected w
Figures, for CASII. and to punctual payers.
CAMDEN. SO. CA.?April 9,?tf.
sx fokji,
May be laid to-day at THIS OFFICE. Price 25
cents, CASH. * April 23.
HAS opened, next door North of the Branch Bank,
Misses' and Cliildrens' Flats.
Ac., of the latest fashion.
Bridal Orders
Filled nt tl.c shortest notice.
rsy'l'he patronage of the Ladies of Camden and
vicinity, is respectfully solicited.
April 13? tf.
Kershaw?-In Equity.
Mary Jane Bask'in, vs. Bill. Daniel P. ilhhaffcy,
Trustee, et. al.
J N pursuance of an order passed in above stated case,
J. (Bill.) at chambers, I will offer for sale at public
out-cry,'before the Court House door in Camden. S. C.,
on the first Monday in May next, at 12 o'clock, if.,
the following named Negro slaves. To-wit:
William, Mary, Nancy, Charlotte, Jim, and an Infant
Terms.?So much cash as will pay the costs of
proceedings mid. costs of sale, and the sum of Ono
Hundred Dollars, to complainant. The balance on a
credit of one, two and tlire-> years, to be secured by
Bond, with at least two go.*! m: dies. and a Mortgago
of the property. I'tuelr s-.-r to pay for papers
Commissioner* OP.'u-o. i u if. R TAYLOR,
April9th, A. D. ltl-fl. )' C. K. K.I).
I Forbid all persons employing my boy?POMPtlY,
without a written permit, and the terms given in
person or writing to i;k- or \\". Wallace.
A^ril r.,?tf . S. Y. WO if KM AN.
Ksn'ucky Elue Grass Seed.
HEIfl'S Crass See*I.
White Clover .Seed.
April P.?if. For sale by JOHN J. McKAIN.
April 1C. WrXNl^
Hax^aiia, Sesars.
rlE Subscriber 1ms just opened.8 select Stock of
Genuine Havana Scpus, of die following Brands:
southern confederacy,
Mount vernon, ) ,nxn, n
man ola, j L0*D-?punch.
April 9,? *, J. J McKAIN.
^PIUXG Clothine, Hats, kc., just opened at the
J '-Old Corner." .
April'9,? 1 E. IV. BONNEY.
I "otice.
r WOULD most earnestly request all persons indobtL"
cd to'nie liy open- book-account to settle the same
r cash, and if that is impracticable, they will pleaso
ill and close their accounts by note. My personal .
jscnce from business demailds attention to this matr,
and persons would confer a favor by immediately
osinp their-accounts by note.
April 23. - JOHN J. McKAIN.'
t LOT of Superior Bread Corn for sale at the "old
\ corner.'' Terms cash. . E. W. BONNEY.
BeKalb House Cmnibus.
3 AS.^i'iXOKRS will be conveyed to and from the
Dcdoi at shortcs; notice by leaving their orders
the office of tne Hotel.
April '13 W P. HARRIS.
_>Y virtue of sundry writs of Fi. Fit, to me directed,
J I will offer for sale before tne. Court House iu
rmden, on the first Monday in "May next, within the
;al hours of.stile, tho following property, to-wit:
One tract of Land, containing two litindred acres,
)re or less, situated in the District of Kershaw, upofi
e waters of Dig BulValoe.Creek, adjoining lands of S.
Clyburn, James Cato, and Henry Mothershcad. levion
as the property of James Estridge, at the suit of
m W. Winchester, W.- Mungo, et al, vs. James
tridgo. .
One Negro Woman and ODe Negr.. Boy, levied on as
j property of John McCaskill. at the suit of James
inlnp, A. M. & R. Kennedv, et al. vs. John McCas1.
A No,
Ono tract ofLnnd, containing two hundred and scvty-flve
acres, more or less, situated in the District of '
irshaw, on- the waters of Big Lynches Creek, adjoin- .
r lands of Charity Hough, Brian King. Charles Ra .
et al., levied on as the property of Betij Hough,
the suit of K. J Stokes, pro al., vs. Benj. Hough.
April 12S?td 15. E\ SIDE?. K. 1)
TH E-i subscriber would respectfully inform the (
izens of Camden aud vicinity that he is prepared to .
nish them with 1
Fresh lircad nii<| Cake*
;ry uny, ui iiisxautcry uh jjiu.ui-aui-i-i, juuuiauiwif
s Market, c
Drdcrs for anything iu his lino lillcil at tlie shortest |
;icb. |
April 13?tf ' c
> Y'permission of William M. Bullock, Ordinary for s
} Kershaw District, S; C.t I will sell at public ont ,
before tho Court House in Cnnideu, on the 4th
; of May next, the following property to wit: Two
ither Beds, belonging 'to the Estate of Martin Wili,
VKJIJIS?All sums of and under live dollars, cash :
>r that amount, on a credit until the first day of Oe- j,
er next, purchasers giving note and two good settles?interest
from day of sale
April 16.?td. JOEL WIL OK, Admr.
N otiee. .,
2gT*Tho immediate families of the Kershaw Volun- r
s now in service, in need, may call upon tin under- c
ned for help Certificates setting forth the fact that
ilicants arc entitled, will bo required in every in- si
ice. tl
tpril 13?tf . Sec. Coin, l'oor K. D. J
I'tuliioiialilc Dre** .Tlriliiiijj. n
lies of Camden and viciuity, that she is prepared to
<e dressesTmantles, and eiouks, in the neatest manand
most fashionable style. >
he nutv he found nt Mr. Fukitac's, next to tho
" |i|
^ Bc, where slio will bo happy to wait on those
^Kivour her with a call.
,0 ?????"??-ENDS
izine, Alapaccas, Muslins, Ginghams, Biilind
Embroideries, White Goods of every
s, and Dusters, Iloopskiru, Bonnets,,
style. Ready made Clothing, Hats,.
;s, for Men and Boys.
rockery and Gooperware.
ides and Wall Paper,
itli great care, alio' will be sold at very LOW*
ar BBEBBg '-'-J 1 ZBgM ?BBB?I TV 8 tf g J,l? 1 "TMTFWTTI
central 'wharf,
Agents for Wl:ilc!i>ck & Co.'*
Super Phosphate of Lime.
c. a. geaeser. a. sydney smith.
references: /'~t
Col. Tiio. J. W.ututx,
Cnpt. Emanuel Pardee,
joun J. McKaIX, Ejq. 4
April 0.?tt; '
The subscriber would call tiie attcation
of the public to the following preparations
of liiiT own Manufacture, and which aie warranted to
he all they are represented to he.
Eaume de Vie, cr Balsam of Life,
For Purifying the Eleod, Dyspepsia and Sick Head?
ache, &c.
Cordial Elixir Calisaya Bark,
A pleasant Tonic, containing all the virtues of Peruvian
Dark. ' .
A sovereign remedy for Coughs. Colds, Ac. ' ~~j|
Aromatic Touic Bitters, JH
Are of the most pleasant Tonic known, and ndinirn-. Jb9
h1y a dapted to relieve the languor produced by the ap-proach
of warm wcorher.
Ali the above are prepared and sold hy
J. Ji 1Y>cKAll;, Camden, So. C*. 1
April 2,? tf. ' K Jj
Horses for Sale. ^||
' Jan. S?T OFFICE.
IN a great variety of size i and Ionic nide.just re-?
J ceived'at "the "Oiil Corner" j . *|
AKOTHERJilGllf. ' ?
And tlie BEST LIGHT >||aI
And the Light for SAFETY N'11
The Vesper "Gas LIGHT _
Tlie cheapest LIGHT
A Scientific LIGHT '
The J3vigi,tfest LIGlIT__yvT [
More like GAS than GAS IS . . ,'i P
Just what GAS ought to be |
Call at ZEMP'S and SEE [
Call at ZEMP'S and BUY
And save your EYES ", % II
And spend your MONEY
For just the thing YOU WANT. "v
3fuy 8, 'G0~t? 1 ' .r^
~irwmMm . J
(From Charleston,)
C a md e n , S C-,
Announces to the public of Camden and vicinity,
that he lias removed to the Store next do?r below
Mr. W. 1). McDowull. .. '
lie <i-siiectlullj solicits a share of public natronage,
promising, by stiict and prompt ntleutioij to busi
ness. 10 preserve ir. } 1
All work warranted .'or 12 months^im^iveryar-. : I j
tide in the line repaired witU-uefrtrn-i^aTuKpMLll.*" ? j ;
Cumdeii, So. Co., Jnn. 1.?tf. 1 1$
Baled Hay, Com, Oats, Peasr?ranK
Shorts, Flour, &c., -pL,
Charleston, So. Ca., .i! p v
Country orders respectfully solicit'^ and; /
iicin.plly annulled to.
Jan 1,?12mo | ^ ^
iE/iR. WISTAK'Sj r
' "iflBS
In the whole history of Medical Discoveries? hem-.
itiY has performed so many or such reuiarkaw cure3 JRj
tf the numerous affections of the Throat Ahtpvaad
CYir.if?of Coughs, CoMs, TJruncbitis. Influenza, Thoopug
Cough, Croup, Asthma, or of Consumption itself, '0wl
is this far-famed, long-tried, and justly cclebrntiB.u.- JBfl
;am. So generally acknowledged is the stipepr ex-. flij
iclletjee of this remedy that but few of-4je JB
rave tested its virtues by experience fail to i-MBtw&jif kjM
land as a speedy ant' certain cure for snddcnJ^^J^^^^^^^H
if Colds?lully believing that its remedial polfl
oniprehensivc enough to embrace ever)- furiflH
nse from the slightest cold to the most ua^H
ymptom of pulmonary complaint.
Dr. lUistar's Balsam of IHUlj (?l)fl
Virginia ToftiinonjT*
Certi'ieiile Ire in i Mr Xud-oTtic Norton, of the
acrOtlicv, Richmond :=?
Richmond, Y\, Feb. 23, iB
Messrs. S. TV. Fowte & Co, Boston. ?Genilem^|
ritli pleasure testify to the great merit of your
ble lunp uieilieine. I)r. Wistar'a JJcdtuin of
y, which is likewiso hiplily valued by ninny
stcemed citizens, wholmve tested its virtues hy^H
I tirst made use of this Balsam some tbrevc&E
idee for a violent and distressing cough, - ' 'MB
10 skill of physicians, and to my joy. e.vpcrience^B
rati I) ing relief us to induce mc to persevere in 'y v
always keep it by me and ever lind ittn be ou^B
1 its efleets. No medieiuo that I have ever tisfB '
iven rtieS.pco.ly relief. Yours truly.
Cato I'mrl tiitm. The only
it's Balsa"?luut the v.t itten signature of '*1 Butt |H
ic printed ope of the proprietors on thooutet^B
en all other is vile i.nd worthless.
Prepared by RUTH TV. FOTVLE k CO.. llesnj^B

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