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^ jmmijiiui.
I t From l lie VaiHey. \
, New Maiikjet, Oct. 21,1804.
Little I thought, ten clays ago, when I was
writing about our cavalry from this identical
place, ro which I ain now just returned, thai#
one of the greatest, if not thp greatest stampede
of this war, and a stampede of infantry, too,
iiad yet to take place. It is the most singular
-siftuir tluit. mm i>uii Dossilde iinanitie : a whole
'day of glory ami a few minutes o?-shainc- -a
splendid beginning and alnmistrocs end?iwilitr./ormosa
.s//p<>nie (tcsi vat in piscan.
I don't kpow v. lictlier it is better to laugh or
crv, for tlie thing is also so odd and ludicrous
in some respects, that, if we were only lighting
for the outraged dignity of a plenipotentiary,
% the rights of reversion to some duchess, some
petty island in tho East indies, or even for the
possession of some Siberia of ours,*\?v might as
well take our time and ease, and look only upon
ihefnuny part of tins great mischief. Eut 1
am afraid we cannot afford such luxury as laughing
at our own expense just at present, and
that it nt our duty, under tlio circumstances, tt?
'take it with a proper mixture of "anger" an J
'.This is preamble ctioiic.li, to be s'uiv, before
coining to the point, hut vet I cannot step llattbotcvi
upon it; I can't, my bear sir?it. would
bo unnatural, 1 think. Yes, a whole, day of glory
ami a few minutes of sham", as i hav'o already
said; but, unfortunately, it is the shame thai
comes last, and casts its.'gloomv \nn. wubra over
tho rays ami beams of the departed glory el j
that day. I allude to our'bail!e oMhel'tth!
instant, between Strasburg and MMuScIowji. |
, What will he its name ? I don't care?let it j
ho "no name," if yon like. .As for sue, 1 will
merely call it the alfair of the lOl.h.
I kn jw there is an order from the. Adjutant
tfeiicral's ollice concerning letl. i-wrilers ami
correspondents, and L don't, feel inclined to
make light ot it miner. W homer irghi4 or
Wrong, it is an order, and tlint i;. enough lor
mi? J I fori indited'to ieF-jxHrl.it. lint, -sis I
am neither a lolter-writer nor aveorrospoii lent,
as 1 know of no plans of campaigns iliac 1 can
disclose, and as L would disclose none ii 1 J:no\v
any; as I speak of no marcdiings, nuricruvres
or counter-marchings; finally, as I merely .write
l as I would sneak t ? you, if I had an
tunily' thrive yon vcrhaiiy an account
personal impressioiis with resjieet to facts
along to history from tin1 moment that,
-odk place, and with whioh the Yankees
s well acquainted as any of us?ifthev
n it, to be sure, and they are' not quite
gers to the died?1 pledge von inv word !
ot see any wrong in my writing to you ;
th\s atl'air of I lie ithh.
' ell, sir, we surprised the Yankee camps,|
I ?;enk of day, a-> completely as a ea.np can j
> arised ; how we did it is ano'lier t i: g. |
i d L:iU *- no road?we ji:.-t took our tight I
mi ; air, and after having hovered around a !
o tit litne to aiiow a glimmering iigbt at '
( i. i?t to'simw signs of the Vettinting da\-1
i ... iti order l>> be ?o!e to de-titigui h our
trier f";oil) our foes, we bounced down upon
.i vv,> ..;..i-..i- t.;:t ;.i i i i
\ and litriii'.'tl our linos- with.n lh?- hivn-; 1
< He vial camps, with seVcn pieces ?rl tilery
t . 'tv.loix* they ct'liii! ;ir. t?.vermis, ;;nd
;i i'(ir hi; lot! bolore v.;. ! i.:s clean sweeti
-.v ,s :! de l.y Kershaw's |>:\isi<?;i ; vi1.1 that. is
i!,c v began our w<?:*k. The enemy tries
> ? . d on the loft, hut it is in vain; wtj push
u . I now wo hoar the firing of other J >ivi<i>'iis't
the right, wlii li come in lor their!
!.; (; f it,-and gallantly, too. Tie* enemy is
.;rvi :> back -from oatnp to e.-iinp ; ?s thov
" -:i 1 t hey endeavor to carry awty smiie lie.tl
'i.'v. hut we shoot the horses-down and the
i>ir ire ours. Now the turnpike is cleared,
i. .1 \ I lory can come down ami support our.
: i. \i comes down, and as the res .stance inrv
s so does the vigor of our attack. The
un ; s above the crests of the mountain?, and
v.'in?t 'the morning fog, the smoke of the
mu>V, y mid artillery, and the soft horizontal
li.;i t t' at is thrown across, not like a rainb'mv,
h. ' i'.. a Jifooilfjow1. If there was such a
W/vi' emmli* t l.oeo ie onoli llon? *t
OKIUI ) tllVIU l.-> OU'yll. ; II! IM'^, llll!
!*f. I'ovo us is grand. As it li;is its color/il
in;'; -oico?the yells of oivr mer,tlio srieani
ie shells, the whistling of the Knlicld
'(. .I1- e heavy train]) of inrii and horses, the
>f gun carriages and wagons, \dl iniug
storm, of which we have not only the
:t the destructive power. We jnove
.a; illong ; it is not a stand-up light, alue:
nit the enemy, after having heen driven
oil'. 1 I his campsj tried to make a stand, hut
> !,?.' ( vT caused the storm to- eoueelitrate its
?ip*k : destruction at that place lor some half
w> h' -,r ?for our men were not to he -looped;
;h< ' 1 it in their mind to ti.dit now, and
;n could stop thorn. <>\.-r l-ili^, stone
{. ii,- . cross 11road, cleared livdis and thick
ws. he fighting goes on as ivgnlat\ assteadv
i,s , t . adjust began, and still it is now three
>Yt. I we have drivfcn the .enemy four miles,
capiat, all the camps \Kth everything . in it,
. .. ? ? * 4
nui'i.ii'i xu? ii'?'ini"niiui?i IIiMuiimuiwiiinwaiM
spoiled-the ground with their dead and woiun
cd, sent to the rear some eighteen hum Ire
prisoners, captured eighteen pieces of ar tiller
hut the lighting still goeit on although wo hai
stopped driving the enemy, w ho is by this tin
pushed back further than Middletowp on
line, extending from the left of it.
All this is vcrv well, hut pending, tins tin?
another work g<>es oirthnt is fai, verv far fro
being rpite as good. The number ot our m<
plundering in the camps increases, ever)' horn
l 1 i. .... I ! . . Jl* . 1 .1 j* .t
i.iu> [iiiiviim, jjnaiu mines ou ;i oaicil 01 till'
i to the front, In.t :i hijo-ur nuni!>cr oozes 01
from the "round, which thev soon cov?-r lil
one of t!ic seven plagues of Ejjypt?the loeusi
I should say. All c.-ti men are so confide1
tliat. the enemy is whipped that they c'n
Wiiiii. to-ta.'riuv their share of the hooty. P?
alas! \v.?r is a opinio thntMwo can plav. Tl
VanKees are not <pnte Mind ; there are mar
hills and summits from which they can sj
t he Iexpanse of tlios cleaned <*rounds;Thev
now know exactly what is oar siren?*!
th'.v have -tn u cvcrv man we have in the fiel
| n11-1 they si e t-le-ir former camps jSwarinit
willi oin iVeel'o-.iters. So th.ev know o
str-nglh ami 1.1 ley know also their mvn, wife
we do not know. Ti ev an bring some fre.troops
and we cannot; on the contrary, p1
men now begin to t'eel the hrnr.t of the hurdcI'oj
tliev lmve be?-ti up all night and .In-ei^figli
ing all day. The Yankees bring np h tic
line at about one hoar and a quarter hi-fo
sundown ; I hoy push it to lite front and o
j * let* division (t b?rd??:i's) gives wav. Thev gi'
| way, yes, but t hat is nothing. <iod hless tfcen
|,t!ie best of men must giVo way some times, b
! why don't they rally? i say, why. dont tin
t..llv, tor tii?is i- our only trouble ami misfci
tune on that ill fated l()ih ?>.f < b-toher. 1)
rally thev won't ; see them go back nncb
eetne.d. jtis| as quietly as if noshing was tl
matter. Tliev do not reply anvlhing to of
eers-Mhoy just slip back with their muske
poised in their hands a- if they were drplot/'n
hacJ-mnrth as skirmisliers. In the me.vnwhi
the Yankees lose no time; it is.now their lisi
to go onward; Kershaw's division now h;
struck ; it gives way, too, in its turn,' alt
1111 \-i tiii- !<!iri! tocl-inrl it-: o-rmiii<l rwitliii
.. J_,.......... ..V......
'." 1 Uui, nothing more noble, as long as it c!
light, but now it has given way like Gordon
And, like (Gordon's, it won't ra.lv. Our artill
rv, in general, did well; they tried to re-osta
lish the. light and twice made it stand?at sin
points' too, when; we might have had the va
lay" ground over tlie Yankees ; hut there w
no rally?no rally of a brigade; no" rally of
regiment ; no raliy of a company?the who
annv confused kilo a nameless, shapeless ma
of men, going back, hack all the. time, 'id
flood increases in depth as we reach the tur
pi'-e; the artillery, the ambulance.-, wag'oi
a!! rattle down :p lint a decent late, at
coo! w>,!k, a kind of gentlemanly stampedi
i.aJ a few sheiJs that come bnrst.ii g right-ov
our heed- gives us an additional speed. V
are running ; a turn of the road, a pro teeth
iVolii the sin-!' ?, and-we walk again. I nov
| saw or dreamt ofmore self-possessed crowd
i /.v ; iln-v were u?> more scared, s
I an I in; more r.sli.urnd than if there had n
I been a particle of danger or disc-race in tin
predicament, 'finally, an old rotten bridj
!gi\e: way, iIj-.-rc is a dcaii lock, and artiller
! wagons and ambulances aie there for the Ya
[ kci-s. 'i'hev need not strike a lick to ha
them?ail thev have to do is to come down tl
road whevotlicy are stuck, and theirs they ai
In?that way we lost, tliirtv-hme of our or
pieces, besides eight mi: that we captured, tn
! God knows how many wagons and amhiilauc
! Y'l tliost' trains might have been saved l>y
i force of two hundred rkirmishers, hut it con
' not be got. They ware tired; they we
, played out ; 'they had enough of it?pur in/;
1 will add, however, that, but for the lo
of materia! the advantage of the day would st
he on our side. We have s verdy ciapjih
i that Yankee army, you may depend upon it.I
(>ur ai-tny of the Valley is made of spiced*
i material, but the'wear and tear of this Ioligcai
I paign has told with to'rrihie,effect upon its e
j c-ani/ation. Take, for instance, Kershaw's (
j vision ; it. went into the light without a sine
i brigade commander. Still the men fought ve
| well as long as they felt like it, but* When tl
hour of trial came the waul of organization w
I severely li.lt, afrl the men could not he radii
I Wliatov-v olVnvrs were on duty, however, <1
! their l>e>i, l>ut it was of no avail; I belei
i this cannot bo donu'iI-,
KoishnwV division l?I splendidly?tliis
. ifri-oviilh oot oo tod, (Ion. Kershaw Inn
horso mortally wounded under him; two ofl
aids, Lieut, tiohn Corwilo and James Pav
had tlioir Imm-o< 1<iil?-d>nn?li*.r thorn ; Map.Jam
M. (ioiro-in, Assistant Adjutant (lenornl, lost I
horse in the same way whilst in command
''onn< i -'I" iipido. ('<?!,. L>. \\ . Moody, of t
_'!> ' i< '. pj'i. ooniinAiidin^ Humphrey's blade,
hoinu" put h"i.\ (/< I'oinlbil, was succeed
by Lieut. v.cl. John onus <> the same rcgimo
! and that gallant oUiccr was shot dead (in t
Ijimo1 ?nmm:MMinij?mnimn
[]- liend) !?t tilt1 Inst st.-ge (>f the battle, when we
id tried for tile second time to make'a stand*. At
y, this moment, when writing quietly about it,
e this battle, see'fus to mc a mystery or a dream,
le It seems to me that the silent ami fugacious
a rabbjle upon which the sun set wbe'ti We were
stampeding towards Fisher's 11 ill cannot be
jc spoken of in the sair.c breath with* the daring
in and yeUing regiments,upon which the rising
>.n surt' smiled When we charged the cnemv.'s
r; works, t^ok their pieces and turned iheiii iiu-1
m mediately against the enemy. Talk ufonrcavut'
airv's stampedings, here is a'?et ?>lf for them
ce This, it is tjp be Imp. <1 wi'l close the.ex1' ibition
s, ! and we will nnss to <nino ii< u't xcntisc. t) r lids
* J i " " ' '
nt ; limning business is growing stale, now; it won't
'.V ! it has hot ovt h the nioiit of novelty. No,
ni ! no, we will stop tlint ; it is a good horse that
ic | never stuuihles, bill a good Imrse does not sttwnl)'
hie nt every step.
>v I see thai you published some extracts ol'iny
? letter to you concerning the organization of our
b, i cavalry smd its lato doings In the Valley ; it yon
d, j choose to publish some extracts, of tliis. letter
ig j concerning our stampede, I will not be sorry
nr j- for it, for 1 like-fair play, lfl were. to curse
li | our Stampede 1 would call it a Moody one.
-b I In pe you have good news around Kiehnr
mom!' although 1 must sa\ tee spirit of our
n, ih?*n is not. broken here, but good news will he
it- welcome at any time.
w As for my share in the fight, it was small, I
re uare say; but )*et I consider it was still more
in" lucky than anything else. for uiv horse wusnot
re shot nor was T, only a b?dl mad |n<i hobs in
); the night s-V.rt of my oveivo .t and very slightly
lit .cut the top of my right b" ot.
>v It is i hi possible, at present, to give you a fair
ir- estimate of our lossy* in u>< n. .Sp?-ak.ng in
lit general, the loss is as small as it can be lor a
n- fight from sunrise to sunset, although I knov.
10. ono. regiment of our division to have lost twenii
tv officers. We took a large number of pr.sonts
ers andiSceuroil tliem, whilst we must have
'// lost \err few, as we did stampede so timely
lo and finally, so we did, deaf sir, and to, sav that
rn we were tvhipp d, and whipped by our own
us folly alone, is ueiiher new nor consoling, bat
er it is trum If I recollect, the fruits of the batig
tie of Shilob were lost from the same uumilid
itafy .straggling and plundering in cainps.
V, "
? Wanted to Purchase
p. I States?Scrap Iron, wrought or cast, for which T
p- PM.V Q h?h price in cosh. or, if preferred, will exchange
rolled plnntathn Iron for the*sumo. Planters brothers
a having any i fthe above u> dispose of will inform mo'
le of the fact, a* 1 wish 10 collect it together as speedily
,ss as possible. J. S. MKKON Ity.
u. sieptember 1- ?tl.
? J, L accounts against the ! state ot Thonms J. Fly
j. n ni. will present them to mo h>r pnynn nt williiu
4 ninety da-v.s l:oin date. After that time 1 will not pay
1 0 su) ciaims against the Est.to.
?n ' w.\f. CIA" BURN,
el' Oct. 21?fit. A(imiuiat.iator.
0f ' Conledemle"' please c> pv three times.
ire i"V 'tie ! -tale ol the late Dr. Henry Gantry, will
~. present tliein property attested. and those indebted,
* ' will make payment to John Cinuev.
V'C Oct. 23 tf. - .fdministralrix.
For Sale.
* Oct. 24 10
" Sale of Personal Property.
miry. I will sell, oli f'lTK>R;\ V, the 22il of No
vomher, 18(54, at the late r siih nee of Lie* j.fd L
H' Whitaker. ileeense (in i term v.It v. mii . IL- ol.
.' 1 the personal pro i:i ty of Hidmr I. Wi.itnk i, dcio.ts?
ed, con isting of llou-cbnli F niiture. nroii- g I nplf
>(j incuts, rt title young Mule, h lew iie.td of tattle, ttlyuon
Corn. Pens, Ac., Ac..
Ttie ier:t:s of sate a re cnsli.
>r- October hi?tu.ili.s G. J. !>. DUNLAP.
:r'" Depot Boldie r's E oard Relieflie
Camdhx. S. <\ Oct j'2. i sg I
ns LI rKRSONS WIK ll \ V! : NOT PA ID T11 I R
,(] r\ two (2) per cent Tax in corn, wlic.-.i ;imt rice.
; i j will 'plcnse deliver it nt once, without lurtbor notice.
'' | Uy order ol Mnj. Jxo M. DkS\rssi;ni:, < Iminnan.
' l! , Oct. 12 2w M. (r.\Vl.K. Agent.
| ^ y nr. r ]j(\ i iyi.m iv ui' l'. \ M) 'IK! V
! will "meet nt Flat iwn-k' 011 Siiiur.my the 1 Oth
'.,s instant.
is, ! 1.11.1 lions of Seeks. Gloves, mm rfs, .to., will h. 11 >m 1 k les
i IV.llv roeoived and sent forward id once In our brave
lis 1 s-'' ilt"'" vv " ar0 ,lOW idiftbrinjt lor almost owry varie. !
y of ekviutifr.
. , All who wish tocontribute to (because <'11! indicate
1<! j the same hy brim iint or m inline timii donatio..* on
i?r- the day above mentioned. A
0(] Members are rci|UesteiJ to be p omul in ntend.tr.ee.
l.-ty order of the Pr.sidvnt.
nt? T J. A.LI'V
]1C Nov. it?3t. Aetmy Sccrotary.
impjiimuau.miM.nin.:uimi'jim m 'i',i."u'iimjiiijniiiiuiiftf
AT ' . " ;
J. ?0 IMl 323 St S.
T>L U'.'Iv AI.PACCAS; - . . > ' '
5^ Black and colored I'nliofcea;
j (Jiiiftli'iiuis. Paper t iiinbrieji;
I ?<. !{ ires iii.il Delaines;
| , It iiuti and blue I'enuus;
j .Superior knirlisli I .o?u?clotli;
j 1 adios Silx liioves. Whalebone;
I Hilt Buttons and Trimn tutcs lor ladies dresses;
| Black 1T:11 i;111 srwiujr S:lks ;
Black. while and eol- led spool Tlfretul?all Nos.;
' Ilk.ek Jinx llireud ;
' Pins. Kniil inr > ocdles. Needles, Bottom, Tape; j
j ? oinbs nntl T ?ilel i?onp, llalrpiirs;
j Ladies liar Notts;
; Ladies white, slate ami blue Hoso;
Lerv.nits II.uiiikoroli:<> a, and a yr^at many olhar
articles. too numerous to mention.
?: Alio:?
f'tilloti I*il..l Vsirn?-.U \'iiiiil>n..K
1 7 s 11 mi -1-4 rmiiK'v;)k> Slni-tings. hud an dwtortj
incut ut tiionrta?:ust?<i"uT) r?'.vuct.
Hull ttini exanihu; too sto:k atJ.
I 1
, Opposite the Market,
("'closer IS tn. tli. ?. tt
i ' Miotics. ...
I ?? trail** lor :i nolo civt-H l>y me. to John Bak^r, for
live In111< 1 r< <\ dollars doled some time in .Tune, 186'4,
. ns ii?t- p-op?riy tor which it \vas pivon, hna proved unbound,
I wii! ot psiv a;u?! note unless compelled by
, law. * JA.mES A. THOMPSON
j Sept. 8
1 RAG-3 ! IIAOS!!
i i. line is or co: ton rairs delivered large or amal
! quantities at this ollice.
: MA
Coi-u;iniA, Nov. 1, 1J64. J
P. panics organized tinder orders from this office
: for service beyond their Districts, will forthwith re!
turn to this office hill Rolls o?' their respective com]
piuiics, including the iuui.es ol persons who have been
| added to the rolls since their oiiginal organization,
j II. General and field officers having in their possesJ
sion the rolls above sp citicd will also make returufl1
j of the same.
III. 1 crsonswho are liable to servico in said com- .,
panics, and who have failed to report their names,
when the companies shall be ordered into service will
be arrested, carried into camp and tried by courts martial.
in pursuance of the provisions of tho Act of tiia .
General Assembly. ?
I V. General officers and the commanding officers of
Regiments will extend these orders.
Uv command : ' '
({signed) A. C. GARLINGTON, J
* Adj't. and lnsp'ctr. Gen. S. C.
Official :
G. A. Fv-l.i.i.v, A A. Geu. %
Papers of the State copy three times.
Nov. 8 8
Office Q. M- Department,
..^Camdkn, Sept. Iotli, 1861. vW
to it. ill in lininedmtoly all new fodder and pen*
| i < v: 1 as old fodder and siiuK.s, in order to meet the y.
; pressing demands ol our armies. < ,
They are also notified ih.it ti.ev can have credit ?n.
their 'i itlie of 1 -01. for ti eir deliveries of cornif they
prefer it to payment in cash
Sept. 16 tf ,
Beadq'rs En- Office,
J CAMDKK, S. C., Oct. I t, 1864.
; nend's Order Kn. 77, heretofore published, all
j detailed men. and those win se applications are nendi
iiif/. and all light duty men. who are unrtspigtloij; and
1 all \v* o havi tin eon iticato of exemption from examin* '
in: U aid or exempted under recent Acs ofCongreis,wl.o
a- nnt in olive service between 18 and. 45 ard
lie re' >v ordered to report promptly at this office pre;
pared to go forward to Camp ot Instruction.
I 0^ 1 5 3 Act. K. 0 K. D.
' * tliuv dollars Omnibus f:ire to and fro jo m. purt
1 ?>f tli" unv . To or from Kirk wood, or V *ot tbo
I l.i: its <>i ilic town, six dollar?. T ho liigl pncts of
1 horse fitd con".pel us u> adv. nee our rates. "
[ October 1 4$ ^

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