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VOLTI OAlVIDKJSr, S. C.', FBIDAY, NOV. 18,1864 NO. 119
^ -| ? m w m >f JL ?JL
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ing patrons.
How the Yankee Army is to ije Ke
v "Up.?The New York Herald denies the. ti n
of the widely ciiculatcd report that there i*
be another draft immediately after the electio
and ad^ls:
There is not to I5e another draft, cither befo
^ the election or after it; but of course the go
ernment will soon want more men, and we a
glad to. learn that measures are finally to 1
taken .to establish a sensible, permanent rccrui
ing,aystcta. Men are not scarce in thiscountr
and the lhst call has demonstrated that by pro
er measures and a liberal bounty any nuttib
can be had. Men can be had in the Westei
otates tor three hundred dollars. It is propost
td offer fiv.e hundred dollars as a pennantbounty.
This sum ipakes an allowance for tl
Various expenses of the recruit, or even tlm
who .find him and bring him forward, and st
vleaves .a good margin for the benefit ol the *
cruit or his family. It gives a good sum, als
as a basis for the operations and activity of th
large number of persons who will thus he i
d\iced to lend their energies to the good cau!
of filling our'armies. Rccruitintr will thus b
come a permanent business in the country, wit
ramifications in every city and village, and wi
' " . for the first time jn the history of our war, 1
effective and productive of great results. .
Not only will this system enable the army
draw regularly and properly upon our own po
illation, but it will also tap for our benefit tl
immense And discontented population of E
Mr. Boyce's Letter at the North?"R
Davis."?Discoursing on the tendencies tQ dc
potisin of the.two Governments, the New Yoi
Herald says :
That great bag of wind, Vallandivhnni', tl
Hon. Ben Wood, and all the noisy coppciheai
of the Norh, have much to say of this Lined
despotism ; But it is a despotism overHowii
with milk and honey?.it is a Paradise Lost 1
tthe Southern people, compared with the sa
,age, remorseless and frightful despotism of Je
Davis. A prominent South Carolinian, tl
Hon. Mr. Boyce, before his own people, In
reccntl} sketched it, and a morq revolting pi
ture of a military reign of terror and abso'u
t despotism has not been exhibited since the da
, of Draco among any intelligent people und
fho su?. The legitimate and absolute autocr
of aVl the Russians, in attempting such desp<
tc.powers as those exercised hy deli. l)av
* would be speedily hurled from his throne. N
can Mr. Boycc promise anything better than :
absolute monarchy or a militafy despotism wi
the success of Davis. The nocPMiti"" r
ppsjlioo, if successful in this war, will make hi
jt&t.such another dispenser of Southern" righ
as the late Dr. Francis, that terrible tyrant
^ Jphnsonvillk, Tenn.?The place whe
^QiTpftt has lately achieved a great victory
situated on the cast bank of the Tennessee riv<
"four miles above Keynoldsburg, and is the t<
minus of the Northwestern railroad, conne<
ipg Nashville with the river. The town w
named after Andy Johnson, who caused i
railroad to be completed to enable the Fedet
authorities to transport stores to Nashville
low stages of water in the Cumberland. Sin
, the completion of the road, Johnsonvillc li
grcfwn to be an important point, and has be
for Rome time a great depot for Federal sr
nfles, ^vhich were -shipped direct to Nashvil
tCnojtville, Chattanooga or Atlanta, as dc-iri
This explanation will enable the render to fn
appreciate the probable extent of the destn
lion of propprtv that took place.
v * V
r. u urn is (ii<? AfarQcst Mod? of Djlng.
" To bo shot dead-is bne of the easiest modes
of terminating life; yet, rapid ,as it is, the
' body has leisure to fee! and reflect. On the
00 first attempt by one of the frantic adherents of
00 Spain to assassinate William, Prince of Orange, 1
00 who took the lead in ihc revolt of the Nether- ,
lards, the nail 'passed through the bones of the ,
lace and brought him to the ground. In the
;0 instant preceding stupefaction, he was able to
jr- frame the nation that the ceiling of the room' 1
had I* lien and crushed hum . * '
ed The "aimoii shot which plunged into the ]
3J5 brain of Charles XIT, did not prevent him^from
seizing his sword by the hilt. The idea of an
is- lihitl'ickf mI'd tlit* necessity tor deiencc was pressed
on'him by a blow which we should have
s supposed too tremendous to have an interval
PT thought, -But it by no meats follows lhat the
in inflicting ol fatal violence is accompanied bv a
to pnng. Front what is known of the first effect
;fi of gun shot wounds, it is probable that the impression
is rather stunning tliati acute. Unless
re death be iuinn diate, the paih is'as varied as the i
v. nature of the injuries, and these are past count- >.
ro ing up. ' i
Bui there is nothing singular iit the dying ,
\i. sensation, though Lord Bryon remarked the [
physiological peculiarity that the expression is i j
p. 'invariably that of langor," while in death front a {
cr stab, the eonntenance reflects the trails of nut* ; ?
ril ural character, of gentleness or ferocity, to the
j(j last breath.
nt | Some of these onspc orn r
^ . . Mtu w? liituiuob IU SUUW I
ie " vv ith what slight disturbance, life may go undoi1 c
Re a mortal wound, till it finally comes to a sud- 4
ill deu stop. A loot soldier at Waterloo, pierced ^
c_ by a musket ball in the hip, begglid water of a s
0 trooper who chatieed to possess a canteen of t
beer. The >von tided man d ran It, returned bis d
n.' heartiest thank-, mentioned that his regiment t
so 3vas nearly exterminated, and having proceeded f
c. a dozen yards on his way to the rear, fell to the
earth, and with one convulsive 'movement of
||? his limbs, concluded his career. 'Yet his voice,'
je says the trooper, who himself tells\ the storv, j
'gave scafcbly the smallest sign of Weakness.'
t0 Captain I?asil Hall, who, in fatly youth, was
p. presi'iu at me hattl- of CorunPa,- lias singled
,e out O'otn the confusion which cbnsigns to c?l?u_
livion the w?i-s and ga:lantry cff war, another j
instance, extremely similar, which occurred on ;
that occasion. An old officer.who was*shot in ,
g. the head, arrived pale and taint at the tempi)- .
rary hospital, a'tnl begged the surgeon to look <
at iiis wound, which was pronounced murUd. v
s* ,'Indeed, I fear .so,' he responded, with impeded (
k utterance, 'and yet I should like t<> live a little. \
longer, it it were possible.' lie laid Iiis sword .
lc upon a stone at his side, 'as gently,' says Hall, ,
Is 'as ll itf^-te'd had been turned to glass-,' and ?
almost immediately sank dead upon the tnrf. .
to La row Yankee Fi.ebt i.v Hampton Roads j
v- ?Raid up Nanskmond River.?Petersburg, ,
IT. November (J.?The enemy have an unusually
>e large fleet in Hampton Roads, among it several
,,o m.? - i -.1 >
..o ;>it>nilui.-> ot:ier peculiar loosing specimens
c- of naval ar? hitcetnre. Lardner is in command
te in James Ri\er, and I>. I). Porter lias been sees
lected for an attack on Wilmington, whether
or part of the fleet lias sailed,
at Two gunboats ascended the Nnnsrmond
>t- River on Tuesday last, and landed a party of
is, about sixty men, who made a dash in Clmckaot
tuck, and arrested all the iiirtic citizens but
m three.# Learning, liowt ver, that Nauseinoml
th county is free from conscription they released
lis their prisoners, with an admonition to keep out
m 'of the reb. I service. They in.ule severe threats :
ts against .Smilhfield, and it will not he matter of ,
of surprise if they burn it at any time. *
From tub Front.?At Inst account?np to
io the '1 lit?the main body of the armv was in the
js vicinity of Tnseiiinhia, whore headqu.Triois were
?r established. Two divisions had crossed the
>r Tennessee, to protect the laying down of poll
jt- toons. Cheatham's old division had been or
aa tiered to prepare extra rations, but foT what
he purpose was not even surmbed whim our in <,1
ionnanl left.
in The depot for the relief'-fyhe destitute Smith
cc Carolina soldiers, will be openc I soon'at. Sclma..,
as A eoriespoiulent I'rotn the armv of Termer.- I
en ?ee reports that during the first fourteen days
ip. ofthe campaign, commencing at the Chaitahoole,
ehee.-an average mar?-h of u netei-n miles per
id; day was pm-formed,'about thirty miles of rail|}y
road track lorn up, and over ore- thousand pr s io
oners.captured, The mar-h, under the circumstances,
was an extraordinary one. [
camden journal |
At tlio meeting of iho Examining Board, 6n ye.ster3
ay. nil applicants for exemption, with one exception,
were assigned -to active or light duly.
The '"Tai.laiiassek."?This steamer hns had iro j
tight vvi'h the eneipy's ships, and is now perfectly sound
n every part. If the fight reported to thoi ftew York
papers by. the-Are go's Cai tail, took placental), it was
probably with a blockade runner.
A specinl message from Governor Bnowx, of Georgia,
stntes that there w ere a number ol men of?militnry
n.rv. ??? c._.- i? -
<> hi v .-inn; uuuer uona to appear at cmttta to answer
criminal prosecutions, ami be that mean's are kepi
nut ol the army. Ho recommends, legislation On the
subject The messngcrwas referred to the Judiciary
"We arc indebted to Mrs. George Barxes, of Kershaw
District for an extra fine article of turnips The
specimen p escnted are rare; as to size, and are fill that
he most delicate palate might suggest in way ?fturlips.
The'lady w}II please accept our thai ks. We
;nke it, always, to lie the 'best.evidence of the success'ul
culture of the predicts of our oction when ton r?r?_
^ yiyfluci-r
presonts tlie editor or prmter with an averago
Wo have no news hy telegraph or uthcrwi-o this
norning. Wo Hre unable to account for tho absenc e
>f our regular press despatches, and can only say that
hey have not been transmitted over our lines or they
vould have appeared in our columns of this morning;,
tnd tlie absence of ah exchango mail?owing to thero
K?ing no publication of newspapers on thanksgiving
lay?leaves us without anything with which to satiate
h" longing of our readers for tho latest items of news
rom the scats of war.
Skmmks Afloat in the Steamer Sea Kino.
? The following has been received by ihc.Yanrue
Government in reference tA the new sleamt,?
l.o i -1 i- ' ?
.. i>> ? <i[iihiu aemmes :
United States-Consueatb,
Liverpool, Oetober 13, 1864.
Sir: The English screw steamer Sea King,
Viilt at Glasgow in 1863, cleared for Doinbay,
i\nl sailed from London on ilie 8lh instant
villi a large quantity of coal, fifty tons of metd,
and a crAv of forty seven men. in command
>f tJaptaih Cobbctt. Mr. Sisco, United States
onsular agent at Dover,-says he has reliable
nl'ormation that Captain Semmes is to base
[Ids vessel. From what is known at this office
ibout the Sea King, independent ot lire infbrination
of Mr. Sisco, I have not,the least doubt
ihc is the vessel the steamer Laurel is to meet,
and that Captain Semmes, wth the officers,
men and guns, taken ottt in the Laurel, will be
transferred to her. Their place of meet, ng is
not known to me.
The Sea King is a very fast; stromrlv built
find fine-looking sere * steamer. built ot' wood,
with iron Frame; and coppered, about one thousand
tons burthen and two hundred and 'wentv-two
Feet long, one funnel, three bright masts,ship-rigged
with wire rigging, heavily sparred,
machinery ;ibafl the mainmast. No,doubt biit
her it.tec will be chfing..d.
I am, sir, very tespecl fully,
Ynii'r obedient servant,
Notwithstanding the enemv have overfnn
and plundered ago d portion of. Missi sippi;
that Stato hits sent large (jiuo-tities of piovisioms
to the army. During the vear ending
Sepleinher 1st, 1804, Major Damerson and Ids
agents collected hud impressed in that State
and s<*nt to the army. Hit,000 head of beeves;
19,000 head of hogs, 1.(549,838 pounds of. ba- |
crpi exclusive < f the llog.s, 3,O0O 000 po'unds of
flour by niaiinfactmc, 6,000,000 Wounds ofneefs
a11< 1 beans, 42,000 pounds <?t* riee.it) seed, I?esides
a large quantity of swe. t potatoes, <fc<\?
This is independent of grain and otlier supplies
wliie.li were forwarded l>y the Qu.hterina-t. ra
Department, whose consumption of corn is
greater than the Commissary Depaitihent.
Oavkty in Atlanta.?Some two weeks ago
? grain! "ie gr> hall" was gi\cn at the theatre
in Atlanta, and ntt<*n led i?V all the elite of uAf*
riean sc' Ht,"'and those white "pnsson-" who
felt themselves nfg. od as fiie negro. General
Sherman the same night has a soiree at his
headquarters, hut it w as not so well attended.
Dnlv some twenty white women wr.ro present.
Death of Ex Gov. Hammond.?The Hon.
James II.Hammond, ex Governor of South Carolina
and more recently a Senator from that
State, when the Union survived, died yesterday
morning at his residence on Beeeh Island. Tiro'
deceased was well known over nil this country
as a man of eminent genius and rare acqivir^
meats. His intellect was essentially classic-'?"
large, catholic and masculine; V* hen quite a
young man he was elected from his native
State to the House of Representatives and became
at once conspicuous as the opponent of
John Qnipcy Adams, on the Right of Petition.
. - ~
From that time forth, until his health became
seriously impaired, this retnarkuble man filled
nearly all the most honorable and responsible
offices of the commonwealth of South Carolina.
. .
As.an author, Gov. Hammond had few equals.
Elovaiit 9i-lmliir~lii?? ?1 ?'
_ >?i|'f i UOb ell iu curious miormation,
the acumen of the advocate, tlie grasp of
the statesman, the imagination of the poet?
all the graces of diction and strength of intel?
feet breathed and burned through his composite*
LIts hospitality was princeiy, and there
are few who were admitted to his intimacy who
did not feel the spell of his musical voice ns
he held them iu the thrall of his glittering eye,
like the Ancient Mariner and the wedding
At the time of his rWn.ic^ n~.. tt J
was within one day of-his 57 th year.
^ Constitutionalist.
Sweet Potatoes.
UU Dollars per bushel.
-f bushels line Rice Peas% for table use.
Apply to S. A. BENJAMIN".
November 18. fr.m.
Kershaw District, I will sell on The 26th
ilist.. Ut till! Into rn?iil<* ?/?" ??* T '" ?' *'
v.. ik. u. umuiiiT, ucceaseu,
nil tho personal property belonging to the said deceived.
j J.*R. THORN,
nov 18?*21. ' "Adinr.
'IMie subsoribkr will receive a limit1
od uumher of Hides and Tun them for one fourth
at his Tan Yard on his plantation, four miles east of >
The Vats and Leather House are Fecnre and under
the charge of a watchful and reliable overseer, but as
this arrangement is made fur tlio accommodation of
n. ighbors and not with the view of prolit, Hidos will
only he received at the owner's kisic. Those who
have left Hides there recently will remove thorn unless
they assent to these terms.
Camden. Nov. 18, I SO I. Si.
Milch Unws. * R. B. JOll . ST
nov IS?3l-fm.w.
South Carolina? Kershaw I
applied to mo lor Lett res of Adminis w'o : ,
nil and singular tlie goods nnd chattels, right ? i
dits uf Or. John Milling, .utool'the distnct fo
These nrc therefore to cite and ndmonis i '1
singular, the kindred and creditors of said i <
to he and appear hel'uro mo at nur next
.(J..url (or the sttid I'islrict, to ho hoi den a
Court House on Tuesday the 5thday of Deed ' . .(.
to s ow cause, if any, why the said adrn -v j.t.'t
should not bo granted.
Given under mj' hand and seal, this lit' !. ,
November, in tlie year ofour Lord one thou >> ni Ki>
hundred and sixty-four, and in the eighty . v :
year of the independence and sovereigt ;
Stat* South Carolina.
Novembor 18 '<
~ ForSaltT
rnyv-^ytv A TRAVELLING TRU :?F
November 1 5
KirVwnnfl TVTill
| ...jiuuvuu 1TX111
i? now prepared, to grind gl ist on to
lice will bo given a-soon as the ,W boat IV
A miller wanted to superintend tho abov > :>
ply to B . P. O ' '
NTov 1#; ?

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