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\ #
. VOL.1 ' CAMDEN, Sr C., THURSDAY, S>IEC. 8,1864 No! 136
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BwaaBRBP? ?it????
Tothe Refugees of Jones County.
The undersigned, citizens of Clinton, Gn
feel it their duty to submit the subjoined state
ment of facts' connected with the advance <
the Federal army into our county and villag
for the information of our "fellow-citizens wh
have fled from their homes, that they mn
take due notice to govern .themselves accor<
inn?lv. '
"C V "
The advance of the Federal column rcachc
Clinton.about 2-o'clock on Saturday afteruoo:
and encamped around the village. This coi
sisted mainly of Kilpatrick's cavalry. The ii
fautry, consisting of the 15th and lVth arm
- corps, under Howard, followed from Sundn
morning until Wednesday afternoon and et
camped during the whole time within a fe
miles of Clinton. The rear of the column di
not leave the county until Friday morning,;tb
25th insf.
It will thus be seen that they remained i
the countv about one. \yeok; : Our conditio
can scarcely be imagined. To say that tli
cruel cneifly have left universal ruin and dea<
lation in tbeir track would but imperfectly cot
vcy tbe truth. Everything has been swept t
with a storm of fire find the "bosom of dcstrui
a. .i f-J " ^
ti ucuuu. une imru qi oiuibon is in aslies.?
Tbc Court House is left, but ,the records d<
strayed. '
Qhocouutry around is one wide waste <
destruction. Corn cribs, giudiouscs, mills, barn
and many residences arc all for the most pai
gone. Those wbo remained at-home had ino;
of their clothing and furniture spared, but ci
erything'* out of doors was given up to indii
criminate plunder. Hogs, cattle, horses, mule
milch cows, and poultry of cvory kind wci
slaughtered or driven oft' without e-xception.Nearly
all of the bacon, corn, fodder, whea
floor, syrup, <fcc., was taken or destroyed. A
the farms irj their track aro desolated?fcnc<
torn down, rails burned, wagons, carriage
buggies, outhouses, and all dwellings not occi
pied at the time, sharing the same fatel
The enemy lias gone at last, but he has 1c
desolation in his truck. We invite you hue
to your homes but you will And them to a grc.'
extent in ruin. There is hut one spirit left i
the breasts of the pcoplt?, so far as we can lean
and that is an undying hatred towards the Yai
kees, and eternal resistance to their tyrann
cal sway. ...
\T ? _ * i? .
i our suncnng Tcnow-cwzcns,
. . IS. 1\ Birch,
N. Kingman.
Clinton, Ga., Nov. 2G, 18G4. . '
Another Raid in North Mississippi At
TiciPATED.??It> Seems lie the general imprci
sion in North Mississippi that-tho Federals ar
jnaking preparations in Memphis for anothc
movement- from that city. Our corrcspondci
has twioe aliuded .to"the reports to that effct
that had come put,.and wo have corroboratin
intelligencer from other parties. In additioi
we imagine WnshbuineV prohiflitory order ir
dicates thi?. Oh two previous occasions th
same stingfeilt orders were made, and foilovre
bv movp.mmtji iniorrpuf fnr/*A
1, ;--rr. '-? r-V
by tho prompt Action and bravery of Forrest
command.'"'""' ' : ; - >y
As West. Tennessee aqd- North Missiflsipj
have already been devastated to sUcli an,e:
tent, that but little remains to tempt the plui
/ . dcring prop en si ties,of the cn?emy? certainly rt<
* sufficient to^^riiploy a very...largo foree,'if aii(
tlier move isjjbptemplated the Mobile and Ohi
i t* T " ? - - ? ?
ivauroau, dciow ijorintn and in Lien. Uojod
rear, is probably the point ainiet) nt. ; The- pn
ceedings of the enemy in and nrotfnd 'Meniph
elionld be watched:?1-Montgomery ApptaL
* #
0 We reoeived no despatches from any quarter la
Q night. ..... .
From the Savannah Railroad.?As far as \vc c:
learn, everything is perfectly quiet on-tho coast bolo\
r> It w comforting to kuow that every day that pass
adds.much to our security in that quurtor.
.j-" " Death or General Canbt.?The War Dopart'mei
? 'aV'Washington haaj^coiyed despatches announcing tl
a'_" death of General Canby, who was shot by a robel guc
rilla while ai route from New Orleans on tho gunbo
m Cricket.
State Officers.?The following are the officers c
i llcially announced to have been cliosen by the Gener
'* Aesembjy on Friday last:
Isaac W. Hajme, Attorney General. Commisaionc
et. in Equity?Newberry, Silas Johnston; Georgetown,
O T. Adkinson; Union, D. Goudclock; Lancaster, K. <
y Bilhrigs; Horry, J R. Beatty; Richland, D. B. Di-Suu
suae; Laurens, H. L McOowcij; Marlboro, S. J. Tow
send; Beaufort, Chas.'E. Sell. Treasurer of the Upp
Division, Wm. Hood. Solicitor of tho Northern Circu
(J C. D.;Molton.
It . The Florida Sunk to Prevent her Return i
1-' Brazil.?It being almost certain that tho Florit
j would be demanded by Brazil, tho miscreants; at Foi
V ress Monroe, as will be seen by iho following despatc
V* lmvo sunk her ;
" -m . Fortress Monroe, November8.
Bon.. Gallon Welles, Secretary of Vie Navy :
. I have just received a telegram from the c uninand'
ol she prizosteumer^Floridu. informing me .thai she In
n been atlnk in nine fathoms water. Sho had been n
-n into by an army steamer and badly, damaged. I tun
tint. llonrH f 1 \ n viarlwml.ion * AV* 111 *l?- T .
H- ..wu ?Wciv* ,v?iv pnivicUMUO. U III JllllUUi LUC L/CJUII
^ merit when I receive the written report.
(Signed) David D. Fortkr,
' ' Dear Admiral.
> Tub nettfc Mllitia Bill.?The bill to alter ai
? amend the militia laws-of the State passed tlio Sena
J- on Monday in the form in which it had met the appr
val of the Tlouse of Representative. It is the origin
it bill of the Special Committee of the House, except tl
P> soctions concerning the appointment-of a Brigadi
rt General? nd stall", and with an additional section, whii
^ gives to the Governor the power to grant details
r~ such cases as he mny think necessary and prop, r;
sj Capt. J. YL'. Devkiieux, the indefatigable and gcntV
"e manly Commissary Agent for Kcrsbaw District, mak
~ an appeal tbrough the columns of this journal, to tl
planters of our section, urging them to hring forwar
^ without delay, their tit lie of corn, and any surpli
they mny have to spare the government, lie nlsoea]
s? on air stock raisers to produce their cattle at one
otherwise he may be induced to impress lie tells 1
mat many or our farmers juvd planters have respondi
^ eheerlully?evincing a Wno spirit of patriotism; b
^ there arc yet many who he 1ms reason to believe h;
bestowed no thought on the uccesitous wants of tl
^ government to carry on successfully the war now wage
* Tho cattlo are to bo butchered at the govcrnniei
j slaughter pen in Camden, and -the hides returned ;
once, so that no excuse may be offered, as horetofor
on that score. Ho that would refuse to lend his aid
tho government, in its present distressed condition,
no patriot, aud ought not to have a free land to dwi
in. Carolinians, tho call is made on yon, and not unl
. the people of Carolina ftills to "respond to tho access
tous appeals made by government?then, and not unl
that hour ihonlct A patriot heartthrob or pulse of di
trust bentlu the breasts of our people.
e . Now, or never, as tho crises is upon.us as a natto
Our country is being scourgod by an unscrupulous an
^ unrelenting Too, whose oars are deaf to the cries of In
manity, and whoso hearts are frozen and unyielding :
? their demoniac purposes?whose vohtiou and olh<
' mental faculties are overpowered by their thirst for tl
c blood of oiir kinsmen and. tlip, .desolation. of our lan
^ Tho rubidoti is not yet passed, but the hour of trial
j upon us; and it behooves all, yea all, to thinUnnd a
?g liberally, and prbmptly," tiiat sharao and dishonor mig!
not.be the fiiialo after .many years of untiring zeal i
^ th? cause of' iiidepondQnce. Let our. mind's eyo I
?_ > open, witty all the brilliancy of fresh recollection, to tl
incidents, jtho' hardships' endured, and tho sncrifici
jji- wde by our forefathers to secure that greatest earth!
y -boon in "fC?a free and independent govornaiopt, c
? whose banners flauntintr in the hrpf> Wara mc^t*SW
1/ u
"Virtu?,- Liberty and Independence."
"Y? " * * J I' "" I, * * ' tj
.. Retjubning Home.?Refugees on tKe line <
'3 of Macon ami Western Ronci arc returning t
tlieir homes. .
4 - r ' " . 14 * 1 %
Tlie Threats of the JLncmy?X Secret
' Conspiracy iu ICiebiiioml,
Lincoln's election has started the Black Republicans
with'their threats of: the sword and
7t gallows to the people of the South. At a jolitication
meeting held in New York bv the ReC7
publicans, one of their speakers said :
m But there was nothing like bbing inagnnniv,
mons after they had whipped their opponents.
8tl They should not whip Jeff. Davis and his rebel
cohorts in front of Richmond and "destroy them,
and hang the leaders. [Cheers] lie to'd them
ut tnc time was coining rapidly, when :be loval
io Union men of the South would take hold oftho
r. old Stars and Stripes and march into Richmond
nt and take possession of the rebel confederacy,
and hang the infernal traitors who led them into
this rebellion. [Applause.} It might be a
>r satisfaction to some men to talk about the
1 whole South as being rebels, but lie knew from
correspondence he had in his own house that
there were as loj'al men in Richmond to-day as
g in any other.portion of the States of the (Jon[i.
fedcracy ; and he would say that there was
s- more secession, in pioportion to the inliabilants,
in the city of New-York than in Rich-*
" inond. There was in Richmond U-.lay a se1
crct organization of Union men who 9-on Id
de-troy Jeff. Davis and his minions when Gen.
ro Grant and Gen. 1 >11 tier should march into U1VI1.
la mo nil and take possession of that city. [Ap i.
plausc.] And not the Inst 'man there to help
1, them was John Miner Bolts. [Loud cheers.]
^ ?<? <r- ?
Duelling Case.?This morning Hon. II. S.
Foote, of Tennobsee, lion. \V. G. Swan, ofTener
ncssee, niul Mr. John Mitchell, were summoned
id before the Mayor to answer to the charge of
iu being about to break the peace in lighting a duL'e
el. The evidence elicited was, that Mr. Swan
L" went to the room of Mr. Foote as the bearer of
a note from Mr. Mitchell. Mr. Foote refused to
recognize Mr. Swan as a gentleman, whereupon
Mr. Swan struck Mr. Foote with uinhrel)a
in his own chamber and in the presence of
tc his wife. Mr. Foote therefore prepared a clialo
longe to bo sent to Mr. Swan.
Unfriendly relations bad been a Inim time in
lie existence between Mrssrs. Fuute a-nd Swan, they
er not. having spoken for sonic time past,
cli The dillienlty between Mr. Mitchell and (.Jov.
in Footo grew out of reniai Us made concerning
the former, by the latter, in the House of Representatives,
in consequence of an article C\ hioh
e. appeared in the Richmond Exainii.i r, and
cs which, Mr. Footo said, he had reason to believe
lie was written by Mr. Mitchell. The trial was a
d, very lengthy one, and concluded *bv Messrs.
as l'4>oto and Swan being bound over in tlie sum
lis of ^oOOO each to keep the peace,?-llkhmontl
,n County.
;tl Raii> on Pikumont Springs.?Be learn
nt fro in tire Route Agent on the Western railroad,
ns that a tory raid was made on Piedmont Springs,
ic in Burke county, N. C, on the night of the
d. 2Gth of November, resulting, in a serious loss of
ut property to Mr. Linds.iv, the proprietor of the
it Springs, There.were about twenty persons in
e tlie company. They spent the night at the
lo Springs, faring well, and did not make known
ja their business until after breakfast next morning.
.jj They captured two wagons and teams, and piltil
hged the place of all* moveable property. They
also carried ?fl' the negroes, but they have since
returned. Mr. Lindsay estimates his loss at
g> about $20,000. The Springs are 15 miles
' above Morgantown.?Salisbury Watchman.
6. " ,
id The Press and Gov. Brown's Late Call.
u- ?The following Correspondence is published
in in order to present to the Press of GeorgiaBr
Gov. Brown's decision in regard to the State
x* Press, under his late call. The first despatch
.was received from the Press of Columbus :
is ...
ct "Shall the Press of this city be-suspended,
(lt and its members report for duty at Macon?"
in The Governor's' answer : "It is not my in)0
tention to interfere with the publication of any
10 newspaper or public journal in Georgia. No
;s editor or other person actually necessary folly
that purpose i3 requirod to report for militia
in duty." Joseph E. Brown.
d Ilrr-.Ti T'nir^n W/??r. W- ?a:
? fiuf vv if xjkju,? h u uuticc upon
she street Friday, a one horse wagon contain,
ing exactly six sticks of pine wood, tor which,
the modest sum of thirty dollars wa? dciuand.
Macon Tilcgrojrfi.
From Virginia.-?The notes of the Mer^
chants' I5nnk of Virginia, of the denomination4
of five dollars and upwards, will be redeertitkP
in coin, on presentation at the counter of said1
Bank, in the city of Lyr.cnburg, at the rate of
one dollar in coin for five dollars of tho notes;.
JVIonlicello, the celebmed estate of tire itnmortal
Thos. Jefferson, near Charlottevillc, VaWas
sold on Thursday last, under the Sequestration
Act, for $80,500. I?. F. Ficklin. Kan'-.
became the purchaser.
The Richmond Dispatch says it is reported
that Grant lias sent off some of his troops to>
the Georgia coast.
Fuom East Tennessee.? It is reported that,
General Breckinridge is making a "flank movement"
which will enable him to co-operavc
with Gen. IIoTd, and compel Burbiidgc- t<> revise
his plaris of defence.
The citizens of Knoxville is said have held a
meeting to remonstrate against Sherman's order
to burn the houses in East Tennessee and
the devastation of the country by fire. ''It is
cnitl llir> militnrv nnU.n.It."- ?r- *
..... ..........j ?uLii?inits rciusu 10 rescind
the order and arc making preparations to put
it into effect.
A Yankee Threat.?"We learn that Gen.
Kilpatriek stated to a gentleman, at whose
bouse in Twiggs county lie stopped, that he
with his cavalry was^coming hack this way,
and that though he spared dwelling houses now,
he intended on his return trip to destroy everything
ami make this section of country a howling
wilderness. Kilpatriek is the Yankee officer
who, some months ago sent a braggadocio
letter to Gen. Wheeler.?Macon Telegraph.
\ r
i>i a cox is Sake.?We are happy to nnnouncc
that Macon is considered safe. The
Commander of the Post h;rs declared the cilv
upon a peacC footing and the order of Major
(ienoral Cobb, ordering out every roan capable
of bearing arms is withdrawn,
Special 3SToticesAIV
Has been made through the Aid Association to the
citizens of Camden and its vicinity, hy Major Kd ward
M. ltoykfn, in hchall'of the 7th Regimental Hospital
near Richmond. Supplies of Hominy, lUc<\ Syruf\
Potatoes, Meal, or anything that will add to the coinfort
of the convalescent soldier is needed. Those who
are disposed to contribute in supplies will send them to
Mr. Kennedy's store on Fridny. Donations in money
are also requested.
December G.?'it.
OFFICIO S. C. ]{. R. Ca, )
Camuk.V, NOV. 30, 18G4 J
Mail and passenger train will leave Camden at 2.4fc
a. m., instead ol 3.15 a. m., as heretofore.
no v 30 g.
Liverpool Salt.
on Consignment and lor $nlo by
Dee. U?2t. MATHESON & CO.
Commissary NoticeI
TLE at this point for Army use. This measuro
has been entered into that the farmers 11103' K?t their
hides returned at onco. B3- this arrangement the part)
selling can drivo his cattle to Camden, see them
slaughtered and receive t!u?ir *i.~ ?
... ...wo uviia HIV? UUIU1IIT?
This will remove the cause of complaint heretofore made
that the hides "were not returned" promptly.
I am ordered to say that every innn will be expectod
to contribute, some partion of his supplies, and that the
army must he fed. J. 11. DEYE11EUX,
dec 7.?:tt Capt. and A. C. S.
Lancaster I-odgor please copy and present i?ill to
Commissary officer at Lancaster.
An u rgknt call is made on the farmers
for wagons for a few days. I must dclivor
at the Depot within eight days, lO.UO^VuaV6'8 of corn.
I have full poweis to impress?the corn must bo delivered.
J. 11. DEYEREUX,' ' dec.
7?^t. Capt. and A. C. S.
Wanted ~~1
rf^O IIII1E FROM' IIER nwmfin a otiu i*
? .. n 4 iJ V/IV
JL 14 years of ago, nccustomodto h?ii6o work. Sb?
must bo honest. -Apply nt this office,
dec 8?31

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