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Correspondence of the Jefferson Democrat.
Among the Seneca Indians.
Nov. 29th, 1863.
KMTOUCnAnnoM Democrat.--I eavej.ist
Spent ibu tiabbaih with the Smite Indiana '
Attended ohor to ,bc to.pWn,
by one of tho lSn't'ee. Tho proaohing was
all Do'eh, (or rather Indian,) to me j but
Iho Singing I cooldeiideistand. Thothttrcli
. i. -,t...l iUa n.i
. 3. . . ... . .
volume ol tone, I annum judge nceny an
Sang. Such drop" lonrd bats voleo I - had
1. 1 .fi 1 1- . - - 1.
never hoard. The ladies -oleoi woro much
like 10 many flj'o. wtillo the torjeri more
resembled llio illrr IrumpqlS. ( II a-
ten eejOy It a- fashinrialilo iftrionrr. J l bo
lioro tlioro are lid wnrja in 'he Sonoca Ian'
guaee that it rcquiroa clou d i i to pro-
Itounee the mmieal lonrt r all pure,
tTbore ii nothing like a hiaaing lnund heuto, ,
that ll to cffooiivo to a euliivatetl ear, ao
.r. . 1 ji -l.i. ft ; i.-'.j
o.iou iroaro in our soti.ra. a nuro 1. v o.....r
of wbitfl within mj knnailudga, hoo ting-
In'. ,...!.! .i.h h.. i ih. lnl,.n.
'TioiO ia tbo most pnrloot with thoin. At
tbe afternoon lorvict-, tho aormnn wna flin
delivered by a while tn alitor, by eontence 1
thon iiilernroted bv one of the Natiroa.i-
, . . . W
""" - "'"iia
kh the Indiana. I aoppnae I may m wnll
Tbere ia a tolooinhy in tbuir worlii;i
lom fouotl any enure olae.
J0il.it, Aral a lout. You will ouu oe Ho-'
ticoa in tbo jouinala, of ooncoil 10 bo Oivon
1 ..mi 1" ...... 1 e
J ' '" oeeai, coiiipuiun 01
too following Nullvu alart 1. Mr. E ias Cm
antk, tho great limio from the Tuicnrnrn
Irlbo of Iniltan ; Ttnor. Mr. A. Lltn IjogunJ
formorly leador of .ho I,!l Corno, B
from tho Srtioca Indiana t Jlllo, Mlu Kun
cy Lugart, from the tScncca alio Mr. 6.
31. Noli Soprano and Mutical Director.
Di'om, bluok pants, frock coata, while buff
veatt, KoMuth hail with Turkish plumoa
The Ind 109' availing dress is sn much cov
ered with gold and silror spnnglva it' would
bo difficult lo loll tho groundwoik. Theno
Judinns aro ell Intolligont and wall educated.
I hnro lioutlcd you with a much longer
cpisllo tbun I Inlomlod. Tho Indians do
maud that we sh'ill giro a concort boforo
we loavd, which wil! bo next wovk. Ncmnr
oos InvilatiniiS hnvo boon reeolvod from pin
cos, lo viait thorn unj giro concerts. AH
"piny as well as sing. . Asido from tho mtisl
cat talent, which is superior lo that of
moit of Ihe wliito tronpa, there is a novolty
about it which no o'.hor ooncort Irnnp lias
ibat has over boon itarlod. I will bo iri
Buffalo noi week. I remain most roipool-fully
yoors, &e., ,
Leader of the Forest Songsters.
Thanksgiving Meeting and Supper by
the Citizens of Montville, for the Benefit
of the Soldiers' Aid Society.
Tho cnoetuijj cotnniuuttid at' lllo M. E.
Church pn Thursday, at ono o'atock.' , Dr.
L. A Biildwin called the houtp.to order,
and Z R.'Eholdon was electotl, Chuiiman.
.The Cbairinnn announced tlie order of the
inoetinp. Sinplug by tho. choir and prayii
by thq,fUv,v Mi!. gpeo. 'pf tbe, eslujan
Church,. 'I'bo piuycr waaqnoadnplod to tho,
t'tnea,expreHirof thanksahd invocation for
urentinlry. , Elder Gates, of tho Diielplo
Church, road the Scrlj tu o, and delivered an
able and paltlollc address on )ho piospeolf
Of our cauio, showing how God was educa
ting the nation, &o , by tho war, v Tho con
gregation then tang the fi ioold tune called
"OM Hundred," lo iho'Vnrds; 'TisUo 'Fa
thur, 800 Brto Holy Ohost." Thon the U..T.
H. M. Cnnmborlaln, of ihe M. R"- Church,
presumed tbo' euuin pf l,lio-,Fruodnion, oltor
which a collection was takoo, amounting to
17,llr .' ' v 1 . 1 .4..' .
The Oleo Club from Hambdon, under tho
supervision of Mr. Wright," of Lorny, the
wurld-reuowned siuger, having arrived,
rory Inspiring 'piece wji lung. Thon lut
per was aunoonced, and the people went tn
the suppor, whioli was ooe of cscolloni nunl-
ny, auo aauaiuotory 10 all., . bid supper
was lorred at (ho houonod aul occupied
by D M; ltiliuribon, who kindly offurqd the
entnu ror tuo purpuiu. AC c.ioUio .iglt tlicv
f o'.urood, with others, 10 1I10 ohuroli, anil
sis:on d to a brief but palrlotio speech frooi
Iter. Mr. While, of II jniiburg, uud also one
froui ibe Itur, Ali. epcur, giving iomo
his Oipoiienoa In ibe southorn pari of the
Htato, and showing t,,u quj ,a(j t0inotliln!
:o do with this. war.; 'Thon the lty Mr
Chamborfiln dollf orod ' a Woiblo and uarn
est spoetb. Ho prouuodijd.lq show (he pro
gress or our army and nary, from almost
nothing up lo ita prusonl .state under Lin
eoln's ad oiniriun; aluo CoatragVed tho
stato of the cburohos in the North onrl. tho
South. While tbo North are prospering,
tho South are dooytng with Ihe ConfgiJora
ey.. jliilbt)ii spoke xif ibe old fl ig, ot her
emblems, end of the good time dawning al
ready, when it should continue lo to hon
ored aooUaifioeted by ho liatloos of ihe
eanh, and should signify liberty to Ibo At
riean and. all oatuini. ; V'1.
The exoreiies wore Intorapersod by olog
Ing from the J!oo tub. There wiiajtnn
eollootioiji tiikijapfcviho . Freedmeu'e
oue,aoioutlling to 3 6i this: with
a . ....... -. . . -
nrai ooiiactioa, makijjg.Biia.fJt).'
By the way, ibu Cjio tiiuou of Arrange
"IS0!4 kept tho lalj.Ivi pil,jprua4fosi
oew-eoiaera, Ninen'olook Jiaving-irtiradi.
the meeting a jb,o eburoliatjiHrnod. and
goodly qumhor of lluia preient ag iinwenl
lo tbe hotel and bad a flno llmo. thu Oloe
Club was Shore, and sin Stomo ol ihuir
pluhifid songs pa bo picssfua thsutime
beving arrived for Ibo people to nlunV
their hotnos, trtuhy" f hoahi'yo'uiig aud
wool away faelinghat Itaas the bosaod
most profitable . J'hanksgWiog they over
'jedj.Tiieauiouot recelvod at tli? sufvpej
for tbo Soldiers A danipunled lo 3
after doduotiug ibe uxpomus from, S'GIJO,
IB adutlrJ('ruo.jiirud. i Tuia, wub tbeFreud:
moo's f Jod. ako it,60 aueusos
leases T,l. , '
J. W. GARRITT, Treas. of Com.
J. W. GARRITT, Treas. of Com. Montvilles, O., Dec 1st, 1863.
. m LiAioa la tbo parootof all tbe lasting won.
aVaia at ibia world, whether in vet at) or stone,
whether poetry or pyrajnlu's, -
wI.Tombe "walks flercoly ipts ibe' reb'el
OfodorueyV lo-dors.," J$ 9m,$ Zl
WulBlklmJ9miifr,.:um A,W.
Mil HI IF' fcAl.t!.
io me ddected and dciivcfid, nnd daicd
T V virtue ol an order r sale h-med out bf Ihe
4- Conrl of Common PIiibm of Geuugi loua'y.
IMiiw. wherein Jolm.MuriSy. Ui, is plarniili.
ml Thomas Carroll and uthere ere munis.
1CI UI0 lilll
i public veil
in said Co
Uy Tknrtdng IwcHiftT 3lf . I3.
between the hours of 18 A- M end 4 P M
iow.i;, ') Mmi-m. end l known-by port ei
I or a Ml lit Trust No. 8 I Said,' Mttiibft,' mill
bxmimed toifi.wfi w! rt LoVlin. imrilioni
n,,d fn ,hr, same lot lormsrly iwl.l to Joseph Ron.
.in, south v IbikI m vd tyi.owned b ihe
tall Heiiry.T'nnmsteud Jtiuion Carroll, end cam
1m ((l9 ,,.,,. 1 , h supposed to contain
twenty-live acres mi J -ihirty une-huiidrcdilii ol
Ao, hn'ohor'pltcni land altunlp In AaVl Tp.
fit l.nt X,l IU. mill liit I1-1I n 10II0WS. In will
lm ihe mil by the anal lina pi euid Ll 19; eonih
oil Inml heretofore nrtiecd nunid Carroll.; weal
bv Inml deeded 10 Dnvu Wortdorn III mild tot;
north oil land in mi l lot deeded 10 010 Itnlii.i
ami, auiiiuri to vunt.iin twenty-live, and din 15--J
oii.i.hiitidrrdtli! ncrrn ul luilfl
Aim uiieotlmr nl. en nf Innrl tittintet in tlm
Towimliip.il'ouiiiy ficli tjime nrornbl, known
bv ilift uniihenut enmur nl 1. 11 N 1 '.n'nd aiu h
, . . ... in , ,1,1 Trnct. ,nd
elmuniU'd ea Inllowa, n wit 1 IWitiuuins at- the
aou'h weit curnrr 11 No. 4.aiidraeiiiiiaeaat
on the nt line 17 roHat ilieiui- north ill nml one-
hilT rndi' ilirm-i v.gh 17 r.nln 10 iHi-atn' Mik uI
WNoJ-lrom tbeiwm camiimiiig wri. IH. tut
... ' on Lot No i; Irom ihentre ami ill il and oiiwlnll
ro., ln ihenouth linnol euid lot: Irom tin ner
1 enst H7 and iwo-Uiinla rod lo 1I1 pluco of bo-
Ig.i.iif.g, w'iii.inii w.. .. . t
Also, onp oilier piece ot (ind aiiuuta in rud
Towuliiu County anil Sia'e, mid known na llmt
I1...I I .1. .. I I..I. ..l.;..!, U fllll
I (IIIIl.w.lllFU VUIHI IH"l. III! LI miiwi l" v " .
loll upon the nonn-V'v ncieoi mi inno
doeded tn ilie palne villtf A llmli-dn R. Itoad
,Ht,un nt n piut on tlie dividinii hue nf Wip
I Kinds hirmrrly owned n t.ro. iiuniinor nna
mid I.inlc. il bet wust ol Sloiiuil lOJd Tool llm
Pe,,t, r line 01 Mid It !( .; ihi n. e wet on aiinl di
. ol nid K. K; thence nu
m.H,,; Krt
vidinn line 273 lent thpnre routlHf'i it; tlieneo
west 7".1 l. e'i ttience Joiilh 87.1 luet to 11 p'linl 7
lent norih ftl H111I1.111 Infill. I! of unid i'.cninr line
iheuce norih enaierly ptiru'lel to
'oin thecenler line ei antn
hculnco of bi'uintiiuif. eoir.uiuiiiK nine
acres anil 4orniot Inml. , : .
AUo.oueuiher lotol luml aitunloln aaldTown
tiip, County nnd j5tale, liemn part of Lots No.
6 and 4 in i'ruci No in aunt 'i'ownaliip, nnd
bounded uafullowe. 10 wit 1 BjvliiainK al ihe N.
uat conn r ol n 6 uere pieue orlnnd lornierly
owned by Aneiuaa iiayiluii. iuanul Lot No I ;
tlii'tieo north to ihe hhuiIi enl comer of a 4 X
ncrp pieep i laud lornierly owned by Mtrwiu
lloailleyt tlienoo weal ii'i jitld one-lialf twlato
the aouih-weai corner ol tbe annie; tliencn north
ao nr that a line (iiuniny to llie enst line
of land larinorly owned by If. O iWinnrort Lot
No. 3. nod Irom lltenre as heretualter deauribed
w iiJ, within the buuiidniica. cuiiiniii id iioter ol
Innd tho west line to continue nlooy emd t.)b
burn' enal line lo the corner of n eix nero piece
heretofore wild to Elijah Ulnar; thence cual to the
uoril.cnt.t eoruor ol 1 110 annie; theoco aouth to
tlio noiitll line ol a a id Cot No. 4; thence ent to
the aoutii-weat corner of tlie lirat nieuiioued loud
formerly owned by Arlemtia llnyileu;. ilience
norihoii rho woet line 0' the anme lo the uonh
Weal cornor. nnd tiiouue ent on tho nonh line of
ll6 muio 10 the pbico of beqinnlnir. contiitnlnij
nanloroMild jjH acroa ol luud. escepliiin find re
aervldg aboui 6 ncrea of Inml lornierly ald by
iieiiry.Jnmeaniiif Thoinaa Carroll.. 10 UaiV. Inm
leitJit ulno subject to 0 grnnt heretotoro nnulo lo
Mcrwin ilomlluy.ol ih.iriulit nl turning thecourre
of a aprinilol wuler ihcreou aa tleacubed inauid
bnld premiaea were opprnbod St I82j. V
'J'ci Hid ol tiulc.Couh in Imi, d
' . ' , B.N. SIIAW.Bheriir.
ShorifTa Office. Onnuga ;
Count)', Nov. 2Mlh, Sij.. ' '?1w!t'-.
er llt'o
j 41,
" SU Kill I I 'M MALIa , . .
BY Virtllc of an order ol ealu inaiied out nf the
..CiMirtol Com moil Pla-ia ol Uuuugu County,
Ohio, wherein Murlln Wlllaou ia plmntill. nml
Adorno Wood is deleiidaut. to rno dinxjied nnd
delivered, ami dutod the 12lli day of Novetu'ier,
A. U.'IS U, I aball exiiore to publiu vendue at the
, u 1 .. . M i.... ;.. . ... I .
uuui i iji.i.b. iii (siiiniuifc in turn iuiiiii), qr7:
X.I 1 U lill.l r.'JUHUurii Bi. I8B1. ti
al 1 o'clock I'. l. ol an id day,"t'lii lollmehij rebl
eaiate itumo in the townsluii ol Auburn, County
ot Ueniiua, nnd btnle w Dhio, nnd known liy be
ing n pirlol l.nl No ii, 'I'ruci No i, uud bounded
ui ii hi, lowii.t ii yi iii ii ii ai a ainlie r.i c:n
and 4 links, aoinlr llotfree entt from the middle
of die einM ami went 'center rond, that ia, tnkmii
vno rod oil' Irom l.ukn Hnrnev'a land. nnd ulao J
rod .in irom wi.niw ntcl.ou'li a laud. IV c hums 4
link, ibu anme aa off ol Luke UurnevVi'lheiiee
aouili Hi ilenreca, wost 3 chiiiua nnd .11 links
theuco aouih :ti degroee. wenMnuliaiin ; tlisuue
mirth b9 degreoa, enat 8 cltmna nnd ti linka:
iheuce nor i ti ouo decree, west 9 chains and i'j
linka lo tlm pu,:e ul beginning, and t lie raid
Unci are to run tin) snmu na lie lemxa nvw-ure,
id, lor
All Her any other nunioacl. as lnuli naever has
been flowed, aa lung na wood growa and wutor
runs, be the anme more or leas, but euhject to
nil legal highwuya.
tnirt i'ninle. wrcre npprntaed nt fllOU.
Tlilt.MS Of SAHJ-Cimh in hand, . v
Sheriffs Office. Oenuan I
Cuuuty, Nov. Vlih, 'tij- 724w5
Legal Notice,
A BlEl. WOVUMANOO, whosorosidonce
JTX. ia uukuowii lo iho politiouer, is umi
tied iliitl Helen Woodnianoo did, tilt thi
Uil h day nl November, A. I. IHdJ, lilo her
petition in the-ollicu nl the Ciuik of the
Court ol Common l'ie, within und for ihe
County of Ueaugaund Statu ol U.iio, clung
ing tbo said Ariel. Wooilinauoe with ' willlul
ubBCtico lor thiep youra, gioas itegli ot pldu
It. and nJulterv i uskiui! ths ahe uiuv
divorcud troin tho'su'd Ariof Wnoduiaiicu
whie putilion will aland tor boating at
UUII 11 1 it, ol i". i;.',n
By Oku L. WoeUidier Anerney,
. Dated t bi a jih d.iy ol Nov., lHOd. "724
T i V
, . j ., A.CgO.1 4IUUU0.
Auviiiua if, t
letlo Frusoo,
, Jackson 1'isAuo, Julii
Ann olioltloii, Uliuuiioey A,
Nelson 6. tt.inholoutuwi Mary Cuiiflelil, Do
ouuiswy Canliold, and .Aloiixj . l. , Llinliulo
mow win luxe uotioo mm a putiuou
tileil egaiiist ihetn on ibe eih day ot Julv
A. U W63 In ilio Court ot Cnminoti Flts
within anil for the Uonnty iif OunugA,
i nomas u a irinoiomew, una ia now pond
iog, wliuroiu auid TliiiniHi C. 0 irthiiioinnw
detuutids partition' "irt "iho following
estulo, to wis i sitonued hi the' township
Auburn, County ot tinuueu and Ktuio
Otitrr. and known us all hi liol Sd8r."
part nl hot N -118, and bonndod east spuih
anil west by the lot lines ol sud lotatan
op, tne ooi.li iy leua in said lot rtn,
owiitd by U. VI. AnliSilulo, and eoiilaiuiiig
in all I10J uciesut leitii l end thui, at
next toiui of aaul Court", tho said Thomus
C. ILtriboloaiew will apply lor au order
p iiitnn. may be- mad ol aatd preiniaus.
t J1UO.UA at C BAU rUOIiO.VlUW, .
Jty CAXF1KLU St SUtril.
P 'ed hls lflh d"l'f Noviuo'jor, IBU 3.
n-A, . Jim:JI'1's h.lk. .
Y VlTttte iifan rder1 of sure Issued oitl of
Court el Comiuos Tleas ol i'iiugS County.
Ohio, whrruiu 'i humus Radclill s pluuitill
Vnewni AJrvwa idelenfia.ir tamediracted
delivered, oiiii dated Ihe Jlittlsyul November,
A. D. Iriai,!, I alill-xr '",l o pu.lic veeduo
the door el the- Co art- liotiae its C'rdort in
County, .
On Snturrafc ?r'rrier'9f 'f3
betWecr the hortre 1 1 0 A'. M. 'and t P. M.
sai.tdny, the loliowing rem eaiate snume iu
township of Cl iridon. Geangn County., and
boundoii BH lo'iowa. io yvlt; ;Noth by IheousiJfc
weat mad; eusi by land owned hy Alvin Ober
routhby ihqsoiiih line oi,SBid lot; nd west
Ibewest Inn ol said low aouutiing Ittrtyeven
aciee ol land, be tins same more or loss,
'i'u'ins of Mle, Cash In hand.
-It- N.tHAW, EkeritT.
ShenfTa Office, Ceaugt I ij " '
Co., Nov. 17th, 53G3. '' 7S3w5
y i Kotioe. - x'a - ,
rTHE ' underslgnud baa been duly
X poiiued and Qualified as Administrator
ot Ih" Eitale ol Edwin f . Phelps. aVneaaod,
late of unardon Township,. Uuauga County.
' A'.U'TnrXAferW Administrate
Dbardoo,ius. l7io, 1803. 7248
I (U1 ..1 ftl ,iWauU
rj lg ),;, ,,,ru ulr wmin, and not only thij, Out
4T Vrr Strmt, New Tfoi U
; v.. - - .. ;H f .
Slura ita orianltnuoll Baa oreatra a new era m
tliahinory vl !
, - t r- I " f r f '
Th(-y1i!mr6du('t!d Ihrlr aH)clin ofTea ,
and ara ellinn ihun atnot over
2 Cts.t ,02. per lb. alox
Kevirievittivg Jam Hit Oi"V PR.CE
... .1 ii-.: t . u. ...MnAnu 1. 1I1.1
nni icr Dot;un:or " " ti'iT"1!
t... -r-: . ..!., J.. ..,. 1, i, m
elmiliin of (Mr 1 K AH n to qlinlily, vane and
pnnii'iilnr atyloa lor particular locnliticabf coun-
try. o.il Ar hrlpt thr. Tr byrr la cli'fe out of
Ihrirrnnitttmiiritiik mch 'I'm n nrr hr.'t mlnnt- ,
point tut to, him t lie Btft Btrptltin. ' .
It is Rfiiv to eft the incnli:nhih'r ndohni
nif ai good Urmt licrt at Hit yew York
mfrrrnriTrrn, -'- - ,-i ,
I Partiei ean order Tea and .Wllr be Iprved
I we)i , thourli thru rnme tin murinrt, beinij aure
I . . - .. .1 .. . 'l. -. .....Mi.. I.MfM.t
J nri rtl'lll fit "'Itf r"i . ' r 'fl" " ' .-fci
iltnntnrr a i.
Tea liwvta hut in thia eaiabliahmunt oear all t
oM.ru.. ,. eM , ,, .r '
llheiano fiefffr of TEA nr (lie Mr nxr.t , If hia
timr imnlnh'r. be line till thr hrurfn ol a well.
organised ayatem of doing bit ineaa. of ail tm-'
mrnir i:aintnl,ot the iittttmnt r,f n pr nfcuioitnl
Tea Taarta, and the knowledge of auperior
anli. nu n.
riiirei.ablealHTeilbuyera-nonintler'lf they
nrelhrmanndaof mibmlmm thlv marher-M I
and Me I cai are varaktibbb ranwaira.
We i iso n fruw List ol me Ldmipauy a I eaa,
whioli will beaeiit to all whw order it eonipria.
log ; . -- i i - : .
tiU,l'U1VUi:it, TWANKAY Ac MiliNi
- 0 0 LOS 0, S0UGT10XG, OR
Japan Tea, eary OmcriiitioH, Colored
C 'mtottjrt-H.
Thia List hna each kind of Tea divided into
FilUll I i.AfSF-, tmmelyi CAltCJO, high CAR
GO, FINE, KINK.-il , tlint eveij one may tin
derstnmi Irom ltn,riiio" and Price aninxeil,
Unit the Company aro deltimintd to liiyl trull
thr trhule TEA Trade.
Wp.f it irmtie to soil AIX our TEAS nl N''t
er TWtlCHN I'd (,OJ Cent!) por pound o'i
CO.S'l'i believing this to be ntirnchve to the
in.iny who have hereto; ore .been paying EnoR
mocs Profits. r ' J
613tn3 No, 51 Vejev Ht. Ntw York.
"Wonders Never Cease!"
Fiirnitiiro Rooms,
.v pjiwnsviu.iEi- -
MANSFIELD ft ALI.EN would inform their
Guuiinn frienda tlint- they huvolurmeda
Couartuerrliin. lor the ourooee ol the ninuutnc-
lura and sale "f Kurtiiti.ro nf all kinds, audi na
Chairs Tiiblct, SOFAS, Lounges,
S TJl.yp S.JJKOS V fcVJ t) dV ,
. Which they offer 1,"L.1VIN(3 PlilCES."
A Large Assortment of Gilt and Rosewood
M ol di ti ss for Piclure Tniiiii
rjtrUood Lumbar takaii iAsxohnnge for Fur
niture. irrllonnn en Main IStteet.ena dool west of
live us. n-millt
LQdd'aCiecery.t fleaee ijl
Vi j A i. i. it .
Paineiville, April 24th , I8t3.
a. manskield;
rpil E iiudiirsl. nnd liasniioncd un office in Char
L dou, Geiiuga County, Ohio, to prosecute the
Tension and Uuunty Business, and will uUo pros
ecute all biriiirss against the Government- . Ilia
luinr exnarience and service in ihe war. In the
capnc-iiy nl I'npiain in Ihe Jill tJluo Vola. nhd
Ins I o ini 1 1 n r Ii v with 1 1 in manner nl doini! bum
uess in tho rurioua depai'tinenta of the Govern
ment, nnd the inuiinerol oliiainlnc evidences in
nil eases, give him ndvauingea overall other tier
eons ougBgetl in the business. v .
rrile ulturges only, tin legal:, ice, fS.in
Pension cases, wil ll a clnirue ol l lor ench alii.
ilavil.when addiiiouul evidence is required.
Soldiera-. eivo him a call et hia elhue.' In wri.
ting, give a lull history. of ,lhu cone, enclosing
stump, and you will got a lull answer by return
mail. GEO. L. II OOI),
,' '.-'i . I , Attorney at .sw.
Cliaplon, July 3d, 181 J. ,. j I 703lf
V U.T,!? A m, ,.- r .-.,vi'
Bccuust it; t lit mot limnlt, tfflcitnt.
a . t durable and tconomirul. t .1
r"piIE nndnrsigneil have ilia exclusive right
1 aaie lor i.enuiie Vyouuiv. All oeraous ara
cautioned aunlnsi sollinif or In villi:' the uhova
VVrinuer. uulese nilthorixid bv ue.aaall ueraona
1 lull inning are liable tu be promptly prosecuied.
. j. r. or ma. L.naruon,ia our only uqiliu(;xvd
Agent in Chatdom 1
.1 i.. j . IIUI.OO.VIU it IVIATSON.
Chester Cross Honda, April I, laoS. 6'JtiiO
Wbptr.two doors north .of (ko Court
llilllSII. , , . -M, ,-.. f
JliiW made wlih improved Glnnnlna Twist.'-,
Sliot-Guns, Fowliug-Hiecea. Telescope Slglna
PaieulMaaitieund ritarler, Breech. bweduer.An
muuuiw-vruurr jup nuim auneonauurt notice
HT-a ii ivora warrauieo.xe wm
ChBrdoa,Ool.31af,18Glv r .- ,-,,.. .
INl 1IKM AltY,
l X 'hi UJHsbliehca Juhl.ietO.J ''5 5 ..;
I lie
rc t v. ' " ' -l- ' ' n 1
t3S, Sitntsrlol St., Cleveland, Ohio,
garArtlnHul t
deal nin e and tner
ves inrertrd. that ha vl Ihe
ion ol the uaturaleye.--
Farm for,6le,or fjiohaoge, ...;f
(.,The subscriber has forsalu a lurtt) of
acres lying in ibo township ot, CtO; Mom
oalui Con Michigan, would like, ii sell orox
change lor property lii Chardon nr Its
Oat. SO h,1863. ' '
tiri Attachment. ( rut
NOTICE is horotiy giv'nn that ad Attach
lachinont was issued this 19 h dnv
NuvKiiHier, A T 1 883, by .Sumuol McOoih
gnV Joitioiiiyf iho IV"1 e for Cliuidito, Too
ship, tiuuiigu Ciuiiiiy, Siniool Ohm, againat
tho goodi and i(TociS,'l EiuineiSol . UhXOH,
a lion resident of ' said Counts, 1 t my
nanco, for the mm oT lltiv dollars, which
will be for hearing on the O h day of Janu-
1LI.AGE HOUSE & LOT far Bale.
The 'new liousaand Lnlnrmerly
Cxcmd by Chat, il. McteatY, I
'Vaei.04V the Putilrtj Stjuare ior-ira. GOesp-ior
72311 . - Tameaville.
a M.m.m,.h .i,irtrM,u.i,iHn.
(tu whieli addi'iona ai contintially boing tiiade
nf i'ririrtiita nl Kiiihit.nt A mftricana. alo.. via. 1
'ii a iivT ''n nio v. It;
Binufaclurm' of Flotbraphid Mattriali,
TJ(l Cotnlogue new ambratua couaiderabl
J oret l our , I
H Mflior-Oan'raU.
I90 Hrm 'daoaral
8j! (,'i'lonch, .
t. 81 I.iant(.Cl..v
A Sin OilmrOlnoara
MIS Htaieime,:
147 iivin9K . 1
lib Aumora,
30 Artista. ' ,
4ti I'inriiiiwnt Women
ll'ltllliii 1ft In1 'I' .
.IIO'JL'ilFll':4K WOllliS ur. AIM
liuljdlim Hepr.Nlaotiona of moat. Celebrt
ifd Kniiravinas. Piinitliiv'!!. Htaiuea, (Vct Cnin
jojuea aetiion rneMliil nl (iiainp. Ait Order for
v.-".- ";. :. v. : . r .1 .n
) 'h iiiiimi riu 1 uib rom our niaiouue win
ba filled on teocipt bl fl,SO,and eeut by tnoJI,
ifree. (.
", '' '
II hn
Photographic; ALBU MS j
: i'.i..l ' ; I
()fih. mm mknufnetura a Greet Variety..
ranging in price troin f0 .'etna te 50 each-, .'-tj
Our A l,ltU.VIhava the repulaiioilol biting att-
perir In beauty and durnbiltty lo olhci a. The
tllller kinda cne.be aaiil valuly by mail nt a
poaiage ol 6 cm la yrx "1. , . . i
'-n mori epeiiivo enn be sent by expreei.
, , - J v
We also keep a Lores Aa.oftmenl 'of "
. I
Ci.....n... I. Cln.ocAnniia-ViDira
OlCIJ-BtUJJta IV. AJltl vat,ujry Hi a
i- i ' I ' , " 1 i
OorCstaloijneof Ihaewill baeentta-any ad
dreaa on receipt ol J5 amp. ,
501 Broadway. New York'.
Frienda or rein lives ef prominonl eillitnry men
wi'loonler n lavor by eaoiliug mi meir naenoeaea
to copy They will be Kept careiuny, ana re
lumed uninjured, . ' i- t, '
Hue Albuint .llnde to ieorior uonnre-
gaiiona lo present lo iheir riiaior, or lor otner
purpoaea, with aultabla inacriptiuna. ft.".-. ...
w " Clcye1and,lOhlo, '
Have now a Full Sloch
,l .... !-t '- .-'..-ai. .i j
of all desirable goods In their line, nnd are pre.
pared to sell GOoD,-RELI ABLE Goods, ae ;
Low na any Shop in ihe West (
' r ft ;
..hh ,f I en,
'Amerlcofl, Swisaand Rnullsh Watches;
Cheopnin.' fine CLOCKS ol every:
Style; Finn Ivory-handled Ta-
bio Cutlery; (iood.Gonnnon
r Table K ii ivea &. Forks;
'".We sell "II, iters A, Uroih.
ers" PLATED Goodsexclu.
lively Tlicy are the very
Pest Mode in America; Spooni.
Ferks.Cnsiors. Btukets, I, A DLES,' .
""' Ooblcta, Trays, fkc, 4t.e. ' --
Of nil th' Latest Styles; Hnlr Jewelry of nil pos
sible designs,' made loorder. Knylish Sc a
, ""aoraand I'ockei-knlvee, end 10,00 other
., Ihinga "too iiuineroue-i lo menllon.'l e;-
IWComt and lit uiuqt..
ZlWeddell Iilock.Wevetand, 0.
C76m3 ' " - "
OFFICE, Ciiardon.Oiuo,
THIS well-kiiow( Compnny eeiiliniiea to In.
sure the proporiy ot tientiiiS Couniy at aS
By ita nut of Incorporation Property outside
Oeougn luuiiiy vannoi be Insured in Uns Com
pany, inns eniin iy ouvuting tne oiijcctious to
Alumni Companies, as commonly organized, that
insure ail. over me country. ,....-.
'Those who wish to be. made safe against losk
by tire, will do.weH to
ijvsuke jyv .rtfs po.wr.j.vr.
Furf urther pnrllculnrs cnll on ...
lsiirl Aa.nl
t (,'liardou, Ohio,
y "is
Tlie Early Physical Degeneracy
or. '.,
I 1 s
Just rublislinl by l)r. A. STONE
I'hysician to tht Troy, Lung und Yy-
i ?' pitnit .JhttilutiJ
ATreallie on the Causes tit 'Early Physical De-
euueoi niiierienii i eopie; ine enure ol ier
Debility, Couaiiinpiion and Muruaniua.
Tkn work ti oxt of Uiu moral lour, vtrillenin
chatter yet thnllttig targaogr, utidappenta directly
to the tuimti room mttniret of ALL PA KENTa
and Cunrdiune rrpeciutty, detailing ectenttic
reliable, aide and titiilminl Jvi cur.
ii win oe fttni.py mail on me oe i p ol two
cent Ktanifis- ( vj s.- j x i J j-1 -
jrPn rents nnd GunrdianS! Fatl htlto ae'iiS
ohiniii this book.
icy Young men! Fail pot to seed and get
book. " . j
rir Ladies! You too ahouliT at once secure
.nitu nl I Ills tiniib.
A Wotttl OP ."VOLKUN. CbNSCIRNTOl'S Alvjcg
. Ci ' to TiiueK wu it-L HerLKOT-i jl
A class of maladies prevail tu a ienilul extent
in the communiiy, dooming al least Ino.voC youth
of both rexea Hiiuui'lly loan early grave Tfiori
diseases ate very imperfectly unuoreioud Their
external nmnikeiniions or symptoms utn Nervous
tJcniiny, neiaxnuon ana r..nuttsii.jn; iMmnsmue
or waatiug and Consumption ol ill lisaiiea ul
whole body; ahorinrsa ol brtuihing.cr hurried
breathing on ascending a hill or fliuhtetatatra;
great palpitation ol iho llcartt Asibmni Uron.
chilis and sore throat; sluking of the hands
limbs; aversion to seoiety, and lo business or
eiudyt tlimiieses ol eye aighl, loss ul memory,
unziue..B oi i ne iieau,ieuiaigia, pain nt varinua
parts ol the body; pain in ihe inick or liiubs; Lum.
bago; Dysepsia or lndigeitlont irregnlarity
aious. eve iiiHcwise. r.tiuetisy, iivsieria
Nervous Spasms, t '5 :;t. A ; . ! A
Now, In ninety-nine cases out of every hundred
all ihe above numid di.onkrs. and a liosUiloib
an era mil asuiml. sal Viiu-nininioii ,,l Tli Li..:
676y I that most Insirlinaaaud wily form ol Consumption
ui tne opinai ieivea. kiiuivii as .label uorsalea,
and lahea Meseuterica. have ilnir seal aud
oiuiiy. of
gin in diseases ol the Pelvic Vircera. Hence
want o success on the pan of old achool practice
lo treaiiiig symptonia only. , ( V
Doctor . Andrew Smite j'hysirlnn ta the Trov
Lung and Ilygieului Insiiluiiiiu.ie iw engaged
in lieutiug litis class of modern maladies
iho most asiunlshing success.. The lieatinent
adopten y the lustiiiiiion is new; It is baaed
vciciiiuu- (inclines, win, new oiscovereu reme
Ules. w
of cure
their I
,m,iir-rii.i , ui llieiT CBSCOV lOlferiBnO
have Ih. medn-liH,. n. by m.ll or express.-
Primed inirr Cffuioi lea wjil b lorwirdssd on
nlinntioik. " 1
wlihoAii niiiioialaorrKireoqm 'Tlie laeilitieal
reareauch that pniienta can be cured
homes in any pan of the country, from
sdescrlpTlonK.of their ease, by Teller;
jcrCoiiaumplion, Catarrh and disensca of
fhroat eutal as wolt at (he heme et the patterns
aa at tin Inatiuuiloft, by tending Ibe Cold Medi
cated Inuauko Balsahio Vaross, with Inhaler
and ample direetious or itiieir -use, and aireet
corteapoudence. - - t
Patients applying for interrogatories ei sdvlso.
must enclose retuin sismps, ia meet atlenuorr,
-The attending Physieiai. will lie found at
Institution, from 9 A M lo 8 P. M.. egch
saJuyVutbSrorer.fion. 'AdiW-' I
Phyelclaa to lhTroyHl.tmg' atsd'Hyglerric hrMi.
tutu, and Phyaician for I) ine a see ol lha Heart,
P;to;rLADlfe:S !.
The Oldest Segalator for' Female
There' Is" but on GKNt'115 ' AKf Stilt!
Y. m .
CtJIlKfor GlHLSOIt WtJMEN who aiiflW Irom
wlia'rvrr miifhe rAi nafaf Ihort ootra.-f iona.
'I hil Cure ha been reuognix d for many years.
Tim ONLY SArK HELlANtjE ia in
thnt Ltidiea fave fcir relief from the auppresaion
of those prtiodt which, II kept up according to
Iho calls or Nature, will GUARANTEE TO
THEM the fullest ernnaer of gond Anlt end
tt ti'glh; end wlilch.lt not icgulorly expeii
eoccd will produce M1SEHY AND ftEATtl.
and ia tlint Jrrlof aU Utmediti fo Diieatt$ vj
t . ..i. " a i ... '.. Ini i i i f U
THT8 GOOD OLD R KM EDY for all obafroc
lion, boa been hailed wi.h plee-n re and prolher
lenl9 weMravlnal f"". '"n'y; I
author is AN OLD LXPblilENCM) PHY-1
-ajNWr iMwImMaltr awe) ef r ,(mr OVfcR
If 1 A U'l'L 11 IlkV eL'N" IV Irt raulnr.
yureii i r.iv vr .i... v
SIClAN. whom everybody knowa, nnd in whom
everybody places confidence and reaped, ll is
n tfriij.Wr,cfrfarraiief'l,biit aSTANDARD
REMEDY : .- ' - - -.
hull finer fallrg, Shd llimiaaildj ol terlifii alee le
tlii eflect can he found in all p.irta nl ihe conn
by. The proprlotora of Dr. Chceaemon'a long
iiud recipe guarnniee that
: o.vi: nox
will restore tlm natural monthly function to ANY
DITION OR, AGE.. Indeed, io certain ore 1
the piinslyual' Of we ir fi hnturnl way, tlint ladles
who are pregnant oiusl wet nee Ihrnt. aa they will
inoiirinb'y produce a miecarringe. THEY QAN
DO NO II Af M irrany oilier way. -r.r.t. ;' !
ara tho-OTy medicine that MARRIED AND
MINGLE LAJJlEb-kuve relied upon for ninny
yea ra. or can rely upon now lleware ol Im
ilniiniinf Tuke ihie sdvertiHemunt to your
Druggist, nnd tell him that you want- the
Best Female Kedioine In the World; .
t j- Which is comprised fn ,.r.. . 'J '
tit: )uetmm a StmaU Pilli 11 1
These form lie Jin el prrpnriilin tt rr nut for
SUCCESS. , v , , - it
Dr. Choseman'a I'llla have rocoived. and are
now receiving, the an notion ol Ihe moel einitei I
Phyiieinitnn Amrncn
The Pfiie, ONE bUI.I.AR VES B''X,cou
tabling Irom Filty. to Bixty Pills. '
Piila arnl by mail, promptly, by remitting the
price to the proprietors, or to any authorised
, ageiu, In current lund. .
8 lil by Drn'.'gtMls genernlly. " " " -
HU'lCHlNGSeV, 1IILLYER, Ptopr'ra,
i- - . g Cedar Street, New York4
' A. COOK, Age for Ckarduu. - ' I
. , : .u a -i.r i : !'-. - to -f ifl. j .ii D 73 iy 'i '.1
For Rheumatism, Gout, Nearaltiai Lutn
baifo, Bull Nerk add Joints, gprnins.
Bruise,' ' Culs and - Wounds, j j
Piles, Hendnohe nnd ell Klieu--
,t Imaiio-and Ncrvcu Dis-,T
For all of which It 'a a speedy and certain rem
edy, and never fails. This Liniment is prepared
fiom tho recipe of Dr.Siaphen Sweet, of Connegi
Icut. the fntnoua bcine-seuer, nnd hna brerkusr d
in hia practice fur more.ihan twenty yearr with
the most aaionisiniig aiiceesa. - - ... . .. - ' . .
vnled by . any prepurntlou bol'orolhe public, of
wincii tne moat sH,eptical may be convinced by S
aingie trim. .. - ,
This Liniment tvill cure rapidly and radically,
Rheumatic Diiordersof every kind, and iu thou.
sands nf oasis where it has been used it has nev-J
ef been known :o laii
.FOR NEURALGIA,-It wil) afford Immodinte
reliel m every ense,-however aiairessmgA
-. ll will ralieva the worst coses ol Heudaebeia
three minutes, and ia warranted toduiL
TOO I'll Ar-HE nlso It will cure liiatnnt1y
f,AS-sl I UDE arising from Imprudence or ex
cess, this Liniment la a moat hanuv nnd nnfeil
ing femady. Acting directly up-n lho pervous
ttsenea, it atreugu ens-onu revivities the eyatens,
and restores it to elastiuity and vigor , r
FOR P1AES As an exiern.il ' remedy, wl
claim it is th best known, and weehalfeuge the
world to produce nn equn1. " Every victim or this
distressing complaint should give il n trial, for
will not lull to alloru nnmedmie relief, ana in
majority ol ensee will erl.'et a rndiool cure." '
vuijnsy, AMU cs.i(rs i ttKUA i are iomo
times extremolv malignant, and dangoroaa, but
a timely appliaatlon ol this liniment will never
leu lo cure. . ,i....i . i
III 1UVSIS. tt 41.... llUl.tl.lJS S '.-
STRAINS are sometimes vary obstinate, nnd
. ..! . I. - l..u. 1 ll.l.l. . -
Eulur(eniet oi the Juinta ia liable te occur
neuieueu ilie worn ease can oe eououuren ey
.tins Liniment in two or three deya. t tv"
, iJKUIM'.a, CU I H,-WUUJNUft. fSOItel,! Lt,..
CEIUi, HURNS&, SCALDS, yield rapidly lothe
wonderful healing propeyaiee eh Or KweeiHi in-
fallible l.Hiiiiient. when used a cording lodireo
ilons. Afro, Chilblains, Frosted Fceiaud Insect
llilesand Stinia.i: - ' . - lr.
should have this tetuedy at hand, for ita timely
use nl I ho Ural nuoearance of lameness wil el-
(eetnulty prevent those formidable diseases
which nil horses sre liable, and which render
'many otherwise valuable horses neatly worth
'less. ,'" i1
,ki tfxtr four hundred yoluntnry 'featimohiala
the wonderful curative proper'iea of ibis
and many ol Ittem trum persons in the hlgn runXI
of lile. fl
off " ' "' CAUTION' ''' '' '
and .r. ..c...7i . 7 ...... iin:i.i '
blown in ihe glnse ol ef ch bottle., wltluu.t which.
none ate getjuine. , ( nKt)
.,,rt in r, u 1 ill CI I AKJJoLtl UU .
P" v1 '-w.- e Sole Pre cr kators, Kcrwich.Conn
on. ' ' " su
t i .i.i. ii..i
inv woniienui curnuvv piuiire icb ui iiiis
. i l. .i.i .o
, " ' ''iveu- T.ll.ll.1 ..! ins. J JSS
I :. .
a. ...A
f ft RB ANKSl URttNLtAF & UU-
n. 1 v .... r . -w.. T
n i inn i MTfi -
hfl HMft VAN
s ' y i' AAA A iiVAAAl AASJ.t I sj
"''M ""crrr'j rn j'iV t
r .1 lSMf.vM lM.H'J';..a
w," 1 tr v f it.-''-- mmri.
l . i i. ..le
r. ftmr .'X
.. . m .. .ims-1! V.s.. n-t...lT'
All WWOBl,' .fitKf, UlfM PltMH
ao- tiA v.. f.t , .e j. ii Ku
snd ....mtiiiA enrruirir a aa
v tn Lakr iilriH, VHICJICO.
(rY-Ps oareAulto auy-oiily the Qenuiue.jrfl
inLlvei.ap4 by .Wf.eiw- iiuigsss, .
- Kl u I 1... w .
W . J
. - f,. '. 3 A efii-i i : tux,H
t. dtstanoe wiehiag aorTeylngdone
by the county Surveyor, will beva their
(all' PUQctnallj (ti'.ended to, by address
iac him t letler.trivine five day a' aoUoe.
Direct llleltera to Hatnbdeo, Geaaga
pi, OC; a. DSON, Vo. Surptyor.
tft'jJT ts.'4 ;Sr-i's; '-'.
4 ,, , ,s; HELMBO'liD'S, r
this medicine luvartubly lemnyes. sonn loltow
litoneofwhich the Patienlmny expire. J
Who can any thnt they are not frequently fol
loed hy ilinvs "Ulietui jiireae.'-
power J
difficulty cd Ureniblng i
I Poaiiive and tueeiffc Remedy for diseases of
tlie Bladder, Kidneye, Uravel ana Xrupstcal
8 we. lings. T
Thia Medicine Increaaes (It power of Dlgea
(len.nndexetiea the Abeorbenta Into healthy ac
tion, by which Ilia Watery or Cn Inn reoue dispo
sitions, andall Una ituial iCnlargrinenia ate re
duced, aa well aa i'oin and Inflammation:' ..
ill. I mtKM.im V.XTHACT Bl'CIIIT.
"fnr WnnVnesaea arisina Irom Rxceasee, Hab
its nl Pisrhiniion. Early Inrilecretlon or Abuse,
atienrleil a itn tlie lollowttig aympauni .
IiidisiHieitlufl to Mertlerh- ' - - Juoss et
l.o.e ot Memory, ,!a
Weak Nervet,
Horror nf Disease.
Iimneaa of Virion,-' " " Pain In the Back,
Unlverrnl Laesliudfl of the Muaeular Hyatem,
Hoi Hands, nr Flushing of the Body,
Dryirese ol tbe Skim Eritptiuns on the Face,
' Pallid Countenance. 1
These rninioira.il allowed to go on, which
Many ate aware of the canto ol their eufforing.
but Kens will. eoHlElsTnr nieonus of tbe iwsane
i -.- .'"i ''. ,iAavi. ti twi. .t ?! I '
And HJrlnne'oly Oriiiht by f neinmpfina. bear
amide witness le ihe Trulh of the asseition,. .
The .Coknlilitlion Mrt afrttid with Organic
Wcokprm teqniree the an of Medicine to
fitrengilx n and Invigorate Ihe' flyatem, mhith
tUf.MBuf.nl EXTRACT BUCHU invariably
doe. A Trial will convince the most akeptical.
F EM A L I Fi:.tl A LES- F KM A J. K.
la man AlfrclionH nrvuliar lo I'emnlen. the
Extract Buciiu U unrqualled by any oilier rem
TReVmn rreula'r ly
-a...lul.,ePk. or r5uPpresion olCus.omary Kmc
is . iju,ratai or Kcirrlioua stale oM the
is, iiviiehorihaia or W tines. bieriliiyt and
II c-onipliiinla incident to the aex, whether
ig Iroir. indiscretion Habits of Dissipation,
nr in ihe
Tuie e mure J! dm, .V ruiy or unptritunt
Mfiii inm for niivtrmtxnliitid dimgrnw diunftt.
sixKirr IiIsuasics
In all ttieii Binges, Al little Expense,
Little or no Clmngc in Diet! No Wonvenieuco,
-i.-",!" r', t'Avd tie xDnMur. - X It
It cnusea a fiequent desire and give sirength
to Urinate, thereby Removing Obsiruetlona. Pre.
venting nnd Carnif Btririuresof ihe Urelllra.ol-
y ,hi.-f,ii, of dtmtaaea. and exeelllnar i'ete.
. .. . .
our, IJieeneed and fmin-trmt matter, i j.-ij-ii t
Thousands vron Thousands who have seen
tux Vtcitas of (Jt'ACKS, nnd vho hnve paid Ifoey
free lo he cured lp Si ahor simev-iiave lotir.d they
were deceived, atnt lupt.tna ruio" n " uas. oy
Ihe use ol "rowr.RFOi,AKrsuvaNT," oecn urteu
n u in tbe svsieirt. lo break out in nn aggravated
'hnn.nnd'prrh'ipnafier liirrhi'gi'. v
Use HEi.ilBXiui'a Exf rai Hcoiifror elldlsensf-a
of the UK1NAHY ORGANS, whether existing
in MALb or I EM ALE, from whatever cause
orisnniing. and no mutter of IlOWvLONG
BTA'WDJ.ttr'..,-j;n .CIS'QAJ
JJiseases ol these tirgnns rrquire me ntn at a
CHU IS THE GREAT DlUliE l 1C, and is ccr-
piin lo have Iho tesired efluCt in nil Vittantfcr
pinch if ie'Ttrvmnihidtd r --n f
Evidence of the inosl retinlile "SnfTrasponsible
character will accompany ihe medicine..' -V
ri ice !, per bottle, or nix lor es.oo.
Delivered to any Address, ai curely packed from
w '-' r ' ' ' 1 nhvorvrn I inn . Ii .
WrseVftf tfiS Symptom In ail CoeimlrirOTt,.
C'urrni GuiirHiileed I Advice tiinlia
Address ll.T. ll I. LM IIOI.O, ( hetnl-t.
104 Souih Tenth-sl. below Chestnut, Tiiila.
HPI.MHOI.ri'S M.d;j.t l)j,..l i r-. t . ., 1
Ut,L,.VlbULU'rt tVrug UNrt lihrmical Wnrehnuee.
804 llrnauvrny. New York.
Beware of eounierMiera ens) nnoriueinled dent
era. who endeavor lo dispose "vr ihtir oum"'ind
"iithrr; arliclee on theripnlalioitatliuueUgi) tle'm
bold.'i .Genuine Prcparaliona, Extract Buchu,
Extrnci Sarsnparilla and Improved Rose Wash.
Sold by.nil Druggiala everywhere. Ask for
IlehnholJ'a Tnkn no other. Cut out jhe Ad-
vtrriisemeiu ana fenu uir k.,niiu . ,
.. ."'-.U 1.t SJ I Id n i. i!i. y it ,v
w '"-' ' CELEBRATED '
: t..d
A pure and powerful Tonic, corrrciivd and alter
alive of wonderful oificieucy i,n disease of the
.Stomach, Li?tr und Bowfls
Cures- Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint," Headacbe,
Uanaral Oebiltty, Nervousness, Depression t(
t'plriis.Consiipaiioii, Colic, Inieriniitcnl Fa
.'' Vera. Cramps and Spraiai.and all Com-
" plnlnia of -either Sox, arising I'rnm Bodily '"
Weakness, wheihur inherent in :ha
avatem or produced bv r-necial causes
. Notbino .that la uot-wholesome, genial and
reaiunnive in- fta nature eutere 4nio the eempo
. at lion of HOSTETTER'a l.rp.HAUUL4l-V
i ERS, Thisp'opulur preparaiiou contains
I -..-'.j lli.-c"'.,, i..i.,..ii
j mineral of any Kindt no dandy botanical el-
If! i'.,B.,l nnflarili,f.i,n,ll . l.,,i ill., iwtinki.,. linn
ol the extracts ol rare bulsnioic. luirbs and ulauia
witb the purest sud tui Ideal. ol all uiuusive suu
Vlentrv-. "... t ' . .. .. .... :" '-I t
. it is -well to Dc forearmed agklnatuUense. and
so far as the human system can be piotecled
human iiieaua jiguiiiat .roaladica engendered
an unwnoieioniu uimospnere, impure water
oilier exlernal causes, IIiAHTE T i'rJR' .UT
TERS may be relied nn asa snlcguard, . ,.rt
In d:slriia infected with Eetuv and Ague,
haa been, found iiifut.lble as a preventive and
aa a remedy, and thousands who resort
toil under apprehension nf an attack, escape
the conirge f and thousnnda who'peglect to avail
tnemselvea ofits proieuiive qualities in advance.
are. cured hy a very brier con r re Ql.,lliis marvel
1. .. L' . .. I a . . - - t.
m.m in i.i 1 1 1 1 . i ,t.i a 1 1 ii .uun uiirnv.. Ult.
iini";,, t. . , . . . . - .... 1
tbeinao led with auiiilnl lor momhsln vnin.entil
S, , , ,.H-ltK ,l, ..,. milt .ilnirl
are not infrequently reslorefi tn neaitn v.'iinin
fawdnyS, byihe use f HOSTETTER BIT
TEK8. - - oi iu . oi ... ..
- The weak stomaeS fa rapidly Invigorated
h h nnmt MSnui K (hi fMJnlilA TaniI.
...'"'.""" "I
heoeelt worxsworMtprs ;n aaeaol UrrE.
ain onu inlaw uvmiMiiea rurirpj or laonsKsrioa.
Aering aa a gentle end painlesa anpeneni,
well ' iMHa4iietter,-t invariably ralievaa
, CoNmrATt"ipaTiBdoi4 hy trre5Pls:;olion
I the digestive and secretive organs i.
' p"' Perrons of Wole bahif . linlte i(j Wr"iu"A-
I y
,:Sold tnclit, Lnttiteew of Spirit! and Fit'f fM'iguor.
find immnt and nermnnenl rails? from the Bittera.
The testimony tu this point ia moat conclusive,
and from both aexee.'-'-i- '" ' -'"-
- The agony ot Barons Cottc la Immediately
by a single dose -of the stimulant, and,
oeeasinnelly- resorting to Ii, the return of
complaint may be prevented:' " w " "v'
-A.f.er.l 'fonler HOSITETTER'S BIT-
TERH pradueeeflects which must he experienced
wttneaaea as lore1 rney canoe luityappreciatea,
nuinf Cnn-titatirmal Wfnktt't. PremntHT
UceautnA Deblfirr and Deerepitude arlsinu
!t)t.Aee,H exerciree the alkeiric InfluenK.
tlmeeavaiascani siaxesol all niaaaaee. M operates
aa a delta?rrttmvigoran.-AVhen the powera
nature ate reisxad, ii opqf ates to te-antorce
re-establish ibem- ,- . ' , -,
Lasl. but not resat, il ia Tie Only Smfe Stimu
lant, being manufactured from sound and innoe
aoua msteriala.and eutirely from the acid
preaant more or iesa in all the ordinary
onica aid aujaucUlca ei the day. -t
No lamily medicine hua ever been SO anlver.
aallv.aud.il mav ba Irulv added. ieMrmeilo
la wiih the lutefligen t portion of Ihe cental unity
as nua i r. i i t.n'o ui i i r.tia. . ,
Prepared by HOST ET'l tii 4. SMlTtl, Pitts
burgh, Pa. .' i .. .. . v
Sold by all Drogglaat, Creesra sad gtorekeep.
us everyyvlieia, J A ,sstw;i V.M3ya
S10O Reward
1 1 . j., ........ . .. . i 1?
.1 H
Vat a Medicine that will cure
11 .. ) -44. . . wr'i, y
?" 6r Rellsve CONSUMPTIVE COL'GIf, '
.:tv-i V.aUuickae ar s-.-.
' tutic
IvfP,. ' ,1Si'? ie.S Itv'TMTf l 41-4 ;
finnft IT H A T.R A TVT ! t
y V W VAS. ,aaiw -
i;;Ve tp4tTrAirf ln ii. riattvs town', and net a aln-
1.1. I.i. ea.A -J A. f 1 l.saj far nnvlt .'n. f - f. '
iiti TisniSBiivew an aui iui rn" j-- -
We havs in nv puMesiion nf qninlity ot
Cerlificaus, eome o( .'.liem from
A JtMtNENT fnrsiciAXs, .
who have used t ill their proeiice, and given It
the prs-emiuunce over every other compound.
.-.l.il'.;. ,',.-', ;.,,: .
, r It does not drj np a Cough, ,
n " ,
AN TJit. a VUre II TAKKn lit
- ' - - " ;
'be it loosens If,' ra 11 to enable the patient lo It
jMCtorete freely j , , I ..'. ,1
r-A HALF-Bottle has often completely euiad
l,:,mr. rivn v.-v.T'V; "
Stubljorn Coiigli, n
H '' ' ' V "T 'v . - ,
and yet.lhongh It is so sure and apeedy In fte
operation, if i perfeetly barrr.leea, lieing purely
Vegetnble . Il ia very agreeable to the taste.aod
may be administered to children of any age:
i- r I. v" -. " !-,-...' ; . . a.
In cases of CROUP we,, will GUAR-
No FAMILY should be wllhont It. '
.. It ia witliiu;lis reach of all, she pries being
-." .'OA-LF25 cents.:
And if anlnveslment and thorough trial
does not "back np" the above siatement,
lite money will bo refunded. We sy ibis,
knowing iis merits, and feel confident that One
Trinl will Secure for il a home in every house-hold.-'
' ' "'- V'l J'ir,'
l iJo not waste away with Coughing when so
email in investment will core you.- I may be
had ol any respectable Druggiet in towr.,wh. will
luruish you wnn a circular oi genu mo wi;i
cutes of ciirte it bsa made. ' ' . ''
fcief.'sU if 'I; ." L.' 1
O. CLAllK k Co.,
. .For Saleby DroggialS ln,eily,in country and
everywhere. - . . ,. .
For aaie at Wholesale hff. !-. Oft
ar,- 17, li BABNErt & CO;. New York, , , .
GF.O. C. OOODNVIN & CO.. Boston.'
SU1 RE, ECKSTEIN &. CO';-and v
-: JOHN 1, FAUK, Ciucinnati, Ohio. .
... "18
v.. I
resistible .ty.i Ot.n ESTABLISHED r
-. rui rr c.tdj n crrJ. A' n
"' UU 'ta IT U U : lr- lis 9 '
No; 6 Beaver St , Albaoy, Kew cri.
Dil.Tlj.LLKH continues to be conlidt ittiaily
anc auccessluily consulted up allfutnie 'if
private dissoses, at hia old eatabliahed lleplioi,
No. a Heaver St., Albany, Y-, '1 wen'.j yeare
devoted to this one particular branch ol pibctice.
eiiobles liim. to. perform curea auch aa no other
physician can mid his larni les are suen . tut mg
in correspondence with the moat celebrated pby
aiciauaol. the Old Wor'd.) ol obiginn g iliesulest
as Well as the latest rcmcdiea (or these diieaees,
oiler inducement! to the onlortunute ol.e quick
and rapid cure, lo be obtained at no oinei othie
in America;-;;- u .'" a.Mu
. In ayphilis, gooorrbesa, gleet, alricturea, en
largement ol the, tesliclea and aptrmti'cetis
cords, bubo, ulcerated throat, sore i broat.cu i one-
ous eruptions, biles, ulcers, abscesses, nnd all
other impurities oi 'tne system, are uerieeuy un
der ihe control of the Doctor's medicines, and
have beeu tested'.iii more than iO.UUO coaea an
nually. with immense suciehS. .
' YOUNG MEN addicted to secret bablte, who
bnve , impaired , their health, and destroyed the
vi.nir'o"! their minds. Ih us denrivlnu thenifelvea
ot the pleasures ol married life, arenoiiiidd that.
in consulting ur. J: lener.tney win lino a irienu
to Consolei and a ohvsician who ban cured thou-
sn a, in nUoosl every port of the Uuited Sintea,
who applied lo Dr. T, broken down In health.
now rejoice in ail Hint manes ine oosuunie ana
man happy. 'The reader ia of course aware that
the delicacy will prevent a mora minute descrip
tion ol this terrible dirense. .; i ,:.
for everybody. - Startling disclosures! Dr. -Teller
Great Work lor the married and those con
templating marrioge- VUO pages- full ol plntee
price 25 cents Sent to all pans, under Seal, by
mail, pisl paid. , The single married, and the
married happy". A Lcctoie on Love.-or How io
Chooses Partner a Complete Woik-orr Mid
wilery. It contalna hundreds of aecreis never
before published, Wnn anted to be worth thrte
limea the amount asked lor ihe work ., .Twenty
fiveceuis, in specie or poatagesiarrpa. will secure
S copy by return rnoll, ;Dr,. '1'ellcr hns devoted
a liieiime to the cure of lliese diseases of which
his book treate.i""'- i vl i:
TO, THE LADIES Dr. J.Tellerstill retain
Ihe only Aiency in America fur the sale oi Dr.
Vichci's Italian Femnle Monthly Tilla. The sale
of more thou JO ,000 boxei established iheiryepa
tation ana Female Remedy unnpproachtd,. and
for (n advance of every other medicine lot atop
ages, irregularities, sad rather obstructions ia fe
inulee. , '
GAUTton Married tsdiee.irt" certain dellente
sltusiious, should avoid their liaea For reasons,
aea directions which accompany each package,
for ihe guidance of patients.. On the receipt nf
gl.-tha price per box, these pills will be sent by
mail Ot express, to any pari of the world, aeenre
Irom curiosity or -damage. 83rOffice houra from
8A .M.-IO0 P. Ms. and en Bundnya from S to 5
p. M.- , ... ' . , ...
'' N. B.j-Peraonttn dlstsneeean be enred at
home, by addressing a latter lo J. Teller, enclos
ing a remittance. Medicinea aecurely packed
from observation, aent to any part of the world.
Ali eases warranted. . Nucherge for advice, . No
atudentS" or boya employed. Notice this ad
dress all letters o J. TF.LLER, M.P.. s
' 6901 , No 5 Beaver Street, Aibauy.N.Y.
'riUii -;ai
- - ' y- r ,
aa jweeduui VUMb. t
the eoinpouud h.lherto k
U h. a ,;:!. v- , . . ? .
fT'Qft (he Speotly and Permanent Cure of
X (ioiiorrhai, Gleet, Urctlnal Discharges, lm
potenee. Want ef- Power.: Seminal Weakness,
Nightly Emissions, lncouiineiice. Genital Debil
ity nnd lrriluwilny, Gravel. Stricture, and Af
Tecijons of ibe-. Kidneye and Bladder, which haa
been used by upwards of IOO IMI VSICI ANS,
In stieir urivute Drao ice. with entire auueesa, an-
lAipaioar uepsmeej. or any
tsaged by
menta dod.
BKLI.'S KPKCIFIC riLt.S ara apeedytn
action, qlieu ellocting cure in a lew days,
and when a cure is elTccted ii la permanent.
Thev are oreoared from- vegetable extrae.a that
are harrnleaaou the system, and never nauseate
thoatomaoh or impregnate the breath; and, being
augar-cooted, al'. nauseous taste ta avoided. No
oho age ol diet sa accessary whilst using them,
nor does their action, interfere with business pur
euiie. Each Box contains elx doxen Pills.
PfiyNDiiLLARt 6ilojisiIor!..i
VeuilttHt Weuknes, Lot of
Powers Impotence, Premature. Decay t ("exual
Diaeaaea, Self Abuse, die.
A pamphlet ol SO pegea. containing important
advice to ibe afflicted, aud which should be read
by every sufferer, aa it contains such infarmaiioa
as willlead to a perfect cure.
garSent Free lo any addreea. ? Twe stssaps re
quired lor postage. . '
'I he Piila end Book will bo sent aeeuraly from
ebaenaiion, on receipt of money . and atampr,
consultation by suail free and con6dentlal,
v .' t '-J, bUYAN. M- t?'v.
e93yl, ,. Gen. Agent, 76 C'eda St.,N-;"t
IDHOTOWliAPH ALBB for salsalDr

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