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Geauga record. [volume] (Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio) 1952-1962, November 13, 1952, Image 3

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Seal Sale Workers to Hold
Dinner Meeting Tonight
The Board of Directors Fall
Seal Sale Workers’ Dinner
Meeting of the Geauga County
TB & Health Association will
be held in the Chardon Pilgrim
Chardon it’s
Dry Cleaning
Call for, pick-up and
delivery service.
518 Water St.-105 South St
Chardon 5-2135
church, South street, November
13th, according to B. A. Brough
ton, President.
Tom G. Rathbone of the
Vocational Rehabilitation office,
Federal Security Agency, Cleve
land, Ohio, will be the guest
The Association’s Rehabilita
tion Program Chairman, J. M.
Erdelac, reports handicraft ar
ticles made by a Geauga Coun
ty tuberculosis patient at Rich
land County hospital will be
on display at this meeting. Mrs.
Jack Bollinger of Burton will
have charge of the sale of the
handicraft made by this patient,
who at the present time is
allowed one hour daily for oc
cupational therapy. Mr. Erdelac
expresses the interest of his
program in extending any as
sistance possible to our Geauga
County patients.
Enjoy lifelong satisfaction definitely knowing
the diamond you select here is free from flaws
has fine color and brilliant, perfect cutting
In Painwvill* 91 Ymm
RagMterad Jawalar A atari ran Gam Society
SEE THE NEW FRONT! Handsome new
grille huge new one-piece curved wind
shield glamorous new chrome fender
mouldings! Beautiful New Air-Vent Hood!
SEE THE NEW BACK! New, longer, swept
back fenders...new, wider, sweep-around one
piece rear window ... new, lower, wider rear
deck... over 40% more luggage space! New,
large combination tail and back-up lights.
new upholstery... distinctive new door panels
Juast Arrived!
It’s Thrilling To Look Al! Sensational
To Drive! Come In And See For Yourself!
.. beautiful new grained instrument panel
and garnish mouldings .'. all harmonizing
with body colors.
Fire Dome V-8 has the mighty 160 horse
power engine newest, most powerful
design in America.
parking easy as dialing a telephone! Also,
Power Brakes for faster, easier stops
Fluid-Tbrque Drive for lightning pick-up.
Highway 6 Montville, Ohio
•A &
.... $ V .. .s**'
This mouth-watering dessert was originally christened Snowflake
Pudding—not because it came into being during a winter blizzard,
but because everything about it suggests the light airiness of snow
flakes. It consists of a creamy custardy mixture with fluffy beaten
•gg whites folded in, lots of snowy-white lacy coconut, and luscious
juicy pears—ail combined in a wonderfully light and delicious dessert
to serve with heavy winter meals.
But who wants to think of heavy winter meals! Our thoughts
have turned to spring even if, for some of us, the landscape and the
thermometer still argue that spring is far behind. So let's conjure
up visions of blooming fruit trees and balmy days and let's re-christen
Snowflake Pudding and bring spring to the table with PEAR BLOS
SOM DESSERT. A name and a dish to give the spirit a lift.
2 yolks, slightly beaten cup cold water
1% cups milk 2 egg whites, stiffly beaten
cup sugar 1% cups shredded coconut
Daith of salt I teaspoon vanilla
1 envelope (1 tablespoon) gelatine 1H cups well-drained-canned pears
Combine egg yolks and milk in
top of double boiler. Add sugar
and salt and cook over hot water
until mixture coats spoon, stirring
constantly. Combine gelatine and
cup cold water in mixing bowl
mix well. Add hot egg-milk mix
ture and stir until gelatine is
dissolved. Chill. When slightly
thickened, fold in egg whites, 1
cup coconut, and vanilla. Place
pear halves in bottom and around
sides of shallow glass serving
dish. Turn gelatine mixture oyer
fruit and sprinkle with remaining
coconut. Chill until firm.
Makes 8 servin ers
cA Little Known
word is hemidemisemiquaver. It is
a musical term meaning a sixty-fourth
oA Well Known
wor dto folks in Chardon is Cook’s.
It means fine food and pleasant sur
roundings. Ask your friends, they
can tell you about the delicious sal
ads, sandwiches, and dinners.
Restaurant &Fountain
Main Street Chardon
Veil'j 1.9V3
Aunl Wilma
Oceanview" and there was an ar
It was a dismal looking place. Jefi
frowned. Somehow he couldn’t as
sociate the exquisite and delicate
,----- loveliness of Mona
with these sur
Rlinuie roundings yet he
Fiction had followed hei
i directions to e
letter. The shack in the marsh grass
was the only visible habitation tor
There was something queer about
it. Ten days ago Jeff had said good
by to Mona, avowing that it was the
last time he would ever see her
This had been a month after their
first meeting, and the reason fox
the definite farewell was Rex Van
Nuys. Jeff hadn’t learned about Rex
until two weeks after his introduc
tion to Mona. He had heard, indi
rectly. that the two were engaged
When he had subtly questioned her
she had denied nothing. And so be
cause he knew the longer he post
poned breaking away the more
hartrending it would be. Jeff had
decided to do so at once. He hadn’t
seen her for 10 days, and then, un
expectedly, Mona had called him
by phone and asked him down to her
Aunt Wilma’s cottage for a week
Ten minutes later Jeff stopped bis
roadster in front of the cottage
veranda. A tiny old lady with grey
hair was sitting in a rocking chaii
knitting. She didn't look up whtm
he came to the foot of the steps. He
felt queer. There was no one ehe
about. He cleared his throat. The
little old lady’s fingers flew with
amazing speed. Jeff wondered if she
were deaf. He said: "I beg your
The needles continued to fly in
the little old lady’s hands.
The needles continued to fly in
the little old lady’s hands. After e
minute she stopped, glanced up.
sighed. "Well, there! I made a bet
with Mona I’d get that sweater done
before quarter to four, and I’v»
done it. Goodness! It was some job.
You’re Jeff Weatherbee. Well, come
up and set. Mona's not here and the
others aren’t coming.”
Jeff blinked. Why—” he began,
but the old lady said:
“I'm Aunt Wilma." She glanred
over her spectacles. "Hero's Mona
Jeff turned. A girl had rounded a
corner of the house. She had yellow
hair, which hung over her shoulders
in two long braids. There was a
band of green velvet around her
head. She wore a man’s shirt, white
shorts, yellow socks and sneakers
She stared at Jeff without smiling
and without blinking. Jeff swal
lowed. It was Mona, all right, but
far removed from the gorgeously
gowned Mona he had known—.
‘‘Hello. Jeff. I see you’ve met
Aunt Wilma. I’m sorry the others
couldn't come. Get your bags and
I’ll show you your room.”
Jeff obeyed automatically. Mona
led him to a room which overlooked
the back marsh. It was hot and
stuffy. He changed to flannels and
sweater. When he returned below
stairs, Aunt Wilma was sitting on
the porch reading Gertrude Stein
out loud. Mona was on the steps
Mona said:
"Sit down and listen. Don't you
think Gertrude Stein is divine? We
“I like the moon and the .noon
likes me," said Aunt Wilma. "How
much are bananas?”
Jeff reached for a cigaret. ‘’Auni
Wilma disapproves of smoking.'
Mona toid him. and he let go the
cigaret. Aunt Wilma went on read
Jeff wet his lip~. He didn't know
what to say or do. Mona didn’t look
at him, but stared at the ocean
Aunt Wilma called to them from in
side the house.
They had strawberries and cream
and buttered bread for supper
Afterward they listened to Aunt Wil
«na reading Gertrude Stein. Ther
they went to bed. The next morning
Jeff said he had to get back tc
town. No one seemed very mucl
surprised, but Mona said she'd ride
up as far as the store with him anc
walk back. So they set out. When
they reached the evergreen grove
Jeff stopped the car. He turned U
Mona. "Listen," he said, "I dor.'i
get it."
She smiled and seemed to under
stand. "I can explain," she said
"Aunt Wilma’s odd in her ways. W
dll try to humor her. You’ll love hei
once you get to know her better."
“Oh, so I’m going to know hei
"1 thought vou might.” She looked
duay. "I broke off with Rex. You’ve
made it hard, telling you."
Early Air Pictor*
One of the earliest aerial photo
graphs ever made was taken fron
a balloon in 1860 and called "Bostoi
the Eagle and Wild Goose See
Garland M. Ragan, residing at
R. D. 1, Zionsville, N. C., will
hereby take notice that Faye
Ragan has filed her petition
against him for divorce tn the
Common Pleas Court of Geauga
County, Ohio and that said cause
will be for' hearing on or ifier
the list day of November. 1111
Thrasher A Dinsmore.
4c 4 8 Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Women s Club Federation
Meets at Burton Church
The Geauga County Federa
tion of Womens Clubs met at
the Congregational church in
Burton, on Thusday, November
6, with the Clio, Adrem and
Tuesday clubs as hostesses.
There were about 60 present.
The morning session took up
at 10:30 with group singing led
by Mrs. John Dingman, follow
ed by the welcome by Rev. Pet
erson, pastor of the church.
Following the usual business,
Mrs. Sam Patterson, president,
representing the clubs on the
Ohio Sesquicentennial commit
tee, reported each club was urg
ed to plan a program on Ohio,
on their 1953 program.
Mrs. Frank Samuel, accom
panied by Mrs. Dingman, sang
two lovely solos, ‘‘Sylvia’’ and
“God Bless America.”
Mrs. Margaret Stevens told of
the progress of the school for
Ronald Walsh
Wins Ohio U.
Ronald Edward Walsh, of Wa
ter Street, Chardon, a student
of Chardon high school has been
named as winner from Geauga
county in a state wide prelimin
ary test of the sixth annual Ohio
History, Government and Citi
zenship awards competition,
sponsored by Ohio University.
Ronald will compete in the fi
nal examination on the Ohio
University campus at Athens,
Nov. 21. Preliminary tests were
conducted in high schools
throughout the state on Oct. 16
and 17. The final tests will be
of the essay type with questions
prepared by leading citizens of
the state.
Final winners will be an
nounced Saturday morning,
Nov. 22, with cash awards, pro
vided by the Ohio University
Fund Inc., of $100 for first
place, $50 second, and $25 third,
and $10 each for fourth to tenth
places. There also will be 15
honorable mention awards.
Approximately 5,000 students
from 250 high schools partici
pated in the preliminary tests.
While on the campus the 104
students will be special guests of
the campus student groups, and
will be taken on tours and have
special entertainment including
a university sponsored dinner
Friday evening and will see the
Ohio U. Marshall College foot
ball game on the 22nd. Meals
and rooms will be provided by
the university.
£esterR. ^Bonwell
John Rich, Jewelers
102 Main St Painesville
Shop tomorrow morning for value in our
Retarded Children and each club
would be sent a book of mem
berships to sell.
Leland Schuler, .Geauga Co.
Extension Agent, gave a very
interesting report of the work
ings of our extension service.
Dr. Edmunds spoke of the
nursing situation in our schools,
and the health of our children.
We were happy to have as our
guests Mrs. Harvey Johnson of
Canton, the president of the
Northeast District and also Mrs.
W. P. Lander of Cleveland, past
A delicious luncheon was serv
ed by the members of the three
Mrs. Cecil Morgan of the
Bainbridge Ladies Aid was in
charge of the devotionals for the
Mrs. Lennah Bond, in behalf
of the Federation, presented a
card signed by the members and
a basket of fruit to Miss Agnes
Graham for her leadership and
faithful service of eleven yares
as treasurer.
The group voted to sponsor a
hobby show at some later date,
for the aid of the aged.
The nominating committee ap
pointed for next June were: Haz
el Ohl, Middlefield, chairman
Reba Olds, Middlefield, Mildred
Blair, Janice Held and Bertha
Kibler, Burton.
The speaker of the afternoon
was Earl D. Merrill, director of
the Agricultural Extension Bur
eau of the Republic Steel Cor
poration, on “Partners in Pros
Fall Festival
St. Helen s Church
Rt. 87, Newbury, Ohio
Sunday, November 23
Serving 12 to 5 p.m.
Pork & Sauer Kraut Dinner
Adults $1.25 Children under 12—65c.
Booths Bake Sale Games
This advertisement sponsored by
Ambulance Service
Telephone Chardon 5-2182
Memory Lane
Remember how
used to watch
sharpen his big
razor on a leather strop?
The sharp blade fairly
made you c-r-i-ng-e.
Nevertheless, boy like,
you looked forward to
the day when you too
would use one. By that
time, safety razors had
been invented. And
now, the buzz of electric
shavers tells of even
more modern shaving
methods. Remember?
Shop until
9 Friday
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