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Geauga County Folk
Since 1849
Publiahad weekly by Geauga Publr*
Second Ciao Matter at tlx
CHESTER At its July meet
ing, the West Geauga Board of
Education on Monday evening
conferred with Mr. and Mrs.
Talmadge Blackford of Chester-
Geauga Men
May Attend
Feel like having a weekend
of fun, relaxation, and rest? If
so, sign up for Men’s Camp at,
Camp Whitewood in Windsor
Ohio. The dates are Saturday.
July 28 and Sunday, July 29.
at your Agricultural Extension
Office at least a week in ad
vance. Registration will be
from 3 to 6 p.m. on July 28.
Camp will open with the usual
baseball game.
The highlight of this year’s
program will be a fishing con
test. A worthwhile prize will be
given for the most Blue Gills
caught. A fine Sunday morning
program is planned.
Call any of the eight North
east Ohio Counties and make
your reservation in advance:
Ashtabula, Columbiana, Lake,
Mahoning, Portage, Summit,
Trumbull, and Geauga. Talk it
over with your neighbors and
city cousins as you won’t want
to miss this men’s Camp. Camp
Whitewood is located just south
of Route 322 at
Windsor. Ohio.
Camp is
July 24
to 27.
Prior to Men’s
Women’s Camp
crafts, nature sports, education,
and many other subjects will
be enjoyed Reservations are
filling up very fast for Rural
Women's Camp which includes
ten of the Northeast Ohio Coun
Call your Extension Office for
information or reservations for
both of these camps. Geauga
County Extension Office is lo
cated on the part in Burton. The
phone is TEmple 4-4424.
of to Meet
The Geauga County Chamber
of Commerce will meet Tues
day, July 17, at 8 p.m. at the
Hambden Grange Hall, accord
ing to Mrs. Warner Hirter, sec
4*H Sewing Suzies
Plan August Picnic
On July 3 the Chardon Sew
ing Suzies met at the home of
Mrs. A. L. Calhoun. For new
business they discussed having
a picnic in August. They worked
on our projects.
Refreshments were served.
The next meetng wil be on Ju
ly 10 at the home of Mrs. Wil
liam Gaylord.
Chardon Majorettes Learn Techniques at Camp
Six Chardon High School majorettes were strutting and twirling recently at Smith Walbridge Majorette
Camp, Syracuse, Ind.
In the picture are: back left to right, Jane MacDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William R. McDonald,
Aquilla Rd., Andy Carson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Carson, Carson Blvd., Patty Oplinger, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Oplinger, 133 Moffett Ave. front row, Billie Gaylord, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Gay
lord, 121 Moffett Ave. Carol Head, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Head, Wilson Mills Rd. and Beverly Bidfcood,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bidgood. 306 South St.
Majorettes learn dance and twirl routines, show routines, flag twirling, and marching.
W. Geauga Board Confers with Blackfords
land, owners and residents of was made or suggested by either
"’"hl side, Mr. Blackford informed
he might con
than $1,500 per
acreage. The
in its appropri-
property adjoining the
school site, relaive to sale of
approximately thirty acres de
sired by the Board for expan- acre for back
sion. and no agreement could
be reached.
The Board of Education re
minded Mr. and Mrs. Blackford
that it had attempted on two
different occasions to have them
meet with the Board of Educa
tion to discuss the possible sale
of land and had been met with
refusal to discuss any sale. The
Board also recalled that it had
appointed Mr. John Traud and
Mr. Eugene Painter to contact
Mr. Blackford regarding need
of the land and that each had
talked individually
Blackford over
months about
with Mr.
the past several
acquiring more
no formal offer
Karen won on her horse Justin D.
Twelve year old Kathy Mattie of Chesterland won
the show, riding her horse, Shooters Hills.
Show officials estimated that nearly 4000 persons
o Boys Town to be built in Solon and Bainbridge.
Last Saturday night, July 7, Karen won first in
titions at Bath, Ohio.
the Board that
sider not less
’. ..
Board is asking
ation for an additional 150 feet
{frontage on Chillicothe Rd. and
150 feet access on Cedar Rd.,
but the Board indicated it could
revise its requirement on Cedar
agreed by
and that
It was
ootn factions
County Pro-
that a
would request the
secutor, its attorney, to apply
to a court to have a jury em
paneled to inquire into and to
fix compensation for the land
The thirty acres* was recom
mended by architectural
suitants and educational
suitants working with
Board and would provide
Geauga Girls Win Horse Show Honors at Chagrin
Karen Orzen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Orzen, North st., Chardon, was winner in the Equitation
(12 years and under) class at the Western phase of the Chagrin Valley Trails and Riding Club horse show in Cha
grin Falls recently.
THE BOARD of Education em
phasized in its arguments that
it was seeking to provide for
children already enrolled in its
schools who would be filling the
high school shortly and that it
was seeking to protect an in
vestment of over $650,000 in a
school plant that could easily
become hemmed in by future
housing developments on sur
rounding property.
It pointed to developments in
the Carmichael Dr. area as in
dicative of what could happen to
surrounding land if the Board
delayed long-range planning for
development of school sites.
nr* r4V*
four first place trophies and a second-place ribbon at
attended the two-day affair. Proceeds will go to Ohi
equitation in an under 13-year-old division at compe-
3 Mill Tax Levy
1957 Budget OK’d
In a busy session Tuesday evening, the Chardon Board
of Education hired three more new teachers, approved a
$457,500 budget for 1957, and voted to place a 3 mill tax
levy on the November ballot.
The proposed levy is for operating expenses, and is a
renewal of a 2.9 mill levy and an increase of .1 mill. This
is a tax of $3 for every $ 1000 property valuation.
The 1957 budget is an increase of approximately
$24,000 over 1956 s estimated expenditures of $433,260. Ad
ministration expenditures for
over 1956, and costs of instruc
tion were increased by almost
$12,000 over 1956 s figure of
NEW TEACHERS hired by the
Board Tuesday are:
Elizabeth B. Lengel from Mer
cer, Pa. She is a graduate of
Grove City College and will
teach Latin and French.
Floy Rickard of Chardon, who
is completeling cadet training at
ing fields, additional parking
reas, and room for expansion of
the high school plant in the fore
seeable future. Provision was al
so made in the master planning
for a possible elementary school
site in the future.
Lake Erie College. She will I
teach a sixth ,grade class.
Mary McPherson of Paines
pi lie, also completeing cadet
I training at Lake Erie, will teach
7the third grade.
Added to the, teachers hired
by the board in its June meeting
the total number of new teachers
in the Chardon system is 12.
Five of these will be teaching
new sections, and the remain
ing seven were hired to replace
teachers who had resigned.
the Board earlier are:
Helen Dorothy Hills from
Chardon, who is completing
teacher training at Kent State
University. She will teach in the
third grade.
Marcia Mae Boytar of Char
don. She has completed teacher
training at Kent State University
and taught at West Geauga last
year. She will have a second
To Administer Polio Shots
A second tour of Geauga Coun
ty to adminster the Salk anti
polio vaccine is being planned
by the county health office, ac
cording to Health Commissioner
W. P. Edmunds.
The administration of the
shots at four Geauga schools and
at the Courthouse will follow’
by approximately two weeks the
1957 were increased by $5270
grade section.
Amelia M. Bradley of Char
don. who is a graduate of Miami
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A. Nelson Is
Vunester v/ueen
CHESTER Despite the rain.
Miss Ardean Nelson, wearing
a crown of tiny pink and white
carnations, and a white orchid,
reigned as queen of the fourth
of July celebration here. She
received $15 in a wallet from the
Business Men’s Association.
Mi^s Betty Johnson apd Mi
ceived $7.50 each, in similar wal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baum
gartner recently moved from
Kalamazoo, Mich, to Cedar Rd.
in Chester. Mr. Baumgartner
was sent here from the Sun
beam Co. Mrs. Baumgartner is
a registered nurse. They have
a son, Jimmy, 3 years old. and
a baby girl Ann, 8 months old.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson
moved from this home to Lake
wood Drive.
tour in which Geauga high school
age young people were first
Anyone under 20 may be inoc
ulated in the approaching pro
gram. Dr. Edmunds said, but
the program was planned pri
marily to adminster first shots
to the high school age group
who did not receive them two
weeks ago.
Second shots will also be avail
able to this.group, Dr. Edmunds
THE schedule which will
be followed by the health office
Courthouse in Chardon,
Friday, from 6 to 9
high school in Thomp
16, Monday, from 7 to
At the West Geauga High
School (Chester and Russell*.
July 20. Friday, from 6 to 9
Geauga County voters will
cast ballots in the November e
lection on a proposed $415,000
bond issue to build a new county
jail. Of this amount, $10,000 is
for furnishings.
If the three-story structure is
approved, it would be built on
the north side of the courthouse
with an elevator between the
courthouse and the new build
The half-mill bond issue is for
20 years.
As an aid to the commission
ers, architects Bruce Huston and
Associates of Chardon and Wil
loughby prepared te n a i v e
plans of the building to
mine cost and size.
it is
WITH THREE floors,
planned that the new jail
ing will give additional
built, the
would be
a receiv-
for county offices. If
present jail building
used temporarily for
ing home for children,
ty does not have a
The coun
The main entrance for visi
tors to the sheriff’s office would
be on the north. AUutos with pri
soners would drive into the base
ment from the East Park St.
$3.00 Year in Ohio
$3.50 Outnde Ohio
Chardon School Board Hires
3 Additional New Teachers
S tJ
THE GEAUGA pipeline is a
proposed line to the headwaters
of the Cuyahoga, Chagrin and
Grand Rivers near Chardon.
Communities in Lake, Ashtabu
la. Portage and Summit Counties
obtain their supply from these
rivers. Akron has two reserv
oirs in the Cuyahoga River, one
of these in the Cuyahoga Riv
er between Claridon and Hunts
burg Township in Geauga Coun
All water dispersed through
the proposd pipelines will re
main in northern Ohio and even
tually flow back into Lake Erie.
U. S. and Canadian treaty for
bids the diversion of water be
yond the watershed limits.
9 p.m.
At the
July 19,
9 p.m. for the Burton. Middle- to John H. Byrne, executive di
field. Newbury and other south- rector of the foundation.
ern Geauga school districts.
At the Kenston High School ted a preliminary
(Auburn and Bainbridge*, July
20. Friday, from 2 to 4 p.m.
THE FIRST steps have been
high school in Burton,
Thursday, from 6 to taken in the project, according
“The foundation has conduc
survey of
eight counties in northeastern O
hio. including Geauga County.
This area contains nearly 40 per
cent of Ohio’s population.” he
Two years ago the Geauga
New Geauga Jail Will Be on Ballot
Let us
proposed pipeline from Lake Erie to
Geauga County, planned to supply the county with a con
tinuous and unfailing source of water from the lake, is
shown on this map. This pipeline is the second of seven
proposed to be built.
Plans Set for Pipeline from
Lake Erie to Geauga County
Plans were announced today
for the construction of a pipe
line from Lake Erie to Geauga
County to supply Chardon and
the northern portion of the coun
ty with an unlimited and unfail
ig water supply from the
world’s largest fresh water a
The Lake Erie Watershed Con
servation Foundation said the
pipeline is one of seven proposed
to run int onorther nOhio from
Lake Erie, to bring a contin
uous supply of water for home,
farm, factory and recreation.
I side. Here they would be booked bond issue is necessary.
in an enclosure with cells for Commissioners ad i oiu
temporary holding.
No bars will be seen at wom
dows in the building. The main
cell block will be in the middle
of the building. Around the block
will be a guard corridor. Pri
soners will have no access to
With the elevator between the
two buildings, prioner to ap
pear in Common Pleas Court
will not leave the building. Area
of the building is 50 by 100 feet.
After several grand juries rap
ped the crowded conditions of
the present jail and recommen
ded a new one, county commis
sioners about two years ago ap
pointed a building committee of
six plus themselves.
Mayor Wain Parsons of Char
don, surveyed added need in all
county institutions and made its
report recently.
Changes were recommended
for other county buildings, but
the need of a new jail was
deemed the most important at
this time. Report of the com
mittee enabled commissioners
to determine how much of a
Serve You Today
Chardon 5*4621
Volume 108 Number 28
12 U
ria ted $100 to finance the coun
ty’s share in the program.
LOCAL GROUND and surface
water resources are not large
enough for our future needs, ac
cording to Byrne.
Chairman of the foundation’s
development committee, N.
How’ard, editor of the Cleveland
News, said:
“This dynamic watershed re
gion will attract vast capital for
industry, churches, colleges,
schools, new cities, rebuilding of
cities, modern shopping a
and residential communi
with charming landscapes
adequate areas for recre-
The foundation is a non-profit
educational corporation, organ
ized under the laws of Ohio.
Husband of Former
Chardon Woman Die
John W. Inks. 75. husband of
Gertrude Watts Inks, formerly
of Chardon, died Tuesday even
ing at his home in Mount Ver
non, Ohio, after an extended
Mr. Inks wras a retired farmer
in Luzerne. Ohio, and a retired
Jewell Creamery employee. In
addition to his wife, he is sur
vived by tw’o brothers. Edward
of Frederickstown, and Lewis of
Akron, one sister, Mrs. Mary
Chase of Frederickstown.
Funeral services will be held
Friday at 2 p.m. at the Grohe
Funderal Home. 108 N. Main
St., Mount Vernon, with the
Rev. Longo Green officiating.
Friends may call Thursday be
tween 2 and 4 p.m. and 7 and
9 p..
Commissioners ad o n e
their regular day meeting to
evening this week to meet with
the building committee, when a
resolution was passed by com
misioner to certify the bond
issue to the board of elections.
Aquilla 6
Birthdays 4
Chardon 7
Chester ............ 2
Church News 7
Classified Ads .... 10
Courthouse News 11
East Claridon 4
Farm News 5
Men in Service 9
Montville __ 10
9, 10
Society .... .... ..........7
South Hambden ....... 6

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