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Wheat Allotments for Farms
With No Wheat For Three Years
Farmers on land on which no
wheat was seeded for grain for
any of the years 1954. 1955, and
1956, may apply for a 1957 wheat
acreage allotment, according to
Chairman of the Geauga County
Agricultural Stablization and
Conservation Committee. To be
considered for an allotment on
a farm which had no wheat
seeded for grain for any of
these years, the farmer must
apply in writing to his county
ASC committee by August 1,
Blank application forms are a
vailable at the county ASC office
for use in filing requests for al-
SINCE 1858
162 Main St. Ph. 4421
for Every Occasion,
and Stable boys, et
Rout 322 1-2 mile
New Soil Banks Deadline Is Set
The 1956 Acreage Reserve Pro
gram regulations have been a
mended to extend from June
30 to July 15, 1956, the earliest
final date to dispose of crops
within the allotment or soil bank
born base (only effects wheat in
Geauga County) and to clip or
plow barley, oats, rye etc., grow
ing on designated acreage re
In Geauga County farm allot
ments for the 1957 drop of wheat
have been established, notices
of such allotments mailed to
farmers, and the complete list
of all allotments is available for
inspection in the Geauga County
ASC Office in Burton.
At the Experimental Station
The second Geauga County
Field Day at the Wooster Ex
perimental Station will be held
on August 3 at 11:00 a.m. fast
Last year, we visited the de
monstration plots on bandseed
ing, the summer seedings, and
the pasture farm. This year we
plan to see the Animal Nutri
tion Laboratory, the Horticulture
greenhouses, and the Sheep Cen
The ladies will have a spec
ial tour of their own in the af
ternon. They Will visit the Fruit
processing laboratory, the lawn
I demonstration plots, the Flori
culture greenhouses, and the Ar
Plan now to have the whole
family enjoy the day at your
Experiment Station. Provisions
will be made so that you may
eat a picnic lunch at the station.
I So, bring your picnic basket
Watch and Jewelry
Repair—Expert Sendee
ALBERT’S jewelry
Dial Klngswood 3-1311
YOUR SERVICE,,, most TV and radio repairs can be I
made from parts carried in our service trucks no need to
bring your TV or radio to our shop in most cases.
Main st., Chardon "Ph. 5-8591—j
ornaments: flamingos, jockey
mcrete reinforced with steel.
44. Ph. Chardon 5-7158
and make a day of it.
Bird Control
The Bird Control Demonstra
tion meeting in Madison wa
held on July 2. We really cele
brated the fourth a couple of
days early.
Many farmers in Geauga
County have been reporting con
siderable damage on crops from
birds. Last year a number of
farmers used firecrackers in
their cornfield with good results.
If you plan to use them this
year we would advise you to
make your arrangements now.
We have the addresses of com
panies making fireworks, and
fuse rope The rain protectors
for fireworks can be made from
stove pipes.
If you plan to use fireworks
you must do two things: (1) get
a permit from the sheriff (2)
check with your insurance com
pany to make sure your liabil
ity insurance covers their use.
If not, secure a liability bond.
The cost of protection for a
16 acre field for two weeks per
iod has been estimated at a
bout $1 an acre. Of course, as
the field becomes smaller the
cost per acre increases. If you
are near a wooded area you
may need an extra station or
two next to the area. The birds
will usually fly into that area
and they need to be encouraed
to leave.
The success of this method of
bird control hinges on discour
aging the birds when they first
start. Once they become estab-|
lished it is next to impossible
to get rid of them.
If you are using firearms the
.22 rifle is a far better bet
than the shotgun. It is also less
expensive. Always be sure you
are shooting from higher ele
vation into the ground as the
rifle shot carries a Ion ways.
Fires are also easily started
with fireworks in dead grass.
The stovepipe with a wire bas
ket on the bottom would be a
good investment.
4*H Snipper Snappers
OK Constitution
The president of the 4-H Snip
per Snappers opened their meet
ing with the 4-H Pledge. Patsy
Wallis read the constitution, it
was approved and each girl
signed it before it was given to
the secretary, for her book.
Plans for a bake sale were
completed. Girls were chosen
to work on the program. They
son Patsy Wallis and Linda Kel
are Kay Wollpert, Ellen John
ler. Ellen Johnson is to see that
the program gets to the exten
sion office.
Barbara Lawson completed
her first year sewing and was
given her second year sewing
book. Girls that displayed fin
ished projects were: Barbara
Lawson, doll blanket and tea
towel Jane Diedrich, doll blan
ket and hot pan holder Kay
Wollpert, apron Patsy Wallis,
tray cloth Ruth Ann Keller,
stuffed elephant Thelma John-
son stuffed duck Marilou Bue
hner, guest towel Linda Keller,
blouse Joan and Carolyn New
berry, headscarfs.
to fringe” was given by Mari
lou Buehner. This meeting was
held at the home of Barbara
Lawson and games were played
and refreshments were served.
The next meeting will be at the
home of Patsy Wallis.
I love these little people and
it is not a slight thing, when
they, Who are so fresh from God.
love us.
CHS Class of 1912 Holds Reunion
Title Guarantees
Title Insurance
131 Main Street
Phone 5-8761
Members, teachers and guests of the Chardon High School class of 1912 posed for this picture at the
recent reunion of the class Sunday, June 10, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Eldredge, Bass Lake.
In the picture are Lester Eldredge, Gertrude Eldredge, Mrs. Harvey Cheney, Harvey Cheney, Warren
Miller, Nellie Miller, Lynn Reiter, Kathryn Reiter, Orrill Whitney, Clyde Hartman, Ellen Hartman, Florence Bar
ber, Nellie Huntoon, Charlotte Tinklepaugh, Ernest Fenwick, Mary Fenwick, Gertrude Griswold, Crawford LaMor
eaux, Audrey Johnson, Robert Lampman, Mabel Lampman,Hazel Hanna, Glenn Hanna, Mrs. Lulu Allison, Ralph Sha
nower, Belle Shanower, Eva LaMoreaux and Esther Ritzerow.
all truth
very SohjfUoy E ven»ng
Teachers of the class gathered for the reunion are Mrs. Charlotte Tinklepaugh,
Mrs. Lulu Allison and Mrs. Gertrude Griswold.
when would be a better time to buy
new Buick than right now?
When else could you drive home a better bargain—with
your present car now worth more than it ever will be
again and while Buick prices are within easier reach
of more people than ever before?
And when else will there be better weather—more hours
in the day —more places to go —more sports in season?
□o you get the most good, and the most car right note
in a new Buick ...
Because the new Buick you boss today is far and away
the best Buick yet...
Gel 4 Seoscn Comfort in your new Buick wth genuine
so why miss the fun?
(It's a great time to buy a Buick!)
So why waste time?
................ ............... -WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM------------
Growers eligible to vote in the
wheat quota referendum are all
those who will have more than
15 acres of wheat for harvest
on a farm in 1957. 'These farmers
have been notfied of their
wheat allotments. Quotas do not
affect those farmers who har
vest 15 acres or less of wheat
for grain on a farm.
IF QUOTAS are approved by
at least two-thirds of the grow
ers voting in the wheat refer­
South Si.
Wheat Marketing Quota
Referendum Is July 20
Friday, July 20, is the date
set for 1957 Wheat Marketing
Quota Referendum. In Geauga
County the voting place will
be at the Geauga County ASC
Office, Old School Building, Bur
ton, between the hours of 8:00
a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Buick Special
6-Possenger 4-Door Riviero
Because it’s styled to the minute —rides like a dream
has all the boundless power of a big 322-cubic-inch V8
engine that revels in running
And above all, because it has Variable Pitch Dynaflow*
to perform its pace-making magic with a smoothness
matched nowhere else on wheels.
Come see what wonderful sense it makes to buy in July
—and what a whale of a deal we can make you right now.
*New Advanced Variable Pitch Dynaflow is the only Dynaflow Buick
builds today It is standard on Roadmaster, Super and Century—optional
at modest extra cost on the Special.
BF ^B^V /w
Mile East of Chardon on Rt. 6
endum, the quotas will remain
in effect for 1957, and the price
support will be available to
farmers who have complied with
their farm wheat allotments at
a level between 75 and 90 per
cent of parity.
Those farmers who exceed
the larger of the farm allotment
or 15 acres wll be subject to
a penalty of 45 percent of the
parity price for wheat on the
excess production.
If more than one-thrd of the
growers voting disapprove the
quotas, they will not be in ef
fect and price support will be
available to farmers who have
complied with their farm wheat
allotments at 50 percent of par
I ity.
Christian Science Society
Memorial Bldg., Chardon
Cordially invites you to attend
Church Services
Every Sunday at 11 a. m.
Every Wednesday at 8 p. m.
Sunday School at 11 a. m.
READING ROOM open Mondays from 2 to 4 p. m.
Subject for July 15, “Life’’
Golden Text: John 5:26
As the Father hath life in himself so hath he
given to the Son tohave life himself.
Vacation Money
Get $10 lo 31000 quickly. Re
lax. Have 45 days before first
payment. Small monthly pay
ments include charges from
date of loan. You name it. We
supply it. Financing Ohio people
on thrifty terms since 1912.

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