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SOoAArill Buy
Best Spring Blood Purifier
Jewelers and Opticians
162 S. Main St.
Bark! SarsaparUIa, taken witb Little
nop vms. i' or tais at
No. IO E. Market St
A vfc Goods & Picture Framing
Formerly Cogswell's Art Store. i
! Street Railway & Illuminating eoiii
Trt Tnrs no-far ho P.QCO ipany. He was a line man and was
I U IICLIIOIwl Lllw wuwvi I
Request t)f the Defendant
Was Not Granted.
Affidavits of Prejudice
Were Filed.
New Rule Adopted by Sheriff
Frank G. Kelly.
Grand Jury Commenced Its Regular
Judge Kohler refused to assign the
ease of Grafton S. Whittb-r vs. the
A.B.&C. .Railroad Company (o Judge
Nye Monday morning.
Attorney Cobbs, representing the
defendant, asked that the transfer
ho made. This case grows out of the
accident which resulted in the death
of Conductor Justus H. "Wnlborn. In
the trial of that case the plaintiff re
covered $10,000. The judgment was
set aside by the Circuit court. It was
because of this that the defendant
asked for a transfer of the Whittier
case. Judge Kohler said he would
hear the case unless an affidavit pf
prejudice was filed against him by
the defence.
New Rule.
Shciiff F. G. Kelly lias adopted a
new idle which will bo rigidly en
foiced. Jleicafter all divorce sum
mons must be paid for before being
served. The sheriff has lost his fees
in the-; cases many times.
Intimidation Alleged.
Cynthia E. Hud W. H. Hansard
have tiled an answer in an action
commenced by Geo. J. Rentier to
collect $145 due on a note. They do
not deny the existence of the note.
It is alleged that they vere intimi
dated into signing it by Attorney A.
Willielin, who threatened to fore- '
close a mortgage unless, they did so
Rmnrf ti.rv '
' '
The regular grand jury began its
session Monday morning. Judge"
Kohler made no-special mention of
any particuj.-ir case or class of wrong -j
doing in his charge. The grand jury
is made up as follows: G. W. Grid
ley, foreman, C.W. York, W. N. Haw
kins, George Smith, .1. K.Taggart, G.
Ketstetter, Samuel Leib, N. S. Por
ler, G. K. Wilson, Henry Musser,
Elias Rothrock, John II. Williams,
Henry I,ouby,H. S. Fnlor and R. F.
Palmer. 0. 11. Lytic was appointed
bailiff for tin- grand jury.
Fraud Alleged.
Samucl.Ucariek has Hied an action
against Ada L. and Frank Keisler.
He alleges that he purchased a tract
of land in Monroe Falls from the do
fondants for fbOO. He says the deed
w as fraudulently made, leaving out
a large portion of the land in the
Every morning I havo a bad taste In mr
itn; my tonguo is coated; my bead
achts and I often feel dizzy. I have no appe
tite for DreaKiasc, anauiai 100a i eai an
tresses mo. I nave a heavy feeling in my
stomach. -I am getting po-weak that som
times I trembl", and my nerves are all un
Urang. I am getting pale and thin. I am
as tired In the momingas at night."
Wis i is the trouble ? Impure blood.
What Is bto remedy 1
Shown--Cooler tonight and Tueri-day.
fis This Your
araanflfl fi
1.00 a bottle. At all dragglru. m
W Take one or two of Ayer's Pills
H each night. Tou cannot be cured W
V if troubled -with constipation. m
M Trice, 23c a box. n
I Write os freely al! the particular. In I
i yA.r cue- You will receive ,Prmipt- I
1 reply. gg. J. C. AYtawelijMWjB
He asks that it be cor-
. rected.
Other Cases. i
i Charles McAllister has commenced
! a 5,000 damage case against the Ak -
I lujureu y oemg imunii moiii -a inu-
i t . i.t .i ... -....... 1-.1
j der on "Wooster a v.
W. H. Williamson has niied E. H.
Spicer for $5t)0 alleged to be due on a
Henrietta Ryrider asks for the
foreclosure of a mortgage given to
secure a $1,500 note. The defendalit
are August Kiinpflin et al.
Affidavits of Prejudice. i
Affidavits of prejudice against
Judgc-J. A. Kohler haic- been Hied
in the Kasch cases.
Injunction Continued.
The injunction heretofore issued in
the case of Nellie L. Hower ct al vs.
the American Cereal company, has
been continued by Judge Kohler.
Marriage Licenses.
' George Forbes, Macedonia 5'J
Rachel Johnson " ;(0
George McCarty, Indianapolis
Gerda Fessenden, Akron ....
Terrible plagues, those itching,
pestering diseases of the skin. Put
an end to misery. Down's Ointment
cures. At any drug store.
If in need of a pump of any kind
see Callow Pump Co., 148 N. Howard.
Deserve a Hall In
Mr. J. W. Little Suggests a Plan That
Will be Popular.
To the Editor of the Democrat:
Having a matter I would like to
bring to the thoughtful people of
Summit county, I bring it through
the Dkmocbat, thinking it may
reach more people who may be in
terested than in any other way. I
was one of the men who voted for a
new cpurt house at our last election',
not that I want more law, but less if
possible. But what we are com-
! pelled to have, I want in a good,
suitable place, and I want a safe
place for all valuable records that
must be preserved and are very im-'
porta"nt to nearly every citizen of the j
county. , I
The proposition 1 want to bring for
all the voters to consider is that
when a new court house is built that
a hall be made for the Grand Army,
with all modern improvements, free
" rental, anu lor tneir exclusive use
a" loll& as OIle '"ember is living in
i... . ......i.. i u. r... ..ii .:,,. .i
u ie uyiuii nuu iiiuu iui mi unit; its a
home and for" the safe care of all
relics and records of every post in
the county, a sacred place where our
children can visit in years to come.
Why do I think this right and just?
Because the loyal men at home said
they would remember us if we would
go to the front, which they have
most nobly done. But the number
of our old soldierb are very rapidly
growing less in every post all over
this country, and many posts in Sum
mit county can hardly exist under
the cxpenseof rent, etc., aside from
the work for the needy comrades.
Buckley post of Akron, one of the
largest in the state, docs a work for
the needy of their postwith that frco
spirit of comradeship that is not
equalled anywhere in this great free
country of ours. Then the rent and
.expense of keeping the hall is a'bur-
ben where burdens should not fall.
What we want is a home for every
G. A. R. man in Summit county,
when his post is closed for want of
members or otherwise
1 am sure that when the time
comes, (as it will), that this thought
will meet the approval of all just
people in the-couuty. There are
others when plans are completed,
who will be also remembered, our.
noble volunteers of 1899.
J. W. LlTTTiE.
And Its Relations to City Affairs
Rev. C. J. Tannar preached an in
teresting sennon Sunday morning at
the First Church of Christ on "The
Church and the City."
He took his text from the 18th
4 .Revelation, 21-2, which refers to
' the contrast between two cities. He
'dwelt along the line of the rapid
growth of new cities and rend sta-
tisties showing (he amount of crime
committed in those places.
He said, among other things, that
New York city, which occupies a
space of 800 square miles, lias a pop
ulation as great as the original thir
teen colonies. He also said that
special effortb should be made for the
redemption of these wicked cities.
! description
jMiss Eliza
Russell Died
of Dread)
Miss Eliza Russell, 101 Wood St..
aged 35 years, died at the hospital)
last night at 12 o'clock of consnmp- j
tion. .
Sunday afternoon her condition
became very serious," and the doe -
tors advised that she be taken to the
hospital where sbe would be able to
receixe piotessional care. Parks'
ambulance removed her late in the
afternoon, but she continued to grow
weaker and died at midnight.
Funeral services at the residence
May 2nd, at 11 a.m. Interment at
Peninsula, Ohio.
Will Be Located, at BarbertonAn
Offer Made.
New York parties are- negotiating
for the the pirrchase'of the American.
Strawboard company's plant at Barr
berton. If the deal goes through it
Mill be equipped as a papier macho
factory. The present owners ask
$200,000 for the property.
Cake Walk.
Columbia lodge, D. of K., will give
a May party Wednesday evening,
May a. Ice cream and cake will be
served. Ten little couple of children
will give an imitation of a genuine
southern cake walk. Granite hall,
South Main st. Admission 15c.
"Coons & Co.'s Special Sale."
Special salwon Ladies' White and
Black Sailor' Hats, Friday afternoon
at' 2:30 o'clock, 10 cents each. Coons'
Up-to-Date 5c and 10c Store, 166
Main st.
Saturday afternoon special Ribbon
sale. Nothing sold over 10 cents.
I -
Will Be Made At Long Lake
S. N. Wilson made a contract Mon
day with Frank Brown to manage
the Long Lake Park hotel this sea
son. ,
will be under the care of John D.
Many improvements, will be made
at this resort soon. A picnic will be
held theie May 28. '
be-Left On Paved Streets
City Engineer Payne has been in
structed to see that on paved streets
all sprinklers leave a dry strip three
feet wide on. each side of the road,
next to the curb, for bicyclists.
Buel Plant Sold.
. Mr. W. W. Mcintosh Monday
bought the plant of the Bupl Mfg".
Co. Mr. Mcintosh refused to make
public the nature of the business he
would engage in but it is ruinortd
that he will interest himself in the
rubber industry-.
To the Akron Council and Commis-
The citizens residing on Glenwoo'd
av. and Charles Street have sent in
petition after petition to have all
cars stop at the intersection of those
streets with Howard street, but in
all cases the petitions Jiave been ig
nored. Have the citizens no remedy
for this gross neglect of their rights?
Council should do some thing to
night to compel tho company to stop
its cars at these crossings. North
Akron citizens demand this conven
ience. S. J. Hum.
Conference on the Appointment of a
City Commissioner.
Mayor Young and Judge Anderson
held a 15 minute conference Monday
afternoon in Mayor Young's office.
No agreement was reached in regard
to the appointment of City Commis
sioners. Progress Club Minstrels.
The Progress club gavq a ministrel
entertainment in Standard hall last
night which w as largely attended.
Harry Polsky made the hit of the
evening. His work last night evi
denced the fact that he has no peer
in the field of local minstrils'cy.
Among the persons who scored in
dividual hits were Ed Leopold, Win.
Levison, Joe Fleischer and Joe Hol
lander. Miss Etta Parks, of Newark, is
visiting her uncle, Dr. T. C. Parks,
The "Harum" Story of
the Beacon-Journal.
the New York Correspondent
Guilty of Plagiarism?
David Haumiin. the incidents and
experiences of whose life furnished
the basis for the popular novel
"David Harum,'' is enjoying as ex
tensive an acquaintanceship as any
living man. The most recent ac
quisition to his loug list of fi jends
is ' the Beacon-Journal, wln.ic ac
quaintance Mr. Haiinum must hnve
made simultaneously with Ihe cor-,
respondent of tho New YoiK Com
mercial Aderliser.
The correspondent of the New
York sheet was so greatly impressed
with Mr. Hannum, and his winning
disposition, that he contributed an
interesting article to his paper some
two weeks ago, in which he paid
many encomiums to this kind and
affable old gentleman.
Saturday evening- that' erudite
sheet, the Beacon Journal, reached
up into the spacious shelves of its
colcccal memory, pullod ' do .vn its
reminiscences of this life-long friend,
and reproduced thein in print, at
tributing the authorship of the ar
ticle to Mrs. M. C. Read of Hudson.
The strangest thing of "all is that
the impression made by Haniiuni
upon the Beacon was exactly the
same as that made upon tho New
York correspondent.
Mr. Hannum told the same stories,
in exactly the same words, and as a
consequence the reminiscences of the
acquaintance was the same.
Some people would be mean
enough to accuse the Beacon of,
plagiarism. But they are widely,
mistaken. It is the correspondent
of the New York Advertiser who is
tho real plagiarist. Ho.is a man pos
sessed of wonderful prescience, and
his sagacious foresight enabled him
to divine the future, and maliciously
steal the article whieh the-Beaconrso
Innocently published Saturday night.
. Lt never disappoints. This is one
of the peculiarities-of Hoods Sarsa-
Earilla. It cures scrofula, salt rheum,
uniorsjStomach and kidney troubles,
Hood's" Pills cure all liver ills..
Easy to take, easy to operate: relia
ble, sure 25c.
Of the Street Car Stocks Is Being
The formal transfer of the stocks
and securities of the Akron Traction
& Electrical company to the Everett
syndicate will be made in New York
'today or Tuesday. Mr. F. A. Seiber
ling left for New York Sunday.
With Gen. Sam Thomas he repre
sents the local stockholders. The
Everett syndicate will not take pos
session of the road until May br.
Heavy Judgments.
Judgments aggregating $440,720.41
were entered Monday against the Jl
F. Seiberling & Co. in the case com
menced by Charles A. Cable. Of
this $100,648.61 are unsecured and
$340,071.80 secured.
' Woods Will Case.
The Woods will case was taken up
Monday afternoon in common pluari
court with Judge. Stone on the bench.
Grand Opera House
May : : :
Under the auspices of the local
lodge of Elks for Ihe benefit of Ihe
City Hospital.
Banda Rossa
Conductor and
One of the GREATEST
' GRAMS ever hea.id
in this city.
Prices Si, 75c, 50
Hi hi ai
A. im
Prisoners Arrainged.
Many Cases .Heard by
Mayor W. E. Young. ;
General Raid Made by
Officers Saturday.
Two Assault and Battery Cases
In Court.
Jumped,-the Fenco at
Ball Game.
the Base
The prisoner's bench" was filled at
the opening of Mayor's court Mon
day. It -was again refilled later in
the session. The tines and costs im-i
posed today amount to about $;!U0. '
George Seltzer pleaded not guilty
to the cliargp of assault and battery.
He went into Sauvain's barber shop
Saturday afternoon and slapped
Samuel Chance in. Iheface without
provocation. Later he called at
PiingleVlivery barn on North Main
st. Hc wanted a place to go to sleep
but was refused admittance by Hugh
Pringle. 'Thereapoiriie picked up a
big club and hit Pringle on the light
arm at the elbow several times. This
morning Pringle's arm was black i
and blue from the elbow to his wrist
and swelled to twice it normal tUze.
His case will be heard Wednes-
day morning. I
John i Daley, a -big sto-it fellow,
graced the prisoner's rom. He also
.had twrLi-liargcf!Jf upMult- and Jmt-
tery against him. It is charged, he I
refused to pay hi fare on an A.B.C.1
car in charge of Edward Zimmer
man. When "Zini" demanded him
to thaw, he struck hiin. "Zini" then
put him off. Soon afterwards Daley
declined to pay John Bear, another
A.B.C. conductor and assaulted
him. In their scuffle Joseph C'rn
baugh had his ankle 'sprained.
Daley's bond was fixed at $100 and
the case will be tried Tuesday morn-
Fred Emmel was taxed $r and
costs for jumping the fence al the
Buchtel College Athletic grounds
Saturday at the Buchtel-Casc ball
game. The affidavit for his arrest
(was sworn out iy .1. (). .siinnions.
steward at the college.
lt is Ihe intention to vigoiously
prosecute all similar offenders.
Blaine Lyle, colored, aged 15, was
given $5 and costs for assaulting
Ralph Erra Sunday. Chas. Croch, a
lad about 15 years old, a witness, ap
peared barefooted. Lylo's fine was
suspended during good behavior.
The case against Win. Smith,
charged with stealing a dog owned
by the Victor CofTee Co., Avas dis
missed. m
James Gray as arrested today on
a charge of petit larceny. It is al
leged he stole $13 from IMargaret
Bodcr on last Thursday.
A. D. Miller and Geo. Strennick
were given $2 and costs each for in
toxication. Gertrude Carlyle was fined $35 for
keeping a house of ill fame; Anna
Bnhart, $:5o; Ella J. Roehr, $35, and
Jennie Bennett, $15. The following
were each' fined $10 and costs for be
ing inmate of the same: Anmj
May, Elainic Ashton, Jessie An
drews, Myrtle Rogers, Belle Roberts.
Vera Dale, Fern Kemple, Mary
The cases of Xovina A. Predinore,
for keeping a house of ill fame, and
Grace Hall, for being an inmate,
were continued until Thursday morn,
Will Not Reach Akron Before
nesday or Thursday.
It will be Wednesday and perhaps
Thursday bofore the Fast Ohio Gas
Co. will be ready to supply natural
gas to the residents in Akron. Thero
remains but 3) miles of the mains to
be tested, but the uncertain condi
tion of now mains, keeps tho gas
eo.mpa.ny from making any prediction.
We Have Made Provision For Storing Your FURS
During: the summer month's, warranting them against mo-fchs,
fir and theft, charging you only the exact cost of insurance,
which will be regulated by the value you place on garments. Ae
have made unusual preparations for
.the re m o d e I i n & of f u r s of all description, and would ad
vise you to get our estimate before making other arrangements.
The uniform satisfaction given" hundreds of patrons during the past three
years is a standing guarantee of ihe excellence of our workmanship.
Marched to Church.
Excellent Sermon De
livered by Rev. Blake.
A Large Congregation
'Heard the Discourse.
The Eightieth Anniversary of
the Order.
" - - .-5!atftgii'wwH
News of
the Local
The different lodges of the I.O.O.F.
of this city, marched in a body Sun
day morning to St. Paul's Episcopal
church, preceded by the Eighth Reg
iment band. The church was not
large enough to accommodate the
crowd, and many were compelled to
stand on the outside.
Sunday was the eightieth anniver
sary of this order, and the lodges as
sembled in obedience to the order of
the Grand Lodge, which designates a
certain day to be appropriately com
memorated by the order in attend
ance upon Divine service.
Rev. Blake's address was instruct-ivi-
and helpful. In his introductory
remarks, he reviewed the history of
the order, and showed its far-reaching
influence and power. In speak
ing of the two-fold intent of this
order, he said that the social feature
when properly governed, helped to
foster the better social elements, and
to makefile more, considerate of the
claim of others. His closing Words
spoken with j'nipressivoiiess and
earnestness, made a deep impression
upon the audience: "Take the name
ftf Jesus with you, for in Him you
have thegreatest friend. The most
astounding exhibition of love that
the world ever saw and the very es
sence of all truth; for He is tho Way,
the Truth and the Life."
Addressed the Knights.
Rev. N. J, Myers deliveied a ser
mon to tho Uniformed Rank Knights
of Pythias at St. Paul's Lutheran
church" Suuday morning.
I. 0. 0. F.
Granite Lodge met in usual form
with the respective officers in their
chairs, the third "degree being con
ferred on one candidate.
Summit Lodge met Monday even
ing with the usual attendance and
conferred the third degree on one
candidate. There will be work in
the initiatory degree. Brother Rob-!
ert Moore, who was an employo of
the Erie company, has been heard1
from at his mother's homo in Mans
field as improving nicely. He has
had quite a siege of sickness.
Nemo lodge met Tuesday evening
with a fair attendance. One candi
date was elected. There will be
work Tuesday evening.
Akron lodge met Wednesday even
ing with a good attendance. Two
I candidates for the inflatory degiee
I Wednesday eveuiug.
Colfax lodge D. of R. Thursday
i evening had a large attendance and
many visitors. Five candidates re-
Continued onThird Page.
Should .do Some More
Over His Law Books His Interview
Made Laughing Stock.
The article recently printed in the
Beacon, purporting to be an inter
view with Judge G. M. Anderson,
has caused the members of the legal
profession no little amusement.
The stand taken by Judge Ander
son hi" reference to the municipal
pnsbiiMif .the telephone comlnit.s,
"is entirely different to that taken by
lawyers who are recognized to
be his superior in every way.
A Dkjiockat reporter asked Judge
Stuart to give his views on the ques
tion. He said he had not given the
matter any considerable study but
that he felt sure that there was ab
solutely no foundation for Judge An
derson's opinion. He said "In the
alleged interview of Judge Anderson
I believe he says that bonds for con
duits could be issued or the purpose
of street improvements. T fail to
see where in the work could come
under that head. The interview
was probably written by the Central
Union Telephone company's repre
sentatives and authorized by Judge
Cure that ingrown toe nail by'using
"Dr. Marvel's Ingrown Too Nail
Remedy" price 25c. f For sale by all
Card ol Thanks. '
We desire to express our. deepest
gratitude to the employes of the Good
year Tire and Rubber Co., for their
kindness and generosity shown to us
at the time of my injury by the msl
chinery while at work there.
A. Adams asd Wikb.
' Coirs & Co.'s Special Sale."
Special sale on Ladies' White and
DiacK iiaiioi xitiis, rnuiijk .uluuiuou
at 2:30 o'clock, 1U cents each. Coons'
Up-to-Date' 5c and 10c Store, ISti
Main st.
Saturday afteri.oon special Rib
bon sale. Nothing sold over 10 cents.
Is to Be An Infantry Company
JJ Regimental Headquarters.
Thc"d.ctails for the reorganization
of the Ohio National Guard haVe all
been completed. Orders have been
given for 2,(XX) new uniforms hieh
will be issued as soon as they are re
ceived. Battery F of this city is to
become an infantry companv under
Captain Herman Werner. Akron is
to be made headquarters of the
Fight h regiment.
Makes the food moje delicious end wholesome
& CO
Whether the Kirkham Tile Works
Will Be Rebuilt.
The tile combine, which i.S being
engineered by Chicago parties, will
include the Kirkham Art Tile com
pany of Barberton. It is not decid
ed whether tho plant will be rebuilt.
thief has made his appearance again.
Mr. David Hart, residing on East
Market st., had a number of beauti
ful tulips stolen from his yard Sun
day night. The officers will keep a
specifil lookout for this class of offen
ders. BIDS OPENED Bids were open
ed Saturday iti Washington for
furniture for the public building at
Akron. The bidders were Sextro
Furniture company, Cincinnati,
$1,013 fMiddletown (Penn.) Furniture
company, $1037, and Robert !Mitchell
1 Furniture,.,, company . Cincinnati,
$r,8J0V " - -3T -
Haberkost, 137 Ash st.,aged 18 years,
is ill with typhoid fever.
fine spring weather attracted over 500
people to Randolph Park yesterday.
This popular .resort will this year
be made more attractive and pleas
ant than in any previous years. The
Walsh Co. did a hustling business
all day.
E. A. Heifer and J.H.Gehres caught
210 fish at the Reservoir.
sewer pipe manufacturers will leave
for New York Wednesday to attend
the meeting- for the organization of
the "Federal Sewer Pipe company.
FINE MENT The Sunday din
ners at the Buchtel are meeting with
popular favor. Yesterday an ex
ceptionally fine menu was served.
Siickle's orchestra furnished music.
EXCURSION More than one
hundred and fifty people joined the
first excursion party of the season to
Columbus Sunday."
vate funeral of Martha L. Haberkost
will take place at the residence May
2 at 2 p.m. Interment in Glendale
cemetery ,
TJetrick of Akron and Harvey Long
were fined $10 and costs at Medina
for 'xtrespassing and severing crops
from the lands of another." Mr.
Det rick's bon'd was declared forfeited
and a warrant issued, but the for
feiture was set aide upon his ap
pearance in court. -
mains of Gebhard Boss, brother-in
law to Father Braun, arrived in Ak
ron Monday from the homo, in Cleve
land and was interred in St. Ber
nard's cemetery, in the afternoon.
Mr. Boss was 58 years of ago. He
died of cancer of the stomach.
combine, which includes the Ohio
Tube co'nipany of Warren, in which
many xVkron men are interestedrwill
be closed in a few day.-.
ber of applicants at the recruiting
office is rapidly decreasing. There
has been but few applicants the last
four days." Curtis A. Rebeaux of
Akron, Was the sole'applicant today .
.. tw rwn.

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