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sr J: iiP -&&&' V.-k5wWh
KOKSAI.B Almslm. Mock coiitnlnlnstUnjwlp fn all to call at
tlinon-nm.:unl house, located t the' lulULU lu llui lyJ a"
rorneruf Main st. mid Hu-mtII are. lnfor-1 rrmmt A 11
mat Ion cheerfully jliv en. Cull on H.nrj J-1 "THfl f:fttY2mP
IUTr.Hlln lit Gauy:irUt MjTrs.lls-13.Miiilli I 18(5 WVllCllJwj
.nam si. -1 " . ii .
ON"K HL'HKKY, cost J5, good ns new.
One 1.2110 pound mare, veil bred. L.P. M.,
Pathfinder. Kverett Ilulldlng. SjQtt
P.. Cola Two new houses on Jforth Vnl
ror OaiB ie- st n modern lmprove
incuts; cheap and ensy terms. Elegant
home on E. Market St.. must be sold. House
and lot Kurnnce st.v13); other homes and
vncantlots. Tel. 121. Kdw in Wngner, Ever
ett building.
IK YOU WANT n tint-class drlxlnghor.se.
finely mated coach oreiirringe teain.cnll 1 1
StelnV sales larn,:S. Main st. otli-
tnc but llrst-cln's horcs kept in Mock. Tel.
1SH ' K. Melmr, Prop.
Jolin.v .Martin A IJrjtlier, Malingers. junlS
horse owners
rTVETTOOjrHUlJbK - With big -WCJV Of PrOfeSSOf
room attached; lot CCxlM, barn and all mod- ' aj ul " '" ul
ern improvement', on property. Price Q K RICH S
JiOM. AUo grocery more. Inquire at .,W - .
A,vet Exchange m. ;-: work. All kinds
KOR SAIEViiieiit cooler for sale cheap. hnrcp chopinf
Enquire at II.-I1 and Ilartgcs -t-. Blake s ( Ul UUliC sM1UCU1&
s2-. . ll done with care
KOItS.VI.E-: The Ilrst acaul lot south of
Crosier street on the west side of Main
street; good residence Mte; bargain at fCoo.
$230 will buy a choice lot in Haynes allot
ment, just olT of ISoulh Main Ml
.1. 1. BACHTEL,
pfc S.Howard.
KOIt MALI". IV-lrable lots tin Howard
niv.. .mid s.t-oml sis. (Xorlh Hill) Terms
lo suit purchaser. W.
Summit st.
P. Davis, 1 North '
111 lljlllAU rJUiJ'J -I-V.H i-'.mu.
Clilee fiuihliiig -tone bv car load: aNo
brown stone from Warwlckiiiarries.Order
lllled on short notice. C. II. Iones.317 South
..... ,.-s-. oi'-v--ij i.-,ii c:I.l.,
Main st.
r'Ott SALE No. Ill Halch st.. two houses,
furnaces, etc., ,rmo. No. I7h Jsouth Ilalch
st barn, furnace, etc il.v i,Hi. liargains
III lots andjimncslu nil Iiarts of the city.
Call and see them. Tel.Tilfl. G. . t.rldlcy, '
4s Central building. Jj"l
' KOlfHlvTjrroir'TItAUTNoT 11". Kline i
si irfMims. fiirnnce. etc. Tel. 310. Call on
ii. W. Griilley, 4S Central building.
ON WATCHES, diamonds, Jewelry, etc.,
furniture-pianos, houses, ehiilt"H. in sums
of 15 up. Uusiness-conlldential. .Vkron Se
curltvand Ikhui Co., No. ll South Howard
st. Kfrst window north of Allen's drug
store. Telephone No.il.
TO IAJAN-KW. X, ?I0,'-J0 and JIXI. .1.
1. Bachtol, 1SS S. Jlownnl. fJltf
MONEY" TO LOAN Krom J3.ti and up
ward on household goods or any chattle se
curity and allow the goods to remain in
vour possession. Can repay us in monthly
'installments. Itooiu 11, Arcade block. Of
fice hours. ,::) to 11 ::in. in.. 1:: to a p. in.
Ij. C. MIIiliEK A IVY" JUIliliEK.
MONEY TO LOAN On Jewelry, furniture,
pianos, horses, wagons, ical estate. Insur
ance policies; payable weekly or monthly
pavments; business confidential; evenings
7 til 8. II. G. Jllller, 47 Central oilice bldg.
-iiWat 6 per cent, interest.
" H. O. Keederle.
$1 to Jl'IO on diamonds, watches, house
hold goods, pianos,, horses, etc. No delay.
Terms lowest. Uusiness strictly private.
F. U. Calev, room OS Central olllce luillding.
Tel.fii. ' mar 1 n
KOK KENT A nine room modem house,
all improvements, located atNo. 110 Adams
st. Apply to Win. II. Evans, Insurance
agent. "
WANTED A ladv to taku care of a seven
months' old chlhl. Inquire at 111 Walnut
street. "-"
WANTED A farm li-inil; must be a singl e
man. Apply at 201 West lluchtel ave.. near
Lock?. Loiils Lehliiiinn. H-IO
WANTED A first class pants or vest
maker. Inquire at S'.l West Mnrkct st.
WANTED Good night boy.
Akron Dis
3tff WANTED A good boy with some exper
ience to work in a blacksmith shop. Inquire i
at A. C. Kline. Doylestow n. I). 5-10"
WANTED Salesmen to handle builders
and hardware supplies; metalle and as-1
phaltum paints and other salable articles.
Address American Supply Co.. Brto-iiSO Second j
nv.. Pittsburg, fa.
KOR SALE A good building lot on Brown
av. Will be sold cheap if bought at once.
Address -I.G.. care Democrat. 138
Wohinen large amount of money
lo loan on good real estate security.
l,ow rate of interest. Terms most
149 S. Howard st., Phones 582 and 593
A Beautiful Home
For tent, cheap t (lie right parly.
Money to loan at (i per cent.
P. P. Bock & Co., 209 S. Howard
STEPHEN C. MILLEK, Attorney-at-law.
Prompt attention gl en to collections. Pal
mer block, irs South Slain St., Akron, Ohio.
Tel. 015.
FOR REPAIIUKG Seo George Hanellne.
Watches, Clocks, all kinds of Jewelry, 133
South Main St.. under red watch sign. 222tf
A. S. FOWLER Auctioneer. Orders
left at A. Ii. Smith's store prompt' attended
to. 293-3!
$ 1,000 to $3,000 at C per cent
for term of years if security is
gilt edge. Inquire at once.
Hale &
Everett block.
Tel. 1523
Justice of the x'eace and Notary,
203 Wooster avenue.
Homes on monthly payments, straight 7
Fierccnt Interest. 1 havo homes ranging
roni $550 to $il,00CT. Can beat all competitors.
Telephone OSi.
, - . - - -MS
New machinery, new location.
"We guarantee our work. High
gloss or domestic finish.
Tsos. 132-137 North Howard st.
it. R. CO.
Waiting Koom North Howard St
Tine Card : Jnn 1, 189D
Leave Akrcn every hour, 5:30 am
until S:30 pm, last ctr 10:30 pm.
Leave Cleveland every hour, 0 am
until 10:00 pm ; theater oar, 11 :10 pm
A cordial invitation is ex-
For meals or wet goods.
Full line of domestic and
imported goods.
Tony Waldvogel Prop.
709 S. Main St.
Telephone 1511.
- j I!.
1 llQQQ ifOD
Tflat S What
and precision.
G. . Rich.
41 1 S. Main street
Phone 832
O. A.. Goddard
-2 Arcade Building
Orand Opera House
"WiLiiim F. Stickw:, Xtgr.
Wediie.sdiiv, Nny .'. The Famous
"BandH Hopsa," or the Red Rand of
Thursday, May I, "A Spring
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Frederick Kasenberg. deceased.
The undersigned has been apiioiiitcd by
the prolialecourl of Suiiiiliit county, Ohio,
as administrator w.wvi. of the estate of
Frederick IlnsenlHTE. ileceaseil. All per
sons indcbteil to said estate are requested
. ,. . . II., ........,....! . .....1 ..II ....-
IU JIIIIIVI' IllllllltllillV lil. ill' III , 1111,1 ill! JITTI-
sons liming claims against Mild estate are
requested to present the same for allowance
or rejection. .
Dated thisi'M day of April A.H. lsw.
apr 21 may 1 s
It Would Appear Ho Wouldn't ltefuse n
SeiMtorshlp, Krom Tone of"
au Interiiew.
Dethoit, May 1. Secretary Alger,
being asked whether he will be a candi
date before the next Michigan legis
lature for United States senator to suc
ceed Senator McMillan, replied":
"I- will say frankly 'that I did think
that if the state should hec lit tt) send
me to the senate I would appreciate the
honor, but :if tor all my slate has done
for me I .shall not enter into any scram
ble for it."
Being informed that it had been re
ported that Senator McMillan would
seek a third term, the secretary- of war
"I do not think so. Senator McMil
lan assured me himself a long time ago
that he prob.ibly should not bo a candi
date again, and that if he was not he
would do all he could for inc. I think
if lit had changed his mind and in
tended to be a candidate I would have
heard something about it. Indeed, I
think I would be one of the first per
sons that he would have spoken to about
'Their s,jihh1 peut a Iirge feiuu In the
Interest of 3Hssouk and
St. LotJi.s, May 1. According to a
report made at the general conference
of the German Lutheran Evangelical
synod of the United States, now in ses
sion here, the synod during lS9Sandtht
first part of IS!)!) disbursed $-.05,fiir) for
missions and charity. Among its
charges the synod numbers charitable
institutions-, orphan homes, hospitals
and homes for thonged, nine educa
tional institutions of a high-order, mis
sion's among ihc negroes, emigrants,
deaf mutes, Jews and heathen in India.
In the synod thcro are 1,G7 pastors
and professors, 2,04!) congregations, (85
preaching places, (9C,?01 connnuni
rauts, 1,1171 parochial schools, 7!) school
teachers and i9,77ii school children.
A Teacher Committed Suicide.
Albany, May f. Prof. Carl A.
Meyer, bO years old, professor of Ger
man langnago at the Albany lligh
school and assistant teacher of that
study at the Albany Female academy,
committed suicide.
Retail Prices.
May 1, 3 p.m. Butter, creamery
2oe. country 20c, cooking 8c to 10c;
laruiuc; eggs.ioc; cmcKens, He per
lb.; ducks 10c; turkeys 16c.
Corn, ear 23u to 25c per bushel,
shelled 45c: oats 80c to 35c; hay 60c
to 70c a hundred; straw 30c to 40c a
Onions $1.00 a bushel, 25c a peck.
Potatoes 75c per bushel.
Lettuce 15c per pound.
Nov onions, three bundles for 5c.
Asparagus 15c lb.
Radishes, three bunches for 10c,
Wholesale Prices..
"Wheat 74c; oats 30c to 32c; corn,
ear,.20e; corn, shelled, 40c.; hay, $7 to
$12; rye, 58c.
Butter, creamery, 21c. country, 16c
lo 18c, cooking, 6c to 8c;"lard,6Jc;
eggs, 12c; chickens, live 9c, dressed
lie; ducks 12c; turkeys, 12c, 13c.
Navy beans, $1.34, $1.40; marrowfat
beans $1.50, $1.65.
Potatoes, 50 to 55c a bushel.
Cured hides, No. 1, 8, No. 2, 8c,
green. No. 1, 7,'hC, No. 2", 6c", cured
calf skins, No. 1, lOJc, No. 2, 9Jc;
green, No. 1, 9c; No. 2, 8c; tallow,
No. 1, 4'c; sheep pelts, lambskins,
Pork, tlressed, 4Jc, live $3.75 to
$4.00; beef, dressed, "6c to lc, live
3eto4Jc; muttgn, live. 4,.Jc to 5c;
dressed, 6c to 7Jjc; lamb, dressed,
9Uc live, 5c; spring lamb, 15; pork,
loins, 8c; veal, live, 4c to 5c;
dressed, 8c.
Sugar-cured bain, S'4c to S'c;
shoulder, 5Jc, 5Jf.c; California ham,
5)c to 5c; bacon, 7cto 8'iJc; dried
beef,. 10c to 14c; lard, simon pure,
6-4C in tub; 6c in tierce; country
kettle 5c; pure lard, 5c.
Continued from lirst page.
ceived the Rebekah degree. Mrs.
Clara Mallison made a report of the
proceeding-; of the state assembly
which" was held in Springfield in
April. Sewing society had an all
day's ves-sion.
Akron Encampment met Friday
levelling with a good attendance. The
1 royal purple degree was conferred on
I two candidates. Three candidates
for May. ;
I Granite lodge met in usual form
' with respective officers in the chairs.
TIig third degree was conrerred on
one candidate. The lodge attended
services at St. Paul's Episcopal
church Sunday.
Can-ton Akron, P. L. will meet ,
Thursday evening. There will lie
' three candidates for the degree and
a full attendance isiirgod.
The Past Officer Association met
Friday evening and elected all of
the old officers for the ensuing year.
The attendance was fair. The next
meeting will be October 27th.
Pythian Sisters.
The regular meeting of Louise As
, sembly held Friday evening was not
very largely attended.-and business
of importance was laid over for one
week, at which'tinieall liiembers'are
I earnestly requested to be present.
t U. R.. K. of P.
Akron Company had a very inler-
' esling meeting Friday evening. The
matter ofcamping this summer was
debated and will ue voted on at our
next regular meeting, and other
matters of importance will come up
at the same time.
U. V. U.
A. Lincoln command at its last
meeting had a fair attendance and
business of importance was attended
lo. Our next meeting May 4, will be
a joint meeting of the Command and
Lincoln Union. All members of
both organizations should be present ;
important business.
The National Union.
Diamond council of Akron lias a
membership of 150 of the representa
tive business and professional men
of the city. That accounts for the
low rates of insurance.
Knights of Pythias.
Interest in matters fraternal is de
cidedly increasing in McPherson
lodge as indicated by the increased
attendance. Much of permanent in
terest is before the lodge, not the
least of which is the new temple
project. The McPherson branch of
the General Temple Committee made
a report at the last, meeting a report
which will be continued and en-
Grand Army Republic.
Buckley Post heldanopen meeting
last Friday evening, at which Gen.
A. C. Voris of this city gave a very
interesticg lecture, descriptive, of the
first battle of Winchester, which oc
curred March 23, 1862. It was full of
descriptions of thrilling incidents,
seasoned with pith and humor all of
which made the General's lecture a
most entertaining one for which lie
has the . sincere thanks of
Buckley Post and all who were so
fortunate as to hear him. Before the
General began his lecture MissKath
erine McMillen of Good st. sang a
most beautiful solo, with piano ac
companiment. . She was most heart
ily encored . and responded with
"Star Spangled Banner." At the
close of (he lecture Prof. Glover
sanga most tlirillingsoIo,Trith piano
accompaniment by his daughter. The
professor's voice never sounded
richer or better. Ho responded to a.
most hearty encore.
On next Friday evening beginning
at 7 o'clock Frank Marvin and Mis
Katharine McMillen of this city will
favor the old soldiers and their
friends in G.A.R. hall with vocal and
instrumental music, comprising war
songs, patriotic and other snugs for
half an hour. Comrades be on band
in good time and in large number ,s
The Pathfindter.
The funeral o"f Brother Emory
Moore took place on Thursday at
Cuyahoga Falls. A number of Path
finders were present from Akron
lodges and nearly every member of
Magnet lodde of Cuyahoga Falls was
present. Brother Moore leaves a
widow aud small boy, and his insur
ance in the Pathfinder will thus re
sult in much good.
Hallwood lodge at Columbus and
Quaker City lodge at Philadelphia,
Pa., were instituted last week.
Middlebury lodge of East Akron
met on "Wednesday evening and
elected Mrs. Anna S. Wells, 117
Johnston .st., secretary. The mem
bers will find her home a convenient
place to pay their dues.
A large lodge was instituted in
Cleveland Friday night by Supreme
Organizer Pfeiirer.- Tt will be locat
ed at the corner of Wilson aud
Woodland. The members were se
cured by deputy Freeborn.
Akron lodge will initiate several
candidates tonight and several will
be balloted for. As the team is ex
pected to go to Barberton on Wed
nesday night to confer the work
there, it is requested that all mem
bers of the team be on hand tonight
to make final arrangements. Those
who cannot be with us will have
all troubles peculiar to her sex. f"Send by
mall or (rom our Agent. SI. OO per box.
KYir sale by .T. O. Pay & Co., 210 W.
Market at.
fheir places filled by other members.
The committee on entertainment
has a surprise in store for us as they
will report tonight on a good enter
tainment lo be given soon. Come
and have a good time at the meeting
A Veteran Toiler In the Qnarrim.
TreMleboard DcrIkiih-
W. It. Singleton, sraml secretary of the
grand lodge of the District of Columbia,
Is a veritable Xcstor of the order. Ho was
bade a Maon in Naphtali lodge, St.
Louis, in 1SI0, ex
alted to the Koynl
Arch degreo in
Aupust of the
same year, and
in lStl he receiv
ed the degrees of
royal and select
master. In IStH
Mr Singleton re
moved to Wash
ington ami be
came identified
with the craft in
the Capital City.
In 1Si2 ho was
w. it. sisgletoX. .pointed chair
man of the committee of foreign corre
spondence of the grand lodge of tho Dis
trict of Columbiit, which jsisition he ha
since held. Mr. inplcton was elected
Krnnd secretary in 1575 and for 24 years
has served uninterruptedly in that honor
able oilice. Tho grand loilpe of Scotland
elected him life member in lSs'.i, lie be
ing the first one so honored in tho United
States. Mr. Singleton was born in Nor
folk 81 years ago.
A delegation of Knights Templars re-.
j cently visited Louisville toseeurc hotel ac
commodations for. the triennial conclave
in I'.'Ol.
Summit lodgoof St. Paul is considering
; the advisability of buildinga temple of its
Brcnton 1). Babeock, thirty-third de
gree, of Clovelnml has, been appointed dep
uty of the sovereign grand commander for
Ohio, vico llnocli I. Carson, deceased.
Masonic lodges in Havana havo liecn
revived, and ns a mark of appreciation
they have had the portrait of President
McKinley painted on "a licaiitiful silk Ma
sonic emblematic Iwnner by Scnorita
Amanda Monachal, daughter of General
Menachol, and sent it to Washington.
The Order of tho Eastern Star has .13
chapters In Chicago. In greater Xew
York t hero arc tho same number of chap
ters. Tho time for one to petition a Masonic.
lougo is when he is a young man. Many
old jncii who petition iho lodge express
the regret that they did not do so in their
younger days.
The grand council of Iowa has been dis
solved, and the councils in that jurisdic
tion are now subordinates of the general
grand council and under its immediate
Al Malaikah temple, Mystic Shrine, at
Los Angele.s, has donated $250 to tho Ma
sonic home of southern California.
-An unknown benefactor has donated to
Humanity lodge, Austria, tho castlo of
Sauben-dorf, to bo used as a Masonic or
phan asylum. It lias n capacityof 70 in
mates and is situated at Sclinecberg.
Thero is also n Masonic orphanage at
Kohlcnbcrgdorf, i liich could not accom
modate tho demand upon it.
Mick o tbc l.odjle In .lilveniltT Vn
rlutiH XoteH.
How fickle some lodge meniliers are!
Whon tho tide is running their way, how
joyful and aetho tliey are, but .see what a
change in them when the direction is re
versed and the next turning point will lie
the ebb. Xever desert in times oml er
sity. That is just the time to work harder
and bring to a stand any rctrognule move
ment. Buckeye Workman.
Br. W. E. Richardson of St. Louis, who
was grand recorder of Missouri for 18
years and supreme medical director for
somo years and now a member of tho ad-vii-oiy
committee, recently examined the
records in the Kentucky grand recorder's
ollico and complimented them "as being
among the best in tho order.
The total relief call per capita last year
was SI. 30.
. One active, vigorous, heart interested
member is worth a score of inert, let well
fnough alone members. The noncner
getic, nonprogressive ones arc always in
the rear. You will find them in tho rear
everywhere. But the go forward kind al
ways count in a society just as they count
in the busy walks of life.
Tho average ao in Ken tuck' is being
gradually reduced. In 18'J() it was 45;
1SU7, 14; 3898, 10.
elrct t-notl Men "ir the Minor t)f-
llpen I'rntoninl (ZriN.
Francis A. I.e Huntte of Xew Yi.rlt
city, grand marshal of thisgraud lodge of
ho slate, was initiated in 1'olarStar lodge
In Aug. ii, 1870. llo passe! the chairs
in 1Si2 and served
additional terms
as secretary, vice
grand and nnblo
grand in 1877 and
1878. InlS85ho
was nominated
of tho Second dis
trict, Manhattan.
During his term
is district deputy
he Iiecaino inter
ested in the cause
of aged members
of defunct lodgc3,
an interest that
F. A. le huxtte. ,as through tho
efforts of tho associated lodges, which ho
served threo years as secretary, been spread
through tho cntiro sovereign jurisdiction,
with tho result of relief legislation being
granted by the sovereign body nt tho ses
sion of 1S9G. Ho has nhnys taken a live
ly part in tho work of tho subordluato
lodge, having Iieen in service on the visit
ing committee for 20 years and as secre
tary of I'olar Star lodge since 1881. He
is a past chief of Palestine encampment,
No. 0, and a member of Manhattan Ro
bekah lodge.
At a recent conference of tho grand
master, grand secretary and several others
it was agreed that tho charter and effects
of tho grand lodge of Kentucky should bo
returned and tho grand secretary bo allow
ed to transact routino business at Loxing
ton. It is thought this will end tho con
troversy of recent dato, and no other ac
tion will bo taken until the grand lodgo
session in Pnducali next August.
Connecticut has a membership of about
17,0C0 subordinates, 5,f00 Hcbekahs, 4,000
of tho cucampmcnf;branch and 500 Patri
archs. Kentucky is experiencing a boom in the
encampment branch.
At tho celebration of tho fiftieth mini.-,
vcrsary of Cadwalader lodgo of Philadel
phia tho degree stuff of Asylum lodgo of
Wilmington conferred tho initiatory de
grco ns It was dono in Baltimore 70 years
Ths grounds of tho Texas Odd Fellows'
Orphan asylum comprise 280 acres, and
tho valuation is over 100,000.
' Truo Oad Fellows and good Kobcknhs
should hold themselves lu rcddincss nt all
The Gold That Glitters.
The richest man cannot always be
said to he tho most successful, for true
success is not possible without happi
ness. Many a wealthy man would give
all he now possesses to have tho health
and happiness of a young athlete.
Health is not hard to get and keep if '
good judgment is used in caring forand
supplying the needs of the system. I
.Nature often needs assistance; you
sometimes abuse nature by overtaxing I
your nerves, your brain, or your body,
and you haven't time to relax, and I
take the rest that you need. "You must
have outside help. Pabst Malt Extract, j
The "Best" Tonic, will supply the ex-
tra fuel, food, and strength; it is abso
lutely pure an uneqiuilTed assistant to
nature in giing health, vitality and i
strength. It will make you eat and I
sleep well, and cause you to feel like I
yourself again, or perhaps, better than j
vou ever felt in your life. The "Best" '
Tonic was awarded the 100 points of
perfection at the World's Fair, and was j
the only Malt Extract which received I
that honor. Your nearest druggists car- j
ry Pabst Malt Extract, The "Best"'
TTonic in. stock. 1
times for action Tho order has no room
for drones
There arc about 3,000 Hcbekahs in tho
state of Washington The subordinates
number about 7,500.
The Rebekah assembly of California
meets in San Francisco May 0
The Portland (Or.) general relief com
mittee paidout ?l,000forrelicf of tran.-icntl
brothers lat. term.
At Toledo, Wash., tho Odd Fellows
erected allagstair 122 feet high, with three
links on top. in memory of the Maine and
thu Odd Fellow.s who perished with it.
The Kentucky Odd Fellows' home at
PLoxbigton li.is eif-ht children and one
widow and is m good shape. A number
of Jerseys ha e been added to tho already
lino herd, uhich assists materjally'in sus
taining tho home.
In the struggle for grand lodge honors
tho siiliordinate lodger, should not lose
sight of tho importance of selecting men
of ability and experience for the minor of
fices within their gift. The assistant ice
retaryship is the stepping stone to higher
honors, and the greatest care should lie ex
errisrd so that tlie Aery ablet among tut
younger brethren of tho loflge may Is !
placed in this important station. Another
office of equal, perhaps greater, inipnr
tancc is representative to the grand lodge
If care was exorcised in every suboiiliu.iu
lodgo to send to tho grand lodge only such
members ns would intelligently serve the
order's interest, a big step would lie taUei.
toward tho order's betterment. Pliiladel
phia Press.
Tile year IbOOwill mark an epoch m
tho history of California Odd "Fellowship
to be pleasantly reineinliercd.
The city of Manchester has three He
bekah lodges, w ith a combined member
ship of 1.300.
The subordinate lodges gained 21." In
membership last year in Colorado; total,
7,410. Rebekahs gained 055; total, 2,017
Encampment lost 3; membership, 1,531
Patriarchs Militant lost 57; total. 500.
The Pennsylvania Orphans' home h:3
received 8,072 as its share of tho per cap
ita taxjevied by the grand lodge.
A competitive drill recently took place
in Los Angeles between Riverside Canton
1'. M. and a company of the uniform rank,
Knights of Pythias, which was won by
the Patriarchs Militant.
In Georgia thero are 4,572 subordinates,
47J0 RelM'kahs, .")!S2 encampment branch
and IS Patriarch Militant.
In 1820 "Fhomas Wildey visited England
and secured an independenrcharter. He
died in lbrtl
Tho Connecticut Odd Fellows' home
owns 47 acres of land, and its property
is valued at $30,000.
Mnke the 'Dc-Kree Work Iiitcrettliiir.
Mriiy Arrttni.
Degree work should liemade inteiestiiig
to the membership not-active'y participat
ing, that they mav- be induced to attend
Tk ' ' nnr
Complexion and Hair Specialists. -
The brilliant complexions of women in the more exclusive circles of New
York society arc not explained by the theory that associates beauty and idle
ncss. In fact, many leaders of the world of fashion arc hard workers. Yet
they keep their good looks even when they arc old. How do they manage
it? THE MISSES BELL, of 7S Fifth Avenue. New York, themselves con
nected with some of the most noted and honored families in the metropolis,
have answered the question. They have prepared for the use of women in
general, five preparations for improving the complexion and the hair.
Five Toilet
The Misses BELL'S
is an external application, the presence,
of w Inch on the face cannot lie detected. ,
It is iierfectly harmless cv eirto the most ,
delicate skin. It is a sure and quick,
cure for all roughness and eruptions..
It acts on the skin as a tonic, producing,
anaturally pure complexion, cosmetics )
merely hide blemishes. ThcTonicgit")
lid of them. - 1
It removes i-iinnlcs. freckles. Hack ,
beads, moth jotclica, livcrtpols, eczema.;
redness, odincss and all oiscolonitions
una lmjicrlccuonsot tno skin.'
a bottle.
The Hisses BELL'S
cures dandruff and prevents any return )
of it; stops that maddening itching of)
the scalp and makes the hair strong,)
soft and lustrous. It is especially help-)
fill lo itcr&ous w hose hair is thin, dry and )
liable lo fall out. The tonic cleanses)
the skin nlmtitthc rootsnf Ihclialr: will J
soon cover bild st?vvitli a Ji.ui'Uonie)
cnmiu. rnce. SI a mine.
1 ncc, si
is .1 soft, creamv, exquisitely perfumed ointment, which helps the action of the Tonic,
anil, in mild cases of roughness. rcdne, pimples, etc., is a cine in itelf. It clears the
Iircs of the skin of nil impurities and feeds it bv building up the texture and makins
thcllcsli beneath it solid and ilrm. Trice, T." rents per jar. '
a m.-il size s:i mule of
III Xew Vorkcil.v:orl.v mull loiinx address lu plain wrapper upon
iriM'ipt of 2",ri.ils In stumps or sllei- toi'ovi'i-ni'timl cost of postage '
111)11 pill'Klllg. iriuisii' S!1ll'S I .111 Ml- s.-i-iin-ii 11,1111 l.lll .I7 IVMK
iiIHi'imiiiIv. Our agents will mil supplv tliem. ('orivsioudenrc cor
illallvsol'lcltcd. .vddri'ssTKo Boll Tollo-fc Co.,
78 Plfth Av., Now York City.
Semi foi-oui-new liool.- "Secrets of ll-auly." Kr lo anj j.ddn-s.
I have the Misses Bell's
my store. - Mrs.
aud by attending give prominence to the
society in the community, but the officers
alone cannot make a tribal meeting inter
esting. Gie each one something to do
and pass the offices around, and a big step
has been tal.cn towanl a successful tribe.
In initiations let the ritual lie committed
aud given in full, and an iuipicssion will
bo made on the new recruit that will
make him enthusiastic at the start and
result in more volunteers. Insignia.
New York Haymakers made a net gain
of 418 members during the past six moons.
Ijook up iiieinLcT.s liable to suspension
and redeem them if jKisible. We are
gaining and want to continue to
Avoid factiuuul lights jn your tribes.
They are easily inaugurated, but hard to
heal and do much damage to any order, j
Kncoumgo your chiefs in ccry po;-silju
way. They oris hard for tho order mid '
need encouragemeiir.
Chattahoochee tribe, Xew York, added
over 100 new membeis in March. This in-.
rr'M.i i-; Tim nviilt if tlin mlnntinn nf flip 1
class sy,tem of building up tho tribe and """ " """ "-ej granu secretary,
is being adopted with success by other ' Brooklyn councils are making nrrange
tribes. mentsfor'a big celebration on Arcanum
j day, Juno 93.
KINILirl I is Ut" PY I MIA5.
The Order It Thoroughly American. I
riiime TipN. j
The order is American throughout. It j
is of today. Its principles are in accord
with Aiueiiean life, American habits,!
American hearts. It does, not tcllof titles, j new member in one evening into tho La
nori.s it veiled in tlie mystery of ages. It I dies of tho Maccabees. The candidates
teaches that which the Americans, prac
lice. It is warm, quick and responsive.
Ithaslittlo to do with nntiouity and even-thing
to do with tho present and tho
future. Pythian Sun.
Victoria, B. t., h.ia neither state deput
nor grand tribunal
Iowa had a stale deputy for two years,
but rather than raise the per capita tax to
lmy for tin- ollu-o it abandoned the state-
deputy. It lias a grand tribunal, which
costs 150 per car,
To boom the uniform rank will boom
the lodge. To have the uniform rank
make a nico showing will stir up th
young element of the community, and K
fore thev call wear tiio uniform they must
bo knighted
Montana h.is no stale deputy, but it
has a'grand tribunal that cost $20 for the
last three ears. How is this for economy!
Colonel Edvvaid McConvillc, who was
killed in battle near Manila, was formerly
lieutenant colonel of tho First legiment,
Idaho, uniform rank, Knights of Pythias
ZviiiKrhl or Honor.
Theodore I-cngmillcr, who has been the
drilbuaster of Louisville commandcry
since its organization, has been made a
brigadier general. Lotiisvillocommamlgry
is in good condition, has a good fund and a
well drilled drum corps.
Cnind Dictator Barrett, Grand Reporter
Skiff, Grand Treasurer Willets and Past
Grand Dictator smith of Connecticut havo
been working to aroiisu interest in the or
der and causo thumemberslobeconiomore
active in tho good work. Good resultsaro
The many, friends of Ben K. Pullcn,
who was grand reporter of Tennessee dur
ing the yellow fcrer epideniio in 1878-9
mid did hcioio work iitussistiiigdistresscd
members, will be pleased to learn that he
The Cure that Cures
Whooping Cough, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Incipient
Consumption, Is
Twe German remedy"
Cures VmoA. -arA Wm &v?.p',pc1
iSo&)o &i?As. 25c50iAs
sses Bell
Tho atishot BELL'S
cis made from tho pure oil of lam!'
wool. ItisliuiliiiirandenitihiiiEtothc
(skin, keeping it at all times in a clciui
and healthy state This-Soapisdaintilv
(scented, and is a most welcome aid to
the toilet of fastidious women. The lit
f most care is taken in .selecting materials
t and scrupulous cleanliness in the lalvr
tatory insures the piintyof the product.
t Trite, J") cents iiercakc, largefour-ouuec
(si.e. .
The Hisses BELL'S
S for restoring prematurely gray locks to
wheir original color.
) It is not a dye nor a stain. It isa eolor
iless liiuiid that is applied to the roots of
vthc hair and leaves no telltale signs on
( the sraln or forehead.
y Neither does it change the color of the
Jhair all nt once. Only djes lo that.
Sand they wash olT. Hut Cupdla lieuova
S will not vv ash olf. Trice, Sl.f.0 ivr Imltlc.
:inv one ol aboe urenniiit ions at our narloi-s I
toilet preparations on sale at
McFerran, 1 1 1 mill st.
Is still in the land of the living and a
strong supporter of tho order.
Grand Beporter Bisscll of Maryland re
ports a net gain of CS for 1S9S; total mem
bership, 773. "
Grand Dictator Holt of Mississippi ap
peals to tho membership to makoan effort
to bring the membership up to 100,000
this year.
Protected Home Circle.
Tho order generally lias made rapid
progress all over the state, while the finan
cial increase of reserve and surplus money
will bo a surpriso to fratcrnalism. The
P. K. C. has over 26,000 members and
$305,000 and more of surplus. Xearly
$40,000 has been added since October last,
showing splendid financial strength.
The biennial gathering of the lawmak
ing lody of tho Protected Homo Circle
will lie in May in Sharon, Pa.
Itojnl Area ii nm.
V. B. Jcickson is now crand recent of
Tho order of Maccabees decided to erect
a S40.000 building for tho benefit of the
ordr at the Ohio centennial exposition in
Chicago hives recently initiated 1,000
were given the degrees in squads of 100,
and tflree hours were consumed in the
ceremony. 1 ho candidates were recruited
by all the hives of tho city.
Tho great camp of Michigan has a mem
bership of 75,201, a net gain for 1898 of
MS2. .
Moilern Vonilmcn.
Jhe Royal cighlMirs do not wish to
join the ModcrnWoodmen, preferring to
make their society tho one for both men
and women.
During the year IS9S the Modem AVood
nien of America wrote more protection
than any other society in the world. Cer
tificates to the valiio of nearly $190,000,000
were written.
Mj Mtic Slirlnr.
Thero are now over Gn,00U Xobles of the
order on American soil in the United
States, Canada and Mexico. Thero is an
application in fora temple in thoHavvaiian
The imperial council will meet in Buf
falo next June. It is expected that 15,000
Simpers will attend.
KiiIkIiIk tif Mnlln.
The grand commandcry of Pennsylvania
closes its term with 109 coinmanderies on
its roster, 40 of whom havo a membership
exceeding 150 each.
Two new commanderies will be insti
tuted at Syracuse this month.
Union Miner autl Sympathizers Killed
On- 3!au and 1'roii.lljly Tnn
and Destroyed rropertj"
"Waijvck, Ida., May 1. Practically
all of tho Wardner rioters are back at
work. Those from Cauyon Creek nearly
all went home, the train from Missoula
took the balance of tho&e from Mullen.
Many inquiries are made as to the like
lihood of martial law. There is no talk
of any attempt at punishment unless by
federal authorities. Tho miners are ail
armed and their jiositious at Cauyon
Creek and at Mullen are nearly impreg
nable. Union miners and sympathizers caino
here in a train from Canyon Creek,
about 20 miles away. As a result of
their visit ouo man is dead, another may
be destroyed bv giant powder. Tho mob
(.oivinl til., fisio, f. TlllL-. llurm f!;iM-., !
rwl.- Thev lnvmr-lif li'ooo nnntirU nf '
w.. ... .. D , L .
giant powder. ,
Arrived here 140 masked armed men
sfjirfpd for the "Rtnilrer TTill mid Slnllivnti
inills. A signal shot for the men at
work to escape "was mistaken by the
partv and a fusiLide followed. "John
Smith, one of the company's . pickets,
was killed. The strikers took possession
of the mining properties aud destroyed
the buildings with the -powder. Then
the men boarded their train aud re
turned to Canyon Creek.
During the fusillade from the guus of
the mob Jim Cliayne, a Bunker Hill and
Sullivan man, was severely shot through
the hips. J. J. Rogers, -a stenographer
in tho employ of the company, was shot
through the lip.
Hecf Iniiiiry II. .aril Decided Ills 3Iain
Charges VVprt- Not rruvvn.
Also ('riistirc.l liiiii. .
Wamii.nuto.v, May 1. The Wado
court of inquiry Saturday made its re
port, which was later sent to New York
to President McKinley by Assistant
Secretary of War Meiklejolin. It will
rest with the president whether it will
1)0 made public.
The verdict, however, is known to be
that the allegations which General
Miles made before tho war investigat
ing commission are not sustained with
reference to the refrigerated beef, al
though his contention that the canned
ro:ist beef was not a suitable continu
ous ration is admitted. There is direct
criticism of General Miles for failing to
promptly bring to the attention of the
war department the reports made to
him concerning bad beef, and "several
individuals" are censured for failing to
observe the proprieties of their position
as commanding officers in this and
oilier respects.
The forecast of the report as made by
The Associated Press on the .IStli inst.
was an acenrato one. As wis then
stated, the court takes the 'position that
tho testimony is conclusive tliat both
the refrigerated beef and the canned
beef were in good condition -when de
livered to the goVernmcut, and contin
ued so until issued to the troops, ex
cept in sici.il instances, where the de
terioration was due to accidental condi
tions in transportation or .to the influ
ences of the tropical climate.
The report admits the liability of re
frigerated beef to taint quickly after re
moval from the ice chests. The court
finds thu Charges of "embalming" the
fresh beef to have been unsubstantiated
by the testimony and says no chemical:,
were usid to preserve it. It also liuds
that it would have been impracticable
to secure beef on the hoof for the Cu
ban campaign. The finding is likewise
in opposition to the assertion on theiart
of General Miles that the use of the beef
was an experiment.
The fact is set fortli that tho canned
roast beef had not been used to any ap
preciable extent beforo tho beginning of
this war, and it is, therefore, regarded
as.i practically untried ration. In view
of tins fact thd commissary general of
subsistence is roundly criticised for the
nnrchilso of the meat in such extensive
l Death Vryiii an Ktplotlou.
Wii.JH.NGTO.v, J3el., May 1. W:
Pras.se of Peuns Grov e, Is. J., who was
torribly injured in tho 6xpl6si6n nt the
Dupont Powder works at OarUoy Point,
Nf. J., died. This makes tho sujth "death
as aesult of thoexplosita.',,
L'JLulH IMfcHtAU ilH g jl
andall SKIN ERUPTIOSS-llUePlmple. Black
lleadt, Kourh Skin, Sunburn and 'Ton.
Uoc per box by mall or from OBHAOEST.
IVIIIInma Mffe. Co.. Irop.. Cleveland, O.
For sale by J. C. Day & Co.. 210 W.
Market st.
PCalckfeter'a JEagilia Duaatid Kraah.
W CW. Original and On! j Genuine.
id Brand la 1d ai Gold mtillie
srltt ror CifhUr rit Jta-i
boxes, -ked with tlrw ribbon. Take
la itimpi for pantii'r, tntlsaltls
Utflef for InairinlrtUr.tfTftwrm
:i Local L'mi.-1-.t. rilILAl4. kA.
Leave For Washington
This Afternoon.
XEW YOItKUKS AltE enthusiastic.
DiecriMl Him Cntug to :in.t LVoiu Church.
s.niion VV DoctrliMl .t the Conclu
sion i.r Iht Sen ices Many Cmmied
Around His I'en.
Nr.W Yoisk, Stay 1. Tie president
and wife will probably leave for Wash
ington this afternoon.
President McKinley allowed a day off
to botli of the detectives Sunday who
attended him ever sinco ho was here,
siying he did not believe anyone would
tann him.
JN'p announcement had been made of
what church the president wonld at
tend. When time for the start eamo
Mrs. McKinley expressed her desire to
remain at homo and one of the car
riages which had been waitirg for them
was dismissed. The president attended
service at tlw Calvary Methodist Epis
copal church. Olio Hundred and Twenty
ninth street and Seventh avenue, of
which Rev. Dr. Willis P. Odoll is pas
tor. When the president left tho hotel a
Jarge number of persons were gathered
about the entrance. When the presi
dent came out with Abner McKinley
there was a clapping of hands, to which
greeting the two gentlemen responded
by lifting their hats. The president
and his brother were driven through
Central park, escorted by a mounted
policeman. Arriving at the church
they were greeted by a largo crowd.
Twelve policemen weic on hand to see
that there w.is no crush.
Tho church was prettily decorated in
the interior and a large American flag
fluttered from the flagpole on the roof.
The pnlpit was draped with a silk flag
aud there were numerous clusters of
liKes and other flowers about the plat
form. The sermon of Dr. Odell was purely
doctrinal, as the president had signified
his desire that no reference to him or
politics be made.
At the conclusion of the services there
was a rush on the part of the congre
gation for the pew occupied by the
president. Many women struggled in
through the crusli to shake hands with
the president. On leaving the church.
President McKinley was again greeted
by a large crowd-
Tile crowd cheered as the carriage
drew away from the church on the re
turn to' the hotel.
The president had dinner in his room.
Dnriug t; o afternoon there were
callers, among them General Wesley
Merritt aud wife, General Fred Grant
and wife and ex-Mayor William L
In the latter pert of the afternoon
j the president and Mrs. McKinley and
I Proprietor W. S. Hawk of the hotel
! went out for a drive. Mr. Hawk took
them to see the closing exercises of the
children of the Sunday school of the
Zion and St. Timothy Episcopal church
in Fifty-seventh street. Mr. and Mrs.
Abner McKiuley accompanied them in
another carriage. Tho party returned
to the hotel about dusk.
Sussestioiis as to How New Culouir
.should He Killed.
Wasiiinuto.v, May 1. Tho fifteeuth
annual repurt of the civil service com-"
mission, under date of Nov. 1, 1S9S, has
been presented to the president. It
shows a larger number of appointments
through examinations than ever before
in the history of the commission.
The commission discusses appoint
ments in our new territories. The
commission in speaking of colonial gov
ernment as conducted by other nations
savs fliev are not disturbed by political
Lch.niges in the homo government, ten
ure ot otnee being cletcrmmett oy etli
cieut "service.
The collectors of revenues are pro
moted to these positions only after
faithful service in minor positions and
not as a reward for political services a
he Easy Food
Easy to Buy,
Easy to Cook,
Easy to Eat,
Easy to Digest.
uaker Oats.
At all grocers
in 2-lb.pkgs.
.my THE...
Louisville & Nashville
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