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Great Tariary, lowestprices. InBtruc
tion and dark room free. Photo
supplies of Tery description.
228 South Main st.
Frtstriptfofli Dispensed..
DisDensed at our Ktore will nn(H
disappoint the doctor. Ask him I
about us and by all means follow
'his advice.
.j v- -r- -v" - -
Anti-Thomas Mam
Placed on the Investi
gating Committee.
This Has Caused Con
siderable Comment.
All Meetings Will b'e Behind
Closed Doors.
First Session Held Friday " Nights
Members Mum. '
The personnel of the committee
which was appointed by President
C. T. Iuman, of the Board of Educa
tion, to make the investigation au
thorized by the resolution passed at
the meeting Tuesday night, has
caused much comment.
The resolution was introduced by
Mr. Kelley and it was generally ex
pected that he would be made chair
man of the committee. Instead of
that, however, Mr. C. B. Raymond,
who is considered one of Prof.
Thomas' warm friends, was placed
at the head. Mr. Kelley and Mr:
Frese, who took the lead in bringing
about the investigation, were not
even made members of the commit
tee. Perhaps this fact would not
have attracted so much attention, if
it were. not for the fact that Dr. F. C.
Heed was named as a member. He
is generally considered to be very
friendly, to Prof. Thomas. A nephew
of Dr. Beed is now a teacher "in ' the
High school. His appointment was
recommended by Prof. Thomas.
This may not influence the action of
Dr. Beed, but those who are anxious
to have the investigation a thorough
one would rather not have Dr. Reed
a member.
J. T. Diehm lias heretofore been a
Thomas supporter. He is another
member of the committee. S. P.
Hartzell and W. E. Slabaugh, the
remaining m'emb'ers of the commit
tee, arc said to be neutral.
A number of citizens expressed
surprise Friday that Mr. Imnan had
not given at least one of the anti
Thomas men a place "on the commits
tee. By doing so, nil suspicion of a
whitewash investigation would have
been removed.
The investigating committee will
conduct all meetings behind closed
doors. All testimony submitted will
be guarded with the greatest se
crecy. A member of the Board said
Tuesday that no information will bo
furnished the people until the com
mittee's report is submitted.
The committee met Friday night,
A plan of procedure was adopted.
Members decline to say anything for
Rich's horseshoing shop will be
closed Decoration day, May 30.
Grand sacred concert, Duquesne
orchestra of Pittsburg, at Randolph
park, Sunday.
SummltlLake Park.
Special Decoration day attraction
at Summit lake park theater. Don't
fail to attend.
Special Sale
31k Department
Commencing: Monday, May 29th.
M. 0'Neil & Co
Officials Discussed It at
Chief Objections Removed Preparing
For Greater Akron.
An informal joint meeting was
held by the County Commissioners,
the General Improvement Commit
tee of the City Council and the Presi
dent, Secretary and Municipal.Com
mittee of the Chamber of Commerce
with a view to determine the proper
lines of the annexation of the city's
The new proposed boundary leaves
the eastern boundary of city prac
tically as it is, annexes a portion of
land south of Hart allotment, an
nexes tp.e Steiner allotments on the
south of the city, placing the. control
of lands around Summit lake
with the city, extends the
western line of the city
from a point west of the Manchester
road, includes the partially
improved and allotted lands west of
the city running north along Fast St.
to a point north of West Market st.,
then easterly to Ohio canal to a line
west of Ely st., then northerly to in
clude that portion of North Hill al
ready built up. crossing Howard st.
beyond Chalker's Landing to a line
leading south across the east end of
Lods st. from which the present cor
poration line is followed to the
southeast corner of the city bound
aries. It is the desire of the im
provement committee to place this
line at.a point where the city has
been built and will naturally build
to during the next 20 years, it being
nearly that many years since the
last annexation took pla?e.
By this plan the farm lands in the
southeast and northwest, which
proved the stumbling blocks in pre
vious proposed annexation, have
been left out. As far as possible
without making a very irregular
line, vacant farm lands' lmv- boon-
left out, except where between two
built-up portions which it was de
sired to annex. Nearly all portions
included are partially built up, im
proved and allotted and their owners
employed or benefited by the city's
Grand sacred concert, Duquesne
orchestra of Pittsburg, at Randolph
park, Sunday.
Candidate Foe Recorder.
Mr. E. E. Stein, one of Stow town
ship's well known Democrats, an
nounced today that he will be a can
didate for the Democratic' nomina
tion for County Recorder.
Mr. Stein served in the gallant
Sixth Ohio Cavalry from 1863 to the
close of the war. He is a member of
the G. A.R. He is a thrifty farmer,
was one of the organizers of the
Franklin and Green Farmers' Insti
tute, a prominent member of the
Summit County Horticultural soci
ety, and has hosts of acquaintances
throughout the city and county.
yGrand sacred concert, Duquesne
orcnestra oi .rntDurg, at .uanuoipn
park, Sunday.
Decoration Day Theater.
Special matinee at Summit lake
part Decoration day, May 30.
Grand sacred concert, Duquesne
orcnestra oi i-iusDurg, at Kanaoipn
park, Sunday.
After this date I will not be re
sponsible for any debts contracted in
my name unless personally ordered
by me. J. R. Ev.vxs,
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
Grand sacred concert, Duquesne
orchestra of Pittsburg, at Randolph
park Sunday.
Neil Co.
To Remove the Case
To the United States
Circuit Court Filed.
John Jockers Answers
His Wife's Charges.
He Says She Has Treated Him
With Cruelty.
She Is Welcome to Return Court
House News.
The Central Union Telephone com
pany has filed a petition in Common
Pleas court asking that the injunc
tion case, commenced against it by
the city, to restrain it from unlaw
fully tearing up the local streets, be
removed to the United States Circuit
court for the . Northern District of
Ohio. The petition will be heard in
Common Pleas court Monday. The
Central Union is represented by
Squires, Sanders fc Dempsey of
Cleveland, and Sauder fc Rogers of
Husband's Complaint.
John Jockers, the defendant in a
divorce case commenced by Margaret
Jockers, has filed a sensational
He denies all charges of cruelty
made against him and his daughter-
in-law. He says that for a year past
he has been confined to his bed by
sickness. During that, time he says
hit wife, neglootoii to care for him,
refusing to pass medicine or water,
even though it was near at hand.
He alleges that sue lias aDaiiuoncu
him. He says she is welcome to re
turn to his home at any time. He
asks the court to modify the injunc
tion heretofore issued so that he can
sell his persjonaPproperty or obtain a
Inn. nM,5o id nanacc4itr 1, a nlnimc
jutllJ. xnia a u(;b&ijnuij , u muiiiioi
m order to raise" funds to care for
him. If refused, lie .says, he will
suffer for want of proper treatment.
Weitzman Guilty.
The jury in the case of the State vs.
David Weitzman was out less than
an hour. A verdict of guilty was re
turned. Weitzman was indicted on
a charge of embezzlement. He has
filed a motion for a new trial.
New Cases.
Grace Hill Martin vs. Wm. H.
Eagling. Foreclosure. Amouut$l,
000. Harold D. Evans vs. John G. War
wick et al. Partition of 228 acres in
Franklin township.
Cross Petition.
Mrs. A. L. Baker has filed a cross
petition in the the case of Wm. Wal
lace vs. Julia A. Spicer et al. She
alleges that the defendant is indebt
ed to her on a mortgage note, in the
sum of $2,345.14.
Will Filed.
The will of the late Abram B.
Spicer of Bath, has been filed. He
gives all of his property to his
widow, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Spicer.
Grand sacred concert, Duquesne
orchestra of Pittsburg, at Randolph
park, Sunday.
The Plant of the D. F. Morgan Com
pany Additions.
The C. L. Goehring Manufacturing
company will purchase the plant of
the Morgan Boiler company, in
which the Goehring factory is now
Plans are iow being drawn for an
addition to the factory. It will bo
about 300 feet long, 50 feet wide and
one story high.
Declared Off.
The field day exercises of the Akron-High
school to have been held at
Fountain Park Saturday afternoon
were declared off. They will prob
ably be held next Wendesday'at the
same place.
On next Friday the Akron .High
high school boys will go to Canton
and hold a joint field day with the
Canton High school boys.
Grand -sacred concert, -Diiqiicima
orchestra of Pittsburg, at. Kamlolplt
park, Sunday.
NEW SCHEDULE The proprie
tors of barber shops have withdrawn
their pbjection and the new schedule
for closing the shops earlier than
usual on Wednesday and Saturday
nights has gone into offect.
i B. s. do doe: a
i xjg-?-r qfg
Refrigerators ana
Porch Furniture
We desire to call your
attention to. In all
these we show the best
in quality, the largest
variety and will seU
you cheapest.'
B. L Dodge
124-126 S. Howard St.
On payments.
"All the funny records."
220 S. Main st.
DECORATION DAY"'-". Ii,.iiii izeu
by steam boat excursions at 9 a.m.
and 1 p.m. Grand regatta races and
other sports. An elegant spread at
Hark hotel. Plates will be set lor
200 guests. J. D. Kassinger is steam
boat mayor, Frank E. Brown, land
Will be Recommended In Care of
Councilman Frank Brown and
Mrs. x. K. Fouser, representing the
city, and Mrs. A. Adamson and Rev.
A. B. Church, representing the
Union Charity association, who were
delegates to tlie annual conference
of the Charity and Correction society,
which closed a week's convention at
Cincinnati Tuesday night, are pre
paring to submit their rcpott.
The city delegates will submit
their report to city council Monday
night and will likely recommend
several improvements in the system
of caring for the city's worthy poor.
All the delegates report the conven
tion as being of a very interesting
and instructive character and have
brought home with them many new
and useful ideas, which they hope
may be materialized for the good of
local charities.
PENSIONS Mrs. Elizabeth
Steese of Akron, has been granted an
original pension of $12 per month
and Albert Cole of Cuyahoga Falls,
of $S per month.
Local rain and probably thunder
storms tonight'nnd Sunday.
m 3 K m I m
m en is a vi n n
j the j
which '
Asked the Sheriff to Stop
the Show.
He Will Not Act Unless a Warrant Is
Issued to Him.
Sheriff Frank G. Kelly informed a
Democrat reporter Saturday that
ministers of the Evangelical Alli
ance had called on him Friday. .
They wanted him to arrest the
managers of the Lakeside casino
Sunday- if a performance was given.
He answered that he would not ar
rest them unless he was provided
with a warrant. While the preach
ers did not say anything further, it
is almost a foregone conclusion that
warrants will be issued. Should
such be the case, ft is said that bonds
will be furnished for air appearance
in court, hence the performance will
not be interrupted.
But No Session of Police Court
The Charges.
Although there were plenty of
cases no Police court was held Sat
urday. -
Perry W. Brasseli has been arrest
ed on the charge of stealing a watch
belonging to Fred Wolf, 102 Char
lotte st.
John Henry, East North st., has
been arrested for the alleged using
of profane language, on information
filed by Michael Zoltan.
Henry Burkdolph, Charles Cooney
and Mike Gallagher arc charged
with disorderly conduct on the po
lice calendar. It is alleged they en
gaged'ina free-for-all fi!rlitainNorth
Howard stTTast bunuay".- -Alice
'McGinnis has been arrested
at the instigation of Kate McGowan.
She is charged with assault and bat
tery. Chas. Veon and H. J. Hurbruck
are registered as drunks.
Have you ever used a Jahant Hot Blast Fur
nace? Now is your time. Jahant & Co., 166
S. Howard St., successors to Jahant & Weber.
Tax Duplicate Will be
Larger This Year.
A Heavy Loss by the Settlement of
an Estate
The verbal reports maijo to Audi
tor Sisler by the various ward as
sessors, iudicates that there will be
a gain of from' $400,000 to $500,000 in
the city's tax duplicate.
The manufacturers have been or
dered to file their own returns. There
is a considerable increase in that de
partment. The assessors have add
ed considerably to other valuations.
The Second ward will show a de
crease. This is due to the settle
ment of the Cornell estate. Practi
cally all of this property is taken
away from Akron. Iiast year the
executors of the estate returned
$223,000. This year the valuation is
$25,000, a loss of $198,000. Aside from
that one loss there is a good gain in
the ward. In the townships it is
about even with 18SI8.
The original and the pioneer of the "Hot
Blast" is the Jahant Hot Blast Furnace. The
Jahant Co., 166 S. Howard st., successors to
Jahant & Weber
Boedickkk Mrs. Alice Boedicker
of 200 North Main st., aged 27 years,
and 8 months, died Friday, May 2(5,
of typhoid fever. Funeral services
will he conducted Sunday afternoon,
at 2 o'clock at the residence. Akron
lodge No. 1 of the Pathfinders will
have charge of the services at the
A HA5IH Richard Adams, of Point
Lookout, Porl a go township, aged 72
vears, 1 mouth and 8 days, died Fri
day evening, May 2(i, at li o'clock, of
la grippe and kidney tiouble. Ho
was a-gardener. Kuueral Sunday at
10::S0oclock al, the North Mill M. K.
Grand sacred concert, Djiquusnu
orchestra of Pittsburg, at Randolph
park, Sunday.
Established In 1881 One of the
Successful and Leading Firms
of Akron.
Nothing succeeds like success, but
honesty, integrity, fair and honorable
business dealings are necessary to
establish confidence, which in
variably brfngs success. This is true
and applies to the business career of
Mr. Nicholas A. Laskaris, who began
business June 11, 1831, in the frame
building, corner South Howard and
Cherry sts.
In this location, he built up an
enormous wholesale and retail trade,
but the recent fire and lack of
room and more modern equipment,
to conduct his constantly increasing
business; necessitated his providing
larger quarters.
The handsome, three-story, press
ed brick building now occupied at
No. 1G2 S. Howard st., is especially
adapted in every way to the business
of Mr. Lasknris. The interior ar
rangement and furnishings are ele
gant. The office, with gallery, is
fine and spacious. A metal ceiling
artistically decorated adds to the
general appearance.
The beautiful onyx soda fountain,
with fine oak canopy and French
plate mirrors, costing $1,500, is one
of the finest in the state. An invit
ing and pleasant feature is the ice
cream parlor, which is comfortably
and richly furnished. .The entire ar
rangement is up-to-date in every
One of the important departments
of the concern is foreign fruits,which
are purchased direct from the im
porters by car loads. Olive oil is al
so received direct from Sparta,
Greece, from the orchard owned by
Mr. Laskaris. Pure olive soap for
toilet use, is importe'd from Turkey
and a full line of other imported
goods is shown.
A large force is employed to manu
facture ice cream and candies, and is
under the direction of a candy and
ice cream maker direct from Paris,
whose skill and ability is unques
tioned. The machinery used in this depart
ment is the best and latest improved,
and is in keeping with the increas
ing orders for both home and foreign
BANKRUPT Moses Schlos of
Barberton, has filed a petition in
bankruptcy. His liabilities aggre
gate $2,500.
dren of St. Mary's church will take
.their first communion Sunday.
ENJOYED An excellent concert
was enjoyed at the Grace M. E.
church Friday evening.
grocers of the city will close their
stores all day Memorial day.
CONCERT The Southern Jubilee
singers gave a concert in the First
Baptist church Friday evening.
were served at the West Congrega
tional church Friday evening by the.
APPLIC ANTS Recent applica
tions for enlistment at the U. S. re
cruiting office are Ben Hammer of
Cauton, and Jesso A. Francis, of
AVANTED Figures for hauling
dirt to fill in No. 172 S. Maple street.
Dirt already secured. Will be on
premises June 1st, from 9 to 12 a.m.
Mrs. Hattie L. Williams. Address
General Delivery, Cleveland, O.
There are 92 patients from Summit
county in the asylum at- Newburg.
The quota is 75.
nual strawberry lunch and supper
given by the Ladies' Cemetery asso
ciation at the First Congregational
church Friday at noon and in the
evening, was quite well patronized,
the gross receipts being about $125.
A good time socially was enjoyed by
all the patrons, and the refreshments
were of an excellent quality. The
proceeds will be placed in the treas
ury of the association and will from
time to time bo applied to ornamen
tal improvement of the cemetery
THE FEATURES An enjoyable
entertainment was given by the G.
A. R. in their hall Friday night.
Features of the program were selec
tions by the Congregational Sunday
school orchestra, solos by W. Clar
ence Findley and recitations by Miss
mal opening or tho Lakeside casino
will take place tomorrow. Tho same
class of excellent entertainers that
visited this popular resort last year,
have been booked for the ensuing
season. Harry Hawn, who has had
charge of the Casino since it was
established, will act. as manager this
year. A first -class bill isoffered for
the opening week.
HUN TO TUB I'AUK The rails
and nlber material for the siding to
be rim from I lie I'., A. & ('.tracks
into Randolph park has been ordered
by thu Akron & Cuyahoga Falls
Rapid Transit Co., and a large force
i i
iDccoration Day
0 gyiay 30th
In the New
I After
noon and Evening
Music under the direction of H. S. MOREY.
Sunday Band Concert commencing June 4th.
M Quesne orcnestra or Pittsburg
Sunday, May 28th,
of men is at work on the grading.
The siding, which will extend about
three-fourths of a mile, will be com
pleted by June 5. By this improve
ment cars will be run right into the
park withoui change or transfer.
Buchtel college picnic to have been
held at Long lake Saturday was
postponed indefinitely on account'of
the inclement weather. A social
session of college students will be
held in Crouse Gymnasium tonight.
Whitney for ssome time past has
been doing washing for the Von J
Kanel. sisters, who conduct a res
taurant on East Market st. The
sisters accuse Mrs. Whitney with
having kept ont a shet from a wash
ing done recently, and held Mrs.
Whitney's basket as pay for the
sheet. The accused claims she is not
...M.. ..f 4-1 si n-irrtiinn ntlfl 1 -! t rl
gUIIl. III uiu Uiicuac .win uiuugii
suit in Justice E. J. Hard's ceurt to
reeoverJ he basket. A hearing was
given the case Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
Special Matinee.
Special Decoration Day at fractions
at Summit lake park theater. .Special
Change Will Be Made.
Current reports regarding the
changing of the Erie passenger sta
tion into a freight depot and running
the passenger trains of that road in
to the Union station, state that the
ehamre has been 'authorized and
will bo made in a very short time.
In a ri'cent issiio of the Dk.mockat
mention was made that such a
change was being contemplated.
Grand sacred concert, Duquesne
orchestra of Pittsburg, at Randolph
park, Sunday.
Buggies For Dolls.
Just received a stock of doll bug
gies. See them displayed in house
hold department, 2d floor, at J. .1.
Brasaemle's, successor to P. R.
Smith's 5c and 10c store, IIS South
Howard st. Phone i;W.
Local news on inside.
iftdkes the food more delicious and wboJe50inr&
m o -a
a lomo
6 mm w
Kk v
fcy -fclno-
2:30 to
6 p.m.
Literary and Eiocutionary
Monday Evening, May.29
...AT THE...
1st. M.E. CHURCH
Of Pittsburg, Pa., under the auspices
of the Epworth League of the First
M.E. Church.
Admission 25c Children 15c
Spiritual, Baptismal and
Ordination Services-
Will be held this
Grand Army Hall
Don't fail to attend this baptismal
service. Lecture and spirit messages
bv Rev". Day of Philadelphia. Sub
ject of lecture, "The Day of Ignor
ance." Servicesopen at7:30 standard
I O- A. Goddard
I. k-rr"iii
!S82 XilU&UW UUW'"6
W. J. EiyfEfiY M.
193 South Howard st.
Tel. 164
Res. 1041 S. Main
Tel. S61...
EXCURSION C. S. WillTord, ex
cursion "agent of the Cedar Point
pleasure resort, and V. 1). Under
wood, general manager of the B. &
O. R. R., have arrrnged for an excur
sion to CVdar Point, near Sandusky,
under tho auspices of the Ladie-' Aid
society, of Barberton.

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