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T7- I
We are more than sur
prised at the suits that
have been going out of our
cloak room this last. week,
hut when the values are
considered it is little won
der that we are having a
heavy trade in this line.
Green and brown suits made of
ladles' cloth.
Grey, green and bine suits made
in latest style, well worth $10,
we bought them cheap and we
sell them cheap.
Tan, grey and green suits, can't
be bought anywhere for less than
Navy blues, Venetian cloth, lined
throughout, was $12.50.
Fancy grey mixed a'nd dark blue
suits, very stylish.
All the latest styles in linen and
pique skirts, trimmed, from
25c to $3.75
SF25 per cent, discount on all
Silk Remnants
150-152 South Howard St.
June . .
Everybody Invited
Tickets for Adults. $1.00
Children 55c
This includes round trip fare on
railroad and on passenger steamboats
plying between Sandusky and Cedar
Point every 30 minutes, also f reo ad
mission to dancing floor and to the
vaudeville opera.
Special train leaves Akron Union
Depot at 6:30 a.m., arriving at Cedar
Point at 9:30 a.m., returning train
leaves Sandusky at 7 p.m., arrive in
Akron at 10 o'clock p.m.
The members" of the association in
vite others not belonging to the
association to join them in this ex
cursion and outing.
B. P. "WERNER, )
M. J. HOYNES, I Ex. Com.
President of Association.
For week ending Saturday.
June 17.
8 lbs lump bulk starch for 24c
1 lb of 60c Ceylon or Assam
tea and 1 lb S. & G's 25c Java
and Mocha coffee (85c worth of
ourchoicestgoods) for 65c (Cey
lon's best for iced teas.)
1 lb shred cocoanut for 13c
15 lbs granulated sugar and 1
lb 45c Star baking powder for
The claim that all other bak
ing powders other than the
highly advertised war priced
article will cause dyspepsia in
hot biscuit. "Whnt if that man
should die and his secret with
him? What a calamity! 70,
000,000 people and only one man
to make a dyspeptic proof bak
ing powder!
New Light on an Old Subject.
Do you suppose for one min
ute the pure food law of Ohio
would permit the sale of Star
baking powder if it were im
pure? Thousands testify to its
superior value by practical tests
This week's Star Special
should interest you, practically
costing you 13c per pound
Can rubbers, white or black,
4c per doz., 3 doz. for 10c
164 S. Howard st.,
Tel. 626. Next to Lasknris' Fruit
store. K. B. iJidles' exclusive tollft
room In our store.
John G. Engelhart. AVm. F. Kckart
Engelhart & Eckart f
Plumbers, gyask i
Mfrs.ofthe Engelhart Hot Water
Generator. J
311 E. Mill St. Tel. 45
See Sons of Veterans' exhibition
drill Randolph park Sunday.
Pure Water Used by E. J. Alderfer
For Soda Fountain, Baking
and DrinkingTurposes.
Owing to the extremely warn and
sultry condition of the weather dur
the past few days the soda fountains
throughout thecitj'have beensizzing
and fizzing busily. A popular place
at which cool, delightful and refresh
ing drinks are dispensed uuder an
entirely new system is at E. J.
Alderfer's confectionary and cater
ing establishment, 160 Main st.
About three months asro, Mr. Al
derfer secured from Crandall & God-
lev. New York, at a cost of $400, an
hvdraulic filter and soda water
charging apparatus. This is the only
device of the ktnd in operation in the
State. It is giving excellent satis
faction, and not only produces a
superb quality of soda with phos
phates and fruit juices, but also
filters and purifies all the water used
in the restaurant. There is nothing
finer than a glass of soda drawn
from this fountain. During its use
Mr. Alderfer's business has increased
about one-third and is still growing.
The hydraulic filter; in fact the
whole apparatus is a fine combination
of technical mechanism'. The drinks
produced by it are purer and more
delicious than those produced by
other fountains.
The Alderfer establishment is aUo
headquarters for the famous Veruer
ginger ale. There is no pepper in the
drink to burn the throat only the
purest ginger.
Mr. Alderfer uses nothing but rock
candy syrup and fruit juices in the
dispensing of soda water.
Eat frog legs and spring chickpn
with F. X. Menegey at Randolph
park tomorrow at 5 p.m.
Send you name on a postal card and
we'll send our furnace catalogue.
The Jahant Co.,
166 South Howard St.
To Exhibit His Power at the Grand Opera
House Wednesday and Thursday
The Roy Phenomenon, who is
billed to startle this community
Wednesday and Thursday nights by
exhibitions of his magnetic power, is
thus spoken of by the Philadelphia
"The "Bov Healer" held forth at
the Academy of Music last evening.
He had advertised to cure free of
charge all classes of diseases, simply
by the laying on of hands.
The doctor had a full house. It was
packed from the stage to the upper
most gallery seat. Long before the
hour set for the appearance of the
"terror to pain and suffering" the
doors were closed and hundreds were
left standing on the sidewalk outside
of the building. Nothing like it has
ever before been seen. Some of the
people were skeptical, others confi
dent; some had sick friends, others
were sick themselves; all were there
to ascertain what he had to say or do.
He was not long in settling the ques
tion of his ability to do as he had
promised the rheumatic men threw
aside their canes; they danced for
joy at their changed condition; an
aged lady gave thanks tHat her pain
had been removed ; a man afflicted
with locomotor ataxia was greatly
benefited, but this is usually looked
upon as incurable. For forty-five
minutes he plied his vocation and a
dozen persons were benefited or
Those on crutches and .canes, the
rheumatic and paralyzed, blind and
deaf, of Akron and vicinity, are
especially invited to be present and
to be treated free of charge.
Dancing at the Gorge
every week day afternoon and
evening. tf
Mr. Warren A. Willmott, manager
of the National Manufacturing Co.
of Cleveland, and one of the pro
prietors of tho Actual Business col
lege of this city, and Miss Edith
Hummell, who has "been with Stein
er & Co., for two years, will be mar
ried by Rev. T. F. Mahar, Tuesday,
June 11th. Both Mr. Willmot and
Miss Hummell have many friends in
this city. They will reside in Cleve
land. Dr. E. A. Montenyohl returned
home from Columbus, where he had
been in attendance upon the conven
tion of the American Medical asso
ciation. Other Akron physicians
attending the convention returned
home earlier in the week. They were
Drs. W. W. Leonard, J. W. Rabe, E.
S. Underwood, J. V. Cleaver and W.
C. Jacobs.
Climax Ranees are beautiful in deslgm
and uerfect in nneralinn.
Thp Tahant fn.
166 South Howard St.
Eat frog leg and spring chicken
with F. X. Monegay at Randolph
park tomorrow at 5 p.m.
Sacred concert by Duqucsne Or
chestra at Randolph park Sunday.
Cornet solo, "Young America," by
Big. Leon Prevost, Randolph parli,
For Forgetting to Hitch His Horse
Police Court.
G n. Mike W. Hoye wa9 lined 10 aii'l
costs by Mayor V. K. Young for leaving
his horse unhitched. At the time of go
ing to press he had not paid his tine.
The cases against Adam Grosjean mid
Wm. Metzler for barbering on Sunday,
were continue 1 until Tuesday.
John Donley drunk, $2 and cosls.
"I confess this Philippine problem
puzzles me." remarked the man with
the high forehead. "I don't know what
I t-hould do if I were in Prehident Mc
Riuley's place."
The man witli the short neck jumped
up and grasped him by the hand.
"I am delighted to meet yon, air.'
be said. "Yon are the first and only
man I have seen yet wjio conldn't take
right bold of this Philippine business
and knock the daylight out of. it!"
Chicago Tribune.
Bull Pup Was Ruled Out
of It.
Two Litigants Pounded Each Other
to 'a Finish.
There was nothing slow about the
Galvin-Scully lawsuit in Justice
Thomas' court: this morning. The
difficulty between the men was de
scribed in Wednesday's issue of the
Democrat. The decision was
awarded to Galvin.
As soon ns Galvin and Scully
reached the street, as they left the
temple of justice, they immediately
fell to scrapping, and before they
could be separated had injured each
other considerably. They will be ar
rested. Several women were witnesses at
the trial. Things were not harmon
ious among the witnesses and the
women were separated. Standing
outside the court room, three of the
women vociferously denounced the
necessity of their being called as
witnesses on such a case.
"We're ladies," said one, "and to
thunder with being hauled up here."
"I hate to be crowded out into the
hall when I've got a whole handful
of 'speenies,' " said a young woman
to a Democrat reporter. "I'll be
blamed if 1 don't kick the door in, if
I've got to stay out here much long
er." Justice Thomas ruled the "bull
pup" out of the evidence.
Detroit Gasoline Stoves ready for In
stant use.
The Jahant Co.,
166 South Howard St.
Boston Ledges.
Chicken dinner served June 11.
Sacred concert by Duquesne Or
chestra at Randolph park Sunday.
Of Grocer J. T. Diehm Had Taken
Down the Sign.
J T. Diehm. grocer, 402 East Exchange
tieet, thinks a gross injastice was done
him by ABiMant Pure Food Commis
sioners M rtin Cowen and William Martin
in causing his airest and having him fined
550 and costs for elling oleomargeiine
without a sign.
It is tiue. the i-ign was down when the
commissioners entered the store It had
been taken down a short time before to
permit a painter to paint the ceiling. Mr.
Diehra has sold leo" for 5 years and
ilwajs has had the sign up. According
to the facts in the care it is plain th
proseculion was unjust.
Take steamer for Long Lake park.
8 a.m. and 1 p.m daily; Sundays 9
and 1 :30.
Boston Ledges.
Fine chicken dinner June 11.
Books now open for collection of'
taxes. Please come early.
L. C. Miles, Treasurer.
In All the Races Friday
Fine Sport Given by the Akron
Driving Club.
If the first matinee of the Akron Driv
ing Club vts a sample of the sport to be
iven every Friday during the summer
months, there is much pleasure and en
joyment ahead for the members and for
those citizens who enjoy the fast harness
The five races pulled off at Fountain
Park Friday af tsrnoon were all hotly con
tested. The drivers were out to win and
they fought for first place as though their
lire nepenatu on u i ne winners were
given blue ribbons, second honors being
evidence by blue ones Dr L S. Ebright
acted as starting judge He is a model
official. .
The different events were as follows:
Trot -Half mile heats:
Dino, P. O'Brien, 1-1.
Hal. V r. Baum, 8-2.
Walter M, P. McCourt, 2-3.
Albert E., F. Derrig, 4-4.
Spot, J. Crile. 5-5.
I). K. Wilkes, R. McAllister, 6-6
Time, 1:29J-1,2S.
Trot Mile beats:
Spider, Wm. Cassel, 1-1.
Grace Elyria. E. Gauyard, 2-3.
Decurum, A. T. Paige, 3-2.
.luck Rabbit, J. R. McAllister, l-d
Time, 2:42-2:40. ,
Pare Mile heals:
Witchette. .1. Pringle, 1-1.
Contender Maid Mrs. Enliart, 2-3.
8ir Hal. F. A. Fiiuvtx, 3-2.
Star Croop, H. Dellenberger, 4-4.
Time, 2:435-2:42
Trot Mile heats;
Pat. Wilkc", C. Thomas, 1-1.
Pathfinder, Irvin Manton, 3-2.
Hay Torn, R. Try on, 2-3.
Time. 2:;S-i:41.
Puce Mile heats:
Mageie A.. I!. Alters, 1-1.
Dick If., E. Harnett, :-2.
Vnlp'iriiso. 0. Wigblmnn, 3-3.
C'hirliy R., John Reed, 4-1.
Time, 2:41-2:38.
Special Sale Sheet Music
See the display in our show window at
10c Per Copy
Same music worth 75c goes at 10c during this sale at
Drhr 3 s. Howard street.
PIANOLA recital this afternoon and evening.
iftl I
lite I 1
E Are headquarters for I
! rrf iiffirft I
i lltil LI' 1 1 U 1 Us
Gasoline Stoves
Ice Cream Freezers
Lawn Mowers
Grass Catcher
Lawn Mowers
Hose and Reels
Screen Doors
Window Screens
Wire Cloth
Poultry Netting
Stoves, Ranges
Slate Roofing
Spouting and
Roofing of all kinds
216-218 South Wain st.
Phone 314.
WE t-iJWE:
We will make this suggestion:
OUR method of transacting business liu-
been before the people of this community
for many years, and Is Indorsed by the
b"st people of Akron and Summit Co.
WE have earned the good opinion of the
nubile br reason of our having carried oul
at all times all promises made the public
through tho Democrat.
WHEN WE SAY Wo will loan you more
money than any other
company will on tin." same
security WE MEAN IT.
WHEX WE SAY "We will enter into a con
tract which will allow you
two years' time, if neces
nry, to pay us AVE
WHEX AVE SAY AVo will allow you addi
tional time in case of mis
fortue AVE JIEAN IT.
WHEX AVE SAY AVe will not record at the
court hou'.e mortfinses
given us from responsible
parties AVE MEAN IT.
WHEN AVE SAY That all our transactions
are private and confiden
WHEX AVE SAY AVe can save you from $1
to 110 on the cost of a loan
AVHEN AVE SAY You can have money
within one hour's notice,
if necessary AVE MEAN
AA'E will make loans from $5 to $1,W0 on
AVatches, Diamonds. Household Goods,
Pianos, Organs, Horses, AVagons, Carriages,
Store and Office Fixtures, Merchandise.
Stocks, Iionds, Jewelry, Hulldlng Associa
tion Hooks, Insurance Policies. Rents, Con
Elegant Private Offices.
Nathan IVI. Berk,
193 South Howard St.,
li round
Nobby Tan
Shoes and
Jsone of our specialties this
season. The stock is entire
ly new. anil exclusive. In
Men's and Boy's
Tans we are shovving a line
never equaled for the price
in the city.
Tel. No. 1453
158 S. Main st.
AVANTKD A mnn to work on Boston
Led po farm: must bo a good milker. Ap
ply to AA'm. II. Evans, lnsuranco ngont.
HARRY A. HAWN, Manager.
Week Commencing Monday Mat
inee, June 5.
The great comedy trio
The world's greatest whistler
jSew York's great singing and
monologue artist
Late of Wm. West's Minstrels
Musical wonders
2 Performances' Daily .2
Afternoon 2.:S0 Evening 8.30
15c Car Fare, Round Trip
Car fare, admission to grounds and
free seat in theater. .
Buy Tickets of Conductors
11 HI
Week commencing
Monday Matinee
Foster Bros.
We Sell Cheap
A law should be framed to hold chumplets
In check.
Before Admiral Dewey gets back;
If not, they will chase him all over the
He'll be harried, bedeviled, reduced to a
I en thousand weird female's may fall on
his neck
And give him the UotisoneMiue smack:
Just reflect!
The horrible Hobsonesque fciiiack!
The l.iw should be simple, succinct and
And the penalties something Immense;
No kkacr Mioulil get any less than a year.
And the wording should make it exceed
ing clar
That each kiss is a separate offense.
D'ye hear!
A specific and sepaiate offense!
The people who ask for a lock of his hair
Should be locked up for the rest of their
Each autograph fiend should be tracked
to his lair
And, sitting in stocks in some prominent
..Should bo loaded with ninety pound'
Then and there!
With clanking and ponderous gyves!
All babies named Dewey, where'er they
are found,
Should be promptly arrested and spank
ed; Their parents meantime being kept in the
While the bouvenlr sharks snould be rig
idly bound
And have all of their wisdom teeth
Clear around!
Their wisdom teeth leisurely yanked!
The minor offenders, as fast as run down,
Jlight' be keelhauled In bunches of four.
And then, when our conquerins hero
strikes town
He will have no occasion to rue his ro
nown And flee from tho blight of the bore.
Any more !
The blatant and back slapping bore!
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
MUplaccd Iillnrlty.
"Otir stage manager ia altogether too
"What lina he done now?"
"Stopped me from playing Hnmlet
because he said tho audience didn't
Iangh from the right motive. "Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
The Class of 1899.
Diplomas Awarded to the
A. H. S. Seniors.
First Honors Given
Miss Hammel.
Large Audience Heard
Various Orations.
The Program of Exercises and
A large audience attended the co m
mencement exercises of the senior cltss
of the Akron High school, Friday even
ing. Assembly Hall was beautifully deco
rated for the occasion with the cless
colors, red and while. The motto,
"Excelsior," was arranged above the
balcony railing. Music was furnished
by Prof. Stickle's orchestra. Rev. L. A.
Lindeiuuth invoked a divine blessing
upon the graduates. Miss Hattie Ham
raell was awarded first honor and Homer
Campbell second.
Those who received diplomas and their
subjects were as follows: Salutatory,
'Heirs Apparent," Homer Campbell;
Oration, "The Quakers in England and
America," Katherine Angne; Essay, ''The
Bulies of Our City," Jessie Dnrbin; Or
ation, "William Pitt," Elmer Gordon:
Essay, "Basket Ball," Louise Horix; Ora
tion, "Phidias, the Master of Art," Olive
DeLann; Oration, "Child-Life in Poetry,'
Elizabeth B. Behan; Oration, "The Peace
Proposals of the Czar, Lawrence Mihills;
Essay, "The Cartoons of the Spanish-
American War," Anna Ros'; Music, Or
chestra; Oration, "The Age of Leo X,"
Elizabeth Roberts; Reading, "Tommy Has
a Vacation," Bessie Sisler; Oration, "The
Drama of Faust and the Book of Job"
John Beck; Oration, "The Laureate of
the Anglo-Saxon People " Grace E. Mc
Neil; Essay, "Spontaneous .Combustion,"
BeDJ. C. Swinehart; Oration, "The Puri
tan and Cavalier iu American History,"
Pearl EHinwood; Oration, "Poland and
China," Minnie Carlton; Essay, "Lulla
bies," Sula Bauer; Oration. "The
Pi cine, the Mediterranean of the
Future," Ernest Schick; Reading, "Franz"
Pearl Shirey; Essay, "The Madonna in
Art," Georgia J. Anderson; Oration, "Ro
mola."jGertrude G. Holderbauni; Oration
"Catherine of Russia and Her Service t
Vmeric8,"Mollie AVachner; Oration, "Th
Future of China George F. Tlomas;
Valedictory, "Savontrola," Hattie Hum
mel, Mu-ic, Orchestra; Presentation of
Diplomas, Mr. Chas. T. Inman, President
Board of Education; Benediction, Rev.
These exercises '-The Beauties of Our
City," "The Cartoons of the Spanish
American War," and "The Madonna in
Art," were interestingly presented with
the assistance of stereopticon views.
The program for sacred concerts at
Randolph Park and the Gorge tomorrow,
are as follows:
Sid Morey, Director 1. March, "True
to the Flag," V. V. Blon; -2. Overture,
"Zanpa," Herold; 3. Trorabon Solo,
"Culver-Polka," played by Mr. Walter
Harris; 4 "Naughty Eyes," A rmand; 5.
Selection from Martha, Flotou. Intermis
sion; 6. Overture, "Willitm Tell, itossini;
7. "Down die Mississippi," Descriptive
Fantasia, Puerner; 8. Solo for Cornet,
"The Sodk Tiiat Reached Mv Heart."
played by Mr. Clark Foster, Jordan; 9.
Elegant Gavotte, Zimmerman; 10. "Galop
Alone," Wannemachar.
By the Famous Dujuesne Orchestra;
1. Overture, Poet and Peasant, Suppe; 2
Seh ction, Batter Flics, Beyer; 3, Spanish
Patrol, Characteristic, Tobani: 4. Concert
Valse. Nelida Crosby; 5. Selection, The
Army Chaplain, Millocker; Intermission I.
Overture, Jolly Robbers, Suppe; 2. Con
cert Solo, "Young America," Levy; Mr.
Leon Prevost; C.G. Conn, "Wonder Cor
nel nsed, 2. Sunrise in Summer, Descrip
tive Fantisir, Thiere; 4. March, Pride of
the 2nd Brigade, Prevosl; 5. Selection,
The Fortune Teller, Herbert; G. The Fa
mous uuqucsne urcnestra: uewitt t,
Coolman, Director.
Enjoyed by the the Royal Arch
Masons Degrees Conferred.
The Akron Free Masons had a royal
time Friday evening.
The Royal Ar h, or seventh degree, wis
Kiven by the local lodge and inspected by
.Masons from Cleveland, Medina, Warren,
Wooster, West Salem, Millersburg, Gal
ion, Marion and other places. Among
the distinguished visitors were Grand
High Priest B. D Babcock, of Cleveland;
Past Grand High Priest J. W. Iredell, of
Cincinnati, and Deputy Grand Hisjh Priest
O. P. Sperra, of Ravenna
Following the degree worlc all repaired
to the banquet hall where a sumpetuous
rrpast was spread Most Excellent High
Priest Geo. Billow was toafcttnastcr.
A number of impromptu speeches were
unday, June
Little Neck Clams
Sliced Tomatoes Cucumbers Olives
Cream of Chicken Consomme Royal
Baked Blue Fish ATatre de Hotel
Potatoes Serpentine Boiled Fremont Ham and Cabbage
Roast Prime Beef au J us Roast Young Turkey, Giblet Sauce
Roast Spring Lamb, Hint Sauce
Pineapple Water Ice
Dry Catawba. Wine Claret Wine Banana Fritters, Wine Sauce
Fricassee Sweet Breads en Cases Salimi of Duckjwith Olives
Chicken Salad Mashed potatoes New Potatoes in Cream
New Peas Creamed Onions Sweet Corn
Charlotte Russe " Strawberry Short Cake
New Chsrry Pie Orange ilarangue Pie Bisque Ice Cream
Mixed Nuts Assorted Cake Choice Fruits
Edom and American Cheese Bent's Crackers
Tea Milk Coffee Ice Tea
. D. BR0USE, Agf,
Mantels, Grates and Tiling
RE AT removal
over before
Prices to Suit Everybody
Wood Carpet and Parquet Floors. Estimates on
all kinds of marble Avork, tile Avork and ilosaic Avork.
TEL. 676 Cor. Howard and IVIil! sts.
Statements In Reference
to Lady Clerks.
Twenty-Second Annual Outing of M.
0'Neil & Co.'s Employes.
The clerks at M. O'Neil & Co.'
store are looking forward with
pleasant anticipations to the twenty
second annual outing to be held at
Silver lake, Monday evening, June
19. All of the 150 clerks Avill attend,
and Avith their invited friends, it is
thought the participants Avill num
ber at least 300.
No formal program Avill be ar
ranged. The first feature Avill be a
banquet at 5 o'clock. Impromptu
toasts -will follow, and then the re
maining part of the evening A-ill be
giA-en up to dancing, boating and
other amusements.
The dancing pa A'ilion and orchestra
at the park haA-e been secured for the
exclusiA-e use of the outing party.
The clerks are twitting one another
merrily about the subjects of their
toasts. An elderly gentleman clerk
says that in his toast he's going to
say that "Avhile this is the tAventy-i
second annual outing, nearly all the i
girls present attended the first." '
This little jest, lioAvever, is intem-e-1
Do You an"t A
Whv not bnv it hero Avliere
prices most reasonable. Vi:
You Avill find here one of the
D ojfu Co gg. Ap IJ ujo G
To be found in the city.
A full line of JUVENILE BICYCLES just received.
Repairing neatly and promptly done. Tho
I Union Cycle Co.
H 137 South Moln ., Phono IA52.
4Sc -to $2.50
Nobody can afford to buy a SHIRT
WAIST before looking at this stock. NeAv
styles arriving eA-ery dav as theA are made.
THE COOLEST suit in Akron is the PIQUE
SUIT,, Shirt and Waist for $3.00.
Look at the BIG DRIVE in Wrappers
at 75c, worth $1.00.
UNDERWEAR from 10c to 50c.
CORSET COVERS from 15c to $1.00.
KEEP COOIj by Avearingthe ALASKA
I.O.O.F. Tempi
Alain st.
sale of Wood Mantels.
cains in every style ; call and look
avc move.
ly burlesque, for everybody knoAVS
i that prettier, more vivacious or more
. pleasing young women cannot be
I found, and in their toasts the girls"
, will not be behind in repartee.
Free, Edison's Projectoscope, at
Lakeside park, Sunday evening; 7:30
to 9:30. J
Cornet solo, "Young America," by
Sig. Leon Prevost, Bandolph park,
Sacred concert by Duquesne Or
chestra at Bandolph park Sunday.
Books now open for collection of
taxes. Please come early.
L. C. Miles, Treasurer.
To be giA-en by -,
11 tt Itt
Sunday Afternoon and Evening
1. "Nigger Fricassee" Charac
teristic by Herbert L. Clarke
2. Overture from 'Osormandie"
3. March, Col. Boosefelt's Bough
Biders, Characteristic
. .. L. P. Laurendean
4. Waltz, "Militaire" .."Waldtaufel
5. "BainboAV Dance" Geo. Bosey
6. Xglaphone solo, selected
. . "Wm. Asmus
7. Overture, "Nadjv." Moses Tobani
8. March, "Fearless". . J. C. Beed
9. Waltz, "Visions of Paradise"
. C. W. Bennett
10. March. "La Bevue des
Clowns." Characteristic
L. P. Laurendean
11. Medlv Overture, "The Merrv
Soubrette" .... L. O.DeWitt,
12. March, "Columbia Phono
graph" ... . Burton.
tln assortment is
largest and
guarantee every wheel
most complete lines of

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