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Insist upon having: the
With the AKRON BAKERY TAG. It is
Poric PfAATi London Purple
1 01 15 III CC11 .hellebore
P. I St
Retired From Politics
Given Earl Martin.
Costs of Prosecution.
6 1 HjIvH It rC A
Ills a
Has Senator J.
Has a Score to Settle
With "the Gang."
Will Not be a Candidate
Tells What Caused- His Painesvilel
Throw Down."
Hon. J. Park Alexander is still a
big factor in Summit county politics.
His enemies paid just after
the Painesville convention that the
Senator had been permanently
shelved, and that he would never
again be heard from in a political
That they made a grievous mis
take in assuming this to be true, is
evidenced by Senator Alexander's
statement, made to a Diimookat re
porter Friday. He was asked if he
had retired from any active work in
directing tne altairs or ins party in
this city and county.
To this question he answered nit
emphatically, "No, sir!"
"Are you a candidate for the Re
publican nomination as Representa
tive," was asked.
"I am not a candidate and have so
informed my friends. I have been
asked i be a. candidate, but will not
accede to (he desires of those who
made the request."
"It hns been said that you would
not support the State ticket. Is that
"It is absolutely false. I am a
Republican and shall vote for the
"You refer to the state ticket. AVill
you oppose the renomination of
County Clerk E. A. Hershey or
Judge G. M. Anderson?"
"No sir, I will not. It would be
foolish to attempt to defeat them for
renomination. The time to make
the fight would be on the re
election." "Will you, if they are renominated,
work against them for re-election?"
Senator Alexander refused to
Special Reductions on
Dress Goods
Shirt Waists
Tailored Suits
Skirts and Jackets
Dispatcher Welker's Tes
timony at Inquest.
155-357 S. Howard street.
answer this question. He stated
that he prefered not to be quoted on
the matter at all. Later he made
this very significant remark: "I do
not believe that City or County
elections cut any figure at all in
national political aifairs."
During the conversation he placed
himself on record as favoring the
primary system of nominating dele
gates. This led to a discussion of
the convention at Painesville, at
which, it will be well remembered,
Senator Alexander was, for the
second time "slaughtered in the
house of his friends."
Referring to this, he said: "The
methods adopted to defeat mo at
Painesville were contemptible. It
was a cut throat ..game from begin
ning to end. The delegations from
this county to the convention were
selected for the purpose of defeating
me. Iu the wards the delegations
were put up by such men as Irv.,
France and Dave Phillip.- (of the
Told to Follow
Regular Car.
Two Brothers of Deceased
Were Examined.
Will Take
Oath Martin
Did Not
The inuuest to dibcover the cause
of the wreck on the A.B.&C. railway
line on the afternoon of July 7 was
continued by Coroner Leberman
Friday morning. The hearing of tes
timony began at 9 o'clock in the
court room of the City hall and con
tinued until about 11 o'clock, when
the inquest was adjourned until
Tuesday morning.
Surgeon's Statement.
Dr. T. C. Parks was the first wit
ness called. He is surgeon for the
A.B.&C. road, and told of the man
ner in which he found the victims of
the wreck, and of assisting in caring
for the injured. -Dr. Parks was con
tinuously with Earl T. Martin on the
journey from the scene of the wreck
to the City hospital, and was also
with him a creat deal of the time
during his stay at the hospital. Dr.
Parks testified that Mr. Martin had
made no statement to him relative
to thi cause of tho accident.
Did Not Know.
Vorhces McElroy of Bedford, was
called. At Houseley's cut McElroy
got on Enrl Martin's car and was
trolleyman on the trip to and from
Northfield switch. McElroy testi
fied that Martin had telephoned to
the dispatcher's oilice from Season's
switch, but did not hear what Mar
tin said.
'I didn't sec Martin get olf the car
Jury Fees Paid During
Last Fiscal Year.
u w
5 L o
S ... F-OR ...
I Saturday Only.
e c
Fines and Costs Col
lected by County.
At J. J. Brasaemles oc and 10c store,
P. R. Smith's Old Stand.
"The Big Store of Little Prices
This Week's Special
These Are Days to Make by Spending.
Wc are making most of conditions that favor users
of -roods. You will find in this 3-CENT SALE and r-CENT
SALE things yon need today, next week, next fall at prices
that yon are quite sensible to take advantage of.
Amount Compared
That Assessed.
We will make a Special Out of 25 per cent, on all
kinds of BRUSHES for SATURDAY ONLY. This
will include Tooth, Hair, Nail, Bath. Chothes, Shoe,
Baby. Hat, Complexion , and .everything else we may
have in the Brush line.
Allen-Clark Dru
oeooceoooooc60 90o30eeeo9ceoeso8aea
and Different
Purchased by the B. &
Control of Road.
0. Has
Fourth ward). After the delegates
.,, , , - - -,--, i -"j -.. - . -LaOforthfifid.ivltch,jior am X.pre
Itad been named, Tlind the writtenfed to say tlmt he r'elnained oe
pledges of 41 that they would support
me. Later on five withdrew, leaving
me 3G, or enough to nominate. Many
of these were church members and
Sunday school teachers. They went
to the convention and deliberately
violated their pledges. One
of those who had asked me
to be a candidate, and who
assured me of his support was Aaron
Teeple. He -went into the conven
tion after doing this and deliberately
voted against my nomination. This
job was put up ii year ago. If dele
gates had been selected by tho pri-
Continued on Last Page.
ii You never heard of such great bargains as (f
& we are dealing out this week in m
Boy's Waists JKr I
tf AT ONLY hd&t m
Genuine Dollar Star Waists (hist ji little fi
twenty-hve m
soiled,) Dollar Sateen Waists, Dollar Light Weight
Jblanneisand Uheviot Waists, all for
cents; and then read the great reductions on our
$3 Men's
I . Crash Suits:
$ $5 Men's
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p a. J
2 Uv ft
At "7 c we
and 1.50 this season's
are closing out our $1.25
latest style Straw
u; "" --. w w jl. -aw w? s e ($
car all the time. 1 was not paying
particular attention to him.
"Martin and I did not have any
particular conversation during the
trip. "We talkeel occasionally. Martin
spoke to me about his wife feeling
very much afraid of thunder storms.
When car No. 5 was first seen, I per
ceived that Martin was
Attempting to Stop
The car, on which we were riding.
Haward Martin was with his father
during the entire trip, and rode in
tne vestmuie or tne car. l was not
much injured in the wreck. I threw
the trolley off the wire and ran to
the front part of the car. where Mar
tin and his son lay entangled among
tne tunDers oi tne wreck. The only
words Martin said were, "Oh, how
did it happen!"
c Exact Orders.
Train Dispatcher Welker was
again called.
Mr. Welker said that he was not
familiar with the system used by
other roads.
"My exact orders to Martin were :
'Follow north bound car to Hoseley's
cut and then after making a change
of cars follow the next regular car
to Northfield." '
Martin's Brother.
Orin 15. jtfartin, of 514 East Ex
change St., a brother of Earl's, was
"I saw my brother at the hospital
about 7:30 on the evening of July 7.
He said to me: 'This is pretty
tough .after 14 years of railroading".'
I said, 'Brother, how did this hap
pen. ' -He saia, "J aon't Know: l
obeyed my orders.' My brother said
nothing to me about now the wreck
was caused. "
Did Not Know Who Was to Blame.
Charles L. Martin, 50: Wheeler st.,
another brother of Earl's called.
"My brother said to me at the
hospital, the evening of the wreck,
that ho didn't know who was to
blame for the wreck. He declared
that he had obeyed the orders given
him by the dispatcher."
John E. Kelly was again called.
Kelly said: "lean take an oath
that Martin didn't telephone from
Cases of
Scarlet Fever Police
Court News.
The name of Cassius C. Davison, a
well known Sixth ward doctor, ap
pears on tho police calendar. He is
charged with failing to report a case
of scarlet fever.
It is alleged he neglected to report
the case of scrlct fever of Belle, the
eight-year-old daughter of Mrs.E. A.
Philips of 987 East Market st. Dr.
Davison will probably bo arraigned
Kobort L. Mead and John Thomp
son, drunks, $2 and costs.
Foot Crushed.
Joseph Gast, a P. k W. brakeman,
of 113 Lorain st., had his foot crush
ed at 11 o'clock Friday.
As yet his foot has not been am
putated but it may be necessarv.
Gast is at the city hospital. He is
It is said that the Baltimore it
Ohio has purchased the Pittsburg &
Western bonds held by the Lake
Erie & Western, thus obtaining con
trol of the road.
The Pittsburg & Western is a very
valuable connection for the Balti
more & Ohio. It starts at Pittsburg
and runs to J airport, O., winch
makes it valuable as an ore and coal
carrying road. Incidently, it might
be said that it has done a vast
amount of business in that territory
for the B. & O. in the last few years.
The road has also a cross line to Buf
falo and one running from Warren,
O., west to Akron, where it makes
direct connection with the Western
division of the B. & O. It also has a
line running from Butler to Orinsby,
which is a valuable strip for freight
business. The railroad guides give
the road a total mileage of about
2,356 miles.
Concerning the future of the Cleve
land Terminal & Valley there is very
little doubt. It has been considered
for a long time as a part of the Balti
more & Ohio system and will pres
ently be taken in. The reorganiza
tion committee oi the itoyai -Blue
Lino is working so rapidly these
days that, any day may see the ab
sorption of the road announced.
Wouncls Inflicted
Guard Blocker.
Demon Hurley 'Always Known to be
Teacherous Man.
Sjuth Stephen J. aged 4 months,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, of
Thomastown, died Thursday, July
13, of Cholera infantum. Funeral
Saturday at 9:30 o'clock at St. Ber
nard's church. Interment iu St.
Bernard's cemetery.
Whitthxiierokk -Mary L.,aged 3
years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Ezra Whittenberger of Coventry
township, died Thursday, July 13, of
cholera infantum. Funeral Sunday.
But Found She Told the Truth.
"I have been a user of cofiee for
many years. Three years ago my
health failed, and in spite of the best
medical aid, the appetite failed and
I steadily lost strength and health.
I was finally forced to enter the
hospital here. I was here my old
friend coffee and I parted company
and I met my first substitute, Pos"
tum, and I must confess that the
way it was served, it was anything
but good, but leaving oir regular cof
fee and using Postum, oven weak
Postuin as it was, brought nie
In five months I left the hospital
and returned home, with the old
longing for a cup of Mocha and Java.
I found in my absence my good wife
had started to using Postum, and
coifee was a stranger on the table.
"Try this," she said, "if you do not
like it I will give you coffee." I did
so, but with an anticipated bad opin
ion. "Why, that is cofiee, is it not?"
I said after the first swallow, and not.
until after 1 had seen the nacknern
and examined its contents, was I
fully satisfied T was drinking Pos
tum. The difference was simply in the
making. Since that time," Postum
has been in daily use at our tabic,
and to it I attribute my present good
appetite and marked absenco of the
bad features or my illness which I
now directly trace, in a great, meas
ure, to the use of coffee.
I consider that one of the strongest
merits of Postum is that my voting
children drink it daily and are per
fect pictures of health, and show
none of the traces of nervousness so
noticeable when T allowed them cof
ffce." L. E. Hammond, 73 Irving
st., Detroit, Mich.
Threaliug tonight and Saturday
Deputy Clerk Hale has completed
his report of the criminal business
transacted in the Summit rountv
Court of Common Pleas.
It evidences the fact, that the coun
ty is at a great expense to punish the
violators of the law. The figures are
as follows:
Crimes against persons Assessed,
$71 ; collected, $25.
Crimes against property Assessed
f)0; collected, $50.
Taxed $2,701.10. Against defend
ants, $2,418.05; collected from defend
ants, $103.4G.
Jury Fees.
Grand jury fees October term,
$285; January term, $130; Mav term,
$312. Total, $733.
Petit jury on criminal cases Oc
tober term, $338; January term, $297;
May term, $408. Total, $1,040.
IVlit jury iu court cases October
term, $871; January term, $1,039;
May term, $792. Total jnrv fees,
fy I
, 1 ((.
Indictments Crimes Against Persons.
Murder first degree 3, manslaugh
ter 1, attempting procure abortion 2,
rooDery o, assault with intent to kill
1, assault with intent to commit rape
1, assault and battery 3 indictments
19, number persons indicted 17.
Indictments Disposed Of.
Murder 3, manslaughter 1, robbery
5, assault intent kill 4, assault intent
commit rape 1, assault and battery 1
indictments 15, number persons 14.
Of this number seven went to the
penitentiary, three were fined, in
dictments against two were quashed
and a nolle proseque was entered in
one case.
Four indictments, involving three
persons are pending. In 11 cases the
defendants' attorney was paid by the
county, jiieven crimes were com
mitted while the parties were under
the influence of liquor.
Indictments Crimes Against Property.
Arson 1, burglary 9, embezzlement
5, grand larceny 1, petit larceny 2,
horse stealing 1. obtaining property
by false pretenses 4, forgery 2, in
dictments 25, persons indicted 20.
Twelve indictments were disposed of.
J? lve per
sons were sent to the penitentiary.
three to jail, one was fined, one in
dictment was quashed, one resuitod
in acquital. In seven cases the
county paid attorneys. . Six of the
crimes were comm.tted whilo the
defendants were intoxicated.
3o SifivL-e:
No. 1 chimneys .
2-quart covered bucket
1-qnart fruit cans (tin)
All size funnels
All size pie pans
All size pot covers
2-quart cup s
All size pudding pans ......
1 dozen wood picnic plates.
1 dozen paper picnic plates
Asbestos mats
White shelf paper
Toilet soap -.
Toilet soap (2 cakes) ....
Ink ...'. ..
All kinds of spices
Machine oil
Bird seed
1 pint Mason jars
7c Si2L-E:
For sale, fine driving mare.
Smith, 220 South Main st.
The attack made on Guard Blocker
at the penitentiary by Otis Hurley
will not result fatally as at first
feared. His condition has improved
and it is now believed that the
danger point has been passed.
"According to the information re
ceived by the penitentiary officials
Otis Hurley comes from bad an
tecedents," says the Columbus Dis
patch. "He was arrested a number
of times by the Dayton police before
they were able to land him in the
big prison for a term of years.
While iu the Dayton jail he plaved
insane and the sheriff was compelled
to nauuie mm without gloves. On
one occasion he went too far and the
sheriff 'persuaded' him to behave Thirteen are still pending.
hose was laid on with considerable
vigor, but at the same time it left
but few bruises. After it Avas all
over Hurley thanked the sheriff for
the 'striking' lesson he had taught
and after that thero was no further
trouble between them, for the
prisoner obeyed the rules of the jail.
Hurley has always been known for
his treachery.
"The prison officers say that he is
known to be one of the kind of men
who always smiles and affects tho
best of humor until the intended vic
tim is thrown off his guard when a
knife or some otherweapon is plung
ed into him. Miss Daisy Spragne
was given no admonition that ho in
tended her the least harm before tho
knife was plunged into her breast,
and Guard Blocker was treated in
the"!saino manner before the "stab
ber" was plunged into his bowels. It
was the pleasant smile and oily way
of the prisoner, who protested that
lie was about to do the guard a favor,
that threw him off his guard, and
the next moment an effort was made
to kill him. Even after the btabber
had been plunged into his bowels
Hurley gave no intimation by word
or act that ho was not in the best of
humor or that he held any enmity to
the guard.
"The prison officials realize that
Hurley is soured against the world
and has no use for any person that
cannot bo used by him. Another
tiling that enters into his frame of
mind is tho fact that he knows
that the cage that is to contain the
four prison demons is approaching
completion, and after its steel doors
close on him his privileges will be
cnrtailed to a minimum. In fact
about all that will be left to him will
be the privilege of living, and the
chances of thatwill be reduced to the
smallest fraction when it is known
that tho men he will be compelled to
associate with are fully as desperate
as himself.
"Tho weapon he used on Guard
Blocker was made from a steul wire
taken from a bucket, and had been
sharpened like a needle. When
found, about an inch of the sharp
point had broken off, and it was fear
ed that the section had been left in
the wound, but that proved not to bo
true for it was afterwards found and
is now in the possesion of Deputy
Warden Dawson. Tliu puith gave
evidence that Ilurluy had been com
pelled to make herculean ollortB to
break tho wire after it had served
his purpose."
Garden sets
Crape paper
3-quart sauce pans . . . .
3-quart stew pans
(i-hole patty pans
Flour sifters
3-quart covered bucket .
1-quart dippers .
2-quart covered sauce pans V
!5-quart coll'ee pots
(i.quart water pail
l-quart pudding pans
2-quart tea pots
Vegetable schrcaders . . . .
Large box enanielino stove polish
Lunch boxes
Clothes lines ...
Scrub brushes . . . . . . ,
Mop sticks. .....
Lemon .extracts ..-
Vennila" 'extracts . f
Wash bowls
rgsr j NOW 1
5c 3C
oc 3C
5c 3C
oc 3C
oc 3C
5c 3C
ac 3c
oc 3C
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iH- 3C
oc 3C
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10c Tc
10c Tc
10c rc
ioc rc
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ioc rc
10c 7c
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc
ioc rc I
A. B.
5c and 10c Store
P. R. SMITH'S Old Stand
Phone 138.
IIS S. Howard s-fc.
In Valuation of Personal Property In
Summit County.
1898, when the total was $S,S58,GSS.
Corporations in tho couutv reported
$3,3,SS.376. The valuation of railroads
($1,346,97S) is Included in this amount.
The valuation iu the wards and
townships have already been published.
Auditor Sisler has completed his! .,
report, showing the valuation of per- eW fewer II0US9.
sonal property iu this county. The1 The Northern Ohio Traction com-
air'regate amount is $9,141, 4(j, a many will build a $100,000 nower in
i W.' W- ...X .-. .-.!. - -. " . Jl -. -. . ' .
gain oi (,iB3 as compared
with ; Akron.
ezi fij &. sr tii i ezi
t- r. it. r- r. ff. - SW:
Hi I 5P"ft" S3Rsi"VrtiC"e; SV
!j 'AND -
ll tVlicTu-ray Attractions I
& July 83 18, i3, SO, 2, 22 ?V
j& , (
ito eaa,j drtFan'mwmim!Fawm. wD . Unparalleled Enjoyment (?i
f IMKr E" b$&& I J&IKrf JUS w the live Ion? Week
$ &&J.!k&!fe3Z A0& ,
The Midway will be the
nost novel anil startling scene
since the World's Fair.
On the
130 People 130
Japanese Theater, Oriental
Theater, Philippines. Wild
West Shows, Moorish Theater,
l'orto Ricans, American thea
ter, Cubans streets of India,
Congress of National Dancing
Girls, 11 Arabs. These theaters
to be peopled by people from
our new possessions, with a
full equipment of scenery to
equip a street 300 feet long.
Streets of India with Genuine Indian Magicians, Fakirs, Twirl
insr Dancers, Native Huts. Tea Imlnatrv ut r,.vt,. ,,-iii 1... full,.
Trained Klephants and Camels, lmpoited Sacred Dunkoys, Burros, etc.
llNP, DISPLAY 01- AKKON MANUTACTURKKS PRODUCTS. Grand Street Parade and free Show ctcrr dayat 10 o'clock
that will make
fT TSlP OFGftt SpSffihSSnht WHltlnowagleam upon the whole attraction
W ii IIC UlCeai vGCiltBUIilm tho affair sparkle as if an ocean of diamonds.
hi Am C Fa' o-f -fcf-ie Oi-amdeui- of All Creation
"liSN TV J-V .5 V
"- w c- v m
The Streets of Cairo

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